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Previously on The Leupen Road Show, I'm more interested in just watching coming to America again, then I'm interested to see it come to America, to put it like that.


A lot of Jews are not very good. The first one, there's a certain level of you have no idea what to expect with number twos. You kind of already know the basic gist of it.


Not already know the basic gist of Hotel Cecil. Welcome to hotels.


So somebody is going to die if you like Urumqi, the leupen ratio of the safwat media production. That was pretty good.


Yeah. What up is Lupe Fiasco and I fed the birds today. You know what?


This is a race to five nine and I'm a high protein, keto friendly, gluten free, grain free, soy free, wheat free, naturally favorite totally delicious child like grown up with so good people.


This is Tony Bacon. I read Bald Eagles to school. We aren't real in this town, Frank.


I'm just a regular dude and I am thrilled to have not only Luban Rice tonight, but we got a special a special regular and Tony Baker tonight because we we have a special show tonight, very special show. We're going to get into the Grammys. We're going to get in deep, very deep. But but before that, I need to ask you a question specifically.


You Lubi. What are you talking to me? Did you watch did you watch that? Did you watch the Netflix show? I told you to watch? Hotel Cecilia. Yeah, no, did you arrested? I'm sorry, I was I was forgot to speak about it tonight.


I wanted to tell them. You did. I went by there. Yeah, I went I would never go in. A couple of years ago, we couldn't get in. But my girl said, that is a window this open.


If you can get a drone in there, you can look around. Got to listen. A guest list for the drone window, just a guest list to get in. You know what? I don't know.


It's a scary place. It's in a seedy part of downtown, very seedy place. And you know, what they've done that is very interesting is because of all of this bad rap they're getting, they actually re marketed the other half of the hotel with a new name so that they could draw people in not thinking they went to the murder capital of the world and hotel.


And what's that?


Cecil Hotel Cecil Hotel while we Galantine I want and promoting human suffering now like what's the point in promoting this place with so much.


Because I watch this thinking we were going to talk about it and true that I'm watch it sometime this week.


I'm not going to write that. I'm prepared next week. But I genuinely was interested in dog thing.


I was coming to America before you two. Oh, Tom, you was writing it a thing. Right, OK, right. You are coming to America. Yeah. Before your five minutes of it at least. Wait, stop it. Stop it.


Royce didn't even finish. Was it. Was it bad. I heard it was terrible.


No I went bad. It was, it was more family family oriented movie than the first one.


It was OK. Look at Tony's face. Tony, definitely his. He hung his head in shame. Are you saving this for one of your great reviews, Tony? Are you going to give us a little preview of your review here to the review?


I recorded the review already. It should be up soon, but it's not good.


That's what your review isn't good or both.


Both just getting one saxophone out of this. Well, it wasn't good, man, it just it wasn't funny, I'm told it's disappointing.


I chuckle. She was like, oh, you just got to be in a mood to laugh at them. I recognize the part that were funny.


I just don't laugh at those moments. But it was no fun part. I thought this was really that he made a very funny part. That was funny right there.


Wow. You know, you got to be you've got to be in like a mood to really laugh, though, you know. Hmm.


At least that's how it is in Detroit. I told you I could eyeball to eyeball films time that that I know how cepa kind of PISTONE. Right. And the moment you mentioned Hotel Selya, my mind was like.


Anyway, I'm just mad you can never see this, so I have said it been really nice to see, so to say it's now been Cecillia Kornelius, Cicely Tyson, y'all called this hotel everything that was my fault from the very beginning.


I didn't know how to pronounce it. I got them off to the wrong start right from the beginning.


You'll be like a sponsor because we just keep talking about this hotel.


Are we going to go, hey, hey, I. I can't even say anything about it. Nobody's watch the yet. After you watch it. I have an opinion. On what.


We're just going to watch it. I'm a watch. I'm going to watch it. I'm going to do what you don't do. Watch it. Which is I'm going to watch it. I don't know if I can watch the whole thing, so I'ma do some ahmadu five nights, much of what you other. What is it, six. What is it? Five five. Five nine fourth's.


But in the second half of it, loopier, they talk about Japan extensively. So you might you might want to stay in races right now because, you know, you loved by when I talk about Mehmet.


Right there, because you love your pants, who talk, you talk about Japan, Japan, Japan, I want to go Japan, Japan is loopier. Well, that's where you shop for everything. Everything from Japan where you get that shirt.


Tom. Yeah. Tom will tell us like that. Today's knock off. I like ash. All right, here's the here's the reason for this shirt. This shirt is actually from Johnny Cash. But from the official website, a name like. This I actually was there, I went to Nashville, I went to the Johnny Cash, you didn't answer. My question was, is that from an officially recognized and licensed Johnny Cash merchandising platform of any kind, digital or physical?


Is that it, with his actions in the past? No. When this podcast.


But it inspired me because I bought this shirt and I thought, why did I buy this? I could have made this. Mm hmm. So this is the inspiration for all of my knockoff shirts.


Started with Johnny Cash. The second reason I'm wearing this is it inspired me to name our dog Cash after Johnny Cash.


Mm hmm. You like Johnny Cash?


I see you with some knock off rise to five nine Aperol, but I'm telling you right now, I'd be looking over shit like that loka somebody to, you know, I mean, you're one of the few artists that I haven't knocked off yet.


I wonder why it. Because he constantly threatened. That's very multilayered comment. Multilayered. We've got a comedian here, too. You might want to watch your words.


All right. So, Tony, I'm just so you know, you're getting the reins of the show in about like 30 seconds. I am going to switch off, start reading a book that you hand.


Basically, oh, so you're going to be completely out of the. So, you know, we have questions for you as well that answer. Yeah, yeah. You're not leaving.


I pull out your book about feudal Japan just yet. Not yet figured out Japan. We got some good TV coming out.


The 60 third Grammy Awards are airing this Sunday, March 14th, 8:00 to 11:00 o'clock on CBS. And none other than our hosts rise. The five nine is up for rap album of the year.


I feel like Mike Ditka with his on, so I got to start it off and then I'm a little Tony down.


But what I need to know two things specifically. What's your plan? What are you doing on Sunday? Public phone, phone.


A few friends, play some Xbox, pray. And then around 2:00 p.m., I have to log on to a platform and wait as they announce the winners. Or somewhere around there, don't make it so. So wait, you're going to know, you're going to know before anybody else knows. No, but I know. Before anyone else you already know. Yeah, man. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you who who who's going to win.


See, I knew you was going I knew you were going to say that because I knew it, it was like right on time. Yeah.


