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Previously on the Leupen Roadshow, well, when you were driving in the car, do you let her touch your radio?


Oh, she has total control over the radio. Total control. Total control.


I'm just a chauffeur drive, volume knob and all town got to go some bars, but I check with my girl would touch my goddamn radio, especially when I asked if that's my damn radio.


We don't listen to them.


I said if I can write some version of the Leupen ratio to say what media production. That was pretty good.


Dirty, dirty dirt to wound was obviously a fiasco, and I am deciding which pizza place I may be ordering a fine cheese pie for to get de livered to the place in which I live.


Allegedly, this a five nine and I don't eat pizza, and this time I just see regular pizzas from regular places. Because I'm a regular dude, what's your go to pizza, Papa John's. That's right. Papa John's first time I had it. Now, wait a minute, correct me if I'm wrong, but Sharq own Papa John's at this point with Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq. Oh, that Shaq I have no idea.


I thought that those two peas on Yo Hoodie and hat were representative of your love for pizza. I thought it was pizza at Pizza Hut. Now you represent us being two peas in a pod. I thought it was the Philadelphia Phillies. It's the plug, is what it is, so pygame, right, is Papa John's I got hooked on, I got introduced to it in high school, going down state shout to the Thornton Wildcats, going down state for theater.


And of course, the pizza that they delivered was Papa John's s OK, this is ridiculously delicious, but I was used to amet to Chicago, not Chicago. Deep Dish, which is also a Chicago tavern style pizza, regular kind of flat pizza.


Right. So I was used to that. So when I got introduced to the Papa John's I like this is banging.


Now what has happened was you can only get I've only experienced being able to get the Chicago Tavern style pizza, which is what they call it, which is just not Chicago deep dish. The other pizza we make can only you can only get in Chicago. New York has a different version. L.A. has trying to make like a New York version. I have no idea. But so my goal to was anywhere in the world when I know I'm getting a pizza in Papa John's.


Yeah. And when I reheat it. A reheated in a skillet. Tom, I just learned that a few weeks ago. Put it back and put it, when you scale it right, when you come to Detroit, you can just get Chicago style because we got it here. Yeah, but that's Detroit pizza. Oh, no, but it's deep dish, right?


That's Chicago. Deep, deep, deep dish. I love Chicago. Deep dish. Well, you're never going to be the only pizza place I've been to in Detroit is this place in Hamtramck, and it was like a Bangladeshi spot, but it was still fire. So I don't know what the legit pizza place is in Detroit. So you got to put me up on game.


If you go to pop, if you got a piece of populars downtown Chicago style deep dish. The only place that I know, it's actually two of them. It's one of S02, but the one downtown, you can you can sit in that one restaurant that's real. That's like fire supervisor.


OK, so check this out on the on on the topic of food. Right.


Shall two more a gourmet Udayan or mahogany Udayan right there. Ooten chain here on the West Coast. And I think they in Texas and Hawaii, I think they had a ban in L.A. anyway.


They hit me up. They sent me an email and was like, hey, Lupe, when are you recording? The next episode of the Leupen Roadshow and I was like, why?


And it was like, I didn't say that this is not a conversation, but I'm dramatizing this like so we can send you a bag of delicious food, man.


So that was going to send some food to be on the show. I would have been eaten right now. So shout tomorrow. Gammick But they don't do it next time.


Next time I wait and I think I like to do the same for rice.


Send him a pizza on the food. It's not a fluke, but I guess it's like noodles, like Japanese noodles, you know, like ramen, but Thika and then they do tempura like fried veggies, stuff like that. So you. They're going to deliver it to Annapolis, Maryland. No, they don't have locations in Annapolis. Well, you say it right. What kind of food spots you got around you? That's a good question, I got lots of seafood around me, guys like seafood.


You don't look and you do say you don't look like a seafood type of guy loves seafood.


I'm on the water, we got seafood, we got crabs, we got Maryland blue crabs. Hmm. So what I got coming out, crap, I got crap, you got a crab cake coming. Oh, well, we need to orchestrate this, you need to get you need to get pizza populist to send you just a stuff for the next record. And so it's their Margolyes got me for next week. They found a laser brother. Any time you need to find like Loung ourselves or somebody to say, I will work on that.


Get you some deep fried fish sticks, deep fried fish sticks with some macaroni and cheese.


Yo, you know the downfall of Longinus there was.


That they were considered to be they got raided, I forgot when I raided but raided by some organization as the the the worst the most unhealthiest plate of food that you can eat in America was like a meal deal from, like long johns that would kill you as a restaurant.


They died. Red Lobster stayed alive. What was it, a deep platter? Yeah, I think they just threw the whole platter in the cup and everything, the whole bag, they just threw it back in the deep fryer.


The deep fryer looked at it that then just threw that back, then fish out to get you some fish, French fish, French fries and hushpuppies just like a good hushpuppies.


If the reweight the three for that attack. Listen, I love ourselves, I think our friend, but they are close to the chicken and the flat of what?


Who's missing? Healthy. You, Mr. Healthy Eating at Long John Silver, what do you say? What's wrong with you? Why are you always judging me and my culinarily? I judge you.


I do judge you. You do? Well, I do like Papa John's, who I, I do believe is owned by Shaquille O'Neal, or he has a partial ownership of that company.


You invested in any restaurants. I now.


And you am I. I used to be invested in this and Sunkist like we have bought the license for like Sunkist Orange like Freeze Popsicles and Soda and 7-Eleven around Chicago, then that's the closest I got to, like, food ownership.


So we invested with this dude.


I used to work at a 7-Eleven. I used to work at midnight shift at a 7-Eleven in Detroit. But no, it wasn't safe. No, actually safer. It was a. It was over the Berkeley midnight shift in Detroit at 7-Eleven, sounds like a death sentence, scary like when you say things like that where you learn how to kill from, huh?


No, I don't think this one.


Let me stay open. I don't think they stay open 24 hours in the city. I don't think so. I don't think it's that many levels in the city. Honestly, not I think they had Rite Aid and they got a Rite Aid to stay open, but it's like a security guard, you know, that armed guard. Detroit, I could do it, I wouldn't be able to do it. Detroit got some good ice cream to ice cream.


Detroit's known for ice cream, I mean, the the metropolitan area. Where you get ice cream and some less shop we went to, it wasn't in Detroit City, so it's definitely wanted to the LaSalle suburbs cities, but it was like little ice cream stand that was just like Dubah.


It was a stamp. It was like one of those, like, you know, like a little I mean, you can go inside, if I'm not mistaken, it was like a little they serve you outside, have math labels, man. Different point.


