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Yo, yo, yo, I'm not trying to be funny, but this episode is brought to you by the good folks over Akashat and us yo yo, yo, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup. Kashyap, you fucking guys, we hit up.


I love you. So I'm going to catch you up from chicks right now. Hey, I mean, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly.


It would be the best way to send money if you're trying to sponsor a woman named Kashef, your local sex worker bee be a sport. She has kids. I guess you have, you know, the vibes. All right. Do you think that's funny?


You should. You are serious. Ruger No. This shit get it like this. Goofy. I got it. You know, we we understood the joke so much. You said it. I got. Oh, we should know what's wrong with Joe Wilson embattlement. See. We'll see your canteen over there.


It's that water said Aqua. Right here is Akello gallons, occulus cherries, some lemongrass. Some seem not to be so eager to agree to it to get you to ingredient Nazmi Soup. I remember. I remember when drinking water became trendy. Oh, yes.


That was all ball actually. Was it before you came, you decided water. No drinking water design. It's fucking hilarious.


I started drinking water, honestly, because that is it was a point. It was definitely like a two thousand and fourteen thing.


I think it might be accurate.


Probably around that time nobody was at the pool parties like, you know, the water unless unless you're on ecstasy. Yeah. Yeah, that's a fact. Got to hydrated hydrate.


Anybody still know what ecstasy dealer does?


Definitely one in Staten Island for sure. She went out and didn't do anymore.


I do know that I'm sure in certain circles, the festival circuit, I'm sure these festivals well, not that we're getting that any time soon, but you know, when to do some E through the pandemic.


We have a party we never thought about the Malian ecstasy dealers like, of course, that we got probably caught a little during the pandemic. Yeah, well, like what people doing blow in their crib.


That's a good question, because that's not a good place. No, no. You know, so many chicks which are so important in this pandemic, like I know so many of women growers, like chicks got edibles and all types of shit for sale. I didn't come here to talk about a few chicks, hit me about a new bank opening up.


If I wanted to open an account there, I'm like, Fanfan, could you not go to the Instagram bank in Sydney right now? Well, you know what?


I followed you for Sydney, not in the Burnie's bank. The BMB.


Cool, cool nigga kidnapped Berniece and will not give her back.


Why would you? Fair point. So what would you do if I met him, he won Portsmouth. You want and somebody told me, Amber, giving it up on our only fan, Amber Rose, his only fans know how much it cost somebody else did. You told me. So there's another only thing you might want to know about. I'll tell you if my OK or not. Tell us now what the bleep it up. OK, yes, you got only four hours.


Wow, interesting. I didn't know that I saw that the other day, actually. Oh, you subscribe. No, no, no, no. I didn't subscribe. I saw that you got a credit card attached to only that.


No. OK, there's a dude, it's a dude, I'm snappiest, no. I don't know what makes him easy, tiger. I don't know. It's a no, it's a dude. It's a dude that does he he acts like only fans and like just sends me random videos.


So you don't know. I'm just like, no, but thank you. So you're like you like like the Napster of only fans. No, not me. Some do that and the rest of us get shot too. I just know he doesn't. I just know. No, he doesn't want you to see that. You know, he doesn't hate me. He hates me. So do try and get you to join in on some shenanigans.


No, he just be finding girls do it for you or for you and him. No, you see, I don't know. He has only fans. That's what he does. Some somebody he started sending me that links the PornHub premium account. And I wanted to reply, but then I didn't want to be on that screenshot summer jam screen. But like, it took everything in me not to hit them back. Like that password work.


You ever seen a porn so good.


You want to leave a comment you like to see like the comments section on pause.


Do you ever read it, though? Yeah, of course I do. It's some funny stuff, but he does. It's hilarious. It's got to go there to find out who the you know, the actress maybe. Oh that's what you OK, sometimes it gives you a look.


Here's why he works. She's involved in so many parts of the storyline, like did it stay together because he's got to step. It is the only fans come and they stay together. It's like they had some chemistry. Like all he worked with.


All he did was show up at her door, who are you, stranger? And you be like, if that's not chemistry, I don't know what's chemistry like.


That's a family. I know. I get it. You're not plugged in. Joe, did you say that there's comments on olefins?


Because I haven't seen those. I never went in to come and say, oh, my God, those are the best comments. That's why I would take my money bags more. Have I? Yeah, thank you. Can you talk us through the beat off today? That's what do we say.


Yeah, a lot of feet questions.


I mean, if you're into that, a lot of people are into that just looking at feet. I mean, I'm not against feet. I appreciate something. I'm not going to get the foot. Yeah. I'm not just going to hold events to look at her feet. Some people are.


But why is it feet like is their elbow fetishes? Is there like some other shoe of fetish?


Well, I spoke of one leading the charge. And let me just I love this. Let me just tell you guys, I have changed my stance on the women that aren't only fans having sex with their boyfriends or whatever. Do they fucking. I've changed my stance now, but I used to hate it.


You're into it. But now I'm seeing it. I'm like, all right, I see why he did that, right? That move out there. I did that move. I know how he feeling when she did that. You're breaking the tape. Yeah. Yeah, I appreciate it. Now they're going crazy.


You know, you do just have a mask on, like a Robin Roberts mask on. I respect it. Slamming his girl like they are on their way to every retired football player out or a retired football player all trip.


They retire early. You niggas is a trade war. I'm in your bitch. Did I tell you that? What I'm about to say, it's a pension and go over. Yeah. Yeah. All right.


For me, comedy style, by the way. Oh, everything. Comedy. So everybody listening to this year this on by industry can't get away from me. Oh my God. My mom friends is listening. Everybody is listening. Oh all right.


Let's see how we feel him. Fungo by the way. Oh. Me feel something. So who's in Genesis when we get production credit for bird flipping burgers with everybody?


You know, I spend my. Check my check once you go to one to like it was. But hopefully my feeling good, feeling great out there, you know, the vibes, if you love vibrations, this ain't the vibe for you. If you low frequency to say good bye to you, this is how we feel now about now, Campbell. Haters, I'm only concerned one man, but this time I'm finally coming to this. Long way when these been to put your foot up, congratulations, boy, your boy would have sat on words when I was positive he sat out his game.


The consequences didn't show bittersweet when you went in deep gas renewed. Remember, you have to live with. Well, I'm going to see the baby girl. I'll be back. Griselda with four. I told baby girl I'm his friend that made a war with more street niggas live by dirty laws. I got my straight. How you running yours to anybody with bars. Got to go four to eight to this already. Vince kids, you got a good four to eight.


It's already if you got bars. I don't want to hear what you got to say where you got for what it is. I know you may be my sixth love traffic on the BQE. I don't think they understand enough, man. JB, you know the vibes. Emcee Roary, emcee Dirty Deuce's turtleneck popping out by hand. But I don't think it's time I finally addressed it publicly because Manek Mossberg when these rappers comfortably bust streetlife. That'll work when I was positive it was self that was going to come.


You got to have 16 of doesn't mean bittersweet when you went in deep gas to really visa the travel with a key. Well, I'll pass it to my baby girl. I'll be back. She said, be careful. I told Baby Girl I that made a war with more street niggas live by dirty laws. I got my straight to you running yours. Let me just think, Atanasoff, it's going to be hard to convince kids. But honestly, loss has taught me more than my wisdom is complicated.


I can see it work hard to just break even though I have a good time today. One of the great features, a lot of new music that came out a lot to get to will happen to be back on the scandalous. Almost forgot. We was back on my Friday. I'll be honest with you. I was coast and they got the one thirtieth. Holy shit, I got to go. Then they become a band. He was on my all time.


That's real shit. Yeah that's true. The made his way last. I want to fuck more than two sides that you say nigga you were fatally shot at winning this one. Boy, boy, man. Oh if you think I can't say enough. We were guardians of Griselda's. Wait till I give my album of the year take.


You do not have album you take right now. I do not believe you. I think Lenny is a. Contended with his album. No, you don't. Well, first, you know, Savon pulled me a list of screamy and put me a list of the albums that came out this year, please note before I dismiss Rori, he may be correct.


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, no time to wrap up my first album list of rap.


No, no, no, no, no. Hey, Screamy. You was really checking on Le'Veon Bell.


Honeyeaters high in the Google search as far as parks, as far as part of the microphone check one two.


What is this? The Jabe Boys Bike to business episode three. Eighty three three eighty four. Welcome to Episode three. Eighty four of the Joe Button podcast. I'm your humble, gracious, grateful and highly favorite host Joe Button. Here with a few of my nearest and dearest brother, Mowgli's has blessed us with his presence today. Salute, salute. Salute him. Oh my God. Guy Parks is here. How are you feeling, Parkville? Great.


Rory is here. It's going on the mock neck Mossberg no less uh e read my guy e read is over there head a pod Pirozzi Corey is here Don Cheadle is here Slim looking slim as ever Slim is everybody look at you gorgeous even look at you gorgeous gorgeous.


Is that a new skin care routine. Tregear Ashqelon.


And you love your drinking Ashqelon ok. Yeah yeah. Where are you taking chicks to beat. Who don't you live with. The last time you tried to get you jammed up, were you checking your chicks that you beat it. I mean because you don't live alone? It's a fair question. You don't live alone and it's covid. You got to know your parents shifts. I'm asking what he was doing.


Got a nice finish finish basement or something, Don Cheadle, and get to the point where you fucking in front in Mom's house and telling her what to do, you know, woman don't come down this hall for the next two hours. How about that? How about that, Mom? How about that? But that would never work.


Don't ever do that.


Well, you'll never fucking fucking mom's house without her knowing what was happening. I mean, you know, my mom. Do me a favor. Stay in your room for the next five or. Right. Yeah, not the next five. I definitely never got that off. I never got that off. But Miles knew what I was doing. Mom, mom, do me a favor. Head down to the gas station. Comparable for me. All right.


All right. Bring that works and also bring me that condom back. Mom, I'm going to work that. You know, that is that line. Please grab me one of the gas stations. Sex pills, while you know only because those only because this is a safe place.


I'll ask you guys and parts. You did some funky new shit with, like, the sound. Right. We sound better than ever and like louder than ever. I noticed that when I was listening to the last night. Just what independent sounds like freedom.


Any you all ever been brave enough to inquire about the dude your mom was kicking in with, like after your dad? No, not as a youngster, no, but as a as I. Yeah, that's what I'm tell you as an adult. Absolutely. Absolutely. I've done that. That's when you ask when I said, you know you know, a lot of your uncles wasn't your uncles. And when he was 11, Dovzhenko and you 19, you start, will he be like, wait a minute, where did oh you are you fucking already?


Exactly, exactly. He gave you a basketball, but you had one already. It was like you stop bringing basketball every time you could do a basketball. I know the foot locker, 20 dollar basketball. Never saw the family reunion. No.


Duke was by for dinner a lot. Yeah. Holidays.


How are you? My uncle. But my grandmother doesn't know him. A one family reunion.


I don't know, like the same uncle now.


But the story you got, if you got a story, is, did it vary from like the story that your dad might have told or that your dad got? No, my dad didn't know a lot of those, but did your mom tell you how your dad felt about what was going on afterward? Minded? Yeah, absolutely. And you could tell as you get older, you could tell you tell your pops like some of them he knew he really rock with them like that.


If I wasn't scared of my dad, I would call right now, put him on the spot, listen to my parents, listen to every podcast. I don't think they finished them. But around the 15 mark, yeah, they're definitely listening, deadlocked.


And I'm just going to wait till like twenty seven minutes in and get your shit off.


I'm also my dad would like to jail or something and start fucking with some guy named Killer and my dad was pretty peeved about we all we all to go to kill the shit out of you the and the gangsters.


What do you think. I'm joking about the way that your dad knew it really was true. I do love that the Barry brothers silence. No, it doesn't matter.


It doesn't matter what generation every girl ever has known a killer for sure. No, just look in the phone. There's a killer.


Now you get to hey, you realize yet your parents weren't always parents like they were teenagers. They would just like us.


Oh, not now. Rory McIlroy just brought us the great topic before we get in the new music. Now, each of you give me your response when you found out you was fucking with had a killer or like lurking, it was a nigger you should be concerned about.


It's in the vicinity somewhere. None of you can lie to me and tell me it never happened. The girl the girls that I fucked with that was fucking with killers. I didn't stop fucking with them until he caught a crazy case and he wasn't coming home.


No, Thompson, you knew he just got job.


No. So I said if that nigga was still roaming the block. No, no, no, no, no.


I told you I'll share a quick, quick, extremely true story. I was at Del State University my freshman year. Great, great university. The greatest, if you know, you know. So I mean, that shit going back to a spot, whatever, whatever her phone is blowing up after we finish this answer, that that seems pretty important.


