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Previously on The Leupen Roscio, tell us a little bit about the concert, though. Was it as cool as you were talking about where you can actually see people?


I want my money time. I swear to God I want my money. But don't worry about it. Let me get it one way or another.


The concert was going fantastic until I found out I was rocking a knockoff. Thanks, Tom.


I'm out there thinking I'm starting this shit.


You know, I'm saying, like, I have somebody up on the screen. I'm talking to him. He got his wavy shirt on. I noticed my feet a little different.


It's a damn shame. Different font, the Luban ratio to say what media production. That was pretty good.


Yeah, what about this Lupe Fiasco and I was at the Jamaican grocery store the other day, yo, what's up?


This is a waste to five nine and I am I have changed my live room into a soundstage and I'm actually recording in my soundstage right now. So I got to send a text message into the bedroom and tell these niggas to chill out with the baddest.


This is Tom Frank, I'm just a regular guy in a regular room who shops at a regular grocery store, bought off to off to a good start, you know, blood.


What was going on? You got a disco lightener. I see your face light up again. I like Energis from the Starship Enterprise.


I was going over there.


Got it. It's got a move ahead. It's like a it's like a spotlight, but it does like a whole bunch of different things. And it's not really supposed to be moving right now, supposed to move when the music comes on.


So I don't know what the hell is going on. I just I just unplugged it, though, so you don't have to be distracted. I think you had a fucking rave.


You have connected connected to one of your guns.


So they come out, nah, nah, nah, baby, you come out with a whole disco ball hanging out the end of.


Of course not. Of course, that your crazy lights back.


What do you got?


Like Pacman going. I told you saw the game. That's the other one. That's oh that's the other one. Yeah. This is I got one right in front of me and I got one like adjacent to it.


Yeah. Did you take that thrown with you to L.A. when you perform. Is that the same. Those are different. Those are different shapes, but you have them in different cities.


So whenever you go that there's a throne waiting for you, as soon as you land, there's always a throne that works.


No, what happened was the guy who did the stage design for the show, he really liked the throne that I was using on Instagram.


So he tried to find a replica of it was actually not even the same. The trouble is that he has is more similar to the ones they use on versus. I'm serious, I'm serious.


This is where people can find this, you throwing punches that you're at the point where you're actually doing like thrown comparison and differentiation type thing, that you're at that level, that that's what you walk right now as a grown man.


It's not funny what snow. Let it snow, let it snow level. It's just not it's just thrown. It's thrown because that's, you know, not authorized when we watch it, man.


When we watch you, man back in the day, we talked about the rules. That was the skull, right.


Skull. That skeleton is that there was a skull Castle Grayskull by the power of the Grayskull.


Yes, yes, yes. Naghma Snake Mountain Skeleton man who's.


That's a throwback. No, you know, it's a throwback. If you like mountains and you like movies. Holy Mountain. When you get a chance to watch Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain, it'll change your life. What was that about?


I mean, I don't even know where to begin, but I think that if you just Google it and you see the actual, like, cover of the film, you'll see where it got where where we're going.


It's called Holy Mountain. Came out there in the 70s. Sam gets three, get some of that opinion, if you like mountains, you know what? Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, it begins. I like mountains. This looks interesting all the time is going to be it, but TomTom's done is going to be as a satanic priest at the end of it.


That's that's what I'm getting.


Hey, speaking of things you were supposed to watch. Oh, did you. Did you ever watch the Cecil Hotel?


I watch it all over. See what I'm saying? And I know it ain't no problem when you don't do his homework.


And I know, but I'm ready for the. Oh, it's a problem. I know. I wish it was a problem solver.


The implant took place. I was so here I didn't care.


I watch it right now. Watch it right now. I'm going to go watch it right here right now as we speak and hang up on us and go watch. No, go watch it. Not.


I got I got I got a little TV situation right here. What's on Netflix? So Netflix is on the Netflix. Is it on the net?


OK, I'm on the net. It's on. OK, I'm I'm on Netflix.


You know, I'm not I don't want you watching your nothing to watch it right now through the entire episode. So I want you to cue it up. No, no, no.


When you're done doing this, you go eat your pizza, maybe some cereal, and you watch racing, driving and a pizza, pizza and cereal, pizza and cereal. Well, if you put a little bit of magic spoon cereal on top of that pizza, it'll change your life.


All right. We're two weeks out from the from the. How you feeling there? You feel a good. Two weeks out, two weeks out. From what? From the ailment. Loopier, I have no idea what you're talking about. No, I know what you know what I did. I did. You know, Rice, you you you be rapping even when you don't be rapping, you have you beaten in bars out there, even even though sometimes yoa when you jump into some, he might throw the comment out there.


It may seem like it's just somewhat off the cuff and not relevant or something like that. Not saying that. That's what I look at. It is. But you said some last week that I didn't catch.


It took me a week and somebody else on Twitter pointed it out that she was saying I didn't catch it USAC to tie it to our guest DJ.


Um, and it was just like, oh, wow, this dude Raices, he he don't stop this barres all the time is like just a walking, talking metaphore machine.


Alvear, I step my game up. I said, what are we doing? Episode two.


What I say to it was something about she it was like ethereal and ether and then the Grammys and my and I was allowed to do voices always sharp.


You throw a line in there from that song that nobody noticed at first, but a lot of people picked up on it.


Yeah, I see now. So I was like, oh, he's clever. Our listeners are smart.


They picked up on that. Yeah. This woman has too much makeup on.


What are you doing? Are you watching hotels? No, no, no, no.


We're not watching it right now. Are we not watching it. But I'm definitely watching.


OK, so we got a lot to get into the head start. Well, I mean, there's a lot going on come on in the world right now. Like what? I mean, I got to say, I'm kind of irritated by these mass shootings again.


Oh, let me get serious. Yeah, you got to turn that off for me.


We got we got we got deep. Real fast. Yeah.


You took it there that I did take it there because this is what, the seventh mass shooting in the last seven days.


And the biggest one yet in Colorado, and we have a crazy person who walks in and starts shooting people up again.


What is this, the grocery store there in Boulder, Colorado?


I mean, what's your take on this stuff, first and foremost, rest in peace to folks who pass condolences to the families of victims and the folks that potentially may be recovering as well, get well soon. But, yeah, condolences and wishes go out to the family in their time of light and dark side in this first foremost. But yeah, Matt. Crazy, crazy times, what I hear. So what is super interesting is that I think 10 days ago, a judge struck down an attempt to ban assault weapons in Colorado.


And this this person and I want to be clear, because I don't want to start one of the reasons why I don't like within the first few days, like speak on a subject directly, because I know still kind of unfolding and there's a lot of narratives that come out.


You get into a lot of different places and you find yourself having to do corrections and stuff like that. So I kind of let things play out before I kind of speak publicly. But I was I was in a clubhouse earlier and somebody had mentioned that the guy he he bought the gun like six days ago. And if it was if if that law would have been able to get kicked into effect, you know, he made he may he still may have it still may took some time for the law to actually go in effect and start to enforce and stuff like that.


