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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the Dollar Car Radio Studio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal and co-host. With me today is the one and only the number one podcast person in the world right now. We want to go to Dr. John Bellone.


We're sitting here taking your phone calls, eight five two two five eight eight two five five two two five. And we're going to go out to Salina and have a conversation with Tamara tomorrow. Good afternoon. How can Daddy and I help?


Thank you so much. I'm a little nervous and I am also pleased that students needed so little background. My husband and I have been married about six and a half years. We have a beautiful little boy and a little girl on the way. In January, Congress thinks we posted undergraduate completely debt free with grants and scholarships and little measly 20 hour week jobs. Jen-Hsun And now we're actually my husband's in his third year of medical school and we're still debt free because he was able we were very blessed to get the scholarship.


Wow, that's pretty cool. Yes, that has really been good to us. And, you know, even though we've got the scholarship, our entire marriage, we've been living beneath the poverty line. We've never had that. We've always been able to keep typing, always been able to be generous and always been able to save a little. And and even by the time we move up to residency, we should have a down payment for a house. That's all.


I mean, it's so that's that's me and my husband. So how can we help?


So my parents. I'm really, really worried for them. We make about two hundred thousand dollars a year, which is about. I make about 10 percent of that, and it's just hard because I've been able to make that work and my parents rival Congress, like they just can't seem to make it work and. In the past two or three years, things have gotten so revered because of but I'm guessing because of money, but like for an example, this year when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to go stay with my parents for a little while.


I paid for my plane ticket and was out there, my grandma. We were told you she had 72 hours to live. And so my dad was going to pay for the ticket with the news, like, I don't have enough money in the bank. So I just. Paid for the emergency flight, which was really hard for us, but we did it and I'm glad we did, but then I was asking them to, you know, because of my husband's rotations and because of my pregnancy, I don't feel like we should travel for Thanksgiving this year.


I said, can you come out here? And the response was just, oh, I don't know if we can afford it. So I don't know if we can afford it.


So is your friend is your frustration or concern that.


You you think that, you know, that they make a lot of money, yet they don't seem like they've got money to spend it the way that you think they should be spending it? I mean, I guess what's a little bit of it, I didn't really ask that in a in a confrontational way, by the way.


Right. I guess what I'm getting at is this.


Your parents make their money and they can spend it how they want to spend it, and it can be really frustrating when you are have have a set of values that's different from your loved ones.


When you have a set of values that you are making things work, you are scratching and clawing and biting and fighting on below the poverty line. And you're not borrowing money. You're you're helping your husband get through med school, which is a traumatic endeavor in itself.


And your parents don't share those same values. And so it hurts when you think somebody's got a lot of money and they say, I don't have enough money to come visit you because that sounds like a value judgment. That sounds like, oh, if you were making better decisions than you would be able to come spend time with us. And you're right. And really through the day, this is a harsh statement. But I want you to put in your heart and soul you don't get a vote and how they spend their money, you don't get a vote in their financial dysfunction and you will get a vote when it comes to what home they're going to be put in.


Right. And they don't have any money and savings. You'll get a vote then. But what I want to challenge you is to take that poison out of your heart, set it down, because all you're doing is it's it's it's poisoning in flavoring and coloring every phone call you have with them, every interaction you have with them.


And it's just got this heated season that's unnecessary. You love your parents. They make different life choices.


And you you really disagree with their values when it comes to how they spend their money, how they make their money, but don't carry that poison around with you or say your values are so different than mine, I'm cutting you off. If I'm not worth having a budget and you're, you know, your daughter and your son in law aren't worth visiting because you won't do a budget, tell them that and then say when you decide to get right with your souls in your budget, then so be it.


They'd be foolish to be silly, but you're welcome to do it right.


Maybe don't don't do that to me. I don't know if it is the voice of reason or whatever you just said, but I agree.


I agree tomorrow with with with what John is saying. You don't get a vote. Now, here's where. Here's what you do get. You do have the right to say something. Once you say something, then leave it alone. OK, I've had several those conversations with both sets of my families. You know, I have two biological parents and two two stepparents and technically all four of them are my parents. I hate the term said parents and and both of them, you know, because I'm in a money space, you can make a little better decision on that.


