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He has got a podcast called Getting Better. He has got what is his live event? When is that coming out?


September 5th called Awakening. Awakening. He's awesome.


His name is Ron Funchess, government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, trained by Joe Rogan podcast by Night All Day. Come on, good, you're good, you got double water bottles, one water, one protein shake. Oh, you're not fucking around. No, no. You know, last time I wasn't aware how long I will be here now. Prepared. I won't settle in. I'm not going to be hungry. My wife got me all set up.


Nice protein shake.


Make sure that your blood sugar doesn't drop. Maintain energy levels. You are a man who has done one of the most difficult things a person could do. He lost a ton of weight. Yeah.


And then maintain. Yeah, that's harder. Right. That's the hard part. Yeah. Yeah. The momentum of losing the weight is good, but most people, they get to a point, they want to take a break and then once they take a break then it all slides.


Yeah. It's a bit of both sometimes. I want to take a break but then I want to get to that next level. So then next get back on it.


What we're talking about Gucci Mane before we start the podcast. Gucci is a guy who's done that. Yes, he's maintained and looks fucking amazing. Took it. He was a big fella. Yeah.


At one point in time when he had BRX tattooed on his face, you know, ice cream cone. Yeah. Yeah.


And now he's shredded. Yeah.


Not ice cream. Well, you were saying it was the lean, right? Yeah. Yeah, for sure.


Yeah. Decoding will the weight difference. Man, that is crazy. Well he wasn't too fat. And the other one. Yeah that's that's like. Yeah that's. I kind of like him mid losing weight in that one. You can find some real chunky picture of him.


Yeah, he got sick, yeah, now, sure I did, yeah, transporation, yeah, me and my wife all the time, we look at him and his wife, the pictures, they take what they do. And I'm like, well, you know that direction.


What do you do for working out my trainer about three days a week, sometimes two days a week. And then on top of that and we'll do, you know, just different circuits, back chest, you know, whatever, whatever legs. And then then the other days, I'm always just trying to make sure I hit the treadmill twice a day for two miles and twice a day.


Yeah. Really. You do it twice a day. Yeah. Morning and night. I don't do much otherwise. So, you know, especially now a lot of my stuff is sitting in front of a computer podcast and playing games on Twitch and stuff like that.


So I feel like, oh, I'm going to spend that long. I got to start today. Treadmill and the treadmill. That's discipline. I like that. It is.


I fucking hate it. So it definitely is a blast. But you like the results. Yeah, I like how I feel like the compliments.


You know, I was just doing this thing the other day and Jake Johnson, the guy from New Girl, I'm in a cartoon with him and like that's like, you know, he's like a leading man dreamboat guy and he's looking at me like, man, he's like, you're looking fucking good, man. You get your shit together, you look like you're about to lead your own show. And I hear shit like that. And I'm like, OK, yeah, I better get on that treadmill again.


Yeah. Yeah, that helps. Right. It really does. Yeah. The positive feedback and positive energy. That's one thing that I like about what you do. You are very positive, like you're, you're very warm and friendly, like all the shit that you do online. You're all smiley and positive and friendly.


It's cool. It's, it's, it gives off a good vibe. Like when I look at your Instagram posts or read something that you post, it's like Ron is on the good path. Yeah.


You know, because it's just it's so easy to go the other way and you get caught up in what other people are doing and what you think you should be doing, which I battle all of that too.


So I don't ever try to act like, oh, I'm just like, oh, everything great is like of course I go to shit all the time, but like I think I choose to support my friends. I choose to support positive things because that's what I can control. And that's to me fighting against that negative as opposed to like just joining everybody in the fray. Yeah.


What do you mean by like how do you feel like when you say like do you feel that to like to feel you feel the draw to the negative.


I mean because we all like, you know, we just want things, you know. So I wanted a Netflix special. I want to be a lead in a show. I want my own show, you know, and I've already do a lot of great things.


But and that's why I have to balance it all, because I'm like, oh, man, I'm such a great position. I do so many wonderful things.


I would always helps me actually is talking to people like you are talking to people like Bird, talking to any comedian that's been doing it like twenty years plus when I'm like fourteen now and when I talk to them and then they are like, oh hold on, slow the fuck down man.


Like you look at where you are and what you're doing for how long you've been doing it, you're fucking mental. Chill the fuck out and play it out.


Don't freak out.


And that that always, you know, having faith that how it's helped me.


Well we're all stall's right now. Yeah. Unfortunately because we can't work but stand up is a long haul.


Like you're ten years people start taking you seriously. You know, if you're really precocious, people start looking at you at seven like tammas motherfuckers. Good.


But in ten years they go, OK, that guy's a pro or she's really got it. She's legit.


Ten years usually. So for fourteen man you're cooking, you know, fourteen. You got things happening. You know, you're putting together like real sets.


You got like you get off stage like, damn, that's that was legit. That was legit.


Fucking it's a long road to get good at standup, you know, it's like that AC DC song. It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.


I was on stage or not about to go on stage rather at the Improv once, and there was this lady who was on stage and she you could tell she's real recent and she was just eating it, just eating shit up there.


And me and the deejay were just like I just looked on like, oh, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.


And then the deejay played that song as I went on stage.


It's a long way to the top.


It is, man. It's a fucking long way. Yeah. No know.


And I agree. And that's what I had to change my mindset very early because, you know, I came from not having money, not having anything and having my son really early.


And so I was like, I need to make it. I need. And then, like, I remember I got on Conan the first time and and I they were like, well, what do you promote? And you got to promote something, you know, when we introduce you. And the only thing I had to promote was an open mic that I was doing in Portland the next day.


Just like this is always going to be a part of this. This is always going to be here. It's always going to be there will be highs and then there'll be another day. So I got to learn to not. You know, fear that next day and just be like this is I mean, this is just my life and that's what helped me through all of this quarantine stuff. So I'm back doing weird zoom shows. I'm doing my own Lifestream show September 5th, and people adapt.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The best at it so far I've seen as Andrew Schultz, Andrew Schultz has adapted the best because he's really figured out a whole new kind of a format, has figured out how to do these like ten minute chunks on a particular subject like Rapid Fire with images behind him and his style of comedy. And it's, I recall it, a quarantine comedy because it's like he's No. One in the room with him.


It's just, you know, and it's high production value and it's without network notes. It's without and it's him being able to to distill his voice without anybody telling him what to do.


So then when you watch it, compared to things you're seeing on TV, which now because they're forced to scale back, start looking very similar, you're like, why the fuck would I watch this?




So much more fun. Yeah, yeah. Schultz is so much funnier than those guys.


Those guys are forced to do TV kind of comedy for the Internet and that shit is not good enough. TV kind of comedy is OK.


If you have TV kind of restrictions, you know, then those restrictions that they have for language and content, then they can get away with it. But if you can just, you know, if you're forced to compete in that Internet realm like the Internet's wild man, the Wild West is fucking full on Wild West.


You know this show like you could never do this fucking show. No one will ever allow me to do this show anywhere else. The only way it would have ever worked is to have no one telling you what to do. The thing about those feelings that you get when you see other people doing stuff and good things happen and then you're like, oh, I want that. I want that.


That's fuel, man. That's the key is like how you harness that fuel. You can pour it all over yourself and light yourself on fire, which a lot of people do like, you know. Yeah. See it all the time. All the time. Or you can just go, I'm going to work harder. I'm going to fucking just buckle down, I'm going to stay focused and I'm going to somehow or another be my best self.


Be the best version. Yeah.


I never deny jealousy. You know, to me that's like that's just lying to me when you say like, oh no, I don't get jealous like. Right.


I would when I was a very young comic, I would read Paterno as well as the SPU and I think he wrote something. He wrote Jealousy is a map of where you want to be. And I was like, oh, I just look at it like that.


That's a lot easier for me to swallow as a wise way to look at it.


Yeah. You also one thing that for me, when I first started doing Stand Up, I was real jealous. And I also I also didn't like comedy anymore. I didn't like other people's comedy because I would be jealous, like I would watch someone kill and I go, oh, why didn't I come up with that joke?


Oh my God, it's so much better than me. Oh my God is killing shit.


I want to be like that. And then I realized like, oh my God, I've stopped enjoying comedy and now I'm not a fan anymore.


And one of the things that switched with me is I realized that I was I had a very weak perspective on it. Instead of being inspired, instead of being, like, energized, I was like wishing that they would do badly, which is a real common thing. Like you you see someone is doing much better than you and you actually hope they fail.


Yeah, well, you see a lot of people, once you see them start succeeding a bit, I've noticed in general you stop seeing people champion them, you know, they stop.


They're like, oh, well, you've made it as far as I wanted you to.


Ah, they call yourself, oh my God, you sell out.


But I love being inspired that I've never had like I've always been inspired by comedy. I've always loved comedy. And I saw it as comedy. I love more than others, but I've always learned to go like, well, that's not for me. You know, I respect their craft. I respect the way they put that together, but not for me.


But I always looked at it like rap where it's like, man, you look like the old devil records.


Or they always were sharpening each other by how good each individual was.


And I look at comedy the same way. We're like, oh, if I see amazing set, I'm not like trying to steal that joke or trying to do that, but I'm going like, oh fuck, I got to raise my game.


Yeah, well that was one of the best things that we had at the store. Absolutely. We were all working together and you know, we have a show on to be you and me and burred and you know, and allies and Whitney and fucking Ali Wong and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.


These shows were fire. It was just and you had to warm up in the back. I'd be in the back. I'd be jumping up down on cushions and shit shadow boxing and touching my toes and taking deep breaths.


And you got to you know, you got to get your body charged up. You know, I missed that. I missed out a lot. I missed out a lot.


I missed that feeling of being the main room, green room, getting ready to go on. Woo! And just the man. Yes, the hang.


Oh, truly. I mean, for me, especially because I was still always looking at it like, oh, I'm the young guy on the totem pole here. And it's cool that now, you know, is one thing.


The original room is awesome. But when you're on these main.


Shows, you know, like, oh, they're putting me on here because they also think I'm a part of a draw and so that the be on that with you guys, but being younger in the game than you guys and being like, oh, fuck, I have to follow Ali, Joe, Joey, you know Whitney, I have to follow them all.


And then I don't have the credits that these people are going to care about. It was the thing I've learned to crave. I mean, like because when I got them, I was like, they are on my side because I'm fucking good. Mm hmm. They don't know anything else. They don't know what I've done. Right. They have now figured out I'm good and that I miss so much.


I was there once and I brought you up and you said something along the lines of Joe reminds me of that teacher that got arrested for having sex with a lot of seniors or something like that cool teacher.


Yeah. You find out he tells you all the stuff. He tells you how the real world works.


And then you find out he was having a relationship with the teacher's aide.


I was crying because I was crying. But it's like those kind of moments, man. It's like the camaraderie of the store. One of the best things about the quarantine is being able to do this podcast and have guys like you on and have, you know, all of our friends come here and and just sit down and just at least spend time together. Yeah. And have some fun and talk, because I miss that so much, man. You know, look, I love my regular friends and I love my family.


I love my neighbors.


But they're not comics. They're not.


Man, it's fucking different, you know? Yeah. My wife is funny as shit.


She's funny. She's she says mean shit to me. Like to be funny. Like funny shit makes fun of me. It's fun. It's like we have a good time. But comics are a different animal man, you know.


And if you're not around for a while like you go fuck, I wish I could just have someone who just wants to fuck around and talk shit. Yeah. Just have some fun. Yeah. Yeah.


Someone is not getting the feeling I heard everyone's so goddamn sensitive, you know, make fun of me please. Please, you know, let's talk some shit.




No I'm that is what I miss the most is just being in the back, seeing my friends and those are things we took for granted so much as well because I just be like, all right, well I'll see you tomorrow.


And now I don't see nobody ever I mean, when we were shutting down March and I was thinking like, you know, one man, I'm going to buckle down and work out a lot. Right. You know, come June, whatever the fuck this is over, I'll come back guns blazing, you know? And then when I realized that there was going to be a second lockdown and then there was going to be no return. And here we are in August and there's no site, it's not going to happen.


It's not going to happen till 2021. There's there's no way. I was like, fuck, like, this is terrible. This is a terrible feeling. Like I never would have imagined that I would have to worry about comedy clubs going under. But they're going under all over the place, man. They just can't stay open.


It's crazy.


Yeah, no, I mean, I was in the exact same boat. I think most of us were just like, OK, well, I can I can last I'll put it together.




Treat it like I'm in the short term prison sentence and just work out and get my GED, you know, become a lawyer. Yeah. Go over my case. Yeah. Yeah. And then yeah.


Same thing. That second lockdown happened and something happened in my brain. I was like, OK, I'm going out just because before I was like, oh no. Zoom shows none like that. I don't like how it's fucking with my rhythm. I don't like how I'm not getting feedback.


But after that I was like, you know, I just kind of have to adapt and go with the flow and hope things change and know that things change in time no matter what.


But if this is how it is, I got to stop fighting it and start just like, you know, finding my lane in it. So, you know, I'm just trying to do that now. Yeah. You have a podcast.


Luckily, I felt bad for dudes who didn't. Yes, for the folks. Guys on the gals. It didn't have podcast. I was like, oh, you got no way to keep in touch people. Yeah.


