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Today, I'm cooking a dinner party with my new toy kitchen. I wonder what's on the menu. Let's read it together. Vegetables, pizza, an omelet, and grilled fish. I think we're going to start with the vegetables. Can you help me find some vegetable? Let me see. That's right. We found a carrot. Perfect. But first, we need to wash the carrot. Should I use cold or hot water? I think I'm going to go with the cold one. Very nice. Well, I think the carrot is ready now, and it's all washed. Where should I put the carrot? Can you guess it? Well, that's right. Here. Now we have to pick another vegetable. Can you Can you see it? That's right. Here we have an egg plant. Now we need to wash it, of course. Very well. I think it's enough. Perfect. Now, can you tell me where this egg plant should go? That's right. Here. Time to cook now. Oh, look. Here we have some bigger vegetables. We have to cut them in a half. Let's start with the carrot and let's use a knife. Very well. Let's put them in the pot. Now, it's the eggplant turn.


Let's cut it. Now, we have two pieces of an eggplant. Next up, we're going to cut the green pepper. Let's do it. Very good. Two pieces of a pepper. And last but not least, we have the broccoli. All righty. Broccoli are so yummy and good. Now, let's put the pot on the cooker so we can cook the vegetables, and we have to turn on the gas. Very good. We can use a spoon to turn a bit the vegetables. It's boiling, and I think it's ready. Now, let's put some vegetables on the plate. We can use this tool. Here, a green pepper. Good. Now, we need a bit of an egg plant. Next up, I think I'm going to get, if I can, a carrot and last, some broccoli. Very nice. We completed our first meal. Next up, we need to make a pizza. It's a tomato and onion pizza. Can you Can you see one of these ingredients? Well done. We found a tomato. Now, we have to wash it for sure. And here's the water. Very good. I think this tomato is washed now. Can you tell me where should I put this tomato?


That's right. Here we go. Now we need the other ingredient. Can you see it? Here we go. Here we have an onion. Well, we need to wash it. Very good. Can you tell me now where should I put this onion? That's right. Here we go. Now, let's prepare the ingredients. Look, we got a full tomato and a full onion. But let's start by cutting the tomato first. Of course, let's use the knife. Super. Oh, look, we got tiny tomatoes. They're perfect for our pizza. Let's put them on. That's right. Now, we are going to cut the onion. Here we go. Look, we got another onion piece. And now we are going to put it on the pizza for sure. Perfect. Now, since the pizza is ready, we have to put it on the plate. And here we have completed our second meal. Now we have to do the omelet with the yellow pepper. Can Can you see the yellow pepper? All righty, we found it. Here we have a yellow pepper. Now, of course, we have to wash it before we use it. Here we go. All righty, I think it's washed now. Can you help me find the right place where to put it?


Here we go. That's right. Let's use now the yellow pepper. All righty. It transformed it into a full vegetable. Let's use the knife to cut it. Very good. Here we have a little piece of pepper. Now, we are going to use a pan, and let's turn on the gas. The first ingredient will be some corn oil. All righty. Now, we are going to put the yellow pepper in the pan. Now we have to sprinkle a little bit of salt. Here we go. Last ingredient, of course, is the egg. Very good. Look, we got the full omelet. I think it's also ready. Very good. Now, Let's put the omelet on the plate by using the spatula. Here we go. Very good. We completed our third meal. Now, it's time to grill some fish. Well, it's easy now to find the ingredients. Here we go with the fish. And now with the crab, the last ingredient. Let's wash them together. Very good. I think it's enough now. We have to put the fish on the puzzle board. Can you see its place? Very good. That's right. And now it's the crop turn. Well, it's easy now to find its place because it's the last one.


Very good. And here's the fish. We have to put them on on the grill. Let's use a spatula. Let's start with the fish. And next, with the crab. Very good. Oh, look, they're cooked now and they're on sticks. Very nice. Let's put them now on the plate. Oh, look, guys, we completed the last meal. Here we have a full plate with all this food. Thank you very much for helping me today. Bye-bye.