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So much to learn about. It'll make you want to shout. Blippy. Hey, it's me Blippy, and look at where we're at today. You don't know where we're at? Yeah, because it's an illusion. Today, we're at World of Illusions in Hollywood, California, and this place is so awesome. But first, I have someone really important to introduce you to. Yeah, it's my best friend. Hey, Blippy. Hey, everyone. I'm Mika. Yeah, this is Mika. She is my best friend. Oh, Flippy, you're my best friend. Oh, no, Mika. You're my best friend.


I'm so excited to get to hang out with you today. Yeah. What are we going to do?


Well, we're at World of Illusions.


Whoa, I bet there's so many cool things to look at. Yeah, there is.


And I brought my camera so I could take some pictures. Oh, awesome. Let's go. Come on.






Look at this place. Wow. Did you see us? We were so miniature back there. Yeah, we were so little.


And now that we're up close, we look bigger.


And speaking of big and gigantic, everything in this room is gigantic. It's so big. Wow, this is awesome. Cool. Look at Ees. Whoa. Whoa.


They're giant eggs.




Let's count the eggs together. Okay. One, two, three, four, five, six.


Six giant eggs. Yeah. Wow. Man, they're so colorful.


I was just going to say that. I love how colorful they are. What one is your favorite? I think this one because there's yellow and purple, and I like all these stripes, this whole design.


I like this one because it has orange and this bluish color. Yeah. Whoa, look at this. Check it out. Ha. It has orange and this bluish color. Yeah. Whoa, look at this. Whoa. Check it out.




It has A giant dog bowl.


The dog food in here would be so massive.


Can you imagine the dog that would eat from this bowl?


Whoa, that would be a gigantic dog. Definitely not a Chihuahua.


No way. Wow.


Do you have any pets at home? Cool. Cool. Let's go explore.


It's over here. What? They're giant headphones.


Yeah. Normally, headphones are so small and that go on your ear. But these are giant. Yeah, they're really big.


This would be for a giant's ears.


Silly. Whoa, look at this.


Oh, fabulous.


I love this unicorn.


Yeah, she loves unicorns. Hey, do you want to ride it? Yes.


Oh, can you help me? Yeah. Okay, thank you. Here you go. Actually, I'm going to step up here. Here I come. All right.


Whoa, be careful.




Where are you going, Nico?


I think I'm just going to go get some ice cream.


Oh, ice cream on her unicorn. That is so silly. How do I look? You look really good. Maybe I should take a picture of you. Oh, yeah. All right. Say, giant unicorn on three. One, two, three. Giant unicorn. Oh, this is going to be such a great picture. Let's see.


Oh, I love it.Thanks, Flippy.You're.


Welcome.mika, I have a great idea. Yeah. Why don't we go play some hide and seek? Yes. Yeah. Have you ever played hide and seek before? Yeah. How about I hide?


Okay, and then you can help me find Flippy. Oh, we'll count together to five. All right. All right, go ahead.


Okay, close your eyes.


Okay, I'm going to close your eyes. Ready? One, two, three, four, five. Ready or If not, here I come. Hey, come help me. Do you see Blippy? Let's see. He's Blippy by the giant eggs? I don't see him there. Oh, maybe it's a big dog bowl. Blippy. Let's go back to the giant headphones. Not here. Maybe behind the really cool unicorn. Blippy?


Where is he? Blippy?


I'm over here. Did you hear that? Blippy? I'm right over here. Let me. Yeah, you found me. I was hiding behind the eggs the whole time. I didn't even see when I looked the first time. Did you see me? Nice. That was awesome. Hey, let's go play some more hide and seek together.


Oh, yes, I I want to hide. All right, let's go.


Check it out. We're in a kitchen.


Yeah, look at this giant piece of cake.


It looks so yummy.


Yeah, I wish it were real.


Me too. It looks like it's a vanilla piece of cake.


Yeah, and look at these yummy pink layers, maybe strawberry.


