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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the Dollar Car Rental Studio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money. I'm Chris Hogan. And joining me as co-host is Anthony O'Neal, national best selling author and millennial expert. And we are very excited to be working with you and talking to you. Yeah, Anthony is also a Ramsey personality along with me. And we love helping people.


Typically, we will be traveling all around the country, flying around, burn it up, get cool, just airlines and airports and all the things. But guess what? Well, yeah, that and we're here. And so you have an opportunity to be able to help people, help companies build webinars. And so we've had to pivot in order to get in front of people doing the webinars and having an opportunity to interact on Instagram using social media.


I've got my everyday millionaire Facebook group that is also available. You can go to Facebook, dotcom slash Chris Hogan 360, click on the group section and join Hogans everyday millionaires. These are all people that are on the journey to becoming everyday millionaires. People are there from age 18 to 80. But it's about community. It's about being connected and having people to cheer you on. Anthony, it's all over Instagram. YouTube has been blowing up the videos and stuff that he's putting on.


You can find him at Anthony O'Neal on there as well. What's the latest video you have up, man?


It's actually a good one. I did a video called 20 Things Every 20 and 30 year old needs to know. And I really walk through the five things that they need to be doing right now. So I definitely want to encourage everyone to go over to my YouTube channel, YouTube dot com for Slash Anthony or just drop in Anthony Oneone search bar and you will see this video already got about 10000 views in less than 24 hours, because I really lay out everything that I wish someone would have told me when I was 18, 19 or even when I was in my mid 20s and to even the things that I've learned from you and Dave in my mid 30s.


And so I put all that stuff into a list and you'll get five on a video. You got to watch video because I give you a text in number to where I'm going to text you the other 15 things that if you do these things in your 20s and 30s, by the time you hit your 40s, you will be going on to the quiz. Hogan tried to join it every day. Really cool. Did you did you poll people and find out what are the things they wish they would have known or did you just talk about from your own experience?


Really? I just went from my own experience to and just really listened to everything that I've learned from you, from our Cubin, from Dave to some of my other mentors.


And he said, well, this is what every young person needs to know. Yeah. You know, the cool thing about that is, you know, you may have people out there that don't have men or dads or uncles in their life. And so to be able to share that content is fantastic. Again, at the O'Niel on YouTube, search him, find him, check out that information. It's a great opportunity. All right. We're going to get to the phones because that's what we do.


We got Tamaro on the line. Tamara, how can we help you?


Yes. Thank you so much for taking my phone call. Yes, ma'am. I made a really horrendous mistake about eight years ago. And it's come back to kind of bite me and I'm not sure what to do. I got married, but I have moved to a town where my ex-husband was buying a house, realized for me to apply for the house that that credit I put it in my name that the worst three years after that, I was upside down on the house.


So we made a verbal agreement that I would move back to where I'm from and he would take them for the payments. He would just pay me rent and then take care of the house. I wasn't good until this week when he tells me that the roof is leaking into the dining room and the basement flooded. And he said because of covid that his hours have been cut, you can't afford to fix it, but he will want to get back up.


So our agreement was that he would eventually, if I couldn't sell the house once I got out from under water, that he would work on his credit and buy it for me, which and that hasn't happened. But he said his brother Mike could possibly co-sign for him next year. So that seems to be a lot of promises. But yeah, I'm not sure what to do once you take out a loan to fix it or. You know, I just want to I just want to get rid of it.


No, I know. I know. And and in the midst of this, you know, this this is a couple of things on top of each other, right? You've got the failed relationship, then you have the failed part of him to do. What he said he was going to do, and then you also have this other third thing called regret. OK. And and it's real. I mean, if you look at it, I think the main thing now is this.


Let's move in a direction that gives you a concrete path, but also concrete clarity, like we're not going to rely on anymore verbal or any more innuendo or hope. We're going to do the things that put you in the right position. I would reach out to the lender that you have the mortgage through. I would begin to walk through them, the scenario, this home, how much do you think it's worth? So I owe 94 and last year and half ago I had a real estate agent to look at and he said that he would list it for around 80.