I mean, that was exactly the reason why I started my podcast, because I was like, oh, I'm like everything I'm doing as a guest in other people's shit. Like I'm I'm a guest in everyone else's home and I don't have a home for people to come hang out with me.


Yeah. And so I've been thinking that for a long time and there's a reason why I started my podcast.


And when all this stuff happened, I was like I was very happy because I've always been in two minds when it comes to comedy. I love specialist. I love people who are just like I do. Stand up straight, stand up. I'm going to be the best fucking stand up in the world. Like I love being that competitive. But I also have this part of me that just like I love new challenges of all types. And so I got into voice acting, regular act and all that stuff.


And when this thing came down, I was like, oh, fuck, actually, you know, just like in big.


It is good to diversify because voice acting is saving my fucking life right now. Yeah, yeah. As a person in show business, you must have as many forms of revenue as you can, really. And you have to save for a rainy day. You have to do those two things. I've been real lucky that I have weird taste. I mean, weird shit. So I've, you know, cage fighting commentary.


And then I also have the podcast and I also have this stand up thing, which is just on hold indefinitely. You know, you could do it right now.


I mean, have you thought about doing one of those driving movie shows?


I talked to a bird about it. He made it sound interesting. Yeah, he loves the way he sells it.


May it sound fine, but you've got to realize he's drunk, though. Yeah, I do. And I.


I do realize that he's like, oh yeah. He likes, he likes horns and people I.B.M., B.M. would like to explain.


It's like dude it's like a UFO. Actually I've been talking with Chris Titus because he know he has his own little production studio. I wouldn't call it little because he has his own production team. I don't I don't have no fucking production studio.


He has his own big ass production studio and he is shooting his own specials and his own he's doing a reunion of the Titus show through it. And so I reached out to him and I'm going to do like a live stream show where we have ten people in the audience and then we'll be live streaming it out on YouTube on September 5th if people won't get tickets to that.


So just don't stop my promo. So sorry. So sorry. I'm just dotcom. So there's ten people in the audience.


Yeah. So we detest those folks.


Yeah. You do it. Yeah. Well you know they'll be way not like you where you had, where I took the full test but it'll be temperature checks and waivers and they'll be wearing masks so they'll be wearing that and they'll be totally different. Yeah. And be done man.


You know Texas is doing that with restaurants. You can go to a restaurant in Texas. Everybody wears a mask. Simple. They space the tables out. Everybody wears a mass good ventilation service, wears a mask and they're not having any problems. You know, this draconian laws they've instituted in California, this is the only state where you can't go to the barbershop. You know that. I didn't know every other fucking state in the entire union. You can go to a barbershop, you go to a hairdresser, you can get your hair done.


I don't have an issue with that. Obviously, I'm bald as fuck, but I just think it's crazy.


The restrictions of the states put on businesses, it's forcing people to flee. That's part of what's going on here.


That's one reason you're leaving. Yeah, I just think there's too many folks here, too. I think as I get older, I realize there are there's drawbacks to high population areas. There's tension in high population areas. And when things go south, when natural disasters or, you know, what we're dealing with, with covid things along those lines, it's just a bad place to be, man. It's just not safe. It's not healthy. It's not wise.


Like, I like karma. I like a little karma because I'm I'm my problem is not getting up for things like I have a friend who lives in New York City and he loves it because like, oh, I love the energy of the city. Everything's happening. Move in a minute. Yeah. Mike, I don't need that. I got a lot of energy. I need chill. I need downtime.


I need I need a place where I get you need space. I need a fortress of solitude. I need relaxation. I need a balance. And whenever I go to places that were more rural, it was like nature and trees and shit. I always feel better.


I understand that. I mean, that's one of the reasons why I like where I live in the Valley. I like being I've always been outside. When I started comedy, I started coming to Portland, Oregon, but I lived in Salem, Oregon, and I would just make that 45 minute drive because I did like going into a thing, doing my job and then leaving that day.


Yeah, yeah. Back home. Yeah. That's how I always felt about Hollywood. Like I lived in North Hollywood when I first got here and I just kept moving further out. Then I moved to Encino and I had to go further out and then I went way out.


Yeah, yeah. That is true. Like this lifestyle is so weird.


If it will get you so wrapped up in other people's information and partying and getting this one of the reasons, like I love like I got my little small town Canadian wife and my son who, you know, that's who's been my balance the whole time is that I started counting. My son was already three years old.


So he one was like, you need to be feeding me with this.


And B, I don't give a shit about your jokes or hanging out at all. So, you know, I would like to be here and have you hanging out with me.


So that's always I think that's one of the reasons I've been able to be as successful as I am, is that I was like, I don't give a fuck about hanging, you know, fuck about.


And there's a lot of fear that comes that.


Right, because people are always like, oh, I want to be part of the group and be part of the and if I'm not hanging, I'm not part of the clinic. And I was just like, well, I don't know, I'm fucking good at comedy. Yeah.


Know like me from that. You've never had a problem with that. I mean that's one of the things about the store. It's a real meritocracy. You'll hear people say like, oh you know, like there's CLECs there and they don't accept you.


I think that's horseshit if you're funny.


It doesn't no one gives a fuck if you're gay, straight, trans, white, Chinese, black, fucking Puerto Rican, nobody gives a fuck. Are you funny? Yeah. And if you're funny, you're in that place is 100 percent inclusive.


If you're funny, you're in you know, it's it's it's you're accepted for what you what the kind of heat you bring. You know, when you get on that stage and light that place up, you don't have to hang out. You have to be one of the, you know, one of the people at parties and drinks. They don't give a fuck. They know you're funny.


Yeah. I mean, I've seen you murder. You know, when you when you can lay it down the way you do, you just accept it. Just how it is. It's a beautiful thing, really. It's like that's the art form of comedy. We all know how hard it is to get to that fourteen year spot like you're out. And, you know, there's a lot of people that at fourteen years are not as funny as you are for whatever reason, psychologically, they've not figured it out artistically.


They're not true to themselves. Whatever it is, they have found that.


And I think I bet having a child and having that, that intense responsibility, you know, when you're starting out, you know, being an open mycar and also having a child like who that is, that is extreme. That's an extreme amount of responsibility. Yeah, I agree.


And I've talked about it with other comics that I know that our parents, because we'll make fun of of the laziness of a promise that they'll be like, oh, man, I got to do this.


Said at midnight and then I got a meeting at noon, how am I going to do?


And I was like, well, before I came in, I said I helped my son with his homework. I got to get him up on the school bus at six a.m. and then, you know, so, like, I don't have any fucking sympathy for you.


Oh, yeah. Well, one of the things that I loved before the store closed down was my schedule was basically I would put my kids to sleep. They would go to bed at, like, you know, eight thirty nine o'clock. And then I would go over my notes and then I'd have set it like ten thirty. It was it was perfect. And then when I would come home, everybody be asleep.


So I just hang out with the dog and write you a chance to come down and I talk to you. Nothing man. Just quiet balance man.


Yeah that's what, that's for me. That's so, that's so big bounce so big. You have to have it. You can't just be all about because I think you know Miyamoto Musashi was he's a samurai from the the 15th century.


You wrote this crazy book called The Book of Five Rings. It's all about strategy and how to be the best at whatever you do. And one of the things that he said is like you have to have the saint, you have to do all things with the same intensity and energy.


Like you can't just be a go just to kill people with a sword. He was excellent at calligraphy. He was an artist. He wrote poetry.


He he believed that you had to have a balance as a person. Otherwise those flaws would show up in your sword fighting.


Oh, that's amazing.


Yeah, I love that, that I always that strikes me hard because I've always believed that in my comedy from the day I started, I was always like, oh, I can never let my life get far away from my persona that I present on stage.


I can, you know, always we turning ourselves up to 11 or whatever. But I go from just my experience and my love of comedy.


I go, oh, when people get too far from their persona in any general way and they're lying to you, it just starts falling apart and start showing in their act and it shows in their life.


And I've always that is what gives me material because I just talk about whatever is active in my life as opposed to being like, well, this is who I am, because if I did that, I'd been stuck when I was twenty three.


Just be like, I'm the fat stoner guy.


Right, right, right, right. Yeah, yeah. You could get caught up in your act, right. Yes. There's a look there's a lot of examples that even successful ones like Kinnison Kinnison so great example Bobcat for four shows up until very recently.




He on this podcast talked about how hard it was to kick and the people like Jay Man do that scream things like fuck you man, I didn't want to do it.


Yeah, he he got stuck. He got trapped. Emo Phillips.


He's another one, you know, I mean imos like in the 60s now he's still got to do that weird sort of thing that he did when he was twenty. That was kind of cute.


You know, when you're sixty I was like, man, is you having a stroke. Like what's going on up there buddy.


Yeah, that one does still hurt me because he's such a tremendous joker and yes. Amazing joke writer.


But I do see that. Yeah, it's like you have to kind of you can't just go up there and start talking. Can't just be yourself. Yes.


Yeah. Which is one point when you know that's I'm learning as you get into it, people start caring less and less about like, oh, that's the craziest joke he wrote. And they want to know more about who is who are you. Right.


Yeah. Yeah. But we were talking about Kinnison, he was a guy who got really caught up in it because his thing was partyin, like he couldn't go anywhere without partyin.


So I got to line up giant lines of coke for me, like, oh, here we go.


And his heart would be beaten out of his chest and couldn't, you know, couldn't sleep for a week. And this comedy was suffering like real bad. I was point to him as a great example for comedians of someone who was so good for a short period of time and then was so bad afterwards. He he was so good around like 85, 86. That was like the louder than hell days. Like, dude, he was revolutionary. Nobody had ever seen anything like that.


A short fat preacher go on stage screaming and talk and scream and you've been married.


Look at me. Look at me like this is marriage. I felt like I was married twice. That's how fucking dumb I am.


And you would see him. And it was like this force of nature. But what great material. Great insight, great points. And then all of it went away.


And then it was like cheerleading. It was like weird.


Like I remember he had this bit about drunk driving and he's like, we're going to drink and we're going to drive and we're going to pull it off. You know why? Because we do it every fucking night, too. And it's like, what?


Yeah. And then he was killed by a drunk driver. Yeah. Which is crazy. Yes, I hate that. I always hate when people use their charm and they use their tricks to push apart false premises. Yes. You're fucking lying.


I think he was just trying to do it just to be me. His brother wrote about his brother Bill wrote a book called Brother Sam was a really good book for someone who's a Kinnison fan.


Really interesting. We talked about it pretty openly about Sam to stop writing. His material fell apart and he just became like a shadow of himself.


Open Mike are doing a Kinnison impression with, like, shitty material.


Sad it is, but it's a lesson for us. Yeah. You know, like you got to stay on your fucking game.


And then there's also the problem. When people know who you are, they come to see you and try and find you.


We're going to go see them and like we're excited to see you and everything you say. I'm happy to hear you.


Good. You get your crowd. And the problem is, if you're only doing comedy to your crowd, you could really delude yourself.


Oh, absolutely. But I think that's why people who are good like to go around to all the different spots. I love to go around and do like house parties and the Comedy Store and my shows on the road. You need house parties sometimes.


Like what kind of house parties? You know, they dumb ass mansion parties and shit. Really?


Yeah, it's a lot of weird rich comedy producers and users like I don't know what your life is, but I will take this money for this event and then I'll probably not see you again and you do it at the house.


How many people you know this is way before but yeah.


Be like a couple hundred people.


No shit. Yeah. In the yard or something or inside both you know. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, well, there's a lot of comedy, there was a lot of comedy in L.A. and strange places. Yeah, I got invited to a lot of yard shows. Guys would show up, hey, man, I'm doing comedy with the best fish taco taco restaurant. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


You want to kill Cliff one of these things. Sure.


Grap CBD drink delicious. Good for you know, THC.


Well that's OK.


Let me give you some THC if you'd like that.


We have plenty of that but I got those for us. Not bad. Delicious. Right. Good for 25 milligrams of CBD.


Do you do you take CBD at all? Yeah, bit, yeah, my gets down to my wife whenever her back is hurting. That's one of my daily things. That's the thing that's so good for you. CBD, so good for you. Just anything you can do to reduce inflammation. Mm hmm. Fantastic for the body, for the brain. I didn't even know I had anxiety till I started taking CBD. Maybe you did. Well, it's relative.


I mean, I didn't have anxiety compared to people who have anxiety, but I took CBD was like, man, I feel really relaxed.


And I was like, oh, OK. I see what's going on. Yeah, no, I like a good CBT. I'll just Moakes as a straight CBT sometimes. Oh yeah. After a workout or something.


Yeah. I would say I'm going to do that and then I grab a regular joint. Yeah. Well I'll make some up. Do you ever smoke weed and then work out.


I yeah my trainer hates that but yeah. Why does he train. I hate that he's always like I can always tell when you hire you smoking weed. He's Dutch. So to me. Yeah I had a Dutch kickboxing trainer for a while.


They have a different way of talking the Dutch way. Yeah.


Yeah. They don't understand America values. We also fight what you don't have to be.


What are you eating, my friend is very simple. What kind of foods. You're Dutch is a weird country.


Holland because of you know, like I don't know if you know this, but they have some of the greatest kick boxers of all time.


All came out of Holland real weird.


