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My dog's brain, that's my everybody's too haisong, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. Right. When it's like, oh, no, this guy's getting high. Yeah. Hang on to doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.


And we're rolling. What's up brother? How are you going. Are you guys in here, man. Only only here by the light, huh. This is your shit. Yeah. Come on. All right. Here, sir. Here, sir. Why not? Pleasure. Also precursory. I haven't slept.


I know I haven't slept on mushroom's and let's roll. Yeah, we'll do a live. Let's do it like fuck it. Why Utah man.


Why you live in Utah. What's that about. I have no idea. Have you. Are you from there? No sir. I was born in Syracuse University. It is absolutely so. I really love it.


It's got a good vibe too, because it's it's almost like Utah is a secret because everybody's scared of the Mormons so they don't go there.


Right. But then you get to hear, like, Jesus Christ, it's beautiful. And these Mormons are so nice. Everybody's so nice.


Everybody's so nice.


And Utah and, you know, I did so I don't remember what tour it was exactly, but they were supposed to be five thousand people to show up. And then we end up getting to the show and there's 17000 people. So we had to move it outside of the venue.


Right on the salt flats. Oh, wow. And I was just like, if this isn't a sign from. God or the aliens, you know, the aliens, then I don't know what is, so I looked at houses on Zillow and I found one and fix it all up and that's awesome.


Now, I've been there two years.


Just wow, that's a good it's a good spot for a guy like you to because it's chill in comparison to the rest of your life, which is so crazy. Yeah.


Well that's all shit I couldn't do L.A.. Hmm. I couldn't do L.A. like I move, like I said, from Syracuse to Dallas and then Dallas to L.A. when I was 18 and I. It's it's a lot for me and I couldn't focus the way that I needed to write. So on your music. Yeah, I know.


Like, there's always, you know, before covid. There's always something going on, right? Like 24/7. Like it could be eight in the morning. It could be. What time is it right now. Two o'clock something. Yeah. And then you got to go do a podcast or you got to go to like a rooftop pool party or something.


And you know, being in Utah, it's so. Peaceful, like you said, and you get to focus on the music and wake up to the mountain. Yeah, and the sun sets at 10 p.m., which is bizarre right around this time. Yeah. It's just nuts.


You know, it is it is bizarre, right? Like now it's especially bizarre. Utah has always got a weird vibe like Zion National Park. Go out there to the rocks and walk around. I've been there.


Have you? Yeah. Nothing happened. No one there for a TV show were like, come on, aliens, where are you? You fucks. They weren't buying. You don't know Tyler.


Tyler, the alien.


Oh, no. Yeah, that's my dog. You were telling me you have a friend named Tyler? Yeah. His best friend's name is Ziggy. Did they visit in the middle of the night? No, they don't. They just visit me during the day. We just play beer pong.


Damned if you do the right drugs. You can meet the aliens. We were talking about that in the green room. If you do the right amount of mushrooms in a tank getting a flow tank, you can meet aliens when it's whenever you're most vulnerable, like you say, most vulnerable, most most susceptible to.


Well, that's that's why I like weed. You know, we were talking about weed makes you vulnerable. And I think for someone like me, that's a good thing to think that way. To think I think just just look at all the vulnerabilities and just the reality of life and the temporary nature of it, which just makes me more appreciative. Right. Like the fear actually makes more profit. But mushrooms are different. Animal man.


They just bring you to this weird place that's like right next door. Well, it's like it's like a hall pass to this other place. Like you get like a VIP bracelet. You get to go into another room that's right there all the time.


But you can't go in until you get that bracelet. Yeah. And this old thing, like, I've been doing these micro doses for a while and you don't really catch it until you do like ten like right off the rip.


But then I ate these chocolates the other day, some, these chocolates and me and my my producer Lou, we made a ACOCELLA set for about two hours based off of the road, you know, road blocks.


Yes. I have girls, young daughter.


So, you know, nine year old, a 12 year old, you know, that's what really, you know, the death sound of robock no. What's the sound.


Oh, oh oh. That's what happens when you die. Yeah.


And then I sample it and we made a whole two hours after the deal with the fucking four to the floor kick drum. And it was the time of my life.


Wow. And I felt like I got that VIP wristband and I was backstage at Zygi and Tyler's concert. The Aliens.


Do you feel like that sometimes when ideas come to you, when you fucked up, like it's almost like. Like it's a gift from somewhere. I have no idea. I think. All of my ideas are kind of like mistake's. It's like because you never wake up and say, today I'm going to write the, you know, congratulations or any or any song. And you kind of just it's it's all about like right moment, right time, like I had oh, I had like eight bud lights, right.


And then I took just a tiny bit of shrooms.


And then here it's like Paul. And then it just happens. Yeah, there's it's it's like. It is an accident, it is just like. A spur of the moment type deal to where you like, let me sing this melody over this bee or let me make this bee even and it just kind of happened.


I don't know.


That's the flow state, right? When you just you can get out of your own way and you can let ideas come to you. Like I was talking with this dude. His name's Joe DNA. He runs a Spartan race. He's a really smart guy, very interesting guy. He does a lot of stuff for kids, college kid programs. These kids do like difficult tasks and like to do it over a summer camp to get some better. But we were talking about it and we were talking about being healthy and all the benefits of being healthy.


And I was like this. There's a lot to that. But there's also a lot to like the person who binges and create something incredible. Like we were talking about Stephen King's books, like some of the ones he doesn't even remember, are the best ones because he was on Coke and drinking a fucking Kaisa. But like you just blasted out of his head chain smoking cigarettes. And he doesn't even remember writing. I think it's Kujo. He doesn't even remember writing it like wrote Carrie have blacked out.


You read that book today, man. That is one of the fucking horror my dad ever is.


Stephen King's man, Stephen King fan dude. And then he's amazing. But I mean, at the end of the day, it's like to each his own, you know what I mean? I mean, whatever gets you through the through the night now, some people can definitely do it straight.


And, you know, I've definitely had ideas without any influence of anything before.


Right. But I feel like sometimes things come to you when when you're like a little high, at least a little drunk. And there, like, I don't know if I would have ever thought about this without the weed. They just they just come out of nowhere, that's what.


And then and that's the whole thing, too, like drinking rosé or drinking, you know, Bud Light. And then a little bit of just something else. Yeah. Whether it be, you know, smoking a little bit of a J because I'm an anxious person.


You told me before you're not an anxious person, but really. But I used to smoke a lot, but now not so much. Maybe I smoke, watch a funny movie and then shit.


But it's, it's that stroke of genius and you're like, if I was. Not nothing in my blood right now, but just blood. Hmm, no booze, no anything would I have thought of that?


And that's a that's a whole different deal.


It's it's wild, really.


I think of pot the way I think a wakeboarding. Sure.


Because when you're wakeboarding and you're on that wave, I don't wakeboard.


But when I watch people do it a way for you, it looks awesome, right. When they're on that and they catch those waves. But then when they wipe out man, they go down hard. It's like weed. So you're not going to stay on that board forever. If you think you're really fucked up, that board is going to flip over and you're going to be that big ass trick.


You do the behind the back double spin. That's a stroke of genius.


And that's that's what I think, that there's a certain magic that goes into making a record or, you know, if you're a painter, a painting or if you're a dancer, a fucking cool dance move. I think they're all related in some way. Yeah, there's something there that yeah. It just kicks off and you can't control it and you can't even say when it's going to happen, but it just happens, whatever that is, that that makes humans so interesting, creating things that other people are going to enjoy.


But that's, that's what it is. It's like this is a weird frequency, humans creating things that they know other people are going to enjoy. And if you can just get lost in the beauty of just creating that thing and get out of your own way, then these ideas will come to you. But if you get in your own way, you have less bandwidth for the ideas. And when they come to you, it feels like this isn't there.


And even yours, like it's like you're interacting with something like these ideas, just like if you have an idea of like a five, an idea for a new bit or something like that, sometimes they just come from nowhere.


Yeah. Where'd that come from. Yeah. What is this. Yeah. What is that. Where are premises from. What's an idea from. It's like creativity comes from the weirdest part of your brain that no one knows how to. I mean there's like you can have breathing exercises, you could do all sorts of things to try to stimulate it. Right. But the reality is you can't even measure it. No, you don't know when it's up, when it's down.


You just know what you're doing if you're making some cool shit.


Yeah, well, and it's so that's so bizarre. I like to think about like you said, it's just really humans creating something that other humans fuck with.


Yeah, that's exactly what it is. It makes and it makes you feel good.


That's the most. There's something there. Yeah.


When you see like when you're in concert and you see fifteen thousand people rocking out to your song. Right. Like that, that has got to be a crazy feeling. Yeah it is. Yeah.


Well whenever you know you're on the podcast, everybody seeing you, whenever you're kicking somebody in the face, everybody watching, there's a there's a feeling there and it's just like.


Oh, I realize finally, I'm not actually just one person.


Hmm, yeah, I as as like. Mithril, as it sounds, I'm with everybody you with us, as well as in one moment in time, everybody is there doing the same thing with the same energy, the same good intention. Yes. It's it's it's fucking magical, you know. It's weird. Yeah. That's what's what you're doing, right. You're tapping into some magic. I'm trying, but that's what it is.


If you if you think about what kind of alchemy is involved in making the right sounds to make people feel sure, because with a great song, man, you're giving a person a drug.


You know, there's a there's a dopamine rush. You get goosebumps.


A great song that you like you when you're doing that man, you're hitting that audience, 15000 people. And they're all vibing on this thing that you've created, like that's kind of magic. It's fucking magic and that's the coolest thing. If you didn't know it existed, you would never believe someone could do it. Like, what are you talking about if there was no music at all? Imagine a world with no music. We're just animals. I never figured out how to make melodies and bars and songs you write down.


We were just animals when someone told you, hey, man, there's just I want to make some sounds and people are going to lose shit.


They're going to. Fifteen thousand people are going to Grame. And I always and I always think about this too.


And this is a weird thought. You know how like there's famous people throughout history. Yeah. How the fuck do they know what they look like. Like think about like in like Wild West times when they see a dude in the bar and he's like, oh, you're crazy, Bill. I've seen you. How does that work, how do they even know it was that guy? How do they even know? And then phone and even somebody could say.


Oh, I'm crazy, Bill. Oh, yeah, but then how do you even believe them? Well, there's, in their words, impostor people all up until the Internet. You know, it's like you can't be a fake post Malone today, but you could in 1970, you could play it off, like know to get information to read about these stories that people tell and think if it's the impostor, if it's a real dude.


Right. There's probably a lot of fakery when it comes to like Wild West stories.


I think about even six hundred. It's like, oh, this dude, it was crazy with a battle axe or something.


I saw him cut like nine dudes in half with one swing. Right. But it's the wrong dude, right? It's not even fucking William. The the whatever it is. Braveheart, I don't know that one. No, this is cool. What's another one?


What's a cool name for a dude who swings battle axes. Other the way home in the slicer it was Charlie.


The slicer is hilarious. You got to think there's no way to tell. But just imagine history before pictures. What are you talking about? Draw me a picture. This is what the boat would look like when they would pull. How the fuck do you know? Like it was an abstract idea. You were the only way you could see something was someone how to draw it for you, right?


Well, that's what I love to think. Like, it used to be like Instagram filters, essentially, like, oh, I'm a rich dude. I want this artist to paint me right.


But make me skinny like me.


Like make me rip. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe a little more handsome.


Give me a bigger dick in my statue.


That was Instagram filters. Yeah. Really. Exactly why we have no idea what anybody really looked like. I mean imagine if there was like this one guy you would go to in the neighborhood and all the ladies like you got to go to him. He makes your ass look so perfect and like that's how they would get their picture done. This dude would paint some nonsense version of them.


Yeah. No one. No. How do you know? I look in mirrors. Barely work. Back then I wasn't mirrors were probably terrible back then. We didn't get to look at that shit through fire.


Right. That's the only way the lighting room up. It's fire. There's little lamps everywhere. It's preposterous. They have no idea what they look like. Doesn't work. No, doesn't work. So imagine this is this is how ballsy people were. And like the fourteen hundreds, there were people that would get in a boat and travel across the fucking ocean. It would take weeks and weeks and weeks based on a drawing and some shit someone wrote down.


Yeah, it's fucking insane. Insane. You don't even know where the fuck you are insane. Also there's some salty dogs and some rapscallions with what's I rather pirate term.


I was reading about Pirate Landlubber the coast of South Carolina.


Was it Blackbeard. Is he the the big one just makes you think like Jesus Christ, like these are real people that would get like real famous dudes who get in boats and show up and just fuck people up and steal their shit. They were famous for doing that.


So crazy. And it's so funny.


You bring up Blackbeard because I saw somebody had like some kind of sash or like like like a Miss America.


Like a bandolier. Oh, yeah. Yeah, exactly.


And it looked like you had a bunch of like black powder pistols. Like we got one shot and then you're out.


I'm like, yeah, it's so funny.


That wasn't a long ago.


Man does the early eighteen hundreds when they came up with a revolver the colt came up with a revolver and they didn't even really put it to use until the Texas Rangers, the Texas Rangers figured out how to. There's a guy named Jack Hayes, I think he's the original Texas Ranger who basically is as bad as dude who figured out how to fight the Indians on their turf. They were basically like like the Navy SEALs of the Texas frontier, guys who fought against the Comanches.


And this guy figured out how to use a revolver that wasn't that long ago.


That's it's like 1840 and it's moving so fast. You know what they say? They say God made man Samuel Colt made them equal. Yeah, that's a fucking great statement.


That's with Colt invented the revolver. They're the ones who invented the I think it was a five shot revolver. That was the first time they figured out how to fight the Comanches. They would they would ride on a horse. He'd stay on the horse. They didn't get off to shoot. And they could shoot five times in a row. And they had a bunch of those cartridges. So the cars are already loaded. So they'd take it off, put a new cartridge in fully loaded and lock it in.


So it was the whole it was the whole wheel. Yeah, the whole wheel. So you carry a few of those with you. Crazy shit, man. It's so bizarre. How much. She has evolved to kill each other in since 1840, it's fucking insane, insane, and they even you think about even before whenever you had musketeers and shit. Yeah. And you would just stand in a line. And you would shoot and then the dude behind you would shoot and everybody is just shooting, looking right at each other, ridiculous.


It's it's it's the craziest fucking shit.


They fought like that for a long time and they fought with honor and dignity, like they would show up blow trumpets when it was time to fight and then go fight each other. They'd all stand in a line.


Yeah. Two guys talk. You had two guys walk up and talk. Now go back. And then everybody else would just shoot each other point blank. It's it blows my mind, you know, it's crazy, too.


There was a lot of them would a lot of them would they would give up and they would surrender and they would hand the man their sword and they would accept it and shake their hand. They had like weird rules of combat that everybody sort of adhere to back then. It's very strange to read about.


It's. It's different, it's different as fuck, but it's not that long ago. That's what's crazy. It's like the best you could do is shoot someone with a musket or a cannon. Right, just a couple hundred years ago. Right. That's I mean, that's manageable.


It's it's it's nuclear weapons, right?


Yeah. Now. Now it's like one nuclear bomb ruin your whole day.


Yeah. That's not manageable at all. It's awful.


Tyler, Tyler and Ziggy are looking down at us right now. That's why they're here. I agree.


I agree wholeheartedly. I think they're like these dummies are going to do something stupid if aliens are real.


I'm not 100 percent convinced, but I'm probably like 90 percent convinced. But if they are real, I leaving the room for bullshit, just like Jamie, get a picture of your shirt you you're wearing. Why we're talking about that. It's a UFO says can they see it. Believe that that's a dope shirt.


That's a saucer if I've ever seen one. I think if they're if they're here they're not going to let us. That's what I think. Well, that's what I think.


They're going to swoop in and go, hey, hey, hey. Well, fuck, I'm twenty five, right? I can't speak on anything but just looking from.


Past experience and, you know, there's like drawings like even in the Mona Lisa, there's a weird thing or whatever in the second one, but there's a spike.


It's a spike in like because it's getting pretty weird here, the spike, they think it's hard to tell because sometimes when people talk about UFOs, a bunch of other people hallucinate or lie like there's a lot of that, right. So every time there's a real UFO, you get a bunch of nut just nut cases who just want to tell crazy story about being taken.


And I see spaceships. I mean. And you see Nevo. Yeah.


Would you say would it look like I was in I was probably 16. I was at in upstate New York. And it would just stay there, so I whoa, let me precursor this, my aunt and uncle were very strict and we had to go to bed at a very strict deadline, probably 10 p.m.. And I was looking out the window with my cousin, and it's just a light that just stays there and then just fucking goes off. I mean, you.


It just. He can't explain it. Well, if you're 17, you're 17 at the time, 16, 16, how probably how strong is this memory when you're like looking at it, when you're trying to remember medium.


Medium? Yeah. Yeah. But I'm certain they're for sure something took off and did something that didn't make sense for sure. And then in Utah, I mean, this shit happens all the time. I mean, even here in L.A., I can't tell you how many times because I used to live in Tarzana, so.


There was like a balcony here and it looked kind of like. It sounds corny, but like a classic like forcefield, whenever you think of a force field and it just kind of goes like this and it's kind of like a dome in a circular shape. Mm hmm. And it just goes like this and goes back in.


Whoa. In Tarzana, looking down at the fucking city, and I'm like, how did no one else see this? They might have, but I was there with, like fucking four other people.


And they saw the thing about unique events is a unique event happens and it never happens again. It's hard to remember. It's hard to be sure what you saw. It's hard. But if aliens are visiting us, like, how often are they doing it? Like, unique events would probably be what it would be like occasionally.


Once every six months, someone sees one somewhere, but they're here all the time. They probably just know how to evade detection. I mean, just if something can travel here from another planet, it's going to be able to know when they're being watched and when they're not being watched. It's not going to be hard.


That's why you got to wonder if it's, like, intentional. I think there's enough talk about it now that we're probably going to find out what it is in our lifetime. I never would think that before. I think the government withheld information for whatever reason. Maybe they think people are scared. Maybe they think it's a threat to government, to, you know, the national security. A bunch of people worried that aliens are flying around us all the time.


There's nothing we can do about it. Maybe they, like, had a conversation. They thought maybe it'd be better to keep people in the quiet or keep them in the dark so that they don't freak out because there's nothing we could do about it anyway. If we just tell them that there's aliens that are visiting us all the time, that's not going to be they're not going to pay attention to taxes and mortgage rates.


And the stock market is going to be relief uranium. And there's shit like this there around us all the time. Yeah, they're going to be people are going to freak out. So I think like little drops of like this, the recent one, they said, well, they yeah.


The Pentagon just say, yeah, looks like these days they've recovered crafts that are not from this world, not made on earth, not made on earth, not made on earth. They're basically saying we don't know what the fuck it is, but we didn't make it. That's bananas, and I think that's going to lead to more and more information coming out about it. Well, we're going to try to get a sense of understanding like how long have they known this?


You know, how much of like all that Roswell, New Mexico, was true or tell us what was going on and.


A backtracking, you've got to wonder if, like, oh. We've been hiding this the whole time or this is the first time for real that we don't know.


This is what I like to think. I like to think that the people that are in charge at the Pentagon are patriots and they realize it's probably better, especially when you're dealing with the United States in this kind of turmoil that they're in right now. It's crazy. Between racial turmoil and turmoil with the police and turmoil with people protesting in cities and blocking traffic, there's so much crazy turmoil. They'd be like no one's ever going to notice. Now, say it now to say, yeah, we got UFOs.


Like, everything is so crazy.


The news cycle of any crazy story like this is only a few days and then people forget it or it's just people already know and it's just normalization or you only think about movies is just normalizing you to the idea that.


I can't even like the Canadian I don't quote me on this, but a Canadian, someone in office was like there's like seven species of aliens in the US government.


It would be crazy if it was true that, you know, Tommy Lee Jones and will remember that all along. Yeah, check that out, please. Fact check. Is he a loony person, though? I have no idea. People can get elected and still be crazy. That's a problem. That's a problem. You know, just like when you hear about someone having like a really high profile job and they say something crazy, that doesn't mean they're not crazy just because they're the prime minister of some fucking country that could be out of their mind.


What do we got to kind of close to that? How close? Canada's former defense minister claims that aliens are real. Apparently, there is a humanoid esque race of aliens called the tall whites living among us. Publication is this vice with a few other places? Well, you know, he's like a real it's a real deal. Definitely said it.


Yeah, come on. That's crazy shit.


Yeah, that is crazy shit. The thing is, is that guy nuts? Like, what else does he believe in? You know, how how does he feel about ghosts, right.


Do you believe in ghosts? I don't I don't not believe I don't not believe in ghosts, I've never experienced the ghost. Ghosts are real. But I can't I can't explain it. They might be they might be real, but I don't know if it's a ghost. Here's the thing about ghosts.