Right. But it was just the idea that 10 days ago they struck down a law to ban guns in six days ago, just by this guy goes and buys a gun and then yesterday kills all these people. What is the reasoning for for assault, an assault rifle ban not happening? Like, what is the what is the what is the reasoning behind why that got struck down? You have any idea? I think it's probably the people speaking right? The people want their weapons, but an assault rifle.


Why do I ever in my life need to have an assault rifle? Like, what am I ever going to do with that? Unless I was in the military or a policeman or a lunatic, I mean, you could go hunting, hunting with an assault rifle. If you want to blow the the deer to smithereens and not have any piece of him left, I'm not a hunter, so I don't know. Luke, you know more and more about people with assault rifles, right?


Mm, not really. From what I've seen, what I've seen, when you think of hunting, you think of deer hunting, you think of the God forbid, rifle, deer hunting, but like turkey hunting, stuff like that, shotguns, rifles, stuff like that. In some cases, crossbow hunting, bow hunting, even without a crossbow.


But I rarely see people hunting and hunting trips that I've been on. They weren't using assault rifles, you know, they're using.


Are you even allowed to use an assault rifle in hunting?


I mean, a semiautomatic weapon is kind of easy at it's kind of even looked down upon in the hunting kind of community like that.


You know, what I'm saying is something where there is it's if you're not doing it for the sake of, you know, food, like I actually got to go hunt to get this to get food for the for the season or what or something like that or just for like skill. I mean, there's a certain level of skill that goes into it, tracking all that stuff. But there's people who just like to and it's different, like if you're doing pest control.


Right. Like if you're doing like actual pest control of like varmint hunting or boar or something like that, it may be different where you will want something semi-automatic, where you're doing something they call plinking varmint hunting, where you're shooting, you know, gophers or something like that stuff that's tearing up the land or like coyotes, small animals and stuff like that that might be poaching on sheep or chickens or whatever you got right. To defend your livestock and your property.


So, I mean, there's different arguments and different strokes for different folks.


But when we think of hunting and we think it's kind of classical hunting, the first thing that pops into your mind is not an AR15. You know, I think even the most casual person would think of a duck hunter or somebody with a rifle scope on it or something like that, but not like an AR 15 assault weapon. Right. And my mind goes to like those weapons, those assault weapons, like what are they use for like they come out of military.


They're meant to be this kind of multi platform, like multiuse weapons platform for soldiers, you know, in an offensive capacity and maybe in some cases a defensive capacity.


But a pistol is more looked at as a defense weapon, whereas a rifle on that platform is more of as kind of a middle tier assault weapon. And there's no and engaging targets at distance. You know, it's not like close combat type thing.


So, I mean, it has it has a function just not in the civilian space. And when you do bring it into this space, what you see is a lot of people trying to put it into all these different civilian buckets to try and make it make sense.


Right. Like, oh, you know, you can't win it all.


Like, yeah, well, you can turn off the TV with it, you know. There's no there is absolutely no need for the average citizen to have an assault rifle. I said that in my opinion. What about for protection? Protection from what? Berglas. Why not a regular gun? I prefer an assault rifle. Why? I mean, I take a regular guy, but I prefer an assault rifle, but a regular gun is going to do what you have to do, right?


It's not going to do what I would do with an assault rifle. You have heard a street sweeper. Street sweepers. All right, we can ban them, all right. Why why do you say that? That you don't think we could ever ban? You think that the other side's too powerful?


I used to run into my clubhouse early on. I was because big because one that the sentiment I like to Royce's earlier point. Right. Like the people. Right. There's a large group of people and in some cases the majority who want to who will who will use the Second Amendment, who will use all type of, you know, some conspiracy theories, some actual case law, like all types of different reasons, protection, home protection, stuff like that.


Personalization like this is what feels good to me. This is what I feel best protects me versus something else.


This platform is what I want. There's a lot of lobbying that's attached to it.


Like is companies that sell these guns, that manufacture and sell them at profit, for profit. They're not like donating them out of the kindness of their hearts.


Yeah, you're paying money and have a bottom line and they need to reach and they're incentivized to maintain certain narratives. And those narratives just so happen to fit dovetail perfectly into people's political outlooks, people's fears.


You know, I'm not mad at the conversation of somebody saying I just like it because I like it.


I'm not going to I'm not going to do a mass shooting. I'm not you know, I've passed all the tests, I've done background, submitted myself to background checks. I've done all of the necessary things that I've had to follow the law in my states, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I just like these things. I like to collect them. I like to look at them. I like to shoot them.


Cool. The argument I have an issue with is the government is going to come and if I don't have this, then the government is going to kill me. Now, what if the government sent a helicopter with with Navy SEALs? What am I and what if this do you know, six dudes coming to my crib and insisted that I write that part of it?


If the governments come in for you, they're coming for you. And assault weapons not going to is not going to control that because that's where I'm at with it.


I like exactly what Loopier said. I'm a collector of them. I like looking at them. I like shooting them, but I don't need them. I don't need nobody needs them. Yeah, but I like I like them but I don't like I don't like lunatics using them. I mean, you don't think that we ever have a chance of. I'm not saying banning guns. I'm just saying banning assault rifles. I mean, politics is all about compromise, right, at some point, there's got to be compromise, at some point, something going to put us over the tipping point where there has to be some give here.


And that's the only that that to me makes at least some kind of sense.


I don't think so, man. I don't think I think after like Vegas, if that wasn't a perfect, like moment to say, hey, right, enough's enough, enough's enough.


Like it's happening to your own kind. Right. To play to mix a little bit of whiteness in their right, like it's happened to at a at a god damn country music concert. Right. In Las Vegas. His do shot 500 people. You know, like that is insane, and if that's not enough of a body count, a casualty count of of your own ilk, right? Mm hmm.


And to take it outside of just, you know, race, just Americans. Right. Five hundred Americans were shot. Right. Enjoying themselves. They weren't up to they weren't protesting.


They weren't doing anything to fight for anybody's from anybody's point of view. Right. They weren't it wasn't a Klan rally. It wasn't some type of weird neo-Nazi space. It was like just average Americans, you know, in Vegas trying to have a good time, listen to some good music. And it's do decides to shoot 500 of them.


You know, and if that wasn't enough to say, hey, we really need to take a look at this, I don't think it's ever gonna change. I don't think there's enough schools. I don't think there's enough supermarkets are unfortunate. I don't think there's enough massage parlors. I don't think there's enough blood in America to be shed for people to make the decision to say, hey, man, we should get this shit up. What would it take, though, I mean, OK, clearly the actual violence, the actual people being gunned down is not enough.


Would it be enough if enough people finally stood up, like if you look at the same way that in essence.


The election happened right enough, people finally said enough is enough, enough people stood up, enough celebrities took a stand. Enough people kind of grew the momentum to get Trump out of office. You don't think that can ever happen? And like, what is it going to take to get, like, who what has to happen to get this to happen? In essence, it's not going to be another event because they happen that they seem like they keep happening.


Nobody cares. Is this is this the answer? Mass shootings. I don't know, I mean, is it is it is it is it the guns? Is it is it a mental health issue?


