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It's this little. It it. Are you right? Come this way some. Is that your sister laughing at you, summer? To the side where it's not so muddy. Watch out, Maya.


It. Oh, my gosh. That scaredless. You scared me so much. Your best friend anymore. You don't even cuddle me like that's. I would like swing one leg around. Oh, no. But me.


That didn't look good. Switching hamburgers are high.


You got to kind of adjust on the seat, though. You got to get on that seat the right way.


Behind you.


Wow. Careful, you. That's gotta get your booty up on there. Oh, thank you. Come on. I told you. I told you, don't get on.


Which take out slow. Understand?


It. Oh. Dad goes. I'm gonna try to do it all the way through over here.


Just like the old days. Whoa.


Can somebody please stop me? That's what we used to do. Oh, my God.






It. 316. They say third time is the charm, so let's see what happens here. Oh, my God. I'm dying. No, you're going to end up getting me a new phone. Go. Yes.


Here they go.


Yes, ma'am.


It. Oh, shoot. You okay, buddy? Oh, great.


I'm glad. You all right?


Yeah, I'm all right.


Dad's going to get smoked by that tire. Oh, no. You should have had him. One more time. Move, babe, a little bit. Oh, well, not.


Get off. You might go back.


Get there, big boy.


I could have went the other way.


I gotta walk down.


Yes. Bunting. That was a bunting fail. Try again. Oh, my God. This is a dope. I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm okay. I just completely done to the fighting. Look at


how funny is that?


He let himself down. He's still flying the drone, though, y'all. Oh, it's way up there. Y'all.


Fall forward. There you go. Good.


Oh, my God. Watch out.


This is my glove so much. Come and play with me. Turn it off. I'm going in the household. It's what? We're not eating nowhere.


Think he knows how to use it? He doesn't know how to use the brakes.


I don't think.


Oh, my gosh. One. Let's go.


Molly's licking our lips. You put a pretzel on that? She's eating it. It's. It so much.


Oh, wow. Can you believe that? Watch out. Mama.


Why do you have to take off so fast? It's, um. I know, it.


Oh, she lost it all.


Playing phase ten with the family. Ah. Mommy. Thinking I'm a pet Walmart. Photo. You. Oh, my gosh. Jeff. What do we do? Tina, take your. Take your. Sell me my panty. Good morning. Come over. Y'all


feel like. All right, let's see this, dad. Yes.


Yeah. All right, ready?




Oh, that was not forward.


I was recording the whole time. Flip. Whoa, bud. It freedom. All right, go. Dad.


Did that.


It pull me. Is it gonna pop? No. My God.


Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. This is insane. This is insane.




Nailed it.


Oh, nothing on video. It's a little Easter bunny as she.


Scoots, scoot, scoots away.




Terrible idea. How you doing, Daddy? Are you okay?


Happened. Yes.


It risky today. Oh, my gosh. Get back a little bit more.


Do that. Oh, my God.


Are you okay?


Yeah. Someone in the railway. Yeah, it says burning after a while, isn't it? Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Just take a picture of myself. Funny. It's her video. I'm not happy at either one of you. We better win the million. Come on, Micah.


Here we go.


Paddle back.




All right. Don't start the clock yet. I'm not. Don't you do it. Go. Hey, bud. Oh, my God. Just say ten. I gotta push it. The call.


Yeah, right there. And keep your feet up. You'll be good. Ah. Oh.




Oh, you're flying.


Oh, I'm leaving on the Jet.


Boys, tonight.


Come on, you guys. You know how it works


it grandpa. But now I have to slide. It's why I can't do this. That's why I really couldn't do this. Why always can't do? It's my the way back. Don't fall. Now let's do this. It's struggle, but. Oh, my gosh. Are you okay? Are, um. Oh, my God. Are you. I don't want to scratch up anything and I don't want. Oh, my God. Now what are you going to do, sky?


All the way up. We'll meet you up there. Hurry up.




What's you left.


Mike? Beans.


Mashed potatoes. Gravy. My goodness. Come on, I want a good video. Oh.


Wait, break up. Oh, bad. I gotta turn back. Dad, key. Hey, dad. Oh, it's.


Oh, my. Dad. Did you hit your head? No, I'm fine. Did you hit your head? Yes, on the coffee. I'm fine. Glenn, what happened? I would think I turned my upload. It's on the other side. Okay. I can do this, Joe. Tell me. Mark, don't do it.


Don't lose your glasses. Ow.


One, two, three. Catch me. You ruined it.


Happy birthday, Chrissy. Jeez.


That little one.


Hurry. Watch out. Daddy's coming.


Congratulations. She's a beauty. Go ahead and just put her down in the water.


It. It.


Don't go forward.


Stop. Don't not make me laugh. Get set, go.


One down.


You're going through. It's.




She was.


Here she comes. On the bike. On the bike. On the bike. Shows you what happened. Whoa. Here, Matthew, stand up. All right, let me get on it.


Oh, dude.




Batman on a little bike.


There we go.


It. See your legs. Oh.


The parking.


Okay, I will have a video. Oh, mommy, are you okay? Okay, stop the video. Gotta stop. Oh, my gosh. Please don't break. It's all right.




Make me cover.




Awesome. Okay, now that bad. It'll be.


God. We are still getting.


I'm. Hurry. Closet. Oh, the word. It's it. Daddy going to do the round. Oh, honey.


Watch out.


It's. You're gonna fall.


Got that?


Are you okay? Omar, you're 40 years old. You should not be on a. It.


Did you land on your feet?






Stop. Break. Break.




Yeah. This you okay? Yeah.


It's not going to work.


He's in. Yay. It's I.


Oh, goodness gracious.


Good job. Me. Closer, closer. My shirt. It. Yay. Your head will be sticking. Lay down. Put your top. Oh, no.


It almost hooked up. No, there's no rattles. Thanks, Jillian.




You're all right. You're all right. Stay right there.






Oh, my God. Yeah.


This team right here has been waiting to unveil this thing forever. Here we go. Rip it off.


It way.


No, bro, did you get?


It's. Yeah. There you go, baby.


About maybe like. Yeah.


Camera know that.


Make it happen for me.


Make it. No, it's it.


Turn around. A tandem. It is.


Layer download. It's.


Yes. Now we are.


No. Hold on. Okay. Oh, God. It. Go ahead.


Thank you.


Daddy's the bow.




Oh, God. Fantastic. Got it all.


Walking around with a little.


Oh, did you get a picture, Brantley? Going faster than I wonder if I could.


Yep, you can running them. Let's see, hotshot.


Oh, my God.


I love you.


Oh. Hello. Welcome to my Thomas show.


Helping Mimi.