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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the Dollars Car Rental Studios and the Dave Ramsey Show, that is Domme Cash is king and the pain of home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW and the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey, your host. My co-host today here on the air, Chris Rock and Ramsey, personality number one, best selling author. And we're here to answer your questions about your life and your money.


Open phones, a triple eight eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five two two five.


Melissa is in New York City. Hi, Melissa. Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show.


Hi, Dave. Hi, Chris. I think you guys are awesome to the rest of my life. I'm just a little stressed right now. I need a little guidance. I'm on baby steps three. I have two children, one on the way. I'm in the position to buy. I have a I have my down payment and I have two point seven five interest rate. I was popover senior, but I, I didn't want to continue renting because are some issues with my apartment right now.


And they want me to come out because they have to like six a week and they have to like open up the walls anyways. The issue is that I want to be an hour commute to the city because I live in New York City. But of course, you know how city prices are high and that's without without traffic. I'm just looking at an absolute without traffic. So I thought I found a property and I was this one is not anything that I wanted in life, but especially my first property is a condo.


I really wanted a single family home. But the condo is more within my budget and it would be less than if I were to be renting. There's no backyard. I said I was just wondering if I could just settle for a condo or if I should read company rent and try to save up for another property, or should I keep the condo and then maybe sell it in three years. But then I'm not really sure how it works in the market.


And if I if it would be easy to sell in the future, I stopped.


What happened is you have to move. Earlier than your plan. And you don't quite have the down payment you initially dreamed of having when you made this move, and it's stressing you out.


As I. I wanted to move on. I know, but you're stressed out because you're getting ready to accept a piece of crap condo that you don't want.


I know why you're stressed out. Well, because I'm in a bit.


I mean, I feel like I'm in a good position to because I have my career. What would you buy?


Something that's crappy. It looks like you haven't looked enough. I've been looking since January, I've been looking a lot. It's a really aggressive in the market right now and things are on the market for a short period of time and then they just go. But I've been looking in the New Jersey area across the city. Mm hmm. And it seems to me like I don't know, I can't find anything that's an hour away. Yeah.


What you describe to me, you said I don't like this condo. Should I buy it anyway? That's what you said. Is that what she said?


Because you're tired and you're tired of looking. You did say that. You said it real clearly.


It's like it's like an apartment. So I could I could just get it because like an apartment. But if I rent an apartment with twenty five hundred and then if I buy the condo, it would be like two thousand.


You said I don't like this condo. Should I buy it anyway. That's what you said. Because of the rents too high. Because I don't want to move twice because I've been looking and I haven't found anything and I'm frustrated. Should I buy this condo that I don't like? Should I surrender and buy a condo that I don't like?


That's what you've been saying on the phone. You going to get in there and within five or six months, you're going to be miserable? Yeah, so you need to either go rent something and calm down and look more slowly or you need to take more time and find something different. But you told us over and over in this call, just go back and listen to this once on the podcast. It was Melissa saying, I hate this condo. Should I buy it?


Anyway, you said it five different ways.


You use different languages, different words.


And if I ran because it would be my own.


Oh, no, no, no. It would be your own and you hated. If you never owned something you hated. I have deep inside, your spirit is saying, I hate this condo, don't buy it.


Maybe Dave will tell me I should anyway, but he's not going to he's not going to tell you that I've owned crap that I hated. And I hated it the whole time. I hated it. And I gave it away when I got rid of it because I hated it.


OK, so either go rent a little while longer, even though it's wasted money, but it's better than buying something you hate.


Am I missing something? Not at all. Or even if it takes you longer to commute in. Find something you like that would that's inside of your budget. I promise you, you will not regret that.


It's tiny. It doesn't have a backyard. I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. But I've been looking forever and I got to move because they're turn the walls out of my condo. I'm frustrated. Should I buy it anyway?


No, no. Don't do that to yourself.


You answered your own question. Here's another way of saying it, Melissa. A friend of mine says that God's spirit is inside of you and he says it's talking to you and it says when in doubt on a decision, when in doubt, don't harm. If you don't have peace. There's a disturbance when in doubt. And every time that little bell inside of me rings and I go forward anyway, I pay stupid tax and I have God help me paid so much stupid tax in my life.


