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I'm there in Gargi, and you're listening to the laughs of your life, the podcast where I talk to influential people about laughter from feeling left out to the person they always laugh with to their first memories of laughter.


The biggest memory that I have would be at Mass with my sister Hayley, and we had to leave out the side door because she'd never the phone on site. And that rang when Soulja Boy, so she couldn't find us. And I just lost her and I couldn't breathe. And I remember my mother was looking at me and it was sweat coming out of my back.


Patricia Lewis, better known as Tricia's Transformation, is my guest this week.


She talks to me about growing up in Limerick as one of nine girls. Have her life changed for the better in 2018 and how she has no plans to look back. I hope you enjoy. Patricia Lewis, you are extremely welcome to the last of your life.


Thank you very much. I just want to cut you off the board last week. So I was like, wait for you.


Oh, you're a you're a seasoned listener of the podcast. I feel I was watching your insta stories there a few minutes ago and you said that you would listen to I think not every episode, nearly every episode of the podcast.


Yeah, I think I was the only one that I know. Why did I need to get I need to save myself a huge digital footprint, but I need to go back. I see. But I have listened to every one of them. I adore them. Oh, my God.


I was talking to my mom the other night, actually on the phone, and I did kind of a question box on Instagram. Just I just want to know what people's favorite moments from any of the podcasts were. And the top five Peagler was in their direction, but I had my family members only Alvar featured. So my mom, my mom rang me and was like, I'm absolutely disgusted. I didn't return your top. And your father discussed it.


And I thought your mom was great. She had no oh, no, mom was very good, but she was right.


Anyway, look, I think I feel you have a lot of story in you, Trisha, which is why I was so delighted that you said yes to this podcast. People have said to me before that I should have you on the podcast and you're just I feel you're a born conversationalist, is conversationalist. I don't know which one it is, whichever.


You know what I mean? No one I love, I think what I was always listened, I was like, what if she ever asked me? So I practiced this, but I've never been as nervous. Like, I think I might even start with more with less nerves. I'm like, right.


How do I make sure unless it's only a choice, we won't overthink it? Will we get straight into it? Bofinger Trishala is your first memory of laughter. And so I think all of my childhood is the answer to this, I don't actually have a moment that I remember, but I have loads and they're all kind of mixed in ages. So like I grew up in Country Limerick and I've eight sisters and we were reared at the top of the mountain.


So we were a bit worried and said, we want to be as loud and have as much as you could possibly want. So I think there's a couple of moments that I remember and it always was moments where I could get into severe trouble is the last that I remember and simple things like boy to mess, like being in school and scaring people. So I think what's the biggest memory that I have would be at Mass, my sister Kelly, and we had to leave out the side door because she'd never turn the phone on site.


And that rang and Soulja Boy, so she couldn't find us. And I just lost it and I couldn't breathe. I can I remember my mother was looking at me and it was swish.


I told my dad that it's Soulja Boy.


It's like you have to let because we we just think like, oh, this is of all of us. And I've always I've always found so much joy in life. But I didn't laugh. I'd say since I came over the womb, I've got me in so much trouble all through my life because I was always a very serious situation like like so many times Mum would have to go talk to her because she was incredibly inappropriate. Like, I remember going on the bus to knock, like we would all go.


And it's just great crack like and you'd be at the back because you were to servers. So you got the back seat of the bus when we were just like wild animals laughing. And I remember, like, come to prayer time and just say a prayer at the top of the bus. So instead I was like, oh, we still get souls. I don't do a prayer. And does these really old people going on there. And I was like, everywhere we go back to the react, but I just found it so funny.


It didn't bother me that I was especially people, which is a terrible thing to have. But I'm kind of happy.


I do have a I wish I had heard Soulja Boy got off on my father's death goal now. OK, I have to ask you, nine girls, what was that like? You see, because insane, like, I think you have two sisters, you kind of know that bond with your sisters is quite intense in either way, you can either love them to bits or you want them to be like murderers here, like I'll get them. So there was a lot of there was a lot of politics and a lot of kind of like or we can say, let's gofers, you know, you don't need any information, but it would just be.


Well, we just like Spence, like we were incredibly close, but they're my best friends, every single one of them. So growing up with all of them, it was just the best crack you could ever imagine. Like we got just kind of like between like you'd open a wardrobe and like, you have to be poundings or like there's one of them fuckers in here. I know.


And then were like, we just kind of talk to each other and having the best crack you can ever have.


Where did you come in the nine? So I am the seventh youngest, and that's my claim to fame, because apparently the seven seven son would be a genius. Now I know it's I'm supposed to have your children, but if I have seven daughters in a room that's seven, what is my money maker?


