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Train by day.


Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day.


Okay, I'm ready when you are. Okay.


I'm giving up, Pop.


Matt's already on the roll, man.


We gotta get it going. I feel like we missed it already.


Yeah, we missed, we missed the joy that it's Matt. Sarah, we need a name for this order of unruly gentlemen. We need a. We need a name for us.


Matt. What I want to think about it.


Was Matt's first zen, by the way. Six milligram. That's a heavy dose.


But I'm not a. I'm a caffeine guy.


A lot like caffeine, but like, even more.


Really? Yeah, I seen it at 711. I know Tucker Carlson takes, he loves them. And he got so excited that I had one.


He's like.


It'S not a, it's not a dip, though.


No, it's just a little pouch. It's not actual tobacco, it's just the nicotine chemical. Nicotine is a chemical is neuroprotective. It shows. There's been studies that have done that. It shows some sort of a connection with helping ward off Alzheimer's, I believe. Find out if that's true. I might have made that up.




I might have made that up. Cat Williams wheat is strong.




Nicotine as a chemical is not bad for you. What's bad for is the delivery system of cigarettes, particularly cigarettes, if you buy, like, cigarettes with chemicals in them. So there's like, there's those american spirits.


Yeah, whatever they call american something spirits.


That's like a marketing. I don't think that's true. They're not. They have shit in them too. Of course they're cigarettes.


No, but I think.


I thought they were just supposed to be a paper in the tobacco.


Oh, those liars. Okay. Nicotine for Alzheimer's disease. There's no evidence from randomized controlled trials to support the use of nicotine as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. So what was the thing that wasn't there? Something about a connection between the way nicotine works and some sort of. There's something I read.


My thing is, if I thought, could.


We go back to that, please, Jamie? We just say. It says, while nicotine itself doesn't cause dementia, the act of smoking cigarettes may be linked to an increased risk of developing dementia. As you age, the harmful substances in cigarette smokes can lead to inflammation, factors linked to the onset of Alzheimer's disease. I know that nicotine is a medication they use sometimes for heart patients. So find out what that is.




That is my thing.


Is you a dilator?


Do you ever see that movie with Russell Crowe, the insider? Yeah. I think about the dude who works for the cigarette companies. He's a chemist, and he's talking about all the shit they throw in the cigarettes to make them super hyper addictive.


Or sounds, actually. So it's actually not the nicotine. It makes it addictive.


Well, nicotine is addictive as well.




Nicotine is addictive as well.


That's my question.


They just super juice it up, according to this movie.


Before you get me addicted to these things, if I start it in my sarah, I do nicotine. If I'm an everyday. If I'm a. What is this called again? Zin. Zin. If I'm an everyday Zinn guy, am I gonna. If I stop it, am I gonna.


Be like, no, I stopped it the other day for two days. I said, I want to see what it's like.


And nothing. Did you wait three days? What about four days?


No, I would think you would have.


Got it earlier instead of later.


I like them.


Are you an everyday zinner?


Yeah. Not every day. I take days off. But the thing is, like, I don't know if that's my biology. Like, I don't.


I don't. I can.


I can just do things and stop doing them.


I can't fucking cocaine or anything.


I haven't either.


I had. I had these two pizzeria bosses, and one of them just. Just be. Just last week had to get a new spine, and now he's on a ventilator. I don't want to get emotional, but anyway, I think he might be dead by now, but it's very depressing. But anyway, I was 17 years old, and I used to deliver pizzas for these guys, Nikki and Louie. And they were too. They were funny. Remind me a little bit of a Joey Diaz. They were just smoking cigarettes. They were very funny. But they told me, they go, if you try it once, they used to have a cocaine problem. But they cleaned up and he goes, matt, you try it once and you're fucked. Wait. Sold. And I got scared. I got fucking scared, you know, and I knew that. And I've been in situations, obviously, I mean, we all have, like, where it's like, talk about pure pressure, man. I don't know. I was like, you know, it's like, you know, you got to be that guy.


It'll be like, I got real lucky when I was growing up that I had friends that liked it, that were good friends, that told me to never do it. And then I also had a friend whose cousin sold it. And when he sold it, he went from being this, like, regular dude to being, like, a vampire. And he just stayed in the attic. He had an attic apartment with his girlfriend, and they just did coke and watched movies and sold coke. And he lost a ton of weight. He started getting real, like, gaunt and skinny looking, and I was like, yo, it's like they got bit by a vampire. God, it's like they got bit by a vampire. It's like, you're not the same person, and now you're. Your whole mission in his life is getting coke. Everything else is out the window. All that success and love and family and friendship and dinners with friends. Fuck all that. You gotta get coke.


Yeah. That's not crazy. You just throw this thing in your mouth like that.


I just stick it between my cheek and my gum. That's it.


I'm in.


But you know what else I found that I really like is these. This. I don't know. This is. I should kind of not be talking about this. Cause these motherfuckers took the name that we use for our nootropic, which is Alpha brain, but it's a. These are like a nootropic pouch. So this doesn't have any nicotine in it. There's a bunch of nootropics, which I really. I really like. Nootropics. Now, maybe they didn't steal our name, but it's kind of close. Alpha brand was one of the first. The first one that I ever found out was neuro one. Remember that guy Romanowski?


Bill Romanowski?


Yeah, Romanowski, who is a football player, obviously got a lot of head and backs, and he was having problems with his memory, so he devised a supplement. It's really good. That was the first one I ever found out about, and.


I'm sorry, what did you say? Zen. That again?


This one, it's got a bunch of different.


No. The word you just said.




No, not for the people at home. Not me. What exactly is that nootropic?


It's the building block for human neurochemistry. So it's things like acetylcholine. There's a bunch of different ones. If you can show the ingredients for alpha brain, if you could. There's Lutein. There's a bunch of different things that have been shown to increase cognitive performance. So we actually did randomized controlled trials at the Boston center for memory. For alpha brain, we sponsored two of them, and it showed an increase in verbal memory, your ability to retain words, which I really find, like, I take it every time I do a UFC, I take alpha brain always helps my memory. Yeah, I'm talking about fights from.


And you be bringing out zingers. Yeah, you be bringing up zingers. Everybody forgot about. I'm like Pete's brat. Information for you, you know?


But it does help. Okay, so alpha GPC, hypersia, vitamin B six. Theanine is a really good one, too. Theanine is also in another thing I really like, which is neurogum, not a sponsor. Yep. I have these right here. Neuro mints. I like these. Not a sponsor, just good, good product. Vitamin B six. Obviously good for you. So all these things, what is shown is if you take these things, it's just like, we know that there's certain nutrients that your body needs. We know we need vitamin D. And if you're not getting it from the sun, you can supplement it. There's a bunch of different things you could supplement, but you can supplement the things that your brain needs to work at the best level.


Speaking of mint, amount of supplements I.


Take, you would go, oh, I would. If there was one dude in this room that I would come to who's got the supplements?


You know what I got?


John Rollo knows about some supplements.


What is that? Lord Jacob? Mo. Some shit. What are you on?


I do have some jocko's mulch at the house.


Oh, bro, I buy that shit by the case. Five of the new ones stuff.




Marbella steak shake. That's great.


That's what I've been.


What I like about the jocko's is they're already made. I'm lazy. I got two those bitches. I got 60 grams of protein. Bam.


So you don't get the pre made ones?


No. And the main reason too is because I like to put it in my oatmeal too. So I'll mix it up like that.


Well, I'm not a goat, so I don't be eating.


No. Like a fucking ghost.


I'm eating bacon and eggs. What are you eating?


I'm fucking back on gluten free now.


Isn't it funny that when people choke people, you see oatmeal? If they were starving, those are people that were like, poor people that were just starving to death working in the fields. And now we're like, I know, granola. Eat some bacon, you fucking idiot. Get some eggs. A dozen eggs and some bacon.


I hope you don't think I missed many meals.


No, you ain't missing any meals.


Why? If I grab some coffee, get in there. What's for you? I seen a. Since the last time we spoke. Remember the last time we were talking about my ass not to get anything fucking home. So a refresher. I don't want to leave everybody on a cliffhanger. The last we spoke, I was supposed to take a shit in a box to go to the lab, right? And I had a. I had. It was. I don't know what it was. I just didn't. Never did it. And then I finally was like, you know what? Fuck it. I'm doing it. And then I changed insurance, so I had to get a different doctor. So I had to. Anyway, I seen a holistic doctor, right? So I'm gonna. I ended up doing it like a witch doctor, dude. Now, listen, I was a little nervous, too. Should I be? Well, listen, I'm gonna find out. Thank you, brother. It's, uh, Mike G. It's, um, from Huntington right now. Somebody recommended him. I know what you're thinking. I was thinking the same thing. It's gonna be, um. Do you have any sweetness?


Uh, we don't.


No, I don't. I'm a prima donna. No, no, I don't want to be that guy. No. Jamie, sit down, please.


We got a guy. What do you want? Like, splenda?


Yes. Stevia. He's like, I don't want to be that guy. Splenda. Stevia. Yeah. So when I sit down there.




First of all, it's hard to get a, uh. It's hard to get an appointment with a lot of these fucking doctors, you.


Know, especially the holistic.




Last ceremony.


So my wife, you know, my wife. My wife started by trying to put these doctors and couldn't get it. So then somebody recommended this guy, all right? So I was expecting a fucking half a hippie sipping wheatgrass. I didn't know what to expect. It was a guy who looked like John Rollo, 59, strong guy, nice guy. He was telling me that, you know, a lot of these, they just want to put you on meds. They don't look at what caused the problem or that they just want to treat. They want to treat. They want to treat the problem. They don't want. He's like, I want to turn back time with you and shit like that. I don't know. Listen, so nice guy.


Like a cher song.


Like a Chernobyl. She was pretty. She was pretty, but she had no ass.


Hey, man, she still have to have an ass back. I know she snuck in under the wire.


She's still kind of hot. Odd smash.


Back in the day, she was gorgeous.


I'm not now. Oh, she was pretty.


She looks pretty good today.


That's what I'm saying. I.


Right now, the sunny animal.


The sunny and sherry days. The sunny and down.


She was hot. That's wild that he went on. What did he became a senator, right?


I think it was the mayor of his, like, whatever city he lived in.


Clint Eastwood became the mayor of Carmel, California. But I do remember Sonny Bono was like a senator, wasn't he, Jimmy?




Was he a congressman? Like, heavy duty into politics? And then he died skiing.


That's a motherfucker. Kennedy died, too.


Yeah, one of the Kennedys died same way, in like real close proximity to each other.


I used to love skiing.


16Th mayor of Palm Springs, California from 88, 92, and served as the US representative for California's 44th district from. From 1995 till his death in 1985.


He was both. He was the mayor too.


Let me. Let me ask you. Let me ask you.


Crazy how much he's a Republican. I got you, babe. The hippie movement, right?


With the fucking bell. I know what a Republican. My thing is this, from Ronald Reagan to Sonny Bono. Do people like the policies or they just liking the fucking guy? I was just watching idiocracy the other day. Oh, my lord. That is the same dude. Hold on. That's so good. He's like, holds up. So you like the white Ted Cruz? Yeah, he's seeing the council. He's like, yeah, my first wife. My first wife was taught it. She's a pilot now. That movie is fucking great.


It's a great movie, man.


It's not exactly politically correct, but it's fucking.


It's not at all, but it holds up. You almost couldn't make it.


You can't make any of these tropic thunder.


Tropic Thunder would be impossible.




I haven't watched that in ages, bro.


Great movie.


That's a great movie.


Great movie.


That's a great move.


Robert Downey Junior. Not only was he in blackface, but he was in yellow face. Memory came out talking to them about catching Jack Black in the rice patties and shit.


Easy there, Shane Dylan.


Asian people take it better than anybody, you know. I know. Emojis.


Complain, right? People just keep working. That's true. They never have a problem.


They say if, like, there was like a. There was like legit asian hate, though. After COVID came out, there was a lot of, like, really dumb people that were just running up to Asia.


Yeah, nice. Yeah. Especially in New York. A lot of subways.


Crazy. That's crazy.


That's where they need people.


But that's real.


Yeah, that was like violence, right? That wasn't just, you know, talking.


It wasn't just like, yellow face.


Yeah, you can get away with yellow face. Nobody fucking.


You could dress up like a bumblebee. Nobody would freak out. Like, when they got that kid, there was a kid who turned out to actually be native American who had half of his game.


So brilliant.


What he.


He had half of, he had literally put on, like, war paint of, I think, of the tribe that he's from. Yeah, right?


Yeah, I'm pretty sure.


I think it's from the tribe that he's from.


And he.


One of those websites tried to label.


It as a ban a racist. So they only showed this side of his face where it was dark, and the other side of his face was white, which was like this war paint.


Oh, and the kid turned out to be indian. Oh, no.


So they, like, they got the double. They were wrong twice.


People are just so quick to jump the gun.


I'm sick of this woke shit. And let me tell you, let me tell you loud and clear, I am sick of what they did. The fucking Star wars.


Marvel fan.


I love everybody, you know? I love everybody. And I'm, uh, I'm a. I have three daughters. I love strong, like, female characters. Vasquez from fucking aliens. Oh, yeah, she was bad Weaver Hamilton. I'll go. There's nothing. How about this? There's nothing wrong with making everybody badass. Now it's on the wrong guys. You guys see Ahsoka? I did.


What's Ahsoka?


My brother. My brother plus show. It's about a Jedi. There she is. Yeah, well, Rosario Dawson.


Yeah, she's hot.


Now, it's not to get too geeky on you, on you, but listen, it's.


Too late for that.


I gotta go. This is the deal with Ahsoka. It's not. It's based basically off of another show, which was an animated show. Not to get too nerdy on you, George. And first of all, before you pick on me, George St. Pierre watches these same fucking shows. Cause I talked to George about this, and we geeked the fuck. I go, George, how do we have a fight? We fucking. He's like. He's telling us more than me about all this shit. He reads the books. But anyway, the show was a cool show. This show on rebels, right? And it's about this young Jedi, um, Ezra. Ezra, right. So now they're doing a lot, guys, I trust they will be 2 seconds. So now the live action comes out, right? And Ezra, at the end of the series, Ezra fights this guy thrawn, and he goes to another dimension and he leaves a fucking hero. And now he's gonna. Now the next appearance is him. Live action in this series years later, right? They make him the biggest cuck in the universe, right? This guy was a fucking Jedi badass in the cartoon. They. How about. I'll give you a couple instances, right?


They get. They find them. They're on the planet. His friend finds him. I forgot her name, but she gives him a fucking. She's like a Mandalorian. She gives here his lightsaber. Do your thing. Now, look, they can't make him look too cool cause he's a dude. They go, hey. He goes, listen, I don't need the lightsaber. The force is my weapon. So already boo. Right there. Big boo. Really? He's like the lightsaber. This is surrounded right now. So he's. He's like doing some fucking hippie shit. It's whatever next. This gets me. Now, you'll relate, Dean. You relate to that when you listen. Now, there you have. They have two of these. He's been on this planet. They find them on. They have two of these, uh, horses, these alien horses. It's Ahsoka, the mandalorian chick, and Ezra. So there's three of them riding on a motorcycle when there's two guys riding. Now, the guy in the back, it's called riding bitch. Yeah. Who's riding bitch? Ezra. Now, is that just because, you know, it just happens to be. No, it's. It's like that on purpose. I get it. Am I going.


To think you can have both? You could have a strong woman character and a strong man character.




Like Conan the barbarian could be riding on the back of a horse with a chick at the reins and no one would question shit, right?


Lets hurt.


Yeah, Red.


Sonja. There you go.


Isn't that who he was banging?


He's got a big thing. He's got to be humping the chicken.


Hold on. I disagree. I don't think he's riding bitch.


I don't think he would. As I was saying, I was like, I can't defend this. Maybe John Wick on the back of a motorcycle killing people while his girl drives.


You know what, man?


You wouldn't say John Wick's a pussy.


Well, you know, you know, he can't very pull.


Undeniable. He cannot be a cuck.


There's a. There's a big. But this guy was the guy that he's talking about. Surely was. I mean, I didn't even think he was a badass in the show. Anybody was a badass in the car, too. Yeah. So it's like.


Wait, but it's all with who? Who wrote it, though? Like, it's not really Star wars. It's just this new thing that they use in Star wars, the Star wars universe, and Star wars is Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and that's it. C three po, everything else. You're just stealing my money.


Like, listen, right now, Han Solo would be toxic. Han Solo was the fucking pimp. Han Solo's about to go with the fucking carbonite. As a kid watching this as a kid, oh, it's emotional. He's getting lowered into the fucking carbonite. You don't know if he's gonna survive this thing, right? Chewie's sitting there upset. Fucking Lando's being a bit of a. You know. We're unsure about Lando. Wait a minute. I love Lando. He sees a badass, but Leia goes to him. I love you. What the fuck does he say back? Watches. What does he say back? Could you play it or no? Watch this.


He says, I know, right?




Rogan, watch this. Look at that. First of all. Yeah, watch this.




That's my fucking Star wars. He doesn't know if he's gonna live. He doesn't. And he does love Rita. He's the fucking man I love.


Hey, take notes, Matt. Sarah, a former UFC welterweight champion, is also a nerd.


Oh, I know. Full on nerd first, can I thank you now, cuz, listen, this show doesn't come without perks. Listen, I was only geeking about. About the VR last time, so all sudden, you know, I love that pop one. I still do. I was just playing it before I got here. Another guy contacted me from Caveman Studios. This guy Lon, he goes, look, I love how enthusiastic you are. Try this game in beta testing. So. So it's out. It's not even out yet. It's coming out the end of the month. Contractors showdown. Fucking money. I don't play anything but pop. 01:00 a.m.. I. Getting off the subject, we spoke about mma. Listen. Holy shit. It's like, um. It's like war zone. It's like Call of Duty War zone. I love the. I love the battle royale format where it's like a squad. And then everybody gets brought in together, and you got to take each other out. It's cool. That's kind of. That's pop one. Technically, it's fortnight. Not to sound like a nerd. This shit contract. The showdown. Fucking nerdgasm. I love it. It's so much fun. Guys, you're parachuting in the deal. You parachute out.