Now, this is before the, you know, damage is done with the blood. And so how do you.


Oh, so much more on it. Did you all take out a home equity line of credit? No, I just I think, to be honest, I think they are way overpaid for the house. OK, well, I didn't know what I was doing.


I understand. I understand. And not trying to beat you up over that. I think the main thing is, is getting clarity because we don't know what it's worth. The main thing is, is what you've been told by your ex who's living in it. That is that there's water damage. I would reach out to that lender today. I'd begin to have conversations and dialogue with them. This may be tomorrow thing where you're walking through a potential short sale with them.


And short sale simply means that you end up working with the bank to get their approval to accept less than what's owed on the home. And in this scenario. OK, this is a process. It may take three months for you to get approved. For that, you are going to have to walk through the scenario and communicate clearly. I would ask your ex for pictures of the water damage, pictures of the roof, so you can show the bank and let them know you are not living in it.


There's a tenant there that is your ex and begin to just lay out the cards. I think it's going to be important to talk to that institution and for you to take notes on who it is you speak to. But you're going to have to advocate for you in this. Ask them about their short sale process. And if they won't do a short sale, then you can ask them about the second one. And that's a deed in lieu of foreclosure, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, simply you voluntarily turning over the home to them.


And, you know, this is again, all of these things are going to be based on you communicate clearly with them, call them today.


So how can let me ask you this question. If she would have called in about before before she left, before she got a divorce, what would you advise her in this situation to sign something with the husband of the house? No, I would actually in that scenario, if I could have called her back before all of this, it would be a matter of obviously, in the legal agreement of the divorce decree to get everything laid out in writing, quitclaim, the deed had had to be signed over by a certain period of time.


But again, it's neither here nor there. This is where we start to contact the lender, communicate about a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. You can do this and we're here to help. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.


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Hello, everyone. You are listening to the Dave Ramsey Show, I tell you what, it is always so good to meet real people here in the lobby. OK, we got Texans out there, Californians, that's people. And just hanging out. I said, what brings you to Tennessee? They said you said, I believe that. I believe in that. That's they're just trying to make me feel good. And it did, too. It worked.


It's good to see you guys. Good to meet good people. If you're ever here and near Nashville, I want you to come by. Melissa has Baker Street Cafe over there where she's got fresh baked goods, amazing coffee, as well as a bookstore over there. So you can come by and grab some items, grab some gifts if you want. We'd love to see you here. Now, real quick, because we love feedback. We value the input from the listeners, those that have the right things to say.


I'm just kidding. But it helps us to know what's important to you and so we can deliver the right kinds of content and teaching. The last week we launched a brand new survey and would love your feedback. So check it out at Dave Ramsey dotcom slash survey. It only take you a few minutes. There's a hundred dollar Amazon gift card up for grabs, so that's pretty cool. Also, you can text the word survey to three three seven eight nine, text the word survey to three three seven eight nine, or visit Dave Ramsey, dot com slash survey.


Again, if you want to take it on your phone, just text the word survey to three three seven, eight nine or visit Dave Ramsey. Coms last survey. We always love to hear feedback and know kind of what's on your mind. So. All right, let's get to the phone. We're going to get to go to Miami. Oh, you ready? Yes. Here we go. Christian in Miami, Florida. How can we help you?


Hey, guys, thank you so much for taking my call and then listening to you guys all year nonstop every day and catching up on old episodes and everything. So really great for me and my husband. I will be grateful for everything that you guys are getting ready and moving. Well, thank you.


So really quick on our end, so we started this year with the program. I want to say at the beginning of the year, you know, the first month is always a little difficult. So we started in February, like full on. And so I started doing now they've always says I deliver pizza delivery there to as much as we can. Yes. So I started doing a door dash and getting a few like 50 dollars maybe a night. Depends on depending on the day after that, I started doing a few like balloon decorations and that kind of started taking off on its own.