Hey, hey, by the way. No, she's not here. I just finished. You know, you might want to answer that. I was trying to get out of there. I'm like, oh, something's important is happening.


Yeah, he might be outside and ass said, no, I know that. No. Oh, and I said, OK, what does that mean? That's my boyfriend. I said, OK, when he got nine bodies and he's outside.


So I said I was with him. So I said, Do you want to know if he's up there now? It gets worse. It gets much worse. It gets much worse.


So as a we should all be quiet, like I'm going get my shit and leave anyway. So she answers it and he is on the way. Yeah. So she hangs up like you need to leave now. I said I was already get my shit and was like no, no, he's outside. It was like a complex. He's in the parking lot. I was like I would hide in the closet like the fucking like no he'll find you there.


Monge I'm dealing with she's a college she could devastate and she's like, no, he doesn't go to state like he's from around the way. Oh yeah.


OK, I ran out of that shit without even getting my sneakers on it just left them fuck. I said what complex is there another way out. I went through the other fire escape way.


No you I ask you in camouflage you look like a chicken on the kitchen. So are you like a janitor for the for the Super Bowl. Wineskin can be seen in the dark. Yeah. So why should that put us through Delaware.


So I shouldn't say that to you in the first thing you said to yourself.


What's all right Dan, I got to kill a nigga because I, I am not a killer. We got to look within. You look like I am not into those type of things. You did some soul searching. Yeah. Real quick. Real quick. Like if he wanted to knuckle up and have a fair you pro life. Yeah, I like Joe. Hey, Joe, you want to kill us? Why can't we just put down the guns on pro life.


That's the last to or not pro life I'd walk out there. Is that registered to you? Why is the serial number scratched off and what your little cap getting help. You went there. No, no. Get your cap.


McCain has helped in some fights, though, but any time he gets a gun, any time and nigga ever flash the ammo on me because like a show.


Mercy, I'm glad you're still here today. I'm glad you show me the shot me over. Fuck it took you guys should be right here. Don't shoot me. Don't shoot.


Some of these kids don't know pre Uber and when you're in like a rural area. When I ran out of that crib, I was on your I was just in Delaware.


Yeah. On like she drove us there. They don't like this generation. Nobody. He introduced another great topic when you're running from a gang, but you ran out of run out of breath, you realize I'm not a ashamed. Yeah, they caught they caught us. So we got to square off with these groups or you f my nigga, you realize he's way faster than you. Yeah. All right. You ain't sneaky about it. You guys like Mad Max be right.


You got to play the card game. Right. Which way I'm going. That's that's worse when you're in the fight and you're like, oh, you are agile. I'm playing the card game. Read this, you can fight. I'm getting on a roof with a fucking Malibu.


Oh my God. That is hilarious. Yo yo. Do you know. You know, you know where you like. God damn this nigga is fat.


That's why I'm thankful because in the hood Jersey City was eight miles long.


Right. And when I was there so scary. Eight miles you kind of knew like who could fight, who would shoot you. Right. Who had the gun on them at the basketball court like you knew. Right there was cool. Plenty of fights. I was with the shits at the basketball court.


Plenty. I just was cool, you know, to relax.


I'm just I don't live to fight another day. To see this, this is the this is the strongest, most when you live to fight another day. I got next smart. I'm not trying to turn this up. I won. I waited five next to play. Now you want to come beat me up? No, nigga, you got it. I'm playing next guy. All right. New music. New music. New music. Right. Wait, I didn't even do a shout out to our YouTube.


Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Shout out to our YouTube viewership. Shout out to our audience listening. Why wherever you listen and at Shout out to our first and last time listeners already did episode. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Also, before we get to new music. Right, we had to upload mishap.


Don Cheadle. Come on, come on. Don Cheadle. Because I caught a lot of heat from your message. I caught a lot of heat from your mishap. Again, we were confused when shit happens like judges be getting beat down, like the episode goes up on Spotify by mistake. And for four days I've been dealing with fumbled the rollout. Oh, you did all that without a plan. See a lot of. Oh, my expert analysis.


Jesus, sorry.


It happens. No, it's not all right with me. More so. Right. It's not all right because you can't you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. You can't you can't play both sides of the fence. You can't say, yo, Joe wants two hundred fifty million dollars and why you ain't got it yet.


Right. Right. Because we can't upload.


You can't do both. So Savon, walk us all through what that was.


It was really just a coding thing. Like anybody who has done the worship, it's the RSS feed coding like that.


A test could have prevented that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. But just don't let it happen again. I don't let it happen again. It won't happen again. I think I have it I have an alternate theory, he's in cahoots. Well, before the last podcast, he came in here high five this all and said, yo, I got to be honest, ever since you guys left, I took the pot off of Spotify.


Our numbers have quadrupled.


Mm hmm. They did OK.


So he might be in cahoots with with them down to download payola. Danny Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And Lekki Akebono, I know you guys are definitely goading you who you also have to remember the need to know podcast.


Savon especially is part of the loudspeaker Charlamagne Network.


Alizadeh Padalka. I'm not.


It's a deep, dark criminal leak in the store. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right now you're on this episode. You are.


Dave Charlamagne gave you the coding for this one.


Just used Charlemagne's RSS feed Barre Brothers added again, it's growing more silent on this matter. It's a little happening in here. Yeah, I know it was bad when Savon face Tumbi Juans never face time. Ask about the coding. He was like, yo, they're sending your email code.


It's like you're Savon with his chain out fucking one hundred and ten karat gold man with the Senate. Gold in session might be a thousand karat gold.


A thousand watt carat gold is.


That's turning in that green carrot, but if you start doing hard like that for us, the lady was fucking you, nigger, nigger, put a chain off of me trying to make us look good. All right. Come on. New music. New music, new music. Friday happened. A lot of new music came out. A lot to get to.


A lot to discuss here. Yeah, well, we started. Take it away. Don't start the coming we will start. Let's do it. Sorry, how do you pronounce that? But you're coming that.


Would you come in any word how you say I don't hit boy back on a tear. The butcher is on his way, which is just coming, dude. Back on, dude. Back on it to your head, boy.


Benny the butcher burden of Proof album. Yeah. In your phone. Right this very second. This is 12 tracks. 12 tracks are hard right to your right to the point he did get right to it. I like it a lot. I like it a lot. I like all the features. I love the beats. I love the rhymes. This is my type of hip hop. Yeah, me too. I feel like I Damanhur say that whatever was to release, but this one was different for me.


Probably because a hit boy. Yeah. It's more, I don't know, modern I guess.


Production style. I don't want.


Yeah that's not really nice but it's, it's more mainstream than the sound.


I guess we just had a little more this felt like an album that could have came out in the early 2000s. Yeah. You know, I mean like this this felt like one of those type of it felt a little early.


Rakeysh Yeah it did. It did.


And that's a nod to to hit Boy and, you know, pinnies lyrics on the whole project. It's just good to hear Benny like put together songs like production, lyrics, hooks. Yeah. You know, I mean and yeah, I mean, I love it.


That's my only not I would have like some more hooks and more hooks from Bennie or from feeder's. OK, I'm actually didn't have to be. I actually think the complete opposite. I love that there's not a lot of books like that. And I mean, I love the hook dumbed down. Kenley's hook is great. Freddy's hook is great. But I kind of love on these type of beats.


Benny just going, I guess, to what Joe say to what Joe said, I wouldn't have minded a more at least one shot like a more commercial attempt, if that makes sense.


I want more record. Like a more like something that might could be like something you could play around a girl. OK, so now that I finished this project, that's what I said to myself outside of how amazing it is, right. But then I was like, well, he let us hear what he has coming. Yeah. And I can play that around a girl. Yeah, it's a fact. So maybe he's doing the one two punch thing, so I'm not going to kill him for that.


I'm not going to kill that. That one is I will be playing around girls. I wouldn't kill for that anyway because that's not what I want from him. But it would have been interesting to hear, I guess is all I'm saying.


Yeah, I think Ben is capable because we have heard a record where that is possible, but I don't and this isn't any specific. I don't need every artist to try to hit every checkbox for me either.


And it's not easy to do that. I just would have would have been interesting being that you're with someone who has delivered hit records many times.


It would be interesting to see a swing for the fence in that regard. But that being said, I love the album.


I wasn't disappointed at all.


If this album didn't make you just have 12 bars and the talk, then I don't know what to tell you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think every rapper, every lyricist that listens to this project, they definitely was like, damn, I wish I he called me for that. I would have smoked that beat. Yeah. And that's, you know, hey boys just want to run right now. Yeah. He's on a tear. This is a perfect car album. Yeah. Yeah. And I like the fact that artists seem like they're doing that. More like locking in with one producer for an entire project is a good one.


Maasdam, I want to tell you the car music.


I'm not sitting in the front seat of Uber, steal a car, whatever you do, whatever it takes to be in a car, get a Zipcar still doing this. This is one where you need the music.


Dashboard is really, really good music. Really.


I'm happy. I'm happy for he took his time with this hip boy shout out the hip boy Freddie gives everybody was a part of this project.


We went crazy on his horse. Yeah, we went nuts. When you people hear me say that blink isn't one isn't really the greatest of executives is shit like this.


Right? I'm like. I was going to say, good. Is this officially on that blank label? Chuck, I don't think Ben was ever even signed to that ever. That's my point. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. No, no. I got to go see what you have to say in my state for misunderstood you. That is a great mistake. It's been like an industry secret for a little while now. But now that Benny is just going to do shit like this, like drop this kind of fire, like when it made me want to rap, it got me to damn same exact same mistake.


And not only that, it was with two different opportunities. Could have been. Yes, shady. It could have been a def jam. You would've made a lot of sense of Def Jam like because that's the cloth of Def Jam and great for Benny.


Yeah. Great to make this. Sounds like a Def Jam out. No shit. How did you get to the head of Def Jam, have this guy in your vicinity and not say, hey, two and two is four. Yeah. Yeah that's nuts.


Yeah. But I'm not going to harp on that. But it's just something I thought about when I finished the album.


It shout out to the real executive behind.


This is his website. Yeah. Yes sir. You know I'm saying yes sir.


A round of applause w man we all got to always look to the old industry execs. Yeah. No, not at all. No, let's go.


This is certainly an executive, a top executive in hip hop right now. Yeah. I love I love Kandace, but he knows, he know how I feel about him. But I'm so mad at you. Change that one bar on a verse and you know, he.


No, I'm talking about I'm we got a text back so we change it. No, because that verse, that verse leak. Oh, he doesn't get in trouble. Crazy. Clever. Yeah, not at first.


You talk about not that first leaked that he I don't know, he played it on his Instagram love and he had, he had a real important bar on that verse that on his project. But he listen to last night he changed that bar. And I just want to ask him why. Because I think I thought that bar was really important and it was really hard, but.


It's probably a conversation that happened and he does yellow wolf. No, no, no, no, it wasn't a diss. It was a it was a nipsy bar, OK? And, you know, people somebody probably felt the type of way and he changed, but the bar was super hard and but he changed it. But I got to ask him why he changed it because the bar was high and I thought it was an important bar.


He might have had my fair verse on the whole project. Let's take away from everybody else. But he went crazy. I mean, yeah, but that is taken away from everybody else. I don't think so.


So like like the artist without the Ross is about 17 verses about features Rosses versus those crazy two.


Yeah, real solid.


I have this of a first. You listen high in my album of the year conversation.


I see a lot of people saying it, a lot of people did that to me was like this album is definitely one of the best rap album of the year.


It's somewhere in the conversation. And I have Pray for Paris and Conaway's last album up there, too. Yeah, all three of them. I wanted to counter some of this bullshit that you all were saying, but I can't, because the truth of the matter is, I haven't I haven't listened to any opposition.


Now you listen to most of them. Not all of them.


But you give me a list of the albums that came out this year, because the whole year for me is kind of like in a blur. Yeah.


It's just it's just every week. That's what it is. Yeah. It's too much. It's a lot of shit. So I don't want to hear all y'all niggas.


I don't. We'll show in Detroit that Chris Brown and young thugs, she was crazy, you know, that I was I guess that would be rap album sort of. OK, this isn't right, it is this years. This is just old music Babies album was the old pop album is definitely up there. Yeah, now it's up to another boy was born in Mississippi. Yeah, was it maybe if it was, that's definitely high, yes.


I didn't say pretty good. Oh, Alfredo is definitely up there. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Rory gets excited. Oh, my love. I love it.


Like, wait a minute, I, we didn't say Alfredo you guys.


I mean Joe. I mean I love him.


I know Alfredo is afraid it was up there I tell you. And we don't have to do this right now because clearly, clearly a lot of music came out this year.


