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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the Our Car Rental Studios, that's the Dave Ramsey Show, where debt is dumb, cash is king and the pay it off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey, your host. Thanks for joining us. Open phones at eight eight two five five two two five. My co-host today here on the air, Dr. John Deloney, Ramsey personality.


We're here to answer your questions about your life and your money. Triple eight eight two five five two to five. Michelle is in Memphis.


Hi, Michelle. Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show. How can we help? Hi, John. Hi, Uncle Dave, what's up? I was calling out like, you know, first off, I love you. I love you. So I paid off my car, my credit card, medical debt because of years ago. The question. Yeah. So the question I have today is that my fiance and I are getting married or getting married tomorrow.




Congratulations. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I mean, after this year, we both had covid-19 recovered from it. We did premarital counseling. We decided we're just going to go ahead and get married this year. We want to do something big next year with everybody else. And so, wow, because we want to get started with our marriage and getting our finances together. We have some questions as far as how to pay off the debt or how to combine household.


So the situation is this for him. He has a sixty five hundred dollar work truck, five thousand dollar personal truck at our credit card, three thousand in a Hiwot, one thousand in medical. And then he owes twelve thousand dollars on his house. And that too is a personal loan, which is dad zero percent for me. I have one hundred and thirty thousand fifty loans and I have a house that I just got two years ago that I owe two hundred and five thousand on.


And if I were to sell it, I think it was safe. Right, 230 or 240. And my question is that we're thinking that what I want to do is probably move where he is, if I can save our out and then just commute back and forth, I can currently my sisters live with me. So, you know, I charge them rent, but maybe have them take over the the mortgage. But I don't know ultimately what should I sell the house.


Should I rent to them. But I'm not sure for how long should I rent it to somebody else.


Good Lord, my Lord. There's a lot going on.


OK, to start with, let's just you change your pronouns when you get married. It's no longer his house, your house, it's our house, it's no longer my dad, his dad, it's our dad, it's no longer his income, my income, it's our income. So you become French? Oui. Oui, oui.


OK, so we what are we going to do with the house I used to live in that my sisters are still in? What are we going to do with this big but student loan? What are we going to do with this truck and so on. And so if once you start kind of looking at that way, then it's going to help you. In other words, you don't have to lists of things after you're married.


You have one list of things. And so where you're playing live in the home that he owes his dad 12000 or does he have a first mortgage in addition to that?


No, no, that is the first mortgage that pays off. Twelve thousand dollars that house has paid for. Except for three thousand dollar he lost. Oh, OK, fifteen thousand dollars.


All right, so I think your sisters need to look for a place to live and you need to sell both of your properties. OK, not like next week, but within. I mean, they need to be gone and you need to have the house on the market by spring.


OK. OK, you can be you can be gentle with them, but you're not in a position to be a landlord, you're too broke. Juan, 35000 student loan debt that's broke. OK, so and then you guys look at the car situation and you look at your debts and we list all of our debts after the two houses are sold except the home smallest to largest, pay minimum payments on everything but the little one and attack them and work them together in that order.


What what will your household income be after tomorrow?


Well, my our income, but, well, our income be tomorrow. I think I it. Oh, great, great.


Well, you'll be able to plow right through this once you get organized and focused on it together. This is going to be really exciting for you. You're going to make a lot of progress really fast, but you're going to start amputating some crap out of your life. I also have I was wondering, my mom's gifted a thousand dollars from the wedding and I also have like seventy thousand dollars in a Roth IRA for contributions. I didn't know if it would be best to withdraw that debt or just leave it there.


I would leave on, leave retirement alone. And any monies that you have other than retirement, you used to work your baby steps.


Hold on. Let me give you a wedding present. We're going to sign you up for Remzi Plus for a year. And that includes going through Financial Peace University. It includes the every dollar app. And it'll give you and your new husband the tools to work together. This idea of combining things.