Oh, my God.


I just can't imagine what it was like for your mother to, like, whatever about, OK, whatever about that. The ninth time because she was funny, just like, you know what I'm I'm almost expecting at this stage. But but and it was your mom that had all the all the nine girls. Yes. Yeah, I hope so. No, no, no. I don't know if you were like a blended family or whatever it might be.


Right. What do you know? I just got a moment of panic there. I was like, maybe it's two families. I don't know, but I'm like, whatever I like. On the 9th, she was probably like, but I'd say like on the fifth or sixth, like, was she just like, where are my boys?


Like I mean at some stage. And I think and I was like, I love you all equally, but I'm like, Mama says you had to be allergic. And another one, you know, and I'm going to surprise you, probably just like the doctor, but we didn't say it. It was just like, there we go, baby. She was like, I know it's hard. She was like, Jigglypuff, another one.




And I mean, like, it would be really difficult for her because we were like, can you imagine, like, the horrible things, like when we were all reaching different levels of each other?


Yeah. Tell me about that. I'm like, what? Like whatever I can, which is I'm like, oh, so OK. So that when the youngest was born, how old was the eldest.


Twenty. Right. Wow. So, so. So it wasn't a bladder.


Well it was. And I'm sorry to say it wasn't Big Bash, but it was just like she just it was she was pretty much constantly pregnant. Really.


Yeah. Yeah. But she never told us which was such an odd thing. And like, like I never got when she was pregnant. I don't know what was wrong with me. I was too busy like doing my own imaginary farming. All of and I just remember going down to the farm so we have a dairy farm and dad was milking cows and I was like, oh my gosh, where's mom? Because this would never happen. I said, where is she?


And he was like, Oh, you have a sister. I was like, that was pregnant. Never consider children that came after me. Is that so weird? Hang on.


See, you wouldn't have even known. He didn't even know she'd gone to the hospital or been in labor.


No, it was just I don't really think I was either. Incredibly Teq or a man was just really good at keeping secrets. Sorry.


I'm like turning this into the Sisters of Your Life because I'm just so I'm just so fascinated by it. But Wolper Azari, there's one more question about the sister situation. What were the teenage years like? Like, did you absolutely kill each other? Because I because I know, like, we had fights over FDs and and genes being stolen and, you know, all that kind of stuff and like but that was only three of us.


What was it like when hormones were flying around the place or like just evil banshee? It was just like with all those things like AIDS makeup, you know, wearing someone's pajamas, someone like wearing your jumper and stuff. And it was just like you'd see someone wearing your functionalism hoodie and you would be filled with avoided rage. Should I get it off? No, but it was it was kind of fun because I suppose was different levels, like when Bridget Neyland, Martin, bit older, they got a bit more mature.


So there was just kind of bikie gangs of three at all times, kind of go through similar things. But always we always felt like I would never really continue until now because Ben was like, you just stop it. Like you were just all like you wouldn't really let this happen. It wouldn't leave fester for longer than two or three hours. We'd always once it all turns out, we was settled into the coach house for home and away and everything was everything was fine.


It was like silly arguments, like, you know, if I didn't get what I want telly, I would like to play cards and I suppose perfect hiding place that they couldn't fight the years I had, like, this monkey in my room that's saying they put me down. We don't give feedback on the road, but I wanna zip zip code carried battery. So where is Islamic warm water. Colder. And it was just simple, petty things like that.


I think I was the borders of all of them. So I feel like that's me there. Like you are the asshole. Sorry, you can see the devilment.


OK, just one last question. What, what are the nine names. British Alan Moore, Academician Marie Patricia Juliet and I have an either was 21, so she's like a sister as well.


Wow. When are the boys going in there? It's a huge family. It's quite stressful on Christmas Day that you really have to bring your chair back with you.


So I don't think what you I don't want to look at. We will move along. We have to. I'm sorry. Now I dwell on the sister thing to so to.


OK, Tricia, the first time you laughed at and I think I thought I was over this and maybe I thought I'd forgotten, but when I read the questions I was like, hit me like a ton of bricks. I was like, oh, that was awful. Oh, you have what? A Nativity play with our local school. I was in primary school that we won nine or ten and I was the narrator. So I had the ball, I had the means stage and it was in the church and it was like Christmas Eve.


And maybe two days beforehand I'd gone to a birthday party and I had obviously been roaring like a like a boulder on the of party. And my throat was kind of sore. And part of the narration I don't like it was only twenty six pupils in my old school. So you kind of have jobs when it comes to nativity plays. I had to sing and I had to sing to Mary that she had to take the baby boy. And I was like, this is my moment.


