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I can't believe it's real, but I'm fucking fired up and talking to him today.


First of all, he was incredibly intense in this interview, so intense like he was a different human being, like we did a podcast about 10 months ago and then we did this one. And he's a different human being now. I mean, he is ready to go.


He is Mike Tyson girlfriend right past the Joe Rogan experience, trained by Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. So a friend of mine is a giant boxing fan.


He sends me this text message. He goes, dude, check this shit out and it's you training with tofail.


Cordeiro And I remember looking at and going, oh, shit, what happened? What happened? Because the last time you were in here, you were talking about how you didn't want to work out.


Yeah, because it would ignite the ego.


Hey, let's talk about that, too. So I was discussing my wife, something about me being overweight, you know, and we have to. Yes, sometimes when I complain to your wife for you and pick out the right perspective. And she said, well, why don't you just get on the treadmill for 15 minutes a day and just 15 minutes. It went from fifteen minutes a day to two hours a day.


And that's what you were worried about?


Yeah, exactly. I was complaining about my weight. And so I don't know. I guess I tried on some clothes and it was disastrous. And I was worried about my weight. And she told me the 15 minute round with two hours a day. And I started losing weight. And then somebody came on board and said, hey, Mike, I know you're not going to win. But somebody said, would you fight this guy for like 40 million and 30 million bucks?


I mean, whoa. I said, oh, the thing is, get the fuck. And whoa. I said, well, who? They like me to fight and said, one minute. And then it's Bob that thought, OK. And I'm saying to myself, well, I know Bob, I oh, I know Bob is big and strong and the whole one minute. How would they like me to fight them? Can I fight them on in a mock up of Queensbury Rule and a woman in my he asks the guy, the guy said, yes.


I said, I'll fight them. Right.


And so is Bob Sapp was the first one that was brought up. Yeah. So once some people don't know Bob. Bob. That was a giant fighter and pride. At one time he was like three hundred seventy five pounds. He was fighting all the kickboxer solid muscle with abs. Yes.


Incredible. And they went from him to somebody else and another guy in the made and this guy and then somehow. No, some other fighter than that.


Then it went from who else. It was another heavyweight champ. It was just a bunch of guys, a very fight. And they're thing, though. It came down to Roy and I did.


And I'm like, I don't know what the hell's going on. And then he signed the contract. I signed the contract. Next thing I know, I'm in the gym again. And this is after that time again, they say, I think I really do this right. Well, you know, you you would probably know because if you get in shape and get in condition, the two different animal. They don't even believe belong in the same workout.


The vision of working out, like getting in shape is just being kind of fit, you know, getting in shape and able to fit your clothes. Right. Right. You know, that's getting in shape, being able to fit your clothes, being the condition is being able to come outside of your soul.


And yeah. And you can't do that automatically. You're talking about being in fighting condition. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a rare state and you can't keep it for very long. No.


These people need to understand that. Right. The emotional state to prepare for that is mind boggling.


Well, that's what I was seeing when I was seeing you hit the pads. Mike, this isn't just working out. There was something going on, man, when you were working out with Cordera, when you went to the body and thrown those hooks, I was like, this is a man who's preparing to go to combat. This is not normal. Getting ready to workout shit. That's why when I saw that video, I was like, oh man.


In that video. Yeah, I did that video and I was in bed for a week. That was thirty seconds and I was in bed for a week. And it's not funny because it made me realize that this is this is this big bear shit. OK, Bush's big push to do that is right there. That wasn't really cool. That's in the gym. That's now the thing is, though, now that's now that's that's going for, you know, five and six rounds.


That's now. But I'm told before that. Thirty seconds. The first time I ever did it, I caught.


Watch the shit you could. Well, you can't. Well, Seattle and everything came and everything all came back that made me quit boxing. All the pain started coming back.


So when you started training again, did you start doing it slowly after that?


Extremely slowly. And then I started dabbling in alternative stuff like what kind of stuff?


Cryotherapy type shit, cryo stem cell research and therapy and some other interesting stuff that I don't know. And it's just beautiful stuff.


Like what kind of stuff? And hyperbaric chamber and just everything, everything, everything to help you recover is really interesting.


It is it well, I saw you when you walked in today. I was like, God damn, you look good. You look good, dude. Like your muscles look good. You look like your vascular. You look fit. And that's. And I'm starting to feel fit, that's what's interesting. I know what they do, and so, like, I think I'm in shape. And then the next thing you know, you think you're in shape and then you start having like Ralphie, I start throwing punches at me.


It's like a fight and I can't punch back. I got a boy and then two rounds go by and he said, whoa, I'm not in shape. I'm in the bag six rounds. I'm doing three or five rounds, six. I'm jumping rope. And then I do to somebody is a whole different psychological operation.


And who.


How much time has gone since you first started exercising like one did? When did it start? So here we are with like August twenty third or something like that. Twenty seconds. When did when did it start? Had to start. Something like April, April, so want something in the middle of the lockdown? Yeah, so you just just started just training and now here you are, five months later. Four months later. How far away do you think you are to being in, like, fighting shape?


Oh, fighting didn't say when the time comes by November 28. Yeah, that's when you be ready. Exactly. Now, why did you guys decide to move?


You were supposed to be in September, right?


I believe it was a viewing situation that the proper timing for more people, for audiences.


I believe that nature.


It's so exciting so often because it's going to be me and everyone else that's involved, any anyone innovation. And we start off the ladies only league. And that's going to be really breathtaking, especially starting off with me and Roy. Yeah, and I'm looking forward to that because they have athletes from every gym. It's an array of everybody who was who believe the someone they all going to come back and all fields. And this could be something that I mean, it was intervention created together.


And I think this is going to be pretty awesome.


So Legend's only league will be like all sports, baseball, basketball and tennis.


You think, man and crazy like we did with Billie Jean King, to have somebody say one of the minutes of my playing McEnroe in that kind of stuff. Right. Exhibitions and stuff like that. If somebody like Manowar can play one on one with whoever I was in with somebody. Yeah, I mean a piece.


Manawatu, the whole Metta World Peace. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's an amazing idea, but particularly for you, like seeing you hit the back again and seeing you hit the pads and get excited about it is very, very interesting to me because I knew that you had that thing in your head where you did want to ignite your ego. And then you had this quote that the gods of war reignited your ego. I read that. I got so excited.


Well, that's the excuse I can use, you know, a really great excuse that I can use.


But it's it was a great quote. It made me excited. And when I'm when I'm seeing you training, I mean, you know, so some people that, you know, everybody has opinions when something like this happens. When a man is 53. Now you're 54. Yeah, 54 and decides to fight again as fit as you look like. Why not. Why not. Why not. You could do whatever you want. Why can't I mean if you can go bungee jumping and ride a bull.


Listen, impossible is nothing that somebody try everything that someone said was impossible. It happened.


Yeah, it certainly. Well listen in twenty twenty with all the ways of recovering all the things we know, limitations create impossible.


Well it's different now. Limitations are different now. Exactly.


So when you like that video, when you are ripping the pads and working out with half of Cordeiro, how many like how long into that was that like how how quickly did you get your speed back? Was it right right away. That was our first day. That was your first day was our first child. So that was our first day. Wow. And after that day I was in the bed. I had to come with the guy to do the fucking shot, electrocuted me to get him back.


I had to say I him I couldn't walk. I was crying to my wife and I was like, wow. And I don't know why. After that, I should say this is over. I'm not going to do it. But that ego stuff. Hey, come on, please.


Did it does it do you feel like you felt in the old days, like when I mean in terms of your mind, like the enthusiasm about this, that the enthusiasm? Yes. Sometimes I feel I say this is bullshit. I can't be feeling this good, you know? And then and I don't know. I think I really am. I'm feeling good. I thought this bag with another bag of big a bag, 200 pounds, I think with this bag wouldn't be moving like this.


I'm not hitting it kind of decently, you know.


No, you look good. There's this is not like I've seen guys come back and you see, I'm working on it looks sad and it doesn't look. What's exciting about you coming back is how good you look training.


Why not in this day and age, but being a real fighter?


This is what you know, you see so many people in the gym. Matter of fact, I have people in the gym that kick my ass every day, but they know what's different when you get them in the ring and yeah, light on them and people eating popcorn and drinking beer and they freak out, I guess.


So that's the pressure by you. You're Mike Tyson.


You understand that? Yeah, I know. If anybody knows how to deal with that pressure, it's you. Absolutely.


But, you know, it's good. But if you don't have the doubt. Right, I have a lot of trouble. Right. You have to have that doubt. Right.


You have to have a little bit of that now. Is it this is this new phase of your life where all of a sudden you reignited and you want to compete again?


This has got to be fun. It is fun. Yeah, it is fun. I do say it's fun, but. Still. It's apprehensive stuff. Yeah, I know that, but it's still, like you said, this is fun, but it seems so exciting, like to watch you train and get ready. It's like to me, I'm like, fuck. Yeah. Like, what do you want a man to do? What do you want me to do?


Just sit around, do nothing, just wait, go for walks, do whatever the fuck you want. And if you could still do this the way you're doing it, why not. Hey, I don't understand it either, but I going to do it on this, I just want to do it and. I feel like I was born to do this stuff. We certainly were at one point in time of your life, but you had moved on to a different chapter of your life.


You had completely stopped doing that. You were doing the Tyson ranch thing, smoking a lot of weed. You stop smoking weed? Totally much. Yeah, pretty much stopped. It's going to stop. Wow.


Wow. That's that's a big change.


But when you read something like that, it's all about change. You know, you listen, you can't continue being a comedian if you're not sharpening your psychobabble, even when you're doing it. I hear you practicing your comedian act. You know, you have to continue to practice. The more you practice it, if you practice it every four a year, you'd be better if you only practiced it for a month. The more you do it, the better you become.


Do you feel like that now in this comeback that like you only sort of scratching your potential because like you're just getting back into shape again a year from now, you'll be in better shape and you'll be more conditioned to do what you want to do like you're doing. Yeah. Yeah. You're in this rebuilding stage now, and that's exciting.


Yeah. When you go to when you go to your doctor, these people who have this alternative stuff and you see the development, you see the healing process needs to come up to me. Why did it why is this happening? Why not name why a guy like me who just got off drugs and just gave up his life and don't care about nothing? This is happening to him, you know, since I married my wife, all this good stuff that to happen to love and wow.


What is this stuff all about. Whatever it's all about. It's good. I'm like totally great.


Take my money. Yeah, that's what I said. I said, take my money. I want to watch it. We'll see you.


And it's not about money because the money isn't being charity and it's just about doing something good. And that from that perspective, that could be I like feeling like I'm doing something good for somebody more than myself.


That's a beautiful part of it. Yeah. That is going to go to charity, but it's also an exciting match up. And I'm watching Roy work out too. And Roy looks fantastic.


Well, it's going to always look fantastic on the panel. The way he's going to look, he looks when he's Roy Jones Jr.. I mean, that's one of the things that makes this fight so exciting is that, you know, Roy is like yourself, one of the all time greats and still looks physically fantastic. Like, see, moving around, hitting the pads and speed looks great.


You can't train with anybody. They do that, right? Well, he always had such an unusual style, you know, with very few jobs. We throw left hooks instead of jabs, you know, and Roy always had like one of the strangest styles in all the boxing.


It was strange, but with very effective. Super effective. Yeah. Just incredibly hard to prepare for two, because try to find someone who no one's going to do that.


No one can emulate him in the gym.


Now, when you decided on a fight and decided upon what were the were there other I heard that someone had offered you the can embrace your bare knuckle boxing.


No, no. It was just Tyson the Tyson fury that Tyson, fearing of a guy, the throwing things that happened and it didn't happen. And then.


Holy fill it with Shamim, some other guys from Amami, and then boy turned out to be the right guy. I guess we did a survey and we popped up the winner.