Changes relational dynamics, doesn't it? Yeah, because it takes it takes to fix the power dynamic out of it. We're in this together. There's not yours and mine. There's not. I've got some more than you've got or I've got less than you got. It's this is ours. We've got to learn to renegotiate who we are as one person instead of mine and yours.


And there's a shame dynamic, too. Well, of course, people bring if they bring a negative financial into the thing, they feel ashamed. Right. Like I should I should have to clean this up. It's a mess I made.


And the other side of it is there's a there's a there's a power in feeling superior.


Well, I didn't bring any dead into this, so. Yeah, that's your stuff, man. When you sign up, you sign up. Same team. So that's right.


Richer for poorer, in sickness and in health until the all my worldly goods. I pledge you almost never hear that part anymore. Hmm. That's Book of Common Prayer. Marriage vows, the old fashioned marriage vows, if you had heard them, heard a marriage ceremony in the 50s or 40s or 30s in this country. You always heard that. Hmm. And it got truncated. And now people just write their own vows. It's like, you know, I love daisies and Skittles and whatever.




But but I love you. And butterflies. Yes. And gummy candy and unicorns and so but yeah. But the but I mean that there's a there's a commitment. There's a pledge or in sickness and in health for richer.


For poor. Until the all my worldly goods I pledge, and there's a combination there, there's a combining there and it does away with it does away with the shame, it does away with in search grace. It does away with a power dynamic, to use your phrase. That's a great phrase.


And it sets you up in a completely different way. And I stumbled into this. I didn't know it. I was just making people get on a budget together because it's practical. It's impractical to run to checking account. Right. It's impractical to try to run two different lives inside one house. And it was just from I'm an efficiency guy, right? When I first start doing financial peace, university is all about efficiency and people kept going. You saved our marriage.


I'm like, you went the wrong classes. Six classes down the hall, dude. I mean, and it's like, but then I start figuring out this stuff is so intermingled relationally that you really cannot separate it. Right. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Well, we all have enough on our plates, right, the last thing we need is to not get a good night's sleep. Think about how effective you're going to be during the day if you can't even think clearly because you didn't actually rest.


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Be sure and check it out. Dr John Delaney Ramsey personality is my co-host here today on the Dave Ramsey Show. Open phones at eight eight to five five 225. Jacob is in Tampa.


Hi, Jacob. How are you? Hey, hey, Dave, how's it going? Better than I deserve. What's up? So I have an income problem and I want some advice from you. I'm twenty four years old, I'm single, I have zero dollars in debt. I live at home with my parents and I have ten thousand dollars saved. I make about forty five thousand dollars a year, working 70 hours a week and a couple of restaurant jobs.


And I need to change careers to boost my income and really be able to support a family someday. And I want to ask you, what is the best way of doing that and the whole covid situation and the state of affairs right now in the world? No, I don't think it affects us.


Answer one iota.


Well, I had originally planned to get into aviation mechanics to be a aircraft mechanic, work for an airline fly. But why were you going to do that? Well, it's good money. It's a job I like. You know, I like working with my hands. I know I have a job anywhere in the world, in any major city. I feel like it's a safe job, very secure. But now all the airlines being drastically reduced in volume.


I'm not so sure that's a good idea anymore. OK, well, you're probably right, I was wrong.


covid does affect your decision and if you had it nailed down to something like that, but it doesn't mean you can't earn more money and have a career goal.


It just means you're probably not going to do that one.


So we identified out of this is that, number one, you picked the career for a couple of wrong reasons, that you were under the illusion it would be safe and secure. There is no such thing. You're only as secure as your own ability. And your ability is what will always cause you to be able to land on your feet when something moves or something happens. But what the good part about what you picked with the career was you said, I like working with my hands.


Now, there we go. Now we're on to something. So you see the way things go together, the way your mind works. You're what we you would be what researchers would say. You have a spatial IQ. You can see the way things go together.


Am I right? Yes, sir. Yeah, OK, I got a good friend that that is that way. He's probably close to 70 in that area. He's dumber than a rock and some other areas. But he's just he can see the way things go together at a level.


