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Previously on The Leupen Road Show, Lou, I got to start with this, your man, his wife got arrested in my backyard. What man?


What do you talk about your good friend, Choco's wife? I thought you saw my one of my actual homies. I was like, what? I was talking about the two of you.


Have you seen his wife? No comment on it. You trying to die? Are you trying that? I was looking at her.


There was a New York Times article, and I happen to have it up on my screen. Right.


Are you just happen to his wife? Happened to be up on your screen? It just happened to be up on my screen. Oh, no. The New York Times. You're not. Look, look, I don't think that we should talk about this. This is unsafe territory, you know what I'm saying? Like, we can't be commenting. I'm not talking about it. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I'm done. The Leupen ratio, as I say, what media production?


That was pretty good.


Yo, yo, what up? This is Rice, the five man my whole life, it's been about drinking wine. But then I turned around to stop breaking spice with my rhymes and then I bought a whole lot of shine. It took about 20000 times. Sometimes I like to recline in a chair that's made for Kangs Cong's. That's a mispronunciation to kings. But that's how Royce the five nine Rolls with my Detroit wings, those are red stuck in the head.


And as you crawl awaya chop off your legs.


What's up? This is Lupe Fiasco. Do not get wrapped in my lassalle. My last hope was I asshole. This is Tom Frank, I'd like to say my new single Coming Out, Nudge, Shove, Glide.


This is trolling on elite level, yellow nuts.


When you say nerd shoved his name and not some guy. Yeah, but do you think it's about it's about the the surfing culture.


I would say give me one of those.


But I don't want to troll on a level I'm not worthy.


That's Charlie on the elite level right there.


I'm not worthy. I want to know how you feel about the shirt. My brother back up a little bit.


Oh, wow, that's a nudge shove glide as dirty right there. I'm not mad at it, but that's dirty. That is truly true, I mean, no, wait a minute, you told me, do not tell you, tell her how to tell him how the shirt came about, because you you specifically said I would send people to your house if you tried to make a quick push.


Sure. So I respected that. Don't worry about it.


And I went with my own version. All right. I see what you did that night. Shove glide. Right, for surfers, OK? Yeah, for surfers. All right. Yeah, because I'm a surfer, you know.


Oh, dude, I said not so dry, dude. Nudge, shove, glide. All right.


So. All right, so, yeah, those I feel a little upset. This goes outside my home and that's stuff out there surfing. Yeah, I'm saying no shove falling off.


Yeah, I got your shirt coming out. I do have it right here in front of me. Let me see it again.


Oh, I got to stop. I got to stop making these because people are now starting to contact me because you're sold out of yours and they're asking me to get you get them one time as long as you send me the money.


I don't know. You can make just send me the money you feel me.


And as a matter of fact, the same deal. You got the same deal. 80-20, you keep 20. Hit me waiting. As long as I get my money, that's fine because I kind of like that.


So, Royce, you got to pay up for that shirt so I can get my 20 percent and he can get his 80 percent. And that's not what he said.


Now, if you said you got a good week, I've been super busy. But what what else is new?


You know, you are you busy doing the preparations for the Grammys coming up? Hey, yeah, a mad important. I'm like my preparation for the Grammys, be mad, stressful.


Now you know how hard it is to sit around and wonder if you've got to come up with a speech.


Shit. Oh, wow. And in between speech prep, huh?


Yeah. Potential speech prep. Yeah.


Because I don't know I don't know if I should thank God first because he kind of got something to do with it. Or should I thank my mom, you know, my girl, she up in there, you know, I mean, I've got a friend who, you know, I mean, you inspire me about my spin, your raps, exactly how I taught you to spit them. So that inspired me. So that that's got to go a long way, you know?


I mean, you got to I don't know, man. I'm just trying to figure out the I think Eminem first.


But yeah. The trick. Trick. Who, yeah, thank the city of Detroit. Wow, that's going to be beautiful, man. I got to thank Kwame Kilpatrick.


Yep. Just cos you got to thank wasn't in that movie. You got Mark Wahlberg and Andre 3000. Sure, it was named in a movie and Ataris entire movie, The Brothers, The Brothers, I got to thank Rick James got a tank of gas.


Yeah. Make sure you do the Arpita proof.


You know, I'm saying make sure that's enough first and foremost to prove how much time they're going to give me on the zone, because as much time as you want to take it, first thing I can do it.


Thank God. And I'm gonna take all the time I want to take. But I'm just wondering how much they offer.


You should do you should just start your speech even before you even before your category come up. You should just be they should catch you in the midst like you somewhere in your speech. That way it could be like and then when they come off of you and go to another category, you still continue in doing your speech and then it will rise and rise.


Rise to rise to five nine. Because I'm telling you, man, this has been a real it's been a crazy year, man.


Then you go straight from the Grammys to the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest acceptance speech ever given. I like that.


I like to think Hennessy and Smith and Wesson for giving me my courage. Oh, the one for y'all. I wouldn't be shit man.


If race get a Grammy, he's going to be a whole he's going to be so hard to deal with. Wow. No I'm not room. Yes. Yes you are. I'm literally. I'm literally not going to be hard.


Oh man. You're going to be I'm going to be all right with it though. If you win a Grammy, I'm I'm going to be excited. I won't be so excited for you.


Thank you. Can't wait. I can't wait.


So what's happening is Lupe, remember how he was when he wasn't here? So he's projecting that onto that devil, onto me. Don't put that devil on me, Ricky.


Bobby, I was in a I was in a bed sleep sick with pneumonia when I was on my Grammy. My mom had to accept mine.


I told you that story. Yeah, I think when. Yeah, but in but after that, after you after you got over the pneumonia, I remember how you was. I remember I got at you. I got at you after I got after you tried to do a sandwich. It took me so long to recover from pneumonia was crazy. Like it's a Keino hit him up Tom. I think he you know, got him directly, you know, got him directly.


He was like, who? Like you want to work with you. He was like, you taught me.


All right. Five, nine a.m. boy. And he was like, Yeah, yeah. That's how he was like he got in the Grammys, you know, like now I ain't got no Grammys. He was like, I tell him to get a Grammy.


I'm going to Grammy. Yeah, I'm I remember Eminem. The reason I turned you down is because Eminem turned me down for the superstar remix. That kind of hurt my feelings. Oh, you think.


You do think you did you really reach out for it? Yeah. Did you really reach did you really reach out for that. Yeah, it was.


What year was that. The remix superstar was like two thousand seven eight.


But it was is it landed with a shout to Jesus and to sort of an imminent. I want to buy into it, I'm actually because I'm black. I call them up right now, and I want I want to know the answer to this, why did he turn him down?


He said he just said because he was black, because I was black, that I'm.