There's so many stories of them, right? There's so many right now. Is it because people are just scared and their fucking senses are on heightened alert and they see things that aren't really there? That could be it, because when it's dark out and you're tired and you're moving through the hallway, first of all, you you might be half asleep anyway. But you hear things, you get scared, your senses get really heightened and maybe you might see something that's not even really there.


Right. It's just your your own brain and your paranoia fucking with you, because it's always happening at night under low light conditions. It's always weird things that are fleeting and then they're gone.


But it's not always intense yourself.


It's not always it's always in the dark. Right?


Never like at the beach as it goes at the bottom, there might be guys have to be little shakes or there's no ghost at the beach. But, you know, just your house. Your house is just as haunted in the day as it is at night. But why not the beach? The the beach at night is scary. The beach during the day, not scary at all. If you're a girl and you're walking on the beach at night, it's a fucking dangerous place to be.


Right. There's a lot of psychos out there and serial killers and creeps and rapists. Who's walking on that beach by yourself? That's scary at night, right? But in this day, it's awesome the day you're just walking on the beach. Yeah, not a beach.


Anyways, I'm a mountain guy. Oh, there might be some more creepy guys in the mountain. That's another one. But they're very scarce. Everything's scary in the what I'm saying, my house is just this this place this building is just as haunted in the daytime as it is at nighttime. I don't think this one's haunted. I've been here at night, it's crazy. Here's an argument for something being haunted, the comedy The Comedy Store in Hollywood, because it used to be Serros nightclub, it used to be owned by Bugsy Siegel.


And apparently the word is they killed a bunch of fucking people there.


Right. And almost everyone that I know that works there, everyone who's managed it works there long time. They have some weird shit happen to him, weird shit. Like they they see someone in the kitchen and they go to say something to him. They turn around and then they turn back in. The person's gone.


Right. Weird shit, right. Like old friends you haven't seen forever wandering through the hallway and they go up the stairs and he can't find them. There's like a bunch of stories like that. Now, granted, there's a lot of people have done a lot of drugs at the Comedy Store. Right. That has to be factored in. Right.


But there's so many stories worldwide of ghosts. I don't think it's impossible to I think it's possible that things leave a memory. Right. Like maybe you hate someone so much, are you? You leave a memory on the space like a stone dead theory.


Yeah. The wetstone tape. Yeah. Stone tape. Yeah. What is that.


That the energy of a life is like. Left on. Materials like the bricks on the wall. Yeah, or the curtain here, right, you know, and that's like I don't know if that's a stone tape theory. Don't quote me. Don't quote me on that. And if you look up the can you look at the stone tape theory for me? Stone tape.


But well, because I'm I'm friends with Zack Baggins from Ghost Adventures, right?


And it's like, did he ever take you to a haunted house? We we did a whole episode.


You should check it out. Scared? It's terrifying.


It's terrifying. And in his museum, so apparently there's a thing called the Dybek Box, which is one of the most haunted items in the world, apparently. And he wanted to so we took the glass case off of the big box, which is in his museum in Vegas. And he thought it was a sick ass idea to put the ashes of a lady who died while she was possessed on top. Wow.


And then I was. My plane almost crashed, I was in a car accident, my house got robbed and I had bite marks on my arm. And. He hit the wall like like I've never seen someone in fear so hard as whenever he touched it, and it's it's I don't know if it's someone who's dead or if it's a demon or if it's fucking something dimensional. Hmm. But it's something there that goes bump in the night, I suppose.


Stone type theory. What is that?


Here it is. Haunted rocks. The stone tape theory. The stone tape theory is frequently used as a science sounding quasi explanation to explain to explain hauntings. OK, paranormal investigators to pertain to your idea for parents of images, sound and apparitions that do not interact directly with people. Instead, they play out like a movie or recording the most commonly termed residual haunting. See, this is what I was saying.


Like two four two. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, adulations nailed it.


When you think about like an alien sighting, like if you saw an alien, they never saw one again for the rest of your life, you would beat you. It would fuck with your memory.


Even if the alien was real, if the assassin was in front of you, then took off the same thing with a ghost. Like if you saw a fucking ghost, if you walked into your basement to go get a screw for something and you turn and he saw an apparition of a woman, right. It was like staring you. You see that WHAMO del Toro movie about the lady who's a ghost who adopts kids? No, dude, it's a dark movie.


What is it called, Mother? What is it called? It's fucking creepy, isn't it?


Could be like one of them. Me too. I love I'm a dirty little patch I love or movies.


Mama. Mama. Yes, that's it.


Oh is that it's not we two Swedish kids. Right.


Um I don't see this as it sounds. Did you see this. No. She has two kids.


I haven't seen that. She's she. Well I don't want to give it away. I don't give the story away but it's crazy. She finds these kids in the woods and raises.


I mean, she's a ghost and it's terrifying. She's a ghost. Yes. And so her kids, they find the kids. I can't tell you anymore. Spoiler alert. I can't tell you anymore. No. You know, she's a ghost from the very beginning. OK, ok, good. Yeah. This is terrifying, dude.


It's fucking horrifying. It's a terrifying movie.


Well, you get the best of both worlds, right? You get a creepy like mom style. You get creepy kids which are like, oh, they're terrifying. It's the movie I can't see anymore without.


Well, spoiler alert in it. There's a I think it may be called it might become. So it's two kids. It might be Swedish or um.


Like Norwegian or something, is it the vampire movie? No, because it is a vampire movie, a foreign vampire movie, it let the right one in, I think it is. Or is that the American version of it?


Let the right one in is a scary movie. That's a scary movie, right? That's a vampire movie about vampire kids, right? Yeah. Yeah. See, the thing about a ghost? Is if you saw one and it was if they're just real, every now and then you saw one and it was right in front of you, you're in the woods. Where you going to walk your dog and you see some old man with no legs floating in front.


That's the one.


Good night, Mommy. Yeah, good night, Mommy.


What's this all about? I don't know. Same kind of deal. Oh, Jesus Christ. Did you see something good? Yeah, I missed some scary lady in the corner.


Take that motherfucker out. OK, I'm scared. But you see him in the woods.


Yeah. Please, oh, yeah, if you saw some some apparition in the woods and then you never saw it again for the rest of your life, doesn't mean it wasn't real. Right? Just means it's really rare that that happens. That's the thing about a unique event. Like imagine if you're an aunt your whole fucking life, all you've ever known as a Sendhil, everybody's chillen working every day, chopping up leaves, going out and getting popcorn or whatever shit it finds.


And then one day some person comes along like Papillon just stomps the fuck out of that anthill till that moment. All that thing is ever known was that that anthill never even knew that it was possible for something that because it's been alive for a couple of weeks during that couple of weeks, no one's ever stomped on the anthill. But then it happens. And then you realize that there's no pattern to these things. Anything can happen. Like if you're if you're a person, aliens can land.


You land on the White House lawn tomorrow and take over the world and there's nothing we can do about it like that could be our new normal. OK, fuck mask's. The new normal is there's alien spaceships that hover over every city and they tell you what to do and you have to work for them now forever to the argument.


We're smarter than ants, yes, we are, but we're in comparison, probably dumber than aliens are, like we're dumber in comparison to aliens than answer to people.


Well, that's why you like all these celestial sightings. Yeah. I mean, this is all spit balling here, but it could be possible celestial sightings.


Documented throughout history and history, you. Hey, I just made a fire. This is dope, right? Fire is cool, but what the fuck is that? That has to be. Yeah.


Got like man has always looked up for answers. It's true. And so that's that's that's why it's a scary thing. Do they want to hurt us or do they. Are they did we come from them. I don't think it's impossible. I don't think it's impossible that we're a product of genetic manipulation. I don't know if we are. I know we're definitely primates.


We're just playthings. Maybe we just look so different than every other monkey. All the other monkeys are covered in hair. This is this weird semi hairless monkey. You know, who knows how to use electronics? Who knows how to send you video through the scanner on Anarky? Yes, yes, yes. My yeah.


Lou is here. I got a great friend Lou shout out to Lou.


He would just talk to this is all about this to an actual archaeologist yesterday or the nephropathy Garratt.


Yeah, the Nephilim or the on Anarky from planet Nibiru, all that Zacharias Hitchon stuff. You ever read those books? No, sir. The books are weird, man. You know, it's weird. Like, there's stuff that he was saying in like I believe it was like the 1970s where he was deciphering these texts. And one of the things that he said is this is the craziest one of all humans were genetically engineered from lower primates and they were used to hard to harvest gold and that the Anunnaki needed gold because gold is very plentiful here.


Right. And very hard to find. Very rare on their planet. Right. And they engineered humans to. That's why people love gold so much. Right. If you think about the usefulness of gold. Right. Gold isn't even remotely.


It's unless you're making electronics like gold is not the best metal. Like, why is it so valuable? Because it's pretty well, it's not even the prettiest shit. Like rubies are prettier than gold. Emeralds are pretty than gold. Why schools so goddamn expensive?


Where does diamonds fit in? It's a good question. Probably just someone trick to check the thinking. It was a great move.


I was reading about like, yeah, it's like one movie.


She had a diamond and then booty popped.


Let me finish what I'm saying, because this is where it gets weird. They said that they needed it to hang in their atmosphere to protect them from the sun because they were losing their atmosphere. Well, we're losing our atmosphere. And one of the things that scientists have suggested is hanging reflective particles above above the earth, like putting them in orbit, all like a reflective dust in orbit so that it would mute out some of the effects of the sun.


So what they suggested, what he was saying in 1978 is what they suggested in like 2018. Right. So when they're talking about how to fix some of the global warming issues, they were literally saying some of the stuff that was in this book that he was reading. You know, he's deciphering the these ancient Sumerian text from 6000 years ago.


No shit. Yeah, I don't know. I was I don't know if his interpretation was right.


Get it from he is just a guy who's a linguist who studies these ancient languages and in reinterprets them. But it's very highly in dispute. That's the problem. Like you are not you are you are I we're not going to figure it out. We're not going to know who's right. It's too complicated. Right. But there's a website called Cichon is Wrong Dotcom. And if you go there, it refutes all of this. I don't know who's right and who's wrong, but it's interesting to see the argument.


But again, what the whatever the fuck was going on back then, 6000 years ago, whatever was going on, they were writing about some wacky shit, right.


Where, you know, they weren't. Is that the rooms or is that is it contact? Yeah.


You know, is that's it's not impossible that we could have easily been contacted by some other life form that's similar to us, but that's a million years advanced. It could have been contacted all throughout history, right?


Yeah, up until 1860.


Whatever the fuck it was, all you would have is a drawing and a story.


Imagine that. Famous people, who the fuck knows, but now if you look at the last 200 years, it is accelerated like a motherfucker. And there's so much like 200 years ago, people would look at the Bronco or anything like that and be like, what the fuck? Yeah, what is that? It happened so quick.


It's happening so quick right now. I mean, they that Space X thing, they've already they've figured out how to get something to fly to the sky and then bring it back and land it.


It's insane. Yeah. We are in a weird fucking time, and if the aliens come right now, it's probably the best time to come. We're going to be the most relaxed about it. No one's been able to work for six months.


Yeah, like everybody. Oh oh. People are scared to shake hands with no terrified.


Are you going to say hi to the aliens? Are you going to grab your butt?


Oh, I'm going to say hi for sure.


I'm not stupid to come here for immigration. Yeah. I'm not even interested to get some advice from another dimension. I just want to say hi. Tell me what's up. Tell me what's actually I want to have an early on the podcast.


Imagine I could come up three foot tall, 40 pound dude with a giant bulbous head and like antenna like fingers in these explaining how they traverse space time.


You imagine they're making sounds and you interpret those sounds. No matter what language you're in all over the world, you instantaneously in turn will be the same brain.


You won't be able to hear them if they would do it through a podcast engineer.


The sounds they make, they would do. What is this sound? I don't understand what you say.


They would hit you with some sound that's so complex you would understand exactly what they're saying, even though you don't know the language and everybody would be like, what in the fuck is going on?


Oh my God, there's an alien on the jury and that sort of thing, me talking to some alien neighbor to give you some more goddamn money.


Oh, I think that's the least of our problems. And the aliens come that said is going to be.


But that's when we need gold. Yeah. We're going to be gold miners again, folks. We're going to look for some sturdy person with a wide back. That's that's what's going to be valuable. But I mean, good enough to mine gold. I don't know. Imagine if that's life in the future. They come down, they go, you get two choices. One, we eat, you two, you mine gold for us are they eat stay alive.


Why not? Why wouldn't they just be like, listen, you guys are just protein. You're assholes.


They probably eat clouds. Yeah. Or like they probably just eat energy. Yeah. They may be, they just exist in some sort of like did not exist.


I'm fucking material probably, they're probably just fucking ethereal.


Well maybe they figured out a way to make life so maybe they figured out a way how to make life where you can transfer your consciousness in some eternal mechanical thing.


This is what this is. My God. I can't remember his name. Ray Kurzweil. Sorry. He's a guy that's obsessed. He's a scientist. He's an inventor. He's got like a hundred patents genius guy, maybe not 100, but a lot. And he is obsessed with downloading his consciousness into a computer. He's obsessed with the idea of technology reaching a point where you could replicate a human being in a way where you will never die.


Your consciousness will actually transmit to some sort of a computer or an artificial body or another body that's genetically engineered.


And he believes this is like he's saying, you have to look at the exponential rate of technology right now. That doesn't make any sense. Right. But if you go ten years from now, ten years is going to the ten years time is going to be like one hundred years of exponential snowballing.


Ten years after that, a thousand years progress, like twenty years from now. I don't know if those are the right numbers, but twenty years from now or somewhere in that range, we could be looking at artificial life. We could be thirty years from now, we could be looking at fake people.


They're already cloning goats. Yeah, they've done sheep. Yeah. Dolly the sheep. Yeah, I bet they're cloning people 100 percent, 100 percent, 100 percent, you don't think Russia is cloning people right now? I think China's cloning people right now. Why wouldn't they? I think we're cloning people.


Well, if you think of the people that do that treat human beings with the least amount of respect, if those like if you think the way they treat their citizens, those people are likely to clone people.


They're not going to give a fuck. They're going to want to give a quick quick to the jump. Yeah, we don't give a fuck. I don't think anybody. It's it's a matter of it does honestly feel like, oh, everybody's. Just a goldminer. In a way, because we're mining technology, everybody, I mean, even even you sitting on your phone, you're contributing 100 percent. Yeah. And then they're learning. And you want a new phone.


You want a new phone next year. So you work hard so you could buy that new phone. Right. And you want to test to get that big ol electric screen.


It's a car. Yeah. And the whole machine. I wouldn't. Can I have a one of your beard hairs? I'm working on something at home.


I could give you some time later. I can't pluck them. They're not big enough to come up.


I'm working on my cloning device. It doesn't work necessarily in my work. Dude, if it works, let me know. There's a little me running around.


I tell them a lot of shit I got wrong and everybody mean like, you got to calm down, calm down.


But like, I think genetic engineering, they've already definitely done that. They've figured out how to I think it was China that did some sort of CRISPR experiment on people's DNA that figured out how to make them immune from AIDS, but also simultaneously made them smarter, so made them immune to HIV.


I'm pretty sure that's what's a crisp, crisp, oh, crisp or some gene editing tool. I don't know what it's an acronym. Right. I don't know what it stands for, but it's it's a new gene editing tool that they've discovered over the last few years. They understand genes better because I believe because of bacteria, I'm sure I'm fucking this up. But they figured out how to make a tool that allows you to edit genes here. It is clustered regularly, interspersed short palindromic repeats.


That's CRISPR. That's what it stands for.


It's a family of DNA sequences found in the genomes of prokaryote, procaine, precariat organisms just as bacteria. And Archie, Archie, Archie, can. These sequences are derived from DNA fragments of bacterial fog.


This is a terrible piece. It's great.


How do you see that bacteria Figgs bacteria bacteriophage phages phages that had previously infected the precariat?


Oh boy.


Oh, so I know exactly what you're talking about.


Let me. So this gene editing tool, whatever the fuck that means. Oh, what is this tool? They can edit genes and they're in the computer. It'll show you right now how the hell they do it there. It's like I don't understand the process, but I know that they have a process. I don't know what it's saying. This is computer agreed that. What does that saying the car's nine protein forms a complex forms a complex with the guide RNA in a cell.


The complex attaches to a matching genomic DNA sequence adjacent to a spacer yellow segment. The cat. Yeah. What am I saying? OK, no, that's a yellow segment. But I'm saying I do. But you don't. I'm saying like, I'm reading this and I don't know what the fuck I'm saying. I'm saying it's too complicated for a moron like me.


It's too complicated. I want to know what the tool is. Is it like a wrench or is it like a fucking computer? I don't know what the fuck it is. It's probably a computer, but that's. Oh, it's a fork. Oh, yeah. That's the dude. Right? This guy is just a robot hand. It's a do with tweezers in a fucking hot dog. It leaves a lot of room for error. I just wonder, like what other countries are doing, what kind of crazy shit they're trying.


If they're trying to create new human superhumans, they're going to do it. Someone's going to do it. If it's going to be us or it's going to be them, someone is going to create super humans. I'm not saying it's a good idea. I'm just looking at the the laws of improvement. I don't think that's a real thing.


But if it was, the law of improvement would state that if something's possible, something's possible, someone's going to make it happen. When we detonated two nuclear bombs, we could have one was we everybody got the point, right? Yeah. Why?


Why they do it twice like display, I suppose. Right.


Well, someone could do that with super people. Yeah. Like that could happen and it could happen quick. He should be a UFC fighter. Well they might be the new aliens when you get to UFC fighters.


No super super people. Super people might be a new species if someone could really get a hold of a crisper and create like a Thor create like a like a legitimate super human person. And you could just develop a whole race of those who just be like instant game over.


People aren't people anymore. How long does that take? I don't know how long it would take.


So do they have to grow from baby to man? These are I don't think so. That's the thing.


They just come out like I think they just in Lord of the Rings.


What if they fuck up? They come out like orks and Lord of the Rings where they just cut the pus and then the fucking they come piling out of them and he's just like, I'm going to kill fucking.


Is that how the talks were born?


Yeah. You never seen Saruman forget in the pit of Helm's deep. Those are great music and movies, man.


Incredible. Those orcs were the scariest shit ever.


Also, if you watch three, it's 12 hours. You could take a hard day watching really the rings. It's the best.


Yeah. Those Lord of the Rings movies, man. Come on. Those Orcs and those goblins, they were the scariest for the goblins are scary.


Oh, you're ever in a necro job, Lacon. Now it's like a metal band, but the lead singer is a goblin.


It's incredible. Can you pull up a picture of the lead singer of Necro Guy on?


Hmm, did this is that Sam, dude, it's fucking incredible.


He reminds me of he reminds me of the goblin that tortures Frodo.


Look at his face. Holy shit. Oh, my God. That's amazing. This is just hang on a second. Imagine. I like his. Hold on. Hold on a second. Back up a little bit.


Imagine. If that's really a goblin, you imagine if a goblin became a rock star and everybody thought it was cute, but it really was a fucking goblin, you need to watch the video for the makeup's amazing.


He never takes it off. And he's a real fucking golliwog, real goblin. That's the whole deal.


Like the his biggest song is like he has a normal job and he has a crush on this girl. Oh, my God.


But she's in love with this, like, douche bag from the office.


Oh my God. These balloons powder on people. What is happening here?


I have never seen this video. Do just imagine if that was real news of an alien comes down like with CGI, aliens, goblins.


They could be. Why do we think they're going to look cute? What's going to be ugly looking aliens? Octopus look in monsters. They could be anything, right? Yeah.


That's a halo. You ever play Halo? I have. You think about, you know, Arbeter. What is Arbeter? He's one of the characters.


He's like, you know, like ever. So they have fingers like this and that's why all their guns are like this. Right.


But who's to say that aliens don't control their guns with, like their booty hole or something weird?


Why does it have to be with their hands? Aliens can control their guns with whatever appendage they could point. Aliens are weird.


Well, I think the real thing with it would come from me. How how are they manipulating matter to make things right or do they even need to? Do they need to. Right. Can they do things with their mind that we can't imagine?


Right. Could yeah.


Is it possible if you if it's possible to make noise and you can hear noise, what is that. Just some invisible shit flying through the air. I'm saying it to you. You understand what I'm saying. Just flies through the air and hits you. Why do we think that that's the only thing that's possible. There could be some really weird abilities that things have to manipulate matter that maybe evolve over hundreds of thousands of years old guy. A beautiful gun.


Yeah. Yeah. Who knows, who knows, I'm a hit you with my fucking booty olgun and destroy a fucking block.


Maybe it's like super normal for aliens like each other the way dogs do. You know, maybe aliens just walk up and just piss on each other all the time. Who knows? Who fucking knows? Who knows? But all we can do is just sit and drink beer until. Until.


Mm hmm. That's it.


I'm amazed that they if they really did have UFOs this whole time, that they kept it such a good secret.


Pretty incredible.


