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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions Broadcasting. Carmen Sussudio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show where America hangs out. The conversation about your life, your money, your mental health, your relationships. My name is Anthony O'Neil, host of the popular YouTube show The Table with Anthony O'Neal. And cohosting today is the one and only Dr. John Delany, host of the popular The Dr. John Deloney YouTube and podcast show. We're here to take your calls in the hour.


We love talking about anything. And so give us a call. Triple eight to five, five to 25. Again, that's triple eight eight two five five two two five. And I want to start off this segment by just simply giving you a simple reminder that tonight is a night that could help change your life.


Tuesday, January 12th at seven p.m., Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan and Rachel Cruise and Craig Washo, we'll give you the motivation and guidance you need to hit reset to hit the reset button and say goodbye to stress, money, stress, live stress, maybe not for good when a life stress, but at least for good for the money stress. Tonight is a free event, a free reset livestream event to kick start your money goals. And so what I want you to do is text the word reset to three three seven, eight, nine.


Again, that is reset to three three seven eight nine. Or you can go to Dave Ramsey dot com for slash reset.


So here's your options for tonight. Go home. Be annoying. Listen to your kids be annoying or go, I don't know, sit around and think of me altogether. You watch it get into bed as soon as possible, you watch some Netflix show, they all go off into the rooms on their own devices. You and your wife watching your own shows. She's thumbing through something on whatever you're thumbing through, whatever device on your whatever. You're watching a screen.


You're watching your screens in front of another screen. Or you can put your money where your mouth is, get everybody together, say tonight is the night. We're all getting on the same page as a family, as a as a dating couple. I'm getting on the same page by myself and to sit on my couch and stuck in this place for nine months. I got a dog next to me now. I got this dog from the pound and even his dog came from Anthony Noto.


We're going to sit down. I got the yellow put out. We're going to say no more. We're going to say no more and get four of the best voices in the United States of America. You could turn off that dumpster fire. That's the news right now. You could turn off the dumpster fire. That is the plans we thought we had for twenty, twenty one. And then it shot out of the cannon a dud. And we can just say, all right, man, we got four of the best and brightest in the United States of America going to walk us through hope, walk us through research, walk us through a plan, reset to three 379.


I don't know what else you could possibly be doing with your time tonight. Do it, do it, do it, do it. I used to love me some peer pressure in college. Do it. Why would you not do it?


I love it man. I love the energy around this whole event, man. Just do it. Why don't you to be doing it. You're amazing. I know what else I could be doing right now. And that is talking to Len in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Lin. How can I help?


Hi, guys. I'm engaged and I'm planning for my married financial life. OK, for you. I have money saved and my fiance has debt. So when we get married, I'd like to pay off his debt. But then my idea was to live like we're on baby step two until we put that money back into my savings. But I don't know if that's going overboard. And since I have money, I shouldn't live like I'm in debt. But I think it'd be good practice for him because he's just getting into the area.


We're taking FPU this spring. When are you getting married? October 21.


OK, so you can continue to when you're talking about your financial situation right now until October, it's going to be years. And his right when you were talking about the shared debt repayment program, the plan, you are going to get on as a couple. It's Yarl's. So the moment you walk down that aisle, that is not his debt. That is your debt at the moment.


He walks down that aisle. That is not your savings. That is your savings. And then you immediately kick right back into whatever baby step you all are on because you all will have debt, you all will have savings.


You will aggressively have two incomes, hopefully going after this thing and then y'all are going to work on this plan together.


Does that make sense? It does it does it listen to you, you are what you almost didn't take a breath while I was talking when you get married.


It's Yarl's. OK, there is no ifs, ands or buts, there's nothing that's going to divide your relationship up or spin your brand new marriage off into the ditch faster than yours and mine, his and his and hers.


But I did so much work before we got hey, we're getting married now.


OK, same plan, same team, same same United Goals, same legacy that you're both building.


How much debt does he have to buy when we get married? It should probably be twenty five thousand.


OK, how much does he make a year. About fifty five. OK, what does he do for a living. He works in a factory.