I'm going to do this. I'm going to do I can't sing like I don't know what they were doing. The recession will prevail. And obviously my sort of cold weather, winter months, I got up and I started to sing, but my voice had gone to church, was packed, and I was like, merry.


Like it was like something from Night of the Living Dead wailing on the walls. And I just remember Glen signal to the gallery for my sisters were and they were looking at me with heart like horrified faces and just they were crying, laughing because I continued until I finished the song. It was my job. I'm a professional so I like quite no, I don't care. And I was like, oh man. Was that really Bensch? Was it. It wasn't the best.


Says that it means that you were awful. But I just remember looking over and all of them look just looking down, crying, laughing as I was like well you feel is worthless.


And I the priest give me a glass of water and I continued on, I like someone get that choice it off, doctor. Well, that's that's my first memory of seeing actually people looking at my. Oh, so Tricia, what were you like in school?


I mean, I imagine you were bubbly and great crack, but I don't know, maybe you weren't always that way. All of us, I think school I would have been I was definitely the best. I definitely found any bit of humor in anything. And I remember like I was just into Blind Boys podcast, I remember to and I was like, oh, God, that's me. Maybe because of what? Limerence. And he said, like, he's withholding information.


And that's exactly what I would do. I would just be so bold. Like I would find like I'd like boobies on the calculator. Like a normal person would giggle. What I would just write. How do I draw you to school now and get the best crack or this I like the teachers were are terminated with me, so I would have been worried. I would be very intelligent, but I never applied myself because I was like, no, there's too much crap had this classroom like.


So I said, I don't know. But I had the teachers that like since I always thought they hated me. So like, no, there was no harm in you. You just couldn't shut you up. So for a lot of secondary school, I was on an island where my desk was moved right up in front of the teacher and I had no peripheral vision of anyone like.


But it just it made me more vegetables. I always make the less expensive clothes.


And so I thought school was a school as well. And I just always was always getting in trouble, like doing stupid things, like playing Frisbee with the clock and not understanding why the teachers are so mad. I was like, oh, they're so mean to us. Like I was just been an idiot trying to conquer one. But I've always like I got detention one time because I remember like she passed away in the meantime was my principal. She was amazing.


She committed to suicide election for you. And I had brought Marigold clothes downtown. And I was like my friend Benito's. I put it on my head, but see how much we can get on Trinity test. Don't come back another time.


Like, remember, my friends, when you look at the state level that you had no money, you thought your business book to the local secondhand shop so you can get a chicken roll like I saw home.


And my sister before me was so studious and like my mom had a breeze with her eyes and I was like, right, let's have the crack.


You sold your school book to the second time jobs you chicken wrote.


Yeah, I like to create what I was like called Rich. What do you want to add? An extra profit. No problem. Girl Rich.


Oh I like she was just like you sure you want to do this. I was like sit beside me and I share your book and I could all be right and we intend to bookshop which don't insult my book.


Are you sure you wanted to do this? I have a headache, but I have a headache right now.


OK, let me tell you, this is the beauty of it. I love that you're you're just going with the flow. OK, next one. The moment when if you didn't laugh, you'd cry. Trisha, that was. Oh God.


This question. Because I know there's only one answer to this question. I think it's like fear mongering goes. So obviously with my story, I've lost it from twenty seven. So when I'm pushing my way down the ladder to stab them to, to Martin because that's so obviously when you become pretty certain, certain kind of things stop working. So for a couple of years, I don't even know where we go when you're in a safe space.


For a couple of years I had lost my parents, my home, my, my the people are not calling for more. And I hate for people to do that when they're like, oh, my gosh, let me just say it's just your period. It's up to these slang names, I guess. So it had disappeared on me for about five years and my body was slowly, obviously very unhappy. So then I joined the gym and I started this whole mad transformation for my friend Shane for lunch in a place ironically, ironically called the salad box.


And we were having lunch and I don't the lovely chopped salad.


And we stood up and he was a great, solid rocket booster. And I looked on the turquoise blue suede seats. You can googlies, the seats are very blue and suedes and my dear, get back. And it wasn't just a little bit it was bloody bloody Sunday. So I was like, oh my God, I was itching. And I talked to later I mentioned one to have another coffee. And he was like, what? He's extremely you just tell, please.