I know sugar was just a shitload of music, but sugar, never mind as it makes out more. I don't know what is that I was make them. You here. No. Was that even the signal that was last? Know that was just here, was it? Yeah. What a.


Oh Rose shows us here. There's definitely a contingent. Absolutely.


And it makes with everything that's going on now that the algorithmics so much like it just it's different now.


Yeah. We got three months left in a year.


We don't have to address album of the year right now, but I'm worried and there's a lot of good music to share. I think that's what Rory was trying to say. And this is this is another one to put in that category of a lot of really good rap music rap album. All I'm saying is this is definitely up there. No, I agree.


Album of the Year, Angry Tidal Tidal Basin album next week, right? Yes. Featuring Todd featuring Top Dollar Signs, a phenomenal title. I love that name. I love the album title. I feel it puts a lot of pressure on him.


It does. Well, there's a lot of pressure on him, regardless if that was the title of the album year. But you can put more pressure on yourself with the title of your album. And I think he managed to do just that.


I think I think Tyler, I'm going to say it now. I think Todd is going to drop a fucking bomb. I think he has a shitload of music that he's been holding. And I think he's going to really, really surprise people, so that's what scares me, though. What, that he has a shit ton of music. You don't want to hear all of it. I want the 12 track title. I don't want to I don't want because I know Ty has has 30 records sitting on a hard drive that are made.


I have 60 for sure that. Absolutely.


Yeah. I want it to be a real concise to the point, Todd. Yeah. I'm with you on it because I you know, we get every feature on Earth like he could do one of those 30 track albums.


That'll still be great. But now I need that concise title album. Yeah, that's in general though.


I might be I might be with the white mom on this one. Yeah, I like concise albums in general. I used to go over like 45, 50 minutes.


You lose me after like fifty two minutes. Oh my God. All right. Well he's put out three singles so far. So how do you feel about it?


I like the one that came out last night. Yeah, I like what I'm hearing.


I mean, he's just the artist that we all love. We've expressed it. We've given them, you know, some shit because we're like, give us the fucking album and the album's coming out.


So now it's just like, OK, let's wait for it. But we know what he's capable of. And like you said, he can get the biggest features. He can get the biggest production. So he's in his unique spot where. Nothing that happens can ever affect him, and I still feel like that's the case right here. Like if this album comes out and is not what we all expect, it doesn't really affect him. He's going to he's going to continue to smoke every feature of any one of the biggest records going on in the next month.


So. Yeah, yeah.


So I mean, that's just where I get confused with time. But I mean, I can't wait to hear it. Yeah. I've been I've been screaming for this for a long time.


This whole podcast asked me why I don't really pay too much attention to the singles. And I do like the one that came out last night to buy yourself a drink.


Yeah, I think what's going to separate side on the album is the album Cut like the miracle joints from free talk like those is what I care about.


What if I tell them what if you don't get it? I'm cool with that. I'll be like, You don't get it. I'm cool.


I haven't. I have enough top dollar singles that are fire and amazing and I need the top besides you all.


What I care about Línea consumers keep going to school with everything like no, no, no. I'm saying what do you have a gripe with it. No, no, listen, I'm saying I'm cool with that because we got it already and I got to stop expecting the same shit from artists that I love.


Like it's like if you keep expecting Prince to give you Purple Rain, it's like, no, he gave you that already. The artist is somewhat different in their lives. They're making music different. They've seen different shit. They've seen the world. They have different experiences to talk about it like. So I don't want that from tiny more. Give me the new shit, but make it don't like give me the dope. I everything about your example because for as much as we love Ty, he hasn't given us his Purple Rain yet.


No, no, no, no, no. I'm definitely not comparing.


And if he ever gave us his No. His version of whatever that is. Right. Right. If he ever gave that to us then I probably would just shut the fuck up because I'm satisfied. Right. But for as great as that album was that we love, we're saying the same thing right now.


I have enough top dollar hits and there's never on earth you could ever say Tattaglia can't make hit records. I am curious about Tyler Buyside because he had some fire album cuts effects and I need more of that from him because I know he's incredible.


Just as incredible as he is at making singles and he's fresh off stage singing.


We're singing with wifey. Mm. Billboard Awards him and Brandy performed.


They did. Amazing. Mm. Both of them. They do. No. Oh that's unfortunate. They did a record that they put out today. It's in my phone.


Yeah. They're just. No moral power to stay away from my girls releases. Don't, don't. But don't just know I'm off the dole, like, look it up now. You'll know tomorrow to just dropped. What's wrong with this guy?


I swear to God, if, God forbid, he listens to a legend, they smoke that. They just smoke that performance.


Really happy for top dollar sign. And I can't wait to hear the project. And I still love this name. Still love. I love that name. Well, I need ballad time. Yeah, I need that.


I do need more horses in the stable miracle finale. But guard down. L.A. police say they believe that the kings that got horses in the stable were women. I actually think it's a little misogynistic. I'm more on the women empowerment movement, but that's just that's just me.


Yes, that is. That is you think about it as your bread. That's just me. As soon as you step foot in clubhouse, I'm roasting. I'm a light you up. I'm lighting him up. What is going on in your rooms? Real nigga rooms. All right. What's going on?


What's going on? Did you all want to do tii before we got to young daddy? Who was that was Duke's name? Young, blue, oh, blue young.


You went right to young daddy. Daddy. He's got everyone, Daddy and he's a young daddy. How old is this guy?


This is the part of the Internet where they take the clip in insert like. Yeah, yeah, we know.


Well, we need to take care of our young fathers because they get put into circumstances that they may not be ready for and we don't want to see that affect the child. So I see what Joe is trying to do here is we awoke to the young daddy Uros awake, and they have had a Red Bull go to the library.


Uh, I haven't had a chance to listen to it and listen to the first two to this is a chance thing. I'm excited to listen. As I just said, this is a chance. They know I haven't listened, but I can't wait to play. I'm at the edge of my seat. I love to listen to the first five. I got about halfway through. It's a long ebb.


Yeah, but it sound good out of the tracks.


I heard sound is such critical analysis. I can make all of it and get a chance to listen. It just came out well. Listen, you Crown Album of the year on Jointer just came out. I know I had to go with that one. Take a pick. But you're not getting on. Benny is a friend. No, no more expeditiously for you. No more. Well, shout out to better.


Better was the project manager of this album. OK, shut up. And so I. OK, so either way I think it's though I'm definitely listen to it, this is so, so one of our legends so we've got to listen to it.


Didn't Berg executive producer believe it did.


Yeah you did. You do a shot but I don't know that part now. More exposure sounds good. The first five Alistar sound really good. I made two. It's up to the snoop record.


But does this title to the Times has never made an album that I was like that was terrible, you know, I mean like so it's not really good. At least it's going to be a good album, you know that. But I'll get into it. But the first five tracks I heard the sound good. Joe, any thoughts? We're just checking to make sure there was no more new music that I was forgetting about. No, there's a lot more plenty more to a lot of music blacked out without strings attached.


Can't wait to get volume three. Shout out short stories for thirty five minutes straight.


Yeah. Last night. And after that you got what, the cute face again.


Yeah, it's cute. Good girls. The girls came back their curls. Long hair. Don't care. Not black. Don't make them sick here. Park shaking his hair to shaunessy and black men letting it hang in the shower is really good.


Yeah well we were listening to sounded nuts. I got to really live with this. Which was your joints. Take them. I'm sorry. Stay on track. I don't know the names of the songs, I never know names of songs I like, I never remember the songs. We could be good with C.S. Armstrong, that it was really good, I think would have lasted think its fuel.


Maybe one of the lessons that was real dope. The first three songs are crazy. This is different from the other streams. There's a little bit more production value.


Like I said, a good morning track with swish and push and push. Your teen killer might has been out for a while. Yeah. You premiered that. Yeah I know, but I like that. That's what I really liked. I really liked that record.


Yeah. This is dope. But the last few streams I thought were dope but it was just him going crazy over essentially really good for, you know, 15, 20 minutes, whatever the length of the project was. This one's got a little bit more structure and production songs melding together, much more features.


Yeah, yeah. That's really, really an album really. I would have never guessed a black thought schoolboy. Q Yeah. Record together like but that's that goes back to what I was saying. Like sometimes we get caught up in artists that we love and then some of the newer acts and we like, I would never put them together but then you put them together and it works. Yeah.


So yes, I feel the same phrasing approach and it did.


So it's not to that I felt that way about seeing Nas, Fabio and Ferg on paper.


And I fucking listen to a song every day and I think I just didn't think that would be a song I'd like and I love it. And I think that's the only song from the album that charted that would make sense while we had it.


Let's let's let's clear Fabio's name with that shit that we brought up in the last part about that assault charge. Yeah, people kill me about that. I can keep the same energy for five yo.


It was something that just broke. We don't know much about it. Like, well, I'm glad you didn't, because shortly after his his his pregnant fiancee came forth and said, hey, I just want everybody to know I did not press charges on him. I did not call the police on him, nor will I be cooperating against the father of my children. That was a nosy neighbor, sent the cops over and they saw the cops doing, I'm not cooperating.


That's that. Everything is fine, ma'am.


OK, to the listeners that we're trying to kill me about this. Well, got to talk to your young boys. No, you no longer to the young boys. Yeah.


So I just want to clear that up because we did mention it on the last part. Now, where were we? New music. New music. We were we're not going to edit our young daddy.


Of course not. The title of the podcast. Come on. All right.


Young daddy stays in. We got to talk about more. Paying rent in L.A. is a fact. Paying rent? I don't have a spot in L.A. I wish I did. That's the point. That's what that was. That's what makes it really much. Oh, you think that I'm paying someone, paying you paying rent and you can't even stay here because Duke is you look how you think of me. You did something you didn't show to you. I'm there on the 17th.


She's like 17, so fuck off. So is it true? You know, crazy is how someone gets around. And she said, what's that you're from? Yeah. No, no. Oh, just the Bronx. He said, he'll kill you. Yeah. You only have the Bronx. He said if you step one foot in here, that's your ass imaginable.


And he said it from the wi fi you pay from the mall. Got to go call Big Joe. I wish I was paying rent. Now it's hot over here because, like, fam, I'm doing like shit. Get the fuck out. Yeah, he would try to call St. John. He was at a rave. Yeah.


Nobody picked up. You got none of that? No, not at all. You're not going to tell us about Lover's Lane at all? I don't have a lover's lane. There's no dry action is dry. It's like, really?


Let's get them all a little bit of real. Come on a second episode.


I think we got a lot of new listeners that's like Ouma, but I think more is evolved and he won't tell us.


And I think most pain I don't know somebody wi fi right now. No. At least cell phone bill files.


No, no. He said you strike me as a phials guy. Not not.


He says I've been paying for olefin. So did you add her to your Netflix at least?


Oh, if you have my Netflix account, that's that's that's years. There's nothing that isn't that doesn't mean anything. That's technically Estragon isn't. It's low level trigon. OK, yeah.


A few got my Netflix password multi-market. So when I got a new dude I'm like to recently watch some like, you know, watching Atilio.


Which one of you you start changing is like I watch one of you, I watch and I click.


I clicked on my Amazon Prime to make sure the person's password was still effective with me. It was it was still there. And she's still hope she's still holding on.


There's a new season of the boys on there. That's a good show to. I got to watch it.


Did you watch it? No, no, no. It's a good show. Just a little bit. I watched, um, I play this weird game at night where I frantically search for a show for an hour, click on it, and then it has to keep my attention as I'm glued to my phone.


Oh, you know, it's really weird that where you were on your phone, if you guys watched a racha, you know, somebody told me I started it. I only was like twenty minutes.


I finished that shit as far I didn't watch it. But I mean, I heard it's kind of like Umbrella Academy. Did you see that? No.


OK, I just watched I don't use umbrellas. And Eli, that shit was ass wasn't from a Giants fan. Listen, man, sometimes you got to shoot you guys.


You don't want to defend his closing his game a little bit like dribble, you know, like when it was going to be bad joke. Groberg out of my chute and away Eli Esq shot from never not for nothing.


We got it.


I mean, if I structured it a little different it could have been good. Yeah. Maybe the right Netflix is really slow on new content, the other for like a long time now. Yeah. No, they just got us money ball. Twenty thirteen. Oh, yeah, Netflix this morning, it's been slow. They tried to reel me in last night. They got Boomerang on Netflix now. So any idea? I was like, who's not going to click on Bulmer?


Of course, I see what you are doing.


Their movie game has been trashed for me in the twenty two year old I'm playing with nowadays. I put on. It's a joke. You have to put them on.


No, I know it's a joke, but I'm saying if you ever in that position he's playing with 22 year olds.


Yeah but you got to put them all into the classics like you never seen this fucked up shit is when you fuck a twenty two year old and they don't want to talk to you no more, especially because they didn't know how to talk to begin with. Is still on the phone all night. Yeah.