But who. Like Al. Who will leave us out here, like. Yeah, I'm going to wait. I'm going to win. OK, OK. So what initially happened, what the universe wanted me to do is sit in the front row with Freddie and we just get drunk four times for all of the days that they tried to blackball us.


Pretty they. Yeah, my boy Freddy Krueger, my boy Freddy, you got to have a drink boy named Freddy, that's part of growing up. The whole category should be called the grannies because we're all old.


Well, our old grannies don't think the grannies sound better. Come on, Tony, you supposed to be the comedian and I'm killing it. I mean, you know, it was there. It was there. The grannies, the green. Come on, man, I forgot Freddie Gibbs was nominated, Tony. Oh, God. Excuse me for a second.


He's nominated these electronica jay electronica nas. And that's everybody. Try to get across this, honestly. This was a good read category because, no, I'm normally like. It's now it's not always that way, like, you know, if I speak freely, I would just be like they'd be throwing cats and they're sold well a lot of the time and just be at all because that. That wouldn't let them go, you just do that in there just because it was hot on the streets, on the sales to.


Like the first the first category ever, the first best rated category ever, the first time they introduced it. The nominees were to Pokorney against the World Bone Thugs and Harmony East 1999, eternal ol dirty bastard. Return the 36 chambers. Naughty by nature. Poverties Paradise and low.


I wish this was a song or album. This is the best rap album. This is the very first time they introduce the best rap album category. And these were the nominees.


So Skyler's album was called I Wish. Yeah, so he had a song about wishing he was taller. But then he had an album about wishing he was taller, that takes it to a different level. He assumed the album was about wishes and, you know, aspiration. Like, you know, each track was probably like, I wish, you know, I wish I was this every track.


So how tall was he on the album? Because this there was 96 with the five. Nine with me. So I guess the albums that came out in 95, they were the 96 winners. Wow, naughty by nature within a year. Wow, they were the winners. Now, you know, asking Royce, are you excited to have been nominated? Yes, I'm excited, honestly, yes, I'm excited. I'm excited, I'm not as excited as loopier is, but I'm up there.


I've been trying to calm him down all day, just trying to bring me into this chat.


I'm trying to make him you know, I'm saying I'm trying to make up all about how I look, the way it was promoted, the way it was spun out. Ya didn't mentioned me in a promotion at all. So I just felt like, you know what, I'm a just step aside and let Tony Baker, a.k.a. now. But you are connected. You're right.


You're always you're always still fascinating to relax as a motel nominee himself.


We they're going to be fascinating because.


And come back to me. Well, that's right. Yeah. You extremely happy. Extremely excited. Yes. He's excited.


You still made your calm down.


Is it would you consider this and you're going to ask, is this the ultimate? Is there any is there anything better than winning a Grammy in the music industry?


Yeah, no. Nothing, Diamond Diamond has to be better. We're going diamond like selling too many records, did not win a Grammy no less than a better. I'd rather go Diamond and win a Grammy.


Oh, me, myself personally. I want a Grammy now.


But here's the kicker. Here's the kicker, though. Here's the kicker about that. Right. Like you could potentially. Go down and sell a bunch of records, right, and you might be in a bad deal where you get no publishing. That's right.


And then you just sold all these records and kind of got on the show for it, but. If you got that Grammy that last forever, you could still be in a band, could be. I mean, you can be I mean, are you going to be in a bad deal? You got a really bad and you used to be a little rich in terms of awards.


So, yes, in terms of awards. Right. The Grammy for sure is the cream of the crop king and queen of awards, not going diamond and stuff like that. And even Billboard is based off sales. Right. So like, if you get a Billboard Award supposedly based off your chart position in sales. So, you know, but nothing beats the Grammys. The Grammys is the cream of the crop for musicians. That's the Grammy Award winner.


You know, I'm saying it changes how you're going to be recognized by your peers. Mm hmm. But I have a beef with the best rap album category because I feel like. A lot of the times they give it to the best seller. That's my beef, looking at it from, you know, because Eminem would usually win when he was nominated. And usually he was the best seller in the category. No matter what. Eminem has the most wins, Kanye West got like a high for.


And I was just like, you are really they are just voting because it was you know, you heard about this Elmore's you really digging into every album nominated. It's like, you know, when it's the album of the year, anybody can win album of the year. I've seen Steely Dan win one year an album like nobody knew about.


It was just like Steely Dan. How many year? OK, that means they dug deeper. They went into the underneath. Ray Charles winning album of the year. You know, you're talking about, but I feel like with the rap category. Who sold? Yeah, but who sold us saying Eminem has bad albums critically. I'm just saying sometimes I think it just goes straight to the popular who sold the most of of of these five nominees.


Do either of you now? I would say. Well, hold on, let me get back down to nominees again. So we got a pretty nice voice, Jay, the smoke. I'm thinking this is nice, Marseille's, that's why I was asking myself, does this does that not have the highest debut?


And then because the because I think he debuted at number five on Billboard the first week. I don't know everybody's total sales like that, but I just know he he charted the highs out of the nominee and they might feel like, yo, man, we can't afford not to give it to him right here. He's overdue, tell me how you count, you know, they'd be doing that with awards, not rice. Rice is sitting right here, as you just said, rice and dismantle.


But now. But but that's how they're going to view it. Because if you look at any any type of music, anything about hip hop, they talk about NAS and Illmatic and all of that all the time.


They'd be like, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice. Ruis comes up, but it's like, you know, Nas comes up all the time.


And so it's just like, how is he not won a Grammy? I got it. You know what me.


I know we got to do me nas got a battle and just get it over with.


You got to be up he big loopier up early on. He never beat me up, you know what I'm saying. He made automatic. I didn't.


He actually just said that he's not afraid of anyone. He said there's no he. I think this is a recent comment. He said nobody keep him up at night. He just said that. But I think he was referring to the new the new crop, the rice, the OP, I'm setting it up.


We're going after what? We're going to take a bath fucking talking about me. OK, we're going to take them out.


Yeah, but you know what's missing when you bring up sales, Tony, what was missing from this is there is nothing in there like Trappe. There's no drill, there's no pop smoke. There's no little dirt. There's none of that. And it's all just kind of like heavily liberal type things, which your take on that.


And that's why I say this is the strongest, like I said, because all of these will. For these albums out of the five. I rotated heavily. And they would just you know, I love to see I love this crop of nominees, somebody booked a studio session and I'll keep Nas up all night.


I used to about you talking about I to be thinking about somebody else. He was not thinking about me.


Do you think about that, Del Royce? That strategy was like when you think was that have you thought about winning? Have you thought about your pathway to winning or like this like kind of how we kind of fantasy football and right now about who the chances and why and stuff like that.