Like a few guys went over to Thailand, started training in Thailand and fighting in Thailand. And then they brought it back to Holland. And then Holland became like this gigantic kickboxing epicenter.


That's great. I didn't know that in some of the baddest motherfuckers of all time come from Holland.


Yeah, a place known for, like we Chop's red light district and mushrooms. That's why I go. That's one of my favorite places to visit. Yeah. Yeah. Four times I've been to Amsterdam.


I've never been I've never heard of it.


And it's not even you know, you get just as good if not better. We here in California for sure. But it's just the vibe, it's just the lack of anyone ever being like, oh you dumb stoner, none of that.


Like I remember I was sitting in a coffee shop and a guy tried to sneak a beer in and then they kicked him out like no drinking. And I was like, I like it here.


Yeah. It's funny what we chose to allow and not allow. Yeah, well, where I'm going in Texas, you still I mean, Austin, it's legal. Essentially, they've decriminalized it to the point where the cops want arrest anybody for weed.


You mean you don't want you selling large quantities of it but still not legal. It's still not legal statewide. It's the dumbest thing to make illegal just makes zero sense. You know, I see I see the argument for making alcohol illegal, but I would never agree with it.


I think people should be able to do whatever they want. Yeah, I'm with that.


But the argument for weed being illegal is the dumbest judgment and personal responsibility if we but we have so many arguments that we're not really good at it.


Yeah. So. Well, look at what's happened with covid.


Yeah, that's the best. I mean if you look at what we're so bad at it, America is so bad. Our response to Cauvin and how we've handled it and allowed it to spread. We're the worst.


Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm a big pro wrestling fan and that's thing that's been making me angry because it's just as much as I'm as comedy am as I used to go to my wrestling shows with my friends and my buddies. And now I'm watching the Japanese wrestling that I love and seeing that they have full crowds all sitting there and masks just hanging out because they are good at handling their fucking business.


Yeah, like that's when it because when you're just sitting here, you're like, oh, well, we're all falling apart and it's just how it is.


But then you start looking over at other countries, you're like, well, no, they they figure some shit out.


Well, this virus is so sneaky, man. Even Japan has had a resurgence recently. It's so weird, man. It's the weirdest fucking virus. It's just like New Zealand even had a resurgence. New Zealand had over a hundred days with zero cases. And then they just got it.


They got I think it was was it for something like that.


Got it in one one family. Got it. One trying to figure out how that happened. They shut down the city where they're at, sort of like they had stage three or one family.




One family of four has it. Sneaky fucks. What have they been up to. They got some bad tests but probably not. Yeah. Trace how it happened.


It's such a weird, weird, weird disease, man. I know so many people that have gotten it now. I think I know about nine people and so many of them have different symptoms. I know people that got it and they just got a mild headache and they felt like shit for a day and then they were fine. Then I know other people like Michael Yo, who's on death's door, you know, but his when people ask me about that, there's extenuating circumstances.


Like if you listen to Michael story, he was warned the fuck out, flew all the way to New York, did shows, did morning radio, did TV, flew all the way back then, got in a car with his family, drove to Vegas, hung out with his wife's mom's family, hung out. There for a while and then drove all the way back home same day and then had auditions the next day and then the auditions the day after that, and then boom, it hit him.


His immune system is compromised.


Yes, he was wrecked. He was exhausted. And low vitamin D, vitamin D seems to be one of the big factors. Gigantic factor. There was a recent study that Dr. Rhonda Patrick sent me yesterday. I'll have to go over. But one of the things that she said was that in a series of studies they did when they showed people in the ICU for covid, more than 80 percent of them had insufficient levels of vitamin D.


And out of the people that were in intensive care, only four percent had sufficient levels of vitamin D.


Got your vitamin D?


Yes, I do. How much do you take? I don't know. I just whatever is in the bottle.


Oh, one of those things. Yeah. Multivitamins.


No, it's awful. Well yeah. The in the multi. Yes. Falsey then the multi be something called arginine.


I don't know it's amino acid. Yeah. That I do know that but I don't know that helps build muscle. OK, I'm taking it. Yeah.


Branched chain amino acids. A really good post workout. Yeah. Take it after.


Yeah. Get after my workout. But before. Yes. What kind of protein.


Drink. You drink it in the thing. What is it. This is just like some bullshit. This like matrix just regular.


I'm actually I need to figure out a better powder because I don't, I just got on it and just got the basic like all this taste chocolate.


I'm pretty sure it's not great but I'm sure you can tell me some good. Yeah.


I find hemp to be the best protein powder, the most easily digestible. I have zero problems with digestion. Was like if I drink way an hour later I got to stay the fuck away from people. Otherwise I'm be farting.


No to have a problem with way. But I always have less of a problem with him that that's always. Yeah, yeah.


It's the most digestible for me. I mean it's just easy. It's also something I can eat literally.


I can drink it rather literally an hour before workout and have zero problems. Just take it with a little bit of coconut water, mix it up. You know, it's just simple, easy. You know, I use the on it kind, but there's a lot of good powders out there and it's it's very absorbable. It's very bioavailable form of protein in terms of plant protein. The two best I find plant proteins are proteins really good and proteins and proteins a little better, at least in my experience.


I look into some protein, but Matrix is delicious. It is delicious. Like getting yourself a little shake.


Yeah, that's what I do in the morning when I have my favorite breakfast, I get a rice cake that had a little bit of almond butter and a little bit of apple butter. And then I have a shake and I go, Oh, I'm having shaken cake for breakfast.


It just mental games. Yeah.


What did you when you first started losing weight, how much did you. A 360.


Wow. Oh. Wow, so you lost well over 100 pounds, yeah, one for one. Let's hear it right now be 130. Wow, that's amazing. What's the ultimate goal?


I'd like to be around 200 and just keep stay in the lane and just keep putting on muscle a bit. But, yeah, I'd like to lose like another 15 pounds.


Nice. Yeah, you could do that, yeah. Focus. Yeah, I mean, you're at the home stretch. Yeah, that's been the background. Yeah, that's what sucks because then I'm like, why can't I have a cookie? And then I have one. And then I realized why I can't have a cookie. I ate the whole fucking cookie.


So yeah. I can't fuck with pizza. No. If I have one slice of pizza I just the, the glutton in me goes off and I just want to eat that whole thing then abstain. Mm hmm. Do you miss traveling.


I do, yeah. Actually I do. It's talking with that with my wife a couple of days ago because we were watching some 90 day fiancee and they were. What is that? You never seen it?


No. Oh, it's there's a show.


There is a whole it's actually it's a whole complex of shows where people from other countries meet people in America and they get married and they have to get married within 90 days once they moved to America.


But then also we've been watching the other way on the recommendation of er Griffin, where Americans move to other countries for their significant others.


And that's been insane and beautiful and beautiful to watch together because it makes our relationship look so much stronger.


Baby, we never said we had. We should start over.


I never lied to you about a gambling problem that I had, you know, I mean, it just makes us look a lot better when we're watching those relationships and but they're at the airport a lot.


And I would go, oh, that's PDX. Oh, that's she's just like, oh, she's like, why are you getting so excited about seeing these airports? Like, I think I just fucking miss the the whole process.


I just miss knowing, oh, I'm going to a new city.


New people are going to see me. I might meet some new friends like, you know, I miss that.


Have you been writing? I've been writing a bit. Yeah. Yeah, well, go ahead. Sorry.


What's your process? Oh, my process is usually from like if we're talking about from start, I kind of work on this little grid where I just break it down into love, hate and fear and then I just kind of get stoned or just sometimes not stoned at all. And I'll just play some instrumental music and I'll just write about what I'm scared about when I'm pissed about what I'm in love with. And then I didn't take those topics and try to figure out jokes about what's going on in my life.


That's interesting. Have you always done it that way? Yeah. Love, hate, fear. Mm. What, what, where'd you get the inspiration to do it that way.


I think I just got it from a writing workbook from when I was in like an English class in high school. Really. Yeah. It was just about how you would brainstorm writing a paper.


It's a great idea. Yeah. I mean it helped me get the basics down. So instead of like, oh, I'm writing a joke about this, it's like, OK, I'm writing about my wife because I fucking love my wife. I'm writing about my son or I'm scared about covid. I'm scared about this.


Or, you know, the more specific I can get about what exactly I'm scared of, I'm scared.


I'm afraid of, you know, or what I'm in love with.


And just the more specific I can get, the better the jokes are. And so it's a lot of work that way. And then sometimes at two in the morning, I'll just be stoned and something I'll pop in and I got to go chase down a notebook.


Yeah, the stoned idea is that there's pop out of nowhere. The weirdest ones, like that's not even my idea. That's the universe is given to you.


But I usually find that they it doesn't give it to me if I haven't put in that earlier word. Right. Right. Yeah.


It'll give me a gift for putting in the the shitty work of trying to figure out this.


How the fuck am I going to break this down?


And then in the middle of the night, some completely joke, some other other leftfield joke will just pop in and it'll be fully formed, set up, punchline, everything. Yeah.


And I'm like I just always I'm just like, thank you. Yeah.


It is crazy like that. Right. It is crazy that that's that put in the work part is what. Steven Pressfield, the War of Art. It's a great book, the real small book to. I used to buy stacks of them in the old studio and I just hand them out to guests. Well especially comics.


And like trust me, just read this because one of the things it's about is about establishing the laws of your work, like the way you work. You're a professional. You show up every day as a professional and you sit in front of that computer or that notebook and you call upon the muse, you know, and whether or not the muse is real.


The if you do the work, it it acts as if it's real. Yeah I agree.


Yeah. I believe with that all the time. Yeah. I've been talking to myself lately, just like then that's what's been keeping me with my health and my writing and my meditating and whatever is just like figuring out who I am and what worked for me.


And then being like you follow those fucking rules, you don't break your rules.


Yeah. Whenever you break your rules, it doesn't go where I even know. It might look cool. It might look amazing. It might be like, oh, well, this time if I break my rule.


It's fucking it looks like it's going to be a dope and I'll get a bunch of money never works out, so just don't break your fucking rules.


Yeah, and I'm just it's still it's hard, but I've been working on that. She's like, oh, I got to eat well, I got to work out. I trust my intuition. I'm the leader. I'm the fucking boss. I don't let other people leave me. I lead. Even if I don't know where I'm fucking going. I lead and I just follow those rules.


Have you had that issue with, like, representation, like agents or managers trying to tell you what to do or guide you into a way that you didn't think was you?


Oh, no, no, not for me. I am. And truly blessed in that, truly. But I have to think I have, like, one of the best managers in the fucking world. Like, she she's amazing. She's married to the game. She's my name's Melanie. True. Brian Wilson's wife. And she's been my manager since before I moved out of L.A. like she paid my fucking rent when I couldn't afford to pay my rent, like she's looked out for me every step of the way.


That's awesome.


She's there's been there's been fucking like this show is going to series. They are making an offer on you. This will give you a bunch of money, but it's not the right project. Let's fucking pass. Wow.


You know, and that was like in the past and I mean, that happened a couple of weeks into covid, we were both scared shitless.


I know she was scared shitless about that 10 percent guaranteed season. Yeah. And she was like, no, this isn't she's like this. She's like you've already done parts like this three or four times. You can do this. This will be there for you. We're shooting for bigger things for you. And just like her belief in me and drive for me, I've always been there like I never, ever feel like she's ever sold me short so that she can get a check ever.


That's huge. That's huge. It's rare. Yeah, I do.


I do know that I have many friends that have really bad managers that give them terrible advice to take projects that are just short term financial gain for at the sacrifice of long term career options.


Oh, my manager is she sees the word exclusive in any contract.


She's just like, we ain't fucking with them, that you are not exclusive to anybody you are dating around. That's great.


That's that's great attitude, man. That's what's interesting about today's climb. And it's like you don't get a lot of real managers anymore.


You almost get you almost have like comics who have two agents. You have your agent agent and then you have your manager who's kind of acting as an agent, sort of acting as a manager because they're all desperado or maybe they don't really have faith in you.


So they just want that money. They don't really think that you're going to be that person who has a long career or that you could keep accelerating and they don't believe in the development.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I feel like my manager has always been there. She's always kind of seen me two years ahead of where I've been at.


Like, I'm I have that story about recently. But I remember when I first was in Portland and there is this commercial that reached out to me and they wanted me to play a roach in a fucking bug spray commercial. And I was broke as fuck.


And she was just like, no, she's like because we don't know what you're going to be in the next couple of years. And that commercial could be around forever. Smart woman.


And so if you need the money that bad, I'd rather just give you the money.


What's good for her, man? Yeah, she's dope. And I have many friends who like they just are tremendous, tremendous comedians, tremendous joke writers. One friend who comes to mind immediately and I've always told him I was like, you need to you need to dump your manager and get a better manager because you're doing you're doing your part. And I don't see why you're not getting more money. You're not getting more chances. You're not advancing at things.


They're not putting you on these talking head shows like you're doing your part.


And I don't you're fucking like, you know, he opened for me once. I was like, dude, you're fucking crushing me. And I'm the one getting the bigger check. Like, what the fuck is that?


Like, get your get your business in order. And I've always I think from having a kid, I've always been very much into the art and very much into the business.


Yeah. It's just it's hard for people to find someone like your manager that that is delicate. I got real lucky. I found mine when I was an open mycar. Mm.


I've been with the same manager since nineteen ninety one or some shit.


