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And I wanted this gentleman to be the very first person I did in this new studio for a couple of reasons.


One, because he is the original podcast. This is Adam Curry. Adam Curry is a lot of people call different people, even myself, the godfather. That is incorrect. The real pot father is Adam Curry. He's the original podcast or he's one of the people that I don't think he exactly came up with the name. I think he did, along with someone else.


I forget the exact story. Either way, he's the shit. He is the host of the No Agenda podcast. He's an awesome guy. He's one of the reasons why I came to Austin. And again, the very first guest here at the studio in Texas.


Please welcome the great and powerful Adam Curry government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, trained by Joe.


Real good podcast by like all day. Brother, it's not for you, I would not be here in both places. Welcome to Texas. Thank you, Joe. Joe, welcome. You bring tremendous, exciting and good energy to our city and to our state.


I appreciate that very much. But I'm here and a big reason in a big way because of you. So before we even get started, if you do not know, Adam was the very first podcast ever. He's the real if you if you want to have a patient zero of podcasting, it's you.


Yeah. And so that's arguably correct. Yeah, I would say it's inarguably great.


Yeah. And then also you talked about how much you loved it here.


Yeah. And I've been here 11 years or so. You we would not be here for those two things. Right.


Well it's really because after I did your show, which I can only think better than going on, the Joe Rogan show is being invited back on the Jovovich show.


It's I mean, you did it was incredible for me.


You renewed my credentials.


Well, listen, I think you're awesome. I think you're one of the most interesting guys on the Internet. No bullshit. I really do.


Thank you. The other thing that's very interesting is I told you when we were doing the show that time we were kind of getting a little baked. I'm like, this is where my Tourette's shows up and you have a mild form of Tourette's.


And so because I had said that it was like I felt really comfortable just being who I am and not having to worry about.


I don't want to talk right now. Oh, right. You know, Steve Mnuchin, our secretary of the Treasury, he also has Tourette's.


He also has a hot wife band. Well, this is, of course, one of the superpowers you get when you have to read. She's got a hot wife that. Yeah.


Maybe that's what you get is that wears those gloves that go all the way down to the elbow.


You know, I'm saying, yeah, the lady is like, oh, he's he's kind of weird, but I like that. So you could see him, you know, testifying before Congress and you can see him like, you know, stretching his neck and shit, you know.


So it's interesting.


But once it's out there, then it actually removes all the tension. And even on the YouTube comments, you know, people like, what the fuck is wrong with this guy, man?


It's like, you know, is he backing up his files every five seconds when he's when he's good, when he's batting his eyes?


What exactly is happening if someone like is there a physiological thing that they've identified?


Yeah, it's like sparks happening in your brain and they're not really sure what it is. It's the Tourette syndrome and there's all kinds of stuff they say can help.


And one of the things I say help certain herbs, you know, get fucking fishy. There's a lot yeah. There's a lot of people say it's, you know, it's trauma that the body is held on to. That's very possible. You know, that could be it. But it started around when I was seven.


So it could also be, I think, possibly vaccine related. I'm not I'm not saying that I'm, you know, anti vaccines, but I know I know what happened then because my parents took me to the doctor. My dad. Interesting.


Also had to get vaccines are one of those. So can be hereditary, is it vaccines are one of those subjects where people tense up. Mm hmm.


And you're either you're either all in or you're not. Well, you're not allowed to just want safe vaccine.


Not allowed to say I am 100 percent pro vaccine, but vaccines are in fact some sort of actionable chemical. Right? I mean, what some liquid that you're putting into someone's body? Sure. And it's going to have an effect. And there's all kinds of stuff in there. Things happen sometimes with people, with regular things, with aspirin, peanuts. Yes.


People's bodies react differently to all sorts of different things.


But that doesn't mean that vaccines haven't saved fuckin countless lives. Of course, they're amazing that people have figured out vaccines are the most, I think, of vaccines in a combination of a lot of other things.


Sanitation, sure. So, you know, that's why in New York City, the Sanitation Department still wears kind of uniforms because they were seen as like first line first responders when people were living in, you know, horseshit and trash just jumping out their windows in New York. These guys came in like the National Guard and they became this force.


Yeah, that's no doubt about it. If you had to live in, like, ancient Rome and with shit would just roll down the street.


Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, that's how a lot of people got sick in those places. Right. And ancient cultures before they really figured out sanitation and sandwich in general situation.


That's giant to prevent diseases. Vaccines are also I mean, how many people have been saved by vaccines overall net gain? I don't want to look at people like a chart, but if you did, you'd have to say, God, look at all the people that were saved, look at all the people that are healthy.


But you have to say, oh, but for some people, it fucked them up, you know?


I mean, there is a vaccine court, right? Well, isn't there I I've met Robert Kennedy Jr., uh, in the past.


He's a big and well, not. No, no, no, no, no, no. He's he's pro safe back, but he's very controversial, of course.


Of course. Because he's challenging the conventional wisdom of vaccines. And, you know, we have a lot of media influence to, you know, to kind of set us up on this path where I mean, when I was growing up, we didn't have vaccine for mumps or the measles. And I don't think the German measles and we got it and chicken and you got that, and so the vaccine industry was able to prevent that and some form of herd immunity.


But, you know, the way we had these outbreaks and people are freaking out and, you know, it just seems like it's an industry that wants to keep this type of safety for people.


And that's one view of what is good. I mean, there's all kinds of views, what people think about, you know, certain illnesses. You should just get to build up your immunity, you know? So it's hard for me to say.


I mean, it's not black and white. It just. And why should it be black and white?


Why should it be? Yeah, that's the thing is like there's room for reasonable discussion without getting into fistfights and lining each other's houses on fire. You know, and this is another subject where I think that's the case. I think there's there's room.


I think what's interesting is Jamie had to make first suggestion.


We've got a whole new set up here. Oh, yeah. Mel. Not only to Matt Alvarez, the fucking king of the world, who put this place together.


Let me just say, this is so bad ass to me. When you sent me a picture and I was like, that looks like the interior of an Embraer jet. I mean, this is this is crazy.


And then the lighting and then I'm glad my buddy Drew got hooked up.


Yeah. Shout out to Drew Teege, put this fantastic. Put this together and, you know, just all of it is.


But shout out to young Jamie fucking VIP. Yeah. Yeah. It's not for him. We said whatever you do, we don't want headphones. And he came through for us. I really appreciate it.


Yeah, we had a couple of sound, but no, it doesn't matter. I'm the perfect guest for that. You know, I just said you're the perfect guest for the podcast.


Just sat here and smoked your weed. You have to be the first guest.


Yeah, well, thank you. Here in the studio. It really is an honor. And let me tell you, man, I am here. So happy for you and so proud of what you've done.


And, you know, to get to someone to put a fucking number on the value you've created with your show, that's let's not do that, because that's just going to freak me out.


No, not at all. That's huge. You get exactly what you deserve.


I have a sip of whiskey and talk. Right. But what I want to say is you've made it. You know, this is this is a big move. You're not going like a television network. You know, this is not Hollywood picking you up. Fuck. This is something completely different.


It's another app. It's like an app against another app. This is cool. You know, we see Netflix and Disney and Apple Plus and Amazon, you know, so there's all these different I think that that creates markets in the place right now, maybe high value, but places value on content and people are willing to pay for it.


Yeah. So I'm not against any of that. I think that's very, very interesting and a very logical path and I'm glad that it's happening to you.


They have a vested interest in the show, which is what other platforms didn't necessarily have. Like YouTube has always been great to us. I don't have any complaints really about YouTube.


I think the real problem with YouTube is managing at scale. I think they're dealing with some ungodly number of videos that are constantly flooding into it.


But they didn't really have an interest. Other I mean, they they knew that the show is popular, but it's not like they were we were working together. You know, they just they just would take some of the ad revenue. But there was no, like, real it was just a nice place where I could put it up. They can make some money. I can make some money. But something like Spotify is a different situation where they're like, let's do this together.


We'll be together. So you'll be exclusive to here. And we want you to do well instead of having, like a non connected relationship, like a lot of people feel like with YouTube, which is again, I think it's because of managing at scale, they can't have a one on one relationship with everybody.


It's not possible.


There's somebody fucking people have YouTube channels, right? What is the number? I feel I don't know, Jamie, how many people have YouTube channels? Question.


It's got to be a crazy billions. Why not? Why not? Maybe billions. Why not?


Maybe not. Yeah, it's the number one video source in the world. Right, in terms of like watching clips.


Thirty, thirty one million YouTube channels out there as of twenty nine. Thirty one what.


Twenty nineteen thirty one million study. One million. Well interesting. That's it. Well in our world this is preposterous.


This is what is wrong with this shit. It must be much more than that, I tell you. Why does people there was a period of time during the podcast where I was telling people to do a podcast and they would get mad at me, like stop telling everyone to do it because it was like dirty.


It was like I was I felt like the lowest rung on the showbiz ladder was Vijay. But no, I went and created one lower, which was podcasters.


No, that's not what I was saying. Oh, OK. I was encouraging too many people to enter into it.


Oh, no. People got people to stop telling everybody they should have a podcast. Not everybody should have by now.


Well, this is very important for me because I realized as the godfather, who, you know, really helped create everything in this whole the.


And ism's of it all, how it all fits together is very we're losing something out of podcasting, but what that does is actually creates this huge opportunity in a vacuum because there's if you don't mind me saying there's other Joe Rogan's waiting to be born.


They're out there. They're alive right now. So they are ready and they need to have the same type of support that you get inside Spotify. And, you know, you'll see I heart radio and stitcher, they're going to announce deals. And so I'm going to be kind of they have all the exclusive and you have podcast one.


And and so that's where radio is moving, mainly by the music companies who have a kind of bad business model they have to pay for every time someone listens to a song, regardless of whether they could make money on it or not. So moving to a longer form content that doesn't cost more per minute that people consume is is dynamite for them and they already have people paying. And, you know, there's ways to do that, which is great. What I need to make sure we do is that we preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech.


It may not be easy for the next Joe Rogan was a different values or how they speak to get into whatever is the norm inside different podcast apps.


To understand what I'm saying, I do. I do understand what you're saying. Um, my thought about it every time I told someone to do it was that there's plenty of room.


Yeah. Yeah. There's so many in its infinite room. Yeah. Infinite this thought process that people have about not wanting someone.


Look, if I have an interesting conversation with someone and they're a fascinating person, I'll probably say you should do a podcast.


If they're not doing one, I would suggest it. Yeah, people got that's how Landstar stand. Like that's how all of us can do it.


If you enjoy fresh air, if you enjoy. Yeah. You know, Radiolab and you enjoy no agenda. If you enjoy any podcast like wouldn't you want to encourage some new interesting person to try to get involved and maybe take it to a different place like that's what happened. My friend Duncan Duncan Trussell from doing other people's podcast and then doing his podcast is amazed.


You guys like a 20 hour show? Oh, we did a five hour and 20 minute. I mean, I had to spark up like 45 minutes into it. I'm like, I got to get on their level. Now, that took me two hours just to sober up.


And then by then we were drinking.


Well, I'm kind of happy we had a little bit of Yes.


Jamy downtime so we could get ready for the shout out to the VIP on Jamie for pulling this motherfucker together. Yeah, this ship is about untap.


Yeah, the ship was about Sexon, right. But I'm enjoying Austin, so I love it. It's great, it's dope city. How you how many people there's less people around, it's going to say, do you know a lot of people here? Yeah, yeah I do. Yeah. Because I'm one of the owners of on it. We're right down the street here. So really good friends with Aubrey and Kyle Kingsbury's here.


And then my friend Todd White, who's a jujitsu friend of mine from back in L.A. and he has a he's a Nasso.


Todd White's a fantastic, really interesting does like I would call it, like what are those what are those speakeasies like Speakeasy 1920s ish.


Cool. Like, interesting.


This is the art of what is my friend Todd White. He does like click on that one it looks like.


Yeah. Right there. The one. Yeah. It looks like people at a party he does that kind of shit. Todd's been my friend. Oh, cool. Yeah, brilliant, brilliant cocktail lounge type. Yeah. And he's also a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu from my instructor, John Jacques Machado.


That's him. That's my buddy Todd. Nice. And he's he's in Austin right now, too. And he moved here from L.A. So he was also an influence talking to him because he's just a really super cool dude.


What I like about you here, man, is that, you know, Austin's pretty liberal. It's good that, you know, we need male energy.


We need male energy coming back.


We need to meet in the middle and hug. Yeah, of course.


All this course, the male female model, by the way, I think there's a reason it should work. You know, there's yeah, it feels like yin and yang. You know, it should kind of go together. Yeah.


It takes a while. It's not very easy. Not very easy to. Yeah. It took me a couple of tries.


Yeah. I think around 50 and like. Oh yeah. I think I'm kind of figuring it out a little bit.


I understand women way more now because I actually have children that are girls. So you see like the idea that a man and a woman is the same things like the idea that a cat, a dog. If you say to your cat, if you threw a ball for your cat and you like, go get it, motherfucker. What are you doing? Go get it. Yeah. What the fuck, man? The dog gets it.


Hmm. Mm hmm. We're so different. And when you watch little girls grow up and what they want to do versus I have friends that have boys like, oh my God, it's like at war, it's chaos.


They're just hitting things.


And the terrorists total, you know, obviously there's a spectrum. There's girls that are in danger.


Of course, we have that in common. I grew up with women, two sisters, my mom. I have a daughter. I have two stepdaughters. Just always a lot of women.


I get along really well. I can be great friends with women, but real super male energy, which is what I enjoy about you.


I'm sorry. No, it's really it really is. It's nice because I didn't have much of that growing up and you're so kind of open and nice about it. But you also jujitsu and all this fucking shit out, I think about how you want to learn.


We got gyms here. I am also very lazy. Well, maybe that helps. Maybe. Maybe. Do you work out at all what he's been class. Do you really fucking love this being class. It looks like fun. Oh, it's sitting in a dark shit.


Yeah. Dancing on the bike. You know, typically a lot of cute girls that used to matter, but now I just want to work out.


I get it.


Yeah, but I like someone yelling at me. Yeah. Do this, do that. And it's kind of rhythmic and no one sees you, you know, no one gives a shit slow down if you don't make it. But at the end you like. I feel good. I didn't you know didn't hack up a lung like. No. Feel good. I hate going there.


Isn't it a dangerous move to have all those people doing cardio in a small room? Like how many of them are farting? I've never I'm very sensitive to this, and I know, but often, let me tell you, I will definitely go to the bathroom before I go to spin class. Well, you're a courteous person, Adam Curry.


Yeah, but I have to this here, you know, I'm the bike like, oh, fuck, what the hell? Cause that would suck. So the occasional fart in yoga class is one of the funniest things never happen.


But oh my God, I've heard it would be horrible.


Actually, my friend Eddie Wong, when Eddie did for his television show, he farted. I took him to yoga. He wanted to do a bunch of things. I took him to yoga, went to a yoga class and he farted.


That's the point before yoga pants. Yeah. Time and so.


But no, no, I think it's quite healthy, actually. You know, the ventilation is good.


Shout out to gore. Hot yoga. They can't even open up right now, California. Oh, yeah, well, don't let them I go to yoga studios. It's so ridiculous.


I go to ride indoor cycling and they limit it to think 11 people or 13 just we need tests.


The White House apparently has some tests that they could find out in 20 minutes if.


Yes. Has come in 15 minutes.


Yeah. You just have to accept the microchip. Adam Curry, thank you, Microchip.


Well, obviously, at this point, everybody is basically thinking, come on, Dr. Bill Gates, just give me the fucking vaccine, then I'll take that. You know, it's obviously advantageous for people, but I think that's a meme about Microsoft.


Bill Gates owns Microsoft. Microsoft can't stop viruses for Windows.


How the fuck are they going to stop him now from. You know. I know. Yeah, it's a good meme. Solid point. If you were comic and you said that I would kill whoever you are, a mean person that came up with that line.


Yeah, I think that it's concerning all this vaccine, you know, the mandatory mask, the disputes over, but I think it's really a sideshow to something much fucking bigger.


What's the biggest thing? Well, I need a seat buckle. Yeah. Oh, definitely. Definitely. What is the what is the one thing that we absolutely lost during the coronavirus?


The one thing that went away? It was right in front of our face. We all saw it. What the fuck? We were actually told it had to go away. It was very dangerous.


What does that one thing probably your freedom. That's what I would say.


Just getting started wherever you want. Now, an actual control mechanism of freedom. Money went away, cash went away, coins went away. Everyone went digital money.


And we accepted it willingly, like, oh, without really thought that someone might be juking the system. Well, there's well, let me continue. Yeah, World Health Organization showed Chinese money being sprayed to clean it from coronavirus, which of course, we know is preposterous.


But, you know, Chinese money being sprayed. Yeah, like in Shanghai, they were spraying money in there was doing Meems as well. There's lots of like money can be dirty there. Was it?


Oh, everyone. When I said I'm not I'm going to fucking argue with you about the fucking money. I'm not going to touch it. That's what everybody said.


You can't argue with me about something I have no knowledge whatsoever of. Too big for that. There's no way we can argue, can we argue? I have no facts. Exactly. I'm not I'm not interested in arguments. I know. There's another thing that people learn, but there's more to this story. Please go. OK?


I think this is really important because it's happening right now. It's really cool. OK, so that went away.


And so everyone's kind of you know, now we're using ATVs and digitalise Abbasids, all different networks and infrastructure.


You know, you're not really you know, Venmo actually connects to another company that then logs into your bank account and axes you. There's all these different ways. It's been kind of gerrymandered and rigged together.


So Venmo doesn't go right to your bank account as they go through a middleware plaid networks, the dark lord that just got bought by like five billion dollars. So it's just just another part of fine make because banks traditionally never talk to each other.


We won't do whatever we can to maximize our profits. We promise you're going to you're going to love it when I get there.


Joe Rogan, we demand social justice while we're sucking Greendale's out of your veins.


So we're waiting for for the stimulus checks, which is now being negotiated. This is you know, people need money that stops the you know, it's being held up. And we and we hear this. It's about FBI building being built. It's about giving states money. It's about all these different things. And then we also have this post office controversy. So these two things going on, shout out to the post office.


Well, the post office, it appears, is is an important factor in a new digital dollar, which is currently called Fed Net, and I think it's called Fed Net.


So and it's basically they're involved post.


All right, let's go back. You know, nervous. You remember Jekyll Island. You were talking to Jackson about Jacobs. So that's zero facts about that. You find a quiz on Jekyll, I get a 23. You were pretty close. So Jekyll Island is where the Federal Reserve was created, right?


In 1910. In 1907, there was a crisis in America. There was a financial crisis.


And then the bankers, JPMorgan and the actual guys, you know, the old you know, we have Chase Bank now. And that guy who started that bank and Warburg and a couple others, they said, this is fucked up. We got to be able to control the interest rate so we can, you know, control the economy by boom and bust, basically, which we've been through all this time. But when they created it, they had to make that the official way to manage America's money.


And a couple of years down the line, they got the Federal Reserve Act, which removed our money from the Treasury and gave it to the Federal Reserve. And that's these bankers. And they just gave it the cool name to make it sound like it's a part of the government, but it's not. So they create the money, they manage it, and the United States borrows it from them. You've heard this before, I'm sure makes sense.