It seemed like when I was passed that would be. Yeah, you walk up to the supermarket, seem like one of those spots that might have been like a local, like legendary place.


I went there to think that may have been referring to. Hmm, what? Which cities have the best that what city is known for ice cream? Is there a city that's known for ice cream? And boom. I sound like some Google, Apple, Google, Apple, I mean, New Orleans might be known for. Daiquiris, that's like a slushy, but they put a whipped cream, they put whipped cream on a. On the slushies, which is, we all know, sitting off ice cream.


Ice creams everywhere. It is ice cream, is it? I did a quick search. And funny enough, Columbus, Ohio, comes up. As the mecca of ice cream. I guess Jenny's splendid ice cream is that, of course, from there. Did you guys know that? What do you know why Columbus, Ohio is so is tends to be very famous when it comes to food. Well, many, many, many, many restaurants test their restaurants out in Columbus, Ohio, because Columbus, Ohio is thought to be a perfect epicenter of America.


Bye bye, its population. The race age demographics are all like what they consider the perfect slice of America, and so many, many restaurants are tested in Columbus, Ohio. Mhm.


Well, I'm getting I'm getting San Francisco at number one for ice cream. They got sixty one ice cream shops. I could see San Francisco. The average rating for all of their ice cream shops is a four point, four point to. They got they got the names of places, Mitchell's ice cream, Smeeton Ice Cream, Swensons, right. Creamery, Humphris Fentons Creamery. I kind of want to go there now. And do a story of the ice cream is call it the lactose intolerance to just pop your power, pop your lactose off your scarf now ice cream without having stomach problems.


I know.


I love ice cream. I don't know about it. 43, but. You know, the back of my room that I never had problems, best ice cream ever has in Japan, bro, Crimea, soft serve, absolutely everything that got the best, everything.


Japan, Japan pretty much killing us on almost all levels, fashion murkiness. But they they they they take our fashion, but they refine it and just keep the best of it and get rid of the trash.


But I mean, it's not all it's not all dope. And I don't want to, you know, point to it like that.


But but the stores that you go to are the best like in the world. So there's that part, right.


Anyway, so what we talk about today, boys, welcome back, episode number was this twenty three, twenty two I believe. OK, OK, twenty twenty two. That double duty.


I tell you one thing I saw today that there might have interest to you is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Twenty twenty one nominees. Did you see that list. I see I know one person who's who's the nominee. I saw that same person, I believe, but go ahead. Is it me?


Am I don't know if it would be. It's your boy, Jazy.


Oh, wow, so who else has to age? To H.O., Jay-Z, Tina Turner is on that list named Mary J. Turner to be nominated. What's that? So what took so long for her to be nominated? Well, now now the the to be eligible. You, an artist or band, must have released its first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination.


Oh, yeah, it makes sense. Which would she have released? Something twenty five or more years ago? Helliar Mary J. Oh, Mary J. Blodgett. Tina Turner. Mary J.


No, Mary J. Oh, I don't know why Tina Turner is not in now. Tina Turner is on that list too. You're right.


Why did you write did you say Tina Turner who's I imagine blogg. Well, I said to him, said, I said both on and here, they're both they're both. So on the list of nominees is Jay-Z, Carole King wife, Carole King. That already in there, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, Kate Bush, Devo, Foo Fighters, the Gogol's Iron Maiden. Chaka Khan, L.L. Cool J. L.L. Cool J is on their L.L. Cool J didn't make it last year.


I remember that was a controversy when he was nominated last year as well.


Rage Against the Machine and Dionne Warwick are some big names on this list.


But it's like all the names, though. Like it feel like it's too many names. Well. They so voting happens through April 30th. Fans can vote and then there's some kind of weird board that nobody knows about and they every year they take the I think they only take the top five votes out of it.


The fans vote like, where did it go? Fans can vote. I'm going to pull up and I'm going to give you the you are out here, you can vote with your dollars shot down Lupe Fiasco dot com and get you this nice Wadis T-shirt is sold out. But we got some other stuff, some incense and some posters. In the meantime, on your way to go vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you can vote at Rock Hall Dotcom.


The nominees are out, there's a list of 16 nominees and you go in here and vote now where you can only vote for one person. No, you can vote for. Let's see here. I think you can vote for as many people as you want, yeah, vote for as many as you know you can. I'm sorry, you can only vote for five oh five.


Oh, wow. That's actually pretty good. That's thrown out right there. That is a throw down because I'm not mad. I'm not mad at all. And you know what? I can see this half. I can see why some of those legacy older acts may not have gotten in because they might have like been up in past years up against bands that were like just undeniably huge. Right. Like not even an argument. You might have your top five just off top and you might.


Well, Tina Turner, would you like.


So look at that. In this list that I just gave you, who would you vote for? I'm going to vote for team Tina Turner's got to be in there. I'll top Tina Turner for sure. I'm doing well before Jay-Z for sure. Well, how about doing both? How about Mary J. Blige? I got right now, I'll tell you right now, I got Dionne Warwick right here, the Warwick crazy shot of Mary J and Ella.


I don't know, Tina Turner. My bad I to get rid of Dionne Warwick, and then I'm putting Tina Turner. So now I got Chaka Khan, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Mary J. Hello.


Yeah, but it was a couple of rock bands in that I blew. You know, I love me some rock and roll man. Then two firefighters I guess. I mean, come on, we got to put the food.


Not a huge rage fan, not a huge rage fan, but the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl in his. He's known as a. All right, I got to go soon. So what's the question is, who's the guy that made sex on fire? You. That's that's that's I mean, that's my rock and roll goes diva.


Now, the sexiest sex is on fire. The Leons Kingsley. Yeah, he's a little better. Foo Fighters, though, man, well, wait a minute, so I'm going to go Tina Turner, L.L. Cool J, Dionne Warwick, the Foo Fighters, and now we only have one left. Do I go Jay-Z or Mary J. Biv? Wait, who else was down the list? I mean, Shonka, Carole King, Chaka Khan down there.


This is tough. I can see why this is very hard to get into. See, that's what I'm saying. That's like I'm going Carole King, people who can go and Carole King, Carole King, legacy play.


Hail Mary, go on. Carole King, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, L.L. and Foo Fighters. That's my life. Leslie, wait a little bit immature a little bit. He's too young, he's got time, he's got time and he's probably right. And everybody that you pick combined.


That is probably true. That's definitely true. I had I had to go.


I know I've never done it before. This is pretty cool.