Why did you go do that? Don't do that. Well, then I had to quickly realize, OK, that's my opinion. That's my life. I can't force it onto them. I give them my advice. After that, I'm not going to stress myself. And if I was married, I'm definitely not losing sleep. I'm not getting emotional because my parents are grown people and I got a spouse and kids here.


And, you know, you have a husband, you have a family. Listen, tomorrow make sure that you and your husband do not become your parents. That's your number one concern right now. Make sure that your kids can look up to you as making the right decisions financially. Make sure that you are living by an example, that you are the example that you want your kids to model, you know, love your parents, give them guidance, give them freedom.


But, you know, at the same time worried about your worry about your family. I wouldn't worry about your mom. Dad, right now, give get give them your thoughts. Give them your prayers and move on. Put down. I watched the mortgage rates closely with help from my friends at Churchill Mortgage, and right now is the time to see if you can get a lower interest rate for now. Rates are low with a free 10 minute call.


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I'm going to today. I've already read a book myself, but I'm still do that. I want my some free coaching myself.


That would be fun. We should call the coaches and check in on it. Just to see what. See how they coach it. You know, coach me.


Coach, coach, you know. Hey listen, that was a cool thing about the the last dance.


That was a one of my key takeaways for the last dance.


That's several key takeaways. But one of the ones that stuck in my soul was Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever live. Hmm. No hate to anybody.


He was not the greatest. He was just one of them. You know, he had what he had. He had a basketball coach.


He did a nutritionist. Yeah. A physical trainer. Yes. A security team. Yes. So you got a brilliant basketball mind.


So does LeBron James. Right? LeBron James, too. He is. He is excellent in his role as the second best player of all time. Well, I'm just a and I'm just messing with everybody, too.


So but here's the thing. Often in earlier, we took a call from a guy asking a young man asking, what is it, a vanguard? Just letting the computers run it and and having a coach have someone alongside you.


Here's the thing. I don't know any wealthy people that don't have coaches with them. I don't know any professional athletes who know how to shoot. They know how to work out. They know what it takes to win and be championships. At James level. They still have somebody watching a film to to find the things that they're not seeing.


They still have someone walk alongside them and having a coach, having Rachel cruise by your side. And it's just another set of eyes, another set of accountability on this crazy life journey that we're all on hurtling through this rock through space.


And then I'll take all the help and support I can get, even support from Rachel Cruise, who sits at the at the desk right next to us. Man, she really does.


I mean, her book is great. So definitely check her out, get this amazing deal. And I promise you right now you'll be blessed. Let's go out to Atlanta, Georgia, and have a conversation here with Alicia. Alicia, good afternoon. How can I help you?


Hey. Oh, well, I'm a little bit of a conundrum, and I kind of feel like I'm about to have a little break. So that's kind of why I told you guys. All right. So basically, I started school for probably about a year ago. I was not allowed to go to school straight out of high school. I grew up in a cold and was abused. And you say you grew up in it? Oh, yes.


Oh, yes. There are people that and it took a while to get kind of out of that. So basically didn't start until I was thirty. And however, during that time, well before that, I was doing contracting for a start up company. Had some experience already in the industry, and so I was I was working as a contractor for them and basically that company has to a 10 million dollar company. And as it's been and and now you're making 22 grand.


My husband makes about 70. So basically know it has become so I enjoy doing it because I don't want to quit because I always quit. But I'm just so stressed and I just feel like I should keep it in the back of my head. But what if this is the same or what if you get there, which I've been told you're like a founding member of the company and you're like, Hey, Alicia.


Oh, Alicia, you're not your dad. Hello? Yeah, you hear me, Alicia? Yes, you are not your dad.


Yes, I want you to say to say no, say the words out loud. Say I am not my dad, not my dad. I'm Alicia.


Say I am a shrink. That's right. No, no, no, I say that again because you told me so I'm going to say that one more time. You say it firm. As a matter of fact, scream that joke if you need to.


I know. There you go. And I'm not my dad. Not like that. Yeah, so listen to me super carefully, all right, Alicia, you have been through hell and it would be a disservice to call it anything less than that. And every moment of every day you living out of that childhood trauma, you're living out of the nonsense people put you through and none of that defines you, you are not your yesterday and you are in a remarkable relationship.