You should definitely give them most of the money that we have, because I know it's going to it's about to get a lot easier for them. That's the beauty of it.


Poor people and hard working folks so that the the banking for all act is what is on the table right now.


That's why I believe this stimulus is held up, because they want to give people the money into a digital wallet, which everyone who has a Social Security number right now has a digital dollar wallet attached to that Social Security number.


And all you have to do is if you don't have a bank, you go to the post office, you show your Social Security number, your ID and you'll get a debit card. And that is basically your entire bank on that card.


And the government can put money on which they will do, but they would say, well, do no, no, but it gets better, Joe.


It gets better. You want me to blow your mind? Funny is that you want me to blow your money. Please, please, please, please.


So because you're a fan of universal basic income, I'm going to tell you how it's going to work. This has come. OK, so you should really you want to hear this, OK?


I think it's really happened, ok.


I could be fucking wrong, but, you know, I, I'm just a VJ and a podcast and I remember when you had crazy hair, you were so handsome to a lot of work.


You're still handsome. So you like older guy hands a lot of fucking work.


You're beautiful young. You're beautiful. Oh, my God. Thank you. Anyway, continue. You say that to all the boys, but only my father.


Yeah. All right. I think you're the only guy I've called beautiful to his face. So that call Rob Lowe beautiful. If not, I apologize.


Rob, you're beautiful, too.


Who else? You're beautiful, Joe. Mike Tyson, you're beautiful. So you remember the cost of like a Toyota truck in the 70s, like when I was three, so I'm like five thousand dollars.


OK, so now in 2020. Fifty thousand dollars per fucking truck.


Well, those trucks are really valuable now. Now, those Toyotas from like the 1970s, the 40s, those are amazing. There's something about them that, like, makes you pretend you're Indiana Jones, like you're a rugged individualist with their aluminum door. It's like a fucking it's a like a farming vehicle, like the.


Oh, yeah. The real junk. They're real crude, but you could buy it for five grand and now you have to have 50 grand. Yeah. Of course, back then, you know, you made ten thousand dollars a year. You were doing OK. Now you're right, 100 grand to really say I'm doing OK.


Let me ask you this. Why is it that if you look at like a Toyota F.J. 40, why is it so attractive to us? Why does it make me feel like I want to get a leather bound notebook and go to the woods and write things?


You know, if I'm one of those dudes, I'm one of those dudes where I wrote about, you know what I mean?


What if I'm one of those dudes wears like a fluffy flannel shirt?


I don't care about cars anymore. I gave up F.J. 40.


Come on, look at that thing. That is a rugged individualist car. That's a dude who reads a lot of books and doesn't eat a lot of attention.


And how come he doesn't know there were no socks, has no socks in his pocket?


Oh, that guy's got boots on the fucking grounds on fire. The guy drives that car right there. That's a bad motherfucker who knows how to tie good knots. Yeah, that's what that guy is. That's a guy who knows how to fucking drive those things off road. He knows how to activate the lockers. He's the guy who writes maybe he could play guitar by the firelight, but he doesn't have a girlfriend. Isn't it crazy?


Is this that guy?


He's got a fucking life out. There you go. Looking for else. Every man has a little bit of that in them.


Yeah, for sure. A little bit opposer. Yeah, that guy's a poser. That shit has ruled that even dirty does that. He that's that guy's probably a dancer. It probably has nothing to do with shooting or driving trucks or hunting. They just put that dude in a beautiful car and beat up stand there and look stupid.


So when you get your twelve hundred dollar digital in your wallet. Oh, government money, which is.


Yes, it's called the stimulus. Right. This is the digital dollar.


And you're going to get everyone is going to get this money if you're just going to create wrong think, can the government shut down your account.


This is totally where it's headed. Of course. Of course. Of course. But what's interesting about it is, do you know that interest rates have gone negative in most of the world, which is really upside down? So because of the pandemic?


No, there was this already happened since 2008. The whole financial system broke.


I mean, because they didn't embrace Jesus.


We're in Texas. Let's make friends because they did embrace Jesus.


There's a lot of people and by the way, a lot also. Do you have a fucking, quote, high quality audience? Man, they start listening to you as well. But let me tell you, and a lot of people who are Christian, you know, and they definitely see this as end times and and, you know, it's like is Jared Kushner maybe the Antichrist?


With several eyes on the right?


He looks like Damian could be. Remember The Omen. I want to picture Jamie right now. I need a picture of Jared Kushner next to Damian from The Omen, particularly when someone's probably already done it. Look at that. Look at that one with Trump, where Trump's out of focus in the middle click of that same. Oh, no, listen, Jared, I'm just joking, I don't believe anything I just said, you know, I'm just trying to be funny.


Oh, my God, someone's already made a connection. Jared, I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a good guy. Your wife's OK. Congratulations. And you're very wealthy. I think it's I don't think you get a fair shake.


I don't think anybody in that fucking anybody connected to Trump gets a fair shake. You know what? No one gets a fair shake. No matter what happens on both sides of the aisle. We're at each other's throats. Yeah. If I if I was a conspiracy theorist and I've been in the past, I would say if somebody really wanted to destroy America and then control like a dictatorship, how would they go about doing it?


I got an idea. It sounds crazy, but I want to release a virus.


OK, if I'm a conspiracy therapist, so I just analyze the situation. Yes.


I think China has a big role in what's happening as global globalism does. In general, it used to be only centered around climate change and Green New Deal. And there and there's a lot of agendas running right now.


So digital dollar, which I'll explain to, you know, can I pause before this gets misconstrued, though? Sure. I don't believe what I just said. Here's another possibility that I also don't believe, OK, I don't believe either one of them. OK, another one is maybe there was some sort of a virus that they were examining and doing tests on in the laboratory. Somehow it escaped, according to Brett Weinstein, who is an actual evolutionary biologist.


He believes that's probably that's very possible, but he doesn't commit either way.


So I don't I don't know. But that's not my field of expertise. I don't that's that's not my field of it. I know. But I still want me to be misconstrued. Of course not. That's all.


That's why I just had to have. That is not something I believe.


I think the whole thing is very it's it's so scripted, like in terms of I shouldn't say that it seems like fiction in such a stark way that if you like, if you had an amazing jack book about some foreign threat that invaded America and brought a virus that brought the economy to its knees and then gobbled up all the stocks and then kept people in their houses and made people scared and then manipulated. And I'm not saying that this any of this.


You mean pretty much every disaster movie we've seen for the past 20 years that we'd love to stream in totality as predictive programming? Yeah, sure.


I remember being on mushrooms once sitting on a hillside thinking about the fact that every single civilization besides ours current has collapsed.


If you go to ancient Greece and you look around those spectacular structures, those people aren't there anymore. Man Yeah. They're not running shit.


No. Well, I think we'll be OK, but there is some awareness needs to happen. Yeah. And just back to taking it from a media angle, which I think you and I share the virus where it came from, all disputable, whatever the reaction to it, if the tests are OK, if the vaccine is a different that all that doesn't matter to me right now.


What happened was the first I remember this because the first unprecedented thing that we heard was China was shutting down a city of eleven million people. Right. And that was like, holy shit, that's never happened before. I paid attention, like, God, man, that's some bad shit.


So we didn't know what was going on. We're all terrified. But what we also saw on Instagram and Ticktock and everywhere else was these videos of people dropping dead on the street.


Do you remember that? I do. What was that? Where'd that go? Has that ever happened since?


I believe I think it has happened for some people that are poor health, some people that get affected by this disease.


Well, I've only seen Chinese videos of this. I have not seen it anywhere else. I believe that that set something in motion, some programming that was triggered by authorities such as the World Health Organization, Foushee Berk's, who I remember from AIDS, and then I clean out all of that. He has a lot of people pissed off about how they handled the AIDS crisis. Well, what's wrong with how they were handled it?


Oh, they they did tests wrong. All kinds of shit was wrong. This Michael Musto in The Village Voice.


What a scathing article, article about Fouche. You just wasted all this fucking money and people had died.


It was it was real and found she was hobnobbing with Elton John and the whole, you know, your phone.


How dare you? The pod father doesn't know how to this one.


It's me. Yes, we could just talk. OK, so let me just like that better.


Yeah. OK, so I hope you leave all that in there Jamie.


I know. I love that. Yeah. No, I like you. That makes it. I love the fact he's a flip phone as well. Shout out to Ari Shapiro. Also flip phone flip phones I actually think are is abandon the flip phone.


The other day he called me and I said, is this your flip phone?


You know, it's an iPhone like, oh, motherfuckers call me from an iPhone.


I thought it was a flip phone anyway. A lot. I just I just I just need to tell you, because you, my friend, no one else. Listen to me, Joe, why you're so smart, they should all listen who's not listening and what are you saying that they're not?


Listen, what I'm saying is that just look at the evidence in front of you. I think that this is a globalist type of movement. I think a lot of it has been driven by China. They have their hooks in a lot of us in a lot of different areas and in politics and education, in finance and in fucking every media, Hollywood sports, they're in everything.


And I think that if this was a plan, I think that it was intended for some other date. Not all the players and the pieces were in place.


Remember, conspiracy therapist analyzing it, but a go signal was thrown by them. And then we start and and by the way, New York Times reported 140000 Twitter bots were targeting Italy with these Chinese shut down videos.


And, you know, so I think that that had something had something to do with it, how the how the mechanisms of social media were used to get people to shut down. And this seems to be a lot of dishonest people in the medical field. Left, right, whatever. I don't care what the president says.


Just looking at all the different voices out there.


You've seen him. You know that. You see the words get taken off of YouTube. I got questions.


You know, seems like some valid things are out there told to shut up. Well, there is a problem with stifling debate, right?


It's a UK problem. Yeah, fuck. Especially when these people, some of them, whether you agree or disagree with that, all infidelity is caused by demons. Wasn't that one of the things that lady said? Oh, yeah.


Well, let's just say, oh yeah, that Doctor Simmen, the one samon and I'm sure I know which one was it what you say about alien DNA?


There was something, but well, she had she just a typical Caribbean type church with all kinds of whacked out shit. There's some strange ideas. Yeah, well, Catholic Church, Judaism, there's all kinds of weird stuff everywhere.


Shouldn't you let those people talk? Yes. Right. Like you have to shut them down.


And shouldn't you have a video that response to that that explains. Yeah. Hey, no, this is actually what's going on. The reason why she thinks that is because she doesn't understand blah, blah, blah, or here's what she's saying that's valid because of this, that and the other.


The problem is you're either with us or against us. And it's been the problem with human beings since the beginning of time. We are team players. We love a fucking team. We love being American.


You know, people got happy, my old studio, because I had an American flag, like, fuck, you know, the new look who because I'm on Team America, right?


We get on teams, whether it's team progressive or team conservative or team rational or centrist or you know, you don't think the Libertarians are taking it far enough. All of that stuff is this.


It's a there is a labels. I don't I think labels should be illegal. It's cocaine's illegal. Labels should be illegal as well.


There should be no Democratic Party.


No Republican Party, I don't think. Green Party.


Stop, stop it, libertarians. Everybody just thinks you're mean.


Just let's stop the unaffiliated. Unaffiliated.


How about it would benefit everyone if you wanted to combat if you really wanted to. Yeah, that's not true.


Because then people who feel suppressed and they would want to get they would want to get back at you, they would go more hardcore underground like backwoods parties.


I believe there is an element in our society that is small, but it has interesting, powerful positions that hate America.


Just I mean, they're not left or right.


They just have whole different ideas.


And it's inside this country. Yeah. Yeah. Is it that they hate America or is that their interests like they can they can.


It's well, it's always it's always more beneficial for them. I guess it's always for power to try to do something. There's ideologies.


Look, I think you're right.


All Americans I know we're good people, but I mean, I don't I don't I don't even like saying that, you know, people are generally good people. Sure. The vast majority. Otherwise, we'd all be dead. Sure, because you would.


But when he when you have a million kill, you may see of media around you that I live in telling you it's black.


It's white, it's left. It's right, it's up.


It's this is why I encourage podcasts and this is why I have to create podcast index dog to be independent from Apple mainly.


I think that's a good idea.


But however, as a company, Apple has taken the most uniquely neutral approach when it comes to podcast. Apple has been an. Excellent steward of podcasting and, yes, excellence doing maybe the best because they're not profiting off, here's the problem. And this did kind of remind I fucked up when I met Steve Jobs 15 years ago and he wanted me to bless podcasting and iTunes. We talked about that last time.


Yeah. I also gave him my copy of the index that we had built at the time, which kind of made Apple the de facto onramp to submitting your podcast because all other apps and everything has been connected and getting their information and their searches from Apple's database.


So when Alex Jones was taken off of Apple podcast, Plop, Plop, Plop Like Dominos, all these other apps no longer had the ability to carry that feed because creating your own index is a big fucking pain in the ass.


And the average independent software developer would rather work on the experience and make categories and feature who he wants to because Apple would feature NPR, PBS. So there's all these experiences that can be built and these app developers can compete with, if you don't mind, Spotify. You know my heart.


I'm dead now. I'm just telling you, honest, we need to have an outside place where, you know, I'm setting putting my own money and people donate or not.


And I think because I love that structure.


Yeah, I think we can retool to a platform of value. I mean, have ideas. And so, you know, this will be this will be ready like soon.


There's always certainly a concern when any company has a relative monopoly, whether it's YouTube or they're not bad, they're not bad.


Bad. They've been great guys. But we just talked about with YouTube, it's managing at scale is almost impossible.


And I think people tend to listen different.


So they tend to lean towards control and minimize the damage. Right.


So if you're dealing with 31 million different YouTube channels and then you have how many different videos each one of them puts out, if you're if you're thrust in a situation like, what do you think the amount of videos every day that goes through YouTube, that is let's guess that it's hundreds of millions of five hundred hours a minute.


Yeah. Yeah.


By the way, YouTube's money never live long enough to watch everything on YouTube. 500 hours a minute.


Yeah. YouTube's real money comes from all those cat videos and other shit. That's the long tail. That's where all the real money is.


We get pretty long views, but the but as an elite messaging system, it's all breaking down.


That's that's kind of the problem.


Well, the problem is it's not decentralized. Right. The problem is it's not there's a company that's in control of it rather than it being in control by by the people that are using it.


This is the problem with all of Silicon Valley is I fucking hate them for this. And that's why I have a flip phone. I love your technology. I hate your fucking business model.


Yeah, I think their situation, if I could just for a second, I think it's unmanageable. And I think when they look at their ethics and what they want to do with community and their standards in terms of society, they think it's almost unmanageable. If you allow people to harass people or say terrible words or attack people or say crazy shit about 9/11 or promote some weird things about the earth being flat, the moon being fake, there's something about them that like they just want to stop it.


Stop it, stop it. It's not true. Stop it. Don't step in. Why do you think that is?


Well, it's just human nature, man, but it's an ideology. There's this idea.


Why do you think they want to stop it?


I think they want to stop it because it doesn't align with what they've accepted as important enough to talk about. But the problem with telling people what's important enough to talk about is if someone has a crazy idea like came in, the earth is hollow and aliens live inside of it, you have to be able to say, well, certainly want someone has to be able to come along and say, hey, this is how we know it's not hollow and this is how we measure the density of the earth.


This is how we know about the core. This is what we like. The problem is not that these people are influencing other morons. The problem is that there's a massive failure in education. You can't suck me into a flat earth video, man. Yeah, yeah.


Can't I mean, I didn't I didn't spend a whole lot of time in school, but I understand psychology. I understand from point of not trusting people. I know when people are full of shit and when someone is making a video like they're the one who has all the information about the fact that the world is hollow and that there's aliens that live inside of it. It's an attractive myth. It pulls you in. Mm hmm, you know, but but I understand what people are doing.


I think all of this does have a benefit.


I think so, too. Conspiracy theories. Q And on vaccines, antibiotics, it doesn't really matter the way children being shipped in cabinets, the Adreno chrome, the celebrities eating children and babies and horrible things, all of that.


What that does is it is getting people to and this is why I think it needs they want it to be stopped or people want to be stopped because at least people are looking at other things and consuming things and making decisions and saying, OK, maybe I should question this question, that this does have a way of getting people to be more aware and question more things. And that in its basis, I think is really good. We got training wheels on probably right now.


Now people have no idea what we should have. Taleban's Joe Rogan.


Hey, that sounds Jamaican.


Just like Taleban's. Joe Rogan Irishman. Yeah, we did.


So what is this doing to us? What is what is this this instant access everywhere doing to us?


Well, it's certainly having an effect on how we view and what our expectations are of reality.


Mm hmm. Well, those the way we view reality is totally different. Now, the idea of running around without a phone is preposterous. The idea of not having a navigation system on your car is preposterous.


You know, I have one car that doesn't have AC.


It doesn't have it doesn't have a Porsche.


Little 911, 1993. Yeah, it's raw as fuck, man.


I had 884. 911 doesn't have power steering. No, no.


And there's the thing that happens when if you're forced into that situation, we have to drive something like that. You go, oh, I've got to pay attention to everything you could you can get into a drone state just found left in one quarter of a mile on Bridge Road like, oh, Bridge Road.


Time to turn left. Right. You just. Yeah. You get into a zombie. I mean.


Well, so that's my not having a smartphone with me is not because of I mean we're being tracked as all kinds of ways.


What it's more about. Oh wait a minute.


I think we're being tracked. Yeah. Russia or China or maybe our fucking commercial companies, they can sell us to whoever they want.


Oh, the U.S. government the U.S. government doesn't have to spy on you.


They just go to Google or ten other companies and buy your location data is the problem that we gave up the commodity of data, we gave it up.


No, we just need to be responsible and create less data and be smarter about it. So I don't want to first of all, I don't want to be fucking I got enough problems in my life. Right. It is notified all the time when I'm when I'm moving around.


But could that have been stopped had we had a time machine and you could understand what data would be in twenty versus in nineteen.


Yeah. Yeah.


We have gone back and we. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Stop. Data is a massive commodity that's worth billions and billions of dollars and we are treating it like it's not important. We're treating it like the content is the most important thing in the Internet. But clearly the thing that generates the most money for, like Google and Facebook and everybody else is, is not that right? It's it's. For sure, it's the data, it's finding out where people live, what they buy, what their interests are, what kind of profile of you.


Yes, how much money do you have? What do you do online shopping use versus why?


This is why Silicon Valley is competing with the U.S., with the Federal Reserve to be your bank.


Everybody wants to be your bank. Maybe everybody wants it because that's when they control you.


But that's also when you get loans at negative interest rate. So they actually pay you to take the loan to which you could pay off your student loan. This is going to be scaring the fuck out.


No, no. This is what you wanted. You wanted universal basic income. Here it comes. This is going to and by the way, it's going to work. This is the crazy thing.


Now, the control will also work, but what economy will be steerable? I mean, all I think that that part will really work. But let me tell you, the apocalypse is coming and you're going to need a Bitcoin, at least one Bitcoin salesman, no courage.


I was very anti Bitcoin, really. I was very anti Bitcoin until I sold a shitload of them at like 900 dollars. And I could have, you know, I could have really made a lot of money. Yeah, I got it for nothing.