You know, I was thinking about this morning the first house I ever bought, Chris.


I was working for a real estate company, a builder and a national builder. And they took this little house in Antioch, Tennessee, and on trade. Against one of the houses that we had sold in the subdivision and they said, hey, we can't get rid of it, let's see if Dave will buy it.


House was uglier than ugly, wants almost see houses where they cut the road through the middle of the street and the houses below inkstand on the front porch and see the whole panel cars go by and the houses above are a ski slope and ugly. It was perched up on a hill. Oh golly, you ugly with the Capitol, you ugly.


But I got a deal because I sold it to mean nothing down. They carried back the second mortgage and I assumed the FHA first mortgage I was thinking about when I was running this morning, I paid fifty nine thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for that house. You know how I remember that?


Was that because I sold it four years later for fifty nine thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and felt blessed to be out of the ugly house. Just let it go. Homeownership was not all it was cut out to be when it's carved out of a freaking cloud cliff and it's ugly.


I hated that house when I bought it. I hated that house when I sold it. Melissa, this is how I know your story. I've lived your story, darling. Dave trying to save you.


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So, Chris, we were talking going into the break about stupid stuff I have done and I have done a lot of stupid stuff we used to do in a theme hour here on the air where people would call in and tell stories of stupid things that they did that cost them money.


When I lose money to doing something stupid, I call it stupid tax, as you know. Yes. And so you pay stupid tax when you do something stupid and you lose money as a result. And I try not to pay the same stupid tax twice. Meaning don't do the same stupid thing. There's plenty other stupid stuff to do. That's right.


I repeat one. So but here's what we've discovered over the years. There are classes of people, lower class, middle class, upper class on the socioeconomic ladder, OK?


And there's different stupid stuff among age groups and among classes of people. For instance, you don't see the payday lender. The car title PON. In the rich, in a town that's always in the poor into town, right, you don't. And so that's the stupid stuff and the tote the note lot. Right. OK, and that kind of stuff. And then the upper class does other kind of stupid stuff.


Most of there's this prestige oriented. They're trying to buy recognition with a stupid purchase to be somebody they're not or something like that. They're trying to get fulfillment in the wrong place.


The middle class, it pretty well falls into four or five categories. I mean, they don't usually middle class doesn't do payday lender, right.


They're not going to fall for that.


And they don't buy a lot of lottery tickets. Most lottery tickets are sold in lower income zip codes. The middle class, it's obviously credit cards, it's car leases, fleeces, we call them. It's whole life life insurance. It's timeshares. Yeah. Timeshares are getting to be I'm seeing a more I mean, I thought that would have died off by now because it's because it's stupid on steroids.


Well, it really is. I mean, they're expensive and they have absolutely no value. It's one of the few products out there that you can find a 93 percent dissatisfaction level with.


Like everybody that buys it wishes they did. Yes. And yet people keep buying them. Yeah, they we got nine point six million households have one or more time getting nine point six million. Good Lord. Sixty four percent are married and the average age of a timeshare owner is forty four years old. So it's that at that bracket you're talking about. So it's a middle age group.


It is. It really is. But it sounds sophisticated. It doesn't sound sophisticated. Well, at all. You are buying the right to go to a hotel room, which you could have rented.


There's nothing sophisticated about this at all.


All I was was you went on a free vacation and got put in a room.


Oh, yeah. And they wouldn't let you out of the room for seven hours and you couldn't say no. So you said yes.


Oh, you got screwed and you paid fourteen to twenty five thousand bucks for er you don't have an asset and you can't resell it because nobody wants it. Well they say that it's needed. Well some are and some aren't. But even if it's dated. What are you got.


You got a deed to er some paper. Nobody you can work on. Nobody wants your week. Look on eBay, look on Craigslist.


They're everywhere. You can't give the dadgum things away.


You are stuck. Yeah. Oh well I've got points.