Because what about you remember that mass shooting at a college campus in D.C. or was at Virginia? It was Virginia Tech. Yeah, that was a handgun. Right. Wouldn't that a hand look, the Asian kid. Yeah, yeah, Virginia Tech, I don't think it was a hand I think it might have been like I think he might I think it might have been some Glocks, but with Mad Libs.


Yeah, like mad clips. And I don't I don't know what the magazine capacity was.


I'm not I'm not like 100, 100 percent sure you check it out, Tom.


I'm checking it out. It was a twenty two caliber P twenty two semiautomatic handgun and a nine millimeter semi automatic Glock. This is a 22 CICIG, so it probably was a 22 caliber, there's a P 20 to see. P p twenty two semiautomatic handgun. Right, in my view. So I would lean more towards I would lean more towards it being a mental health, a mental health issue. I think it's a it's a supply side thing. I think that if you made it unprofitable for these companies to manufacture weapons, then you would you would solve it on the supply side.




At least you at least you would know there's no more guns being made of a certain kind.


Meaning, what do you mean by that? Meaning that they would have to sell them for like a cigarette tax, almost that what you're saying, like cigarettes have went down because of. The higher cost and the less profit, I mean, people people protest, they go to their politicians and protest, right. So you don't see a lot of that protesting politicians, but anybody, if anybody, outside the gun company. Right, and it ain't like these gun companies are and there's a few that are in different countries, they may have manufacturing centers here or something like that.


So like HK is, I think Austrian or Glock. Glock is, I think German.


But if you look on the side of any Glock assessment in Georgia, you know, whether it be distribution or final assembly or something like that. But there's other companies that specifically make AR 15 platforms that are homegrown, you know, in L.A. and in California and Georgia, you know, they're kind of dropped all over the place.


And some of it may seem I mean, it may be regulated to a degree, but it needs to be it needs to be to a point where these companies themselves find themselves unable to sell these weapons, you know, under five thousand dollars.


And if you want to make the claim and say, man, you didn't, what about rich people that's going on, shooting, doing this? But that's fine.


But it eliminates the average Joe, just casually walk into Wal-Mart, you know, with five, 600 bucks or 700 bucks and buy some type of platform and then go up to students are killing people. So I think it's a supply side thing that needs to get touched.


I think a lot of these gun company manufacturers need to be put into a room and get a stern talking to and really kind of emphasize like, hey, man, this isn't a market that we want to keep feeding.


If you want to make shotguns and you want to make pistols and you want to make these other things that are violent and deadly and can be used in deadly ways, but at least you can make the argument for self-defense with a pistol.


You can make the argument for it with a shotgun. You can make these other arguments. There's no argument to be made with er if it seems like AK 47, assault, Draco's all that stuff, like we don't need that stuff, still make things.


There's whole industries and there's like you can make industries and that's what kind of the NRA was doing initially before it came, like super political wheels, like it was a gun club, you know, is promoting things that you could do with different types of guns, with different platforms.


You could be a skeet shooter. You could be a target shooter. You know, you could go to Olympic shooting in the Olympics, right. There's biathlon. You can ski and lay down and take out a rifle and shoot.


There's tons of industry and sport and pastime that can be had with firearms. And all of them don't need a AR 15s. Yeah, I'm saying they don't require a AR 15 platform for you to participate, if anything, you wouldn't need to participate with everything and definitely not.


You know, other countries have tried like buyback programs with a buyback program ever work in this country? What's the buyback program? Meaning that the government will give you money to trade in your guns. Hmm. They've done those they've gone gun turn ins.


I remember certain, but I don't think they've they done it for money, though, where you actually got a financial incentive to do it.


I don't know for sure. I knew that there were some things where it was like no questions asked. Right. Like you bring the guns in, you turn them in, you know, drop it off. You keep moving. Right.


I don't know what that maybe they did search them. And if you committed some murders, they come get you.


But I don't know. Um, I think it will work. I think it will work for people who have like an excess of things that they're never going to use anyway. Right? Yeah.


And it's better to have Lisse or better for you to to, you know, take your you know, you retire and you're getting rid of your guns and you go down to a gun show, you know, and then just kind of unleash all of these weapons into the public again, you know, who's getting them versus like, I'm going I'm going to go give this I'm going to turn his back into the government, you know, whether they go give me money for it or not.


I think you have some people that will contribute.


I would. I would. I definitely would. If you had a buyback program and you made you fall, you had laws that were like, we're making this illegal from a moral standpoint.


And then just from a U.S. standpoint and there was some type of financial compensation, I would definitely do it if they banned them and then gave you money to hand them in. Because they're banning them now will be IDU. I would feel good, I believe. All right, Lisa. Me before him, after you let me buy them now you abandoned him. You know what I mean? But if there was like a if there was a sense where it's like a moral thing, like where Lupe is and is like, all right, I guess I have to join.


But then that's only because I have a platform, you know, I mean, like and somebody's got to take some steps, especially with all the bullshit happening. So of course, I will want to do the right thing, but I will reluctantly do it because I like my weapons.


No, you guys, you generally like to collect them, though, I mean, you collect them, both of you collect them, you got you just like them. You like them as a collect the same way I would collect a baseball card. You collect a gun.


Yeah, but I don't need them. Yeah.


I mean, not only baseball cards and I have like purpose driven things that for a very specific purpose. Like self-defense. Like home defense. Right. If I ever needed to go hunting. Right. And hunting for the sake of survival. Right. There's weaponry for that you can't use. No.


For an AR15 to shoot some doves or some pigeons or some shit like that, like fucking explode.


Right. So there's like there's like there's like a calibur issue and stuff like that.


So there's a I mean what if the ammunition was part of like what if there was a ban on ammunition or something?


Would that ever work? Have the gun, just can't have ammunition. Yeah, maybe I like shooting them. I like shooting them. Maybe like if you put a restriction, like somebody mentioned, you put a restriction on like a magazine size or like clips and how much political, that will definitely have an effect.


I think that does have an effect to a degree. But that's so easily like.


Yeah, like, yeah. If you imagine if you a mass shooter, what's stopping you from don't don't don't drop in a cliff, slap a new one then boom, boom, boom, drop in Lebanon. Nothing stopping you from doing it.


And you could be a mass shooter with six boats carrying around more clips, you know, like you could be a mass shooter with three bullets, you know, if you really want to get funky.


However, I would.


I would. I would say that. A lot of these people that I mean, they have so many and they're just spraying, right? So being a mass shooter and only having three bullets, you better be a pretty damn good one.


Yeah, three bullets there. They don't make the only weapon. I don't. I've never heard of a weapon. No, I'm just saying that I'm not saying three, three, four, two, whatever it is, six is better than having a whole clip that you're going in and just spraying the crowd.


Six is way different from three. That's a big that's a big that's a big joke. There's a I mean, big job.


If you go in there with the intention to kill people, I mean, you could just have a single shot with a handful of bullets. Right.


And if you're if you're stalking people or hunting people down and cornering people and you have a fucking Billinger. Yeah, you can. I mean, I don't I don't want to give people ideas and I don't want to glorify that type of people.


Living in the reality is situations. If you if your intention is to go there to harm people, I mean, it doesn't matter how many bullets you got. Right. Um, it becomes, you know, like, again, at the I don't see it the change occurring in the people, you know what I'm saying?