You have found some expertise and some strength and a professional role that doesn't define you either, by the way. But you are living into something. You're being successful at it.


And going to school and you smart enough, God Almighty, listen, Alicia, you are smart enough and you know your heart well enough to know I'm spread too thin right now. I need to let something go.


So, yes, all the blessings. You don't need my blessing. By the way, you're a smart, brilliant woman. And I guarantee you know the answer what I'm about to tell you. Take a break. Take a break. Kickboard on your job. Tell those suckers to pay more than 40000, by the way, and be the best partner you can to your husband.


And when school circles back around, my mom went to school at 42 for the first time, and she is a 70 year old gangster right now with a Ph.D. running a department. I got a second graduate degree halfway through my life. Dude, you got all the time in the world.


Alicia, what? What why don't you take this break? What are you going to be doing? What will you be doing with your time? Honestly, like with my job, I really don't have a lot of time to plan, and I think there is one of the reasons why I'm being paid what I am is just because my bosses are basically letting yourself early on the days I have to go to school. So he said he didn't want to invest as opposed to actually leave because the industry that has nothing to do with it.


Well, and you've got a built in you've got a built in gap right now. If anyone asks you in the future, you can say they'll say, hey, why did you quit school? Did you take a two years off? And you can say, remember 2020?


And they'll go, Oh, yeah, that's all right. You got. So here's the thing.


Listen, I'm a rock with John on this one. My only thing for you is to still be productive and to still be doing something wise with your time while you take a break. I don't want you to take a break just to be taking a break. Take a break. So you think that way you can come back with something stronger and better? He's been through a lot. Maybe take a few months off, but still be productive. So figure out something to do with your life.


I said to Dave Ramsey Show. No matter what time of year it is, focusing on your family's financial plan is always a smart move. I get questions all the time about where to start and what to do first. Getting term life insurance needs to be a top priority. I recommend 10 to 12 times your income and lock in rates for 15 or 20 years. This gives you plenty of time to get out of debt and build wealth. I've been recommending Zander Insurance for over 20 years.


They understand and live this strategy and will take the time to help you find the most affordable term life rates. Go to Zander Dotcom or call 800 three five six 42, 82. Sorry it took so long for me to come back in America with our producer puts on that kind of music, I love it. Yes, I love that right there. Thank you. Thank you so much. Hey, going out to Las Vegas to have a conversation with Paige.


Paige, good afternoon.


How connected in our series. How can we help?


Thank you so much for having me. First off, I am currently doing baby step number two and I have an auto loan of eleven thousand dollars and then residual student loan debt, five thousand seven hundred fifty dollars, which originally it was 25000. So we're almost there. And then I have some restricting stock that are set to vest this weekend. And my question to you was, is it wise for me to sell those stocks because it will pay for the remaining debt that I have?


Oh, man, that's a good question. How much of the stock is worth? It's with a pretty major company. I don't really want to say, but I it will be in the ballpark. If it continues to stay, it'll be sixteen thousand four hundred fifty dollars. Oh, wow.


So let me ask you this question. Do you outside of these single stocks, I'm not a fan of single stocks. So I think, you know, we're about to go with this as far as a yes. Let's go ahead and pay off your debt. Outside of that, do you have anything else invested?


I have no 401k, nothing like that. I recently, about a year ago, got divorced. So the equity of the house I've been really using towards paying off my debt. So, yes, I don't have anything currently, but I do have roughly around fifteen hundred dollars after each check to allocate towards something. So that's got some wiggle room for me. And I also have three thousand dollars in savings.


Yeah. So here's what I'm going to recommend to you. Yes, go ahead. I'm not a fan of single stocks. I think you're going to lose. Well, I think the statistic nearly 78 percent of the people who invest into single stocks end up losing a lot of money. I would rather you get out of that stop, invest in the single stocks, go ahead and pay off all your debt and start investing into gross mutual funds and 401k and sit down with a smart Vesterbro.


So you had a really properly invested. So yes. Go ahead, use that, pay it all off, move forward. But before you start investing again, I want you to go ahead and get your fully funded emergency fund and you say you have an extra 1500 dollars. Go towards some stuff you could possibly get there by the end of the year, first of the year, and you could start investing come first of the year. But such a great question.