I hate when girls like young girls do that. They need to be on the phone the whole time and then roll over and just start grabbing you meet them.


They listen, talk to I'm here, get to know me. I have to get to know me.


That's why I don't want to skip over the point you just made of put put Shorty on to that. Have you ever try to put a younger person on or something? Yes. The most stressful worst situation ever. Yeah. When it's like a period piece from when you were around. Yeah. She's Instagram in her way through Purple Rain and the fam you know, even though you know. No, no, no you don't, you know, you don't fuck that.


So wait. The guy in the high heels does what here. Yeah. I'm no dropping too much like the hood classics like New York City. The happened. My God I have an Instagram and old.


Once you hit it you hit a meme. She's laughing. Just tick tock. You don't even understand what no one knows about the two. I don't even see the operation.


They sitting up like she edge just following all the bitches who got the bags you want. Joe was triggered. I got it. I felt like a freestyle. That's not a free stance that felt personal. You got to really go through it like yo yo, that's why you follow it over. The only reason it takes politics easy for what they wearing. Yeah, that's bullshit as well. Yeah.


No it's true to way. It's a flashlight on you. Good.


Why is it my fault.


A couple people. What y'all do when you all just get inserted into the close friends off.


Off like like on the humbug. I'm like what does that mean.


Depending on who it is it's like OK then it's like the random people, like not a close friend and you get offended if it's the girls you don't like.


It's awkward when you have someone muted and they put you in the close friends that they want you to see this shit.


All the mistake. I didn't hear the punch line, but then they put me in close friends and me going, hey, I'm on like in ball.


And would be this scene. This seems direct and specific. How many people are in this? It's just me in common. They start getting old. They started going nuts. On your way, I got a funny story to what oh oh, oh. Let me tell you what my man did to my men in front of my yard. No, no, no, no, no.


I'll tell you why everyone is trying to get slick and the story. They learn my myth. And it's true. That's a good lesson. Yeah. So the chicks get in the stores is going to get the engagement up. Yeah.


Then I have to go on a date somebody.


So I should be dead right here on the.


You you were speaking to a chick that asked Instagram who she should be dating and thought that this was going to end. Good. I wasn't speaking. I mean, you mean women. You mean. I don't think he was speaking to anyone.


You clicked on the story and they try to get their engagement games going on.


So I was like, hey, ask a question type of shit. Yeah, it was one of those type of things. They start throwing names out there.


Chris Brown, Drakkar Jim Jones, they throw names out there.


So this girl must have been going. They put the percentage up. Yes. No. Oh, yeah. Oh, it was killing way so much. You know, my man. My man in a way. So you're with killing my man. But little did they know my man had already had, like, an encounter. Oh see I beghtol it's a lot of bull was killing my man. Yeah. He replied in the one with his name.


Yeah. Like tried to get an answer out of it like hey you in you and such and such a what did you answer in the poll to see the numbers. And I've never even done nothing. I mean what did your man answer. Yes.


Yeah. But you would have voted for me. I voted for him. So you you can't vote. That should be crazy, you for yourself. No, no, must come back. We had a strong 11 percent. I love. How long did this poll open up? Two hours. Yeah.


So my man vote for himself. He sends the message like, yo, you in such and such had a good time that evening it seemed like. Yeah right. I'm going to shoot them back like yo. Yeah I thought we was vibe. Oh he has a pocket. OK, if she had a popular thing that yes. Everyone has one great scene about like yo I thought we was vibing but then I heard the pod and I see what you on.


So the fuck. Oh fuck Addy. And you lost the vote this time. That's fucked up. Did you man reply still beat though. I didn't even speak to my man system.


That's crazy. But I went out and that's the crazy part about it. That's hilarious. Whatever man I'm out to deceive.


Yo yo yo yo yo man is out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is all comedy style but of course this is all comedy. OK, don't be type. No one's listening. Yeah. Don't be silent girl. You can't comment on a story to be tight.


I'll be laughing because I know, I know you could comment on it. I'll get right to the message icon on her face. You can block this one face. Hey, from the first what I said was keep looking good. You got to find your way around roadblocks.


I always thought that was going to work. I can still message you, but you did you admire that move. But you just be mad at. Yeah. Because you in the moment you get it off, put a little you know what that means usually means she got that boyfriend. She got a boyfriend.


Now I know you already know what that means. So we checking the Dems. Of course you can check the girls delimiter.


That's crazy. Why would you check your girl's DNA to see what's in there? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don't want to see why this nothing good in there. I mean, I'm not going to look, but nothing good in there. I don't want to see the bag. I want to see text message is good. Even if your girl is not fucking joto. Got a hottie. You got a smoker.


Hey, if you got a hottie on your hands, there's some goodies in there. Get past on the floor and all that room shit. Now, babe, no one did me in years.


She shows me your ideas. Oh, see, I said I was talking to a girl.


She started telling me to do so now was I don't have a chance to go the weekend like oh fuck am I going to be able to go to hell?


Hell no. That's why I got the Braith nigga scared to fuck behind the weekend, huh. Yeah. Did you that you can put it down behind it. Don't tell me who put it down.


I'll tell you he don't put it down like you tell me. Oh shit. Like the nastiest mo remix of all time. Oh that's so funny. Yeah but don't go your goes Dimson. You don't want to see that bad dick saw. You don't want to stir. You confronted Abe on the stoop.


Never should be should be fucked up when you're losing out on that one. Gaining traction from the ninth man on like the magic gaining traction.


He was almost there.


He beat you to it but it damn Afflalo why on.


But he's funny also has a great personality. He's tall. Yeah he listens. I know he's tall, he has a lot of free time.


What we're done with what we don't want music.


I actually thought this was, this was a good segway into my dogs.


Get away with us. We don't even talk about this. This. Yeah.


Yeah I'm not you know you're blue, you're not getting a young daddy out of me. A name is young, blue, young, blue.


Well, young blue. Put out a record with you, right.


That is just accepted. It's OK.


It'd be cool if you just that daddy is sick. Any nigga you know name Blue had all the bricks in the hood and a beamer and jewelry.


Allegedly. Yes, allegedly. Allegedly. All right. We're going to it man. Young blue. Well Young Blue put out a remix with Drake or Drake.


Do a verse on the Your Young Daddy and Champagne Poppy collab collided WorldNet the daddy, clever daddy and Poppy.


Look at the name of the song though.


Your mind still still. Yeah, I feel that's real shit. Even when she moved on the edge. Was that changed. When did she move on. No you didn't. And even if she did, still, we might need a quick, quick lyric breakdown of a part of Drake's works man.


He killed his friend and he contradicted everything you claim to be tied to. I took it to the club and, you know, somebody that I know and I know some type of same shit I do to women when I know I use the phone and I know what they need it, but they never brought it up. I'm down these days down to do the best.


They just came to me and they contradicted everything you claim to be. We've been in this situation. I took it to the club and you know, somebody that I know and I know some type of same shit I do with women when I know I use the phone and I know what they need it, but they never brought it up. I'm down these days down in better.


Have you all ever just went outside with Shorty for the first time in a public setting? We spoke about this and just start keeping things. He still i.p. Yeah, we spoke about it. You go and you go to the club with your girl and the security. All the niggas know her and they all know you right behind and nobody speaks to you and they stop you to get in the club and they know he's with me. So juvenile sucher.


That's right.


And that's why you got to keep her in the car. Yeah, I'll be right back.


Oh, man, that's a real thing.


No, you stay put in the parking lot like you in the lot would in the known spot for you to do you call it's a girl. So what's your name now? I'll be right back. Stay right here for 30 minutes. That's a real thing. No, that just let me know. Like, even when you got money, you can go to certain shit. This is like you. I thought the guy I'd be sitting there like this.


Why did you bring me here?


I have an ego, you know, I thought the game was fucked up before and John Wall in rehab, but hey yo, I thought it was just after John Wall ACL is fixed up back in the second episode of the show is good. It's up to. Hey, let going on. That's all I know is his. Sammy Watkins is almost healed now flying to Kansas City. Oh, shit. Oh, Baby Einstein in Kansas City. They got four backs already.


Bitches is out. Bitches is headed to Kansas City out here. What's wrong with you? Lavon caused me a whole fantasy season last year, and they don't want to get a deal now. All right. You call it idiots.


No, but this is where I like this verse. But is real man. Drake is he's.


How many times did this happen to you, man? You sound triggered. Oh, it's happened often because hugging you bitch in front of you. Yeah.


I said it's rough, it's Dengler. But then you got to take rubbing it pelvic bitch. Utøya to you. Nice to meet you. Yeah.


No, no, no. The worst is to you. What's your name again? My mom. She didn't introduce you. You introduce yourself. All right. Yo, yo, yo, yo. It's nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Yo, you girl from rural. Oh, this is U.S.. Rory, we appreciate you having me. Rory, like story you wrote. If I get drink your bottle. You know, that's a real thing.


No, you can't go to the club with a girl and like she taking you like you walk them and she go to do so. You standing there like you can't do it. Oh, my. Oh my God. I can't do that. God, no. I'll wait over here. And if she don't introduce any time you walk in with a girl in a party or club and she's not introducing you to none of the dudes, you should exit immediately.


Everybody shut up. I wasn't finished imagining different voices. Never get away with the lizard, dude. Same right here. This with what you do after this. You're free after that for me. No, no, no. He said he said, oh, you forgot this. Matter of fact, I see you with you. Definitely you definitely freak. Oh shit. That's so disrespectful. Wow.


Look at what friends do when they realize a moment is triggered. You right. Yeah. You got to think of a scenario. The home. We all know it's happening to me too. I just you right into it. So who that nigga was, who that nigga was and why you thought it was cool to have a fucking fifteen minute conversation while I was ordering pineapple juice on the side. And guess and guess what she said. You said you never came to New York before.


Like that's the funny part. Like I, you know, and again privileged. And she replied, Oh, that's just killer. That's a callback for all you comedian fans.


Oh my God, you had to hear me. Now I am. Why do wrapped his arm like in between me and you? Like, he tried to divide Bofill, the three of them three with you.


But I was joking. Rory at you. Now you buy the off because when you cornered a girl in some bushes, you act like you just made some shit up at Osmo. Oh no, he didn't fucking push you out the way I grabbed my titties. Kiss me down. You didn't you didn't see I. Wait, no, wait. I was standing right there. He turned you down, my nigga. No, that's just Bobby. Yeah, I know.


Any time they get off that. Oh, that's just I've known him for like ten years and in my head I'm like, oh. So he hadn't had time to. Yeah he was, he was being fat. I'm like, oh I'm glad you do. No, I'm good. We're following him. I'm, I'm following that car to ask about that split he just did. That is fucking fuck out of here man.


Nigga Bobby paying for our drink. Yo, we get so crazy about a dumb ass shit. Don't pay for my drink, nigga. I had some funny shit like I'm fourteen dollars. Yeah. Fuck out of here. I took you to the club.


You hognose somebody that I know and I know those type of hugs. Funny shit is in the strip club. You on one side of the bar going him throwing a little three hundred in the air you fucking see with some independent record label come in on the other side.


She was observing the seafoam for hours. Yeah. You're not saying she has that way. He started throwing up thousands. Yeah. Big cubin. Big huge bustan. Big cubin to watch. You got on big Cuban. It's all squat Cuban and not Cuban. Yeah. Hey those guarch you know you're coming back to your bar now with that little last cup of water. You got no nice over so. Yeah but then the nigga look up. This happened to me.


A nigga look up and like appreciate you. So he starts to look at you now you don't know if you want to. Friends with then they go to your son and your son. You can't stop talking to the guy, but he came to me or he came to me. Joe, if you need anything, we on the other side, I'm like, no, I'm fine.


I have everything I need. I have I have all I need, buddy. I don't need anything. And then point to the chick that you came here for, say she got you. If you need anything like need to know. And I like that bitch that you got on her knees picking up money. You got a lot of money you got on the floor. I'm just handing it to her niggas. Picking up the money. Will not you let good get goods got here.


You did good tonight. You said your name was. You said he got some stuff coming. I'm not Misty Sleeper's. I got. I got it. I'll give him a spin. I got it. Oh shut up. I'm sure you know we are so trig. I was going shit because I'm in stupid more. We are. We are. That's why. That's why women listen to this. Because we're stupid.


They laugh at us and we try to rationalize our stupidity. Yeah, but that's funny though.


And that's real because you definitely have been in the club before and the girl that she was talking to a date and definitely was hugging some dude. That was just funny to hear Drake talk about you this because you're Drake. You still going to sit like this? Yeah, of course. Most of them coming in with all the change dress crazy.


I asked her what the dress code was and she said casual wear.