And right now we're we actually even have less storage for things because it's gotten to a point where we can't hold it anymore at the house and we're looking into even buying a car and we're in baby steps, too. So my question was, we are. So like I said, we started this year, we just paid off already, like Seventeen's came in and sat like credit cards, we just paid off our car. Great. And where we're going to, we're working on student loans where we have a long way.


One hundred and fifty one thousand dollars in student loans. We both went to private school for art and we're working hard to try to get rid of it, so. The business my side of the business is taking off and we're thinking of getting an SUV because we have a Nissan Altima and we have brass laws and a bunch of balloons that we have to deliver sometimes and it just doesn't fit in there. Or sometimes we have to take another car or rent a car.


Right. So my question was, is this a smart idea to put the money that we've been putting aside for that into a car or into the student loans that we have planned, already paid? Right now we have we do have an emergency fund that we don't touch and we have six thousand dollars to save aside for a car. We know we're not getting a brand new car. We just need to get a bigger car.


Christian, are you are you talking about. Are you talking about getting another car or are you talking about selling the Nissan and just getting a van and you use for your van for your personal and business? Well, what are you talking about? Having two cars are still just one car.


Well, we're kind of looking at polls right now. We've gotten a quote for our car from Tavano and they're offering twelve thousand dollars for the 2008. OK, not bad.


How much do you own it? And you say you just paid it off. OK, we just paid it off last month.


What does Kelley Blue Book say the value of your car is worth if you privately sell it? Oh, not sure. OK, so that's the look that up. Yes, so that's the very first thing I'm doing. I'm going to KBB dotcom. I'm going to look up the trade in value plus the private private sale value. I am not a fan, OK? I am not a fan of two things. One, you have six thousand dollars in your savings account.


Now you say you save enough for a card for your business. Oh, OK. A little bit there.


Here's what I'm going to recommend. You're paying off your debt is your number one priority. Number two, if you want to sell your car. OK, sell your Nissan and take that and maybe add on a couple of grand so you can get a van. I have no problem with that. But what I do not want you to do is to keep your Nissan and also just wipe out all your money that could have went towards the debt to buy a second car.




Hey, Chris, you watch yourself. How often is it that you have to pack the glass walls or fences, whatever you said? Yeah, it could.


It could be every other week, like example next week or both Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And if it comes and goes right now, if I look at profit wise this month that we could be almost completely every weekend and those months that we are booked every other week, then. Right.


And you said right now, as you bump into that scenario, if it's needed, you rent a car.


Yes. Yeah, I keep saying yeah. And keep saying, Van, you never utter the word van usit SUV, didn't you?


Yes. And that means expensive. Youve OK. How much are you talking about? Spend a quick chuckling. Oh, I knew I was listening to you. How much are you thinking about spending. Well, I was looking at a twenty seven. No, no, no, no, no, no. Stop right there.


Listen, I was I was trying to help you out. You you need to start with that 19 something you're looking for in nineteen ninety man Astrovan. Now wait a minute with your mouth. Are you OK? I'm just playing Christian. Here's the deal. Here's the deal. I love that you guys are hustling. I really do. I like that you're making stuff happen. But here's what I want you to make happen. I want you to make this debt shrink.


You follow me. My concern is, is an Ayles hit the nail on the head and talk about if you can sell your car for 12. I'd much rather you go find a ten thousand dollar SUV, something that you can you can run into the ground and hustle. I just think whenever I start to talk to self-employed people, especially like you, like you're a salesperson, I can tell, OK, I really can't.


I think you could sell me some suntan lotion. I really do. I feel like you could. I feel like you could, but I got my game on. But I think people that are self-employed, they'll always be able to rationalize doing something else right. Like being able to divert from the plan. So, Christian, I want you to do this. I want you and your husband to sit down and talk and you got to look at the situation and say, hey, what's in the best interest of our family?