Now, when you go, you loot up, right? You get money, you get your hands. What the fuck? Well, you see, he must have some damage. He had to heal up a little bit. So they go to war.


You got money.


Yeah. You get your boys, and then you're like, look, not. I don't know about that, nerd, but look, we're here now. Look. All right, now that you see the perimeter, dude, everybody gets brought in. You get scopes, you put it on.


You get money.


You could buy stuff, put it on. And you're taking these guys out, you're.


Sniping them, and this is all in virtual reality.


Virtual reality. It's fucking cool, dude.


You should get a new job reviewing VR games.


That's not a bad idea, actually.


Imagine it's so much if you watching him review.


Great idea.


Wouldn't do it, though. But.


Oh, my. Just video I'm playing.


I just get some.


Get someone to do it.


That's a fun game.


You should get the ULC to do that.


Get the.


Do you still do the thing with Jimmy?


Yeah, man.


Okay, Jimmy.


Me and Jimmy twice a week. Why don't see unfiltered.


Why don't you get the UFC to do to just film? You doing that, too, as well?


Dana. You listening, motherfucker?


Dude, it's a no. Miss you. You'd be fucking awesome at that. You really love these things. Your character.


I mean, look how. Anyway, yeah, you should.


100% reviewing.


It's so funny. Cause that could be very sad. Normally when a 50 year old's fucking. I'm gonna be 50 this year. It's like, last time I was on you, they did a thing called my dad is a gamer, and it had me on there. My daughter's watched. But, no, I love that shit. It's fun.


It's fun.


It's harmless.


Since I've known you, you've been on it.


It's harmless if you can control it.




But they're so fun. You'll wind up wasting your whole life.


Well, my thing is, it's like getting a. Everything's about balance. Like. Like passing the guard, you know? I feel like I deserve it. At the end of the day, if I go, I do a 07:00 a.m., class, I fucking do my podcast. I go back, I'm rolling with my wife. I had a full day. You know what I deserve? 2 hours an hour, a couple games, 3 hours. Yeah.


No, you definitely do. But you're a disciplined man. Well, it's fun, but you're a disciplined man.


Most people don't have that type of discipline.


But you're an accomplished martial artist. You run a business, you have a family.




You're a disciplined man. If you're just a fucking dorky kid.


It'S the same thing with the reefer. Like, if you're a guy doing stuff every day and you. And you're smoking that, it could help you. But if you're like, in that commercial when, hold on, they're blowing the shit out the window. Hey, ma, the guy's gonna call me back. I left a message for the job. That's a problem. You live it at home. You're fucking. But, you know, everything in is how you use it back to. What is that?


Star wars mod for contractors and women. Always with contractors.


Is a game that's all been out forever. I don't. I'm not really into it, but those contractors showdown is coming out at the end of the month and is fun. That's the battle royale version. Nerd. I catch my wife, he has me talking about this on line, and she's like, you fucking have no idea. You know, she loves me, but it's fucking. It could be a turn off. I'm sure.


It'S not the ultimate panty drop.


You know what fucking is? Hold on. Oh, look at the abs. No, no, it's. I'm back to gluten free. Yeah, I think this didn't. Things making me crazy.


It's making you crazy. It's. It's hyping you up.


The problem is this.


The problem is this.


I thought the day me and went out to eat last night, we went to the brazilian joint, and I. And I didn't eat since I got to clear out. Cause I got a, you know, I got issues, you know. So I woke up and I had the water and I had a double shot of espresso. And I don't want to be. And I was a little down last night because I ate. Had too much of, whatever. Edible. Okay. So I was a little like, I hope I'm not like this tomorrow. So I had a five hour energy. Yeah. And now I had that in the coffee. So this is what you got.


It's on.


It's on.


Oh, I'm having fun. You were talking about making. You were talking about coming up with a name for us.


Yeah, we needed a name.


Yeah, we need a.


We need a name.


A cool Star wars name.


Nerd gas.


Yeah. Yeah.


Just so no one can say shit about us.


That's not bad.


That's not bad, cucks. That's actually kind of funny.


I was gonna say like the ogs, but that's too serious.


That's too serious. Cux might actually work.


I like cucks.


Not bad.


It's ridiculous.




You know. Yeah. You want to be cucks?


I kind of like.


I don't want to be a cock.


I think I'm kind of enjoying. That's a placeholder. It put aside, put a bookmark on it, come back to it later in the day, see how we feel in an hour.


Should we take a poll? What is your.


No, you don't want to let the people be involved. They're going to hijack that shit for sure.


Yeah. No, you.


Will not be a fair vote. They would try to get Johnny.


You had one first. You were like the four horsemen.


Oh, Jesus. That was a long time ago.


I have a weird memory. I remember we had shit, cuz. I remember. I remembered I'm the furthest thing from a horseman. I'm not exactly. You'll be on a stallion and me and Joe be on like ponies and shit.


I want to be on a sturdy mule.


I was watching a mule bite the fucking hyena.


They're fucking me. Smart mules. Yeah.


I'll use them. That, like, protect the herd and shit.


What? Mules are so much smarter than horses. Like, people like them when they travel through the mountains. Because a mule won't go anywhere where it's not safe. A mule will go.


Uh huh.


Bitch. We're not.


I know better.


Yeah, I'm no better. I'm not going over there like that. That edge is too steep. Well, we're falling and so just like horses just go right off the edge. Man, they just listen.


You gotta not stand behind those motherfuckers, though. No, a mule either.


One horse kicked you. Oh, my God. Watch the horse kill another horse.


No. Yeah.


In a video online. That's crazy.


Spit up my coffee.


That's a donkey.


What? I say, they don't fuck you.


A mule is a cross.


What's the difference?


A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey. And they're. They're not viable.


Yeah, but wouldn't you think that the hyena would fuck this thing? Really?


Yeah. Yeah, you would think so. But it looks like that hyena is fucking tranquilized. Something. They're videotaping this. It's so almost. Yeah, maybe it doesn't like they're playing. I mean, that doesn't seem very playful. That seems pretty violent on the. On the donkey's part. I don't know, man. I don't think they play like that. I think it recognizes. I think it recognizes that's a predator and it wants it to fuck away from it. Yeah, that's what I think it is, man. And that thing's trying to bite it. Like, what is going on here? It's.


It's a.


It's three and a four minutes, bro. Some gay shit.


I know, right?


Maybe I'm out of line. Maybe they're friends. Maybe the hyena and the donkey will get along, but probably not. They're fucked in predator and prey animals. Yeah, but if they kick, you bet. So there's a video of these beautiful horses, man. And they're in this corral, and this one horse just starts kicking, and he just kicks the other horse in the head, and the head.


And it dies. It's just like. It dies right then and there.




Like, he got shot.


Like, wow, that's crazy.


Falls down, legs stiff.


All I do killed it stuff. There's times I'm in the fucking bathroom, like an hour at a clip in the middle of night. All I do is watch those fucking animals on animals fucking videos. I mean, they're watching, like, the world's hip hop fights. I watch that more than regular fights. I don't know, because they're more fun.


One today, I don't think we could play it. It's probably violates rules. But this dude is on the ground, and he's basically, like, fighting this guy. He's got a helmet on. It looks like there was some sort of a traffic altercation. And the guy who's on the ground has a dude, and he's, like, setting up a heel hook, and the guy's trying to attack him. And then the other guy comes over and punches him. And then they separate him. And when they separate him, the dude who's on the ground is, like, holding the guy. Like he's gonna set up a heel hook, pulls a gun out and shoots him in the dick.


Oh, my God, yes.


Just like this.




Shoots him in the dick. Oh, what the fuck, bro? It's.


Wanna watch it yeah, absolutely. Some things you can't unsee. Yeah, but you'd never ask.


Yeah, but you gotta see this.


It's so funny, man.


You gotta see it because I had to watch it, cuz it's. It's a Instagram reel. I had to watch it a couple of times.


Fucking wait so long just to try.


To figure out what exactly was going on.


I always like to see what's. What's going on out there. You know, I always like to.


No, no, hold on a second.


Good. Get a scar with some other shit. Jamie. Yeah, last time.


Yeah, she's always on. Okay, I said it to you. Oh, that's okay. This is the horse. Watch this. Oh, no, this horse, it just kicks. Yep.




Look at his legs.


Good Lord.


It died. Look at his legs.


Oh, wow.


Yep. Bro, you get hit by one of those, you might as well get shot. That's a hoof at the end of us.


Yeah, what about.


Okay, now show the guy getting shot in the dick.


Now what? Did you ever try horse? Did you ever try horse meat, by the way? Is it good?


It tastes like wild game. I tried it in Montreal. There's this amazing restaurant in Montreal called Joe Beef. And me and Duncan and Ari ate there. And they served you. They had horse tartare. So it's essentially raw horse. And then they had like, a horse filet. They served us horse filet. I was like, wow, this is weird.


You know, used to eat horse meat. Patrick hote. Remember we was in the house? Yeah. Yeah. We used to get a list of what we could put on there, what we wanted, and he put horse meat on his list and we was like, what the.


Smart. He knew nobody would fuck with it.


Yeah, that's all those dudes up north in Canada, you know, he's a Montreal guy.


I almost don't want to see this, bro. Yeah, you do.


Yeah, you do. So watch this.


Why are you saying that?


So this guy, this got to be Brazil. I don't know. But look, see, the other guy comes over, kicks him, they push him away. Now watch this. Keep an eye on the guy on the bottom.


He's got a gun.


Yeah, watch here.


Come on.


Yeah. Whoa.




I mean, whoa.


He's a uni.




Jesus. And the best is it looks like they're doing a little. All right, that's definitely Brazil.


I don't think that could be. Just.


Come on, man.


Bro, bro, dude, keep that shit between.


You and Tom Segura. I don't need to see that shit. Hurt me just to watch it fuck. Oh, no.


You gotta wonder what other damage that.


Oh, that's. It does it's over.


Damage. You guys lost his dick, row.


I think he lost everything.


He lost a lot. That bullet probably blew apart to his organs.


You gotta. You gotta really try to avoid everything in the show.


Everything. Everything.


I always tell Dean Thomas, a troublemaker, what day. I always gotta stop him from fighting. Dean does mellow me out. Yeah, I gotta stop him. Every time we do a show, he gets it. Almost gets in a fight. We. Oh, first of all, first of all, not true, but second of all, we. We. Did anything come out yet? But we did that fucking cold plunge on that fucking show. Let me ask you something about the degrees of that, because I'm gonna about. I'm thinking about adding this into my routine. The cold plunge. I swear, man. Cause I start my day with esteem. I'm thinking about putting it a little. A small one in my locker room, upstairs in my thing. But it was fucking brutal is what it was. When we did it. It was 32 degrees. 34. Okay. I'm trying to make it worse. Yeah. Three minutes. Is that. Is that pussy shit?


No, that's normal. Yeah. That's what I do every day for 34. Three minutes every day.


That was fucking before my workout. But did you. All right, let me. Next question is, did you build up to that?






Third day. I did 20 minutes.




No, I did. I filmed it.


34 degrees?


Yeah. I wanted to see how long ago.


That's pretty crazy.




Before you pass out.


We handled it differently. Yeah, we sure did. He was quiet, and then once in a while, you hear, like, a goggins come out of him. Like, I can handle this. Carrying the boats and all that shit. And I'm fucking. I just wouldn't shut the fuck up. He wouldn't shut the fuck up. I was thinking to myself, like, well, he shut the fuck up. I can't concentrate in this. I had to keep myself. I wanted to jump the fuck out. And Dana was right there. And did he. He did it.


How long?


He does it every day. He told me he does it at, like, 50 degrees. Yeah.


All right.


Is it okay to do it 50 degrees?


Yeah, it's okay.


Okay. Yeah.


Look, it's still cold.




I don't think it has the same amount of an effect, probably, but I'm just guessing it might be the same thing if you did, like, 50 degrees for, like, five minutes, maybe. Is that. That's the same as, like, 34 degrees for three minutes or two minutes? I don't know.


Well, then I'll do that.


But I kind of brutal. I like the part where I don't want to do it and then I do it. I like that.


Yeah, you do it in the morning first. Like, how do you do that in the morning? Like, that's the last thing that I want to do when I wake up.


Probably the best time.




That's why you do it. You do it. It's easy. It's an easy way, easy win.


If all day you were thinking about, oh, I got to do it, I got to get it in and get it done.


It's also, you know, you don't want to do it and yet you did it, so it's an easy win.


Well, I felt like that when I, after we finished, so I bought one, but I purposely didn't put it together yet, so just, just so I didn't have to do it. Just so I had to look at that moment. I think it's an easy thing to add to my morning routine because I have a nice routine as it is. I start like 07:00 a.m.. I do that to class. I get up at five, I get there early, I get my head straight, and I get in the steam, that nice steam after that. So. So I don't. I, you know, I like getting my head straight, but I don't like smelling bad, so I like to like afterwards, I'm just, I'm in. I'm Zen mode, man. And I'm caffeine dope.


Now you're in Zen mode.


I see what you did. I like that. I might get into that shit. I like it. As long as I'm not fucking craving, like, marlboros if I get off the shit or something. I'm not gonna fucking want nicotine, am I? Or need it.


Well, just don't get it.




Don't get more of it.


I'm saying, if I stop this in, am I gonna want more of it?


Well, I don't know how your body works, but a lot of people get addicted to it.


Well, thanks for turning me on to it, you fucking cracked pusher. Thank you. It's good for you. Is it good for you, though?


I think it's good for your brain.


Well, then, there you go. I'm on it.


Yeah, but I think, you know, you gotta be careful if you're one of those guys.


Mom, I want. I mean, how many of them do you take a day? Yeah. Talk to me. Jamie. Look out.


Nicotine prevents the formation in the test tube of protein clumps. Licked to all. There it is. Okay, this is the thing. So nicotine prevents the formation in the test tube of protein clumps linked to Alzheimer's disease, scientists announced at a press conference today. The finding may provide a useful starting point for developing drugs that delay or prevent the disease. Researchers are quick to caution, however, that harmful effects of smoking, strengthened by a report in science last week linked in a carcinogen byproduct of cigarette smoke to a specific kind of lung tumor, far outweigh any possible benefit from nicotine and tobacco.




But what they're saying is don't smoke. But they're not.


But nicotine itself.


Yeah, I think nicotine itself, nicotine definitely is a nootropic.




Like, if you can google that. So it's a substance that's been shown to enhance cognitive function. So one of the things that, like Stephen King said when he stopped smoking is that was one of the hardest things for his writing. So, like, his synapses didn't fire as fast.


Oh, what does this say?


Nicotine's cognitive effects have gained significant attention in recent decades, and some non smokers have even started using nicotine gum or patches as a nootropic. Research has shown that nicotine can speed up reaction time, improve working memory, and enhance focus and attention.


What? Dude. Yeah, you got me. I know. Watch me in VR now before you play. That's nice, man. I might.


Interesting, right? Interesting.


Yeah, man.


As long as it's alpha brain, that's great.




I'm interested in anything that gives you, like, a positive effect.


Yeah. Also, what about dick pills? Anything that has a positive effect on your life, you know? Mmm. It's fun to party. Yeah. I used to take the alpha brain all the time, then I ran out and forgot.


We'll get you some. Yeah, we'll get you some. I'll get some sent to you. But, uh, like, all those other ones are really good, too. That neuro one. Shit. That stuff's great. Put it in a protein shake. Or you could just drink by itself. Taste good? There's a bunch of them.


How many of the Zen things would you do a day? Like one.


I. It takes me a few days to go through one packet. I don't know how many is in a package.


It, so. But would you take more than one a day?


Yeah, I'll take one, two, three a day.




A day? If I feel like it, yeah.


And you feel a different.


I. Yeah. But I do like to know that I could take days off. I take days off.




How I feel. I feel fine.


You do feel fine?


I feel weird.


Do you use it before, like a podcast or before shows?




Yeah, for the.


Like a.


During podcast.


So you see, has to have a purpose.


This is also the same reason why I drink coffee a lot. I'm trying to keep my. My brain going if I'm talking to really smart people.


I was happy when I saw that guy and he was telling me what I should, cuz I got my. So I took, I tell you, so I took the shit. Oh yeah, the shit in the box. Yeah.


Stop that story.


So after I saw the guy and he gave me that sample, I got. Listen, I'm gonna knock this thing out. It took me a while months before I did it, but then I find.


Now, real quick, does the shit in the box go to a doctor or to.


No, they come, they come and pick it up and then they go to a lab doctor, so he gets the results from it.


We wanted to find out what's the definition of holistic, is it. The problem might be in just that people have co opted that term and use that term holistic for a bunch of hippie shit. But a holistic doctor, I'm telling you, holistic, holistic approach. What is the exact definition of holistic?


Listen, and I said I could smell bullshit, you know, I met the guy, I'm like, again, I was expecting half a hippie. And he seems okay.


Characterized by the belief that. That the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.


Well, that's medicine definition.


Characterizes the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness. Many people conclude that holistic medicines are beneficial. So the problem is not. It's the like, when I hear that word holistic, I think, bullshit already.


Just hippies even.


But if you're talking about medicine, totally makes sense.


I agree.


He was. It's just.


It's been co opted, right? He's like a good word.


We were doing a zoom thing with me, him and my wife, you know, cuz he wanted her there. Cuz he knows I'm like a bad kid. I don't want eat vegetables and I don't know what he's gonna tell me to eat and shit. I don't like eating bad, you know, I'm picky, my eating right. So I was afraid what he was gonna tell me. So when we went on there, he was showing me all the stuff that. Well, first let me tell you how I took the shit first. So I. I was afraid to make the shit. I was afraid of taking the shit because you never know how it comes out. And I was really, like, I didn't know where to do it, so I went to my, um. I went, you don't have to hear about it. You're in now. Yeah. So I go to my school. I like to keep stuff somewhat spicy with me and my wife. So I don't want to do that. My house guy, for me, that goes all over. So I go to my shower, my school, right. And I'm basically. And I thank goodness it wasn't all over the place.