And I remember I said, I don't care if I text my sister. And I was like, oh, my God. And she was like, oh, this is fucking hilarious. Also, this is very heartbreaking. Why didn't you tell us? And oh, my God, I can't stop laughing and enjoying you. So I think that moment I made a decision to go cry and run from the shopping center. And I remember I like six of the followers on Instagram.


I'd like to be rude, but also feel free to do so. I did what I had to do and I just was like, OK, this is a Tricia moment. If there was ever a teachable moment and I was the manager and I just I need to explain something to you. And I thought that was like a play to the side of my life, so. I've always curious because I was very sad and I was back at Dr. Sharonville sorry, I was just so I just remember walking from the shopping center and I was roasting.


I was so embarrassed because I had spent half an hour with detergent and cleaning the chair and I remembered it center and I just was crying, you know, I shouldn't be laughing because it was but it was really disgusting.


And I was actually a joy for a moment.


It was why and why. And that was that I remember he was so sound or he was like all girls, three daughters at all. And don't worry about and just be so proud of yourself. I was like so embarrassed. So I just remember, instead of crying, which I really wanted to do, I laughed and I just laughed and said, Voicebox, my sister. I was like, how did this happen? It's just so sad. But this is the best moment of my life.


I was like this, Tricia. I have so many questions. I have so many questions.


I, I am like, that is the most amazing story. That is the perfect I know it is the most perfect.


If I didn't laugh, I cry a moment because the joy like it was a milestone. Well, first of all, I need to ask you. So you said that you you told your sister and she said, oh, my God, this is so away. So had you not told anyone that it had gone away for five years?


No, no, I didn't. Because I was I knew then that they would try and talk to me and kind of address the weight problem. And I was like, oh, I kind of don't want to talk about this because I don't know what I'm going to do. So I kept a secret from everyone. So that's when she was like, OK, heartbreaking. Why didn't you tell us what? Oh, my God. I think there was so many emotions because she was at work.


It was like, what kind of text message? I just guess she was like, what are you talking about? I was like, what do I do? I remember she was like, you all are run and run as fast as you can, but I've just started my journey.


Oh, my. What is it like? I would just presume, like being one of nine girls that you would you just you would have told them what it was. It was such a signifier of if you tell them, it means you have to address, you know, the thing that that you were carrying around quite literally, you know, that that you needed to to to face it head on. And you probably just weren't ready to do that.


Yes, no, I wasn't and I was and I think when when I realized I was like after three months, I was like, oh, like is a God. And I was like, oh, no. I just knew that that was a massive indicator to me that what I was doing was damaging my heart. And I just I think I was just too scared to tell them. And I knew it would worry them and I knew they'd try and help me, but I knew I wouldn't listen to them.


So I was like, let's just keep it secret. And someone said, I just tell them I'm to be a bitch.


What's in your next? I got my period of insight as I go down here.


You know, though I like and I hope this isn't too personal, this is more of a general thing. I have heard of girls losing their period from losing too much weight. I've never heard of it the other way. And so medically, like, did you know or do you know, know what caused it? Do you know do you even answer for that?


No, but I know when you order when it's when your body would be under a lot of distress. Yes. OK, so it's either gaining weight too much or losing weight too much. Yeah. So I remember all the time the sex ed was taken from the telly. I always thought the thing was like this is what happened and so many people actually did me. And I was like, this is like it's not spoken about that, you know, and it's a huge part of you as a woman because for five years I was like, I've destroyed any chance of me ever having the trials.


And I can't tell you because it's my own doing. So, I suppose by talking about it that hopefully someone like single. OK, I want to check out this is an indication to me that my head's kind of going wrong. Maybe just let's fix it now instead of the first four or five years, me and so and so.


OK, obviously the mortification that you felt that day, but the joy as well, like, was that a massive milestone for you? And I think that's where in the car park and Douglas laughing Most of it was nearly like histeria because I was like, oh my God, my body is coming back to me like I am, even though we all give out about them. When you lose them, it is so soul destroying. You're like, oh, no, I'm not a real girl.


But you are always just these are all the kind of thoughts. So I think that's where the the joy I sense was was incredible. No, actually never told Shane.


So I was actually texted, which I remember this is my favorite part of the story. You were like, should leave now because it was like we not her.


And I was like, get away from the shopping center now. You know, I just heard so weird as a kind of senior. I thought to a senior he was like, no, she just I was like, I'm staying here.


Just please leave me. So that was that's definitely if I didn't laugh, like cry, I would laugh.


Tricia, you are no laughing matter moment in life.