Like, if we're being real, not like like straight up. Like if we're trying to make sure we're moving in a direction as a family for the sake of our kids, for the sake of our business, what's the smartest play for us to do? Not to preference, not what you like, but what's the smart thing? And I think looking at it through that lens where you go, hey, if we do this and we get this SUV now, we're going to move forward.


We're not rationalizing, buying anything else. We're going to stay plugged into this and we're going to attack this debt. The beauty of being self-employed is you don't have caps on your income. There's nobody giving you a limit saying, hey, that's all you make. You get an opportunity to take this guy to the limit. And so that's what I want you guys to do. I want you to make this decision together, looking at it being intentional and say, hey, let's make a two year decision.


I want to make a decision now that I'm going to look back on it two years and I go, boy, I'm glad I made that. I'm glad I was uncomfortable for a little while so I can be effective later. It's a difference. You can do a Christian and we're here on your side. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Most home security companies try and trap you with high prices, tricky contracts and lousy customer support, simply safe, on the other hand, has everything you need to protect your home.


With none of the drawbacks of traditional home security, their professional monitoring keeps watch so they can send professionals if there's an emergency. All this starts at 15 dollars a month, tried today at simply safe direct dotcom and my listeners will get a free HD camera. I. Hello, everyone. You are listening to the Dave Ramsey Show on Ramsey personality XO, joined by fellow Ramsey personality Anthony O'Neal. We're excited to be here with you, to be able to take your calls and talk about the things that are on your mind.


And so you can call us at number is eight eight eight eight two five five two two five. Again, that's eight eight eight eight two five five two two five. Or you can find us on social media. You can find the Anthony O'Neal at Anthony O'Neal on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. The same with me. You can find me at Krosoczka 360 and you can also follow the Ramsey Show and have a great opportunity. And I want to give a shout out to our Dave Ramsey.


So YouTube group that are highly active and have a lot of thoughts is what I heard the way I put it. But we appreciate their support as well as opinions. And so we appreciate people listening in and tuning in, realizing our jobs to help people get better. All right. We're going to get to the phone line. I've got Jamie on the line calling from Evansville. Jamie, how can we help you?


Hey, guys, thank you so much for taking my call. You're welcome. Thank you for calling in. Yeah. So I have a question about baby steps three, A and B that I'm working on. I'm just needed by some kind of how to figure it out. And just a little back story. I'm recently divorced. I have four kids. I was a stay at home mom for five years. And in order to get a mortgage for my house that I live in now, I have to have six months of employment history.


So my mom helped me out and use a home equity line of credit to get the house that I in her. And I have an agreement that in a year I will buy it from her. So currently I have fifteen thousand dollars in my savings, which would cover my emergency fund. And I have an account and this is my question. I have a Janus account that has just under twenty nine thousand dollars in it, and I didn't know if that was a wise decision to cash that out to use towards my mortgage.


OK. All right.


And so, Jamie, tell me this.


What is what is your income right now?


I actually just started about a month ago and I it's about sixteen hundred a month.


OK, and so did you say your mom used the home equity line of credit to buy a home?


Yes. To buy the house I'm in now. And what is the mortgage payment on that right now?


I only have to pay the interest, which is about three, three hundred and fifty dollars a month. But the mortgage would be anywhere between like seven or eight hundred.


OK, how much is the house? It was one hundred and twenty six thousand, OK, one hundred twenty six thousand, so she has the home in her name. The goal is, is at some point you're going to buy it back.


Yes, OK, after I get my employment history. Right.


And how old are your kids?


They are eight, six, four and two. Goodness gracious. OK, you're busy. Busy. You got your hands full. Tell me this. When you opened up these the Janise account, why was it opened?


I believe this is opened whenever I was a child, OK, by my grandpa or my mom.


