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Hello, friends. Welcome to the show. This episode, the podcast is brought to you by Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace. Damn good whiskey. This distillery was just named the 2020 Distillery of the Year. The San Francisco World's Spirits competition has some of the best whiskey tasters in America, judging hundreds of whiskeys and Buffalo Trace one the most. Two decades ago in Buffalo, Trace won the same title by Whiskey Advocate magazine. Since then, they have won more awards than any other distillery on planet Earth.


Google Buffalo Trace and see for yourself. And this is my favorite part of buffalo trees. Whiskey. Other than that, it's awesome whiskey.


They've been distilling whiskey since 1773. Ever since the American pioneers followed the buffalo herds to the Kentucky River. They even operated during prohibition with a permit to make whiskey for medicinal purposes. What does the company do? You know that's been in business since seventeen seventy three. They're three years older than America. How about that? It's pretty crazy. Their master distiller in charge is Harlan Wheatley. And he makes craft vodka, also named after him, called Wheatly Vodka.


Since 1995, Harlyn has been distilling at Buffalo Trace. If the whiskey in the barrels not ready to go into the bottle, it does not. They know because they taste it all.


It actually has balls in the labor. Does a buffalo, but a real buffalo with balls. Not like those lions in that movie. You weird lions with no Dixon balls. This buffalo has a real set of nuts. It's great whiskey, folks. The governor of Kentucky designated bourbon as an essential during this time. So the pandemic is not slowing them down. They are making more whiskey now. Every day. And they also make hand sanitizer now as well.


Which was nice. The Buffalo Trace model is stand strong. They won't compromise, especially on the taste of their fantastic whiskey. And I respect that. No wonder why they win all those awards. It's fucking dope. It's fantastic whiskey and they've been to sponsor this podcast for a long time. Distilled, aged and bottled by Buffalo Trace Distillery 90 Proof. Franklin County, Kentucky. Buffalo Trace. American family owned and fiercely independent. Folks, this podcast is a fight companion.


Now, if you've never listened to a fight companion, what we do is you watch the fights, the UFC fights, and we talk shit. We barely pay attention to the fights. We've paid attention to some this time. But this is an unusual crew. Generally, it's usually Brian Cowan, Eddie Bravo and Brendan Job. But Eddie Bravo had to corner a fighter for a submission event. And Brendan Schwab and Brian Cowan both got Kovik 19. Yikes.


Brendan is doing great.


Brian, not so much. He's coughing up a storm. But either way, both guys got it. Less than two weeks ago and they are not here. So it's Joey motherfucking Diaz and the Golden Pony, Tony Hinchcliffe. Please enjoy the fight companion.


Joe will gain experience by.


Boo yah. And we're live the covered crew cannot make it. Brian Calin, Brian Cowen, still coffin not doing so good. Brendan Schwab is one hundred percent. He even tested negative. But there's a 14 day mandatory quarantine pitch. He's got to take it. Joey motherfucking Diaz is very excited about these fights tonight.


I'm very excited. This going to my record is an amazing card. And, of course, the golden pony in the house. Yeah. Tony Hinchcliffe, this is we are taking precautions for Cauvin.


Everyone gets their own joint. That's how we do it here. And Buffalo Trace will kill anything. If you have any problems, just put it on your microphone, put it on your fingers whenever you need one drink of a little one. Yeah.


That's what I'm talking Isar Noize ice to roll on the way up.


I told myself I'm going to have a drink. I'm such a pussy. Do you have a little drink?


I can't. No, because I can't lie to a cop. He pulls me over. He says I've been drinking.


I actually won't be here for three. I know. But one drink right now compounds.


I haven't drank at all. OK. Have a drink. I haven't drank the whole quality. Like I haven't drank. I don't think the whole year.


But my neighbor hasn't stopped. No, no. I've got. I've got neighbors lost. Every time I see him, they look drunk. Oh yeah. He does. A lot of people are really wrecked by this shit, man. They're just they're just trying to get by. And the booze that they said booze consumption is up even though the bars are down.


He's drinking. I talked to my old coke dealer. He says he don't stop making deliveries. He doesn't know where people get his money. 6:00 in the morning delivery. Jesus Christ.


Crazy. I'm not shocked. I'm not shocked. So this is the first fight from Fight Island. And if you don't know the history of Fight Island, it is fucking amazing what they've done.


I do not know if through the sale to WME, if the sheikh of Abu Dhabi still owns a piece of the UFC, I would assume that he wouldn't want to get rid of that because, you know, Dana still owns a piece. And but anyway, they they constructed this insane structure on Yas Island just for fights during quarantine. And obviously they'll have it for fights after quarantine if they choose to do it. But the place is sick. There's a W hotel there.


It's all top foot, top of the food chain. It's all beautiful. And they set this structure up. They built this structure just for these fights during quarantine because they needed a place where they could ship the international fighters in to because they can't get as the United States right now. They test everybody. They test everybody before they leave. Then they test them again when they land in Vegas. Then they test them again. When they land in Abu Dhabi, they quarantine them for 48 hours.


Then they test them again. Do they? They test this shit out of these people.


It's great that they've done and be done. They've done an amazing thing. Who likes Page Ransdell? She's a big underdog in this fight. Jamie, this girl she's fighting. Amanda Rebus is no joke. She just beat Mackenzie Dern, who she was supposed to fight, Paige Van Zandt. But Paige got injured. No, Paige has had some serious injuries. She's she broke her arm and one of her fights with a spinning backfire. She threw a spinning backoffice and hit a girl on the forearm.


Same thing that Paul Felder did to Mike Perry. It's a real common injury. You spin and instead of hitting with the back office, you wind up hitting with the middle of the forearm and it just snaps. And so she's had multiple surgeries on that arm to try to fix it.


But this girl is a beast, Brazilian. Yes, she's very good. And lifelong martial artists. Her father was a jujitsu instructor and he taught me time in judo. She's a. She's bad ass. She's very good.


And she's a big favorite in this fight. Isn't Paige like us six to one underdog or something crazy like that? Plus six hundred. That's when it opened up.


Yeah, that's that's a hundred dog pages. A lot of experience in the UFC for her to be that big of an underdog.


That's never signed a book with a part time job. I don't see what happens tonight. Somebody told me that before you got Mazda Bob getting points, you got them get wood. You got money. You fucked his name up. How can you fuck up Mosby, though? How could you fuck up? No, no. I got time to worry about.


She got a dictionary, which, you know. Hey, do you pay me? Oh, Chich. Okay, I get it. Okay, you're Cubin. But Mom's of it all. That's late. Does your people. You give that one.


I never met a guy named with without before so I don't know. You don't. I didn't grow up in any. Is he looking Rodriguez. What is his nationality.


He's Cuban and something. His mother's something. Argentina. I think we want a model. No. Peru. Rules on something like that.


We'll find out. Jim, find out. All right.


And we go. Bye bye. Yeah. Peru. There we go. So Kuban in Peru.


St. Jesus in the Middle East. Oh, shit. Didn't think of that. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm. What if he wins? It's got a lot of that vibe that Nate Diaz Connor, right?


Yeah, it's it's a big deal. All right. Here we go. For people watching at home, trying to sync up. We're at four fifty four, four fifty three, four fifty two, 451 for fifty of the first round. Amanda Reba's and Paige Van Zandt, and this girl's stalking Paige Pichler. Nice kick their. Hey. How the fuck did you eat chick flick, cock sucking? God damn it, Joe.


I know how bad it used to eat fish filets McDonald's 20 years ago when we come home.


Oh, yes. If I'm from stoned, I'll still eat those. No, you don't. I'd like fish fillet. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. Last time I had a migraine headache. It's barely fish. It's some things that fish swam by. Leaders paid.


Oh, Reba's cut it down inside control. That's not good. That's not good. She's got her arm trapped, too, in that scarf hold. That's a that's a uncomfortable position that Paige is trying to hold her in place by by gripping her arms like that.


She's already cut, but that's all she has to do. Reba's all she has to do is fish her arm through, see her right arm, fish it on through. See, she's just trying to do that. But Paige got tight. If she can figure out a fish her arm through and clamp our heads together, that's a logit submission, man. Oh, look at this. Paige is about to take her back. Look at this. Look at this.


It's ouds up against the cage. If she was in a better position, she might actually be able to take her back from there. But it's it's hard when you're up against a cage like that. It's hard to maneuver. So many Rivas has some blood coming out of her nose.


See? But if Reba's can get her arm through. Oh, look at that page is gonna take her back. Oh, shit. She took a chance to oh, Rebus is going to take her back. Wow, that was slick. That was slick arm, bar arm, bar pages in real trouble here.


That was so slick, man. See, this is the same thing. Like, she wants to flip her over, but the cage is where she wants to, Tucker.


She might still get it. She might get it right from there. She might get it right. Oh, she's going to get it right from there. Page got tab catch. Can't break her arm. Yeah. Tap, tap, tap. She's tapping.


That's it, man. That's.


She's OK. Good. Well, there you go. Well, what would you say about bookies? Never seen a bookie with a part time job.


Yeah. You got a lot of people took the underdog. You know, that was good.


That was a good line, though. That girl's really, really good. And again, there's something about people that have done martial arts their whole life. Like, you know, when you see someone like her whose dad was an instructor, her dad taught judo jujitsu and Moyet Tai. She grew up with martial arts. You know, it's like a part of her her being Paige is a really good athlete who's learned it late in life and she's dedicate yourself to it.


Look at that transition, man, that transition to the back and then switches to the arm bar knowing that Paige is going to roll her over.


God damn, that's pretty. That is so pretty. And then she can't get it to flip over. So then she goes the opposite way. She goes belly down. That's like the Russian style arm bar and she's forced to tap.


She's trying to roll over a page, trying to roll over it. But where she was, especially where face was off, she rolled over. She would've fucked herself up.


And that girl's good. Speaking of rolling over, cause just going to give you a piece of advice, OK? Next time you up, you're lonely. You got to watch the last Rambo movie.


Uncut, uncut. OK. They released in the movie theater. I went to see it on the road. As you know me, I'm a patriarch. This is the fucking best movie ever. It's his show. It's his violent. Has he's ever made a movie? Really? And this most recent. Some recent one. So they released it and then he got pissed off because they cut out a bunch of things. So he rereleased that sly style with the shit they cut out.


He wanted to let them know that he was extended. Good. Now he's fucking 70. So he worked it just like the mechanic with Charles Brothy it. Right. They show no fight scenes. They showed maybe two fight scenes. He killed a fuckin million people with just his brains, like he built a bunch of shit.


So this is the last one. Joe Rogan. That's it. So when he's in caves, he's shit. Joe. Joe usually does drill now. He was a witness. He had some on the chest when he got the knife and then he takes his fucking collar bone out. Who does that? Who does that anymore? This is what I'm saying. Walking around with what he's doing. Look what he's doing. He takes his fucking collar by now.


Show Rogue. This is it. This is the best fucking thing. Roadhouse was good. Where do you see this? Look at him. He ain't fucking around.


I'm getting creeped out by his face. Not moving. Don't matter. Don't look at him. He's fucking. He's whipping. He rip people apart. He does. Did they cut that out of the original movie The Collarbones? Yeah. Every day. Every day. If they cut all that out. But I didn't put it back in. Yeah. He put. He wanted to put this couple scenes. I don't want to blow for you. Jeez, dawg, the ending is right out of Joe Rogan.


I rose rose like a motherfucker. She's with your side. Can I be with devil like fucking coming from everywhere. I sit there is shock. My wife could even take it no more. She went to sleep. She's like, joik take this. I've never seen anything like this. Yeah. Fucking around my.


And at the end they show all the way back to the beginning. Only the mind. The soul. That's just the world. Only the mind, though. Sylvester Stallone. I watch Goodfellas this week. Quite a fucked up.


Kind of fucked up. And Goodfellas. I bet I know what you're talking about with cigar. No, Jimmy. Comes into the room before that. Henry's making a sandwich. God got got a goal.


They got, you know, Brazil. What most. And they got white bread.


It's 1955 in Brooklyn. There wasn't you weren't even elite. I'll be white bread. I'm a but African Americans telling me don't eat this shit though. Does it make them Italian bakery though? Motherfuckers do it right. You know those Italian bakeries that just had bread? My grandfather used to go to those.


Yes, exactly. He doesn't even know Zeppelins, are you? Yeah.


Italian like pastry dessert type I like. And they give me Tina Brown bag like a fucking Puerto Rican on the fort. They pour a thousand calories of powdered sugar. It the Breeders Cup greasy. Yeah. My God. Oh my God. You are so good for you. I used to eat a bag every morning with a long, skinny, real long thing. Oh, bread with a whole stick. A hotel. Bob Butter, 64 of Coke in the sixth grade.


That was amazing. So I have zappelli fucking breakfast in the sixth grade.


There's another one in Goodfellas. It's been my favorite movie of all time since I was a little kid. I watched it thousands of times, like a crazy amount. And there's one scene in remember when Paul Sorvino was making the deal with the guy? And then he asked to pay him forever.


You know, I really need your help, Paulie. Anything you could do, Paulie and Paulie, he's got a cigar. Yeah, you need my help if you want. Next time you watch it, there's a continuity part where he has the cigar in his mouth and the camera's behind him and then it cuts in front straight and then there's no scar there. It's like this disappearing cigar.


But I'll tell you what is so fuckin really good movie. Oh, that's the thing is I seen it. It's such a great movie that you watch it so many times. You start to notice things that even the fucking director didn't cover.


That scene, when they're at their mother's, you really have to sit down and go through all of the deer on the wall.


They call it a mothers guy in a trunk of a car and then go to their mother's and she makes like a traditional Italian breakfast at 4:00 in the morning, you know, fucking rolling ketchup.


And they got a guy in the trunk. My about like that old scene. Yeah. Yeah. How morbid that is. Henry, what's the matter with you? Don't talk. He's like sitting there. We got a guy in the trunk and we'll fucking eat things with two and it's delicious. No, they make all that food look so good they make everything look good. That that movie makes me want to smoke cigarettes.


Beginning of that movie. When they're in a car, they're in a car. And this is East New York and Jimmy DeNiro sleeping right there. There it is to fucking beginning of this. That's how it opened up. Like you like what's going on here. I had watched the twenty twenty. And then I read the book when I was locked up. So I was waiting for this movie to come out. This movie came out when I was at the halfway house and I had a system on how to get high and not get caught with the test.


I just had to take a joint and take one, hit it off at my gym and put it down on this day. I fucking told them I was going to Denver for a car. I went and smoked that thing. I got Chinese food that went through this by myself.


One on one hit and you wouldn't test positive. How come it's a loon? There's a limit one here is candles.


Little thing. So there's a little bit of a limit. He lives and waits. I was running a bank. A creek? Oh, you mean like a poppy seed, right? Tell people about that. They don't know. You started when you when you do drug test no more. Now they've got the head. They don't they don't fuck around with the hair. They just take your hair and then you find out from the. Well, I don't like.


Is this fucking Colvert test the boom with the nose? Oh, my God, what a weird feeling. Yeah. Here's the funny thing. Like I did it, but I've got the blood. I didn't cut it. Listen, we've placed on two. You don't want to put a cotton swab my nose. Look what happened. I got angel dust.


Take Krista with tranquilizers. Asshole does. And pubic hairs. I smoke. No work in the summer, but I smell a coke heroin sucking. Are you kidding me? When they did, my nose does. I'm an asshole. Does your mouth open up and has a little bit of dust comes up. Nobody knows. No. Take away. I know.


I remember when I woke up the line was just with my nose and the sparks were coming out. I got it. I still coke rocks in those glands. So you just a cotton swab in there and they're going to fuck it up because, you know, they make mistakes. Right. So some grandma is going to go, you know, that's a ramble that's going to go. You didn't test positive gold, but you get that you need treatment and help.


You got like I'm kilo's and your fucking nose.


Who would go for that fucking stupid wait ten hours with 80 fucking thousand people? The new one, they barely go inside, you know, they just got it. They used to have to go deep up in your nose, but now they just go into the opening. It's not that bad. The new ones aren't that bad. It's like you haven't thought about this.


We've never discussed this this young generation. Not no. Dick and I did the fucking research when I was growing up in the 70s. You got a thermometer in your asshole? Yes. Safe to put it. The marbling, you asshole. Got a result of what that did to people. If we go backwards, we're gonna see how many people gay. Because for years they was getting the mob to put it in their arsenal by the time they're 16.


What difference does it make? You even put out the mob of my ass. You let me time. I don't think that that's how it works. It's a momina with the creepiest thing people, OK? You went to a doctor who told you to bend over. You'd be burning up. You'd have one. Those Cobley fevers. He'd tell you to bend over. He did that. The mom, the Vaseline. And he'd stick it in your ass like a minute.


And you had to sit there with a fucking thermometer in your ass and look at him like make eye contact and talk to him. Then he would take it out, wipe it and then go look real close.


Tell you in ninety one point one you don't remember at the moment. In the ideal world, I remember them. You think about that shit. I remember them in the mouth, too. Well, I was so worried about that because you have this metal fuckin rod in your body armpit, too.


Really? Now sits down for a while.


This is UFC for. I didn't do commentary in this one. Really? I don't have the time. I can't. Just it takes a long time to do that.


I'm surprised they just wouldn't use the master recordings from the year before or whatever they.


I don't know. I don't know what happened. I don't remember. I mean, Dana White and I had a conversation about it once. I said, OK. That's all I remember.


And another it was an old Degerman. Maybe I am in it. I don't know. Honestly, I really don't know.


But doing it the first time or the first two times, it's a lot of fucking work, man. It's a lot or it's hours and hours and hours of going.


He's got the high bar always trying to transition to the triangle and he's out or he's got to get to the tap. Like, you have to do it like it's a fight. Right.


And every possible way for every scenario.


And I would do it for hours and I would leave exhausted because it would be like three or four hours of the craziest moments in the fight. Like when I see it do commentary for six hours, there's a lot of times nothing's happening. It's in the middle. They're setting up fights or we're talking about possible match ups. You know what happens if this guy wins? What happens? This and that. There's a lot of times where you're not screaming, but when you're doing those videos, you're just screaming the whole time.


It's just like, oh, you do it constantly. So it's like hours and hours worth drinking coffee, going back, doing it more.


They're getting good, though, man. They look so good. It's crazy how good it looks. Boxers, boxers. Did they. Yeah. Is the gypsy came there? Yeah. Him and Anthy. Joshua, I said like you call nine reorders. Nice. Nice.


I'm wondering when one big name boxer is just going to say fuck it. Let me try this. That being someone who knows how to read like Terence Crawford could do it. Crawford wrestles his kids wrestle, too. He wrestled in high school and he's a super athlete.


And as a fighter, he's one of those rare dudes that switches stances very easily. He can fight basically as good from Southpaw as he does from Orthodox. He can go back and forth. No problem. So inlike weird scrambles and shit. This is this is how Rose lost her title. Boom. She got slammed. She lost by Cayo from the slam. Oh look at that. She was piecing in her up to before. Here it is. This is a slam spike to running ahead and Kayode or.


That was brute power. This girl is real powerful on Drudge. She's super, super strong.


But up until that moment, Rose was winning the fight, if I remember correctly.


Yeah, she was. That's happening right now. Kids in these video games are getting so good, though.


Jamie, now we're playing this clip the other day when Hannibal was here of these new video games that have this new engine. It's the Unreal five engine. It's so good, man. It's it's so good. It doesn't even look at a movie anymore. Lighter got matches. It doesn't look like a movie. I mean, it doesn't have a video game anymore. It looks like like actual real live shit happening, like the dust on the ground and the lights and the shadows.


It's crazy. They've got it so good.


Is this an ashtray or is this like some relic from some, like temple or something? I never know around here.


I think you can use that as an ashtray. I got fired from Lafayette, too. You did what you did. I did the game. What happened? I said something appropriate thing.


Oh, didn't they ask you to say some inappropriate things? And you just took it too far? Yeah, they were fine up to a point and lingo. Hey. Hey.


It was the same thing with the Chappelle joke. You said other special. Same thing like Comedy Central.


The lady got offended because she was gay. Oh, no. So they had to send us all home and call crisis counselors.


No. Yeah. Is that you in there? You are.


Crisis counselors. Oh, my God. What do they do for Grand Theft Auto when someone is murdering hookers with a crowbar? Farrell.


What do they do? Get the light.


You put the chicken lights and then you stand there with a thing and it shoots you from all. Not someone.


I mean. I mean, what happened to the crisis counseling for the people that work in the video game? Their lives just go by.


That's sort of the dude's Dick and Greg Garcia's show on TV. What happened in two weeks? Every day I got a call from them. Are you sure you know what you're doing? Are you sure you don't? You're doing the dairy shoot for every actor on the set and every person. There was a therapist, but just in case they got offended. Greg Garcia was brilliant. He's brilliant. Sort of two people having sex. And the guy goes, I want to put virtual glasses on.