Just same stupid thing to say about a credit card, about the credit card. You got to try using that for your credit card. Use that for you.


Oh God. Yeah. You have a sense of ownership. I love that you have a sense of ownership that's in the pitch. You know, when you're the pitch, it's kind of like being an owner. Except or not.


Oh, my restrictions are so many restrictions.


And then the point system, it requires a trigonometry degree to figure out all the nuances.


Let me tell you how you'll never go on vacation. All right. OK, you use your airline miles and try to book your air and line it up with your week that you bought points on on the timeshare. These two things are never in the same freakin Aquarius would have to be aligned. I mean, Mars had to be aligned with Venus to get all this to line up the chances of you getting this middle class free crap you thought you were going to get ever lined up is zero.


Yeah, well, so let me try get my time.


Be clear. They don't matter. I don't want to be unclear.


I know it's a long and aggressive sales presentation, so I have to match the length and the aggression to offset it. I think there's some pain here. Yeah.


Don't buy timeshares and not to mention the preying on people that want better than they have, feel like they're entitled to some stuff and they play up to that mental sense of you being smart to do this. Let me help you.


If you're going seventeen to twenty five thousand dollars for something, OK, just take that and divide a hotel room into it.


And you can go anywhere in the freakin world, you want to go and sleep and you don't have a thousand dollar maintenance fee that goes up every year. That's true. And you aren't stuck up and frustrated and then the property gets tired, meaning warn the freak out by the freaks who went on your week the other weeks into your unit. This is not the way to enjoy your vacation.


It sounds sophisticated. It sounds high, and it's just not and don't don't fall for it. Matter of fact, don't even go to the meeting. Yeah. Don't even go because I'm going to tell they won't let you out.


Yeah, you have to you have to draw a firearm to be released like Clint Eastwood.


Yeah, I'm all right. I'm out of here. It's just but seriously, just don't go.


And this is one of those things where if you know this about yourself, I have trouble saying, no, don't never go into a meeting where the only way you're going to get out of there saying, yes, yeah, no.


And, you know, the only way you can do that is you've got to deal with a reputable company to be able to walk through the process. And it's still going to cost money. Yeah, money to get in.


Money to get out. There's just no fun in there. No, no, it is not fun. I listen, I have I have coached and counseled families for 30 years.


The number of times I found someone who loved their timeshare is almost zero.


Now, if you're out there and you love your timeshare, you should really think about that. But I'm happy for you.


You're one of the four or five or six or seven percent of the people who actually are satisfied with one of the worst financial products on the planet. Have I been unclear?


It's right up there with payday lender.


It's the payday lender of the middle class, the whole life life insurance, the car fleece, the credit card airline miles.


These are dumb things that people lose money on called stupid tax and make this the people in the business are scummy, you know. Excuse me.


It's get me to come here. Come here. Come on. I mean, even big name companies like Marriott and people like that get their scummy home.


They're scared me. It's just that's how it works, you know. And the timeshare is people. It's like. Yeah.


And you ask we've had people call in here that used to work for the business and they're like, well, I'm going to end up doing a documentary on this one of these days because the people behind the scenes that want to come forward and expose what is going on in that business, what happens in the sales presentation, well, we'll take it back.


No, they won't. I won't. They lied. They will not take it back. No, they will not. And so you can wait three days and think I can just call back. They won't. They really won't. They'll pull up camp and they're moved on to the next individual.


So, yeah, that next herd of cattle that they can put in a room and butcher. That's right. It's just.


Oh, I just heard them in there. Shoot them. It's just. Oh my gosh.


That's what happens to you, man. So please, please, please, please do not fall for this. If you want to go on vacation, I want you going on vacation. Sharon and I travel all over the world has been one of the dreams of our life to build some wealth and enjoy some of our time and get to see some of the coolest places in the world.


But, you know, the number of times that that you want to go back to the same exact place over and over and over and over again, it's very rare. It's extremely rare.


