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On a snowy morning, two men who'd never met or found dead in the back of a van outside an iconic restaurant in the Utah Mountains.


We've got two individuals, both of them being shot twice in head with a large caliber weapon. Both individuals have been identified, but names haven't been released due to the next again.


The two men were both young fathers, and their murders ripped gaping holes in the lives of those left behind. She always wondered where her dad was, why he wasn't coming home.


I said, Your dad has been hurt really bad. And I just remembered there. Sweet little faces. And that's when it really became real.


A 25-year-old man confessed to the murders.


It was chilling. One of the most chilling statements I've ever heard.


But no one could understand why.


Just a pretty average, normal guy with a decent job and not much of a criminal history of any kind. And all of a sudden, he's involved with killing two people.


He's a chameleon.


I thought he could change colors to manipulate you.


As those left in the wake of the violence try to rebuild their lives, they are forced to wrestle with questions that would take decades to answer. Does everyone deserve a second chance?


We were there as a family showing support for justice and mercy I didn't think he deserved to be on this Earth.


He took my husband. He should be taken.


This was a slam dunk, seemed to me, and I thought an obvious case that merited the death penalty.


Just who is forgiveness for. I just remember writing this letter, and it wasn't me writing it. I am not writing these words. I don't know where these words are coming from.


I heard a voice, and it said, You got to help. I started thinking to myself, They've all been fooled. We're all falling for this guy's trick, and I didn't want to fall for that trick.


If trauma can be passed through generations, can forgiveness do the same?


I picked up the phone, and all I heard was sobbing, and I said, You've read the letter? And she said, I did. And I said, We know what we have to do.


The decisions of these families feel intensely personal, but they will eventually learn. Some choices ripple through time, reaching the and changing the hearts of strangers. And it just hit me. I thought, I want to be like that. I want to feel that. I want to be able to forgive him. Coming soon from KSL podcast and Lemonada Media. Season 2 of The Letter, Ripple Effect. A story of loss and healing that will make you question what you thought you knew about forgiveness.