Well, it's certainly a giant name from one of that. Yeah, Holyfield would be a great one, too.


But just having a guy like that that has that big name, that is also an all time great and that also wants to do it, too. And they get the public excited. I mean, I think it's a perfect fight to get the public. Exactly.


So do you think that once you fight, Roy, that that'll be it? Or do you think this is just going to be the beginning of this new chapter in your life? I believe this is just going to be the beginning. And whatever happens, happens. Mean, this is pretty interesting being out here, talking to you and knowing that the extent of the wavelength of people are going to hear this stuff is pretty interesting because this is now this is true.


It's really going to no longer in my head and I'm stroking it. It's real. And it's like, wow.


Yeah, it's wow. Yeah. I can't wait, man. I want to be there. I want to see it. Hey, down the street here, I'll come back down. I forget the name of the Dignity Center. That's what it's going to be. Yeah. Yeah. And is it going to be an audience. It can't be an audience. Yeah. I believe on a yes I believe only like I don't know with my entourage. Right.


Equal amount of people. Yeah.


Oh yeah. Family Fight Group. And this is going to be eight rounds. I believe so yeah. So how did how did you arrive on eight rounds. Hey listen.


Beat the hell out of me, I want to the exhibition, I'm one of the people I like a fucking mouth, but now I'm getting the condition and we're going to do this stuff.


Well, eight rounds gives you enough time to work, gives people enough time to get excited about it.


When when you think about an eight round fight, do you see yourself moving into ten rounds and 12 rounds in the future?


And we don't know what the future holds, but we're looking forward to it. Having fun and doing it for a purpose. A reason because people were talking about you literally fighting for the title again. Hey, I'm not interested in I'm interested in fighting for the title of giving. OK, OK, so just doing this for good. So exciting for you, but also generates a lot of positivity.


Exactly. Yeah. I love that. And so cleaning for some reason because you're giving away to charity that you're doing something, you're doing it for myself. I just didn't do it for me no more.


Right. That makes sense. And do it. Yeah that makes sense. So it's both things. So you get to excite yourself, challenge yourself, but the good is all going to be excellent.


Well, I won't have him on my own getting paid. I just want to never have that in my mind again. Yeah. I don't want to have oh I'm getting something for what I'm doing. Kind of. Yeah. Somebody said and this was kind of hilarious.


Someone said, hey, I heard that they're just going to just mess around and that they're not going to go for the knockout. I go, Do you know what the fuck you're talking about? Are you talking about Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.? Do you really believe that the two of the all time greats, once they start throwing hands, that it won't get crazy?


Well, of course it is. Who both with who we are and we're going to show our skill and nobody is going to look stupid. And it's just going to be interesting, I think.


Yeah. Do you have any other people in mind, like do you have a game plan in mind, like after Roy or are you just thinking only about Roy right now? At this moment only Roy, but it's just some interested in people that we have that I'm going to announce later that there was some talk of you and Roy way back in the day when Roy fought John Ruiz and won the heavyweight title.


Yes. Yeah. So what what did you think about that fight back then?


I thought it was really interesting because I kind of used the money back then. So, I mean, we talk we would in Texas and we went to Houston with the he's doing the Houston. We talked and after we talked, we went out and chilled out. But it would never happen. I don't know what happened to me. Something happened to me and it just didn't happen.


That's one of those things, right?


There's always all these potential fights that don't quite line up. Do you have other fights in your head that like where potential fights that didn't line up that you wish did?


No, everything happened for the reason it is happening now. I'm excited about this fight, I'm excited about this fight stylistically, too, because I always I always like that fight stylistically. I was so interesting, you know, because you were just this unstoppable force and Roy was so fast and so slick.


I guess I'm not prepared to do a lot of running and chasing. Yeah. You know, yeah. I thought I was that was very difficult to get for. Take this a little guy in the ring.


So how many days a week are you training? Every day. Every day. You have to send these off every day.


And what what is a typical day for Mike Tyson right now? All right. They start soon as they like from five thirty out of the four mile run come back. What am I doing when I come back, I'm back. I'm in the shower from the shower. I go and I still let the bird I'll fly.


The birds come back and maybe do some. I have a machine.


We you do the twist, have exercises. And I'll do that probably 200 times on both sides.


And I grab a bite, you know, I may have them I mean me for this. I may have some eggs instead. And that evening you were a vegan for a while, right.


How long were you vegan for? A couple of years. For a couple of years and five years. When did it stop?


When did you stop doing that? I don't know, not too long ago, so did you stop because of the training or did you stop before that? Yeah, this stopped breathing because of the training. Yeah, because of what I wanted my body to look like and the student I wanted to. So you started eating meat? Red meat?


No. Red meat, only elk and bison. Oh, red meat.


Yeah. OK, wild stuff. You know, now can buy too. Two. I want to give you some of my own. Yes.


It really. Would you fuck with me. How did you kill it. Yeah. Yeah. Let's do that. I'll give you some from that elk right there. That would be so awesome. Yeah I hope so. I have three commercial freezers in the back. Yeah I would love that. I would love that. So yeah, when I look at it I don't look at, you know, like I used to look at, I look at it for what it's for.


Yeah. Even what it's for to take care of the body. Exactly. Well that's the best. Me and I realized that you know things that are good for other people like the the kale and the vegetables and all this stuff, the blueberry. And then for me is really poisonous. It's not that bad for you with that stuff is not good for my blood type and my health conditions and all that kale, all that.


So tell me again why you killed me. Well, no, actually, that really is for me. I'm careless.


Talk to my blood and everything. So when you were a vegan, what were you eating? And nothing. And then my wife called me the miserable vegan Degerman.


Then what you're doing my just being miserable. No, I think it comes down to. When? And it's interesting that I've done it when I was because I was sometimes just overdo it sometimes sometimes I go for religious faith for 30 days, I might overdo it and I might not eat for the whole day. That is for the daytime. Right. And then I might for a couple of days, just not eat, period. Don't eat.


But that's just your championship mentality, right? Like you're always pushing yourself even when it comes to something like fasting. I push it to have something to do with suffering. So yeah, I don't know what it is. I can't put my finger on it. About how much how long can I suffer more than this person, that person, this person do what I did. Right, right. Right.


I remember you saying that too about training that you would get up in the morning and train because you wanted an edge. You wanted to know that you were training while they were asleep. Exactly.


Yeah. I remember thinking that back when I was doing martial arts, I remember reading that like I want to do that to a copy.


A lot of shit you did.


Well, you always have to have it. And even if it's not SU, so you have to have and that's where delusion comes then because delusion is only delusional when you don't accomplish the goal of making a delusion. The reality. Right. That's one of delusion though.


Right. You, you're just enforcing your mindset.


Oh yeah. Them to allow the delusions to be the reality of your experiment. Now when you're doing this and you're getting up in the morning and running, does this like do you feel like you felt in the old days? Do you I mean, I don't mean physically. I mean the mind like you're preparing for war again. Do you does this does this like reignite those old thoughts the way you were when you were the champ, the way you were when you were on your way to the title?


Like, this is a this is a whole new way of life.


Now, it's really interesting that sometimes. Period. And I remember sometimes I struggle with the fact of why the possibility I can really hurt somebody like you don't want to hurt them.


What do you mean we struggle, struggle with the possibility that you can hurt them? That is sometimes. And orgasmic them time, hmm? Yeah, like some fights, like particularly like Tyrell Biggs or someone that you had problems with, someone that you you had animosity towards.


So when you finally get your hands on them. Hey. What does it means when fighting gets you react? What does that mean? A good question. Means you're getting excited. Yeah, so that that's going through your mind right now. Well, that's how I get when I was a kid and I you know, sometimes I get the twinkle. The twinkle.


Yeah, well, that's what I'm saying is, like, you reached a state as a human being, as a champion, as a ferocious fighter.


You reach a state of of ability and of accomplishment that very few humans will ever, ever touch and feel. That's why I'm asking you, when you're running, when you're hitting the bag, when that heart's beating again and that you know who you are, you're Mike motherfucking Tyson. So when you're doing all this shit again, you're still Mike Tyson. Those thoughts have got to be burning inside you again. There's got to be pretty wild. Oh, no, it's, um.


It's wild, but I believe this is rightfully so to be that way, and I just know how to I don't think I masturbates on to deal with it. I don't let the overwhelm me.


No, well, of course not, but saying that it gets you orgasmic, that's a strange thing to say.


Well, that's just what I want. I want to find out who you really bright. And I thought, you know, I'm being very serious.


No, I know I know you're being serious. But, I mean, no one will understand that other than you like. That's your mindset like no one. But I think that, like all the things we were talking about before, the way you drive yourself to where you push yourself, the way you put yourself into that frame of mind, no one's going to understand that other than you. So no one's going to understand. You get an erection from thinking about hurting someone more than you will.


You don't have to be fear based in somewhere. Fear based. Maybe, or maybe just. Maybe not fear based, but maybe embracing the fact that you're going to go into this with everything that you have, the chaos of it all, and the ultimate goal is to hurt somebody. The ultimate goal is to be extremely successful. The way you can be extremely successful. The thing you do great is to crush people.


So to have that encompass everything is fine is the only thing I don't I love. I have thought I can for help for that. You don't ask them for help. For failure because you think you got it.


No, I don't think I think you should ask. I don't want to be involved with that kind of mindset and law.


So I you know, people do they go to. I just don't. I don't because it's just I don't like the way I think, you know, I don't want God to be, you know, involved with the way I think at that time.


Well, this is what's so interesting to me about you fighting again because of the conversation that we had the last time you were here, that you didn't want to reignite your ego.


Clearly, your egos blazoned right now. I mean, you're ready to go.


Well, maybe because. I'm an addict, a former addict, and I'm one a narcotic when the cameras on me, yeah. The big narcotic and be right, they have to do it as well. But I like to think it's under control until the night of the event.


Yeah, the night of the event. So it's the the addiction will get purged with the with the performance.


Yeah, that's why I'm you know, I was I was doing, if you don't mind me, interrupt for a second. I was the book that talks to you what they call an audio book. And it was called.


The Jinky, OK, this book in the book with explaining about why that we are who we are in that perspective, that most of the people like you, my and people, people in general who is not at that level, even anyone to have a creative mind is the mind to the person. And the reason is because when that created, when that moment when whatever it is that causes that creativity is not fit, the proper information that is successful and that is accepted in whatever space of the brain of the mind that it wants to be accepted.


It is not accepted. It crumbles.


Does that make sense? Well, I feel like with someone like you, the highs that you reach in competing, the highs you reach in fighting are so high that it's probably very difficult to it's probably very difficult to just exist outside of that. And I know you love pot for that reason because it calms me down and mellowed you out and chilled you out.


Absolutely. It made me like myself. You understand that? I do, yeah. I mean, like my. Yeah, it gives you forgiveness of yourself. I agree with that. I never thought about that. I never wanted to be forgiven much because that's really powerful stuff. Yeah. They have to accept forgiveness is really meant to forgive yourself. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's hard to forgive other people. Sometimes it's harder to forgive yourself. Yes.


And marijuana makes you feel like it makes me more compassionate. Makes me more friendly.


It makes me want to hug people, give me more of a sense of community actually make me like people who I believe did something wrong to me. Yeah. OK. Yeah. Good luck man. Yeah. It's like he didn't mean it. He's just all fucked up just like yeah I'm drunk and my blood everywhere.


Yeah but oh God.


The, the fighting thing that the defeat, that, that experience is, it's a different experience and it's, it's, it's got to be so hard for a world championship fighter of your caliber to exist with like regular normal, boring life. You know, when you're training and you're wrapping yourself up for a big fight and then you have that big fight and you you know, you knock out Spinks in front of the whole world and you you're walking around the ring and you're on the cover of every magazine that the highs of that, the accomplishment, the training and then the competing itself is the experience is so alien to most people that when you walk around with regular folks in regular life, it's got to it's got to be hard to exist.


