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Previously on The Leupen Road Show, I've once stole the door off of a house in Detroit. Why did you do that? I needed a door. I need a door. Detroit has many doors, clearly.


Yeah, but they all attached to houses. You said you got doors.


So now there was a person out in Detroit with no door. Oh, no. The house was completely abandoned.


You have squatted in the house and people thought that it was vacant. So they took they stole the door. The Leupen ratio to say what? Media production? The presenting sponsors. Blue microphone.


What up this Lupe Fiasco, proud part of Samurai Sword, a yo yo yo, what's up? This is five nine and I'm the proud owner of a blue mike and this is Tom Frank. I'm just a regular dude. And you're listening to the Loop and Rochelle. Voice Will you vote for I'm voting for these nuts, OK? Is that actual candidate? It was at one point, obviously, see if I can get him back. What do I call you?


He's going to get slaughtered right now. Yes, he's in on it. Yeah, I'm a problem. Can we vote for his albums, like, separately? Like the Virgin of Canada that you want, like you want, you want doctors to fantasy college president, can we vote to get him to stop doing this?


It's a problem.


I don't think he has anything to do with this. I think that that theory about the Republicans, I can't estimate Biden's that the split vote, I think that's what's happening, I think has been great long.


He'd been great to Lambro. He don't have nobody, nobody that can tell him to sit the next couple of plays out.


But you think he's doing it because he's going to split the vote? I don't think that could even work to me. What do you mean? But listen, that's not going to work. He's going to he's going to take votes away from who?


From Biden. Who's going to vote for him?


If anything. If anything, they're going to take votes away from Trump. No Putin in as seriously now is the same party line as Trump. What are you talking about now? People don't know that.


Who doesn't know that you are under you are overestimating the intelligence of the United States? Is that what I'm doing? And I don't know how you can, because this is why we have this problem in the first place.


We whittle away with it. So you honestly believe that Kanye is going to pull votes from Joe Biden if he gets on the ticket? Yes, but he's not going to get on the ticket.


Everybody needs to be focused on agriculture. And that is the problem. You can buy land right now for one hundred thousand dollars and it where you like.


Is that what was really said? Are you doing like a remix of one of the you just don't know about it. He said this because you have you have the serious look. This is something Kanye said, isn't he?


He must be skipping steps, maybe skipping steps like above, I guess. Libro It's not time to talk about this. Like he gave one hundred thousand dollars to any of these people right now and they went and bought blank land.


That would be the dumbest fucking with so much that needs to be unpacked before somebody gets one hundred thousand dollars.


Nobody has a hundred thousand dollars, literally nobody.


Oh my God. Do you think that Kanye would take away votes from Biden if he if he got on the ticket? Honestly, that's not, I don't think versed enough to be able to intelligently unpack that. I mean, just to throw something in there off of instinct's. He's definitely. And the way in some it's some sort of way, I don't know how to like, you know, put it all into words and the way I like it is in the way he's going, the way he is in the way.


What what who do you think would be hip hop's best candidate if we were seriously going to do this to be what I was going to say, represent the United States from our team, hip hop like rappers.


Yes, hip hop.


Like I've never met a rapper that I want to run the country. I haven't I haven't even come close. I'll move to Africa, man.


Come on, Royce. There's this folks on the side who think deep politic deeply have done great. I will give you a model technique, for example. Right. As a great political mind, a great political activist. I think we we're so educated and we got a lot of talk that talk and walk that walk.


I didn't mean we don't have guys that are smart enough.


Right. I just don't think the rappers are like we haven't been put in a position to, like, learn political science, like we're politically inclined to a degree from watching TV because like so those folks with degrees, I mean, there's guys who are who were activists, who are activists, who have a street degree to a certain degree.


And I'm talking on a street degree in terms of activism and participating in things. And I'm sure it's not we're not too far of a step away from folks who actually are trained in the politics, maybe not in traditional Democratic Republican politics. But there are some folks out there trained on the socialist side as folks out there trained on, you know, at depth in certain arenas, which may not be which may get shunned in the traditional kind of political training.


I tell you what, let's let's throw immortal technique in there. Where do we end up who die first?


I got one. You know what? I want to know if you would agree.


Cumhuriyet comments President. Why, as a candidate. As a candidate, I'm not mad at that. But I want to know your take on.


You know him. I'm just. I'm going. I know. I know. I know on TV or I've seen. But I get the impression I could see him as someone who would thoroughly think things through. He is a bit of an activist. I wouldn't say a bit of a lot of an activist comes across as a very intelligent guy. More fair minded. Hmm.


I'm I'm a child on the sideline with that one.