OK, all right. You don't own anything else, right? OK. Your vehicle's paid for. Paid for. Yeah. All right. No emergency credit cards. None.


OK, in looking at this, here's the deal. You're in no way in any position to be trying to buy a home right now. The good thing is, is that, you know, your parents have have taken the steps, not the preferred step, but they've taken a step that allows you to have some consistency and some stability in your life. Correct? Right. Right. Right. Now, the track, your own career wise, what are you doing?


What kind of job are you doing right now?


Right now, I just have like an entry level position at a hospital here. I live currently going to school for medical coding. So that's my goal. And I'll be done with that in November.


OK, and who's watching the kids while you work? They they go to daycare. OK, who's paying for the daycare? I am OK. How much is daycare.


It is 365 a week and but the money that I get in child support covers that. OK, all right.


So here's what I do. You know the money in that Janus account, if you told me you had, you know, twenty thousand in credit card debt, you know, this is not retirement savings. I would talk to you about attacking it. I see this money, you know, that's sitting there, you know, cash.


There's almost cushion. I would not use it for the house. I really work. I think you've got time.


So you don't you're not dealing with a landlord. You're dealing with your parents. Right. And I think the most important thing you have to do is really begin to walk this path of being newly single, right. At the same time, being single mom, having a lot of things that are on you. But I think you slow down, you know, like the kids I know in your mind, you're thinking the kids need a house and they need this or that.


Now they need their mom. As well as their dad and I think slowing down to just breathe a little bit to figure out what do you need to do now? What's the stuff that Jamie needs in her life, whether it's taking the time to meet with a counselor, being plugged in to a church where you realize, hey, I need to get the right people around me right now as I go through this time of healing to kind of breathe and regroup.


Right. Because you've got four people counting on you. They're eight, six, four and two.


Yeah, I agree with you. I think the key thing is she needs to get on the plane. She needs to really write down with a clear vision where is she going and work that plan. And then also she needs to have a conversation with her parents and let them know that plan they came. Mom and dad. I talked to Chris Hogan and Anthony O'Neal over at the Dave Ramsey Show. And I'm just really not in a position to move quickly as I want it to.


But here's where I'm going. Here's what I'm expecting. Are you all OK with this? Thank you so much for your help. I want to fix this, but before I can fix this, I need to fix myself and my kids know I'm with you.


I think you're absolutely right about having that clear communication. And it sounds like, obviously, your parents support her. Yes. Have her back and to be able to talk about it and really kind of be clear and be upfront and honest, you know what the big thing is, too, is I want you to make sure you're spending time with these kiddos, especially the eight and six year old, just so they're able to talk about and be clear about what they're feeling with this newness.


And the tendency might be to throw a lot of stuff at them. But I will tell you this. I think the time you spend is going to be more crucial than the stuff giving them an opportunity to think about what's going on and kind of what they're feeling and where they are. So thank you so much for reaching out. All right. We're going to get to the phone line. We got Roehm calling in from San Diego. How are you?


Hi, I'm good, good, good, what's your question for Anthony? Oh, well, it wasn't a question specifically for him or anybody. I mean, I was recommended by a friend of mine who told me to give you guys a call. He said you got a radio show to help people with finances. So, oh, yeah, I, I have like a lot of a lot of debt and then kind of struggling a little bit.


But I moved down here to San Diego and started off with like a fifteen thousand dollar personal loan and mean yeah I got an eighteen thousand dollar credit card loan and a nine thousand dollar credit card. And I just I bought this car last year for like twenty four thousand and yeah, it was.


What's your income, what's your income right now and your income.


I, I'm well I make about 70, 70, 75 probably. I'll make about sixty six thousand a month. OK, but if I lose about a thousand of that in expenses so I bring home about five thousand.


OK, so bring home about five thousand dollars a month and you're, I mean you're up there in debt, you know, as a matter of fact, you know, we want to spend some time with you. I want you to hold on. We're going to come back to you right after the break, because we're going to walk you through this process. All right.