Like, I don't want to encourage that kind of behavior, but I got to say, I'm impressed. Right. If the government really kept their fucking mouth shut for that long, like no new government is not going there with these are like those old school Vietnam vets, that fucking craggy skin and tough guy voices.


Those are the ones that are still left millennial's. They take those positions.


We're going to have a real hard time keeping secrets right. It's not going to be the same.


It's not I mean, they're not going to keep any secrets.


How do you feel about the battle of Los Angeles, the battle of Los Angeles, wherever there was pictures in the paper and shit and it just spotlights and we were shooting at this thing.


Oh, right.


Was that like over there? Was that old. Yeah. Real old like the 50s or something. Yeah. Yeah.


Who the fuck knows what that was man. What the fuck is that.


And then we shot at it and it wouldn't go down and because they see it, who knows. You got it's either two things. It's either they know. And they're hiding it or it's something earthly terrestrial. Yeah. And people just interpret it as, yeah, look at that, it's searchlights and anti-aircraft guns that this fucker comb sky during the last eight years edging to 1942. So what year did Oppenheimer first detonate the bomb? I know the Manhattan Project was already in operation by 42, but had they detonate the first bomb yet?


Tests of the actual the actual first test. Let me check. I bet it was around that time, a couple of years later, maybe.


I bet in that in that time period when human beings start in a race to try to split the atom, that's what about the aliens, like, hey, hey, hey, we got a live one we got to live with here.


Motherfuckers figured it out. Yeah. The 1940s, they were all doing that shit, right? Three years later. Three years later. Yeah. So they're probably working on it back then. And the aliens are probably well aware that there was a race going on and they probably visited. That's what I would do if I had like like a planet like imagine if you're a researcher and you have a whole planet. And on this planet, they've lived for millions and millions of years.


But the most advanced things, like a monkey person, you know, like Australia pithiness or something. And they go, listen, we know where this is going. It's going to take a long time. They might not even make it. They might get wiped out by a volcano. It's just fucking sprinkle a little bit of us on them, get that crisper work and manipulate the DNA of these things.


The French or the like songs with the hot dog, the hot dog dogs splice it in and make some new people.


What happened to the dinosaurs, Joe? Asteroid. Yeah, it hit the Yucatan, they know when they know where there's there's something called I think it's called Iridium and it's really rare on Earth and really common in space.


And there's a thick layer of it around 65 million years ago. And it's just a giant crater in the Yucatan. That's what killed all the dinosaurs. Most likely.


Most likely, there's some other theories about how long they lasted, which ones died off, which were look like alligators, alligators.


Those motherfuckers are still here.


Alligators are here right now. Right. But one ate a kid at Disneyland a couple of years back. No shit. It was the year before I was there at Disney World, not Disneyland. Disney World, the Florida one. A kid. Yeah, a two year old kid snatched him up.


Cheesus, horrible, horrible plane near the water in this fucking dinosaur. And imagine you take your kid to Disney World. Well, it's going to be safe for sure. We're at Disney World. Yeah, they've done a great job making sure there's not monsters living in a pond. Nope. No, there's monsters in that pond. Fucking alligator came out and ate their kid.


Look at this motherfucker. That's a motherfucker. This one is a different one. This. But they have video of this, bro.


These people are standing just a few feet away from a god damn dinosaur with a brain the size of a quarter, I think doesn't give a fuck about you or your babies or your kids or you're just lucky.


You're lucky that dinosaur doesn't just about the size of a human.


Yeah, it's so they're so big. And that's not even a huge one. There's there's a video one Florida walking across a golf course. It's 15 feet long and you see it and these guys are in awe. They're like, what the fuck? They're out there playing golf and a legitimate dinosaur walks by 15 foot long alligator. It's so big.


It's so big. It's like, oh, look at that thing. Look at that. Is this. Yes. Holy Christ. Yeah. Holy Christ. Look how big that is on the golf course, bro. Look how big that is. Look at the size of that thing. Yeah. Holy shit, man. Your balls struck my foot. Holy fuck. That thing's so big. What?


I'll see you in the parking lot. What's the Billy Madison Urquhart Gilmore. That's what it is. Oh, the alligator at his hand.


Carl Weathers. It's fucking crazy crazies out.


You're out there living in Florida. You live with monsters dinosaur. That's a real legit dinosaur. You think about it, too. It's so interesting to think about. Like even in Florida, but in Australia, the spiders, the house, spiders, like I see a spider, he's like this big I'm like, OK, fine.


In Australia, the average spatters like this fucking big, yeah. What are you going to do? Terrifying creatures over there. There's brown snakes and shit. My Australian friend Adam Greentree is always trying to get me to go out there, go camping with him, like, get the fuck out of here.


No, he goes hunting Australia, that thing. Look at that thing. No, no, no, no. So much protein if. Yeah. If you're hungry.


Is that a huntsman? Yeah. Jesus Christ. Look at that thing. That's so big. Australia's just buck wild man.


There's it's so bizarre to think like all.


And he's seen the there's big grasshoppers that are like this big locust man, terrified.


You know, I didn't find out until a few years ago. Wow. Look at that fucker. What is that, dude? It is full carat. Like an infant. Like a toddler. He's eating a carrot like a fucking toddler. That's insane.


It's like he's screaming through a traffic cone. Also, if I saw a centipede, I would die.


Oh, my God. Look at the size of that. Look at that butterfly thing.


Moth the butterflies. True. It's really the same thing.


How come? Why? That's pretty. And one of them is fucking swan every chance I get. Well, because we value beauty. Look at that. Look at that creative.


I saw that I would run away, bro. You ever seen a centipede eat a mouse? No.


Do you want to probably find the centipede eats a mouse? I didn't know they did this man. I see that saying. I never would have thought that thing was a monster.


I thought it was just a bug. Probably eats little bugs now.


Eats about you just saw a grasshopper eat a carrot like a fucking four year old. It's crazy.


There's a four pound grasshopper. Look at this. Look at this centipede attacking this mouse burrow.


Their predatory like alien like a movie that's like the movie Alien whole look at it. It's biting into the back of the spine of the mouse and killing it.


Dude, it's more than sad. That's an alien with a sack. It's burning itself into the body.


Oh, my God. Take that off of the camera, bro. Imagine. Holy shit.


That's why I need to learn jujitsu. First step might need to learn jujitsu. You need to figure out how to well, that your next Avengers move that my jujitsu class, don't let them get your back, but let's not get your back.


My cats killed two mice.


And your cats are murderers. Every cat's murderer. There's no doubt about that.


But if if the mice knew jujitsu, maybe my dad would have died.


Cat is so big, cat is big, they don't have a chance.


But the centipedes not that much bigger than the mouse or it's smaller than the mouse. Really.


Cat is big my size small.


Well we got to worry about his bugs because bugs are small. But that's what nature did to them. They made them like invulnerable but small so we could squash them. But if they were big, we'd be so fucked. Those murder hornets, remember, they were trying to scare us. Those. Yeah, that was right. During the covid, you know, you saw Tiger King and then murder haunted, but then.


No, but then the honeybee figured out how to vibrate. Yeah. All around it and kill it with heat in that crazy.


That's crazy. Crazy. How do they figure that out and how do they know how to work together to overheat the the well Utah is the hive state murder wasp.


Utah is the high state. So bees are smart ass shit. Yeah. They're weirdly smart, weirdly smart.


There's something connected to bees and aliens. Well for sure.


Come they all know how to make that fucking hive. There's no classes.


There's it's just come out. No on go.


Come on man. Imagine all over the world this one being knows exactly the kind of shape to make and makes it with like what's it using, what creates that wax.


It's like using what they get. It's using what they get from plants. Right. Is it pollen that makes the stuff that they use for wax? Is that what they get or is it an excretion from their own excretion? So they eat and then they make this excretion and then they they literally build the house at their own spit and then we eat it. Yeah, it's delicious honeycomb. It's very good. Never have had it. I'm not a big honey guy.


No. Are you into Sweet'N Low? You you used aspartame or real sugar guy. I like the Coke with real sugar, you know, sugar Cokes the best. That's true. And there's the added benefit of knowing is killing your body. Diet Coke, you can pretend you're healthy. I'm having a Diet Coke. This is basically like water, Max.


That is not water, bitch. There's nothing about that. That's water. This is water for me.


You know, when you say, why don't you crack that one open, let's really get into it, let's get down to the real nitty gritty. We got pretty into it with aliens making we're talking about. It's a big whoop. Yes. You know, that's the crazy thing is we need bees to make other plants.


Like, can you find out about pollination? Like what? Like, that's how it's done. It's done through the bee. The bee gets it on their body and then they go to another plant and it pollinated. That's bananas. What a stupid system.


And that's what we know is there is a matriarchy. Oh yeah. For sure. There's one boss.


Yup. The queen bitch. That's crazy. Yeah. It's kind of it's just like humans essentially. Yeah.


Well in a way. Well it's not though. It's like some it's hairs like this is the thing about bees, they're small so we love them.


But if they were big they would be our biggest enemy ever. There would be the most terrifying thing on the planet is a horse sized bee. And then imagine like enormous, huge colonies of horse sized bees that come out of the mountains like deman to.


Come in, sound like a helicopter, people up. Yeah, do what those Japanese hornets do when they cut those beehives, those honey bees heads off. Imagine there's something out there doing that.


There's bees cutting other bees heads off. Oh, yeah. That's what these birds hornets do. They they climb on top of the back of the honeybee and they bite their head off.


Yeah, but then honeybee strength in numbers, that's the strength.


And I got my. But guess what, they don't always win. It doesn't always work out sometimes. And a lot of motorhomes motherfuckers get their heads cut off.


Do there's a terrifying one that if it was a horror movie, like if you were a honeybee, it would be the worst, like Conan the Barbarian movie ever, the most brutal. They swarm in and these murder hornets grab a hold of these honeybees and just chop their heads off. And they're trying to get in, I think, to get to the I think they want. Do they do they want the eggs?


This looks like what are they trying to get video, bro.


It's what's that stake? They're just they're just so but look how they do it. They cut their fucking heads off, man. It's horrific. There's so much bigger and they just run up on these honey bees and cut their heads off.


How do they cut them off with those Clippers incisors? Yeah. See those front clippers? Those latter, they just grab them and chop them up, man. It's horrific.


They just tear them apart with their face. So there's these weird those are all dead honeybees and these these weird wars that go on with these murder hornets and honey bees.


How do you film this? Do you know what's going to happen? Like they set the scene. I know they did. They totally set those fucking dude.


It looks like a fucking Tony Hawk skate video. This looks like a very niños video, Jamie.


That's a really good question. Do you think that this is like a murder for hire scene then?


It's just not fair. Let the BS or the dance go and they need to fisheye. They need a physical look at what's going on here.


You got these hornets and you have murdered. But this is a horror movie for BS. Like, look around back there. Those are all bodies. Good transition. They're cut these. I mean. If that's what we're like, maybe they did set this up, maybe they brought in murder hornets to an active honeybee colony.


I know bodies had Notley's bodies. The comb I.


Oh, the comb. Yeah, I know how they figure that out. It's perfect. It's always like that, too, it's not like one guy. Look, bro, I'm going to have a fucking double. My friend's going to have eight edges. Yeah.


No one has cones like, you know, like some wheels on cars that are just so big. There's no cone like that.


They're all the same. I don't know how to do it all over the world, too. It's a weird animal. We're just lucky. That little thing is that that size, that fucker was big German Shepherd size BS.


Let's go back let's go back to the monolithic period there.


Probably BS fucking a foot long.


Let's find out what was the biggest B in history. You say a foot long.


I say you're probably right. I say foot long. I agree with you.


I bet you make a short time just that big. That makes sense. Maybe even bigger. I'm going to go a foot and a half bucket. I'll go a foot and a half. What do you think, Jamie, the first result was not correct. It gave me something that was actually alive recently that I thought was extinct. That's not.


Oh, well, let's take a guess now. While we're I'd say 11 inches, I say a foot and a half. What do you say? That's not so big.


I know, but everything is back better than a shoe flying around a fucking shack. That's my that's my fucking boot. Yes, 17 inches is pretty big.


I mean, 18 inches. Five, six inches. That's pretty big.


Yeah, inch and a half. I say 11 is totally possible, though.


There was giant fucking bugs back then. 18 inches ain't shit.


I would imagine there was a big shack's, but now it just keeps giving me this thing called Wallis's Giant Bee, which was two and a half inches wingspan to an outfit. I know.


What do you think? Let's let's. Google was right. What do you think that dog was like back at 30 feet long?


Look how big it is. I mean, we have that the thing that's right there, that's a tarantula hawk that's in front of the skull. So the little glass bottle can, I guess.


Yeah, that's from Mainard, you know, Mainard from Tool Manichaean.


He has these that's Hem's his from his farm that this is him. That's his it's him that's haunting this room through that bug. Now that's from his farm. He you know, he runs his vineyards and he he sees these fuckers up there. Yeah.


If this, if we think about history is exponential then these workers had to be 11 inches.


Exactly. Science fiction. Science. Well, OK, let's let's ask this. What do you think the biggest bug ever is? What's the biggest bug ever? In history, make sure to make sure it's like the biggest bug in history, like millions of years, I say feet, OK, all right.


I want to say bigger.




Yeah, I still want to think this like some fucking pteropods that technically bugs. Is that what they're called?


Sarah Palin theropods, some of those crazy cephalopods maybe. And crazy.


Yeah, those that are like the Pokémon KOBU tops.


There was some creepy old bugs back in the day for sure. Yeah. I want to say it might be three feet, you know, like it's different, so I guess it's like a lobster and crabs are technically right. That's what the divers call in the cold. But there are bigger ones of those than this largest dragonfly. It show me it was like one point eight meters. I feel like there's got to be a crab or what's a conversion?


Bigger than that, 31 feet.


And then point eight point is compared to a six foot person.


It's not that big. It's pretty big. All right. Climb, you asshole.


If that was trying to climb in your asshole, you'd be very unhappy.


That's big. But yeah, but compared to a person so and they say that's the largest instinct insect ever extinct insect two hundred seventy five million years ago.


Oh, not that impressive.


So we change the parameters of what an insect does. And we could say, no, not even a large bug superbug. That's like a large hot dog. That's what it's like to have large bug ever in history.


And it's like, oh, oh, we're lucky, the little man.


We're lucky they're little. I just found out a few years ago that when when locusts come and they swarm into like like an area and ruin cornfields and children, those are grasshoppers.


Some weird change happens to grasshoppers and they become locusts and it doesn't happen all the time. There's like some zest.


Well, maybe, maybe we're, you know, we're trying to, like, write it down as some sort of technical hormonal change inside the animal. But maybe that is possessed by demons and we're just trying to figure it out. What makes harmless little green grasshoppers turn into brown crop chomping clouds of swarming locusts, serotonin? Oh, shit. Yeah. According to a study published this week in Science, it took just two to three hours for timid grasshoppers in a lab to morph into a gregarious locusts, into gregarious locusts after they were injected with serotonin.


Wow. Wow. So it changes. This chemical change is what they are and they get bigger, I think.


Right? Don't they get bigger? They look bigger.


Well, you saw Grasshopper eat a carrot, so get up there.


That was a ridiculous grasshopper. Like if you were on your bike and your face hit that grasshopper, you'd be fucking you might get knocked off the bike. Right.


Or you like a baseball brawl. That's a bird. You hit a bird. Like if you hit a bird with your face while you're driving your bike, like you're probably going to fall down.


You take my might be able to take it if you get a little bike, keep your wits about you.


If you get hit in the face with a bird, I mean, planes go down, right. They do. Birds get sucked into the fucking engine bird. I think it's more than one bird.


Even if Izzard's couple I think you need a lot of beaks, but this stuff I think grinds up quick. Beaks, rakita. Yeah, the meat grinds up quick. I think it's the beaks, the beaks of the issue. It blows my mind to Rolls-Royce, makes turbines for jet engines. That's the crazy shit they make dope stuff, man.


That's a weird company, right? It's pretty boring. Want to let everybody know you're not fucking around?


I have a Rolls Royce turbine. My airplane. I don't know this.


I was just playing a card. Would you drive a Rolls-Royce? What I. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have one. Beautiful. What does it feel like when you drive around that thing like a boat.


Hmm. It's like you're on a pontoon. But you also want to Iran like this, if you want to go to the king of the the custom car, the king of the expensive luxury car Rolls-Royce, that's the king. Yet there's something about it driving around. You got that grill? Come on.


You got two stars in the roof. Ladies, lovers on the roof. That's right. Stars on the roof.


You have to do that in the Bronco.


No, no, that would be. No, can't do that to a Bronco. Seven to Bronco. You're not allowed to do that.


That's gross. You can't you can't put that blue light inside the wheel.


Well, stop doing that. Stop doing that.


Listen, man, I got blue lay in my wheel. Well, you can have that if you like. You're a different person.


A lot of people should not put blue light in the wheel well of their classic Bronco. But yours is from the O.J. days. Yeah, right.


That's OK. You want those?


I'm happy to see that here because there's a certain charm about Broncos that I think a lot of people understand.


They make you smile. I see a nice Bronco. It makes me smile.


There's something about it. Even the new ones.


I love it. Look at that. That's my explorer. That's a nine to Ford Explorer.


Ladies and gentlemen, you got a 92 Ford Explorer with those kind of crazy gullwing doors. Yeah, the black ones don't work.


They're hard.


It's hard to get in, but it looks cool. I think the person who did those wing doors the best is Tesla, that Tesla X.


You have to go where it goes. It goes straight up in the air and then it comes straight down. I mean, those things are sick.


I like Christmas mode. What's Christmas?


But I've seen the dance mode. Yeah, that's probably what. And maybe you just do dance mode during December and then it's Christmas. Tiffany had experiences back in the days where you were allowed to go to the Comedy Store. Tiffany Haddish was in the parking lot and she had her car on dance while she had it playing music. And the car was dancing and she was dancing in front of it. And a bunch of us were dancing to it was hilarious.


It's like a car dancing, car dance. What were your moves like? My dance moves. Yeah, they were very subtle, very like barely moving.


Yeah. Look at that. Yes. Yeah. That's the Christmas.


That's it also plays Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This is what happens when you get super smart dudes and you give them too much free time, you know, like what else you guys want to do. And they like Elon. Well, we want to do is want to make it dance like, OK, that's Christmas supercool.


We want to make it dance for Christmas, Halloween every. Holiday, yeah, that's a different animal, too, like the Tesla animals, a different animal, when you're in one of those, it doesn't even feel like your car feels like you're on you're on some next level thing. You're in some. Oh, this is what the future of cars is. Oh, it's here right now.


Would you drive a entirely autonomous car?


I think you're going to have to eventually. I don't think so. I think they're going to get so good at making those things, not crash. That will completely eliminate auto accidents.


I think then there's something. There's something that. Could have you seen upgrade? Yes, I did. Fun movie and then great movie. Yeah. Car gets hacked. Yes, that's right. That's right. Right.


I think always and I can't speak for the next generation, but I think I will always until I die, drive my motor vehicle. I think that we're old school, yeah, we like it or at school, because I think you're younger than me, but you will be people younger than you and 10, 20 years from now, they'll be different dealing with a totally different reality. Like there's a lot of kids today that are just used to Uber, right?


That's what they do. They just use lift or they use Uber and they barely drive anywhere. Avoids drunk driving doesn't cost that much. They just travel around with other people driving them. They're used to someone else driving. So all of a sudden it comes along that you can get a car that can drive you around and with 100 percent certainty not crash into other cars like that. They all communicate with each other, right. They're going to say, hey, people, we we like to think about how many people die from car accidents every year right now.


Think about what what we would do to bring those people back. All you have to do is not drive your car. And that's how it happens. It doesn't happen because anybody's evil doesn't have it. Just like this is what people do. They get more and more control over their environment and more and more control over safety and more and more control over what you can and can't do because you don't want to violate the safety protocols. If everybody else is using the autonomous car in your in your crazy Bronco and you smash into someone that's your fault, you fucked up if you didn't have that Bronco post Malone, it's just like it's just like an airplane flight.


If I'm going to die on an airplane, I would rather know that I'm going to die rather than be completely out of control.


I wonder what the situation if you were asleep and probably they never woke you up to two of those Ambiens just fucking crashed. I'm just kidding.


I only got a couple.


And there's oxygen masks have fallen down from the ceiling out of the gold stop.


I hate flying. OK, so but then you just wake up.


One thing to mention, if you knew how to fly a plane. Yeah, everything would be different. The sure. If you knew how to fly an airplane. Yeah. The anxiety of flying would be gone.


I don't think that's true because you still you understand that turbulence is. Controllable and you can figure it out. Yeah, but I think when shit goes wrong, it goes really wrong. It's always going to be there, right? There's always going to be that fear.


But then as a passenger. As a passenger, yeah. It's kind of like being with a crazy driver. You're like, oh, he's making me nervous. Yeah, a little bit could be.