People just gave it to me in the beginning and I denied it. And then when you look at ten years, I'm like, OK, I'm what I'm I don't fuck all the coins and all that stuff. That's what I was going to say.


No, I don't give a shit about. But is is there a risk in. But here's the question about Bitcoin. Is there a risk in having that be the standard? Like why can't there be competing cryptocurrency? Like, why are we so do we have to get committed to one?


And if we do get committed to one, is there the possibility of some sort of manipulation, the same we've seen with all the other currencies? Well, table get involved.


Yeah, money. Ten years of data have shown that Bitcoin really is the only one that you can trust right now.


Is that true? You just said right. For no reason. Yeah.


The way the way I see it, the way I see it, that's really the only one that you cannot manipulate in all of the other coins are based off of it.


Do you know Andreas Antonopoulos know the name rings a brilliant, brilliant. I know Max Kaiser, you know. OK, I know it is Max. Max. Yeah, I've learned a lot.


And and I you know, Max has been saying this from day one anyway, so we have enough historical information to see that.


That's right. But that is increased in value no matter what you look at the U.S. dollar.


Back to my five thousand dollar truck in the 70s. Fifty thousand dollars. Now, that value of that dollar has diminished by ten percent because they've just been printing more and more money.


Is that why or because of communists that what it is? You know, of course, hippies and communists, so for sure, the United States ruined the United USSR with financial trickery for sure, but now we're just trying to buy rope.


Was it was it a lot of it? The space race? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Don't take financial trickery.


There's no way there was all about devaluation. It was really it was really quite amazing. Multiple levels. Good, but never fucking. That's good.


You know, maybe a friend of mine who is a computer wizard was doing this thing where he was tracing these certain pages that were organizing like anti-war rallies. Yeah. And he would follow the IP back to Russia.


Yeah. Hey, Mike, what the fuck, man?


Maybe Russia. Maybe China.


What the fuck? We had. Yeah, Hillary Clinton called them techno experts and we sent them in to the fucking Balkans, Ukraine. We did all that. That's all our techno experts right now.


You have Belarus, you know, people are protesting and it's really being organized around one telegram channel called NextEra.


And these guys worked for U.S. State Department. You know, they got pictures of selfies on the cells in the State Department, you know, obviously some kind of propaganda outfit. But there they have, you know, two million followers. And those people are like, OK, we go protest over here a lot like Black Lives Matter.


You know, this stuff is being coordinated, but very interesting with this. It's so important to talk about nuance and not being connected to any ideas. This is just my view, man.


Don't know what I'm thinking today. I think I got. No, I think you're right.


Mm hmm. You're also not right. There's also a bunch of people that are involved in that that really have good intentions.


Of course, I'm generalizing to the man. No, no, I'm not even generalizing. You're stating a fact that foreign interests are manipulating our outrage. That's a fact.


Yeah, but we're also doing it to other countries and we're doing it internally as well. You know, horse Rene Droste is. Yes, she was.


Yes, she was. She's been on this podcast. Yeah.


It's very interesting because that company that she worked for actually apparently worked for the special election in Georgia, I think it was, and actually applied some of those tactics. It was.


Is that is that for sure? 100 percent. I don't know shit 100 percent. I mean, I think maybe that is true with the company that she worked for, but I may not have been involved in. I do not believe she would have been. But she's a very interesting person.


They knew how to do it. They had figured out how to do this stuff. Her podcast with Sam Harris, if you remember. Yeah, yeah.


I've heard this is a couple of years back maybe. Yeah. Two years back. And that's around the time.


Jamie, when was the name of that group she was with?


Because it was a foundation and a company and the data for democracy. I know a bunch of people. What was the first one? New knowledge. Knowledge. I know a bunch of people said that they were involved in some some things that mirrored some of the things she was talking about with them, like maybe they were.


But no, I mean, I don't think there was there was actually not the company she works for. She's an individual, you know.


Right. As an individual employee. Absolutely.


But as an individual talking to her about all these different Meems and all these different companies that were these people that were involved in Russia from the IRA, the Internet research agency, like they're actively manipulating outrage. They're trying to fuck with people. They're trying to make people upset and it's working.


Yeah, but this is being done. Everyone's doing this.


But isn't the marketing companies doing it for the clients, the fast food companies, Burger King, McDonalds, they're like going to war.


They like slam fest on on social media all the time. They're like upping one other buck. You Burger King, fuck you, Pizza Hut. This is this is completely cultural. Shit is changing, man.


It's the wrong lucky that right out is a silent killer in the. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead with your ads if you like.


Whatever is you try to burger, you're like whatever. You guys are cute with your water burger comparison to in and out you can eat shit.


But what if, by the way, no man would have even even in and out loses to five guys? How about that?


Whataburger uses special people to serve five guys. You just holler Pinos. You know, I'm talking about James.


Yeah, right.


So we have mentally challenged people, so we want to be better Whataburger and they're fucking fantastic.


Oh, and they will talk about the catch up. And you're going to you know, and they recognize you're in a hurry, dude.


Then you should not be going to waterbird go to fucking burger that you five guys, whatever you want. You got to serve the water burger experience. You can't be in a hurry at either one of those places.


Yeah, both of those.


The reason why they're awesome as they cook them right in front of you see, it's like cook them right in front of you or I hate myself and I want Jack in the box. Those are the questions. Yeah. That we need to answer. Yeah.


I'm really only a Burger King or McDonalds, dude. My issue would be late at night coming home from comedy if I was exhausted and tired. I did like two shows, Ervine Improv. Then I drove the hour. I'm going to stop at McDonald's, eat three filet a fish like a fucking wolf. I need it.


Hey man, are you going to miss you? Hang there. Comedy Store, it doesn't exist right now and it's currently banned. No, it's not banned alcohol. Alcohol is somehow another better than jokes.


Who? They were drinking themselves to death and hanging themselves ceiling fans, so I need to talk to you.


I want to talk to you about the division part, because we can do something about I think we can. And the division part.


I'm reluctantly coming to the acceptance that this stupid fucking show that I created a long time ago with Brian Reed, Ben Young, Jamie Vernon has some sort of social responsibility because, I mean, it's the amount of people that listen, I don't why I'm a moron.


You're not supposed to be taking advice from me if I connect you to people that are interesting. Congratulations.


But trust me, I like you. I'm trying to figure my own things out if I'm thirteen steps ahead in terms of like we're running a marathon, 13 steps ahead of you or thirteen steps behind, we're all doing the same thing. We're all just trying to get better wherever we are. At any point in time, we're trying to get better. And the best thing that anybody could ever encourage you to do is think for yourself, use real critical thinking.


Don't connect yourself. Because I look, people drive by me with American flags. I'm a sucker, OK? I'm a sucker for America. I love America. My grandparents came here from Italy. They had a great goddamn time. They created my mom. They created me and my my sister. We are Americans. So I see that flag. I'm like, fuck yeah.


Murka Baby Thuc in America. Mm hmm. But I think there's a problem with any kind of teams, there's a problem with any any time we look at each other like where I'm of this an era that so fuck you. And I think we need this is what we need to abandon.


We need to abandon our attachments to ideologies, even ideologies that we haven't recognized as ideologies like, you know, like whatever the fuck it is.


The problem is not brown pride like Cain Velasquez. You know who he is? No, he's like one of the greatest UFC heavyweights of all time. The only thing that kept him from being the goat, the greatest of all time ever is the fact that he kept getting injured. He had a bunch of injuries like shoulder surgeries, knee surgeries, back surgery like he's had. He had like a cage put around his spine. But when he was part of the problem was his will to fuck people up was stronger than his body.


And so he would push his body past its limits and he just kept getting injured. But that's also what made him so special, because when he was on top, he would just smash people, just run through him.


He's the most American motherfucker of all time because his dad walked here from Mexico.


His dad walked walked from Mexico. He lives in San Jose.


But, you know, long that took that's a long fucking walk and his dad will still do it.


Man worked hard and gave him a life. And then he became, in my opinion, when he was at his best, the greatest heavyweight I've ever seen, in my opinion. And he was a force of nature, insane cardio.


But his ability to overcome the feeling he could push through things that other people weren't willing to.


That's why his body fell apart, his knees blew out, his back blew. Everything broke. But it was because his mind was so strong. Right.


That's America. That's America. Yeah. That's as America as it gets, as are my roots from Ireland, Scotland, Germany.


Exactly the same. Yeah. So what if we're very sensitive?


We're very sad. I think the root of most of this is coming from the racial issue. Black, white and and we need we need to define some terms.


And this I think is very helpful.


Instead of saying African-American, black, American, black, Negro, whatever we've had in the past, I prefer a DOS, which is a lot of people understand this now, which is American descendent of slavery, that that makes very clear who you're talking about.


So you can say black, but Kamala Harris, not black. Black, yes. Black in color, but not American descendent.


So you would make it clear distinction between an American descendant of slavery and someone who if you want to fucking fix our country. Yeah, we got to do that. If we want to fix our country, this is what we have to do.


Malcolm X said before he became, you know, Nation of Islam, crazy little off the radar for me.


He said the only way to fix the racial problem in the United States of America is have a white man, a black man, sit down at the table and work the fucking shit out.


That's what he said. I've been doing that for a year.


Yeah, I got a podcast, Mo Facts with Adam Curry now, but I've been talking I've been talking to this is exactly what he started calling me.


Explain to me what Adolf's was. I was trying to figure it out and no agenda. And we were talking for an hour once a week. I said, fuck it, this is a podcast and I have gotten an education in here.


He's asking me who's his MO fact dotcom emoji. FactSet Mo fact it's not his real name.


His name is Mo. It's real short for Morris, but it's not facts.


Is that his last name? No. Imagine if it was that like he was born face. He's like the Dalai Lama.


Well, it's like Trump is 45 savage. You know, you've got to have your you got to have because them in forty five savage 47th president. Forty five savage what is forty five savage.


That's President Trump. But what. That's his nickname.


Arapaho twenty one Savage show. He's Oh hello. Hello.


Somehow or another I'm younger than you but older than you. I got lucky this time.


I got fucking lucky. Yeah. Anyway talking about.


So listen to what if what if our problem is OK. So when, when you have a doss American descendent of slavery which Mau is one.




If you have Adolf's when politicians say the black and brown community they feel fucked because it's not just the this is a group of very special Americans who deserve to be recognized as such.


Right. This is why they've always been led down the path of voting Democrat. And now there's all this shit is in play. So that's why black white is always played on us, because that's our weak spot. That's our Achilles heel. We're embarrassed about it. Yeah, I agree with you. Fuck, yeah. America. I love my country. I love our country. But we have some fucked up shit that we instead of dealing with it, we're letting other people hijack us over it.


That's what's going on here.


And and it's not racism that we suffer from. It's nepotism.


It's nepotism. And I'll explain why if it truly was.


I can tell you systemic racism absolutely existed in America, and it went all the way up into the 70s with no man about the House rule when they came up from the south and went into the projects created by, I guess, FDR and, you know, because they typically ate their own food. Now they're coming here to work. So the projects we create and welfare. But you could not have a man in the house.


And this went into the 70s that had patrols making sure that there was no family with children and a father. Now we have 75 percent of all children in America without a father in the household.


You and I, we got parent privilege and white privilege, parent privilege, a man my dad was, you know, didn't work out that great with us, but he did put some shit into me.


And I grew up and he was around and there was some that influence was there. That's our problem. Who's running Black Lives Matter? Name me one male leader of Black Lives Matter. No, it's all women and I have no problem with it. But I do question what's going on.


I can't argue with you because I don't know who the leaders are. Oh, Patrice Colors.


There's a number of women who, you know, and they all come from the old radical kind of Marxist.


Just one more thing. True Communists in 1936 tried to they wanted to come and overthrow America. This has been going on for a long time. We tried to export democracy. They tried to bring socialism into us. Clear. We do it by blowing your country up and rebuilding it. And they do it other ways.


They came in, they wanted to propagate this message and no white people came, but the poor black people came.


And so they became very associated with Marxism and leftist ideas. And they were basically taken through into what is today is, I guess, the Democratic Party.


And that's not working anymore because there's just strife and there's no real solutions.


And even the first African-American president, not Adolf's, didn't really deliver for them.


So this is this election.


This time right now, it's fucking they're fucking with us because of this one thing for their own power, left and right. Is it oh, man, is it a that was an excellent joint I smoked earlier, it's very good. Very good stuff. Yeah, congratulation.


Thank you. Is it possible that we're in this weird state with people? Because we've decided that we were losing power and other aspects of our life. So we're getting more and more determined to take it back in other places because the fact that so many people have been denied the ability to make a living, I mean, it's kind of crazy. Yes. I mean, I don't know what to think about it, but it seems to me that if I'm allowed to go to certain essential businesses with a mask on and no one's dying, I mean, if I'm going to a supermarket and everyone's wearing a mask, everybody seems OK.




And scientists seem to think they're OK. Like, what point in time do we allow that for everywhere?


And at what point in time do we allow people to take chances? We allow people to flip dirt bikes. We allow people to fucking jump out of helicopters. We allow people to do all kinds of crazy shit. We allow people to wingsuit. Why don't we allow people to not wear a mask? Why don't we allow people to open up their business? Why don't we allow people to do whatever they wanted to do? Is it really the right? And the idea is, well, you have to protect the other people.


I agree. You do have to protect the other people. But one of the things is going to make the other people more vulnerable is a collapse of the economy. And we're not saying that for some reason there's this weird thing where politicians want you to love them and they want you to love them. So if you are leaning towards defunding the police and and making sure that all the socialism ideas get accepted into major universities and it gets taught in the curriculum and grade school, if you drone on enough and the person who's running for mayor knows, the only way that they can win is to embrace your ideas.


They're going to fucking do it. It's a dirty system. This doesn't make any sense. And you should be able to vote from your own right, but you can't.


Right. So we get this weird, corrupted, fucking intertwined system that it's all voodoo.


Well, first of all, every country gets the government. She deserves the question.


The question is not why do we allow people to tell us what to do? It is why are we allowing them to actually tell us what to fucking do?


Who is now, seriously, we are afraid we've been the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


This is a good one.


It's one thing to say that plane might crash, the car might crash, you might buy a car, you might die of an overdose.


It's another thing to say some other fucker without a mask might kill you, bitch. That's some real fucking fear. And that's not to be taken lightly. That is not to be.


And they have they have fucked with us over this. I don't care whether it's true or not or what's true or not. The cavalier nature of this shutdown and fear and colors and stages and numbers and charts and connecting it to the stock markets.


I don't like that about President Trump at all.


But see, he looks at what he calls the economy. I don't know if he's behind this digital dollar or not, but I think we're all going to be taking care of the ten million are going to be on a universal basic income. And that's going to happen. I'm not worried about that.


But what are we left with and just where do we go from?


There is going to be the question, because what does what does Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is slogan?


Do you know what their slogan is? Brain damage and prison time. It should be. Build back better. Hmm, so that's pretty that's pretty clever. OK, it's so clever that the same slogan is used by the United Nations, the the Green New Deal Organization, 363 fatigue dog Boris Johnson is using it as his campaign. Francois McCall using it as his campaign. Justin Trudeau build back better.


This is a globalist plan.


Build back better. Is a plant.


It means we're going to shut down all coal and oil and gas and fracking and we're going as much as possible.


The transition to solar and wind doesn't sound like a good idea if it's feasible.


I don't think it's feasible. And but but what is being promised with the Green New Deal is we will create good paying green new jobs. Now, that's just a philosophy whether you think it's good or not right now.


I don't think so.


But for sure, I know that Bill Gates, who a big part of, you know, this green new deal that he's investing in nuclear plants, because when the sun don't shine in the wind don't blow, you need some power and it's going to come from his nuclear plants.


How does Bill Gates have any ambition left? I mean, maybe he's being blackmailed. What do you think he knows? No, I think he's being blackmailed with stuff he's done. I don't know if that's that sweater. Allegedly. Yeah, someone's got a picture of him with a tank top on doing the fucking most muscular.


You can't. This is another thing, man. This whole Eppstein business, this has gotten millennials with.


What's that? Bill Gates meets with Jeffrey Epstein many times despite his past.


So this has gotten everyone nuts that the kids are going like that and, you know.


This is good, though, because there's something there, obviously, there's obviously something there, obviously something there. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Something you seem to be one of those guys is really into conspiracies.


No, let me break to analyze. Let me break this down. There's no way there's anything more to what you're seeing in the news when it comes to a story.


Excuse me, please, sir, about a man who traveled to fuck Ireland with Bill Clinton 26 times. Did he fly with Bill twenty six times or do you travel to the government? Just find me.


They just took the money straight out of my digital dollar. Oh, yeah. You thought you were fucking son. You connected to the Internet.


This is what's so beautiful, man. You know, you're in the universe. I'm in the universe. You know, Dave Reuben's in the universe. Ben Shapiro's in the universe. Alex Jones. The people are there's a whole new structure to it. We we're out of control.


We don't know what the fuck they're doing. They're going to try and control all of us one way or the other. Yes, but the Internet, we pretty much have that.


We got free reign.


We do, but we don't got it now. We got so much. We have a lot. But there's also a lot of censorship. I mean, you don't need any of that.


You have mastodon, you got your own network. You don't social, you don't need it.


But let's be realistic when it comes down to it, Joe, for sure. But there's a lot of people that had prominent voices that are silenced. Yeah, right. But they're now very prominent in a much smaller circle. I'm I'm prominent in a circle.


It got bigger once I visited you. And I hope that yours got bigger as well.


And the two can be completely unaware of each other and crossover's happen and and the network starts to grow.


It's a whole new way of communicating. No, I understand that. And I. I know you appreciate it. I do what's happening before that.


But there's certain people that just get banned forever from some social media platforms.


Yeah, I've not some other ones. That's my point. Yeah. But in this environment, shouldn't we take into account, like, if you were going to ban someone, if you're going to like say, listen, there's a rational expectation that a person should be able to say your beliefs are not aligned with theirs, they're going to kick you off this business that they own. Sure. As long as the like. But when it gets to be YouTube and you get thirty one million subscribers and how many hours?


Five hours a minute. Five hundred hours a minute. Yeah, it's it's such a pipeline. Like you can't tell me you're really monitoring this thing correctly. It's not possible.


No of course it's not. That's why don't we everything has to be distributed. It has to.


But I think there should be much more stringent rules on whether or not you can ban someone.


Oh, I so don't give a flying fuck about what Facebook or YouTube or Google do. It's so unimportant in the vast scale of what we can do.


I understand that and I agree.


But in the individual, the person who has the YouTube channel who has earned this position and government and got screwed and got screwed, that's not fair.


No, it's it's not it's also not rational that they can just do it. They don't have to go through a lengthy court proceeding. They could just remove your income.


A couple of things, I believe, on the commercial platforms that we're talking about in this case. The problem is the business model. Advertisers don't like controversy. Advertising has gone down drastically since the word coronavirus or covid-19 was blocked because they didn't want controversy. So that's the reason why these networks do it. They I don't think they yes, there's people who ban conservatives specifically, but that's because of the elite messaging system, the mainstream media, also the pharmaceutical industry.


A lot of finance is this message. So that's what advertisers want. Look at the pussies that the NBA are in Nike.


They kowtow to everybody. Oh, yes, I said it. Look at how they kowtow and what they will and will not allow.