Like, I mean, people may change their ideas, their attitudes, but until you start putting your foot on the necks of of these companies that make these weapons and invite them to make other platforms, you know, or invite them to, you know, voluntarily put certain restrictions on their sales or are failsafes into the weapon, which is kind of some stuff that happened in California.


Um. Just things to make things harder to kill people, you know what I'm saying? Like that that part like, yeah, OK, if we can't get ours out the way, can you at least make it harder for people to kill, kill somebody with it? You know it you know, is there anything that we can do to modify these things in a certain way to make them less tactical, to make them less efficient in their killing capacity?


So I don't think it's a big thing to ask of them, but I still don't see that happening. You know, I still don't see that kind of come to Jesus moment, even if somebody went to shot up a factory, to be honest.


Hmm, I still think, though, that if you have a real movement started, if enough people got behind it, if the right people got behind it, I think that having assault rifles be banned is not out of the question. I just think that I think any any time we have enough people get behind a movement, anything can be done. And I think there's enough people out there that if they I mean, look at Royce, for instance, Royce is kind of I guess if I had to, you know, he's not like against it.


I think there's a lot of people that are like Royce, you think there's a lot I would do it for.


The great people like Rolls Royce is one of a kind. That's certainly true, not when it comes. Let me ask you are muffing let me ask you this question.


Diving into your world a little bit, OK, when you look at cigarette's right, we used to watch TV and movies where everybody smoked a cigarette. You didn't every television show growing up, people smoked. Right. If you look at society today, whether it's music and a lot of people would say rap music, you look at video games and you look at TV and and movies. Right. Guns are a part of that world everywhere. What if there ever was a time to reduce gun, start with that world to reduce making guns look like a cool thing?


Could that ever happen? You mean the way to market it? Yeah, I mean, if you think about it, these gun companies are smart, right?


I mean, movies, TV, like the same way cigarette companies made sure it was part of everyday life. We see guns on TV all the time. We see video games with guns. I mean, video games to be a part of the problem. I watch my kids play games where they're coming up. They're just shooting everything. Like, to me, that is something up here that's making it seem like you can do it.


It's easy, but you can't do it. It is easy.


But I just think you're giving that you're putting a weapon in people's hands that that normally wouldn't even be in that position.


Even if it's a video game, I think it normalizes the object, you know, and then that's a better way to sit. There's there's two sides to that. Like who do you see mostly with guns in movies. Right. You'll see, like good guys versus bad guys. Right. And you'll have John Wick, who's a good guy. Is he a fucking good guy?


I don't think he's a good guy. Like, you're an assassin for a secret organization like, you know, a fucking cousin. Right. But you have be good at what he does. Let's let's not let's not he is he is an expert. If you want to have special skills, you know, he doesn't really exist. But that side of it is I mean, it does romanticize it. It does give it a certain sense of also, you know, Vic, the good guy can win with a gun, which we heard on this on this show before.


Right. But the bad guy can also win with a gun. Right. What happens when you remove the gun then? Who wins? I think that's an experiment that there's that a lot of people aren't willing to have. Right. I don't think, you know, you tell a cop if you if you look at the cops to be the leading example, you look at the soldiers to be a leading example. I look I think about the the not the Hells Angels.


The Guardian Angels in New York does what a red jackets. They were unarmed, you know, in the heyday of super violent New York, you know, on patrol. And it is is something about being brave and showing people that it's OK to go on to the world, as scary as it is. And you don't have to be armed to the teeth every single time. You know, but that's I can't again, to tell people that, you know, is is a hard thing to do.


What about in music? Do you think that that your genre of music, rap music. Wait, wait, wait. Romanticist Royce's genre. I talk about skateboards and.


Oh, you're talking about I'm bumble fruit. Oh, Nathalie's boombastic.


Those are those are RAICES homeboys. OK, go ahead and question to me.


Go ahead. No, I'm saying I mean in your world, very generally speaking. Right. Guns are our sloops point romanticized in and music to a certain degree. I mean, that's part of the problem too.


It's cool to walk around with with a gun shooting people up, and there are people listening to that material.


That man like I feel like I feel like rappers talk about what's going on in the environment already. You know, so before we can even think about censorship or anything, we're literally skipping a bunch of steps. I think the environment is what needs to be focused on and fixed if we're going to make an attempt to fix. But I also feel like a lot of the environments that are being romanticized, as you say, in music are created. A lot of the behaviors are socially engineered behaviors.


That's what I think. And I think it's a separate conversation for criminal gun ownership. Right. Versus civilian gun ownership. Right. That those two worlds are kind of pitted against each other in the marketing and kind of the social engineering we're talking about. Right. Whereas like my reason as a civilian to have this gun is for these criminals. Right. Because if I got a gun, I mean, criminals don't come in and take over and that might be a thing.


Right. But so it's like a dual process. It's like how do you there's one system to deal with legal gun owners and the access to assault style weapons. And then there's another approach, which is almost it's completely different. But as a few more steps involved to tackle criminal gun ownership. Right. And they're connected. They're connected at the gun store. They're connected at the source. There's a choke point like people and carrying crates of guns out the back of the factory and one's going to the gun store and the other one's going to, you know, the the train yard for for a swap.


Right. So there has to be, you know, again and to me, it all comes back to these companies ran the supply chain. And if you if you can find a way to establish some real rigorous controls at the point of source, then you solve both. But in the meantime, that's just one in. In the meantime, you got to have a program for legal gun owners. You have a program for illegal gun owners. Right.


And you have to solve it kind of simultaneously. So that's my piece. So even with on the rap side of it, you have to start looking past the rap and look toward the crime that's underneath it. Right. How do you start solving environmental aspects as it relates to gun violence? Is everything that's in rap and guns, right?


It's also in a lot of other stuff going on as well. And guns is a part to protect that. So what does it mean to if you legalize drugs?


My God, we talk about all kinds of poverty to try and make it a sport. You know, a lot of it needs to be fixed. How big of a role is mental health?


How do you control that? I mean, is. I can't I won't I wouldn't believe any of these people that did these mass shootings in the last seven days would be considered sane, but yet they somehow legally bought a gun. How do we address that the screening, the screening process could definitely be a little more. Type. How do you do that, though, I mean, obviously, these people walked in, passed whatever test they had to pass and got a gun.


I'm assuming they legally bought guns, I don't know assumption, I don't know what the laws are because the laws, they vary in different states from state to say, I don't know what it is in Colorado. But I got my gun license and I went through a look, I went through a little bit of the process. For sure. I mean, how did that kid in Colorado walk down the street and he bought a gun seven days before or ten days before, whatever it was, insanity comes and goes, you know what I'm saying?


Like, it's a it's not necessarily a it's a continuum, but it's also it's a wave, you know, like.


Some days you're going to be good, they'd be on the bottom, you not, you know, same thing with when you think like actual clinically diagnosed schizophrenics, right? And shouts everybody out there dealing with schizophrenia or any type of schizoid behavior and stuff like that, more power to you stay on your medication. Uh, is that, you know, on and off medication or to different people? You know what I'm saying, like, you stop and you stop taking medication and I'm like you completely gone, like you're cogent to a degree, and you can make decisions and you can make that decision to just seem normal.