I mean, the way it's like he's got a three dimensional thing in his head, you know, and he's made a lot of money doing that because he designs a manufactured item that has sold worldwide and he put it together.


No one else could have, but he could see the way it was going to work.


You know, he could run the thing in his head.


He didn't have to have a computer modeling, didn't have to have a cad drawing or anything. And so that's what that's the kind of guy that you are. And so you you were really on to something with the aircraft mechanic. But there's a whole lot of other stuff you could do with that gifting, and that would satisfy that work with my hands kind of a thing. And you could make maybe more money and have therefore a lot more stability than you might have had in aircraft mechanic world.


The problem with aircraft mechanic world is even when the airlines were booming, it's still a fairly small club.


Compared to like real estate agents, millions of those, just a handful of people work on aircraft around the world comparatively.


So it's a fairly small club versus car mechanics, millions of them, you know, but aircraft's a fairly small niche, you know.


So anyway, all that to say, what would you how would you guide him, John, to try to discover some V-Tech type feel of something to where he can utilize the gifting?


Yeah, I would start all the way back at his original question, which is you're 24, you know, only.


But any money, you get 10000 bucks in the bank, you're making 40 grand.


You're way ahead. I would tell him to exhale a second. And yeah, nobody wants to be living with the parents at, you know, 24 making that kind of money. I get that.


I would make my goal less about finding my dream job right now and getting a plan to get my own place. Then go sit down with the coach. I'd probably hook him up with Ken's book and Ken Coleman's book and see if I can get connected with a mentor, somebody.


But I've never met somebody who's fully satisfied with I got a safe job and it paid the bills.


Yeah, that those two those two metrics never count. There's never enough money. There's never enough time in the day. There's never safety's an illusion. And so getting into something that you're good at, that makes time go by fast, that you're that fills your soul up, that you feel like you're contributing to something.


Those things are way more important than coming out of the gate with what's the safest job I can do. And now that'll enough.


Well, and if you said what I want to be doing ten years from now, I'm 34, that could be aircraft mechanic, because to assume that the aircraft industry is going to completely go away because of covid is ridiculous, right? Is it is. Yeah, it's definitely bruised and battered. Got a few broken bones. It's set back. And so there might be a whole extra grouping of aircraft mechanics already on the street today looking for work. You're going to be in a crowd right in that regard.


And besides that, you've got to go get trained and there's not going to be a lot of people wanting to train, you know, so it slows down. covid does slow down that dream. Right. But you can still be there in ten years if that's what you want to do. Absolutely. Go out there in the future and set what it is you want to be and then start asking your engineers to be true. That's not true today.


What have I got to know? And Ken's says get clear and then get qualified and then get connected and then get started. That's just some of his steps on how Coleman gets you started on this and that qualification.


Everybody, every college on planet Earth from Harvard down has put things online, has made education accessible in all sorts of facets. And so maybe you stay at home for another eighteen months, get certified in something, get just up to the internship where you can start actually get into some of these shops that you want to do, whether it's car mechanic or restaurant mechanics or I guess not mechanics, but fixing restaurant equipment or whatever it is he wants to do working backwards ten years from now.


Now's a great time to get trained up. Yeah, excellent. Excellent stuff.


But also 24, no debt. Well done. 40 grand. Relax a second.


Yeah, very relaxed a second. Very well done. Open phones at eight eight two five five two two five. Sonja's on Facebook. I'm 56 years old.


I have three kids, one married, one 29 and one living with me since he lost his job. And my younger son, who's fifteen, how much term life insurance do I need? Well, the older two, if you died, can figure it out, you do have a responsibility, the 15 year old, and so what, you know, for four years, what's it going to take to support this youngster, one young man, 15 years old, until he is up to 21.


So he needs six years worth of income. And do you want to take care of college and some other stuff and who he going to live with and that kind of a process? So that's a great question.


I've never thought about that. But my kids, there are 10 for now, but they grow up, they get jobs, they get married, they're off on their own.