Great, great lyricist man. Great lyricist, great, great guy. I love comment. I don't get presidential vibes from him.


Yeah. I don't think I don't think it's the presidential vibes. I think we I think we have folks who have more of a presidential vibe.


We need it. We need to have to have somebody go in and therapy.


My mind the same killer. Mike, I'm not mad at killer Mike there. There's some things that I'm like, but I'm not mad at Killer Mike. I'm not I'm not mad at immortal technique. Definitely not mad at him. I'm not one problem with killer Mike.


Yeah, man, you know, I'm not mad at really for real slug from atmosphere and I'm at a slug. What kind of shit are you trying to run here, man?


Well, I mean, what kind of ship? I mean, what are you looking for? What are you looking for out of putting these guys in?


They're just people that are smart, capable that would actually do what they say they're going to do. You know, that can actually come in with programs and plans that speak to the common person, you know, able to to affect some type of change. Do I think that they would fit on any traditional party line? No, I would definitely be like a third party. I think Dave Chappelle and I'm not mad at that. I'm not mad today at their brilliant killer.


Mike is a Pembrook. There it is, is. Oh, I'm not mad at Dave Chappelle killer Mike is a charmer.


He's a charmer. You start my ride.


OK, listen, listen, I'm not on I'm not on anyone's train. Right? And everybody has their drawbacks. I'm not mad of Dave Chappelle. I'm president. What? That would be kind of the shit. Mm hmm. How about you? How about you guys, Scarface? He ran he ran for political office in.


In Texas, I'm an immigration bill in Houston, you all of them, DAITO Like all of you, I think all of the ghetto boys really did with every one of them ran from Willie D, Scarface, Willie D, Scarface bun, the buns, not buns, not ghetto boys, but he still has the quality family.


All of these guys are brilliant, but they too streetman.


This too. You can tamper that down. No, like you know, you can't tamper really down brah. You can't tamper Willie down with Willie D cannot be president. We have to do whatever we can to make sure that that doesn't happen because the world will be a completely different place, like it would just be a whole different.


I got one more for you. Another Chicago guy who can Rhymefest. Rhymefest, Rhymefest ran for office. Did it. Yeah. Rothfuss my polygraph.


I was, I did a campaign event with Charlotte. Stop saying that.


We are what they did. I had dinner with him many many years. Oh dear me man. I know that local office and I'm in Chicago.


He was the one you. I think you're right. I think he did run and he did.


I did a campaign event with him. Fisher here. There's nothing like being a president bro. I know.


But I'm just saying it's the first step. They don't stop. He you have to run.


You have to go through going through an election.


You've got to go through some type of election first. Yeah. You got beat. You get beat up. Yes. If people actually like you, you can't just go start playing, pick up ball and be like, oh, man. First up, NBA.


That's that's kind of what Barack did. A little bit more. Little bit more. A little bit more in one, two and then president. But it was still a one two. It was still a one two. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Harvard graduate decorator guy, I mean, he he went right, he did go to Harvard Law editor of the paper. It was. One, two, three.


What are you about to leave that out? That was I wasn't even thinking about it, but there's a lot of people that are Harvard Law now.


There's a lot of people that go through that they don't have they don't reach them. And so it's not. Yes, it is. There is it princess is name. So we got Google. So I don't even have to name people we don't get to. Yeah, I got Google and Tom has in my hands and you have got an app right now.


Rhymefest lost in 2011.


You don't even have matters. I thought you got Google. What Rhymefest lose. He lost. He got 46 percent of the vote which ain't bad. That's that's some good shit. That's not bad except it's a very small election. Yeah.


How did you lose. How would you. Thousand votes. He got.


You got a winner. Got twenty four. Automan he got he got less votes than the other person. That's how I losing happens.


And he unless he initially refused to declare he claimed there was voter fraud. He claimed I was voted for. I probably won't. He can't. He turned he came around though and eventually concierto no lie.


We know about the politics go behind closed doors. We know it's all a setup.


Listen, if Willie D becomes president, white people will be put on ships and shipped out of America. That's not true.


That's not true. I love me some Willie D.


That's my man. He's the OG of old no black people. Once you get that power, he goes right now Lupe can't turn around because of that. People don't want me to do. We don't have data. We don't have that kind of violent streak. My brother, there's not violence. We went violently do. That's about it.


I would just be asked to be put on the same, be asked very, very forcefully.


Very forcefully. We don't even know. We don't even know. We don't even know. We know both of them. We don't know shit about no votes. How can I know somebody? What do you know about a boat I've been on a couple of cruise ships. I wish I was so bad, but I don't know where they are right now. You're listening to Loopier in Russia with Lupe Fiasco writes The five, nine and time frame. We want to thank blue microphones for supporting our show for 25 years.