Or raspberry. In the Frosting up top. Yeah.


It's a great cool thing. Whoopey, look at this.


A giant cherry.




Yeah. A piece of cake with a cherry on top. Look over here. It's a Blippy Cup. Blippy tea cup. Yeah.


That's a big saucer. Wow, this would be a really big tea party.


Yeah, a Blippy tea party. Yeah. Nice and warm. Hey, why don't you take my picture?


Yeah, that's a great idea.


All right.


I'll say tea party on three. All right. Ready? Yeah. Blippy tea party on three. One, two, three. Blippy tea party. Yeah. Yes. How does it look? Let's take a look together.


It looks so small.


Yeah, the cup is so big. Yeah.


Wow. Thanks for taking my picture. Of course. Thank you.




Wow, it's so big. Look at this kitchen counter, Blippy.


Yeah. We wouldn't be able to reach any cookies I guess they were up there. No, it's so tall. Or if there are some bananas or some broccoli.


What would you want if it was up there? I think I would want a nice tall cup of orange juice.


Let's get it.Yum.Nope.Nope..


Hey, this would be a great room to play another round of hide and seek. That's a great idea. Can I hide now?


Okay, yeah, you can hide. Okay, all right. Will you close your eyes with me and count to five? All right, here we go. One, two, three, four, five. Okay, ready or not? Here we come. Okay. Is she by the cake? Where are you, Mika? I don't see you by the cake. Do you see Mika by the cake? Not seeing her. All right, what about the tea cup? Mika, where are you? I don't see her anywhere. Whoa.


Where could she be?


Mika? Oh, maybe on top of the kitchen I'm in countertop. Mika, where are you? Is she up there? No, I don't see her anywhere. Do you see Mika? Mika, where are you? I'm behind you. What? She said she's behind me, but I can't see her. Do you see her? Mika, where are you?Mika.What's behind you? What? She's behind me. I don't see her. What? You're saying that she's in the cupboard?


Okay, let's go check.


Mika. We found her. Good job. I love playing hide and seek. Yeah, that was so fun. Yeah. Well, shall we keep exploring?


Yeah, we can go to the Blippy.


Yeah, let's go. Whoa, come on. Whoa, you look so small. Whoa. This place is awesome. Yeah.


Doesn't Blippy look so much bigger than me?


Yeah, Nika, you look so small. But check this out. Whoa, now I'm really Big. And I'm really small. Do you want to see how it works?Oh, come on.Yeah, come on. See how the floor is slanted?


It's like a ramp. Yeah.


And Mika was a lot closer to you, and I was further. Yeah.


When I was closer to you, I looked really big.


And when I was further away, I looked small. Yeah. Do you want to see an example? See my two hands? They're the same size.


Yes, but if you move one hand back and the other one forward, this hand looks bigger than this hand because it's closer.


Yeah, this place is awesome. It's really, really fun. Yeah, should we go explore some more?


Yeah, let's keep looking. Yeah.


Whoa, hey. Check it out. I'm sitting on an elephant trunk. Yeah, and I'm balancing on an elephant tusk.


Let's put us down like elephants together.


All right, here we go. Will you act like an elephant with us? Hey, Nika, I should take your picture. Yes, please. All right. Say, Elephant on three. One, two, three. Elephant. This is going to be such a great picture. Let me see.


Wow, it really looks like I'm sitting on an elephant trunk.


I know. It looks like I'm standing right now on the elephant's toss. Yeah, but if you come over here, cover this way. Yeah. You will see I'm just sitting on the floor. And I'm just standing on the floor. That's called an illusion.


Yeah, this place is so cool.


Yeah. Should we go explore some more? Yeah. Let's go. Come on.


Surprise, mama Chick. I'm not a baby Chick. I'm Nika. Hello. Oh, Mika, what are you doing? Hey, Flippy, look, I just hatched out of this egg.


No, you didn't. You're Mika.