Do I still carry life insurance at that point? You would for Sheila, right?


For you and for the household that is there. But you don't carry life insurance for them right there that they've there's three things that happen. If you get out of debt, you build some wealth and the kids are grown and gone. You do away with the need for life insurance if there's enough wealth to take care of your spouse with no debt. I love it. And so you're working towards with just good financial planning, the need, the becoming self-insured.


I become my own safety going along. And she's she's largely self-insured here. Up to a six years left with a 15 year old. They were that close. And I don't know how much she's gotten her for one, she might end up in there. She doesn't need any life insurance. This is The Dave Ramsey Show. In the lobby of Ramsey Solutions on the debt stage, Nazeem is with his highness. How are you? Good. How are you, Dave?


Better than I deserve. Where do you live?


I am from Mesa, Arizona. Oh, cool.


Welcome to Nashville and all the way over here on the other side of the continent to do a debt free scream. Yes, sir. Love it. How much you paid off?


I paid about forty five thousand dollars and 23 months.


Good for you and your range of income during that time.


I want to borrow from thirty one thousand dollars to 75, well over two years.


So I graduated with my degree from Arizona State and then I had an opportunity to go work for a great company where I moved up about a year. So yeah, I was a supply chain major from.


Oh, very nice. Very good degree. Good degree. Well done, dude. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate it.


Very fun. What kind of debt was the forty five.


So it was really I was a normal person I guess I would say so high. A lot of credit cards at about six credit cards and my car loan had a big car loan and then student my student debt as well as well as tuition. So kind of started from there. My biggest debt was probably school and my car.


Hmm. What happened to your room?


So I had my dad actually passed away about three months ago. He's the reason why I started all this while I was doing school.


He introduced me to you, Dave, and he's like, here's a read a book. And I said, no, I was too cool for that because I was in college. Like, not I'm not going to be no book. I read enough books already. And after that, he just kept asking me, hey, do you read the book? I said, Yeah, sure I do. He's like, OK, would you learn? Oh, you know, nothing.


So I didn't really I didn't really I didn't push it until towards the end of my graduation where I really, you know, figured out, OK, what I how do I want to live and don't wanna keep, you know, having a lot of debt and just live for everybody else or do I want to live for my family myself? So that was kind of my fire naturally.


Mm. Wow. Wow. Very cool. Very cool. So what do you tell people?


The secret to getting out of debt is the biggest secret. Honestly, it's the way I look at you see why. But minus that kind of change a little bit and I figured out what is your fire.


I when you when you camp out, if you don't put the tent, you don't tent to your fire, it goes out. So for me, I had to get laid off. For me, I'm a little late bloomer. So I was like, OK, where's my where's my gas, let me dump bunch of gas. Started to fire, keep it going. So by doing so, I just had to kind of accept the fact that, you know, I'm I'm you know, my mom and I moved to the States when I was nine, so I fell to the norm.


I said, OK, so what I do from there, do I want to live for somebody else? I don't live for myself and, you know, build a future. So that was my essentially at my fire and go from there. And now I'm kind of blessed, you know, thanks to you, my dad, my family, good friends of mine. A lot of people don't understand what we go through because they're so they're on a different path and they constantly want to see, OK, let me get this new court to show off or, you know, here and you post this on Instagram and et cetera.


But at the end of the day, you're not going to meet them ever again most of the time. So what was the hardest thing you had to go through?


The hardest thing, honestly, was working two jobs. I was working over a hundred hours a week. Wow. Yeah, I was bartending, serving, locked in my job. So I wake up at five, get off a five a.m. go and five in the morning, get off a five right after I go bartend, come home probably two o'clock, one o'clock and then repeat again. And I had to do that for a whole year. So yeah, I didn't understand and it wasn't my job to really tell them exactly what I'm doing is for me.


So they'll ask I have a little portrait of my car and had highlighted every time I hit to go to my dad's like scratching. I like I said, all right, keep going. You're not done. So that that's done. And, you know, I have a really good friend. His name is J.T. kind of preached him about you a little bit. He avoided like I did. And and now he's on his path. He's going to be debt free by January, so.