It's very rare. Don't put yourself don't give. You can't do that. We buy a condo, right. You know, save up your money and buy your beach condo. If you want to be in a beach, buy you a condo at the mountains. If you want to be in the mountains, I don't care. At least I got your own something then that could go up in value that somebody could actually buy and you could turn around reselling, you could resell it.


And this. No, in this you are just stuck. Yeah. It's er timeshare is Greek for I'm stuck. I can't get out and my money is gone. I can't get out.


Let me go. But I won't do it. You're stuck. They got you stupid tax timeshares on the list. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. One of the questions I get all the time is which life insurance company should I use for my term life policy? Look, it can be a tough decision when there are hundreds of plans out there with rates all over the place and rip off riders. That's why the only company I use and have recommended for over 20 years is Zander Insurance.


They're a broker, which means that they shop only the top plans from reputable companies that I recommend. Call them at 800 356 42 82 or visit Zander Dotcom for instant online quotes.


In the lobby of Ramsey Solutions on the debt free stage, they're here, Philip and Lindsay are with us. Hey, guys, how are you? You. Welcome. Where you guys live?


Lakeland, Florida, between Tampa and Orlando, right where it is. Been there several times.


Well, good to have you visit. Welcome. And here to do a debt free scream, how much have you paid off? 60000 dollars in 18 months. Good for you. Range of income during that time started out just under 90000.


And by the end we were making 150. Wow.


Nice jump in 18 months. Like somebody got a job or what happened motion. A pretty big promotion.


Right at the very beginning. I went from a co-pilot at work to a captain and about six months later I became a check airman, which is the the ability to teach at work.


Oh, wow. Very cool. Very well done.


Good job, you guys. So what kind of debt was the 60 K everything but student loans. Yeah, everything. But got a motorcycle.


The credit card. My we had to finish the rest of my car payment. Got that.


Knocked out a water machine, a water purification machine right after we got married that we got sucked into.


You don't really talk about that, of course now. So you know, you're kind of normal. Yeah, pretty much. How long you been married. Almost three years together for nine.


OK, so after a year or so a marriage, you look up and you go, oh, this sucks. We got to do something. What happened? What broke?


This was about half a year and we make decent money. And for us to have negative 17 cent in our bank account at one point just didn't add up.


But I upgraded it, capped captain. Actually, we were sitting down and doing the math. And it's like, this doesn't make sense why? You know, all the bills were paid. We had dinner on the table, but there was no money, no money. In fact, we owed money. So that was kind of a big wake up call for us. What did you do?


Well, I laid down bunch of note cards, got our bills figured out, timing of them, how much money we had left up and told them we're about to say no for a little while. Suck it up.


Let's you grew up in church the same as I did. And so we both had heard of you over the years, but never really apply that to ourselves. And Lindsey had just started watching your YouTube channel and was getting some good information from there. She came home one day and said, look, this is this is what we're going to do.


So you either get on board or or get out. She didn't she didn't say that. But no, he knew that. No, she was she was serious. All right, here we go. Buckle up, buddy. Yeah. Lindsay needs that security seat.


Yeah. Seat tables in their upright positions. Buckle in here. We're good.


Wow. Amazing. Well, well done.


So I want you to know that once the switch flipped, it was just game on. Yeah, we both got really serious about it.


Our friends and family, they were like, you guys are kind of weird, but you're doing it actually. And so slowly as the months went by, they were like, wow, this is working for you. So and then all of a sudden the support started rolling and they want to see and want to see if you were for real, for they backed you.


Pretty much your success led to a bunch of our other friends looking more into it. We've got them sat down almost till midnight, got all their bills and stuff figured out. Now they're on the train that we were just on coaching people.


So Lindsay's a financial coach. Yeah, she is. And she's good at it, too.


I'm really good at telling people to say no and I'm really good at telling them now. I'm just really good.


Me too. I've been doing it for thirty years. Just say no, no.


You got to do what you tell other young people out there, though, that are finding themselves where they're not able to make the ends meet, but they won't change. Is it possible? Absolutely.


With God all things are possible. And staying in church and having our people around us to tell us to keep going and no community certainly keep you.