Have you thought about that since you got nominated?


Yeah, I went over a few scenarios in my mind. I thought about with Tony, with Tony touched on, I think that's not even a concern. That's like I got a line about this, too, because I'm all I'm doing. I know.


I can't even say that, but you can say anything on our podcast.


Stop booby trapped NAS record this NAS record because you know, I can't even joke on this on this podcast. Everybody think I'm so serious all the time. Nas is one of my teachers I learned, but I will keep him up all night if we rap together.


But I feel like, I feel like, I feel like if he if he was to win that's that's like that's culture reparations. You know, and is not because his album is better than mine, because it is not. Neither is anybody else is in that category, just my opinion. But Nas deserves.


A Grammy win. Retroactively. I don't know if they can make up for it with this, because that would be up to us to determine, but if he were to win, I would be happy. I would be happy for him. This is a this is like one of those categories where I just I just fuck with everybody. I fuck with everybody in the category, you know? So it's like, Freddy, I've been watching people count him out for so many years, you know, I'm saying smoking in jail let you know.


Gillette came in my studio and we had a long argument about him just releasing the album.


You know, I'm saying so like the fact that he just released an album, even though he had nine thousand whole verses, is still an album.


You know what I'm saying? Yeah. And it's basically a Jasem, but that's the last win would be another Jazy that's cool with me. See me personally, I went in and I somehow use my ADIC tendencies to figure out how to produce. And I produced my album and then my album speaks to everything that we're living out currently right now. I think my album matters more and I think nobody can rap. Anywhere near as good as me except Lupe Fiasco.


And Lupe Fiasco. I think that's why you're going to win, because I think culturally your album is is the moment it's right now. That's why I think you're going to win.


You know, let me let me I'm not just saying that part of that part of that what spawn that album is that I don't give a shit, you know, I'm saying so it's like is no, I really just don't. I really don't let me pitch this, let me pitch some pitch. I met you on this one race and it comes back to what, Tony what we talked about. It was the best thing like like what is the best thing to have?


Is it going diamond? Is it this? I would posit that was better than all of that is having a classic album, right? A classic I'm so actually right.


And you were saying Rice like retroactively with Nas. Right. Like, they have to go back and do some because, you know, for maybe for Illmatic. Right. But do you feel, Bill? That with this is a classic album. Because one thing to say is better than everybody else's is one thing to say, except that I was just kidding when I say that. But do you think it's a better. Do you think it's a classic?


Mm. I think I can't determine I can't determine that, but it is Asian, it is aging in a prophetic way. You know, but like the last time I did something, I felt like, man, I want I want to make a classic was my last book around because of myself defining.


This is the first album where I I spoke about ideologies that I don't even myself necessarily adopt. But it was more so like I was placing the mirror in front of people saying, look, look at yourselves, because everybody's escaping to some place, some happy place where we're pretending like everything's OK when it's not, you know. And I think the global pandemic just kind of like sealed that it completed that thought. You know, I'm saying tenfold, you know, I mean, so, oh, I don't know if I could say I don't know if I can say it's a classic.


I don't even know if I'm more qualified to be able to say that. That's like something I don't use actually loosely. I don't use that term so loosely. And I think classic is something I place on music after the way I see it, age, ages over time, you know what I mean? Like, I knew Illmatic was special.


I knew it was written with special. I knew Chronixx was special. I knew a blueprint was special, you know?


I mean but I know even more now, you know what I'm saying? Like, when I hear girls, girls and you know, I'm saying I like records, they just they feel that exact same. You just caught lightning in the fucking happy song by for real. You know, I'm saying that song, I would never stop being amazing, you know? I mean, so I don't know.


I strive for that when I go to the studio. But who the fuck knows? Now, people call it my second album. They're for certain classic. I don't agree. I can't listen to it. It just makes me sad. You know, I'm saying it takes me back to a dark place. I can't listen to that shit, so.


Have you ever like, you know, in bars, in bars past? Have you ever been like man? Fuck the Grammys. Who gives a fuck about the Grammy or this then the third, which a lot of rappers often say, have you ever say that in any bar? Of course, I mean, I said he said it on this show a week before he got nominated. Yeah, but I was kidding. I was kidding. I was giving him a hard time for giving me a hard time.


But I've already had a look. You got nominated. My, my, my, my rap. But you my good sir.


Scorpio, can we play the tape? Can we go back to a movie. Got nominated right out the gate.


Yeah. I mean, I think I just I just used to being overlooked in that way, but all of my albums were independent, so I just, you know, I got I developed a comfort zone and just, you know. Being an underdog in all my raps, I actually had to break myself from that shit. Me and Joe was like the fucking sad boys, me, myself, I would rather be.


The underdog. You know, on the other side of that is glorious over there, but I see the appeal and feel the appeal of just be an underdog like people, you know, you get overlooked, infuse you underestimate it, fuels you. Nobody saw you coming. There's no expectations. So it's just like there are benefits to being an underdog, I feel, and so as someone that many consider overlooked. Do you like their position or would you rather be you know, I don't think I was always an underdog the whole time.


I think a lot of that time of being a fucking underachiever, you know what I mean?


Hmm. Like, we don't all come in and strive to to compete and operate at the height of our of our capabilities. You know, I mean, I was doing a lot of shit just to kind of hinder things, you know. So a lot of times I was being counted out or I was being not spoken about just because. Out of sight, out of mind, you know, I would take not being on people's lists at the end of the year like personal and shit like that.


But a lot of that is just due to marketing or lack of marketing.


And a lot of those situations were due to decisions that I made that put me in that position. You know, I mean, accountability is a motherfucker, accountability, being able to find a way to hold yourself accountable for things.


Can make or break, rather, you begin to take the necessary steps you need to take, so I wasn't personally mentally ready to assume the position of somebody who was like either an overachiever or somebody, you know, like success wise, you can strive to be like who elevate and just letting the universe kind of push me around.


Now, I can do that if I move the goal posts all around everywhere, if, however I feel like it, I fucking change the proverbial rules that they place on you after you reach a certain age and all of that type of shit, but are up into that up until that point.


Yeah, a lot of times I would just be an underachiever, bro.


I feel like you're more popular than ever, like right now, because I you know, I've been listening to you for a long time and I feel like, you know, your name is always buzzing, you know what I'm saying? But now I feel like. And I don't know, maybe it's just, you know, I'm in my social media bubble, you know, I follow who I follow and, you know, I see stuff on my time.