But then, I mean, turbulence is uncontrollable. But. You feel more comfortable having known if this crazy driver goes crazy, you can grab the wheel and know how to drive.


Fuck. Imagine that scenario, drinking champagne, hang with your buddies on a plane thinking everything's groovy.


Also, the pilot has a stroke and then fuck, oh, shit, Posti knows how to fly a plane.


He's going to save the day. What if they both get sick with some crazy disease? You only stopped in Hawaii for one night, but something that the fucking pilots ate, they're sick with a contagious disease and they're in the front. So they're zombies.


Do the pilots are zombie?


Zombie. Yeah. We just made a fucking dope ass movie right now, doesn't it?


Chuck Palahniuk, doesn't he have a movie or a book is a short story where a person turns into a werewolf on a plane.


Somebody somebody sent it to me alone. That sounds awesome. Yeah, I think it's a little girl. A little girl becomes a werewolf on a plane called Survivor.


Wait, but always got to buy a plane. Sorry.


It's a kid becomes a werewolf on a plane. Google that.


That's what I did type that day. What is that? He had a collection of he had a collection of horror stories, didn't he? OK, that's called haunted. Haunted. Yeah.


That's Chuck Palahniuk. Right, by saying his name. I don't believe so. Thank you. Yeah, that's it. That's it. And one of them is about my remembering.


This seems super obscure. It popped up when I was looking through here.


Let me see if I can find the thing about this is the same guy wrote Fight Club. Really interesting guy. Had him on the podcast for a very interesting guy. Supersmart. But what a fucking imagination, so that's a great embracing of creepy thoughts, right?


Yeah, pilots, yeah, pilots get the zombie disease before taking off and then the pilots become zombies on the flight.


There it is, a 13 year old Chihuahua Indian girl transformed as if as if a werewolf aboard the plane and caused the crash. She relates her theory to missing link, who tells her the girl in question was his sister. OK, I think I just gave away spoilers.


So what's in the box?


What's in the bag? No, no, no, no. Oh, man.


What do you do with Kevin Spacey? What happens with that guy now? I have no idea that he's the guy.


He's Kaisers, isn't he? Wasn't he the guy in that movie?


That was Brad. Yeah, I was doing Brad Pitt. But he's the guy in that movie. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Seven. I was doing Brad Pitt, I no, but I was saying he's saying it to Kevin Spacey, then he tells Kevin Spacey. Right. I'm 25, I hear, bro. So the best answers anyone's ever given to anything, one of the most self-aware answers anybody's ever given to anything.


How about this for great fucking movie?


Man seven Jesus Christ, that was a vivid movie.


Large Torso. Kevin Spacey. Hmm. OK, there it is. It's not the small torso, I'm not I mean, you not here a little bit jealous, you know, resources.


It seems like you got a good, good lung capacity to take a big, deep breath.


What's in the box? It's a creepy ass fucking movie, man, I love a good creepy movie, too, but for True Detective was kind of like seven for me the first season.


Yes, I like them supernatural.


I like creepy movie supernatural or with monsters because I know they're bullshit that way, like ones that are like too close to humans, to actual humans.


I like that.


I like, I like kind of like the slasher type vibe to where it's like, oh there's a dude in a mask that wants to fuck everybody out because I know if it was my house I just popped the fucker and then Burning Man.


I don't think that works with Jason. It works with Jason. But he always comes back.


He made like 100 movies. Well, what was the last movie? The last movie was Jamie Lee Curtis. She's still fucking with this dude. It's.


Oh, that's a different one.


Yeah, it's my imagination is different. Yeah. Yeah. Halloween. That's right. And my dad does it. Two of them.


My dad used to scare the fuck out of me and he knew Michael Myers scared the shit out of me. And for Halloween he put the mask on and scared the living shit out of me.


That's a terrible thing to do to a kid.


That's why I'm so fucked up. Michael Michael Myers is Halloween and Jason is which one had more movies?


Jamie was only a few. Right. Jason Voorhees. Right.


He had the mother was like fucking eight of the nine iron space or something like that.


Don't see how it got it. Got to he link-up you. Do you remember Leprechaun.


Yes. Yes, I do. Leprechaun killed Jason. Oh my God.


They got to a point where Freddy, who was fighting Jason and the only motherfucker that could kill Jason was fucking Freddy Krul. That's so stupid. Oh my God.


It's so stupid looking at them. Leprechaun. Yeah, there is a leprechaun versus Jason.


There really is some amount of added to this cleverly. I know. I remember this. This was an actual movie. I don't think so.


Are you sure. I remember Leprechaun in space.


Well why don't you Google whatever you. I did and I just clicked on the first leprechaun versus Jason was a movie. I think people are addicted to some shit.


Why don't you Google it? Well, Jesus Christ, I did.


And all that comes up as YouTube clips. This is a real movie. What about that? Look, a fan I made from a fan made trailer.


I did see it. Yeah. People ask for is Jason stronger than Freddy? But which Jason is the scariest Jason and Leprechaun.


How is someone not make that movie?


There's guys. Yeah. Can we deal. Can we look up leprechaun Jason fanfiction bro. Before covid you can ask me some fanfic. I've never gotten Jason. One hundred percent.


There have to be before covid you could probably walk into any like any of those horror movie making producers office and pitch that idea and they'd be like oh shit, why didn't we think of that leprechaun versus Jason in space. In space in Yellowstone?


And Michael, Michael Myers is the director of how many movies were there with Jason? It has to be like twenty, right?


Yeah, it's like more. OK, let's ask this more Jason's or more Mission Impossibles, more Jason.


Really? For sure. It's a lot of Mission Impossible. There's like five, right? I don't know.


I was trying to find the newest one the other day. I was trying to watch something crazy and mindless. There's a lot of Bourne identities, 12, there's 12 to 13 to watch. Oh, my God, that prophecy will be concluded on the 13th. Yeah, exact match.


I'm waiting for that. And then, you know, there will be leprechaun seven years.


That's this is the trailer for the fucking movie. Jamie, this is a trailer. You saying that us looking this up, everybody laughing don't.


It's Jason Voorhees and the Leprechaun together at last.


Why did you get killed by a leprechaun? Like, I can't believe this shit.


Like, if you're a girl, you go home. If you're a groupie and you go home with the the goblin or the Mechagodzilla.


Yeah. Imagine him and say he's a real goblin. Can't even say the word necro goblin goblins are to say it would be a great Stephen King book right there.


A goblin. Who is he? Still a great guy in makeup. Oh yeah.


Yeah. He still writes. Look at that leprechaun. Terrifying. Terrifying. There's a great Stephen King movie about a vampire that flies around at night in his own plane. Great. In terms like let me just like stress. It's classic. It's like it's like a very 80s. Like, it's not great. Like you see it like, man, this is like it made it yesterday. Not like, you know, like.


You know, classic Francis Ford Coppola movie or Stanley Kubrick movie, not like that, but. It's called Night Flyer, I think it's a really good book, I read the book, it's like a short story, I think, and then the movie is this vampire just flying around fucking people up.


And then he he covers his plane during the day. He just lays out there and they have to figure out what the fuck's going on. And this is vampire with his own plane flying around fucking people up. It's pretty cool.


I want Salem's Lot for the first time movie. There was a made for TV thing. Salem's Lot.


Yeah. No, it was like fucking nine hours long. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It was like a made for like network television miniseries. Well that was it too.


It was made. The first one was a television thing, right.


I think so. That was the one with the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Right. Mm. Is an Alice Cooper now. The Who is Tim Curry. Tim Currys. The first it he was the first in the TV version of it which is like believe it or not scary at the time.


It's terrible. Know that movie sucks. I hate it, it scares the fuck out of me still.


But they're nothing compared to the new ones. The new that's the new.


Yeah, that's I think this is it. I think this guy is scarier than the new guy. That's pretty scary. We all float down here, cowboy. Look at that face, man, Jesus Christ. So that's the 1990 Pennywise.


Yeah, there's something about that that might actually be creepier. Yeah, it's just like. Fuckin. Lifeless. Well, this about it, it's a real it's the thing about that is like if you looked into a sewer and you saw a man like, that's a real thing.


That's not like CGI. No, that's like. Yeah, there's no the other.


Yeah. The thing about the new one is it scares the fuck out even when it opens its mouth and clamps sound bites of its arm off. Right. You're like, that's not what's really happening.


Do you know Michael Meyers, mass will Shatner, what really was a Bill Shatner? Yeah, no shit it was.


Yeah, there's a lot of information on it.


But Michael Meyers mass was like a will Shatner. Oh, my God, it was supposed to be Captain Kirk apparently, but oh my God, this took the eyebrows off. It's fucking terrifying it. Oh, my God.


It is. That is who he is. How weird. Isn't that weird? Fucking real weird.


But that's how fucking goes. It's like the uncanny valley.


Something about someone wearing a mask to like that kind of mask. Like, you can't you don't see any humanity.


Yeah. You see, just I'm going to fucking destroy it.




From the darkness that's we're all scared of we're all scared of some super powerful demonic shit that's outside of our control. Jason's common demons are coming. What if demons existed, but really rarely, just like UFOs, like these people that have taken selfies? At the Grand Canyon, like posing like look and then also the what of this little demon is just waiting for him in the Grand Canyon and everywhere.


Just we're just waiting for you to do so.


There's a couple there's like there's like 15. There it is.


Night flyer. Yeah, look at that. That's that's the vampire. That's that guy is the reporter. He's going to expose the vampire.


When I see when I say it's really good, I don't mean it's really I mean it's really good because it's kind of schlocky and crazy.


And you're watching this. Fucking fighting back for you. I know it can't. I like the vampire, so much power he has to do with a vampire, says, listen, the book is cooler for sure.


The book is really cool.


There's another book that's really good. Stephen King did about aliens called the Tommy Knockers. That's a great book.


That's about a UFO that was like buried in the in the ground near a town. And its energy started fucking everybody up like it was it was messing with people innocent because there was this this thing that was right. And that was that was a great book that they made a movie out of it. But the movie didn't really kind of capture what the book was about.


Suhad, it makes sense. Radiation, I guess, yeah, radio, I'm not a doctor, outer space craft fucking. How do you react?


How do you react to that? Oh, no. Oh, no. You seem BreitBurn. BreitBurn.


What's that? So it's like. It's like Superman. If he was bad, Superman. If he was bad, if he was evil. OK, I thought it was great.


It's a movie. Yeah, it's a movie. Oh.


When did this come out? Years ago.


Really. You should you should watch so out of the loop. You should watch this fucker. Really pretty good.


Yeah. Dude that sounds incredible. It's literally like parallel Superman. But if he was like bullied and treated like shit and he was angry. Wow. Just imagine that. Oh my God.


Imagine that if you had that power, but you were angry instead of wanting to help people. Right. Like who says super heroes want to help people?


Oh, my God. Yeah.


Imagine if you're like super fucking annoying, but you're also super powerful.


You're from another planet, but you smell weird. And the girls here don't like you. Yeah. Fuck, you're from another planet and you're like, God damn it. And you just get angry and you become any fucking you let them know.


Squish your mom.


Listen, bitch, I'm more powerful than all you fucking do. And that's I always think about that too.


If there was a real super hero, would he lay low or would he be like, I am God, he I am beating girls off his dick 24 hours a day and you wouldn't have a chance to save the world because there would be just lined up.


There's a show called The Boys. Right. They don't want that DNA. Oh, yeah. It's like a superhero show. Yeah. But it's like superheroes are like celebrities. But it would be on such a more grand scale. But if you were the only one to, you would be like. The the king of the planet, well, that's that was always my problem with the watchmen. Not my problem, but like an interesting part of the Watchmen story was Dr.


Manhattan. Right. Who was basically a God. Right. He could do anything right. There was it seemed to be no limit to his powers. I mean, he lived in space and his wiener was a huge, huge, giant blue hog. And that was a show.


Hogg's you could show them in a movie. Right.


Remember his dogs in movies nowadays? Well, now they're desperate.


It's like all they have a streaming half to show the hog. It was for a while you could be cavalier about hiding your dogs.


You didn't have to go to the show in the dog in order to get ratings. But now, goddamn it, with Netflix, they can do anything. We've got to show some hogs. We got hogs on Netflix.


But in that movie, it was like, remember when they had Dr. Manhattan like you got on the show or something like that?


Like Jesus, like you see his big old dick and you you have to do so. If you went to just to see a superhero movie and you're all that where you girl, you having some popcorn, drinking some Diet Coke, enjoying this movie, all the sudden you see a big ol blue dick that you did not expect.


But what about when you go giant blue hog, full size, like huge like New York walking around.


Yeah, yeah. With this giant blue dick just swinging. What is God's dick look like. Like that. It's perfect.


Not too big. Not too small. It's like the perfect tits aren't like triple e fake boobs. Right. There's a there's a perfect time. Perfect. Dick's ridiculous. Like what is the number. Like a dude with a giant carpet roll dick. That's no good. Now you've got a handicapped there's a there's a comfortable time like whatever the size you get, stop right there and don't be greedy. I'm happy here. No more good for you.


OK, not a good place to be man. No, I'm good. I don't want that. Dr. Manhattan.


Yeah, you don't want any of that shit. But that dude was that dude is a real god. Yeah.


What's crazy is that could be people and that could be people in 100 years with gene editing and technology, CRISPR, CRISPR and then the ability to incorporate technology inside of human beings when they figure out how to put processors inside of human beings that make you smarter to figure out a way to connect your brain, connect it through the air with the Internet, you're always connected.


That's the next move. It's going to happen.


That that's the next move is your wallet in your body.


There was a video and I don't know if it was fake, Jamie. There was a video where there was a corporation that was they convinced their employees to get a microchip in their arm.


That fake.


That was real. No shit. Oh, and they used it to, like, buy things at lunch and they could use it to open doors. Did they stuck this thing in their fucking arm? So they have like this RFID chip in their arms, like like if you want to work there, you have to get it in your arm. I'm sounds like the Belko experiment. Just imagine that, man, you want to work at UPS, great, we need to stick a fucking electronic, but that's work inside your body.


I mean. Ninety seven percent of money is digital. Right. How much of it is actual goal, three percent. Look at that thing, they planted that and that dude's fucking hand. No. What if he does jujitsu?


Then what? Huh? That thing's going to break. You have to cut it out. It's going to get infected. God damn it.


No shit, bro. There's a fucking company and these people are lining up to get this shit injected into their body. Look at that guy.


He's like, I should stay in college. That's what he's thinking right now. He's thinking I should own this company. These guys are all assholes. I can't believe everyone's willing to get this thing inserted in their fucking body.


Can't believe I ever crazy. I couldn't ever. What is the the company's name. Scuse me. Three square market.


I think I read about it once, but I guess they might have been doing that proof of concept to show this could work for other companies, which is that what they do.


Do they do these things like you could almost like I think like those Amazon ghost stores. We could just walk in, grab what you want and leave your chip knows how much money you have and it just scans the scanner or whatever on the way out. So what if I don't?


What if you don't have money? You know, what if you don't have money, one of those robots or what have you built up that it's like ten grand in check.


And then they got if I can take your fucking hand, I robot knocks on your door bang, bang, bang.


Man we are here to collect money from you. Pulls Malone.


It's a suede denim secret police dog Westworld. You watch that show. Yeah. The first artificial people you allowed to shoot. Artificial people. Oh, robot people.


You're allowed to shoot artificial artificial people. You start to stumble through that. I might have fucked that up. Well, I can't say that kind of man who can do that would be a great Stephen King book, right?


A goblin that tricks people into thinking there's a man in the mask.


How about a goblin with a microchip that runs out of money and then he has to go on the run from his fucking debt collector? Yeah, right. That's going. Yeah, that's a good you get a little bit orderings, you get a little bit. I wrote, you get all that shit.


He has to tell people. I keep my phone off most of the time because the debt collectors just blow my phone up.


I went to a couple of minutes a day just to check my math. Maybe.


Maybe you think. The chip just goes crazy and it gives the advantages of implants over cards is their permanence. They are unlikely to be lost and are non-transferable businesses do not need to worry about theft or access details to the same degree, because to do so would involve mutilation and be much more obvious.


What what the fuck is mutilation in, Earlene? Someone stealing your chip so they could cut it off your body?


From a business perspective, it also allows a more precise tracking of employees due to the in body nature of an implant over a car. So, my gosh. So listen to this.


But this statement is so bizarre, mutilation in the article.


Businesses do not need to worry about theft or of access details to the same degree because to do so would involve mutilation and be much more obvious.


Imagine you don't have to worry about someone cutting that chip out of your fucking hip and using it to open all the building and stealing all the information, because that would be obvious.


No, it'd be really obvious. Everyone would see it coming and it would involve mutilation.


I love mutilation.


In the paragraph of my favorite, you're sitting around at your house thinking, I can't believe I let these motherfuckers inject this thing in my hip. Is feeling it every morning, you touch this thing. That's what that's what I was getting at. If you're overdue on your balance, it would just irritate you, there would be something that would irritate you to the point that we cannot wake up and get another job to pay me.


What? Who are you fucking neurological and who said that? Yeah, the chip is your chip. It's Chip.


Yeah. It's the overlord we are communicating to you from your chip, you don't want us to involve mutilation and this fucking is that would be obvious. It would be too obvious. It would be too obvious.


And it does like the most non soothing if they were trying to sell that fucker. It's not working. That is the least soothing way to say no one's going to steal the chip because they know they're going to cut it out of you.


It would involve mutilation. Holy fuck.


Imagine no one mutilates. Don't worry. It's totally safe. No one's ever mutilated. It's not like they don't even have a really good reason for you to do it.


Of course, they still like to use copy machines, open doors, the copy machine.


How about I just press fucking copy? How about I press start boss so you can't chip in me bitch. What if that chip rots? What happens if you play rugby and the chip breaks inside your arm?


It says you can put it take it out just as easy as a splinter. That's a lie.


But then it says British ship is about this fucking big. That's a big ass splinter. I see.


That's hilarious. Oh, my God. They would just have the Bowie knife it out of you. Look, that's all. Got to be a fucking. It probably is a dark mirror episode, right? Is there one of those where someone gets a chip?


I think every episode of Black Mirror, they have a chip. Yeah, they figured it out. Black mayors figured out everything that's going to happen. Everything is going to go wrong.


You had the cloning thing earlier with that cloning episode that you had.


Remember where they had the space station team like, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That was the one where the guy was a tyrant, right?




Fuck, that was a creepy one. I was a creepy one. I like the video game one where he goes, stays at that old mansion and he just goes fucking nuts.


That's a good one. How long before they're going to make an artificial post, Malone looks just like you, sits right next to you, you out? Is he doing my shows? No, he's got no talent. He's just he's a robot. I think there's going to be it's going to be a long road before they figure out a way to make an artificial thing that's creative. I think that might be the only thing we have.


Well, they try to make computers, make music all the time. It sucks.


It sucks. There's something that we do. We like we were talking about earlier it when you're doing something, we I mean humans that makes other people happy. That thing is hard to define. It's hard to figure out with numbers like you listen to Eye of the Tiger and you want to start running.


I like, what is that? A computer, if I can make that can make a shot.


If you were a kid when I was in rocketry came out and that fucking song comes out. Holy shit.


Yeah. Come on, man.


What are my chances of the artificial posti sitting here while I take a piss?


I know. I knew it was coming. Go, go take a piss, bro. We have plenty of time. We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.


And this is Supernormal Necro Goblet Fire. We'll be right back. What a blast, man.


Yeah, man. Real fun. Sees you closes it shuts off the air, kicking on.


We got like a specific cigarette here, there's a specific setting, it's just a family turn on and one of the Dorsets, I think it closes the circuit and it kicks on.


That's cool. Technology is pretty cool. I changed my mind about these chairs, you know, like them anymore. Now my ass hurts. It gets to you after a while. Maybe I'm sitting around.


No, you got to sit. Maybe I'm too thick. Yeah, maybe. But you should always. If you can. You're not going to be always if you can sit like this, that's should be fully erect. So when you're sitting, it should be an animal is fully erect. Congratulations. But I don't I don't follow my own advice. Most of the time. I sit like this and try to get myself to not do it because it puts a lot of pressure on your back.


It's rough. Yeah. I used to have my little brother. Jump on my back because I thought it was hilarious and it's not funny, is it fucked you back up? Yeah, it's not funny anymore.


Yeah, we good. We're rolling. OK. Yeah. Disc problems are no joke, man. That's a if you have like bulging disks or herniated disc. Got to take care of those. What you definitely can't do is fuck them up worse. Sure. Like if you have a chance do something, take their real close to being fixed. That too. They're already replacing them. They're replacing them with these titanium discs that move around. They're not perfect, but it's better than, you know, having degenerative disease and yeah, massive pain all the time.


And that's something that's not something that I'm mad at is what I'm in a disk.


I'm mad at chips in your hands that you have to mutilate to get out.