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You're listening to the Loop and Roy Show with Lupe Fiasco, a five minute time frame. Now we going to see who is more fancy. You ready for this time?


Yeah. What cruise ships where you are on the five nine? Actually, the only one I've been on is the Bible about. Was that a great, great song? That's the blah blah I know that is it's just a ghetto cruise ship, man. No, no, no.


What company went across the company for? I fancy. What is it, Bob Blow-by-blow? Is this an amusement park that we used to go to lower income families in Detroit?


Where. So you've never been on a cruise ship. I told you to buy a boat. What's the bob level? Are you are you looking at something? I am. Well, I know about the boat only from your muga. Yeah, you can. I didn't know it. I didn't know it actually existed on a boat.


You know, it was like you get I don't know. I just. I don't know. Got God. Don't let don't laugh. I'm being serious. You get on a boat and you go from the Detroit River from say, the Detroit River here to Babloo Island.


It's an island with an amusement park. When we went to get it.


Yeah, it's there's ships that ferry people back and forth to Babulal Island Amusement Park on the way.


Wait for the past eighty nine. Yeah. Then I'm definitely way more fancy to you. So but you've never, you've never been on like a like a cruise cruise, like a Caribbean excursion or get away the first day. What do you mean. It's a lot of fun but I think that's a very Detroit. It feels like a very Detroit thing.


Don't you put that on Detroit, buddy? Oh, that's a very.


You think a cruise is a very Detroit thing? Yeah, it is incorrect. I do. I think it's a very like. Oh yes, I know. Black people, Detroit thing. You know, I could see trick trick on a cruise balling out. Like I could just see that in my mind with Katia's and I could see that, I could see you on air. Just Patrikis fancy. You fancy that's what I'm saying, but obviously, yeah, I had to concede that you probably not that fancy.


I thought you would be you insulted me, but I'm sorry. I you know, I don't you know, I'm I'm quick with the apologies. Black lives matter, bro. They shot have I got to like this man, you when when this covid-19 is over, we got to go on a cruise just so you can see what I'm talking about and, you know, I guarantee. What do you want me to say? What do I feel like?


I haven't been invited. Tom, you don't want to go on a cruise.


You want to do it because our ancestors was on boats. I don't want to go on. I'm not going on a boat with either one of you. What? You're not even invited. I don't even appreciate that you don't like black people do like. Obviously, you haven't been on a cruise ship, so you don't know like they're jampacked with black people.


I think they're good. I think they're great. I think they're a great experience. Not now, though.


They're fucking white people from Middle America go on boats. Lou, you ever been on the Santa Maria? The Columbus ship. Columbus, Christopher Columbus, Santa Maria, right? I don't get him started on Christopher Columbus, Columbus. Yeah, he hates love it. I know that the Santa Maria, like the peanut, the peanut, whatever the fuck I got later about those ships, I was like that.


No, I'm just I'm trying to get, I don't know, Amaria and. I don't know. Yeah, what ships are you talking about or just looking at it that you need to get on this?


I'm telling you, just get like fifteen hundred dollars, set the aside. Fifteen hundred dollars.


If it's anything like a seven day, where are you going to go?


We don't hit the the islands. You fool me. You better borrow it from KEYT given what you Tylenols he's talking about. I got it. I think you should stick with the buffalo, bro. Listen, I got it. You, Chicago, no matter what, I got to be Chicago, that's the sound of safety, OK, passing by just now, I'm somewhere higher happens.


Everybody know calm down. I didn't mean anybody yell out. All right, no need to yell every siren isn't the policeman I just come out en route to say it being fire ambulance in Chicago and it being the police didn't say anything about that.


So, look, Russ, cruise ships now tell him it's a great investment like Carnival Cruises. Yeah, exactly. Those are those are I don't want to badmouth them because they might be a bit later on for this episode, but they shut up timestamps when to go in. My mom, I say my mom and dad swear by those.


They're exactly what you're missing. So check this out where your mom and dad from. From Detroit today, oh, I told you, they relo you were telling me that you would get on a cruise ship, you got to be crazy to go on a cruise ship in the next year. Yeah, you would be that's why we're not getting on it for like a year and a half years, but Rice has ample time to savor the fact that you got you got disease, you got pirates, they have pirates.


The pirates know by pirates. What what ocean are you talking about? Well, last time you seen a pirate Otis Cruise, you're going to be on the ocean.


I want to I want to be like, God, I could just go down the street.


You could do that. They have river cruises.