And I was doing it more of like a standing. Like.


I was almost like a rodeo rider catching it.




You know, you really got to make sure your wrist stays parallel.


Yeah. Could you imagine?


For real?


You get a little accidental dip.


Yeah. You know what? You know what's bad about it is after you take everything, there's nothing good about it, but I have to know what's going on with my gut. So. So after I took the shit, you gotta. It's almost like. And it really ruined my love of Nutella because I used to always like the fucking little scoops with the. Cause you gotta take a little spoon in your shit. And he goes, make sure you get different sides of it if there's a watery part of this. So I'm in there, and you got.


It through the dip, and you got.


To put it in a little vial and gossip. You guys wanted to hear about it. So after that, you take it, you shake it up, and then you put it in an envelope, and you ship it off. So that was the story of that. All right? And then when they seen, like, the stuff that was highlighted in the red. The red zone, like, what is going to be affecting my gut? Like, I had. I think he said there was, like, a parasite thing in there, spaghetti. But it was. There was, like, a parasite.


All right, well, there's.


He goes, usually get this something that you have. He was, do you have animals? I'm like, no, I don't fucking have animals. I don't know what the fuck. But there was also, um, like, a big bacteria in there, you know? So the clear of that bacteria, I'm drinking a shake. This thorn type shake. I know it's called thorn, but it's that. And I'm on different supplements from. I don't eat. I don't eat vegetables. So there's these, the. I have these four green pills. I'm telling supplements, and we'll see how it goes.




It's fresh. It's. It's only like a weekend because it took me forever to do that shit in the box. I'll let you know how it works. I don't know how it is yet.


Ari Shafir was on legion of skanks, this podcast they do. So they film it live in front of an audience. And Ari had taken a shit in a tupperware and brought it on stage. And who to give it to? Luis Gomez.




Why? Who do you give it to? Big J. Birthday surprise. It was a birthday surprise.


Fucking mind, dude.


So they open up this tupperware and the smell.


Come on.


People start running out of the room.


Good Lord.




Is there video of that?


There's nothing worse than the smell of human shit, especially with someone else. Yours is bad enough.


Mine's bad enough?




Like, when you take a horrific shit, it's someone in your family goes in there after you, and you're like, I'm so sorry.


I'm sorry, menus. But I'm gonna do it. My boy minus.


Yeah, yeah.


We were in California. We were hanging out. We hit that one of them del tacos. So food was fucking.


All right.


He's got to take a shit. He comes out of the fucking bathroom dry heaving, his eyes watering from his own shit. Like, that is the fucking, you know, meanest, too. That amazed me.


This motherfucker.


Come out.


I'm talking.


He was like, his eyes are watered.


It was his own shit, man.


What's the name of his diner?




Love it, bro.


That is hilarious. Your own shit is so bad, you're dry even.


Oh, come on. This is it. Oh, no.


Go from the beginning. Go from the beginning. I don't think you'll see it. Oh, Jesus. Smile.


Is that Mickey golf.


Gagging just looking at that? I think it is Mickey. I think it is Mickey. Dude, I legit almost threw up. Did you see that, Jamie? I legit almost threw up. I can't look at that. Get that off the screen.


I will throw away from it. I know, right?


He's just did. Oh, he's so happy.


It is funny, though. He's a psycho, man.


He's the best. Re is the best. He's such a psycho.


He's crazy.


He's still training.


He fucked his knee up. Fucked his knee up. Then they quit. He trained for a little bit.


Done. Got a brand new knee. Everybody's tapping out now. They got the fucking knees. Me too.


You're still rolling even with the new knee.


I am. I am. But I'm a little more choosy. What? My picky of my.


Does it have the same stability.


I lost you for a second. What's that?


Does it have the same stability? Like, what is it?


Like, the problem is I was rolling with one of my buddies, Abe, my black belt Abe. And I'd always meet up with him because we have nice training sessions, and it's not. I don't think it's my knee as much. Remember I told you I tore my quad in the rehab? I got stepping down too high, and I tore that shit. So it's a little deformed. And I was butterfly. I went to butterfly sweep him, and when I went to butterfly sweep him, something popped on the outside. Like, if I show you my leg, it's a little something on that knee. And I don't know what I strained or what I pulled, what. I don't know what mcls I have left. I don't know what the fuck's there. But it felt weak for a bit after that, so I haven't rolled super hard since, and that was over a month ago.


Do you do any of that, like, knees over toes stuff?


I heard about that, man. I've seen guys do it, and it seems like it. What the fuck is that? It does work. Doesn't work.


Knees over. There's a guy. Knees over toes guy on instagram, and this dude had gone through a bunch of knee surgeries and, you know, like, real problems and realized that part of the problem was he wasn't strengthening all the stabilizing muscles all in and around his knee with, like, tibia raises and those step downs and walking backwards on a treadmill. And then sled, too. Yeah. And nordic curls. When you're lying on your chest and you bring your body up only with your legs. Yeah, with your hamstrings. I do those every day. I do those, too. On a slant board.


Yeah, I have a slant board.


But those nordic curls are so fucking hard to do. Like, when you first do it, you're like, oh, my God, dude, they're crazy. So the whole idea is about strengthening all the muscles that stabilize the knee, and most people are just using the leg, and they're hoping that all that work gets done. But if you really want to make your legs really strong, where the knees are really stable, you really want to do things that stabilize that. You think about how much of a knee injury puts you out. Every elite athlete should be doing this kind of shit.


Like, I have pretty bad patellar tendonitis in my left knee, and it's helped pretty much eliminate it.


Yeah, it's. It's pretty impressive stuff. And this guy gives it all away for free because his philosophy was, look, if I was an eleven year old that had a knee injury, I would want this available to me. And so he's a fucking awesome guy. And he's been on the podcast for.


Oh, yeah, yeah, I gotta start doing that shit.


But his stuff is rock solid, man. I mean, my knees feel so much better doing that. Yeah, split squats, slant board bodyweight squats, I do 100 of those every day. I do the nordic curls. I do all that shit.


That's where I got on that slant board and step off and touch your heel to the floor, too.


That's great.


I got to be more disciplined that.


You use the sled, the backwards walking backwards.


I'll do it for like ten minutes. Throw a couple plates on, back and.


Forth, back and forth.


So that worked. Cause I got no meniscus in my left knee, so.


And I always feel.


I always feel the bone grinding.


We were talking about the cadaver meniscus. They do do that now.


You looked at any, like, gel one or sin visc two. Like, sometimes you can get a shot that'll help with some of that. It only lasts four to six months, but it's better to have your knee grind.


I got one of those once, and it didn't really seem to help me.


Didn't help you? No, yeah, mine, I mean, mine I liked, and then I got the stem cells.


But I've talked to people that had no meniscus at all, and they got one of those things, and I was like, my knee was brand new again for months.


I had a guy, he's a firefighter. My buddy Carl, his knee was jacked.


And he's.


One was getting. He's the one that told me about the gel one and all, and he was doing it, and it allowed him to come back and train and everything. And eventually insurance wouldn't pay for the shot, but they would pay for his knee replacement. It's so crazy.


Instead of $1,500 shot, you pay 50 g's.


Such a. The thing with those knees, though, me and you last night, I'm not doing that without my new knee. Yeah, yeah. Walking around town, you're not doing that. I'd go to a tropicana for a fight and I'd be with my buddy and we'd have to stop every how many feet, y'all? We got a chill. I'm like, dude, he's like, dude, it's time. So now I could. That's why I'm not getting the other one done for. Until I have to.


It's time.


My problem was anytime I would injure something, I would not give it enough time. I would get stenciled. Everybody not give it enough time. And I've like, it's good enough, you know? And then it would get aggravated again. It's like, God damn it. Now it's chronic.


See, I don't like to do all those exercises and shit. I think I'm scarred from all that out. The only way I. Training camp. Old school shy, so Margo's the best.


I love Ray long.


What am I, UFC producer? Yeah, you too? Imagine that.


Longo is a one of a kind.


Longo is one of my favorite pieces.


An old school guy. Never had a contract with anybody. Just always they're helping people for the right reasons, not just to get his face in there. Nowadays, he's just a bunch of fucking whores out there.


He's just a real man. Fucking love that guy. But I love the two. You together when you guys were in the corner.




So fun.


He's my foot.


But it's also, like, rock solid information.


He knows that we keep it very simple, you know, and it's just crazy nowadays, you know? It's. It's a little. It's a little weird now. Like, with the whole team, man. Like, you know, times change and stuff. But, like, everybody's out in Vegas now. The whole team's like. I mean, everybody's doing well, so we're all happy for everybody. But, like, Vegas is very tempting for young fighters, and it's. And I don't blame them.


Like, well, the facility really, I think, is gonna pull people out.


The PI. All your food is taken care of, and you have the most sophisticated training environment available on earth. And if there's something better, they're gonna get it, whatever the fuck it is. And they say, I mean, it's a beautiful thing.


I think it's fantastic. The only thing I think it sucks for is that you have these guys who are coming up, you know, with their people at home. Then they get to where they're at, the UFC. They get to the PI, which is awesome. And then some school in Vegas is claiming, you know. Yeah, and I'm slammed on the tours team or nothing. You know, like Nick said, he's a great coach, but if I got a guy who's out here and he's been with you for, you know. Yeah, you can't take credit for that guy.


I think, you know, in a fault, either.


He just is there.




And, you know, it just makes sense.


But I think in a perfect world, they collaborate and then they're both there. I think in a perfect world, that's how, you know, that's how you do it. Right? I mean, that's what Greg Jackson and Farah Sahabi and all those guys did when they were trading fighters back and forth, and they all trained together. That's the way to do it. But you never leave your original team. If they're good, if it. If it works out and you have a relationship with them, you figure it out together. Unless you're trapped in a too small of an environment and your coach is just not able to fit the needs of, like, you know, there's some guys that are just super talented, but they start out in the middle of nowhere.


Yeah, sure.


And, you know, they don't have a real good gym. The guy doesn't really know the PI is the high level shit.


I think that's the best thing ever for the fighters.


Yeah, I'm in Vegas all the time, and I'm working with all kind of fighters, and I would never ask anybody to leave their team. In fact, I'm like, listen, I give you any information you want, but you can't leave your team. You know what I'm saying? Like, I'm not taking you. I don't want you.


Good. Beautiful.


I mean, taxes, they save money with taxes out there, and it's very, very.


Desirable, but it also creates a conflict where the conflict's not necessary.




It's because it's like, he's for sure getting new information, guys. Getting new information from NikSec, getting new information from training with everybody. You're on a path, but you're on a path with the people that you started the path, right?




Even if you're in this new place like this is, maybe you're enhancing your education, you're getting better at fighting. You're still, those are your people, and you want.


Well, you want what's best for them if you really care for them.




But at the same time, like, what did you sign up for? What did I sign up for? Like, I'm not gonna be in a corner with somebody and I could like them. But, you know, me and Longo, what we did is, with me and Longo, some local kids, that there's a time when it's like, I al's from wantor, Wyman's from Baldwin, they're all local kids. Who's fighting? This one's taking out the best of Brazil. This one's. We're going to Australia. Owl's fucking up. This guy in London. This was. This is what I'm a part of. Me and Longo taking our guys to the flagpole. And then who's with us? Aljo or Al is our third guy. I'm not be. I didn't sign on for anything else. Like, in other words, I want to make these guys the best they can. But once it gets to a certain degree now where it's like, all right, man, this guy's gonna be in the corner, and this. All right, well, now that you guys are calling the shots, you don't need me no more. Cause I'm not gonna be fucking in it. Okay? Is it my turn to take the towel in?


Fuck everybody. I'm out. Who wants to go in this time? Nixon? John wood? Who wants to? And I love those guys. They're good guys. I like them. They're good. I. You know, I'm friendly with them, but I'm not a part of that. Like, I don't. And I want the best for my fucking guys. I love those guys. That fucking Marab is gonna be the next champ.


Fucking Rob is a boy. He was carrying Henry Cejudo with his tongue out.


Oh, and he's like a savage moment.


What a savage. But walking over to Mark Zuckerberg, holding Henry fucking Cejudo, two division world champion, going, look at that. That's insane.


Marab, the thing is. What Marab?


He's a savage.


I've never seen. In all my years, I've never seen a gas tank like that. I never have.


It's incredible.


You know? It's incredible.


It's incredible because it's not like he's slow. Like, generally associate, like, really high level endurance with guys that maybe don't have the kind of power he has.


He's durable. If you watched his fight with Marlon Marano, man, not only did he get dropped, it was almost about to get stopped. But then it was almost. By the end of the round, not only did he recover, he was beating the shit out of Mullins. Like, just beating. It almost ended in the other way. He might have won back that round. I never see. I'm like, holy fuck.


He's an animal.


I'll tell you, his social media is getting funny, too.


He's the best. He's an animal.


And I'm happy that him and Aljo never fought. They never. You know what I mean, that's a beautiful thing.


Did Al Joe have to go up? Is really struggling. Why did he decide to go up?


Well, I think it's time, I think. I mean, you'd have to ask him, but it was a hard thing to get down to that weight. I'm sure. I mean, he's done it. He's a pro.


He's so good at that weight, though.


Yeah, but, man, he could, he could. He'll strangle guys the size of rolo. I've seen him.


Oh, I felt, sure he can, but like his calculator. But he always felt that he had like really good endurance for a guy who cuts that much weight and he could push a pace and his size and the grappling advantage, like when he strangled Corey Sandhagen, I was like, holy.


Shit, that was impressive.


But I think it's going to be better now. So I've been working with him a little bit, just talking to him and kind of, yeah, he's healthier now. He's not concerned about his weight. And that was a big part for him. At 35 is like half of his camp was just making weight.


And as, as he, like, puts it. Do you think there should be more weight classes?


I think so.


I think so.


I think they should have been back in fucking 2155 was fucking hard for me, man. But I was like Gollum on that fucking scale. But 170. Imagine me now, 170 with fucking MVP's and all these motherfuckers. I'll get to the dick. That's true. And I, first of all, shit on that guy.


He make one.


I have no idea what you think of his.


I liked his appearance. Listen, that's what he, that's what I.


Always was saying, holland, easily.


I was telling people, those point fighters, the guys who are elite at that skill of blitzing in, that's a very specific skill. It's hard to handle. And if you're just used to guys, moi tying you and then some guy is doing that. It's wild.


Wild. No. When I trained tyrann for Wonder boy, we brought in karate people. We went to karate schools looking for the best karate guys just to be able to deal with that aspect of the fight. Yeah, well, I still think Wonder boy once. What do you think?


Tyrone handled Wonder boy better than anybody in Wonder boys prime.




Handled him better than anybody because he just waited on him.




Did a lot of waiting on him, but. But he fucked him up like he rocked him twice.


Yeah, yeah. Bad. Yeah.


And you know, Wonder Boy was the guy thought to be the striker.


I never really watched. I saw some highlights of Michael Page, Michael Venom page from Bella Tar, but I never really watched. I just don't. I just don't know when they're honest.


He's sensational.


He is. People was shitting on his appearance. I thought it was. I thought it was great. Listen, he fought Kevin Holland, UFC.


He jumped into the deep end of the pool with a real dangerous guy who's got one punch knockout power from his fucking back.


I know.


Remember that shit when he knocked his back?


Hey, it's the first guy in there, whoever. Fucking Kevin Holland. Kevin Holland. You understand? Like, he. Kevin Holland's usually talking shit, winning or losing. You know, he's on the bottom of the. I go, like, hey, you're stronger than I thought.


Yeah, he had him.


He had him, you know, a little fucking perplexed. Yeah, I remember when. I like to hear a lot of times when they go back to the.


Corner, dude, he was mentally beat after the first round.


It really sounded like, you can't hit that guy. And when you get close, he's so creative. Those spinning elbows, he kept hitting him with.


Oh, I know. Yeah.


And they go, you got to cut him off. He goes, he's not there.


Like, you know, it's a different thing. He's doing that point karate type movement like this shit. And he trained over and over again.


It's that.


That ability to move in and out, and his footwork is so sensational. It's like. That is a different thing to deal with. It's like wrestlers, if you're. If you're used to grappling on your knees only, and then all of a sudden, you have to wrestle.


Big difference.


It's kind of like that. These guys, their ability to close distance in that sideways stance.


Machida had same style.


Wonder boy did it. The best in the UFC. Yeah, Wonder boy did so funny. Wild shit in the UFC.


It's such a different style. And my little Jimmy Bird is always like. They keep their hands down and I gotta go, Jimmy. It's a fucking.


Remember Wonder boy, Jake Ellenberger?


Oh, that's wheel kick. Yeah. WHOOP.


And this was like, after Jake Ellenberger had said, he's not gonna hit me with any of that fancy spinning shit.


Oh, no. He laughed. He goes, I don't cry. He goes, that's cute. Something like that.




And he got embarrassed.


I think Wonder boy has the perfect con. Here's the perfect con. He's genuinely the nicest guy in the world. He's handsome and wholesome. He's just a sweet, sweet guy. And so that's like a mask that a killer wears. And, yeah, he's fucking piecing you up.


And you're like, oh, what about the Jeff Neil fight? Like, dude, that's what. What he did with Jack. Like, yeah, what he did with Jeff, too.


In the little cage, you.


You get real confused. Back up a little bit so you can see before it. You get real confused with this dude. And you get confused by the way he looks and how nice he talks. He's a fucking karate assassin.


He's so good. The.


Probably the greatest karate fighter that's ever fought in MMA.


He's so good.


I mean, there's Raymond Daniels. He was another guy that was like an elite point fighting guy that's also a kickboxer that fought in glory.


Good. Whoo.


He's the guy has that 720 degree punch. Yeah, he's like, kos the guy with one punch.


It's the craziest thing you've ever seen. A kick is coming, and then he just goes, what?