You highly doubt that. Is that what you're saying? That's what I'm asking the top.


But you're right. You're right. You're right. You're white. And he hasn't done a song with you.


It's true.


So there you go. He do not shove glide with me. I'm a beat you up. I'm a beat you up when I catch you on that show.


Did you just see that? Did you just see that maneuver at the. Did I say I did.


It's cool. That's why I actually I don't think I forgot. He said, you know, he just didn't do it. We got we got to that.


But I keep all my, like, decline stories.


So I got like my when I get declined for the Academy Awards, we had a song in a movie that got nominated for an Academy Award.


And you go through a whole process. So the people who did the process on your behalf for this album is like there's a process that you go through to like you got to get sheet music and like all this other stuff.


And it was like, hey, now. But they sent like a letter. And so I was like, yo, this letter is like a win for me. Like, I got this are close. I got that real close.


So I keep that Eminem story because, you know, but I know you can't you don't worry about that because you got full access.


You can get whatever you want from from Eminem. So I don't have full access to anyone. You can feel this pain.


I got I got full access to that Artesia. I have access to her.


That's the only person I got who you see here. Yo, yo, yo, yo.


Reese, I seen a picture, one of one of the many pictures, because you keep a Hall of fame of people taking pictures in front of the head of a studio sign. And I saw somebody who claimed at one point to be an ex rapper by the name of Joe Button up there with you. And it made me bells start going off in my mind that there might have been some some recording of raps by somebody named Joe Biden right about now.


Is this true? The world wants to know. Did he look like he had just finished wrapping in that picture to you? As opposed to like all disheveled and out of words. And Joe came in here with a fucking a silk velour bollman sweat suit, pajamas it. Would a on over it? Well, OK, he meant business, but Amy Rap is no rapping took place. That's the comment that I came over here looking.


He came over here dressed like Hugh Hefner, suaveness, suaveness on on on Max, the Joe Biden man and the Joe Button network. But also, you know what?


I don't you know what I don't you know what? I'm not buying. No, I'm not buying that.


When he does finally jump back in the booth, did he going to be so rusty? Because it's been a minute.


I think he don't come out full of whack and they can blame it on the time he spent away from the mike slightness, like riding a bike, bro, you ever took as you ever took some time off and then went back, got back in the booth and was actually schopper.


Actually, I am I am a proponent of stepping away from the mic for a while to let yourself reset and regroup and then come back to the mic with a with a certain newness, a virgin ness, a refined virgin virginity.


And it actually it actually. Yeah, you need to do that. Sometimes you burn out. I'm in.


I'm doing it right now. How long has it been since you did a verse. I did I've done versions, but I have absolutely no desire. Wait, so you haven't been doing it? What are you talking about? You have no clue. You know how I used to work in terms of creating.


Right. I have not I have not even thought about doing an album.


Haven't even considered it.


You don't like three projects. Is not even thought about doing album.


Oh, I'm wondering where where where where is this like where is it coming from. Where's the inspiration coming from.


Hmm. Should I be like you man. Want to get back in the Grammys when I was sometimes noncoms. But you got albums if you want the nominations. Not necessarily the start of some new shit Fugazi Grammys, forget few Grammys for Grammy, the first one to get nominated for a jewelry.


Oh, wow. Taken aback, I'm amazed that they don't like the source awards, that's the best jury. It's like the BET Hip Hop Awards for real, like best, best chain.


Now, I got to be. You've got to beat the Grammys. Yeah. Where are we on? On the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Speaking of awards. Hey, man, this person wasn't even on the thing. Fela! Fela Kuti. You can say, how did he know? I don't know. Did you tell him the truth?


Yes, I was like, how did she get on here, fella? Fella. How did she get out here? Like Tom?


I just remember seeing her on the ballot. I haven't had a feeling in years.


Haven't seen.


He wasn't even on the he wasn't even on the ballot. And he has two million votes. Tom, do you know how do you know who Fela Kuti is?


You don't know where he lives. Anyway, I've had a few thousand years, Tom, you don't know who Fela Kuti is. The. I do not. Oh, my God. I'm not going to pretend like I do. I was just going to say what you did. You do your Fela Kuti homework tonight, man. That's that's your homework tonight after the show as you listen to use and failure.


It wasn't two million. But wait, this can't be right, isn't it? She'll get on here. It's only two hundred and thirteen thousand votes for him. And then Tina Turner is in second with 200 and 6000 votes, followed by the Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden and the go goes. Wow.


So Jay-Z is doing is not Jay-Z. Jay-Z is dead last. Oh, wow. How many votes? Sugar, L.L. Cool J.


L.L. Cool J. Second to last. That doesn't make any sense. How many votes? How many votes is this, Jay? How much how much how much did everybody make out of the last deal that they that they struck on their. You got to switch the money.


There's been a total one point seven million votes. And how much did their acquisition of juice, they only take the top five.


The top five. And Carole King's not at the top of the list. No, this was Jay's No. Which is seven thousand five hundred million. Fifty seven thousand out of one point seven million, I could and L.L. Cool J is only at fifty seven. Six hundred. Wow, that's not right. Yeah, I believe is 57 Hollis Queens. Yeah, I believe.


Yeah, I can see failla for sure. But you don't know who Fela Kuti is, which is, which is while. But number one, yeah, out of all of those pants and yeah, actually, yeah, they're felons, they've got to move back.


You got all the bars, felons, the only person on that list who basically is like started his own genre of music is responsible or looked at as being responsible for starting a genre, not just participating.


Well, I mean, the name the names Nigerien you for sure. He's definitely Nigerian. So it's definitely Nigerian, so it's got to be some kind of Nigerian music of some sort. But just listen to I can't believe I can believe it because Fela is somewhat niche. He is somewhat nesh.


He is someone who's extremely nesh na na. He's not extremely nesh, but he's definitely like political activist.


Yes. Started his own like city. His own like nation. They lost the man, I'm figuring I'm figuring this out as many out to be for you have to spend so much time in Nigerian prison. Have they come across? Well, actually, I am. I am. I know.


Jay-Z, Jay-Z, political activist. I want I want your take on this. Speaking of documentaries, right, have either one of you seen this hotel, Cecillia? Do you know about this, this might be our next assignment. Well, it's an L.A. hotel. Yeah. OK, Cecil, I'm sorry I said wrong hotel Cecil. Yeah, it's in L.A. Have you not heard about this, Cecil? But just say it, Tom, I got time for this.


I want to know what you know about this Jeopardy! We want to know what you know about Fela Kuti. It's apparently a hotel where numerous varnishes have occurred in L.A. since vanishing, like people go in and don't come out.