So hotel room. Yeah, that's kind of cool. Said a friend. Told him some financial dos he can call. You know what, based on that knowledge, that's exactly what he did. Yeah, well, hang tight. We want to unpack this and help you get on the plan that we know without a shadow of a doubt, it will work. Stay tuned, everybody. We're coming back. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. In. Hello, everyone, you are listening to the Dave Ramsey Show.


Before we went to break, we were talking to Rome and Rome has a financial situation. He said he had been listening to a friend. Friend told him to call in there some financial news. They may be able to give him some guidance and guess what he did call it. So see here, Rome, are you still there?


I guess we lost him. Oh, no. But you know, the Brohm, you OK, Roehm, you there? OK, I don't know what happened to it, but you know, the key thing, let's see if we got it straight one more time. Romeu, you there? Yeah, I'm here. All right, buddy, good, good, good, so OK, you had called it, you had laid out you had fifteen thousand dollars in personal loan, eighteen thousand eight credit cards, another thousand that are 24000 in a car.


Do you have any other debts?


No, no, no, not that I can. All right. Well, this is what we're going to do. First, I want you to go back and thank your friends for suggesting you to give us a call because they they gave you the right information. They gave you the right people. All right. So with your income in right now, here's the very first thing you need to do is get on the plan. All right. And that plan is called Financial Peace University.


So when we get off this phone, I want you to sit tight. We're going to put you back on the phone with Kelly. Kelly is going to go ahead and process that. And I want you to sit down once a week for nine weeks. And I want you to learn from myself, Chris Hogan de Ramsey and Rachel Crews. We're going to walk you through everything because we can't do that here in three minutes on the phone call. But the very next thing you need to be doing right now is Rome.


Stop borrowing money, OK?


We want you to stop.


Stop. No more credit cards. We're thinking, well, yeah, could it be credit cards? As a matter of fact, you what kind of car do you have right now? One or two of them were from Citibank and the other one is from Chase, you have three cars. Are you married? Role cards, no cards. OK, how many of cards? Yeah. Yeah, OK, I'm telling your car. What kind of car do you have right now.


Oh, car. Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. It's a civic sport. Twenty nineteen.


How much do I owe on it. I owe about seventeen thousand left on it.


How much is it worth. How much is it worth. From what I looked up, it sort of around around that like around 16 to. Well, that's a person that's like throwing it personal. If I sold the dealership, I think it's like 14.


Do you have any money in savings right now from. Unfortunately, I don't know. All right, so that's the key theme we're going to really help you out with, ma'am. We need to walk through the process and give you a solid foundation. I don't like the fact that you're in a car right now, but we do need to figure out how we can maybe over the next few months save up about three or four thousand dollars in cash so that we buy cash car so you can sell this car and that eliminates sixteen or seventeen thousand dollars in debt right there off the top.


But we're going to walk you through the debt snowball process. We're going to walk you through the whole journey of Financial Peace University. But Hogan, this is a great phone call, and I love these kind of phone calls from tell me this.


How long have you been stressed out about this debt? Of football and about, I don't know, it started when I was like 17. I mean, my my my parents told me to start credit, like start building credit and write. I like my first card I got it was like a six thousand dollar panel. And I, you know, I didn't know a thing about money. I just felt I filled that card up pretty quick and. Right.


Yeah. Yeah. I just realized I can't trust myself with credit cards. So I, I haven't used one in like one month, so I made like eight months and I'm using my credit card and I'm trying to well with it.


And you know what, that's the key man. It is really stop. Do you have any kids or family near you. I have a daughter, I don't have any family, I mean, here to San Diego to raise my son was born and my family is up in the Bay Area.


How old is your daughter? She's seven. You love that little girl. Oh, very, very much. Yeah, I heard you as you said it, I want you to look at that little girl and I want you to say that you're going to help her have a future. Yeah, OK.


