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Hello and welcome to the English We Speak. I'm Faithful and I'm Rob. Now FIFA. Can you help me with this social media post? I'm trying to write.


I'll try. What do you want to say?


Well, I want to post something about how tired I am because I've been working so hard and how I just can't go on.


Hmm. It looks like you're looking for sympathy, sympathy and. No, I just want to tell people how exhausted I am because I'm so hard working. You just don't understand.


I completely understand. You are swordfishing. Swordfishing.


I don't even like fish.


No, Rob, you're fishing for sympathy. When someone is sad fishing, they're exaggerating their emotional problems, particularly via social media. So they get sympathy or attention from others.


Hmm. That doesn't sound like me, right? Well, I'm going to send my post now. They're done. Good luck.


Let's hear some examples of sad fishing.


You got lots of likes for his post about having no friends, but I think he was sad fishing. He's got loads of mates. I don't know if Heidi really has a problem with her skin. I think she's just swordfishing and wants attention. Some people say there's a growing trend for sand fishing and people just share their worries online to get noticed, but I wonder if it's a cry for help. This is the English.


We speak from BBC Learning English, and we're talking about the expression sand fishing, which describes when someone exaggerates their emotional problems, particularly on social media, to get sympathy or attention. It's not a nice thing to do.


So, Rob, how's your side fishing going?


It's not sad fishing fafi. I'm just telling people about my terrible life so they understand. Oh, and look, I've received a comment already. Oh, who from? It's from Roy. He says, stop moaning. I work even harder every weekend and every evening, but it's OK because I love my job. It looks like he's fishing too.


Well, sad fishing. No fishing for compliments. Trying to get someone to say something good about him.


No, he's just sad working at the weekends. Perhaps my life isn't so bad. I think I'll delete my post now.


Good idea. By Rob by.