Oh, God. This is and I love this is what I look what it's a kind of mixture of the more. And so I think my no laughing matter is probably 2070 the whole year. Right. I so as I have explained and explained in the book, laughing has always been my thing. It has got me into so much trouble and I don't care because I just I love laughter. And I if someone makes a funny noise the and I think it's funny, I'm going to laugh.


So I think what I really knew that things had gotten so bad, it was 2017 is when the last scene actually stopped. And I just I think was with the whole year not laughing, I didn't find it funny. I found it very hard to get out of bed. I find it very hard to communicate with people like someone would just follow someone online. And I'm like, I don't care. I just I think my know imagine would be twenty seventeen.


And that's the year that I play seven stolen scales. I booked gastric bypass. I can do this. I got stuck behind the wheel of my dad's chair. My sister had to have an emergency scan I remember. So at the end of 2017 was probably the no laughing matter because in November of that year he said he wasn't even getting on base during the marathons. I didn't know where I was going to be because I was turning 30 and I was just so I was I was just but I just I couldn't see any joy at all.


My sister was glammed up and I was like, it's not fair. What did I do to deserve this? But then I would see a picture of them on Instagram and they were like, Tricia fighting for us. One of us could have been crying in George and Anthony worried off our heads because of you. So then in 2017, my biggest smash was my sister. And so Christmas Day, I just don't care programs. And I'm sorry I've let you know because I'm OK.


And I remember being like, oh, tortellinis girls. And she was like, yes, we need to talk about this. And soon because I'm worried. Yes. So whatever happened, she was six months pregnant. She when she was about four months pregnant and she got a bit of a front and just happened that I was at home on the sun on my own. She was at her house. She rang me wanting to just get me up to the hospital as quick as you can.


And I was like, Yeah. What I came down, I was like, oh, my God, I've got a terrible obesity, I'm going to just drive the car. So we dropped the car, got an emergency scan and everything was fine. And I think that was no laughing matter was when I heard Dennis Hafize and I just knew that my nieces and nephews were either going to get a new favorite, which was going to break my heart.


So it was like they are not good enough to get this home. Or secondly, I wouldn't be around to see them. So then when she came over and she was crying, I was crying. And I remember she just came straight up to me and she said, I'm so sorry. This is because of you. I can't I can't sleep. I can't imagine my new baby into this world is when I think my baby sister is going to die for me.


So she's like, what can I do to just make you see who you are and how much we adore you and you don't deserve this? So I think that was kind of interesting because I was like, oh, no, she's cornered me and it was in university maternity hospital. And I was like, please don't ask me what I do. This is just a terrible place to be and have no serious I can sit in the chair properly.


So I just remember I think that was the biggest goal, that measure, and that would have been the lowest point in my life.


And it just kind of went from there. It's been wonderful since I've got my last seconds and I think that's when I was in the gym. I don't I just have giggling that's something one day and I was like, fuck, I missed this. I missed giggling at videos of cats or whatever it might be. But when it's taken away from you again, like your menstrual cycle, this is the reference point to the you really realize how much you relied on.


Tell me about day one then, so, so so there was that day, right, you go home the next day.


What did you do and what did you say? I completely blocked my sister by our different from Facebook and Scepters because I was like, I can't deliver. I was like, you know, if you're going to contact me and I know she wants me to start. But I think that sometimes you often think like this. The people were like, oh, the first step is the hardest. It is so that it really is like I couldn't even go to the store.


So I ignore her for two weeks. And then I got a text and it was like, look, this is the first Monday of this month. Is there any way you would do just do me one favor and make a judgment? And I write back and I said, no, I said I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry for what I've done for all of you. I love you so very much, which you need to move on.


I'm not going to pull myself out of this. And she texted me back and like, she's like, we tried everything and this is what triggered me. She goes, come on, you're fine. And then send me a picture of a lab jumping through the fields. But she goes, this is you. Come on. And I'm right through the phone with rage. I was like, she doesn't understand. She was born with this body, whatever I did, which is you kind of go into that pissy blame party.


And that was this was the moment that I said, I give up, I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I finally took ownership and I'm not talking. Within an hour and 20 minutes, I was out of the bed and in front of the in front of my trainer and I just started. And the first day was awful because it's like you just assume everybody's laughing at you and you assume you're too fat for the gym and you don't look like the people that go to the gym.


And, you know, someone's going to take a picture and you're wanting to put viral on the Internet. And you can only see those awful videos of people on treadmills doing it wrong. And someone someone takes a video on it was left than others. So I think it was a lot of it was very overwhelming. What I remember I knew that my back was against the wall and I knew I had to make this work because I didn't I knew that the other options were very bleak for me.