I see Roys on my timeline a lot, whether it be from him posting or whatever. And even though it shows even on the on the hip hop was the hip hop documentary on Hulu.


Oh, I'm covered. Covered.


And then, you know, you're doing interviews, you're speaking on like real issues outside of music. And it's just like you're really visible right now, Tony. Is that accurate?


It's more popular now than ever.


It's the podcast, Tony. Mm hmm. Mr. Parker, come on.


It is optimized. Well, I could be mistaken. Maybe you was like, nah, I was more popular back in, like, you know, I'm only 15. That's when I was really like, bam. But not because I was.


I was not being intentional. Well, what I wanted to say and what I wanted to do and my moves, I wasn't like I wasn't making a commitment to the universe, I was just wrapping, like being a camouflage, you know what I mean?


That's the mind frame that they put most of us in as young artists to come in and try to figure out what we should be doing. To fit in a space rather than this is what I am. I'm a fit wherever I go, you know what I mean? Because. This is what I want to. This is what I want to project. This is what I have something to say. That's when people hear you, if you just come in and you just rapping just to hear yourself rap.


I was doing exactly on albums what I was doing it to open mics and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't connecting because it wasn't intended to connect, you know.


So it took me a while to kind of figure that out, but I don't think I was really popular at all.


You know, I mean, like, I guess if you were a fan of, you know, just raps, you know, but once you once you realized that the novelty of just raps wears off really fast.


You learn a lot about yourself. It's like, who the fuck are you? What do you what do you have to say, do you have anything to say? Because I don't have time, I can just listen to anything I want. I don't have to like you. I don't have to listen to things I don't like. I don't have to. You know, this is not an age where things are just being marketed to you and it just kind of like, you know, rubs off on you and you like, oh, this is my guilty pleasure song.


No more guilty pleasure.


It just whatever you like you have there.


So I feel like as creators we have we have a power that we overlook and we don't always use, and that's to make people choose the worst shit you could be. It's just some shit people are just OK with. I would rather have a wet record and have a record. Everybody is just cuz that's the worst shit that you can be like, that's cool.


You know, like it can be, it can be marketing dollars behind it, it could play at the club, people dance to it, they'll get in the car to hear it on the radio, they won't turn the station but they won't go home and want to hear it. You know what I'm saying?


That's the worst shit ever. That's the camouflage. You can beat that for twenty five years and just die broke. You know, I'm sad and wonder why. You know what I mean. So make motherfuckers choose. You had a more illustrious career with people spending all day talking about how accurate is that's better than the camouflage to me.


Do you attribute that to your sobriety and also becoming more personal in your in your content?


I mean, I attribute everything to my sobriety, you know, because I got I got in the business too early, man. Too early. I did my social the social development I was supposed to be doing in and say college.


I did ask you to Dr. Dre house. You know, so, you know, I took my first drink there. You know what I mean? Like all of that, all of that developing that I should have been doing socially, I was just bagging it, you know what I mean?


Like not being intentional about shit like that and not drawing a line in the sand and and and and deciding what you will and will not do. You know what I mean? Like, the universe favors discipline and just intent. You know, like the intent is cool.


If the discipline is there, the universe will favor it. If you just. Whatever the Romans do to you up and spit you out 10 years, go by and you'll be still 20, you know, I'm like your birth certificate to say 30, but you'll be 20, you know what I mean? So when I got sober, I realized that I had social developing catching up to do, you know, I mean, and then I started realizing that I had that shit to say, cool shit to say, you know, I mean, like, I start I started realizing that some of the things that I'm speaking about.


It's not even about whether people are going to relate to it or not, it's about I need to express it because I'm learning myself through the expression of art, you know what I mean? Because there was this picture painted of art to me as I was growing up. And there's a picture painted of money to me, like I feel like money was being marketed to me as this thing that was going like fixed stuff, you know what I'm saying?


Or like put it put this picture in my head of ship being all right once I made a certain amount of money, you know, I mean, so in order to realize that that's a crock of shit, you got to actually make money, lose money.


You know, I'm saying I like so this whole the whole trial and error process of the business is like is not set up for you to survive it.


So if you somebody like me who like a troubled kid from Detroit who somehow found a way to survive all of that shit, I'm not here for fucking nothing.


I'm supposed to be doing something, helping somebody, killing somebody, doing life in jail, robbing a bank with loopier. Something is not normal, you know what I'm saying?


That's all I'm saying. Don't try to bring me in the loop.


Don't make me man always breaking the beat me in Ukraine.


Where is your Grammy Lubra? Oh, shit man. Is it can you see it from where you are now?


Alehouse we're not even in the same state. I shave his beard. So your mom has your grandma now? I didn't have my grandma for like ten years.


We made my, uh, my lawyer had it like they sent it to my lawyer, my lawyer kept it so and then you didn't even ask where you wouldn't even let a man with them then ten years I would have been they one lawyer was like I was saying, Omonia.


Right. So it was like I couldn't get ten years shot up top ten.


Yeah, of course. I didn't have the money for ten years. Basket case. Nah, my Nancy, I just checked the man.


Look what I found because they, you know, they give you a Grammy there.


But that's just the polls with. That's not yours. Right. You got it. That's a Grammy that they going to take the pictures. What did they send you? Your Grammy. Right. Once they ain't great. No, we're not that detached.


Lupe Fiasco I'm talking to. We know. We know. You don't get to take the statue to Paul, right.


Unless you got I would take it with me a second time, Anthony. I bet you. I bet you didn't know.


So, look, when I sent it to me, they sent it to the address that they had. They sent it to my lawyer.


Right. And my lawyer had it. She was in New York.


Damn, I wish I wish they would had my address.


I would have put that right in my house for my definitely robbed me so I can get through my stories. We get back to Royce. I come on now.


I'm competing on my narrative journey. All right.


So Big Brother, it went from there to my homeboys, uh, father in law.


Your homeboys father always father I would add it s off the grid at the time.


You wonder why I didn't know your address. Yes. Shot the frank though. Nobody knows his address still is.


He's Frank and Frank had it then we were on tour going through New York. Right now it won't stop at Frank's house. I'm gonna pick up the gram. And as a first time I seen the Grammy, like I literally didn't have like ten years. And then I did. There's a video of me. We did a show in like, oh, Cleveland or something. We were somewhere. And I gave my Grammy speech ten years later and gave it in front of a crowd.


I let the crowd hold it. And then now it's just sitting is sitting in one of my estates. I'm not God has a Grammy with you, right, huh? It's Jill Scott. Yeah, she had a great day. We got it together. You probably got her crying. Oh yeah.