A lot of people keep going in like serial killers have stayed there, like there's this craziness and it's right, it's in L.A. This is our serial killer degree and they all go stay there.


I don't know. I got to watch it. It's downtown L.A., if I can. Serial killers in Skid Row.


Yeah, it's a it's a lot of those like transient hotels and Skid Row.


A lot of those just kind of like all you that were meant to be like they call them flophouses, I think, where people would just come and pay for it, like basically like an apartment for paid cheap instead of a mile long. Um, but yeah. I mean, we had a there's a similar story to that in Chicago, but it was like a long time ago, like last century, something like that. And it was like a place that this dude built where people would come in and then they would just vanish because he was like chopping them up and getting rid of the bodies and stuff like that.


Just crazy, like serial killer or something going on downtown L.A. And I'm going to watch the documentary. But it was described as serial killers like to let their hair down at this place.


That's cap. How long was this thing? Right. I went. It just came out. It just came out on Netflix, and it's I think the the big disappearance of this woman happened in 2013. It's not that.


Oh, that's what I was saying, like all told. But it's it's like things like sort of old. You have heard of Bates Motel, Bates Motel. Kind of like, oh, not I challenge you to both watch this.


It's a documentary race. It's only like an hour and a half.


You know, race is not Norman. Norman, kill her. She's a bitch.


Actually might be a four part series, so it might be a little longer.


Listen, Royce is not watching this. I could see it in the glare of his eyes. He's not watching us.


He's not watch it. No, he's already to. Your side is watching. I'll give it a go.


I'm going to watch it. And I will I will report back. I watch any of our listeners are out there watching this. All right.


Let's get it in to see how you tell your Miodownik I won't even lie to you, man. I'm not interested in missing hookers, bro.


See, look at that. He got a first for Royce. The beat takes them down to hookers just off top. That's how I didn't like hookers.


Oh, you said down. Not me.


Castle culture castle.


I was going up to hookers.


Going up daddy's shout to prostitution. Man shouts all the ladies of the night and the to shout the prostitutes and the men of the night. The tough profession. It's a hard profession, but I sympathize with it. I grew up with prostitutes right outside our apartment.


I should. I should I. Ha ha as hard life man.


Hard life. Why don't we talk about something I want to. What do you want. What do you want to watch right now. Oh now I've got to give you a show.


You just put me out. I don't know, I got to, I got to think of a show to give you. I knew this was right. I got, I got one. I know what's going on. Royce is stuck in nineteen ninety eight.


I don't know nothing about 1998. Let's go. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I got one for you from nineteen ninety eight and it's coming out this week. Do you know what's coming out this week.


Well coming to America to. Yeah, I don't care about that movie at all, I know raise this, I just don't make it. But this is I've seen coming to America probably 80 times. No, the movie by heart, like I know it by heart.


Right. Super classic. When I seen the preview, when I seen the new one, like the previews for the new one first, the first thing I heard about coming to America was about how how upset Africans were. Africans were pissed, right.


Upset about because of the jokes. So the jokes in the trailer are ridiculous, ridiculously insulting. Even I was like, God damn, that's insulting, you know, but yeah, after that was the first thing I heard about it, there was a whole, like, clubhouse room. The Africans were just pissed about this movie.


And then then I saw it and I was like the first one or about the second one. The second one, exactly. Well, the first one with the first one.


Africa didn't have no Internet. But when I look at that loop, I got jokes about Africa that Africans are going to be upset would be like.


So what it was it was this it was disrespectful to.


I'm just saying I didn't say it, nor to tell you what you know, what you know.


What about coming to America, coming to America, to that I'm really, really interested in watching it. I'm going to watch it. But it's not because I'm interested in the movie.


But I want to watch because I want to see Rigorousness House. Oh, it was filmed at Rick Ross's house, wasn't it? The zoom on the kingdom is his career, which used to be Evander Holyfield's house. There's some boxing trivia for you right there, if it's the same house. Yeah, but you know what, you know what I did notice about the film, everybody looks exactly how they looked when in the first film, and it makes me think that they used a lot of CG because, you know, they got the antiaging like CG because everybody when I get home, I get accused of having it on my iPhone.


And just sort of half, you know, having a little face time, just sort of Africans don't get upset with me saying that the Africa didn't have Internet coming to America came out. Well, guess what? Africa nobody had Internet when coming to America came out because it wasn't even invented yet. Well, it was probably invented, but we don't have access to it. So nobody had the Internet.


But tomorrow I made it automatic mycoplasma. He's he's African, though. Is it? Yeah. Not I saw him at a Waffle House. He was like, maybe are you? You bumped into him at a Waffle House?


I'm just not I mean, I don't know if it's the timing. I don't know if it's the way it was set up. A way was the way it was rolled out.


You know, a lot of this stuff is done in advance for sure. But it just kind of like in my interest to say I'm more interested in just watching coming to America again, then I'm interested to see it come to America to, as I put it like that.


A lot of Jews are not very good. It could be it can make a break last year. It's. But but it's also like the first one, there's a certain level of you have no idea what to expect with number twos, you kind of already know the basic gist of it, kind of already know the basic gist of Hotel Cecil.


Welcome to hotels.


Somebody is going to die if you like your room. But look how old is coming to America.


Coming to America came am like forty years ago. Now, about 40 I 40, I thought it was the 90s, was it before that Hayle years, like in the 80s, bro? Now, 180, you might be right. Yes, it was 180 coming to America definitely came on 80s. No, they're not. OK, look. I'm looking at that as a child that keeps coming up as if the baby were a child when it came out.


Yeah. I am going to have it over and it came out in the 90s. If I am right, then I have some give me this princely robes, I must say eighty nine. Eighty eight, you're going eighty nine. Easy 90 is like New Jack City. You were close 1988, told you. All 1988. So how many how how long is that? It's not 40 years, but I talking about I am talking about a year and a cockroach.


I'm talking about the year that coming to America came out, 1988 and also 1988.


Yeah, yeah. Shout out the way he died. June 29th, 1998, 1988.


Charlotte Wesley Snipes man.


I mean, dude, it debuted at number one when it came out and made twenty one million dollars.


It's an amazing vinyl's, it's amazing film. I mean that was at the height of Eddie Eddie Murphy's fame, the height of like it wasn't where he had Arsenio Hall and Paul.


And Arsenio Hall. Yeah, I mean, yeah, how come I never debuted at number one on May 21 million? Am I in the wrong business? You might be.


We need to make a movie, The Looper and Roy's movie. Are you from France? It will be it will be a classic film to like it will be like Blues Brothers or like a waltz that we agree on it. A jerky. Oh, wait a minute. Here's the premise of the movie. Is the premise of the movie parked in a van and it's oh, it's common in picking everybody up in the van.