Saw it in a movie. He's California guy, or. That's where his gym is, I believe. Oh, he's so dangerous, dude. Raymond Daniels does. Watch this.




I mean, come on, son. That is crazy. That's a crazy thing.


Prepare for that.


And in Bellator, he has one of the wildest knockouts. Excuse me, not Bellator. In glory. In glory kickboxing. He has this touch. Sidekick, jump, spinning back kick to the face. Ko in a high level kickboxing match, man, but the way he set it up. Watch this. It's. This is a thing of beauty. Watch this here.


Boom, man.






What the fuck is that?


Show that again.


Show that again. Look at that.


Dude. Are you fucking kidding me?


I don't even know. I think he kicked him in his.


Neck, but he's still fighting like he's fighting in karate combat. That's shirt on, bro.


Raymond Daniels, dude. Raymond Daniels. Danger and Raymond Daniels and Michael Venom Page fought, I believe, back in the day, in a point fighting match. So those guys that can cover distance like that, that's a different thing, man. It's a different thing.


I like that he's part of the UFC because there's so many nice matchups. At first, I was like. I was liking maybe him versus wonder boy. Then I was thinking about it more, and I'm like, it might just karate combat. It might just be that, but there's a lot of nice matchups, and he didn't look like he had those UFC.


Jetties not at all.




He looked like he's enjoying himself, impressed.


He's really dangerous, man. He's just is so tall and such a sniper and just that movement. Good luck finding anybody. Emulate that shit in camp, you know?


I mean, you got to get Raymond Daniels.


Also, if your. Your whole life is spent fighting at a certain pace and a certain distance, and all sudden, this guy moves it by 30%. Yeah, 30% is crazy.




He's way back here.


He's way back. And you try to close the distance and are just so fast, they beat you to it.


You remember when Leota Machida knocked out Ryan Bader? Ryan Bader trying to close the distance, just planted a left hand on him. It's like, whoa. It was like. That style is very hard to deal with if someone's really good at it. And they can do the other shit, too.




If they can do that, if they.


Can defend a takedown.


I'm so interested in Jamal and Pereira.




I'm so interested in that fight.


I know.


So interested in that fight.


You think his achilles is straight?


Dude, I don't know. I mean, I would assume it is, otherwise he wouldn't be jumping back in. I know it was more than eight months.


He takes. How many.


How many months ago did Jamal Hill injure his achilles?


He doesn't get. I was there at the game. He was playing, too. They was all playing a basketball game, so we something stupid. Yo, he was. He was out. He could hoop, though.


Jamal hooker.


Play nice. And he somehow could also some bump. Yeah.


Okay, so this was in July. So August, September, October, November, December, January, February 8.


I'd like to.


That's right on the limit.


I need to have a little more now.


We don't know. I'm sure. I would assume he's had to be on the b p c's, and.


No, you can't. You can't even know. You can't.


They can't even get permission to, you.


Know, you can do stem cells, they can do Prp. It's so silly. Ensures Achilles injury fully healed ahead of UFC 300. It's not a problem at all.


Hey, man, I is wrestling. I don't think he gets enough props. First of all. I think he's a fucking beast. Beast.


Fucking dangerous. Glover. Yeah. I watch Glover up, and Glover is fucking good.


I know.


Piece him up like that on the.


Feet, taking away his singles real quick. Yeah.


People underestimate him for some strange reason, and I don't understand it. They've heard people talk about his power. Watch that Johnny Walker fight.


No, to Johnny Walker forehead, the OSP fight. Yeah, man.


He's good. He's fucking dangerous.


Show me somebody that did something to him standing up, because I'm not finding what I'm saying.


That's what I'm saying.


I think Alex is gonna be so confident. You know, shit happens. But I think Alex is gonna be so confident because of all his kickboxing and everything else, that with these little gloves, I think Jamal's gonna surprise him. He's gonna fucking sharp shoot em.


Jamal's a one punch knockout striker at light heavyweight for sure. And he's a big, tall dude, and he knows movement. He's fucking dangerous, man.


He's good at keeping his range, bro.


He's fucking dangerous, Jamal. Jamal's dangerous. I mean, a lot of people are picking Pajeda to run him over, really? Which I think is interesting.


Yeah, I'm not sure about that.


Like that, man. Dude, I think this is gonna be a great fight.


Oh, yeah.


The thing about behavior, though, is he's ultra high level. Like, people just think about only his power, and you only think about, like, cuz he's got that. He's got the most insane touch of death.




Same people with everything. But when you see his movement and that sneaky shit he does, where he gets that calf kick off, you don't see.


Yeah, you don't even see it coming.


You don't see shit. And when he checks his kicks, he doesn't check them. He gets his foot like a hacky sack position.


Yeah, yeah.


He lifts his shin up, so you just sliding under it. You ain't getting shit. And he's coming down with the right hand every time.


He's good, man. But I just.


Fucking good.


I think the speed of Jamal Hill is going to be the difference. As long as he has it in that Achilles doesn't hinder him.


Yeah, well, God damn, it would suck if he came in at 70%, because he's going need to be 100, because if they. You know, the thing is, there's got to be a lot of pressure to be UFC 300, you know, and you might be. I could do it. I could do it, you know. I don't know. I'm hoping it's 100%. I just hope they for sure got him some stem cells. And I would imagine, you know, he's an elite UFC world championship caliber athlete.


He's the world champ. He just relinquished his title, no doubt.


I mean, he's fighting for his title, essentially, right, because he didn't lose. Right?


He gave it up.


He got injured when he did. I bet he only gave it up because Yuri gave it up to.


He did. I mean, it's basic what he said when he gave it up.


Kind of like.


I'm gonna get out of the way. I'm not gonna hold.


And that's why I like them guys, because what other division would do that? What other guys? I don't think anybody else would do that.


Well, those guys are warriors. That is a warrior division. Even Yuri, who thought the fight was prematurely stopped, he wouldn't say it inside the octagon, like.


Right. He was just like, yeah, yeah.


I, like, said it could have continued.


I hate when guys are bitching right afterwards, or they start talking about the injuries they had and everything.


That one was a. That was a close one, though. When you watch that one, you're like, oh, you could have one or two more seconds.


I thought it was a. I mean, close, but I thought it was a fair stop.


I thought. Fair stoppage.




Same doctor Aaron Rodgers had. Oh, okay. Okay.


Went to the right guy.


I bet Jamal got all the good stuff. Yeah. Well, that's good, then.


Hopefully you gonna need it. Yeah.


Aaron Rodgers was. He was practicing quite a.


It was like, quite a bit already out there throwing and shit.


He said, like, his strength of the leg wasn't the same. His ability to push off, it wasn't the same, but, you know. So it was getting a lot better. I just don't want Jamal to be compromised in any way in that fight. It's such a big fight.


Yeah, but like I said, man, his speed and his instincts and his vision, it's just different.


And he's. He's got that boxing punching set where he throws straight, where, you know, Pajat is a little loopier.


Well, Pajeda does fight with his hands way low, too. And he kind of, like, lures guys into these slug fests because he's got such insane counterpower.


His one loss, Jamal hills from that fucking armored triangle, from Paul Craig. That could happen to anybody.


Paul Craig has one of the most dangerous guards in any fucking division.


I hear it.




Full stop.


Remember, he caught uncle 1 second ago. 1 second ago.


How does he got wins over Jamal Hill and ankle?


I'm saying his guard is sensational. His guard is what everybody's guard should strive to be.


Exactly. Exactly. For sure. That's what I love, and I still. It'll never go out of style, no matter what happens with jiu jitsu, like, you know, like, at my school, I have Everybody doing the latest fucking leg locks, this and that, but this is.


A horrible one because he broke his arm dislocate.


His arm is completely flopping around. It's already broken by this point.


He's still trying to fight, though. That's the fucking.


Oh, Jamal's an animal.


Look at it. He's still not. He's.


He's such a warrior, dude. They stopped the fight. He wasn't quitting.


He's a beast.


His arm is. Fuck.


He just looks at it.


Yeah, he's fucked, dude.




Remember what it looked like when it was going backwards. It was horrible.


Yeah, it was horrific. I think he's winning the fight, to be honest with you. I do. And I like Alex. I think, really, I swear, I think he's winning. He does.


Listen, I think it's a very real.


Close on it, so it should be.


I think it's a pick and fight. I can see a bunch of scenarios going both ways.


People underestimate in Jamal.


The thing is, though, Jamal does stand with, like, more almost like a boxing stance. Sometimes I wonder how good he's going to be of getting away from the calf kick. That is such a primary weapon in behaviors, because he's so fucking sneaky with it, and even though everybody knows that he's sneaky with it, it's still hard to.


You can't defend it. The one thing about Jamal, he's smart, though. Jamal is a very intelligent fighter for a young guy. He's very cerebral, and he. I think he understands that that might be a problem, so he should have an answer for it early.


Yeah, you gotta have an answer for that.


You got.


He's got all these combinations that he sets up that are based on your reaction to certain movements, and it does. He, like, repeats these patterns and fights, and it's always surprising. Yeah, he repeats, like, the way he's able to land those things is so surprising, and he's just got this very specific strategy. I'm gonna kill that leg, and then you're fucked. And I hit really hard, and you're not gonna be able to get out of the way.


Did you ever get hit with one of those calf kicks? No. Me neither. I'm happy I didn't know. I'm happy that shit was out.


I play kicked me, and it hurts like hell.


I did. I did. Before they were a thing, and I think it was my fight against Josh.


Near, and he seemed like the dude who would use a cap, but I don't think.


I think it was an accident. And he kicked me in the calf. And I swear I thought my leg was broke.




I was like, I couldn't walk. I thought my leg was broke.


Now imagine, perja.


Yeah, I know.




I don't know how to. Immediately he fucked up.


Yan Behovich's shin. Yan Bosh is literally made out of rocks.


Yeah. Tattoo is made out of rocks.


I guarantee you if they do some bone density, he's got some fucking viking rock bones. That would be. That dude hits so goddamn hard.


Hey, but what about the bmF? I mean, Max and Gaethje, you're not really interested in that one.


I am interested in that. You know why I'm interested in that? Because people are counting Max out.


I'm not. I think Max might win.


Max, bro, Max has had a lot of times to. A lot of time to prepare. Justin's a 230 favorite.


I would not take that. Can I just say that they were. They're based on a lot of that shit. On his fight versus Dustin Poirier.




If you hear Max opinion, you hear Max talk about it. He had only six weeks to prepare for that thing, and he was doing this for, like, ten or so weeks. And I don't know, man. Max is an intelligent guy. I was there. We were there live when he fought Calvin cater. And he's looking away. I'm the best boxer. And he moves his head. He fucking hit you. Remember what Dana was doing? Dana was, like, somebody to stop this. Dana was, like, scared.


He put a real beating on Calvin. That takes a long time to recover from. I mean, the amount of punches that he landed on Calvin were insane.


My. My thing with the Dustin and Max fight was I thought Dustin just physically bullied him around the ring. Like, height advantage. I think that's going to be a problem. If.


If that.


If my perception's right, then that would be a problem, because I think Justin stronger and more of a bully. And his leg kicks, which Max never seems to check, is, I think his leg kicks could present a problem.


That could be a real problem because he had a problem with that with Volkanovski. Yeah. And the thing about Gaethje is Gaethje lands them in the clinch.


Yeah, that's. He can be standing like.


It's insane.


I know.


Yeah, his flexibility is insane. It's insane.


This was a such a beating.


This was a beating, man.


This was wild, man. This is wild live because it was. It was during the.


And Calvin Kater, I mean, he's a fucking dangerous dude. He's got real good boxing, and he just couldn't touch Max.


I see a single for Aljo. Yeah, look at that leg.


I told you, old Binky Jones tapped cater back in the day. That was his first loss.


I'm Binky Jones.


Yeah. One of my guys, James Binky Jones.


One of the reasons why I'm interested in this is because I think Max is going to go into this fight with a tremendous amount of anticipation. This is not a fight that you don't get real scared about. This is a fight you got to really fucking prepare. And when Max gets pushed, you see the best ma, he's still, what is he, 33?


He's one of my young. Yeah, Max is young.


He started, what, 19?


We really kind of put aside when a guy loses the title that maybe they're not as good as they used to be. But Max keeps getting better, not to mention his nuts.


I mean, let's think about when he was going to fight Habib on 24 hours.


Oh, yeah.


Without a doubt. One of my favorite fighters.


He's a beast and he's a sweetheart of a guy.


Good guy.


Nice as guys.


Yeah, no doubt.


Nicest guys. And he talked openly about, like, why guys like Connor, why those guys gas out guys like Aldo. He goes like, they got too much power, man.


Yeah. Did you see Roadhouse?


I did not see Roadhouse.


Is it good?


I seen Roadhouse on a one to ten. How high were you?


Well, you know, it's fun. It's like an eighties type movie. It's a like silly in a way. Like, like, you know, it's not too serious in a sense, but, uh, but it's fun. I like Jake did Jake. He's, Jake carried the movie. And let me tell you, Connor, what an actor.


I mean, he did itself.


Yo, what an actor. He's going to take the world Hollywood by storm. He's playing himself basically, right?


Play himself in a bunch of movies about guy rich. He's on speed dial.


Connor, I mean, but all he had was a lot of one liner. So it's easy to deliver one liners, right?


Conor McGregor could be a movie star easy. Hundred percent rock can do it. You don't think Conor McGregor for sure.


He got the disk.


When they do it, 100% he do it. And he's a character, man.


Look at him. Character.


He's a fucking character, dude.


I like the part in the movie when he takes the trolley and he throws it into the, oh, no, that's a different, listen, I like, I liked him in the movie, though. He wasn't he didn't take you out of the movie? I thought the movie was, you know.


Well, definitely watch. It's not the original. One to ten. Get about nine.


Get to about nine. But, yeah, if you. If you like corny movies and just want to be entertained. Like, it's the perfect.


I love the first row.


That's true.


Why wouldn't they ever say they should get that guy from Yellowstone, that old dude with the. The mustache.


Real cow.


Yeah, that's a real cowboy. No, not rip, but.


The other dude looks like Sam Elliot.


Yeah, he would be perfect.


I'm on the last season of Yellowstone.


Why didn't they just fucking actual Sam Elliott?


I like Yellowstone.


Elliott. Patrick Swayze's dead. But have Sam. Actual Sam Elliott come back. Come on, Miho. Who's a handsome fellow back then, with that salt and pepper hair?


He's a real Marlboro man for sure, son.


What a voice that guy's got. This is such a dumb movie.


It's like the warriors. Remember the old movie the warriors?


Yeah. My favorite was the baseball crew. Listen, we talked about Star Wars a little bit. Fuck Star wars ever since. What's that chick? The way.


The thing. Kennedy.


I love the South park. That's exactly what the fuck they're doing. Carmen hit the nail on it on the head. But fuck all that shit. The new. The new Star wars. Fuck all that. And it's pre Star wars. Did you see Dune and Dune, part two?


No, I saw.


Man. You got it. Joe. Did you see it? I saw part one. I fell asleep. You fucking idiot. I couldn't help it. That was mean. I believe. I believe. Listen to me, Joe. These movies are so fucking good.


Really? Okay. I'm excited.


I'm telling you right now. Josh Brolin's. First of all, I don't think, just from goonies to that, he's never in anything bad. Josh Brolin. He's fucking awesome.


He's a man. Momo was in it.


I like the. You know, he could be. Could do a couple push ups, but. I like the Timothy Shamalay. Yeah, no, he is. He's in Wonka. He's good. But these. These movies are so. There's like. They're, like, so good. He did the director. I don't. He's a french guy. He also did Blade Runner. The new Blade Runner, which is another very underrated movie. These aren't underrated. These are popular. But Blade Runner is underrated. The new one, he's fucking awesome, man. This guy. What's his name? Yeah, he's fucking phenomenal. But Dune one and Dune part two.


He did arrival to do.


I'll tell you.




I. Yeah, but I think I forgot about it.


Arrivals. The one with the alien.


That was good. Yes.


They speak with like. Yeah, they like, show him. It's fucking dope.


Dune, the characters, the fucking. It's so good.




So funny in the first one, I don't want to give it away, but he. The guy he fights at the end of it is a guy. I had a jujitsu match versus this babs. Nah, I swear to God, I did a drop sayanagi, autumn versa.


Well, that was your little. That was your move back.


Yeah, man. If you put in Matt versus Babs, you see me throw the fucking guy. But he's actually great. He's actually great in the movie. He's great in it. He plays Jamis, part of the Freeman. The Freeman. The Freeman's on Arrakis and they understand planets and this big giant arms. Such a nerd. Another nerd guy. Joe, you look like, when I say all this shit, you looking at me like you want to unfriend him.


I'm fascinated.


He's good. I went versatile. Jiu jitsu and Minotaur was the ref. Wow.


It's not a Naga.


Yeah, it's nagger in 1996. If you put in. If you put in Matt versus babs, you don't have to. I'm a fuck. I'm. It's not about me, but.


And don't share that.


Well, first of all, look at those abs. But, uh. Yeah, I mean, you could say a little bit. Yeah, you folded a little bit. Photos. After I mount him, he gets up. This is back in the day, yo, this is like a minotauros, the ref. But, uh, yeah, you can forward it a tiny. After I mount them and I get off mount. But, uh, yeah, look at that. This is old school. But, uh, once I get off mountain, he. Once he. Right now you can play right, right after I miss the arm bar. But now this is. This is for Paul Atreides. Sorry. If you know it, if you see the movie. Ready? And a one.


You almost had that arm bar.


I did almost have that, but Hanzo got happy for this because he worked on me with this fucking throw. That's two points. Hey, what belt was this? This was when I was a brown belt and he was a purple. Watch one more second, cuz I do a nice back take. Look at this was like a. This. This is our team versus the alliance team back in the day. And I said the same thing on Gomi, but it looks cool. Oh, yeah. Because what happens is you go first, and it's almost like a second later for him to go. So it looks cool. Look, right?


I love that.


Enough of me.


I feel like fun back. Yeah, he did that.