He puts it.


Yeah, it's me. And you come in and blow the guy. Do you believe Greg Garcia got away with that? I do believe it. That's how bad of a motherfucker he is. Oh, he's on the dudes all tied up. Oh, my goodness. I had a fucking sign. Twenty nine thousand documents. Talk to a therapist before that.


What you want, because that's what he hired me. I got a job for you sucking dick on the show. You're gonna love it, doesn't he said.


You call me and I call them back and he's, you know, since a lot of his fuck. Right. You don't give a fuck. He might show you up.


Yeah. That's. That's hilarious. The Browning counselors. Oh, my God. It was right during the. Me too. Movement like this. Right in the beginning. And he's like, I'm pushing it.


I'm pushing it. Is that pushing them? And that seems like he's like this. It's OK.


I mean, it's a guy you're doing it to another guy, but it is definitely against his will. Doesn't seem like he enjoys it.


He's tied up.


Why? Why? Why do people let people tie them up? Dad, please explain what's going in the way. Explain that to me.


I have never learned. I don't. I don't want to be around anybody that wants to tie me up. How about that? Yeah. How about that? It's like, you know, with Kate was it was in the Bible where God tried to trick somebody into killing his son, which is can enable. No. Which you write. Which was the story where God tried to trick the guy, kill the son. And then right before the guy kills his son, he out.


I was only testing you. That's how I'd be with time people up. I'm like, you want to tie me up? Go ahead. Tie me up. And then right when they're about to tie me up. But, Blake, you failed. You can't fucking tie me up. Why would you want to tie me?


I had somebody ask you that. No, no, no.


It's just a weird thing to want to do to somebody. I don't want to do it to a girl either. And I don't want a definite no want to be doing it to me. Yeah.


One of my relationships years ago ended because the girl wanted that so badly and I just could not. There's like the comedia is like a comedy part of me where it's just like I just thought it was too silly. Just can't do it.


I can't I'm not I don't want one. I don't want to feel like I have to tie someone up. I don't feel like she wanted to tie you up. She wanted you to tie her up.


And I just couldn't get, you know, shit when I was growing up. Like I did all that craziness in Jersey and nobody want get.


When do you think people start time people up on a regular. Oh, fucking 90s.


No, fucking those Romans Gladdie. Guys with the wigs of English. I think they were freaks. So we just fall for each other in the Caligula and give. Yeah.


Well, you know, it's back then, I think. I think people first of all, I think it's been pretty established back then. People raped kids all the time was real common, you know, I mean, you you go back and read stories of Greece, even even like famous philosophers, they had like boys, like little boys that they would have sex with. I think they got it done to them and they did it. And it took a while before people were held accountable for the devastating effects that it has on someone's life.


I mean, it took four people to. I don't know what year people started figuring out you're not supposed to do that to people, but for the longest time, that just happened. It's kind of creepy when you go back and you think about a lot of the great philosophers. I mean, think about how many people get discredited today for being creeps like Kevin Spacey, right, Emily? Amazing actor. Probably one of our great actors. Right.


I mean, House of Cards was fucking sensational. Yeah. And a big part of it was him.


Yep. Huge part of it.


And I've got to picture him next to Joselin Jazelle and the Fox, Glenn Gleen.


And now people say you're creepy. Like, if you're just talking to strangers and you're like, yeah, how about House of Cards? So like, oh, what are you. Like creeps or something. Right.


Like, I can't like it. Right. You can't you can't appreciate. What was the one when he played Kaiser Sosa. Yeah. Was. Yeah. Usual suspects. Yeah.


I mean, come on man. He's an amazing actor. Yeah, he's amazing. He's all actors. Almost all of them. Scotty's was no studies. Was like the most normal guy I've ever met my life. So Chris Pratt, super normal guys who just happen to be actress, but most actors, most like brilliant, brilliant actors are fucking crazy.


And that crazy is what produces this amazing work. Marlon Brando was fucking crazy. But towards the end of his life, he weighed 300 pounds, lived on a fucking island, did what everyone out there fuck guys and girl fucked everybody. He was crazy. Marlon Brando was a wild man. Steve McQueen, wild motherfucker. Crazy.


I just wanted to get away a couple weeks. Oh, my God. Oh, beaten around the street.


It's horrible. It's no right. John knows that that scene was going to happen like that.


He was going to actually hear Ali MacGraw across. Beautiful, beautiful. You in the scene.


He actually kicks her ass. He pulls over the side of the road and he smacks his shit out of her. It's hard to watch him.


It beautiful. This movie is just beautiful on the whole movie. Yeah, beside this, he's fucking beautiful in this movie, he really is. There's nobody doing what he's doing in this movie, but he smacks this shit out for real, like you can't fake this.


And she's horrified. Man, you see your face getting red. I mean, he really fucked her up. You could not do this today because this wasn't stunts. I mean, he was really kicking her ass. Look at that man. And she's got to keep it together for the scene. Imagine you don't know this guy's going to really hate you. Imagine the pressure puts on her like you have to. Now, let this take now. Yes.


Because you've done winning a beat again.


Please don't tell them smack up this way. The wind that the wind behind you. Because I mean, Bruce Lee with Tyler. Yeah. He was trying to live really tight. And they he wanted they each wanted what each other had in that crazy, you know, like Steve McQueen. They want to be an actor.


You really want to slap people.


And Bruce Lee, you know, bro, when I did The Longest Yard, Burt Reynolds had some wild shit about McQueen. That story about pissing on the director's grave when they got fired. And he said, I'm going to piss on his grave. It's like me saying to you, I'm a piss on his grave. And two years from now, got a call dog I'm picking up. What are you doing with technology? Right. The Bay of Pigs on Motherfucker's grave.


That was McQueen just gone.


Drudge right there. Rose, no, Yunus. Let's see. Let's see. This is a straw weight, obviously. Yes. No, I think it's flyweight. Oh, no. It's straw. It right straw. It is straw. Yeah. She choose his trophy champion. Yeah. This is a battle of the two girls, the shortest hair in the UFC. All right. Yeah, for sure. It's crazy that Rose just decided to cut her hair off.


She's like, I don't. It just gets in the way. Because, like, she's beautiful. I mean, her face. I mean, she's like she is like a girl model. Mm hmm. She has perfect bone structure, but she doesn't give a fuck. She's not even remotely concentrating on that. Oh, shit. She looks good. She hasn't fought. I don't think, since then, and she looks very sharp.


She's at Trever Whitman Disciple. I mean, it's just crazy what she did to Yohana, the momentum of that train. How how fast the yoe on a train was rolling. Yeah. To put a stop to that is completely insane. How do we know where did it to that left hook. Yeah.


How crazy that the momentum of women.


Now it's amazing how fucking great is this. They're so good. That's so good. I think the little Polish girl I love Valentino Shevchenko.


No Yoani, NJ. Should I go my all time? Of course. My mustafi paints a toenails no matter who she fights or toenails always by.


Valentino is not Polish, right? She's Russian. She's right.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But I would like to be interest. Yeah. Jack. Nicole, you follow her on Instagram.


She's beautiful all the time. She's such a she's such a decent girl.


Joey the can of worms he's opened up. Well, Tony's in love with her. He's been in love with her forever. Why didn't you. Didn't she come to a fight and you were going to take my friends.


We're friends. We text Valentino. What does it say? She comes to my shows when I'm in Kazakhstan, Palm Beach or door out of trigger.


You haven't asked her out. I mean, we've we've, you know, in Florida. Yeah. Does that mean.


No. You start right now. Are you beautiful? The way she fights makes me more attracted to it. Like I like how she fights.


Well, she's very technical. She's got a lot better at the week cut too. She was having real problems with weight cutting in the past. Oh, damn. Brose looks good. Real sharp counters. She's working well off the jab, jab, jab, jab, snappy. On Drudge, lost some muscle mass. Shoes to be a lot thicker. She used to look like a tank. She's to go in, look like a small female Vandelay Silva.


But now she's. I guess she probably realizes after a while most of them do carry around all that muscle mass that cost in your in your conditioning and endurance.


Also, like, harder to cut the weight. She probably cut a lot of weight. She was very thick before.


I can tell you from experience, the smaller your frame, the lighter you are, the so much harder it is to cut away. Like, I know that's common sense. But those last few pounds, that's all just your liver and their lung and it's just a little bit of liquid you have left. Yeah.


They say the guys who cut the easiest actually are big, muscular guys. Those big, thick, muscular guys, because muscles like, you know, 90 something percent water, not really water. It's you know, it's plasma cuts or other shit, but it's a lot of fluid.


You can you can lose water. Yeah. Ah, we did back in high school, that's for damn sure. Nice one, too, on the outside. Yeah, I didn't realize it was easier for people that are muscular to cut. Wait until George Lockhart slick, one of the best coaches for weight cutting in the sport. He explained it to me. I was like, oh kid, that actually makes sense. I had never thought about it before.


But he's like the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose waterway.


There was a couple times where I weighed in with just straight up bone skin.


And the innards of the crazy thing about wrestlers is you have to compete that day. So you cut that way and then you put as much back on as you can before you rest out. That's ridiculous. Ridiculous.


I got a problem. Joe Rogan, what's the problem? My last physical with doctor calls because everything is beautiful. Except you put that seems too. What does that mean?


Oh, well, that's easy. And that's nothing new. Well, you don't even need bananas.


Just need to take some of this issue with your liquid I.V., a drink that shit every day. You take that in a bottle of water. It's come way more potassium than a banana. It's got all kinds of vitamins. And in my alone, potassium, because you probably don't take any you don't take it into your body if you're not potassium.


A variation of thought. I was told, no, we don't know. That's sodium to go. That's sodium. OK. Potassium is something different. Potassium is just another electrolyte. But it's a critical electrolyte. It's I think they say potassium and people are low in potassium. That's when they get cramps. That fucking liquid I.V. shit like started to take electrolytes on a daily basis. Changed how my body operates because I was always getting cramps. Now, I don't ever get them in anymore.


Literally stop getting cramps. I get themselves dehydrated.


And I you know, most people run around dehydrating, dehydrated. You don't realize like, you have to drink water all the fucking time, man. You really do. You have to drink water all the time. And if you don't do that, you're operating at a less than optimal method. You know, your brain is not functioning the way it should in body is a lot.


You know, in obviously in the hotter places like, you know, those games, it stalls so much of the game.


Oh, yeah, man. All those cramps. Oh, yeah. And they're trying to drink water the whole time, those big boys. But they're sweating it out faster than their body can absorb.


And they're fucking going full tilt, you know. I mean, imagine imagine being a two hundred ninety pound super athlete. Just going full tilt. Just full stride.


Whoo hoo hoo hoo.


I mean, the amount of explosive exertion those guys put out in a game, it's fucking nuts. It's not like anything else. If you really think about even in fights, you know, there's a lot of moments in fights where they're pacing themselves that like this to move in and then they explode occasionally. Football has these giant bursts where you're running at each other full clip, just all full sprinting, you know.


And then you stop. They say they also have longer breaks than even here, because when you're on defense, you're on that sideline for maybe, you know, five, eight, 10 minute and they all get injured.


That's 100 hundred percent. They all get injured. They all get injured. Joe, you would love this Aaron Hernandez series that they have on wondering, do you ever listen to Wonder the podcast network? It's very good. They're really well produced. They have this really good one on Aaron Hernandez in his life and why he was so fucked up.


Well, it's crazy, bro. He killed a bunch people. Does it come in? They killed people who got away with it. He killed more than the people who got in trouble with. He killed the guy in Florida. Yeah, he killed a few people.


Do you watch the Netflix one? I did not know. I heard it was great. Yeah, they cover a lot of that. It's crazy, crazy story.


But a lot of that man is his fuckin brain damage. You see, at 20 years old when he killed himself, they said he had some of the worst CTE they had ever seen. And, you know, he grew up playing football, so he they they did a study on kids like all the way up through professional, all the way down to high school football players who had CTE. And they were like, it's most kids. It's most people play football on a regular basis.


Like more have it. They don't have it. It's crazy. My town's a very big football town. We won the state championship. Kids went to Penn State from there. And I watch them. And I've been watching them just for purposes. One guy killed himself.


Mm hmm. But I'm watching these guys, and he either they're solid or like one body is in the hospital. Oh, absolutely. You know, so it's it's all those football players, bro.


Roses, roses. Teeing off on a drive on drawer's is getting really pissed up here. Look at that. One, two rows is just sharper and her footwork is better. Constant movement and her counters are on point. Look at that. Look at that block. Perfect timing. New one that punches come in. And Ondrej is just looking for openings. He's just looking to swing big hammer shots. Whereas Rose is kind of piece in or out. Oh, she missed with that fly knee.


I think when it comes to Feherty, it really starts in college. It starts when you're in high school. At colleges, I think it starts in high school. But college is where really because it's so competitive college and you really bang it out there and you're young, you're strong as fuck up. You're juicing your season. You train basically 11 months of the year, six of those months with a helmet. I mean, you do summers with a helmet.


No helmets and shoulder pads. No contact in you. So, yeah.


And usually the better you are, the more you're going to naturally hit your head.


Why was this fight? The more it wants to play. This fight is wild. There's a wildfire. Catch catching her with all kinds of big shots coming in, but on drugs keeps coming. You remember when, yo, you want to fight, just go on Drudge.


Tony sort of. I don't remember it being that dangerous of a fight for.


It was dangerous. It was dangerous. But you want. It was so technical. She's so good. That was when she was, like, logit in her prime. I got to say, I went back over the Waili Zhang fight and you could see her winning a decision, huh?


Oh, look at that combination by your underaged Dan. There was a hard combination, good left kick to the body there, too, you could see. But it's not bad enough where you couldn't see Zhang winning it either. She could. She could have won too.


You know, it reminded me a lot of that, sort of like Nate Diaz effect to cause the damage that Yohana, what she looked like has to affect the judges decisions and perception. There's no doubt about it. Same as every Nate Diaz fight where it looks like he's gotten beat up just because he has a two cuts that open in his eyes as soon as he starts. Right.


You want had that enormous swelling our forehead. It was crazy. But meanwhile, she acted like it was nothing like it didn't even exist. She didn't even didn't slow down.


It was unbelievable. She looked totally dominant by the end.


And to keep fighting and way Lehman. God damn. She's so good to so aggressive. Both of I mean, that was absolutely one of my favorite. What does a fucking painting of it out in the hallway here.


You saw it. Yeah. I mean, so cool.


I mean, there's a reason why they're painting Zeus, one of my favorite fights of all time.


That was the first time that you watched the UFC. She saw that fight sucked the year out. Mm hmm. I watched her friend's house. It was amazing. After that, the party was over. Nobody cared about that.


Well, the problem was after that was style bender versus your remarks. And that was a very tactical focus. Yeah, well, we'll just stand right in front of them.


But you gotta remember, you know, for 25 minutes you were pinned to the TV like you have that Yono Wang fight.


I actually got to watch in the bar at La Hoya, like that main lobby or like half the. Because I closed out I took off five minutes from the opener and five minutes from the featured. The only time I ever did that in my life, just because Ty wanted to do my time to not miss a thing. And that was one of those times because I go I said, light me when the second fighter in the main event gets to the octagon, give me a safety light.


And I was already in the middle of my clothes there and it was so cool. And the majority of that audience, I mean, they were slammed in there. You could never, never there won't be five people slammed her in five years. There won't be that many people slammed in that room for any reason. All on top of one another because they all knew that the fight was on.


Yeah. You mean that room? Meaning the bar. The bar. Yeah. It's like this. It's basically that La Hoya Club is awesome. They're doing standup again now. They're close.


They close again. Yeah, they're close. I was supposed to be there this weekend. When did they close? Tuesday. Because of the Colvard ramped up. It's crazy cause San Diego is virtually open. They don't have that many cases down there. But there's one county outside of San Diego that has a shitload of cases. I also think they're realizing, like, people just can't be that close to that. When people see other people doing things, they're like, well, I can do it.


We'll just do it ourselves. We just all hang out like, yep.


Today's the big day, guys. What's that? We should get shut down. So what happens on Tuesday? We have shut down. We mean we get shut down. What are you hearing? We'll go back to level one. Really? Tuesday. Who told you this would just be wrong?


We were orange.


He's waiting for the results from the weekend. To see what the fuck goes on. It's dangerous to make the announcement Monday, they say deaths are down, though that's down, but the cases are up high. So the cases are as high as they've ever been or higher.


I can't believe they opened up Disney World in Florida. Did they open it yet today? Like today? Yeah.


Florida doesn't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. They don't. And that that dude is goofy as fuck the governor. Goofy is a dog.


That's not a good situation to see him not be able to put on his magic, just trying to put it on a vertical.


You guys have no idea like that guy.


He had to follow other kids when he went to school every day to remember where it was. He was one of those fucking morons.


Look how beautiful that Jabez Rose. She keeps popping that jabin she's played. None of it knows real good. Roses. Yeah. Oh, that is West Palm Beach is open.


But Miamis. Oh, Jesus. West Palm Beach is open. Yeah, really? That's so close to Miami. That's what's crazy. He's done. Yeah. Miami's got like so the improving Miami shut down. Yeah. But West Palm still open. Yeah. Those clubs that are still open is roll those dice. I wonder what happened that L'Oréal comedy club after Coulon and Shah both tested positive. And Stevie Blue Eyes. I wonder what they did. Oh, shows is in trouble.


Rose is in trouble. Rose is in trouble. She got rocked. Who did control here? But oh, my God, her nose is a mess. Oh, she's disgusted.


I might faint. Her hair is a mess. Whoof. On Drudges, a tank man, roads looking for that arm bar, which didn't grab it, didn't have it. Good technique here. Good guard use to build Tona legs up there. Oh, nice. Good job kicking her off. Yes, she might might be too busted up, man. Whatever is going on with her face is not good. She knows how quickly she covers up that underaged chick, his hard strong them Hamer's.


That power comes from his thick thighs, long George Thalis tree trunk. Everything about a stick. I just wish I saw. We were talking so much I didn't really see what happened. What hurt her.


Oh. Oh, shit. Oh, man. Oh hurt. She hit him with a big right hand there on the counter. And that's right, with a part of her face that's injured. Oh, man. Oh, my God. She is busted up, dude. I look at her in bad shape. Everything. Her whole face is a bloody mask.


Oh, my goodness. What a fight. See, when when people slow down and then you get into these exchanges and one of them is just throwing hammers. And he keep getting hit, like when Ondrej gets close. She's just winging these big shots. So every time they're having these exchanges, that's a nice left hook there. But Rose doesn't have enough energy to really keep her off of our seat. Like she's kind of she's tired. So she's hitting her.


But she doesn't have enough energy to really keep her off of her. And then in these exchanges. Oh, look at that. Take down a whole look at this photo she got mounted. Wow. Fucking tough. She's very tough.


She's called. My God. Her face is a mess, dude. That left eye is fucked up. Oh, she just got hit hard. Oh, my God. Her eyes swelling Pfaff.


God, it's so nasty. She got hit on it again and alone again. She can't see anything coming from that side. And she's got eight seconds to go here. Mm hmm. When you have an eye that's that close, you're so susceptible on that side. This might be it. They might stop it. Oh, it's over. That's the end. The third. Oh, my God. Look in her eye, dude. Jesus Christ. That's one of the worst I've ever seen.


Her dog. Room while I'm getting the fucking potato. Oh, my God. I could get some talking stuff.


Joey Diaz brought Cuban food for us, and I fucked around with the volatile chick fillet right before fucking Cuban balls of debt. What are those? These are potato balls with the meat in the middle.


Oh, I got a little fucking toppings like, you know, meat.


I showed them my old. So I don't know, misunderstandings. I understand why people usually have to Basco. Like I'm supposed to be impressed.


You know the fox here. Bloody Marys.


I'm with you. Them. I make them bloody mad. Don't understand Tabasco. I like to go.


I like it to Blasco on eggs is very, very good.


But not as good as any other hot Franck's. Yeah. Not this is this. Well. I'm a big fan of like El Yucatec. I like that real make.


I like it too. But this. What is it. This is what we were for France for this red hot. Yeah. There's windows. This is a wing that's lit. Anything else. Go fuck you, Bob.


You know who makes great hot sauce? Gringo Bandito. You know that. Yeah. The offspring lead spring of offspring Dexter. He's got his own hot sauce. Yeah, it's fucking great, man. It's really good. Real tasty. It's got a real kick to it. We don't even know who won this. It looks like rows one on. Looks like least the first two rounds. In terms of like total strikes. But we're talking too much.


It looked to me like she was winning the first two rounds. But when someone gets that badly beat up in the third, their faces that much of a mess that infects the judges. Depends on how liberal they are with those 10 eight rounds, too, you know. Damn, I look at her, I.


