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This is a download from BBC Learning English to find out more. Visit our website. Hello and welcome to the English. We speak FIFA.


And I'm Roy. I hear you're on holiday next week. I bet you're really excited about a lovely holiday and not having to think about work for a whole week.


Well, I'm going to the beach, but I'll still be working. I'm going on a vacation.


All right. Well, I feel like I've been on a vacation since March, to be honest, because I haven't been to the office in months.


Roy, you've been working from home. A vacation involves you going somewhere where you might go on holiday like a beach, but working your normal routine.


Oh, that makes a lot of sense. It's a portmanteau or a combination of two words, work and vacation. So that means you'll be working as normal then?


Yes, of course. Which means that there will be no office parties while I'm away. Right.


So I guess that means I should send an email to cancel the office Olympics while we listen to some examples of.


She spent the day working from the hotel bar, and at night she visited the local area she really enjoyed her work in. I'm going on vacation next week to be closer to nature while I work, hopefully the Internet will be good. My work didn't go as planned as it rained the whole time I was away. I didn't manage to see or do anything fun. I mean, this is the English we speak from BBC Learning English, and we're talking about the expression work, Haitian vacation is a combination of the words work and vacation, and it refers to a holiday where you go to another location but continue working as normal.




So you could go somewhere like a beach skiing resort or tourist area while working. You can even go to another country on your work and if your company permits it.


So you were planning to hold the office Olympic Games while you thought I wasn't working?


No, I was only joking. We would never hold any games or parties without you.


Well, good, because I bring the fun by winning all the games. Right. I'm going to get ready to go on my workstation a week by the beach and I'll need my sunglasses and swimwear. I can't wait to go to Brighton Beach.


You're going to Brighton in the south of the U.K. in February. Well, good luck finding the sun. You should probably take a coat on your work.


OK, Roy. Bye bye.