Hey, Mika, do you mind if I take a picture of you?


Oh, yes, please.


All right.


What should I say? How about baby Baby Chick on three. Okay.


One, two, three. Baby Chick. All right. Let's see this picture. It does look like you're a baby chicken.


It really does. Thanks for the picture.


You're welcome. Here you go.


You can see that one.


It's like we're jumping on a trampoline. Yeah, with a bunch of cupcakes. Whoa, wait a second.


Look at these cupcakes.


What colors are they, Mika?


I see orange. Who likes the color orange?


Me. Whoa. And see a purple cupcake. I love purple. Is that why you always wear a purple shirt?


You know it.


Yeah. The green cupcake. Oh, it's wrinkle. Yo. Just like my camera, the colour's green.


And look, it's not a counseling at all. It's another illusion. It just painted on the floor.


Yeah. Nika, what cupcake would you want to eat?


Probably the purple one. Yeah.


I would probably pick the orange one.


Yeah, yummy.


Can we jump some more?


Yeah, let's do it.


Yeah. Yeah, cupcake.


Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. What's wrong?


We are on the ceiling. This is crazy. We're in a bed room. There's a bed, you can dress her. Yeah.what is going on?


We're upside down. Wait a second. I have an idea. Will you jump with me on the count of three? Sure. One, two, three. That's a little better.


Yeah, that's much better. But now everything that should be on the floor is on the ceiling.


Yeah, we were upside down, but now the room is upside down. Yeah. We must be in an upside down house. Oh, this is so cool. I love upside down houses. Why don't we go see what other rooms there are in the upside down house? Yeah. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.


That's a kitchen. Come on.


Whoa. Wow.


This is awesome.


Mom, look, the chairs are on the same as the table.


Yeah, and this countertop. And there's even some eggs cooking. And stove top.




Salt and pepper. And spatula. This is so cool. What's for dinner?


Look, it looks like breakfast. Yeah. Yum. Lites of pie.


Yeah, I love pie. Yum, yum, yum, yum. Whoa, this room is so cool. Can we keep exploring?


Yeah. Whoa. Bye-bye, kitchen. Bye. Whoa. Whoa, the living room.


Whoa. This is awesome.


This big couch is on the ceiling. Whoa.


I can almost touch it. Yeah, look at the chair. Whoa. This would be a fun room to watch your show. It's the perfect way to show it. Yeah. The on the ceiling is Walsh showing. I have an idea. Why don't we have a living room dance party?


Yeah, an upside down living room dance party.


Yeah. Nice dance moves.


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Wow. That was awesome. Yeah, we saw so many cool things. Yeah.


Good thing I brought my camera. Yeah. Now we have this cool photo album.


Yeah, we took so many pictures.


Yeah. What was your favorite part of today? Right there.


I love the elephant. Oh, yeah.


That was so silly. Wow. Well, this is the end of this video. But if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my My name. Will you spell my name with me? Yeah. B-l-i-p-p-i. Blippy. Good job. Wait a second. Nika, how do you spell your name? Oh, I'll tell you. N-e-e-k-a-h. Nika. All right, see you soon.Bye-bye.Yeah. Hey, it's me, Blippy. And look, I'm writing a bike. But my bike has a flat tire. Oh, no. I love riding bikes. They're so much fun. But you can't ride a bike with a flat tire.


Hey, Blippy. Oh, hey, Mika.


This is my best friend, Mika. Hi, everyone.


Cool bike, Blippy.


Oh, thanks, Mika. Uh-oh. Looks like you have a flat tire. Yeah, I was just telling our friends that I have a flat tire, and now I can't ride anymore.


Well, good thing.


We're at Spoke Bicycle Cafe in Los Angeles, California. It's a cafe and a bike shop. I thought someone inside could help you. Whoa, really? Yeah. Whoa, let's go. Yeah, let's right now. Come on. Whoa.


So you said this place has snacks and bikes?