That's bad. Some go hungry, sponsored by Manscape. The UFC is sponsored by Manscape Now. Do you have one of them yet? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Although it's do it like a legit legend over the toilet. Oh yes.


Then right over the toilet. Take the cube. They grow and they just.


And you put them in dick and you go Upwood. Oh yeah. You take them nut sack, the whole thing. They got them a look water. They got the little packages. Then just in case you want to wipe your nuts in case you know the situation. The ball wide. The ball wide. Fuck it. Your. And they've got great commercials. Yeah. They just do it right. They fucking sponsored the UFC.


Well, it's amazing. The people have been shaving their nuts forever. But Manscape was the first person to figure out or the first company to figure out, hey, we need a special tool to shave your nuts. Why wasn't anybody have a tool that doesn't nick your balls? Every time I would shave my balls.


I would get a little tiny, a little tiny cut unless I like I used a razor. I could use a razor, like maybe some of that. Yeah. Do you ever use the Dollar Shave Club easy butter.


Is that they have this butter that's like far superior to shaving cream and you could use that with a razor. As long as your hair's not too long. But if you let it go and you develop a bush and you want to use a tremor, Europe, you're at great peril here in danger with a regular hair like the trauma. I use my head. I nick my balls all the time with that fucking thing. That's not good. No, thanks.


Which just of the. For this thing is so good. Not aid dinners, but it doesn't work. That's incredible. You should try one of these Tenancingo on camera.


I mean on microphone. You're not gonna need the microphone. I know. I understand it. I understand. Classic at Rose. My God.


Look at that eye. That is crazy. And her nose is cut. Her eyes cut.


Who? God damn. That eye is crazy. Swollen man. Wow. So you want to be a fighter like ladies that want to be a fighter only with that nose, with a gash in her nose. The UFC has really good plastic surgeons. Luckily, it's kind of amazing the the work that they do on them in between fights, like when someone gets cut up like this, they'll sit them down. They inject like novacaine in there, and then they put stitches inside and outside.


They go all through the the meat of the tissue. They don't just stitch the top. You ever seen them get stitched up after fights?


Now, it's pretty heavy duty, man.


What do they do with an eye like that? They cut it out.


No, no, no, no. That's all horseshit. That that movie Rocky, when they did cut Miggy get ze glub, me, me, they would never cut you. Never in a million years. They made that up. What they would do is put ice on it and swell and swells. A piece of metal that they stick in ice and it gets real cold. They take that and they press the liquid and move it away from your eye so you could see what.


It puts the swelling down a little and they put ice on it. The only thing that's going to help that ice time. The nose is the problem. That nose got to get stitched up for sure.


That's a big gash. They all developed cuts on the nose, though. Everybody gets scar tissue around here.


But when you get a guy like Nate Diaz, like you're saying, like he just gets hit once or twice. I watched Nate Diaz versus MOSFET all again this week. And like, right away, first couple of combinations and Nate's bleeding. It just always bleeds. He's got so much scar tissue.


Believe his blood with just about everybody. Yes. Almost impossible to not make.


His brother had an operation. He had this bones of his eyebrows shaved down a little bit to make it so that it doesn't cut as much. Still didn't really help because the scar tissue just opens up. So this next fight is a mother fucker. This next fight is Jose Aldo and Pyotr Yone. That's a that's a serious fight. This is the biggest fight for Yone ever, for sure. But he's very good band, super technical striker, real strong, too.


I always feel for the Russian fighters because it's like, you know, that they probably have even crazier pressure than a normal anyone any other nationality like theirs. I feel like Putin and the Russians are waiting like you must win.


That's Rocky for. I don't know. You're right over there, Joe.


You know, this Portos is the number one restaurant in California. Porto's, it's called. Yeah. Where's it at? Glendale. Burbank.


No. One fucking California service. Look it up, Jamie.


OK. Look at this shit. It looks clean, Bob. It looks good.


Next time I come up, I'm bringing my one of these red things in there. What is that? Those peppers and the wood in the tray. In the tray. No, that's. What is that wrapper. Yeah, there.


What is that? I can't see what. Dennis. I show up here with a lot of mumbo jumbo. I understand the session, Refat, get some home that this is a eight to delux spicy chicken sandwiches. I'm not really hungry.


You are fucking disgusting.


Not only that, your nose is gay people. You got no respect. Oh, that's right. Chick fil A's I take, would not you. I didn't think of that.


I didn't think that I would have went in and out in a nice life.


More supportive and diverse than countries with their cousins. With Goya. Yeah.


Now you goil ex trump all that fucks grab his people or I pull up. Yeah. What a do you think I actually fought a real Golia company.


The president wasn't the president or the CEO. Goya said something in support of Donald Trump.


And now people are going crazy about, oh yeah, Puerto Rican is on fire right now. The market, Spanish people are having a great week because I don't know if you know, on Netflix, they released the Walter Magalog documentary here today.


They were going to minutes Hwanghae Man's widow fights the Wolke mob. Look at that, Mosby. Now he's fighting the WOAK mob.


He says, I'm sure he did.


But Gordie's well, these boys this week, they released this documentary, Joe Rogan. This is what every Spanish person has grown up with. Can you get it for me Jamie. For you.


It's called the Mucho or more. It's the documentary on Walter Megalo. Wait, you see this fucking beauty, Joe Rogan. Wait till you see this guy.


This guy was the movie star in the world. That's your guy? Yes. Come on. It's a net that's complimentary.


Is that someone. Someone playing this person? Is that the actual person? That's the person. What is that?


Bro. This is you've got an old lady. You got to see the scam. This is a guy. This is the guy. Joe Rogan. This thing will blow your fucking mind. He was the biggest Latin star in the world. People beg for it.


He gave horoscopes, but he gave how you became a giant star in your horoscopes.


He would just give you a harder sculpt. Our more morally must. I'm older. He would just give you horoscopes and shit.


Walter Mercato. So Telemundo picked them up. Howard Stern. Even Howard Stern said to you that Jesus Spanish people. Because I'm not as big as Jesus. I just, you know. But you've got the whole documentary is the rise and Fall of Walter.


My God. I've never heard this kind of thing. What is real? Real on this film? The trailer. What does he do? What's his thing? He. I just told you. Yeah. But I mean, I was called out just horoscopes.


Horoscopes ready. Scorpio, you're very determined. And so let's take continuing look at him, mother Howard Stern. That's insane, Don. He would not know about this.


This is why I give you a Spanish. You grew up on them and not. You don't know. You weren't allowed to play with Spanish brother this guy. Really? If you must. If he came on. Your mom would say. All done because you had to wait. Be assigned. He would tell you the sign of the day.


Oh, my God. That's a lie. You were like, oh shit. I'm going to hit the number. I'm going to go put a bed and I'm going to go. You know, it's a good day. I got it. Yeah. Puerto Rico.


This guy was his manager.


The guy stole his identity from them, had them just sign over. Oh, yes.


Face his character and his name. He found that flyswatter. His name. Yeah. He got them for 14 million dollars. Fucking tremendous. He had nothing but capes. This motherfucker. Nobody ever said a word about. As he got older, look at his face wholely went under the radar. Walter Magdala. Tremendous.


Why so Spanish people were having a good fucking week. They were like, God damn shit.


And then I fucking got you out of fucked it up for everybody. Mucho, mucho more. Damn.


I mean, that's all they got. GooYa Guy did is he said something pro Trump. That's it. That's it. That's all you have to do. You gotta do bro. People are in their lather. Puerto Rican is like, you know what they've kind of like, you know, they've stolen from the Puerto Rican. And then Trump didn't help the Puerto Ricans with all the hurricane stuff. And now you going to side with them. That's how they felt.


You know, what was Trump's statement about Puerto Rico? There was something about how corrupt everything was over there and that they did help. But the problem was corruption in Puerto Rico.


Whenever there's a national disaster, there's always corruption. OK.


Sean is in the national disaster. Wake to the corruption to start soon as Katrina, who went to jail with Katrina? Dalmiya. Dumais. That's big money, Jack.


Katrina, everybody's supposed to get the first way. The mayor went to jail after Katrina. New Orleans. Check it out.


I did not give American gentlemen a fucking dip. Double dipping.


They get greedy when a national disaster comes. So here we are about to see Jose, Aldo and Pyotr Yon. Now, what's interesting about this fight is people think of Aldo as being done. Some people do. But Alto's only 33 makes sure that's correct. Is it 32 or 33? He might be 32. Like he's not old. But he'd burst onto the scene when 33. That's crazy, man. I mean, he's as prime Aldo's in his prime.


And in my opinion, he beat Maalin Meri's. He lost the decision. The UFC agrees with that opinion, which is why he's fighting Pyotr Yone for the title and not Marlen Morales. That's a very rare time where someone loses a fight and then gets a fight for the title and everybody agrees.


And this is where it's out right now. I mean, people people saw that fight. They're like, yeah, I think he I think he won. Let him fight for the title. And so as soon as Henry. So Hutto's stepped down. Henry, so Hutto's trying to fight that Ryan Garcia guy that Boxer know is Ryan Garcia's like he's the latest really popular up and coming young boxer.


He's ridiculously fat heavyweight. No, no, no, no. Lightweight 135. He's got a fucking career together.


This I saw, like, the stomach is at Logan Park. Jake Paul. Let me see it. Oh, my God.


You hit him right in the solar plexus.


He letting gonna punch him or excuse me in gonna let him punch him with a body shield on and he Gano didn't even feel it. But then and Ghana started letting big people punch him with nobody shield and go so big man. He's scary. He's the scariest guy of all time in terms of like overall physical danger that you're in. Whenever he's swinging, there's no one scarier than gone.


I'll never forget being there when he knocked Alister Overy up. Yeah. Oh, that was insane. You should have been there for the last one. What was that swing. And Jamie. What happened? We have goats in here.


Oh, the the last one when he knocked out George Zino Rosens strike. There was no one in the audience. So is one of those apex fights. So and they did it right in front of us, like he charged him and just hit him with his left hook and then Rosens strike drops and then he pounds them out while he's he was already out cold. And he hits them with these two big bombs. So you hear them. I mean, he's both of them are 265.


And they just collided with their arms, which are Altoids.


What is was outsmarts suddenly sent me an e-mail.


They went to. They were moving house. They ripped up the carpet. They found the plank. What does it say? Feel quite loose.


Oh, it's it's. Quick, quick look. I was going to drop a loon. You know me. Why do they do it?


Jamie, that's so rude. Oh, my God. They're still was going on here. I just looked over.


He was sniffing what was ever said. Boy, you were already in, like, second base with the Quaaludes that were there. God, I've ever know that. I know he has, like, scientist. Come on, please. God, what a fuck. Oh, wait.


So take a little drive. I was kind of saying I want to have this drink early. Oh, I'll be happy to drive you home. Oh, I will. You have whatever you want. I'll drive you home. How are we to lose? Leave the car in the garage.


Gottsch, we'll have your car park in the oil.


So here's the thing about Aldo too. Aldo used to struggle to make 75. All right. She's been make forty five. Causey's used to walk around like 170 pounds. He was big and he just really had a hard time, many times making the weight and suffered. But then when he went down to 135, he got a nutritionist for the first time in his career and now he has zero problem getting to 135. His cut to 135 is way easier than is cut to 45, he said, which is crazy.


And she levels the same fucking tremendous.


His last fight with Maalin Marisa, who was just attacking the entire time, just running him down and attacking. This is the way you should have been and his whole career. He should have been at 135 his whole career. And he can win a belt here for the first time since Connor knocked him out, huh? Oh, yes. Well, he won a Beltz he won the interim featherweight title after Connor, and he lost it to Max Holloway.


I think that's true, right? Ninety nine percent positive that's true. I think he he beat. I forget who he beat. But he knocked out Jeremy Stevens. He knocked out and not to a more Cano. And both those guys are big, powerful 40 fibers. And he just decided to try to fight it. Thirty five. And he look better at thirty five than ever. Look, a lot of times on a guy later in his career when they cut way, sort of a last ditch effort and you start thinking, man, this guy's in trouble.


This guy's got that Chernobyl power behind them are in here born and down the river. How dare you?


Nuclear power pressure trains in Thailand. I think he's a pocket top team guy. I want to do that one day was I had Hannibal on the other day. Hannibal is such an interesting guy. And one of things he did, he took a whole month off by himself and just went to Thailand and trained whoI Thai. Not even like doesn't even have experience in it.


It's not like he did his whole life. Always wanted to be a Thai boxer. Thought it'd be fun to train and live in Thailand for a month, not just decided to go, went to fucking Thailand, trained there. And I just happened to be in Thailand at the same time with my family. So he came up from I think he was in Bangkok. He came up to Chiang Mai, where we were at, and hung out with us.


We had dinner and shot the shadows. What are you doing out here, man? He's like, I'm training boy Thai. He's an interesting guy. You know what he's doing now? He's going to Ghana is going to live in Ghana.


I go for how long? He goes, I don't know, a few months. It's going to up and leave. And I mean, no wife, no kids. Do whatever the fuck he wants. His real estate is made investments. He's got money. That's great. It's great. It's it's exciting. I like when someone lives like that. He's like, fuck it, I'm I live in Ghana.


Is there a reason why you picked Ghana? It's from Ghana. His his dad did his ancestry test and his on his father's side. A lot of us from Ghana. And, you know, he felt like, hey, man, what a great way to get material in. What a great experience. Just the life experience to go there and live there.


But also, I mean, imagine how much material he's gonna get living in Africa for three months for Ghana of Africa.


Not where. Welcome, Jim Jones.


That's Guyana. That's South America. Yeah, that's South America. You don't want to go down there.


That place is probably still fucked, you know, from that to the bad, bad voodoo in the air from there. Fuck that. Have you ever watched that documentary? I didn't watch it. I loved it. Remember, I was a kid. Like, I went to my mother's bar. They had the fuckin congressmen. They had the whole thing. I watched it. And then years later, you know, you read it. You know, Hollywood, whatever.


To this day, they say, don't drink the Kool-Aid. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Meanwhile, you know, it wasn't even Kool-Aid. It was like a cheaper version of like, you know, some fuckin punch mix, maybe a little cooler, too.


Maybe they did have some clue that he was doing a drill test. Mm hmm. He was make them do shit before I just watched something recently.


Yeah. That's the scary part of that documentary to me, were those morning announcements he'd make on the fuckin P.A. system. He would say whatever creepy shit he was shooting.


He was sleeping for days. He was a meth addict back in the 70s. That's true. We are on an island like the Hells Angels sold that shit that came in Chong. Guyana's on an island.


Oh, it's on. No, no. Guy everywhere he went. Jones. Where is it? It's in South America. And it's just it's it's two countries. It's part of something. I don't think Guyana is an island. I'm ninety nine percent sure that Guyana. An island. I think it's just it's a country in South America where he set up his cult. I think they felt like they were being persecuted in the United States, which they always are, because it's always the same story.


One guy winds up stealing all the money fuck. And everybody is woman. What is it? Yeah, it's just a part of South America.


You went to San Francisco? Yeah. Yeah, I was going down there.


Yeah. That's crazy.


Yeah, I remember it being in the news. Gibus town. I remember in Jonestown.


I remember Waco way more than that. Waco was not the Waco was fucking the first one looked almost dead people man in that crazy.


Oh that's what's so crazy. They're all just lying. Their poisoned.


So scared that poison doesn't work as good as everybody thinks it does. Oh, no, it takes a little time. Yeah. Burns and shit. It's pure poison.


Oh, this is good. This fight. This is a great fight because this is like the big test for Yohn and for all dome. You want to talk about who's been around the block. You can't fight a more experienced guy in world class competition than Jose Aldo. He's about as experience as they get. What's interesting about Aldo is he was the best kicker.


Like, he would vest, like, four people's legs up.


He almost never kicks anymore. Almost never kicks. Now he just concentrates almost entirely on his boxing. If you watch him fight now, it's very rare that he throws a kick. Very rare. It used to be like you would chop with those fuckin leg kicks, man. I mean, it was like the most important part of his game because you hit with what? Like when he fought Uriah Favre. I mean, he he he had Uriah Favre with the first leg kick and Uriah was done.


It was just a matter of time.


And now, although very rarely throws kicks. And I really want to ask get someone like a translator and ask him why. But I don't want to tell anybody, you know. I'll tell them, like, just tell me and I won't tell anybody. That's what I mean. Is it an injury? Like, what is it? Cause it might be it might be like his knees fucked up. He can't kick anymore. Does all these guys, you know, he's been in the sport forever.


And then before that he was a is a high level Brazilian jiu jitsu belt. Been training forever. Right. He's got to have some serious injuries.


He played soccer. Mm hmm. Yeah. So soccer guys all have fucked up. These soccer is like one of the best ways to tear ACL. Those guys tear the ratios. Oh, shit. Justin with a big right hand. The thing about this, at this weight class, though, all there's a kick at this weight class. Aldo is so durable. He's so strong because he's used to fighting those 40 fires. Oh, shit. He got cracked.


Yeah. Oh, my God. Young is so sharp. But look, Aldo can take it at 35 because he's used to getting hit with, like, Konner big ass 40 fires.


You know, he's used to getting hit with, you know, not to Marcano went up the lightweight. The guy's gonna scar on his face.


Joe, he's used to getting fucked up. Yeah.


You think he fell on a barbecue grill when he was a kid? Oh, shit. Here's his goes again. You go.


He's back to kick in, dude.


He can only take so many of those. Oh, this is heating up quick. Oh, my goodness.


Damn, this is good right away. Yon's switches stances is very clever. He's setting up traps. He also doesn't want that left leg out front, because if Aldo keeps kicking at it, you know, everybody was always wondering, like when all those gonna return with his leg kicks because they were the thing that everybody avoided forever.


And you see, look, he throws to this fight and both of them spin yarn around. Those guys that come from that soccer background, man, they can fuckin kick the amount of leg strength you have and like you're used to whipping your legs around. Oh, we look for one there. He almost spun himself around in that.


Oh, shit. Yang goes up high. Sneaky. Well, although got hit with a high switch kick now and MRI's in their fight in the first round Marisa throws that he throws is a really sneaky left switch kick to the head.


It's like a whip. Another kick by although I like it. Although back to kick in its landing that straight left to.


Thrown a lot of kicks. I like it. That's that. That's a lot to me. That means a lot because that means he's got all the weapons, because when he's just tracking guys down and try to throw bombs on him with the punches, I feel like it's just not the same guy.


It's not as versatile, you know, as many things to think about. Like when he was in the WTC, he opened up in this fight with Cub Swanson with a flying knee and knocked him out in the first few seconds of the fight was wild.


There he goes again. See, he's spinning them around that kick when all the kicks your fucking legs, man. It takes a whole lot of movement away. It fucks a lot of things up in fighters because they have to think about that now. And this is only the first round. This is a five rounder because as a title fight, all those keeps chopping at that leg and I hope he does. Oh, John. With a big kick to the body.


Oh, I'll do it. The shot. Look at that trip. Get him down.


Oh, big shot by yon. Oh, my goodness. What's he doing with that ref doing? Oh, show. Oh, shit. Look at that. Yoni's mean. He's mean.


He doesn't wan Aldo with his fingers inside the gloves. That's what's going on. You're not allowed to. Oh, he got hit with a big shot them. Oh, he's hurt. He's hurt real bad. The body. Yeah. Real bad. Real bad to the body. He just break his sternum. Now he got hit with a liver shot, man. He can't get up right now. He can't get up. He's got to kind of take this.


Yon's fucking him up, man. Wow.


In the round, he got hurt real bad with a body shot. Real bad. So that redness are on the right side of his body. That's where your liver is. You see, when he got here, he covered up and winced. I hope they show that in a replay looked higher up to me, but maybe I just missed it. No, I went he hit him right in the body. Joe, where these 32, 33, he's gone.


He's definitely gone through some wars. But Woods, it was interesting, is always that right hand boom. It was his movement that spun him around that low kick. It was his movement like uppercut to the body in the left hook. His movement that caused that wound up being on his back. See, this is the end, but this is not what caused the body shot. I want to see the body slowly. These big bombs getting hit with, though.


My God, Yoni's hitting him with some big fucking shots. They didn't show the body shop on the ground, unfortunately, but now yarn is fired up. Come into the second round.


But it was also trying to take him down that fucked that up for him. All right. Let's see what happens now. OK. Both guys, assuming like a boy ties dance, look like leg, left leg upset, doesn't get kicked. Well, that's Thai style. You know, that's a. That light front leg, it's also you could throw a tip from there. Throw that inside, Lekic. Ready to check the bolt doing that. So give them the bolt.


They're both Taisto right now.