You are the people you surround yourself with. So when we got serious about finances, we started surrounding ourselves with people that were on the same page as us and that served as motivation and kept us moving in the right direction.


It was hard because a lot of our friends, I mean, the younger crowd, they don't really understand, I feel like. And so they think that we're crazy, you know, and missing out on things. But the small sacrifice now pay off in the long run. And we've figured that out. Eighteen months of doing it. Yeah.


So when you had that moment, there's a moment right there. Seventeen sense negative.


Seventeen negative seventeen excuse me. Off by thirty four. Missed it by a nickel a quarter.


And so when you're looking at that. I remember those types of moments in my life. What was the emotion that you felt when you saw that? I was upset, I was confused, I'm big on security and having the extra fluff for things and we did not have that. And I remember sitting there crying honestly and telling me we've got to do something. And then one fear. Right. And then once we took away that fear and we started putting the money towards debt and then.


I'm I'm very much so in the moment I looked at that, this is freaking stupid. Yeah, I was a little bit angry, right? I looked at the income and then I looked at what we had. And I'm like, disgust. Yeah, exactly.


Yeah. Why we make too much money just broke. Yeah. Yeah. And you were afraid. Yeah. Yeah. Because usually associated with live transformation, there's a moment where there's a visceral emotional experience. And I remember I mean the sweat in my palm, my hands on my upper lip. I'm trying to balance the checking account. And that was in the old days when there wasn't an Internet and it was doing it with a calculator and a checkbook register.


And I realized that I hadn't posted a check and we were negative several hundred dollars and I'm getting ready to bounce checks if I don't find it really quick. Scratch some money together from the corner of the couches. And I remember going it was a combination of both of those things being afraid. But you can still sweat on your upper lip. You can feel it coming out. You know, your heart rate change, you know.


Oh, yeah. And you feel like there. Shame that goes with it.


But all of that works for your good when you go. That's it. I've had it never again. Never again. And when you have that never again moment. And that's what you had.


That's so cool. Yeah. I'm so proud of you. Thank you. Well done. Well done.


So I'm guessing that you had some cheerleaders along the way. You said who were those first?


Our family and friends thought we were crazy. And then like I said, once they figured out it works is when they were like, okay, all right, y'all are killing it. Keep it going.


And so family mom and dad. Yeah. Okay. How old are you guys?


25 and 27. OK, wow.


Wow. Very impressive. Yes, you are.


So again, what is the key for the 24 year old 25 year old just got married out there listening and there had that moment. They're afraid. They're disgusted. They feel like they've done something wrong. Are they? Somebody didn't teach them something they should have known. You know, what do they what should they do? What's the key to getting out of debt?


You know, obviously, your principles are absolutely the the path. But I would say that at least for me, knowing there's an end in sight, I mean, it may not be in sight yet, but there's an end. This this, too, shall come to pass. Right. Hey, man, we're sitting at the table. I'm taking a test, and I've got this entire college class in front of me. I just keep telling myself, you know, tomorrow morning this is going to be over with.


So there is an end to this. And that's for eighteen months. I just kept saying there's an end to this. And if we keep on it and keep on it, we're going to get through it.


Was it worth it? Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. We went to Disney World and celebrated hit the final payment at Disney World as a castle. Fireworks are going off. We were serious about it.


Oh, yeah, I like it.


I do, too. That's how you keep yourself motivated. Yes. Yeah. The final payment when the fireworks go off at Cinderella's glass, that's where we can submit. But it's really cool. I love it. I love that. The word is submit.


Yeah. Yeah. It was, you know, the borrower's slave to the lender. Just look at the word submit. Yeah, that's correct.


Wow. Good for you guys. Very, very well done. Well, we got a copy of Christmas book for you everyday millionaires. Without a doubt. That's the journey they're on.


Yes, it is. And you all will get there. Just that same kind of intensity and focus that you've had, get that move in as you go to baby step number three, build up that emergency fund, start investing and then stay clear. Right. Avoid stupid because it's around every corner just waiting on you to let your guard down a little bit. And so just stay focused. You guys like you have been you can do this. This is very cool.