Right. And you can be completely gone. Right. But just for that moment where, you know, you need to maintain normality. Right. Or sense of normalcy, you will and you'll pass that test and get through it. And you. And how rigorous really is it, you know. Yeah. And if you can if you can keep it together for that couple of hours that you're under observation, you know, the finish line is right there.


No, people do not all the time.


They are good at masking their their their behavior, masking their mental states. And how rigorous do you want to be?


You know, how where's the line before it becomes discrimination?


You know what I'm saying? Yeah.


And that balance, I feel like it's easier to get a license to drive a car, easier to get a gun than a driver's license.


Definitely hard to get a driver's license back.


It might be harder to vote in some places than it is to get a gun.


Spoken like a champion. Um, somebody just said that that I was that in the past few days there have been. Two hundred and seventy five different bills passed dealing with voting and that in the past seven in the past week or so, we've had seven mass shootings and there's been, you know, nowhere near the amount. Not to say that nothing's going to happen or nothing's going to turn the corner a little bit later down the line.


But just to see, like people are more focused, like you said, on voting, on other things, as it rightfully so. But when you have actual life, you know, being taken from this world that, you know, the political response or the political immediacy isn't as there as it is to restrict people from being able to vote, you know, so I don't know, protect yourself at all times, trying to make that try and make the best decision for yourself, then the best decision that you feel comfortable in.


And, you know, unfortunately for some of us, we don't know when that's going to be. We don't know what the situation we will find ourselves in and we don't know how are we going to react until it's on us. You know, you could prepare, prepare. And when I'm on the coms, you freeze. You don't know what to do. So, you know, I would say from from this point forward for folks is try and train yourself for crisis response.


Everyone, every kind of human being at this point, I think if they're not going to do anything to help stem the flow of firearms to certain individuals, that you should apply yourself or enroll yourself in some type of program to for crisis preparedness, for whatever that may be.


It may be, you know, first aid, it may be CPR and maybe something else, duck and cover different things that when you're faced with a circumstance that's beyond your control, that you have options and you don't freeze up and you don't lock up in the moment and you know where the exits are and you know how to get out. And if you if you do need to engage with somebody, you know how to engage that person, you know, so it's just preparedness at this point.


Good folks. And stop using the argument that you need assault rifles when the government is coming for you because the government is going to get you with or without your assault weapon, guaranteed a one hundred percent. Unless you drive with your child and get him. You're listening to a loop in with the right to ask, the right to find my friend Tom Price. All right, fellas, one of today's sponsors is better help. We got a lot of pressing mental health issues in the world today, but what do you think the most pressing one is?


I think is the stigma associated with mental health in underserved communities.


And I think it's about being comfortable in your own skin, being who you want you to be.


Sounds like a time to recommend our sponsor Better Help, which provides professional counseling in a safe and private online environment. Lou, tell our listeners how they can benefit from better help.


You can start communicating with a counselor in less than 24 hours, schedule weekly video or phone sessions, send messages any time and even change counselors for free if needed.


Better helps licensed professional specialize in topics like depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and anger.


Better help is convenient, professional, affordable, and anything you share with your counselor is confidential. Get 10 percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor at Better Help Dotcom, Luban and Royce. That's better. Help help Buppie and Arroyos.


You're listening to the Loop in Russia with Lupe Fiasco Rise to five nine and Tom Frank.


Do you see Donald Trump is working on his own social media platform? Did you guys read this? But you don't get any lighter than this, he said. Sources with Trump say that he is going to come out with his own social media platform and he's going to shove it to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook for throwing them off their platforms. Can you imagine this?


I like how he's thinking. I like how he's thinking. I got to give him a little credit for that's the way he's going to, right?


No, no, no. Because he's taking you know, then he's masquerading as entrepreneurialism and innovation in tech, right?


Oh, yeah. He's going to build his own platform with little servers, going to stick it to the man. Hey, if we don't talk the same wild, crazy nonsense that he talked for four years, why would you allow that like that? Just gives him.


No, here's my point. The way to do is thinking, here's my point.


Put put Trump to the side like who he is, what he stands for, why the Bush should not do that.


Just for a minute, just for my own sake. And if you take the fact that this was a human being who got thrown off these other platforms and his response to it is, I'm just going to build my own and all these 100 million lunatics are going to actually probably join it.


It's brilliant and scary all at the same time.


And I give him no credit. I get the no credentials fuck Donald Trump.


And I agree with you, even though the chicken and man logo is fire.


Now, we're going to give him credit for level that chicken recipe.


Jesus Christ.


I think, Campbell, that that's that's where you're going. Mandarin coleslaw with little oranges in it. It was off the change.


Jay Where? Mayor Largo. Yeah. I wonder if you can still go to a hurry.


Got shut down and a covered outbreak with something like that down there. Of course they did.


Of course they did. Yes. Donald Trump has fallen into obscurity.


I haven't. You're the first person that I've heard bring up in. I don't know how long, bro. Like weeks. But you know, what's kind of cool about that is we don't really talk about politics anymore. The only thing I've heard about politics lately is our poor president tripping up the steps to get on his plane last week.


Yeah, and he deserves to be laughed at the same way they laughed at.


He deserved to be liked. But I would rather be laughing at that than laughing at some crazy man telling people to go storming the Capitol.


Why don't they get him some like some geezer steps, though?


He old old man he is only so. Oh, so he's really old.


He need a pad at everything. Right.


Well I felt bad for him though going up those steps. I couldn't even laugh at him and he just. Oh I felt bad.


You know, I do apologize. I apologize.


And they should have. But if you're going to be fair, if you're going to be even if you don't laugh at Trump for doing the same stupid shit, then you should turn around and make jokes about you shouldn't make jokes about, you know, all the people that I respect, that respect your elders. But, you know, Trump said, wow, but that's different. But Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden's not Joe Biden's cool all the time.


And I think he has his best his best intentions ahead for folks, man. More power to him. So guns are impossible to ban, but Dr. Seuss books are easy to ban. Listen. And Mr. Potato Head, I'm a Mr. Potato Head now has to be had to be gender neutral.


Tom, Tom wants to show why don't you show Royce what we was talking about before he came on?


I was getting to that that this was my segment. Oh, yes. And censorship. See where I was going. I was going to hear is a toy that should never be censored. Did you ever see my action figure? We show you this, the EU has an action figure ever been made of Roys divide and I know. You get paid. Do you have an action fee? I went up you, Jack, not only do I have action figures in a box with a sword and let me weapons of mass.


Weyman, where's the actual axe?


I mean, you've never taken it out of the box. I've never taken it out the box. Chill out. I want to chill out, buddy.


Looks just like me. Do the man.


I like having something that Royce doesn't have like that. Look at that microphone. I got it.


I got accessories, microphone and voila. Bu Yao. Where is the sword where you hear it, like I got Nike's mom?


Are those actual Nike's I got a little Nike airs. Air Force One. I got my camo pal, like the go yard bag with the initials on there. Yeah, this is definitely 2008.


What's the story behind this?