So that's all money based. Very capitalistic, by the way. That's totally cool. But now we go to the way you and I were raised.


What would you for your fifty or fifty to fifty three now I'm fifty six tomorrow, basically half way dead. No, I want to be one of those. I got it.


I'm going to be 98. That's my that's my target. 98. Yeah. Why not. No I know. Well my grandma, my brain, my grandparents both lived to ninety eight, my paternal grandparents.


The reason why I brought up gabbin is that I think that they're I've, I have had a couple podcasts with them and people have had like weird conversations about her. And I've said this is one of the things that it sounds like the guy's mostly fun.


Yeah. Mostly fun.


And like anybody that does wild shit, you can get lost in the woods.


And if you get lost in the woods of race or or whether or not people should be able to able to do drugs or whether or not people should get paid a. Minimum wage is a livable wage, you get lost in the woods in any ideology and it becomes a problem. Let's go back for whatever reason, when when someone shifts one way or another and we conflict between those ideas, we never give anybody any room for for just being a person.


Most of the time I've been around that guy. He's a nice guy.


Right. But let's go to the basics of how I there's two things I was taught growing up. Sticks and stones will break my bones. Names will never hurt me. Secondary. OK, I will do.


I created in the Depression. Those are fucking terrible. I don't so mean exactly.


And I can pinpoint when that happened to. So we had that and then the. I don't like what you say, but I would defend to the death your right to say it. These were the two core values that I raised. That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about with everybody, whether it's that Al were the core of our macginnis and that is our constitutional deal. Yes, that's the deal. And this includes Louis Farrakhan. This is everyone, everybody, everybody, everybody, Michoacan, everybody.


Tell me what you think. Exactly right.


All of them. And this is this is so important the moment we stop other people from expressing their opinions.


First of all, we are coddling everybody. Stop trying to pretend we're up and pretend that other people are dumber than us. Like I know. I know that that preacher's full of shit. But I need to protect you, Adam Curry, because you might just give up your money for this one person because he needs a new jet. OK, right.


So this started about six years ago when hate speech came into the conversation. Yeah. And bullying and bullying became bullying laws, which I remember because we were doing the show.


And I'm like, this is actual First Amendment violation to create a law that says you can't say something mean about somebody else.


That's bullshit. Now, it may not be nice.


It may not be appropriate in the setting.


It may not according to the school rules, but actual laws were created.


So now we have hate speech and hate crimes, which is really undefinable.


But it's all it's all sadly all geared towards controlling what the fuck you can say.


Well, it's it's a natural human instinct when you have power to exert it. Yeah, it's natural. Yeah.


It's why there's often to good man, we're nice fucking people and we let us men be treated as doofuses in every single commercial, every TV show.


Oh sorry honey. I got the washing powder.


You know why we do that. Because we want to fuck and we want I know we got to get over that shonto.


We've got to get over that. I'm sorry. Once you learn, know, once you learn that that woman is just as her sex crazed as you are, she just has a different way of expressing it.


Once you figure that out and you play that game when they play your game and you know the game and you're fucking equal broke.


And that's when I found that. I'm telling you, I found that with my wife.


When that shit happens, that's and this is what is hap this is what happened with Donald Trump.


This is what I truly believe. I agree with you, by the way. I'm joking around. I know you do. I know you.


I love that you give me shit because it makes it all coded and people who are really listening will get it.


People are like, you know, a supporter of Gavin McGuinness. I'm a supporter of human beings.


They got triggered two hours ago. I'm also a supporter of people that are radically left wing that I talked with. I think a lot of them just need hugs.


We need to be embraced by our community. So we we dig our heels in and we fight against anyone that we think opposes our safety, our security and our comfort and our and our and our ability to be free, to feel loved and to be happy.


Here's where you in particular, can change the world. Jesus Christ. I want to lay it on you, bro. Yes, you can change the lock pod farther.


And just, by the way, shout out to the Texas Silver Star whisky. Yee haw, motherfucker.


That's very good. It's good shit.


It's very smooth. What can I do to save the world so I feel like I'm in a watchman before before all. Yeah, exactly. Before all this BLM stuff came in, it was my toxic masculinity and a lot of a lot of it, of course.


Me too. And a lot of it absolutely right. And there's a lot of that bullshit, but.




We let we let them cut our gonads off and we need to stand up a little bit, not that women can't do what we need to do right now, which is take control of the fucking situation in more ways than one.


But we need to help shepherd them. I know a lot of badass women. So do you who could fuck anything and anybody up.


And they're great and they could be great leaders.


But we need to shepherd the whole civilization of men and women, in particular men and men with their families, particularly in Adolf's. That's what we need to see this happen.


And that's why Trump is going to probably sweep the election with a male black vote who are sick of this shit. And they see it and their gonads dropped. They went, you know what, fuck. Yeah.


And this is not a bad thing. This is very, very good. It's very good. It's controversial, I'm sure, because people just don't like to hear that.


And I and I'm like, you human, LGBT, LGBTQ, IAP, plus I know the whole fucking acronym forwards and backwards.


I grew up in Amsterdam.


Hello, but I'm anti-war.


You know, I don't like spending like a motherfucker with the government. I don't want a digital dollar, but I do want love and peace and everything that we can have. I got this.


It doesn't have to be either or. It doesn't have to be why I vote across the board. I'm like, oh, that guy her, you know, here in Austin who no matter who's up there, I'm against them.


You know, the kind of prejudice that I receive is so minimal. It's really it's offensive if you discuss it, but really would.


But one prejudice that I've always encountered is that I'm a bro. What the fuck is that?


But but it's valid. It's the thing if I was if I was someone who wasn't a bro and I saw me, I like that guy's a bro.


It's not bad that they look at it that way. And in a sense, it's their job if you're going to mock the opposing idea. Yeah. And the opposing ideas easily mockable. Yeah. As am I. Yeah. Yeah. You're supposed to do it.


It's mean. It's mean. It's no but it is it is it.


I mean it doesn't feel mean I'm ok ok. I just work out a lot. I go through it all like whatever they're throwing at me I burn it off. It doesn't feel me. Yeah. Because I was them.


I've been that person who was disenfranchised and lonely and disconnected and didn't have like real close friends and didn't have a real like community where I could say I'm protected, I'm connected.


I didn't have that. So I understand all sorts of weird, unnecessary anger that people have.


But my perspective is we have to look at the world that we exist in currently as a series of pipelines to your consciousness.


And you have to limit the amount of entries because there's there's only a certain amount of bandwidth that you have to managing life. If you have a thing you love, whether that thing is you are a songwriter and a singer and you have you have these thoughts, these emotions that you wish you could figure out a way where other people could see the beauty in your perspective. And to put it through a song that rhymes with the perfect notes on a guitar and just get into someone's consciousness and make them feel better.


You want to do that, right?


And this is what what it is to be a person. Well, this is a lot of kids. Twenty to thirty. I just call them.


Kids are doing this now. They're disconnecting their unhooking.


They're getting flip phones. They got no cable subscription.


And this is just their portion of the press. No, it's income. This is the best way to eat the rich.


I know several homeless guys and they all have phones and they got data plans. And it's no problem.


You can be born with a smartphone in L.A. That's a real problem.


You can camp. It's the same here. Right now. Minnesota doesn't have a whole lot of homeless people that make it in the winter.


No, no, no. It's all right out there.


You've got to get a job. Now, this is this is a a dumb idea. The way Austin went about this.


Austin's not the worst L.A. way dumber. L.A. is preposterous.


It's so sad. What what has happened to all of California?


L.A. has those. Boulder, Colorado inside of it. Yeah, but homeless and homeless. Yeah.


I mean, they don't even know what the numbers are. They were seventy thousand when the economy was booming.


Yeah. Yeah.


When the economy was at its peak a couple of years ago, there was 70000 homeless people in Los Angeles. Yeah. What's the current estimate.


Well, but I think we talked about this before that the primary cause of homelessness is catastrophic loss of family. There's that, but there's also drug addiction that comes along with it. But, yeah, maybe a lot of people are abused. There's a lot of factors.


But I think like a severe perturbs of your development emotionally, psychologically, as a child contributes greatly to you being a homeless person.


Even drug users are a community. Yes. So then they have their own community of drug use and scoring and whatever else. I was still the community.


I was under the bridge once, one of them underpasses, that was a campground. And I was looking at these dudes just hanging out, talking to each other. I'm like, if you didn't have nothing, this might be a better place to be.


I want to take you to Community First Village here just a little bit outside of Austin, trying to give me tuberculosis or some other sort of.


Yeah, it'll blow.


It'll blow your mind when you see this typhus. This is just a small, tiny homes, OK? This is a nonprofit that set it up and they're getting people back on their feet in their community, in their own community.


There's no policing. It's really magical what's happening there.


This was my reason why I thought that universal basic income is a good idea. But what I thought of is not. Not. And impossible, like you could live off of it, sort of, but it's a struggle just enough so you can get by. That's the idea. So you give people just just say, listen, there's something wrong.


If bankers can make a trillion dollars a month, like whatever the fuck the number is, there's something wrong.


Look, this let's figure out a way to organize taxes so that people get enough so that no one in America has to starve to death. If we were kind people who are truly patriotic, the number one goal would be no one who lives in America should starve to death, right? Correct. That's number one. And then from there, we move on to other things. Right. That's a good way to start. And I'm here to tell you again, it's coming.


And I think the number will be 24 to twenty five hundred dollars a month.


And anyone who has has or is has or is making less than seventy five thousand dollars will get that.


That's ridiculous. It's going to happen, but isn't if you make more than 50 grand a year, shouldn't you be on your own? Like, listen, bro, help the system out. Disconnect.


You want to try living in Austin on 50 grand a year? I like I like living. Yeah, well, OK.


You're in my back. You're in. You're in. You're in. Well, in that case, you know, you're right.


But what I'm saying is we don't want people starving to death. No, we don't want people. Ever being in a situation where they don't know where they're going to get shelter. OK, so we're going to get another one.


But hold on. But is the situation where it's at because of unintended, uncontrollable circumstances like covid, where everybody's like, what the fuck?


Who who who would have told you you need to have a year's supply of money and food? No, it's what he would have told you that.


Right? That's where we are now. It's our money. You can't blame those people.


It's our mentality, our mentality which went away from true community, helping each other often that was situated around a church.


That's why, you know, we have nuns still, you know, the kind of where the hospital services, all kinds of services, barter services with the butcher, if you only had wheat, etc. and we've moved towards this man in the middle, hey, my fucking neighbor is an asshole.


We don't go over anymore and talk to the neighbor and say, Bro, can we talk? No. Hello, 911. One of my neighbors being an asshole. Everything we have a goddamn middleman for that is our own fault.


We need to realize that that we do need to communicate peer to peer at some point to have you can't have a community if you're only talking to lawyers and that's trading's.


And but every now and then you get a neighbor like Rand Paul, Rand Paul's neighbor fucking tackles you and breaks your ribs.


We do. Yeah, that can happen. What do you do with that guy? You need to have someone. You can go. No, I'm not against that. I'm not against that. I'm just saying. But so that neighbor, he didn't call the police and say Rand Paul's a fucking right wing racist or whatever, he went over there and beat his ass.


And that's sad. What, Rand Paul should have shot his ass?


Well, no, no, no. Yes, yes. Attacked him from behind. Yes, yes. He took him down from behind, broke his ribs regardless. He shot him later.


You get my point. Everything here, every covid sneeze has a lawyer attached to it. Everything's a fucking legal affairs.


We're always I'm sure in all deals you've done, there's a manager and lawyers and accountants and like and the motherfucker goes down the line.


And if you know you know, if I could just sit with the guy for two minutes, like, bro, let's do this right now.


Entanglements Thanksgiving with the world deeper and deeper.


And that's what's so beautiful about life. And this is a great time. Well, great time for the podcast.


It's beautiful about life because all of these things that have happened, whether it's the Internet or the electric car or anything, air travel, it's someone competing against other people that are also formulating similar ideas. I mean, this is just what we've had. And what we're experiencing today is a massive moment of chaos, which in my personal life has always been followed by a great growth. Yes, always.


Yes, because my personal life and I believe in the microcosm and I believe in the macrocosm and I believe there's a situation where a thing that you feel that you if you can express it the right way, it resonates with people and it can help everybody. I really do believe that. Yes. I think it's part of one of the more fascinating things about the way we feel when other human beings express themselves, whether it's a speech to a graduating class, you know, whether it's a book that you wrote or a film that you made, there's something that people do that makes other people feel a certain way and we recognize it when we're creating it and.


What those things are, those moments of energy, we're all come together in the excitement, we can maximize those, we can have more of them instead of being in conflict over fucking whether or not Ellen DeGeneres is a bitch.


And let's just let's figure out a way to be just stop. Just be nice. Does this better feelings for yourself and for the community and for all around you by just just putting your energy into positive things, putting your energy into things that are beneficial?


It's easy to attack.


It's easy now you're global, which makes it so great. This is happening in every country around the world. Black lives matter, racial strife, racial division, very different story than us. It's in the UK and the Netherlands. Everybody has some story and but it's all different.


They should not have the same guilt maybe that we should have. But it's being used as a wedge to divide people. And I think that we have enough platforms and enough reach to let people know that, figure it out, go look around. But you're definitely being manipulated. And the whole idea is not to have that happen.


What you just said, and we have the means, we don't need to go to every mainstream Silicon Valley company to communicate with each other.


So that is there for us at the taking.


We just have to do it. It's that simple. We have all this power with just not using it yet.


But there's always conflict between humans, of course, and there always will be because there's there's desirable mating outcomes and there's yell all you want at each other online, yell all you want.


That's great. I hope we find places and there are many already for people to go yell without anyone intervening or taking down. Just let them yell yet. Let them yell. Let him yell. Let them yell is good. Let it go. Let it all out.


Taking someone away is fucking stupid.


It's short sighted and stupid for short term.


This is what I'm talking about.


In terms of censoring people online, I think it actually has unintended consequences of bolstering up the other side.


Of course it does, because it makes them look like the people on the right now look at the people in the left as being unreasonable, unwilling to talk, and they banned this person from Facebook and YouTube.




So now I got to go back to my America Online analogy because it's inevitable. This is what always happens.


America Online was a closed system and the Internet was out here.


And everyone on AOL, I'm sure you were on there like, oh, cool chat room. I mean, yeah, you were looking up. Conspiracy theory. Shut up, rogue. I know what you were doing. Yes.


Meanwhile, we're on the free internet going all dot conspiracy dot alien probe in my anus and well, and I got a picture of it and all this.


And so we're having a good time. And kids on the AOL went, Hey, AOL, we want to access the Internet, man. We got the fucking Internet because that's where the danger is. That's where the cool stuff is.


And they finally opened up a little portal. OK, here's your browser. And everybody was gone.


And AOL became a dial up access service because everybody. Do you remember this? We want the yes, man.


I was under the ready for this. Yeah. You've got mail pretty good, right? Goodbye, goodbye, solid. So is it dude telling you you've got mail?


That's your boss. So that's not a dodge, that's where it's always going to be at my friend, it's always going to be the dangerous outside. That's where I like to live and thrive.


Well, there's always going to be the tip of progress and everything else that's going to be. But the question is, who's right when you see these people in Portland that are fucking burning trash in the lobby of the mayor's apartment complex, are they right when they hold it up as a fucking a big sheet that says resign? Are they right? I don't mind about this big sheet with resign.


You can't be you can't be making fire. It's not OK.


So you kill all those people. Like, if you did that, if they threw that fire in and they didn't know that the floor was plastic and the plastic took off instantly and burned, and everybody in this room, how many fucking.


I think there's like twelve hundred. Good.


The good news is this shit is starting to end because is it Joe Biden campaign realized that this was not good for their numbers. And so now they're out saying you should stop writing, stop writing.


It's a real danger that they know it.


And I and I, I had, uh, one of their old managers, Lieber Krebs, I had and, you know, I even if there was good or bad blood between them, but there was so that was so nice, man. They all signed it.


You know, it wasn't just a bullshit at times. A superstitious guy.


Yeah. He's just I only really interacted with him a little bit. He's a sweetheart. Yeah, of course he is.


But those guys went through a lot of shit, you know, really, really on his fake knees. Yeah. I tried to send him to a stem cell doctor.


He's not taking any opioids or anything for the pain, is he? Because that's I don't believe that scares me because that's what did Princeton.


Well, he got fentanyl, right? Yeah. OK, Tom Petty. Yeah, same thing. Yeah.


So we do you to just bring it back. All this great pulls back and so we're back or. And we're back. That was wonderful, I'm here because of you, I said that at the beginning. Yes, but it is true now.


I want to know about your other plans. So Tina, the keeper, my wife and I, we've been catching up on Little Joe Rogan history. We've been watching your stand ups during the shutdown. You, my friend, are one funny motherfucker and you do physical shit and you're so on.


And it's just where are you going to use this creative energy, this side of you? In the world, I mean, what's the plan, where does this go, what do you do as a comic? Because I know that I know you're yeah. Your podcast and obviously you're changing the world. But I know that I think I know that your core passion is that I love stand up.


But I think it's really important to just be a person.


And if you think I did one comedy date during the pandemic, I did the Houston in Houston, I did it with my friend Brian Moses, and I did it with my friend Tony Hinchcliffe. We had a great fucking time. I met Willie D from the Ghetto Boys. Dan Crenshaw came down. We had a good time, but the at the end of the day I was like, damn, I don't want to catch it and give it to somebody I care about.


Right. I'm because you're fucking doing right now. If I knew that I couldn't ever give it to somebody, I could only get it myself. I'd have a different perspective. Yeah. And that probably.


Well, I think you've already you've already adjusted your risk profile. I mean, yesterday when I was here, I got the antibody test. Everything still hurts, doesn't it?


Well, I used this finger a lot, apparently is trigger finger. I use it for mouse clicks my sensitive little thing there.


But right away, you know, even without even waiting for the results, you're like, nah, bro, you don't have it.


You're good. Listen. Which is appropriate if you're not broken. We've always taken this is a view of people we've always taken. If you look healthy and you feel healthy, you're probably healthy. Yeah.


Yeah. This is well, it's crazy to think it that way, isn't it.


Instead, now we're like, you might have it, but it's understandable because when it did emerge on North America, we thought it was going to be like the plague we thought was like the Spanish.


We were we were shown models that they might have been right and they might have been wrong. Fortunately, they were wrong.


But yes, this idea that it's a conspiracy, I'm not buying it. But all in all of it, I think it's more than anything. There are people that take advantage of moments of things that happen, but there's also people just panic and make good moves and bad moves and they don't necessarily have to make sense in retrospect.


We got it wasn't it wasn't the right call in terms of what we thought, like covid-19 was going to be for this country, but they thought it was going to be way worse.


And if they were wrong and it was way worse, it would have been horrific.


So what is the mechanism where the people in every country can communicate this back in a manner to the people who we've chosen to represent us?


That's not offensive to want to take it into account. This is how we feel and we need some change.


There were protests in Trafalgar Square, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and then in Switzerland, Zurich, and they were completely peaceful.


Nobody with Mass just saying, hey, we want out. We want now we have here other problems.