And I just didn't want to do that to my family and I didn't want to do it to myself. So I just I kept pushing and I just took it day by day. And I remember that's what I promise. I said, don't ask me what my cross is, don't I just tell them to stop pressuring me. And within two days I said, what's up? Cause me.


So you were like, we're not making a big deal.


I think it was one zero pounds. And then for two weeks we update that every week. So that's how I talk to my weight loss by changing the name on the WhatsApp sisters.


Oh, so. So I was going to ask who was in the group? Was the Nine Sisters in the group? Yeah, those big gang, you know, they're so supportive and that's the thing that, like, you know, sisters will do anything for you, like they feel your pain as well. However hard I thought it was, I think it really was harder for them to watch me slowly, slowly dying in front of them. Like we went to the stage where they could see that I had to maybe change my clothes weeks.


And they were like, oh, how do we help? Or how do we only get her out of the roaches in order to get her to come out here like you had gone past the stage of how do we get a. They were kind of how do we keep or how do we how do we make sure that she's OK? And it is a typical thing of you cannot help someone unless they want to help themselves. No, you.


And the thing is, I want to tell myself it took over every waking because every time I'd wake up in the middle of night, the first thing I would think of was my wish was always my looks, my feelings, my heart. Like I was always so scared that I would get a half step by step. And I just put man through that. That was just terrified. So no matter how much I want to do it, you can make someone, even if they want to do doors, you have to do it yourself because it will be worth.


Wow, so that so so that was that was so it was a barrel of laughs. No, I love this.


I really am loving every minute. So 2018 then that was the start of something great. Yeah, that was the start of, I suppose, who one moving towards the whole time, and I think the biggest difference I've obviously tried it before. I don't every like if I buy the euro for every dollar I have reduced, I would feel the Dreiser's. But I kept trying to get I suppose the worst feeling was, I want to know, is this a failure?


It just means you didn't have the right system set up. It wasn't sustainable. So it wasn't your fault that this kind of went wrong. So I just remember that. Twenty eighteen, I resigned. I have to do this. I can't to say, well what was the question.


I know just that twenty eighteen was the year that it all kind of changed for you and it all took, it took off. Have you found those or. I'll ask a different question. Have you, have you hit. Well I'm sure there have been many walls along the way that you've kind of hit and have had to jump over. Have there been any big ones?


I was locked on when I was knocked out for everyone. But I think that was there was the first time this wasn't my personal trainer. I had been let go of my job and I was just at home in the Garrity Mountains, which is wonderful. I was like, this is like, what can I do? That was basically making like a block of wood or half an hour to dress my bench properly. It was just but I was trying like the first two weeks were also kind of boring, probably the most kind of growth, bit of botulinum.


I hadn't been like. So I guess this man, it was just silliness. And then I really got into this, but I did my homework. I was doing really well. But I think what knocked out for me was it showed my weakness and my weakness was alone in this. And so in one way, it was awful. And I gave like and everyone was blessed. But like we like to call it Storen. I was like covid too awkward and I just gained rapidly.


And I think from that I made the best decision ever. And I decided that I was going to actually I had read some things about myself and now that I know why I did, but I did do it. I don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do that.


I know, but I, I had to I was like, surely I could be of Jesus Christ. I was like, oh, that's a bit awkward. It's more of a reflection of who don't ever be surprised. Not not ever. That follows you will like you. And I was like, OK, well sure.


I know that employers want to look once you know that once you know that there are a lot of people who maybe just follow you to have a go. And sure, that's grand that they can do that. But not everyone likes you. And and you have things. Well, you don't like everyone. So it's it's a two way thing.


And like, my my mama was like a do over the seventies that I looked at. But if you put your bare ass out the window, don't get a surprise with your life like that. And I'm like, OK, so basically then I think they are right. And it's that I wasn't involved. I was always I had some sort of binge eating disorder and stuff like that. And they were the words that hurt. And when everything hurts me, I always take what I can promise.


And I'm like, why does that hurt me? Like if I said, you know, if you're a big elephant, you were like another three years. But if I said, you know, I don't like to offend you, like, oh, just because you love to have children, you that's something you believe in. So I remember I read this. I was like, oh, maybe I do. So from now on, I decided that I was going to go to therapy, but at the best time ever, because of for kind of a binge eating disorder, just to figure out what was going on and why was I hitting the button.


What it explains the loneliness feelings was what was what was making me kind of and I was like, oh, you know, this is she just said, look, you grew up in like a pack of loins, but there was always one of you had a sort of back. You always felt very safe. Yeah. If someone was at you, you had people that would always have your back. So you felt, you know, packed with Troyen.