The only thing I didn't like is I got a log in to actually submit another. I just submitted. I tried it, said log in to submit. I just I did my family again with my oh, how did you get away with it?


Because your voice, the five that I would have thunk it, a special a special website only on his phone. Oh, Royce.


So I'll check this out. So I was I was late to the podcast today because I was hosting my martial arts run over in clubhouse.


Right. And guess who came into my room? Two time back from the Last Dragon Tattoo and guess what he said, that's what he said when he said that Shona. Is. Not a martial artist. Thank you. You got it.


I believe he said that you can't fight, man, you can't fight or he would be available anything good he did.


He said he had a really Delp story that I actually believe for him to tell.


But he did a really great story about actually having shown up behind the scenes. Somebody asked him a question about some things that happened on a set. But it's such a great story. I would just rather him, like, tell it, maybe get him on the show and tell it. But he thought about that.


And it's like he's a he's a proper fighter martial artist, like he was like a time back. He was like a kick boxing champion, did martial arts and he was like like super young. So he's actually super duper legit. So shout the tarmac from coming into the clubhouse.


Romney shouted, I should call him time, time up. And then before that, I call them Tamiya. I bet you I was like my favorite God, Mitch McConnell, to his face, like he ain't like Wesley.


And later, listen, I bet you would not bet you I wouldn't either by the time yet to Tomarchio, you come on over and let me give me the blow any any anybody who know who know martial arts and and use Bruce Lee noises.


No, I'm good.


I ain't got no I ain't got no. I want to smoke only to hear. Watch your mouth. Now, how you pronounce that? Well, I got a lot of fan stuff we're going to get into tonight. Well. We are going to tell you guys something, we talked about Anna Mae West last week that sparked about what? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Anna Mae. Anna Mae. Am I saying it wrong with Hollywood laughing at.


Nogo in. You got it sparked a lot of conversation, a lot of conversation, it was a very surprised guest for us to have on.


People were very excited about that. So much so they were. Here we go.


I got I'm going to can I read a few merita for you. I know. Come on.


I already know this is going to be in your favor and told us we got good. Samarai Black wrote in. Thank you. This is somewhat surprising. One of the most meaningful discussions for me I've heard on your show yet just when I thought that you've discussed everything relevant already. Thank you, fellas. That's nice. We got from Sean, Paul some time, Sistani, Paul the Ciampa, they the A Shot Paul. Section one, why, where does the gun why, what does that mean?


What does in it a one? The indictors did not in the place I want in DBAs. We're going to have another conversation that the is money. We're going to say with that. Yeah, that's a he said race and time, you should for sure start with attack on Titan.


Very easy to get into. So I don't expect you to watch that from too much or from aquatic movement, despite the name from aquatic movement, never, ever considered watching anime before. But what this episode. But this episode sparked my interest. I wish I was invested in some animal stocks before we that's what we need to do before we plan.


We're going to talk about we need to invest in the stock of the companies that will benefit from our massive amount of free promotion that we're weak.


It's funny on the back end, it's funny you said that because I did that exact thing last week. I took a couple a little my stock and put it into some for some gaming and to some anime and Amandus companies it is. And then my last one from Adam. Well, shit, I knew this was going to be a great part when I saw Leupen Rice and I think he forgot to say and time, but then they chop it up over manga and anime.


Hell yeah, man. If you say anime one more time like that is anime.


Why am I what am I saying wrong. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. Anime, anime, anime, that doesn't make sense, that anime, you got to let it draw, you've got to let it breathe a little bit.


You're listening to the Loop and Roy Show with Lupe Fiasco, Royce five nine. Tom Frank Royce, did you set any intentions for 2021? Any goals you want to accomplish this year?


You know what, Lupe Fiasco, I was just thinking about that. I want to be a little bit more mentally strong one day better than the next, you know, tomorrow, better than yesterday.


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Better help is offering 10 percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor. A better help. Dotcom soup and rice make some moves.


Join over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health at better help. That's HGL P slash Luppi in Royce.


You listening to the Loop Ambroise show with Lupe Fiasco, Royce the five, not Tom Frank guys, you ready for a guest tonight? I got all my guests. All right, I'm going to. I'm going to, I'm going. I'm going to bring her on. This is Jovana Marie. Thanks for joining. I'm I'm going to I'm going to set you up, not tell people who you are because you're an important person. So this is this is Jovana.


Am I saying that right, Marie? Yes. That is best known by her pen name. Best known by her pen name, Jaam Posehn. She's an award winning writer, poet, novelist. She kind of does a little bit of everything. Celebrated author and the literacy community. She's well-known for the publication of her romance novel, Setting Fire to the Darkness and her award winning poetry work, Whiskey for the Wounded. And correct me if I'm wrong, but you were recently the recipient of the I Am Black Literacy Excellence Award.


So congratulations on that.


Welcome to the show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys for having me.


Listen, but amongst all those accolades. Right. Which are impressive.


Right. Have you ever worked the midnight shift at a 7-Eleven in Detroit?


No, but I have worked graveyard shift at Ford Motor Company. That's dangerous. That could be pretty darn well loopy loop, trying to distinguish what's most dangerous between your job and my job, the one I had a 7-Eleven, the graveyard shift. Mom was in Berkeley, so er yeah, she from the time she from Detroit, too, and you said you're from Detroit, you're from Atlanta, you're from California.


I mean, where do you call home though.


Did you can't claim all three are from Detroit, Detroit a long time because I'm actually Detroit.


Specific questions.


OK, first of all, how many guns do you have? And do you have more or less guns than Royce? Because Royce. I don't know.


I have more. I might have more.


I'm a little bit of a doomsday preppers, so I have a whole collection. How many guards you got, I got about four, did you get your. I am more than I have since I have, you know, I'm in archery, too, so I have like crossbows and bone arrows and knives and all of that stuff.


So. So do you have do you have one of those books, do you have one of your books, right. That looks like one of your books, but really when you open it, it's a cut out for, like a Mac?


Actually, I do have one to do, and it's actually a Bible. And on the inside, it's a safe house. My God, this is getting better by the minute. Have some good credit.


I like that. I like that gun in the Bible.


I'll take it.


I look, I just I like I like one more Detroit more Detroit question.


Can I come in?


I'm waiting. Have you ever stole a door off of someone's house? No, I can't say I have. There you go. OK, me neither.


You know, I just want to make sure that me you on the same page now, Lupe came to Detroit.


And now, Lou, did you see recently there was an article in Detroit about somebody stole a porch, an entire porch of somebody's house of that and we. OK. Hello. Hello. Hello. Let me rephrase this question.