Going out is now an issue because of rioting and protesting when in general, people around the world are starting to say, we don't like this and they're trying to communicate it, we are the only fuckers who have the guns to back it up.


Right. That's what's interesting right now, because that's also what they're for.


That's also what the Second Amendment is about, is to, in my mind, to protect the First Amendment, but also like, hey, we all the people here, I don't want this and we're kind of willing to back it up.


So here we are with our stuff here.


It's such a strange perspective. It's fucking it's medieval, Joe. But here we are. We haven't done our part. We haven't learned our history. We haven't looked at it properly.


Did you see the video of what happened in Portland?


Yeah, I did. Yes. Yes, of course.


I mean, it's like basic tribal war. One guy sprays mace, the guy shoots my buddy Mo.


He says this is a civil war between white people. We're stepping the fuck back. And he's right, man.


He's right. He's right.


But but now, more than ever, we need to get together with our Adolf's brothers and sisters and say, stop, this is bullshit.


We're not this is not the real problem here. Stop it now.


Well, any time you have an open group that anyone can join, it's going to get people hard that do the dumbest shit to get to the front of the line at the top of the heap, but which doesn't necessarily jive with the ideas of the rest of my children have been over socialized.


They've been made to be afraid of everything they say. Can't make a joke about Christians, can't make a joke about Jews, can't make a joke about gay, lesbian, transgender, can't make a joke about can't even slip up on one little thing. Forget race. Are you doing the work? Joe Rogan, you've got to read the book.


This is a book that's White Fragility by Robin D'Angelo, the biggest perpetrator of this crap.


I've ever heard that.


But I read Matt Taibbi response spot on. Taieb is a legend. I pay. I pay for his content. I'll pay him for it all. I'll pay him 400 dollars a month.


That's that guy is doing the work.


I would tell you, he's one of the most important journals, the only guy who reported on the Wall Street 2008. And he had to go and learn all how all this intricate shit work.


Yeah, he's fucking great.


He's a real representative of his honest opinions, and that's a journalist. That's the problem.


He says, because we've gotten hooked into these systems, whether it's right or left or whatever it is, where your your vested interest is in agreeing with whatever the people on your side think and say, this just real dangerous for people. It's not how we operate.


Well, there's another problem, and that is what we all used to see was the typical local news. You see your, you know, Today show on NBC, they breaking with the local weather and the message. What we saw in in Wisconsin is we saw a struggle.


We saw cops walking behind the guy. We saw the guy trying to get into his car, the cop pulling him back, shooting. We saw that what is distilled down to the Today show local level is unarmed black man shot by cops while getting into car. Right.


I don't care what happened. You can't present that as the facts that we've seen.


That's bullshit. So either don't do it or show it or maybe just wait until we have some information because that is setting a biased message.


And by the way, Fox News just as complicit on all sides of this. The fuck knows who's running that show.


It should be something along the lines of police shoot, man.


Yeah, thank you. That would be a good starter. Yeah. But is it that we have this expectation for whether it's Reuters or CNN or whatever for them to be authoritative?


Perfect, perfect, yeah, perfect. This is what happens, turns out no, the problem turns out no, there's money involved and if they can say police shoot black man, unarmed black man, that's worth more money. Yeah, yeah. That's a real. Yeah.


Is that a consideration, do you think, when they write headlines? Yes, completely. I just read the other shore.


Texas mandates vaccines for all schoolchildren. I'm like, all right, let me take a look. Blah, blah, blah. Of course, Texas has a conscientious objections, like give me a fucking break.


Is that like naturopathic Like, no, no.


That was you know, that was like, you know, mainstream. Really. Yeah, mainstream.


Like, you know, an affiliate of Reuters or whatever. Yeah.


That's the problem is that. Sure. Like I know that everybody thinks they're they're fighting the good fight. I really do believe that.


Of course we do that. So it makes us so great. It's a think about people.


It's so easy for us to accept one ideology versus another. Well, we just have to remember one thing.


We just this is the thing that's most shocking.


There is it's OK to disagree, it's OK to be angry with each other, we just looking at Jaimie's and he was going to try Castrilli, it looked like you were five years back.


So James broke his ass. And I feel responsible. Really, really broke that. Yeah. We had those hover boards. I almost got my ass, too. And Jamie was filming it. Yeah. And Hoverboard went left. He went right and he landed on his Jamie on your hoverboard. Explained on the.


Yeah. And I have to only assume that's what caused it. But the actual injury didn't come for like ten months after that. So really it was a fraction actual broken ass. I think I didn't get an x ray, but there was a bone that was not where it was supposed to be. That caused a litany of problems up and down the side of my body, a bone that wasn't where it was supposed to be.


Some little bone in the part of your hip that like to break off, like I was just like was adjusted in a weird spot. I could if I feel it now, it doesn't feel like it used to. Oh, wow.


Like I can hear the craziest thing about stuff. Chiropractic shit. Right. It's like even though it has a wacky beginning.


What if the dude was accidentally right now I still hear like right now I got weird crazy pops in my neck that like hurt sometimes, but. Right.


I don't know if a chiropractor could fix it, but, you know, I'm saying, like, if you hear the story of like like, well, who was the woman that wrote chiropractors or bullshit?


Oh, gosh, I don't know. Was it there's a there's a guy who was a producer of my show and he's like, you know, I really want you to give this to Joe, he's all about KYR Chiropractic and apparently you're against that.


We don't believe in it or whatever it's like.


And he's really like really like, dude, I just wanted Joe to see it. This is one guy he could talk to. And it's very interesting because I don't know anything about the controversy, whatever. It's just very interesting.


Who wrote it, Jamie? Yeah, that, yeah, I knew I just didn't want to fuck over the last time the EntreMed, she was a guest on the podcast and she researched chiropractic. Oh, OK.


You know, this created by a dude who is a magnetic healer and he was killed by his son, ran him over with a car, took over the business and started promoting the idea with magnets just in people's backs to fix like fucking leukemia.


Oh, I don't know.


But I guess you just pop people's back. It was lunacy. Mm. But I think what if maybe they were on to something accidentally like it is possible.


Well that's like my applied kinesiology, which you don't believe in. What does that apply to. And I've been going to. Sure. I don't believe in it because we talked about it after the show.


Must change my mind. OK, well and by the way, when you called two days after the show, that was that was a thrill. Oh like holy shit.


Jo fucking Rogan just called me. You texted and you called me. You called me.


If was it really bothers me that it's a thrill. Like, no, that was like big now because I remember I really connected with you.


It's cool. He did a good connection. I like that. I really do appreciate you as being the your patient zero. You really are the guy who started this whole thing. One hundred percent. There's no one else who deserves the credit. It's you.


And you're you're also an interesting guy because you you've always had an analytical view of anything, whatever problems are our technological, political.


You look at it and when I listen to a podcast, I'm like, this guy's thinking about what what's going on here? Is this happening? Is that happening? You just you're not committed to any one. No cleanly grooved path.


No. Like you, I have a lot of people who I'm connected to, and particularly because of the show, you were connected to some of the most amazing minds that are out there. And you suck that up.


It's crazy. You suck it up. It's true.


You memorize stuff. I have the same thing. You memorize stuff. OK, that's interesting. And you can weigh that.


But ultimately, I don't think either of us really come from any like, I really want it to be like this or that.


No, it's just pure luck. Yeah. Yeah, pure luck. And what the fuck is this?


But this is a crazy, crazy time. We are so connected. There's so much so many impulses, so many signals, so much happened.


McPartlan, get out of that fucking apartment building. They know where you're sleeping bro. It's a thousand other people sleeping in that building a good chance.


All of that ends November 4th. You know, good chance. A lot of things. And a member for September.


Yeah. Yeah. They're going to light that guy's place on fire. But that doesn't that kind of show that it's out of control. Something has to happen. What if the reason why all this is going on up there, it's just a little piece of what's going on. The world was depressed. It's like a big old Twilight movie. Oh, my.


Got rained on and shit. My buddy used to be my assistant back at MTV, who was a VJ, was a VJ coordinator, Ken, and he's he took this all and I love Ken to death.


He took it hook, line and sinker. And he hasn't he and his husband haven't seen another human being for four or five months. They've got nothing. Nothing came in. Nothing came out. All he knows that Trump is sending goons to go in and create a problem in downtown Portland.


There's a lack of of real information for a lot of people. Whoa. Yeah, there's a lack of information and there's just not saying one way or the other.


But, look, I know I'm seeing President Trump doing some very interesting shit and he's standing in the middle of things I've thought have been a problem for a long time.


The media for sure, he calls it fake news, the pharmaceutical industry, lot of bullshit. He's sitting right there going, this is bullshit. And while he's still making a lot of interesting thing happened that I don't think it's good, he's also removed the pharmacy benefit managers.


So actually, the prices will actually come down. He's deregulated insurance so you can do it across state lines. These are all things that I think are very, very good. He's standing in the middle of the military industrial complex saying the fucking military industrial complex, they want war.


I'm here to keep that shit down. We'll sell our stuff. Those things I like a lot.


The problem is his persona, which is what do you know? These people very you've been around very successful people.


A lot of them are illiterate, can't even write a fucking email, but they are incredibly wealthy and successful because they have as you are.


Excuse me. You are instead of your. That's an issue when someone really smart. Yeah, they send you an email.


So these are instead of these incredibly ready. Yeah. Or they're with Etai.


So these people, the elite of the world, which is really, I don't know, problem it. Yeah, yeah.


They will tolerate a Donald Trump at their party because he's rich and he's important to them. But when it really comes down to it, he's not part of us. So that's the problem.


This is you've seen this. Right. But is that just human nature?


Yes, I'm not saying it's not, but let's not do that with just recognize it and move on. Let's just recognize. How do we do that.


Adam, by doing this podcast, Joe Rogan, we are the world. We are the children we're going to make. That should happen.


We can help.


Yeah, I think just by being men, giving a male perspective doesn't matter which gets you you you bring yourself. And that's important. That's why. Why are people attracted to you.


Why besides you being very handsome.


Why somewhere in my wife's shirt. Yeah. Whatever you told us, you got a beautiful family man.


She had this Elvis shirt. That's a good one, bitch. I didn't say much. If I did, she would know I'm joking.


Of course she would do. I think we're in a weird stage as human beings. I really believe this and that we have this this battles going on between people and all sorts of ideologies and perspectives.


And some of them are real valid.


Right. Like police shooting people they shouldn't shoot real valid. And then you see videos of them not shooting white people that maybe they should have shot.


No. You know, it's like you see those things like, hey, what the fuck is going on? Especially if that's all you see. If you're if you're a young black man, you see all you see is videos of cops shooting black eyes and not shooting white guys. If someone just shows you three or four of those in a row and you have a job and a family, you don't have time to be researching shit. How do you know if that's representative of the whole world or not?


Doesn't even even if it isn't representative, isn't it offensive as a singular event in the history of people where someone gets shot just because of what they look like?


Right. We all agree. Of course. Of course.


The problem with that more than anything is how it divides us and how we look at each other. We're supposed to look at each other as the same. We're supposed to look at just just people and anything that takes us off that line, whether it's male or female, gay, straight, black, white privilege, non privileged. We've got to let that go.


Everybody has to stop themselves. You can't think about how you're thinking, what is making you respond?


What is it about you or your personal history that is making you respond in a very responsive, reactive, sometimes violent manner? It doesn't matter who you are. And we all have abuse. We have situations, we have pain.


And this is being triggered every single day by very simple things that we can easily be triggered about because it's accepted. Yeah, but we I have all kinds of of issues that you can say something to me and it'll trigger me.


I'm sure you have them too. And only after you've been around for a while, like, you know, now we're half a century. We've seen some shit go down. Do you realize, oh man, we should let these other people, these younger people know that, you know, you got to look at yourself. Why are you being triggered like this?


Well, we also have to realize that we're in a biological mosh pit big time.


It's a mosh pit. Yeah.


It's not just in terms of our genes, but it's also our ideas. There's all this all all this battle and going on. And it's just how you know, I remember I watched this documentary on the Congo once and they they realize is a BBC documentary is amazing.


And they realize that certain spiders had formed packs. Have you ever seen that? No. No.


Oh, my God.


It's like a fucking deer would run into this spider web and be like, yeah, we can like so much, we can learn so much from looking at our environment around us.


They figured out how to work together, work together. We can pack. Yeah. And I remember thinking that I'm like, this is all madness.


So it's all a battle for the top of the heap.


But I think it's important to restate that we're all in our individual webs were, you know, in the Instagram web and the Twitter web. There are other places where we spiders can come together with groups of other spiders and create our own web that grows.


And it sure, it may be parler, maybe Parla is bullshit, maybe Mastodon is bullshit, but collectively it all mean. That's cool.


This is a minor version of it. Oh, it is a BBC Congo one where it's like a real Muste Leffen. Yeah. Cobwebby look in web and they all work together and they Jack. Birds and shit, oh, yeah, totally. Oh, my God, so we can do that too. And what is the Internet? It is a web.


It is a web of servers and computers and phones and watches.


And we can control a lot of it ourselves. We can.


But this is my thought. Adam Curry, when I look at something like that, I'm like, that's just what goes down. If you let it if you let groups overcome, we get together.


Well, I see that differently. Oh, no. I see us as humanity being able to build a web collectively. And in that we catch all the fuckers that we're done with who kept us apart.


We can spiders don't give a fuck who they catch. They catch birds, bro. Tweety Bird. Well, maybe that isn't that socialism. They all catch one bird and they eat it.


I don't think so. I think they just stick to each other eventually like anyone. Male, black widow. Anyway, they kill the male. There's many ways to connect and organize through the Internet. It doesn't it doesn't have to be stupid things that are apps and bullshit. It just doesn't have to be that way.


And eventually someone's going to realize it and it'll become cool and become the Internet of the Internet and then people will want to go there.


That's how it works. For sure. All I'm thinking is that there is a little bit more there, Joe, there's a that is some good stuff. It is right.


There's a way that we can look at all this in terms of like minimizing conflict as a priority.


And I don't think it's necessarily conflict, but minimizing conflict has to hurt each other. We don't. That's what I'm saying.


And there's something that. We have to make an acknowledgement that we're all the same, that we're on the same team, and I don't think people feel like we are right now.


I think this is how the right feels when you ban people, even if they say ridiculous shit, if it's ridiculous to you and I get it, you feel it's ridiculous.


Good. Why do you want to protect other people from something that you immediately recognize is ridiculous?


And that's the moment where you need to ask, why am I responding to this? Why do I need why do I feel the need to say this and that?


It is that, but it's also the deep concern that the people that are doing this are going to affect people and change their perspective and make people believe something that's not true and it'll change the course of history or.


OK, well, that's just fucking ridiculous. You got to stop that shit.


It's not necessarily wrong. No Crich, no work with Hitler. No, but but I don't know. But the real answer is not stop that person. No. Really has come up with a much better idea, but. Oh yes, a better rebuttal you lazy fucks. Exactly. Convince me with whatever you got. And there's a lot of that going on.


But when we let ourselves be tied to some fucking digital overlords, we'll always be disappointed.


Brings us back to things that were deleted from Facebook. Yes, exactly. It comes. Well, you don't really need to go through that many different systems out there.


You shouldn't be able to do that so easily. It should be somehow or another voted upon. Well, how about who cares?


How about how about just we have a place that we go that everyone just kind of pays for their little bit, their little group. And this exist has been around for 15 years. People will come, they're going to get tired of the shit.


If all the opposition voices are gone, what are you going to do?


Blake told you tomorrow, Adam Curry comes out as communists suck. You know, this is where I'm right. I'm right about this. I can see the writing on the wall.


You have a very strong opinion about something where you might be just jumping. I'm just yeah, it might be correct.


I might be wrong. I might be full of shit.


Yeah, but good point. Going ahead. I'm jumping ahead. I can see where it has to go. Jack Dorsey is even talking about decentralizing and perhaps federating different social networks.


He understands people need to cut that dude some slack to Jack Dorsey is like we were so tribal.


God damn is very conflicted because he can deal with his income, his shareholders, his board board members, because he can't have conflict beyond certain realms which are determined by a certain group of ideas that just run certain shit.


He was one of them all advertising. We're fucking asshole. You just pave a little bit.


I'd pay for your show. I'd pay for your show.


I'm going, Jesus Christ, I'm going to meet you. I'm going to pay for your show because I like your show.


It's worth it to me. The only thing is if you would ask me how much I would have paid you much more than it's actually going to cost me to Spotify. But that's that's up to you, my brother.


I love you. I love you. When when when I see someone like look, whether it's Jack Dorsey or even Zuckerberg and anybody is put into a position that no human being has been responsible for, it's impossible.


They've never been responsible for media empires that connect on account and uncounted people.


And shame on us for expecting anything interesting or innovative out of that whole group, including the Congress.


Shame on us. We created this shit. We knew what's going on. We dictate what's going on.


But no more. We're just following along whatever. We have so much power.


It's fucking crazy how many people are on Facebook.


I'm not on Facebook. Like a billion. A couple of billion. A couple of billion. Jesus, Jamie, who knows a billion with a B, OK, seems normal. They say, well give that dude looks like an alien all the money then.




Oh no it's really sexy actually. Double that. OK, yeah. And it's a lot of cash kids. Yeah. Respec, incredible amount of money, monthly active users but two points Joe.


Just two point six billion a month.


One point seventy three a day. Yeah. Oh yeah. But if you just zoom out. Oh my God. Put that back up. Oh my God. Huh. Oh my God. That's insane.


Yeah. Holy shit. Yeah. I know that's close to what, a third of the humans. So, you know, those are not Facebook, but take away Nordic folk basically created.


And a beautiful, beautiful advertising machine, and I give a thousand percent credit to Zuckerberg, his vision and whoever else has work with him, it is such a beautiful mechanism for microtargeting.


He has delivered on a lot of the promise that we were all looking at, like you'll be able to get there and I'm being complicit in that. The right ad to the right person, just the right moment, just when he's scratching his nuts, wants to buy the car, will know it all when you give it to you. And he has delivered largely on that promise.


Unfortunately, with age and wisdom, I've come to realize that was a very bad thing, though, to want a very fucking bad thing, to want the real concern that that gets connected to I, of course.


And then it's already it's already happening. And A.I. is being skewed in so many interesting ways. For a while, if you if you typed the American Inventor, you would get all black inventors, black colored skin. I don't know if they were Adolf's or not.


So that's that's an overcompensation of the algorithm for some reason.


So these things are happening and it's all it's things I believe like you all people are good. They want to do good. They're convinced that they have to do this. Like you have to say, I'm a racist to be good. Please think about what you're doing.


Could you imagine if hell is reaching some connection between virtual reality and artificial intelligence where they trick you? The trick you into living in a world with no pain. I can trick you into living in a world with no conflict, no advancement, no improvement.


Well, we are we are right now for all of eternity.


But that's actually how are you there, a slow trickle.


Are you there, Joe, right now? No. But are you going to go there now?


Do we can we can do better. But the idea that it's a slow trickle. Well, there's no risk ever. Yeah. I think you have to take risks. I think it's a big factor. And that's. Yes.


And that is you need some this is why many, many very successful people, whether business or academics.


Yeah, but certainly royalty, they all develop a super specialty.


And, you know, they can do some study algebra, some, you know, others will study economics and they become very successful because they need that challenge.