Yeah, it's a cafe and in a bike shop. Whoa. Whoa, hey.


Who are you?


Well, hi there. My name is Dane.


Oh, hi. I'm Mika.


Yeah, and I'm Glippy. Nice to meet you.


What do you do here?


I'm the head bicycle mechanic.


So you fix bikes?


I do.


You're the person we need. Blippy has a flat tire.


If you follow me, we'll get you ready to roll.




You can fix it?


I can. All right, let's go.


Come on.


Whoa. This is going to be great.




All right, I now have everything we will need to fix your flat tire.




I'm so excited. The first thing we will do is put your bike into the bike stand.


Cool. Oh, a bike stand? Whoa, this is what you had outside. That's right.


It must make it much easier when the bike is up high like that.


Much, much easier. I see.


Smart. Can I put the helmet right here?


You certainly can.


The first thing we're going to do is remove your front wheel. You're going to remove the front wheel and tire?


Correct. We will take this 15-millimetre box wrench and loosen the axel nuts on the wheel.


You know a lot about bikes.


Look at this.


It's a bicycle.


I did not going to ride a bike like that.


I know. Now it's a unicycle.


Next, we're going to take a tire lever to remove the tire from the wheel.


You're removing the tire from the wheel right now?


You got it. Just like that, it leaves this wheel.


Cool. Can I see the wheel? Check it out, Mika. A bike wheel with no tire.


Yeah, look, a big circle. Cool.


Really cool.


And it's actually white. Yeah.


The next thing we're going to do is remove that tube, which is what created the flat tire.


So there's a tube inside the tire? Oh, can I check it out? Whoa, so this has a hole in it. And this is what was inside the tire. That makes sense.


Whoa, it's squishy.


Yeah, it is. It's like a balloon.


Yeah, cool. Here you go.


So as we're now done inspecting the tire to see if there's anything stuck inside of this that created the flat, we're now safe to put a new tube back inside.


Okay, so it's just the tube that had the hole.


Yeah, so you're going to get a brand new tube. Yey.




It looks flat.


Yeah. So that is this, but brand new?


Exactly. So what we're going to do is fill it up with a little bit of air to make it easier to install.


Cool. Look at it. It's getting blown up.


Next, we will need that there, wheelback.


Here you go. One wheel.


One wheel? Thank you.


And so we're going to set just one side of this wheel inside of the rim itself. Okay. This is where I like to create a dinner plate.Dinner.


Plate.dinner plate. I love dinner. Me too. Whoa. Wow. What are you What are we doing now?


I'm going to insert and reinstall a new inner tube to replace the compromised one. You can see, once you have it set up like a dinner plate, it's easy enough to just add it back inside of the The tire.


Yeah, fits in. Nice, isn't it?


Now we're going to reseat the other side just like that, and now we have a fully reinstalled tire.




So last but not least, we're going to put air pressure back into the tire. This specific tire goes up to 40 PSI or pounds per square inch.


Can I hold the tire and wheel? Certainly.


Nika? Okay.


See if we can feel the air being pumped in there. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


It is feeling like a normal bike tire now.


Yeah, it's really filling up.




When doing this, you always want to read the side of your tire first before you start to apply air pressure. Okay. And that way you won't over inflate the tire.


Oh, so it doesn't explode.


Makes sense.


That's right. Wow.


Now this feels like a bike wheel that you can ride on. Yeah. Yeah.


And now it is. So last but not least, we're going to reinstall this back onto the bicycle. So that you may continue your ride.


I'm so excited to ride my bicycle again. There it goes.


It is new.


You are such a good mechanic, Dane. You did that so fast. And, voila. Thank you so much. Wow. Now I can ride my bike again.


Oh, Fluffy, can I ride bikes with you?


Oh, that's a great idea, but you don't have a helmet I don't have a helmet or a bike.


I don't have anything.