Oh, take them with it already. Just a few of those men in your legs fuck ville and all those already hit it. Oh, two in a row.


Although starting to light it up, I'll see switch stances now. And then he goes to the body. Oh, shit.


Oh, shit. See, that's what I thought, too. It looked high up. What looked high up that pint? Stephen Thompson just tweeted that he thinks Jose's rib is broken.


Might have been.


It was way up there and he grabbed his chest like that. It looked horribly painful to get a guy to grab his chest or rib or something.




Here's where your liver is. See where my hand is. Yeah. You livers big. Your liver is a big target. So it's quite a large, large patch.


You could really fuck someone up. And when you get hit there, it's the weirdest feeling, man. Everything goes like this.


Freezes and some guys can suck it up and make it look like nuffin. But most of Tom, when you get hit there, your body just kind of seizes up. It's very rare that a guy can play that off.


Oh, although just hit him with a liver shot, you also hit him with a good left hand liver there. He switched stances again. Left leg forward and then immediately chops at it. Dan, this is like the audio of old. Oh, good, right hand to the body by yon. And this fight is good. Oh, he's in that leg. Oh he's kicking it up in the air every time that leg. Oh now he's attacking the insides of right leg.


Yon's leg is in trouble. That left legs in real trouble already.


Oh, everybody kicks in. Oh. Front leg side into the thigh. Yoni's really strong, like you can see it when he when he clinches up with dudes. He's just one of those guys is very, very physically strong. And he's fucking mean, you know, there's like extra meanness that some guys have. And John's got that. This is good. Russians are wild, man. I just watched this. Oliver Stone interview thing, you ever see that on Showtime?


Oliver Stone interviews Putin? No. Five part series. I really ambled across it because I watched another crazy documentary on Showtime.


Oh, God. What's their new one called? Were that about the kid that gets. It's brand new. It's crazy. It's about a high school football player that gets accused of being a pedophile who of sexually abusing a child. And it turns out he was completely wrongfully convicted. Oh, no. Yep.


For years he was in prison while the other guy went on to do it to more people.


Oh, no. Yep.


The outcry. Outcry was unreal.


What happened, Zuweid? That they have to pay him. And how much did he pay the guy? Yeah. How much can you pay him?


I can't remember if they even give out the actual payment. But I mean, would you. You'd changed his life. Oh, yeah. There's no number you could ever put on that. Right. Did someone lie on the witness stand.


Like what? Why did they convict him?


It's so crazy. Don't tell me. I watch it. Yeah, it's well worth not knowing.


This is the most KICs I've ever seen Aldo throw in recent years. Look at that. It goes high. Oh, shit. He fucked yone up. Yon's in trouble.


John's in trouble here, heard him there with that combination. The kick to the body. That left hook to the body. Man. Oh, only reason he hasn't been paid yet. Poor guy. Imagine you have to get a job after that, their whole you've been in jail for years. Not only that, but it was pretty. He had a full scholarship for football. He was a bad ass football player on my full scholarship. And his plan was to be in the NFL and he probably would've been able to do it.


Oh, my God. When they show you the clips of him as a Texas high school football player and he's just a star athlete collapsing, crushing quarterbacks.


And how old is he now? I think he spent three or four years in prison. Right? Something like that.


At least at least two. And he had to sign up, you know, and they they do the whole say that liver.


Right to the liver. I missed it. It was a hundred percent liver. They just showed it. This is. I can't fucking imagine being wrongly accused in jail. Well, I'm not.


And you know what? It happens a lot. Yeah. Oh, it happens a. Especially when you have a public defenders office and doing that because the case is so overloaded, they just cut deals. They just cut deals. You basically a a piece of meat. Right.


And you imagine if you're a public defender and guys are lying to you all the time and you don't know who's innocent and who's not.


Everybody says there's no budget. There's no I don't have a budget to hire or an investigator. Right.


To go talk to the people were there that night when, you know, there's so many different obstacles you have. You know what? I got sentenced. I got sentenced with an attorney. You know, it was a big difference going on in there with a public figure. The big difference in that, that guy's got 80 people he's got to take care of. He's just in business. The cotton cutting yard. Oh, cutting a deal. Oh, two big shots.


The body from Aldo. Although looks good, we're in the third here. He had that one moment in the first where Yond hit him with that big abody shot. Oh, look at go. And John is forced to switch stances. John's fight and southpaw now because all those got his left leg all fucked up.


He's got two more rounds to work on that right leg. He's in it now. He's thrown kicks. With the left leg. But he's going to try to chop at that. That right leg as well. Oh, good shot with the left leg. This is a good fucking fight, man. It's a very good fight. And this is the first time Yone has had to fight five rounds in the UFC, if I'm from correct. All those done it many times.


He's been at least scheduled for multiple, multiple, five round fights. All those championship fights, I mean, think about how many fights these guys fought and went, five round fights went, oh, good shot to the body by Aldo back when he wasn't cutting weight correctly either. Oh, shit. Although looks good. Oh, nasty left foot to the liver taking that liver. John's in trouble. John is in trouble. Oh, look at that.


John comes back with the left kick, his left leg is chewed up, and now he's just using it as a weapon.


Oh, Aldo, die. Oh, my God. This is Aldo of old kids. Oh, I looked at the body. Oh, my God. He hurt him with that left hook to the body. And now Yon's standing orthodox again. He said so many times. Look at the left leg land. Look at Yon's left calf, s.L red it is and swollen. Look at it when when they'll show it. If they give you a side angle.


Look at his left calf. It's fucked up, man. It's fucked up. Although just needs a couple shots on that. See, now ya. Oh, we hit it again every time Yone is throwing a punch. It's gonna it's gonna be like thirty five percent less powerful because of that leg. His leg just he can't generate power off that left leg.


Mean, you could do it a little bit, but it's going it is going to be missing something. God damn, it's a good fight. It's crazy that Aldo drops down to thirty five and just like becomes a reinvented fighter. Unbelievable. And then when you find out is really only 33 like wow, he's been around forever. Oh. I mean, he's been a world champion for ever.


First ever featherweight champion in the WBC for the first ever featherweight champion in the UFC. I mean, when they instituted the weight class, he was the guy. They brought him over from the WC again, that left hook to the liver.


Well, he's hit that spot so many times. He likes that combination, what they call the dutchie. It's a left hook to the liver and a right leg kick. That's like a nesto used special. Well, look at this. My God, these guys are bang. It's tremendous. There's a fast pace to man. That's the crazy thing about Aldo going to 35 that he said.


Oh, beautiful spinning. Beautiful. Beautiful. He caught him resting. That's the thing about young, many so clever. He's filled with Soman. He's got so many techniques again. Oh, my God. Get out of there. Left foot to deliver by Aldo in a counter shot to the head by yond.


Oh, it was crazy. It is.


Oh my God. Knee up to mental by Aldo. Hoof. Oh, nice, elbow off the brake. By yon although keeps given the last minute of these arounds to him. Man, this is a crazy virus. This is a crazy fight. I don't know if that's the right mentality when the round for the first four minutes and give him one minute, it's not trying.


Right now I know sentimentalities just he's just getting. This is a really close fight. Oh, and that he worked for the spin there.


I watch the best breakdown of all Lee Frazier, a guy that went back and looked through all the interviews of both of them and tells you how they're feeling in between each round and everything on YouTube. So cool.


Thank you, sir. It's telling you at one point, like at the end of this round, Muhammad Ali said this is the closest to death he's ever felt. And it's just the end around 11:00, around 12:00 or something.


I think that was rumble in the jungle. Yeah. Yeah. Me throw in Manila a rumble.


Not Thrilla in Manila was in the Philippines when everyone was. I think it was a thrill in Manila was Jova.


That was there was rumble in the jungle. Ali and Frazier foreman. Right. OK. Yeah. This song was Frazier Ali.


They don't do that anymore. Was like names. That was a festival. Thrilla in Manila. You know, to me, investible. Do you know that festival? That's right. James Brown. Now, that was that was Zaire, right? Zaire. Yes, it was. That's right. That was a foreman fight. There was a voice for Malali, right? Yeah, I believe so. That was the one where James Brown came out at a concert in a street thinking and saying Danny King played, too.


Oh, wow.


Was it James Brown at the beginning of one of the Rockies, too? Yes.


Yeah. Living in America and Apollo. Creed's dancing now.


Three, three. No, no, you're right. Water was rushing, right? It was when he was drongo. Right. He missed what he was three three three.


Zaire in seventy. That's rumble in the jungle. Concert promoter Don King. Part of the buildup for the Ali Foreman fight. Wow. God damn Bill, where the bill withers? Oh, yeah. I got the YouTube. It's on YouTube. Brilliant. He's Bill Withers destroys the place. My guitar. Yep. My droid. The place where the acoustic guitar. I played Bill Withers the other day.


I was working out put some put some use me on leave and I check out his live at Radio City Music Hall. Oh. He does live is so crazy. Especially with that song with use making fight man.


Because he uses the crowd like an instrument uses that claps and everything. Oh, he he keeps looking for that left hook to the body and then yon counters with that right hook to the head.


Oh, elbowed over the top. What a fight. Oh, nice. Needed the body. Go, go, go. He's at home. Once women today we hung out, had a good time.


He goes swimming in like your pool. Yeah, the dog. Nice. He loves it, man. I jump in the pool, he's a yippy and he jumps, jumps and it's.


That's so cool. Well, he's a golden retriever. They're, you know, they're duck hunting dogs. They're retrievers, like they're the sweetest, kindest dogs. But like they were developed to hunt birds. Really pretty sure. Oh, look at that look. Went for the trip. All those a little tired here. It's these moments where one guy needs to catch a breath and the other guy doesn't lie. Things can change and happen in those moments.


But John is still being forced to fight from that southpaw stance. That opens up a lot of shit, though. It opens up power kicks from both guys. Because the bodies open. Oh, yard with a good combination. But Aldo is so good with that, right? Low kick to the Orthodox opponent. That's like such a big weapon for him, that when someone fights him southpaw, it kind of changes that. Oh, John, with the jumping, the attempt.


Wow. Eldo has landed more significant strikes already in this fight than any other fight than any other fight yet that his personal best. Wow, that's crazy.


On sex land. John keeps coming looking at me. He's so strong. So all those trying to take a little breather here catch his breath and John senses it is coming on strong. One thing that Aldo has had a problem with in the past is when guys pressure him. He has had problems maintaining the stamina. And that's what Max Holloway did to him. And both fights, particularly in the second fight, because although fights in such an explosive way that when you explode like that, dig in with big shots, you're like sprinting.


And then you need some need a break. Where's Max Holloway? Everything is like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. He puts that pace on you. And that's what he did to Aldo. And John is doing it to him right now. As long as all those leading like he was leading in the Marlin Memrise fight, he never got tired. But he's not being pressured. And Yoni's pressure is not good. Is not good. This is not good.


But it's great for John. He's got to beat him up. This might be it is. Might be it. There's a whole minute to go. He's tried to grab the wrist. He's just he's just risk control. That's hard. Oh, Yang goes right over through with the knee. That's going allow one of his big shots. 154 significant totals, total strikes. One hundred and fifty six significant, 146 other significant strikes. That's crazy. These guys are throwing bombs.


Oh, shit. Big up over the top. Thirty seconds to go. Can he survive? It just takes a few big shots from here. Look at him. He's looking. He's looking yet. Try to throw those legs. This side just doesn't know which way to go. In Aldo's not he's not a big threat with submission's off his back, especially not now.


Why is that? It's not weird for a Brazilian like that. Well, I mean, it's just never been his forte.


He's never really, in my recollection, ever really submitted anybody with, like an arm bar, anything off the back. When he's on his back, he's just kind of hanging on and holding on. Although he does have great Brazilian jujitsu skills, he's never been like a guard specialist. His nose is fucked up. That's a great school. He came from right with novel and. Yeah. Yeah. Top top of flight. One of the very best.


And Andre Pedicurist Narrows, who is his head instructor. That's the guy in front of him. Not not the UFC cut band. There's another guy who is not that guy. You can't see him on the right.


No. Yeah. Okay.


PED Narrows is a real veteran. I mean, he was around the old school Vally Tudo days, Seelie, this look, that counter. So all those looking for the left hook the body and yone is waiting for him to throw and then he immediately counters that jab who.


He's so good at fighting from this position man. That's such a a big plus that he can fight so good from a southpaw position as well. Because even though his left calf is fucked up, he basically took leg kicks out of the equation by switching stances because although he's not having nearly as much success with that right leg kick to the right front leg as he was to the left front leg. This is the fifth and final round. Oh, shit.


I wonder who's mundaneness. This is a great fight, too. It's always a good sign when they're hugging at the start of the fifth. How much energy?


Oh, it's on the House. Dunnhumby. Stunning. Oh, she was in trouble.


This could be it. This could be it. This could be it. And this is it. This is it. This is it. He's fucked. Pass and. Yes. He's going to, you know, a crucifix and smash him. Now. Man, so John is trying to slide that arm down to lock up the right arm, slide his knee across and lock up the right arm. Aldus, although, can defend himself. And that's where he's at right now.


Full crucifix. I think his right leg is trapped in the middle and a half car, but still might as well be a crucifix. That right arm was just totally taken out of the game. So he's got no defense at all on his right side right now. Get through. He just is using that leg to pin it down, although almost literally almost recaptured guard there. No. Aldo is grabbing the fence with his toes near. The referees telling them not to do that.


It's interesting. Man. Yeah, he's now that he just has to get that leg free. If he gets his leg free, it's a full crucifix, but he keeps getting to that spot.


Oh. Big fucking elbow. Shit.


Now he's taking his back. Oh, that's it. It's old blood's flowing right now.


It is over, man. It is over. It's over that elbow busted him. Yeah, he's he's just can't take it anymore. He's basically just hanging on here.


That was a big elbow. Look at all the blood, man. Fuck. Oh, my God. Look at his face, dude. John is no joke. Hammerin passes it up to stop this fight. Stop. Stop the fight. Stop flying. Stop the fight. Stop it. Your fuck. That poor outgo fights over. Told him not to hit him there. See that referee up bad spot. Oh, God. Come on, man, stop the fight.


He's not doing anything. He's just covering up. Oh, my God. But he's not defending himself. I don't know why they're not stopping this fight. Drop this fucking fight already. Please stop the fight. Come on.


They wouldn't stop this fight in many other cases. Look at how much blood is on that canvas where his head is. That's nuts, man. But now Yoni's punched himself out.


Louis, this. It's got take a little break. He's got two minutes to go, though. Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere. No, he's losing blood by the fucking minute.


You look in that puddle in front of his face, man.


Obviously, Fight Island is not New York City. These are different rules.


How do you mean? I mean, I just feel like every time my budget fights in New York, it seems like they're always stopped very quickly.


And clearly, he argues that it will not stop until it comes out.


Come on. He's getting on with Clay, getting out of hand. He's not protected. Thank you. Thank you, guys.


Thank you for all those who have a headache for three weeks at least.


Yeah, that was not necessary.


You know, no reason he had to take those shot. Yeah. No, no.


No. Oh. You know, a guy's got to do something to improve his position, just sitting there like that. Covering up and just getting hammered in the head. It's not enough.


It's basically like you're getting punished for not going unconscious. That's good point. Damn, Paul Ryan is no fucking joke. Made some big ass adjustments, switch stances, smashed him. And when he got on top on the ground, dcl strong is that's what I was talking about.


Like how physically strong is like although it's always been very good off his back. Defensively he's always been able to hold on. Boom. Look at that. Bang!


Dig into the body that drops them with the uppercut. Fuck, man. I mean, and the pro long beat him beating. He gave him in that fifth and final round. That was a prolonged beating.


The referee had five bucks on Alto.


That's all it takes. Imagine those all days, five bucks and you let a guy get beat to death. I thought I was low. Had final zone.


It's interesting that there's no crowd at all. You would think in Abu Dhabi what they would do is just test people because they can fuckin test anybody. Just just they have so much money. Just test a bunch of people and have, you know, pay ten thousand dollars a ticket or some shit. No, no, no. I can't do it. This is dangerous. Right here you show these people in the ring in the Arctic. No more like four people.


Get the fuck out of there. What if everybody is going over? Eight, nine, 10. You don't want some happiness when there's nine people. Even the verb is. That's what. Why take a chance?


Is just not work. And. It's just now work. What do you what do you think is going to happen when all those covered shit. You think we're gonna have to get vaccines. It's gonna burn through the people. Develop herd immunity. It's down. But Jersey is starting to come back. Is it creep in a little bit. Holy name. Hospital emptied out. But those savages that go down the shore. I've got a picture from a friend of mine at the beach coma.


Nobody's got a fucking mask on. I would walk. Nobody's got a fucking mascot. Those are the people from. Look what I got out of the south jersey up north got destroyed. South Jersey was okay. It was at least Menza meant. Now they got to bring it all down.


Well, the good news is the word is that ultraviolet light kills it almost instantly. And simulated sunlight kills it ominously. And they believe regular sunlight kill, kill it almost instantly. And this is something that Brett Weinstein had talked about on the podcast that I did with him, that it sort of indicates that this thing might have developed in a lab to spread faster indoors. There's so much creepy shit about this, this fucking disease. It's definitely and also it's definitely it's I'm not a scientist, but it's a manmade disease.


They they they manipulated this virus and they made it more potent and they made it that way so they could study it and it got out. And that's why it spread so fast. And that's why it's so weird. That's why it has such weird, weird effects on different people.


And, you know, Catlin's got it right now.


And I was talking to him on the phone. He's like, it's so strange. It's like one time he goes, I'll feel fine. And then an hour later, I feel terrible. I'm coughing like crazy. My head hurts and he goes, and then after that, I'll be fine again. He goes like, I feel fine.


Then I don't feel fine. Nights are rough. Did he mention that sometimes nights are rough.


The week of a meal and coughing fits and sometimes his head hurts. He says like flu head like stuff like real bad headaches. But you know, he didn't take hydroxyl chloroquine. Here's something funny. His doctor said to him, this is what the doctor said to Shah. He said, I don't know what where your political leanings are. He's like, what? He goes, because this drug hydroxy chloroquine is a drug that Trump kept promoting. And he goes, but put that aside.


And he's like, look, I don't give a fuck. Does it work? It was. Yes, it works. Wow. So he gets on his works. It's particularly effective, he said in the very beginning of the infection. So he gets on hydroxy chloroquine and he does vitamin I.V. drips five days in a row. By the fourth day, he's good. He still has a problem, his taste and his sense of smell. But he doesn't feel bad at all.


Four days in, Callon. It's been like 11 days or whatever it is, 12 days. He's still fucked up. He still feels like shit. He's got no energy. He didn't do anything, no, Calin didn't want to take the drugs and he didn't even want to take the vitamins. He said he you know, he's got weird thoughts on vitamins. I don't understand it. Like, he thinks that vitamins don't really work. I'm like, do you think most people would take environments for no reason?


Well, the studies on vitamins, are they all faked? Like, what do you think? Like, he's got some these weird thoughts in his head about vitamins that you should be able to get enough from your food. I'm like, dude, you eat spaghetti like Jack Kennedy, fight headwinds from your fucking spaghetti. Like, what are you talking about? He'll go to like a fucking Veha Varnado and get takeout. I mean, it's great food, but, you know, you need vitamins bitch.


And Whiteman's aren't even up for argument. O can argue about a vaccine. You could especially vitamin drips dude.


Whenever I come back from the road I get a vitamin drip. I feel amazing. I started doing that with Chappelle. Chappelle is a professional partier. Yeah. And those guys go on the road. They get a hotel room and they all they get like one of those I.V. bag trees and you be like nine branches around a tree. Everybody's in the room getting ivied up with with water and all the time item instant glue to tie on and all that shit.


Does you have a club in Columbus? He has this thing 30 C, though it's not in Columbus. It's another town. Well, it's spring.


It's his friends like wedding pavilion. And they've outfitted it and they've they'll they're allowed to add more people. They just contacted me about some some dates. I'm going to go down there at least once over the summer. I need to I need to experience it. Audience whereas mass even outside. And then they only distance everybody away from each other. They got it marked down where your chairs are. They have Chappelle masks. It's pretty dope. Let's get a show.


Chappelle see above the stage. Yeah. Looks awesome.


It's pretty bad ass, man. And they're real strict about their stuff too. They have everybody funnelled off and test time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Spaced out. Yeah.


Everybody gets tested before the show. It's smart. It can be done.


But you're right, Joey. And a lot of ways it is sketchy. There it is. It's crazies on a stage where people get married.


And I think this one's for this special or whatever that he taped this moment. Right. Because normally they're setup. They even have people up there six feet away from me on your left, your right and behind you.


So they keep it closer and tighter. And behind you. So you're surrounded by laughs.


Houston was fun. Yeah, Houston was a good time, man. It was weird, though. You know how it felt like something too good to be true. I know I did. Right.