I again, pick up listen, rice, when you when you if you win your Grammy and you you come into just like an unspoken and obscene amount of money from new sponsorships and interest. Right. Just make get me it make me a chain. Right. With your newfound wealth. But I just wanted to be like an ice outdoor. I still yeah, I still do door for your chain. Yeah, you OK?


You want it all your time? Yeah, that's the piece. So I want to change. And then the piece would be a the medallion would be an nice outdoor. Oh, you mean like a little one to fit? I thought you meant like a real door, like a to show up, not like a whole door. Why are you acting like you don't handle to hold doors?


Oh, you got like a handle hole door and you want to throw some diamonds on it.


What's the deal? What is it.


What is it coming out on? Is it is it going direct to like Biomax? I think it is on it's making me look it up again. Everything oh, it's coming on.


Amazon Prime going directly to Amazon Prime on March 5th, Friday.


I know. I feel about this. Sit back, get some popcorn.


And I feel like coming to America, I almost wish that it was a series, almost feel like it should have just been like a 10 part epic, like a Coming to America to series. Hmmm, maybe. Anyway, shout to the legend Eddie Murphy and shout to Arsenio Hall and the whole crew, the return coming to America part to check it out. It'll be on Amazon Prime.


If either one of you ever met Arsenio Hall, were you ever on The Arsenio Hall Show?


And I was way too young like you would say. That was too. That was two years way to to remember the show. It's a really good show. You were on a late night show a couple of years ago. You remember Kenan Aiwass.


Ha ha ha. Oh, only we got to do on Arsenio the little finger.


I did you watch television all the time? I did.


Great. Yeah. That was I mean, that was the original great show. That was good. Yeah. Great show. That's bad.


And everybody wasn't so sensitive. Now you can't even crack a couple of jokes. Couldn't get away with some of that. Now we talk about cancel culture. Leo, you were on a late night show about two years ago. I to get back to that. What show are you on?


I was on a late night show 10 years ago. I can remember it because I text you when you were on the show because you're wearing something very bizarre. I don't wear performing.


I remember texting Paphitis Hextall. Yeah. Because I was like someone's what's going on with this outfit? I think that's what I shot up to. Did you think he was going to ask you just that? I think he did answer me because he was alive, he's ridiculous. Exactly. So all of this what Tom is talking about is ridiculous because I've had it happen.


I've had this happen to me before. What have you had happen to you? I've been on fucking live TV and somebody tells me, you know, I'm looking at you right now on TV.


You had your phone with you. What are you doing? What's the bigger issue? Is your phone with you?


When you go out to some line in your pocket, you can you could you could forget that you got your phone on. If you don't perform with your phone on you, what you perform with your phone on you. The. Why do you do this? OK, so I need to call one of my house. You never know when. I never know when that might be a thing. No, no, I don't know. I mean, I can't remember a time where I may have made it a thing to have somebody on my phone.


But for the most part, it just depends.


Tom, what you nothing to do, though, is you're not going to set me up with some like. Yeah, I saw you on a late night show. You went like some absurd, stupid little outfit. You think I will respond positively to that? Like that, that reminiscence with some sarcasm and some shaming thrown on top of the wardrobe, kind of Japanese denim with your wearing?


Yeah, it was something, I think Japanese. What kind of Japanese threading.


And I'm not even I'm just saying it isn't like it never happened. How about that?


Now, I don't remember what it was, but I remember you being on something and I, I it was unexpected. I was flipping through the channels and they were you know, what I did do?


I watched recently I got into some YouTube rabbit hole about old episodes of David Letterman from like the 80s. And I guess people have, like, strung together all of his bits that he would do during the show. So it's like this bit where he kept firing this dude another bit. We had this clown and it was just like all of the they just put together all of the times that he did those bits. And I just sat and like this time travel loop watching like David Letterman bit montages from the 80s.


It's pretty cool. I've done David Letterman, that's a good tip. Yeah, so I actually had the opportunity to be on that show before he left. It's pretty dope.


And now he has a beard down here. He looks completely different now.


I don't know if he's shaved since, but I bet I could be him to be.


I going to plug my guy, huh? Uh huh. You ever heard a joker in a bail bondsman? Wow.


Laughing at what I have right now. Ha.


Why did they get rid of that show wrong with them?


I mean, it was probably like all kinds of TVs getting coated in sperm and Younggu about it, like Baby Freegate and I.


I think, you know what? I don't think that was on BGN cut. I think that video wasn't wasn't dirty enough, but I think Flo hit the flow, hit the flo, hit the flo.


They went on get dirty is what they would call dirty.


But I give them a pinky ring racket's some record. It was no some panties pinky ring records. But I could of course remember tip drill right on the tip jar. It was the king.


You watch that video, you would never the same again, were you? He looked at life totally different, different way of life.


Yeah, and it was at that moment. Now, this was never the same again, we gave out a hot a voicemail line last week.


Oh, did we get some we draw some people in to the shenanigans.


Oh, we we we drove a lot.


Oh, yes. Hello. Hello. I mean, remindful. Hello. Hello, hello. Hello. Before we get into this, this piece, Maximillian Rice, like a wax, a million wax wax and it's called no panties and no panties on the dance floor.


This would be to make your ring records. I think this is pink. Yeah.


Pinkie ring, Rick Duno, Diamond Ring Records.


Oh, yeah. This is the best shit ever like that they refer to.


This is a very underground diamond.


So therefore it is just not an underground down.


You know, go ahead, Tom, but I'm watching this, just so you know, oh, he disappeared from Detroit. Now I got to go by. I got to go find him.


Never mind. That's that's quite a sad song.


And that's Maximilien Pinky Ring Records that that's why I was about uncute was a bastion of shenanigan. And if you want to be enough, why use wasn't beating a cut? I don't know what's wrong with you. That was the only time you had to, like, beat me when you was in high school. That's how I was made for the half hour. That was made for half an hour.


I ain't got no pennies. I got no pennies. No, I ain't got no pennies on a dance floor. Shout the wax a million and diamond ring records. I was I was Pinky Ring Records, but I'll take diamond rings.


Do you call. Who do you call to come lay those vocals. It's hoodie. Definitely somebody at 4:00 in the morning.


Who you turn in a way is the question. I don't think you don't have you have a surplus. You get the bilks wanting to cut that. Hmm.


Really what I you a clean one, you live a life now.


You live a life. I think after I get my life, I mean my granny after I get my Grammy and if I get my Grammy, I'm definitely going to take some some some girl's panties off on the dance floor. I don't even dance. I'm a b dance on my Grammy.


I ain't got no granny zone and got my Grammy. Yo, I got my Grammy on the dance floor.


I wish you would have your Grammy on.