OK, thank you so much. So pay your debt free ride, like sell these suckers your debt free man.


Yeah, I'm very excited about it. Yeah, I mean, it's been a long time coming. Yeah. So it's going to be amazing. Thank you so much, Paige. Thank you. Great. You.


I'm going out to Columbus, Ohio and have a conversation here with Ashley Ashley. Good afternoon. How kindheartedness are. Hi, guys. My husband sold our house over the weekend, and once we have closing costs and down payment on our new home, we'll have roughly one hundred thirty five thousand dollars left over. So we sell a lot of weight and responsibility with that amount of cash. It'll be enough to pay off our debt, which is 20 thousand.


We're going to work through our emergency fund. So some of it towards the kids college fund tied to some of it at our church. We're just confused. It's going to leave us with about twenty two thousand dollars left and we're just not sure what to do with the rest of the money.


OK, so let's walk through this. I mean, because I'm honestly in the same situation as you actually. I mean, I'm selling my house. I just purchased another house and so I'm right there with you. The key thing that you said off the top, what I love is you're going to tie. So you're going to tie off of the 135. OK, yeah. And then you get that to the church and then you're going to pay off the remaining of your debt, which is about 20000 Soskin.


Leave it about 90000 dollars. So the 22 that you have right there, is there anything will you have to fully fund an emergency fund on top of that 22000 dollars or is it 22000 as part of your emergency fund?


That's 22000 on top of the emergency fund. Perfect.


And then you take in some money already to invest into your kid's college, which is babysitting number five. And I'm taking that. You're going to also take some of this money and go ahead and just max out your Roth IRAs right now. That's correct. Great. So the other 22000. Honestly, if you and your husband just sit down and just go through the budget, I honestly don't care what you do with it. You know, I mean, I think you all have worked hard.


You've worked a baby steps. And I think the most confusing thing that I think the people believe with here Rabs Solutions is we don't want you to enjoy your money. No. We just want you to have a proven plan and just go through the process. You know, you've covered all your bases, you're paying off all your debt. You have a fully funded emergency fund. You've already maxed out your 15 percent of your investments for the year. You're already investing into your kid's college.


And so the only other thing is from there is do you want to set this aside to sell another home or I mean to to purchase another home? Or do you want to make 10000? Just take the family on a nice vacation. I mean, it is really up to you and your husband just to sit down, have the conversation and dream together. But there's nothing wrong with enjoying your money because you've already laid down a solid foundation.


Yeah. And that money goes to cover the example of our new home as well. So we can out twenty. I think it's like twenty two thousand dollars while I'm a spender, the family and I'm the one that feels like I can't spend anything because I've so tokuzo and that I don't want to spend it.


Have you ever been on a family vacation this year? Not because of covid we were supposed to earlier this year. OK. All right, take your family on a vacation. How many kids do you have? Two, to have they been anywhere this year, fun, exciting. No. Take a family vacation. I'm not spending twenty two thousand dollars. Yeah, I'm not spending 22000 dollars on a vacation. You say that now. Now, but with a family of four.


I mean, I'm OK with spending 5000 on a vacation. Disney, where I was going to rent you that. Rachel just took her family there. I mean, a lot of people taking their family. I mean, I go, you've worked hard and you'll come back. I mean, I want you to sit down and talk about, OK, what can we do with this other 17 K, you know, with the new house that we just purchased, do we need to do any upgrades?


Can we put something into the house, do some landscaping, or do we just want to go ahead and put that in a savings? Do we want go ahead and just put more money into the 529? We want to just wait and and invest that here. I don't know. You know, right now, you you've made some good decisions. I want you to enjoy a little bit of it. If you need a new car, maybe you take ten of that, you go buy a new car.


The key thing here is sit down, dream, put it on a budget. Make sure that you and your husband both agree with it. Don't ask your family. Let me say that right now. Don't ask your family what to do with the extra twenty two thousand dollars because they want to give you a lot of things to do with the extra money and it's going to include them in it. All right.


Right. No, I agree. Right.


So I mean, right now, just just really enjoy a little bit of it and sit down and put put a plan for the rest.