Right. Yeah. So cool. Exactly. So I'm really excited and, you know, I want to share my story and help everybody I can that really wants to learn and kind of, you know, send him your way. Like, hey, read this book. Sometimes if they take it, they take if not, you know, you just go on that point. So were you out of debt by the time your dad passed?


Did he get to see that? Unfortunately, no. I find a guy that after he passed away, like maybe two weeks after.


Oh, my gosh. Yeah. He had to be very proud of you. I hope so. I really do. He's he was my firearm. And it's really hard to lose somebody, especially when you share a lot with them in the journey. And he just he couldn't make and I just I'm glad I this is, you know, not just for me, but for him as well, because he was pushing me. So. Absolutely. Hey, are you are you a father?


No, no, sir. I have my sister here. She's my she's my little sunshine, I guess.


So I went I want you to look at me and Dave. We're both dads. And you said something. I hope he is. I'm telling you right now, speaking from two dads, he was very proud of you.


He watched his legacy grow.


And you. He watched the the the roots of a tree get deeper and deeper, that he planted seeds that he's not going to get to eat the fruit of which you are. And that's what every dad wants for their son and for their daughter. So he was proud of you. Don't ever doubt that for a second. You got it? Yes, sir. It's incredible, man. Congratulations.


And we are two. We're proud of you. Well done, man. Yeah, well done. Very cool. And you got a great degree, a great field that you're in. Your fright. Your future is bright. Well done.


What do you tell people?


The key is now I felt the fire in one place and just stay focused, you know, don't compare yourself to anybody else. You know, everyone has their own journey, you know, and just focus on yourself. That's the that's the key point. I just think I think you're right.


When when you get fired up about something enough, you find a way home and, you know, you push through, you push around, you push, you crack stuff.


You you know, you blow stuff up.


What you find a way, you know, when when it matters enough. And that's that's exactly right. Well done.


Very, very, very well done. Good for you. Well, we've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you every day, Millionaires', that's your next step. Yes, sir. You're going to be one man. That's the plan. How old are you? I'm twenty seven. I just turned 27 June.


Yeah, you're on your way and you are totally on your way. Well done.


All right. It's Nazeem in Mesa, Arizona.


Forty five thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months, making 31 to 75 it down.


Let's hear a debt free scream. Three to one. I'm debt free.


This is how it's done. Wow, awesome. That is very cool, very cool. Awesome.


You know, a lot of you out there listening right now are going, you know, I would love to help a guy like that and coach him and help him get moving. And if that sounds like you, you need to consider working with a financial coach or becoming one of our Ramsey preferred coaches. We've got Ramsey preferred coaches.


If you need some help, you can get in touch with them. They're trained the Ramsey way. If you want to become one of the Ramsey preferred coaches, we will train you the Ramsey way, show you what to do and how to set up a business and the whole bit. It's time to stop trying and start winning with your finances. Get in touch with the Rams you preferred coach. Your money goals can be turned into a reality.


Talk to a coach by texting our P.S. for Rams. You preferred coach our P.S. to 33 789 33 seven eight nine.


Text the word R, p, c and we'll get you in touch with those and just check online at our coaching section if you have an interest in becoming a coach as well. Very, very cool stuff.


Dr. John Deloney Ramsey personality is my co-host on the air here today. There is something about I mean, when he mentioned fire and why in China Senex book, why it was mentioned in another hour with a different debt free screamer and very few money struggles are noble in and of themselves.


Hmm. But why you do them is really noble. Right.


And what you said about his dad being proud. Absolutely true. Absolutely true. And when you can add an element to your idea, like I'm doing this to change my family tree, it's big. It's everything, right.


It puts everything in perspective. We get so we get so focused on shiny things and not things of legacy and things are going to last.