His gobi and Abu Dhabi. It's dramatic. Yeah.


It's also kind of humbling.




Your feet are up in the air.


Everybody's watching. But back to the movies. You're gonna love these movies, man. They're really. They're. They good. They got good characters. They're deep, and the action is fucking good. I mean.


Yeah, I believe you.


It's good. I give it a chance. Even some of like.


But I don't believe Timothy Chalamet is beating this guy in anything other than checkers.




He needs to have some kind of superpower.


You know how in Star wars, like the Force and all that stuff? Dune by Frank Herbert. Stop looking at me, John Rollins. Like, I want to throw you in a locker. Shut up. That's fucking not happening. So listen, so these books came out in the seventies, and George Lucas got up. He took a lot from this. They used something called the voice, that they control people instead of the force and. But very cool. Josh Brolin for the way.


To be honest, I like the force a lot more than the voice.


Yeah, you're thinking of the voice. You don't seem like a movie guy.


I like a few movies, but you.


Seem like the type of guy to like to be outside.




Hunting, catches shit with your hands. Like a good old white boy just out there.


I like doing things.




If you spend too much time watching movies, it's like time you can't be actually doing actual things. It's. I think of it as a reward if I'm gonna watch a movie, it's like, I busted my ass all week, right? I can watch a movie.


I had fucking, you know, to kill boredom, like, I might. My family went to Texas recently, Dallas, to go visit my sister in law, and I was by myself. And when you have. You know the deal, Joe, when you have three kids and a. And a wife and you got a routine, it's different when there's nobody home and shit. So I'm like. I just thought. I'm just sitting. There's only so much VR you can play, you know? Yeah. So I went. So I go to the movies by yourself. Movies by yourself. In Long island, it feels different than the city. So I'm in there by myself watching frozen disney movies, but I'm what? Yeah, so I'm. When I watched. So I watched the fucking twice.




Dune twice by, like three hour movies. Don't say I don't have a life. I have a nice life.


That's incredible.


Listen, you know what I could do? I could be out getting in trouble. My VR. My VR. Rather than no bar fights.


Yeah, just VR. You're much better off doing what you're doing.


I could have went another route. My wife. Really? And let me tell you, I didn't tell you this last time, Joe, and he knows. My wife, at 40 years old, had an mma fight.


I saw it.


She saw it on the win. She won. It was fucking phenomenal. It's crazy.


I was like, what is Matt?


Sarah Longo Kunai, right? If you know her, she's such a.


Later age as a mother, husband of a guy, was a world champion, decides.


To just start fighting, right?


Fuck it, let's go.


You know, she never threw a punch when I got. When I won the title. She never threw a punch.


You know, she was like, Adrian, yo, personality, man.


It wasn't. She'd do the kickboxing between each daughter to lose weight, and then she took a kickboxing match on the Lou neglia or buddy, who I used to fight on the awesome, you know, and she was. Didn't she become three? You know, this is my wife's fight. Look at this. This is me and her before. Is that you with the blue shirt? You're a son of a bitch. That's the old man. You know what? Before gluten free.


That wasn't right.


That's when Dana used to say, oh, it looks like you ate Matt. Sarah. Fuck. But, yeah, that was. That was me. But I was so proud of her, man, because she.


That's amazing.


She got out of the cage long ago, is the one who greeted her at the fucking thing, because, I mean, look, she's fighting a purple belt from Virginia here and again. Like, she never did any kind of sports in high school. I mean, if you see her standing up, like she's. She's like doing a fucking clinic, man. She snaps down, she takes the back, and, you know, she's a blue belt. She fought a purple belt. It was always that last, that, um, that chance of the girl, you know, doing something, and you never know how these things go. So she's one and done. I'm happy she's done with it.


She did awesome.


It's nice for my daughters to see. Yeah. Now I'm saving myself from all the shit I said earlier about the fucking. Yeah, girls with the fucking. Kidding. No, my wife. No, I'm just really proud of. It was really nice.


That's amazing.


It's kind of.


It's what a crazy aspiration at that age. Just decide. Fuck it.


Yeah, fucking crazy. But I saw, like, clips of, like, your daughter helping her train and, I mean, what a cool, like, environment.


That's the whole setup with the school and all. Like, he's like, his family's part of it now. And it happened naturally, organically.




He didn't, like, drag them in and say, I'll do this. Girls were dancing, and my oldest just.


Left dance to, like, pursue it full time. And now she's got a jujitsu Max net next month. Next month at the same place where my wife fought. It's cool. And she's on the loo negligee having an event. It's cool. And again, you can't. What I found with having a kid is you can't make them love it, but you can make them hate it. Like, I never tried to be like, yeah, I used to always just play with them, play with them and. But now they live in. At the school. It's so cool.


It's so fucking awesome.


Yeah. Family business, you know. Dean, have any new kids lately? Ah, no kids for me. I got one. Yeah, he's doing good, though. Yeah. College kid. Shout out, Ethan.


So what are the other interesting fights on 300?




You get the BMF fight. You got versus Yon Chow Nan. That should be watching weighty.


Every time I'm at the PI, she's always there. She's never not training when I'm there.


This is the dark horse, Oliveira. And so you can.


Yeah, let's talk about that. What do you think about that? That. Sorry.


You can do it, is a dangerous motherfucker. But so is Olivera. Olivera is the. The wildest turnaround of any fighter of all time. At one point in time, it would, like, fall short a lot. Yeah.


And then comes back and just knocks.


Everybody out and just annihilates everyone. And, like, has no fear. It's a good different human being was, like, reborn inside of his body because he was known.


Not known for it, but he was known to be able to break.




So he's like, if that's in them, it stays in them. It hasn't been in him for a while.


No. He's been smashing everybody. Smash Gaethje. He smashed these.


Fight Gaethje.






Beat Gaethje. He beat. Who else did he beat Chandler. Chandler. Look, all that Chandler one was crazy, too, because he got hurt real bad in the first round.




It's just also the power that he has is very unusual. He loses to Makachev. That's right. He beat Poirier. I mean, come on, son. Be Chandler, Poirier and Gaethje in a row. I mean, that's why I fell for.


Benill on that fight, man. Cause Bonillo was doing so, like, Benille wasn't afraid to face him down there. A lot of guys are afraid to go down there with him to the floor. Yeah. And, you know, rightfully so. Cause I just watched recently his fight with Kevin Lee again.




And Kevin Lee thought he'd be okay down there. And fuck, man, he's. You're fighting off one. You're fighting to get out of an arm. He's on your neck. Out of the neck. He's on your leg.


That was the one when Kevin didn't realize. He went out and he tapped. He didn't realize.


I'm feeling. I think. I think that arm is going to take him. I think he will take him down. And I wonder how that's going to go.


That's what I'm waiting to see.


Very interesting fight.


If Charles is able to get on top of him, like, Gamrot was able to, like, to control him on the ground and. Yeah, look at arm.


And just. Did not Charles kind of whack the Neil, too? In the. Yeah, he did, too. Yeah. Um, that's. That's an interesting fight. Isn't it crazy that you got Bo nickel who's only had how many MMA fights?


Four, five, maybe.


And he's on. He's on the main car.


I mean, here's my thing with him, man. Like, I think he's gonna be great. I think he's gonna be a great fighter for sure. I don't like how he talks about already accomplished fighters who've been through it. What does he say? Like, I mean, he's always talking about, oh, me and Comzat will be an easy fight. And this, that, and the third, I'm like, yo, dude, like, you got four fights, and you got help with those fights, and we haven't seen you get.


Stuck on your feet.


I mean, yeah, I mean, but the thing is, like, even his opponents, like, you know, Jamie Pickett, like, even Cody Brunswick. Cody Brunswick is known to fold in fights. Like, he's fighting guys that are folding. Yeah, well, maybe they see a future champion in the right, but what I'm.


Saying, they're trying to bring him along.


But, I mean, you could bring them along, but don't, if you in that position, don't talk about guys. They had to go.


Yeah, I hear you, but it's interesting that some fighters they decide to bring along.




And others are victims that are success. Look what's on the undercard. Yuri Prooz. The undercard pro haska versus rake it.


That's. That's wild as it is.


Wild. Wild fight. Calvin Kater and Al Joe. Holly Holm, Kayla Harrison.


Let's talk about that. What do you think?


I don't know. Can she make the weight?


I like Holly.


What was she fighting at?




She? There's no way she doesn't make the way. She's a complete professional. But how she performs right is gonna be tough.


Thank Diego Lopez. He's a killer. That's a few world champ.


No doubt about that.


No doubt about straight up killer.


Sadiq. He's fought for me.




Super sail gun.


Excellent. That's a good fight. Jalen Turner and Hanato Mosadde's other fights that aren't on the main card.


Jim Miller, right.


Davison Figuerato with Cody Garbrandt. That opens up the fights.


That's crazy. The first fight on the pre list.


That is the craziest card of all time.


I was shocked when I saw that was the first pre.


This fucking card is bananas, man. Scroll up a little bit more, Jamie. Yeah. That is wild, dude. That is a wild undercard.






Turner, moy, Connor.


Do you think Holly's gonna be able to deal with that grappling and the physical strength? Kayla is a monster.


I mean, like, we already saw her do it with Rhonda now that she's as big. I think Rhonda's a better grappler than Kayla on the ground, transition into submissions and things. I just watched Kayla fight Aspen ladd and look like dog shit. Personally, that's one of my guys on a PFL card. And she struggled again. She got swept against that girl and stuff, so. So I don't think Holly can grapple with her for sure. But I don't think Holly is going to be so easy to take down because she requires the clinch to get her down. And Holly's a big, strong chick. I mean, I know she's 42 now, so maybe the age becomes a factor, but if she can just keep range, she's going to win on her feet. So, I mean, I have to see Kayla take her down. I just don't think it's going to be so easy.


And if Holly doesn't feel a threat on her feet, Holly might start lighting her up.


You know what I mean?


I see. I seen Kayla fight. I don't know who the girl was, but I don't think she.


The brazilian girl shut her down.


That's what I'm saying. She didn't do shit with her on the floor. She didn't do shit with her.




And right here, she's fighting a soccer mom, right?


You back up. Back up to backup before that. Like.


I'm sorry. I didn't know.


But if you look at, like, the way she's throwing punches on her feet.


She gonna stick a german shepherds on me.




It's not.


She's not a striker, right? She wants this, but in these. These grappling exchanges, she's gonna be a fucking handful.


Well, this what I mean, this is where we don't know how to win.


Is gonna affect her.


Well, if she did it right, it might actually help, you know, probably help her gas tank tremendously.


Like, in this fight, she never put her in danger. Yeah, put her in danger.


It really just depends on how much muscle she loses, you know, and how much strength training she continues to do. Like, you don't get that big without a lot of strength training.


You know, Holly's got a lot of experience.


I mean, a lot of it is, of course, judo, right? Throwing around bigger almonds than Rallo. She's a tank, but that comes at a requirement. There's a lot of oxygen gets sucked up by those. That's what's interesting. When you watch guys, they get older and they get more economical. Like, Yoel got way more economical about how, how and when to move, but put guys to sleep because they forgot that he could just explode on the wyvern, the wideman, the flying knee.


Right, bro.


He would just. Just jump on dudes, and you didn't expect to come. And it's like, you know, because he.


Would chill and just sit back, sit back, sit back. That's funny. They really. Not to bring that up, but they really fucked Tim Kennedy back in the day for that. Oh, they did for that? Tim Kennedy won that.


That was crazy.


That was fucked up.


That was crazy. There was, like, an extra. How many seconds? My man was 39 seconds. And then there's the mental break that comes from thinking that you won because the guy's not getting off the stool, and then you got to fight again.


Oh, yeah.


And then Yoel caught him. And the thing about Yoel is he gets anybody. Gets anybody. Remember when he caught machete?




The machina knockout was superhero, bro.




It's like everybody else is a child.


Yeah. When he gets going.


Yeah, everybody else is like a child. Is this the end of.


See, when Tim was winning, which was.


Tim connect with hurt there. Boom, he's got him hurt bad. And then the bell rings. So he goes back. I mean, you all's on the verge of going out. Like, look, he goes back and. But they gave him all this extra time. The round was supposed to start. He's still sitting on the stool.


Big John doing.


They covered him with, like, water or ice, and they have too much Vaseline on his face. There's a bunch of different things. And he just laid there. But then he eventually caught rough, man.


Ma'am, that's some bullshit.


Well, it sucks. That's for sure. Sucks for Tim. Because in all fairness, I think when the bell starts, if you're not willing or able to get up, and that should be.


Yeah, that should be it. Yeah, no doubt about that.


You're not able to answer the bell. But I think there was some. Something else going on. Like he was covered in something. They had to wipe him off. There was like.


It was ice on the ground, too.


I think they did all that shit on purpose. All that shit on purpose. Old school shit. Angelo did. Angelo Dundee did that with Muhammad Ali back when he was Cassius Clay. And he fought this dude in London? No, his father's. I don't know if it was in London. It was Henry Cooper. Henry Cooper was this badass british dude who had a nasty left hook. And he caught Cassius Clay with a perfect left hook. Just bank dropped him and it was at the end of the round. And they cut his gloves in between rounds. They had to give him new gloves. They gave him plenty of time. So this is after the fight?




They yell at each other? Well, Tim was yelling at him. Laborious.


Such a nice guy, too.


He's right, though. He's right.


He's 100% right.


He's right. But I don't. I think, like I said, I think there's a bunch of shenanigans that were involved. I think there's too much Vaseline on him. There was. There was. I think there was water all over him. But there's a bunch of shit where they're like. Like they did a bunch of things to make sure the round got extended. How is the dirty business?


Speaking of dirty business, how's the. Now that you saw it as gone, how's this new testing thing.


Well, Walt Harris just got popped, right?


Oh, yeah. Four years, man. That's a. That's a death right there. Yeah.


You're done?


Yeah. Walt's already 40. Yeah, that's it. And he got popped. Allegedly, I should say. From what the report was that I read on one of the websites, it was like three different things. Three different times. When you're 40, shit doesn't work so good, right?


You kind of need it.


Yeah, it's kind of weird. Like, we know this stuff really works, but you're not allowed to use it. 48 months sanction for two separate violations of the UFC anti doping policy. First tested positive. What is that? Tell me what that is. No, Rollo. Rollo knows what it is.






What is that?


Fuck all you guys.


I just think you're good at those words. Metabolite three, a hydroxy, two, a methyl five, a Androstan 17 on. And testosterone of exogenous origin and samples collected on June 24, 2023. July 12, 2023. Harris was notified of the first adverse finding on July 11 of 2020. So he's known. So they told him that he got popped the first time and then he tested positive the next day. Subsequently, after he was notified adverse finding, he provided urine and blood samples. On August 6, 2023, urine samples tested positive for the presence of anastrozolone, a prohibitive substance that was not present in any of the previous samples, as well as drostanolone and its metabolite. Its blood samples tested positive for the presence of exogenous testosterone, which, based on its values, was determined as a new administration since the notification of his first adverse findings on July 11. So he wasn't taking the test that day. Wow.


Four years. That's a life sentence.


And how old is he now?


40. He was supposed to fight like four days after that. It seems kind of crazy that he would just take all that stuff knowing that they were going to catch him.


Did you. Have you ever asked why they made BBC 157 illegal? Like it's not a performance enhancer?


Because some state regulators, like, you know, athletic commissions, they have it illegal. All right, all right. So if the UFC allows something that the athletic commission's don't allow. Yeah, it really should be allowed by the athletic commission, 100%. It's all doing is helping people heal from injuries.


So that's all it is. So it's the states or it's a.


Naturally occurring compound in the humanoids. Yeah. So it's. It's something that should be legal and, you know, and I think the FDA is trying to stop its use now.


Too, which is anything that works.


Yeah, right.


Listen, you fuck heads, just sell it to us. Just don't be stupid. There's a lot of money to be made. I'll help you. Just fucking make it legal and sell it. It's good. It's really good for injuries. Really good for injuries. Yeah, it's. There's a bunch of stuff like that that should be legal. The testosterone one, those boys went wild and that, they fucked it up for everybody. The TRT vtor era.


Oh, yeah, trtor.


Those boys went wild. When you take testosterone replacement, everybody's like, oh, I definitely have low testosterone. Hook it up.


Eric Silva, he was another one that really noticeably changed.


Oh, a lot of dudes did, probably. We had guys that were 25 years old that were signing up for testosterone use exemptions.


That's gonna fuck them up when they're older, though, 100%.


But that was the thing. A lot of those guys were already fucked up because they did juice. So if you're a young guy and you do, like, a bunch of cycles of juice and you get gigantor, that is gonna jack up your system. It takes a long time to recover.




Yeah. So there's dudes that are like 25 years old that have wrecked their endocrine system, and they probably can't have kids. Really? Yeah. Yeah. They have low sperm count. Yeah. It can fuck you up. When you're, when you like, you see these social media kids that are, like, 1819 years old, and then also when they're 22, they've gained 80 pounds of muscle, and they have zits all of their back, and they're fucking huge. And they're getting all this attention because they're massive. And there's quite a few of these kids. They're gonna ruin their body. They'll. They're gonna ruin their endocrine system. You're shocking your system at a very, very young age when you're on TRT.


It'S like fucking birth control for men. I haven't pulled out in years, son. And I was able to. I was able to. I could have a kid when I wanted to have a kid. I don't know if it's cause I go commando forever. I have a kid. Like, you want to buy why I want to get pregnant. My guy, you know? So I know we were good to go, but ever since I'm on TRT, isn't it funny?


Because the other idea for male birth control is the opposite. There's a. There's a male birth control pill that came out, but that radically lowers testosterone. But how many, why would you take. How many?


So good. Fuck your life.


How many dominant women who have cuck men are gonna force them to take.


That flipping that shit in there? In there?


No, force them.


Oh, my God.


Force them to take it.


Force none of that.


No. Why would anybody take that? Because they know they don't want that as the wife. They want the alpha.


Yeah, but they want to do that to the guy. They. Some some women like doing that. They like doing that to curb them. Yeah. They'll turn your trans. Leave you broken by.