Something crazy like that and saying, yeah, I was like three years in comedy when I met him and I've been with him and then he's basically not retired, but steps back.


And then my manager, Shandra, she took over ten plus years ago or more might be more than 10 years ago now.


And they're just the best in terms of like seeing the big picture and the same thing you're saying about your manager just looking at the business in terms of like where do you what do you really want to do? Like what's going to make you happy? Like there's things you can do for money. But what's what are you here for?


Yeah. What do you want? You want you want to like walk away from everything you do going. That was great. I enjoyed that. That's what I wanted to do. Like a special. Thank you. Good night. You want to go. We did it. We nailed it. High fives all around. That's how you want to be able to achieve those moments and get those feelings.


And I think I know this is unrelatable to some people that are listening to this, but I think that way with everything and maybe you don't have a manager for whatever your goal is in life, but you kind of have to think about it as your own manager. You got to think like, what do I really want to do? And are the steps that I'm taking are the things that I'm doing right now? Are they moving me closer to that?


And if not, what the fuck do I have to do different than what I'm doing?


Yeah, I mean, to me, that's I have that manager, so I have my I have my vision board.


I have my shit that I do on my modified vision board. Wow. Yes.


Joe, what's at the top of the vision board. My show get my own fucking show about my son being a single dad of a son with autism. Make it into fucking dopeheads comedy. What's what Netflix should do that that seems like a perfect thing.


You would think that seems like a really good idea for a show. I think so. We found a spot we're working on. OK, all right. You got to keep mum. We'll talk later.


Is that just more I want to be lead in some movies. I want to do more. I always see myself as like the Rick Moranis Billy Crystal type of unconventional Charmin leading man. And maybe you need a buddy. I could use a bull.


You need like, you know, Christopher like Chris Farley needed David Spade like the two of them together they played off of each other.


You need a buddy. I don't know. Who would your buddy be?


I got to think about that. Think about that and think about that. Maybe Bobby Lee. Bobby Lee. He seems crazy. He's crazy as fuck.


You might be a problem if he gets too successful. He might sabotage. Go back on pills.


Believe so.


While he's a while. He truly did. Bobby Lee, in the early days when you, like, bring a knife to work, it's just all sweaty and shit.


We're at the airport one time and he just goes, oh, the the courtesy phones calling for you. And I was like, no, I don't I I've been here too, Bobby. I didn't hear anything. He's like, no, no, no. It did spend the whole time trying to convince me and he half way does.


And then I just go sit down somewhere else and I go, oh, he's a fucking high school bully like I did. So just like look and play around that, like, knocked you up.


But like Lankester, like he just fucks with you all the time. Oh no. I love Bobby. I'm not saying like he was trying to beat me. I'm saying he's a prankster. Yeah. Who fucks with you all the time. And I was like and the money. No money, nothing like he just is. That's who he is. Yeah. And I love it. Yeah.


He's a guy who needs a god damn special. I've been yelling at him forever. Now he has an excuse.


There's no comedy you know. No, he's got an excuse.


But Bobby Lee is absolutely the best stand up comic that does not have a special I mean, he is as legit a headliner as has ever lived when that guy is crushing, when he's in the car crushing. You like the fact that he doesn't have a special is criminal.


Criminal. Yeah, Bobby. The fuck. I mean, he's just unique. It's just him. And that's to me is the definition of someone you want to give a special to.


Yeah, I've known that forever. Known them for a long time back when he was crazy, but it's nice to see that he's gotten his shit together, is calmer and more stable, doesn't rub his balls on you as much.


Not as much, but not nearly as much. You know, I've got a picture of him standing in the middle of the hallway with his pants down and his dick tucked in between his legs. It's like the like that's probably. Mm hmm.


We've all seen it. You said you meditate. Yeah. Like, what would you do?


You know? Nothing like, you know, nothing special. Just sit around doing ten minute long meditation. And when I get up in the morning, sometimes they're guided. A lot of times they're not. But I talk to I don't know, you know, whodunit. Kerry is he's a tremendous writer for The Simpsons, wrote for Letterman. And he came on my podcast and he just told me about this thing that he was doing, this acronym that he was doing every day, Mr.


Alwi, just meditate, read art, write exercise every day. That was like part of his rules. And so I was like, oh, I'm going to try to adapt that into my rules just as a way to keep that going. So that's part of what I do. Meditate, read art, write exercise every day.


That's awesome. Yeah. I mean, that's a beautiful thing. If you can structure your life like that and make sure you follow those principles, you'll get you'll just get more out of your brain. Yeah.


And in your surprise, about like four times you're bored and you're like, oh, there's too many hours in a day. And you're like, if you get to go through all those fucking things, you'd be like, fuck, half the day's gone.


Yeah, I don't understand people that say there's too many hours in a day, like, what are you doing? Like, I want 100 lives. I want to live a hundred separate lives so I could just do different.


I literally don't do things because I'm scared I'll get too into them and then I will have less time for all the other shit that I'm already obsessed with.


I'm the same way I mull over that decision for an extended period of time because I know once I make the decision, I'm all in. And I was like, you know, I started playing video games on Twitch and doing these little comedy nights on Twitch where I show old videos and make fun of people, because that's part of things that I missed. Was that not just watching comedy? I always I miss being in the back of the room, making fun of this punch line or this time and then be like, oh, that's good.


You know, I missed that.


So I've been doing that on Twitch and playing games with people and but it took me a long time to decide to do because I was like, oh, once I do it, I'm anything stand up, acting, whatever.


If I choose to do it, I go full force. Yeah.


You get into it, right? Yeah. And then it becomes a part of your daily routine, then you're trying to get better at it. Yeah.


Podcasting. Yeah.


And you the twitch thing seems like you could eat up a lot of your day just fucking around on Twitch. You can do you have a good chair that supports you back with a solid chair.


I could use a better chair. I could about the chair. You can write down you like that one is pretty nice. Very good. Yes I like these. Good for the back. Yeah. Ergonomic.


You need some ergonomic.


You don't want develop back problems because a covid you know, like all the people that are just sitting down all the time.


Yeah well that's why. And again the two two threads a day, just make sure I keep myself upright moving.


So when you do this meditating thing you do it every day. Ten minutes you start your day this way.


Do you go to a place like quiet place in your house where no one's around usually do it right there in bed, make up the bed, get everything together, sit there, meditate for ten minutes, usually try to do before my son wakes up, before the neighbors wake up because their family doesn't seem to be as structurally strong as ours.


You got wacky neighbors and they like yelling at each other. Oh, that's a bummer. All day. And then the wife when you know they had a fight because then in the morning the wife will come out in the morning, go. I love you.


I love you.


Oh, I love how you like. He's not saying it, bag lady. Oh no. Yeah, they're not doing well.


This is a trap that some people get in that fight, break up, make up trap because it makes everything so exciting. That's the problem.


High school. Yeah. Yeah.


That's why I like you know, I got married on Friday. Superjail Superagent. The wedding was so chill that I was like, this is going to be a great marriage.


Like we just got dressed. I got my son dressed and went off with my friend. She got dressed with her friend. We met together at the place. The guy just went over his dumb spiel and then we talked to each other, went home, took some pictures we ordered in from one of our favorite restaurants. We watch 90 day fiance and then we fell asleep and had sex the next morning because we knew we were going to be there.


Did you get married during covid? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, this last Friday. Oh, you. Oh, well, congratulations, man. Thank you so much.


That's why you're so excited about. Let me talk to you a couple of years.


Well, let me show you a picture of it.


I've seen a picture of a beautiful graduation. Yeah. It's one of the things about being talented. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Above your weight class. Oh. Yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, like, oh, if I didn't do comedy, I'd never even see you.


Oh that's cool though. That's a bright spot. You'll always look back on the time you got married.


God damn. We got married during one of the weirdest times in the history of the United States.


Yeah, man. Leaning into what solid when shit's all falling apart. I was actually like we got engaged before it, of course, but I was like, oh, I'm pretty sure I was a little gun shy because I've been I got married in my 20s and obviously that didn't work out too well. And I had my son and I remember leaving my home there and I'm like, this will never happen again. I will, you know, it will never happen again.


But I was still a little gun shy, but because, like, we were in the good times, we go to me, we go to work and wherever.


And sure, we hang out at home or we just go on set with me. It's a mini movie in Oklahoma and we still have fun. And so I knew she was a good woman.


I knew I could trust her, but especially when the shit goes down and everything's going bad and she's out there like, OK, well, what do we do? What we need to pull back on, what can we, you know, purchase less of it?


And then I thought I might have to go out of the country for this role for a few months.


And I was like, oh, shit, leave my son with her. And I had no worry. And I was like, even, you know, when he was with his mom, I would be worried, you know, but with her, I know she's got him.


I know she loves him. I know she's got his best interests at heart. And I was that really was when it clicked in. And I was like, oh, this is my wife. Like, this is a person that's beautiful.


I love stories like that. Thank you. That's amazing. Congratulations. Yeah, she's special.


She's special person, I think, because she is a little small town Canadian lady. So she doesn't know how hot she is, you know. Yeah.


That could be a problem here. Yeah. Yeah. Well she's figured it out. She's figured good at it guys.


You know, I hit on her every fucking day but. I'm not worried. Good for you. Good for you. I wonder when this is going to end the the lockdown, when are we going to get back to normal? Are you going to be one of the first in line for a vaccine?


Are you going to wait it out? I got to wait in the middle. I got to be somewhere in the middle. As a parent of a child with autism vaccine scare me in some ways.


But still, obviously. Do you think the vaccines cause autism?


I don't believe they cause autism.


I believe they can accelerate certain things in people who maybe are predisposed to having to having it. And I can only just tell you my I will tell you a personal story and people can choose to like it or not. But I just remember the day that we got my son, his first vaccine vaccinations, and he had been developing normally and just been chill and been talking and doing all the things pretty normally. And then we got a new vaccine and me and my ex-wife and we just remember he just kind of like was out of it.


And we even because I mean, my ex-wife, a big potheads, we were both like, oh, look how stoned he looks.


Look over again. You look so stoned and he's out of it, but he fucking never came back. And so that was the moment where I was like, you know, I was like, I don't know if it calls it or that, but I was like, this is that's the story I can tell you.


Wow. It's not the first time I've heard that. You know, I have a. A friend, my friend Johnny, in a very similar situation. I don't yeah, I don't know. I know how adamant the people that make vaccines are that vaccines don't cause autism, and I know it's a fiercely debated issue.


And in fact, Dr. Peter Hotez, who is an expert in vaccines, who actually has an autistic daughter, is adamant about the fact that there's apparently different environmental factors that contribute to autism. And they think all of it takes place during the womb. But I don't know.


There's I don't know. I can never be like, well, vaccine gave my son autism. I would never say that. But I will just tell you that story.


You know, the the thing is, if that story if that was the case. How much do you think would ever get out that all these people who have this similar story all have a case? Against the pharmaceutical companies, I mean, just just wrap your mind around the legal troubles, and I'm not saying that vaccines cause autism, but what I am saying is if they did, there would most certainly be an effort to conceal.


Yeah, absolutely. Most certainly. Absolutely. That would be that would be a crazy lawsuit because, I mean, how many children are autistic in this country?


Do you know?


I don't know. But I know it's a it's a lot. It's a lot.


And the question is, the question has always been, are there more now? Because fathers are older, mothers are older environmental factors or that we're diagnosing it now. And we didn't diagnose it before. We didn't understand it before. I mean, the first I even heard of autism was Rainman. Mm. Remember the Dustin Hoffman movie? That was the first time I ever heard about it. I don't even know what it was. I never met anybody who had autism.


So I saw that I was like, huh, what's going on there. Yep, same same to me, I never thought about it and never had any. Second thought about it at all, and then Tylo, when my son was diagnosed and then had to become much more aware about it and is still a thing that I get hit with because I'm just a dummy, because I'll be like, OK, my son's got his high school and he's doing well and he's going to his classes.


And then they have to actually sit there and they go like, OK, you know, he's getting a certificate. But, you know, this isn't a real he's not a real high school graduate.


And I'm like, oh, what? You know, I know he's a high school graduate. I want my son to go to college. And then I have to sit back and go like, oh, wait, fuck. I have we have a different road. We have a different life.


And actually this lockdown and everything has really been helpful in going through that and just being like, well, everything's fucking weird and different.


And because I've always been like, well, no matter what, I'm going to my son wants to go to UCLA, so I'll pay to go home him to go to UCLA, even if it's just life classes or whatever.


But now I've been thinking about more like, OK, let's just figure out a way for him to be more independent on his own, physically, financially, whatever he can do. He might not go to college. He might go to college.


But, you know, again, if I make my show, I'm like I'm like, well, he's got to be a consultant on this show. He's got to do this. I just want him. To have a good life, basically, of course. Is there anything that helps him like does anything alleviate some of the symptoms?


I mean, just the constant therapies that he's been in. He like he's been that he's done as to 17 now. So he's been in school since he was two, just doing different, you know, from prekindergarten therapies to voice voice therapy. And I just think has been that constant.


Right now, he's getting a lot of social skills therapy where he was before everything got locked down. He was doing this thing called the Miracle Project, which is awesome. They just take kids from different backgrounds and teach them social skills, take them on different outings. And my son was doing a play which unfortunately got cancelled because of it. But they sent us a tape of the rehearsal and a book and it was dope because it was a day I got.