No, it's not. It's just that you have to know who you can be at certain times in your life. No one knows who they are, because even if you knew who you were right now, you'd be really limited, you know, because life is about change. You will be told then five years from now, you'd be a different person. Wouldn't be this person that we're going to have to develop some kind of emotional intelligence and just learn as time goes on, grath whatever's going on and just form with it and the change you change with it, because it's very difficult when times change to change with the times.


Right. And you have to be conscious of that. And The Times is not the people around you, the time of the development, the time you have left in this planet, that you have to develop who you are. How difficult is it to make that change, though, to become a different person other than a world championship fight or like when you decided to stop, was it difficult?


What time will make you that person? Time will time will make that person. What is time? I don't know. Right. But time is also made you that person again now, though. Now now it's reignited. Now new time has come and now you're training again.


Exactly. But I think this is done mostly for my health, for my own mortality more than anything. Subconsciously, I think that's what what the reason why I did it just to get help. Yeah. And this stuff goes on and this and then I meet a doctor and say, hey, you know, you should do this and then and you should try them. So like, you never chase them. But this is what really got me interested in this stuff I thought I interviewed, which I like to do you as well on my podcast, if you like to do, is your contact.


Oh, yeah, for sure.


I thought I had the opportunity to talk to Ken Shamrock, OK. And so he came in, I looked at with a forty look and what the fuck what are you doing right now. Why are you looking like that. How does that happen? I said it was in Columbia and I thought, well, I'm going tomorrow. Right.


But I have some people nearby that happened to be introduced to it. And they were on there on the top of that really set that bio accelerator place down in Columbia, as I would have.


No, I didn't go there. Is that where Henry Cejudo went? I have no idea who went there. I have no idea. I know that Columbia and I met some other people who were, yes, on top of that, on their game with this antitrade and all the stuff that's going on with this alternative stuff also. And so.


I met these people and it was just amazing stuff. So you're able to now train all these days a week you have like how many months in now you're solid since April.


And you attribute that mostly to all these different alternative methods of having specially the gentleman that we call his name is Brad Rowe. We call him the mechanic, the electrician. And then he and he works to the current forces. And that was electro muscular. Stimulation is totally different within that family, but it's just totally superior. And that that's just so antiquated compared to this stuff.


You know, so you you were talking about your ability to run in the morning and now what's the afternoons like?


What are you doing in the afternoons? And that's when I'm training when one o'clock I'm in the gym, I'm doing the training two thirty, probably talking on the phone and flipping some deals and making arrangements probably to do other show the commercials and then just says, yeah, I've been this stuff.


And how did you get hooked up with half Cordeiro? Because for folks who don't know, he's legendary trainer Invermay. He's from Shoot the Box in Brazil. He was one of the top guys back when should the box was the number one make camp in Brazil where Anderson Silva and Vandalise.


Silva found this out later. But this is how this happened. The two of us met.


I think, you know, I like that the minute you think I hit the meet with somebody, think you got to my to get the missiles going to go to Freddy's gym. Freddie Roach. Yeah. And then. The men said they had, um, well, for you and I thought, hey, let me check them out. And it was he was just perfect.


Is he near you? Does he live near here or something? He live in Laguna. I'm in Newport. Was another LAGOONA close enough? Yeah, yeah, that's close, that's real close. So he's there, I believe, and yeah, he's a great trainer. We just came from Vegas that we are getting it out, you know, had to go someplace and he's just some cool cool before I met him before the pandemic. But that's why I mean, we came for him and we were in Vegas and we met, I guess, at one of the UFC fight.


And then I met him over here and I was I wanted the method and that's how we got back together.


He's a great man. Like a good person.


No, the reason why I kept nothing to say because he was awesome with the meth, because he put so much peace and love and stuff to the family. Yeah. Yeah. He's a man. It's his image. And yeah, it's just awesome. Yeah. He's got great energy. He's been loved like in the May world and all by all the people that he trains with. Everyone loves this. You can't find a person. Say a bad word about that man man.


He's awesome and he's a very good trainer. And he also was a guy like I was that style that that shoot park style, they were very aggressive. And I was like, oh, that actually makes sense him.


And yeah, yeah. When we do drills, the drills are what's going on with not only in the myth is no he's he hit me pop, pop, pop.


It's boom we're moving back and boom. Yeah. Hard being the heart beating, hard breathing and we is working on it.


Yeah. I'm watching and I'm saying this, it's interesting because he's doing, he's got you doing a lot of like side to side and angles.


Oh yeah. Yeah I do eight eight rounds in the back and I do four rounds in the moment. Oh that bag. What was that bag.


That was that even really work out. Yeah. You know what that really even a workout with. What was that. The warm me up for this. What was that about. You don't even know that existed after you did the four or five.


Well so when you go from April, when you first start doing it again to now, how much better do you feel?


Less than that? That was just a joke at the beginning. You know, right now it's really perking up. It feels like real training. Yeah, this is taking that deep. Do you feel like you could train as hard as you did back when you were in your prime? Well, listen, you have a tape here, don't you? We could look at is there a film that someone you have to have a film of my tape of me hitting the middle of my prime and see me hitting the middle.


Now, I bet we do. But you look at me, somebody must have hit the myth in 88. Let me hit the myth from last week.


And you tell me now, listen, I'll tell you, you look fucking fantastic. That's what's interesting. Wow, that's me. I look at it. Yeah. It's just that had more endurance back then than that. But now I'm catching up.


Well, that's what it's interesting about it. It's not like watching an old fighter that has lost it is just trying to compete. It's like watching an old fighter regain those old skills. Like, you look great, man.


That's what's crazy about it. I mean, it's going to work on that thing, work often and keep working on it and see where this goes.


It's so exciting. I love it. I love it. When I announced this and this is Johnny Ryan, the guy that works with everyone else and stuff, when we announced the fights he got, we got in 2.5 billion hits.


I'm serious. I believe it. I believe it. Now, it's going to be a huge fight. I mean, this fight is probably going to be one of the biggest fights of all time in terms of pay per view, in terms of people buying it, watching it and turn it into a great video.


Tons of helping people as well of Roy and you training together.


There's a compilation of my speed and my God, my mother said they speed that up and my wife and I and I think they did not, that the electrician or the the electrical muscular stimulation shit.


Yeah, yeah. No, it doesn't look like it sped up. It looks like you still have the speed. That's what it looks like. That's what's so exciting about it. What. Kingsman my shirt on.


Yeah. So think it's so exciting that it really is.


I'm, I'm 100 percent into this and I can't wait for the fight to go down.


It's going to be November 18th now. Right.


I believe the twenty eighth, twenty eighth, twenty year old enough time for fans and everybody and Thanksgiving to be home and to be able to view it. Yeah. For the holidays and just be able to help more people, more people that view it.


This is so exciting man. Are you doing weightlifting. Are you doing any swimming. Like what were the only thing I did was when that shot. Come on. You know, the only thing I was going to ask you about that. And we're doing a little way to get a lot of reps and just doing a lot of it. So you have strength and conditioning. Coach Bradlow. OK, so he's doing. Yeah, yeah. Brad Rowe, I've heard that name before, weightlifting champ, change train weightlifting champs and all that stuff.


And he's just an awesome person. We have to kick him back.


And how many days a week are you doing? Strength conditioning along with your running.


And then from twenty to Friday, I think we decided to have the handball. Let's just go Saturday.


Wow. How good does it feel to get back in shape again, man? And it look great. Hey, it feels awesome. But listen, there's nothing easy about it. You know, getting in shape is not easy. It's just it's continual stuff. It's it's consistency.


There you go. Big old brat. So how the fuck did they talk you into getting in the ocean with sharks? What was that all about? Listen, I don't know how they did this. The money wasn't really that great stuff, you know, and I'm sorry, Shaquill, you guys underpaid me, and they had me out there. I was there.


And it was really interesting, man.


It was really interesting. I mean, say, how did these guys get me in here?


Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. And this old damn averting the doom. If I don't find one, make the tank might do a couple of games with these guys. And I'm saying thanks a lot then. You really like Dana. Really like me. I'm paying. They are. Dana really cares about me. He said, forget the fire. I want him and I want to see Mike go fuck with them shox.


Yeah I would, I would say fighting is probably safer.


Dana didn't want you to fight, right. Yeah. Well they want me to go.


Go. Oh. Why didn't he want you to fight. Did you talk him down. Though I guess he is never seen until he's seen them. Watch me.


Once he saw you then he changed his mind. Yeah. Once.


I think once someone sees the dedication that you have that you're actually fit and you're actually moving fast and you actually can compete at a very high level.


I just had to realize that. I'm not rushing like that. No, I got to move around. I do it in a different way. I tried to go in and the first time and it was disastrous. I went in there thinking in my head moving and things went the way I wanted.


How long in training was the first time you sparred? For 15 years, first time, he starred in 15 years, and how many months into training was that from? From you started in April.


So like when did you start boxing stuff back boxing? So when I did that stuff with.


Referring to the stuff of Alfio first time, right, but believe me, first sporran, first barn rounds. Yeah, it was really weird and stuff, but I realized when I was getting hit, boom, boom, boom, I hit a couple of times. I didn't go, what the fuck am I doing the way I belong here?


It brought it back.


Yeah, I thought I belonged there when I got my boom, boom, boom. And I got back and I heard the ring and boom, boom, I didn't panic. I thought, oh, I belong here, wow. I belong here. So I move in and I told my wife, Whoa, I belong here now. And I said, What the fuck am I doing this shit? And it's never happened. Never happened that I was expecting that.


You're expecting the what the fuck am I doing this. Hey, hey, stop fucking shit shit.


But that's what I was expecting really bad at the world.


Bom bom bom bom bom bom. Then you felt it and you readjusted it. First thing I said, I said, whoa, I belong here.


I said, nice. How long did it take before you start feeling comfortable?


SPAAN The next time my body will heal. Yeah. So the next time you start again, you just could get back into the mindset of what it's like to be competing and moving with another person.


Yeah. And you can't go for the KCCA. You don't know your body's not moving for the kill. Now, you got to have you have to develop the relation.


Oh, this is going to be interesting when you hear this. And if I probably them stand that as he gets older, you have to develop Requena relationship with your mind and your body. Your legs go here before your body's ready to go with it. Right.


I have to you have to sync up. Yeah. And at the think now you have to talk. Hey, before we meet. Before you do it.


Being, being, being nice to him. Let's move it, move it right to talk. You lose the tenth of a second when you talk to yourself. Right. You're doing it instantly.


So do you think eventually you'll get back to automatic. Well, we want to say, you know, like that, yeah, yeah, I'd like that, too. It's exciting, though, man.


It's very exciting to see Spaan again, to see all that. When you sporran, are you sporran technically or you sporran hard like.


The first time I went back, I try to go all out and I was after it, I my body was it wasn't listening. Right, right. And so I had, like you said, I develop that relationship. And the second time I spotted that was that was so much better. Yeah. Yeah. I let Rush in and try to hurt nobody. Killed nobody. I was just trying to get accomplished. Yeah. Just kept working. Yeah.


And how often.


Each part a week when we go like this. I'll explain every day. Really. Every day.


Yeah but the more you do it the better it is, the more your timing is better feel. What are your thoughts. Like some people think that you could spar too much and you leave too much in the gym because you get hit too much in camp.


Well, that's the whole thing you learn in camp not to get hit. That's the art of boxing, learning not to get hit in the fire. And you have to do that by trying to get in the gym, you know, seriously and avoiding that and then in turn got in a fight. So you shouldn't be in the gym saying I've been hit too much because you shouldn't get hit. That should be the objective of fighting not to get hit as much as you believe you are.