And right now, this is what motivated me. Yeah. Oh, I bet. And she's about to motivate you a little bit more. If you keep listening, I want you to look at her and tell her you want her to have a legacy and you're going to give her one and her daddy's going to show the way. And I want you to make a decision about things that are helping you and the things that are hindering you. No more tiptoeing around it.


We're going to be really clear and help you to kind of recenter, you need to get some people around you as well. I don't know where you are on your Christian walk, but I would hope you can get plugged into a church. I've been to San Diego. They're all they got them. But you need some people in your life to you didn't get here overnight row like this was a process of, like you said, 17 years old.


Your parents telling you you had to start credit. You know, they were passing on what they thought was wisdom. It's not you we're going to do is to plug you in with Ramsey. Plus, we're going to give you an opportunity to begin to see this stuff differently as we talk with people and we're talking about the thing that goes against the cultural norm. OK, the credit card companies want you to believe it's normal. They want you to worry about the points.


They want you to worry about the miles and your credit score. We don't because we know about it and we want to help you. You didn't get in this debt overnight. You're not going to get out overnight. But we are going to show you a path that if you walk it and you walk it clearly and you stay focused, that little girl will have a legacy because her dad is going to provide her one. And so, again, just be plugged in.


Kelly is going to get your information. We're going to get you plugged into this. And again, you're going to have to change your thinking. I love that. He said he wanted to stop the credit cards because he didn't trust herself and he hadn't used them in eight months. See, that to me is somebody that's willing to make a change. And so you can shut them things down Rome. And again, just give yourself some time, right.


To be able to uncover some stuff so you can learn some new things. It's crucial. Yeah. Today's scripture comes from James, 112. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. Again, that's James one twelve. And then we have a quote, Work hard at your job and you can make a living, work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.


And that's from Jim Rome. You know this mindset. Oh, of of where we are right now in this country. A lot of tough things happening, a lot of difficult things that a lot of challenges. I think it's really important for us to make sure that our mindset right of what it is we're saying, not worrying about what people are saying about you, but more importantly, what are you doing for yourself? And I think it's really important for people to be stronger than ever as we deal with this trial and tribulation of this pandemic madness.


You're absolutely right. I'm doing a lot of self study and Hogan and I'm learning that it's easy to remember the past and not focus on the future we spend so much time on. This happened. That happened rather than in saying this can't happen, this will happen and we can control the future by making proper and wise decisions today.


So although the pandemic is impacting our yesterday and even some of our today's what can we do? What choice can we make today that will impact tomorrow? And we all can make choices that will impact our tomorrow for the best. And we got that from the last phone call. I made a choice that I'm not going to swipe any more credit cards because I don't trust myself and I don't want to let down my daughter. She was my number one influence.


That was a choice that he made today. It's going to change us tomorrow and we all can do that.


Hogan Well, I completely agree. And the caller before he dealt with some life change, not anything she predicted or anything she would have anticipated, but it's a matter of what are you going to do about it? And I think, you know, looking at it, I tell people a lot of you that it's hard to be hateful when you're grateful. Yes, sir. And I think it's important for us, even in the midst of trials and tribulations, to find something that you're grateful for.


Is it who are you grateful for? Who are the five to ten people that you go, boy, I'm sure glad I have them in my life. I want to encourage you to reach out, be proactive, make a list of those people and do a check in and a check up on them. Right. Get on there with family members and use technology for our for our advantage with Skype and FaceTime to be able to see family. I know you may not be able to get to them like you used to, but let's look at them and be able to see their faces because something can change.


And I think, no, we've got a lot of time in this year. This is September. This is the second new year. What we have is a new opportunity ahead of us. Let's grab it and do it the right way. I want to thank Zach Bennett, producer, want to think, Kelly Daniels, associate producer. I want to thank you for taking the time to hang out, buddy. This was fun, Hogan. Thank you, man.


And I want to thank all of you all for tuning in and listening. This has been the Dave Ramsey Show.


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