One of the good news here at Spoke Bicycle Cafe is we both rent bicycles and helmets. Yeah, Mika, you can go. I can't wait.


Oh, can I maybe use that helmet right there?


Indeed, you I can.


All right. Wow. Here you go, Mika.Thank you. All right. We just pick out a bike out there? Indeed. All right.Let's go.Thank you so much, Dane. You're welcome. Cool. All right. See you later.Thanks, Dane.


Enjoy your ride. See you later.Thank you.Thank you. Come on, Blippy. All right.


Yeah. So excited to see what bike you choose.


Look at all of these bikes. Whoa, that wheel's really big.


Oh, and these bikes are so colorful. Yeah, I like these. I think I'll just take this one.Wow, look at the colors.Yeah. Green, yellow, and orange.Wow, so colorful.What.


Did you find? I found some stickers.


Look. Cool. It says, Spoke Bicycle Cafe. That's where we're at.


Do you want one? Sure. Here you go. Check it out. That It gives me a great idea, Blippy. What? I have some other stickers right here in my bag. Do you want to decorate your helmet?


That's a great idea. Let's decorate my helmet before we go on a ride.


Okay. But you also said that they have food and drinks, right? Yep, it's also a cafe.


We should probably get hydrated before we go on a ride. That's a great idea. Yeah, let's go. Come on. Hey, Hey, hello. We're about to go on a bike ride.


Yeah, we're looking for some refreshing drinks before we go. Yeah.


Do you have any water? Whoa.


Thank you.


Yeah, thank you. Look at all this. Oh, look at all this stuff. Wow. Such great craft supplies. Yeah, let's decorate your helmet. All right.


I love decorating.


Yeah, this is going to be so much fun. It looks like we have some stickers. Oh, look, a little star.


Yeah, which one is that? Gold? Gold. Oh, we have silver, too.


Okay. Peel off your bag. It's a little tricky to peel it off. How about one right there? Nice.


I'm going to put one here.


Oh, orange tape. One of my two favorite colors.


I knew you were going to pick the orange tape. Yeah. Oh, and these are really cool stickers.


Whoa. All right. Wow.


Look, on the Water Sea Creatures.


Cool. What animal are you going to pick?


What about this really fun dolphin? Can I put it right here on the orange tape? Sure.


Cool. Orange and blue together, my two favorite colors. I really like this walrus. Yeah, another animal That lives in the water. Check this out. Do you know what I'm going to do with this? No. It's a surprise.


Do you need help cutting?


Exactly. Yeah. Thank you very much. All right. Watch this. I'm going to put it in this hole, and then I'm going to put it out of this, and then I'm going to tie a little knot, and I'm going to make really cool ribbon tail. Then when I go super fast, it'll fly in the air.


That's such a great idea.


Maybe we should cut it just a little shorter, though. How about right there?


Like that? Yeah. Perfect. That's going to look really cool.


Oh, thank you.


You might be able to try to make it a little curly.


Oh, cool.


I don't know if it'll work with this ribbon, but it's a trick. This is something a grown up can help you do to make your ribbon It's not working.


That's okay. Yeah.


I'll use a different ribbon for that, Trink.


Yeah, and here's a green marker. All right. Let's make some squigglies on that side.


That's a good idea.


Yeah, you're really good at drawing. You should try and draw.


I'm going to do a big pink part on the back. This is pink.




Let me try a different... Yeah, that would be good. All right. One of your favorite colors.


Yeah. Okay, and I'll work on another ribbon. It's going to be a surprise what she's drawing. That is so cute of you to do that. Yeah. Are you excited to see what she's drawing? A blue heart for my best friend.


Oh, Mika.


Yeah. Okay, I cut another ribbon. Oh, there's a lot of stars on it. Yeah. I I just think it'll look so cool when I'm riding really fast. It will.


We'll be blowing in the wind.


Yeah. All right. Check it out. How does this look?


Looks very good.