I'm proud of you. Thank you. All right. Phillip and Lindsay, Tampa, Florida, Lakeland, Florida. Paid off sixty thousand dollars in eighteen months. Make a ninety one fifty. Count it down. Let's hear a debt free scream.


Three, two, one word.


Oh, man. Twenty five and sharp changes. Yes, they are all there's hope. You don't think we got a future in this country? Those people are out there running around. I'm going to tell you, young and focused and want to get smart. This is the day, Ramzi. Our Question of the Day comes from Blind's dot com. Have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you miss measure, you picked the wrong color. They'll remake your blinds for free.


You get free samples, free shipping. And with the new promos they run every month, you save even more. The promo code is Ramsey. It's magic. It'll get you the best deal.


Chris, our question up today's question comes from Dominic in New Jersey and he asks, How much or a rule of thumb should be my target for retirement? My current goal is to achieve around three million before the age of 62 to 67. Depending upon my retirement medical benefits. I currently max out my 401k and have a Roth IRA, but still feel like it won't be enough. Is there an ideal amount? Well, here's the reality, Dominic, is we've developed a free tool that is going to help you with this.


It's called the Rikyu, the retirement smart quotient, a free tool once again at my website. Chris Hogan, 360 dot com. That will help you understand your ballpark number, but it'll take it a step further, my friend, and show you how much you need to be investing to get there. Now you're maxing out for one case or you're putting 19 five away in it. And if you're over 50, you've got an extra 6000 you could do on a catch up provision as well as your IRAs.


You don't tell me your age, but I'm going to tell you this. If your goal is to have around three million and you're following the baby steps, you're going to have more than enough, right? Because it's going to depend on your lifestyle, how much you want to travel, how many mission trips do you want to do and how much giving. So the good thing is, is you want to take control and you want to be the guide of that and what you're spending and how you're living.


Yeah. That the you need to know your retirement I.Q., your IQ. That's a good thing. And some good Rough-and-ready numbers.


Are this OK, if you do what we teach, you say 15 percent of your household income and we don't know your age and we don't know your income, but the average household income in America is just under sixty thousand fifty nine and some change. OK, and so if you say 15 percent of that from age 30 to age 70, you would have. Numberi dollars million in a good mutual fund if I'm half wrong.


You still got double what you're projecting. And the three million mark, here's a good number. OK, let's say let's just make up numbers. Say you made 10 percent on your money at three million dollars. What is that? That's 300000 a year. Mm hmm. If you made 10 percent, you could pull 300000 a year off and not touch the three million. Just the golden eggs. But don't touch the goose. If you pulled off eight percent, that be 240000.


So as long as you think you can live on that, then three million will be enough.


The trick is to try to have a nest egg that you can live off of the money that it creates, the way you're willing to invest it without touching the egg. That's right. I keep mixing the metaphor up here, but don't crack and scramble the nest egg or don't shoot the goose that's laying the golden eggs is another way of saying it. The principal amount, your base amount is your goose.


And, you know, you leave that as an inheritance.


If you want to burn through it, you can burn through it. It's your money. Do whatever you want, but you can you can create a perpetual motion machine that will sit there and spin off golden eggs as long as you don't shoot the goose.


That's right. And here's the reality. You get yourself out of debt, you don't have the requirement for as much. So that allows you to be more in control of your lifestyle and what it is you're doing.


You can always find something to do with it. Oh, yeah. Give it. I mean, and there's you know, there's another place to travel, you haven't been in the car to buy. And there's other stuff you can do. There's ways you can enjoy it with outrageous generosity.


And I've never met someone that goes have too much.


No, maybe.


But I have met people who are spiritually inept and they never get to enough because they don't they can't reach contentment as an independent discussion apart from the amount.


But in terms of the math part, I've never met somebody like Kathy.


I just screwed that up. I got double what I should have had. I never hear that. No, never either.


So if you're three is six or your six is 12 million, then that's OK. That's all right. I never dreamed I would end up where I am today. When I was broke and starting to invest, I just wanted to reach enough that I could live off the income of it. And once I reached that, then I just kept going.