It was so now real Bumi in the other douchy invite. Looking good, momma clean. It's a long story.


I think we all trigger the. But a good record, good is good record. Yes, I'm really familiar with Young Blue.


Well, you used to go by Young Daddy, so that's probably why he just changed his name.


And you got niggas booked up if you think that. Listen, I don't want to be Aubrey, chill out. But, you know, somebody out there is taking a girl or two from Drake.


That's why when he do it to somebody else, he got to rub it in their face. Yeah, that's happened to every man member, to Keisha that was at your house.


I had a red mind looking all down a spine. I think you remember that boy, I was trying to be a friend, so I let her unwind, drink to make it. I've got to let her unwind the bitch unwind. That is why dragging the bad news, she will never let none of mine go to the embassy.


You think you have a choice? That's hilarious. Yeah, we don't have a choice. I have some confidence.


Joe, somebody posted the picture of somebody posted to YouTube link or when I did the interview. And at 40, I was laughing because the energy was just very different than years, like she was having a birthday party that I had no plans on going to until Drake said he was going if I was there. So I was going for him and he was going for her.


Right now, it's her birthday. But step outside. Let me get this in. Going to right quick. Let's talk about it and boogied. Oh, yeah. This in 09 was a crazy year when I was a crazy right. Yes.


So much of of the album you put out makes sense. Now, you could have just summed it up with that. I get it now. What the 14 dishes you put out, we have nine thousand women in common.


Like I said, don't try to boil it down. It's more than meets the eye. Yeah, but how many birthday parties you got in common?


It's a little different. They do a different. Eskimo brothers means nothing. We all have it, but Eskimo Birthday Brothers is a little different when you in this section singing Happy Birthday together, it changes. If I didn't stay for that. You're talking about. He did. He did. Good for him. I'm out on the floor, the kitchen. I was cheating by that, but I'm not trying to stay here. You know, one of those rare opportunities in a relationship when your girl gets busy and you can go be busy without a hassle.


It was like one of those. I was immature. This is toxic. Listen, we're clear on that. We're clear. Yeah. I was young over two years ago.


Um, well, can you break down the Drake? Nicki Minaj. We're friends again. Post I know you put it together. I know you you was kind of like always on. I didn't even see this. I have never seen anything. See this here? She posted, oh, Drake posted the Nickey record, we saw the baby, OK, and apparently there was a bar. Oh, that's that's dope.


Yeah, because Nikki just had her child. OK? She had. Yeah, yeah, graduation's. Yeah, a boy. Congrats. I want to congratulate Nikki when she had a baby here. I thought it was already too late. I thought we were congratulations. No, no, I didn't. I never thought that Nikki and Drake had a beef that they were never going to speak again and all of that. And they both have kids. Kids now, that's what it's about.


Hope one day there's nothing for Drake to beef with anybody about sex except for me, because you would think. But I knew that him and Nikki weren't. I mean, I knew they would still be family like Cee Lo lo lo teft. But that was years ago. Teft, it had a little teft, so that was any other. Was there any other new music? Uh, static selecter Nas and Joey Badass put out a record that's really dope.


Yeah. Nazan Joey go back and forth Leon Bridges and Lucky Day put out a record.


Well yeah it's pretty good if I go. Yes, some joints, this was a good part, Friday party put out a party pack. Yeah, it was on some old records. I think it may have because you got a record, nipsy. Oh, that's the old one to you. Yeah. You I need to put everything somewhere. Persian rugs, machette. So she's looking at me for. InFocus, Persian rugs, now you, Gilleland gasps You got everything one and one thing, you don't got to make a playlist of his playlist.


I like when artists take all the shit that we had to listen to on YouTube or iTunes and put it out on DVD. Now I'm with you. I like it. You can hate all you want. I don't want to run to YouTube all the time to listen to Persian Rug. Was comfortable with Quave.


I don't think I've heard him. I hadn't heard that either, so that might be, I'm guessing no, maybe I never. Is OK. Oh, and apparently the Sweety Glacier Boy Icy thing was a play on their singles at the time, the fans alerted me.


She had a record cold, so I he had a record called Glacier Boy at the time, even even flashiness snazzy.


He killed that. It gave the guy the bowl of ramen. What did that indicate?


She didn't even know there was a line in song that absolutely stir-fry that she posted. Yes. Stir-Fry, the Suweidi.


Has she ever seen Stir-Fry? I was going to say I love Sweet. I put it I love so I love sweetie. But she's a dope and I love Stir-Fry. Yeah, but that was definitely not Stir-Fry. I would I wouldn't have known if I was gay.


I would have known what that of I would just assume. And you wouldn't know what. Román, for the first one I just thought she was hungry, wanted to go to whatever she wanted in your head that you're like, no, I remember that. I did do that. Now I feel what I feel what you're saying with that one, rather what I.


Yeah, yeah. No, I get it. Men are so pathetic when we're trying to court a chick we like in that first week, we will cop to anything. Oh yeah.


Well not supposed to do unusually. I'm having one talk with you and I'm ghosting.


I respect I like that. I respect it. I like, I respect everyone talking. I'm getting out of here. I hit you when you hit me again. Yeah. I like to know you're worth it. Stand your ground King. I mean, that beat for like chicks don't be having shit to do. They want to call you while you're doing something right and they get mad, but you don't have time.


Oh, my God. Let me tell you what it's. Listen, listen, I don't know what you've got going on, but I'm managing man lives at this moment. So, no, I can't I can't talk about why your Netflix shit isn't working right now.


It's crazy because it was working last night when I was the movie I fan.


Anyway, it's going to be rough out there, man.


All right. So you guys make time for what you want. Do you guys like the new line so much? Will you make time for what you want? Yeah, I can't stand it. Yeah, me too.


So far, I'm making time for what I want.


I thought you were going to give us old Mario break now, Mario. He put out album. Oh, OK. And I don't like it. You don't like it? No, I didn't listen to you neither. Damn, he's making all the future noises with the future flow. Oh, I don't want that from you. Don't say that a little bit, amigos. No, thanks, Mario.


Me too. Me too. I fucked them, too. But maybe one song in here that I'll probably probably play again. But other than that, I wait for him to get news for bad because his album, you know, I fucked with Dancing Shadows.


So we'll see what's going on during covid. I'm not mad at any artist out there that's trying to figure it out, trying to get it together and try to experiment, trying to, you know, take this time and do that. And five records.


I'm not I'm not that close to that close. A record is not bad. Five songs says I'm trying some shit. Let's see how. Yeah, I'm not mad.


I'm because he has a cold, pretty mouth magic. That's what I mean.


And I'm not mad at that. The. I love that, I love this. I love the name. It is a magical situation sometimes. Pretty Milfs. Yes.


You know Madama Pretty Mouth when they're magical. I don't think he was referring to himself, but who you were to imagine is referring to. So looking forward, looking at Rory.


I can't even say that. So why are you looking at you? I didn't even see that. Oh, I'm not mad at that.


Guys, stop.


What else came pretty close to everything that came out this week?


You're probably missing something worth mentioning that we would talk about me, Piso. OK, the Eagles live from the forum this hour. I'm just going to show, which is cool. We just move on to something.


Tommy Lee put out a solo album. Stevie Wonder put out two new songs. I saw that he was on one.


A bunch of people was a tie. OK, President Korda is on the. We want to see how we get ourselves together. Stevie Wonder still don't have a lifetime achievement award from Beatty, which won't keep putting it out there every time Betty has an award show and don't give Stevie a lifetime achievement. I thought they did that.


No, no. Still, the other one is Stevie Wonder and Gary Clark Jr.. OK, that's some range, Rapsody, Corday and Gary Clark Jr.. I'm watching TV, Betty. Do us all a favor. Vote for us, give gifts to give Stevie Wonder a lifetime achievement award while while he's still here with us, please take care of Stevie. And can we just back check to make sure he's never received one? He's never received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Betty.


I can promise you he should just tweet, I see what's going on here. Jo Jo Jo Sahak joke.


I love corny jokes now though.


He was snazzy, snazzy men, happy snares.


Yeah, I know. All right. Well, tell us a story about your lifestyle when you had to put your significant other on the lease.


That never happened. Never happened. Never been there, fellas.


Never live with nobody. That's a significant other. You're in for a rude awakening, sir. She can she get on the lease and start trying to redecorate redecorate the crib if she has that item on it.


A woman has to have Stoutland like, don't try to redecorate and you just grab my off Instagram like, no, no, no. You've got to have some real class and stuff because a woman will make your apartment feel more warm, assuming like a chick with Pinterest.


But I'm not mad at that. It will go on Pinterest or crazy. It depends. What are your opinions now? I'm not a little girl. Put me on a Pinterest years ago. OK, I get it. Maybe having some cool shit if a chicken freak Wayfair. I'm with her.


Yeah, yeah. Don't knock it. But she still has to have at.


You can't just have any type of girl trying to redecorate Wayfair order a little boy with the Alexander dresser.


That was so smooth that came up. I believe this is gold. I'm one hundred percent. I believe that pizza game I was so even though all the kids that were allegedly stole right now right here, I thought she was so. Yeah, yeah. I'm not. I made the kids say you were right here. I'm not going to take it there.


Yeah, they made the kids one gives a lot of power to five year olds.


We watched all of our Kelly's fucking. Never mind.


Forget it. No, it's not the same guy anyways. You brought a boy for you.


Nobody heard a peep about Ghyslain Maxwells and she was hopping from cell to sell after Homeboy was trying to kill her in a good play. I'm just saying that we still know a few things I remember. The Coke now we know that came out is that it's not necessary, we need that. We need that. Yeah, we need the economy. Yeah, sure.


Matter of fact, if you feel you need some weight, you need some juice at your local J.P. Morgan bank.


Looking for me in the background of the picture, though, he hated that look like to do the. Was it somewhere you're not supposed to be? Like, please get me off your phone. See, I was you know, that look, I'm definitely not where I'm going to be here. And look, we're looking at a picture. From Jackson Mahomes and that's what's pissing me off, because when one brother in the family started getting ill here, come to Corney brother fucking doing Jackson Mahomes things.


Get Posten. Yeah, nigga. Just go back to being Jackson. Yeah, he knew what he was doing with. And I'm kidding, by the way, it's do.


I don't know Jackson, but we're looking at a picture of who wants to fill us in here. We're talking about Goddess's going back to King's queen.


Got to come back. Kamakshi, you can't you can't run without Caesar right now.


We're we are looking at Dabar with Mona Lisa. Can't run without Caesar two. That had nothing to do with each other. So, yeah. Get this shit off though. Don't do that. Let him get this shit off. I don't do that.


They had nothing to do with it anyways. You were saying. I'm sorry. No because if humanity's lesson now you got me on fucking you're trying to get Jacob the jeweler to tell them the truth.


And these ain't blood diamonds is they don't lie to me. Lie to me, man. Yeah. Do you read the newspaper? It was like you were lying to you. These are definitely blood. That's how fucking that's how it wasn't blood diamonds. They was completely fake.


No shit with oregano. Diamond it was ice cube. Diamond ice crazy. Here come bird talking about I'm bringing back the Jakov. I'm not going to bring him in. Yeah. Bring it back to wherever you want to bring it.


Oh man.


Bring it back to Jake. It was funny anyways.


You ever, you ever try to get your shit back from the pawn shop. I never got it.


And you know, to Nick that guy, you got to go talk to him. You and here Bipin High at the pawn shop for their operational business. That's how it works. If somebody wants it and they got the money before you die. But you mean you sold it. Yeah, that's what we do here. Yeah, I gave it up.


Oh, man. The pawn shop days. They still pawn shop, right? Absolutely. And now you definitely I think most people do the Craigslist or eBay or something now, but I still think that doesn't matter when I know it is still out there, because that's how some people I love asked me for money.


Yeah, man, I'm about to head the house. You got to do that. Yeah. Stay out and take the thirty part of their.


Got a nice one on Bergen. I'll be walking by that window. Like I said, I'll even play guitar but I'll come.


You barely pulled up on me the other day Billy. Yeah. You got to drive it now. Of course he does. I'm shocked you stole Bailey's.


Billy is the family friend that hit the three hundred million dollar jackpot. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course he better have a driver.


Remember Gore? They got a driver there. He pulled up small.


So what's up, Jack? Kind economy. Is that right? Whippersnapper whippersnappers, your little pod going here, you have to go and check it out the window here on the window that Spotify wouldn't you? That money on. Let me know if you need. So yeah. That's hilarious. Yeah.


He pulled off I go my bed. I was like oh man he looks great. Go my bad. Hey one hundred million. I start doing the math I would do if I had on eighty million. A hundred million. I mean he should look good. See it. You better look good. Yeah. Start as my old spaz told me a little money.