What do you say to a fighter that sees themselves getting hit too much, though, in sparring? Do you tell them to take some time off or do you say, you know what I say? I try to teach him how not to have to avoid those punches. And if he doesn't, I don't really want to have much to do with somebody that I don't want to be involved with. Somebody getting hit in the head hurt and rough like that.


Well, I know you were doing a lot of coaching of just even more small sessions with different fighters. And there's a bunch of stuff on the Internet. If you did you think about doing that, like in the future?


Like, no, not at this moment. It just takes a really special position.


I think the special person that you got to be, a mother, father, a psychiatrist. Yeah, a dietician. It's just so many hands you have to wear. And being a trainer, a good trainer to train it to yourself and your finances, just a lot to have. That's really overwhelming for me and my personality.


I totally can understand that. But I would also imagine that in your mind, there's some knowledge that I would love to see passed on to other fighters in a way like a trainer only a trainer can do.


Yeah, I'm the kind of guy you want to know for me. You got to learn from it. Let me talk to you or something, because I'm not like that, of course, will go because we never get tired answering questions from them. I thought I was like, why do you guys have so much? Because that's the way I was. Because. Right. You know, but I'm I would never he would love to answer my question because the cuts wanted the the perception that he knew everything.


And you should listen to him and take his advice because he knew everything. Yeah. You know, that's what it's like if he was his friend. You always came to him for advice. He always wanted if I wanted to give him advice and let you know that he was a superior thinking that you should come to him.


And he said your problem, that's just what he was, you know, do you ever think back on your life like your life with cars?


And does the story? The origin story is almost like a movie.


It's almost too great. No, no. Let me tell you, a happy man. I'm in perfect attention for boys. And my Ali, they showed the movie the greatest hits like 77 73 from a levee, they played Ali and then Ali walks in and talk to the kids. And I saw him. I say, I don't care if I want to be like him. And from there I go upstate New York. There's a guy who used to be a professional boxer named Bobby Stewart.


Mr. Stewart taught me how to box and eventually say, I want to do this. They took me to my cut the model. This is all in a couple of months. And I've seen that league and I'm training to be a boxer.


Crazy. And you were 13, right? No, I was. I would think of a 13 year look that's I mean, it's like a movie if no, I knew I was going to be successful. I knew everything was going as I knew it was in my blood. I was only a kid, but I say I want to be like that guy. And he just started working. And it's such an honor. Listen, listen, not even not even three or four months after that song, boom, boom, boom, boom, I met him.


I mean, one place I had a fight trying to stab him with a pencil or something and go from there. And I go over to this bad place called Elmwood, this cottage. That's where Bobby stood because he had a fight and he had to take care of all the staff there, big, strong men. Could they have to take care of these? Very interesting kids, you know, like homicidal kids, these are kids, but they're wild, wild.


And so that's the job, the wild win, the bad college to lock up college elmwood.


And so we have the bad women, just the crazy kid college gets the lockdown. No one can go outside like we got to be handcuffed when they leave the college and stuff. And so that's where I've I've I've gotten my tutelage. That's where I learned to go to school. That's where I've learned everything. This bad boy place, this place.


We all go back to that. And since they had to have extreme kind of guards, their security Mr. Do with a professional boxer and he's with teach the kids how to box. They behaved themselves and got a certain level and which you can go back to and back. And guys were coming back to the dorm. I was locked up. I was on the level to go to. I just got this. They put me in the back. They lock you up to stay.


They see what kind of person you are. So they put you in the group. And I see these guys coming back with their eyes busted, teeth knocked out. So but they were happy. They laughed it off.


Yeah, well, with your guy after yo, what's going on? And what's happened is with famous Mr. Barkley, Mr. It and stuff, and they're happy with him. Believe in tooth knocked out, but they were happy and everything to the aftermath. I wanted to do that too. I wanted to be tough and so do I. Talk to me. They want to teach me. So I started cleaning and being real nice to everybody. I want to learn how to buck.


The kids were happy and he started teaching me how to box.


It's crazy that you met Costo because out of all the people that you can meet, no one was better at the psychological.


Oh, I would never been the champ mccusker them. He put stuff in my mind. I thought thinking about myself being these people visualize myself being I'm no great somebody. I've never done that in my life. I've never heard that even in the ghetto, somebody say this like that's why he's great. I'm talking about like home. That's why he's incredible. He was incredible. I don't think that incredible. Why shouldn't you have that?


Why should he have that? Not you. I've never heard somebody say that to me. But was a master at the psychology of master, like you just you would hear him talk about things, just reading the things that he's written about, about the psychology of fighting. He was the perfect guy for you. It was almost like the stars aligned. That's what I'm talking about.


Yeah. It really is like a movie.


It really is like it all lined up. And plus physically, you were so unusual. He was so unusual, so gifted. I mean, even when, you know, I told him that he came to small.


Sure, no way in the world can be too sure, cause it is more got to 25 to 30. Well, obviously, they were wrong big time, but it was also you might have been short, but you you had the best style and Cust developed that with you, the best style to deal with the fact that you were shorter, the bobbing in the weave in the constant pressure that but I believe style is relevant.


I believe. Is that the morale behind the style. Mm hmm.


I think success in fighting in life and about desire and the will. Yeah. How bad do you want it to be worth dying for. That's true. Greatness is the willingness to die.


So this thing with greatness, the mindset that he instilled in you and the way he gave you the tools in order to think about things in a way that that that fueled that mindset.


Yeah, but that doesn't do good in the real world, though. It really is. Really does. After the world. Right. Right now. Yeah, that's true with that too. Yeah. Yeah.


Isn't that crazy. It's like that's the very thing that made you special.


Could fuck you in the real world with all the real world. Guys like that go to prison. They don't exist in the real world. Yeah. Take them out of there. It's crazy that they have to they have to remove them from the real world. Those kind of people like myself. Isn't that was crazy. Like, that's where the crazy adjustment has to come in, where you have to learn how to be.


And that's where cannabis helped you a lot to be like, oh man, forget it, forget it.


But now you're not smoking any. We get rid of this. Fine. Do you miss it?


Well, I understand the discipline of this stuff. Yeah. What I don't like about it, that is just that without cannabis, it doesn't matter to me. I mean, yeah, I don't like the mean stuff. I don't like I may snap at my wife and my kid. That's what I don't like. Right. What. Right. Right, right. Well I see the sparkle in your eye again. So different right now.


The last time I was talking to you, there's a little more intensity going on, but it's also you're ramping up.


Yeah. You know, I mean, it's always and sometimes I get beside myself and I forget that I have these. I have to be grateful. Yeah. When I love with God in general and sometimes I get caught up into my ego. Right. So it's just a struggle. But I'm working on it. I never worked on it before. So that's a start. Right. But I never considered work. But that is the thing. Like what gets you to be a championship level fighter can really fuck you up.


Oh, this. Oh, I can't believe I'm so happy my wife is still with me. I'm very grateful that I'm just useless and stuff and I have to learn to do I have to learn how to live life. Yeah. Life. I'm disasters and living life.


Oh and Joe I didn't mean I would never believe these nice words that I'm conducting myself. You come to my nine thousand and you say this guy is just uncool from the end though, you know, I, I used to listen to my wife in Vegas, but I listen to this way too. She told me before I came in, be kind and be nice to me to be kind and nice, because if I don't eat most of the time, I don't eat after I don't eat enough.


She says she's going to get angry. Can you please eat? So she's forcing me to eat this stuff, her fried egg. And I thought, OK, I eat. But she's right because the time we've been married. Eleven years.


Well, you got a good one then, man. You got someone who balances. You are loving someone who understands you. Yeah. I don't know. Listen, I was talking to her. I thought, you know, sometimes I think about we're together and this is going to be over soon. We're going to die. I want one of us is going to die before the other one that I wouldn't. I know what to do if you died first.


And I had to take care of these kids her whole life with me and all my kids. Right. Her life with me. And now that kid, the two kids that we have, but her life with me and all my kid.


Right. And. I would just love her and marry her just for that alone, no pussy, no passion, no sect that alone.


Yeah. Yeah, that's beautiful, man. Find someone who balances you out like that. Absolutely.


But that's what we were talking about, where the very fire that gets you to be Mike Tyson, that turns you into this destroyer inside the ring, will, if you don't learn how to control fucked up every other aspect.


For instance, like I have after my one man fight, some of them caused me loss because right after that, I'm. You think I'm calm down anything after 30 seconds, 45 think, hey, he's cool after one night. Everything's cool. He's happy. It's over. It's still ringing. Yeah. It's revving up. It's still it's not finished. It's not dead. The energy is not there. That's the energy that the jet the energy of hurting somebody continue to hit the market, read up.


Right. And so the first thing you hear that in the case altercation is not, hey, what bullets. It's off. You have no control over it, right? You have. And it's almost like you're insane. Like, why can I stop this? Why is this happening to me? Why am I in jail right now? And you and you're Mike Tyson. So it's not like anybody could tell you not to do it. Anybody can tell you to shut up or calm down and you're not going to listen anybody.


You're the fucking king of the world.


But you get crazy when the people in the jail and pretend to know you real well.


You know what you were doing. When they see you, they're not excited that you get really familiar with you.


Jamie Fox is going to play you in a movie. That's going to be interesting. That's going to be interesting.


Wild if anybody can do it, Jamie Fox can do it.


That's a talented man. He's really good at what? He's talented.


That guy could do anything. He's one of those dudes. You listen to him sing, you hear him play music, you see him do stand up comedy, then you see him act like this fucking guy can do anything. He's just one of those dudes that can just lock in on something and he can do anything.


You listen, when the light is on you, when when the when the universe put the light on you, this is stronger than a person whose time has come. Yeah, it's all about the light, man. All of us get it. You may not think the homeless man on the corner, the blind peril, a paralyzed guy, especially with the cup. We all get their moment to shine. We all get it. Feelings perform. Whatever it is, we all get it.


No one, Jamie is playing you. What does that mean? I know Michael Jai White played you once.


Did you talk to him about, you know, how many thousand jail when this guy. Oh, do you know Michael. John?


I met him a few times, a great guy. He appeared to be very, very nice guy. I've known him for a long time and very respectful guy, too. But was it weird watching someone play you dig at.


Oh, no, no, no, no. It's just. The ego kicks in, so I'm watching it and he and he had some good qualities and he did some really good stuff that thought, but the stuff that he did then I'm representing me. I don't think people even picked up on it. Like what kind of stuff is the way he moved there? Yeah, people want a quick one. What was that about? You know what had happened when I fought Bonecrusher Smith?


He had hit me.


And then I don't know how to kick him out, that my neck was messed up. So I had to go in the chiropractor. I don't know what was wrong with it. So from the Bonecrusher Smith when I first started doing it, now I have some nerves and no, I them.


Did you ever have neck problems like you needed surgery? Yeah, Hassidim. And you know, the way you remember when I used to do those roles in my head. Yes. The football on the bridge, they destroy your neck. I would do this eventually. I would do them for treatment and stop a minute for three minutes. I do it for five or six or eight mouth. And as time went on, they just beat me up. And that gave you a crazy fucking neck in your neck, 20 inches.


You didn't actually to start your temples and just go straight down.


You need for fighting. You need to win. Are you doing anything to strengthen? You have the weight stop. You ever use the iron neck? No, no, no. It's a halo. I'll give you one. I have one in the back. It's a halo. You put it on, you pump it up. It fits right in your head and then it's got a bungee cord on it. So you back up like this, the bungee cords, fifty pounds, and then you do these.


And because it doesn't do this with your neck, it doesn't put pressure on the disks. So it doesn't move the disks and an unnatural way with Weinzweig.




Because you can do all these different exercises on it, but it doesn't ever bend your disc so it strengthens the neck without doing damage to your disks.