Especially after seeing what happened, which often Galán, I know those guys are doing like meet and greets and stuff.


What do they. Moshin that's going on? What is that? They are Moshen. Yeah, once the shows are over, the masks come off. Well, all those guys on stage that said Chappelle's place. All those guys on stage have been tested. You got to think about it that way. Oh, shit. Volcan asking Hollywood hollaway next.


But I heard a rumor that if there's nine people, even if they've been tested with nine people, they can just too many fucking people.


Can happen here. 10 people, 20 fucking thing's going to happen until they write something.


Right. Some may write 10 fucking people. You guys are gonna be telling it someday, right? You know, they opened up Disneyland checks. I get it, man.


But it's gotta be for me to do comedy. It's gotta be just right. You know what? What is a six feet? Let's yeah. Let's do ten. You're supposed to have six feet. Let's do ten. Ten feet that we.


Can we start. So let's see. That's a good. Instead of going to everybody battened down. I like that. Let's renegotiate.


The problem is covered. They don't understand that code word means bacon Latin. That's what that means. Well code with means pay cut in Latin.


Everybody is going to lose money. So you got two options. Either you come on the road or you fucking don't. We're going to sell. What do we seat 600. We're gonna put a hundred in there. A buck fifty tops. Spread them out. So everybody feels comfortable because I don't know by you guys. Do you want to eat dinner next to a guy who looks like me? And also a call for you. Sneezes Or he tells the band to play Skittered.


Do you guys need that in your fucking life? So get the fuck away from me. Okay? I never like people next to me. But one is called Bridget. You can go to a restaurant and there's three tables sitting there all together and they try to put you over there with those fucking books. And you're walking in with six gorillas. I'm walking in with Rogan de Ari. Don't get a red bag. And you want to put it next to a fucking family.


And Joe would go along. I'd have to get the way to come in.


Listen, we're going to say the word cock. Do you want these kids to hear that? No. It's over there. Yeah. But the way they don't want to walk over there. I don't give a fuck what the waiter wants to do. I don't want to be around three people. Never. I don't want to. If I have to talk to you and speak low, I don't know. I don't want to do that. And I don't want to hear nobody else's conversation.


Right. I've always been like that self. It's just words for me. I'd rather work and be safe. You deal with one person, OK? A person picks you up at the airport, take you to a hotel.


You know, I think you'll only trust the Four Seasons, you know? I mean, what do you do? What are you going to trust? Motel six. Now, some hotels got stabbed in there a week before you got to go, and then later booking Koban Vomit. So you got to get a guy to pick you up, drop you off. The same guy has to pick you up. He has to have a screen on the window.


The window is gonna be a down. Yeah. On you get to the club. No. Hi, Mr. Rogan. Nice to meet you. Hi, Joe.


My name is Gloria. I'm the assistant manager. Hi, I'm Mary. I'm the waitress. Is there anything you.


Hi, I'm Morty. I'm the sound guy. How much time do you want to do that motherfucker eat out? And all of a sudden. Hi, I'm Pete. What music do you want to hear? One person, one person, ten people. It becomes a problem. One person. I want you to call me in my hotel room and ask me how much time do you want to do? And what do you want for dinner? And fuck, I love this man.


I think that should be writing the law. Okay. This is how places can you walk town to the hotel.


They pick you up in front. Same person. He's a call the delegate every day. Joe Rogan, check your junk box, check your jump box, read the SAG notices, start reading the SAG notices, SAG noses, start reading. They go into your junk mail. What do they say? Start reading. What am I reading?


You're going to read? What are they what they're doing? There's only one person in the business that's making it work right now. And it's Tyler Perry because he's got his own set. Sixteen on union, by the way. Sixteen. He knows how to do it. Yeah. Everybody in Argentina, they all get quarantined. No hotel.


Sixteen days before you fly to Van Nuys, tested you land in Atlanta, tested. You get quarantined for six hours, tested, then you get designated into a zone. He took over like some type of mall, a bubble. He's doing it right. If you shoot episode one, he is. There is a dilemma. There's 10 episodes if you shoot at. But so, one, you have to stay and you should episode six. Oh, you've got to stay in the bubble.


So you better think about it.


No, stand up. Be all right. No, son. He's lucky. No going home now. You have. He's always. What's a hotel? You know what, man? A lot of people are, Joey. It's a job. No, it's a job. Take that job. Go take it. That's it. And that's the best way to keep everybody safe.


You got to keep how you're going to keep your kids. If you're an actor, actress now, you've got a good job, you know. Well, you can have your family come with you. So the rumor is it's not working here.


It's not working here in Hollywood. It's just not working.


It's just dinner isn't fully pay on a show that just started filming, hopefully is on a shooting downtown movie from nine days.


A movie. It's a movie downtown.


And what kind of precautions are they taking?


He said that, you know, Jimmy Shoobridge, I thought was dead. Jimmy Shubert went to Korea March 13th. To shoot a show for Netflix in Korea, in the heart of it went south.


Whatever career now, South was on fire with it. What happened?


He told me the stories about how what they were doing, how they'd shut it down. Quickly of the set. How are the people acting, spraying wipe hands? Everybody had fucking gorilla mask on. You were fucking talking.


They put that thing over your head.


Yeah. They don't fuck around in its surroundings, are we? He said he flew there. The plane was empty and he flew back and the plane was empty. He went to Boston. He did sets I dodge ball. I was ready to call Adam and tell him Jimmy Shoeb angle to stonewall.


I begged them.


I go, What are you talking about? Because I'm going to caru shoot for three days.


And I saw I saw him a few days ago. He's still as funny as ever. He's hilarious. One of the managers walked up to him wearing the mask only over his mouth with the nose hanging out. And Shubert's just on fire. He's making the whole table laugh. The manager comes over and he's like, What do you got?


You're not covering your nose. It's like wearing a fucking condom on your ball sack. What are you doing? This is just so like I mean, silly shit as the worst Shubert impression of fire.


And I lied. Right. Make your voice higher.


I don't do impressions. Gogi went into career. He was like he was a complete different situation. They were clean. They were fucking spraying.


Do you read about Taiwan, how they got ahead of it? Because their vice president or whatever is an epidemiologist. And basically, the point is none of those countries trust China. So the second they're like, what's going on in China because they're reading Chinese people's tweets. Random people just keep an eye on them because they don't trust anything out of there. So Taiwan actually picked up before the World Health Organization. Some people in Taiwan health organization picked up that they were seeing suspicious tweets from people like I got a bad cough for three weeks.


Nothing can shake it or whatever. And they were the first to find it. They were there before the World Health Organization. These Taiwanese health people, because they're like we know because they were watching the tweets get deleted, like on the flight. They're just staring at Chinese shit all the time because they're like, these people are fucking wild.


The time is now. Time when these do what they did. They went back and they shut everything the fuck down two, three months before us. They're partying in Taiwan right now. They're wearing masks. They have like zero percent cases for literally like the past month or two, like, really nothing.


Well, New Zealand did better than anybody. They did. They're an island. They're like no one's going in. And then they they locked everything up and they have no cases.


Now, I talked to my dad. Fifty five cases. Thirty four hospitalizations out of the hospital in four days. Where Cuba through. Fifty five. How are they doing that?


Well, nobody is fine in Cuba to. What are they doing in Cuba that's different.


Fifteen of masking. You go to jail. You mean if you don't have a fine, you get a fine fifteen heard of a mass war, you go to jail. Fifteen a fine if you don't have a mask on. We've got 50. So everybody wears a mask.


So that's why then it didn't spread. Wow. Well, it's also because it's not really a tourist spot right now. Not especially not for the United States. You know, you get penalized if you go to Cuba and under this administration, don't you don't you get fined?


Something happened. You used to be able to fly during the Obama administration. So long term afterward. Yeah. I don't know what happened. Max Holloway. Oh, shit. I don't know how I feel about this hair. That full ass haircut. I'm not sure Rose Cauvin needs a different look.


Maybe there's no Bobby. Why you say? He said he did all that training on Zoome and Volcan Alf's geek's call bullshit. I call bullshit, too. I don't believe it, but they know they had real strict lockdowns as look different.


Hollaway looks like Patrick Dempsey from the old timey movies.


We could tell you his eyebrows have his Jeep reference Debro. But he doesn't look like too dreamy. Yeah, I know. I mean, there's a pizza guy from that one movie, right? Right. We fucked all those ladies. Can't buy me love. Yes. That was on HBO all the time. When that's a lot of all the best pawns. Guy comes over the pizza, fucks the lady when the husband's at work. Yeah.


There is a balmy new Max Holloway quarantine Holloway.


I met him once at the Comedy Store and that he's very nice. He actually told me not to let a heckler get to me. Don't let him get to you. Like, so. So I was like, yeah. The whole thing. Yeah. Oh, Captain.


Date rape captain. Warm up guy for news. Radio that you hated his fucking buttons and he would try to run a joke. Patrick Dempsey literally don't even know what you're talking about.


Patrick Dempsey was he was a child star and then he became an adult star. He's still around. Do you end up getting in a succession yet on HBO? Still haven't. Yeah.


Macaulay Caulkins, younger brother, it kills it. Unbelievable show, Joey. This show is a drama. But it's done by these comedy guys that only know comedy. So it's a super serious show. And then when the comedy hits you, it fuckin hits you like it hits you like Goodfellas or Tarantino or The Sopranos when it fuckin gets you out of nowhere because they sneak it on you during serious shit's happening on his show. Oh, it's so funny.


The type of stuff that would make us want to fucking legs and vulcanize Wolski.


That's on the same show. But look at it. Lose fuckin legs, tree trunks. Yeah, this guy's scary. You know, he used to weigh two hundred fourteen pounds. His accent's all fucked up. I thought he said 240, but it's hard to fight high. Yeah. If I get that thick Australian accent.


Interesting that this one went straight to rematch.


If he wins, I'm putting on that fucking Crocodile Dundee hat on. Keep it on standby.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, if he wins, this is coming. No disrespect to Max. I love Max, but if he wins, I gotta to wear that. You have a lei you could put on if Max wins or something. Paying off Max means I'm taking my shirt off. Max wins. I'll pretend I'm on vacation. I was. Any problem with that is cornering.


Oh, shoot. We should tell people. Yeah. Eddys cornering one of his fighters. I believe it's a grappling event. I'm not sure I forgot. There's no fans. Yeah, it's grappling with that. Right. No fans. Is it submission underground shale Sunland's event. A lot of times he does those in the daytime when they have a UFC on at night.


You know, I'm not sure what I'll find out. I know that he was caught in a submission on the shore.


I don't know where that is. Submission on the shore. Huh? And Pedro, so it's a jujitsu event. There's a lot of those now, man. They actually pay. There's a lot of these submission events where, you know, guys can win a couple of grand for winning and they can do them a lot because unlike striking you, you really can't have fights every weekend. But you could grapple pretty much every weekend. You make a couple grand here, a couple grand there.


And some guys like a grind. Gordon. They actually make real money doing that. He's probably made a million dollars grabbling. Gordon Ryan, excuse me. I said Ryan Gordon switched his name around.


I blame the weed, but Gordon Ryan has been winning big grappling events for three or four years.


And he just bought a fucking house, bought like a million dollar house with grappling money, which is crazy. Here we go, baby. Take a lot of good sponsors, too. Yeah. To get good money from sponsors.


Yeah, well, he does. You know, those Eby eyes are doing really well. They have such a big fan base. Now, you know, they're always they're always exciting. His rule system is the best rule system in the world because it's it cuts out all the bad shit about stalling and all stalemates, rather not even stalling stalemates, you know, where guys cancel each other out. It forced them into a position where the guys on your back, ready, set, go or guys got you in.


You know, our bar position. Ready, set, go. When the guy guy has you in that spiderweb position, he's not doing it this show.


Not the only way he could do it. It just has to be because it Koven.


Yeah. Yeah. It's hard man.


It's fucking hard. You can't have that argument. They're working. Yeah.


You can have it working, but you don't have the audience. You don't get the money from the audience. I mean think about he was selling out the Orpheum. Right. Was your film. That's two thousand people at least. Right. It's on pay per view. You think so? Probably now, right? Yeah. Especially combat agencies do it. I'm really surprised that. Listen, man. Like I said, there's no doe ray me. You could put 200 people in you want.


Eventually they're going to shut you down.


Especially West Hollywood is gonna be the last thing, I hope.


Because Ralph's that rally that I'd covered and spread into the community, that parade destroyed Hollywood.


It's well known West Hollywood is the last place to open. Yeah, interesting.


Well, that's where the store is. Yeah. So that's.


I like where this store is doing the outside patio area.


Eat in granulation. Yeah. It's. Gave with a shadow. Yeah. Yeah. Listen, as long as you're on side I'm in. Hey. Yeah. I think Ari had the weekend and long Longtown outside in the parking lot. Really. Vinnie's doing it in that parking lot. 80 people. Better than nothing. Do you want to do. Yeah. What do you want to do? So Ari's there this weekend. I really go around. Why.


Really bad. Long Island last night.


So I didn't talk to him. I was under a tent. So this is what to think about is that Volcan off ski in the first round, did a lot of chopping at the legs and it took Max a while before he adjusted and he started adjusting by switching Southpaw. But he got his leg chewed up early in the fight. And it's going to be interesting to see what adjustments Max has made and what what vulcanize ask he's gonna do. Definitely Volkan ask.


He's just such a tank.


I watched the Great Breakdown by dominant crews who explained that Volkan off ski also made it big. He's circling to the right side now, but he sets them up that way and then takes a big sidestep to the left. And when then when Hollaway tries to adjust. That's when Vulcan obsequies strikes is after he steps to the left.


It's interesting to see him do the opposite now while he's been quarantined, too. In that he he hasn't been able to go to city kickboxing in New Zealand because he trains at city kickboxing in Australia. But he a lot of times would go to New Zealand for his camps and he hasn't man would do that for this fight, too. And oh, how much, if any, of an effect that's going to have. So Max has been all being a little more slick so far in this first round.


Keeping his distance and avoiding those leg kicks pretty much got hit with one, I believe, but much different than in the first fight. Real aware of it because it seemed like that took a lot of the movement away from him, but was interesting. He came in here after the fight, after he lost. Could not have been like more relaxed and happy and having a good time. Just accepted it. Didn't have any problems with wasn't limping at all.


How soon after? About a couple days. Wow. Yeah. Fat Saturday. He was here on Monday.


That's crazy. You look great. And he was like, I'm telling you, man. He's in great spirits. He's a really good guy. Like in his head is really on straight. He has a great saying, goes, hey, it is what it is. And, you know, he really means that. And he's honest about like his style, like the benefits, the pros and cons of style. He was talking about Aldo and he's like those guys with power, man.


He goes, that's why he gets so tired. He's got so much power. He's he's like, you know, I don't have that kind of power. But, you know, because of that, he can go longer and harder.


Those guys with power, they try to use it all the time. And the guy like him, he can knock people out and he does knock a lot of people out, but he knocks people out with volume and precision. He just puts a pace on you and whereas you out beats you down. Whereas Aldo can stop guys with one shot. That's the difference. He hasn't really stopped too many guys at one shot.


Walking off to connect their. I'm just interested to see what changes he can make. Right now, so he's getting kicked a lot less in the legs. So he's moving away more as vulcanize as he tries to engage. It's true on that front, kick up the middle. He's keeping them keep them backing up to keep the pressure on him and keeping him up against the cage. Oh, you got hit with that one.


Oh, I love that. Always like I staggered. You know that. Yeah, he really knows it. Now he knows how to do it.


Yeah. Interesting. Very interesting. God damn, this is a good card, huh? And then we say that it was one. She had always the best when a USC cards so good that you sort even forget.


I did almost forget. I almost forgot. Is that the best one? Wow. So looking forward to this.


All right. Hand over the top. Can't damn. As Ms. G ones are like that a lot. Real like off. Fuck, man, there's two more fights left and I already. Yeah, my mind's blown.


Max's inside leg is already getting real red. Sit. Oh yes. I read it as he's been hit with a bunch of shots inside. That part is so tender too. It's so hard to get hit there.


Life sucks. I'm sticking by that Patrick Dempsey thing, I know it's a weird reference, but I keep looking at him. I just keep seeing it over and over shake.


Oh. Oh, Max Holloway, oh, shit, I missed it. Dropped him with a fucking head kick. He staggered a man.


Well, you look at the stats. Thirty one significant strikes to 20, but that head kick was big. He hurt him with a right hand earlier in the fight. Look is his his left. His right cheek is swollen. Let's see this bone.


Oh, shit.


Staggered. Book Roaring Back, though, came back with a big shot. Boehme. You clip them. You know what's funny about that shit, guys, that when fighters have a good time in the ring, there's so much more loose. They do so much better. We learned that from Ferguson for a long time, not the last flight. But if you're on, Tony's always loose, you know, you're on stage and you lose that you won the war.


And now really weird state of mind.


It doesn't happen a lot for me. It just happened as what those nights in the original room. We don't give a fuck. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.


Like, I let go of even the ones where you feel good, you feel really good and you're like, I'm gonna fucking kill. You're already sort of screwed. You're going in with that mentality. Yeah.


No, I've youlus you I, you know, I mean, you go look at me. No. Yeah. I'm just good in that area. Right. Yeah I at it.


That must have a good time when you loose like that. It's good. And these guys like when he was good for them. After he had them. That's good. He doesn't take himself so seriously.


No. Well he always toys with people who fucks with their head. I mean a lot of what Max does, like he's having fun in there for sure. But he's also letting you know. I got you.


I got you. He does that all the time. So he drew first blood for sure. I mean, Volkan Wolski definitely got off subtlely easy.


Chewing up that inside leg two in a row, then he's he's definitely getting off some good inside Loki's. He's hurting that leg, that leg trouble, the legs and trouble. Nasty combination, nasty combination by Holloway. God damn, that was nice. That was nice. He's piece in them up but again, Fokin aski going to get inside low kick. Over and over. No. And Max trying to return the same kick, which means it probably sucks.


He hit him again and every combination, he's hit them with an inside low kick that pays dividends man.


Max got a block that. Wow. Damn it, Rose, I oh, shit. The plum move still pretty, though. Look at that. She is that was one of the things that bothered especially bothered me with her knocking out Yo on, I too was like Jesus and she's a beautiful girl.


Got that to like that bothered you?


I mean, it's so funny because I always pictured the girl beating you on or being like a monster. Freaky monster. Yeah, just a full beard.


But that never happened. Jamie, you bet. Did you bet this one, Jamie? Gambling, you know, you didn't get any of the fights. That's unusual. Nothing seemed like a good bet.


Your sound is where it's coming in one ear. Oh.


So anything happens now on Juraj Zelie. Who knows? You know, what's important is Rose won. So for Rose, she moves on and gets closer to a shot at the title.


Oh, nice deed to the Body by Max. Well.


I mean, that Waili Zhong, you want to fight was so good, you really could make a you can make an argument, they have to have a rematch was so good.


It was about as good as a fight has ever been.


I agree. You could make an argument that that's actually better than Rose fighting and Rose's face is so fucked up that you might take her a while before she's able to fight again. He went inside and outside with that leg. But Max isn't limping or anything. It can't be good. But so far, he's moving pretty good. I would try to go up top. Oh, good, right hand by Max. They're both really good guys, too.


This is one of those fights where. You know, it'll be hard to root for somebody unless you're good friends with them. Max was a very funny relationship with DC, too. He's always calling D.C. out, telling them he wants to fight him and just play it.


I mean, they're just friends. He went over the top of that head again, this time just grazes, said he sees a dam anomaly to me, how that guy is so good, so smart in the octagon.


And a commentator and an uppercut.


He hurt him. He hurt him. Oh, he hurt him. Max is really smart, too. He's very smart. He's really smart. Always thinking. Always thinking. He's telling somebody to shash. Who is he telling the shash? That's interesting. We'll have to go back and watch this at home. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what he's doing there that would. I wonder what he was. Who is shushing? So he's pointing to someone on the corner.


Maybe someone in Volcan ask. He's corner. So that's two rounds for Hollaway, for sure. The raillery dropped him with the head kick, the Roary dropped him with the uppercut. Those are his last fight.


That is bang, bang. Oh, boy.


Beautiful. And then the one it drops. Some needed the body to do that. Here it is, pink. That's the third time he's made his knees buckle. And then again, his will never come on the way up and he gains heat as he goes on. Right. Last night. Yeah, Rex.


Yeah. His endurance is phenomenal. Phenomenal. It's one of his best tranqs. His intelligence is endurance volume.


That's what's wild to me about this main event, is mass vadas use Munns endurance to be able to go fight with Covington, who I thought had the best gas tank out of everyone.