OK, Quebecers, I refer to what kind of a 25 K is as a student loans. It's a personal loan and a credit card, personal loan, a credit card. Well, how much is the average credit card? It's about half and half. Yeah, OK. How much do you have in savings, your precious your precious, precious savings? Yes, I can tell how precious it is to you, how much you got in.


Well, in non retirement savings, I have about three hundred thousand. OK, yeah.


So let me ask you this question. What she has to in 2000, we could tell that land has been the the wise steward and saving. How old are you, Lynn? I'm thirty six. How does your husband, your future husband. Forty, forty five, OK. All right. So here's the thing. I want to have a conversation with your husband, OK? If your husband was there, I would have a conversation like this.


Hey, we're going to do this. And this is what we are going to do. I would Dr. John said we are going to pay off your debt, but I will want to know what is his mindset? You know, like where how does he think about money? Well, what does he think about money? How is he perceiving things? Because what I want to make sure is that when you two get married, you do not end up back in baby step two because of decisions you both made.


I don't think you will make them because of your lifestyle today. But I'm not I'm not sure to what your husband, your future husband will say. OK, so just make sure that before you all get married that you two get on the same page when it comes to finances.


Now, to answer your part, to question, we say we say to have three to six months of emergencies. Setting aside 250000 dollars is more than six months invested.


Yeah, OK. OK, so what's in your actual checking account. Savings account.


Well I guess I have more cash than normal because I've been paying for a wedding and hopefully we'll buy a house.


And so I do have more cash in the mind of about 45 in actual cash. Yeah.


So here's the thing. I would definitely just say make sure you had a minimum of six months. If you have more than six months in there. No, don't stay on baby step two and don't stay on baby step three. Enjoy your life. Move on to baby steps four through seven and enjoy your first year of marriage. The day after that wedding, you write a check and pay his debt off. Yeah, well, pay off. Debt off.


Yeah, well played. This is a Dave Ramsha. Free at last, it was one of the best decisions of my life. That's what Neil said about using time-Share exit team to get out of his timeshare after the resort refused to let him out. Listen, I've said it before. If you've tried selling your timeshare and can't. If the resort refuses to take it back, call, share, exit team. The people I trust call eight four four nine nine nine exit or time-Share exit team dot com.


Eight to five, five to five against the number here, triple eight two five five two two five. We have about 45 minutes left in this hour that we would love to talk with you, Dr. John Delaney and myself, Anthony O'Neal Ramsey personalities. And here we're talking about relationships, money, you name it. And we're going to talk with Alex. Alex in Dallas, Texas. Good afternoon, Alex.


How can I help you guys? Thank you so much for taking my call. I know. Thank you so much for giving us a call. How can we serve?


So I am one baby, step two. I've got about five thousand dollars left. This mark finished up and can move on to a six month emergency fund. I just finished up paying one loan and this is my last one is the student loan because unfortunately enough to work for a company that helps me with my debt repayment. And at present they are paying more than the minimum I have on my student loan. And so my question was, would it be OK to move on to baby step three while I have my company working on baby step two?


So I think I can work on that. OK. That's a great question, Matt.


So it's got to be a tricky question. So my answer is bit like a yes and no, and you'll see why. How much longer do you have to pay this off?


So if I were to attack it without assistance, to take about three and a half said again, three and a half years, three and a half months, if I were to do it without without any assistance.




All right. So here's what we do. So let's just say yes and make it simple for you. Yes. Start Moop, start parking money into BabyCenter number three as far as an emergency fund. And then what you do is to say, for an example, something happens in the next two months and they say you have to leave the company and you lose out on that. Then immediately you will go into that savings account and pay off for the rest of your debt and then pick back up and babysit three.


Is that makes sense. Yes. Yeah, it's very. Yeah, so I would definitely do that just going ahead and just start parking money to your baby step three aggressively, you know, so that way you can get to three months, maybe within the next three to five months. And then from there, boom, you know, if something does happen, great. You have the money, take care of it. If something doesn't happen, great.


You're already ahead of the game. Such a great question. Matt, thanks so much for calling it. For sure. Thank you so much. Thank you. Josh is with us in Ontario. Good afternoon, Josh. How can I help?