And so coming up that why come up with that fire, the thing you're going to fuel every day, if it goes out, you're going to get cold. Right? So I'm going to I'm going to make it a priority to keep keep fuel and keep fuel and and keep fuel in it for a year. He went on four hours of sleep. So now he's got a changed family tree and he gets to sleep a full night man.


There's that. That's helpful. Right. You're worth a full night's sleep. Hey, man, this is the Dave Ramsey Show. Dr. John Polony Ramsey, personality, is my co-host today here on the show, I'm Dave Ramsey, your host. Open phones at eight eight two five five two two five. Christophers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hi, Christopher. How are you? I'm doing. How are you doing?


Better than I deserve. How can we help? Oh, yeah, I was just going to ask you, if you were in my position, what would you do? I'm living at home. I'm twenty seven delivering pizzas. I got about nine hundred and stay home and I got about twenty nine thousand in savings. You have 9800 and student loan debt.


You have twenty nine thousand in savings. And your your your only job is the pizza delivery. Yeah, I've listened over that, I've done from time to time to I used it to help pay off my car, but I'm not doing that anymore in my course, paid off out of all the miles on it.


So what are you going to do with your life? I would really enjoy to go back to school with my degrees right now. They're not marketable for a good career. I'd love to go back to school and study human resources as part of my government, and I just been saving up for that. What's your degree in?


Psychology and political science. So what can't you do with a psychology degree? I feel like. I definitely could go down the route of human resources. I feel like eventually, though, to get a better advantage, I believe getting a master's degree would hold a lot more bullcrap credibility, absolute bull crap. You don't believe so? I run a 250 million dollar company. No one in my H.R. department has a master's degree. No kidding, and they're getting, too, by the way, they're great, and I don't think any of them even have an H.R. degree.


Armondo might our director of H.R. might I don't know. My original director of H.R. did not. I know that. Now you've got what it takes to get in there. You know, you get your foot in the door.


And if you want to go pick up some classes, some one off classes and audit some classes just to get some knowledge on H.R., that would be advisable.


But I don't think you need to go back and get a four year degree in H.R. plus a Masters in order to be able to be in H.R. I mean, the game and get in the game.


Yeah, it's time to get in the game. I would pay off my student loans yesterday and I'd move out the next day, yeah. And go get a job and go get you and go get your foot in the door entry level position recruiter or something else.


Need H.R. get started and get with a company that will pick up some of your tuition and go start doing some study at night instead of delivering pizzas with them, paying for it. My sister's a recruiter.


She does remarkably well. Rooters, my bank, she is awesome.


She knows the business, she knows well, but she's got a bachelor's degree and she's smarter than me ten times. And so, I mean, you've got to get in the game to master's degree in human resources.


No, she's got a bachelor's degree bachelors. Yeah, she's yeah. She's a rock star, but she put the work in. She works real hard. And you got to get the game brother.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This is a you have a perceived blockage, a blocker here. That's not real. Right. It's not a real blocker Christopher. So but get your foot in the door and get get started up.


Hang on. I'm going to give you a copy of Quin Coleman's book, The Proximity Principle.


And if I were you, I would get started tomorrow, tomorrow, all of that. I pay off my student loan today. I'd make plans to move out. You got plenty of cash. You're in a good shape. Go get you. You know, you can work the part time gigs if you have to to pay bills for a little while until you land the job. But I would go get an H.R. position somewhere that you love working.


And again, you can some material can come. We can help you land that job. Can Coleman Dotcom, there's all kinds of get the interview, get the resumé stuff right. All of it's free and downloadable. And I'm going to give you this book.


So we've given you everything that he's got and he can help you land that for sure.


But, you know, so, Christopher, if if you hear what just happened is Dave Ramsey just called your bluff, just called his bluff man. And so now he's taken all the excuses off the table, all of the well, you know, I'm just stuck with degrees.


Nope. It's over, dude. Here's the book. Here's the resources. Here's the high. Go get them. And I'll tell Dave is H.R. Department here is extraordinary. Our H.R. department, they're excellent. They are excellent at what they do. All right.