Hey. Hey, Ashley, have you just been walking along the sidewalk or walking out of the grocery store the last week or two and just smiled real big and thought, dude, we did it?


Yeah. Every day since Saturday. OK, so you're just absorbing this and feeling, because I don't want you to miss the the psychological part of the emotional spiritual part of this, like you've worked so hard, so hard.


You're here, right?


Well, congratulations, man. Man, congratulations, you worked your tail off, you did it, yeah. Like what a win. What a cool win.


You know, that's one thing not to be. That kind of bothers me a little bit.


I must be honest. I'm just gonna be honest here. And we'll we may come back and talk about this after the break.


A lot of people get confused that all the Rams personalities, including Dave, we want you to eat rice and beans, beans and rice for the rest of your life. And that's not the case. We want you to eat rice and beans, beans and rice so you can enjoy the rest of your life and eat it for a season, get Gizella tents for a season so you can enjoy the rest of your season. But we come back. I got some I got something to say because I want to talk about this.


OK, we'll be right back. I got some. And. So before break. We had an amazing phone call and she worked hard, but she paid off all of our debt.


She sold her house, fully funded emergency fund already to some of the money to invest into her kids house.


I mean, the house, but her kids future maxed out of Rothera, maxed out her four kids at Ralf's in investments. As she had twenty two thousand dollars to spend. And she did not want to enjoy it because she was nervous. And. Or maybe scarred, maybe scarred, foul? No, she was nervous, I'd say she was nervous, and I think this is a problem that we have to address, address it, because about two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago, I bought a Gucci bag.


Thirty five hundred dollars.


I say right here in a shot, I'll say it. It was three thousand five hundred dollars.


And for my income, I didn't blink at all. Then I get online and I tell people I'm taking it back, why don't you take it back? Because I wanted to I didn't really like the bag.


I mean, he really looked back and until I was like, I can use this money somewhere else, but it wasn't because I couldn't afford it one, two, and it wasn't because I didn't like it was hurting me. No, I have other dreams. And why am I saying this is because what we teach here, Ramsey Solutions. Is that we want you to be wealthy. We want you to be generous. We want you to travel with your family.


We want you to have the dream car. We want you to have your dream house. We want you to have the life that you desire to have. But we do not want that life to have you.


Hmm. And so what we teach you is get out of debt, have a fully funded emergency fund.


Why do we want you to have a fully funded emergency fund before you go into your life? Because studies are showing that nearly 80 percent of the people in America today can't even handle a four hundred dollar emergency. So if you have a fully three to six months of expenses set aside, you're already ahead of nearly 50, 60 percent of people in the world. So that's number one. But two, when you get out of debt, you can wake up on the first of the month when everyone else is stressing, when everyone else is stressing about the paycheck is already spent before they got it.


You're not stressing why? Because you're out of debt.


So when you work hard to build that foundation, you work hard. So you can't stand on a bill, something that you like. Why do you work hard to build a foundation, but then you work hard to build something that you really don't enjoy.


On top of that, why build a house on a foundation that you don't like? I don't want you to build a life that you do not enjoy. If you enjoy this, you go enjoy that. If you enjoy nice things, if you enjoy Louis Vuitton bags, if you enjoy for willing, if you enjoy snowboarding, if you enjoy like Dave water skiing, like whatever you enjoy, that's the life we want you to have.


We don't want you to make all this money and you can't enjoy some of it. We want you to be financially free. We want you to really be a giver. I love the fact that I'm one of the top givers in my church and I can't wait to one day, hopefully I could become the number one giver in my church. That's that's my ultimate goal, you know.


But at the same time, if my wife down the road wants to get you back, I'm a Barghuti back home. If my kids want to go to Israel one day is not. If I'm taking them to Israel, I'm going to enjoy it.


Why? Because years ago I was Gizelle intense. I ate beans and rice and I didn't eat beans and rice. I ate tomatoes, rice and hot dogs.


That was my thing.


You know, I had French toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you always got bread, you always have milk and you always have eggs in the house. And so when I was getting out of debt meant I did what I had to do so that today at 36 years old, I can do what I want to do.


And so when I get married, I can do what we want to do.