Hi, Anthony. Hi, John. How are you guys today? Yeah, ma'am. We were doing great, man. Thanks so much. Much better. Since you've called in, how can we start? I have a question. I'm self-employed. I started my own business two and a half years ago. OK, I have one part time employees and it's going well. We're we're making the money and it's a good job. But to develop the business, I need to start putting systems in place and business processes in place.


And I've spoken to a business coach. Now it cost a considerable amount of money to get a business coach versus a competitor like that. He was wanting to grow the business. How much is how much is it going to cost us? Fifteen hundred us, I guess, is about 2000 Canadians.


OK. All right. That's a month. Yes, OK. All right. Go ahead. I was wondering if you guys think that would be worth it to us to get a coach to help develop these business processes.


I'm always a fan of getting an expert who can walk alongside me to help me do things that I don't know how to do. And there's a cool new trend now to just be like, do you broads get on YouTube? You don't need none of that. You can just in some of that stuff is true. I learned how to fix the, you know, the side mirror that I knocked off when I backed my wife's car into the the post outside our house.


I was able to get on YouTube and figure that out. Sometimes the there's a way to take someone's expertise in coaching and they make it sound like it's a bunch of forms. And having somebody who will walk alongside you during the ups and downs of figuring this out when you get nervous, who's going to answer a text or a phone call late at night or early in the morning or turn on your stuff around in twenty four hours to not only give you the information, but to help with the implementation and the process?


I think that as often can be well, well, well worth its money. What I want to know from a coach is do you know what you're talking about? If somebody is just a consultant to be a consultant, they're not very useful for me. I want someone who's been there, who knows what they're talking about, who meets with people, regularly, understands both personally and experientially what people are going through and can actually provide me true expertise.


What makes Dave Dave is that he went through it and then he sat at a card table in his living room for years and continues to be the CEO of a multi, multi-million dollar corporation that still talks to the frontline customer every single day for three hours a day. That makes him an experiential expert, a knowledge expert, you know, and we're sitting here reading content during the breaks to make sure we know what we're talking about and continue to meet with people regularly.


So when you get the right coach behind you, they're well worth their money would be a great investment. I've made those investments myself. I'm looking at a particular kind of coach right now for myself about something totally unrelated to my content just from my life. And so I do it. Anthony, what do you think?


I mean, I think any time you can get a mentor, a coach is a great option. If it's a great opportunity, do it.


I think I will also assess my financial situation. I want to make sure that I'm not spending this money. Fifteen hundred dollars, you know, U.S. dollars and it's putting me in a bind and it's making me I'm having to borrow the money. I'm having to do things that I shouldn't be doing to get this money. And the key thing for me, when I look for mentors or business coaches or programs, you know, we offer here a program called On Leadership that helps a lot of our small businesses elevate to the next level.


I look for results. You know, you have a lot of people who can say a lot of good things, but what are the results? Have they produced other people to be successful? Have they helped other businesses get to the next level? So, Josh, I think you have to sit down one ask yourself, OK, is this a wise move for me financially? Will it will fifteen hundred dollars or a thousand dollars or whatever the price is, wherever you may land.


Will it hurt me if it will not hurt you? OK, cool, great. I have the money in my budget. Cool to OK. Ask that person to send you proof of Rizos to send you proof of other companies. They've helped get to the next level. Once you have those two questions answered, yes. Then I will move forward and then once you get I think I can't remember what our program requires. I think it requires something in between five or seven employees.


I can't remember the exact stuff. I would definitely look to enter leadership's website, see if we can get down with this. They're the best in the business. But I do believe there are certain kind of parameters that we require so we can work with you, but look us up. But then at the same time, just make sure you ask the right questions to whoever you look for. All right, Josh, perfect.


Thank you, guys. Hey, thank you, man. Hey, Josh, one more thing. One more thing. Don't spend the money on a coach if you're not going to do what they recommend. Yeah, well, buckle down and do and work with them and just as hard as we can, a good coach is going to make you really uncomfortable.