Yeah, that's scary. People totally. A piece a piece of metal instead of a bone isn't harmful.


No, because there's no technology in that. It's just a filler. Right. Right. It's just something to replace something that's broken.


Right. Like if your hand gets bitten off by a shark and they say, listen, you had two options, right. You can have no hand or will make you a hand. It looks exactly like your old hand, Luke Skywalker style. Right. And you put that on, you can feel with it and everything, but it just won't be a real hand.


No, I mean, that's totally fine, too.


If it's controlled by your brain, you wake up in the middle choking you and see, that's good.


That's that's the whole argument that could happen. That that could happen. Come on, man. It's Terminator shit. How strong would you goddamn hand be if it was made out of metal wires?


You think do you think you couldn't fight a robot that if you had a metal hand you can fight?


No, they wouldn't let you. No. No chance. You can't have a metal thing that would be, but there would be like the new is as hard as fuck metal metal handy. People are people, too, and they would want to enter into em and fuck people up with their iron arms.


Oh, my God. That's that dude.


Oh, shit, bodybuilder. But he's got some. I just was looking at this crazy hook thing. Oh. So he makes a bunch of different.


That's cool for climbing. It doesn't say.


I don't think so. He has different prosthetics that he does different things with no context for that.


I met him and he's got a carbon fiber articulating hand and a carbon fiber leg got attacked by a shark.


Is is the hand controllable? Yeah, he can move it like this with his nerves. I don't know how it's hooked up. Do you know how it's hooked up? Nope. I don't know if it's muscle. And I was like, oh, wow, that was normal.


Maybe he contracts it with his muscles. Now, that's the one thing that's like that's OK. Yeah, I know.


We've done if somebody gets it's like the self-driving car. Right. Right. If there's a way for somebody to control that and it's not just your nerves or whatever. Controlling.


Right. Instead of it's hooked up to the cloud or something, somewhere like the fucking chip, you know what I mean?


I do know. I mean, look, I've never played an acoustic guitar, right? But I would imagine it's probably a pretty magical experience to play in, like a really good guitar.


It's very visceral and satisfying that that analog, visceral, satisfying feeling of doing something that there's that exists in the car world, too, if you like, if you're driving like a 1969 Porsche 911, those air cooled cars the way like two thousand pounds.


And it's a way to get this crazy, weird mechanical sound to it that there's a thing there's a connection you have to that that you're not going to get once you start adding technology. All that shit's gone. That weird thing that that very analog thing that you get from like it exists with it exists with looking at a painting. It exists with listen to someone saying it exists with with jokes.


There's a thing, man, when you can just fucking nail it like a thing that makes you feel those cars make you feel better. That's the difference. Like an old car will make you feel better. Right. That's a new car is not going to do that. A new car is going to be cool. Is fucking awesome. Right. But it's not going to make you feel better. Like there's something about. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Good. You feel better. You want a drug. It's a very mild, amazing drug.


You're not going to get that off a spaceship that's autonomous, you know, autonomous driving. Yes.


And that's a whole that's the whole deal. It's like. You know. There is technology that's helpful, technology does not go with the human body, you know, it's this is like organic, right?


You know what I mean? Yes. And. Like the chip. It's it's going to go wrong sometimes, for sure it has to it's always going to be perfect. All the people with a chip are 100 percent happy. Yeah, none have got infection, no mutilation. She was happy. Nobody knew there was no mutilation. It was never so obvious. That's what I'm saying.


Like, if you have to have a piece or a disc in your spine removed with a metal plate instead of a metal plate with a microchip in it, that's the total difference.


You know what I mean?


I do know what I mean. But what if that microchip made you feel better or they put that microchip in you? And also this is why I would want you to look at it. What it is, is essentially new software management of your body. Your mind will stay the same post Malone. Right. But your body will now be in control of this perfect system that's going to figure out what it needs and what it doesn't need work at all now.


So you just live your life. You don't have to worry about your body anymore.


I've already seen too many movies about don't worry about your body into it. It's fine. Everything's going to be wonderful. It's OK.


It is cool to be a cyborg if you're living a shitty life.


You're like, I fucking hate living for me mates. I hate fucking where I sleep. I hate I hate what I do. I'm tired. I don't want to do any more. And also in this little thing comes along. Give control of your body to the state. May still be the same inside your mind, but our microchip will control all of your biology to the point where you no longer need to go to the doctor, you don't need health insurance because you're never going to get sick, right?


One, but one by one, people give in. Interesting get infected interests affected by technology. Interesting. Do you think it's possible? Most definitely. But is it better? Here's the thing. Is it better if your grandma died of cancer or is it better if you have some technology that keeps you from ever getting any disease ever? But it's embedded inside your body and it's controlled by a team of scientists.


But it comes to I was watching something. The robot can walk and swim, so it gets in your cells, makes its way through to your brain and fucking explodes jihad. This is the craziest thing ever. What would they're willing to do today with with technology and like what they're experimenting on? What we're seeing in these videos is just a tiny amount of what's possible from them in the future. I mean, they could.


Man, we could have looked insane technology of changing human bodies inside our lifetime. You're in shape. Right. I try my best mean, not so much. Do you ever want to be? No. Well, there you go then.


Yeah, I mean, I'm happy here as long as you're happy.


But like we were talking about earlier, it comes to, I guess, generation wise. Yes. Because if you have to pantomime a cell phone. How do you do it? You got to do like this, like this. Yeah, flip flop. But I saw a video of are they doing this now? They're doing this. Oh, OK. That makes sense because the iPhone. Yeah, but we do it like this. Yeah. So they're there.


Maybe later comes a time because like I said, I will never drive a fully autonomous car.


Hmm. But I hear you. I'm sure there's someone years down the line that will be like, oh, fuck you. Are you kidding me?


I think they're going to do it because it's safer. And I think that's why it's going to be really hard to get people to sign off on the idea of letting people drive their own cars. It's a thing that we got really used to that we only got used to for a little while. I mean, there was no cars in seventeen hundred and in the twenty twenties, everyone's got a fucking car. They're everywhere. So in that time period we went from all of human history, no cars to the invention of a car, whatever the fuck that was.


We figured that out once like 1800 or something that they figured out the first car doesn't that long.


And then we just decide, well, you have to have car basic human right. Don't really have to have a car.


But cars are awesome. Like an all you do is ask are how are you going to get to your job?


Public transportation, if it's better. That's what. But that's a car. Well, not necessarily.


It could be like a tube where people fly through it. It's all magnets. On the other hand, to keep it from crashing into each other, they could figure out some weird shit that has nothing to do with cars. It's too late, it's totally too late. I think if they could figure out a way to convince people that there will be no more auto accidents, that would be a good way to get people on board. Right. They said no more auto accidents ever.


People would probably be like, oh, well, how can you argue against how you selfish fuck. We want to shift through your own gears and kill my nana. And that's that's what people are going to do. They're going to give in to it because they don't want to be selfish. I mean, this is like the slow slide into accepting that we're a part of technology, right? The slow slide is us hanging on to our biology as much as possible.


I think that's a good thing. I think biology is awesome. But I see the writing on the wall. I see where it's going.


I mean, it's going, oh, yeah, we're sliding into this new existence, but we're real insistent on keeping our old ways. It's real weird, you know, in terms of like I like to hear the rumble of an engine.


I'm one of those people. A rumble of an engine. Right. But then, I mean, I don't want to backtrack too much, but I have been, but. At the end of the day. I would rather. Be responsible for my decisions, I suppose. Yes, well, you're an artist, you know, you're just being an artist is a different kind of person. It's a person is chosen a path of doing whatever the fuck they want to do, like expressing themselves professionally.


Of course, you don't want someone driving you. Feels good to drive. Yeah. Experiences that you get in life. You want to you want to feel them all, you know, and some of them are dangerous. Some of them come with consequences.


If you make a mistake, that's how you get better. You take away all consequences.


My concern is that we're going to just, like, keep protecting ourselves more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more to it, to the point where we're just incapable of withstanding any adversity.


That's what I'm worried about with people. Well, and that's what I set out. This is this is why I would rather drive my own car is because, like.


You never. Fully, you never you wake up and you never know what's happening, right? Right. You never know what's going to happen during the day.


There's something good about that. Yeah, no, it's incredible, but. We're all people and. I would rather have that be biological than. A computer controlled and that's and that's where I'm coming from, I suppose I'm with you, I'm with you.


I see both sides of it. I really do. Right. I'm not on a particular side of it. Right.


Because I think I think what all of us are doing is like witnessing these changes happening in real time and trying to hold on to whatever ground we have that we think is important and sacred. You know, I think that's one of the things we're doing where.


You know, people that ride motorcycles, they want to ride Harley's loud engines and it's romantic, it's exciting. All those things I think are cool, but I see the writing on the wall like 100 years from now. It's it's all going to be autonomous. Yeah. There's going to be very few licenses that we give away to people to let them drive their own cars.


Right. It's probably it's probably all going to be controlled by some central system that keeps you at a certain pace. You know, it's it's going to be annoying. It's going to be annoying.


It's going to be just drive to work. No more fun anymore before it's like if you worked at a job and you had a sixty eight Camaro.




And you drove your 68 Camaro to work while you're driving down the street listening to Whitesnake, here I go again on my own and you're driving this fucking thing in your shift in your own gear. Right. That guy's having a good ass time and someone can come along and take that away and say no, no, no, you have to get in the autonomous tube now because safety safety is important, says poor fucking dude who looked forward to his drive to work.


He had a twenty minute drive to work, but during that 20 minutes, he listened to all the music he wanted to listen to. He listened to whatever the fuck he wanted. Right.


And then he pulled into that and pulled in that fucking parking spot, shut his car up. Right now he's got to go to work, but he knows that in eight hours he'll be free and fire that car up again.


Her right shift is OK for her to drive home. Listen to the best tunes. Call your friends. Right, you can take that away from it. You take that part away a person. A mess. What about what about an attack?


An attack, what kind of attack? Like. Like the thing about you think about no, you think about you pull out your debit card, right? Mm hmm. And all of a sudden, no one's debit card works. Oh, yeah, right. What's going to stop that from happening? What do you do with no money? No, there's only three percent, that's real cash that's real, like palpable.


So everybody wanted all the paper for all the money they have in the bank. We would never be able to do it.


If everybody's debit card stopped working, it would fucking much cash is there out there. Right.


I have no idea how much cash is there out there now in comparison, like the 80s when there was only cash. It's the same. It's probably the same amount, but most people use credit cards now, right? Like way more. Yeah, but think about if if we had an enemy that wanted to. Yeah. Say. Nor even or even our own government, that's just like. Now, all technology monetary wise, is cut off. Yeah, they just killed the system, they just stopped at all.


No more banks, no more banking, no more ATMs. What do you have, any money? No money, you can't buy food, you can't buy anything. So you have to steal and then all your money every locked up. How much U.S. currency is in circulation as of July 8th, twenty twenty one point three dollars trillion. Look how much. How much is out there? How much money, how do we differentiate what is like digital money?


Right. And what is actual money?


Good point. There's one point three trillion accounted for. But how much of it is an actual paper cash, right? Yeah. Yeah. And what is paper cash even worth depends on where you're at, right? Some people don't even want it. Some restaurants like, no, we don't take cash, like, whoa, you do the yeah, it's a thing they flip it around, it says, according to the CIA, the total amount of fraud, money.


Is 80 trillion dollars whoa currently and cash was one point two trillion to. So one point nine trillion is actual cash and all the rest of it is just bullshit. Well, there's no bullshit. It's area.


Yeah, it's fucking it's fucking nowhere. Does it exist. Is that a vault.


You can imagine.


Imagine where we're at war with the country and then they have the best hackers or whatever.


This is all hypothetical. But you're you go to swipe your card and it doesn't work. And then everybody in America goes to swipe their card and it doesn't doesn't work.


And then you find out Goblin lead singer of Real Goblin right there. It's a real goblin.


And he's eating people the same way that Centipede eats mice, gets run in the back of their head and then climbs up the skull. It's a terrible baby.


I know. It's horrible, really brutal. It is so brutal. And that's what's normal. That's normal out there. We just we've we figured out a way to wall it off.


That's what it is all day long.


It's things eating things. It's fucking chaos.


Things eat things. And the ocean is one giant murder swoop. That's all it is. Just monster murder soup, a bunch of fucking things killing each other.


How you feel about whales? I love them. They're cool. I've been around them. I've never seen them. Oh, life.


You should go to Hawaii. I think it's around. I want to say it's around November ish. Find out when the whales go near. I've seen them near the big island on one of them cruises they take out. I've seen him a couple of times accidentally while fishing from Maui, but I've seen him on the big island. When you go out on a boat ride, humpback whales. He's in the Hawaiian Islands. Yeah, between November and early May.


But some months are better than others. So it's cool, man. So you're in this boat and then as you're out there, you just see one break the surface and then they, you know, lean towards that area. They go in. Sometimes you see them swim under the boat. It's incredible. They're so big.


Man, does it seem real Vegas creatures on the planet? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The biggest creatures, blue whales are right under the biggest sperm whales, maybe blue whale. Biggest thing ever, ever. I don't know why they're so big, dude.


I mean, that's fucking dinosaur.


How long have they been around like they didn't get killed by the Yucatan blast. Right. Aren't they something that's millions of years old? Maybe not that many million. Maybe that's what it is like we think about dolphins and how fucking intelligent they are.


How long have they been around?


Here we go. 173 tons. Oh, my God, oh, my fucking. Twenty nine point nine meters, which is 100 feet long, it's basically 100 feet long. And weighed one hundred and seventy three tons known to have ever existed. Oh my God, it weighs an adult weighs 330000 pounds and they live 90 fucking years.


They live 90 years.


And they're smart. That's what's weird. We don't you know, they take care of the young, they're smart, there's some weird mammal. But then there's ORCA's, which are there, like alkies are the cousins to Dauphin's, that's the ones we love, right? We love killer whales, but they murder dolphins. They murder whales. They murdered. They're the murders, the ocean, then the killer whales.


Yeah, but they call them killer whales and not a whale. They're a dolphin.


They call our dolphins. Yeah. They call them killer whales because they kill whales. So do this. So rude sex for fun.


I don't know if that's a good question. Dolphin as dolphins do. That's a really good question.


Let's find out. Yeah.


Do orcas have recreational sex casual or sex with orcas have casual sex, sex for fun.


You probably get a better article you get. So let's get a sense of humor. Do Google, do orcas fuck for fun?


You'll get the best article.


Gotten things gets weirder, I got sick of me. I wonder how much they know about the you know, I don't think they know about them the same way they know about dolphins. Is there is there? Because there's not a lot of them.


There's not as many as they used to be, that's for sure. There's a real worry about the ones that are in the Pacific Northwest. There's a pod around the Seattle area. I think that for whatever reason, doesn't want to eat anything other than Chinook salmon. Think it's Chinook salmon and they're running out of salmon. There's not as many salmon anymore. So these things are starving. And so they're trying to reintroduce, like, the idea of getting them to eat like seals or sea lions, things like that, because other killer whales eat them all the time.


So you have this native pod of killer whales that's really struggling. And then you have these pods that are travelers. They travel into the neighborhood, they just fuck everything up. They eat all the seals, the whatever they want to eat mammals, they eat fish, eat whatever they want, and then they take off. So they're only there for a little while with this one pod, for whatever reason, just wants salmon, how many is in the pot.


And they're having a hard time keeping them active. They're even thinking about releasing extra salmon into the water. They've got a bunch of, like, weird ideas of how to how to save them. How many Jaimie's go I got?


Scott says there's a lot of animals that have sex, not on reproduction. Yeah, for sure chimps do. But it says they work is also masturbate, which I found in the story.


The other animals due to how I don't know, just as they do stuff when reproduction isn't there.


Only on Iraq. This is fuck a crab. They call it masturbation. It's crab rape. Jesus Christ. Oh my God.


Imagine the killer whales horny just rubbing up against you. You look. Just finish, please. A killer whale. Just go ahead.


I get along with puffer fish. Right. Dolphins do what they like them. Yeah.


Like yeah. Dolphins do this. But the stories of killer whales rescuing people and they fall off boats, which is really crazy, like the people they've actually said killer whales have actually helped them.


It's weird because they kill people in captivity, but only because they're probably because they're tortured, you know, they're living in a fucking swimming pool giant, majestic ocean animal trapped in a prison for no reason, didn't do anything wrong. Eventually, they just start killing their trainers is get pissed off. Man, man. Holy shit, you guys are putting me on this. You say they they they get high, they use tough toxic.


That is fucking crazy. Yeah, they take a little toot and they pass it around. The Dolphins expert deliberate handling of the terrorized puffer fish implies that this is not their first time at the hallucinogenic rodeo like a volcano.


What if a human smell? It's a volcano. Vagg It is. What if a human smoked pot? Oh, you probably dead in a second. What's it like? I don't know. But we don't have a face like that. I would imagine watching a dolphin could do that. You can't. Swim.


It's got more poisonous, about twelve hundred times more poisonous and cyanide, enough toxin in one puffer fish to kill 30 adult humans.


And there's no known Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, only resulting in mutilation dolphins like I'm just here to get high.


I got this. You pussies don't know what you're doing.


How does that work? I don't know. I never knew that.


You know, what's weird is that people want to eat them like they're like a prized sushi meat because it's like it's it's exciting. You're eating something that the chef fucks up.


Your dolphins are pufferfish pufferfish.


I don't think dolphins know dolphin sushi is I don't know. There has to be some I don't like I like warm warm fish. Warm fish. Cooked. Yeah. Baked. Yeah. I hear you. You're not a sushi guy. Yeah. Fugu. That's it right there.


No shit. Yeah.


So that is a it's, it's a delicacy. For whatever reason.


People like the idea of eating something that might fucking kill them and it has to be expert.


Top ten most dangerous foods served in paper thin slices by expert chefs. The fugu combines luxury with high stakes gamble. The intestines, ovaries and liver of fugu or blowfish contains a poison called tech. Tetsuro Dopp tongue tetrapod necro goblin con tetrodotoxin.


Dought, tetrodotoxin, sorry, tetrodotoxin. OK, tetrodotoxin, which is twelve hundred times deadlier than cyanide.


This toxin is so potent that a lethal dose dose is smaller than the head of a pin, a lethal dose smaller than the head of a pin. And a single fish is enough poison to kill thirty people because of the high risk. Chefs must undergo two to three years of training to obtain a view. Preparing license and such expertise raises the price of food dishes up to two hundred dollars.


What? That's kind of cheap. It's really cheap. I think you might die here.


They consume 10000 tons of fugu fish every year. Oh my God, they're so ballsy. That's a warrior culture, right? They're fucking fugu fish.


Should we try? You know, I try to throw I don't want to be there when you die.


I clicked one I and see what other foods were first. The first food they listed hot dogs. Hot dogs are more dangerous than fugu fish. People choke on them.


Oh. Oh my gosh. That's a percent of food related asphyxiation and those younger than ten are caused from hot dogs.


OK, well I understand kids, I understand little kids.


The parents don't know how to do the Heimlich, but there's a certain age where you're on your own if you choke to death on a hot dog the certain age, like, hey, man, do you know how to give yourself a Heimlich?


Because I don't get to throw yourself out of a chair. Oh, Jesus Christ. I don't know if it will work, but that's what you got to do lot, isn't it? I'm on a chair and like, get this. Throw your body food out to check the food out your mouth you don't just like. Hmmm, maybe, yeah, just kind of like maybe like in an orange and then upwards, you get behind someone and you force it right.


Force the air out. So what the fuck do you do, do you have to get them bending forward, you do it right so that the food, when it pops out, doesn't fall right back in there?


They're whole right. Actually, it says self harm like this should be a fist. Yeah.


Punch you right out in an upward motion.


I'll show you. It says to both you the chair is the best. Yeah, the chair is good. OK, so this guy slammed his hand. Oh, it's like a cable grab. Like you try and take someone down slamming into your OK.


Right. So right where your solar plexus said be careful. But what. There's so many different kinds of chairs.


Well, hey, if you're choking, you got to find the closest one. I think I heard that they break the people, break ribs. Doing this all the time makes sense. And then CPR people break ribs doing that to make sense. You push it on the ribs, trying to get someone to bring his. Trying to get that food on their stomach, that fucking hot dog. What if the chair is like a throne, like a cool, like vampire throne and it's like sharp on the top?


Then you're going to impale yourself. Yeah, don't do that. That's when you do that.


Don't do the Heimlich when you're near a vampire, throw its fucking life lessons here. Yeah.


You ever see that Gary Oldman Dracula movie? That's that's a classic with Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves.


Ever see that before he got too far a picture of Henry Heimlich, the guy who invented it popped up.


No, it wasn't. He came up with it in 1974 when I was promoted to like, what the fuck do people do before that died?


They only had been doing it for like 50 years. Stabbed themselves with a fucking vampire craze.


Wow. Sure, there was something, but like, wow, the self Heimlich maneuver maneuver excuse me, a poem by Fred Vate.