Well, there was no wrestling. That's one of the reasons why they were we go five like that. You know, Kobe's a nightmare for a lot of people. The fact that Losman didn't just beat him but stopped him says a lot. But, you know, Losman is a he's a dangerous person. It's very strong. And, you know, he has really fucked up. Needs to look really fucked up. Like he talked about his knees being so bad that after some training, he had to walk on the grass because he couldn't walk on a concrete because it hurt too much in that.


Then imagine he's fighting.


Max has hit him on a flying knee, but he's he's kind of just resigned himself to the idea that when he retires is going to have to get his knees replaced. So he's just fighting, just, you know, dealing with a seam training, always got knee braces on her knees, sleeves on. He talks about it too, pretty openly.


He had that. They do this thing where they they they did microfracture your knee. Like to try to get your cartridge to grow back, and it actually did was one to be in worse form. You fucked it up, you Morris it needs. I've heard that from more than one person that's had that operation done. I think it's probably fine for somebody who does like regular shit. But if you want to go back to some hardcore wrestling and may training, it's probably a terrible idea.


John Wayne, PA just had some crazy surgery, huh? Well, there's that.


He had his hip replaced. Yeah. He got a new socket. It's really crazy. Sent me the pictures. And you see the picture. Yes. Yeah. Giant scar.


I just watched the undertaker go through that on his documentary. He just. He had his hip as well. Yeah. Crazy.


Yeah. John. Yeah. I think they're calling it resurfacing. So it's not as much of a thing as the. The old way they used to do it or in some cases how they do it. And he he will be able to fight again, apparently.


Which is just nuts. And he's also walking around now pretty much without a limp. Thirteen days after the operation. It's really crazy. The way they do it now, and it's not even just for young guys. My friend Graham Hancock got his hip replaced and six weeks later he came on the podcast and it was walking normal.


And I was like, what, six weeks ago? You got your hip replaced. I mean, a different game. A different game. Yeah. That's why I chose Fadima.


It was Munsey's because he can't rule your knee replacements, a different animal like. What about the stuff you do for the knees? What, like stem cells? Yeah. You do that. You're sure he could do that. For sure. For now. Yeah.


I don't think he has. I definitely talked to him about it. I don't believe he has. But a lot of guys have T.J. Dille. So I went down there a couple of times for shoulders. He talked pretty openly about it. A bunch of guys gone down to Columbia as well. Henry, so Hutto on the show was talking about how he went down to Columbia to get stem cells down there.


And they fixed his shoulder, had some real shoulder problems when they could do in these other countries that they don't have the same regulations they have here in the United States, United States. They can only do certain amount with stem cells. And even that has been amazingly beneficial to me. But if you go to Panama or, you know, Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine, what's up?


A vaccine? Yep. How about. Lung cancer is not a virus. How could they have a vaccine?


They made some weird thing. It's only available in Cuba. It's a lung cancer vaccine.


Ricky Ricardo smoking five cigars. Yeah, they figured it out. They figured it out like fuck. And lung cancer doesn't fuck with people either. It just spread.


Set in Cuba. Shoot. My aunt tells me all the time they just fixed you. There's no pills after them. They just fix you. OK, here it is.


See, I am a vacc. EGF is a lung cancer. Treatments developed in Cuba is a type of immunotherapy that harnesses the body's immune system to fight lung cancer. Yep.


Wow. 2017, Elephunk, a round of lung cancer vaccine. It's a vaccine piece.


Bolger. Yeah. And by the way, people get it and then they smoke and party after work. It's like, oh, God damn right smokes. They smoke cigars, cigarette. They're having the time of their lives.


So imagine getting a vaccine for everything my body had was to get some asshole Kassovitz asshole. You know what? I believe the medical term is asshole. Can they call it the beginning? My friend called me. A day goes, how's our buddy doing? We get rid of the cancer. I go. All I know is he's not. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Get him up one night.


Like, what do you want? What do you mean what do I want?


That should be how if you get that, that should be to soften the blow. That's how the doctor should break you. I got better. He's got. Got assault. Cancer. He got five treatments.


That's it. They worked it out. Did quantum stage one early was based pissing blood. Wow. He pissed blood two times so he went. They call it five treatments. Five Fridays in a row. Radiation. Yeah, radiation.


So let me ask you this. Why is Tuba's so good at medical stuff? I don't know.


Because the DOE was a savage. Yeah. We had this discussion when you were talking to me about your boy with his eye socket to heal that sort of fight. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, yeah.


You know, they would do shit in Cuba. They would shoot pregnant women and would fucking gorilla biscuits. You know, they were just doing it to the fifth round.


Yeah. Yes, it is. Here we go. It is the fourth round for. Championship rounds. Ten minutes left in this puppy. Nice back to the body. He's only in a couple of times. Vulcan is yet to reeling her oh, tagged him with that Jammal popped in with that jab. That was a beautiful jab. Nice inside. Low kick again. Two in a row, bang, bang. So quickly like it's nothing. And on the outside, to means he's getting back to what was very successful for him in the first fight.


But you got to think Holloway won at least two rounds. I don't know about the third, but I would imagine he won those first two rounds. Dropped them twice. So let's say Volkan Lafsky one, the third, who knows, who knows what's going on here? Oh, this leg buckled from that low kick began a chop.


The same area, man. Bright red. It's fucking up, man. Crazy. The great Herb Dean. But Joey, what? Jesus Christ. What? I'm too much into this shit. All right, here we go. What the fuck? This is Brown.


I can not believe how Red Holloway's leg is. It's not my job. It is. Catch up.


No, I don't. Please kick the fuck out. Oh, I need a punch. With the right hand to another right hand. They smiled at him. Wow. Two island guys, New Zealand in Hawaii. New Zealand is an island, I guess. But he's not from New Zealand is from Australia. Oh, he just lives in New Zealand. No. You know, he does some of his training in New Zealand, the city kickboxing, which is the big gym where.


Oh, shit. Staggered him there. Oh, Shall was spinning back kick the body. That's where Sonya that's where he trains is Sydney kickboxing in New Zealand. Dan Hooker is also city kickboxing guy. And Volcan Wolski does city kickboxing, but the one that's in Australia. There's a lot of like real high level kick boxers in Australia. Man, it's kind of amazing. Why do you think that is because of soccer and rugby and stuff? They're just tough people, man.


They're men. They're manly men. You give them something like jujitsu or kickboxing. They excel at that shit.


They're hard people over there. You know, it's a different breed. That's why Crocodile Dundee worked as a movie. You know, it's not like you're talking about guys from women to disparage any country, but pick a country where men are thought to be more feminine, you know? Yeah, it's Australia. It's like not on a life. That's a. I think that makes sense. It's coming from Australia. They're a bunch of fucking savages over there.


You love it over there.


Oh, yeah. Fun place to do stand. At least once a year ago. Even the things that seem like they wouldn't be savages or sabal savages. You ever hold a. Koala bear. I have not. Those things are fucking there's a reason why they call them bears, I promise you that, because those things are fucking bears. Do they look all cute? But the second you stop feeding it eucalyptus, as soon as it's like, where the fuck's my?


They get mad within seconds to get mad at you, at anything.


That's a world that they only one thing.


Why is it so weird, the one goofy plant, but they never stop eating it. At least when they're around people. I figured it out real quick. If you. It's basically like they're a let's go.


Drug. And food. Is there drug? It just feels like it's like a drug to them because they're just addicted. They start to get mad. Normally, if you don't if you stop feeding something for three seconds, it doesn't get that mad. It's been eating. How is Tognum with that right hand? Oh, head kick. You know, when I look at that picture over there, Richard Pryor, I keep thinking about noncom, these shape makes me fucking sad.


That's what I was thinking about. Nothing you could do about a book. You know, I'm sad as fuck because I hope Box not opens first, which is probably going to be this thing. I got a couple weeks epilogues. Not on Wednesday nights. Just woke me up.


Think that's happening. I'm all the way back to December.


Joey, I've recently resigned myself to the idea that everything is canceled for a solid year. That's my my recent resignation. I'm hope, man, I'd be very happy if they came out with some sort of a really effective treatment. And then they open everything up again. But here we are in July. And I'm I've, you know, some big gigs booked in August and October and. I'm not confident. I'm not. I'm not even thinking about those type of things.


It breaks my heart. With me my anniversary Thursday and I can't be on stage here, you know, like 29 fucking me. Wow. It didn't bother me for the first 90 days, guys. It didn't really bother me. Sort of bothered me a little bit like mid-June. It started getting me.


Your last show was in mid-March. What's your last show was in? My last show was March 2nd. I read I went to the store on March 2nd. I could smell the beer.


I was chasing that thing all the way down to the last second. I was doing a show. It got so bad at the end. The last show I did was at the haha because they were the last place open and I closed at forty five minutes that were like, you can do as long as you want. After a whole night of a show that was only like eight people there. But I nukes, we found out right before that they had to close that night.


They are going off here as fifth and final round. They're going for broke. I think they think this is anybody's fight. Max, how is pushing it? Oh, oh, oh. Max Holloway, let him let him up there. Oh, hi kick too. Look at that.


God damn, Max Highway's busted him up. He's definitely been way more effective in this fight than the first fight.


Woo! Big job. I vote Konarski. He's so powerful, man, just just jab is like a right hand.


He's got crazy endurance, too, for such a power striker. Man, they are beating each other up. Ow, big opera, kind of good right hand behind it by far. Can I ask you for the take down?


Good left hook by vulcanology. I wish you guys had come with me to one of these with no audience. Happy fun. It's awesome.


They won't let you in the. I tried one of my security guys was in Vegas during one of the fights and I got him tested and everything, I'm like. He's good. Letterman can't do it. They won't do it. Vegas is particularly strict. They wouldn't even let me go into the octagon to interview him, even though everyone's been tested. They wouldn't let me interview.


The fighters had interviewed remotely. Like they had I had to be there and they had to be there is another room. I could see them. They were like 50 yards away. It was real weird. Yeah, I was gonna say you're so connected to them usually that that type of distance and energy break has to just it's not as good.


Sighs Good for questions. You know, you want to look at them and you want to. You want to make them comfortable, you know. Is mom that you want them to know that you appreciate it? You know that the fight was awesome. Well, nice, low key right there, but what can I ask you? Oh, left hook by walk Wolski. Max is kind of busted up. Oh, right hand by Max. They're both so inaccurate.


Yeah, this is a wild ass fight. Vulcanology looking for the take down again. Are we gets it. Look at that crazy. Back it up quick. Look at that. He really is great. Oh, Max is amazing. Really? Really. That's a champion right there.


It's also a weird fight because I haven't seen Holloway's son. You realize like. Oh, yeah, he's probably not there.


Oh, he's a. Oh, you think so? Yeah, I think so. I think he said many blast was going to be in his corner. That's cool. But I think he was just joking around about that. Like you said, he didn't really train with anybody trained on Zoome. I can't believe that for a second. This is working anybody's round, man. This round could be the fight right now. Vulcanology is looking for take down Newsworld dose.


Oh, nice, left a last minute. Who? Who wins this one? Who wins this one? This is a fuckin anybody's fight. I think Max has probably done more damage in those two big rounds where he dropped him. But I ask he's getting his in as well. And if vulcanology steals this round. Who fucking knows, man? Sort of like the opposite. Then the last fight, because Hollaway won the first two and Volcan off, she's been picking it up ever since.


Twelve seconds ago. Wow. Oh, my God, that's big, that takedowns big. Yeah. One second ago. Wow, who knows, that could have been that could have been his round for that. Got to take downs in that round. I mean, that could have been a fact. That could be the fight. I might have to be wearing a Crocodile Dundee hat.


Very interesting.


One sixty one. Max Holloway, total strikes, 152 significant strikes. So he bested him in total and significant strikes, 148 to 144 for Falcon asking. You're right.


Got a stretch at the moment. You know, mainly that left for obvious shift student.


Yes. Kilimanjaro. Kill him.


Yeah. No, I understand. I can see it. Is it. I can see it. I'm not looking going megale though. I'll tell you one thing. A book club called The Last Supper Comedy Club. Have a seat. Twelve feet. We can't hear you. Twelve people.


The Last Supper Comedy Club. I get the Chinese guy from the bartender to check out the cabbages at the door. I rent. Take a look. There's a place across from Subconscious Jujitsu Bread Place. It's police put 12 seats in there.


So what is the other option I have is my uncle has a liquor license from nineteen sixty nine if you want a liquor license in L.A.. That's the one you want. You can light rock bottle rockets and you asshole. You can have live bands. You can have a gay bar.


Rock n roll. He's eighty two when he's been torture me lately. Why. Because he goes out every Friday and Saturday. There was bar and it's been closed.


And the girl that was his mistress when he was married, he had a mistress. And then he got the mistress of his cousin knocked up.


Oh, he's a beauty. He's a beauty. I love my uncle. So now he got the mistress broke. And she's living with him. Is one thing about my uncle. You don't like people around him like he got used to being single. OK. Hold on.


Let's see what happens here. Forty forty seven hallway. What do you doing for the world? Wow. Why Crocodile Dundee did. Yeah, good, I might.


Fuck, yeah, I did. Well, deal's a deal.


I'd have to watch that fight again with no talking shit.


So you had 12 people saw from what is two, five shows a night, one hour show. And just I'm not looking to make money now, I'm just looking to go on it. Yeah, no, I get it. You understand me? I get it. Do drugs. I'm not looking to drink. I'm not looking to do anything. And you know what? Like, how leave Anthony Hinchcliffe comes in. Does it show. And I'm telling you, we got this.


Hold it for it's 20 bucks. Yeah, it's 20 bucks, people. You're not going to get Colvard. They got to be 10 feet away from you. Staggered. Yeah, I'm going to stagger. Yeah. What is maybe some fuckin bringing some pizza from a good place. Maybe some Cuban. Probably. Yeah. Something. Just some quality time.


We did. We've been doing it for. Tony's starting Monday at the Comedy Store. We switched the microphones. We give the court and stand a quick wipe down with a thing that, you know, the producer problem is the little like Kleck.


Too many. Right. Where I don't want them. Right. But I'm talking about just how easy it is to switch a mike, stand out.


Oh, yeah. I'm talking about you got to like each comedian can just bring a microphone.


You know, we all can quickly. That has to second sweat.


Know what's going to happen now that's going to. I know what's going to happen. It would be too many people out there standing like fucking momos. Right. So I like to do comedy outside, if I can. Right. But it's gonna be 12, 14 people.


Yeah. Some Lino's sunlight. Are you going gonna wait till night. Six o'clock. That's good. You know. Yeah. I give you two hours a day.


Can only be in the room if we do it in a room. Yeah. They can only be in the room for now. Yeah. I don't, I can't have consistent breathing room. Right.


You've got to be out of the room now. News spread down air conditioning.


Rolan fan going from birth and you've got to get the filters. Yep. The guy that suit thing with the filters and you check the filters and it tells you he has the virus.


The. How about this. Yeah. This made in Cuba.


No, no. This is made in New Jersey. I think, you know Charlie formed by this.


So that's the only way to do it. Yeah. Joe Rogan, do they not have these new filters that you put in? These are what the planes are going over to. So after every flight when they cleaned the filter, they analyze and they could tell you if somebody had been on that fucking plane.


Really, the filters that are coming out now, like the filters that take it to make you put in every restaurant, hotel, all that shit are gonna be filters that tell you it is covered in the air.


That makes sense. That makes sense. Like when they changed the planes over. That's what it's gonna be there. That's when I'll start flying again when they have those filters. Yeah. It takes it out of a little distance thing. They're going to raise the prices a deuce. So if you can't afford to fly now, forget about two fucking years.


Hmm hmm. Teddy Atlas had Hollaway three to two. Interesting. Everybody's a fuckin judge all of a sudden, it's so tough to judge these things. It's very hard. You watch them a year later with no hype and you'll see the will.


Sometimes that's what I do. I catch it. You're she has a new thing. Late, late night on ESPN. You see something. It's the fight without the hype, no hype. Hmm. So now you get to see Karda Diaz to get back to me. Get back to me once there's no more I. What do you think about that fight kind of deals to when you watch it again? Yeah, well, I don't know. Tough fight.


Call to fight the call.


I don't. One fight. OK.


Fight. You want these fights now without the hype a year, 18 months later, whatever. And you look at it, these type of fights and you go. It's like you said, some very interesting. You could argue that Joe Paterno won that fight. Yeah. The Whaley's young fight. Yeah. Depended. Who was there? You made some great points last week with Josh about the officiating in some states.


Well, that's my best fucking embarrassing. That's how I got we had bonuses when bonuses. If you want to have wind bonuses and you have bad officiating, you can't you can't do that because then you're stealing money away from people that win fights and then they don't. It costs them fifty thousand dollars because the audience or because the judge is rather incompetent. Here it is, baby. You got to be.


Look how good that looks. Look how good that looks. That's incredible.


I think, Joe, that you you have to be a purple button to. Black belt and something I don't care if it's cushion karate. OK, I want you to have an idea of what it is. If it's not Gushin rule karate.


It's you wrestled that Iowa. Right? You have to have some.


I want you to have some type of very instant charge guys. Yeah. And to see who's aggressing, who's running to add those things that I've seen judging on the road. I don't know what states it is because I don't remember. I'm not Joe Rogan. But let me. Taysom, the judging has been horrific.


Right. Well, let me work with one of them. New York is just fucking, you know.


And let me tell you the funny thing. One of the worst beeton's ever given was Roberto Duran on that poor guy at the hardware. And they called Diaz Fight. Yeah, Davey Moore. That's how much of a gap. Like, even push them and fucking push them back and throw a fucking to make out this kid. This kid was standing up a lot that I didn't call the fight in New York, but that was 40 years ago. That's how much we've not, you know, look at the fight tonight.


That kid punched in two thousand times and fucking mad PR yongala.


They could have stopped that. So every, you know, every. I want everybody to be on the same page. If we all have to go to a conference every year, twice a year, we have to do like, you know, like they're doing with cops now with the screens simulated type situations like let's call that like I tried to announce a fight one time. It was the most you announced to fight, like just playing around some guy's car.


What was that show ever made tonight with Boss Rootin? Yes, I went on there and then they did they make they put me on the spot.


Are you fucking crazy? Are you fucking crazy? Yeah.


I bet you'd be good. Let me. If that's true, I can't see why I'm qualified. Okay, that's another thing. You better have 20/20 vision and I got to see it certified because I can't see I'm sitting here and I can't talk because I got a bucket. Look and forget the glass.


They had you, Jide. Yeah. Glasses aren't going to fucking help you. You got a beef pork you got to see. Know I wouldn't glasses Zambia.


You just don't see those things, man. You can e gonna have great vision too.


I bet. Walter. Walter. John McCarthy. They wear contacts.


Something your vision really has to be on.


You talking about the red. Sir. About the judges. Right. I want them to take out your brain. Yeah, I want them to be alert. And then we watch ideas. I want you to stop them and calm them down first. I don't want them to have a fight with their wife.


I don't want them to be upset about their kid. A psychological fix. They've got to come in at 5:00 and just chitchat a little bit. How's your week? Well, I've got to go. It's like a judge.


No, I want six guys there and give me the three guys. You know, I don't know what happened to that guy on the way. The judge. Maybe his daughter told him she wants to be a prostitute. Now he's trying to. Now, these poor bastards watching these fights, seeing his daughter with Dixon and fucking mouth. You understand me? How you going to judge if he doesn't go home? And you watch a movie and you watch a movie and you're an orphan.


You think of a joke and you're watching this movie with your wife and all of a sudden you can't tell. You can't say like what just happened because you just thought about the tag read joke. You just thought about a new idea for a show. You just thought these judges are the same way. Yeah. So when you come listen. The greatest mob boss of all time, Carlo Gambino, never answered the door. He had a rule. His wife always answered the door because she was an old lady and she thought she was a mother.


So I'm coming there to beef about Joe Rogan. For Tony Hinchcliffe. Yeah. Guess what? She'd make me sit in the living room and offer me Express. I don't want to fucking bottle. I want to talk to call a Joe Rogan. Rob me.


But she would calm me down. How are you? How are your children? How's your beautiful wife? Yeah. So, you know, you like I want to kill you, Mrs. Gambino. I'll be like, you know what? My kid is good.


She's learned how to swim. The other lady just fell off the skateboard, got three stitches in his head. My wife, she spends all, you know, you could talk to her for now. When you go in the room, you're more calm. I don't know what these judges had a comment, but I've seen things that are just mind boggling.


And I'm the judge and I not it. I'm just a fat schmuck. I don't know. So I want them to really work on that worldwide.


Australia has their own. Vision. The UK has their own division. We have our own division. But we all zoom once a year.


It should be very equalized, all the different cities.


