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This is a download from BBC Learning English to find out more. Visit our website. Hello and welcome to the English we speak I'm 50 and I'm Roy. Wow, Roy, you've grown your beard back. I thought you'd shaved it off. I saw this picture of you on social media without a beard. Here, look. That's not me, that's a picture of my son. He does look like me, but he's a lot younger than me.


Every picture on here is of your son. You are really guilty of Sharon thing.


I am not Sharon. I know what that means is for people who share way too many photos of their children, I do not share too much. Besides, he's really cute.


He is cute because he looks like his mother. But you need to be careful how much you share. Let's talk more about Sharon Ting after these examples and.


There are many pros and cons of Sharon saying we need to think about them before we post all these photos of our children. He needs to stop printing. I see so many photos of his daughter. Eric, I'm tired of your constant ranting, aren't you worried that your son won't be happy about this in the future and the.


This is the English we speak from BBC Learning English, and we're talking about the expression ting sometimes parents who commit Sharon Ting unknown as Sharon's. Roy, you are a Sharon.


I am not. I'm just really proud of my son. I do agree that you need to be careful when sharing things about your children.


Yes, there has to be a barrier between public and private life.


That's why I only share videos and photos of him doing things like playing football. Have you seen how good he is?


He's like the new Pele I have. He's really good. And I don't think that's Sharon Ting. And I suppose even though you post a lot, there's nothing too personal. So I'll stop calling you a Sharon.


I think parenting is related to too much information, but we also need to think about what we post because in the future, my son may be very angry if I embarrass him with a silly picture of him dressed up like a giant parrot.


But there is a photo of your son dressed as a giant parrot. He looks ridiculous. You should remove that photo.


That's not my son, it's me. I like dressing in animal costumes.


He really does look like you, Roy. Bye bye.