She she could probably touch it from wherever she is right now. She had hers the next week. Yeah. Yeah. Really.


So I didn't I didn't get I didn't get my I didn't get my Grammy directly. I didn't accept it. I didn't do an acceptance speech or nothing. And then I had to wait.


Did you care loopier. Did you care. No. Yeah. You can't. You were you were sick though. I mean, that's 20 years later. He cares, you know, honestly, 80 years later, honestly, I don't have any of my plans.


I don't have any of the stuff that people like.


Yo, yo, yo, where's my daughter? So if you went with it, I think they're I like the studio in Chicago or something like that.


But like personally at home, like, I got no plaques, no, I got heirlooms from different things.


But, you know, you have homes on this date you have to make.


So make this deal with me. The next Grammy you win. Put my address on it. I'll hold it for you for ten years in.


They say, yes, it's not that, but now he wants it addresses around that time and time to time think Tom doesn't have a business. They sent it to my lawyer because that's whose name was connected to the business, but not to his brother this time to abuse it.


Hang on.


Do not make a fake one anyway. And so he go make a fake one for Roy, get a Grammy and like, yeah, I got Royce's Grammy right. We got a Grammy meteoroids. You always hear our Grammy.


That's actually a good idea.


You're listening to Lupe and Roy show with Lupe Fiasco rise to five nine on top.


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You're listening to Lupe and Roy show with Lupe Fiasco price to five nine and Tom Frank. Is there something to being in the shadows.


Right, like being in the shadows of like massive artists.


Right. And you know, Eminem casts a very large shadow. Right.


And not a shadow over Detroit, a shadow of a rap, then also a shadow over his crew.


You know what I'm sayin?


Did you did you feel that was kind of a part of, like you said, that kind of anonymity that you had or that kind of I want to call it like that? You said that under what you say, under underachiever. I don't want to go down that route. But just like that, that kind of underdog status, which some of us, you know, project onto you, you know, like Royce is kind of like the underdog because his partner is one of the greatest rappers of all time.


You know what I'm saying? Did you did you did you feel like.


Yeah. I mean, you know, there was moments where I feel like it could have, but it could have developed into that.


But like before we could really turn the corner on anything that he was doing. You know, to help me like Bill. Whatever race the five nine was projected to be way back at that time, 99, 2000, we fell out with each other.


You know what I mean? So, like the the underachiever, she really went into overdrive when that happened, you know what I mean? And it was like, no thanks to Eminem. I was fucking it all up myself, you know, I'm saying so it was like I had to learn that that I had to, like, find my own identity.


That was the only time my connection to Marshall, my friendship with Marshall had an effect on. Trying to figure out how to find my place out, you know, within the rap sheet, you know, I'm saying I've learned harsh lessons like left and right, people not wanting to, like, work with me because, you know, like they don't know where he is going to think.


And they, you know, like all of the all of the like the red and yellow tape behind the scenes, the political portions of it, you know, like I had to learn that all of those things the hard way and then I had to just rebuild, you know, I mean, so by the time me and him start talking again, I built slaughterhouse, you know what I mean? So by the time we signed to say to use a number one independent album in the country, you know what I'm saying?


So we did one album on Shady. And, you know, we function functioning as a group, and then, of course, we did me and Marshall did bad well album and. I feel like I don't really feel like I was in his shadow during that album, I just feel like I was just on all his stages, you know what I mean? Like, I don't I don't think I don't think people had a hard time, like, judging me separately from him because it had been so long that I was doing things on the underground.


And the connection that we have now is very, very different from what it was when we were babies.


It was literally like we knew people knew of him from me and vice versa, you know what I'm saying? And he kind of blew up first, you know what I mean? Like before, you know, 12, it was kind of like, oh, Royce. And I think that was just from me and him going and rapping at all the radio station, just doing so much shit together.


Cool shit like on underground, like a lyricist lounge tour.


I was just hype man and shit like that. So we was connected like that.


But shit, maybe ten, ten plus years went by before we spoke again. You know, I'm saying so after I did the bad Miss Evil shit, I just kept moving. Then I built from that. I was independent. You know, I'm saying I like doing it, doing an album with my heroes bucket list shit, you know, and I just like that's part of like the intentional shit.


I was talking I just moved intentionally doing things that I wanted to do, just being a part of cool shit. And I feel like a lot of the most of the cool shit that I'm doing that I'm a part of like martial law really had and do it, you know. I mean, so I think the people that look at me like I may be in his shadow, which I'm cool with, usually like stands like people who they view hip hop through the lens of martial, you know, I mean, like in their eyes, he's hip hop, you know, I mean, like he's the creme de la creme because they didn't grow up in it like martial.


They they don't they're not connected to the culture. Like martial. They're connected to martial, you know. I mean and I feel like those fans are always going to view anybody as sitting next to him, especially black people sitting or standing next to him as that, you know? I mean. So I mean, what winning. I'm pretty. I'm pretty. I'm pretty self-contained.


Would winning this Grammy change the perception, not just mainstream, not to the stands, but from a mainstream perspective, I mean, does this put you on a certain map that maybe you wouldn't be on otherwise for tonight?


You know, like if I win, you know, mainstream media will cover it, you know? I mean and I think it's just it's just that that's all it's mainstream media is just not like a place where I go to to speak.


You know, this is not a platform that I've ever went to to say anything, because I don't think the mainstream media is really speaking to anybody. You know, I feel like I feel like you want to be intentional and you want to speak to certain demographics of people and you want to speak to certain people and you want to reach certain people. You got to hit different stages. But mainstream media is just a big stage. It's just a big stage, you know.


I mean, like people are clamoring to the spot, the white hot spot, you know, the moment, you know, let the cool moment, you know, everybody's at the show because that's where the bitches are going to be at and that's where the wave is at.


But there's not necessarily anybody in the crowd who's going to get a tattoo of a person who is on stage on their body because something that they said or they did kept him from committing suicide or someone being drastic. But you know what I'm saying? Like, I feel like music serves many purposes.


It's a fickle beast. And if you got if you got folks that know how to use it, though, that's a different that's a key thing.


You know, like you got folks that actually know how to take that moment and then build on it and expand it and pivot into other things. I mean, it has its purposes.


But you're right, it is a fleeting moment and especially even more now with the Internet since the Internet came along, because I was remember back doing press when it was like, you got to wait three months, three months in advance because that's when the magazine come out.


Right. It was a whole different thing from like, yeah, let's do this tonight and be out tonight kind of situation.


But yeah, but yeah, I'm with it.


I just that's all I got.


Fickell but but very powerful. Powerful in what way? I mean, I think you can get you can reach people that that you would never have reached.