Yeah. You start from Detroit. Just go there now that they got river cruises yet. But we're not doing that. We do an ocean cruise.


I like to be out to see land that I'll tell. I'm not just a river cruise. It's probably the same now, today, probably the same you're talking about why? Because you think a river is cheaper than the ocean. Is that geologic right now? Because more has to be cheaper. There's less water. Like you say.


I was born by the river. And that's one of the best songs ever to. Sam Cooke, what does your parents say about the cruise? Oh, it was so I was so bad.


I told you they were going to go seven days when they were like they they were going to seven days so much, which I which I do. We just sit around all about. They ate we went to the comedy club, they went to some shows, they practiced gambling, they got they got on and off the boat. Yeah, they went to go do some excursions island things where they are some pirate.


And it had a good time.


Yeah, this I'm telling you. See, I believe they had a good time. How many times have you been on a cruise boat?


Look, you know, you're the product of both of them. I mean, you're going to have twice to define. Oh, bro.


I broke all kind of generational curses in order for me to have a good time, bro. You know, she got to be an alcoholic. I'm an alcoholic. Your ex alcoholic. I'm not exactly. Because that's not that's not a political I'm not politically. That's not a that's not the appropriate term because technically it's one day at a time. Hi, Michael. So today you're non-alcoholic. Today, I'm an alcoholic. Figured you'd be an alcoholic if you went back on a cruise ship knowing what all you can drink is not all you can drink.


That's just expensive. Say you don't even know it's. No, it's not that easy.


All you do is just keep signing it off. You just keep Zibo you at the end of it. It's a bit like that is not going to do that.


What else do you like that make me sign off on shit.


They're going to be like, oh, talk about that right now.


I'm like, excuse me, is that right? Five nine and Lupe Fiasco. And I'm like, yes, I'm like, look, the captain would love you guys to come down and drive the boat and drive the boat. That's.


I got noticed on a boat is fantastic. I'm sure you did you make a push. Would you say you got noticed on a boat? Yeah, I see it. Did you did you did you drive the boat? Now, what this fucking ridiculous did you get to go out, did you get to go up in of that? Why not? That I haven't watched. What was happening was that I would get random like like just gift baskets in my room.


But I didn't know if they were like for me, if they came with the room, if everybody was getting these everybody, they were for you.


But at the end of the cruise, they were like, you know, we just didn't want people to mess with you. We wanted you to just treat you like a regular person. And that's what they did. They left me alone. People are suffering from success. I would have lost my I lost my virginity on both. On the ballot, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I'll call it the ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba mama.


The Bible, the Pablo. This is Pablo Escobar abelow like I like.


I had to go to a bar below where you you lost your virginity on the Bible Belt or Eminem's book. Was it a different kind of book. E.M. does not have a boat by me as boats.


I believe it has to have a boat. He got to have although he does not have invested in a boat. I don't know, he has to be white because he's Eminem, Richard, Richard and Jesus, I mean. The we have a boat probably has to have more than one, but has that as a giant, you ran all those ideas behind where it was that it was out on the boat. It was I on about boat, Jose.


If you have to question it, that means you were. I can't remember. I don't think so. I don't think Majia what we might have actually actually maybe, but I don't think so.


Miami and Spain and I definitely wasn't on that boat.


I'm sorry, but look, we need to go on a cruise and I must set it up, we're going to go as my I'm going to do the show from the cruise, and that's how I'm going to get on a cruise for free because we want to do seven days at sea.


Why am I calling in or do I go all the time?


You can come from like I like, oh, oh, man, do I get to drive the boat. And then we could do the show on the actually the show could be one of the events on the boat. People come down and watch us do the show. It'll be great, we get paid. Everybody is going to come down and watch us because they're going to be too busy getting up. But I thought about that. Think about it.


If you bought on a cruise, why would you want to go somewhere?


Because they have you have no other place to go. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Exactly.


It's actually it's actually the perfect audience because we have a passion there.


Capture on a boat and they got to come listen to us. They got to eat. We'll set up right near the buffet booth.


We'll have to show slammin. And by that time, the show will be super famous. You'll be extremely wealthy. I'd be somewhat wealthy. I'm not going to go I'm not going to be wealthy.


And I might be able to afford my ticket to the boat. Well, why wouldn't you be wealthy?


Whatever money I'm gonna make, I'm going to invest it and land. That's our show for the week.


If you like what you heard. Be sure to subscribe or follow. Leave us a review and tell your friends. Listen, the Luban shows a production of Say What Media is recorded a mix by Clive Jennings. Our head writer is Lawrence Live. I'm Tom Frank. And our theme music is by who else? Lupe Fiasco and Roy to now.