Have you ever stole a porch off of somebody's house and not somebody really did that?


Somebody did that. And there was a couple people who wrote in and wanted to question our good friend Lou, who has a history of stealing things off people's front porch in Detroit by the door.


I want to know more about this award that you just want. Tell us more about that.


So I did win the 20/20 I am Black Excellence Literary Award. And it was actually for one of the poems that I had entered from my books are Dust. Stardust is basically it's a it's a poetry book, but it's about women empowerment and just trying to encourage women to live at their highest version of self. So yeah, I did. I think that the poem was hidden gems. I did. I think that was the one that I recited and I won the competition for that.


Also is like a recitation, like you went up and it was like spoken word, he didn't like other poets. Oh, nice, nice, nice. Did you posting it, I put it on your page, this all on my rules.


So usually what I do is I do poetry Thursday, so I do a lot of my spoken words. Every Thursday, I'll post one up. I put it underneath the rails and I'd be. Who's your who's your favorite poet who inspires? My favorite poet. Of course, you know, we got to say Maya Angelou. She was one of those ones that I really looked up to. I think when I first started writing, though, I read everything from like Robert Frost to Oscar Wilde.


I was more into, like, philosophy. So some of those guys, definitely Aristotle, Plato. Oh, so he was getting, like real deep and busy into the poetry slam, one of my favorite poets, Emily Dickinson, I just want to say I actually like her.


I've read a couple of my class as well, so I'll throw that out there. Yeah, I like her. She's good.


What do you think about one of our our newest poets to come out on the scene, Amanda Gorman?


Oh, yeah. I watch what she said. He says she that was powerful, man. That a very powerful, very powerful.


But can you beat her in the poetry battle, like if it was you and her versus good, you know, versus at the at the slam shot in my mind, get her bitter.


I like that.


Like if I pull one out of it for the poetry verses off.


Yeah. Tell him I was that much different than. I was to say, how much how is that that much different than wrapping? Write poetry and rap. There's a lot of similarities there. It is, but I feel like with this morente, I wouldn't even say more intent behind the words. But as you know, it is a little bit of a different vibe when you're doing the spoken word. And it's almost like we're borderlines, like almost as if you're acting it out.


You're very intentional with your words and emotions that you're trying to convey.


Do you ever wrote poetry? Of course. I'm a I'm a master. Well, you talk about just making sure I can do something right now.


Let me tell you something, brother. From one to another, as you sit there gobbling those treats, why don't you share a piece to your homeboy?


Bring me some of that joy in this. I'm a beast on the poetry side. Get it? Don't get confused.


It just flows. I think I dig it flows whiskey. And so.


Just off the top, it's an amazing just just thing to say, right, because it reminds me of somebody that I know who just so happens. To be to be eaten French fries right now, and that one's a little bit more wounded, but probably wounded people with whiskey.


No, but it's definitely a lot deeper than I was the other two. So it's definitely like it's more of puns about like, yes, social issues, political injustice, it's a little bit of everything in there. But yeah, that one is a little bit more gritty than Stardust's our passion for. Definitely. Y y y y the lean toward the grit after coming off of, you know, things that maybe not as gritty. Well, actually, like you as a poet, when you look at whiskey for the wound, it was came first in Stardust's and passionfruit.


I just actually I did a double release with, you know, we had covid, which I kind of feel like was a blessing and a curse at the same time. It was, you know, I feel like in a lot of instances and it forced people to take a beat, you know, sit down for a moment and have allowed for introspective. So definitely you went inside yourself. At least they put things in perspective for you for sure.


So, yeah, I did whiskey for the wounded first and then Sardis and passionfruit came during that whole quarantine time when I was just sitting at home and actually released them both at the same time.


It's a little bit of everything in there. Like I wanted to say that it's just social issues because I break it up into like multiple sessions. So it has like the grievers, the deceivers, you know, it talks about even the path to, you know, going after your dreams and what that looks like and how you're losing friends in pursuit of that, or even how sometimes you relationships fail because of your ambition. So it talks. It goes over and covers an array of different things and it talks about just growth and evolution.


You know, a lot of times people want to address us at the level that they remember is that and is kind of tells us, you know, it's OK to grow. It's all right for you to absorb it. I'm the same way that I was at 19 then I just wasted like the last 20 years of my life.


I know you haven't always written poetry. You've written some novels as well. Yes. A little bit about some of your early books. So I originally started when I did my first debut, it was setting Fire to the Darkness. That's kind of what broke them out, broke me out on the scene. And that one, it's kind of like a Fifty Shades of Grey meets like Sons of Anarchy. So, you know, I do. He was in a mafia and he falls in love with the daughter of one of the highest marks.


Yeah. So that was the first one. And that was actually a trilogy. So it's part two and part three to that one. But yeah, that was the very first book I wrote explaining the progression.


It was like Raffan, the novels then poems of what was that?


No, I've always been keen to words like I love written word, even when I was younger, I was believe it or not, I was really shy and timid growing up. And so one of the things is I would write down my feelings. I did diaries and journals, and it was just always easier to express myself in written word opposed to verbally. And so it just became like a thing where I would literally do Dorna. We are journaling or I would write poetry just to get my films off.


The was just kind of like an outlet for me growing up.


And then like professionally, the first pieces of work were the novel.


I had pieces that wasn't published, like I had stage plays that I had written. And I even dabbled around with a couple movie scripts like I have three that I completed. So we started off like even before I did the books I was doing, like I started off with the scripts actually I was writing movie scripts. And then I was just like, well, I didn't get the courage to really show it to anyone. I'm actually getting more back into writing the movie scripts.


I actually got a pitch meeting within a couple weeks on one of the movies, but it started off with me actually writing movies, to be honest.


So I got to ask, like as a writer and maybe it's different. Yeah, I'd like to know the comparison of these guys.


You know, obviously write music and you write books like what's that?


What's that process look like. Like how does it how does it how does a book or a book of poetry start to form in your mind?


This is just stories, and I think it's not really too much different from rap because, I mean, at least in the area where I grew up, because a lot of the old school rappers, they told stories under wraps, you know, and it's just like the same goes for movies. It's just the movie that's going on in your head that you write out on to paper. You know, you get a thought and then you get another sequence, you're like, oh, this is no, that would be OK if that happened.


And it just becomes like this thing where you can actually visually play it back inside your head.


Do you know the end? Do you know the end of your of your works before you write the most time?


Like, I do think later. Most times I do, yeah.


