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Hello and welcome to the English we speak. I'm Fafi. And hello, I'm Rob. You seem to have a lot of banks with you today, Rob. Oh, these.


Yes, I've been shopping. I finally decided to get out of the house, go shopping and treat myself.


Come on then, Rob. Let's see what you've bought. Well, my most expensive purchase was this pair of shoes. What do you think? Wow.


They are on fleek, but on fire. Oh, no quick. Get some water. No, Rob. On fleek. It's an informal phrase, meaning they look good. It can also describe something that is attractive, stylish or even elegant.


Oh, so you're saying I look stylish.


Um, well, shall we hear some examples of other things that are on fleek?


I love what you're wearing to the party. You're on fleek. That hairstyle is on fleek, where did you get it done? She's just back from the beauty salon and her eyebrows are on flake. This is the English.


We speak from BBC Learning English, and we're talking about things that are on fleek, which means they look good or are stylish or elegant and rocks. New shoes are on flake. So, Rob, I expect those shoes were expensive. Very.


But that's why they're, as you say, on fleek indeed.


So when are you going to wear them? Oh, I'm not going to wear them. They're too expensive to wear outside. Right.


So you're going to carry on wearing those filthy trainers?


Of course. What's wrong with them? They're not Fleak. They're filthy.


Oh, well, looks like I'll never be a fashion icon then. No, Rob, see by.


The English we speak from BBC Learning English dot com.