And then she said your first job was in a kitchen, which is in a team. In a brigade. So therefore, someone else at your back, you always so I don't really showed to me that I'm not very good with dealing with myself on my own. But then that's after me. So I'm flying a no brainer when I'm granted by all. Let's see if you know what me he showed me that I wasn't going to go mad, that this is just something that was in my head from going on.


OK, well, speaking of being around people and loneliness and whatnot, the person that always makes you laugh, and I think it has to be like my sisters and there's an order that you is where it was a good friend of mine. So I said just two different kinds of stories, like Danny is one of my old friends and we had college together and he just knows how to make me laugh, like just different stories and different just silliness. Know, you take you like you do the best that we ever had to do.


And it was so refreshing kukri and as a girl shop. And they do have chicken raw chicken by team of like drug taking rolls every week and communications. And I was desperate to come over and we were doing some kind of slideshow. So I was like. I just I just relax and get past this dick hangover, and I was like it was like a military precision that I was opening the chicken roll at the back of the bus and was like a cross me.


And I didn't want to make sure you were doing it like a surgeon and as a great let's get this right. And I just put the chicken all to myself.


And I was just taking a bite and went, oh, like, that's all I heard was to choke with laughter. And I tried to turn on the light like I'm in college at this stage. She was like, you're here. And I was like, oh, he made a metabolic noise. She was like, yes, I was like, but I think my sister is like Kelly. And then all they have to do is look at me and they know, like, I think in situations like single or mess, are just very high risk for you because they know how to make me laugh.


Like any time we want to go. I like it's kind of but I'm terrified that I'm going to have to be very serious. And sometimes even I think with Kelly, you know, the numbers. We love being on our family. We just love and we all kind of whereas the whole audience and it's got to a the screen and your sexuality. So my back was to the screen and I could hear the numbers. And so the number like five seconds before you might recall what it was and just close on election on number ten, because when you're waiting for no say.


And I was like, OK, and then you man was like one zero nine, ten. Then I kind of looked at it as a cameo. No, she was like just staring back at me and I was like, Hey, Kelly, you're going to lose the popular vote. She was like just smirking. And then, of course, I haven't checked. So, you know, I just dropped the whole thing. Kelly was like I was in Michigan and Virginia and it's just simple things like that.


So I was there. What I will do so on the last man, she was way she was. No, but it's simple things like like you just kind of have to be even glad. They just I think with your sisters, you have a laugh that no one else they get totally, you know, kind of like a big weirdo.


And like Christmas Day, we probably laugh it a time where you had the last laugh.


And this is what I quite like, political and pushing. And I like that people are uncomfortable. And Stenness, I on the other hand, the fact that this person this is my for I think the one who had the last laugh would have been you would ask me what was the one like after Dave, the women were in the hospital.


My sister was like, look, I found this nutrition ten nine. It's one hundred ninety nine euros sign. I'll get you on a diet. And then when you're strong enough, maybe you can go to the gym and do a bit of exercise. We just get maybe two Stona in your freezer. So we signed up for dinner then Pacetti here to see downloader for some French toast that's printed for us in the hospital that night and everything. And we signed on and I it's the worst thing about this is I studied nutrition in college.


I've been a chef all my life. I know that it a good, bad food and I would never have been, you know, I think you would look at it maybe with my we probably all burgers to achieve efficient sports. I quite enjoyed it. I definitely was the before, but I just said that I didn't eat crap food and I was like, oh, just low potatoes. And the headline was Limerick woman becomes obese but usually suffers.


No. Yeah. And the worst part was I think that they were like those baby stages of absolutely. Seven Oh.


Can you imagine someone in another country going the legend is true. They do, they just talk it out of context. I was like, this is class.


Oh God.


I knew what we signed up for this beautiful line when I got the plan, I just kind of knew it wasn't for me as such because it was like, oh, sausages and pork chops and fried eggs. And I get all of that has all to do with macros a lot at that moment in time. I just needed someone else and I just wanted to feel good, you know, I needed to feel good. And I was back before I was like, look, this wasn't so bad.


It was suggested exercises. And if one of them was pullups and like in the game and I said, you can pick it up through this link. And it was a bear, which is the doorframe of the holster. And you pull yourself, oh, I couldn't put my leg up on a chair, never mind that kind of pull the Helstone. I was like, so I was kind of back and forth and he was being so rude. So when he feels like what is once I said, I want a refund because I'm not going to use that, I can use it somebody else besides I don't mind.