It's just, you know, I you. I would love that. Yeah. Thank you. I really appreciate. I have more faith in them. I have a treadmill that you have to put on some shirt first and then you zip it.


It's like, oh, in the water. No, it's not water. You put on some shorts in zip the shirt with the plastic that covers the machine and you start running and then you can run a fast game.


Won't feel anything is it. But it's not water inside. Oh yes, I'm on the treadmill. And then the plastic zipped up around this thing right here. Zero gravity treadmill. That's what it is. Yeah.


Oh, how's that working. And pretty awesome. You don't feel anything and you take the path of full effect. The pulling my foot to the floor. Really. Yeah. Really cool. So this way.


Make up your joints. Yeah. But listen, this is what people understand. Yeah. You have a machine that'll be able, you run outside. The high went outside his home was worth mentioning a joint that really the air with how you get from running outside, what's the difference?


Have a feeling that I do and I do. I don't want to say. But like, what do you feel? Man, it's just some I can't even articulate between being outside, running and.


It's like night and day, so like inside a house on a treadmill and being outside running is like night and day, you can't even compare the two.


Is it because you're you're moving your traveling distance? Is it because you're breathing in the fresh air? Like the spiritual difference is just a spiritual running and hearing the birds and the whatever it is, the animals trying to break into the sticks in the weeds, you know, he is conscious of everything, but it's real running as opposed to just exercise on a machine.


Exactly. Even if you have a headphone on you, still conscious of everything out there. Now, have you talked to Jamie Fox? Yeah, well, he's getting ready to do this. I talked to Jamie is periodically what the film really you want to talk about now?


He's getting bulked up, too. He's getting jacked. He looks huge.


I give way to finish. When is this supposed to take place? Whenever he's ready, I go, wow, that's wild.


So when when he gets ready to do it, is he going to hang out with you and try to take on your mannerisms or. Well, he's known for quite a long time. He knows my man of him.


He's not going to if I if I died, he can do me right. Right. Pretty much. You know, he wouldn't have to be around me. Do you want to help him? You want to give him any pointers every month. What about and what areas and what direction he needs me to help him in.


Yeah. That's a it's a great capable of doing that. Yeah. If you're going to have someone play you, I think he's the perfect person. He's just good.


And there's other guys too. But he's just he has and those three have been there. You know, it's hard to get a guy that's just twenty years old and then we're going to have him portrayed as a 25 and he is never get it right with somebody that understands the environment that they lived in at that particular time. And they create that environment again, in their mind. Once they they under the influence of that person they're portraying, Jamie's going to get some knock it out of the park.


I don't know about the park for sure. He understands that environment and that chemistry. He's going to win. We we we we connect.


Now, are you going to be a consultant on this movie or anything to make sure that it's all legit, Jamie, to be around me and discuss it with me?


I'm sure we have that taken care of as well. But, you know, we it's going to work this out the best way possible for both of us, I believe.


Now, when is that is it supposed to follow you when you're a young man or is it supposed to be you as a champion?


Well, when I got to talk about that right now, a bunch of stuff, I just really dig it. Oh, I'm at home. Some really interesting stuff.


So you're saying that the running outside, it's worth it just for the spiritual difference. It's worth the beating up on the joints. Does it does it fuck with your joints? You have like knee problems or ankle problems these days?


I do. But but the guys I work with, they take care of that right away. You know, it's almost like. It's like, I don't know, it's like I don't know, I want to feel like I'm 18, but it's almost like putting superglue on your joints.


All right.


You know, I want to get your finger off, but, you know, I want to thank God you can't get off it like it is.


Interesting what they can do today. You could heal and recover way better than you ever could before. There was no 54 year old man that looked like you when we were kids.


No, no, Jacqueline, don't you want.


Yeah. And even Jacqueline, I mean, he was kind of fit, but he was just fit because he was disciplined, because he continued to exercise.


It was all about how good you are and anything you don't have discontinuing nobody. Right. You nothing of this because you give up in the slightest struggle without discipline 100 percent.


And that has to be something that you also learn from.


Cus I don't have no discipline. I don't know this one. He taught me discipline. Do what you hate to do but do it like you love it.


I. Doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it. That's that is a great quote. Mm hmm. And if you can do that, you could be successful in anything.


Well, you normally are to be the best general. And Janet is. Yeah. And I see that for perspective. And putting the genders is down. Yeah. You know, the best of it. I know what you're saying.


When when you're when all is said and done.


I would love it if someone sat down with you in and made maybe a book of all the things that cost taught you.


Now, among those things the courts told me and now these would not be cool, you know, I don't know because I had one in 1988 and 1998, they had a different opinion of people having opinions like women and stuff like that. And because. Cuth, believing that he cared for the downtrodden people and not for the blacks and Latinos and Irish people who are being abused by the Irish people.


That time was just crazy. He really.


He really was that guy, he was the guy that fought for the people that didn't have anyone to fight for them. He was just a guy he wanted to be that person, he wanted to be a person that people look up to, and he was the boss and stuff he was he wanted to be. And I read his book and I mean, I found that about him. He was successful his whole life. He was always the guy that enabled the people, came to the set of beef and talk things over with and loan people stuff and help people out.


And he liked being in that position of being able to teach people something, what he believed was teaching them something he knew so much about the human mind.


Well, he well, when he died, this is very interesting. We were dying and Camille was in there. I lived with him and Camille and we will clean the room.


When I saw in the room, I saw all books about psychiatry in the mind and everything and mythic stuff and all that stuff. And I said, this is what he was really about. Yeah, he is like he believe in mythic believers. Well, he believed then and all of Ottery and all that he had those books and he was just a believer. And more than what we saw. Yeah, he knows more than what we call physical Ali tickly going on with us as human beings or what we are called.


When you sit back and you think about your career and how fortunate you were to run into that guy, I mean, how much did that play a part in your mind, like when you knocked out Trevor Berbick became the youngest ever heavyweight champion. When are you thinking about that? We what did you do you ever stop and think like, man, how lucky am I that I ran into that man?


No, no. He said he summons me.


He summoned you well. Makes sense. I mean, you think about a man whose life work involved psychiatry, involved the mind boxing, hypnosis, training all these boxers, Floyd Patterson had all these great fighters.


And then he wants one great one before it's over.


And he wants an animal. An animal. He summoned you when I feel like for you, does it make sense nonbelief to me? Yeah. It I mean, I don't know if I believe you could summon someone, but God damn, that seems like it's real.


Yeah, that seems like it's real. Oh, no, I think you do whatever you believe you can do if you really believe it.


Yeah, well, that that was what I got out of all the things that I read about you and him together and being able to talk to you about you and him, that he he gave you these tools to understand the way your mind works and you just ran with them.


I'm an extreme kind of person. Yeah. So I get carried away. If you're confident in that a delusional perspective, you have the right confidence.


Yeah, you get so amped up, Mike, you even even he's sitting here talking to you about these things, I could see it in you. You get amped up, even just talking about achieving things, talking about success, talking about the mind. You know, I could see it inside you. You get very fired up about these things. Yeah. I have to be everything that I want to accomplish.


Yeah, that intensity is what made you special, I mean that. I mean, do I can't pinpoint it's the first time I have my wife and kids around me. I'm normally this can't happen.


I have to be away from them for camp. Yeah. Yeah. No, I can tell Matt you're different right now than the last time I saw you. I could tell you're ramping up for this fight and just it's just what it is.


I don't I don't know if I like being who I am and it's just it's who I am. Are you planning on doing this and then seeing whether or not you're cool with it after it's over and then maybe going back to the way you work or just want to do it.


You just want to do it? Yeah, this is the only think about that for now.


And then let all the chips fall where they may after it's over.


I used do it. I just want to do it, I like to do it. And I don't think it will be disastrous enough that it's going to be awesome. I'm going to do it.


I'm so glad you're doing it, man. There's a lot of people that had negative opinions about it.


And I was like, listen, they know this is interesting, OK, to think about it. How will you. Not that I'm fifty three. I'm a year younger. Yeah, but listen, the fact is like when they said.


They can't get people on the moon because they didn't want to believe it, because it's like me, they don't want to believe it, but what are they going to say? What happens?


I think there's a difference in today than there was in 20 years ago when you were dealing with a 54 year old person. When when you're talking about recovery, when sports science, what they know about how to make the body work, what they know about training and conditioning, people are just different now.


Yeah, but all also have to do you could be in this room is so many steroids and pills or whatever, they have growth and all that stuff. But listen, you could be the best physical shape mean, right. If you don't go out there with a good mental perspective is going to turn out disastrous. Yeah. If you're not mentally prepared, yeah. It's going to be disastrous. But that's the thing that I'm lacking about talking to you.


You seem very mentally prepared. You're ramped up, Mike.


Yeah. I don't know if I am. It's just that this is who I am. I guess I'm not, like, fighting.


Well, that's that's why you were so fucking great at it. And that's what's so exciting about this, is that you're back into that mindset again.


I guess so, yeah, I try to control the craft and the people at home have this level of my personality for that's the problem.


The problem is you turn once, you turn the switch on just to keep you know, normally when I'm in this mode, I only want a slave. I don't want a family member.


Think that stuff that we all have to be from a humanity perspective, you get in the conquerers mindset, it's just that I think everything should go my way while I'm gone through this process.


Yeah. And I think no should be a foreign language for the next two months for what I need to prepare for what I need to prepare for. Everything should go your way. Yeah. From my perspective. Yeah. For me. No for me. Knowing me preparing for what I need to prepare for. Yeah.


That's an alien thought process for most people.


They don't understand. Like to be Mike Tyson, to be who you were when you were at the top. You have to think like that. I don't know.


I think everyone I think you take great that you think like that. I mean, the fight I think the fight is the most extreme version of that, though, for you to prepare for the war.


You say who you were going to say you had Joe Biden for you to prepare for that. That's going to be very interesting. You're not going to come out like you came out from that. You know, if you're comfortable with you're going to look at it from a different perspective. I mean, from this point, he's going to look at you. Just some more sports, Jock. Yeah. So you don't see the problem come in from this direction.


That's just how we think the competitive we don't know. I think what we are we want them to have a little bit of figuring out process what we are.


If I had Joe Biden in here, I think I get really high before I talk to him. I would be better if I think he would be high to me and tell me that a high guy, he looked like he's a high guy, he's a high. It seems like he's on something.


Yeah, but I would get I would get really high before I talked to a dude like that just to try to, you know, how sometimes any real high you could feel, you feel energy from people good or bad. You feel the motion.


You got him pegged. Yeah. Well yeah, yeah, yeah.


When you're into mushrooms you see who they really are behind the screen with. My wife don't like me so much. You see your shrooms again. A damn shrooms and DMT almost assume the Tangalooma senator Chuck Schumer. That's a no no for me. I don't bring that shit home. Yeah that's funny man. Yeah. You're just even micro dosing. If you microdots mushrooms, you're around people. You especially if someone's lying to you, especially they're pretending there's something they're not.


If I've done mushrooms alone before, I used like a bag of weed. And then when I stop for like three months and I have to look going to come back, I'm God.


And, you know, God is just here for my entertainment.


They did tell their friends in school and there's a thousand. Whoa, that sounds good. And then, boom, it hits you.


I know some dude who train on it. They like to train on mushrooms and non-identical mushrooms.


And I did the bike for two hours, but it was like it was just like I was in the zone.


But breathing heavily I could hear my breathing. What? POW, wow. I'm trying and breathing. They're going to die. Holy shit.


I don't stop thinking I'm dead. There's a machine to do it. Make you believe you're dead. Yeah. If you're feeling the fucking like boom, it's just. Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm living dead.


It feeling that your soul is separate from your physical body.


Listen, why can make anything stop. It's like and now it's like you're in this room right. I'm in this room. Well, you said that blew my mind. I'm in the room and all the moments like it could be like the whole room, this whole room is like covered in like a kind of like shaded, visible. And I'm just covered in the hole and it's just me and everything. The whole world is outside of me. Yeah.