A good coach is going to push you harder than you can push yourself. A good coach is going to give you information about you and your company and your business that you don't necessarily want to see. That's going to make you have to pivot, do things differently, hire somebody else, etc.. Don't go to a personal trainer if you don't want to lift the weights. Right. Don't go to a nutritionist. If you want to keep eating pizza for breakfast, don't get a business coach.


If you're not going to change your life, don't get a mentor if you're going to talk more than a mentor. Oh, my gosh. You know, that's one of the things I'm always telling people listening right now.


So we talked about business coaches, but I want to I want to talk about this going into the break. The reason why some of you are not as successful is because when you do get a mentor, you talk more than a mentor, actually talk. You have two eyes and two ears for a reason and one mouth. Listen and watch more than you talk. I watch Dave's every move. Do I do every single thing Dave does? No. I listen to every single word that Dave says.


Do I do what, 100 percent of what he says to do when it comes to money? Yes.


You know, but I listen more than I talk because he's the expert. He is where I want to be in life. And so if you get a business coach, if you get a mentor, you get a marriage counseling.


If you get a listen, the shot. Oh, OK, listen, that's it. Listen and try it. And if it doesn't work, cool. But at least you try something. I'm a little frustrated, but I'm being watched because this is the day where. America tonight, no, forget the text, the word reset, our two three three, seven, eight, nine to sign up and take the first step toward lasting financial peace. Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan, Rachel Cruise and Craig wasHow will be giving America the motivation and guidance.


We all need to hit the reset button and say goodbye to money, stress, life, stress, you name it. It's tonight at 7:00 p.m. It is one hundred percent free, free, free. All you have to do is text the word reset are reset to three three, seven, eight, nine, or go to Dave Ramsey, dot com forward slash reset. Jenning's with us in New York. Good afternoon, Jenny. How can Dr. D and I help?


Hi, guys, I'm a huge fan of yours and an honor to be talking to you. I mean, we are a huge fan of you. How can we help?


So I have an 18 month old baby boy and I have decided that I would like to make my shovel a little bit thicker. So I have a job offer from a daycare, but it's just not something that I really want to be doing long term. And I'm wondering if I should like the daycare. I'd be able to take my son with me. And I'm wondering if I should pick out some sort of employment that I'd be more comfortable with long term.


But I would also have to put my son in daycare. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I get it.


It's okay. If I go to this job, I actually get the discount because my son, I can go with me and I have to pay as much to another job. I have to pay 100 percent of the daycare. So you're in a very interesting situation. Let me ask you this question. What what do you really want to do? You know, like what what's your what are you passionate about?


Because this is a bigger than just money question, isn't it? Yeah.


Yeah. Well, right now I'm I just finished my associate's degree in December, so I'm transferring ideally I would be transferring into a psychology program, OK. And eventually I would like to have my master's and that's what I can teach either in high school or post-secondary education.


OK, so don't don't laugh at that. That's a good dream. Don't doubt yourself. You're raising them. You're raising a sign they're going to school, you're kicking butt. Don't doubt yourself. You're going to get all that knocked out.


Yeah. So you want that you won't be a school teacher. That's great. OK, right now the process is you got to go to school, get the education so you can become a school teacher. Correct. Right. All right, cool, can you do that while working at daycare? I probably could it would just make right now and maybe step two, so it would make my baby step to take a little bit longer. OK.


OK, I'm fine with that. As long as you're cash flowing the rest of your school process. Yes, absolutely. So much left on your debt. How much do you owe? Seventeen thousand altogether. And how long would it take you to get that just knocked out completely? It'll take her a while. It's a.. Yeah, well, right now I only make about fifteen hundred dollars a month, and with the day care I would probably die when I did the math and I think the most that I can make is probably three hundred dollars a week.


Yeah, good. Because it's a floater position, so it's only like five hours. Right.


So we got to get yourself a bigger like you said in the very beginning, beginning, I want to connect you and honestly introduce you to Ken Coleman. Ken Coleman, I call him our maker shovel guy bigger.


I mean, I didn't make any sense. Ken Coleman is a guy who can help you make your shovel bigger. He is the shovel guy. I want you to listen to his show. I want you to read his book. I'm going to send you a free copy of his book, The Proximity Principle, OK? And what you read it. All right.