You mean what's the story? But I know I'm famous.


I got friends. No, but I mean, so somebody Georgetown. I got mine. I got mine from my boss.


One time she gave it out to the whole senior staff. We were all super heroes in her mind. I appreciated it a lot. I've kept it with me for all these years. That's sweet.


But I'm going to put something. Well, actually, maybe I got to actually make you a snooke for your group.


That's right. I'm not going to act like I can fly that what he's doing is fly and. That's right. What's the story behind yours? Like someone just made you a man.


You see, the sword is there. You see people, you know, friends look out for their friends. You know, they don't they don't knock off.


They mirch, you know, people purchase that item.


I mean, maybe when I'm when I'm dead, you go up for auction now.


I mean, is that it is that a limited edition? Is that the only one ever made?


That was the only one they made like a one on one. He made the box. Look at that. I think he I think that he made my man, Nathan Cabrera, Nacho Cabrera, he actually did the artwork for the cool.


And he's he's an amazing just full artist of all ilk.


Can you give him anything and like, make me this and he'll make it and bring it back 18 times better than what you thought.


And I think he made a bunch of these for, like all of the homies at that time.


And so, yeah, he made me one. So there you go. A lot a lot of detail right now.


And that's it was nice. It's a little nicer than mine. Yes. Yes, I say so. Okay, Royce, where's yours? I don't see you with one.


I don't have one down. But anybody out there wants to make a choice and now don't make me go get one and go get one real quick, but I know a company. I know a guy. Listen, I know a got ladies and fans out there. Make sure that Royce gets a toy made. Yeah, I got to a true story, too.


I got traded truth to it. But that's not the trade of truth. I didn't know trade had one.


Yeah, you got along. Let me get his toy real quick. Hold on. I'll race. You need an action figure.


I got a shot price.


Well, my daughter broke it up and I'm not going to get that. I wanted to get up and go get it. I just have to trust me that my man traded truth. Has he sent in a Lamborghini to trade doing like stuff down in Texas?


You're listening to the Luban Roadshow, Lupe Fiasco, Royce, the 519, Tom Frank I realized Today show sponsored by Magic Spoon. What's your take on this stuff?


Clearly, I find it delicious, Tom. It reminds me of the cereal we all hate as kids, but without all the same sugar and junk. So I can still watch my figure even though I don't have a figure, you know what I mean? It's a figure of speech, Don. I know what you mean.


I know you mean my kids are digging it. They mix it together. They put the chocolate with the peanut butter, the fruity with the frosted. Personally, I don't find it as good for breakfast as I do, just eating it on the shelf.


Well, you know what, Tom?


That's a shame, because it's also keto friendly, gluten free, grain free, soy free, low carb and GMO free and quite tasty. I got the variety pack, which includes four flavors.


Would you like to know those flavors top? I would actually, yeah. Cocoa, fruity, frosted and peanut butter.


My favorite. Mm.


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Get your next delicious bowl of guilt free Syria with magic spoon dotcom slash loop invoice and use the code looping Royce to save five dollars off.


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You guys want some you guys want some fan questions, why? I got some good ones today. I'm not even going to associate them with a actual person, I'm just going to throw them out there. And a little new segment here. That'll be just quick fire, man. Can we have music for these segments? Buderim.


Not now. Put a nice button. No, not me doing the music I could have him do. Could you please stop cutting off roads?


But I don't know. I could just add just add a music and pop star.


I would do that. All right. Yo music.


What music do you guys listen to to just relax anything. Stevie Wonder for me to relax. You listen and Stevie said relax. I mean, I don't I don't put it on eBay.


Let you know what I want to relax. I just listen to it, you know, I find it.


That's probably what I listen to when I'm chillin, when I'm just chillin. Any mellows you out. I guess that's my version. That's my version of relaxing, I guess. Um. Man, when I'm relaxin. Oh, let me see, I got to dig into my relax. Oh, of top, um, this little ditty right here. Oh no. Let me get let me go. We don't get to it, man.


This song right here, actually it's called Berimbau that Astrid. Gilberto.


You to. Sufi's. He didn't see. This man, nothing beats bossanova, baby, if you're trying to chill out, listen to some bossa nova that kind of made me uptight. I think that make me uptight, uptight. What are you talking about? What do you listen to time when you beat off in the shower? What's being played when I'm just relaxing.


I like all old Motown music. What else do I listen to? I like to relax. It's crazy. And I like older music to relax. Rather than this new stuff, this new stuff you said that was some stank on your face, nod and say, you know, like this, you know, this pop stuff that all my kids listen to.


It's my bed at my job and everybody names. You don't get a train wreck, yeah, going to some stuff about stuff are your kids are some beefed up?


What are they listening to right now? Come on. OK. And I have I have I have my one of my daughters likes country music. I can't like I don't like country music. You guys like country music. Yes. Name a name your country song that you like our country artist, you like what? Name it. I'll sing it now with sky diving. Rock climbing when? Two point two seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu. I was I love Sweeter and spoke Bieber and.


I live like you were dying. Oh, the song touches my soul, man. It's called Live Like You Were Dying. And I'll be singing Country and I love deeper. Oh, often, listen to that, whatever. Now, what if what if what if Taylor Swift were to call you right now? Yes. And say, hey, Lupa, I want to do a country song with you.


Yes. You're doing it. I said yes. Hmm. What Rice would do it? I'm definitely doing it. Listen, I don't know what the fuck would you do it? Rice told me. And I sure as hell know why not? I believe it. I believe I caught up with that bullshit.


Listen, listen, listen. This Tim McGraw, if you fill in, like if you have that feeling down, a union unit went to better help Dotcom slash Leupen Royce. With a lot of life before me came and stopped me, you got some level, you understand? I spent most of the next days looking at the x rays, talking about the. About to go get my assault rifles. Want to go first? All right, next question.


We're on the rapid fire here. Most useless talent you have.


What was it, a trivia show? Yeah, what is the most useless talent you have? I can shoot border pieces of paper into the trash can from long distances.


What? Everything I do is wanya and purpose, I can't relate. You don't have any useless talents. I use all my talents and I find, as I find this really hard to believe when you come up.


You have to have a useless talent of some sort. Why do I, my man. Come on, man, you slice a fucking penny in half with a sword. I can not believe I'm gonna slice it in half, but, you know, I just target practice.


You know, I don't really have no use this talisman.


I try and put to use everything that I have. I'm sorry if that's satisfactory.


Anything anything you can do with that sword is a useless talent with all them guns. So I don't run out of bullets. So I look at it and swords don't run out of money. I'm telling you. A samurai sword might be the ultimate weapon you're going to across and run out of somebody.


They get a lot of bullets, don't run out of bullets now, but like, OK, let's say let's say you're in the walking dead, right? You're in the walking dead. Eventually, bullets are going to be.


Well, I guess you could make new bullets. I'll take a lot, have you have a crossbow, you're going to see what you're trying to do, Tom, but it ain't going to work.


I still I think I would rather have a samurai sword than anything else hung around. If I was in The Walking Dead, made it, no way did I shoot him in the head.


I don't watch Walking Dead. Do they even. Yeah, you shoot him in the head today.