I mean, if you if you if you win this, I mean, there's going to be people that have never heard of voice to find out who are going to wake up and be like, let me check that out.


Like, you're going to there's going to be you're going to see a bump and an overall awareness factor that you might never have had before.


And I think if if it's used correctly, if I do use it correctly, I think there's a lot of power to that.


I held the Grammys in their platform. This is an amazing platform. I feel like a lot of the prestige and the credibility is. Maybe not largely due, but partially due to us lending credibility to that platform. You know what I mean? So when I speak about mainstream platform, I'm not necessarily thinking of the Grammys.


I'm also thinking about just big, you know, big cheesy shit like, you know.


Like what, Lou? Like Good Morning America. We doing Good Morning America. Just listen. I'm Tommy. Let me tell you something. If Good Morning America comes to you, whether you win this Grammy or not and you don't take it, I'm flying to Detroit and I'm asking you, Dad.


Me and Tom are going to drag you down. This is this is exactly the point. This is exactly the point I'm making. Lodhia, Good Morning America. Before you know you know where they want to talk.


They want to talk when it's like like when I say hi Rihana they want to talk about me saying Ryan or like what else lighter's they want to talk about what it's like to work with Bruno, you know. I mean, but Bruno got so big and so great from the music, you know what I mean? So I mean, I think that the mainstream media is just there based on whatever whatever the size of the crowd is.


But, you know, I just never looked at mainstream media is like a tool to really do anything.


Who handled the bulk of the production on this show? On my arm, all that bullshit allegory, the Boom Baptist on it. It was not boom that especially all that boom.


There's no going back. You say Boom Baban who?


I produced the whole album. You produce the whole. Yes. Is this the first one you've ever produced from start to finish or the book?


Yeah, this is the first time I know. No time. I'm a be.


Oh, wow. No, never knew, and that question was from a might be, might be, might be. Well, actually, it might be one of the aides who was your favorite producer ever favorite to work with the rest of night is right to fight.


Right. You know, and say if he you know my favorite. That's amazing, man. So you're. Is this the first album you produced yourself? And right out the gate, you get a Grammy for best rap album right out there, the as Susan Rice was like, you know what? I'm going to make my own beats, you know, get out.


I say that now. I say that sounds like right out the gate. I just got lucky, this guy got lucky. That's got to be a great feeling. Oh, my favorite producer ever to work with Primo, who's my favorite producer that I have worked with, Dr. Drew.


Oh, you say that Dr. Dre is the greatest producer.


We go there. We go that way. Corail is the one way Barillas which farell is my favorite producer that I've ever worked with.


Primo was my favorite producer to work with. Gotcha. OK. And Dr. Drew, this is the greatest producer of all, he's a great assassin, obviously.


You know, Dr. Drew, you know, we had an in-depth conversation about this race nurse who was Lubas favorite to work with soundtrack.


So that's OK. And Dr. Dre is also the grandmother. No, I don't think that great actor, this being your first time that you've produced.


What made you decide I'm doing this from start to finish producing it? Yeah, I mean, this is.


Oh, well, that's a multilayered thing because I just I started making beats just because I had shit to do, but I didn't know I was going to start making beats. I, I bought equipment, but that doesn't mean anything.


Something happened where I was, I was learning just enough but I didn't know enough.


But it was keeping my attention and I was hyper focused on just making wet loop after a loop after wack loop. And it got to a point where I just wanted to make something that was worth saving, you know what I mean? And time went by and that turned into a beat that I thought was cool. Then I rapped on something, then I rapped on something else and I looked up and I was like waving. And I may be working on an album here.


So I started it went through different phases and shit like that. And then when it got toward the end, I was like, well, shit, I might as well produce the whole thing.


I did all of this.


Now what I look like getting a fucking just blaze beat when I just only need two or three more songs. So I just it all just had one thing just triggered the thing. Nothing but never plan. No, I don't have any sort of structure in life.


How long the wild parts of twenty two tracks is on this album.


Oh. How long was the process. No, you're OK, maybe a little longer. My bad Tony. Twenty two tracks. Twenty two tracks. It's a lot of tracks.


He didn't even go like, you know, he's my first kid slide. And you're going to do eight, 10 tracks when you just a little EP. I did it myself.


Look at Ross was like eight to ten tracks. Well, you know, some of those skits, they were not they're not all soft. Oh, yes. The problem with me, if I if I don't start and say I'm doing eight songs, then the hardest thing for me is screaming now. That's the hardest. That's the hardest for me because I don't. And all it takes is for like a manager to walk in the studio and say some fucking anecdotal shit, and that's it, I'm trigger people, you can't you can't make a long album and no people's attention span.


Fuck that.


OK, now we're going to have a long album. You're going to like it and they're going to like it, sucker. Is that what happened with this album?


With all my albums since I've been sober?


Anybody anybody in the studio with a Kiss My Ass.


What's your favorite track on now? And don't give me the keys. Oh, my feet. Yeah. Give me give me the one.


That's that's because I know mine.


I want to know, you know, my favorite is probably song called Hero because I was talking.


I was telling you, I learned I learned a lot about myself to the art, right. So I was like I learned it like I never really had to run things by people before I created them, you know? So it's like I learned it when you when you telling your truth. But your truth involves other people. When it comes out, they may not process it the same way that you intended. They may look at it like you're telling their truth.


You may be talking about some shit they necessarily feel like talking about, you know what I mean? And then you'll be surprised at how everybody's seen it different. You know, everybody got their own way that they seen that moment in time, you know, and that's what art is.


So it's like I thought I nailed it in terms of being really, really respectful. And I think I was going to get no backlash from family, you know, like speaking about certain things. But, boy, was I wrong.


You're going with Hero and it's the twenty second. Right is defined as the closing and closing piece. Yeah, yeah, Tom, you don't listen to hip hop, do you? A second. Nobody does that with hip hop number twenty two.


Hey, Lou, turn on that 20 second song. Come on, man.


Tom is giving Tom is giving you yo yo pretty props. I'm saying, man, I love Tom. Tom, don't, don't don't defend Tom defended Tom.


Tom, what's your favorite track on this album, this Grammy nominated? Here's why I like this particular song, because I didn't notice this until later. How you worked in I Don't Age to one of our past episodes. Who doesn't, he means? You don't I don't age you definitely don't know he he worked in song lyrics in one of our episodes that you didn't even notice and I noticed he was editing.


Oh, listen to what he said on age. So now I have a list. Yeah. And then as I said, I started listening to and then I was like, wait a minute. That's on his album. That was brilliant. So I'm giving you some props right now. Thank you, Margaret. You appreciate. You don't even though you did it.