Turn your transcript.


Yeah. They'll make you. It's just as this.


Certain people like your Kardashian skit.




Yeah. You gotta wonder, man. What? Trying to be like a young kid in this day and age with social media, trying to be an 1819 year old kid, trying to fan your way through life. Seeing these juiced up, gigantic dudes getting attention. And girls with lip fillers at 18 years old and everybody's got a Ferrari.


I think it's harder for them than it was for us, right? Because of social media.


Way harder. It's way harder because there's so much chaos out there. Like the guy getting shot in the dick. You see things all the time that was really hard to see when we were kids.


Cause I only knew motherfuckers in my neighborhood, right?


Shot the dick.


No, no, no. Just in general. You only hung out with people in your neighborhood. That was it.


And if you saw someone on tv that was like an MTV music video or something like that. Like that. Okay, that. But that's not even real world, right? That's not the real world, right? If it's like some guy you know from your school now is a million followers on tick tock. What?




You made a hundred thousand dollars?




What are you doing?


I don't I don't know, man. Maybe because I got my kids homeschooled ever since the pandemic. Because we didn't want them wearing masks and all that shit. My wife's lucky enough that, you know, we're lucky enough she gets to be a stay at home mom and whatnot. Oh, I got add.


What we just kids having dicks. People being able to see things that they never could.


Kids are home.


School. Yeah. Oh, yeah. This is what I'm back. It was the zins kicking in. It was, you know, we keep them close. Like nowadays, if you. They go to school all day one, what the fuck are they telling these kids? Is weird enough. And from, oh, my friend's kid came on the other day. He's like. He's like, oh, man, ten years old. He's like, oh, dad, I could. So when I grow up, I could be a boy or a girl. My buddy's, like, a religious guy. He's like, ah, fuck. I moved to South Carolina. He got the fuck out of Long island. But, uh. So I don't know where it is in different school systems, but I didn't like stuff like that. It's not like when we were kids at school.


Stuff is so weird.


It's fucking strange.


But it just shows you that whatever is socially popular, people will gravitate to and that people will change their behavior based on what gets them more attention.


That's why I'm saying, like, because some.


Of them are definitely trans. Let's be. That shit's existed since the beginning of time. A man who feel like they were born in one's body, but some of them are getting sucked into a social.


They think it's cool to be bi, or it's, oh, what are you? I'm. Dude, it's fucking. It's just fucking weird.


And they want street cred, you gotta suck a dick. Whether it's a transgender dick or a regular dick, you gotta experiment. Suck a dick if you want some street cred.




That'S what I think today. They've gone to places where 50% of the kids identify as LB Al GBTQ percent.






A joke. Don't you think they're not being indoctrinated then? This never happened.


Well, it's just fascinating. It's fascinating that it's working. That's what's fascinating. And when you look at the people, like, look, you're gonna pay someone 35 grand a year to take care of your kids. They're not gonna be good people that are, like, dominant in their field and really on the ball. You're gonna get wacky people teaching kids, and a lot of these people that are teaching kids in public schools that you see making these TikTok videos, they're wacky people that just happen to be in the position where they're running a school.


As a parent, though, I think you should just keep them close and just talk to them every day.


Yeah, I told you to talk to them. But, you know, they're gonna. They're gonna have to talk to other people, too. There's something about, like, running into really cuckoo people when you're young. That's probably good for you. Just so you know, that they exist. The problem is, if they have too much influence over your kid, and your kid starts believing things that they're saying, and they indoctrinate you into some weird way of thinking that maybe you don't align with in your home, and you don't want your child being raised that way with. Which is your prerogative, like, as a person. But also, the kids, like, should be exposed to a lot of weird shit. It's like, it's good for them to see kooky people.


I think that's where me and Matt have a benefit. Cause we're the kooky people that our kids see.


Yeah, we all are.




There's no way to avoid that.


But I don't ever remember if you're.


Interested in what we're interested in.


Yeah, it's true. Right.


I always preference things when people ask me my opinions. Like, listen, I'm a dirty comedian, a cage fighting commentator.


So with that said, this is my.


Dumbass perspective, but understand who the fuck you're talking to. Loosely educated at best.


Think about that. Dirty comedian. And you commentate fights.




Yeah. That's a perspective to.


Yeah, that's a person of questionable judgment.


Yeah, it's true. Highly unnormal communication's everything, though. I like, I really. I don't remember my parents talking to me. I remember finding my kid's 15 now. When I was 15, I'm sleeping over Jimmy's house. I'd be walking the fucking streets fighting and doing, I'm 15. I can't think of it. My kid, I never not know where she is.


I think it was a different time, Matt. And I think their parents raised them in a different way. It takes a while to understand why your parents raised you the way they raised you, but it's because the way they were raised and the way people look. My grandparents were straight up immigrants from Italy and from Ireland. They're all people from the boat. And those were wild people. Those people that took a chance, got on that fucking boat and made it across the ocean. Yeah, a bunch of wild people. And they didn't have a whole lot of time for parenting, you know? And then their kids grew up and had kids, and then their kids had kids. It's like it takes a while for everybody to settle down. I think people are. We have way more information today than ever before, which is probably good for kids. It's good to be aware of all the different types of humans and all the different possibilities of good and bad things that can happen in the world. But also, it's got to be overwhelming, man. It's got to be overwhelming to be a kid and to think you got to worry about climate change and Ukraine and Russia and fucking Mexicans.


It's just. Every day it's something new.


That's the thing.


The phone puts it in their face all day, every day.


Every day it's something new.


We didn't have any of that shit.


Biden falling down flights.


I know.


Trump calling somebody a pussy.


Yeah, it's. Every day. It's like, this is always, life is fun now.


It is definitely fun. If you're an adult, you're an adult and you're not being affected negatively by it.


Well, because we, like you said, we come up from a different generation. We didn't grow up doing that.




So we can live without it.


We're also. All of us are in wild businesses. Yeah, this is wild business. You're in the business of people beating the shit out of each other. You know, this is the. This is a wild business. It's a wild business.


It's funny that it is where it is now. Like, I remember what, coming up we were talking about before being ogs. Like, I remember each fight thinking, all right, this might be the last one, and it's gonna be done. You know what I mean? So now it's just such a mainstream thing. It's crazy.


I remember very clearly Eddie Bravo and I were having a conversation, and it's almost like we manifested this. We said, dude, we know MMA is awesome. Wouldn't it be crazy if just some fucking billionaire dudes who were fans of the sport just dumped a bunch of money in it just to show everybody? And then it would just catch on.


Yeah. I was like, if somebody just came.


Along, that would work, man. That's the only way it would work.


Somebody would have to lose tons and.


Tons of money just to get it out there.


And that's what they did.


It's literally like it was manifested.


Lorenzo and Frank Fetida. Yeah, it's amazing. And they just really loved it. It.


They loved it. They trained. They were tough guys. They loved it.


Lost, like 50, 60 million.


They were down money.


That's how much they loved.


They were down more than 40 million when the first ultimate fighter came around. And they funded that whole.




They funded the whole thing. They just rolled the dice and came up double six.


Yeah. When you think about, like, the chain of events that had to have to happen, made it, like, the fertittas, then the forest fight, and then just right everything.


You have to have a guy like Dana. You have to have a complete maniac running the show. You have.


Dana's a main people understanding how much of a maniac he is.




In terms of, like, his work ethic.


Oh, he's a maniac.


That's pretty obvious.


Works constantly. He loves it. He loves setting fights up. He'll talk at 02:00 in the morning for, like, hours, just about matchups and shit.


Did you see the other day on the podcast when the girls had the link? She's like, tell me, what does Joe Rogan think of whatever it was? And he's like, what is. What does Joe Rogan think? She goes, Dana White. He goes, wait, you think I'm Joe Rogan? You know, that's UFC events, like, the weeks of the events or when I'm doing a. Looking for a fight. You've been there? Oh, man. I have a picture of this and that. I'm like. And then, you know, thanks a lot, Mister Waito. Thanks a lot. They always think he's either Joe or Dana.


People call me Dana. I've been called Dana before.


Some dude you told Dana.


I go, no, I'm the other dude. But I think she just made a.


Mental trying to say all bald white guys look alike.


When you're doing a podcast and you're interviewing someone, especially if you haven't done a lot of them, and it's like a high profile thing you're doing, Dana White, you're always thinking of what to say. Even the question is like, what's your dream? You know? That's a crazy question. That's like, I don't know what to ask you. So she's probably floundering a little bit there and doesn't know what to say. It's fucking weird having a conversation with.


Someone, but I think he handled it the right way. Right, by making fun of it.






And she handled it the right way, too. She kept it in there. She edited it out.


Yeah, it's funny. Yeah, it's funny. It's funny. It's just a flop.


I've done it all the time. It happens.


It wouldn't. It would have been funny if they called fucking Dean Thomas Pete Spratt or something. They always do that.


Oh, yeah.




Just for fun.


One time on looking for a fight, Habib really thought. Thought I was Eve. He was like, that's what I was. He's like, you knocked out my teammate. I'm like, what are you talking about? He's like, josh Thompson. I was like, no, man, that was. That was Eve.


Isn't wild how khabib just said, nope, done. See ya. Bye. Yeah, cuz he's promised my mom. I'm done.


I mean, when you're that good and you. Your life is pretty incredible, though. Yeah.


What a legacy, right? Undefeated. Only one fight was kind of close. The Gleason tebow fight. Yeah, go back and watch that one.


I thought Gleason might have won that one.


It was arguable. Yeah, it to him. Nobody would. Yeah, nobody would, like, protest. Yeah, it was close.


Pre USADA. Pre usada.


Glason Priusada. Yeah, my man. Glazed and built like a fucking superhero of those Sean shirt days, son.


Yeah, the brussels are.


Remember Shirk? Shirk was a little fucking demons. A little fire plug demon. Shirk was one of the first guys that had preposterous strength and conditioning. Yeah, his strength. Him and rich Franklin, they would do.


These glazing, brazilian hebrew biceps. Jesus Christ.


The thing about Glason that always used to freak me out was the fact that he could make 155. I know, I was like, how? Because I would stand next to him, I'm like, how are you so much bigger than me? How the fuck are you 155? It doesn't make any sense.


And Gleason got him down in a one, didn't he? No.


Times Glason, he hurt him on the feet quite a few. Glaze was a dangerous fighter.


Whatever happened to Gleason?


Well, you know, he got older at a lot of wars. You know, he got a. Did, um. Jesus didn't Islam ko him?


Islam. Kobe.


Yeah, Islam kdom bad. It was a bad one. He's had a few ko losses. He's a tough dude, though.


Yeah. He fought, um, I think a few times in pfl or something. Mmm.


But they go to war.


Wow, Glaze.


It was a house, though, man.


The thing is, Habib looks natural, and he looks fucking.


But look like he can't take Glason down, which is crazy. That's how strong Glason was. Yeah, I mean, to Khabib takes everybody down. But Khabib looks smaller then he does, doesn't? Yeah, physically, no, smaller. You look at him, and now look at him against Connor.




Let's just look at this right now. Okay. Pauses. Now go to Khabib versus Connor.


Well, how old was he here? He was probably looks young.


Well, he's young. One of the first fights in the UFC, but made a marked improvement in that department because he looked way stronger later in his career. Like when you fuck Gaethje he looked way stronger. Way stronger.


Developed that man strength.


Yeah. Six years later, too.


Six years later. That's a big.


Yeah, look at him. That's a different. That's a different dude. Look at the difference, man.




Go back to that picture again. Look. Yeah, he's all smooth here. Now go to the. Another one. The other one that you just showed me. Look at him.


Pro. That's that man strength.


Yeah. That's also. I want to kill you. Motivation, right? I mean, he got in fucking shape for Connor.




When he's standing on top of him, punching him. Let's talk now. Let's talk.


Yeah. Yeah. You know what? I was surprised Connor didn't quit at that moment because he was getting his ass whooped.


I don't think Connor's ever gonna do that.


Well, Connor did say to him, you know, it's just business or something. And then he said something like, no, I didn't say that. But he definitely did. Yeah.


He was probably a little rattled.




I mean, it wasn't going his way. He did win around, but it would seem like it was around that Khabib took off. Yeah, we kind of coasted for around and then got back on him again. Khabib just knew how to wear you out, man. The thousand yard stare the dudes would have when he grabbed ahold of them again. Barbosa. That's the best one. Like.


Michael Johnson, where he's holding.


Oh, my God. I was going, please tap, please. I was anticipating that spiral fracture that guys get when they don't tap to the kimura.


I don't like that car is an ugly break. It's a bad Minotauro verse, Frank. Me is the ugliest example of that. Don't be stubborn with that.


I saw it in a jiu jitsu tournament recently online, some kids snap, his arm just goes limp.


It's horrible.


It's horrible. And it happened quick, too, man. The guy just turned it. He turned the corner. It just popped right in his arm. And he goes like this. Backs up, and. Oh, it's awful.


I had a guy the other day. Listen that. People fall asleep all the time. You know, it happens. Our goal is to, you know, put someone to sleep or get a limb. So sometimes if the guy's a little stubborn.




You know, if arm lock or, you know, usually it's like, ah. You know, and they'll stop, if anything. But with the choke, sometimes you don't know. So the bread cutter. You know, the bread cutter. Fucking when. Oh, yeah. I love that. Fucking one. It's so good. One of my black belts gored. He went with this other guy. Now, this other guy said, a strong, fucking, like, middle eastern guy. And he's, dude, he's not in that quick tap club. And he. And it's not good. See, this is the second time he went out. But this time when he goes out, I go over, like, you know, you pick up the legs. So I go over to him, and I always, usually make a joke and, like, you know, because they usually come right back. So I'm like, hey, I'm in your bedroom. Hey, remember I slept over? You know, I'm thinking, and he's looking at me, dude, in 30 years, I never seen one like this. Because I don't know how long this guy had him out. His eyes were open. He looked like a fucking zombie. He's got my wrist. He's going, I'm like, his eyes will like, he was out, but he might have been out, dude.


And he had my wrist wrong with, dude, it was you fucking grabbing me. I go, hey, dude, I had neon belly on him. I'm like, fucking don't let go of his legs. I didn't want him to move. It was fucking. It took him a. It actually was starting to scare me a little bit.


How long did it take before he came back?


It felt like fucking eternity. It was a few seconds. And his eyes would just open the whole time. Like, dude, is this fucking. What am I dealing with here? And then he. Then he started to. The whole time he's clinching his. Got my wrist. And I go, dude, are you back? Did you sign a waiver? He was okay. He was all right. And then the best was that guy. Gord's a big, sweet over guys. Like a half a hippie, you know, he looks like kung fu panda. He's like, big. He's like, oh, and he's been calling me later. He goes, you know, I haven't seen sayed since. Is he a writer? Goes, come to think of it, nobody's seen this motherfucker. I go, sue, check up on this guy. My girl, check up on him. And, uh, he came back the next day. He was fucking fine. But nobody's seen him.


A little embarrassed.


He's a nice guy. Go, listen, then I found out it was like, the second time he went out. I go, dude, you can't. I go, this. You got it? I go. And I go, Henzo toy. Cuz, listen, it happens once in a while. Like, it happened to me once. I don't know if it ever happened to you guys, you ever get put to sleep?


I never got put to sleep.


I was a purple belt in the city, and I was going with this other purple bell. I didn't even like this guy. He's got little prick. I'll tell you his name, from Pennsylvania. Never liked him. I would always best them, but he was just like a dicky dude. So he was trying to fucking. And he was not bad at. So he's in my guard, trying to strangle me. Amateur move, you know, feet in the hips, flipped them over, mounted them, fall asleep. Motherfucker had it on still, you know. So I'm like, what the fuck? Hensel, like, woke me up. He didn't want to make a scene. He goes, nah, nah, he's okay. So the guy went back after me, and I woke up, like, during it, I'm like, what the fuck? And then I kind of. Then I realized what's going on. I fucked him up. But I remember after.


Wait a minute, so they didn't stop the match?


No, no. It was during the whole night of rolling. It was us just training on a whatever night. It was back. The Gracie ku Klux days on crazy Craig.


Ku kuk days.


Ku kak.


Yeah, he's the guy that they had those videotapes.




I learned a solid mountain.


He was my first instructor. I got my blue belt on the Craig. Craig came to New York, to New Jersey first, and Henzo came two years later. And then later on, they ended up having a split. And Hanzo came to me. You know the story.


Where'd that Kuka guy go?


Idaho or something? He was a. He was a very good instructor. He was under hurry on and hoists. And then they disowned him for some business reasons.


You know how weird.


I had, like, a newsletter of the Gracie newsletter. It's like a 17 year old. Like, I. Because my father was a martial artist, and this is before, you know, black belt magazine days, you know. So I'm like, wait. So then I found out they did something. Black belt, where he was gonna be in New Jersey doing one day a week in Manhattan at Oishi's judo club down in the village over there. So I go, I got to take advantage of this.


You know?


Like, I didn't know. I knew they kicked him out, but I knew they already awarded him. So there he is. Big german guy. He was very good teacher. Like, so my. My foundation is.


How long ago is this? Jamie, did it say down there? Eleven year old, 992. Those. Oh, the videos from 92. The video was re uploaded and remastered. It's gonna be from. This is very old DVD, so wouldn't be a video. Interesting.


And it's funny because when he started training, he didn't like the gee. He's like, I don't even own a gee. He fucking. He's that guy. But, uh, he was a very good teacher. He learned on the whore and on hoist. But the problem was, he wasn't a very personable guy. Like, he was like, you could never get too close to the guy. And him and Hanzo had, like, a fallen out business wise. And I was almost. I felt I was a young kid at the time. So I remember Hanzo took me out to eat afterwards, and he goes, look, one day after training, and he told me, he goes, look, now that I got my green card, I'm getting away from this motherfucker. And he goes, I want. He goes, if you go with him. Cause I was like, one of the.


That guy tried to kind of cock block his green card.