Oh man. Oh man. Come on Rory, introduce us here. No you would. You were taking this topic. No I'll take it.


But just uh with the headline reads Travis Kelce and Clinical might be back together after she showed up to Monday night's game.


Get Your Queen Back. Season has returned home. Camping feels that way. Be at future queen back head Caesar. Get your Mona Lisa. Definitely feels that way.


Who didn't know that? Travis Kelce. He was going to get his queen back.


I did, yeah. That was a safe bet. Yeah, it's a pretty safe bet man. Just one hundred million. Well I mean, I believe in love and that's just more importantly.


Sure. She was smokin shit in the breakup. Yeah. Yeah. When you get on her post breakup was was top notch legit. Yeah. He called her so he told her. She called her. Be clear, let's be very clear. He was you know, we've got the Jets this week.


I don't, I don't I don't really have to pay attention to them if you want to.


You want to come you want to come to the game. Basically, Abi, we don't care what difference they throw at me. I'm smoking on the Jets.


Fucking you can you can definitely get your girl back to be playing the Jets next week. Congratulations to Travis and and Kayla. But why what do got to blow the spot A. The brother in then, I mean, you know, his younger brother, younger brother. Well, well, see, that's the difference. Now, let me help the ladies out out there. Help them out, Joe.


That's one of the reasons that we knew that Kayla, Nicole and Travis Kelsey would be back together because some of the some of us that have been following them, there's a difference between the chicks that go to the game and sit in family and friends alone would like the team starter jacket on me versus the chicks that are in the family and friends section would like his family with them homes like.


Yeah, go with him. Is there with the mahomes is when you know Jackson. It's a little different.


I'm saying she be with Travis mom. With the whole squad. Yeah. You know, his mom said I'm like, you fucked up buddy.


What you do, don't get that girl back. Yeah that no.


That be the trash you throw on your mom, pull you aside like I'm. What the fuck is wrong with you? But that's when, you know, you got to go on, look at moms do that, they tell you, go get her back, it's like I might have to go get back for you.


Like, listen, I've known you your whole life. You can't do better than this. I know you. I seen you.


I seen you the other day. I made a mistake and thought about all the girls I brought home. The mom.


Oh. I will here's my mom, can't think my jig is up. She see your work? Do you ever wonder about what you to about just like she can't mean she can't. But it's a little different.


Like when your mom is always around, like before me, my mom was nothing because my mom was always around like it wasn't dope. If you met my mom. My mom just live here. I live with my mom. Well, yeah, that too.


But I mean, after I know a lot of girls, I actually just be there a lot, a lot of girls. When I watch my mom be out with me, she's in the kitchen.


Cooking is not in the morning. You're walking out. There's this next question is excluding Rori, of course, because he's the only child you'll ever, ever play with your moms.


So you're not going to take care of your brother.


Like after the God, I'm the apostle, I'm not in that position, you can play like that if you want.


I'm I wouldn't do that. And I'm just going to play like that. No, I've never played like that. If I play like, you know, your mom wasn't for play played certain things you can't play with, but you got to play a little bit like soon as you walk out.


I'm taking his ass to court to talk. Oh, yeah. Look, we're just trying to go see your brother. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm just trying to take this thing to the next level, man. Get out of my mom's. Out of my family. What is this that we're looking at here? It's great.


Oh, my brother's awesome. My brothers, I listen, I told you, I don't want to get vulnerable. I love you. But listen, as I aged, I got closer to my brother. But like, coming up, I wish we was. But that five year gap, it's always five years.


Like, my brother was in the streets. I was like, what are you doing in the streets? Then when I got to the streets, he was in the street. This is especially when you're older. You have they have friends, they into different shit.


Sister is 13 years old. My older sister is 13 years old. Me, that's a big guy.


I remember trying to go so close to an only child. Well, I have another system that's two years older each year and some change.


Like I remember trying to square up with my older brother when he he was 17. I was 12. We both lived with moms. He was stepping out to go to like a hot club or a hot spot at like nine. And I was being twelve.


I want to go. Why can't I go outside this mine? We just didn't get it. Yeah, stupid ass fights.


All right, Kadee. Kadee took her kicking back like ten minutes later, coming back season.


Got to believe in love.


I it is. Love conquers all. Love is love. Ron. Try to tell us love conquers all.


That's right.


And who wants to be alone during a pandemic. You know, that is a good time to break up I think more and more. Would you like to read some of the quotes that Cardie said to her response of why? Sure, I'll do it.


I'm from the Bronx. She's going to Brussels. Do it. I'll just be starting to miss him.


It's hard not to talk to your best friend, Tru, and it's really hard to have why you want me to stay, because that's what I wanted you to read this and you finish this post post and it's really hard to have no dick.


Kadee told fans, don't an Instagram Bloustein want to scream? Can you scroll down just just one more.


Is is he right here? Is there more things about the country? Yeah, please. No, I do.


I do like material things, admitted Karti. What do you want to do? The nigga gave me a Rolls Royce and I snub him and I really wanted some dick for my birthday.


Love. I mean, love is all love. This is love. You know, she wanted to love muscle sexy, so she wanted she wanted to love Bull Carter just wanted to love below that. So she wanted the love muscles and all she wanted was some love muscle cars and sex.


Love wins all.


Yeah, who doesn't? You know, cars and sex. Shout out to love.


Yeah. Yeah. My girl gave me a Rolls Royce taking her back and I get sex. Oh come on. On your birthday shakes.


Trying to be single with winter approaching.


No, not at all. So a winter pandemic winter. Mm. No I'm cool. No. Yeah. We got to get back.


Congratulations to them. I'm happy for them.


If they're happy, I'm happy, I'm happy that anyone's happy and now we're tossing at them all, we talk about the opposite of love, hate politics. No, politics is the opposite of love for sure. Definitely the opposite of love. Like you give it to us, Molk.


They try to cancel Cutman.


And I don't like that. I don't like it either.


I know what I'm saying is going to cancel Ice Cube. Let's just be clear. I should be trying to cancel a few reasons.


Album is still in rotation. There's a lot of replay value rotation over here, man.


Yeah, yeah. We never got into that outro, but it's cool. I'm dressed. That should have been a conversation.


Yeah, but how I feel about that, I'm cancelling you or trying to cancel, I don't like calling to quote you on this or more. I don't think it makes sense. He was I think what happened is actually kind of unfortunate for Cubans that they kind of made him a pawn a little bit closer to the Republican Party control.


Can you give us some backstory? You know exactly what it was. Cuba's apparently meeting with Trump to discuss. I forgot the name of his initiative thing, that platinum plan. Platinum plan. And is that like the Ruska? I don't think it's like that at all. Right.


I don't know anything about this part of my it's basically what Cuban whatever his his partners are envisioning for politicians to help black people, essentially when I feel that.


I'm sorry. Yeah. So you met with Trump, which I don't think is actually a bad thing. Like if this is what if you're going to be involved in politics, you have to deal with the politicians that are in power.


Mm hmm.


But the Trump administration came out, said, yo, we got Cuba on board.


He's cubes with us, which is probably not accurate. And I think he's actually tweeted that he is not with them.


He's just meeting with them, trying to get his agenda fulfilled and whatnot, trying to make sure that black people are part of the plan. No doubt moving forward. No doubt.


Well, that's that's the unfortunate thing with politics on both sides as well. Like when you meet with somebody that's in power or you try to have a conversation with somebody in power, even if you agree or disagree with them, you are now going to be used as that idea that this celebrity is now with me. Correct.


Which is weird. Now, I do understand what you're going to listen.


We could love Ice Cube. We all love Ice Cube. Of course, this is a bunch of shit. We're just shit. It stinks. This is disgusting. Everything about it is disgusting. Was disgusting about it. Well, he did say he didn't meet with Trump, by the way, I feel like I saw that. I think it was with the administration of his.


Yeah, whoever you met with, you did so with 16 days before an election. Mm hmm. What do you think is getting accomplished? Well, I think he I think he stopped it. I think what he was trying to do was he sat with them to see because he's still trying to figure out who he's voting for, I believe, with CubeSat with it. So he's saying like, OK, what are your plans for my people and the people of my community and where I come from?


And you're saying that to a sitting president 13 days before an election. What did you think was about to get accomplished?


I mean, he's well, he's trying to sit down with both sides, actually. And I don't it don't matter who he would have sat down with.


You're sitting down with whoever 13 days before an election. What did you think was getting accomplished?


I think the valid criticism here, I don't think he's wrong for sitting with them and possibly not even sitting with them before the election to make sure that whatever messaging he wants to be brought across is appropriate for what his cause is. I think the problem is that. Let me cut yourself. You're opening yourself up to be a pawn. Let me cut you off. You're right. Yeah. You are opening yourself up to be a pawn. That's my number one issue with this.


Number two, he is not speaking to someone that is attempting to get into office less to try to maintain office.


Yes, so what are we talking about? He's he's speaking to somebody, speaking with the sitting president who has been he's been he's been there, right. He's been there. Whatever he was about to do for the black agenda, the platinum card. And we've seen four years of it.


Some of us think I've seen enough. I'm on board with the Ice Cube, apparently wants to meet with people 16 days before an election and think that he's going to get something done.


I'm not mad at his optimism, but some of us think it's a crock of shit.


And then he did an interview with Big Ticket the next morning. Mm hmm.


I only know so because I heard on clubhouse, right. Where he just said a lot of facts about black people that are incorrect. So my beef about Trump, which is he's not a politician, is kind of my beef with Ice Cube, I'm not mad at anybody coming together to try to speak up for the black agenda, but have your facts straight when you start speaking about black people and what we've endured in this country or our current state in this country.


And don't be foolish enough to believe that the sitting president is going to fucking act out your policy or your agenda 13 days before an election.


You're just going to use it as ammunition for his own.


He's he's only been looking for black names to throw out there and campaign with forever. Well, like, so cool. I'm not mad. And nobody that thinks that Trump is about to fix things in the final hour with 13 days left because Ice Cube met with him. And I'm not saying that you should never meet with the other side if you expect change. That's how I'm saying you should have done that. We kind of knew Trump was running again this year.


We should have been on this issue 13 days before. And you're about to tell me that Ice Cube has a history in politics to two things.


We don't know where Cuba was at with this organization in his timing. We don't know if now he was ready to meet and couldn't have met six months ago because they weren't. Yeah, I believe he tried to meet early. This is also the problem with campaigning, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. It's just all smoke and mirrors with me, with everybody this close to an election to just try to look like we're aligned with certain people. Yeah, no matter what.


Like, oh, election time. Yes. I mean, with you and both sides do that. That's that's the problem with campaigning because it's bullshit.


Well, that well, that's why my issue is, see, when you could just read between the media lines and when you could just read between the ulterior motives and the agendas, it's like you got your people to say, hey, Trump made sure all the felons can vote. Cool. He also put a tax on it for the felons to be able to vote so that they would not be able to vote, and there's some people that only ever get half of the story right.


So I'm not against people. So I'm not mad at anybody's side of the story on this. Well, that's what I'm saying. They only want you to get see a story like there's been a lot of shit.


Don't tell me that. You mean with the sitting president about a black policy 13 days before an election when this for them to campaign the way they've been campaigning is costing trillions of dollars, billions of dollars, not trillions. I'm sorry.


Well, Trump announced that platinum scheme of things just weeks ago to give us something, give us point one percent of the money that y'all are marketing with as black people so we can come up economically in this country so it can be more of a fair playing ground. I'm not about to sit here, read a bunch of ideas to you ten days before I got to go to a poll. Hmm. It's ridiculous. It's nonsensical and fucked up the money.


You're talking about a lot of all this data and privacy conversations we've been having, whether it be Facebook or other platforms, have derived from the campaigns.


Like that's the reason they started doing a lot of this shit was for campaigning. It came from presidential campaigns.


So, yeah, it's much more than just give us a percentage of the money. Your campaign marketing dollars, literally how the world is run is starting with presidential campaigns.


You're going to get with a nigger that was actively stealing mailboxes from places like what the fuck are you all telling me about?


I don't want to talk about what Ice Cube was talking about. That's me. But I love and respect Ice Cube. And I think that anybody with a policy, you know, we should have a policy. I was just we should have demand.


I was just defending the sitting down and sitting down, having a conversation. You need to sit down and have seen even people that have 13 days before an election is too dangerous. I agree. It's too dangerous. So we already got Kanye running around saying, hey, 20 percent over here and it's not true distraction cuz some people didn't think so. And now here we are, depending on where votes are swayed by like the umpteenth percent, like niggas need a vote.