Is that a cat jumping? What's happening?


The cats get to get two cats back, the cats crawling on his head.


It's already been mad, busy with the Grammy nominee. That's crazy. And then they all come back.


No autographs. Cats, please. No autographs. Yeah, they fans, you know, said Lupe. What's your favorite track on this Grammy nominated. Al Gore, I agree with Rice on heroes, I think that there's something about. Rapping just a rap is cool, but I can do that. Yeah, but it's another thing to hear somebody tell a story like what do you do with your skills? You know, like what's the narrative that you tell with your skills and your cleverness and all that stuff?


You could be redeeming through art, too, so I got a chance to, like, express express my feelings toward toward my dad's feelings toward my last album. And it's funny. I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear anything, I didn't get any sort of like feedback or anything like that, just when it's time to play the victim.


I'm just kidding.


I learned that, like doing comedy, like, you know, it was some stuff I was talking about on stage to where, you know, it throws, you know, the family business in there. And I asked my mom, what time of day, mom, do you mind if I talk about this period, you know, on stage? I rather did. I was like, oh, I even even know, you know. It's the truth from my perspective as a kid, you know, witnessing and going, it's all about.


Yes, I was just like that.


All right, how about this? How about I run all my ideas by you? Make sure you're good. She was just lying there and then I'll create them.


Yeah, so so now you kind of told me the gist.


You're going to get these boot without asking me who who had the best feature on this album? And and you can't say everybody is going to be like everybody.


No, he's not allowed to say who had the best feature. But I don't even know who's on my own Alamodome, I'm glad you asked me that, I no weight on it.


I was when Benjamin was a good kid, Vicious Conway, the machine, Ashley Serail, King, crooked Syreeta kid, this staple's Chihuahua, my blanking out on my man's name that I love from Atlanta that almost got so high.


I had a prince. Oh yes. I had had to Pittsburgh. And are glad he's alive, but sighs a beast man I love. Oh. So I probably got my favorite version of the. Between. And. Croot. OK. I'm just tired. I need a break from him for a minute. It's complicated fucking tightrope and we have m.. I always wonder, like when you when you all put albums together, you know, for both of you.


Like, how do you decide who to bring in for a particular track? Like what made you what makes you go like Eyes Oswin Benjamin on this track right here? Or was I gonna say, aha.


Hmm. I just wanted I wanted to make sure that I tried to shine whatever light that I have to give on the youngins, on some of my youngest who I believe in before they reach that point where, you know, everybody else is reaching out to me, you know, I mean, I feel like that's one of the things that nobody gave us.


So kind of like a void to me in my mind. And that's I just I was waiting on the right opportunity to work with them. I wanted to work with them for a minute. Every time somebody come out and say they the best rapper, it make me hate them or want to work with them.


Inside this case, it was both. I hated them and I wanted to work with them too, at the same time.


And I still hate them and want to work with them some more. Just like I hate loop. Who else do I hate? I hate. The Loop made a song about you stopped fucking talking about whatever what he's talking about, say if I guess I don't I don't do features.


There's actually only two people actually did a feature yesterday, but I only do other shows that you don't do feature yesterday.


But there's only two people in the world that do feature. Uh, they're both female emcees and they're not unknown features. I stopped doing features.


Do you mean you don't you don't bring people to your album? You mean you don't feature?


He said he's a female emcee. I think that's what he just said. But that's what I heard.


That's what I don't I don't pull people onto my albums. And I got features on other people's records.


You do? Yeah, I wait now, wait a minute. I heard you on Kanye West.


Yeah. He didn't want to do that. He didn't want to do it. And I didn't want to do that. That was like 20 years ago with. That was my intro to you, like, oh, snap this guy out, don't I don't want to do that at all. Like, my business partner made me do that. That's the story like health, whatever, with that, you know, when did it to you was in the studio, Piers?


Yes, yes. Who's on there? You just had fist balled up the whole verse.


No, I mean, context, our context of what they are. You know what I'm saying? Like. It's like you get these looks, but then as like I'm always thinking about the baggage that come with things, and it was a lot of like I have a very I have believe it or not, I have a very long gaze where I can see very deeply into the future.


And it just kind of like, fuck it. But but honestly, if my business partner didn't make me do it, wouldn't have been.


No, I wouldn't have been in touch with Sky News on Chris Almaz work. Yeah, that was a dope. That was a dope thing to be concerned about, though. At that age. I give a fuck about Molly. Because you know what you think about like how will you how are you going to be defined on your first look? You know what I'm saying?


And it's like I didn't think about it like that.


But you in your early 20s howzat, when I she came up, I don't know. But it was like 2004 like. Do you want to be mitigated to someone else? That was my concern, right? And I was like, yeah, we got joints, this is out.


Let's put our push like, fuck this, you know what I'm saying? So it becomes like, why do I go to the zoo?


And mind you, I've been unlucky for years. I had Majelis from Kai. Right. And it was just kind of like the initial step was very important to me and it was kind of I like it, but I mean, it opened up all these other doors and all this other stuff. So, you know, it is what it is.


But it could have went away. It could have went like what she was concerned about. I get it. Yeah, I feel that, too. It makes sense. But you know how I did.


I'm glad you did it. I'd be featured everywhere if I could. I love Lubrizol now. I'm just saying that because I'm on the podcast where I was like, yo, I would go to that song Skip right to the Bam. And then, you know, by, you know, how did you get on Kritz Cadillac Sulit?


I think we did a swap. But there's this recent recent not doing versus after Tetsuo. I was like, oh, my God, I'm great, but I mean. How do verses about people? You know, make whole songs like songs about, you know, you do this all the time, a song about a person, you know, he can make it an NFTE set for eight, though he didn't appreciate it. I did appreciate it. You know, I appreciate it.


What you don't know, Tony, is that Mayor Royce opposed the album. You know, Ken, don't don't don't mess with no, I'm just giving you the back, that's why I like that face. He showed me a racist to get some sound.


This is messing with the universe right now.


And, you know, the people are like, please give us do you know do you know how many comments we get daily about what them when you two are going to do something, even even the questions that are posed by which I want me to ask them, people like when they go, do you are we giving them a fucking kick ass podcast?


See how this podcast was supposed to be happy? Tell them to be happy with what they got.


I, I, I, I chickened out. Listen, Dr. Dre was called.


I mean it was, it was about to go down and then I chickened out. When was this woman of this race. Back down memory lane. But I'll be going to be about to go down just because doctors really didn't call you because she told me nothing.