Yeah, he was. It wasn't as good. And then I remember Henzo going, like, if you go with him, some guys will go just because of you. Nobody likes this motherfucker. Goes, if you go with him. And he goes, but I want you to come with me and this and that. I go, it wasn't even a choice. Cause Henzo was like family. Even though. And I'm a loyal guy. I felt like parents were breaking up a little bit. But. But, like. But Henzo is a gem. I want him to run for president. I want him to run for president.


You can't have brazilian citizens. He's a run for president in America.


He's a great. He's a great human being.


Isn't that kind of weird? You could live here, but you can't run it. We just want to make sure we don't get some foreign infiltrators. It's like some old school espionage shit. Yeah. Someone takes their child across, this is going to be the next president to destroy the world.


He's the best.


No, I mean, Hanzo, like, just, you know, he's such a great human being. You know, he done so much for me, so.


It was the best.


Yeah, it wasn't even.


Everybody loves Enzo.


I don't. Yeah.


I never met anybody who doesn't.


It's true.


The thing about Enzo is the night looks. Nicest fucking guy there is.


Yeah. No, he's the best.


He'll switch it in a heartbeat.


Jump on somebody in a hair for a sec.


In a fucking hair. Listen, he was in a really quick. He was with his son Huron, who's a sweet kid, and he told this story on my podcast, but I'll do. I'll try to do it justice. He. They were in, um.


He's the best.


They pulled. They pulled into a gas station, right? He was in a little sports car that he was given to his son huron. And then somebody, uh, there was some guys, some, like, some street guys go there, you know, that's a chicks car, something like that, right? And he saw, like, his son's face, like, get a little sad. So he gets out, he goes, hey, come see the size of my vagina. Like, in my first shoot fighting match. Like, I. My first time ever fighting in a, in a cage was that big Daniel, big Dan, the rap. He used to have a shoot fighting matches. I remember at his school in Elizabeth.


New Jersey, Bama fight nights or something.


My first time ever as a purple belt. First time ever doing any kind of combat. Yeah, I did a jujitsu tournament, but I never fought before. So he came and it was like a three week notice thing, but I was always in shape. So I asked Hansel, you know, what do you do? Like, the day of the fight, I was a little nervous, you know, and I'm thinking the crazies with their diet and this and that, he goes, this is what you do. You go to GNC, you get the ripping fuel. Get one of those. You feel good all day. So I'm like, all right, rip it. Feel right again. I took one. I'm backstage and stuff going on, a little nervous. I took another one. Oh, no, let me do one more. I'm fucking. I don't know what this. So I took like fucking three. So I fought some kid from Virginia who was like a blue belt level something. And this was with rope escapes. So I went out there fucking kind of like I am now hyped up. Boom. Took him down. Rear naked choke. He grabs the rope. So I get him in 2 seconds.


He gets out. So I get a point. But then they started on. So I started off. I take him down again. He starts clamming up. There's no striking on the floor in the face. So it goes the distance because I'm exhausted. I got exhausted because of the fucking. My heart would stop afterwards. I couldn't even walk back. I'm like, dude, this fighting is exhausting. Meanwhile, it's the fucking ephedra. After the fight, Bart Val. You know who Bart Val? He was one of the refs. Somehow he knew Dan through the show fighting him. And Hensel was supposed to fight. I remember that year, CC one, one and done event. It was like a UFC wannabe. But Hensel fought three times in one night. And that guy fought for some hawaiian guy and they both got injured. He got out, but he was a big. He looked like a big. He gave me my first cauliflower here. It's like Rollo with a mullet.


Crazy man mustache. Yeah, Vale Henzo was in my corner.


So afterwards he's a big dude. So you know Hanzo. So afterwards, you know, he saw there was like, you know. Yeah, I even know went the distance. I won because I got the choke. So the bar was going like that. Hansel jumps up on the thought he was going, me and you had to call Enzo hands. I went over there to fucking go jump off. Really? Yeah. Fuck yeah. I mean, that's a. He was a big dude, man.


Oh, he was a massive dude. And he was in the early, early days. Yeah, bare knuckle mma.


He's like something out of fraggle rock us. I remember that event. That's like Eric Paulson and Matt Hume. Yeah, that's James wearing.


Paul sings.


That was a good fighter.


Very good. But I mean, it was the same, same time frame.


James Waring, fucking schoolyard. He fucking wrapped his hair around. He's a boxer and Eric Paulson's a very complete fighter. He's a very well rounded Chikuno guy. He cheated. He'd fight over in shudo, but, uh, well, I don't think they would know you're allowed.


I mean, I mean, he tried to go through the striking side with his grappling experience.


Paulson, what does that mean?


Like they had two divisions. It was grapplers and strikers. Waring was in the strike and then the, was the guy who won the striker side fought the guy who won the grappling.


That's not right though, because Hensel fought a Judah.


I mean, they were still fighting, but like they had, they had rules on how long you could be on the ground, all that shit. Like, I remember he's cool. Mister Waring, actually, I've met him down in Florida.


Yeah, he's a, he's a nice guy.


When Matt Hume fought Pat millitouch.




He was very good.


Yeah, I remember I trained with him in Japan and the first time I fought Uno and he beat the shit out of me, I was like, man, I shouldn't even be here.


Mighty mouse says he still beats his ass.


I'm sure he's 50. Yeah, I'm sure he's got to be older. He's got to be older than 50.


Got to be older than 50.


I'm about to be 50.


He might be 60.


Matt Hume was good.


He was very good. Yeah, I was always fascinated that he didn't continue to fight.


Remember, he did contenders, too, where they had to grab, like the wrestlers, didn't he?


Wasn't it Kenny Monday?


Kenny Monday try to go for his legs.


And that was when Frank Shamrock, Kevin.


Jackson was in it.


Yeah. No, no, no.


That was in UFC. Yeah.


Was Dan Henderson.


Yeah. Was it Dan Henderson?


Yeah. You got Dan Henderson. He caught him in like an ankle lock.


Was that, was that when boost Amont, they fought Erickson?


No, not a different event.


That was a different event. That was. That was a MMA event.


That was Mars.


Yeah. 40 minutes.


He fought Tom Erickson for 45 minutes more. Some of my all time favorite bustamante.


Tap, Matt Lindlin out twice. I remember that because he tapped him out. And big John, I thought booster Monte.


Beat Chuck Liddell in that fight to struck him like I thought he won that fight.


Boy, I'd have to go back and watch that, you know, there was me too.


Sometimes he was so calm, comfortable in the back. Sometimes Chuck would do a punch and he'd go back with it. It kind of, the optics were a little weird, you know, but I think that guy, that's when, what I love about those guys is that if you've seen those guys in Abu Dhabi, you see them in a jujitsu tournament, you see them in MMA, their jiu jitsu transitions. That's like, that's like, who'd I just say earlier? The young kid. Not young kid. He's young to me, I guess.


Right here. And Bustamante was an 85 er, right? Yeah.




This is a crazy fight. We think about it.


Yeah, I remember.


How many times did Bustamante fight? 205.


He was pretty, I mean, for a jujitsu guy, like, he was pretty well rounded, especially for that.


Yeah, he was awesome. Real bustamante.


And people sleep on realize Chuck was a wrestler.


Yeah, that was a good right hand by Chuck. Chuck had the touch of death, don't you?


That's what, like with Chuck, when he hung in there too long. Like, I like when the guys, what.


We just talked about, it's unfortunate that they don't have a fucking exit strategy, you know? And then also if you've had a bunch of wars, probably not thinking so good anymore.




It's hard to muster up the mental energy to create a career.


It's hard to accept the fact that you ain't as good as you used to be.


Yes, very hard.


They don't accept it. Yeah, very hard. Very hard. When you're young, you just, you don't think you're ever gonna be old and you're like, fucking.


Isn't it kind of wild that Fedor's still throwing?


Is he really?


Didn't he, did he retire finally? Ryan Bader fight. We got knocked out the second time.


Thought he retired. But then I saw him talking about, like, trying to do a boxing match with Tyson or one of those guys.


That's what, man, that dude in his prime was something different for sure.


Oh, yeah.


We have to look at him in the context of what came before him, and there was nobody.


Yeah, it was nothing like him before him for sure.


The fact that he could both knock you out. Submissions from everywhere, from everywhere off his back. I mean, when random and threw him, spiked him on his head and his expression never changed.


His variety of just being able to do so many different things.


So many different.


So tough. And his personality.


When he could have fought at 02:05 forever.




How about that? What was he, about 230 with that belly?


Yeah, always looked chubby. Very accurate, man.


His hand speed was, I mean, fucking good.




Yeah, I was with Jeff Munson in Russia when he fought Jeff. And, man, I never seen a beating like that. And when Jeff was walking out, I mean, Jeff. Yeah, he really looked like he was going to his death. I mean, it was bad.


That was fad or when he was really fad.


Yeah, yeah.


The fador that fought in pride when. Remember when he walked down croak hop, he most.




Okay. Ryan Bader, he said he suffered tko in the first round, retiring from MMA after the bout. So he says. But that was real recent. That was February a year ago. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I think you could talk some of those guys, I just think they just don't like not doing it.




The thrill of getting it just gives them a purpose. And as they get older, it gets more and more dangerous. You get Ko'd more often.


You would think Putin would make him the minister or something like he did with Corella and stuff.


The problem is when you compete that long, I know, the weirdest feeling for me, I don't know how it was for you or any of you guys. You all competed after, like the three month to the six month mark of, of not getting another thing coming up. It's a fucking weird feeling. It's like, shouldn't I be calling Joe Silver now and getting another fucking fight? Like, what am I, your purpose? Yeah, weird for a lot of people.


They just can't accept. And then if they go and do other stuff and they don't find success in that other thing, yeah. I could have just made 30,000 for a fight. I could have done this. I could.


And then you watching other dudes make all this money and you think, damn, man, I still hang with them, right? I still got it. And then you gotta get a real job.


There's also the difference between someone who's absolutely obsessed at being the best in the world and someone who's thinking, I could probably fight and make money.




Cause you're just not gonna train, you're not gonna focus, you're not gonna have the same intensity, enthusiasm, the same everything. You're not gonna, you're not gonna be the same guy. So even if you used to be that guy when you were younger, when you're 20, if you're 27 and you're just doing it for money, and you think you're still that guy that you were when you were 20, when you were obsessed, young with it, no, fucked up. You're going to get fucked up.


Things can go south so quickly, too. Like, you could be on a tear. Next thing you know, you look, you're down two, you're down three. Now what do you got?


Look at Volkanovski. Volkanovski. Before the rematch with Islam, Makhachev is in dispute as the best pound for pound fighter alive, right? He almost won that fight, a very close fight. Some people thought he could have won, some people thought Islam could have won. But either way, he went up, fought the best fighter in the 155 pound division and got to a standstill with him. So at that point, you're looking at him. This motherfucker is one of the greatest of all time, probably the best pound for pound fighter alive. And then he gets Ko'd in the rematch he takes with ten days notice, which is crazy to fight like that with ten days notice. And then he gets KO'd in the fight with Toporia. And in two fights over the course of, what was it, seven months, eight months? Everything's different.




His team did him a disservice running him out there right after my, like that was too soon after Makachev, in my opinion. And if they let him run out there again in three or four months, I think they're really doing him a disservice. Because the lights been turned off twice.




And they got to give him his brain time.


Yeah, but is that really his team or. That's just him? You know, I mean, I guess you can't get.


You do have the final saying, fighters always think they can do anything. They always think they can do it. They always think they can pull it.


Off, because, like you said, like, I mean, he pretty much it. That weight might have been the best guy ever.


When Manny Pacquiao got knocked out by.


Marquez, they gave him a year.


Yeah. Freddie Roach said one year. That's right. You want to take a whole year?




It was one of the best one punch knockouts, and Manny was piecing him.


Up until that point.


And the consequences of the fight, you know, this is their third fight.


Hindsight's 2020, though. I mean, he could have went in there and fucking knocked him out. I mean, what if he. He got that head kick?


Many could have.


But you're not.


You're not. You're not gonna be able to compete against a guy like Makachev with no camp. You're not gonna be the same guy. This is my argument, like, with Kamaru, Usman and Hamza, and everyone's like, hamza beat Kamara. I'm like, sort of, sort of, kind of. Ten days notice for rounds. Kamar wins. Yeah, because Kamara was winning in the third. Also, Kamaru didn't have time to prepare. Yeah, he doesn't know. He can't trust his gas tank.


So fighting weight class.


Fighting up a weight class. But Hamza was really legit. 170, if you could make the weight. But at 170 homs, that's the most terrifying guy on the planet.




Because he's fucking horrific. He knocks you out with one punch. He's got crazy, crazy speed.


Yeah, but is underrated off the charge. You trust him to make the weight, though? No, can't trust him to do shit.


The thing about that one weight cut that he missed by eight pounds, though, that's New York. And they stopped him from cutting the weight. You know how they do it.


New Yorkers, these.


No, it's some. Some athletic commissions. They don't. They intervene a little.


They get it.


They go, oh, no, he's not gonna make it. Like, listen, they can make it. Ain't gonna look good. But they.


How do they get their two cent in?


They did that with. That's why Al had to fight Khabib, right? Because they didn't think Max Holloway was cut. They didn't want him cutting any more weight because Max was cutting the weight and they were so 24 hours notice. Al steps in and he stepped in.


Like a stud raging ally didn't take.


Him down after the second round, he.


Was supposed to fight Paul Felder a.


Totally, for three rounds, totally different, you.


Know, three rounds kickboxer. He got taken down right away. He went with him five rounds and he was with. He was in there. He was in there. And that was without a camp for that. He was, he was fighting a three round. He wasn't getting ready for five rounds.


Personally, that fight, to me, I thought kind of exposed like Khabib a little bit. Like, obviously he's undefeated and all that stuff, but what if he would ever got in there with a dude that had a skill set of like George, who could strike, defend the take?


He did. He fought Justin Gaething, Justin Gage. He's a dangerous motherfucker.


I don't think his wrestling is the same, even.


No, he doesn't. He doesn't use his wrestling, doesn't use it to attack, but he's hard to take down. Justin's very hard to take down. And Khabib dominated him in grappling exchanges. The thing about George is he's just much bigger. George is a big guy. George fought 85, beat Michael Bisping. Right. I know he's not really an 85 eR, but George at 170 is a big, strong 170%. And it could be the same kind of deal where like when Izzy went up and fought Yambokovic, it's like you got the 185 pound champ who's a virtuoso, but he's fighting a guy that's just a lot bigger than him. Yeah, a lot bigger. If you're not going to have the time to prepare and get your body into a position where you're in somewhat similar range in far of strength, you know, if you're in these crazy grappling exchanges.


I was a. Izzy just sucks on the ground.


He's not the best on the ground. That's a fact. Yeah, yeah. He's not, you know, I mean, which was surprising. The first fight with Pajeda, when he gets him down, you know, crazy. And he had his back.


Yeah. I mean, he, he could have did a lot. He could have did a lot more with that. He could have did a lot more with that. Yeah.


Yeah. Alex's level on the ground is not good either, you know, but the thing is, he's getting better at defending. He's getting a lot better at defending once he gets taken down and when he's on his feet, he's just a motherfucker to deal with, especially as he slowed down a little bit.


I don't think either those guys are going for a takedown, to be honest. Jamal Hill or Alex.


But Jamal would be more capable of taking Alex down and doing well on the ground. Jamal's not lost on the ground. He just is such a good striker. He prefers to stand up. It's a fucking fun fight. I know it's a fun fight. That's why I'm gonna have goose bumps before that one starts.


Here we go. The whole car is like that from the opening. I don't. That's why I don't understand why people were upset about that being the main event.


Oh, my God.


They're great event.


Yeah, that's just dorks.


Yeah, what the hell did you expect? What did you. What did you want? Yeah, what did you want?


Where's corner? Do you guys think Connor will fight this year?


I think so.


Like, keep saying he's gonna fight. They keep saying he's gonna fight, but.


Keep pushing it back. Pushing it back.


I think so. I think after doing that movie and how. How much he had to put into that movie, I think he's gonna want to. Yeah, I think he's gonna want to come back to do something like fighting something that he loves to do.


There's the. The movie curse, the Tommy Morrison curse. When you became a movie star, remember Tommy Morrison, the man in boxing? He was the Duke. He was John Wayne's grandson, right? Or nephew.


What's a nephew or some shit, so.


They could call him the Duke, you know? And everybody thought he was gonna be the man. And then he fought. He did Rocky. And then after Rocky fought rape motherfuckers.


That might be one of the worst knockouts in the history of worst knockouts.


And it's. It's. He's out already, and Mercer's keeping him up with punches. He's tangled up in the ropes. And Mercer's just tear hung off bombs.


Not to mention Ray Mercer knocked out Tim Sylvia, bro. Oh, yeah, that was when they agreed.


To beat boxing only. And Sylvia opened up with an inside leg kick.


And Ray Mercer.


Bro, what about who? He was like, 46 at the time.


What about Mercer, when he fought in Japan, who had kicked him? And he just said, fuck this, and, like, got out of the ring, remember?


Right. I'm trying to remember who that was.


Like, what.


Came to american top team when I was with them. He came there a few times just to kind of see what MMA was like.


Yeah, there was a few boxers that gave it a go in kickboxing.


Both Vince Phillips.


Phillips fought Masato. Remember?


He was like, no, I'm straight.


No, they fought a while. He fought a while. He got really lit up in the leg real bad. But Sato was so good too.


Yeah. What about butter bean versus Genki? Pseudo.


Yeah, he hooked him, right?




Oh, fuck yeah.


He was a good guy.


Didn't you?