There may be seventeen of my master's degrees. I don't know. I really don't. But they were not hired for master's degrees and they were not kept from doing something because of my master's degree. I mean, I can I cannot think of anybody over there that even has an H.R. degree, much less a master's degree. They might want to might.


But but I mean, you know. Again, HRR is about taking care of the teen love people love loving the team and hiring the team right, hanging on to recruiting and taking care and love the team and, you know, psychology degree, I'll assist you in that. A big heart will assist you in that, caring about people to assist you in that. And then God help you somewhere along the way, you're going to learn something about the law as well.


But but the the rest of it is, you know, there's no there's no technique that they're going to teach you in a master's degree that allows you to be unless you want to work in a cold, toxic corporate environment, then you might need a master's degree.


But I don't think that's going to be your goal to get jobs where you go in and look at people. Here's another thing Christopher can do is when he delivers pizzas in the evenings as he's grinding through, trying to get get his foot in the door in another position, he can take those 30 second those one minute exchanges and learn how to read somebody, learn how to be kind to somebody, learn how to make somebody's day. When I worked at Burger King at the front register, I learned at a young age it takes about 10 seconds to make somebody's day or to ruin it.


Yeah, right. And that lesson as a 16 year old kid has has has ridden with me all the way through is treat people with dignity, get to know somebody that fast or somebody give them what they need and step back those kind of little personal skills, those investments and people loving every person you come in contact with that's going to make you a great H.R. person down the road beyond a whole other program than six years.


So you know what a nail apron is? A do not you don't know. You never worn that apron? No, it's a little thing you get at Home Depot or something. Ties around the back.


Got two little pockets in the front of your nails. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


If your driving nails and you know you're doing carpentry. Right. So pizza guy number one. Pulls up in front of our house. Honks horn Won't even get out of the car. Nope. I got to go outside down the stairs. Give him his money, he gets no or one level of Dave tip. Hmm. I, I got to give a tip because Dave. Right. I don't have a choice. Right. But I mean, what a jerk pizza guy.


No. To. Knocks on the door This is his third trip to the house. It's got a nail apron, steps back three steps from the door so that his presence is not intimidating. If the lady of the house happens to answer the door or for that matter, if anyone, because if you're all up in the grill to close, that physical presence is wrong. You know what's in the nail apron, dog biscuits. No way for my dog.


Well played, man. You give my dog a dog biscuit. You didn't crowd the space. You're smiling and happy. The pizza's hot. You're happy to be here. Guess who gets the tip bigger than the stinking pizza, you know, right? I mean, what ingenuity?


Well, ingenuity is just I'm going to honor the person I'm serving a meal to right now. And I don't know when that day I don't know when that became a move. Right. When we had to start teaching people, hey, you're bringing somebody a meal.


You got a noble thing you're doing here. You're taking somebody's dinner do with a smile on your face. You're helping somebody out. Be joyful. Be a good person to be around.


Be a kind person. Bring a dog biscuit.


Can you imagine Arawa on a dog this animal got man, this guy's.


Yeah. Five dollar thing. Dog biscuits, two dollar for a nail apron. Right. And he made that back in one stop anywhere there's a dog. I don't know what you do with a cat, but. Oh, well, there you go. Well, I've got my own thing about cats is I don't know anything. I don't know what you do with a cat anyway.


I know people on the Internets don't like people who talk about their cats. I'm going to keep my mouth shut. But oh, really? I'm not a cat guy, Dave.


Oh, I don't want to know anything about the Internet.


So I don't I don't either. They tell me so almost almost as it we can just talk about your lovely dog. Yeah, that's it.


Well, here's here's an underbite. And so those dog biscuits are a problem, but it was still it's still a great gesture.


There's a 100 percent chance the next time I come to your house, I'm bringing a male friend and a dog.


I'm not wearing an apron your house, but I will put some in my pocket. I love it. You got it. You got to. Oh, how to get the Sharon's heart. I'm just saying you can get a tip out of even Sharon doing that, you know. There you go. Oh, that puts us sour.


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