Rice got to figure out how to figure out how to have it on rice, get his Grammy on the dance floor when I go get your time, when I get your time with Adoro and I'm going to give me a time, maybe put my Grammy on the ice to hold the whole Grammy.


You're listening to Lupe in Russia with Lupe Fiasco, Tiffanie and Tommy Franks.


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Get started to say what? That media.


You're listening to Lupe and Rochelle with Lupe Fiasco, the to nine top ranked. I Tom, let's get to this let's get to these voice messages, man. Oh, all right.


So if you want to call into the voicemail, remember seven seven two seven six six two six one, we had hundreds, hundreds of people who called in order for you to hold on before you tell them that.


I just want to say that for the last thing, when I get my grandma and we get a horn, I get a horn and in the Grammy so I can honk honk the horn when I when I hear.


This is going to be good. I we we pulled a few of these to play that have some questions for you guys.


Man, I just going to play them.


Come on, Tom. How can they just can't express themselves? Well, I was got to turn to a goddamn interview, man. I've given enough.


You're going to give a little bit. I'll say.


I swear to God I'm not answering these questions about why we ain't got no girls. We call them. You don't know that yet.


You don't know that. You don't know that. I first want to say this, though. I want to say thank you to all the people who called, because you know what?


It's nice to hear positive feedback, no positive feedback, not just nice women on social media.


And you got people ripping you down. And all this these people, one hundred percent of them gave glowing positive feedback. And I need to tell you guys this. You've changed people's lives by by coming together with a podcast.


So congratulations. I just played on that as play. It may play a few days to play it. All right.


Let me play the first one here. I will. Just playing Royce. And ingredients for funny as hell, though, you guys are great here. I was laughing my ass off. I wanted to I don't know when you guys are caught, each one. But I wanted to touch on this before the end of Black History Month. I wanted to see if Snoopy kid. Talk about your guys and wave and a little bit about. The process of having made the album what the album is about.


No, no, I can't because no, no, I tell sometime I told you that.


But talking about stuff like history of slavery. Tom, Tom Cruise, please stop this. Let me let me give you let me let you know how to filter messages, right? We just need to let people know. Shouted at home who sent that message? I am not answering any of those questions. What I would suggest that folks do is when you call in and you leave a message. Right. Just tell us first who you are. Right.


Where you're calling in from. Right. What you think about the show. Right, and then I it. You know what I'm saying? Just keep it real nice. I got another one, I got another one. This is another good one. Hold on, hold on.


But listen, I don't want to I don't want to disrespect how many I love my family, but my men just want to question it's a two part question. I part interview where you look. I think that you actually had an encounter with a I'm out, Xuetong.


I'm done. I'm fucking stops. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done. I mean, I do have to ask it nine when you go. You said you set me up for things that I don't want to fucking talk about. I've already had problems. Now I'm back to cussing too.


I feel certain ways about this voice message thing that you can't re not answering questions one by one. You were in my shoes and somebody called in and said that I did an interview about aliens.


Right. And then tell him to go listen to listen to that interview. Then I'm not going to just rehab when I got too much time that we got time. I want to hear. Listen, go listen to your philosophy on.


Hey, listen, I don't believe that aliens exist nowhere near anywhere that they're presented to the general public. Yes.


They don't think they I think they exist. How are you going to say this this way? I don't encounter this way. I don't do this because as soon as you asked me about something that I spoke on. Right, it becomes, I think, to exist like it's a fucking competition I don't believe in. It is a competition. It's alien competition.


I don't believe they exist in that capacity or in the way that people that they are presented to the general public. I think that's all horseshit. Well, I do. And then I think the other side of the equation, if aliens do exist, they exist in a capacity not nowhere near similar to what we think it is. And everybody who comes out anyway they exist.


How I think I like the West right now is they are now I've seen Alien at Hotel Cecil. Thank you very much.


Listen, I'm feeling a ways about this voicemail's man. Now, I'm going to let me go one more here.


Nah, nah, nah. I think you just need to make like a segment what we just play at the end. We just play a voicemail. We are. All right. Just throw that in at the end of air is just added in to the way that we process the show. We show some love to some fans.


But hey, listen, fans, if you want to get heard on the loop every show, when you leave a message, make sure that the first thing you do is you tell us who you are. You know, you can you can make an alias so you can do whatever. But just tell us where you calling from, right? Where you checking in from and then just give us, like, a little spiel. Right. And try to keep it under, like, 30 seconds.


You know, actually, if you keep trying to get it, try and try and get it out and try and get it out.


In under five minutes, we are going to string up. We strung together a bunch of them and they will be played at the end of the show.


So thank you for coming and no and no more. Two part questions. Yeah.


Number one, part one part of the glass have maybe a map map presumptuous assuming you can get a two part question. So give me the secret sauce to your no questions. And I got a question for you. This one a good question.


One, be multiple choice like the SATs.


Obviously, I'm just glad we left. I'm just glad we love we love you. I'm just a little jealous of you.


Didn't ask me shit. I had one coming up for you, right? So play did play one for Rice. Am I allowed to play another one? I'm adverse to rice gets one. I don't want to. If I got to face this, then Rice has to say, yes, you should have to face it.


All right. All right.


I don't want to I don't I don't want your mercy questions. This is your mercy question. All right. Go ahead.


I know you're with Lou and Ryan. I'm done. I'm done. I had a quick question for you.


So we didn't give them permission to do that. Big artists such as yourselves, you are crazy fans and you love to have fans that what make your career, you know, worth having. So my question is, what's the craziest fan experience? I know Lupe has won in Tampa, Florida.


I got one. Listen, I'm done with this man. I'm done. I look at what you opened up top.


So, you know, talk. Why, what's up?


Right. Let me answer that. Let me answer that. My first fan experience. But one time I was doing my podcast in a motherfucker called in and called Lupe Wasil and he called me Ryan without permission. Niggard. Oh, God, government naming us.


OK, so look, I mean, we all like real punishment time.


You cannot come up with any more segments for like at least like a month, you know, segment. But I want to have a what I want to shout.


I want to shout out my brother who government named us. We love you. All right.


But just call me, right. Oh, not adamancy this. What this what happens when you have this kind of like casual relationships that are public and I see you kind of like toned down and like chillin and not really up in arms. They feel like they can approach you in the same kind of casual when they get comfortable with saying like just really like. Yeah. So what's up, homey?


Like, homey security scare to get him?


I think I do. What I think what's happening is they taken Thom's kindness for my weakness and that's what happens. So that's what it is.


I told you my kindness. For your what?


For my weakness. I told you. I said, yo, you cool with do new say yeah, I'm cool with him because I wanted to do the show. I want it you know. I'm saying.