Okay. Do you think it looks good enough? Yeah. All All right, let's try it on. Okay, let's see how you look.


Blippy. This helmet is fabulous.


Yeah. Well, shall we go on a ride? Oh, yeah. Let's go. Okay, we'll come back here later to clean up. But now, let's go on a ride. Yeah. Yeah.


This is going to be so much fun. Yes. This is such a great day to ride bikes together.


Yeah, we have cool-looking bikes. We drink a bunch of water, so I think we're ready.


I need to put my helmet on so I'm nice and safe.


Oh, yeah. And we decorated my helmet, so I look real cool.


You look so cool. Yeah. Hey, check this out. I have brakes on my bike in case I I need to stop. See? Oh, cool. I just pull back like this. Oh, yeah, with your hands. Yeah.


Oh, and look at my bike. Yeah. I don't have hand brakes. Yeah. I have brakes when I pedal backwards. That's right. Yeah. Are you ready? Oh, yeah, I can't wait. All right, let's go.




Yeah. Yeah, that was awesome.


That was super fun.


Wow. I love riding bikes.


Me too. Especially with you, Blippy.


Oh, Mika. Yeah, two people for two bikes.


Yeah, it's so fun riding bikes together.




What if there were a bike where two people could ride the same bike?




That would be so cool. Yeah.




What? Look at this. This is a tandem bike.


Yeah, look. There's two seats on this bike. One, two, and two sets of handlebars.


Yeah. These handlebars up front are for the person that steers, and these are for the person in back, so then they don't fall off. Yeah. Shall we try it? Yeah, I can't wait. All right. Two people, one bike. Here we go. That was so much fun riding bikes with you, Mika. Yeah, it really was.


Yeah. We had a great day riding bikes.


Yeah. It was so much fun decorating my helmet with you. Yeah, it looks so good.


And I'm really happy that you got your tire fixed.


Oh, thanks, Mika. Yeah. And it's really cool how we learned that you need to stay hydrated before you do really active things like riding bikes. Yeah, and riding bikes are great. It's good for the planet and good for your body. Yeah. Well, this is the end of this video. But if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my name. Will you spell my name with me? B-l-i-p-p-i. Blippy. Good job. Hey, Mika, how do you spell your name? Oh, I'll show you.


It's M-E-E-K-A-H.


Mika. Wow, that is so cool. All right, see you again. Bye-bye. You Here we go. Hey, it's me, Flippy. Hi, and I'm Nika. Yeah, and look at where we're at. Wow, a winter wonderland. Yeah, it's so pretty here.


We're at Plane Valley Ski Trails in Plane, Washington.


Yeah, this is a nonprofit where they teach any and every kid to learn to ski. That's so cool. I want to learn how to ski. I do, too.


Let's go. Yeah.




Look at these. Wow. Look at these. Whoa. They look like shoes.


Yeah, some boots.


Whoa. They're really big. These ones are.


Yeah, these are smaller. Oh, there's some shoelaces in there.


Oh, really cool. Bright red shoelaces. Yeah. Wow. Oh. Look, Mika.


Oh, there's someone in here. Let's say hi.


Hey, who are you?


I'm Kyler, and I teach the Plane Valley Nord team Ski Trails, and I manage the store.


Cool. I'm Blippy.


Hey, I'm Mika. You must know a lot about skiing.


Yep. Wow. Well, we would really love to go skiing today. Do you mind helping us? Yeah.


Let's start with your boots size. Okay.


Yeah, we saw this earlier. Yeah.


These look good for you. Thank you.


Nice makeup. Look good for you. Cool. Spiffy. Yeah, very nice. What else do we need?


Next, let's grab your pool size.




All righty. These ones look right for you.


Oh, cool. Thanks.


And these ones look good for you.


Nice. Hello.


We have pools, boots. What else?


Let's grab our skis.


Oh, skis. Of course.


All right. Cool.


Here is for me.


Yes. Thank you.