Again, I'm going to say every six months you should be tested. But I think they should honestly do is rewrap the whole scoring, the whole scoring system. It's how he was biasing system. Basically, they've adapted the ten point must system for boxing, but everything's different. First of all, the rounds are five minutes long. Second of all, you've got all these other things to think about, takedowns, leg kicks, elbows, submissions. There's so many different things to think of other than just hands.


Maybe it should be three different judges, one of wrestling, one of jujitsu and one of boxing in each three get their own thing. And both because even then there's even now sometimes there's no take down. Right. And it's just kickboxing. Then what do you do with the wrestling judge? What does his court mean? Nothing now. That doesn't make any sense. But what does make sense is having more judges. If you have a lot more judges, you get a more balanced perspective.


You only have three judges. One of them could fuck it up, right? Easy. Two of them could fuck it up easy and you get bad decisions. But if you have 10 judges, judges aren't that expensive. Right. Where'd you get these million dollar promotions? Have 10 real experts as judges. You're probably going to pick the right guy every time. You know, if you have ten, even if like if they don't want to fix the system, have ten great judges.


Ten instead of three. Ten. How did those judges get those jobs?


You have to be like the child of a congressman or something right now.


A lot of them are Vegas employees. Like there's a bunch of them in Vegas that I know for a fact don't know anything about martial arts.


So I never trained in martial arts.


But they are judges in Vegas because they're judges under the Boxing Boxing Commission. So the Athletic Commission, Vegas hires them. They don't all do a bad job either. Even the ones that don't know shit about martial arts, I've never trained. They don't all do a bad job, but some of them are terrible.


But there's plenty of experts out there, man. There's so many martial artists. There's martial arts schools in every fucking city all over this country. And each one of those schools has probably dozens of people who are legitimate martial arts experts who love fights, who would do an amazing job. Dozens. Just tell them what the scoring system is, show them how to score fights and let them do it. Having this. No, it's like it's like judging race car driving when you've never raced a car.


You know, it's like judging a baseball game. If you've never hit a ball, you've never thrown a ball in your life. But it's worse because baseball doesn't matter. There's no judging necessary. If you hit the ball and it fucking goes into the stands, it's a homerun.


It's real clear to those judges make real good money that a well-paying job.


Don't. I wish. I don't know. It is. Oh, just finish your food.


Finish up. I oh. Only choking to death while wearing a fucking Crocodile Dundee hat. I don't really feel guilty about that.


Oh, he choked the boxing judge escaped to remember the ref.


That was the dirty ref. The basketball ref.


I had him on the podcast. They make money at the NBA. I knew when I was a kid Pat, the puzzle was, oh, that guy and HL and they show the puzzle fucked and got a bad injury. That's his real name. The Bulls name. The Bulls Eye. Boy, how the fuck.


And not Burgo. He was an NHL rep. Rewa compatible.


They make good money. Baseball makes good money. How good does your vision have to be to be a of first base umpire, Jamie?


Think about how good does your vision. Especially with instant replay. OK, so referee gets nineteen hundred bucks, judge gets sixteen hundred bucks. This is yeah but it's probably saying that's minimum.


I bet they. But that's for a big fight. Got any fight.


OK, yeah.


I wonder I wonder what it is. Four fights in the UFC. I would imagine it's in the neighborhood at least. So I think we've got ballpark.


Wow, that's crazy. But I don't care what you pay him off this shit. If I go do a shitty job, it's not that yeah, I want them just to be trained. Yeah, like I said, you can't really be a fighter because then you're partial.


Sometimes I remember doing the San Francisco comedy competition. I quit after the first week. You know why? Why? Because they had comics as judges. They were talking to their friends. So I stopped by Friday night.


I got my call. I went right back to did my main moves was like comics has judges is terrible. That's not good. Joe Rogan can not be a comedy judge. What are the ones that get right?


I'm a comedy judge. I mean, imagine Famicom a judge and that's you. And like two other dudes. I don't know.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. No chance. No. They have no chance.


But so usually they use like when you do a Seattle comedy competition or the San Francisco comedy competition like Doug Stanhope wanted. Ten grand. OK. That's what catapulted Doug.


I love how he walks into the octagon. Look at him. Yeah, he's beautiful. But look at it.


He just dancin.


Jamie, what's the line right now? Line right now. Oh, he's a favorite for sure.


Well, I would imagine. My guess is. My guess is it was months two to one.


Yes. It probably dropped two to one. It was three to one.


Was it three to one? I think two to one is fair because my dad didn't really go to camp.


Would you bet my husband, though? Oh, yeah. One. But I can win this fight. Marzullo can win this fight. But all is a bad mother fucker. And he's very sneaky. He's very clever. He he does a lot of really he does interesting shit like with the way he hit Darren till Darren tells a very good striker. But he realized that if he switches stances and comes Adam with that left hand, he so he switched stances and comes Adam with the left hook from the I think was the southpaw side.


I forget how he did it, but he did it once earlier and hit him with it.


I guess he was gone here and then he found the opening switch and cracked him and dropped him and knocked him out. That was a big knockout, man. And then the way the Ben Asprin fight, there was another sneaky fight. OK.


Two point six to one minus 260. So Losman is a two six minus 260 favorite. And plus two hundred if you want to bet on Mars with all.


But like Mars all the way, he knocked out Ben Astron. He knew if he came. Charge it, Ben asking Ben, ask who would automatically go for the takedown. It just built into his nervous system. You come charge onto Mike like that. Ask is going to try to go down to just Khanum with that knee. That is an iconic photo.


That photo of him shredded is do you see his full six pack land with a braids that knee.


You probably saw. But Ben ASCAN tweeted a few days ago, he thought, imagine the most embarrassing moment of your life being celebrated every Louis gif every day.


Well, it's every year. I mean, this is the first year anniversary of it. But it became like it's like a thing where they're everything.


It's also the video game.


And that photo right there, that is fucking. It's not that one, James. The one down the middle. That's one. That's the one that's iconic. Look at that.


It's one of the only frames of the fight that fight so quick, that five second fight. It's like a third of the fight right there. Yup.




But I mean, that is a I mean, when you look at like iconic moments in MDMA, that is absolutely one of the most iconic moments.


And plus, I think even though we know how the time is capped, I think every body above a level one like UFC fan knows that in all reality, that knockouts even faster than it's recorded because it was on the initial knee. Yep. He let him go to punches, which is just gonna. Yeah. Sort of fuck up the record later on.


It's really madhouses going for three or four. Yeah. Yeah. Whenever that nilan that it comes, when he falls backwards that fights over when this guy was a contender. Everybody wants to stay the fuck away from him. Look at that. There it is.


Four fifty seven. That's a three second fuckin knockout. He's out. ASCAN is out at four fifty seven. How crazy.


Three seconds is out cold. Yeah. That should be three seconds. Yeah.


The clock isn't even on the screen.


It pops up on that frame I remember. Right.


It really, really should be a three second knockout. Yeah. The referee just didn't get to him in time. It didn't take two seconds for the referee to get to him from there, did it. Yeah, he's behind him, but it looks he's right there.


He led some land, two punches and then then he calls it.


And he's still jetting in. I love how he he tweets right afterwards, well, that sucks. I mean, nobody had a lot better than him. He's been really funny.


Lost. Well, you get flatlined like that.


This fight, man. Holy shit. This fight is crazy. Here we go, baby. Jimmy. Jimmy, a little volume since I don't have headphones on. I hear a little of this. The great Bruce Buffer. I can't wear headphones with this beautiful kangaroo meat hat.


I don't know what this is made out of. Is this mean a kangaroo doesn't say.


He told me I forgot.


What do you think? Like the most like demonic or haunted relic you have in here is I feel like so much of this crazy stuff's probably from some hidden temple or something.


Right? That's a good question. What's the most haunted shit we have in here?


This picture. Brody's picture. Brody's picture might be the most on one.


Yeah, I would say the energy of those who give us that idea.


The energy from that. Those things.


Mitzi's the horns.


Yeah. The horns have an energy. That's that's dinner. That's great energy. That then gives me good old. Yeah. I love those things.


Did you eat that at all. Fuck that one. No one's already eaten. That's.


I shot that. Two and a half, three years ago. Whatever it was.


Yeah. I had him. Wow. I ate his liver. I had his heart and. How big was he? Just a big elk. Even bigger. He took me like a year to eat them. Damn. I had elk and eggs this morning for breakfast. It's great. Well, they do like an analysis of my DNA. They'd be like, what in the fuck? This dude's 90 percent deer meat.


Is that all you eat?


Yeah, I eat a lot of it, man. I cook.


I'll cook a big elk roast itself every week and then I'll eat it for breakfast. I'll slice it up. I put hot sauce on it. I eat. How about it?


Can you get a trigger yet? Joey Diaz, one, a trigger girl. A smoker.


No, I'm telling you. Did Mia. Think you would if you had this mama. Right. I'm telling you, we're going to have food.


You don't like looking at food raw. You look at me.


You look at me like Joey is a great cook. I could sit with you and tell you how they do it in a restaurant because I'm a kitchen. But the bar is me looking at a chicken, a raw chicken and touching it. All that shit. Really? No. I could picture you over a grill.


You'd get casted for every character that stands over.


I used to make chicken all akoko. Yeah. When I was a kid, which was chicken cutlets with onions and garlic.


Losman just walked all the way across the cage and stood right in front of Mom's Vidaurre as they said his name.


Wow. This is gonna be crazy. This is very interesting.


Very interesting, because this is the biggest, strongest guy that massive dogs ever fought at welterweight. Look how he still is a pretty big guy. Welterweight, too.


But physically, Chamorro is a different animal.


I mean, he's a national champion wrestler and just does spectacular physical specimen like this low kick right away from my husband all.


Another low kick and click to a left hook.


Oh. Inside low kick. Boswell took him down. Ah. Excuse me. Camaro took him down.


Mozzarella, a very good wrestler, though, he's real sneaky, very sneaky with his grappling.


It's interesting that it's down this fast. Yeah, it is interesting. But he's kind of holding on. We'll see what he's able to do. Just fart. You know what happened? That was good.


But I was going to say is that, you know, he fought it lightweight most of his career, Mozza, it all did. And Boozman is much bigger. I mean, he's he an enormous lightweight. He's about as big as a lightweight. Excuse me. Enormous welterweight. He's about as big as a welterweight can get.


And the only guy to beat this man was a lot taller than him. Right. Isn't that.


Got caught in a field. Was his first pro fight. He got caught with a rear naked choke. Yeah. And he got tapped. But I don't know why they do. It's only him bigger. He just didn't understand jujitsu them.


Yeah, he's out. He's up. Interesting. Not interest damage at all. Nothing very little happened there. But now on the FT. I give a big advantage to Mojado, especially when it comes to wow. Especially when it comes to combination's. He lends wild combinations. And so I lokey again. By the way, that both monumental wins this fight. He's a God damn superstar. Yeah. Oh, nice neither body. Oh, shit. He hurt him.


He hurt with that knee. Oh, when I kicked him in the body.


Who? What did you say in Cuban a second ago? The thing about this fight is that it all was training for a fight on July 11th, but then the negotiations didn't go well. And then they gave it to Gilbert Burns because Gilbert Burns was willing to take a a different deal that Mazwai wouldn't take. But he was still training. Now he says he was ready anyway because he thought that one of these guys is going to fall out because a lot of times guys do fall out.


Guys get injured all the time outs hits like 40 percent of the time. And these big fights, some shit happens and things fall apart. I mean, the Emporia. So you've been training.


Yeah, he does. That's smart, man. It's smart. Look at KABB and Tony Ferguson have never happened. Every fuckin time they're supposed to happen, it doesn't happen that fights been cancelled five times. So when you're at this level, it's a smart move. If they're negotiating with you for a fight on July 11th to keep train and man, even if the negotiations fall apart, because if you do get that call six days out and you are in shape.


But the question is like, is Mozza at all? I mean, we don't know. We don't know how much he was trained and we don't know what he did do. Big shot by Losman.


Little blood over mass fideles eyebrow. Oh, see, see, I'm saying he's sneaky. He sets stuff up. He does like some crafty veteran shit in there. See the like.


He'll rush you, hit you in shots coming in Beqaa.


Last month, those calm and steady, calm and steady. That's how it was with Kobe too calm and steady. Just kept that pressure on.


Didn't really throw a hundred percent heat until he knew he had him hurt. He just stays calm and steady. He'll stab you in the stomach a lot with those front kicks, too. But see, he is catching on with these combinations, man.


Oh, is it not good for us, man?


Oh, shit.


Mossville is just too clever and fast with his hands. He's got to get away from that cage. And when the right hand. Oh. Big shots. The body by ma, by oarsman. The wild thing about Moss Vidal is he basically out boxed Nate Diaz, who he beat the shit out of Nate. Yes, men who shit out of them.


That was who outfox Connor McGregor, who won rounds against her round, at least against Mayweather.


Well, they were talking about setting a massive dall and Connor McGregor and Dan, what it was like, get the fuck out of here.


It's like not having that fight. That is not happening. That is that. And they were also talking about setting them up with Westmont. And again, Dan White was like, get the fuck out of here, because they were talking about it right after he knocked out Cowboy when Connor knocked out cowboys.


I fucking love myself. Had 170 strong.


I feel great.


Joe, that's much better than my Jimmy Shoeb.


I can do all these things. I could do all these things at 170.


This bone. Oh. Big right hand there, Bozeman. And a break bank. Look at that right hand and left foot on the brake again chopping at that leg, that low calf kick. You know what's interesting? Mozza, it all stands dead straight like you. What? You watch how he stands up. He doesn't look like he's avoiding the takedown at all. Look at that. Take a single leg.


Got out of it. No way high to have stretched him out. Hard to do. Oh, look at this. He's deciding he must have got some good coaching in the corner.


And then, like, hey, listen, fuck all this boxing. You're the best wrestler in this division. Get a hold. Aigo, get a hold of this guy. Drag him to the fucking ground and a mall him. That's what you do because he's getting hit too many times and he's only human.


As tough as this man is a guy like mSv, it all clips you a few times. That little video game power bar just keeps dropping.


Kind of impressive. What I was going to say about Mazwai dollars, that he stands straight up. He doesn't like have it doesn't look like he's trying at all to stop takedowns. It looks like he's in a kickboxing fight. His, like, got perfect upright posture, but his balance is so good in his takedown. Defense is so good, he usually can avoid them.


It's a weird position they're in. He's got risk control.


It's taking a lot of foot stomps. Yeah, those are weird, man. I mean, someone doesn't perfectly well. Nice elbow there. Wow. Someone does it perfectly. You can you can you can damage someone's foot. But it oftentimes is just annoying.


It seems like it really does a good left hand of the body. But this month, he's digging into the liver with that. I guess in the new video game, you could do like Florida Backyard Octagon.


Oh, yeah. Like, where was it all? And Kimbo Slice just to fire up. Does it look like Moss Vidal is like white stuff on his face?


The only one thing that I'm white on his face, man, looks like he is like he's like losing color in his face or something.


That's what he's arguing about.


You see that like how it looks like he sort of has like a sun suntan lotion on or something.


Contrast. He's just sweating. Yeah. Maybe it's just the contrast on the TV or something. He is just sweating in a fight.


He's got to get away from the fucking cage. We felt this poor guy's leaning on Losman.


Definitely just doesn't want to. Well, he's just being smart. Yeah. His strength is in his grappling and his physical size and power. And the more he does this to Mars and all the ways digging into the body, the more he does this, the more it's going to take away from Oswald's ability to explode on him.


What his mosfet all need to do here, big step to the left and push what's left. He's he's definitely out to get his back away from the cage for sure. He's got to try to turn him. He's got to escape. He's got to somehow or another get out of this clinch.


But it's like, how much energy is he going to take to do that? And if he does do that, will Mom be able to put him right back on there? He's got to do something or he's losing this round. I mean, he's only got fifty five seconds to go, right. Oh, and he's keeps shoulder checking them. We must all smiling, but he's for sure give it up this round. Oh, good left hand, but it was my mosfet, I'll still has a full gas tank right now.


Oh, nice.


Inside low key. Oh. Oh, my. That's. That's why my wife wanted to do that. Oh, shit.


Oh, nice. Low kick. Damn, they didn't catch that one on camera. They were. They had a mid body camera shop. That was a nice little kick.


Yeah. MOSFET. Big control. Stand up. I see. What does that mean? Means good, good things to happen.


And Tony, fucking white people, my right, Joey, when Cubans pack a whole different language.


Come over here with a Crocodile Dundee had a.


Move. Yeah, it was the contrast, by the way, there's no. Yeah, it was beautiful. It's the perfect skin. He's telling them, don't let them hold on you. Oh, yeah, you can translate this through your nose.


Breathe the muscle, listen to my podcasts with James Nestore.


Are a lot of gook over his left eye. Look at that shit. They should wipe that office, all your Romeros, that goop is it'll get into his eyeball, though. I think it's just Vaseline but. In boxing, they actually use adrenaline to stop cuts, to stop bleeding, which is interesting. I wonder how that even works.


I get the cream.


I think it's like an ointment, like an adrenaline ointment that they use to stop the bleeding. I've never asked a doctor about it, but I know that they I've heard commentators talk about it, how they use adrenaline.


Have you ever interviewed Tyson Fury? Yes. He's awesome. Any chance he got to use the kick machine? No, he didn't use the kick machine. I'd love to know what he'd score on that if he tried from a positive. That dude could kick if he could land a kick with his punching and just brains.


Well, in gone Ghana punches almost as hard as I kick. Look, when you look at the meter, look what it registers. He is the hardest registered punch on that thing for a while. Are the hardest registered to kick.


That's some of the dude bested me. Damn. Fuck my scene.


You can kick as hard as Nagano can punch or harder. I kick harder. Holy shit. Yeah, but it's all Yag. Yeah, right. It's likely a difference. But that's still pretty cool thing. That thing.


But I I was doing it with Joe Schilling and oh, shit, nice inside look. Oh, shit. I get after it here.


Oh. Third round here. Things are heating up. Anyway, I tore my meniscus doing it like an idiot. Me and Joe Schilling were doing it. I had my pants on. No warm up. Fifty two years old. Full blast kicking this part like an idiot. And then the next day, my meniscus was really sore. I got an MRI. I have a little tear in there now. Been working on it ever since. Trying to fix it.


That's stretching is important. It's not even stretching. It's getting everything right, warmed up. Everything is OK.


But really what's important is getting heat in your muscles, sweating. Do you take one of the nuts there? What happened? This is nice. Yes, a little break here for her. What did you do here? I'm confused. I didn't see that replay. Did you? Yeah.


Didn't look like a low blow there. Maybe it was a different shot.


I didn't see the replay at all. The replay looked above the groin, but I think they may have should tell him he has the time punch after that.


Well, that was my talking to him. And think so. Losman Shahroudi, see this? Mm hmm. Well, what's that? That's the part that was weird. He took the cup. Does nuts. Yeah. Yeah, that was it.


It wasn't a punch because that's when Iraq reacts on the other angle is the area in that cup.


If you're going to let them squeeze my junk like.


Who's your favorite referee, Joe Rogan. Herb Dean? Yeah, I think Herb Dean is the best. But there's a lot of guys that are really good. There's like there's that level, that Herb Dean level now, especially now the Big Joe McCarthys retired. But there's a lot of really good guys. I just when I see Herb Dean, I get a feel safe. Mike Herb's not gonna fuck this up.


So weird how quiet it is in there. Oh, it's weird. Functio, you got to go there live.


I wish. Come on. I'm watching this on like this. I wish you could come with me to one. There's a lot more people in the audience in this one than normal. Wow. Look at that big take down for us, man. This is big. This is big. If I lose my I can get a couple of take downs like this. That's big.


And here he is inside control. How big a striking advantage for us, Molly, that hundred forty four total strikes versus eighty nine. Here we go. You get up.


Nope. Control them. Oh Big Elbow by Losman.


Right now, a growing chorus of you will take one one. This is the first fight where Osman's working with Trevor Whittman, too. He's down in Denver with Justin Gage G. And. And that's where Rose Nabi Yunus is trying to shout out to Pat Berry that they are training.


Denver. Yeah. 30 band and big round for us, Monds.


Their big advantage with that altitude. That's a good question, because some people say yes and some people say no. Some people say you're better off training at sea level because at sea level you could put in more work because there's more air. And really what the altitude is for is for recovery. So you should sleep at altitude, but train at sea level. That's what a lot of people think. That's what like the current cutting edge science seems to indicate.


So they think that maybe the best thing to do is to train at sea level and then sleep in an oxygen tent. They have a sleeping Eva was where I live. This film Village. Yeah. That's when that waking up in the middle, and I should add my life. I will leave the window open two inches.


Get that cooler air at 2:00 in the morning. Have you stayed in? It's great. Have you stayed in a hotel since the lockdown? No, we stay.


