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I'm here, too. Can't wait to show you the beach. Yeah. I'll bury you in the sand and make a sand castle. Let's go back. Yeah. Go ahead. Put your hand out. Oh my gosh, I'm ready. I'm ready I'm letting them. Be careful. I was letting them. It wants the air gums. It's a bite on my hand. Here is Capun. What's your nickname? What's your nickname? Papa. Yeah. Can we kiss? Oh, squeaky kiss. Go hold it high. Super. Why are you pulling from the front? This guy is his mouth, man. No, no, no, no, no, How did you hold her hand out, Andrew? Okay. Okay. He said that. Me, you're doing it again. Hey, she's coming down, my boy. Sorry, not enough. Shut the window. Not enough. He's eating her all day. All right, that's how we're going to fit to work. Sorry. Mommy, tell me. No, it's not your fault. Honey, you're at work. Did you see the bird take it? Go get it, Russy. Come on. I got to keep you holding me. But can we have a chicken for dinner? No. Did you give that back to us? You got it all. Hey, Bird.


Bird, excuse me. Littering, really? It's good. It's one to you. It's your turn. Can you get two based on your... They're fighting. All right, so who wants it now? It's covered in sand. Nobody, right? That one? She laid an egg. Oh my gosh, she laid an egg. Where? She laid an egg right there. She laid an egg, I'm not lying. Oh my gosh. What did we do? I don't know. She actually laid an egg, I'm not lying. Where? It's right there. Here we go, Jake. Here we go. What did the turkey say when he crossed the road? More dog taxi. We got more footage for you, AFV. It doesn't stop here. We got the walking, talking, taxi, dog, bird combo. Bird on a chain, walking dog taxi. He's flipping that chicken over. Now he does a flip over the chicken. How? How? How? How? How


Goldie just sitting there. Hi, babe. Oh, no, the gun's hurt. The gun's hurt. She's okay. Alright, come on in if you're comfortable. We're doing it. She's staying until she wants to get in. Is it baby? I don't know. I don't think so. They're probably more scared of you. Chicken. Check, Nugget. Wait, chicken. Now, all the black ones got it. Now, all the white ones got it. Does Timothy like sweating? Here we go, Bob. No. No. No. No. What's the turkey saying? I must ask you a question. Let's go. Come on. Come on. This bird always hangs out here. Oh my gosh. It stars at me when I get the mail and follows me. Hey. Okay, next. He's going to go to a workout. Throw. No, there's one. No. Hey. Hey, what you do with that, dad? What you spying over that? What you taking? What you taking Can you get out of the way? Are you playing with the iPad? What a smart girl. Oh, did Go ahead, Sydney. Oh, so pretty. Yeah. What's your name? Pretty boy. What's your name? Oh, look at those feathers. Do it, Sydney. Come on, little buddy. Here he comes.


He is like, this bird is following us. Come on, guy. She likes to pick on him. Get her, baby. Get her, get her, get her. I'll get her. I'll get her. I don't get it. I don't get it. How do I walk? Oh, oh, come on. He's not far. You guys.