And so there it is. Heimlich maneuver to disarm Heimlich recommended standing behind the person, wrapping arms around what a night was it around nine clasping hands. What does that mean? That's Einstein.


Oh, and oh.


And clasping hands onto. I never know what that sign is called. I know what it is. I know it's and I know it's ampersand. Once you said it, spell it. But if you. But if you said to and what is that thing called before you just had that ability.


Oh the fact that things called.


Yeah. I don't know how you would do yourself, you would lean forward I guess and just slam it in. And how do you figure that out.


You don't you just like choke yourself with like just eat steak and then purposely.


Yeah. And then like well fuck it's got to work.


I think someone probably did it one time and then the other went, the other people went, that's what we do, write that down.


But I'm like I didn't. You said 1970 to. Seventy four, seventy four. Jesus Christ, I figured that would have been around four years. Yeah, right. Hundreds of years.


People just thought demons were taking you when you're choking on food and put them in the wind, taking my belly.


The WIDJOJO demons possessed, possessed grasshoppers, my little believe was a good boy.


And the demons came and they took him while I was eating hot dogs, 17 percent.


He was fine. It was hot dogs is the most dangerous food.


That's crazy. More than fuga.


That's how much better Japanese people are being humans than Americans. We die from hot dogs. They don't even die from this fucking super toxic thing. One dropped the head of a pin could kill a whole human being. They don't even try.


That doesn't measure out to me, though, by the way. Enough there's enough poison, right? In a pufferfish to kill 30 humans, right, but one pin drop is a lethal dose.


Yeah, they have a very small amount of poison.


I guess the policy before this was slapping somebody on the back.


It took until like 1972 when I was like researching this to find out that it actually pushed the food further back down.


So the Red Cross had to have like a do not allow anyone to slap you on your back if you're choking and try to dislodge food.


Oh, my God. And then, like he said, he read an article, Dr. Heimlich, about people dying. It was the sixth most correct leading cause of death.


So he's like, oh, yeah, what a wizard he is. It makes sense with hot dogs, though, because you get to bite off those chunks. You know, it's so easy to bite off. And if you're a glutton or if you just make a mistake and you just bite off too big and you think you're all right and you're like, oh, what's the fucking solution there, though? I'm a vampire from obviously, bro, when you look at how many people died from choking ever.


There's a lot that's why he was looking it up. It was like in one year, 6000 people died in the sea.


Never hear about it unless it was someone famous like Kennedy's sister in law or someone died of choking on me.


Oh, really? Wow.


Oh, I think I've only been in one dire choking situation. What happened? I was at dinner. With my family at our house. And I took a by. Of steak, and it's just clogged me up. Fuck, my uncle gave me the Heimlich maneuver, shout out to, uh, what's his name, Heimlich.


Henry Heimlich. Shout out to Audrey Heimlich. Yeah, exactly. Have you ever been in a diet choking situation?


No, not really. I've definitely been choking at points like I've had something. But I either threw it up or something, never where I thought, this is it, I'm going to die.


I had it's terrifying to imagine. Have you been. You've been there. Scary shit. Just imagine enjoying a delicious piece of steak and then you're like, yuck, it took a turn. Yeah, and now I'm dying and you could drive people around.


You don't know what the fuck to do. You could die. Henry Heimlich saved the song. Yeah, you can't be timid with that Heimlich maneuver. You got to really get out. You got to get out there because it might not have that much time. How many of those you get? Harmonix, how many times can you force it, you know, I mean, you could break someone's fucking ribs, too, you have to think about that.


You're doing like to an old lady and she's choking on something. You might kill her, you know, and that.




Oh, imagine your nana. She spits out the meat, but you killed her by giving her the Heimlich.


Fuck, that's an insane situation.


Fuck Jack Rice and has to have happened. Yeah. How long can a human hold their breath? Minutes. Those free divers, they can do like seven minutes.


I think that's a lie. No, no, no. They can do it seven minute.


Yeah, people have done more than that, but they've done it with like weird oxygen assist things. Criss Angel, not Criss Angel, but David Blaine. He did some crazy number of minutes, but he did something to himself first. Right. It wasn't just do you know what he did, Jamie?


When we were doing the podcast that I was trying to look into it, he I believe he just over oxygen, oxygenated his body somehow or another, I believe. Yeah. By just breathing it in and then not moving at all. So he didn't use any of it, but he did like seventeen minutes or something like that. Yeah.


Something bonkers like no shit. Seventeen minutes is like almost a TV show.


Yeah. That's an episode of Modern Family. Yes. I think it's 22 minutes for Modern Family.


Yeah. Because of ads. That's nuts.


That's a long fucking time to hold your breath.


So how do you overarchingly situation what he does. He has a TED talk about.


I'm sure he explained a lot of it, but in his heart he did it once and it didn't work and he panicked, had to go in and save them.


Oh, jeez, there's a whole thing because it wasn't easy to get in there to the thing. He did it, but he did it again.


There's just something about a dude like him that's willing to do shit that you would be like, why are you even doing this? How how can you do it? And why are you doing this? Like Wembley's encased in ice. Mhm. Yeah, he's encased in ice for the longest time.


Somebody else. It's a good angle.


How long was he encased in ice for. I want to say more than 24 hours, I think it was a long time because there was one thing he did in New York City where people could come up and see him. He was in them like rhapsodize.


What? What? Seven, what's in the box? I've got one of those motherfuckers to hear.


Thanks, Dad. Sir. Thank you, sir. My pleasure. What's in the box?


No, no, no. How did he do it, 70 plus hours in frozen ice? Yeah, so this time taking him out. Is this the end of rescuing him? Oh, shut the fuck up. He lived in that for 72 hours.


Lenny Kravitz is like, how is he doing this? I need to be there.


That's how bad acid is when you just stand still for 72 hours. Lenny Kravitz comes to visit. Kravitz is like, yeah, this guy is fucking crazy.


Lenny Kravitz lives on a farm in Brazil and he finds out that you're doing some crazy shit, nice ice shows like I need to see this. I need to be there live. You sit on top of a pole for a really long time.


Of course, you know, I've seen I've seen something like this before. I don't know if it was David Blaine, but Monks' do it.


And they have a way to, like, slow down metabolism so they can be up there for weeks and not eat and not drink anything.


What does it say about thirty four hours? You sit up there for thirty four hours before jumping down.


Oh, shut the fuck up. He stood on that pole like that for thirty four hours.


80 feet. Oh my God. I don't like this.


He's seen him eat glass. Why.


That's so weird.


That's such a weird thing to do. Eat glass or stand on all those things. Eat glass. Stand up there. Leaside there on that pole covered in ice eating glass for three years.


That's a different kind of person, right? The art in that is that we know it's really hard to do and there's no way to fake it, right?


No, it's like it's not like illusion. No, it's like mental fucking fortitude. Yeah.


So he does illusions to. Right. A real magician. Right.


Magician but also can do that like that's just a mind. That's just that's a different kind of mind. Yeah. Stand there for thirty four hours on pull.


He'd probably be a good fighter, probably a maybe would never tap out. See this one where he puts a frog live frog in his belly and like spits it back out alive. Did they x ray.


It is that an x ray has a picture for it. You know, quick. I don't think you can really take pictures like this. Oh, my God. Imagine if they did. We got an x ray, the frogs for us. OK, OK. I'll let them out in a couple of minutes for us to do the x ray, see nothing but frogs, no organs.


It's just such a bad x ray. It just doesn't look remotely real like. Wow. So your x rays came back.


How come the frogs are so clear we don't see anything else.


It's so stupid. It's so stupid. You overshot the boring company flamethrowers.


Yeah. Yeah, we ran out of juice. Doesn't have any juice anymore. We've got to refill the what is it. Propane. Propane. Yeah. We've got to refill the propane. Oh man.


They got fucking Reino at the fucking gas station everywhere.


You just got to get it hooked that fucker up to a fucking tank. I know, right.


Yeah. We just got to hook it up. But the thing is, like, it's the perfect amount of propane because it's not very big.


You know, see the tanks very small.


Some eaglen probably blew half of it out, just showing it to me.


He's crazy. Are you right out there in the hallway just blowing this fire? Fuck it.


Like this flamethrower in the middle of the hallway. I'm like, bro, high time that I'm better.


He comes in, comes in with a flame flamethrower legitimately.


He's the sweetest guy. Very, very nice guy. Sweetest guy. Yeah. Hurts me to the core that him and Johnny Depp want to duke it out.


What's the being. Both nice guys. There's a there was a woman involved. You know how it is.


Oh the Amber heard Johnny's ex-wife was involved with Ellen apparently at one point in time. So they don't like each other. They would love each other if they knew each other.


I'm out of the game. Yeah, me too. I live in Utah. I just I'm telling them how it goes.


Was it a short time ago his coach offered to train Elon Musk, China. Gregory, come into this?


Well, who which which one of his coaches is that? The Cavnar. Because he has a bunch of coaches in it is. I'm not, sweetie, of course you would. Kavanagh's cool. I don't think I'm going to fight the.


Is that a real thing? It's no, it was a joke that Ellen apparently said at one point in time, maybe I should have a cage fight with him, like Lowell, you know, like that kind of thing then because he was upset at him or something. You know, Todd calls. Well, you can do, um, everybody's fighting, not everybody, but when those kind of fights happen, the like, I see what happened here.


And this is not complicated math, you know, to get guys, I'm so down between crazy.


Everybody's mad.


Good. It's good to be out of the loop. I think it's really wise that you live out there. I really do. I agree because you're so wild. I for a dude like you, it's good to be in a place where you see nature. And it's probably in a way it's balancing.


And like there's there's something about the the Utah mountains, too, like that's that's a real mountain range. Yeah. You see that shit all the time when you drive around Utah, it's like it's very humbling.


It's incredible. It's just like you're a fucking. Mm hmm. So I'm a fucking tire also.


It's like natural art. Like when you see mountains, they're natural art. Like if you drive through the mountains, it's like you're seeing an art gallery, like in nature. It's beautiful to look at and it's free. Yeah. It does something to you. Like it excites you in a weird way. Like can you when you could see a waterfall coming off the side of a mountain and everything's lush and green, you see go into a flowing river man that does a thing to your body, it does a thing to your brain, it lights everything up.


And that's the best, especially for making music. Oh, that makes sense, especially for making music, because it's just like.


Without sounding corny, it's like you you feel like you're part of something bigger, but you're so insignificant and then you can just say. I accept everything around me. Yeah, and. I'm relaxed and I'm at peace, you know, knowing that you're just. The world spinning around you and everything happens for a reason, and you can just sit there. One hundred percent peace at ease and say, I don't have to worry, you know, like I said earlier, L.A. always something going on.


Yeah, I couldn't do it.


So, yeah, there's and it definitely affected my creative process for sure.


What, you mean like going out. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


There's always someone hitting you up and you know, I don't want to speak on behalf of everyone in L.A. or from L.A., but there's a lot of people who kind of want to drain you and.


Well, you know what it is, man? It's not that they want to train you. What it is, is they're greedy. They're concentrating on themselves. And when they're concentrating on, you know, they're trying to make it, they're trying to get something happening. Right. And they're ambitious and they're self-centered in that way. I don't mean that as a pejorative, as a negative thing. Just they're self-centered.


So they always want from you. Right.


And so they're draining like and when you're successful and you're a guy who's got a lot going on, they think there's a rub. I got to get I got to get the post will only get that right. I've got to be able to somehow or another get what he's got. Hey, man, hit me up. Hey, hey, I'm here. Hey, hey, hey. Let's do that thing right. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


Let's go out right here. I want you to meet my friend. Hey, hey, hey. I feel like I'm going to make news and I'm good at one thing, and that's using auto tune to sing.


You got to make that music. I want you to hear some of the news.


I think I would love to.


I think I would love to. So do you listen to. Did I listen to a lot of shit I listened to most? Like, it varies. I go on streaks of listening to like I'll get in a gangster streak. Listen, a lot of classic like Run DMC for a while and then I'll go into like some old Zeppelin and I'll get stuck on Zeppelin for months. Yeah. And then I'll transfer over to some old Johnny Cash. I'll get into that for a while and then I get into like I'll get into a moody mode.


I'll need some Sheryl Crow in my life. Yeah. I listen to like you're my favorite mistake. I'll get into that kind of music man and I, I get into all kinds of shit. I go into these waves. But most of the time, if you had to come in here on a whim and say what kind of music is playing, it's classic rock. Almost always.


It's always you get zapped. But not old.


Yeah. Nothing wrong with that.


I'd like nothing wrong with that. I like there's something about the 60s in the 70s. There's something about the fact that these guys were breaking out of this mold the society had carved for them when they were children. And here they are as adults in the 1960s and they are just Buckwild.


How have Sabbath very heavy for like just imagine like. Vinyl like, vinyl savant like and just like here's this record I just picked up from the store.


Let's spin that fucker and hope my parents don't hear I'm twenty five, by the way.


I can't. You probably listen to Sabbath on vinyl.


I well, I wasn't. I definitely have. But it wasn't the biggest Sabbath fan. I liked a lot of shit that was embarrassing. Like I was really into kiss when it was embarrassing. Kisses. Great.


I love kiss but when I was a kid it was a problem. Like other kids that found out you'd like kissed. Like what really?


Oh yeah. Oh my God. For whatever reason, kiss got a weird there's a weird thing that happened with Kiss. This is this is what's interesting. They didn't get any radio play. A lot of people don't know this, but when I was a kid kiss got no radio play, no radio play. I don't know if it's because of politics or people just decided they suck because they wear masks or makeup rather. I don't know. I don't know what it was, but for whatever reason, it was really hard to hear a kiss song on the radio.


And every now and then you would hear, I want to rock and roll all night. And you like what? It's on the radio. This is crazy.


I want to rock n roll like you been in your car drive and that would come on, you'd be so excited because you were a Kiss fan and you know, the kiss didn't get any love. And then as we got older, I think people started missing it. And then KISS made like reunion tours and then they came back and put the makeup on again and people got excited.


And and then people that were for whatever reason, not kiss fans of the past became Kiss fans in the present. Right. But when I was in the 80s, it was like a problem. If you love kiss, people would mock you in the 80s.


But it's like fucking Talika.


Like, yeah, that was Guns and Roses too, man. You know, that was I believe Nirvana came out with never mind, I was eighty nine.


Ninety one was in nineteen ninety.


Yeah. That was around those, those years you know, and that just changed everything like Eddie Bravo my friend Eddie.


He's always like that's what killed hair bands. I killed hair bands. Yeah. It just came out. It was so deep. You look Jesus Christ like you couldn't live. It was fucking heavy, heavy, heavy.


Rape me, rape me to be singing a song called Rape Me.


Heavy. Holy shit.


It's like. What do you even do, that song is so intense, it's like if you could take a person's emotions and their soul and figure out how to transfer it into musical notes and sounds, that's what it sounded like. That's I mean, that's that's what it fucking is, it's like fuck everything, and here's what I'm going to say. Like here, I wish we could play this. God damn, who's bad motherfucker Dave Grohl crushes all of them crashing crashes.


That was cool during the Nirvana thing. Did you watch my Nirvana thing?


No, I didn't. What would you do with Nirvana?


We did a we did a whole fundraiser.


When was this? This was fuckin. Two months ago. But I'm out of the loop since covid, there's a lot of shit I missed on, I missed evil Superman, I missed MACV. You missed bullied Superman. I did. I missed it all. Yeah.


So we did we did a whole set and it was cool to see Dave give his approval and Travis Barker played drums and it was cool to see Chris.


You know, Travis is the first guy to come in here with face tattoos, but you knocked it out of the park.


Fuck, man, is that a good thing. Travis is so cool. I love him in the world. He's so cool.


He's like a genuinely cool guy. Yeah, really interesting. Like intense. Like as good a drummer as he is, you cannot be that good unless you got some fire inside of you.


Yeah. You know, that dude's got fire inside of him, but he's super cool.


Yeah. I mean but like to be that good and so fucking into it man. He's that, he's fucking got it.


I mean that's the same spirit. It's just like it's a spirit. It's just like. Fuck you, I'm going to play music. Yeah, and this is how it's going to be, and he's a guy who likes old cars, too. He's a bet for the same reasons. He's an artist.


He doesn't have, like, a dope blazer, like a really cool custom blazer, I think.


Yeah, probably. He's got a lot of guns. One day I'll be that cool working on it. It's hard. It's hard to get that cool. It's tough. It's it's hard.


Travis Barker is at a high level of cool because he's like a genuine human. There it is. Look at that thing. God damn that sweet. Holy fuck. Look at that. That it's clean. Who made that thing, it's Travis Barker's key five blazer custom SUV, topless, topless show The Teddy.


Who made that? We should probably get a little sidebar on top, gangsters or CICA? Yeah, that kid's got taste.


He's got taste. Does it say to the people who built it.


Well. You're going to have to Google it, kid. Dalmau, speed and custom in Burbank, California, whoo! Yeah, that's pretty beast car shops are considered. They're supposed to be essential businesses.


You're allowed to still work on cars. That's what I hope so. Yeah. But that's one of the weirdest things about this pandemic, is what's essential and what's essential. It is who who who gets to decide exactly. Exactly, is there a vote? Who gets to decide? It's a it's a strange amount of power. It's not you and it's not me. No. It's a strange amount of power and what what's allowed to be open was not like they had bars were open, but then they wouldn't let comedy clubs open, like that's an entertainment venue.


But then so is the Staples Center, like, they're very different things. Yeah. You know, one of them can have 30 people in it. Right.


You know, it's like who gets to decide your restaurant can open because it's outside and there's no way in hell you could figure out how to keep people apart inside. You just did did it for a while, right? Like, who's making the rules?


Yeah, that's a that's I whenever I touched down, my my my friend was like, yeah, all the restaurants just put some chairs and tables on the outside and yeah.


That's what most of them did and they're very smart. They adapted a lot of them that could do that, did that. But a lot of most of them went under. I think it's more than 50 percent. What.


What if you're addicted to partying. Then a nightclub is an essential point. What do people who are addicted to partying do what they've been doing besides partying? Whose is this unregulated parties at home, and that gives people coronavirus, don't they always you always see that story. Here's a story you never see. A bunch of guys got together, all of them got tested. No one had coronavirus. They party. They had a great time. Nobody got hurt, you know.


You know who's doing that story right now? Dave Chappelle. Well, Dave Chappelle is doing is testing everybody flying everybody out Ohio, putting on these great shows. He has music. He has comedy. He has a good fucking time. And he does it outdoors. Yeah, that's what he's doing. Has like a wedding you. It's a wedding chapel. Wow.


So he's doing it on the stage that people get married on. So it's like a stage like with the fucking poles and the right steps to get up the whole shit.


That's for that. He wants to do a show. He figured it out. He wants to do a show. He needs to do a show.


That's an essential that's an essential thing for him. It's essential for people to because it's a it's another thing that makes people feel good. It makes them feel good, like they're they're doing an investigation of the chain smokers like the states involved in this investigation because they did essentially a car show or they were on stage and there was like six hundred cars in the audience and they did their show to people in parked cars, like, what the fuck is wrong with that?


Why is that bad? No cars.


Oh, Jesus, no. They were all standing around, standing around. Oh, so it's supposed to be in cars and people just said, fuck it, let's get out of the cars and stand it. But play that. Play that. Let me see what that is.


Oh, Jesus Christ. This is a D.J. willing to second video.


So it depends now. It depends on intent. I think that's a concert. It depends on intent.


Well, are there cars there? Was it a drive in concert?


What does it say? The crowd was estimated two thousand for the concert at Watermill. Ticket prices range from eight hundred fifty dollars to ueber VIP options for twenty five thousand dollars that accommodated ARV's. All profits were earmarked for charity. That's nice. City state of New York is now probing the concert. Are they probing looting, too, or just a concert? Did they have had they probing what happened in Soho or just just a story to I saw recently.


I just want to know to you, I'm asking for a 700 person air BNP mansion party flyers going around on Twitter for my thousand dollar prize for a tweet contest.


Well, it's hard to talk, but they're saying that's like a super spreader party or whatever.


Of course. Yeah, well, I got those fuckers that say, oh, Postman's here at this nightclub and I'm not even in town.


Yeah, that's crazy, right? Shit like using. Yeah. And they people don't don't get their money back. Right.


People pile into the club. Yeah.


It's so weird now I'm still curious about that the chain smokers deal was in a drive in concert.


Supposedly they sold cars, they sold like 600.


So that's not but that's not on them.


The people got out of the car. Right?


That's the thing. Like, was it. Are you supposed to enforce that?


If they say, here's the thing, if they only had it set up as a concert without any enforcement whatsoever on how close people stood each other.


Right. Whose responsibility is it if people get out and just start talking? Right.


This is I guess this is what the promoter said. I don't know if they actually talk to them, but this is what they were supposed to have done or did do the room temperature checks upon entry?