So it'll be more like a skeleton. Like imagine it like being like you at the meet later, but when you're starting out nine times out of ten you're going at the beginning and the end is there's no you're going to add the meat to it and flip it out.


See, I don't know the ends. You know, I wish I could do the ends. So I know, I know how to start and then I just kind of let it free flow and then but then I might have an end, but normally I don't.


And that's and that's why I always, like, stop like, I'll get to starting something and I'll just kind of get lost in the light. So it's like superimportant.


Did you always have that, like when you came to work?


He was like, yes, I have to know the end or and if you don't, do you kind of like a things?


No, I wouldn't even say that. You know, I don't even think that has started where I say that I always knew the end to every single piece that are written. And then there is times where I go when I would just like drawing a blank. But one of the most important things that I started to do that I made it a point to do is that I said that I'm going to write every single day. I don't care if it's five minutes or if it's an hour of 30 minutes.


I mean, I make sure that is something that I do every single day. And there is times where I would just have complete writer's block or not even be inspired. And only energy that I really had was just to open up the laptop and write a couple of sentences and then I would close it back. So it's definitely it's a process. Nudists, I think, more than anything, is about obedience and discipline, race, when you write, do you know the beginning of the end?


Are you like glue and kind of like brings itself together as you go?


The few times I did, I've written a story in song form. Yeah, it was it was new to end before I started writing anything because I learned from, like, beginners. So their stories always had a twisted end at the end of it. So those are my favorite kind of the ones that all lead up to a twist. Unexpected twist. Usually if I can come up with an unexpected twist, I can I can write the whole story.


It's all about how you connected. You know, I'm saying that's how I did it. And I haven't done it in a long time now.


When are you writing the story of the five nine the the story that is the heart of Detroit, the book of Ryan, his sit down with me.


You could do that, maybe even make it into a movie. I told you, I'm doing the scripts now, so maybe we can make it a biopic. The movie will be great. Come over. All the people want that. People want that story.


It would be like a five nights of a movie that you wouldn't want to make people watch the whole thing.


Then maybe we can make you have recordings of the audio book version. Actually, I'm getting ready to record one. I want to do the 25th hour and that was B, that'd be more political prompts again, like the one I did castaways that will be on the audio that I'm working on. So I'm currently working along. But it is specifically just for that section. I have a section on Whiskey for the Wounded Chord on the 25th hour. It has like uprising, not one.


It's uprising one, part one and part two. But that specific section I want to do audio for. Yeah, I got a lot of great feedback on Castella's and is going to be your. Yep, it's going to be your voice, right? Yeah, right. If you can't do it, if you guys want to listen real quick. Oh yeah, do it.


That's what I was afraid. I want to tell us a little bit about wanted. Come on. That's what I came here for.


Okay. Yes. Prepare yourselves. Ladies, gentlemen, castaways on a land that's not our own. We live here, but it's not our home. We pledge allegiance to the flag, but we'll never really be free. Don't believe me, dear. When are you Negroes that taken me? These are the chains around our necks that you cannot see. Systemic racism, mass incarceration. I mean, when has the laws ever been on our side? Because everybody knows that when a black man buys the whole darn constitution give.


And nowadays police brutality is the new genocide.


But they say follow the law and abide but say nothing when we do just that and we still die. I mean, come on, it can die while asleep in bed in our own homes. But justice is for everybody. I guess you just better read between those lines. Yeah, so that one's called castaways that. Oh, wow, that was fantastic. Right.


So that would be on the 25th. It was beautiful, full of rage. It's a I love the passion behind your words.


They're definitely so. Yes. More political. More about. Definitely, yes. This is going you know that one on there, like George Florida talks about, like Brianna Taylor and Trayvon. And just a lot of the things said, you know, it's been going on in the world around us.


Hmm, ma'am, thank you for that performance. Thank you for that was that was fantastic. Thank you. No problem. That is Jan Posehn. Find her books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We appreciate you stopping by. Thank you.


Thank you. Thank you for having us. And just remember that that Jampolis Posner's books, they all come with guns inside of them, apparently.


So I guess that's a Detroit thing.


They look like Bibles and they have guns in them. That's so great. She represented Detroit like a motherfucker with that with that little bit of information.


See, that's why I had to just get to see people from Detroit. They had it's like they come in with this facade, right. Of like we won't do nothing to you know, I'm saying, like, you safe with us, you can let me keep your car keys. Nothing's going to happen to your car.




But I've never given that impression was lurking behind the scenes.


It gets violent. Very quick Bibles, Bibles with guns in them, obviously.


No, do not get the car. If you have Maserati, Valentine's Day is coming up. Get yourself get by your significant other one of her books.


That's a great Valentine's Day gift, trying to help you out here that boys and girls trying to help you out.


Oh, man, I can't speak on Rose's situations. That's a no go here. All right.


You're listening to Lupe and Rochelle with Lupe. Fiasco writes to five nine and Tom Frank, The Lupe and Roy Show is a production of Safwat Media.


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Lupe and Rochelle with Lupe Fiasco rise to five nine and Tom Frank. Now, speaking of Valentine's Day. Have you guys ever thought about. We're Valentine's Day came from, I think about it all the fucking time, do you where does it go? Yeah, where does it come from? What's what, what, what? What who came up with it? Some lady.




Do you have any Hallmark Hallmark cards invented that shit the same way that they invented Christmas. No. Who invented. Oh no, no, no, no, no.


Now Valentine's Day goes goes way all the way up. Let's trace it back to the origin.


Yeah. I mean, OK, I went down the rabbit hole today because I kind of was curious because I actually did think it was a made up holiday and it was a Hallmark card. But I found a couple different meanings of Valentine's Day. Now, apparently, the ancient Romans could have been responsible. It goes back to ancient Rome where they executed two men, both named Valentine, on February 14th of two different years in the third century A.D. And they say that the Catholic Church wanted to honor this with a celebration of Saint Valentine's Day.


That's one, that's one, that's one, that's just one, I like this one, I found another one is a popular law that says that in the fifth century there was a Saint Valentine's Day who was imprisoned for some transgressions.


We don't know what the transgressions were, but the myth says that the jailer's daughter took pity, brought him food and tried to save him. The incarcerated man sent her a note of thanks, signing it from your Valentine. That sounds like bullshit to me. That's what they both say.


They both said. Why would we celebrate it?


Why would we celebrate it? By doing really nice things for people. And they fucking slaughtered a couple of people.