But the problem I have with this whole vote, vote, vote thing is people are only voting for, let's say, buiding because they don't want to vote for Trump. They don't even know about his policies and what he's saying he's going to do it trying to do. And to me, that's just as dangerous because you don't even know why you vote for this person. It's just that you don't like the other person for whatever reason. And my mom, you just don't you don't you can't vote for somebody and not know what they're trying to do.


If they get to me, that's dangerous. I challenge you there because most black people historically in this country have only ever had hope to go to the polls with.


So here we've been hoping for. We've only been allowed to vote for sixty years. Exactly. So what so what I'm saying is we've seen enough from someone who's been the sitting president for four years. Nobody's vouching for Biden. I hate that narrative that we say when they say we're not voting for Trump. You say all you support Biden. I don't know that they can either. But I know I haven't seen four years of what he's liable to do.


Right. And I know it can't get much worse. This is my opinion. And I saw eight years of him, at least in the second position of power. There were pretty decent and a lot of respects and not good in some respects, too.


So, yeah, but he has a history in forty seven years in politics and a lot of people don't like for sure. And I think that's what I always said. I think a lot of people like Biden because he was Obama's vice president and they still they still don't know his history. Sure. Because I've had these conversations with people that are going to vote and I'm just like, but you don't even know. You just know that he was Obama's vice president.


Love Obama.


But that can't matter because you know Trump's history and it doesn't matter to you. Right.


OK, but here's what I'm saying. So I don't understand why people are so upset. If you say I'm not voting for Biden or I'm not vote for Trump, it's like you don't really know.


A lot of you don't know a lot about any of these guys you're going to vote for. One is publicly divisive. One is publicly racist. One has sent the armed military into state. I think that is racist remarks on both sides.


I'm sure probably one has sent the armed guards to attack civilians in different places.


Correct. One held the Bible upside down in front of a church that he never went to or terror bombing.


Tear gassing. Yeah, like the protesters that were exercising their First Amendment right.


But again, even that is because they showed President Clinton same Bible, same church. OK, I'm not not if that was something. It was something going on in the country that was wasn't going on. Every other president was sitting. So that's not good.


Nobody is putting the military on citizens.


No, period. I agree with that. That's what I'm saying is this it's nothing if for no other reason, that is the reason. And and if that wasn't. That's Giuliani's man. I was in New York for Giuliani. I'm never putting nobody. That's Giuliani's man. Nowhere, Giuliani's daughter. I just saw someone on MSNBC yesterday that said, hey, I'm Giuliani's daughter and I encourage everyone to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, like when niggas kids is on it like that.


But I've seen your dad and how he gets. Was it up, I'm just cool, I'm not telling anybody what to do with the polls, but I encourage everybody to vote. Absolutely, I understand and it's not true either.


And people need to stop saying that. I'm seeing all these celebrities in the UK who they're voting for and we've got to be what we've got to be honest. You're saying you don't care who they vote for. You can't because people vote.


That's their personal right.


Vote for because the moment you say you vote for Trump, it's it's a it's an argument fuck you to like. I'm just telling you what I've seen. OK, all of these celebrities come out, vote, vote, vote and say, OK, but if somebody says they're going to vote for Trump, you're going to be mad at them. Because then I vote for who you want them to vote for. So that's why I'm saying all of these vote vote.


It's great to get out and go vote. I don't kill people. Vote for me.


I don't I don't vote for individual personal life. None of this was designed for me or anybody who looks like me, my people. We were only allowed to vote for 60 years. My mother was born when she wasn't allowed to vote. So this shit means it's like whatever, OK, I'll go vote because that's what you're supposed to do as a citizen of this country. Right. But when we have a celebrities that are trying to use their powers, they all go vote, go vote, make sure you vote, vote, vote.


It's like, yeah, but if somebody is not voting for who you want them to vote for, you're upset. That's an irrelevant point. Whoever's upset. I'm just saying we saying go vote.


Please educate yourself on the rest of the ballot, not just the president, correct? Absolutely. Educate yourself on both vote. Educate yourself on both candidates. Vote locally as much as you can. The quickest change comes from within. So please get involved in your community if you want to see change right away. Mm hmm.


Because we're talking about a whole platform of people we don't even know exist by and that president and know who you voted for. Like, fuck with your community.


First, you'll make your best change their vote locally. There's a whole nother ballot besides the president coming up, educate yourself. There is not just sitting with fucking Biden and Trump, bam. It's a whole lot of shit.


Well, in any case, we need to get to a place where politics doesn't divide us like this man.


Fuck politics. How about the U.S. energy? I'm I get fuck that shit. To give us something? Yeah, man, I feel like a lot of people watched our return episode.


And I guess I owe this gentleman an apology. Vivian, I really butchered your name in attempt to praise your latest effort and the last effort.


Yeah, but I've been saying Jovian, so, I mean, I've been incorrect and I'm glad that he came out and fixed it for me, he put a video out letting everyone know the correct pronunciation of his name, which I which I was not, which I'm all for, get to avoid Jovian or Jeevana.


So it's not give on Jovian or Javon is give you a. First of all, and they be mad at you for giving you his name. First of all, don't give me the sexy tongue twist that your name comes with, give you on.


I'm never saying give you a and that's number one, the whole accent.


Yeah, I'm cool on that. And you, my guy. But and secondly, I'm sick of these artists. Give you on your name is spelled like all that shit you said your name's not. Well that's why you drive on Givenchy. Yeah, but you know who got me tied at that six black.


I was going to say black. Six black, six black.


Ran around with an attitude at everybody in the world for thinking his name was six black, six black, six black, because we have like six black. It was the number six and black. And he was like, stupid embezzles. It's black nigga. That's six. Yeah. You get yourself some weird names and he man, I know how to say sex. That is the number six. Right. So you mean everyone's not from zone six in Atlanta?


Yeah, no, I didn't know that that's what you were doing.


So give you on. I will pronounce your name correctly moving forward. And another thing. No, like how you expected me to pronounce your name correctly. And you're doing songs with no. Knock it off. Knock it off man.


Fight for your show utilites. No, that was our Lovren.


I heard you heard your latest effort, which a little friend in Shivon or however you pronounce his name is you and your man Javon G. No, no.


I didn't send any hate towards you beyond way with snow. One day. One day I was keeping up with it must have been John's birthday that day and oh it was release party or something. That snow was the I didn't like she was there but she was there because of covid.


Right. Oh, yeah, yeah, but not only was she there, she kept giving me snaps of Djiboutian saying stuff like, ha ha ha, funniest man I know.


And he was. I wish she would show the world his sense of humor. I'm like, how you know how you know, his sense of humor queen. Like, what you really trying to tell us right now? Right now what he's saying is so funny. Overcome well.


Ha ha ha. Some lady vocals and get you funny. I lay your vocals and scream. They're making snow, I forgot to tell somebody, scram, after they lay a verse, let your vocals and scram on give me give me on.


I love his music. I do really, really challenge talented. Really unique, too. He's been hurt before.


You don't hear it and can relate to it. They one word moment where he said the big.


Can be have you always like to imagine him, a happy, sad, heartbreaking anniversary. What's the first line is someone in the room is deflated. You've been in that room, are you hurt it? You feel like the entire room is deflated. You hurt. Booms are in place and I believe that are actually could go buy yourself some more balloons and been around looking at dead balloons. You don't even people you don't even people giving on is taking a balloon to deflate.


That means he just Boston.


No, see. Oh, he didn't do that. That's what. Listen to the song. Listen to the.


I thought maybe he planned a birthday party and she didn't show. Oh, baloney. Here, let me go back again into Cassaday. That life is like for you your whole life like. Not doing to the knowledge, why are you looking lifeless to your balls? Do they look like your balls and you bust them? You alive? It's like, oh, raisins. You they don't correct your name to me, if you like.


That's what he gives you on your side. Yes.


I mean, she got up, jumped in the shower. You made a second. She left a bit. I spread out, get the best. So I start sleeping sideways for no reason. Oh my God, don't go. But if you have to destroy her brain when she leaves, I miss you on your side of the bed.


She wasn't doing that side of the bed just enough to me will be went. Still got some things here. Oh, God, they're still here. This record is fire is this is my ship. It didn't even get to the bridge.


You know, they still missing the bridge with them.


Oh, now that's my part. They stare at me like souvenir.


I'm still got something to. Toothbrushes like souvenirs to hide from America, they got man from Long Beach. They got so many souvenirs from Long Beach. What he collected was he collected souvenirs. He has a little snowflake ball.


He's got the Empire State Building Ball, which is he's got the glass ice sculpture of them to fix her up with this. She left this right in career. How do you play this? You gift that I put my pets in a snowball. He put it to him and sit in a snowball fight of our citizenship. That's right in the bag. Now this is coming still this is coming. Don't disrespect.


Don't don't let your go to the mall to take photos together and the mall photos and get the character of.


And it really hurt the character. I mean, the caricature is painting. Thank you.


So my mom, my mom, she took a bunch of really, really cool pictures and put them in picture frames, really big picture frames that spin around. Right.


So what picture do you want to see? 3-D? It's pretty cool. So on one side, this picture that I had in my kitchen, on one side, it's me and my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby, Lexington, just throwing them in the air, just having a lot of fun. And on the other side was me kissing scene with, like Lexington in the picture. Men don't really pay attention to little stupid shit like this, so when I had that picture in the area, you spin it to the left side and that was that button.


Oh, here comes some Jezebel. Here comes from Jezebel. I had to use the microwave to, you know. Did you see that picture in the corner? Yeah, because my kids know the other side, though, like, oh, snap. I know that. Oh, snap. My my kid's mom, like you said. Oh, damn, damn. I said yes, man. You mean my family. Yeah. I'm sorry. Let me get my family out of my kitchen or I can get you out of my head.


That's a fact, because that's always an option. Yeah. You can get out like it was crazy.


I don't even not open it framed on that frame. It's stuck tight. I do not open the door. It's tape. Yeah. She probably had a group chat like, oh, I saw a red flag. So did you meet her family.


You got a bridge right here. She will always say a day. I thought by. Yes, last. Yes, sir, Rudolf's in the summer, it's cold outside. I got my. Here we go, here we go. They like this thing now. Yeah, you think it works for him?


Somebody told me SWG rain is about coming all over chicks. Yeah, I thought that was known. That's what Pharrell was on the bridge. I get it now as it's somewhere in there. I guess it makes sense.


I heard from Pharrell since Marvin Gaye's family, it's been quiet and he's starting to hate Marvin Gaye family. You scared the shit out of me. We heard from Alan Thicke. I mean, Robin Thicke recipe's now you rest in peace. Alan Thicke. I always thought that Mary J.


Blige song was she said she was giving him when he wasn't around, just what I assumed it was what Mary J. Sang. She's going down when he's not around.


Very good. Smack the shit out of Jack White. All must get to know that much. That's all I going to say on that one. As soon as you get off power, she headed to Brooklyn or the Jaguar dealership anywhere. Jaguar.


Oh my God.


You all the fucking crazy. All right, listen, I'm gonna stay out of this one, but if you've been paying attention to that entire thing. OK, how come it's not so that we're all right? No, I haven't been paying attention near a Billboard Awards. Where were you still on? OK, Blair. Dataflow, I mean, I like I like the websites they get engaged on, OK, player, it's the roots by listening to conscious hip hop.


Yes, that's what you do for lyrics to your lyrics. Dictate the lyrics. All right. Come on, man. Do me a favor. Don't ever say Renfree in front of me again. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


You trigger.


And he say, actually, that was a trigger at Jack's point to, you know, I'm sorry, Bill, but it was like I said, Billboard was the Billboard Awards happened.


I'm going to read to you who won because I didn't watch that show. I don't watch this now. I did watch Brandi and time I watched that.


But I was saying I was saying before, was it on stage or was like a zoom zoom party? It was it was zoom. It was stage set up. But it was it wasn't like it wasn't live and people weren't there. That's what I'm saying as well. Yeah. He killed that great performance.


But the winners of the billboard is just the winners. Some of the charts. Right.


I think it's screaming go back if you if you needed a guest, we don't have a great game. So how are you going to answer your question?


Let's just read. I'm not even going to say what category Billy Idol is. Jonas Brothers, everything.


Khalid Taylor Swift, the Baby Lonas X Lizzo, Hey, Roddy Rich, Mariah Carey, Lou Combs, Lonas ex. Taylor Swift, Kalid Lonas ex Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande Day. That Hasley person Lizzo Taylor Swift.


Don't start out like we can. Just go through these and you'll get your answer, sir.


OK, so whoever was number one the most.


Yeah. You could just read the answers before you show all the way around.


Yeah. OK. And Sheeran a little bit of it here in Sprinkle sprinkled out.


Hey Chris Brown, top of the artists.


I see it, the walker I see you at the Grammys have been pushing to get credits on despues lately so I'm happy about Summer won.