OK, but if you stab him in the head or you cut their heads off with the samurai sword, they still alive? No, they're dead. You can cut a zombie head off. But you ain't just cutting somebody this coherent. And can kick some ass with my samurai sword. Wait, how how fresh are the dead zombies on on a on walking dead? What do you mean by fresh, non-native? Is it like skeletons coming out of the ground or is it like a.


spectrum? If you die in the Walking Dead, if you die, I think it's like 20, 30, 40 minutes, you turn. Well, what about so where all the zombies come from?


Because apparently in that show, I don't remember exactly, but, you know, some kind of illness struck across the board and so it was it was all living people. It wasn't like people buried. There was people that were living at a certain point that that are now.


Yeah, got it. Got it.


I don't think they rose out of the. So they weren't dead the graves.


So they were the walking sick. Well they died and then they became the walking dead.


They'll sleep on that show, you've never seen The Walking Dead, I've seen I've seen like the first episode then I seen like another episode, then I seen, I think another episode. And I was like, I'm not watching anymore these episodes.


I watched, like the first seven seasons, and then I am that's like two episodes.


That was my Sunday night ritual. I would after the kids went to bed, I would sit down and watch The Walking Dead.


How come you didn't read the Bible? You can see that on Sunday night. I could have done that on Sunday nights, I went to CCD for a long time to learn about the Bible.


So now I use my Sunday nights to watch TV.


What's CD? Never heard a CD that was brought up in the Catholic Church. What maybe it's not a black or white thing, it's in the Catholic Church.


You would go to church and Sunday mornings and then either either that Sunday afternoon or at night when you were older, you went and you it was like, you know, you got together at the church and yet you learn different things, right.


Where did you go to church with your church family? My mom I went with her sometimes I don't really remember it.


I never missed the Sunday, but I just remember I just remember it being extremely boring to me.


And this is I'm in no way saying the church is boring. I'm saying as a child. That was just my perception of it at that time, probably because I had the same problem there that I had in class, which was out of a difficult time paying attention to things because I just had, to my mind, just used to drift ice seizures when I was a kid because I fell out of top bunk.


So I used to have seizures.


There's a bunch of shit going on. Well, what we did was in la la land somewhere. You what how do we go back?


Go back. Go together. I used to have petit mal seizures they call petit mal seizures.


So basically so basically we would be talking and then I would just start blinking, blinking like and I would be like in a in like a daze.


But I could hear you, I could hear you talking when you're talking to me you'd be like right. Right.


I could hear you calling me but I can't answer you because I'm having an episode and then I will come out of it. I will come out of it. And that was it. It wasn't like, oh, what do you call it? Like a seizure. And was it like is a seizure? Grandma, I said, this is pediment. This is very Murray. Yeah, grandma. Yeah. Patty Martin. Of course, epileptic people fall all the way down and you know, like those you can die because, you know, like you can swallow your tongue and bite your tongue, like all types of shit can happen.


So they put me on medication. I took medication for like five years and then I stop having them.


Mm. It just stopped. You've never had one as an adult.


Never know what triggered you saying not even an alcoholic. You say you fell out of bed. That's what triggered it. I think I think it's because I fell out the top bunk as a baby. I got to two dark stories. One funny is we had these kerosene heaters around our house to heat up the house.


And I remember I just sat on it and burned my ass my real bad and cooked my little ass. Second is, we went to visit my uncle and was running around the house and he had a cigarette in his hand, like hanging down by as I was walking around casually and I ran my I ran straight into that cigarette.


Oh, yeah. In your eye. Yeah.


But I was born like with a weak muscle, so that's why I wear glasses. But that's why you got it. Is that why you got one glass eye. I look glass.


I had a glass eye. Yes. Yes you do life like you just sit there. You ever seen somebody pop their eye out.


They got one thing. You know, it's amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing the way they can just handle the eye. It's nothing. It's like they pop it out and then it's just a little pink spot right there.


It's a crowd of it's incredible. You've actually seen somebody. They could throw it back in there like.


So what is it? Is it magnetized? It's a magnet magnet. How did the pop back? It has a problem.


Just act with everything you got.


This feels go no way that they know they have metal in their day.


But may I say it. Was it magnetized?


I love it. Now it just sits there, man, if anybody has any information on or has dealt with, you know, losing an eye, has got a replacement and feel comfortable, feel comfortable talking about it, leave us a voicemail. Let us know your experience with your fake and how you've dealt with it. I'll be out of our mind, my petty self.


Oh, my God. I got to put it in drinks.


Like I would a went to the bar, it's like, let me get a martini. Then on a put on line, I got to go to the bathroom and I took my out and put it in my head like, hey, I'll be watching you.


And then one. You know what, I'm the last person I say doing it not to cut you off. My father, Charles, the way I follow Charles in a way, I follow Charles and White sometimes. And I look at some of his videos. He's a little crazy, but sometimes he entertains me.


He says all kinds of crazy shit about the nation in our tipsheet. So he popped his idol. One time. Somebody sent me a video where he popped his eye out and we were just like, yeah, I got one up.


So what? And it was like, he just sitting there with the one I like, you know, said that he popped it back initially. It was just like, whoa.


But I think my magnet thing is not a bad idea, if you lose an eye, they could put a little magnet back there and make them make the eye out of metal and you could pop it in and out. Could they do that?


You can. You can already pop it in and out. Yeah, but I'm saying, if it was magnetic ties, they'd be perfect.


Yeah, but then every time it's already put some nails and other magnets to suck outside, suck it out of your head. I know you'd be like OK, correct.


It could forget you walk by somebody's refrigerator.


But you know, if I had if I had a fake I mean I would use it as a golf ball and I would go and put it down and I would just I would need to have a whole set of replacement eyes. I'd definitely be. I'm sure you're fucking with them. I'm sure they got I'm sure they got replacements. I'm sure they got, like, backups. You just think I have a bag of eyeballs that they carry.


You have to travel. You got to travel with a backup. It's like having, like, contact lenses.


Listen, Tom, that's that's the next guest that we won't find us, somebody who has a fake eye.


And then we want to be able to hit them with a whole bunch of questions about how they deal. And it'd be great because we can make the show around like disabilities and stuff like that. But I don't even want to say that because it might not be in a disability. It might give you a what's what's this pro? You might get an extra. Yeah, you might get another type of ability. Whoo! All right. Can anybody out there with a fake I hit us up on the hotline, I immediately I would have to pull bullet back there.


Call us at seven 00, seven two seven six six two six more of you guys are welcome.


You know, speaking of a. Phone numbers, right? How many? Maybe, maybe not, maybe not Utah. Maybe you realize how many different versions of the iPhone. Do you still have? Um, just the last one before this one. Whatever that one is, I still got that one, but I usually. Either give them away. Or just throw them away because they're usually in such bad shape by the time a new one comes off, my screen is normally like cracked and just messed up.


But. Yo, I'm like, wow, you got a lot I'm continuously finding iPhones and Blackberries just in boxes and in places around my around my place. Like iPhone tuns, iPhone two, we had the big ass plug in the back, like just an array. They won't even cut on no more. Like it's hilarious that I've had every single iPhone since they first came out. I've skipped a few because I but I keep finding iPhones like a stack up.