When we were in Houston, we know there was nobody there. Nobody there.


Joey, you can't find sleep like this in Los Angeles. Know there will be a helicopter at some point within six hours. I mean, I didn't realize until I woke up. I didn't hear a peep for eight, 10 hours. Something crazy. Championship round. There's nobody in the hotel. So it's it's.


Oh, you're on the 12th floor.


Jim drives down, grabs that leg, dude. Undeniable, undeniable. Wrestling and strength. Look at this man's widow fought it off. Oh. Oh. It's so different with no crowd, man, you hear these shots when you're there live. You hear them breathing. It's crazy.


It's wild because I'll go even when it's packed arenas, even when it's packed arenas, you can hear so much. So I can't even imagine what it's like. It's amazing when it's empty. I got to be honest, I kind of like it better.


There's something about the undeniable energy of a big crowd. That's pretty amazing, too. It's not like it's bad, but there's something extra special about being able to watch these fights with no audience when you're there live. Because first of all, you feel so fortunate. Look, man, I can't believe I'm here watching Tyron Woodley and Gilbert Burns live. You know, no audience. There's not that many people got to see that fight live.


Two Mars adults is fighting off these takedowns all the time now. Sorry for the bad stuff. That's why I was haunted by. Man Hoy is just having a hard time with his wrestling. And here we are in the fourth. It's just got him covered. I wonder what, if anything, would have been different if he did have a full training camp for this, because Usman just looks sensational. Saying something. Nine thirty in morning. In Yas Island.


Oh, my God. Is it really? That's kind of crazy. So when was the first fight? You can't imagine them ever getting going, trying for that schedule. To them, it's gotta still be so. The first fight was like, what, six hours ago? So they started fight at three thirty in the morning.


Oh, they did that. And we had to do that. We caught him with a big shot.


The one we were at in Sweet Dude you dude.


Whoa, whoa. Newsman latinum stand. Yeah, he's trying to lure him into something, so he does he does these rushes. Oh, shit.


Oh, I don't get that far off that take down nice punch by USMA. Damn straight press, these fights are so like these kind of fights are so interesting to me because it's like you see a guy who's as strong as who's one, it's such a good wrestler and figures out how to get a guy up against the cage.


And I know for a lot of people, this shit's boring because it's not a lot happens, but it's so hard for him to avoid like as us. Oh, aning, tangy. Nice elbow as a fighting tactic. It just cuts out all the striking cuts at all the danger. And then Usman completely controls what's happening.


Wow. I was really interested in seeing Gilbert Burns versus Comoro, too, because they trained together. They know each other's shit.


Wow. This round's going to be tremendous, guys. I bet this is going to be tremendous. What do you tell MOSFET, all right, now, if you're in his corner, you've got to win by knockout. You got to knock him out. You had to find a way to knock him out. Do not let him touch you. Do not let him grab a hold of you. And if he grabs a hold, you. You've got to fight for your life.


You only have five minutes. Just give everything you got for that five minutes. But do not let him grab you. Do not let him press you up against Cage. Don't resign yourself to that position either.


We'll go. Right around five. It's just that clinches so hard for Usman to be denied. You know, he's just so good at getting it. And then what do you do? You can't get him off you.


He's had my all on the cage like like Kobe keeps people on the ground.


Yeah, but there's a big difference. She knows two things, right? It's not as good, not as good as getting a guy to the ground. Getting on the ground like with Kobe does is the most dominant.


Yeah. But it's still the site that was Randy Couture's move, he'd get guys up against the cage, beat him up against a cage, they couldn't do shit. Where you out there it is.


Months on top here. Relentless pressure. Man, there's just no there's no substitute for that elite wrestler grappling ability. Those elite wrestlers, when you get that national champion, world champion level of grappling, those kind like like Danu Cormie, a Camaro, like so many of these, like topflight wrestlers, they get a hold of motherfuckers. And it's like that's just such a big advantage.


Obviously. This is not good for miles with all three minutes to go. Stuck underneath here.


She joins me over the knee on his neck right now. I just got his knee. Yeah, Komoro does, it looks like. Yeah, it does. It looks like he's that's his his left knee. That's interesting, right? Fuckin police move. See how he's using his toes. You're not allowed to use your toes in the cages, so crazy. Mozzarella has got to get out of there, man. He's got to figure out a way to get out of there if he's underneath this for the remainder of the fight.


He is not going to win this fucking fight. No chance.


But if he can get up and get out of here, anything can happen. 155. All sliding into mount.


Here's the roll. Come on, stand up. Get a foot under. It's going to be a lot of energy to try to get up from here, man. This one's keeping that weight on him. Got that front headlock.


And in a way, he manhandles people than me. He manhandled Tyron Woodley, which is fucking crazy. What is he doing here? Is he going for an anaconda choke? It's hard to tell here. He might be going for an anaconda choke. I don't think so. Look at his right arm. You could see it. And with one knee down, he can only use one can only knee him in the body, right? Yes. Or the legs.


Oh, he's up. He's up. Come on.


40 seconds. This is why when you do. He's so tired, man. I mean, he might not even physically be able to get him away from him at this point. That's why this is so interesting. I know people don't like these positions, but God damn, it's crazy. Here we go. 30 seconds left. They're both on their feet. Oh. Well, my wife is a shy. Much of the wipe away from. Well, the winner is still.


Yeah, for sure. Right. Absolutely racist, Ray. Fuck them. Fights, great fights. Nice sides.


The whole night. It was fun. I got stoned.


There was no conspiracy theories. No usually conspiracy.


Oh, my God, Eddie. By now, Eddie would be drunk and there would be like some Q and on or some earth is flat or sort.


Depends on what. Whereas heads out at the moment there's always some new one. There's always some new thing going around that you need to know about.


But I don't know about stand up boys. I really don't know, Tony, after you and I got back.


We had a good time, dog.


That was the worst. When you called me that day, you were done. I felt so bad for you. You were done.


Well, when I found out that Brennan got covered, when he texted me that he got it, I was like, oh, my goodness.


Vegas was about to open comedy. August 1st until. What's his name? Feinted in Nashville. He had D.L. Hughley the bio.


That's why they pulled it back. Once they saw D.L., they said we're not taking a chance. It's probably just right. It was too rough. I'm like, I'm telling you, it's it's just like six hundred. It's a hundred, you know? And people can entertain. You know what?


You go to the Woolton data, okay? If you really, really, really want to do comedy, get 300 people all line. Not even. Not even two thousand people. You'd knock it down to 300, 300 and pay per view.


Pay per view, pay per view it and keep them.


And they could buy the whole week on pay per view. Mm. That's gonna work. That's if you want to do it and everybody's got to be you. You're pretty much that the theater keeps the 300 seats and that pretty much goes to clean the data. They could sell booze, snacks. Take a percentage of your t shirts and you keep some of the paper use. They're gonna rob you on the pay per view. Where are at? We know the deal.


It's a Hollywood accounting, but it's a lot better than doing sitting on your ass at home.


We're at about six months. We're close to six months. As far as like when they found out about this disease somewhere in that range, close to four months for when they really started working on the vaccine. Right. I mean, it had happened here in America. It was like March, April, May, June. We're in July. Five months. So now they know what it is. They're I know there there's several different vaccines they're working on.


Maybe they'll have one in six months, maybe six months from now, and then have a third eye in your ass home is good for you. Yeah, great. You going to go shoot whatever the fuck they give you? Are you vaccinated? I have no idea. You don't even know. I remember. I remember getting that. No, I got the one on my arm when I gave a tube.


All that shit.


Got to go back now to Cuba. I know. I got to go back and get a tetanus shot. And the one for chicken pox. I think you'd think you had chicken pox as a kid. You could come back to you when you get older. Really? It's called something. Come on, Jamie.


When they had chicken pox, you can get shingles, shingles.


That's what they used to get a vaccine for shingles when you turn 50. Wow. Because that shit comes back to haunt you. And they say that shit hurts. Shingles is suppose we really want to get this shot. But a friend of mine said he got a tetanus shot and there's two up with three fuckin weeks. I think I'm good with giving you. Wait a minute. Your friend's a pussy. How about a tetanus shot before? Where'd you get it?


My arm and how their feet.


Were you, like, all that shit? Yeah. You've got to like shit, bro. You got to like needles. Dean always said Joe sent them to the fucking place for his neck. He said that they stuck a needle in that he passed out. He woke up and they were still taking blood. They made him drink a smoothie and he just passed out. When I give blood, guys, he'd pass out from giving blood. That happened because his fucking neck or whatever.


Well, Demus Dean was in his place. Yeah, I sent him to get Vigenin Keenan's neck, so he told me. He goes, I passed out twice and woke up. He and I were in the back. We were in the back parking lot area, the back lot. And he went like this when someone went near him.


And I go, What's madrigals?


Hey, nobody can touch me. They bump into me, man. I'm fucking pain shoots up my neck.


And I was like, What are you talking about?


And they told me that some crackhead, a meth head, rather, crack heads with the 80s ring some meth head in a car, knocked him over. Some lady now over on its more second, fucked him up really bad. And it kept getting worse. And that was like two years ago right. Yeah. It stop riding bikes and but the injury just kept getting worse. And he said if somebody bumps into him would send a pain up and up his neck and he said that one of his arms was starting to atrophy.


It wasn't working as well as the other one, like. Oh my God, dude, you've got to do something about that right now. And so I sent him to my guy in Santa Monica at Life's Lifespan Medicine.


And they take your blood and, like, spend it or they do. Yeah, they it's like an advanced form of platelet rich plasma. It's called Regina King. And they had a clinic that people were flying all the way to Germany to get this treatment done. Yeah, it's very effective, especially for bulging disks. I've had it done multiple times.


I went to one of those places one time. I was just hung over a shit one day, had a bunch to do that day. So I went to go get a fluid I.V. drip down the street and I at the desk, I got sold on one of those things where, like, they spin your blood at ozone or something like that. And they were taking blood from me.


And I passed out at one point and I came back and the doctor guy with Chavan, I put chocolate candy in my mouth that I'd eat that I just remember, like, the guy, like, you're gonna be okay. Bite down on the chocolate. You have no idea what I've gone through all my life.


From the fistfights to the arguments to the Beeton's I Sturman my mother taking me into a restaurant bathroom and holding me in the wood, said headlock, one guillotine and just punching you. She shot you up.


Yeah. What? Penicillin. Oh my God.


Because I might when I was a kid that was so sick, she shot you in a headlock and shot you know that that needle. Listen to me top of this. She opens a Cuban doctor. Oh, Doctor. Orlando del Valle. You made house calls. OK. He came over. He would come into the room.


This is very funny because I'm to tell you how fucking hysterical Reddick's is. Hereditary shit is your kids get what you got that he would come over now that the Doe Valley, that a bump from time to time this day.


But I'm talking about nineteen sixty eight after sixty nine.


Play ball this. Goes on him. Will he come over? I lived on 25 West Day, the H Street. He brings a little thing. And my mom would talk to my stepdad. And then somebody else would be there, like a chick that would help my mom. And sure enough, he would come over. But that the mom and my ass look at me and say, I'm told you have to give you a needle. And I go, give me five minutes.


Let me think about it. And he and my mom will go. What's going on? He has to think about it. I swear to God, you won't take that needle. I'll fucking kill you. So then they would go in the fucking parlor that put out Cuban music.


And I was like, put cartoons on like it was another ever evitable. And then he would he would have like to drink.


Like, how are you doing this? I'm five. Six. He would have two drink. Then he come back and he goes. Are you ready yet? And I'm like, I'm not ready. So for years they call me my while. That means it's going to hurt. They would have to hold me down and give me a shot. So then my step father, mom, the baby sitter and my mom and my mom would be like, I'll fucking knock you out.


Stop crying.


You fuck your man. Stop it. But might. I would have an allergy to a certain penicillin. So the next day my temperature would go up. So he mean, he was such good friends of my mom. Goodness. This is a of continuity thing. Why don't I just leave you with a penicillin in a refrigerator? I'll give you a couple syringes and whenever he gets sick, just fucking stick em. Wow.


So we were at a restaurant.


I was going to sacred art school for boys and my mother was dropping me off at five o'clock. We went to a fancy white people restaurant. Next decline in New Jersey. I'm talking violin's like white people in the 70s. This isn't like now. These are very conservative white people. And I'm not. This is the double whammy of the day. You're ready. I don't fucking like milk.


My mother used to look on the my eyes. I don't fucking like milk till this day. I don't drink milk. A kid you didn't know the taste. A baby. Not that much. I died. I drank. I want to try and get sidetracked. No. And one day I got old enough and I just didn't like milk. But that much the Cuban people have this thing that they look on the eyelids. And my mom would go your week somewhere.


So she would make me drink milk or whatever. Well, what a restaurant.


Okay. And I'm like, my mom's like, drink your milk. I got one Hershey's chocolate. You know the powder. Oh, yeah. Those days we were either shocked about it or the strawberry. Yeah. I wanted to strawberry. The chocolate. The mom. The guy who. Listen, we don't have that. What I'll do is put a piece of ice cream. Will give me a milkshake. You know, this motherfucker did. He got a glass of milk and he put ice cream on the fucking thing like a scoop of ice cream.


So my mom is like, drink the milk. I go, it's just fucking milk with an ice cream on. My mom is like, I'm a no fuckin movie today. I'm going to drop you off at the school. But you bought a drink. That fucking milk when a white people restaurant. Do you understand me? In nineteen seventy two. My mom goes, you've got about five minutes to drink that milk. I have my little military sudani shit, my little Catholic school.


Does that bring you back with a suit. My mom goes, if you don't fuckin drink out of Port AU you fucking head. And I was like, I'm telling you right now, you're like a drink.


No, my my mother took the fucking milk dumped on my fucking ice cream out of my head. I had milk dripping and then the ice cream slowly melted off my on my lap. White people like, what the fuck? So my mom is like, wipe your face. So when she wipes my face, Joe Rogan, she goes. Do you have a fucking picture? Because I was such a sickly fucking kid. She got you got a bucket.


How long did you want to walk around with just fucking temperature? I mean, she does. Let's go in the bathroom. You're still at the restaurant? We're still in the restaurant.


She goes, I got a sandwich.


She pulls it out of my purse. She carried it around with it. You had that was that simply. I was at the hospital every other week. They both made it.


That is crazy. Wow.


She took me in the fucking ladies room, locked the door. Take your pants. I'm not doing it. Take your pick. Oh, San Antonio, please don't make me give you a beaten in this fucking bathroom stall. I'm not doing it.


And that's when the beating started and she got me in one of those fucking things, unzipped my pants. You punch me in the stomach. Somebody up? Oh, yeah. She was a great doll, Mike.


She was.


Shoot me that thinking about it now. Got a blood clot because my ass from me tightening up would get like a purple thing all the way down my leg.


Like I'm not fucking alive. I'm lucky I'm alive. Oh, my God. I was in Jersey City one time.


I fainted on a nurse. I pissed my pants. The nurse comes. I pissed the bed. Yeah. This is my first time ever. I pissed the fucking bad guys up when you fainted. No, no, no. They put me in the hospital that night for a lung infection in the middle now. I was so scared, I pissed the bed. There was a rubber bed for the piss.


Don't go until it matches you just squirming in your own best.


So finally, at 5:00 in the morning, I get out of this piss fucking juice and I'm just sitting in the chair looking out the window. And this lady comes in with a little cart and she's like, oh, say yes. Oh, my God. She's like, I'm here to draw blood. Listen, I just fucking pissed about I'm scared shitless. Come back and let go. Now, let me get my head together. What everybody will need to say.


And she's tormented. Well, the doctor says we have to do right now.


I don't care what the doctor's telling you. Let's get some pajamas. Let me take a shower. Let me get bad. I'll meet some breakfast. Just like now. We've got to do it before breakfast. She's breaking my balls constantly. Now we. I do. Before breaking. I like you want to fucking needle bitch. You want to give me a fucking needle bitch.


Let's stop. I got so mad I don't even know where I got to at that time. I didn't have balls but this bitch aggravated me so much she wanted to see what I was told that I. I'm going to go down. I'm telling you I'm going to go down. This bitch said to me she was dead. Don't shit out. Stand up, it's better if you stand up. Let's go down the hallway and the noise will distract you.


You won't get that scared feeling. I said this is not going to end like this bitch was not leaving without my blood. So you want my blood, bitch? I'll go with you. I got out. Let's go. We went outside to the fucking hallway. She put the fucking tube around my arms. A little card. I'll never forget. Nineteen seventy nine. Yeah. Little fucking card. She put the thing around me. All I know is she stuck the needle.


Next thing you know, I'm hearing sirens.


OK. And the car just tipped over on top of the car and she's under the cart. And two aluminum things. One of those things they wrapped you.


Then they knocked you out, down them my nose directly to wake me up.


They had they couldn't get me out. They just put them in my fucking nose. Let me tell you about that 13 day experience, something I'll never forget that shocked me to that day. I still remember from September. They let me out the day I lead. Lost the Larry Holmes. Oh. I said time but twenty eight.


Nineteen seventy nine. They let me out at 2:00. I wanted to ask at a party. Fresh from the with the bracelet on Amazon. Like I'll even take the bracelet. There was a party for me, the whole thing. We were fucked up. But one thing I remember about that experience was the third night I was there, how scared I was. And the guy next to me was an old man. And I go, Hey, what's your name?


He's a good town. He's like, Shall I go south? What's going on? He goes. I had a stroke. And the side of my body that had a stroke is decide that develops to shit. So I'm having a hard time, shin. I really. And I'm blowing the fox the whole night. It's a two man bed. He's in there dying. He he's just fought a two man bache, a two man room. OK.


And they had a curtain in between. I don't know if his name was sound. Just making this up. Grab whatever, whatever. He was a very nice man and he had a family and they come in and at night he goes to my stomach.


You know, the whole floor. Right. And they tried things on the minimum. But one night they were like, that's it. You eat this shit and tonight you're doing surgery in the morning. The doc I'm listening to that, you know, you can hear if that dog guy next door. And I'm like, I wonder what the fuck did I do to this motherfucker? They came on like a Ghostbuster gun and gun.


And they had to put in his asshole. Oh, well, you know, I'll never forget this having my little black and white TV and just sitting there watching TV and you're like, oh, I lost.


And they started squirting water is asika like, oh, jeez.


And they didn't have ppta started coming up and this shit was coming out of his ass and the like. Run run came and got me. They were like holding me like I was before. I was like Biggie getting shot was smothered in me. That was shit coming out of Beverly Hillbillies. How the oil would come out on the floor. Think I know that they did everything they could because I knew they think they will. Like I was on the call like Weber then that guy Dacko a.


Who do you call when they got clean up? Oh, there's somebody you call like they make code. Who do people who make code like that would make code. They had to like fuck them, rub my shoulders you AP, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. Yeah. Whatever the fuck. They knew that they didn't come in with the right protection. They just came in like, we'll treat this work. Why weren't they stuck on his ass? His ass blew up.


They didn't know it was gonna work. They were like, well, maybe it's not gonna work so. Right. But you know, they came in very time a normal. And when they shot the cop in gun, the water up his ass, shit started coming everywhere like a wow. Okay, I'm not kidding you. You could see it. The curtain was open.


I know it was. I saw he's a guy. What the fuck is going on? And they was shooting him a water up his ass, like with a hose. Oh, I know. I the nurses get down, get down.


And they threw towels down and then I had my own room. I'm in their forces by myself like Mr. Diaz was. Sorry about that. Oh by the way. But then we'll say they gave you your own room. Give me a single room. Well it's all right.


You smoke. And to do a do a smoking. I know he's like he's like a duck. I didn't know they were like that, so I have no idea. It's like that's how many wins I had, like, how fucking bad lung infection.


And they pretty much ask me to leave thirteen days. Why they ask you to leave. Because it was too much money. I mean my friends were coming in with cases of beer. Oh there are party and what they back the way we're coming with a case of nips and basically they allowed them to bring beer.


They didn't allow my friends to do anything. He just did it. Oh. And then one night they got thrown out and they sold furniture out the window at Christ Hospital. Oh, boy. And girls used to come in there at night to see me. I was like a stud. When you're in high school, you get sick. Everybody comes to see, you know, eye candy stripers. I knew from grammar school it was Jersey City.


So the good old days. Yeah, they went to social media. They just drew me the fuck out.


They were like, you know, if you're fine, go. Yeah, you'll be fine. Go see a doctor. I never want to see a doctor again.


I think acid that night, September 20, 28, was like, Larry, you almost want Muhammad Ali.


Wow. Let's wrap this up. Wrap it up, gentlemen. A lot of funds. Does a lot of fun. I wish we had Gates to give you no dates coming up. I always we had dated the Gavilan, but there is killed Tony. Monday and Tuesday.


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