Here's my here's my here's my issue, especially with anyone that pegs it to a specific date. Right, especially in ancient Rome and February right here. Here's my take, because the months, if I'm not mistaken, let me be clear about this. Now, you're opening up the lab because I don't want to be done, I don't want to be done. When the sun is the sun rise, don't forget. You know, I know. All right, when you get in any trouble, OK, well, well, you know.


Well, you know, maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was wrong as hell. What were you going to do wrong? Never mind. Don't don't want it, don't even worry about it. You know what I was going to say? Because you the first thing that you should do with any any time you hear a word or something connected to a date is check. The etymology and the root of the word, and that'll do a lot, that'll get rid of some bullshit often.


So I was questioning and I my confusion was the days of the week are named after Norse gods. Right? OK, so I was thinking, like, OK, maybe the monks were also named after more Norse gods, but the monks are actually named our Latin roots, so it puts it back into Rome. Whereas if it had said it would have been on a Wednesday or Thursday, I was like, wait, that's Norse as Northmont, that Norse mythology which was been disconnected and spatially.


So this links it back to Rome.


Yes, the February because February is is the root of February, so, I mean, it might be some might be some validity to the first one. I think there is some validity there.


So we didn't make it up holidays after we behead people and we had to we had to, you know, do something for that.


I mean, what are the odds of two guys named Valentine both getting beheaded on the same day, three years apart? But wasn't a St. Valentine's? Since Valentine's Day. It was St. Valentine's Day, so they were Christians, they were Christians, they were honored. They were both Christians, they were honored by the Catholic Church after giving became came this day.


I mean, there you go, OK. A little history at this moment at the far right. I have an important announcement I have to announce and I hope he's listening today. Our T-shirt winner with a T-shirt contest going for our last T-shirt will have one T-shirt left. And I, I decided to give it away because I'm a general. Why would you do. I know. I know you can pay a lot in price.


It's funny you should say that, because when we were running the contest, somebody made a comment that I guarantee you does not agree with this contest and he would want to sell that T-shirt.


But I randomly chose I randomly chose a winner and our winner. Do you want to have a have a drum roll or something? Thank you, is Jaivin the rapper, and he wrote in, If I win this shirt, I will make a song about the Leupen. Rochelle So you have woman and I expect the song about the Leupen militia. He's going to make us all that's what he said, if he won, you should you should have sold their shirt.


We sold enough shirts, we sold a lot of shirts. How did you do merch? Now we need to come up with the money for me and Royce wanted to share the spoils. That is all these shirts you've been selling. See, look at that. You see that?


So we talk about. I'm calling the police. I believe that. I'm saying the theft. All right.


I got another question for you. Somebody wrote in and I thought this would be interesting. Maybe you knew something about it, about strengthening your immunity. They're all worried about you that you're in your bunker and rifle. Man.


People know both of you. Both of you. Well, you told me.


Have you ever heard of the win the win half method I've ever heard of this tell them already had covid. That's true. You get it. Be careful. Yeah, I want to go.


All right. The win half method. Have either of you ever heard of this? I'm sure is going to. I'm sure I'm going to agree with pieces of it.


So what is the winner like a grocery store in South Carolina?


It's it's three powerful pillars to to to strengthen your immunity. One is cold therapy. So it's saying that cold is your warm friend and that we need to learn how to embrace the power of cold to burn fat, boost immunity, sleep better, reduce inflammation and enhance nature's own mood.


Booster's Shrake sounds like Trigg's freezing last night, so. Yeah, ok. OK, breathing.


We have to master the scientific breathing techniques that improve your energy level, detox your body, reduce stress levels, rebalance the nervous system and strengthen your immune system. Yeah. Yeah. OK, all right. What else was the last one and last is commitment. Going deep into your psychology takes commitment and a willingness to move out of your natural comfort zone. It's time to unleash your inner power. Listen, they're going to write all that on your tombstone when you die from covid-19 cold therapy breathing commitment.


Yeah, that ain't that a I'm just be clear scientific.


Real quick.


The only thing that you can do to prepare your immune system for an external pathogen, viruses, bacteria is whatever is for that pathogen to enter your body and your body to begin to react to it. That's it. Everything else sound good. It feel good. It may taste good. It may taste nasty. Right. And yes. Are there certain nutrients and vitamins that deal with cell reproduction? So like like vitamin C deals like with cell reproduction. Right.


So if you have if you have a deficit of vitamin C, if you're if your immune system is tearing, tearing your body up, trying to attack these things. Right. And you're deficient in vitamin C, then, yes, it's going to take longer for those healthy cells to kind of rebuild and you try to rebound. Right. So there's that aspect of it along with other vitamins and minerals and stuff like that.


But nothing that you can take other than a some sort of vaccine or some some type of thing that represents the threat that you're actually going to face.


That's the only thing that's going to prepare your immune system.


Your immune system isn't your immune system is like a it's not a it's not a fighter. Right. It's a learner. Right. It's not like you getting prepared for a boxing match. Right. And you're going to hit the speed bag at speed bag. That's not how you mean. That's a that's a bad analogy. Your immune system is a reader. It needs to go to the library, read books, write in the books that it reads are viruses and pathogens.


And that's how it prepares itself. It just can't train. It's like training to read a book don't make any sense.


So you're telling me me popping my vitamin C energy drinks all day long is not going to help me naked? covid no. It's worked so far. Well, no, no, no, but let's be let's be clear let's be clear. This coronavirus and then there's covid-19, OK? There are two separate things. OK, coronavirus is this do tell this this entity. Right. Is this physical thing right? By itself? I am coronavirus. Hi, my name is Dave.


I'm Coronavirus. That's it.


covid-19 is everything that coronavirus does is the disease. Right. So it's the inflammation in the lungs. The clotting is all the other stuff. That's what covid-19 is.


Now could you do things and eat things to help you recover faster from covid-19. Yes. Is there something that you can do to stop yourself from catching coronavirus. Right. Other than wearing a mask or plugging up your orifices? No, there's nothing there's no pill that you can take that keeps you from getting coronavirus. But there are pills and things that you can take that can help.


Right. The the the the the what am I looking for? The impact of covid-19 the disease on your body. You recover faster, stuff like that. But there's no way unless you plug up your nose, plug of your eyes, plug of your mouth, plug your ears floppy. But there's no way that you can keep yourself from getting coronavirus other than wearing a mask and doing that stuff.


But even if you would have your immune system figured out a way to go to the library.


Well, do you think do you think there's people. Let me ask you this question, because I've been thinking about this a lot. Yeah. Do you think there are people that simply are immune to getting coronavirus like they just like if they were in a crowded room of everybody had it?