And he was like, well, you've seen it though. So let's your stuff, we'll have it all so that you're kind of a very crazy man. I feel like you have a nutrition course, and then I remember you said the words to me and I said, like, you know, what would make you feel like there isn't any omega three that I knew I was going to be difficult because. Well, you're the one that's twenty seven Soknacki.


I know what I'm talking about and that's a fair point. But I don't know. Should you say that. That was great. I said, look, I was allergic. And about three months into the transformation, you followed your joke and.


Yeah. And I'm like, oh my God, that's him. And I was raging and I screamed, but I just sent a message and I said, Thank you so much for what you said to me that day. This is where I am. And then.


Oh yeah, I can see.


But he hurt my feelings so much he should no Jacobs and me let him out that as I said this to me and it was like, well, this is kind of like a point. So should we intervene now? I was like, don't stop people by race. So that there was no like I had the last laugh.


There was no need. No need to. No, it was kind of like the last dagger as I was going it was literally kicking someone while they're doing that. And that's what I like always give people a chance because you don't you know, and I know like so I suspect that and maybe that's not the right context, but I feel like, oh, look, I love it.


I love it.


OK, if laughter wasn't the best medicine, what would be thought I knew the answer then was also kind of cool because like, OK, I'm going to say the Jim. Yeah. And I would say the gym one hundred percent because like, I don't I don't know, maybe I don't use the gym for necessarily losing weight. I use the gym, my head. I feel that it's like a washing machine. I go in and I'm all muddled up and then I go, I'm like, Christine.


So I would say definitely if if that was the best medicine, I would. Jim said, Yeah. Simple as that. That's all we need. Yes, it's just I know it's just a wonderful feeling. And I don't think anyone that if anyone was certain, we practice both political parties. But like I said earlier on said, you know, I don't like you can be whoever you want to be. And if you want to be an athlete in the gym, go, I'm not going to exempt Wetstone.


I'm doing about it right now. And I want to like it's the medicine that I need my head. And I just feel that when I'm working, I feel like I have such a huge purpose that then that moment in time I needed to get that weight off the ground. I get it off.


Well, you were saying earlier on that, you know, the fear of all going in and we've to someone go to record me that you're going to go viral, blah, blah.


I didn't like any time I've seen maybe a video like that making fun of someone who's who's doing their best in the gym. For the most part, 90 percent of the comments underneath will be who the hell do you think you are? This person is in there to to better themselves. You know what I mean? Like, I think I think and I and I would be kind of conscious of that now if I'm if I'm in the gym and if I see someone who I think is maybe struggling or whatever, my number one thought is fair, I can play to them for for being here.


And that is I think that's a general thing now. I think you have to be very nasty person not to think that. No, I understand that.


It's very easy. It's very easy to score your goal, someone that you would you have to realize that, you know, if someone like someone is looking at that and that that's that person like that's going to be awful for somebody. And it's just just mind your own business and don't take any pictures of anyone at the gym. And if anyone is listening, they want to step up to the gym. And the second stop is intended with the exact route that I go and get it done, because it's just it's all worth it when you just realize how much that you had, when you know that you are real and you are just perfectly aware we just need to get to because it's all good.


Trisha, are you ready for your quickfire round? Nobody does a quick fire. Does that frustrate you?


It you know what? I actually have thought that I maybe I should scrap it as a quick fire and just give them the questions. There's too much fire.


Oh, you have the job here right now because I think I'm so competitive growing up with sisters that wonder whether I like to answer a small bit quicker. OK, let's do this.


It's not you know, Theresa, the actor, you always laugh at Zach Galifianakis.


Perfect. The actors.


You always like that, right? Yes, lovely. The actors you always laugh at. Yep, yep. Oh, shit, oh, no. Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus, she spoke out. Oh, I just going to guess Meryl Streep. Oh no, I don't have money at all. That was a cardboard that wasn't from last week's episode.


My go to is just any actress from Bridesmaids, any of them, any of the main ones like, oh, Rebel Wilson.


She's she's brilliant. She's brilliant. She's been gracious.


Like the comedian. You always laugh it. How many here, all perfect and finally, Trishala, your best or worst joke? Oh, this is my vote. What do you call a kind of rare that doesn't work? God, I can't opener.


Excellent as perfect. You're my good luck. Trisha Lewis, thank you so, so much for sharing the last of your life.


Thank you.


I had switched it with people's.


Thank you for listening to the last of your life with Tricia Lewis. I hope you enjoyed it. Loads of other great guests to come this season. So don't forget to, like, subscribe ratings review and all that other stuff.


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