And then also what I want you to do it is go on his website. He has a lot of resources when it comes to how to find a job, how to land your dream job, your dream job is to be a teacher. And so I want you to do that. So here's the answer. Your questions. We should be very practical for you. Yes. Take the job, OK? Take the job. You're going to get a discount for your baby.


That means that you're going to have one less feeling. You know, your main priority right now is to pay your bills, OK? Is to pay your bills. Your next priority is to make sure you cash flow the rest of your college experience. So this way you can get into your teaching job.


Now, here's one thing I want to just kind of recommend figure out a way on how maybe on the side you can generate a little bit more money because making twelve hundred dollars.


Yeah, I have been doing that. This has been a little bit rocky. But last month I actually crochet on the side. OK, OK, so last month was really good because of Christmas, right. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So I'm pretty sure you made it actually you know a good or two extra last year. I mean last month. So long as you're doing that Jenny that is perfectly fine. How old are you. Twenty one, twenty one. OK, well, you're getting it, so, hey, and know this there there may be seasons. It's going to feel like either or and some of these moments, there may be seasons where you are going to buckle down with a with a like a specific goal in mind and take this job to pay this thing off and exhale.


I mean, I'm not going be able to see my baby as much and is going to be for this this series, this this season, or you're going to flip that around and say, I don't these moments are finite.


I don't want to I don't want to put my kid in daycare.


I'm willing to go six more months. I'm going to go another year on paying my debt off so that I don't have to.


But I was struck. Here's the thing. They feel either or like you're going to do this thing forever or that thing forever. Think more seasonally. Think more. Right now, I'm going to get my last two years, get this degree paid off. I'm going to hustle it up. I'm going to get a full time gig and I'm going to put baby in daycare for 24 months. And that's going to be that. Or I'm going to like Anthony said, I'm going to crush it.


I'm going to work alongside baby. We're going to beans and rice, beans and rice for another year, a little bit longer than we were going to. But I'm going to cash flow that degree. I'm going to get in the door, get up much, much higher paying job. That's going to pay for my master's degree, them to be a school counselor. And now you're off and running, right? So think seasonally not. This is the way this is always going to be.


That's a trap that that young moms fall into. And there's everyone around you wants you to feel guilty about the decision that you're making. Make sure you get some way that you can make those decisions with thinks seasonally, be at peace with your decision. And then, like Anthony said, go get it, man. Go get it.


And here's one last thing to Jenny. I want you to follow me on my YouTube channel as soon as you hang up. I want to go to YouTube dotcom. And I want you to to subscribe to Ken Coleman show and subscribe to the table with Anthony O'Neal. Just type those two in. And I want you to subscribe because I'm going to show you how to get the mindset to keep pushing and to get over the obstacles and really how to build and get out of your debt, pay off all your debt and how to really start building without that at a young age in your bracket, King is going to show you how to shovel bigger.


So when you come over to me, we can do a lot of those different things together. So follow those two YouTube channels today, and I promise you, you will be successful, but stay on the line and get some information from you. We're going to send you can't Komnas the proximity principle. OK, and then also go ahead and give her a copy of the show, your student loan debt as well, Kelly, just so she can have that.


So when she does get to the point of paying off student loans, she knows how to do it. You know, one of the things I'm always telling young people, John, is you really have to step back and really start at densifying. You're y um, and I've been I've been repeating this because I keep hearing young people just, you know, they're not as motivated, you know, they're not as excited. They don't really have the drive.


And I think they don't have the drive because they don't understand why they're working for what they're working for. And when I hear young people like her, my son will be my what would be my wife? My children will be my wife.


My wife will be my wife because I want so much more for them. You know, when I think about my kids, I don't want them to experience sleeping in the back of the car for six months. I don't want them to experience not being able to travel and go to Disney World when they're twelve years old. I want them to experience some foundation, but also experience life. And you know what else?


I want your wife to also be you. Yes. Because you've got value. Yes. You are worth not being shackled. You are worth getting to sit back on Christmas. You are worth hugging that kid sleeping a full night's sleep. That's what I mean. I like that you're worth it to. Yeah, yeah. America much on repeat after us.