Or am I saying careful with the language, be careful with the language. OK, ok, OK. Are there people that are immune to covid-19 to covid-19 disease. Right.


No one is immune to the coronavirus. If you have a nose and eyes and a mouth, then you're susceptible to catch coronavirus. OK, so. But how about people who can. Yeah, yeah. Come on, come on. No better immune than to covid-19. That may be simply to have something in them that doesn't somehow it doesn't interact with that potentially.


Yeah I'm sure, I'm sure those people that are like some people might consider people that are asymptomatic to have a certain level of immunity. Right. To the covid-19. Right. There may be certain aspects of covid-19 that your body is resistant to. So maybe it may be blood clotting, right? It might be the brain fog. It might be something other. Something else is happening to you in terms of your body that you have a natural disposition to not have right or not or not to kind of evolve in your body.


Right. So you can have that. But it's all a dice roll. Right. And the only way you would know that is if you had real time data on every system in your body.


So your skeletal system, your blood system, your livers, your organs, your immune system itself, adaptive and forgot what the other was called, innate or whatever you think, whatever, all of that. You think we'll ever figure that out, like if there are certain people that that were completely immune to this? Immune to covid-19. Yes, I would, I can yeah, I could say, yeah, I think there are certain people that are walking around that have a certain immunity, as you call it, to the effects of the coronavirus being in their body.


Right. Whether it's a way to keep the coronavirus from from being able to spread as effectively as it does as it is, it interacts with a specific person. Right. Is there anything but is that person immune from getting coronavirus into their body? No. But are they immune could potentially be immune to the effects of coronavirus?


Yes. Once it's in their body, which is covid-19. I could see that. I could see that being a thing. Yes. And to your point, does things like the half method, the winner of Method, Vitamin C, vitamin D, all those things, would they help on that side of the equation? Absolutely. Is it a guarantee? No. Interesting stuff. All right. I finally got my vote submitted for the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Now, Royce, did you see what comes up on that website afterwards?


It gives you it gives you the official leaderboard at this moment. Oh, yeah, who's rule, so currently who's bleep with 13000 votes, Tina Turner, Tina Turner. Wow. See, I got to laugh. Why, I gotta go. Go, go, go. No, I say I got I got Tina Turner fourteen thousand one hundred ninety nine.


Maybe I need to refresh. You were right. Fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine, though, if you vote right now, you can be the fifteen thousand vote where he got the least amount of votes.


This is all old people voting.


Yeah, because the top five are Tina Turner, the Foo Fighters, Carole King, Iron Maiden and the Go Goes. The goals are being now Chaka Khan, though, yeah. But yeah, yeah, for sure, the bottom L.L. Cool J, Mary J. Byers and Jay-Z all at the bottom. If I was crazy, I wouldn't even go to the ceremony. No, no, no. These are the nominees. Only the top five get in.


Also, if you don't get to the top, if you're not a part of the top five, you don't and you don't even get invited to the ceremony, I assume not. I mean, you you can come, but you're not getting honored. You're not going in. You're not going in the hall. And that's where our problem.


Have you ever been to the Rock and Roll Hall of. I'm not either. It's in Cleveland, right? It's in Cleveland, yeah, downtown Cleveland. I've been on past it. You know, I've walked past Cleveland. They need to raise either and go to Cleveland. I think I've been that you have ever been to Cleveland in Cleveland or Pittsburgh. I don't know what's going on.


How do you don't ever confuse Cleveland with Pittsburgh? Why not Pittsburgh, my home state? I'm not from Pittsburgh, but I'm a I grew up in Pennsylvania.


We have pride in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's not Pennsylvania. I mean, it's Pittsburgh talking about you have to be you have to be from Pittsburgh. You just can't claim Pittsburgh because you you happen to be born in my state.


I got Pittsburgh. I got Philly. Those are my. What do you got? You got Chicago. That's it. Wow, now even that those shots. Mm hmm.


Michigan, what do you think in your statement, I was just saying I got Detroit with Pittsburgh, chill out, chill out there like a bastion of progress, like, oh, now you want to hear some more fan stuff?


We've got so much fan. Do you have a jingle for the mailbag? Scooby Doo doo doo doo.


Fans in the bag with the mail. Mm hmm. All right, I got a couple of good ones here from H.D.. Hey, guys, I love the Loop Roadshow loop, Ed Royce, a pure magic together. I would listen to them for hours on end. Tom is hilarious.


I only discovered the podcast a few days ago and I've listened to every episode.


I want you to all know that the podcast is very important and it resonates with so many. Oh, yeah, we. Why are you reading it? We need to see it to. I want to see it. Yeah, I think we should post it just to make sure and have a bounce, as I read and I got stuff here.


I got notes. OK. All right.


From a my saying that right. Ebbie Ali. Abella, listen up to this one. She's running on behalf of her boyfriend, Faizal. Who is a huge fan and has found a lot of inspiration from Lupo's music is currently in Nigeria, shout out to Nigeria. I've been to Nigeria. Abuja, Nigeria. You overthrew the government? No, no, I didn't overthrow the government. I got thrown in jail. I know I was in jail. So her boyfriend's been having some ups.


I was gonna say football saved your anus. That's right. Pittsburgh Steelers, matter of fact, he's been having some ups and downs lately, and she was hoping you could lift his spirits by giving him a shout out for his birthday, which is on February.


Twenty fourth was his name Faizal for a YSL? Feisal thinks Feisal won't Feisal, Feisal, yo, yo, yo, SFR, I hope you don't get off that roller coaster of emotion, homie.


I'm saying I hope you got more upset than you.


I mean, you got a birthday coming up. I have an extravaganza coming up.


This you. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I would not call it again a birthday.


You call it a birthday. I say to get it right, you got any last you got any memories from your birthdays of the past? I mean, do you really do celebrate your birthday is a birthday a big deal? You. I remember when it stopped, I mean, when I stopped getting cakes, when I mean when I went out the window, I thought I was just this back. I thought that was part of the program.


Then when I turned back 11 or 12, when they're just expecting the cake is like, you don't know, you didn't get a cake at 11 or 12, forgot which birthday it was, might have been 13, then get a cake.


And I was I guess this is part of the course, right? Do you have a cake? Damn. What's that?


OK, you have that carrot cake. That's for your birthday, bro.


Half eaten carrot cake.


I'm celebrating early.


Do you celebrate your birthday? I've got a wife man, of course, and do you still get. He just had a I'll get a cake. Sure. I don't think I've ever. I don't think I've ever had a birthday without a birthday cake. I feel like there's something like that's bad. That I mean, this is bad if you don't have a birthday cake, but I get cakes now. I don't have my batteries. Good, right?


