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This is a download from BBC Learning English to find out more. Visit our website. Hello and welcome to the English we speak I'm Safet, and I'm Rob. You're looking a bit angry. Rob, are you OK?


Not really. I was feeling hungry earlier, so I thought I would treat myself to one of those huge luxury hamburgers from the cafe.


Oh, yes, the double decker ones with onions and gherkins in a sesame seed bun. Yum. So why are you angry?


Well, when I got it out of the box, there was no burger, just the bun. Oh, dear.


No burger. You could call it a nothing burger, huh?


Yes, I suppose you could.


Actually, the word nothing burger can also be used to describe other things too, if something seems good or important, but turns out not to be. We can call it a nothing burger.


Well, my burger certainly wasn't what I expected. Can we hear some more examples of this word, please? Sure. Feast on these.


I mean, I was worried when our boss called an emergency meeting, but it turned out to be a nothing burger.


The weather reporter warned we were in for a storm and should stay indoors, but it was a nothing burger. All the hype about the new fashion store was a nothing burger. It was just like the old one. You're listening to the English, we speak from BBC Learning English, and we're looking at the word nothing, Barga, it's used to describe something that was expected to be important, but turns out to be insignificant. It's used figuratively and not really to describe ROPS.




What's that you're saying? My non Nunberg isn't a nothing burger?


I'm afraid so. It really is used to describe important situations that turned out to be insignificant. It can also be used to describe a person with little or no importance like you, rob you.


Ha ha. Well, I think I'd be more important if I went and bought you a luxury burger from the cafe.


Maybe just make sure there's a burger in the bun this time.


Of course.


Bye by.