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Hello and welcome to the English We Speak. I'm faithful and I am.


Roy, did you watch the latest episode of the hit Soap? A Duck Between a Rock and a Hard Place? No, I haven't watched the latest episode yet.


It was epic. Spoiler alert. It turns out that Martin wasn't really a duck, but actually Bob, the evil twin brother of the magnificent unicorn flimflam. What?


I can't believe you ruined the story for me with that spoiler. I've been watching them. And now you have told me the big ending for the story.


But I did say spoiler alert before I told you. And don't worry, there's going to be another episode tonight because spoiler alert the evil unicorn Bob didn't die at the end.


Roy, that's another thing you've told me. Just because you say spoiler alert doesn't mean you can tell me everything that happens. Sorry, Safet.


I promise I won't tell you any other spoilers. Let's listen to these examples.


Martina told me a massive secret that happens in the book and she forgot to say spoiler alert. I'm so annoyed with her.


Next time you give me a spoiler, make sure you say spoiler alert beforehand.


I hate spoilers, they ruin films for me, but when I watch a video on social media and I hear someone say spoiler alert, I turn it straight off, this is the English.


We speak from BBC, learn English, and we're talking about the expression spoiler alert. We say this as a warning when we're going to reveal part of the story of the film, book or TV series. I hate when people give me spoilers.


Yeah, spoilers can ruin the story for someone. I'm sorry, FIFA. I shouldn't have given you any spoilers.


Well, after you say spoiler alert, you need to give me more time before you tell me what happened.


Sorry, I will do well. I suppose we're even now. For all the times you've told us secrets about films and series, you never even say spoiler alert.


Well, Roy, did you get the email from me earlier? No. Why? What did it say?


Spoiler alert. You have to work the weekend because I'm going to the spa.


Not again. Phi Phi Phi Phi.