As all human beings, we need a challenge, a real challenge in our life.


Yeah. To do to be our full self.


I think we do, too. I think I think we need a challenge and also all other aspects of our life in terms of like what we believe in. And I think the problem is that if you believe one thing and I believe in opposing thing, we have to be violently opposed to each other. I think the problem is that people become too married to our to their ideas. And if we could just avoid that. But we could just talk to people.


Look at this example. You and I do not are not on the same page on a lot of things like what do we do on the same page?


No, I think a much more well, you know, we joke around conspiracy theory, whatever, but I'm pretty serious about a lot of things I said. But you respect me for what I'm saying it. And even if you haven't figured it out or don't like it or whatever, it doesn't matter.


He's like, OK, well, you registered it 100 percent. Don't disagree with, you know.


But, you know, I'm saying but but my my thought is my all my thoughts on conspiracies are from ignorance.


So of course you say something like I'm just saying that I'm just ignorant. That's the beauty of it.


But I'm not married to it. But in the past, when I was younger, I would have been you would have been married, you would have some.


So just as you can get really married to a dumb idea, you get married to fuck your dumb ideas.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. For sure. Let's stop calling it something and labeling someone a conspiracy theorist.


You're lighting things on fire and throwing them into a lobby of an apartment complex filled with people. Just this is a terrible unoffensive message. And it's not how we want people to behave. Well, when it was not punished, it's a very bad message.


Well, it's also a terrible call for escalation, because if you kill people with fire, they're going to come back with guns and kill you. We've got to start a war. This is bananas. Like, if you feel like you haven't been represented, there's other ways to get the message out. As frustrating as it may seem, I do not feel because I do not.


The Black Bloc and Antifa is completely separate from Black Lives Matter. Yes. Protests and I don't and I don't agree with pulling down statues without debate or discussion. But the the Black Bloc, which is really whenever you see the helmet, the backpack, the black outfit, that's probably not your average run of the mill.


Protester We in an Avengers movie. Possibly in a way, to think that to think that it's not possible is ridiculous. There are elements who are and I think it's kind of now being admitted everywhere. Even Joe Biden is now, because it's bad for him in the polling is coming out and saying, OK, these are agitators. Yeah, fuck. Yeah, they are. And this is being downplayed, not being shown to you because you need that.


And by the way, when you have in race riots, you have different levels.


So you have the protesters, protesters, fine. Then you get the agitators and agitators who start to to break shit.


Then you get the guys with the umbrellas and they start to break windows showing you where the third wave, which is truly the poor, poor, poorest of society, they come in to go grab stuff.


And why do they grab stuff?


Because they've seen everybody is grabbing something for themselves. They've seen it all the politicians. They're not stupid. They seen the politicians. They've seen the Hollywood scene. Everybody steal, steal, steal the agitators, the people with the hammers and the umbrellas. They say they go these people go in. They get what they feel is theirs. That's part of their American dream at this point.


So we have to recognize what's happening and then take it away from just black or white racial issues. This is people fucking with us, fucking with us because of our history. And it's triggering a lot of deep emotional shit. And it's really evil to exploit that. And I think we we need to go to therapy. We need to go to therapy as a country.


Do you think this is like a plan to fuck with us? I believe so, yeah.


By who? Well, it could be China. It could be just globalised. It could be Russia. It doesn't matter if we do the same to other countries. Right. We're exporting to how many times we said we're bringing democracy to the Middle East. Come on, man. Come on, man.


I did a Joe Biden look comes the deal. Come on, man. You lied to face poni soldier.


That's a great phrase, though. What? Come home to face Poni soldier. I'd never heard it before. The guys. He's a savage. Got that out. Popped the stitch when he's not Aceves that that that guy is a problem.


It's really interesting.


It's like if the world was a simulation this would be a fantastic moment where you had to decide like how preposterous are you going to let it get?


Like I got this. We're sitting around that. We got the game on the. Hey, Joe, Joe, Joe, I got to do this. Dude, I guess this do imagine if you were in charge of a sleep. Seems like a dream simulation. Yeah. And you were on the outside. You Adam Curry fucking kitchen gloves. Yeah. The whole deal. Working all the cords you had to like. OK, we got to bring this guy out.


Like let's, let's, let's like let's do that here. Just it happen. Let's let things get more and more posterous to the point where he's willing to come out of this programming and be awake again. But you've been in a simulation this entire time.


Yeah. And who says that? You and I right now, this conversation is not a part of the manipulation of that exact simulation.


That's what my concern is, because I know the best part.


If I wasn't me, I would assume that someone's telling me what to do. But I'm telling you, no one's telling me what to do. That's the weirdest part of it.


You have synchronicity and it happens. It falls into place for you, right?


Maybe. I mean, I'm telling you, we can't do you can't commit crimes you don't know.


Don't be mean to your life in general.


Every move seems to kind of fall into place for you a lot, even doing bad things.


If you think it's better, if a bad thing happens, generally, it's because I, I did something stupid, like I thought wrong or I said the wrong thing or I moved in the wrong direction.


Then I had to recognize why I moved all those things.


Are you and you have a bad set like a bad set and stand up is the best example.


I can only imagine how horrifying. Sometimes you come out with a new job because it's raw. It just doesn't work. Right. And you like you like I'm going to just open with this and like maybe have one too many Jack Daniels in the back and you get a little white.


Didn't quite handled right.


You feel like you're just going to get on stage and take over Adam Curry. But the joke does not come out exactly how you wanted it to because it's fresh and like jokes, like a stand up joke.


It's sort of like a thing that. You have an intention and then as a result, and people oftentimes they misconstrue the result with your intention, like if you bomb like this motherfucker wanted to hurt my feelings.


You want to make me feel bad. Terrible comedy, the exact opposite of what he just said.


It's the literal, like the artistic, which is crashing on a surfboard.


Is that where the edges is on something that should be offensive, but somehow you laugh about it? Well, sort of, yeah.


But it's also it's like what your ideas are and stand up a representative of what what you actually feel as a person.


Like can you make controversial ideas, something palatable. Yeah. Can you make it palatable. That seems to be what it is.


So what you're doing, if we just take it back to the simulation, you're debugging your own program. That is the definition of A.I. that you are artificial intelligence.


You this is to me, this is the big joke.


We are the artificial intelligence. And these guys are just like pretending that they got something. That's a way to look at it. Here's my way to look at it.


I don't think we've been talking that long. No, not at all. We're talking about 40000 years. Where if that. Yeah, I don't think it's been that long and I think we're that good. My mom my mom my mom died 15 years ago.


My mom used to tell me, I said, you know, how they came up with the with the name brush for hairbrush. I say, no, she was a dude.


This fucking thing with went like this. But really.


No, of course that's what she really said. But obviously it's bullshit. But it was just like, yeah, man that really made me realize that we really haven't been there that long. You know, some fucking man just came up with the brush.


Well, the human was a little bit this form of human. It's only been around for a little bit. Half a million years. Yeah. Whatever. At the mass. Right. Yeah. Is that what's the threshold, Jamie? It's like an estimate. I think it's between 250 and 500 thousand years ago, Homo sapiens emerged some somewhere.


That's nothing. No, that's so little. Yeah, it's so little.


I don't know if you remember, but you were saying something with Duncan that was you were talking about us actually being the spaceship and that we are hurtling through the universe at this amazing speed and all the and everything's whipping by.


Yeah. And I love that because you really when you zoom out of reality and it's all given. Yeah. We're on the earth is round or whatever you fuck is flat. Doesn't matter. Still a thing in space with this round or flat in space. We're flying, we're moving. We're doing stuff that realization.


Or just thinking about that in general, just people just talking about mom and we're in space, look at the sky, look at the stars, what does it mean?


It's a coward's perspectives. Just look at the treetops. Yeah. Yeah, it really is. Yeah, there's something about it.


Why? Marijuana is something I think so important to talk about.


I support it. I'm talking about that shit. Yeah. Come on, Governor. Get on board. Abbott will get there. Abbott, I love you. Yeah, well, we'll see.


Don't get don't get too easy with your vote there, Joe. Your endorsement, your endorsement is going to mean a lot in the state.


I'm your friend and I'm wearing my wife's shirt. That's right. You are appropriate.


Listen, it's not bad. Make some money off this shit. Stop. Stop playing games, not killing anybody. Listen, if Texas is a place we can own a fucking tiger.


I had a big impact at Texas. This is a fact. This is a 100 percent fact. There's more tigers in captivity in Texas than all of the wild of the world. There's more tigers in dude's backyard. I know.


Yeah, but you can't have weed. Really. Are we really being responsible here? You'll learn that. You'll learn that there's codes in Texas.


It's easier to own a tiger than a dog that's been labeled as dangerous.


Rila, it's estimated to be from twenty five thousand tigers living.


That's so many 5000 tigers is unheard that you saw 5000 tigers coming over the hill. You like. There's going to be nothing left of me in seconds.


My buddy Gene has huge snakes and is in his apartment. Watch. Yeah, he has to have a baby. No, it's just him.


Yes, but this one is six feet long. Have you heard this story.


Great, I think. And Hagrid. Oh yes. Their names. Yeah. And the other thing you say sixteen. Sixteen things like fifteen or sixteen is incredible.


And it's really it's very interesting to see they have an interesting life, these snakes.


Yeah. You know what that is for me that's like holding two eighty pound dumbbells and trying to keep your face above water. Yeah. I want you to do this.


For those things, you know, no, get a 16 foot snake in your house, son. No, no, I think he's a boa constrictor. So he he only, you know, but he goes into the bathtub when he's when he feels it's time for a bath.


He's sleeping. So they sleep most of the time. Yeah. It's a tripto because, you know, I go there like, you know. All right, let me say hi to the snakes because it's like his family.


I was watching video today of a guy who was fishing in Australia. I don't know if the guy or girl, but caught a big fish.


And there is like the dangers of fishing in Australia. And as this guy is reeling, this fish in a crocodile comes swimming out of the water and steals his fish and they're running away from this crocodile. Dude, crocodiles are so scary.


They happen here. They have me too. We have Algate Alligator Alley.


And yeah, we allow those in America. Listen, if we had crocodiles here in America, the way they have them in Australia, we would kill them all.


Really fucking good in Australia.


No, I have. Yeah, I have. I would end up never. Yeah.


I never seen those crocs in 1998 when I did a documentary and went into the outback and just learned so much and I don't even recognize this dude caught a fish and the crocodile comes and jacks it.


Holy shit. Yeah right son. Give up the fish so that they put on weight done. Look at that. Oh your fish bitch.


It's a huge fish. They're crocodile just swallows. The crocodiles are so spooky man. There's so big. Look at that thing. It's a monster that lives in the jungle.


We've got to shout out to everybody down under everybody in Victoria, in Melbourne who are being locked down like locked down and stuff like fucking rats shout out their shadows out of green tree.


They're they're they're getting screwed. They're they're playing the same damn script down there only six months later. It's crazy.


Well, they're trying to probably protect people and keep their hospital beds. Yeah. That's all. We flatten the curve. Yeah. And probably try to do a lot of those things, but it just seems like no one's doing it right. It seems like there's no country that prepared properly.


And now it's almost like who the fuck saw this coming? Who No one did, you know? And there was a pandemic department that we had here that was shut down by Trump when.


Well, yes, but that was transferred into a transfer into a yes.


So not necessarily shut down. Shut down.


It became a biological weapons group. Jesus. Yes. Which has the same function as a flu.


So that is a little different than the than the story. Wait a minute. Explain that, so the pandemic response group that was within, I believe, the National Security Council, this is the one that Trump was accused of, this man.


No, he did.


Dismantlers, you dismantled it and took it was only two people or three people and took this resource.


Yeah, it's in the National Security Council. So, you know, it's a real responsibility.


But they transferred that into a biological weapons program to be on the lookout for that, which has the same characteristics as what happened. Either way, doesn't seem like it worked very well other than the president shutting down. Some travel or most travel from China and Europe in the U.K. against everyone else's wishes, that part, I think he did well, but I don't know how well there's biological warfare outfit worked because if anything, the tests were either sabotaged or sucked or the CDC is inefficient, ineffective, I don't know.


But we got that too late. And what we got the PCR test that spin up the DNA samples 37 to 40 times instead of 30 is producing results that are could be a lot of 30, 35 percent false positive. So we don't have any data to work with. You're fucked. You're fucked. We have nothing.


We don't have the data, 35 percent, false positive, 30 percent, 30 percent false positives. This is a New York Times just last week. And so, you know, just to make sure that even The New York Times is full of shit, I think when something good, how it should be noted.


But isn't also that one of those things where they don't know how effective they have to implement something, they find out how it's affected by looking at all the data, the what's effective?


Like what when you have any kind of tests, when they're first?


Look, when this is not known testing policy, normally you spin it up 30 percent for a PCR test.


But when covid-19 emerged. Yeah. Was when when was the first test? Well, the first ones were were bogus and some of the CDC tests actually contained some of the virus that was fucking crazy.


It was it was a huge botch test contained. Yes. Yeah.


The huge boccie I mean, not all of them, but it got fucked up. And that's when Trump said President Trump said, OK, we're now doing the Abbott system.


You got all the commercial labs and you got all that going because they were just failing.


They were just failing now. But what then happened? I'm not so sure that that's honest because a lot of incentive in the pharmaceutical and medical system to skew things a certain way to make sure you get paid and you can't deny that's taking place historically. So, yeah, some of it happening.


And the main way to make sure we had a lot of positives instead of 30 times amplification of the fragments of the virus that you're looking for, they did 37 to 40 times.


And that gives you a lot more. It's known science.


It's just not told.


Well, one of the big complaints recently wasn't that the tests are too accurate, were too accurate in a sense that they're they're.


Labeling people as positive that are no longer contagious. They're too sensitive rather than accurate. Yes, that's exactly that's exactly what it is. So people are getting a false positive. So they're not contagious? Nothing at all. It's just it's just you have so in order to test positive, you have to have a certain if you're going to get symptoms, you have to have a certain amount of viral load. So you have to have more than just a little bit.


You know, if you had it just talking here, I might not get it.


But, you know, we're making out slowly swapping spit and your time with each other.


I might get into music. Would we be doing. Yeah. Total 70s porn music.


I thought it was David Bowie at all. Old school. David Bowie.


I say, all right, I'll do it.


Whatever, whatever turns you on. There's a storm man waiting for him.


My child will be horrified. You like that. Seriously, you need to back off on that goddamn song though. Mm hmm.


So, yeah, we don't have any real data anymore. Well, I think here's the thing.


We want someone to be in charge when everyone is trying to figure it out in real time.


But the nature of our entire system is not someone's in charge. The president can say shut it down. He just can't say that. That has to come from the governors. And, you know, here in Austin, we have different rules that the governor has allowed, but you don't have to have them. So they're not mandated. So that system goes back up the line. And in Austin, you know, this is what I don't like. We were told, again, mass social distance closed the bars, et cetera.


Once we're into the next phase, which is instead of 40 hospitalizations per day, an average of 22, then we go to the next phase and then we're allowed to open up some more.


But there was like, nah, nah, we're going to wait until September 8th because schools are open and we don't want to jeopardize that.


But that when you do that to Americans, that is fucked. And then they're misjudging how Americans take that shit. You give us a go, Joe.


We'll go like we all will go. Any color, creed, background? Fuck. Yeah. When we go do it, when we get this fucking go flatten the goddamn curb, we're going bitch.


It's what we do. Who are who. Right. Semper fi. We go we all go where we go one we go.


All right. We go all. And then when they say, OK, great job, but now we going take another couple of weeks, we have to meet his next goal. That's not how we go.


What the fuck? Right. Yeah, and that's what's happening, and this is the danger, because it could just be ugly and just be ugly, but something we'll have to think that one way or the other danger is not letting the actual interaction take place.


The real danger is in silencing opposing opinions.


Cause I feel like when you're doing that, if you have a platform, whether it's like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter or anything, if you have a platform and in that platform, some people believe X Y, others believe Y. If you just decide to shut down everyone that believes Y, you create a tyranny.


You have a tyranny of ideology. But you have to believe, especially if it's connected to the economy, like it in Hollywood. And this is one of the things that I said. I didn't experience it personally. I wasn't a victim of it by any stretch. But I had friends that were they would have this perspective that they knew they had to have if they wanted to meet, they were trapped.


Otherwise they could have a little more than otherwise they wouldn't have. I get the gigs, man. I don't even think it was the fault of the people that were enforcing. Of course, this is a natural scenario where human beings one more time celebrate to the real godfather, a real one to the real Joe Rogan experience.


Jamie. Jamie's asleep, big fucking part of this thing, he's been he's been here all day. I love that, Jamie. I think he's like a hot property now in Austin. Hot property. He's like. He's like, what? This motherfucker's here alone? Yes.


Is he single? Dangerous bitches headed your way, son.


This guy. How old is he? He's young. He's 12. Fucking look at him.


Twenty five. Twenty five. He was a fucking.


Yeah, but he's been getting DNA shots every day. I've known him. He is. Once the NASA people got into, you know, once why I had to reverse my stance on the moon landing and then the CIA people took over. Jamie started getting shot.


Oh yes. But on the UFO, I say no. But he's like the nerdy type game.


He's already got a neural link. Ask him, oh, my God. Yeah, he got it. Fuck, those pigs mean, that was that was kind of weird. Man with the pig the pig demo.


I'm like you, man. I like that because he always does that. And I watch that. Mike, I did.


When you're working with monkeys, I could and Tenez like. What the fuck are you actually watching a bus with pigs? What's going on when you could turn a raccoon that Guardians of the Galaxy character come to me then? I love the idea.


I love the idea.


I would love to, uh, to try the interface. And so the keyboard, you know, just be able to think it and make it go. I love to get the analysis power of the computer, but I would like to be able to turn it off.


I have two concerns. I would like one. I don't want to be an early adopter, but two, if you're not an early adopter, what if those motherfuckers just take off and control everything? Nah, dude, Elon is talking about not that simple.


It takes more than just the first generation of early adopters. But I would say get in early.


Get in early is what I'd say. He was saying that might have a massive increase in their productivity, of course, but that would be a huge advance.


You know, it's really you know, what's really fascinating and this does play into this most companies who have had people working from home have now cut 40 percent of the real estate portfolio.


This is going to continue forever.


The remaining 60 percent of the real estate portfolio offices, they've increased the number of cubicles. It's it's, you know, executive offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, everyone else is going to be working from home.


And the productivity almost across the board, from what I understand from my friends who are in it, integration is up significantly because people now know that they're at home.


Used to be if you were working on the road, if someone heard a bird tweeting in the background, you'd be busted like you fucker, you're not in the office.


But now it's accepted. And so people are working from anywhere and everywhere and companies are fucking loving.


Call people out on bird sounds in the back. Back in the day. Oh yeah. If you're on a conference call with a fucking put it on mute bitch, you could do this. You're in Macy's. I hear you. Oh yeah. All that shit.


I had that to remote work. It seems like it's done. It's done. Is done. Is done. So live where you work.


Work where you live. What happens to like the cultures that are created by big businesses all working together the whole time. The whole world is changing.


Joe Rogan. I know, but this is what's taking place, man. This is why some people keep that in view for us. You keep bringing all the crazy talk, put that shit on me.