You should frame them and make an art exhibit out of them. Well, like a shrine to Steve Jobs, no, just just a piece of art or make something of with them, I don't know.


I don't have any of them. I trade a man immediately, get rid of them. I don't want them. They do no sight until they send them overseas. And they said, I don't want them tradesmen, tradesmen, why not should keep. Why what do I need stuff for? You're right, I'm trying. I don't need any more junk. Downsized Royce, are you cluttering?


No doubt, no, my wife is. Your wife is the one who's cautery when you say Clutterham, you mean like Horder, a little bit of a hoarder, right, of below hoarding? Yeah, that's my wife.


That's my wife. I don't like clutter. I don't like clutter, but I can't I can't beat my wife, so. Claire, it is. Let me I'm not. Yeah, I'm really letteri, but it's like my clutter is ridiculous, like it be like a stack of iPhone.


You have ridiculous clutter, like why you got all these iPhones or why do you have all this equipment? There's just something you don't want to throw them away. I mean, what's the why?


I don't mind parting with stuff, but I have, like, very specific kind of clutter. Like, I got a bunch of samurai swords. Right. And it's kind of like I got too many samurai swords to organize in a fashion that wouldn't look like clutter.


So the shit just looks like clutter. But it's samurai style as a pile of swords. Close is ridiculous, so you so you like just to collect things and as well as collecting matches, I mean, what do you do with that? There's some amazing stuff, right?


You got like rejection letters from the Oscars. Right. What is the most coveted thing that you have that does not like a family thing?


That's like something you got in your travels of being Royce the five Ninth's? I probably probably my Grammy Medal or like my one of my plex, honestly, because I don't I don't really collect things. I don't really collect names. I just if I receive them then I don't them, but I don't like go places and collect stuff and let whatever comes my way, my plax.


I didn't even feel the desire to even want them until I got this place. And then I start calling around to try to get all of the plaques that I had come in. I still don't have my chronic black. Trying to get my hands on it when you wrote the whole album. I wish I wrote one song, one song, not me.


I got shit from everywhere, man. What's your most prized possession, but you collect you collect stuff, right? Oh, I guess I don't know. I mean, I like books. I like trinkets. I got a little collection of skulls. I collect skulls, which we all know.


And what's my most prized thing?


Oh, oh, oh, my most prized possession. I don't think I have one. That in your house is on fire and you can grab one item before you run out, what is it? My wallet and my passport. OK, not your wallet and your passport, which I know my wallet, but you make it, you already have that.


No, no, no, those are already in your pockets. You're looking around. You're like, oh, God, I've got to grab this one thing. What is it? Probably my incents. The isn't the incentive to make it yeah, because it take I mean, take a long time, take like three years, man, it's a lot to let that burn.


It's going to burn anyway. I don't know. Maybe the hard drives. With your music or what's on her dress drives me crazy, I can't hold onto those either. Well, how much music have you lost? Tons, because I had recordings from the previous studio, those records burnt out. You remember the big drives to kind of sit up, what do you call it, lazy being lazy that you stand up in old burnt out.


I had I had a couple of them in the garage that were burnt out when I tried to. Wait a minute, you at this point, are you guys keeping things on drives or are they up in the cloud cloud? This is is the cloud. This is before the cloud.


But, yeah, I tell you, we still use hard drives from the backups for backups due to dumps, heavy work and drive.


You got a better they got to have an external backup save drive and then you do a backup.


Get in Toontown. Mm hmm. I put everything in the cloud. Now, you could take my computer right now that matter. I got everything in the cloud. All my music is in the cloud and my one song is up there.


I don't know. I'll probably take now. Well, I don't know if I could get to the. I mean, whatever I can get to, I'll.


Good thing at the end of the day, you can't take none of this shit with you.


None of it. That's right. You know, and then most everything you can get back. For the most part, I'd grab that sword, I'd grab that sword that you just got there, you got last summer whenever I get that. Now, do you want to run out in the street with that sword? Because if the house is going down.


Something might be going on outside. No, I'll call a shaken down. Knock on wood that it doesn't happen. And if I find out that you're trying to set my house on fire, Tom, send somebody to come see.


Oh, look at this.


That said, you have something. Look at you wants to take a toll on my possessions. This you know, this is. Oh, yeah, well, those things called into the medicine by the A penis because it's a penis.


I was about to say I want to say no, I want to say it because I want people to be like, I will try to be like, man, nasty.


It's a penis.


So what is it? Why do you have that? I actually got the idea. You have that.


I got this in Japan and I don't look at me like that. I got it in Japan from one of my my homies met them for four for for like dinner at Zakiya and a super famous kind of low key cold spot in Japan, um, and, you know, is a connoisseur of everything. And so his theme. Was Dick's, you can see, so this was actually one of the cups that they will serve you like like a. Wasabi.


Well, like you put soy sauce in or like, you know, ginger or whatever for like, you know, eating sashimi and stuff like that, but this is like is a Kaisers like stews and all kinds stuff.


So anyway, man, the owner of the restaurant was here and he gave me his one Filipinas bowls.


And he gave you a piece. Yeah. Uh huh. That is an interesting possession right there.


Well, you it.


No, I thought from a distance it was one of those things. One of the things that you have yet you smash down is the medicine. One of those things called a penis. Clearly, it's not it's clearly it's not that bad.


But it could also be like a sea cucumber. But I don't think that's what it is.


And when you go to his store, where we go to a restaurant, if you look at a turtle, this is covered in penises. So like famous artists will come in and, like, draw dicks and then put them on the wall.


So you go in his place. This reminds me of like our first episode, what we know, what the fuck to talk about.


So we just ended up talking about the fun. Yeah, that's that's exactly what happened this time.


Killer, because Tom opened it up with such a depressing topic that Hristov start with, with shootouts and penis roles from Jenas balls.


And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lupe Fiasco.


And, uh. Penis bowl. My name is. My name is to five nine and Pussy Spoon.


And this is Tom Frank, I don't have either one of those items because I'm clearly just a normal dude, as it were done.


Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. They admire clarity from Toronto, Canada. Just want to show a huge amount of love to big boys, big fans of day one to check in all of these out. I just want to let you guys know you're both my favorite lyricist as well as my favorite human. Y'all are exemplary role models. And one of the things about the show I love the most. I like the personal anecdotes.


I want to hear more of that.


Hey, guys, my name is in this and I and this is nothing new, but I'm currently residing in Orlando, Florida. I have a question for my celebrity crush group. What inspired the color theme for the show? I also want to point out how creative you guys have gotten over the course of the 27 episodes with the editing and things like that. You have to the work, gentlemen, and I'm loving everything about the show. You've got a true sense of life.


Yo, it's your boy Lanu here from Syracuse, New York, coming by and show some love for the loop. And Roy Parker hearing about this park has definitely picked me both. Your music has been very instrumental in my creativity, so it's great live and week by week. I just want to thank you for that, for the entertainment on the music side. But not only the podcast as well. Much Love and Lupita shoot me were erro. Oh, how.


That's our show for the week, if you like what you heard.


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