No, no, I was going to say I don't have to be bad.


It could be if you don't get a cake as long as it's acknowledged and celebrated in some sort of way. Oh, no, no, no.


It's cool. I think you need a cake or we're talking bad luck that year.


These are bad are bad luck, man. I'm super cesspool. I think I need a cake and I need at least a candle in there that I'm blowing up.


I'm discussing what you mean. This is definitely next episode when we celebrate my birthday. I'm definitely getting another one of those. It's got to be a cake list.


I'm getting a whole big ass cake. It's going to be right here in front of me the whole time. I must speak through the cake.


What kind of cake? What's your go to birthday cake, man?


Shouts A Stephanie at Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago, who every year manages to get your boy this face a cake.


My fam my family is you and she does. She does a caramel cake. I'd like a three layer cake rice. Listen.


Oh my God. Fire. Look, I'm never I never I remember the first time I had like a like a full calm, OK? And I remember I said. And ate the whole fucking excuse me, because I've cut like three times on here, I've been the. I thought, OK, it was just sitting there.


I just kept going back, getting a slice in the last decade account. When you're talking about cake to. He can curse when he talk. Oh, yeah, that's a totally acceptable you can curse when and speaking of cake, it's a widely known fact.


So yes, we are officially out of shirts.


They are out of stock.


So if you want more and sell some more. Oh, yeah.


I guess we could make some more Salaman. What are you talking about. I think we got to come up with a new design. We gotta come up with something different than we need.


Listen, where's the money, Tom? No, it's paying some of our expenses right now.


We're working on it. We're working on it. You're trying to get the police car on you.


I'm not into that whole notion that they should apply it. Can I call in a cop? Can I show you another shirt that I got? I want you guys to take a good take a good look at this shirt.


You're going to be right here on this broadcast next time. What was that? Take a good look at that shirt. I got this shirt. I dug it up the other day. What do you see there? I see a satanic ritual. What is that? Good luck, then, good luck. You know what that is? I'll definitely see Ronald McDonald. Definitely not a mid-level down that is getting beat, I know, by the Burger King.


Well, that is the Burger King beating up Ronald McDonald, Burger King ain't fuckin with McDonald's. What are you talking about?


We can't get the Burger King. But McDonald's is a bigger place, right? You have a Burger King and he's a big dude. You've seen you've seen the Burger King come in and boxing matches. What was that match? A couple of years ago, the Burger King came down walking down the aisle with the the boxer I just dug up.


I just I just drove past the Burger King and used to be around here. That is close.


Closed Burger King for us. So I got to get a closed guess what I. What guess what, Anclote? Mickey McDonald. Mm hmm. So take that shirt.


I walked into a Burger King one time. And I walked in, there was a lot of balloons and music and everything, and they handed me this shirt. It was a celebration of the anniversary of the Burger King, and I just mistakenly walked in there to get a burger and got somehow into this party where everybody was wearing these shirts.


The Burger King beating up McDonald's actually said so we never do all that was way more mature and way more mature.


Why don't you make fake ones so we can sell them? You want me to make fake Ronald McDonald beaten up or the Burger King? Listen, a Burger King does not care. They don't even remember that shirt. So I think we should you should make a bunch of them in your garage and then sell them so we can make a limited edition so we can make the decision or whatever you do, just not expect to flame broiled.




That's your go to sandwich, Flamberg. Patty. No, I don't eat fast food like that. But the Flamborough.


Patty, bro, you don't eat fast food. Not really. What did you just see? That's from a steakhouse. You can say that for now, I don't I don't consider it was French fries, but I had a crab cake.


You know, I have made a decision, though. I'm done cooking for myself that it's done now, McCastle. Now, I've learned to just give in to the preprepared meal. I'm I'm sick. It is buying vegetables and buying season and I'm done.


I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm doing.


I need a fully prepared whether it's coming out the microwave oven or from the delivery man's hand.


But just cooking for myself, you can look on YouTube. How about YouTube?


Every recipe you ever find is online. You don't find any joy in cooking. I got the type of Tom-Tom. I'm out, you're out. I feel you. I feel I don't have a lot of time to do a lot of shit, anything that takes too much thought, I got fucking time for it. I got a lot of calls I have to cook. Well, I mean. My girl just going had to handle at when he I, I got a question, I'm looping this back around.


We're going all the way back around like a Seinfeld.


I got a good question from David D with YouTube being two of the most lyrical David the company, David Duchovny with YouTube, two of the most lyrical emcees to ever touch a mike, I've always wanted to know of all the songs that end up on the albums you create are all written or if there are any that are just freestyle that turn into actual songs. My definitely are. That's the big question right there. You don't have to mix. OK, for years I never been able to freestyle, so I dug a lot for gave me some frisson about.


That's why that's why every time I hear somebody like Lou and Lowson, all them when I hear them freestyler. Oh, come on. Give me give me something.


Come on. All right.


I'll get you some topping the Burger King beating up the Burger King five on his shirt, putting in that work and that clown getting hurt face up in the dirt just like those burgers. Skite in the fries, man. That's a murder. I'm perturbed. Had a deep fryer sits in the kitchen then or listen to me popping in my face in a second. But I'm ready to get a whole new religion. That means I'm banned down to the buns though.


If you ready for this French fry excursion, I hope you like. Because I'm all in the fries and potatoes and the potatoes and make it anyway, somebody has been watching like a naughty porn lately and I got a little excited.


I was going to say that that shirt, that that shirt that you have looks like a sexual act. Now, you're not looking. I was referencing the shirt. Show it again. Now, look, he's home, right? Look at the shirt the way we showed the whole shirt, man. All right. Does that look like. Look like some saxman now look at who's pinned them down with with this elbow, and then he has his fist coming like fury to face them, right.


To them anywhere near that, I'm not touching. I'm not mad at it, I mean, do what you do, but I'm just saying it's a sexual shirt. They'll just show you walked into Burger King or did you walk into your going?


Are you sure you were at the party? You thought it?


I'm pretty sure it was a Burger King. I remember that.


I don't remember ever leaving now, but it was a good time with the music. Were they planning their time?


You know, this is Lupe Fiasco. This is Royce to five nine. And this is Tom Frank.


And you're listening to Talk of Nation. That's our show for the week.


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The Banro shows a production of Say What Media is Recorded and Mixed by Clyde Jennings, our head writer. Lauren. I'm Tom Frank. And our theme music is by who else? Lupe Fiasco. Who? The Five Man.