But not because I'm greedy or piling up money or I'm building bigger barns or I'm you know, it's I can increase my generosity and I can increase the fact that I change my family tree.


And, you know, if I've got my way, if I teach my kids and my grandkids and I leave them money, this could be the dumbest.


Ramsey in the stretch of family tree. I could have changed the whole stinking thing. Yeah, you really do get rid of the stupidity and the brokenness all in one generation.


Just leave it all with this one with the old man that did it. He's the one that changed it, you know, and that's that's cool.


That's a cool goal to have. So I think he's in a great shape.


Their attitude, you know, once again, if you're out there and you're thinking, OK, how much do I need work in the arcus, the retirement, tired, smart quotient, free tool that allows you to plug in numbers, plug in and how much you want to live on and how much and how long. And it's a tool so you can change the rates of return and withdrawal rates. The goal is, is to make people more aware of why you're saving your 401k becomes your paycheck later.


Right. So we've got to put money in to be able to grow to outpace inflation. So you have a paycheck later. And that's what Dave was just talking about. So check it out. Chris Ogen, 360 Dotcom.


So how can I just look down? You're speaking at Cristeros business boutique this year.


I am. I get a chance to go and hang out with Cristián and that fun bunch. They love to to have fun.


Yeah, they do. And they didn't ask me. Oh, Dave. So sure you're going. I'm not.


You were there the last three years that I was. And it's my turn I need to share. I own it.


And if I want to go, I'll go. You can go. It's OK.


So I'm bringing you with me now. This is boutique people. Now you're not. No, you're not. So the business boutique is an event Christie puts on one of our personalities.


We do with her obviously once a year. It's typically three thousand people. It's typically sold out this year. We're going to hold it to 1500 so we can keep distance between folks at the event, at the venue.


And because of that, it's got just a handful of live tickets left. They'll be gone soon. The event is coming up October 22nd through the 24th. And I think I'm out of town, Chris.


So but Chris are going to be speaking. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Annie Downs, Lisa Bravia, Gigi Butler of Cupcakes, Jamie Lima, who sold her company for a billion with a B dollars. Wow. Kelsey Humphries is our emcee again, the business boutique conference. Here's what we're gonna do, because we're cutting it off and maintain some space and we'll be sold out way early this year. We're going to go ahead and do something we've never done and that's live stream it.


And people are live streaming stuff that never thought they ever would. That's right. I mean, we're putting out is a live stream that we never thought. We put this out and people are watching stuff that they never thought they would watch. So this conference is October 22nd to the 24th. And the live stream is she's just the one hundred twenty nine dollars ticket. You would pay that to see any one of these presenters?


It's absolutely a deal. So just go to Dave Ramsey Dotcom or go to business boutique dotcom wherever you need to go. And you'll be able to watch Chris Hogan on the Livestream Business Boutique.


That's probably worth one hundred twenty nine dollars again by itself. I won't be there, but Chris will be there.


So you share so well, Dave. You know, I'm just generous. I know. Look at you cackling over there. Hey, we're going to have a lot of fun.


I'm telling you, Christie is high energy, all of these speakers, man, and it's going to be a great opportunity to really help these ladies and these women really dig into their businesses and to help them to grow individually so they can go back and cause their businesses to grow. So this is a unique opportunity. You have to invest in yourself. It's really important for us to keep that in mind during.


Business boutique conference, Christie, right, equipping women to make money, doing what they love, so selling this year for the first time and maybe the only time ever as a live stream, they hadn't been able to make the trip or you're scared to make the trip or however that all works in your world.


Either way, we'd love to have you October 22nd to the 24th, as low as 129 dollars, almost 200 bucks off of their 129 dollars a ticket. And you can get that a business boutique, Dotcom or Dave Ramsey Dotcom. That puts us our The Dave Ramsey Show in the books, thanks to James Childs, our producer, Kelley Daniels, our associate producer and phone screener.


I am Dave Ramsey, your host. And we'll be back.


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