And it's like I'm gone. And everything is just my entertainment. I'm looking in and no one sees me and I'm.


What is this man? Forget it. I got. Hey, baby, baby, baby. Even though I've been hiding the stuff for my baby. Baby, I'm not feeling good. Baby, baby, I'm sorry. I'm not feeling good. I'm saying I'm not feeling good. What does your wife say you do.


He's I told you not to say stop doing it.


Oh I learn things when I do them now too. I learned about this. So do I. Yeah. And I said, see baby I do. I tell my wife, she said this is true. As I see this, she gives me that and like me. But it also once I to something the way I have to stop doing the show, I start doing it too much and then I lose concept of time. Hmm. I might have been, I mean my wife's in the car.


We drop off the kid to a class that she goes once every week we drop off, then we come back to the house and I say. Hey, with Marlon. We just dropped off Mike and I looked at that time. Yeah, yeah, it makes regular life seem like trivial.


So things like tire, they don't it doesn't mean anything anymore. It's a problem. Yeah. If you have to keep appointments. Oh, no, I'm not going I.


And if you go there and if you see a body to say, hey, you shouldn't really be here, this is not worth that time. This is not what we. This is not what we're vibing on to reach the higher level. This becomes a disaster. If this guy who becomes the enemy now, he's stabbing my. Enlighten me now.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shrooms.


It's I think it should I think there should be clinics, some of them doing they are siba tend to be sideburn silversides. Yeah.


I mean yes it's still a schedule one drug unfortunately in this country. But I think there should be clinics where the professionals listen. Have you heard about the way Kober. The Witcover. Yeah. Oh great psychedelic too. It's another psychedelic. Oh the little tail. The the centipede. You know, the toe to toe, the shrimp with the jelly fish, I believe it's one.


And they have that they have quite a few animals that possessed that psychedelic chemicals. Yeah.


Yeah. Well we're being fucked in this country because they keep that shit from us and they make it illegal. And so many people have learned great things about themselves through mushrooms and through all kinds of different psychedelics, especially microdots.


They learned how to stop us from drinking, to give us a rule, to stop us from drinking by taking shrooms and LSD. That stops people from smoking cigarettes.


I think we abuse them. I think you've been using them since the beginning of time with people like us. We abuse them. Yeah, but people abuse everything.


They abuse cheeseburgers and alcohol. It does. You should be able to take whatever you want as a grown man. And the fact that this country keeps it from us and keeps it illegal, it's fucked up because it could benefit so many people I think would benefit the better if they wanted to benefit the people hiding. The families are the ones that get in benefit.


I think the people that are hiding from us, they're protected pharmaceutical companies.


Well, I don't know who they are, but I know they're somebody. Yeah, yeah.


Well, there's a lot of factors. There's a lot of factors. But for me personally and for a lot of people that I know, they've gained great benefits from psychedelics. They think about this world we live in. What do you think about how do I make this? How what is the origin of it? Yeah, yeah. The world is a strange place and stranger right now because of covid, because everyone's locked down. Society's kind of fucked up.


And I think we as human being what we are, who we are, whatever we exist to be, we're fucking germs. And we are the cause of everything that happens to us. Like I thought, we think that people let out the virus where viruses with fungus, that's what we are fungus.


We look at it from, you know, the perspective of consciousness. What do we do? We get sick. We get other people sick and we die. Yeah.


Have you ever heard of Terence McKenna? You know Terence McKenna? No. Telling my parents. Terence McKenna was a brilliant ethnobotanist. He was a guy that worked with plants and he was into psychedelics. And he had a theory called the Stoned Ape Theory, and he believed that human beings became human beings because of psychedelics. He thinks that we developed into human beings when lower hominids like Ancient Man was experimenting with mushrooms.


That could be interesting. So I think well, I mean, I think that. Let me I'm so.


I thought documentaries and from the documentary, it appears to be that the world was created for drugs, someone's taking some drugs and then preaching that that belief to be divine intervention from God. And this is how the world was discovered. If you haven't done some research in the history of drug. Yeah, I've definitely done some research in the history of drugs. Oh. So I'm sure you understand. Yeah. Well, drugs and human beings for sure.


It accelerates creativity, right? It gives people ideas. But the idea behind psilocybin is a bunch of ideas. One of them is that it actually can make people think about things like language. And that language could have come about from people making these connections from psilocybin.


It also makes people a little bit more creative, makes people horny, increases visual acuity, made them compassionate, makes them compassionate what would bond them in terms of community and also have the love and money as well.


And if you think about it for long periods of time, if that became a part of the human diet and it would make sense that that would make people died, it's always been abused. Our diet is being abused now. Therefore, we have to be sure now. But that's what happens with all these extreme drugs and alternative drugs. We abuse them. We take them too much. We smoke too much. We eat well. You know, we we smoke too many say we do too much of everything.


Yeah, we do abuse shit. Yeah. Why do you think that is. Why do you think people.


Do you think but don't you think that that same abuse that seemed like that's also what makes people great at things too, because that same, almost the same mindset that allows someone to abuse drugs or abuse gambling and become obsessed with pornography also is the same mindset. If channeled the right way that allows someone to become obsessed with boxing will come up.


What prevents them from doing the right thing from the wrong thing with the same feeling of emotional intelligence? Yes, well, the majority of the world that the world the world is not even 50 years old. Right. So this is going to be a struggle for the next year that's going until we get that. Yeah, that's going to have to be our main objective to develop that. Yeah. In order to succeed as human beings.


Yeah, that's no truer words have been said. That's what it is. It's emotional intelligence. Good listener. I feel the slave by emotion, more enslaved by feelings.


And sometimes we sort of placate those emotions by drowning it in food or in booze or in gambling or sex or anything that can them.


We turn that. And to memories, yeah, and then we become a slave to our memories. It never stops, right? We that's who we are. We are an alcoholic like we are not allowed to become.


Yes, we have stop from coming. That's just like we learned Alcoholics Anonymous. Yeah. So we can learn from that. So that's why they learn from nothing now is not hopeless anymore.


Right. That's why it's so hard for people because they have a memory of all the things they done that's wrong. And they do it all the time and that becomes who they think they are to. They start changing the picture. Right. It's all about changing the channel, you know, change the channel in life.


Well, that's what's so exciting about you with this new chapter of your life. You've just completely changed who you are. You went from pot smoking. Mike Tyson, who's running Tyson Ranch's is real nice guy to hang around with, doing hot boxing with Mike Tyson. Fun to be with. Everything's great. And all of a sudden you shift right back in to Mike Tyson, the murderer again.


Well, it's just that, as I said earlier today, if we knew who we were, we'd be very limited. You know, we don't know who we are and we don't know you don't know what you might do tomorrow when you wake up. So you might be married. Yeah, well, listen, you might get married again.


You know, he might go crazy. Yeah. My take on a new job. Oh, yeah. Well, that's one of the exciting things about life, right?


I mean, this has to be exciting time for you to make this big switch.


Yeah, think about that, too. I think about my life. I think about a lot like, you know, I'm 54 and that I'm not going to be here much longer. And when I go, I see my wife and kids, the kind of friends that I loved all my life. I never see them again. I think about that. Yeah. Yeah, you know, when we think about this guy, this guy is, but what if every one being away from Anthony, our internal journey from guy sent me a book and I thought, wow, this is pretty cool because it's true.


We're only one heartbeat away from dying. Yeah. And going on that long ride of not knowing. Yeah. A feeling to. That's what I was told. This is all about feeling. Yeah. The feel makes the reality.


How much did that change your perspective on life when you had those experiences. It got me in shape, it got me this this this will have me do some of that, the first time I did it, it just blew my mind. Then I did it again and say, you better get in shape and shake the fuck along with you. Yeah. Listen, I like did I told you, hey, you fucking know, especially when you think about I'm not the guy you get to say, hey, Mike, man, you know, you gained a few pounds.


This kind of work. I mean, you can do you big fat. You should take a look at big fat mother, the fat lady mother fucker that motivates me.


You need to hear that.


And you need to tell to yourself, you know, anybody, the right person needs to tell it to me, to the fucking. I say that. Do they do. Hey, hey, hey.


I was I listen, I was out there somewhere around Freddi. I went somewhere to do something. Then I saw one of Freddy Roach's trainers. I was Guy You're Peeing and he knew me for years because I used to work. He said, What the fuck is wrong with you? Look at you, man. This is not fucking right. Look at my what the fuck are you doing?


And wow, I felt this big boy and he turned around a bunch of people. But, you know, this is not right. This is not right for my father. Fuck. Right. And I got right. Yeah.


Some people call that fat shaming, but I think fat shaming works for me, works for me too.


If I want someone to yell at me and I found out he death and he thought that with a family fucking he wouldn't tell. I wouldn't be a friend of I want to know more if he not tell me your McManis not recommend at least let me know. I might not want to do but let me know yet. I'm not looking good shit right. Yeah. You know the guy can go tell he's hanging out that you staying even fucking hanging around drinking.


Yeah. That's the enemy man. Yeah that's the enemy.


So you do the DMT trip and then you have it in your head like hey I gotta get in shape.


Absolutely. Absolutely. Like sometimes you say body shaming them. I hope I've heard some people to me it makes me mad at me. It helps me. That's the I'm not that guy.


The only way it hurts people is if you don't listen. If someone says you're fat and then it hurts your feelings but you don't work out, then it hurts you. But if someone says you're fat and it hurts your feelings and you say, I'm going to use this as a motivator to the shape back then it helps you. Exact fat shaming is only bad if you don't stop. Yeah, I never looked at it.


Fat shaming. I just what you said.


Who then said to Mike, like, I don't respect that guy. Yeah. The guy did things like that. I'm not letting him. Right. I'm that's my enemy. Right. He's not helping you. He's my enemy. Right. Right. He's my enemy. So the enemy. The DMT trip. Open your eyes to that. Yeah, absolutely.


Yeah. But that's not something you want to do.


I can't you know, I did it 16 times. 17, 16 times. Yeah. Never regret doing it. I would be good at doing. I think everybody should do it, it's just not everybody, but everybody wants to get there for everybody, not everybody. Everybody who needs it should do it. I should say that. Yeah, because some people believe this is all this is the real world out here. Know, they really believe this is the reality.


Isn't that interesting? Like, once you do it, you realize that that world is so more vivid than this world and we're going to be in that world along and then we're going to be in this world.


I love it here live and dying this year. Yeah, that's probably true. I don't know what it is, but it's probably true.


But this will listen. This is what happened. You do this toast of any of those interesting narcotics. You have a different opinion about dying and the fear of dying. Yeah, you know, you say you start to think, hey, maybe I'm living too long, you know?


Yeah, well, maybe that's just another existence. That's that's what what made me think, look, maybe this is always there and maybe this life that we have, this temporary life that we're clinging onto that's so important.


Why, why, why? Even that is why nobody wants to really stick on to the fact that after we die, it's over. Why do I want to hold on to that? The same way that more than really being confident with saying, hey, there's something else after this that I'm scared from dying earlier, what you know, why do people stick with that, that this move that the so often I ride to the internal life of darkness or what it might be?


I mean, we don't know until we die. Right.


Yeah, but everybody thinks the people that think that it's just over when you die, it's all over the world, the darkness and then that's it. That might be right. Or it might be that you go to that place where you go when you smoke DMT.


It might be that that might be you don't remember when you were born, do you. You're not going to remember when you died. Yeah, I think when we're mourning and if we're born again, we're not going to remember the life. We had nothing to remember this shit. I've always said everybody's scared to die, but no one's scared to sleep, you know, sleep.


So some people are. Yeah, some people are afraid to sleep. You know, they get their moments, but sometimes they way I mean, I wake up this morning and you hear and, you know, people just go to sleep in the nighttime, which you didn't do any drugs and they don't wake up.