But we do we use you so so now you fucking with my street cred bro. Yo not a not anything. They could just disrespect me. Yeah.


We begin in so many fights but listen to there is listen for that. I'm not even address Tom because Tom is on like segment creation. Tom, aren't we going to keep the voice mail. But ladies and gentlemen, ladies, because we have enough gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, if you want when you call in, just leave your name.


Let us know who you are, what you think about the show. And maybe just like an interesting thing. Not a question. Right. But just like an interesting thing. Right.


Or what what more would you like us to hear us talk about on the show? Like that would be great, but no questions because we're not asking questions of them. Are we done with that?


I do have some of those as well.


How come you didn't play those, Tom? Luckily, I saved those for the end.


You know, I have a lot of people who who gave me some love and asked me some questions, but I put those at the end where they man, we do we do have a female.


We have a Rianna from Chicago. Don't you dare say Reanna. She should. She gave us some positive remarks.


Listen to what you say about me.


She she said specifically, let's see here.


She's really proud of us and likes the banter and the interaction between you guys and that you need to ease up on Tom a little bit.


And Tom, did you see what the positions you put us? All right. As you sit there with a with a with a fake knockoff of a knock off of a song and fake merch.


Not only is it a knock off of the song, it's a knockoff on counterfeit merch of merch that you did in revenge because you didn't get to make knockoff going end up getting some mercy snatch rice.


You got a big you got a big event coming up in about a week.


You got a big event coming up Merce's now. You know, you got a big event coming up.


Yeah. Tell us about how you've got to put me on the spot. Beghe why you got it.


You got a virtual concert coming up. Yeah, man. Virtual concert right around the time. Time for his Grammy. It's going to be great right around March 11th.


Why are you telling my business guy Royce's info saving outfit I was saving this for Blair.


I guess I can tell ya, yeah, I got this show coming up on a I think it's still. I think it's the 11th year on March 11th, don't worry about it, I will give you a different one. Is this going to be March 11th? But it's going to be the first interactive concert. Mean, I can hear you, you can hear me. Everything is in real time. So I'm basically performing in front of a bunch of a bunch of it's going to be amazing how many people are you going to be able to see at once?


I don't know.


I don't know. I don't know. I got to actually see the studio. I got to go out to Cali to do it. But I actually I've never seen it. Yeah, why don't you just go to.


Why don't you just go to Texas and then you could just do it the old fashioned way because Texas. It's going to be open, full capacity, everything 100 percent back like like it never happened isn't happening. March 10.


Yeah, this is this this particular company. This is like I mean, I wanted to do it here, but there's a certain equipment that they use.


I don't know how to explain it. You know, I only it's in it.


It's in L.A. and I talked to Akino and I believe he booked you at the hotel. Cecil Oh, we're going to see LA.


We're going to see how this happens, what kind of room service they got. Oh, they got a good room service they got.


They got they got a lot of spirits, they got a lot of people in your room at all times to spirits. Oh, like it's hotels, it's supposed to be haunted. Is that, like, the angle? It has to be I have not seen the documentary yet. It has happened. Its goals don't exist, man. What are you talking about? Does not exist. What do you mean? Ghosts don't exist. Tom, you should get the penthouse suite at the hotel fetal and then watch it.


Watch the shit on Netflix at the hotel CEO.


I do that. They say, sure, it will now stay a hotel because the reason why you don't believe in ghosts at all.


You're a. ghost and you're a. a.. Not a.. To be a.. Something has to exist to be against. It doesn't exist. You do not believe in ghosts?


No. No other races, I believe, fandoms. Rafe's Ballan, Silvo Surace, yes, that's what I'm talking about, pop, pop and Bantz.


I got time to be scared. No ghost, my brother, I'm not I'm not scared of ghosts, but I believe in ghosts. I got to get to this bridge when I think we're totally surrounded by ghosts.


Well, I think when we die, our spirits hang around. Well, I'll tell you what.


If if there is ghost I'm surrounded by, I'll guarantee you that they surrounded me. They might surround you.


You never heard, like, a weird one of them with me. Something something weird happened that you can't explain. Yeah, yeah. Explain then explain it. Oh that's what that was like playing hockey.


You in this go up.


You have to be serious, man. I'm serious, though, like, I don't believe in ghosts. I don't think they exist. I think there is. There's people that are supersensitive, right, there are highly sensitive and it's not sensitive in the sense that they can sense shit that's not there, but they pick up on all the little nuances and and like movements and shifts and light and like sounds and stuff like that.


So I think it's a certain level of kind of like sensory sensitivity that some folks have, um, where you can hear everything, you hear every little thing, you're hyper tuned in to certain things.


But I don't think that's goce like how Settlin is a thing for real, you know what I'm saying.


Like your house settlin is the thing your air conditioning is kicking on and off is the thing, you know what about goes right to it because I believe in that you have went out to the battal you're saying goes around.


Have you ever seen it?


No, I have not man. I never go you never go the to it. Google that now. Well, you are to believe it and go, so you yes, you let one of them ride to whip, you should you need a ride to what what goes around the whip is time as you drive in your car.


Right. You open up your door, go down to like maybe like five miles an hour. Right. Then you jump out the car and start walking alongside it. And that's called goes around with. Could you imagine passing away and going on to the spirit world and trying to get over, let them let them go? Roger with time goes right. I still believe in ghosts. Why do I believe in ghosts? Why? I don't really have a why.


I just do feel like when what happens when you die? What what's the afterlife?


Are you are you afraid? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of. No, I'm not afraid of them. I do think we have ghosts. How do you think they ghost haunt things. Yes. Is that scary? Now. You're lying. What happens when we die, everything.


What happens to our soul, our brain, our body grows, but how about our soul? What about the soul? What about it? I don't think our soul is necessarily tied to our body. But you think it hangs around the house, it ties, opens doors and closed doors. Just go on refrigerator and, like, move stuff, thinking that I don't know what happens.


OK, you know what I think? Go see what happens.


You have had out of body experience. Now. I mean, how do you know I'm going to tell you what I think goes you. I don't know. I think goes I mean, have you ever. Have you ever done PCP? Mushrooms?


No pillow silence with no plan in place. I've done I've done mushrooms, I've done my share of you had have you had an out of body experience from that?


One time I did some mushrooms and I seen the cephalopod.


It was in my room. We were dancing together. They have panties on, inspiration for a song right there. They got no panties on on the dance floor.


I want you to go down the rabbit hole in YouTube on ghost sightings. I've already done Abara like what people say. Listen, none of that shit is real, man. I now understand that, right? None of it is real. Not just imagine the impact of that, that none of that is real, what does that mean for humanity, for girls not to be real? You got a lot of crazy people that go listen to some aspy now, you got a lot of you got a lot of frayed people.


