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Some say they are the eternal mortal enemy of mankind. Others say they're so similar to us that we can befriend them like us. They're born and they die like us. They fall in love, marry, have children. And like us, they hate and fight and destroy.


But truth be told, they're nothing like us, they are powerful and ancient, and they exist right alongside us and their own dimensions, their own tribes and their own kingdoms.


Billions of people throughout history and across continents have believed in these creatures hidden from our human eyes, invisible, but as real as the smokeless flames that they're created out of the jinn. My name is Robert Qaderi.


I'm an attorney New York Times best selling author and producer and co-host of the popular criminal justice podcast Undisclosed. But I'm also someone who grew up in a culture rich with the legends and stories about the gin swapping gin stories like other kids swap ghost stories, both terrified and in all of them. And that's why I will be your guide into the world of the Hidden in a new podcast exploring the centuries of tale's tradition and belief about these supernatural beings created and written by me, an executive produced by Aaron Manque from the hit podcast Law, The Hidden Gem will take you on a journey into a world that few of us may be aware of, but one that has existed since the dawn of time.


The hidden gem once worshiped and always feared. Join me to find out why The Hidden Gem debuts on Tuesday, September 1st. You can listen to the hidden gem on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.