You have a huge responsibility. You're not evil. I mean, you're in Texas now. This is where legends are born, Joe Rogan.


But I mean, don't you think all a lot of what we're talking about here, whether it's a conspiracy or or or just the way things happen when systems conflict with each other and one gains control and the opposing forces move in and take more control.


So it's always been that in 2000, in 2006, I was living in London and I got an invitation from the Queen of England dams.


And it was she was relaunching the royal website. And I was invited to come and be a part of that. And they picked me up in a car in a Mercedes.


Interestingly enough, I was hoping the car should have been a rolls. But, you know, the front gate at Buckingham Palace took me right through the fucking front gate, opened up.


I went in there. Was in this waiting room with about 100 other people, and there was, you know, art, I'd never seen Rembrandt's Van Gogh's, I've never seen those before. And then the whole ceremony and the you shake your hand, you know, you go down the line, it's Mr. Adam Curry. And I looked at straight in the eye, everyone's bowing.


I'm like, let me look in there. What do I see? And I saw another man. Yeah.


But the fact is that if we still are willing to believe that we need this tradition of this old lady with funny hats living in some prime fucking ass real estate in the middle of London, we got a lot of thinking to do. Well, we we got a lot of fun, man.


God damn it, we're here in Texas. I don't know what you're talking about with England. That's right.


This is the People's Republic of Texas and it stands on its own. We we were kings and queens. They can go fuck themselves. No, no, no, no.


We're very we're a very welcoming people. This is where we're underestimated here in Texas. We're good people.


No, I agree. Good people. The queen thing is ridiculous. I'm sure she's great, but she's a nice lady. I grew up in the idea that she's the queen.


I had I had lunch with the king and queen of the Netherlands a year and a half ago. It's fucking ridiculous.


It's outrageous how just like how did you get here?


They just were born in the right spot. Right.


But why do sane thinking people still want them involved in their putting their political everyday life? Because we're still kind of sure. In this caste system.


In this system. Let me ask you this. And that's where we're at.


You're a person who understands block chain and the idea of Bitcoin and a lot of what we're trying to do, what people are trying to do with Congress, new ways to run the world. I think it's their way of running a decentralized government.


Is that possible?


Is our problem that we look at government like you have to elect these people and they have ultimate control? Here's one of the more ridiculous ones. Whether you're bipartisan, whether you're whether you're a staunch Republican, staunch Democrat.


Please hold on for a second.


Why is it OK that if you get elected president, you could pardon people like is the law the law or is it not the law that you have to get out of jail free pass?


Yeah, you have to get out of jail free pass. Yeah. That's what people don't want to millions of dollars. Yeah, we did all kinds of crazy shit. You could just swoop.


That's one of those. That's one of those. There's a couple of things you can do as a president, including appointing Supreme Court justices.


This is kind of at the core of of solidifying that that executive branch. They needed some power. That's what Congress, House of Representatives. They get the purse.


They get the money. Yeah. Senates get Senate gets to be just cigar smoke and douchebags who, like, fuck around all the time like that or whatever. But they they have you know, they make it happen.


These are the backroom cigar smoking deals. And then we have the executive branch. You need you know, they need to have some power.


And so they're power because of course, the Supreme Court for us is like the Supreme Court said it, man, that's the end of the fucking line, which technically is not. That's why we let the president appoint the Supreme Court and and federal judge.


This isn't that weird, though. The president has a four year term. Yeah, but they can they can appoint someone who's there for life.


Oh, well, they all they're all appointed for life only if someone dies or leaves. So it's not every president gets this. President Trump got some major fucking break here. You got to maybe a third party time, maybe a fourth depending, you know, and I wish no ill on anyone, but yeah.


RBG, you know, she's on the ropes, it seems. She seems to be bulletproof. I don't know. And I like her. She's, she is I don't agree with a lot of her decisions, but she is an American success story.


If you if you know her story about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that's a very, very powerful woman who really is.


I got to pee again. Fuck you, Jeremy. Pause and then tell me that Ruth Bader Ginsburg story.


Are we is this the first time you, Joe Rogan, has had to pit stops on the show?


Yeah, I think so. That's probably the first time right to it. In three hours. I'm out of shape.


I took a whole week off, had to move and set up the spot. My bladder shrunk back down to normal size. My bladder was very impressive. At one point in time I can go like four or five hours even. No pee and strong, stay strong.


But eventually it's shrunk back down to how can we support you moving here to Austin. I'm already a bitch. What are you talking about? I don't know. I want to help.


Yeah, well, what can we do for you. What what do you need? What can you do to make your life? What are you done in every way?


My goal as a person and this is this is something I've been thinking about a lot lately because I have had a hard time coming to grips with this idea that people are listening to what I think. I'm not an expert in anything, but I've come to the conclusion through all the trials and errors and pros and cons of my life.


That if we just go into things with the intention of working things out. And not of fighting, not of conflict, it's possible that all the excess energy that we have that are dedicated to these unnecessary conflicts, that maybe we can come to a comfortable agreement for both parties, that we're fucking that up because of this ancient DNA that we have that leads us to always want to go to war with opposing tribes.


I feel it myself.


I felt it in myself when I was younger of fought against it.


I've analyzed it. I've been confused by it and humiliated by it. It's a part of being a person and it's a very strong motivation. And I've mocked it in many times. Even in. Sure. In pro and con JazzTimes. I understand what it is. I get it. There's a thing that we all have. We want to be loved and accepted by a group of our peers and our community.


But that that that leading to doing that out of fear, it leads to a lack of critical thinking, which leads to ideologies, which is why we have cults.


This true? No, really, it's true.


In the in the late 80s, 81, I was quite young, but I wound up in Los Angeles and I was trying to have some meetings, trying to figure out if I could be somewhere in Hollywood or something. It was like a total lark. And I had one or two phone numbers from, I think the backup singer. Or maybe you remember there was Janet Jackson. What have you done for me lately?


Yeah, but there was an answer record to that, so it was an answer record.


Here's what I've done for you lately, bitch. It was kind of one of those deals. I don't listen to those because those are negative.


Well, well, but back in this time, so I wound up in probably Compton area and it was a it may I don't know what radio station it was, but it probably one of Clark's or the equivalent of New York bells.


And there were these guys doing rap battles and they were. And so it kind of transformed from gangsta rapping. That's how how hip hop really got started. You know, you're battling against them and you had to break dance battles all these differently.


It was pure tribes against each other. Maybe today's version, instead of bullshitting each other on some fucking is exactly.


Oh, my goodness. There was that break. We break that. That might be one of the most eighties things I don't want to say we had. Oh, my God.


It was amazing, but totally discredited.


My whole argument show us that you really ruined once people see the shoulder pads like Cory's full of shit, shut up and not be spoken.


Maybe we should all just be doing a podcast. Everybody get a fucking podcast together, work it out, yell at somebody over some kind of Skype connection.


Not the worst idea. Just get started, get started, get started.


I honestly believe that we should come up with some sort of an agreement for how we communicate. Don't be assholes.


Yeah. Yes. By example. That's the only way by example.


Just that alone will shift so many things into the proper. Yeah. Proper position. I mean by example. Yeah. I really, I really just for example, just be an example. That's all it is.


And I think we also have to acknowledge that people fucking change and grow over time. And how do we ever we if we want people to get better, we have to assume and we have to acknowledge that whoever they are today is not who they were yesterday. And there's a lot of people that are like, I see it a lot with either alcoholics or drug addicts or people just dismiss them.


And the guy's fucking guy, he's just you know, he had that thing with oxes. He's always going to be that right. Know, you have people who are absolutely sure they can change.


Yeah. If they decide they can change and they go on to become amazing people, there's a grip that anything can get on you, whether it's opiates or coke or whatever the fuck it is. But there's there's some things that become you there are you that you're new, the new interim interwoven built on this coke.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well no but yeah.


But I mean involved. It is all hooked on. Yeah. OK, well it's marijuana that is, that is throughout my entire system, my being.


It's how I, let's just say it a matter of life. We both love it. Fine. Thank God for trailers. I've never done that. But that's all that's, that's really all it takes.


And and people have to at least and this is the big problem, not be afraid to say what you think and think about how you say it. Try and say something nicely, but don't be afraid of using something that is politically not right or could be a the term problematic is bullshit by itself. Either it's a problem, it's not a problem.


I think we have this undeniable inclination to form groups and form groups, OK, people that think along our lines and then everybody who opposes those thoughts, we close ourselves off to their perspective. We fight against them.


It's just it's a natural thing that people to.


And it's it's one of the reasons why we have so many problems with all kinds of different ideas is that people, whether you have this idea when you made a decision on a controversial issue in your mind most of the time, well, you're basing your decision is on your own perspective, your education, how you. Well, let's give it the best a possible. Results and saying you're looking at any problem as you're going to look at it objectively and come up with your own perspective, but your perspective is going to be different than someone who grew up in Miami, which is going to be different if someone who came from another country, everyone's going to have their own, like, thank you.


This is the core of America, by the way. Yeah, just tie into that.


My friend Mo, he he was born and grew up in North Carolina and lives in Virginia. He's Adolf's. We've never met each other. I've never even seen him. Doesn't matter. But one day I'll go hang out with Mo and I'm going to eat whatever the fuck most family eats. I'm going to hang out with his children and talk to way about things they're interested in. And he's going to come and he and his wife will come and visit us and he'll see our side and our culture.


And it's beautiful because you can enjoy it with each other and still be different. We don't have to be forced into this one. It's all the same thing. I don't believe in that.


It's definitely not one that's not fun, but it doesn't have to be all the same thing, you know? I mean, the idea of what just people, just people doesn't mean it's all the same. No, it means we have to we're all just people. But there's people that live like this and there's people that get over here and there's a different climate there. And this place is really cold.


I get the idea that's not where some forces want us to go.


What is that, though? That's just people jockeying for control.


Should we concentrate on them or thinking he really can't be on what we actually think about these things? But I think we all think about when I talk to rational people, what do they think about these things? The kind of thing what I just had, like just people.


It's just people. Yeah.


This good, bad, smart, different interest. Everybody's different. Yeah.


People who don't read who say brilliant shit. Yes.


People who you know can't see and they could play guitar. Yeah. Is so easy.


But isn't that all basically coming from a place of fear either not fitting in or not being understood or not understanding and, and just being afraid of what that means.


And I think that's fueled by a lot of things around us.


We're just afraid. It's fear. It's always fear the great mechanism.


There's always a lot of fear. And I think that fear encourages people to engage in groupthink and it discourages them from coming up with a contradictory opinion. If there's a narrative that all the really aggressive people, whether it's right wing or left wing, there's a narrative that they're espousing. Yes, there's a gravity to that. You want to you want to tell people I'm an man. Yeah, we need to do that. Locked in borders down the. Oh, yeah.


We need to do that and like, eat the rich, like whatever it is, one side or the other. There's a draw to that.


Just what we need to learn what what we need to learn is not to immediately say you're wrong and I hate you because of it. That's because once we admit that everything we've just talked about, I don't know if I'm fucking right.


It's just my opinion. What you say is your opinion. We could be wrong.


So you just have to recognize that. I don't what I don't understand that's part of the mechanism somehow is this and maybe it's triggered by black and white checker boxes.


Maybe it's triggered by somewhere over the rainbow. I don't know what's gone on, but for some reason we're being triggered into hating someone. The different idea, and that's fine.


That is not completely fucked up. Exactly. That's necessary.


Have you have you ever seen the documentary that was on the debates between Gore Vidal and.


Oh, yeah, this is a while back in nineteen sixties.


What was it called? God damn it. What the fuck's the British gentleman's name. Oh, there it is.


Best of enemies. That's what it is. Yes. It's Gore Vidal who is the I was a very famous I'm high as fuck right now.


I can't remember, uh, Buckley, William F. Buckley. How about this? And there was a really fascinating moment where William F. Buckley got upset at and threatened to punch him and Chet threatened to hit him. And I said, oh, yeah, yeah. Tense. Yeah, tense.


But this it's again, it's this if if I think I'm right and I think you're wrong and I want to prove that I'm right and you're wrong, it becomes a it becomes a game of tennis. It becomes wrestling. Yeah. It becomes a contest in any contest that people engage in. Like there's all sorts of factors that come into play, like the Mongols didn't conquer like a quarter of the world because their ideology was right.


They just they had the right factors in place that allowed them to do that. Elephants, all kinds of shit.


So if someone has.


If someone has a control of a situation, it doesn't necessarily mean that they should. William F. Buckley son, William F. Buckley Jr., one of the founders of the conservative America. His son Christopher was married to my cousin Lucy.


And this is damn, dude. Oh, yeah, my whole family is all kinds of government shit people, right?


Come on, son. No, no, no.


Maybe, maybe my Uncle Don is incredible.


He was he was very high in the CIA. He became Bush senior's national security adviser. So basically, like the Michael Flynn or the Condoleezza Rice or they frisk you at Thanksgiving?


Well, it's very interesting because I've never been cleared. I have no clearance.


And so at some family gatherings, some of the other cousins of cousins who I don't really know that well, like, well, we can't talk about this because you don't have clearance. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Yeah.


Yeah, but that's that's that's really if you look at the No Agenda show, that's really it's been a truth seeking of my own life because when I was in my teens, my parents. They both told me that they had been involved in. They were, I guess, to call civilians in the State Department and that's why we had lived in Uganda when I was very young. And I think that's why I probably moved to Europe. And, you know, there's a lot of people who are my whole family is definitely patriots there, doing a lot of weird things, have been involved in weird shit, everything from well, my my paternal grandfather was in the lieutenant commander in the Pacific, you know, Japanese theater.


My maternal grandfather, Albert Schobel, he actually was German, but he landed at Normandy.


He was in fucking D-Day, the Purple Heart and all the shit for it.


And so everybody was kind of involved.


We got all kinds of, you know, very painful talk to him about.


I've talked to all of them and I've actually talked funny enough of my uncle had much deeper conversations with and he's he's close to 90 now. So he's yeah. He's kind of done. I mean, he I hope he stays around for a long fucking time. He and his wife, he was ambassador to South Korea.


I mean, this is a major dude and I believe he recruited my parents and both of them are gone so I can talk about it. I can't say exactly what they were were doing.


But I do know one thing is that and this is why I think when I once I realized this, I have distrust of the media is that I believe my father was in Uganda to report on certain events that were taking place. This was before Idi Amin came in. Wow. So a boat was still president. And I think the U.S. controlled the boat. I'm not sure if they controlled Idi Amin, but he would write a story about something happening there.


And it may not have been exactly what the story was, but it was a pro America or pro America agenda story. And because it was in the Eino, let's call it the fucking Uganda Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post could say, according to The Uganda Times, this is what's happening. So that story became truth. But that story was actually a message, a message from United States intelligence or the president or whatever or the State Department, whatever our democracy idea was, whatever our fucking agenda was.


And when they told me, it was really telling me, like, you know, we're not in this anymore. We're not doing any of that. And, you know, we're legit. But it it opened my eyes to having lived this huge lie. Not that I knew it, but, you know, why did my dad come home one day and he was able to speak French fluently, like, what the fuck?


Yeah, I remember some of that. You can tell me whatever you want as a cool language, bro. No, no, it's not. Well, it is, actually.


But so that kind of stuff was was kind of mind blowing and it really reset my thinking.


And I have a I really don't know much. Both my parents passed. My dad passed last year. He was eighty.


He was the last several years of his life were, uh, no, the thinking was really not there anymore. It just kind of went downhill.


And we never really had he was he was gone a lot, you know, and I don't blame him because he did what he had to do. And I think all my family are very patriotic, no matter what they were involved in. I think it came from a good place.


And so I've kind of become this this counterweight to all of that in some odd way. And but I know that a lot of stuff is bullshit. And I know because I feel that my immediate family was involved in some of the creation of that maybe a long time ago. But I don't think I've got any better. Yeah, I think everything evolves, right, and if people are pulling the wool over people's eyes in the 1960s, I think it's only gotten much, much, much, much, much, much better at it.


Yeah, the Internet has been a blessing and a curse at the same time.


It's always how it's going to be with everything in life, as long as we realize it, as long as we can have it in the back of your mind. This could be bullshit.


Just have that in the back of your mind. It's it's always a possibility with all these systems, if you're looking at it like without any connection to who's right and who's wrong, you just look at it like this little battle of, like, bugs battle.


Now, let's look at it in terms of like what are the qualities of each side and what consider the source. Yeah.


Considered the source, but also but also come out and walk in nature. Yeah. Conex, turn off the phone, leave it at home. Just disconnect. It's important for your immune system. Yeah, I really believe that. I think so. Leave that shit at home. Go without it. Make love. I know it sounds nutty but make make a fucking love. Is that a bad company song feel.


I beg your pardon. Hello. We're brothers from the 80s. Yeah, of course it is.


Fucking hell yeah. Yeah.


Any, any sex songs, any sex or any sex song will do man.


So it was a song about the kid shooting star. Everybody thought they were that kid shooting when I was in high school. But Johnny was Coolbaugh when he heard his first Beatles song. What the fuck is that.


I grew up, I was in Holland. I think I missed that. We don't know that song isn't that bad company.


Mhm. Shooting Star.


It's a song about a rock star who was just like I feel it's an amazing rock star who dies young.


I had a certain set of stuff in Europe growing up around the same time. I was really there from seven on through teenage years.


So I had a lot of bad company. That is a straight shooter. Nineteen seventy five. There was something about a lot of that music that got discredited because it wasn't as complex as, like maybe the Who or Rolling Stones or Zeppelin.


There was some, some music that just didn't get the credit it deserves.


You know, Billy Squier really of course, is the night, of course, all of that. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff that happened South Jersey to a lot of Southside Johnny. So it also Skid Row. I mean, those guys. Yeah, I love those guys.


People loved or hate Bruce Springsteen. I will love him forever just because.


But I don't really see eye to eye with him on a lot of stuff anymore, but I don't have to.


His his songs like like Captain Jack is one of my all time favorite songs. To me, it's the river.


That's a great song to, you know, how about brilliant disguise.


Well, that was when I was just starting in television in Europe and had that he said, you baby just and it was the really kind of he had these kind of soft, cool videos. Yeah.


Like when he had fire. Baby, I'm on fire. Yeah. Is your daddy home?


You were feeling that shit. That's a pedophile.


They were bullshit that that was rock and roll bitch. That was rock and roll. They cannot do not associate that with the bars of saying, hey little girl, is your daddy home?


I went to Moscow was Skid Row and all those guys. I don't really mean rappers.


No, he no, no. Just jokes. Can we still do this? We have to pretend we're a lot of jokes about how do you feel about that.


You can still do jokes can't you. When's your next know. Next week special.


I need a special. I can't do comedy right now.


So how many it was going to take a couple of years before we get one together, you think with writing and testing it out?


Who knows? Man, who knows when? What do you need. You need clubs in the audience, right. Yeah. To test that shit.


Well not just test it, it's like just to like who knows when we can perform again. Yeah. Like right now guys are doing, some folks are doing outside places.


What's this Chapell camp or something about.


This is like some, this is like Chappelle took over like let's go, let's go to our wedding chapel and he set it up as a comedy show, socially distanced.