That's true, too. But the thing about sleep is we're pretty confident you're going to come back.


So you're willing to shut off. It's OK, but no one wants to shut off forever.


But listen, the belief that you're going to come back is magnificent. Yeah. Believe it or not, it was going to wake up in the morning and then we went into life like that.


Yeah. With that belief. Yeah.


And you think life is just temporary and then when it's over, you're going to go to an even more magnificent place.


Well, we say like what life when we left our life is now over, right? When we leave this place. Right. It's another form of life we haven't experienced yet. Right. Even if it's the black life with all darkness is a part of life that we have to embrace and some kind of form or fashion.


Well, that's the weird thing about the toad, right, is that there's no visions. But but the feeling so intense, you see why you're feeling so intense, even make or whatever.


You see if that's my feeling is so important, we are starting to understand the feelings that we have to understand. They even lie to us right now. I lie to us.


I remember the first thing I felt is so insignificant like you, just a part of everything. You're part of the whole universe instead of looking at yourself as a center of the universe. When I did it, it just made me realize I know you're part of this infinite thing and it's such a small part.


Everyone is such a small part of the universe itself is what's big. And you're just a piece of it all.


Just feet in each other. Yeah, we're all your feet into the blood to just run into each other, feet to the hole, the mud, everything, the water, the ocean. We just all feed feeding each other. Yeah, the bugs. There's more listen, there's more starting in the space than there are grains of sand in the desert. Yeah. I think that it's ridiculous. What do you think about aliens, Mike? I think we're aliens.


You think so? I think we're descendants of aliens. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. They're coming. You can't explain. If you can only tell me about Adam and Eve. I'm going to go with the aliens.


Hmm. If that's what you hit me with Adam and Eve. Yeah. I'm will go with these alien guys.


Well, there's a lot of people that believe that we're the product of aliens, that aliens came down and did some experience experiments with lower hominids and did some accelerated genetic experiments and created people.


Well, listen. Aliens of this listen when. Fair and try with the people. I'm not saying I can't I'm I'm Caucasian. When it came to Africa, even before that, when people came, the other people, the first time I seen them, they were aliens. The first time I'm an Asian man, so Caucasian, I was the alien, a black man for Asian man. A white man that was an alien.


Yeah. Maybe they weren't aliens, but that what they thought they were they were just a tribe of people that encountered them and perhaps they were getting extinct. They were dying and they had to flee to the lower. Whatever you were saying, no harm in the Hermitage. And maybe that this is us. We could if they had certain, as you may know, you know, you do these kind of researches, they already discovered they were them. They were different forms of species that that's working down to earth, that they came from us.


And now with the degree of I guess with the human species, whatever. Yeah, there was a bunch of different kinds of humans.


Yeah, yeah. There was many, many different kinds of humans.


And before they were here millions of years. Before me, the years after we were is after we walked, they always been here, a very rare that you can find a. A human life that wasn't erectus. They could find the skeleton and one that walked in all fours, I'm the oldest person they found is for me.


And four point four million years old, Lucy, I believe it is four point four million years old, is nothing to nothing in terms of what people were erecting then they were walking on both feet then, you know, you know, for four years, for me years ago. So they never found I don't believe they ever found the skeleton of a human that wasn't erectus.


That's one of the things about life, is that life is so short to that goes well, when everything goes well, you live 100 years.


But that is nothing in terms of the life of the planet. You know how long it took them to build the Great Wall of China? Thousands of years to 2000 years. Yeah, 2000 years. Yeah. Can you imagine that? And that's nothing. Two thousand years left for Christ who's been around Christ, the young, you know, young, crazy young in terms of the world.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Doubt.


That's how how bad they wanted to keep the Mongols out. They built a fucking wall, took them thousands of years. You ever read about gangs. Come listen to them with Temujin. Yeah. And he tell you what happened to when he died around 13, 14.


And he, he will ring with like in the 12th and the early thirteen hundred.


And first of all, he came from his real poor mother, father. They all came, they got beat up and took out. He had a woman then they took his wife. But he got friendly with a real bad mother, a real power.


He was a criminal with the bad.


If all he was so bad and he loved Temujin, he just became, you know, from Gyasi the of one guy. He was really weak at the time. And the other gang had took his wife. And he and this guy was making minimum wage and stuff, and he was just says, what is wrong? The guy really loved them. He said, what is wrong is these people took my wife. He said, don't worry, I got many away.


Will you worry about that one, which I really love because he really loved her. And so the guy said, listen, I help you get your wife to Everton, Everton, nobody that we raided this city because of a woman, OK? And so he went back and the guy got his wife back.


And so the guy around Temujin to be number two, he loved them so much, but he got jealous because the men started favoring Gingrich because Gingrich would let them raid everything that keep it all he wanted to keep it or let the men have it all.


And they all started looking up to him and follow him. And then the other guy got jealous and eventually had to kill him.


But he said he wanted to give them one of the ways that you have to kill me. And so Gingrich kill them if you want to go. When he said I'm not going to spill any blood, crushed them on the rocks once. No blood, no cuts and nothing like that. But that was his best friend. And after he died, I fucking have had the reputation.


So you follow them, you pay attention to them.


You read a bunch of them. And I named my dog after his favorite wife palely. Oh, wow.


So I know you've been into that kind of shit like Alexander the Great, yeah, all the all the guys, Pépin, Charlamagne, Clovis, that was just stuff that you just started because you wanted to study Concours.


There's just interest you. I wanted to study that mindset. You know, and I found that the greatest conquerers. They will give them. The farmers. You know, farmers, sheepherders, family, we don't think that's important stuff, and then they became great, too, that they may gave birth to great children who are born with greatness like Alexander the Great and stuff like Philip the Macedonian, that whole bloodline, about like when they were all kings, but they were very small and insignificant until it was all it was one Alexander before him that was pretty great.


And forgive the Persians, but eventually they lost and they pretty much kissed the Persians and, you know, made Persians put them in a position of power at all.


Philip of Macedonia came who had the nickname AK for the Barbarian, and he wanted to go across the slave, all the Persians and everybody after that, the world and Alexander the Great Mother, who was a really interesting woman.


I'm trying to say Albanian maybe, and they had a different kind of. Study and worship and stuff back then, so he got caught up in that. His family didn't like up for that, but he arranged for.


She arranged for Alexander's father, I think, to be killed, for Alexander to have the power to kick that the power she can lead to her kids while he was on campaigns.


Right. And when he was on this campaign that her father was gone, he just conquered everything. But when he ran into the Afghani people, he fell in love with them. He wanted to interbreed with them. He wanted to create a new raith of Afghan. He is madly in love with them. And that's pretty much why his his family is not the same. But the Greeks went what they were mountney mutiny on him because they were jealous that they were given big positions to the Persians.


No Afghanistan. He loved them. He would quote Afghanistan's most beautiful people, the world. God must have loved them more than anybody. He made them beautiful.


He really fell in love with them.


When did you start getting really into, like, conquerors? When you start fifteen year fifteen, I would introduce you to it.


I was at the table with cousin, a friend of mine named Quick. Was it a statement which was wrong, but it sounds really good to make me investigate, he said Alexander the Great and his time was like five. So I think five, 300 years before Christ, that was a giant, which was wrong. He is very small. The army was too big for me, very small guy.


It wasn't big at all.


And so just that alone him saying that. Got you interested.


I want to tell with a man through the mass of gabbin, I found that he's just a small man, average guy, you know, in that in amongst it all big men at all.


But you got interested in the mindset of the conquerors. Well, listen, this is what I want to know.


Why would one person think that he could fucking own the whole world, one person? Why would he have them? Who would think like that? Right. Why would a person why would that's not a fucking person that says something when your ego's just got so out of whack? Well, yes. Kids can't think rational. How do you think like that? You're a nice person. It was a guy we formed a couple of hundred years before him named Cyrus the Great.


He was just he was a conqueror, but he was a conqueror for liberty. He wanted to conquer all slave and let them go conquer all slave masters. Let them go. He got killed for that, too. But maybe that sounds that sounds cool to say. Yes, good. That's a good thing. But listen, think about it. Who the fuck is he to take somebody else's problem? Probably take somebody else's stuff because he believe it's wrong, which it probably is wrong.


I think it's wrong. But who the fuck is he right. Who is this guy to take to conquer you? You needn't bother nobody. But this is what they did back then. Now you're killing them. Way back then, it was really legal. It's almost in the Bible, in the books. It's not only supposin book slavery than the book is a religious book that we need slaves. And that's not to say, hey, no more slaves.


If I wanted to be so easy to say, no more slaves, no more slavery, wrong out to the whole world. So he wants to conquer the world and free of slaves. Wow. So that is a different mindset.


Yeah, there are different kinds of mindsets is Concours, but who do you think he is.


Who the hell is he. He has a little town only the got coast for the whole world. His town is right here. Well forget his town. His country is right here. Yeah.


You know, and he only met him in this country and I will conquer the world and liberate freedom.


Make freedom.


What kind of you know that's nothing. If that's not somebody on drugs. You don't you tell me. No, you tell me. And I'll be honest for my guy. You tell me it could be coke. No. If telling something, I'm a free everybody.


Right. This is the one 500 B.C. This is slavery is what it is. This is the way of the world.


No, I'm free. All the slaves. That's pretty crazy.


Look, everybody, what did what did you get out of, like reading about their mindset, like studying Temujin, studying Alexander the Great. Like what did you get out of reading about their mindsets.


I found out that the greatest ones, the best, the most political ones. Well, Mama's boys really. Yeah, afraid of their mother, wow, and Polian Alexander. You know me. Wow. Genghis Khan, too. Yeah, really? Yeah. What do you think that is? What do you think that's all about highly respected mother? I think that I think their mothers were the first Alexander the Great. I think she was the first stage mother.


I think there was some way for her to, um. You know, Cleopatra was well, that's just what they were at the end of the day.


They were one of the lead to their sons and daughters or something like that.


Oh, OK.


Like like that parent that takes their kids to athletic events and screams and cheers and pumps them up and.


No, no, no, no. If the parent who whose child word is law and I want to be able to have that word. Hmm. OK, do you get that. Yeah. My son of the king. Right. This country, a couple of countries. But I want I want I want my thought to be in his come out of his mouth.


Do you think the parents convinced the child that they were that special, that they should run the world?


Some of them do. But at some kids get older, like Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible. They get old and then they realize these people aren't right with me. And I thought killing is sponsored by the people that would replace their parents and stuff.


You know, some of the kings did it to, you know, someone when you were studying this when you were coming up as a boxer and you're studying all these concours, you were trying to understand the mindsets. Yeah. And you were trying to apply that to your own life. Pretty much, yeah. Did you get anything out of it? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. What did you get like how did it apply to your own life?


Well, at the end of the day, all God for forgiveness. Mm. All of them. So when you reading all these books about all these conquerors, when you were a young man and you're on your way to becoming the youngest ever heavyweight champion and you're trying to take on the mindset of the Congress, and you find out they all ask God for forgiveness.


Yeah. How did that affect you? That was pretty cool, because by that I learned greatness was the willingness to die by, you know, doing research on these particular individuals. And that's what they were willing to do for greatness. Hmm. And you you know, you heard about Achilles instability. What did he want to show a life of of greatness in a long life of obscurity? He took the short life, and that's what Alexander did.


When you when you study these people and you take that conquerers mindset, did you get anything out of that? Did you apply that into your own your own pursuit as a champion?


Absolutely. Because you have this in Alexander the Great with 32 and he conquered the known world. Yeah. And 10 years.


And so thinking about that as a as a young man. Absolutely, I want. I want my premium and the vibe of the time that, you know, in terms of time, it's not wrong with it. I think everybody should want that that a competitive in the art of, what do you say, immortality? Yeah. And I search for it. That's what he wanted.