You are worth it. Say it again. You are worth. I love it. This is the day Rancho. Triple eight eight two five five two two five, we have like 12 more minutes with you beautiful people here in America. But before we get back to the phone calls, we have a beautiful scripture and quote that we want to leave with you all today.


Today, scriptures from Proverbs 15, 22 through 24 says without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisors, they succeed to make an apt answer as a joy to a man and a word in season how good it is.


The path of life leaves leads upward for the prudent that he may turn away from the shore beneath. And Phil Jackson says the strength of a team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team.


Wow. I love Mr. Phil Jackson. He is the best that has ever done it. Nicholas is with this in British Columbia. I love it. Nicholas, good afternoon. How can I surf?


Yeah. Thanks for taking my call. Yeah, man, thank you so much for calling in. How can we help, bro?


So my situation is 24 years old and I'm looking to buy my first home, or I guess it's really expensive up here, so I'm looking more like an apartment, OK? And I have a pretty decent amount saved up right now, but I have my parents have done pretty well as well and they're trying to insist to help me out with a down payment. So I'm just wondering if that would be something wrong to do? Not at all.


I mean, I plan on by my kids first house. I mean, I will be offended if my child told me. No, I don't I don't want you to help or so a seed into my life. Let me ask you a question, because I want to be fair and understanding to you. Why do you have some questions about it? What was going through your heart and through your mind?


Because I just feel like I'm just thinking for their sake, like I think because I'm still pretty young. I'm I'm twenty four years old and I, I should be able to buy a place within the next year or two anyways. So I'm just thinking that they can keep it like more so they can keep their money for retirement. And I like that sort of thing, you know what I mean.


OK, so you have a good heart. You know, you love your parents. Yeah, and and I love that. Do you have any debt right now, Nicholas? I know that.


Yeah, I mean, me personally, I let doctor, Dr. John come in here and give you some wisdom. But any time your parents want to be a blessing to it and learn from your parents how you position yourself to be a blessing to your kids in the future, and we start passing that down in the family. Hey, my mom and dad help me. I'm going to help you. And because I helped you, I'm a position you in a better place to where maybe you could do more for your child.


Maybe you can buy their first house.


You know, that's my goal always is. My goal is that if I have three kids when they get married, I can buy their first house and I will be up to a certain budget amount. But that's that's my goal because I want to succeed into my kid's future and pray that they will do it to their kids and their kids. And now I've created a new chain, a new kind of family history and a new family tradition within my family.


But, John, do you see anything here?


I'm missing? I say, Nicholas, I want to give my kids a high five when they get married. So that's that's what I'm hoping.


Hey, the only the only thing that I would be wary of here is if, you know, there's going to be strings attached, either explicit ones or implicit ones, if you know that mom's going to help with that down payment. And that means she's going to want a key to the house and she's going to come over every weekend and check to see if it's clean and she's going to be over there nagging you if somebody or dad's going to be in your business.


And really, it's going to be kind of his house where his sons just live in it, then, yeah, I would I would pump the brakes on accepting money. If your parents just want to bless you, man, they just want to take care of you, then I understand I put my pride in a box. I would accept their gift and just consider yourself blessed. And like Anthony said, make sure you are living a life so that you can steward that for to somebody else someday.


Absolutely. Man, such a great question, man. Thank you so much for calling in. Flint is with us and not Flint. I'm sorry. Edward is with us in Flint, Michigan. Good afternoon, Everett. How can doubt today and I hope. Hey, thanks for taking my call, you guys. Yeah, my question is I'm forty five years old. We're getting ready to do the 15 percent in the 401K. OK, obviously we started to do to get to this point, but I got in a traditional four, I think I got one hundred seven thousand and I'm starting from scratch.


And it scares me because I feel like at my age of 45 I should be dumping money into the one hundred and seven. So it grows. But starting off at zero kind of scares me and I need some reassurance. I want to do it.