No, he said noted that concert goers went through a temperature check upon entry, was not good enough, really offered hand sanitizer. He jerk off with this once parked and restrooms that were disinfected every ten minutes. Oh, awesome. Well, nine minutes giving people cooties. And then on the 10th, some dude comes in and hose it down. Told BuzzFeed there were dividers separating individual parties in the pit area and that guests were also instructed they would not be allowed to leave their designated designed.


Well, they must be designated, but it's designed for any reason other than to use the restroom. But obviously that's not really.


But wait, what if it if it's a driving show, why is there a pit? Right.


And also that the dividers between people. That's horseshit. Fucked in the air doesn't give a shit. If there's like a little piece of cardboard here between you and the people next to you, that your spit goes through the air and it gets to them. If you got it, they got it.


I know and and I I don't think it has to do with the with the boys in the group, I think it has to do someone else.


What are they going to do it? Because I know the boys in the group, what seems like keeping guys, I don't think it's their idea.


Yeah, that's exactly what I think.


I think right. The total like it was a shit show that just got out of fucking hand.


Also, here's the other thing. If you get a bunch of people in their cars drinking and there are able to open the door and just socialize, yeah, they're going to do it. Yeah. And plus before that, they're tailgating. Right. So people are tailgating before the shows. They're cooking burgers, hanging out, having a good time, drinks with each other and then the show starts. They're going to get out of the car and mingle with each other.


They made new friends. He's just pull up really close.


They just want to touch me. I mean, there is a car at least. Oh, that's a car, too. What's the problem?


This article, the other guy over there said that there was it was safe.


They swear it was safe, it was safe and said another video into saying, well, listen, it seems safe if you get away with it.


Nothing happens if you get away with it, nothing happens like, oh, my God, it was so safe. Trust me, it was so safe. You get a covid test. If you don't have it after you go to that concert, you go listen. It was so safe. It was the safest. It was not safe. No one even could see it. You don't know if someone has it. I told you my friend Jack car got it, did a fucking book signing.


He caught it for a day. A day? Yeah. He kicked it quick. He kicked it in a day. Yeah. Said felt like shit for one day.


Some people. That's weird.


Now my friend Michael Yo that's what happened to his mom. Michael Yo is in the hospital for a long time. Man for like weeks and his mom got sick for a day one day.


Right. Then she kicked it. It's a fucking weird virus, dude.


It's weird even coming in here again, Precht. And you get nervous. Yeah. Fuck, yeah. I mean, you're nervous before anything, right?


Yeah, for sure. That once I was like, shit, I would never have it when I fucking haven't.


I haven't.


But I don't. You don't. Yeah. It's nice to know. I've made it nice to know. Scary fucking disease man.


I don't know man. It's so weird. It's such a bizarre time.


Here's what's it's scary and what it's done no matter what. Even if you're not scared of getting it. Yeah. Even if you think, oh forget it, it's just going to make me sick for days, I'll kick his ass. Even if that's true. It's scary what it's done to the economy. It's scary for what it's done to civilization.


It's it honestly, it's terrifying. And I saw. You can get a fine for not wearing a mask. Yeah, and sometimes it's up to 600 fucking bucks. Yep. Yeah, it's crazy they're arresting people for keeping gyms open. I've seen that the same people that didn't arrest the looters, I think do the exact same people.


Yes, arresting people for opening gyms will give people that there's going to come a certain amount of time. I don't know what that time is, but here we are in August. It's basically August. Right. And everything's still closed. Like, how long are we going to do this for? We're going to stay closed for a year.


We're going to stay closed for two years. What's going to be left?




So it's a complicated question because you don't want people to die and you don't want people to get the right diseases and get sick.


So then you have to everybody has to live their life in a way. Everybody has to survive and work and be able to pay their fucking bills. And yet.


Exactly. So when the ones that call get made, that's what's complicated about it. And that's what no one from either. This is like one of the most truly human problems we've ever faced because no one really knows what the right thing to do is.


They'll be a lot of armchair quarterbacking after it's over where people who, you know, people die, people will look back on and say, they should have done this, they should have done that. Well, that's great. And maybe maybe some people had a better idea of how to handle it, but it's just guessing.


Right now, it's just guessing, yeah, it's fucking weird, dude, it's weird to me that there is a it's like me in school having to fucking tuck in my shirt. Or else you get detention or whatever. It's weird to be. Forced to wear something right, so that's what you feel about the mask. I see what you're saying. Yeah, but you know that it does work, right? That's what's weird about it. If you wear a good mask, it actually does prevent a lot of transmission.


Apparently, that's all Japan wants it that way. Japan, that's all Japan. I was in the middle of saying Japan. I stumbled through some weird way necro. Garbled words are hard.


Sorry, Japan. They they didn't shut the economy down. They just wore masks.


Well, I mean, but yeah, they didn't suffer that many deaths either.


It's really weird. The I wonder I would like to see, like a documentary on how Japan managed covid-19 because they did an insane job, maybe as good a job as anybody. Yeah, I think there's only a thousand deaths in all of Japan. Kyle Kolinsky was telling me about this and he sent me some article. If you can't find it, I'll send you the article. But it's pretty crazy. It's it's all in how they never shut the economy down.


They just all wore masks. Everybody follow the rules and they contained it.


That's and that's and that I mean, at the end of the day, it all comes down to.


Respect for other people. Sure, right. That's what I'm asking for, right? It's no, it's not it's not a government thing. It's not like. You shouldn't you shouldn't be forced to wear a mask. But you should wear a mask, right? Yes, yeah, and wear a mask that you're a good person, right.


And that's because I respect you as a fellow human, you know, has nothing to do with being 600 bucks. That's what it cost that some places it's 600. I saw what is it in Beverly Hills. Right. What's the fine for it to have a fine. Three hundred dollar fine. No, fine faluting 300 bucks for not wearing a mask.


And Beverly definitely should wear a mask just so that people feel better for now. I mean, we've got to get through this together and that's but I don't know about finding people for it. The other thing was snitching. They were paying people to snitch on people who weren't social distancing.


That was the mayor, mayor of the mayor of Los Angeles.


They they were like ordinarily snitches get stitches, but now snitches get rewards.


They were literally giving people money or advertising. I don't know they ever gave any money out advertising. They would give me giveaway rewards for people who turn in, people who are not socialized.


So it's like, why not just say something to the guy, hey, why not just say, hey, put your mask on? But now that's too complicated. You're asking, too, but then you have to.


How long is the rebate? Is it like like you have to Maylin like that's a good question, you know.


Right. What if they still haven't got paid yet. They feel like a fucking terrible person like bro, I turned you in. I need the money to pay my rent. Meanwhile, months later, but the money still hasn't come.


If he had it rough and I know I slept in a closet 300 dollars because maybe someone sees you eating and you don't have a mask on and then you talk with a fucking ticket.


Yeah. There it blows my mind, it's weird, it's all about fucking the responsibility of and your character, really, if you snitch and they don't pay you, what do you do?


Who's going to who's going to want to hear you whine if you snitch like you are turned in this family next door that we're having a picnic. And I never got my reward. I don't even know how that works.


How about lost dogs? Do they ever pay the cash amount? They say they want them. They never find them lost dogs.


In this case, it's dark. They're coyote food most time in their lives. That's true.


When I drive through my neighborhood and I see like a poodle on a sign, I just make the sign of the cross.


I said, baby, you don't even try. You can't even see it in your poodle's gone. You got to keep my eyes peeled.


Understand how many coyotes around my neighborhood. I've lost nineteen chickens.


I lost nineteen chickens in my neighborhood out here to coyotes and rough dude. We lost them one at a time these motherfuckers. And the last I guess we had like 11 of them left after the fire. After the big fires out here, we had the burned down the chicken coop, but they were still alive and there was like I think 11 on my left and put them in a smaller chicken coop while we had the other one reconstructed in. One day, the coyotes got to it, just destroyed it, tore open the chicken coop and ate all the chickens through the wire.


They pulled the wire off.


They pulled the the wood off of it. Their predators, man. Yeah, they're real smart. They're devious little cunts. Utah, they don't do they?


They don't pay out here for dead ones. You get 50 bucks in the air. Yeah. In Utah.


That's worth it. The thing is, you can't kill them. They just keep when you kill them, it has the opposite effect.


What happens with coyotes is they do that roll call with a yell out. Yeah, right.


Well, when one stops responding, like when one's missing, everybody's checking it out. No, the one the females start growing more eggs. No shit. Yes. So they have more babies. So when female coyote coyotes are in what is a clan a pack, when female coyotes are in pack and a coyote goes missing, all of the females generate more children. So if they would normally have like three kids, now they have six.


So it's like unlimited money.


Well, as long as you have to kill them all, you have to kill them all, because as long as you persecute them, what they do is they make more babies and they spread out and they're really smart. They're in every fucking city in this country right now.


Yeah, they're weird. The weird little trickster in my house.


How big? Big. Really? Yeah. How big. A big mountain lion. Yeah, 150. How big is the bigger. Bigger.


Yeah. Those Utah cats are big because there's so many deer up there big fucker.


And he always comes and hangs out.


Oh Jesus. Yeah. Fuck him big. Don't you want to shoot him right in the fucking dick. I'm not uh.


No I don't hang around your house if I see you go see if I see the ears go back bro. That's when I shoot it. The dogs. Yeah, that's what it's mostly what they do, yeah, inside dogs and things that are easy to eat, they're so creepy.


Well, that's the same. I had a I, I still do. He stays with my parents right now, but I had a micro French bulldog and snack.


For coats, especially out here, whenever I lived here, he would go out back and. Yeah, we heard them all night, and it's it's it's scary stuff, man. There are wild, weird, wild animal. It's a small wolf that lives with people and they're just slippery enough and small enough.


We're not worried about them small enough. Right. Like, if there was wolves on the street everywhere, we'd be fucking terrified. It would be like Little Red Riding Hood and shit because we would know they're going to kill your kids. Wolves would kill your kids. Right. Coyotes are just small enough that we're like, I don't think it's going to kill the kids. I think we'll be OK. Right. And let these fucking dirty twats leave your neighborhood free of killing your cats.


It's fucking insane killing dogs. Well, that's. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Never mind. I'm not going to say that because they're creepy game.


The commission will come out. Oh, I'm not saying.


And if I see those years go back. Yeah, well, that's self defense, though. Yeah, they did a study of cats in Northern California, like outside of San Francisco. They captured or killed some of these mountain lions and they did a content, stomach content thing of the troubled cats, you know, that would cause problems, eat people's cats and dogs. And yet they found out that 50 percent of their diet was house pets. Most of these mountain lines out there just eaten dog.


Yeah, that's that, it's after diamond missing dogs. We think about all the people out here. Just if you had an aerial view of people and how all of these people have dogs, there's thousands and thousands of dogs and these cats just stealing them out of backyards. Yeah. Just jump in and steal an amount of backyard's. You never know how it happens and people don't know and they don't know what to do. They call their friends. They put up that poster.


We're just trying to get fluffy back photos. I miss him and you find a of money, we have money as guys, they ate them. We're surrounded by these creepy predators, mountain lions.


No one ever sees right there killing multiple deer a week.


There's not a lot of cougars out here. There's plenty. Just a fun guy, and there's a lot of those kind, but there's also mountain lions. They have him in Griffith Park. There's one that they there's a photo of the one that I have out there.


I remember it. You see the one that I have out there. It's a famous photo of the one.


It's a huge cat that's walking in front of the Hollywood sign. It has a big collar on it, like the GPS track them. But this fucking thing is in Griffith Park. It's right outside. Look at that. That motherfucker, that giant cat. Look at his arm. It's amazing picture. That cat is in the Hollywood Hills.


His name's, uh, Chandler. It's Mikey. Yeah, he's huge.


He's massive. It's so big. I wonder what it weighs. Isn't that one dead then that one die, that one's still alive, fuck, what's his real twenty two. That's his name. That's who they call him. They name them numbers instead of giving them names because they don't want to feel bad when they die. Urban carnivores looking at that old warrior out there eating skunks and shit. Damn, that's a big fucker. That's a big fucker.


Where was it? Was out here, too, like that.


That's what the market is. Imagine if you're hanging out with a chick, you sit on top of the hill like, let's just get let's go to make a point to get out of the car, have a glass of wine and see that thing coming up the hill right at you.


Like, fuck, man. What do you do? What do you do? You break the fucking wine bottle on the ground like you're in an old movie on like revenue. Come on, motherfucker.


Yeah, like the gray, remember? Did you ever see that one that was a Liam Neeson movement? The wolves were coming after him when he broke bottles and stuck them inside of his knuckles. I did see that movie. It's now everywhere. Yeah. Yeah, I'm thinking about. Leo. Oh, yeah, yeah, you know, that was based on a real guy, that movie was based on a real man.


It must have been a motherfucker is amazing. I remember that.


I know he has that, like, cowl neck sweater.


Yeah, it looks warm and comfy, most certainly.


I'm just fucking killing a pack of wolves in my fucking Carlebach with a broken airplane, booze bottles shoved into Denisov in each knuckle.


Yeah, that's what he had. He made like a. Makeshift brass knuckles. He's got a knife.


He's ready to go to the death with these wolves, that'll take three seconds, adulations, shitty decision making, gaff tape, air pilots, Örebro and climb a tree and wait like fucking David Blaine can stand still for thirty eight hours. You can't get up in a tree until these wolves get bored. That's true. Wolves can't climb trees, motherfucker.


Climb a tree. But do they get bored?


We'll find out and find out. How long do you wait for them? Well, it's one of two decisions. Either you find out how long they get bored and you go where they can't go or you fight them to the death. And that takes three seconds. You have two choices.


You got to fight the biggest one. Libro, they act. They're going to tear your hamstrings apart. No, you got to fight them, because once you fight the biggest one, they're going to think you're that you're the leader of the pack.


And the first thing they have to do is to get a sense of little bitch as wolves because it's all it needs to kill you and they're going to eat, you asshole.


I would love to see a little bit. Yes, Wolf.


Try to beat my ass.


I would love that.


Oh, no shot in hell. Any bitch ass wolf is kicking my ass. I want to fight your case. Take me to your leader.


But getting killed by wolves is probably one of the worst ways to go because it takes a while for the kill. A vat of acid. Don't be a bad to be bad.


There's something terrible about some knowing that something is killing you to eat you though, you know, like wolves killing you to eat you like you look at and ripping apart your chest. Some extra terrifying.


You could give them a fucking kick. You could just kick the wolves in fucking oblivion.


Nonsense. Wolves think about what wolves can do. They there are a hundred and fifty pounds. They can run thirty five miles an hour and they could do it for all day. They go all day. They're man on a wire.


If you grabbed a hold of a wolf, they don't even feel like they don't even feel like an animal. Get them in the water. Get them in the clinch. Good move. I do. They can't bite you though. You. Yeah, that's pretty rough.


I'm going to do some tai chi on them, sidestep some of my stick jujitsu.


Thank you. Keep them fucking centipede for me. No brain first. What a weird world nature is man.


It's terrifying. Yeah.


It's just one thing eating another thing, getting eaten by a third thing. And then what's, what's more terrifying about that centipede. Eating the mouse. The fact that a centipede does that and eats a mouse brain first or the fact that people set it up and filmed it, knowing how it was going to go down and wanting to show people what happens when a centipede meets a mouse. So they left this mouse in this total unnatural environment. That mouse was out in the wild centipede probably rarely gets a hold of a mouse like that.


Right. Mouse is faster. Fast is he knows jujitsu like that. Centipede like. Go back to that video with the centipede. The mouse was the mouse.


Don't go back to the mouse. Have a chance of getting away in a real world environment or in an aquarium. It was right. He did. But it's not a real world environment. But in a real world environment, if the mouse had a chance to scramble, did think it could have got away because that's the thing. It's like, is that a fair fight? Like if a big guy is trying to chase down a small, fast guy in a large area, it's not going to happen.


It's not going to catch him. No, but if you leave him in a tiny little room, then they can grab him. Yeah, that's kind of what happened there. That's an unnatural environment.


Yeah, it's not. This is it was first graphic.


Got a different version of this. This is a grasshopper mouse fight. Oh those are vicious little mice.


Look at them. They're going to war. Fuck you. Oh my God. The mouse is attacking them and biting it and jumping away again.


This just lit very well and it might be set up. You're right. But because I don't know how you get cameras, so go to capture all this.


I think the creepiest part of the whole deal is his legs, too. I'm glad you think like you do, Jamie, because you're right, this could this is probably more murder porn.


So we got this one mouse.


Where's your fucking head off, bitch mouse, bite your fucking head off.


Look at him and then he gets to eat them. Oh, yeah, yeah.


That's what they do. That's they go out. That's what the flavor is, asshole.


First look at them. You don't eat.


That's a different kind of mouse though than those little bitch ass lab mice that they threw in that aquarium. Those a little lab mice.


Can we watch a snake and a mongoose?


Mongoose beat the snake to their yeah, monkeys is a mongoose is the best bike. Here we go as a kid.


This is like a snack on centipedes late at night. Oh, this is a different mouse.


Oh, it. But not this night. Oh, we clipped them.


Not on this night. Oh, so this night the centipede wins. Oh my God. I poked him. Look at that. He hurls himself at the mouse. Oh my God. The mouse ran off. So this is bullshit. Oh, are you got to think if you're going to go back and that's cool. What is that, kung fu mantis? Holy shit, that's a real thing. OK, now imagine that size of a horse running down Central Park taking out people.


We're so lucky.


We're so lucky there.


Any being tiny things right now.


Oh, yeah, for sure. Oh, that's my boy.


That bullets would be just bouncing off that thing between axes. Yeah.


You think about that like existential exo skeleton. Yeah. If if the size you can crush it and you hear the crunch but at a larger scale it's probably bulletproof. Yeah. You ain't crunching shit. You got a big one the size of a horse.


Look at that thing. That's beautiful. What is that man. What is it called.


It's not kind of mantis I've seen first like a lot of species of whoa wait was meant to see Mantei.


I don't know that time. That is one of the craziest looking insects I've ever seen. That's beautiful.


Where are they going to fight? It looks like they're going to war. Or are they front back up a little bit so I can see the kung fu man is go through his kung fu because he actually does do kung fu when you saw the moves that the mantis makes when he sees the other. Wow. Look at that man.


They're both beautiful. They are. God, it's amazing, but the fact that that little one oh, he got snatched up, son. Welcome to the jungle. How fast we got fun and games. Yeah, that's that's a bitch size doesn't eat you.


That's great.


You know, if this is this is like real kung fu. I do, too.


Like, you think you have like power over the larger opponent, but only so much. There's one two. It's a different kind hanging upside down. Hmm.


Well is he. Oh that's a different mantis. Yeah. They must be a mantis to capture it.


Like this is a jumping spider. That's what it's called. Now there is a picture of a spider in here somewhere.


Look at that mantis. How many fucking mantises are there?


And time and time went to see imagine being a bear and being in a river, OK?


Grabbing a fish and eating it alive.


Yeah. Probably feels amazing. Tastes so good. You're hungry.


Never know where your next meal is going to come from. Isn't just bite into a salmon.


Just imagine, ok, imagine being a big mantis and picking up a little mantis and eating them and eating them out in front of his friends. Look at that. Right. One of his friends fucked you with your whole neighborhood. I mean, your friend.


I mean, he's enormous. That's like it's almost like it's like a giraffe eating a person.


Right. Is as big as he is. We pull up the grass to carry that one. Look at that one. What is that called? Coast to coast rail. That is so crazy. A ghost mantis. There's a green being.


He's on a leaf. I thought he's on a big green bean. What a trick. What's your favorite vegetable?


That's a good question. Is it green beans? No garlic, snap peas, those are really good, are they snap peas?


Yes. Garlic on it.


And they put they make them with garlic, but with a raw vegetable. Hmm, probably like bell peppers, because they're not really a vegetable, it's like a fruit, it's a fruit. Is it like a bell pepper, a fruit or vegetable? Strain of vegetables, I guess I like green, leafy things, but I don't know if I like them or if I know they're good for you. You like raw green beans? They're pretty good. They're the best.


OK, if you got a plate of delicious, ripe watermelon next to some bullshit as green beans, which one you going to reach for?


Well, it depends on if I'm feeling fruity or if I'm feeling like a vegetable vegetable.


Yeah, I rarely would eat a salad if it was hot out and it was right next to, like, cold oranges.


Right. Perfect oranges. Those, you know, those oranges. When you pull the peel back, it just goes away, just goes away like it wants you to eat it.


You know, you don't have to struggle. You know, it's like it's it's like a silk garb. Yes, I know. A beautiful lady. Yes.


It just drops and you peel those little slices and put them in your mouth and it's just this explosion of moisture and flavor.


Fuck your green beans, bro.


Hey, eat the whole fucking pack of green beans and you can send a fucking big wall if I want to fight the little bitch ass Wolf, I get it when people are starving to death.