You got a lot of people trying to explain things right. And they're day to investigate it any further in a real way.


It's not just engaging or exciting. You got a bunch of liars. You got a bunch of thieves, right? You got folks who just want to make money and profit off of people's fears and they keep hyping up these stories. But there's zero proof you've never seen on. On what they call it, deniable, unequivocal, unequivocal, undeniable proof of a ghost, never, Tom, you saying that U.S. Daytona 500.




Seen video. Not enough I've ever seen a video. Now watch the video that goes, goes. You have to you have to stop listen to the last ESP girls, girls, Yonkers, Yonkers, the ghost.


Let me actually this time, if there was no YouTube, would you believe it? Would you still think they were goes? Oh, yeah, I believe in you. Way before you do. OK, if you grew up, what if you grew up and you had a finished basement, would you still be scared of ghosts?


This was an inherently planted into your brain.


It's that loud washing machine. And that unfinished basement where the lights aren't working and your mom always made you go get the shit out of the dryer by yourself.


He said the unfinished basement, you know, a finished basement ain't scary at all. At all in his basement is amazing.


But I doubt the unfinished basement is a horrifying place. Oh, yeah.


That how you scared every fucking thing. We had an unfinished basement that I lived in the basement. That's it was terrifying.


They had you sleeping down here. I went down there because it was like I think my aunt had moved in upstairs and took my room and my dad redid the room to be like a little apartment for her. And then I had to kind of hit the basement. But it was cool. It was to and I used to sneak upstairs and watch Betty Uncute on her TV because she had cable.


Yeah. Unfinanced. You write. You write. Right. The unfinished basement is the difference between believing in ghosts and not believing that goes or the attic.


The attic. The attic was always scary. Yeah.


I've never been in an attic in my life. I would never you never pull down. You pull down those steps, pull it out, you pull down the steps, you go up to the attic. Because most of my grandmother's house, she had a scary attic.


Things just sitting in there. I remember it was this old like after school movie. Right.


And there was this kid who was, like, trapped in the attic because it was a rocking chair with an old woman sitting in it.


Right. And then he was super terrified and he was just stuck in there the whole time. And it might it might have been a sitcom where somebody got trapped in the attic and they were super scared. And then it was just a wig on top of the the the the rocking chair.


Here we go. Biden off, Biden off Psycho again. Bates Motel, Norman's mom already did that. Norman, listen, Tom, your life will change. And I tell people this is for everybody out there, right? Like believing in ghosts, like hinders your progression in life. Why is it hindering my progress, because it keeps you from experiencing things, things keeps you from going in the basement, right? It keeps you from going in the attic.


It keeps you from going out into the world.


It is a dark, keeps you up, keeps you from just like doing. I think I think I think things like that are a hindrance to humanity. And it's a layover from a time before we had electricity and finished basement.


So you don't believe in Bigfoot or the goat man or any crazy crazy.


I never I never worried about none of them coming into my home. You know, do you think all any kind of crazy, weird things that live amongst us? Nope. I don't you don't think so? No, you're no aliens, no ghosts, no, no weird things that live amongst us. No. Look at the people who say that there's that there's that there's ghosts and aliens like you look at them, I focus on them like look at the people who say there's an alien like you, Tom.


Look at you. Look at you. A thief, a counterfeiter. Right, stealing brands. Right, right, that's right, that's right. And the evening goes on, you live amongst us. And I live amongst you, you live amongst those criminality. So is there anything that the urban legend, the urban legend and loopier lives amongst us as well?


We just don't know where amongst that of he went? OK, so look, Tom, there's a rumor that he may have stayed in Babylon.


Tom, what do you believe in? So you get we got ghosts. What else? Give me a list. I believe there goes out there, I believe in the afterlife. OK. I stand on that one wave after life. They give me the list. There is another life that we. Yeah, let me finish my list. I believe in aliens. Absolutely. There's got to be more life out there. Are you kidding me? I'll soon be the only life.


How soon do you get to the afterlife? Well, I got a hot someplace for a little while and then I got. Oh, by the way, it's like a waiting room waiting like a green room. It's the it's a suite at the hotel room.


Set up a room. No.


OK, what's your list then? Loop. What do you believe in? I believe I believe in God. I believe in a creative force in the universe. Right. I don't necessarily think it's the God of the books. Right. I think it's an attempt to describe that. So I believe in a creative force, the universe. And that's it.


Everything beyond that, I don't I don't believe in.


Rice, what's your list of things you believe in? I believe in self-defense by any means necessary, and I believe it, I believe in I believe there's a higher power. Governing the way that we engage, I believe, in the universe, I believe that. I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect. I believe in that type of shit. But as far as like ghosts and shit out of NileSat, I don't believe in it.


It's just not important, you know. It's not important. Don't matter, because the way that they were, the way that they were presented to me, like I'm supposed to be afraid of them. And then I wouldn't until I was like a teenager that I was like, wait a minute.


So if somebody dies and they go into the afterlife and they all fucked up and they can't touch me, then why the fuck am I?


The one is afraid I still got muscles.


And let's say let's say somebody, let's say somebody, granny is somebody's granny, and all they can do is knock some shit off the table. Why am I so afraid of that? Because I didn't see anybody knock it off the table. You know, Hollywood has programmed us to be afraid of ghosts.


And I believe that I believe I believe I did a merger with Rolls Royce so they could sell us a ghost when we become rappers.


I think that it's I think is prior to Hollywood, I think is something that comes out of Christianity and other religions that believe demonic possession. And I think that that is used again. And I say I say thieves and liars in the sense that you're. You're well, I'll put it I put it to up to two ways to pass it so I don't get so I don't get to beat up. But, you know, the Catholic Church still believes in exorcism.


They still believe in demonic possession. They're still right in the Catholic Church. It's still a thing. And it comes as a cover for like mental health, mental health services, medication, schizophrenia, things like that.


Right. Depression. And then it gets really wild. And to things like it becomes political.


It becomes gendered. Right. Like women have a problem. Right. So she has a demon inside of her because she wants to go to school. Right. Or something like that. And so there's this kind of narrative of that. Any problem or anything that any disagreeable behavior has to be a demon. Right. And your kids are acting as though they're possessed by the devil. So they need to get a exorcism and those exorcisms are free. You know, I'm saying you got to pay attention to this.


You had to pay, you know, for that debt service, so to speak.


So I think there's something to people have an incentive, a pure profit motive, like nothing, spiritual, nothing, none of that. Just a pure profit motive that to reinforce this idea of demonic possession. And then if you got demonic possession and was possessed and you demons, ghosts, things of that nature, I think it just becomes a whole industry of people who profit off of that fear and a misunderstanding of mental health. And so that's why I say thieves and liars.