Yeah, I totally understand that word. I would definitely sit down and talk to a one of our smart vesser pros because I'm asking I'm trying to figure out how can I move that 07 and going ahead and put into a Roth. Now, you will have to pay some some software on that part. But what kind of way? Your options. So how can we move that over to a Roth account? That's what I did here. Ramsey Solutions. And then that way I'm growing this money tax free.


So I want you to take advantage of the Roth program. I don't want you to keep putting money into the traditional because you're not growing it tax free. And I want you to take advantage of this, especially at your age right now. So without getting too too detailed because you are at a season of your life to where we need to make sure we're making all the right decisions, I want to continue with our smart Vesterbro. So have you met with any of our smart VESA pros yet?


No, I have not. Yeah, because in my my company that still goes into a traditional so I'm going to have to leave that open.


Well but you don't have to leave the traditional you know, you're going to know. So what you're going, are you going to invest into the Roth. All companies are going to get into into traditional. We do that here. Rabs Solutions. Then at the end of the year I can say yes, move my match over to my Roth, OK. And so you won't have to leave that one per say particularly open. You can move that money over.


But we need to see if that's even a wise thing for you to do at this age and with that amount of money. And what would that cost me? So that's why I really want you to particularly sit down with a smart Vesterbro that can look into how are you investing it, what's going on, and make the right decision for you and yourself. But I'm telling you right now, you need to take advantage of the Roth and we need to start putting money into that.


But let's figure out how do we what's the best way to get that 107 turned over there?


And Edward, just so you know, brother, I just sat down with a small investor pro to talk about how I'm going to split my between a Roth and the traditional how I'm going to go down those same paths if I'm even eligible for a Roth. What can I do on a back to all those kind of things? I just did that exact same thing. And I'm a few years younger than you, but. I'm weary of giving, like Anthony, of a particular.


It's going to it's going to. There's so many different aspects as why sitting out with the smart Mr. Pearl is going to know what your goals are, what your risk tolerance is, how much money you make, as much money your wife makes, how long you're going to make that money, all that goes into a pot. And it's easy just to say this versus that. Sit down with somebody's going to walk you through and get exactly what you're looking for.


Absolutely. Real quickly, Kohler's in North Carolina. Cool. Talk to us real quick. You got 30 seconds. How can we help?


Hey, gentlemen, great to be with you. Yeah, my wife and I are baby step number seven. I'm in the military contribute about twenty two percent of my base pay to retirement, OK. And the money that we have left over, we're trying to purchase a home in cash within the next ten years. And I'm kind of struggling with whether we should be trying to match our Roth IRAs or trying to max out that House plan. What's the best way going forward?


How are you, Alex? I'm twenty nine years old. Yeah, max it out, max out your saving for a house fire. I'm fine with that because you're already maxing out your retirement with over here in this area. OK, so if you can if you want to go ahead and start just pushing it hard, pushing it hard, I will try and cut that 10 years down to maybe like six, seven. And then from there, if you don't have 100 percent, maybe you put down 75 percent in finance to 25 percent for like 10, seven years and pay it off quick.


I don't want you to go ten years without investing into a Roth IRA, but you are already doing good investment on this side with your company. But I would definitely say yes, if your goal is to get the house your debt free, got a fully funded emergency fund, you are already investing into a retirement account. And it sounds like you're doing it very, very, very well. 22 percent is high. We only say 15 percent. So I'll even go down to 15 percent.


And then from there you'll be good and Graveman. But I like the fact of a young person talking about paying cash for a house. That's awesome, man. What? Yeah, man, you got me excited, Cole. You got me excited, brother.


That's how I like to end the show. OK, yes. We need more people calling and calling in like that today. Rancho Madness. I want to thank our producer, James Shout, our associate producer. If I was going to Kelly Daniel and I want to thank the number one. I call them counselor. The one and only got the job did only for joining me on the show. Today is always an honor to be with him. It's always an honor to talk to you America.


Not forget the caliber of your future will be determined by the choices you make. You made the right choice today by listening to the Day reality show with John and myself, Anthony. This is James Childs, producer of The Dave Ramsey Show. On your smart speaker, you can add our skill by saying, Alexa, open the Ramsey network skill. From there, you can listen to all our shows. Ask Dave many questions like how do I invest my money?


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