Found out I wasn't getting this role and I was real upset, it was on my vision board, if I want to fucking get this role and I didn't get it and I was pissed off and doing the same thing with Hollywood, I don't understand. They don't understand how good I am.


And then I just watched my son and all these other autistic teenagers do this, their own production of a play. The silliest thing I've ever seen. My son is is singing the SpongeBob theme song. Another kid is singing a Drake song and just seeing them go from being these awkward in their shell, not, you know, looking down, looking at the floor and then the moment that they're actually interested in something, you know, my son hears this song play or are they know it's their turn to say they're line them, light up and fucking just nail their line and be fucking great at it.


And I was like, man, that's what art is. That's what fucking that's what I love, is I don't give a shit about money about it. I mean, nice to pay my bills, but I like this feeling that I get from it and watching my son get to do it and just makes me feel good. I'm sorry.


This is rambling story. No, no, no, it's not rambling at all man. You're expressing yourself as I'm rambling at all. Yeah.


I mean, sometimes you need to be exposed to different things, just to put it into perspective, just how fortunate we are and how fortunate, you know, how easy we really do have it and how good we really have it.


And sometimes, you know, when you have ambitious goals and you have you know, your eyes are on the prize, you got a vision board and you're like, fuck, why is this happening for me? Sometimes you got to see some struggle. You got to see people that just aren't doing that well to realize like, oh, I'm all right.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it may very well aware of that. I'm fucking doing extremely well. Extremely.


That's one of the best things I think about covid initially. I mean it just took too long and it's been too fucked up now. But initially I felt like one of the good aspects of having this thing where you're forced to stay home and everybody's worried about a disease is like you realize, like, hey, family, friends, loved ones. This is what's important. All this other bullshit is like when when the world is falling apart, the love that you have for your family and your friends, that's what's important.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. It felt good like that for a couple of weeks.


And then everybody felt like they started tearing at each other and got scared.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean social media is so fucking terrifying. Now just dive into this just pit of animals eating each other's like, well everyone's so angry, there's so much anger. And then also it's like the worst timing ever, right? Trump and then the the fucking elections are coming. So is all this chaos and Joe Biden can't talk and the fucking you know, November is around the corner. It's like, oh, my God. And then everything's still locked up.


And it's like, oh, my God. And they're talking about dropping down the unemployment check to four hundred bucks. That is six hundred. And they want the states to pay twenty five percent. The states like we don't have the fucking money like oh Jesus.


Yeah, it's fucking nuts, it's fucking nuts. But then, you know, it's overwhelming. Do you guys go to the basics of it. That's something I always believe in when I was very young. And I think it's something as a young African-American man pretty early, we just go.


Is that my fucking back, I got to take care of me, yeah, no one's got my fucking back. The government does not have our back. Not at all. It's not possible.


Not we have be grossly overestimated their ability to actually manage something like this. Yeah.


Which is an intern way. Like, I see what we see in that social media of eating each other and going at each other, especially any of that is considered of any stature.


I mean, I see it happen to you all the time, right, with people coming at you for one thing or another and. I laugh about it because I'm just like, it's just fucking Joe. Who cares if he doesn't like video games? Fuck, I don't care.


The problem is they don't even listen to what I say. Yeah, you took a chunk of what I said and took it out of context. I love video games.


That's the problem. Yeah. Yeah. But I even taqwacore. Yeah. And I even talked about in that same clip and we wound up putting the full version of it online because I'm going to take in like a fifty second chunk of it.


But I even talked about those people that do make a living on it. A lot of money. There are people to do it. Yeah.


But I'm saying for a lot of people that waste, if you want to do something else, like if you're trying to do something with your life, you can find things that will waste all of your time. And that's one of them. Yeah, well, I mean.


I like streaming and I like playing games, but it's also a reason why I do the comedy and I do other things because I think at the very base of it. There's there's no stability of trying to make your living off of someone else's product, right? You're playing someone else's game. You're doing something. It's not yours, you know. So at any moment that can be taken away from you. And so that on that small level is what I believe and what you were saying completely.


But I think the reason why people attack so much is because the people who were totally opposed to be our leaders are obviously not in there and people are just looking for leaders.


So if you have a big platform, they're just like, well, you're a leader, you know, and that I had people do that to me.


I was when when the whole George floored thing was happening and Brianna Taylor was happening and some one guy in particular just kept DMM me. And being like, when are you going to talk about it? When are you going to talk about it, when are you going to make a post about it. And what he didn't know that was going to do my own personal shit. A friend of mine who committed suicide that very week in a home that I had lived in three years prior.


And I was fucking dealing with that and doing my own life.


And so I was like, you know, who gives a fuck when I talk about anything like and that's no obligation.


No obligation.


And so it pissed me off. But then I thought about and I go, oh, he's not fucking mad at me. You give a shit about me. He's scared. Yeah, scared shitless.


And he's looking for someone to lead him. And he was hoping it would be me.


But there's also people look for an opportunity to get upset at you for not complying like that. There's a narrative where you're supposed to be discussing whatever's in the news, whatever's going on. There's a narrative that you are you know, you're a person who talks. So you should be discussing these things.


Yeah. You're a public figure. So you should you should lend your voice because they think you should.


This is the dumbest fucking thing ever because was like, well, how do you assume I think about black when I'm a black man would like my life to matter.


So why do I gotta go around talking about it for fucking all day? You know, it makes that gumming up the works takes up too much fucking time. I agree with that completely.


You should be able to talk about whatever you want. One of my favorite followers on Instagram, Lil Duval. Mm hm. Oh, yeah.


And little Devall through all this craziness, he's just maintaining and being little Duvall and having fun. That's like him.


Always, always, always lighthearted, having a good time, always laughing. His his Instagram is like one of the most consistently happy end like that shows his character like through all this he's maintained his sense of humor and his perspective.


Yeah. That's power and power. Why would you ever let someone take that away from you? We're here to have fun. We're here to have a good time. So no matter what the circumstances, I'm going to have a fucking good time. I learned that my says long ago when I was like, well, you guys might not have a good time tonight, but I will. Yeah, yeah. Sometimes you have to.


Right. You have to go internal. I am really interested to see, like, how we recover from this. I'm really interested to see because we're in such uncharted territory. Yeah. This is, this is new waters and it could go good or it could go bad.


I mean every single republic, every single empire that has existed before the United States has crumbled.


All of them, they all crumble eventually.


My my fears, the ones that are strong, why we are falling apart are dangerous. They're dangerous societies that are dictatorships like China. If China somehow or another becomes the way they're controlling Hong Kong controls the United States, we got real fucking problems on our hands. Yeah, no, I don't know if that's really possible. If this is just like some fear, we see bits of it all the time, right?


Yeah. And business, you see the way that these so-called independent enterprises refuse to speak on certain things because there's just so much money involved. Yes. You know, like at that point you are owned.


Yes. Did you ever see that thing where the World Health Organization guy won't talk about Taiwan? I won't even mention Taiwan. He's in an interview because Taiwan China does not recognize Taiwan. They believe Taiwan is a part of China and Taiwan thinks it's independent. So the woman interviewer was asking this guy who works for the World Health Organization, Taiwan has done a wonderful job of handling this. And he's like. Click, it just disconnects and then he comes back like you could see him reach over and disconnected, she was we seem to have disconnected, but now we're back.


So what I was saying was that China China is doing a wonderful job. You know, there's no no need to talk about that any further. So let's keep going.


So he would not even say the word Taiwan. And like, this is the World Health Organization.


Like, you won't you won't say the name of an actual country like really that that's bananas. Like, why I can't trust you know, you won't even say Taiwan.


What the fuck else won't you say? You know, I mean, there's there's been a few of those things, man, what you see and you go, God damn, just so many businesses have a vested interest in in China and keeping relationships with China. And while covid is happening and the economic downturn, they've been buying up shit left and right. Oh, yeah.


I mean, because, again, is a big game or Tencent is big in the game industry is owners of just about everything. And that's one, you know, one of the biggest companies in China.


What do they make? Everything like what games? Uh, I think they own a fortnight now.


They own a bit of pobjie. I believe they own just they own percentages of just about every company.


Goddamn. And China owns them. Yeah. Wow, I don't know how I feel about that.


Like when Trump was saying he's going to ban ticktock, I was like, oh, I want to see how this plays out.


Yeah, yeah. Actually, I was like, oh, that's positive.


In a way. It is. It is. It is.


But then Instagram came along with rels. Yeah. Like they're Tic-Tac rip off. I don't know who's using that though. Is anybody using real. Keep an eye on you. It'll be busy to pay attention. This week, we've got a busy week.


You do tick tock. No, man, no, no, no. You know, I figure you shouldn't be a comedian over 30 on tick tock.


That seems to not go well. It seems like it doesn't go on.


So I just got a special off duty basically, though. Oh, that's Sarah Cooper. Just got Netflix special.


I was that. You sent me that. Yeah. That's the lady who lipstick that is.


She lip syncs Donald Trump's speeches. Oh, OK. That's going to go good. I'm excited for that.


It is.


There's many things that are viral that I understand that is not one of them. I've watched that.


I was like, she's just saying what he's saying, but she's doing it like there's nothing else to.


But she's a stand up. Oh, no, no. What does she do? She just do that. Yeah.


Just host Jimmy Kimmel Live two nights ago when I saw that, that's why I was like because I looked her up and I go, oh, I don't know who that is. Maybe she's not good. But then I saw the Jimmy Kimmel thing. So then I go, oh, maybe this whole time she's been grinding and I just did not know.


No, I thought as far as I know, I'd look. What does she do. She right or something. Oh yes. She's a writer. Oh it's a comedy writer.


When I Google says to the American author and comedian based in New York City first book, One Hundred Chicks to Appear Smart and Meetings, was published in Twenty Sixteen.


Hmm writer. OK, maybe. No, I mean, she might have a fucking Netflix special that turns out amazing, Hard said it's a good check. I'm happy for her. Somebody told me Seth Meyers, Netflix special was very good. And he's I don't think he's really a stand up. Right. That's on his background. He was an SNL guy and then he hosted that late night show. But I talked to people that said his his special was very good.


I haven't seen it. There you go, see Sam JSX, that's the only one I want. I haven't watched it, but I want to watch who's Sam Jr.? Do you know her?


I do, yes. Yes. She's a writer for SNL.


I know. Powerful black. Butch lesbian. Yes, that's right. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Great joke, right? Yeah. I've met her at the store. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh there she is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It looks a lot like me. Looks like my sister.


Yeah. The Netflix she looks like my tough brother on the Netflix thing is so interesting because they've basically taken over the stand up comedy special now.


Yeah. I mean they used to be Comedy Central. It's really Comedy Central though, like getting people to watch the streaming online Comedy Central specials.


It's just not the same.


Yeah, I know. And then they go black, that shit. So. Oh, do they really have. Oh no. So like if you're in the UK, you can't watch it. Oh no.


I don't know why that's smart. Does decision. That's a terrible decision.


Who made that one made someone higher than the people I talked to. I guess.


So you're special that you did for Comedy Central. That's the geo block that they. Yeah, they do.


Black that and they put it out. So now it's actually it's out on YouTube for free right now for 30 days. So I was stoked was like, oh, people in Canada and UK can finally see it. And then I was getting messages being like no again.


Oh wow. Yeah. That's stupid. It's not the best decision, just not to confuse what we were just talking about her, just not have a stand up special court, the press release. It's a comedy special that will be full of vignettes dealing with issues of politics, race, gender, class and other subjects. Oh, interview sketches and more shenanigans. Oh, so she's a writer, but she wrote something.


Sketch show event. Yeah, but I just got I thought it was weird to me that things are going viral because she was just lip synching things the president said. So it would be like the president's voice, it would be her lip synching it. And everybody be like, this is amazing. And I'm like, she's just not she's just saying the words with her lips while he talks like, what's? Missing something? Well, you know, we we were around a comedy a lot.


That's what I always have to remember, is that my palette is, you know, more refined.




I think it's also like there's a gene for certain things, you know, like I don't have that Grateful Dead gene. Hmm.


People love the Grateful Dead. They love it. They love it. I listen.


I go, OK, I want to be mad. I just you you and I are different.


It's OK. It's OK. Yeah. No need to be angry.


Yeah I know. I know. I don't you get it. No I can tell you a song truckin. Got it. That's a good one.


Got mean. Just like you said you didn't like them but you really got in to try to sell it. I don't want to tell you. And touch of gray do some cool as Nike shoes they put out recently on it.


Yeah but they went up to like twelve hundred dollars right. Yeah. So I was like well that's out of my covid price range for sure.


Yeah. It's a lot of white people that do acid. Yeah they. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yup.


He's one of those shoes for sure. For sure. They look like oh Jesus you you know I won't those those are for you Triveni the green ones. Come on. They do look pretty trippy. Mm hmm. Really weird.


Put those on this Comedy Store stage. Come on. Uh, what's up with the bear.


I think that's their logo. Logo. A bear. Yeah, I've looked into it one times. I didn't know either. His named after the bear like engineer who was one of the guys that developed LSD.


I think something like that. But yeah, I'll pull up his name again. Just a second. One of the guys.


But Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD right out here. So he's like a guy who worked with Hoffman.


When I looked it up, he said it like somewhere in the range of like four million hits of acid. He is responsible for that and say, wow, I wonder how many ideas can directly be traced to that guy's work.


A lot of ideas will come to you through acid, I've never done as it won't do it now. OK. You start it. I believe I'd be up to. It's interesting, I like mushroom's, Owsley Stanley. He's a clandestine chemist and audio engineer and clandestine chemist, he was a key figure in San Francisco Bay Area hippie movement through the 1960s and played a pivotal role in the decades counterculture.


So he supplied the acid fry work for the CIA. This motherfucker, five million doses.


Oh, Stanley was first known was the first known private individual to manufacture mass quantities of LSD by his own account between 65 and 67. Only in two years, he produced no less than 500 grams of LSD accounting to a little more than five million doses.


And his professional name was Bayer. Oh, interesting.


So that's why. So they're just like tied to LSD, the dead.


I got a list and he's the engineer that engineered the music. So that's why they said you have to be on that shit to understand the sound. Yeah, that's what they say. I mean, everyone I know who does acid loves the dead when they're on acid.


You developed the whole it's called the wall of sound sound system develop one of the largest. I thought that was Phil Spector. He that's a different thing, but.


Oh, he has it own wall, so. Yeah, the Phil Spector case is one of the creepiest Hollywood cases ever. Oh. I remember when he got arrested and then I didn't really know who he was, and I did a deep dive into who he was after he got arrested for murder. And apparently just that was his thing, like pulling guns on people. But when you see him in the trial, will those crazy wigs on you realize like this crazy motherfucker was involved with some of the biggest bands, some of the best music, and he was a psychopath, like the entire time.


Yeah, but I think especially back then, even now, our type of businesses can kind of hide those people, right? They don't.


I've always hung out as long as they've done comedy like, oh, that guy's a drug dealer.


Nice guy, but not that guy.


Jesus, just clarify to his wall of sound is a production formula to make records, whereas the engineers was an actual, like wall of sound of physical sound amplifier speakers that was touring around the country to o make noise to blast in your face. Oh OK. So he had called the same thing.


OK, so he had developed something for touring that they called the walls. OK, yeah. I don't know jack shit about music, do you play any instruments? No, never play the piano when I was very young, but no.


Yeah, that's another one of those things where I feel like if I got into that mean start playing guitar or something like that. Like how long? That seems like a long road. Yeah, you get used to it has to be your passion and never I picked up an instrument and always felt real foreign, never felt at home at all.


Yeah, it's but it seems like a dope thing to learn. Yeah. Like I wish I could shred.


I just wish you could play something on a piano, like, you know, people just fall in love. You could play the piano.


I'd be sophisticated, you know, sit down someplace and you just start playing the piano.


Right. You walk into a hotel and there's a hotel lobby is a nice bar there. And with a piano like, let me sit down and play you a melody.


Yeah. And everybody starts gathering around. They think you're cool. That's a thing. But that's like that scene in Animal House with the dudes playing the guitar at a party. And, uh. Remember that scene? The magazine is a little now you could tell I was thinking, I know what you're talking about because it's an old joke, but I I'm not a big Animal House guy.


Yeah, he steals a guitar from smashes them over the head with it or the night didn't smash them over the head with it. Broke the guitar. Yeah. Let's go to the scene. Can we get a low volume John Belushi's listen to this guy playing this horrible folk music. I can't do. Yeah, I know people you, too, who have an issue with those words, you'll find it. Back in the day when this is what everybody wanted to do, sorry, did you ever see Animal House?


Yeah, probably when I was young. I don't recall it. It's a classic. That's what it seems very slow now that it is.


That's the problem. There's a lot of those movies that just don't hold up. I try to watch Porky's the other day. It's like this is a great movie.


I saw terrible things get announced yesterday that the projects maybe that won't get made, but three men and a baby remake and then a potential fresh prince reboot.


But a drama, not a comedy. But yeah. What, uh, why can't they just come up with new ideas?


I agree with that. Listen, how about a show where there's a comedian who has an autistic kid?


Sounds great, but does it come out so. Yeah, it should be like a Netflix thing or maybe Amazon Prime. They do a good job. Never seen the marvelous Mrs. Masel have not very good, especially the first two seasons.


Kind of soured for me the third season, but it's a pretty good representation of stand up. I not not not perfect but pretty good. Pretty good. Like close enough where you go huh.


That's just funny hearing you that you watch that show. I don't think anybody would think that you would watch that show. Was that because just FYI, they don't really just go in like, you know what, I like Marvel.


I like a lot of girly shit.


I do. But then you got to get on that 90 day fiancee. Yeah. I don't know if I can go that far and think about it. I like Unbreakable Kimmy.


Schmidt said that the optimistic and charming.


Oh, that's a funny fucking show, though, right? Yes, that's a good show. That's like they got like eight seasons. Yeah. I mean and so bleak. You know, that's the type of shit I like when you can take bleak things and still be so funny.


The bleakest I mean, someone who got kidnapped and forced into a sex cult in a fucking bunker and then fifteen years later, she gets out with a super positive attitude and is facing all the modern world issues.


Yeah, it's fucking great. She's such an amazing actress.


Yeah, well, it's a Tina Fey show, too. And that lady, she figures shit out.


She teared does so this vision board, this ultimate vision board. The ultimate thing is a show and movies and stuff like that. Is there anything that you have made manifest that's actually happened because this vision board. Yeah, yeah.


My house was one of my first major vision board things. I put that when I didn't have a house living in my apartment.


And what it does for me is just kind of it focuses me, it gives me direction. Instead of this being this guy who doesn't have his hands on the rudder or whatever, the fucking thing that steers the boat.


Um, and so, like, I was like, oh, I want to get this house. And so in order to get the house, I had to stop just like not paying attention to my money. I had to stop just buying random sneakers every week. I had to start being like, OK, I need to build my credit. I have to pay these old bills from when I was twenty and didn't pay those off because I didn't think I'd ever have fucking money.


So who cares if I skip out on this rent? You know, I had to go back and undo all these things so that I could get to that ultimate vision of getting the house. And then we end up I had my house for two years now. I fucking love it. I put that I wanted to be on Reno 911 one in there and I tape that. I don't know if I got cut out or not because, you know, six minute everything, but a lot of things I put on my vision board end up happening.


That's interesting.


You say that you had to go and, like, redo things that you fucked up. Like what made what brought you to that decision was just that if I wanted to move on a lot of ways in my life, the same with my like dealing with my ex-wife and things like that, I had to go to therapy. I had to start. I wasn't trusting anyone, I was like anyone who wants to hang out with me just because I have a little bit of money or because I've been on a couple of shows it and that and which is so of like normal people don't fucking know me, you know.


So but some people did. And sometimes that would happen. People will be hanging out with me just because they thought I could introduce them to a fun party or someone else cooler than me.


And I had to stop looking for that and being so worried about that. And I had to go and do just a mindset.


I think this rapper, I also really like Waka Flocka Flame. Many people talk about this. I just changed my mindset from a survival mindset to a thrive mindset of like, oh, I am OK, I am fine, so I can go ahead and just take care of this business. I'm going to get more work. I'm going to get more jobs because I've proven myself is not a fluke. You know, it's not a one it's not a mistake that they made in hiring me.


They you know, I'm going to be here.


What made you like what did you come up with this idea to sort of correct your mindset? Was it just like realizing personally that the way you were looking at things was wrong or did you read something or it was just mostly the things in my life were getting better, but I wasn't getting happier.


I had more money.


I had anything I could buy, video game wise, all that stuff.


I was having a bunch of sex, but I wasn't happier. I have still lonely. I still like. Not doing all the things I wanted to do was I was chasing things just for money, you know, and so I had to just kind of take a step back and go like, OK, like don't just chase every single thing you see. Figure out what you really go back to, like when you started standup, when, like, what do you want?


And all I wanted when I started standup was to be able to pay my bills and do the things I want to do.


And that hasn't changed. Was this a gradual process?


Yeah, for sure. For sure. Like a couple of years. So you just realized was it like you're sitting in this was not from reading things just from you, recognizing that something was wrong.


It was me working and something was wrong in me and me watching the people around me, me watching people with more success than me. Me watching just. Seeing that like, oh, like, OK, I feel this way and I have this little bit of money, but maybe if I get more money I won't.


But then meeting people with millions of dollars and being like, oh, holy shit, like some people still don't have their shit together, no matter how much money they have.


And some people know who exactly who they are and they know what they want there. They are happy within themselves.


And I want it to be that. Hmm. That's it's very interesting that you recognize it and made the adjustment, you know, that's a sign of a strong mind.


You were you were able to recognize that the current patterns that you were operating under weren't weren't they weren't fulfilling your needs. So you had to, like, assess, but then also move forward and make a change. Does very difficult thing to do. Yeah, it's difficult, but that coincide with weight loss. It's probably a little bit after the weight loss, but that's the weight loss kind of gives me the motivation for it. You know, like my whole life has been motivation for every other step I take.


You know, like I came from just being a college dropout with a son who when I was 20, he was diagnosed with autism. I was 23. I didn't have any money. My ex-wife was more of an albatross around our thing, like, you know, I have full custody of my son.


So it was just like I had to figure this shit out.


And once that we had a little apartment and everything was like, OK, well, I fucking figure this shit out. I get myself together.


And that was a big one because my my daughter even told me she was like, you know, there's so many people I tell all the time to diet, exercise, diet, exercise. You need to lose weight. You need to get better. You're going to die. I tell this to people all the time and you go, you know how many of my fucking patients have done anything about it? And then she says, you know, that's it.


You're the only one that I know that I've talked to about this, who just done it through diet and exercise. So you have she was just like you have a strong fucking mind.


So I took that to heart and was like, well, fuck, if I can do that, if I can lose one hundred and forty pounds, fucking, you know, I'll work out throw up in my you know, again this morning, my trainer, he would be like, all right you throw up. Yeah. Can you breathe. All right, let's get back at it you know. Yeah. You know we're a lot of times people will throw up and they'll be like, OK, well that was enough for today.


You know, he he would never push. He he told me day one, he's like, you're you're a very strong man.


And we're going to just unlock what you've been covering up with bad decisions.


That's so true. Your doctor said and it's so interesting when you think about the goals that people have, like one of the major goals, if you asked Americans, like, what what do you want to do besides be successful, have a family, have a career, they want to lose weight. But what I said at the beginning of this podcast, you've done one of the most difficult things a person could do because you didn't just lose weight. He lost a fuck load of weight and you kept it off.


And that to me is so it's such a it's the craziest thing is because it's like it's not like gaining weight. Right? Like gaining weight requires you got to eat all that food like you got, like you got to really get after it. Like if you really want to gain weight, man, you got to fucking put on that, you know, you got to be there to eat. You've got to get it done. People have no problem with that, you know.


But the not eating, you're literally asking someone to not do something, just don't do something. And it's harder to do than to do something. Yeah. And then the exercise is maybe even harder to do then to not eat. Those are two really difficult things to do that you need to do both of them in order to really get your health in order, in order to really lose weight.


And everybody knows it. Yeah, everybody knows it, but nobody does it. Yeah. And then they always want to know what's a trick, what's the trick. What's the trick.


No fucking trick bro. There's no trick. Trick is to walk through that door, especially with exercise. It is just like a door like. Yeah. And that's what my wife said to me. Oh she was like oh you went from she's like you were a guy who didn't exercise and now you're a guy that exercises like there's no part of you that gets up and goes, oh, this is hard, why am I doing this? It's like, this is what you do because this is what you do.


And the hardest part is making that transition because you go through that first three weeks and you're just like, I fucking hate this.


Why the fuck am I doing it? You're looking at me back and we could go to gyms. You're looking at other people going, oh, well, they're fucking attractive.


And this is.


Yeah, and I'll never be like that, you know, and you just got to get rid of all that. I hate that. I hate when I see that in comedy because I just because I'm used to I go, I know where it comes from. And I had that in myself.


When people are like I don't exercise and they're so fucking proud of it, you know, I'm just like, well, OK, well see you in ten years when you change your fucking mind and ah, you just aren't successful.


So you know what you're going.


Yeah, yeah. That's the one thing I would tell young me, like everything I've done I'm like, well that's my process and I'm glad everything I wouldn't change a thing.


The only thing I would have done is told young man like Hey motherfucker, if you want to be successful you just got to be healthy. So just get at it.


This is better for your brain to man. You think better. I mean, I, I am very fortunate in that I got in the exercise and working out very, very young and I've never not done it.


But for me if I don't do it I don't think. Right. I'm just and I think it's also it has to be because I've been doing it so long that my my brain has this requirement to burn off this energy and that also the kind of exercise I do is so intense. There's so much aggression that if I don't do that for a few days, that shit stores up. And then then I'm not the nice person. I don't like me if I don't work out for four or five days, I don't like me and I'm not.


I'm not that nice. I can get edgy real quick, but if I work out every day, I'm the nicest person I want. I'm just it's like real simple. The body has requirements. The mine has requirements. If you don't give it those requirements, it starts to malfunction. Yeah, it's something I've thought about since I was very young, just as our society that we've kind of mislabeled a lot of words like work, work and play and what those things mean.