Best RB female artist. OK, top RB female artist.


Deservedly so. That was dope. They text you to here and she posted on Friday. Which which which one though. Not go back to her. OK, that's still out there.


But you follow the Galactose League. Yeah. We'll on our be tagging all the old nice ones.


Yeah. How you spoke galactose Joe. It's prayer. It's pretty women in conspiracy theories. Like what else do you need.


Damn it ain't even the first one is a secret with a secret society. All we ask is trust L.A.. Oh, here, go right. Fanpage. Come on, man, try to be my shit. Listen, I don't know what I can tell you. OK, I'm joking. Oh, there it is.


That's when I just put Gulak to whore and then whore the galactic whores. You got to go. This is not a fix, don't fix that, don't exist, no lock on the back door, lock the whole blocks in. Let me go to the GB page, then let me go back, because you can't block me. OK, I'll get to that later.


I'll get to that later. But I'm definitely gonna follow a little girl back to work she's doing in London. Yes. Take them off.


Wait Mo when she get away from London, love your email updates about love. One Love wins, love wins.


Love when their loved ones, they're still together and look and they look happy.


Oh yeah. Oh.


Do you like to have the picture when she poster man. Now, I know there's a lot of chicks having, you know, Novakovic, they made a lot of chicks come out with a man, the bitches at home release parties for a nigga like, all right, you been together for 17 years.


Like, wait a second is out there. All right. Let's see. Maybe I'll give I'll give you on a sleeper play.


Got to give you a little throwback.


Little give you on. And Snow was a good record. Was going to win some all love lost for the anniversary, but I'm not sure I'm happy.


Five years guys lost. Yes. Same to you. Here, let me you your classic.


I'll play some of the. Let's do it. All right, so we can do that, we can do that. Let me Classico way. So if you all I'm comfortable saying play that, should I just stay in my given back?


I mean, it's the same thing. No, just one person's rapping. The other is not facts.


You hear you hear the queen. Singing to me. Come over here. No, I said no, you should come over serenading me back into your arms again and says No sand, let me just.


It on the straight and narrow, because you told me so every time he tried to smuggle. I want you to me. I know I I love snow so much, I could just jump on it collapsed or Harmon would have come back to me.


It's just bad background vocals. I just want to be with you. So. Toneless in a given that I told you so, I told them every time it's what you tell her, I'm an aggressive one.


And I said I'm. I can give you an old joke, by the way, we love you like such a strong. Come on, come on, it's a huge. You can't do that. You can't just come into a store like that. You got to relax, calm down. And Joe. So now is the end, we're supposed to know which we got to do that. I don't think any open bid to stop it was there to breathe on purpose.


No snow, no snow. Oh, winter will never be the same. I know winter won't be the same because I don't see snow when it's not.


You know, Louis, talking to my ticket out here that was given featuring an angel, an angel in my eyes, an angel that has fallen from the sky.


Anyway, I'm a jumble in the snow at the end of the it with my my dog line. Mr. Doug line. Like the cartoon. Hey, what's going on? My name is Doug, does God spelled backwards with a little bit of you? She going to block the snow, going to see. So here's the thing, I was going to play Joe's album for the five year anniversary, now reconsidering I'm now reconsidering the entire idea of. How can I be?


All right, go ahead, go ahead, commonness.


Yeah, I'm sure it's coming. He's down. Come on, come on, man. Maybe to you. Is it funny to stay true to it?


Yeah, I was about to compliment you. I just don't want to anymore. You know, I was much real overdue when this came out. Now it's mud all over. Yeah, mud everywhere.


I was going to say I'm not playing a necessary or mortal, but I was going to say those are those like different different records. I wanted to compliment you and I had a cool speech. But after you gave that line, I'm no longer doing that. I just played Love You. Happy five year anniversary. It's going starts off real quick. I'm a thinker. It's like thinking shit. Europe appears to look like been here before, you know, my history before you knew who I was.


We're reaching our potential. Felt like nobody liked me. Besides, if I stopped being who I am afraid to look who I might be. But you got to look inside each song. That's why I proved it was really insightful a little bit. Also, the privacy gone bad to sit down and write these wrongs. Just how I write these rules that look like me better. When I spoke using censorship before you knew I was really insensitive. That was back when it was you and me.


The curiosity killed you. You had to Google me. Now I won't call a headline Zalaya. True and some false. That's the order disciple. Look at some of what they say. It bothered me. I liked it better when the net was still a novelty because now people found themselves get an outlet, yet don't know how they found themselves. They like me better when I'm silent and don't have an opinion pretending to. Police didn't like them emailing and saying, Joe, keep talking that shit, he'll get them shot.


But if rappers can't tie my shoes, how can I not shit my city support? I couldn't believe tie the shoes. Not your tie saying not, but how can I not get it? I mean, come on man, why did you stop? I like it better when I had nothing, when I felt like I had something to relax. Nigga, you relax. You're doing it. But why did he stop. Why did he ask? Can I not?


But he had a lot of game left benim so you can never call again without it. They don't know what type of box I belong up in. He like me better without reality television. I guess they didn't me. Hell, I was living in my shoes. You two will see a fake popping 20 pills a day. Somebody will feel the way I look. And so these holes just to pass time after the past time, they don't even pass my mind.


You like me, fade away before you got lied to. But that only matter when you want me. That's how it is now obvious. You have to be better for life to, you know, shit here. I guess that affected his bladder.


So Jackie me so. Oh he's shit. That's hilarious. That's true. Shout out to my boy wonder love for you as a boy.


What love are you talking about. All the people that don't have love for you is crazy after you lied to them.


Little lie but be so mad at a lie. All right. Play a joint from this is Demo Steam in our adolescence. This is probably your first question where you want to go, and it's is not a stretch to say big schemes would upset investors in that adolescent like story when there's no question listening for you, kid psychographics, make your own how you always do want to take a long death was just at to clean it up and saw his daughter federalised waiting for.


Rational business leaders should focus on it. This is a slow way to slow it down. Each office was to generate these thoughts with what, Kipe? Skilton called my neighbor dog myself before paintbox my confirmation. So stops scheduled at a little flat rhetoric, fobs, travel guides, Greg. What they had, Hodgeman, elements with the family of the business. Top sketch in the dark flap flatbread of the gods, when asked whether it had shredded lip mass to five million to five, but the business said.


First up, a little late for the label could be dug in the locations and dates of my property were devastated by coastal states to show us what they give me home. What does dysplastic? Does Demo Demon Adolescences shout out to the Bronx, right from the Bronx? Yeah, I don't give a little intro action.


Oh, oh oh jobs are gone. The National Guard just went up front, I can't dig any deeper assimilation with his teeth. They see what I see, I guess my neighbor I mean, check this out balloons and deflate it over here. I mean, to me. So we're seeing this now since day one again this morning and want me with go to and want to hear me happy not looking for to here. But if they take this commercial and Sony patiently waiting for my fortunes reversal.


Like ever since Fundus passed the high road and watched everybody underpass, Julito got up and looking out so much that I feel guilty when I ask for more than I do it like the shooting never happened before. This is all the while laying on my bed to fill a hole up. I'm just asking them, give me strength to throw up. But now I'm sick and tired of laying in my own throw up to give in. And self-pity hits me and I start to feel like I don't deserve to be forgiven.


Like when you can't think talking, when you don't drink, sneaking around your own kitchen because you got to get a swig and I get a huge sweet and vodka will settle some claims that the pot calling the kettle one. I know niggas so broke that they embezzle funds to busy waiting for a chance that ain't never come. But this is bigger than having a debt. I mean, I can't stop my brain from the magic, the destiny of the clear blue sky crab.


Random tea is used to hit me mean depression. Being a teen for years I suffer from self-doubt, put a crimp on my fears. If there's a God, this would be the perfect band with me. I'm not a street nigga. Never clean. This boy is someone. Entrainment still looks insane to pull itself. So people say I changed. I believe I should. Even so, the goals always been illegal. None of this should be a ChAFTA.


To your logic, if you still innocent. Yo, since you want a nigga furthest from his dream gone away once we left the a single show to try to stop, don't give a fuck. Gas is so low that it might be there, really. That's my friend Joe Biden and my other friend Money. That is all love lost the intro to that song.


And my friend Clarkes who engineered it. Yeah. And co-produced it with a birthday party.


It's our birthday this weekend. Happy, happy birthday, Barsa. Your birthday is coming up Sunday, said it to me. Also, what are we doing to turn up? The flooding, it is Park's birthday this weekend. Well, any plans that really get drunk? My friends. Are invited. So we're not your friends, you are our last lastly, and I'm not bringing this up again, but. The public, the public and the audience should just know, because we don't research things that ice cubes very close business partner Jeff Kwatinetz or whatever his name is, is very, very close with Steve Bannon.


Hmm. Take it for what it's worth, I'll take that as something for sure, he's going on a commercial anoma to. All right, all up, man, we had I feel like I need to play more, give on. Yeah, I'll play it. We'll give you one since we started with. There we go. My check, my check, my check, my check that guitars is hard, man. I wouldn't mind if the song was like five more minutes longer.


Five minutes longer. All right, good bye, gentlemen. Well, shall we can play plans, we can fly out to D.C.. Oh, yeah. Oh, no. I'm probably just going to be around the way.


I didn't think twice about that, of course. I mean, our podcast content. I didn't even hit my driver yet. Yeah, yeah. No, probably going probably going to sleep off pretty early Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Catch up on some rest.


Yeah. I mean I'm thinking six, seven o'clock. Yeah. Good time. Yeah. Not that anybody's trying to find me in an after hours but obviously at home. Yeah. Thanks a lot.


Deflated which is were nothing man. I'll be around this weekend chillin, you know going oh my God. Sister's son's birthday party tomorrow. You know, I still worry about them. Family, family functions.


My worries. I do. Yeah. My family has functions and function family. We're dysfunctional, but we have functions.


So a dysfunctional family at family functions we had those are fun, fun, fun, fun. The functional, functional look, the functional dysfunctioning.


I do love that dysfunctional family line. Is anyone ever met a functional family?


No, fully. And every family is fucking there's something in there. There's a curveball here. Moms wouldn't let you go to your friend's house with a functioning family. You start going back, realizing things.


It's like mom dinner at five. Shut up, boy. It's really come over there. No one screams. Yeah, you have a date in a girl and you go to a family function.


She got like a family member. That's a little like, you know, just mentally challenged every girl I've ever dated. And you got to act like you understand what he's trying to say to you. And you're scared at the same time about, you know, he's just trying to see if you want to play the game you play, OK, because I'm over here thinking he was about to attack me.


I went to the family function when the girl he was dating was mentally challenged. One in the family looking up at the cousins like now go home and take care of her. I got it. I'm all about it. Don't even worry about it. Cousins, snakes for like you're better, man. Like I'm telling you, it's on me. I don't think you really know what you're getting into.


Yeah, I got it. I got it. I figured.


All right. Roy brings up a good topic back to partying when the family for you to decide. Are you sure you want to do business with her?


I've been there at seven. Add that we'll really get back to that one.


Yeah, that's a good one. No, we won't. We will try. We should. That's a good one. All right, man.


Everybody be safe. Be careful out there. Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you enjoyed this podcast as much as we enjoy recording it. Please keep us in your prayers, Laura.


We know. Lord know. We know. Lord knows. We need to be there until the next time. I bid you all to do farewell. Hasta la vista. So long. Goodbye. Adios, deuces. One hundred piece. All of that good shit. Please remember life is a series of moments and moments past.


So let's make this one last as if it's all we have in the song.


While I'm talking back there now, live a series of moments that I, you know, we getting out of here, man.


We'll talk to you all on Wednesday. Yeah, hold it down. We're going to play. Gosnells, U.N. says your statement is available like you really want to look at it and never want to look there, but not to say, you know, Obama is now making you take a picture with the man on to send to the driver.


Yeah, rebel does that, too, with the scooters. You took a picture with the helmet on SUVs. And I want to shout out the where's the helmet?


In the rubble. It's in the back of the little tracting of society. Curreri surgeon for the helmet. I know I was on the rebels before there was a helmet involved. So everyone just puts the helmet on and you get to yourself, someone's nasty ass head and hair.


You got guys, I promise you can text each other because province also.


Lastly, shout out to Amazon and coming to America too.


They paid a buck twenty five million for the exclusive rights to coming to America. All the.


So yeah, as long as as long as it is in it. I think they're both owner Kevin Hart. No, no.


They're both looking to take a booking and I think the producing a booking in calendar year. I'm still coming here bringing it up Amazon with another one and takes one meeting. Stop where you fuck up the other meet and see why he can't get another job. Why are we out here? Hope you enjoy the weekend. We're going. That's called leverage. No, no, no, no, no, no. Japan.