And so America. No, I want to say this. Stop saying you're driving the Ramsey car. What's the Ramsey car? They didn't want you driving a two thousand dollar car for the rest of your life. He wants you to have the car that you want.


If you want a Rolls-Royce, if you want a Bentley, and you do it the right way and you're following the steps that we teach, you go by. But if you want a Honda, you go buy it.


So when you when you take on the identity of a gazelle and let's let's let's back up what a gazelle. Intense even means a gazelle gets intense because a lion is going to kill it and eat it. Come on. And so the gazelle takes off running.


Yeah. For its very life. So it will jump over high fences.


It will run across the savanna at breakneck lightning speeds to not die. Yes.


And it can't sprint forever. Can't it's got to slow down.


Yeah. Stop when it's safe. Yes. Get some water, eat and then enjoy its community. So how do you tell somebody to take it to to set down the identity of a gazelle once you get there and then look around and say, I'm safe now, I can enjoy my community, I can enjoy the grain here in this field, I can join the cool water in the stream.


You know, one thing you said, the gazelle slows down, but the gazelle never loses the mentality of a gazelle. Oh, it's always got his eyes open, always have his eyes open. So I'm always looking, OK, am I doing the right thing.


Am I investing correctly? All right. Is is my emergency fund in the right place where it should be for the season of light that I'm in? But you know what, Anthony? You know, go enjoy it. Go buy a car, you know, and Anthony, go buy this. OK, well, wait, wait, wait, wait. Am I doing this? So what you're doing is you're slowing down because you don't have to run for your life anymore.


You you still got to walk. You start to jog a little bit because every single day we should be growing. We should be improving. But at the same time, that mentality is always there because now my cazale intense is about building wealth, not about getting out of debt. And building wealth is a long term journey.


It's not a fast sprint go hard journey. And so now I got I got to go slow. I got to talk to Dave. I got to talk to my other mentors. How do I do this? Where do I go from here? You know, and one of the things when it comes to really building wealth is home buying. OK, and America, I want to ask you this question. Have you ever made a dumb decision with zeroes at the end of it because you didn't know and you didn't do your research?


Well, I know I have most people make choices based on feelings and opinions, especially when buying a home. But when it comes to the real estate market, fillings aren't your friends. Facts are. And John has said that before. So check your facts, find out what you can actually afford. Research what's trending in home prices. Talk to a reputable real estate agent in your area. Never buy a house without the facts again. Our team has created a one stop shop for everything home buyers need to know.


Just visit Dave Ramsey, dot com forward slash home buying, get the answers you need to make smart decisions. And I mean that you guys like this. Right here is Gote. My real estate agent saved me so much money and put a lot of money in my pocket.


I'm going to say her name, Amanda Lucas' was my real Amanda Lucas Ramsey, ILP, who got me by my house.


Brian Conner was my she walked alongside me and my craziness ones are weird thing we're looking for. And she kept plugging away.


We were under contract multiple times. Wow. Multiple things fell through and she stayed with us. She she sat me down and said, hey, your expectations are out of line. Oh, I'm a teacher. Oh, you're coming from Texas where the market's different. It's different here in Nashville. And she got she got the job done.


She stuck with me month after month and she she crushed it.


See, and I'm saying because I don't know, we never had this conversation before. Right. Your real estate agent told you that. Right. Your expectations are out of that, right? Yeah. My realtor said the same thing. Your expectations are out of line, Anthony. I was like this. What I do, he was like, and this is what I do.


She's a teacher. You know, he was like, your teacher. Listen, you want this, but your house is worth this. Let me do my job. You go help people get out of debt. Let me focus on selling your house. And he came back and sold my house for thirty thousand dollars more than what I thought my house was worth.


It would take him 24 hours.


It took him three hours to sell my house. Then we go and find my house.


Now I'm about to move into and he saves me. Saves me fifty thousand dollars and a house.


LP, I'm just saying, you know, this is what, man, I get pumped about this message and I need to calm down because this is the day Rams. So not the Anthony O'Neal show.


So mad that the day has been fun in this hour. Man America, it has been fun. I want to thank our producer, James Childs and our associate producer, Kelly Daniel and all the beautiful people behind this mirror. I see you all. Thank you all so much. This is today, Rabassa.


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