No, no, we, I had a training session with all the japanese guys that were going to Abu Dhabi one year. I was in PR, I was in Japan with, with Hanzo. And he goes, Henzo was fighting in pride, so he wanted me and Ikado Ameda to go with everybody. All the japanese guys, they were filming it. They were going over uno, romuno, sado. Sado, Genki, sudo, they were all getting together, all the Abu Dhabi team together, grappling session. They were gonna film stuff. She goes, I want you and Hiccado to go down there. It'll be good for you. And I mean, I was, my first time in Japan, I'm like, I don't want to do shit, man. I just want to fucking. But I'm like, all right, fine. You know, Hansel makes us, you know, it makes go. So the day before Hyen did something to fucking hit Cardo's leg. So Carter couldn't do nothing, hiding some wild man. So I had to go down. So it's just me, you know, so I, they were with me, but. So I went with Genki Sudo. At one point, I went with all out of the guys and it was like, like four minute matches from like defeat.


So at one point, like, I jumped guard and he went down. He stood up and he started going around in a circle like, ah. And they're all going, oh, I open up and he goes for a leg lock.


Oh my God.


I got out of it, but it's fucking weird. But they all did the voice. Oh, wild guy, man, Genki was supposed to be my first fighting you.


Oh, here's how Remy Bonjoski. Yeah, he got head kicked.


He said that? Sorry.


Well, Remy Bond Joski was amazing. And he fought, he said had such an interesting style.


Crazy knees.




Hey, man, we just lost Rob Kamen.


That sucks.


That really sounds hard.


Nice guy.


I worked out with that guy a lot. I trained with that guy for like, like eight weeks, period. It was amazing. He was awesome.


Those dutch guys are cool, man.


He's the coolest. He was the coolest.


He's super.


I did a joint seminar with him in Canada one time. He's just a cool guy.


Head kick. Check, check, please.


Thank you.


I don't enjoy that. Franz Botha, he did well in kickboxing. Member. Yeah, he figured out how to do it a little bit and start fucking people up. Those hands were so good.




You know those guys, if you could have like elite hands and you could figure out the kicks, you had like a little bit of an advantage. Because some of those guys, their boxing was not right.


Right. If you could just stay in close.


Yeah, I think.


I think he sudo get Raymond Decker. Also, Raymond Decker got submitted. He did. I think I remember, I think that.


Was his only mma fight.


I remember that guy, cuz long ago, used to always point that guy on. This fucking guy deckers, in his prime.


As the wildest highlight reel of any fighters.


Fuck people.


He was an assassin. He had his ankle fused. His ankle had broken so many times that his doctor, he couldn't bend his ankle and his doctors like it. Look, if you keep kicking with that thing, we might have to remove it. Fuck you. Wrap it back up. Kicking people too. He just, once we got in there, he just smashed. Well, he kicked through everything he did. He kicked through your arms, he kicked through your elbows, elbows. Ramon Deckers was a fucking machine, man. And he was a small guy, so he's fighting the elite ties that were all his weight and just pc people up.


He was mean, too.


Oh, he was ferocious. Yeah, just put on a Ramon Decker highlight. He was ferocious, man. He was the combinations. He was the first guy that like perfected the duchy that Ernesto hus used to always do. That left hook to the body, right low kick. He would hit that thing. It was a fucking thing of beauty. And he was just such a fucking killer. Such a killer. Like, just mean. Everything was hard. Everything was hard. Every fucking strike was full power and this motherfucker just put people away.


It's a little bit like Nate Landau.


A little bit, bro. Ramon Deckers was the fucking man. His hands were so powerful, too. No, there's a thing that he had above a lot of those guys was his punching power. His hands. Oh, bro, he's trying to, as he's on the way down, he's still trying to tee off on him. Ramon Deckers, bro. Come on, son, let's see his hand.


In MMA after this.


That's a guy. He died young, too, so. He died young, too. He died, yeah, I think he died like a heart attack while he's riding his bike or something crazy. He probably rode his bike like a fucking savage. He's. Yeah, right?


Just. Yeah, everything hard.


A fucking heart attack. He was a monster, man. Imagine being stuck in the fucking ring with this guy. I mean, and back then, there was nobody like him. I mean, he was just fucking everybody up. And he was so mean. Look at this. Kicking him through the ropes. Like you had to stop him. You had to pull him off. You look, dude's going down. Head kicks him, bro. Ramon Deckers.


Bring on Genki.


That was the thing that Rob Cameron was great at. To that, the low kick across the front of the legs. He would step off to the left and throw that right low kick across both thighs. Oh, that's a thudder, bro. Ramon Deckers. I mean, what a highlight reel. Who's fucking highlight reel? Everybody getting smoked. It's all. Everyone just getting pieced up. And the power that motherfucker had with his kicks, with his punches, everything. He just destroyed people. But he destroyed his own body, too. His ankle was completely fucked by the time his career was over.


What are Steven Seagal shit in that?


Brazilians love Steven Seagal.


What does he pay those guys to be hang out with?


Anderson had a great sense of humor. And I think Anderson loved those movies when he was a kid. And it was like, when I met Chuck Norris, I was like, oh, my God, I'm meeting Chuck Norris. I hugged Chuck Norris.




So for answer, it might have been like the fucking. The first one.


What was the first one?


Above the law.


Everybody like that.


When everybody, good fucking movie.


Everybody like that movie was legit.


So if Anderson fell in love with that Steven Seagal, it makes sense.


What about alpha justice now for justice? Wasn't anybody seen Bobby Lupo? It was fucking horrible. He was walking around with a gangster.


He wanted to be italian in the worst.


So bad. Well, that was when the mob was allegedly sponsoring his movies. He had, like, a mix up with the mob. The mob was involved in financing his movies. Like, Stephen, I don't think you understand how to grab him by the nose. This is what you do. Just grab him by the nose. Imagine telling Anderson Silva, when you get in the clinch, just grab him by the nose. Watch this. Take him down. Grab his nose.


What the fuck he's saying?


He's giving him coaching. It's adorable. And Anderson's listening. But the thing is, like, Anderson might be able to take something from some of this.


That's true.




Creative, right?


Remember when he hit Tony Fricklin with that step in upper elbow? And you know that he had to train that away from his coaches because his coaches told him to stop drilling that. You're not going to use that.




And so he made his wife hold pillows. So his wife would hold pillows. He would step in and throw that elbow.


No kidding.


Yeah. And then he did it on purpose just to show them, fuck you. Yeah, I can do this shit. And this was when. This was when Anderson, before he came over to the UFC. Look at this.


Boom. That's.


Is that when he got his head.


Split, bro, come on. No, they just ko them. But, bro, Anderson, in those days when he was fighting in England, that's when he became Anderson. So when he came over to the UFC to fight Chris Lieben, I was like, everybody hang on.


Yeah, I remember. This is. Motherfucker. We fought. Me and Dean Thomas fought on that card. It was the dean. It was the tough four finale, right? It was Chris Lieben. Didn't get close to him, man.


That and the rich Frank.


Yeah, both rich Frank brutalized. Brutalized those guys. But that was. That was an Anderson became Anderson. You know, like when we fought Rio Chonan and Pride and Rio Tonan flying. Scissored him into a. Wasn't as good back then. Right. It was just there was something missing. And then he goes to England, and then he finds himself, and then he starts fucking everybody up. Jorge Rivera.


Yeah, for sure.


Remember when Horrif stood right in front of him, let him punch him in the face?


Mm hmm.


I mean, it's like Anderson was on another planet.


I know he was planet, man. He was.


Piece. Dangerous.


Dangerous. I was at the club that night that Lee Murray got into that fight with Tito. London.


Did you see the fight?


It was in London on Manchester. It was that. Where the fuck was that? It was London. It was London because he beat up Tito and Tito. Yeah. Slippery shoes. First of all, when you look in the dude's eyes, you know, because he was talking to me in the club, and he's like, hey, you like the jiu jits? I can't do the accent, but he's like. He's asking me about my. He says, yeah, you like the jiu jitsu? I like to knock people out. I thought he was like a crazy knucklehead, so I was just talking. I'm like, ah, yeah, cool. And then when I left later that night, I heard he fucking knocked out Tito. Dropped Tito? Yeah, he was a real gangster.




On him.


Imagine a guy that's that good at MMA and fighting is actually a real bank robber. I know, because he fucked a lot of people up, man.


They did, like, a little mini documentary on. On that I don't know if it's showtime or HBO or who it was. Could have been on Netflix.


Wasn't guy Richie gonna do a film about that heist?


That's what I would choose.


Is crazy.


Yeah, they should have did that.


A bunch of fighters put on tactical gear and robbed $50 million.


Had to love his mural in his house.




Submitting awesome show to last year.


Oh, that's a storage and lightning.


It was last year. Oh, it's a mini series ago. It was this lean Richie, his crew. Oh, it says guy Richie's making a movie. It says it's not. Does not say he is. It says catch.


Enlightening. More like document rich.


He's got.


It's like his code and people like that, people that were involved, you know, around when the heist happened, all that stuff, so.


But if you click on that, it said, guy Richie's making a movie. That someone's responding to that. But is that just rumors? Yes. Someone said you said something about it. No, I'm probably lying again.


God damn it.


Trailer would probably say Guy Richie's name right on it. Oh, so this is a documentary.




Oh, it's a documentary series. Oh, well, that's got to be really interesting. That's what I want. Want to see real?






Oh, beautiful. So that was out April 7?


Yeah, check it out.


It's out right now. Oh, okay. And it's called catching lightning.




So I will check that out for sure. It's a crazy story, man, but he was a real elite fighter. He was a dangerous knockout striker.




Showtime wife is the one that, like, showed me that it was on. We watched it. It was good.


I saw him fight live, well, obviously, in the Jorge Rivera fight, but I saw him fight live against Amir Renovardi. He was a fucking killer, dude. He was a killer.




Lee Murray was a danger fight.


He go, bucks. Danger.


Good hands, dangerous puncher.


He had something when I remember. And this was. I mean, shit, that was when I seen him at that club. I mean, when was that early? Two thousands. And I seen something in his eyes.


Do you remember when he got stabbed in a knife fight and then was in the hospital almost dead and then hit and pad six weeks later?


Oh, my God.


Yeah. Show Lee Murray. I think it's like. I legitimately think it was, like, six to eight weeks after getting stabbed, if I remember it correctly. He was hitting mitts. And I was like, this is the most insane thing I've ever seen in my life. See if you can find that because it was a video that I read. It wasn't like that. He was tearing the mitts up, though. He was hitting mitts after getting stabbed in the heart.


In the heart?


In the heart, bro. I mean, you got stabbed a bunch of times.


That's crazy.


Should have died and lived. And then next thing, he's hitting mitts, and then after they's planning a bank robbery.


You'Ll see on the documentary, like, they kind of show. They kind of say he's not, you know, he ain't the mastermind. They, like, set him up to be that guy.


Oh, the master. I wouldn't think he'd. The mastermind of the organization.




They were in. It's. I mean, it's pretty crazy. And it wasn't at the largest amount of money, like, in stolen in history or something like that.


How did they catch him? How do they know who did it?


I mean, you. I'm gonna ruin the documentary.


Okay. Is there a video of him hitting the pads after being stabbed in the heart? See if you can find that. It's so crazy. YouTube, I believe this thing does all.


When I spit this thing out, he's.


Been in a pouch.


Okay. I didn't know. Like a gum?


Yeah. It gets a little chewy.


Kevin Oliver. Yeah.


Get in there, sir.


Thank you. Chunky. Now, where's that cat Williams shit? Let's go. Let's fucking go.


Caleb, stuff is not for amateurs.


Give me a zin. Give me a zin. Good. Thank you, bro.


Let's go, let's go. Ready to revive for round three.




Do you remember when Panama Lewis gave.


Not that one yet.


And then he came out.


Whoa. Do you guys remember when Craig Hardy wanted somebody to give him a fucking. Never mind.


What? Greg Hardy, the wrestler?


No, no. Greg Hardy was fighting, and he goes, man, I need my inhaler. So his corner guy, he must have been new to the UFC. He goes, all right. It was Dean Thompson. I'm sorry.


Greg Hardy.


No, Greg Hardy was fighting.


Dean was cornering him.


Oh, Greg Hardy, the heavyweight guy? Oh, Jesus Christ.


You sound her approved. I asked. I asked the dude.


You sound approved.


Who handed. I handed it to him. How many not.


You saw the proof.


No, it's not.


Oh, boy.


Reality. If a dude fights with asthma, you would think he'd be cleared to use his fucking inhaler, right?


But what does the inhaler do for you?


It opens your lungs.


Would it be beneficial for someone who doesn't have asthma?


Yeah, but nobody has asthma, and he got cleared to have it in the back. And he thought. He thought he was able to have it in the corner. So when I asked the guy, I say, can he have this? He said, yeah, I think so. So I gave it to him. Well, sorry to bring that up. I mean, Dana threw me under the bus. He was like, yo, that damn Dean Thomas. How could he do this happen?


You know, it's complicated, too, because the rules keep shifting.


Right? Rules in different states are all different.


So it's 100%.


But. But the testosterone rule was the craziest rule of all the rules that have ever existed in the UFC. When they started giving people testosterone, I know that was.


That was the.


They were wild west days. People could take whatever they wanted.


What years was that where they were just allowed to. Guys, it's a good question.


I want to say what year did and cold fight Vitor because.


Came back a different man when he.


Man, you look different, physically different.


Kick Luke in the head. Yep.


Luke Rockhold said, I was looking at this guy at the Wayans going, what the fuck is he on? His veto is just like a fucking silverback.


I mean, dude, when he first came on the scene, he was like, 220.


Had traps up on the scene. I was there for his first fight, UFC twelve in Dothan, Alabama. And no one knew what to expect because everybody thought that Vitor was a Carlson Gracie black belt. So they expected him just. But he came out with them brazilian fucking model shorts on and the MMA gloves and just tuned up. Trey telecom.


Victor Gracie.


Yeah, that's Victor Gracie.


That's what we called him back then. We called him Victor. I was at his school when he was training back then. I was at Carlson Gracie's in 97. That's part of how the reason I.


Got this gig, you know, it's funny, he. I interviewed him once and he mentioned that. Did you used to train there?


Yeah, yeah, I trained there in 96. That's when I started training there.


Dude, when he. When he killed Vanderlay in that. Oh, yeah, Verdel was a savage, too then.




People didn't know yet.


He came out with wrestling shoes on.


He came out like. Remember he was like, almost like he was freezing him. He was in, like Vanderlay was in waiting. VAR Romano, you know, the guy that gymnastica natural. He used to be like, I guess part of the Carlson team. And he said, like, vanderley was pissed because he thought Vitor was in the back trying to freeze him out. What Alvaro said was that Vitor was petrified. Said he was in the back, was crying. And they had to make him go out there. And he went out there and machine gunned Vanderley across the cage, like, so crazy.


It was terrifying.


I heard that story. Right. So I had. As a journalist with integrity, I had to ask him about it. He said that he had stomach problems.


Is he going to admit.


I know. That's the same thing. I thought. That's the same thing. I miss that. The same thing, I thought. But I had to ask him about it.


Well, 2013. So eleven years ago, they were juicing.




We know. Something happened.




He made an excuse.




No, stomach problems.


Yeah, he said he had stomach problems.


How many years they had TRT for? When did it start? That's a question for the Whitsky.


Right? Yeah. Dan Henderson was on that shit, right? Yeah.


But not for a while. He was on, like, later. He wasn't. I don't think he. And he was on a low dose of it. And when he got off it, he's one of the guys.




Those basically the same guy. When he got off of it, he was. He, like. He couldn't train his heart, I think he said. But he knocked out Hector Lombard after he got off of it. That was post TRT days. He was still fucking people up.




Remember when he knocked out Fedor?


Oh, yeah.


Dan Henderson knocked out.




He ducked under, snuck out the back door and hit him with an uppercut.


Yeah. Boom, boom.


Because Fedor had him rocked and he went down. He was on his back and Fedor jumped on him. He grabbed ahold of a single, snuck out the bag.




And then just hammered him with that fucking Hendo right hand.


The bisping knockout was the crazy. Crazy because he gave him the little.


The craziest, the flying punch, and that became his logo.


I know.


After watching tough and bisping, you know, he's. He's a look, I like Michael Bisping.


And he's a.


He's an instigating motherfucker. And he was on him the whole time. So you almost were happy.




You know, at that point that Dan got his revenge.


Dan's a nano, but now I work with bisping, man. I like him a lot, man. I hate watching that clip because I like him.


So you don't want to see your boy.


It's rough watching a guy get hammered in the face after he's out cold. Yeah, that's a rough.




That guy's. I mean, I like. I like biscuit. When he was on tough, like, when he came up, like, he was obviously a talented a guy and wound up.


Becoming a world champion. Very solid guy.


He said we should mention that he won that re. That rematch. I got fucking hiccups. Oh, yeah.




He won the rematch versus no versus.


Title when he was a champion.


When he was a champion.


Yep. He had one eye at that point. Well, how about the craziest one was when he beat Anderson. And then he gets his mouthpiece knocked out. He's point to the referee to get. Get his mouth hits it with a flying knee and walk off. Yeah, it's a walk off ko.




And then they didn't call it. Cause it was like the end of the fight. Bisping wasn't like John McCarthy was doing the refereeing right? Wasn't it, John?


I think so.


And then they didn't. Was it Herb or was it John? I can't remember that point.


It might have been her, I think.


I think it was Herb, but I think the fight wasn't over. They had another round there.


Fight was not over because they. Anderson thought he ko'd him. He hit him with that flying knee and dropped him and walked away like it was. Walk away ko.




And then the fight kept going.


He jumped on the cage.


That's right. He thought it was over. Yeah. Meanwhile, was like this being was blind in one eye.




So Bisbing, when he's pointing to see where he probably couldn't even fucking see it coming.


Probably looking for his goddamn eye.


What a jesus.




How many fights? So here he said he fought how many times?


Then he walks away and they're like. He goes, what the fuck? I think he just said, what the fuck, man?


Mentally come from that adrenaline dump, right?


Meanwhile, bisping survived. How tough is this motherfucker? One eye and survives?


He's a savage.


Crazy, right? And by the way, that left eye, that's fucked up. That's the good.


That's the good eye.


That's the good eye. That's the eye. He can see eyes. And he comes back and he wins the fifth round, which is bananas, man. Just fucking bananas.