Everybody gets testy when I saw one one show. But there's more going on. Does them all the time doesn't count.


But where are they? Where can you see on YouTube in Yellow Springs, Ohio, like, can you see them online?


You have to go yet to be there. I love this guy. That guy is fantastic. So you have to go there.


It's not it's not recorded. Nothing bullshit. All right. This has got to be HBO. Netflix. He's got to know. He's got to be that. Can we go there one? Can we go there.


Yeah, for sure. Have you been. I have not yet been invited.


I've been busy. Yeah. Yeah of course. We've been talking this place. This is the night came back.


You know, I'm good. I want to be sympathy. But this is the first night we've ever done in this in this space. So it's been like a weird transition to just decide we're getting out of L.A. and then literally two months later. Can I ask you. That just because I had similar, I was gone within six weeks once I arrived here, I mean, so you felt it and you took your family down here to check it out.


You guys had been here before. You got business here, right? You've been here before? Yeah.


Yeah, I've been here many times. I love love the city.


Just seems like you when you move real quick. I was surprised.


Well, my kids are in Zoome class, so it's a real bummer. It's a bummer.


And I think it's it's I think it's appalling. And I'm not saying this is clearly I'm not saying they should be in school. I don't know. Maybe, maybe.


But you know what? You know what the situation is, what you're seeing right now.


What I'm saying is some classes are not healthy for kids. It's weird. It's a weird disconnect. They're not around their friends. When they are around their friends, they're more frantic. It's like, I believe, that children need a certain amount of socializing with each other in order to develop. Of course, I think it's important and I think it's really good for them. I think it's good for them to emotionally experience conversations with each other unsupervised. It's good it's good to learn how to talk to people.


It's good to, you know, go to your parents and tell them, you know, Debbie got mad at me because I said and you said, well, you know, Debbie probably thought this.


And you have these kind of human human interaction. Yes. Yeah.


This is this is what I feel like. If kids aren't right in front of each other all the time like that, they're missing some of that. I don't know if I'm right. I'm hoping that this is just a momentary roadblock. And then a few months later from now, we have some sort of viable medication, whatever we whatever it is.


Yeah, whatever it is, we realize, OK, we're going to be OK and people can go back to school.


But kids, part of their development is interacting with other kids.


It's just part of what it's the whole point of going.


It's a there's a dance. They learn, they learn.


I remember things that I said that was me when I was five years old.


Are you worried about your kids having this lapse of another fifteen and twelve, I think, or thirteen? Yeah, twelve and ten.


I don't I'm not worried about it in terms of I don't think it's surmountable. It's a minor concern.


You know, the real concerns, like don't let your kid get eaten by a tiger in Texas where we have a lot of those fucking tigers. You kids starve to death. Don't you know? There's a lot bigger concerns. But I think that as a parent, like if you know something, you're supposed to teach to your kids, if you have an idea of something you supposed to explain to your kids, if you think if you see things that are going in a weird way.


So in this in this way, it's like you feel more of a need to have conversations with them about.


Just just life overall and also what they're what they're learning in school, but life overall, maybe even more so, to let them know like all these people, this is people right here. They're people just like your dad's dommy. Right. You know. Right.


Mom has to figure things out. I guess that whole world. OK, OK. Your dad will tell you right now, dad's dad, daddy's a dummy, OK, to accompany me with math problems. But like, I'm going to present you as much as I can. But you have to recognize this whole world is filled with dummies like me. OK, so most people that are making the decisions or at the very least are choosing the people that make decisions are like me and dumb.


So know that I know what to swallow for a 12 year old or 10 year old.


But but but when you want to make music with them and let them know like like we are all trying to work this out, this is what being a person is.


Do they do you think? I mean, my daughter just turned 30, my stepdaughters or five, three and 25. Finally get it.


My 30 year old, she fucking gets it so, so good. She really she really gets it.


It's awesome when they get it.


She's she's actually chic. When I divorced second time and once the third final marriage. It's a charm I love. It was so in love. Congratulations. I love my best friend. Thank you. And vice versa. My daughter came to me said.


She sat me as the lioness came back to the lions. Listen, I'm glad you left her. This is what you've done wrong here. Here's the stuff I think is fucked up. Here's how you fucking damage me with some really stupid fucking shit. And it hurt me a lot. But I've forgiven you.


And now you are going to get up on your two feet. You're going to be a fucking man. You're going to move on. And she blessed me on everything. And it was the most beautiful moment in my life.


And from there, it was just been soaring, soaring.


And that's when she had she had figured out she had figured it out before. I had very impressed with her. That's very impressed with her. Yeah.


And that was just, you know what? I think every child eventually comes to their parents and has a version of that conversation at some point. Yeah, for sure.


And I think the hope is that you'll do better than yours did and then you're going to do better than yours. And we evolve.


But we're so afraid of, you know, making it worse or making them feel the pain that we felt or rejection or disappointment.


And that's very it's a slippery slope, you know, what would you do there?


Yeah, I think we have to go back to what we were talking about.


We haven't even been talking for that long. We've been talking for fifty thousand years.


And already we've dumbed down to fucking fingers on a touch screen.


But realistically, it's been so short. Well, here, the amount of time you make a good point, we were talking, yeah, we're no longer talking. We're we're texting, Joe, we're texting, we're dip.


I think we're going to be OK. We're texting.


I honestly feel like if you looked at the way technology evolves, things technology evolves, things towards demand. And I think there's a legitimate demand today for more connection. And people are finding it in jars.


Yes, I would, of course, like yeah, they're doing of course.


I think if technology could eliminate this bizarre aspect of social media where you write things out and a person is not in front of you when this communication is delivered and you know, you're hurting their feelings, but you don't have to experience their their pain or look in their eyes and see they're uncomfortable.


My stepdaughter, Ellen, she had moved she moved to Chicago with her fiancee just before two weeks before the shutdown from Austin to there. They were getting ready. They had jobs lined up, everything shut the fuck down, horrific shit they've gone through.


But they already were on the path and they're now accelerating that path. They're going to main. They're unplugging.


They're going to live completely within a smaller Nomad's, smaller community, no smaller community igloos going going back a little bit.


And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. We can learn a lot from this. And if that's the trend and we all make babies, please. That's we still have to make children.


Dogs are not a substitute. I love dogs.


We need to keep making babies.


People otherwise become Japan and the Japanese debt trap. The money will be fine. We're going to have UBI. Some version of it will be very innovative. You got to keep pounding the old in and out. You got to keep making baby. We need babies.


Otherwise that will be a problem. That's just my view.


I could be wrong. Smoked some weed today.


There's a thing that people like to say.


Like I don't need any more people like oh we're over the population bomb has been going on forever, but it is kind of true. There's a lot of people, especially if you're in a place. Yeah, yeah. But there's also what's also kind of true is don't you like people? I love people.


And my favorite things people are the best things in the world to play are awesome.


Yeah, but there is a problem. There's too many of us.


There really is is there really seems to always work out. It was just too much here and too much then and too much then.


I'm not I'm not opposed to the idea that a lot of space man, we got a lot of space in the world for now. Maybe if we keep growing, eventually it's going to come to a point. But then there's the other concept that as things westernise people are less and less and less likely to have children early in life because they want to.


That's OK. They're career, that's OK. But then the populations drop now.


But you still got to do your two points, two point three children. You can have do it later. Yeah, that you my parent.


I remember my mom said I'm getting my tubes tied because I've done my duty to the country.


Two point three. She had three kids. I've done my three kids.


I'm above average. I'm tying that shit up. Done with the. And that and that was what you did at the time, that the tubes tied, tubes tied. That's right.


And she still divorced and had a much happier life without my dad, I believe.


Imagine back in the day when there was no tubes tied. There was no nothing.


Yeah, but, Joe, what do we grow up with? You stick your dick in, get AIDS.


We grew up with what the hell was all that about that go went away with went away with science, went away with science. And voting is an amazing it's amazing how it went away and killed when or what do you think happened.


But it wasn't those proteases was with HIV.


That's a whole nother show by itself. For real. Yeah. It really if you really look, I can give you some books, if you will, and I've done this. I've just like I've looked at 9/11, all this stuff.


There's a lot to it. The HIV and it's Anthony Foushee. It is Dr. Berk's. It is Redfoo. It's all the same people.


And is it that any time does anything huge like this enormous medical concern, there's an also enormous amount of money involved.


And is that part of the problem? Yeah, yeah. That well, the whole the whole system in 2000, eight or nine, there was a financial conference, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, whatever, and they were talking about the future of of medicine and vaccines. And everyone was all jacked up about it because vaccines are not regulated the same as every other medication. So they you know, they you can't be held liable if someone has a problem with your vaccine.


Now, there are vaccine courts where the government quietly gives you money and you can get some restitution. But if the vaccine is shit, you can't sue the pharmaceutical company. So they saw this as a great it's like, holy shit, this is a great thing.


You're from a financial perspective, you're giving people medicine, charging for it before they're sick. Right. This is great. So you had vaccines against smoking, addiction and things that really, I don't think fit the actual description of vaccines.


And now we're at the magical RNA, the Marnay vaccine, which is supposed to not. Trick your immune system by giving you a piece of the original virus, but just trick your immune system into changing something in your DNA that will reject the virus when it encounters it. So it's a little different and it's not been proven to work.


But Jay-Z is freaking me out on. It's not I mean, it's it's very mainstream knowledge. It's not like this is something new. Why does it seem like the next chapter of the horror movie? Because that's what it is. Virus gets released. Yeah. Everybody's forced to not work. Unrest in the streets. Murder, racist murder. Yeah, everything's on fire. What? Always what always happens? Anarchy comes fucking Joe and fucking Adam. We got our fucking shit strapped on like, oh, I'm going to say Laurinaitis, save the day, bang.


I have faith in the Republic.


I'm not worried. It doesn't matter who our president is. The Republic still has all the tools and the legality to function fine.


I don't care. I have a preference that's irrelevant.


I think it's a republic continues to function one way or the other. We have the right tools in place. Does it matter whose president is not life or death? There are shortcuts to a good future. That's for other people to determine. But we don't have to be worried about shit because. Mark, I'm glad you're optimistic. I am, and I think there's a there's a real value in being optimistic and I share your optimism.


I think if you look at human beings from, you know, measurable history to today, it's a clear path of doing better. It doesn't mean that everything is perfect right now. It's not.


But we got to look at behavior. We've got to look at it like what what do you do? You want someone lighting the building on fire because there's a guy inside you disagree with who is the most progressive mayor in the country, of course.


But of course, the progressives, he's like, not enough, like not progressive enough.


This guy is the most progressive guy the mayor of Portland might be the doesn't that show that we're a little misguided and we just have to stand back and take a look at what's going on?


I think they're they're mis misidentifying the conflict. It's not as simple as I believe this and you believe that.


And I want to be rational and you want to be you remember I mean, we're talking about how you need some kind of challenge, survival challenge in your life to be a full human being. Yeah, this, I think, unfortunately, is what happens to probably younger people aged 20 to 30 is their challenge has now become this dangerous game of taunting. Yeah. Burning, doing more than just protesting. It can start with protesting, but that becomes a thing of lifeblood that you need to have and need in order to feel like a full human.


I mean, this is yeah, we have our own challenges to feel like we are full humans. I you know, you have yours and mine is providing for your family and certain level of success or whatever you're looking for.


Creating balance. Right. Creating harmony. Happiness. It neat. Yes. It's somewhat neat. It needs the input, but it needs the inputs and results.


You need something that's hard, that's either physically challenging and mentally challenging or just work intensive or concentration. Yeah.


And this replaces that for a lot of people. I think we just need something to do a hundred percent.


And it excites the tribal aspects of our imagination. It really does. And it's unfortunate that it does that because it forces people to behave. And it's really like the conflict has already been established. It's already clear conflict. It's not as simple as I think.


One thing you'd think a different thing. And you can tell me why you think something and I can just accept it without a judgment on me as a human being in my intellect. And the problem is, if you have something that's opposed or is opposing the ideas I have in my head, I think that you got me you made you tap me out, you made checkmate. Right?


I'm like, fuck this guy. I'm going to fight this out. Right.


So you got to go get some sort of deprogramming.


We need deprogrammer specifically in the idea that your ideas equal you. That's crazy. Like you like you can most. You should be a thing that thinks and when ideas are presented to you, you should decide, is that valid? Is that good for everybody? Is that bad? Like what is that? Is that poison in the drinking water? Right. And then it moved from there. But when we look at anything through the lens of ideology, we have these boundaries.


We you know, you can't be a sphere.


I think choice is still Republican. I think it's still fear that you want to look over there. But you're almost kind of afraid. Like, what if I agree with it? You know, we have to be we have to find the courage to be less afraid of being open to other things.


There's a lot more people then than anyone really realizes who are not red or blue or white or black a lot. We had these meet ups, no agenda, meet ups, and it's just self organize people.


They get together all over the world. Five people, twenty people, you know, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. And they're from all different ages, backgrounds, colors, religion, race.


But they know one thing. I'm going to be clumsy here and I'm not going to get triggered by any fucking shit you say. And and we know that agreement is there. And even if people are completely opposite, it's like, OK, could one of the beer. That's possible we can do this, we can represent possible can do this and this idea that you have to be you know, everyone has to be in agreement of every single goddamn issue in the world, otherwise you can't connect with them.


It's nonsense. It's bad for all of us.


I think what we were talking about earlier that labels should be illegal. It's a joke, but it's not. No, it's not a joke, really. There's something to it, man. There's something to the idea that labels are a real problem with us. They're a real problem because we we adhere to those labels and there's like a like a checklist of things you need to my arm on this.


I'm pro Second Amendment. You have to write all these things down.


Then you have to like if someone is on the same tribe as you, you have to agree with them about everything, everything.


Politically, I think a lot of my views overlap with what some would call conservative. Yeah, but I find that an incredible insult. If you call me Republican or even a libertarian or Democrat, I don't want to be fucking labeled anything.


I don't need that. It's not fair.


I think the best evidence that this is actually taking place is what's happening right now between the right and the left and how polarized everything is, how weirdly.


Yeah, but is it really I think that I think that everyone's now in agreement, OK, shit's out of control. We got to stop this. Whatever's going on on the streets is not everywhere but enough of it that it's fucked up. We've got to stop it. Yeah, everyone's in agreement. So now both political parties are kind of, you know, the Democratic Party and they've come in settling in OK. We think they should stop so that I think it will start to stop.


This is going to have to happen.


Well, it's one of two things is going to happen. It's going to stop or it's going to accelerate. Right.


And that if it's all dependent upon how what kind of reaction people have to whenever you want to take over a society, the best strategy is strategy from above and below. So the below right now. And if let's just say if someone is thinking about this and running this and trying to fuck with us, below is you on the street. Riots, Black Lives Matter, inequality, whatever people are pissed off about above is covid. That's that's why it's dangerous for us because we have these compounding factors.


Yeah. Overall fear of hurricane and an earthquake death and you don't. And an asteroid. Oh, and an asteroid. Yeah, I think we both agree that we probably can be OK through this, and it's better if we don't freak out. Yeah. And we look for possible positive outcomes. And that's what I think.


I think. And it's hard. It's just hard. It's hard. It's hard to do that.


Yeah. And I honestly, I think what what I said earlier about controversial people having platforms, I think it's important that people figure it out for themselves. You can't trick me with a faith healer. Why is it going to trick you? Is it going to trick your kids? What are you telling your kids?


I don't know. Isn't the problem that we need to educate people as to what people are capable of lying about? Trickery, cults, evangelists, late night TV people trying to.


Yeah. With their money. Shouldn't we, like, let them exist and then point to them?


So, yes, I've seen alligator that only your dog. I've seen an alligator. Yes. If you walk that alligator by the lake, you'll eat your dog.


Now, if there's illegality going on within any group or whatever, then you need to of course, to process that immediate.


But it is illegal shows. I don't care if illegal. Like if you're fucking protecting me, you're talking to Jesus and you give me an anointed bandana that's going to protect you from any financial side.


I know. I don't think that should be illegal. No fucking way. What do you know? What do I know about the band and the the power of the band? I could be very big.


I don't know all the Tom Hanks movie, and it's real. Which one big, something like that. No big head like the thing. Yeah, of course I yeah. That was key of you or me and I was you for like 24 hours.


And you go about our lives.


What would you do would be the first thing you did. Wow. I don't know, man, that's I think I probably to test out what I can do as my jujitsu and all that shit, let me go to the gym for a second.


Back kick fucking motherfucker.


OK, I like to remember this. I want to get my old body. I can imagine when that does happen, where people can literally become like you could put your body in Olympic gymnast body once you learn that she wants that, ultimately, that's where Ellen's going.


What do you think about the test with the pigs?


Well, again, I think I love Elon for his hey, here's my cyber truck.


It has bulletproof windows shatter like I never like I will find the fucking ball. Bearing out is fine.


I know it'll be great in the final mix. It will fix it all. And it's like the pigs.


The pig doesn't want to come out like people like I know what you're doing. I'm good with it.


I like the idea. I'd love to see people who have MS or ALS whose brain is not Parkinson's, whose brain is not communicating the functions to be able to keep those going. I think that's the initial application. And that's fantastic. Right. But am I interested in at least Jamie's sleeping?


I thought he was snoring.


I am very interested in the application of direct interfacing. Just I'd like to just go. I just want do my email right like that. And everything just happens because he's right.


The interface between our brains and in the network, the whole community, the world is actually going from ten fingers to to one or two with our phones.


I like the idea of upping that bandwidth transfer, I think. But I would like to be able to make sure I can turn it off. And I have control when I when I want it.


It doesn't it sort of go in line with what we were talking about and people have only been talking for a short amount of time.


Sure. Like, sure. Before people were talking, it was just grunts and pointing. Yeah. Pictures trying to figure out how to kill them.


In a way, we're going back. You know, we went from emojis on the wall to emojis on text, smiley face emoji, mask emoji.


But you get it right. So get it. That's an abstraction of language. So someone sends you a yellowface.


So that is actually how computer code works. Yeah, computer code is binary assembler. On top of it, you got maybe interpreting a scripting language and then it's almost English. And before you know it, you're just saying this emoji and you put these two words together. You know exactly what I mean.


That is so when you get when you get the raindrops with the with the, uh, it is crazy. The fucking what is that thing.


The oh the eggplant. Eggplant, eggplant. You know what I mean.


Joe Rogan answering my texts, not answering my not answering my my my eggplant water. And what is this about eggplant. Waterboys.


That's a bold move and followed by peach.


Peach. Exactly. You could bring that to court and people were like I don't know, the guy likes fruits and what is he trying to tell me clearly, you know, like serving.


That's another benefit of the, of the phone. The flip phone can't really do emoji. Yeah it's good. Good. I got I'm Adam Curry. Shall we wrap this up. Yeah. Joe Rogan, thank you so much. Again, welcome to Texas to Austin. Here, you've got yourself a beautiful city. Very much. We did it. We did it.


Welcome to Welcome to Texas. Thanks, man. It's good. Thanks. Welcome. Two guests, No. One here at the new place. Young Jamie, a bad motherfucker. You put it together.


Yeah. Jamie, shout, shout out to Judy for the desk. Matt Alvarez for the place. And that's it. All right. Bye. Thank you.


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