And I feel like. A lot of things that we consider work aren't work at all, they're busy work, they're like a waste of time. They're just you spending time in a place for a set number of hours. Whereas what I consider real work is getting yourself better, exercising, reading, meditating. To me that is work. That is how you actually get better at things. And and that's just kind of how I look at it. This is my job.


I work in entertainment. Even if I didn't work in entertainment, wouldn't matter.


But the fact that I do my main jobs, what stay ready, keep material going, make sure I fucking look good and just have a positive attitude.


And if I keep it that simple, everything else is fine. Yeah.


That work that, that making sure you do that work for some people it's just, it's an alien concept.


They never really develop that habit. But if you do, if you just I swear to God, anybody listen to this like, oh, I don't think I could do that if you just started.


Just left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.


Just do it, please. Just get going. Just get going once you get going. So easy to keep going. It becomes momentum, so much harder to start from from a standstill position. But once you're doing it and you kind of like, hey, I worked out every day this week, hey, I worked out every day this month or hey, I worked out four days a week for the past six weeks, like, fuck, man, you got some momentum now.




And it just feels good. And especially, you know, when I was three six, it's not like I was going around doing box jobs and tired and I was walking. I was walking and walking and walking and doing some like bicep curls or whatever.


You know, it you it doesn't matter where you started.


You go all in right from the jump when you said, alright, I'm going to lose weight. Or did you vacillate?


Did you know once I you know, again, my Molalla decision and I make it. So once the decision was made, it was more like, OK, it's out of my hands. I will do what my trainer says and that's it. And that's been the crazy thing because he didn't like recently. He'll talk about other clients and he'll be like, well, you know, you want him to do this. He didn't want to do it, so he didn't do it.


And I go, oh, I, I never comprehended that.


I could tell, you know, you know, like, I never even thought that I could be like, yeah, I know I'm tired fucking you know, I thought, oh, I'm paying you, this is your job. So I just listen to you, you know, and but I think, you know, so in that way it's just me having a good attitude about it. I know once I was in it, I was in it.


And then later came the thing of like, oh, I have to mentally now undo, like, the fact that I still want these things.


You know, I it was easier to just say, OK, why I'm not doing it because I need to protect my health. I'm going to die. But once I got down to a healthy way, it was like, OK, now we have to deal with the mental aspect. I went to like Overeaters Anonymous for a couple of classes and I didn't like that. What is that like?


It's like Alcoholics Anonymous, basically. It's the same book even that they read from. Yeah.


So I think they just need to get they shit changed and get their shit together because it doesn't match up because they read you these like things like, oh, I reached my lowest moment, I lost my family, I was living in a train and I was like, well no, I can't relate it. At my lowest moment is that I, you know, took a bite of a donut and then put it on top of the trash and then came back and got it and then had to put it deeper in the trash.


That's where I need to work on it. Yeah, it's a different kind of addiction, right?


Mm hmm. Yeah. You don't really lose your life the same way.


You know, you become a junkie is slow. You lose your life in a weird way. You lose your physical life. Yeah.


You know, you start telling I remember mentally the change of being like, well, you know, I just don't want to do that.


I don't want to I can't physically go scuba diving. They won't let me at my way. So, you know, I'm just not interested in any of that, you know, and now it's like I want to do anything.


I want to, you know, with pro wrestling school for a few months, did you really think about going to be going to clown college idea?


So I'm up to anything clown college thinking about it. What does that talk to me? I don't know much about it, but he went he went Jimani, which so crazy. Yeah.


And so I was talking to him about college and he was like, man, I think you were killed in clown school is what the fuck is clown school?


What do you do? I bet you there's a lot of water. Bitz Some Propp work, a lot of nose honking.


Yeah, but but you some Tomberlin stuff too.


And so I'd be interested in that. But yeah. What's so wrestling school.


Tell me about pro wrestling school. Like what was this. Because you want to go full. David Arquette.


Great reverence. Never go for David Arquette. There's a I can't kill David Arquette documentary. Yeah I know about it.


I just watched the trailer for it. I'm like, this motherfucker is killing himself.


Like, yeah, he's out there doing death matches, getting hit in the head with like light bulbs and shit like, OK, yeah, insane.


No, I don't want to do that. I just, you know, been a big fan of two things my whole life, comedy and pro wrestling. And I decided I wanted to when I lost the way I. Was not aware of what my body was capable of anymore, um, you know, I would still be like pushing myself up off of things and my trainer would be like, what the fuck? Like, you know, you're much lighter than you think you are.


Oh, that's funny.


And so I decided old habits. Yeah, old habits.


So I decided to go to school and be like, OK, let me throw my body around. I mean, do as many fucking squats as I can. Let me see what I can do.


Oh, do they make you do like the body weight squats like Karl Gotch type workout.


Oh yeah. One day they were just mad at us, so they made us do like three hundred and seventy five squats. Oh, that's a fun day the next day, huh. It was it was a fucking bathtub day.


That's Epsom Salts Day. So much so. Oh my God.


Bodyweight squats will fuck you up. Anybody tells me they need like a gym to work out. I'm like, listen to me. Show me that you could do 200 bodyweight squats. You don't need a gym to workout. You could develop amazing leg muscles. Just body weight squatting. Yeah.


You mean squat pushups, Barbies. That's all fucking. That's a workout.


Fuck. Yeah, it is. You ever do those Hindoo squats where you lift your heel up at the bottom and then push up. No. Tremendous for the quads. Yeah. Hindoo squats are interesting. It's you start off like this. Right. And then you drop down, you put your your hands behind you as you drop down and as you drop down, your heels go up and then you push up and come back up to here and then do it again.


Oh so it's like a sweep. Yeah sort of. Yeah. But it's the thing about it is. Yeah. I'll do one real quick thing about it is as you going down, when you go down your heels come up like down here.


My heels are up. Yeah. Up like this. So it's like it really works the top your quads, your quads where it touches the knee. Tremendous, amazing exercise and it's just body weight. Yeah I yeah.


Especially when I was on the road and find a gym. Oh yeah. Squats all the time.


Yeah. Hindoo squats, Hindu pushups, regular push ups and a chin up bar. You're good. You're good, you don't need anything. But if you can get other shit in there too they got you kettlebell you do shit like that.


I need to get some kettlebell. I don't currently when I was going to the gym a lot, you know, so I had everything there at home. I just kind of have up to the fifty pound dumbbells I need to get. I've been trying to buy bigger dumbbells but they're so expensive right now.


I tried to buy some sixty five pounds. They want to charge me seven hundred dollars. Seven hundred but seven hundred dollars a pair.


That's great. Yeah. Is that real. Yeah. Is that just because everybody bought them.


I think it's all quarantined up and then they're shipping and the way to the shipping and all that shit I don't know, 700 bucks for a pair of dumbbells is hilarious.


Yeah. So I'm on you know you got to go prisoners to get rocks to get sticks on them.


But I need to get some bigger weights for sure. Trying to get jacked. Yeah.


I'm trying as it's healthy and put together that can till like forty, forty one forty two and then you fall apart.


Yeah. Just cruising in that cruise it still maintaining. I just turned fifty three.


OK. Oh yeah. See yesterday. Yeah I know. Happy birthday. Thank you.


I thought about buying you something but then I realized, I remembered then I recalled. Yeah. Well could I get a hug.


Is sufficient anything but man for real though. Happy birthday. Thank you.


You're fucking. I think I you know I texted you the day I found out that, but things just about just your your level of ownership of your own shit, the longevity, the how many.


Because I go back, I look at my pockets, we just two years deep and I'm like, oh man, we've made it so far. But I can still do so much. And I go back and I'm watching old episodes of you and it's like episode five, 65, you know, and I'm just like, man, here's the longevity.


They're just just part of like this is what I do. This is my shit and I don't. And I told you directly the fact that you own that shit and is yours and you lied to them is a huge inspiration to me. So I just wanted to make sure I tell you that.


Thank you, brother. And like I said before, I really love what you do. I love the energy that you put out. I really do, because your energy are consistently positive and friendly. Like, I love that you do that and you put that out and you like you say hi to people. I hope you're doing great. And I know it's sincere, you know, and you have a big smile. It's like that's that's giant for people, man, to have a place like that where they could tune in and get just consistent, positive vibes because it's great.


It's all I mean, you know, she gets weird, but life for me has been so much better. My life is gravy compared to my childhood.


And yeah, things I went through mind to, you know, single mom and she had abusive relationship and all this other shit and just never had structure or knowing, you know, things are up in the air in my household.


And now that I do, I literally do what I want to do for my life.


I know my passions. Sure, I don't get everything I want, but it's like, man, I can never and I get to work with my fucking heroes, you know?


And I never lose sight of that. Yeah. When Wanda Sykes is like, oh, you're fuck, why aren't you in theaters yet? You're getting theater. And, you know, I'm still a fan first, and so it's easy for me to be happy for people because I'm like, fuck, this is dope.


And success to me just begets other success. I don't look at and go, oh, I couldn't get that. I go, Oh, something coming for me, too.


Yes, yes. It's it's just about maintaining that positive mentality and that is really putting out positive vibes.


Like what you're doing really does change people's lives. It really does. You know, I mean, maybe you don't feel it yet, but I guarantee you there's a lot of people that look to you for that positive inspiration. They look to you for just happiness. And they just like you give that. You give that to people, man, and then they get it. It's like a little seed you give them and it grows inside of their body.


I just got an email from this guy I'm doing this thing with. And I didn't I didn't know too much about him. I know he was referred to me by this other guy. We're doing this project together. And then he sends me this email basically after we're done with this thing.


Hey, man, I just wanted to let you know, like, I didn't tell you this before, but because of you and listen to your podcast, I have this terrible job. I quit my job. I moved to this new place. I started from scratch. I started doing jujitsu. I lost weight. I got a way better job. Now I have a family, I'm married, I have a kid. I'm a different person. And it's because of listening to your podcast and realizing that you you can change your life and you can do the things you want to do.


You just got to push yourself and you just got and feeding off the energy of hearing someone say that that's actually done it and recognize like there's no difference between you and me, there's no difference between me.


And the next guy is just I've done it and you can too. That's what people need to hear.


You see someone like Kevin Hart and you go, that guy's an alien. Like, I just I'm not like that. I can't do it. But you're not.


That's not true. He's just a dude. He's just a dude who's positive, who works hard.


And if you do that to you will get successful, you will you will find your fucking groove.


You people who haven't done stuff or the people who tell you you can't do it, you know, because that's the reality that they've lived in. I've never met someone who's truly been successful who turns around and goes, oh, no, but you couldn't do it, you know, because they know they know it's fucking is just putting in the work and then it just it might take decades.


You know, I was twenty three. I was again on Twitch on these old videos of mine. I sold my special and then I somehow found this set of mine for when I was three years in. And so I showed that we showed him we were making fun. I look at me, look how I'm dressed. Look, you can tell like these are my only good pants and they aren't good, you know.


But man, if you didn't have that, you wouldn't appreciate where you're at. Now, that's so important.


That's that's a there's a message for people that are struggling right now like this struggle.


Fucking enjoy it, suck it in and take it in. First of all, it's fuel because it's going to inspire you to move forward and become more successful. But also, like men, you're going to look back on these days. The suck that you're experiencing right now will be delicious. In five, ten years, you're going to look back and it's going to be amazing. You're going to enjoy it. Yeah, no, I get text messages.


I got text message the other day from my ex wife, sister just being like, oh, I'm so proud of you. Look at you in your movies and this and that. You're amazing. And you you're doing so well for your your son. My my nephew. And then I was just like, this is so cool.


Coming from the lady that used to call me the N-word is amazing.


Do you still talk to the ex? Oh, no, not really. Sometimes just, you know, keep her up to date to what's going on with her son, make sure that their relationship is still strong.


But me and her.


No, you know, she just she and I understand if I was in her position, I wouldn't like how everything turned out.


She had never been honest.


I don't know what that's like.


As much as you like to see some people succeed, there's there's a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you bypassed all the pitfalls that other people falling into. Yeah.


Especially if you had some non non fun relationship issues with them.


Yeah, it truly is. You know, I still try to it's my you know, my son's mom. So I would love for her. And I want her to be successful and I want her to be happy. But I'm very I know.


I want to go. Oh, it's awful.


It's awful to take happiness, other people's failures like that.


But yeah. But the. Choices, and it's like also like you can learn a lot from other people's failure to learn as much as you can get out of people's success and look at someone who, you know, that's just sabotaging a life left and right. And you can learn from that, too. The thing one of the things that you were talking about that I think is so important is taking ownership of your fuckups, taking ownership of the things you did wrong and trying to rectify that, trying to just you don't want to repeat those patterns, recognize them, you know, develop development, getting better, evolve.


I think that's the thing, you know, through especially social media lately, that we don't we don't allow people to evolve.


We don't allow them to change. We hold them to the same statement that they made 10, 15, 20 years ago. And if someone's an asshole today, that's fine. I understand that it's OK to not fuck with people, but like to judge someone over things they did 10, 15, 20 years ago, obviously case by case basis.


But you're you're denying the existence of evolution. You're not denying that people change and that people can get better.


And I I just always believe in that because I've seen it in myself. I've seen it in my friends and the people around me.


There's so many people that if they truly some people don't want to change and they don't ever they never will.