Do you think it's that you think it's that organized? Yeah, it's organized religion. Mm. You've never felt like somebody is watching you over your shoulder before or you felt something. I mean, I've say my demons, I've battled my demons, but I felt my demons. So demons don't even exist anymore.


Now, I got homies on the other side who are fully are like they see things while pass things come and talk like us, the whole gambit of things.


Right, you know, but like I say, everybody is sensitive to the human imagination is super powerful, you know, so that that if you believe in a perfect verse, I believe in a perfect world.


Is there a perfect verse? Oh yeah, man. Some people got the perfect verse is plenty.


And if you think there's plenty, plenty, the perfect verse.


That has to be perfect. I disagree. I believe we've gotten close many I believe people have gotten very close to it. Who do you think who you think Rice was the nominee for a perfect first? I think Dr. Dre is online body thing is the perfect person you keep you, you know, nothing else could go, got a promotion is getting real sponsoring. When else did it like like when I looked it up answering this thing.


You talk about that all the time. When else when perfect versus perfect.


Be perfect album. Not just perfect, his most perfect, perfect, perfect. I mean, I didn't I didn't say those things.


Those things are just what they are up to saying, you know, I mean, I divide up the love. I give Jay-Z the love, you know? I mean, I spread it out. I spread it out. Yes. All right. Let me think of somebody besides Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre.


And she's still making a full recovery from his from his his medical condition is an aneurysm that he shot to Dr. Dre.


Now, Lupe, I looked up the perfect verse online just out of kicks. And I'm scrolling through him. And I you're you're listed a number 85 for perfect.


Oh, now I haven't gotten through. I'm just scroll down. So you are you better you better tell them to get their fucking shit together.


Eighty five Lupe Fiasco on dumb it down first three. Well let me hear, let me hear. Eighty five better verses.


I'm struggling. Let me keep going. Good. You might be in here multiple times. That was a mean verse. Oh damn it. Down to me.


Would you put that in your as your as higher than eighty five of all times.


It was good but I mean it wasn't. Indeed, don't put me 85 and nothing on nobody listens anymore. Hey, Ray, now, I just popped up where you got that right? I did what? No, no. Seventy two. Look at that. It's 72. I'm just telling you, this website, 72, 72.


What is this? What is this for hip hop verse one. But what on Cleveland dotcom, no, I'm saying what is a perfect.


Yeah, yeah, for the perfect verse, I'm still going here.


I get that site that cease and desist that site, get that shut down. He will wholesale cease on the whole site.


Yeah, you're in that. You're in the top hundred. Hold on. You might have more in air. Do you think I'm for you? I'm still waiting, you did that perfect. You think I shoot for local supremacy so I could be somebody's stop fucking one? Honey, I got time to be in the damn top 100. Hip hop only been around for 50 years. So 72 virgins, very much jail time.


You know who has no one? I can't do this. And I'm still going to. It's loading.


It's taking a long time to load. Here's covid forty seven and I'm done. I'm done here, I'm finished. You don't want to wait till I get my number one? No, my goose is cooked. Depends on how long it will take. I'm a little busy right now. You're going to like a blood from what you like bait situation and what you want to dial up. No, no, it's called out.


It's a scroll down, but it takes a while to load. I have to go out alone, keep talking, but you got to got the ball spinning, it's progressively loading and I'm looking at everyone to see if you have multiple in here what you want. I I'm in I'm in the top 20 now. Dude, you got to be able to do what you want.


I'm like Andre 3000 made number 14. Boodhoo Boom.


We got info.


We got a Jay-Z and number 12. But it wasn't until one. I'm getting there, I'm getting there. No, you're not. It's much six with little Wayne. With Emily. All right.


You taking a guess? I need a guess from both of you. And I'm definitely not rolling the dice. Keeping these days in my pocket. Oh, no, anodized, I better be the me. I give you a number two, number two, I think, you know, you didn't say Snoop Dogg nothing but a verse one. Wow. I don't want to lose my brother glasses, Malone will really love that a lot. Actually, a state of mind, Nars.


What he would like to do, but nice to see just this one, I thought Glasses was going to be happy to you lower the boom on them. That's number one. What do you think of that? No, I disagree, but I'm just I'm just one of the best rappers in the world. So what does what does that count?


Nothing to lose yourself with number five.


ABHRA That's a good vertebra. A perfect person. Yeah.


You said you hear the way he does win and I know what's going to happen. What?


See if I try to do some shit like that. Not going to happen to you either. Oh, no. We're talking about now.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What up is Lupe Fiasco and I got some chocolate chip muffins and I'm going to eat them right now.


This is the five nine and I want my nudge shove.


In shirt, but I want my with no sleeves since somebody above you got it, and this is Tom Frank, you've made it through another Leupen roadshow.


And if you want your nudge shove glide shirt, seven, eight, seven, two, seven, six, six, two, six.


And again, Tom has walked. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. Hey, what's that? This is Raina from Chicago, Illinois, who's wanted to drop a message to give my appreciation to the show for Balclutha half. Roy, I discovered this podcast like super late, like I just discovered it last weekend and has gone into all of the episodes over the past week. And I'm really, really proud for, like, you know, the banter and the interaction between the two of you guys.


And time for me to ease up on time a little bit. But I understand it. But anyway, again, to show my appreciation, I hope you guys continue to work together. Boniva asked for an album that seems like that might be asking too much to both of y'all, but you can't hold on to hope anyway.


What's up, guys? Is Pear Tree one thousand, a.k.a. Bazhaev restriking tree. And I'm just here to say that I am looking forward to the bright lights show on you. And what up, Mr. Beato? I also hail from the wonderful, beautiful city of Chicago and I'm just wanting to read a poem to you guys right now. Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm Frank. It's far from just a regular. Do you need more time on the podcast before?


And I just want to thank you guys a lot for putting on this show. You know, it's a really great podcast. And in a time where, you know, I think people need it most you home and they had to look for something. If it's nice to have that weekly thing that you can look forward to, you know, bring some enjoyment. It's just it's fun to, you know, bring some positivity light into people's life for you guys up painless for me and to help us with this artist right now.


Shout out to Tom College Boy for always being the medium between the two guys and always given that different perspective into the show. You know, just appreciate what you guys do and loving every episode. Hopefully there's many more looping. Roy and Tom, Frank, Henry, Keith and Man, huge fan of the podcast. When I first saw this pop up on Twitter, I said to myself, man, that may maybe the two best rappers and feed lyrics of all time on a podcast.


That's incredible. So I listen every week, you know, I play when I'm doing laundry, I play, you know, while I when I'm working from home, I play listening to the car. I love the podcast.


That's our show for the week.


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