But the fact that you would ever choose brussel sprouts over a delicious apple is ridiculous.


It's one, though. It's good. My flavor, they're different. The apples, the way to go. Different textures, different flavors.


For sure, I'm not arguing because I believe it just seems like something to talk about or go through, I wonder man.


So are you friends with that? He believes in 100 percent, right?


It's real. OK, but how much of that show that they do when they like. Let's go in the basement. Look, night vision. What was that cut to commercial like? How much of that how many how many times have they ever caught an actual ghost on their TV show?


A lot. I think those are probably real.


But the ghost did show up on TV are probably hacks. It's real shitty ghosts. Watch my episode.


I believe you. That mammo movie that I was talking about, like if that was real, if you see Mammo at the end, at the end of the movie, you get to see like a real good image of Marmol.


Momose like floating, floating over this, this person. If that was a real thing and you didn't have your camera out and it just went away and then you had to tell people, would you even tell them? Yeah, what would you tell them?


Like if you were, you know, at the fucking tell them, just like you probably tell a few of your friends, but you wouldn't go on Facebook, you wouldn't put it on Facebook, you wouldn't put it on Instagram. You might tell your friends. It's like if you saw a UFO, if I saw a UFO, legitimate UFO, I saw something I couldn't explain. I'd have to tell people here.


I'd have to. You never seen a UFO? No, I don't think so. I don't think so. Nothing that really stands out, I think I thought I saw something when I was younger, but it's not a strong enough memory. Could have been a jet fighter, you know, when a fighter jet flies by, you know, they do exercises all the time, like there was one time they launched a missile off the California coast.


I forget who was at Edwards Air Force Base, I forget who launched it, but it was crazy. I was driving down Melrose and I saw it fly across the sky and everybody thought it was a UFO.


People are pulling over, though, like, what is that? What is that?


People other cameras out there looking out the window. You see this streak flying across the sky.


You remember space X launch? I didn't see it in the flesh. I only saw it after the election.


Shit, that's pretty crazy. It looked bizarre. Did you see it outside? Yeah. Where did it launch from? I have no idea. Somewhere here.


Did it launch from here, Jamie? Yeah, I just saw it online after it had done it, and Vandenberghe in Santa Barbara, OK. And we looked up and it was just like, OK, yeah.


And we were like, what the fuck is that?


What time when was this? This was I lived in Tarzana, the same place I saw that same place I saw that was like 17.


Oh yeah, that's right. No, you know what? I did see this. I did see this too. Same place.


I saw that like like big ass fucking. Maybe I didn't I don't remember if I saw this or if I pretended I saw this, we'd have to put it up on the podcast. I remember. Yes.


You might see it on here. Yeah, I think that's it. I think maybe I knew it was happening, what makes something look like that? I think it's the thrusters, you know, giving off fire, right? There's fire coming out of the back end of it and it's going incredibly fast. So it's streaking through the sky. It's causing a disruption in all of the all of the moisture in the atmosphere. So, you know, you've got something that's going insanely fast with an immense amount of power, just burning water, just burning water vapor and then the condensation in the air, like that's what when people get confused about, like, oh, my God, contrails.


A real look up at the sky when you see planes and you see those trails behind them, all that is is the heat of the engine interacting with the water vapor that's in the air, the condensation, and it creates fake clouds. People like them making clouds know they are making clouds.


Yeah, but they're not doing it on purpose. It's just a byproduct of jet engines. Doesn't the Kremlin do that?


Definitely people do that control weather.


There's definitely people who not only do they control weather in Abu Dhabi, they make it rain once a week. They have 52 weeks of rain a year in the cities and towns and shit.


It's cloud seeding they use, but it's a science. Cloud seeding is 100 percent verified science. They've had it forever and they've used it to manipulate weather and a bunch of different circumstances. They've used it to cause rain in places. But it's like an established science. It's like silver, the silver or something silver. So what is the what is this shit that they use? Silver Surfer?


Yeah, they impart the powers of the Silver Surfer, but they do something where they spray things into the sky and it forces the clouds to coalesce.


I think I'm doing a shitty job of explaining it, but they know how to do it in Abu Dhabi. Those dudes do it once at once. Why not? Wouldn't it be great if it rained here once a week and it's great here, but what have you get everything at once? Is it bad? It's a good question for Earth.


Mm hmm.


You can't play God. So they fly and add stuff to a clients that already has little rain present, then they fire a salt flare into the cloud to enhance their rainfall. Whoa.


Yeah, clouds have two air masses. One is updraft and one is downdrafts. But clouds are clouds are alive, man. But if I was living there and someone came to me, hey, do we have a service we offer where we can make it rain once a week? Oh, yeah.


Once a week. Yeah. Well, let's do it, man. Let's do it. So they have 52 weeks of rainfall. They have like once a week. It rains 52 rainfalls a year.


Everything stays moist. Smart if you can do it, if it actually works. But what does it do?


Is it supposed to shoot ghosts?


And what are the long term effects, the tears of all the dead people, what dead people people have died in the past.


All of that's what is your praying for? More tears? That's it.


Rain is that's why Seattle so sad, saw dead people up there.


Think about weather in relation to music is interesting.


It is, yeah. Also heroin use. Right. Weather in relation to heroin use. Yeah.


Yeah. Pacific heroin in general or drug use in general. Drug use in general. But it appears that like the people that I've talked to that lived, particularly my friend Joe Ideas who lived in the Pacific Northwest, he's like, man, it's something about that area where it's all heroin, a lot of heroin up there.


And Joey, you know, he has a lot of experience with drugs. And he was he lived up there for a bit.


He was like, dude, it's just a lot of heroin. Yeah. I think it's a sadness. You know, the lack of vitamin D, lack of sunlight. I mean, we didn't I don't think people really, truly understood how bad that was for you to be vitamin D deficient like that in the fact that that's the best way we get it is from the sun. Yeah.


That's why I like when you're out at your place, man in Utah, there's clear skies and you just fucking just just close your eyes and face towards the sun. You feel in your face like, oh, that's nice man.


That's a love hug from the universe.


The fireball in the sky makes you vitamines.


The fireball in the sky is making me Biedermann. The fireball in the sky makes you vitamines. That's what it is. It's crazy. It is crazy, but even in Utah, even during the winter times, it's super overcast and snowing and shit, but.


You still get that same kind of vibe, it's maybe then because you experience the the warmth, Utah's not overcast like the Pacific Northwest is.


It's close.


It's like London, too. It's like the fog like that. It's heavy and it's dense.


And, you know, you know, there's something about that kind of shit that it's fun for a while. Right. But after a while, it wears on every day.


Yeah. Every day over and over. Yeah.


The dudes that I know that sustain it, they seem weary. You know, my friends that I know from the Pacific Northwest, there's something about them. There's a weariness to them that concerns me. Even the healthy ones, they don't. The same weary I mean, maybe this is obviously just the people that I know, but there's something about them and.


I just think you need we need sunlight, it's good for people, feels good. That's why you like to go on vacation. Like you don't have to live where it's dreary. Right. And I think, look, if you look at the biggest political upheavals, the biggest these these protests that are getting crazy with trying to burn down courthouses and shit, it's Seattle and Portland are the craziest. Seattle and Portland away.


While they're Seattle, they took over six blocks of the town, set up their own government, put up their own borders, use their own security in place of the police. They wouldn't let people in. I mean, they wouldn't let the police in.


They set it up. They were there for weeks like that. That's not happening where we're sunny out. That's that's I think it's more likely to take place there.


It's fucking celestial, I suppose, like human behaviors. Kind of fucking out of our control and all. Lies within the environment, I guess I guess that's not totally accurate, though, because they really did fuck up to. L.A. went pretty goddamn crazy, but L.A., L.A. seems to have calmed down at least a little bit, or is it only seems to have ramped up more in the Pacific Northwest, but God damn, it's beautiful up there in the summer.


I'm a nut for pine trees, pine trees, just like looking at them. They're incredible and they smell good. They do smell good. Yeah, you wake up in the morning and even that's why, like, I don't know if I could live there, but like being in the northwest, the Pacific Northwest is waking up there is special.


Yeah, it does feel different. Hmm, it's like there's like a certain right smell in the air. Yeah, it's nature, it's real nature, you know, it's unmolested nature, well, you're smelling is the same thing that people smell that they lived there a thousand years ago.


In Utah, there's smog. And especially in Salt Lake. Smog, it's heavy, but where I'm at, it's not so bad, but you can see it like. Sunrise, you can see it, oh, that sucks, Ali gets it bad. That was one of the craziest things about covid is when the lockdown hit and people weren't driving. The air quality has never been better. Like Los Angeles, air quality was amazing. It was like people like go outside, breathe the air.


This is crazy. It makes a difference.


Oh, it makes a huge difference. If cars aren't driving, it makes a huge difference. It's probably a big part of the problem here. And that's also going to be a good argument for electric cars, and it's also going to be a good argument for autonomous vehicles, less fires and accidents and shit.


Where are you from? I was born in New Jersey and mostly grew up in Boston. And when I lived out here for a while, I live in California when I was a little kid fan, are you? I don't like sports. Sports are wack.


I don't know anything about them. I'm a professional sports commentator who doesn't know the rules of sports.


I appreciate the athletes.


I appreciate what they do. Like I you know, I enjoy watching like Michael Jordan highlight's or Kobe Bryant highlights or something like that or football players who do crazy shit.


I love watching them. But Dallas Cowboys, I don't it's not it's not because it's not exciting. I've watched Super Bowls before. They're fucking exciting.


But there's only so much time in a day. And already my schedule for.


Full up with shit I'm interested in. I can't get into. I can't start following the NBA, try to figure out all the games or Major League Baseball or with the National League and I don't know, like an American League.


Like what? I don't know how baseball works.


They play so many damn games.


They play so many games, then who's in the playoffs and why? It's like what's happening here.


But it gives the people a lot of fucking entertainment. Man, if you're bored, you know, like for a lot of folks that are stuck in a shitty job, just like we were talking about driving that sixty eight charger or 68 Camaro to work for a lot of dudes stuck in a job that doesn't give them any thrills. And they know they have to go. They have to be up in the morning. They don't have time for anything other than watching something.


And they can watch a basketball game and get very invested in the fact that they want their team to win or watch a football game or a baseball game. Right. They get invested.


Come on, Patriots.


No, come on. Let me correct what he got when he got there.


Oh, shit. Yeah. Dallas Cowboys, Dallas. He's a Cowboys fan, I can tell. James from Columbus, Ohio. Guys, I got to go Buckeyes on the Cowboys. Yeah, of course, everything comes out of Ohio. There's something weird about Ohio. Yeah. Football is an awesome sport. I wish it didn't fuck people's brains up as much, but that's just how it is with everything, everything, everything dangerous, everything risky. You run the risk of getting injured.


I just hope they figure out a way to fix brains. You know, fix brains or fix helmets, I don't think that's going to help when you see some of these guys, the speed that they run at each other and they're colliding.


You just the fucking physical strength of these people, if you know what Zech run in, if I wasn't right.


I see this guy, Zeke just takes a fucking hit dude fucking top. And I'm like.


Are you OK? And then he gets right up and does it again, it's it's like so much respect. If I can tell fighters to fucking football players, basketball players, everybody.


Absolutely. They all deserve a lot of respect. But this is just a danger to football. I think that's not as many other this is just my looking at it like there's a real danger to fighting, there's no doubt. But in fighting, it's there's a person in front of you and they're trying to do stuff to you and you should know how to avoid it. And if you don't, that's just how the game works. But in football, there's like dudes running at each other.


I mean, you're going to get hit. Yeah, 20 miles an hour. They're going so fast, they're so strong and they're running at you and you're running and they're running and.


Oh, my rugby. What about rugby? There's something pure about that. Right, because they don't have the pads. I don't think people would attack the way they attack now if there was no pads. That's an argument for football. That's a weird argument. Right, because like make them play with no helmets and see how they play, like, yikes.


I think they started I was looking at this one time, I think that, like the football protection started from different injuries, like brain injuries were obviously never a worry. Spinal injuries, injuries are huge in rugby.


And they were big in football before, too, like the real injuries were what they were trying to prevent for a long time now from spine injury makes people get paralyzed and he's still on TV.


It's scary is all shit that makes sense anymore. Wow. So what do you risk? Do you risk that? Or the brain damage. But I don't know, because there's people who. Are so passionate about it 100 percent. Yeah, no, like, I would never I would never say we shouldn't be able to do it. Yeah, but people should know what it is, you know, when when you're playing it.


What was the movie that Will Smith did? Yeah, concussion. Concussion. That's based on an actual doctor who had figured out what was going on.


The you know, it's a fucking amazing sport, though, when it's going when you're watching crazy shit happen on the field and you're like, I need to be there and see one live, because that's probably when you really get an understanding, go to eighteen TV biggest stadium in the world.




That's what it's so God can watch the roof. But so are you allowed to be there live. No, not yet. Will be will like will you be high.


Stadium is saying they're going to have 20 percent capacity maybe. I don't know how much those tickets are going to be out there.


There'll be or whatever, but people probably will be able to be in person at football games if they happen a limited number of people.


But God, that's so weird. You know, it was bizarre to watch in the last year. See, no one in the fucking audience change.


Right? And you get to hear those fuckers getting, like, fucking just cracked on the head. It's like there's something very exciting about it, man, something I almost like about it more. Watching it that way, yeah. It's kind of like you're more there. Well, it's just there's no there's no denying that. Like a big crowd, an awesome crowd or Conor McGregor crowd is crazy. It's a spectacle to see. You know, we seen all those people screaming and cheering.


And I remember we had Sinead O'Connor sing for him. I was like, holy shit, man.


There's like green smoke in the air and everything. Like, it was amazing. And everybody's going crazy.


When Connor makes his way to the cage, everyone's going to be me.


It's just the energy in the room is undeniable. I mean, it's amazing. But there's also something amazing about these two dudes in front of each other, right. Where there's no crowd, no one around. And you hear everything. You hear all the impacts.


You hear them breathing, you hear them talk to each other, the the the coaches, the corners and everybody, everything.


It's so different. It almost makes you think that this is like really kind of the best way to do it. I want people to be able to see it live for sure.


But there's something about there's a purity to no audience. This is what I'm saying is for real selfish place.


Right, because I get to be there. And I get it, and if yeah, I mean, if they could open it up and it would be safe and everybody could sell tickets, don't I? One hundred percent would want the autograph. Don't get me wrong, but there's something about when you're there and there's no audience. Right. That you're you feel first of all, you feel very lucky. I feel very, very lucky to be there.


Like a man is only like 10 people in the room watching Tyron Woodley versus Gilbert Burns, 10 people. And I'm one of these 10 people calling this shit. That's crazy.


But then there's also there's there's nothing influencing.


It's just the fight, man. There's no roar of the crowd. There's nothing nothing. It's just the fight. And when you when it's just a fight and you see it, it's so clean, like you see it all break down more.


And how much does that affect performance? I wasn't asking you.


I wonder. I think people vary. I think some people feed off the crowd and they love it. They love the pressure. And then some people, they're better off if there's no crowd. Right. Some people probably fight better. It's like almost like a sparring session in an empty gym. You know, there's no one there sometimes.


Sometimes the physical people in front of you like just 20000 people screaming and cheering for George Saint-Pierre.


And you're like, fuck. And you got to realize, like, you have to pay for all these people hate you.


They all want you to lose and they'll stand there watching you about to fight one of the, you know, greatest fighters of all time.


If you're going to fight George S.P.C.A., you get your ass kicked.


Is he a nice guy? He's a super nice guy. I want him to be nice guy. He is as nice as possible is my shit.


That guy is a real warrior in the best sense of the word. Meaning like if you wanted to have your kid emulate someone who's a martial artist, a gentleman, a really interesting person who thinks a lot about things and treats martial arts as an art form and a discipline and a way to express himself in a way to show that he could be the best, like he's as positive a human being is. You ever going to meet Joycean is like so positive in so many ways.


He's such a nice guy. And undeniably, one of the best fighters of all time. Yeah, there's no but such a nice guy like people would they would take him for granted. Yeah.


Until it's too late. Yeah. He's so nice. You wouldn't realize like, this is this guy's a killer. He's a fucking killer. Yeah. But when you're around him like he's so nice, like you can't believe he gets people up for a living.


He gets that shit out inside the cage.


I saw Anderson Silva once in London. Oh yeah. You see him fight. No, no. You saw him.


I just saw I saw him at Heathrow and I was super, super nice guy. Yeah.


Anderson is so nice. He's one of my faves. He's so friendly. Is he? He's so nice. Very, very, very nice.


I got to see Anderson. When he first burst, I was a fan of Anderson's before he made it to the UFC.


He was fighting cage rage in the UK. Who's dominating people? I was watching these these videos online. I was like, God damn, this guy's amazing.


I remember we fought for pride, too, but he was getting better. And then he it all came together for him during the years he was fighting in the UK. And that's when everybody had their eye on him. And he beat Lee Murray and he beat George Rivera. I mean, he was a monster, Tony Freckling. He hit him with this crazy elbow that he practiced that crazy upward step in upward elbow. He's a he was a wizard.


So when he came over to the UFC, we caught him right at his prime. And he's it's arguable that Prime Anderson Silva was the best martial artist ever. It's real arguable when he knocked out Vitor Belfort with that front kick to the face.


I mean, some of the shit that he did, man, some of the knockouts that he had, like he had ESP he knew where people were going to be. Right.


Knuckles waiting for him. Right. He was when he was on. And no fighter can stay on that level for very long. The human body just breaks down. Yeah, but there's a time where Anderson was so good I'd put him up against anybody that ever lived.


There was a time it was a few years where the rich Franklin years, like Anderson, was unstoppable.


Where did where did he fight at?


Where what did he find it? What weight? Eighty was 185.


So he's probably really walked around like 200 plus pounds and he cut weight to. So what is that light that's middleweight. He was their little weight champion. Yeah. Oh. I would like to see John and Anderson, that would have been an amazing fight in its day, it would be not a good fight now, right? John's in his prime.


And Anderson is you know, I think, you know, like primetime, like, I would have been interesting.


John's a big man. They they they I met John. He's sweet, sweet, super sweet guy. And John is a big man, though.


Yeah. He's big.


Like he's he's from where my grandparents live.


He could easily be a heavyweight easily if he wanted to if he decided he's like he's one of those guys that could go easily back and forth between 205 and heavyweight if he decided to take enough time to do it. He's fucking strong as fuck. When you watch him grab guys and dragged him around. There's a weird strength to him that you see.


But some of these really elite grapplers, some of these guys like when you see like top of the food chain grapplers like Yoel Romero, there's like something about grabbing people your whole life and throw it around. Like Brock Lesnar is grabbing people's strength lessness. If I can dog.


It was ridiculous. It was ridiculous here, dude. He was so powerful. Yeah.


That motherfucker calling these what are these. Everything traps the trapezes. He was like 43 percent Trappes it so strong.


He's such a big human being, man like that shit man that's grown in a lab. That's some Viking DNA right there. And that's not that's the lab of the sea created that thing. That's one hundred percent Viking DNA. If you ever want to know what Vikings looked like when they were terrified.


Fucking Brock Lesnar. Yeah, somebody like it. Come on, son.


Those fuckers, a brass knuckles sward up the top.


Yes, that is that is the hardest tattoo to. It's hard. It's fucking trench knife does is fucking Jess doesn't say death clutch on his back or something to.


Is some some Google what's on his back. He's got some crazy shit on his back to Google Brock Lesnar, who's back?


Yeah, his back has like a skull. Yeah. Click it. There it is. That's his back. Yeah.


It's got me hooked like a dripping zombie mbox and below it is like. Yeah. Like a demon head like OK. I love how they put the little bit of blood in there and the black and white the size of him. Yeah. Come on man. That is one of the most preposterous humans that has ever existed.


I'm trying to look. Come on, it's perfect. Let's look at the size of Brock Lesnar. That motherfucker was so big for me.


The fact that this guy, your dad, you got to think of all his accomplishments because someone put a video up about him and it showed all the shit that he did. He won a national championship, NCAA Division One National Championship in wrestling. He went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings. He went, yes, when he played, I don't know, he was on field. You got a tackle? There's a video of it. Then he when it was the Minnesota Vikings, right, it's Minnesota Vikings camp, yeah, yeah.


Oh, so was in training camp. So it was not an official game? I don't think so.


I think it was training like a scrimmage, some like a game. So, OK, preseason game. So he played preseason, at least for the Vikings.


Playing what linebacker? But it was the Vikings, right? So so he goes from there to the WWE, then he goes from the WWE to the fucking UFC heavyweight championship of the world.


Yeah. I mean, there it is, why he's Jersey number sixty nine to. I like his style that's available. Any number six. No, no, no.


Do you respect the defensive tackle? So you have to I mean, like, legitimately wonder, like, how does one. How does one make a human like that? You know, how many humans have ever ex