But I've met a lot of people who who weren't the best people and they pulled their shit together because they had to.


Yeah, I agree. I agree wholeheartedly. And I know I've grown and become a better person to and through all that hard work.


And I almost don't fault people that feel that way because it's it's fucking hard today, man, you know, and it's less hard for us because we have this advantage that we were kind of we're moving you know, we already had momentum when this shit hit and we were in a business where, you know, we're very fortunate that when you do well in show business, you can make a decent amount of money. You could save some of it and you can put it aside.


But there's so many people out there that have no hope. And I understand the bitterness and the anger. I understand it all. I get it. I mean, this is a fucked up time. It's a fucked up time. Or like half the country can't work. Yeah. And when you have that, you're going to have just a dystopian perspective on everything.


And that's what you have with people today. And I just want us to come out of it. I really do. And when we come out of it, man, I hope we look back and appreciate where we are. If we get to a point where we can all gather and go to comedy clubs and go to restaurants and movie theaters and normal shit like we used to do sporting events, you can go see pro wrestling live, all that shit, man.


I just hope we really enjoy it.


Yeah, and maybe we will. I mean, maybe, maybe it'll be like will be better because we'll recognize like, hey man, this could all go away. Now we know it can all go away. Yeah.


It's learning to myself to respect the audience more and yeah I'm clearly nothing without an audience. I'm nothing. Nothing. And sometimes I didn't always go into like every show being like I need to give these people, you know.


Yeah. I'm sure you know. Sure.


And so I'm just trying to be more aware of that.


And any chance I although it was great, like I was like, OK, I did this one show where they did a little stage and a screen and people can see you. And I was like, oh, I felt so good to get on stage again.


And I want to be grateful for it. And they asked me to come back and then I slept through it and I was mad at myself at first. But then I was like, no, this is like getting back to normal.


Yeah, that's funny.


I did some stand up, I did a weekend the Houston Improv, but I was like, man, I can't catch covid. I got to get out of here. I did, you know, one weekend and I did all the right things, kept the fuck away from people, wore a mask, did my shows, got off, get out of there, didn't take pictures, didn't hug anybody. But I was still like, well, what if I got it?


And what if I give it to someone I love?


Yeah, it's just I got really high the next day and I got real paranoid.


It's like whatever I have it what I have it, I'm going to give it to people.


Yeah. And then I was like, I can't do this. Yeah. I went through the same mindset. They had a couple of gigs on on the docket still and but I went to that same thing like oh I want to do standup so bad. I want to perform, I want to fill that feeling of people applauding when I enter a room. But I just fucking. We have that same paranoia, but, oh, what if I give it to someone and you know, I'm healthy and that's fine, but I give it to someone and they give it to their grandma and their grandma dies because they went to hear me do some dumb bullshit jokes?


I can't.


Exactly, exactly. But at a certain point time, like, what do we do if this is normal forever?


Like, would have covid doesn't go away and this is just the deal. This is just how things are, then what do we do? Do we decide? Then we'll fuck it. Let's just have comedy clubs.


People are going to get it. This is going to get it. There is no cure is nothing you could do. Do we just live like like this? I don't think so. And I'm good. That doesn't sound good.


So the question is always like, are we living like this because we're waiting for them to develop enough hospital beds and waiting for them to develop some sort of a treatment that's responsible that really does work? Well, is that what's going on?


Because if we I mean, we're all hoping for a vaccine, but if there's nothing if it doesn't happen, let's just just imagine it doesn't. What do you do? At some point in time? We're going to have to say, fuck it. We're going to have to get back to work to work and get back to life.


Yeah, that that'll be a weird life. I don't want that. And then I hadn't thought about that until you brought it up down. But now I am thinking about it is like a horror movie.


Well, here's the thing, man. There's more than one version of this disease right now, more than one. There's a one in India that's so different from the one here that if they develop a vaccine for the one that's in North America, it won't work for the one that's in India.


And this is it's possible that this thing is going to morph like the common cold or like a lot of other viruses and spread all over the place.


Well, if they don't have a disease prevention, if there's no way other than keeping your body healthy, keep your immune system strong.


We're not going to live like this. We can't just live like this forever. We're living like this temporarily. This is the idea. So we have to like.


That is a possibility that we need to take into account. Sentry's now. I mean, life is going to be different. A lot of people going to die, a lot of people wearing masks, a lot of people have fucked up teeth that are going to be real.


I'm OK with the masks because that's been at me. I got used to that from Japan. From when I went to Japan for two weeks, I was like, oh, that's fine.


When you went to Japan for two weeks, was it covid or no carrico of it.


But a lot of people just wear masks when if they're feeling a little ill, you wear a mask. Well, that's a polite thing over there, right?


Yeah, well, that's why they they did an amazing job. They got to a point where, like, I think the entire country only had a thousand deaths, which is amazing.


But especially if you because people consider the size of Japan, that is not like a super populated. But if you consider that most of the population in Japan is in just very dense areas like Tokyo, is everyone right on top of each other?


And they never locked down. They kept working the entire time. They just wore masks and they only had a thousand deaths. It's pretty amazing, everybody.


Mine is a political commentator. And he was like, you need to look at this me this article explaining all the things Japan did. They did basically they follow order. You know, they're polite. You know, if you go over there like I was, I've come to Tokyo once, but it's like. Amazing how different their culture is, like how polite they are and how they have, you know, like on the streets, like everybody, the same garbage everywhere, but he picks up their shit.


You don't even it's rude to walk around and eat.


Yeah. They're supposed to go take it to the proper place to get rid of your trash and then go about your day. Crazy.


Yeah, they have they just have patterns of behavior and patterns of like they're just what they accept or what they expect rather from society, from people.


And they all agree.


Yeah. Truly discipline. Yeah. If no one if you haven't gone you ever get the chance to travel go.


Oh amazing. I can't wait to go to other countries again. Oh I want to go some weird places. I can't wait once this shit is if the shit ever lifts up. I just want to go, I want to take in as many weird cultures. I want to go to Bali. I want to see what that's like. I want to go to Indonesia. I want to go to a lot of the Pacific Islands. I want to go to the Philippines.


I want to go to a lot of places.


I've never been there. I've just seen in videos. I just like and I want to go to Egypt. That's that's the thing I've been kicking myself in the head about. Like, why didn't I go see the pyramids? I do. I need to go see that. I'd like to do that. Every person that I'm friends with, Schultz went he went right before covid everybody that I'm friends with, they went there.


They like, bro, they're like this shit changed my life. Like it's so big and so crazy.


Like, what the fuck is this? Who built this? How did this happen? What was this culture like?


And the fact that you got fucked up Cairo right there next to this ancient civilization that's so far more sophisticated in their structures, like that's a one of them things where I think perspective shifting places very important to go to just because it just gives you were so used to like Los Angeles or Boston or wherever you're from, get used to these cities.


And this is this is how people live. But then you go to Chichen Itza and you go, oh, shit. Like, what were the Mayans doing?


You know, these motherfuckers are doing the shit 1500 years ago. Like, what is this? How are they doing this? Why were they doing this? What was life like back then? You realize like the pattern that we're in is just the pattern that we're in.


It doesn't mean is the only pattern that human beings follow. Just it just like you were talking about Japan, that's a different pattern. They're on a different pattern. They're pattern. They got into this really disciplined pattern, being polite. We're in a mask. Our pattern is fucking chaos, but more, but also our patterns more creative. That's a weird thing about our pattern over here in America.


We do a lot of wild shit, but man, we create a lot of good shit. You know, if you think about all the movies and the art and the comedy in the music, all the shit that comes from this one continent.


Yeah, that can only come from a lack of structure and from chaos.


And that's why we have so many forms of art that are created. Here is why jazz is created here. That's why hip hop is created here.


Stand up comedy invented. Yeah, yeah, yeah it is.


It's like that is what's interesting, right.


It's like you got to kind of have both of those things, you got to kind of have chaos, but you also kind of got to have some discipline too. That's why I think that's one of the reasons why America has done so terrible with this. This covid reaction were the worst that it had all the fucking big countries. We are the worst. Yeah, it's crazy when you really look at it.


Just we don't the rest of the world is just like we don't want Americans right now because you're in an underdeveloped nation.


But you fucking idiots, you just you guys don't listen. You want to have like a big protest. We don't wear mass like we want to fucking freedom. And they just thousands of people marched down the street saying we don't want to wear mass. Bill Gates, the devil fuck foushee like people are crazy while people. But they come up with some good shit, right? Such a conundrum. I think part of me I love America. I look, I'm some fucking American flag behind me.


It's a reason for that. I love America genuinely.


I love the concept.


I love the concept of, you know, I'm the grandchild of immigrants. My family all came over here from Europe. I love the fact that these people where we're like the ancestors of these people that decided wherever they were, they just didn't want to be there anymore, you know, and they know that may come up.


Yeah, I wasn't used to that or or realized, hey.


You know, that's that is for sure, the most fucked up part of America, right, is the most fucked up for sure how it was started. Slave owners wanted to be free. But it also. There's a beauty that people don't see. I think that a lot of there's a lot of like. An every day white people that I talked to, there's a little bit of fear of this, just like this black anger of people being like not only the Black Lives Matter that we want, you know, reparations.


We want everything back.


We want, you know, which we also will be great. It'll be fun. But to me, what's so beautiful about America is this. Level of forgiveness that's built into our structure, to the fact that we can have that history, that, you know, horrible history, and then there's no other country that freed those people, and then they live there right next to their oppressors, you know, and then.


And there's forgiveness and there's balance and there's like, OK, well, we just want to continue to be a part of this lifestyle and we want to succeed and have our own freedoms like you.


We're not trying to didn't take over.


Now, why people are slaves is just beautiful thing that there's this like forgiveness there and that they want to sit at the table.


Yes. Yeah. Yeah, and also the amount of creativity that comes from that culture. Yeah, and just stop and think of that. Right.


Like through pressure, diamonds are created and just look at the black American community and think about all the different forms of art that not just originated with black Americans, but were mastered by them to a point where like like even rock and roll, like Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitar player of all time.


I mean, you go and look at stand up comedians. I mean, there's there's so many musicians, so many so many artists. So so I mean, that's the crazy thing about art. Right. Like, so much of art is this dynamic expression that comes from pain.


Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that's to me, the beauty in the alchemy in art is to take your traumas, take your pain and then turn those things into your successes and your and the reason why you have finances. Yeah, it's amazing.


Yeah. And I'm hoping that through that, I mean, this obviously racial relations are in this really strange upheaval right now in a bad spot.


They're in a bad spot, but they're also in a spot where there's a potential for growth, you know, like when you see these Black Lives Matter protests.


But the the thing that gives everybody hope is that people are together walking down the street in unity and that they recognize that this is this is a unique moment to make things better. This is a unique moment to take a stand, to talk about things, to recognize that there's problems and out of the the brutal murder of one man, this eruption that has existed all throughout, not just North America, but it's spread throughout the globe. It's crazy time and through crazy, crazy times.


Oftentimes on the other end of it, you get a better world.


Truly, truly. Yeah. I choose to look at those positives because police brutality is not a new subject. You know, oppression is not a new subject by any means. But the reaction to it, the the the amount of allies, the amount of times where I see I get so excited when I see all these young white allies, these people, these millennials are, you know, that people kind of make fun of and they're the ones in the fucking streets.


The first they're going to be like, no, this is bullshit.


We don't we don't do this anymore. And I love that. To me, that's tremendous progress because, I mean, you know, there was a million man march years ago, years ago when I was a child, there were marches about this type of things.


And before I was a child, you know, that's the thing I talk about.


Yeah. My mom was out in those marches getting bit by dogs and sprayed by fire hoses. And now we reached the point where I sit at home playing video games and I said, my white assistant out to the protest.


For me, that's true progress. You said her sister out to protest. I did.


I can show you a picture.


Did you test him after he came back? Hey, man, before we come back to my house, I have to Swaby knows I trust her.


She's pretty safe. It's hard to be safe, but she's fucking.


Yeah, she's really thank you for being so say that she did that. She too protested for you. Put it on airplane. Oh fine. No worries. No worries.


All right, man, let's wrap this up and tell everybody where they can get your podcast, social media, all that shit.


A lot of things going on. My podcast is called Getting Better Around Flunkeys. You can find out wherever you find you.


Even the name getting better. I love it. I am becoming the best. It's not about we are the best is the fact that every single fucking day we're trying to get better and sometimes we fall back, but we try to move forward and that's what it's about. Great guests. Cohen has been on their strongholds. I've also been on there. Oh, yeah.


I guess. Right. And I got my livestream event September 5th.


People can get tickets for that waiting comedy event, September 5th, 7:00 p.m. Pacific, 8:00 p.m. Mountain.


You get you know, you roll the window and that is Bastianelli. Yeah. That's inside of this company. It's going to be streamed on YouTube. You can get tickets that Ron punches. Com beautiful.


Other than that, I mean a Netflix Shoko Hoopes in a Disney plus movie called The One and Only Ivan, both coming out August 21st if people want you.


Oh, Quarmby would love it if I made you my game show. Oh, a game show. And I have a game show coming out on Quebecor. Nice one on August 21st is I, you know, came up at midnight. People know me a lot from that show and this is me basically kind of stealing that idea and then me being the host. Good job.


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