This is going to be fun. This is for you. Oh, mine? You're taller than yours.


Oh, maybe because you're taller than me.


Good observation.


All right, let's go What's that?


All right, let's go. This is going to be so much fun. Yeah. All right. Okay, how do we get started? And wait a second. What? Why Why do you have so many skis in there? Oh, yeah.


Well, because one pair is classics and the other pair is skates.


Skates. What's the difference? Let's see. Okay, here you go. Well, with skates, The bottom is smooth.


See? Okay. With the Classics, a little bit of the bottom is rough. You feel that? Oh, yeah. So that's where you get your kick in classic. In a skate, that's where you want Got you.


Classics have these fish scale-looking things that grips to the snow so you can push off. Cool. All right. Really cool. I think I want to try the classic. Yeah, that would be fun. What do you I think. Yeah, I think that'd be really fun. Okay. How do we do it? Is there any technique that we have to do?


Yeah. For classic, this is the main technique. So we're just going to be going like this. So let's say your left foot goes backwards, your right foot's going to go forward. And your right hand's going to go forward. Okay. So you're going to go here, and then you're going to ultimate like this.


It's like we're walking, but really far forward. All right. So that's for the classic? Yes.


For skate, you're going to pull and push out. And then we're going to on the next foot. And then next foot.


You get it? Because that is how you skate. If you're in roller skates or roller blades, you do it to the side.


This is pretty natural, too. Yeah. All right. Well, I'm very excited. Do you mind if we start skiing? Yeah, we get the skis on. Yeah. All right. How do we do that? All right.


First, let's put our skis down.


Okay, in front of Okay.


And now we're going to...


So there's this metal plate right here. Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah. And we're going to push it right in between the knobs right here.


Okay. We're Very hard. Then when you hear a snap, you're going to be in. Hey, look, I got one. I did not. Hello. Hey.


There we go. It's like the biggest shoe ever.


Yeah. It's pretty cheeky. But once it's in. Okay.


I see these pulls help us with balance and pushing.


There we go. All right. Well, where can we go explore? Follow me, guys. All right. Lead the way. Follow the leader.


Here we go.


This is awesome.




Wow, where are we?


We're at the obstacle course. What obstacle course? We love obstacle courses. Yeah. What does this obstacle course have? I'm leaving. I'm leaving. That's okay, Mika.


It's It has hoops, a slalom, and some jumps.


Hoops? Basically a big arch? Do you go over or under? Under.


It's so fun. It's going to be really low, I bet.


Yeah. Then you said slalom. What's slalom?


It's where you go left and right through the slalom.


Cool. That'll be really fun. Yeah. And then jumps? I bet Mika will know how to do the jump.


I definitely want to try and jump. Yeah.


Well, this sounds like fun. All right, shall we?


Yeah. Yeah, let's try it.




Hold it up.


Wow, that's a big mountain. Yeah.


We made it to the top. Yeah.


Wow. All right. Who's going first?


I'll go. All right. Okay, go. Go with how it's done. Whoa. Yeah.


Whoa, look at him go. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Good job, everyone. All right. He's a hunk.




Yeah.yeah, that was awesome. That was really fun. Yeah, it seems like we all did such a great job.


Yeah, thanks for showing us that obstacle course. You're welcome.


You all did really great. I got to go back to managing the store.


All right. All right. See you later. Have a good day. Thank you. That was really nice of him to take his time to teach us how to ski.


Yeah, he's a really good skier.


Yeah, and that was really fun learning to ski with my best friend.


Yeah, I love learning with you, Blippy. That's so sweet.


Well, this is the end of this video. But if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my name. Yeah. Will you spell my name with us? B-l-i-p-p-i, Blippy.


Hey, will you spell my name with us? Correct.


M-e-e-k-a-h. Mika. All right. See you again. Bye. Bye. Yeah.


Come on, everyone.


Let's make learning fun. So much to learn about. It'll make you want to shout. Flippy.