He wanted he wanted immortality. That's what he wanted. He wanted to be known since, you know, to the end of time. Did you ever think that maybe you were born in the wrong time, that maybe if you were born in the times of Alexander the Great, you would also be a conqueror? Now, I am a conqueror now because I consider myself and my demons. You know, not because I'm at that time, I'm never born till I'm born in the right time.


Most of them can conquer their demons. That's why they ask for forgiveness from God, all of them, because just like. The gentleman that discovered. I'm. Alcoholics Anonymous, you know, he he by maybe he can maybe he had a problem with alcohol at the end, but he how many people have he inspired? Yeah, that is so much bigger than him succeeding. And that was his problem.


You know, what's interesting about him is he was interested in LSD. Yeah. Yeah. That was a big thing of his. That's what that's what instructed him to have the program to develop the program.


Yeah. When you're talking about they all would seek forgiveness from God, that's so interesting to me that you turn to cannabis and cannabis will allow you to forgive yourself. Yeah. Listen, the reason why they ask for forgiveness for God, this is why this is interesting that you said that it's because they believe they were God and they have had that the end of the day, realizing check themselves, that they're not they're not God and they've done horrific things.


Yeah. At the end of his life, he was so forgiving and giving everything away and feel sorry for everything. He didn't know how to forgive himself. He didn't know. How do you do that when you think you how do you forgive yourself? At the end of the day, he said, look, the man who conquered the world died with nothing in his hand. He gave everything. We had no words, nothing. We were so freaked out about dying, being the rich guy and stuff and having so much property and having the world that he put that because he had the world.


This this gentleman that he well, Eugenia's got the guy that they named Flarf that then was not Eugenia's, I don't know. But he was like he considered a homeless bum. Nowadays they would be called a bum, a homeless guy, whatever. And Alexander's been watching them. This is how keen he is.


He's watched this guy for years. And he said, listen, before he became king of Greece, he's watched this guy. This is what he was making. And he said, hey, listen, I watch you and I have everything and I'm unhappy and you don't have nothing. So what you what can I do to make you happy? You know what he said? I had the balls to say. He said, first of all, you can be kind enough to move out the way the fun and then allowed me to enjoy my day and he couldn't conceive for me.


They turn him down for which he couldn't conceive of it. It just blew his mind. He was so blown away he couldn't even kill a guy for disrespecting them. He was just blown away. He said this, I have everything. And I only realized he wasn't happy he had it all. He's the king of the Hill. Even know where he was getting ready to go. He may be king of the world, but he can't breathe reason.


He's just not happy and he has everything. So he thinks by conquering the world, it's going to make him happy. And he did. And he. What happened? He turned into a drug. Wow. Imagine that. He ran a very expensive new drugs. Listen, when when you went on a campaign, know what I thought? I thought when you went on the campaign, the movies like this, are you going to campaign just over 300, Gladiator, one of 10000.


So, you know, they bring the whole family with them. It's like a party, their wives, their kids, everything. They got the surveyors with them, housebuilder with the people who deal with agriculture for their time. Everything's with wine. Forget that. Everything when they conquer, conquering, you know, conquering is we think that's glorious. Conquering is going to work on the way to conquer with Rob Robin rape illegally taking somebody else's Goodwin enslaving that conquering.


That's not good people. All the people we like, we say this guy, this guy, he conquered this. He conquered that. They hurt people. They did it for greed. They didn't do it for we're going to help our people to take things because they could.


Now, when you were coming up as a fighter and you were reading all these things about Concours, you you were fueling your mind in that way.


And you were also studying a lot of fights. You studied all the old school champions.


Are you doing that now in this resurgence? Like, are you studying? No, I think I know everything about the movie. I did the research and I was a kid. I started reading to the I started going to the other level. So I go from the level of these guys, the fighters, the gladiators, those guys. So I go to from them to the generals and from the generals to the gods. And that but that occupied a lot of your time when you were training.


Absolutely. Yeah, but that what are you doing now? Like there's anything that semmler that you do like when you were watching those old school tapes, if you were watching, like Jack Dempsey or Harry Grab or any of these old school fighters, that was there was something about that that was providing you with the inspiration.


You were you were you were learning from it. But it was also you were getting yourself into this mindset.


Yeah, because I know if I was like the kids would tell you, the more you the more you win, the more you beat these guys, the more the people applaud and the more you enjoy doing it. Hmm. And I wanted the people and the people the. Have the same feeling towards me that I had towards the older fighters of yesterday. Yeah. So I was madly in love with fighters. I was just I was just and if I met a fighter, hard to say who was killed, it is clear that I was just bug to death.


Let me carry you back and help you decide if, you know, you think they go like you for being hey, get this fucking get away, you know.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stream. Yeah, yeah. Carryback. I hope you with. But you not you don't study films like that anymore now. Periodically, you know what I do sometimes look at that view, I look at it when they have a fight. Let me go and check him out of Macy's and Ray Robinson. Willie Pep stuff. Yeah, I have one. Let me check this out.


Lomachenko is a while. Got to watch, isn't he.


He's really. He's been nice to what is really interesting, right? I like watching the footwork, so I like doing I like watching a lot of people hate on him. You know, that's how it is. You know, he got to like. Yeah. The like. Yeah. After you.


Yeah. Who else gets you excited that's fighting today. You got a couple of guys Haney. Good guys. You could good as a little guy from Baltimore is good. It's quite a few and a half a couple of guys. Defending them, that's pretty good in that that's going to come up and be really good with them, Elspeth's is really good. Terence Crawford, Terence Crawford is the bunch of good fighters out there. The little guy, Ryan Garcia.


Yeah, he's the hot shit, right? Yeah, I love it. Like a kid that maybe is a cute little baby talk. It's got a nasty left hook, though, and all the fighting that and they really each other Face-To-Face. They're really friends. You could see they're talking shit. Yeah, I'm saying I'm insecure. Maybe I've been punched in the face them. I might think I'm a punk. Let them do that to me. I know these guys are the so cool.




What do you think of the heavyweight division nowadays.


All right, Josh, there's all this and everybody is good for the time. I don't think they're bums or anything like that, but I want to have something negative to say about someone. Right. You know, this is their time to the best of their time. You've got to give them that credit. You can't compete with guys on the path. Guys are coming up now. This is just the time. This is what it is right now.


Right now, we've got two judges right here.


What do you think about it? So it's an interesting group at the very top of the heap, right. Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua. I mean, it's so interesting group at the at the top level right now. No, not interesting.


They're all exciting fighters. Yeah. They're all going to make a great deal of money. They need to fight each other. Yeah, it's stop bullshit. It's all fight each other. Fight each other a couple of times. Yeah. And then when this stuff is over, you guys could say, hey, listen, we did it our way, right. You know, this is what happened to me.


I'm such an ego maniac.


I fell in love that my physical effort I'm looking for I'm going to be king. This is way then fuck you. I never think about tomorrow. Nothing. This is no, I'm the king. Kiss my fucking ring.


That and the fact that I thought I know this is what I didn't listen to because they. It's always been don't take this person I took fighting personal cause they don't take it personally, it's not personal, right? I take it personally. The ego make me take it personal.


So when he said don't take it personal, what did he mean by that? Don't allow it to stop you from living your life. And a happy perspective.


I love the federal government. So if I start drinking it, they'll go give you stuff for your girls that rather that you don't know your men to city.


OK, they say the 5:00 a.m., you lose the fight, you shake the guy, then you go to the gym. You work hard to prepare for the fight. You pay, you win the fight. You don't win the fight. You prepare Hadaway for the next fight. You win the fight. You don't get the fight. Fight the other guys. You win the fight and fight them again. The name of the game that you stay busy, you keep working.


How much different? What things would have been if Castillon really different.


It wasn't meant for that to be. Yeah, I had to, I had to figure this stuff out. He can protect me my whole life.


Right. You know, I've always wondered I always wondered what would have been different if he had stayed alive because I mean, he he guided you in such an amazing way, you know, when you. covid, just listen, because it's a hard guy to get along with customers just enemy prone, if he didn't have an enemy, he would create one really one of those guys they love fighting. He wants to fight if he doesn't fight the one to live.


Wow, what a fight. You need that family to fight. If he doesn't have the right to fight here, find somebody to fight.


He must have loved having you people.


But I listen to everything he said. I listen to them out of the amount of me love people who listen to him. I took him through everything he said I would do. If he told me to kill somebody, I would kill somebody. You know anything he said, I did it. Do you think about him even today while you're training? Absolutely, after I think about it all the time and I may think about him all the time, I wish he could for my kids.


I wish he could probably see, you know, what I did. I didn't have my kids turned out. And, yeah, they all went to great schools and the cool things and their kids and they really. It's really sweet that we do understand life here and maybe because they didn't have a father like I had. Things are different than it was for me. You don't want your kids fighting. No, no, I did, that's what I did if I didn't have to.


Yeah, I remember you were talking about your son hitting pads and like him possibly fighting like, man, you don't want to fight an animal like my mom.


And people have nothing to lose. And the whole dream about beat this guy. I'll get a new bike. Yeah, I might get this car. I thought it was because if we win, the tournament will get to the U.N. This time I get your gold teeth. I will try to take my money off my gold teeth. And if I win, they told me that you win the tournament, I'll get your gold teeth.


Everything, everything, he always dangled the carrot. Yeah, you win this tournament, I did it, but I didn't win the tournament and get shit, you know, for faggoty anyway, that I don't get it now.


Well, listen, Mike, I'm very excited about your comeback game as well. I'm very happy that you're doing it. I'm happy. You look fantastic. It was real cool to be able to sit down and talk to you about it. And I'm 100 percent enthusiastic about it.


So I look forward to seeing you that I'm sure some people will be there and we'll work and I will try to be there live.


I would love to be there live if it's possible, if I can be there. I'm just going to love this. I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited looking at you being fed and how enthusiastic you are. And I wish you nothing but the best part.


Thank you. Thank you very much. The same with you, man. My success in doing. Thank you, Bob. Here, man. Nice brother. Yeah.


Who would you want to interview. I don't I don't I don't have anybody in my head I need to interview you won't want to do Bill Clinton and those guys.


I'd like to do Bill Clinton. I like to get high with Bill Clinton off. You know, he had a brother named by the awesome guy. Yeah. Yeah. So to be before my friends, I just. Yes. A beautiful person. Yeah.


I but I don't need to you know, I would if he wanted to do it, I would do it. But I don't need to. I like talking to everybody around here. I like talking to my friends. I'll tell you, I like talking to anybody. You know what I did a couple of I talked to some homeless people and they're very interesting. Yeah. I think sometimes I think and then I'm going to be I'm overwhelmed them intellectually and I get humbled sometimes.


Hmm. Well, a lot of homeless people are really smart. They just fucked up their whatever partner had that that comes together.


I mean, yeah, I think I know, you know, this guy is out and dirty and he fell out and this guy to enlighten me and then he has to tell me to leave because I'm stuck there.


Tell him to get out of here.


Are you enjoying doing hot boxing? Hey, listen, I haven't done in a while since this stuff. Since you started training. Yeah. And. Ethical, too. Let's go to. I don't think I'm a good host while I'm under this kind of information. I understand. Yeah, no, I like I said, I could see the intensity you ramped up right now. You're a different person than last time I talked to you. Yeah, I guess.


But excited. It's exciting, though. My wife, she shouldn't have told me to get on a treadmill. Well, you predicted it, man.


You predicted it on this show. He said, I don't want to reignite my ego. Yeah, and you did it.


I'm excited that you did it. I'm excited. I can't wait for November twenty eight.


I just want you, man. Listen, man, I've been working on my show you when I leave you that, OK? Show me. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, brother. Thank you very much sir.


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