You get called it a little more.


You're not going.


Yeah, this is really about to happen. I was excited.


I'll be lying to me. I was excited. Was in studio. This is for real right here. I've talked to multiple sources about this, actually.


And then I backed out with Grace Y and I sent him that record as a as an apology.


He did a loop loop. Just, you know, he knows how to like because he didn't do the opposite.


So he just backs you into a corner by being too fucking honest. You know, I'm saying I'll give you a choice, just like it's just like.


Yeah. On second thought, yeah. I've just decided I'm not going to do this. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, sorry to waste time. OK, yeah. So check your Twitter in a little bit. You were mentioning you haven't even esoteric.


He said today on the first record. We had to get that right.


This guy is fucking brilliant esoterically but all things in due time, you know what I'm saying? All things in due time. And I think that I think that my brother Bryce and I just wanna congratulate you before we before we before we sign off. Right.


Is that I am so proud of you, brother, to see you where you are the the person that you are. This the sharpness of your skill set. And to even be whether you win or lose, you will always be a winner to me. You know, I'm saying and I hope that you win. I do believe that you put in the best work and I hope that that is recognized. And even if you don't, is still something to be proud of that you are able to come this far, you know?


So I hope you enjoyed the journey, brother, and I hope it gets greater from here. Thank you, my brother, for those kind words, man, I appreciate that, a tender moment right there. I hope that you can go on to get those attended multiple nominations back to back to back, you know, like like me.


You know, we're just getting started. And I hope that you once the Grammys sees you, once they want another voice.


Is there not? Not at all. Not at the Olympics every year and every inclusion once they nominated you one time, they got nominated and like 12.


I hope you can get up on my next guest. Well, down South Wales, like.


Live instrumentation, Groening's Tympani Drome Stadium drums, but yo, yo, yo, I will I'm I'm actually a chord progression.


I actually just. Right, if if not, you know, I don't want it. Is this has this changed how you make music? Has this affected your kind of musical approach? Oh, no. OK, you mean being nominated for a Grammy? Yeah, being nominated for a Grammy? No, no, no, not at all. I, you know, a fucked up man.


I haven't I nominated for a Grammy at a time when I'm the most triggered by things going on in the world.


I didn't used to be like this. So it's actually distracting me from making music. I can do like I can. Unlike you, Luke, I can do features and shit, you know, I'm saying but in terms of just thinking about doing like a body of work, I haven't even considered that shit. You know, I'm saying like I've been like trying to find not even trying to find, but just following following where my creativity leads me into other things.


You know, I'm saying like I've been learning that I'm really interested in a lot of things that don't involve just rapping. You know what I'm saying so and I feel like I need to be speaking all the time, I feel like everybody speaking right now, everybody rapping, everybody fucking good.


One of my worst fears is like doing albums, forcing albums on people because I have to to make money that's fucking hell on Earth, you know? I mean, like, I'll stop I'ma stop rapping.


And when my raps are not the most valuable shit that I can contribute to the culture any longer, that there's something else that I can do that's more beneficial to others.


I'm just going to do that. I'm not going to be forced my raps on people I don't want to be. That guy is as good as they are to me. That's usually where it starts because, you know, the artist is the last person to know when it sucks.


Nobody tells them in a way where resonates and then they've got to find out, you know. You know, when bad decision making meets with old age and it's just like I can't get a do over.


I'm not going to be that guy. No. You know, multiuse states like Luppi, multiple states, one in Japan, for sure.


Maybe. Maybe not in Japan. But come on, man. Mm.


The best place on earth, maybe Japan. I look to stronger every time you say Japan.


I think of that damn song.


I want to ask you all this for shits and giggles though.


I just want to go through some some past best rap album nominated categories. And I want you to tell me who you will get a Grammy to. Personally. Out of this election, I'm avoid the years a loop with son of a bitch for fear of their lives.


Well, you do avoid the Grammys altogether. What are we talking about here? You know, you're not going to pick up his trophy anyway. Oh, man.


Oh, yeah. Definitely not. Let me live. OK, so say I'm a go I'm a go to this, take it this is an interesting year right here. OK, let's take it the 2001 best right about. The nominees are. DMX, and then there was ex. Dr. Dre, 2000, wait a minute, who is it, is DMX who? This DMX is his third album, DMX, and then there was a who was ex.


You said it was the and then it was X who was X? No, that's name out there, was it? Mm hmm. I knew that Dr. Dre 2001. I guess that's the chronic 2001 movie Jazy, Volume three to Life and Times as Carter, the Marshall Mathers LP. Oh, Country Grammar. Those are the nominees.


That's a hell of a category. That was a hell of a year. I'm a give it. I'm a give it to Eminem. We'll give it to you. I'll give them. Did you say the chronic? The chronic 2001. You mean Dr. Dre, yeah. What was the first one, DMX, DMX, DMX is third out life and. What was the single? All of that Will was single of that.


Y'all go make me lose my mind. Open here. Up in here. I'll go make me go all out.


I definitely make me go all out. Oh I definitely that's how I was feeling around that time. Oh no. He said Nelly country grandma.


Nelly country grandma. That was a really that was a really good album, not in this category. You know what I mean, like, that was a great album in terms of like IMPAC and it just came out of nowhere.


But just in this category, it's just that was to me, that's what hip hop was hitting. And. It was like it was like a plethora so hot. Oh, yeah, I would give it this.


I would give it to know about this. This category is so stacked that Jeezy's album had the least amount of sales in this category, which is rare for Jay-Z.


It's not because it's just like us, but just the hugeness of all of this.


It's like, man, this is just that was just one of the few Jay-Z misses. That's all you put it put it in any category. But it had big pimpin on there, so, yeah, Marshall Mathers LP all day. Marshall Mathers LP. Royce is still on the fence. Oh, no, not on offense, I'm just not picking anybody.


Does ruining the whole game him not one player put a bowl of cereal, put that one going down, down by going with the Eminem Eminem and say that Eminem is the only other artists that made me.


Well, Eminem didn't make me stop rapping, but he made me throw away like a whole album.


Like, I did an album and then I listened to I think maybe like Eminem Show or I forgot what time it was. I don't think it was. I don't think it was MLP. That was like I got to go back in the lap. And my business partner, by my chill, had to tell someone to talk me into touch the sky, I had to talk me out of trash can an album because of Eminem and you.


But you trash can. I can't remember what it was. I can't remember what it was right now, but it was all right.


Chronic 2001 is the best album in this category. Let's talk while you're wilding. Never go. You allowed Ambrogio Whalan. You know, you, Alan, I would actually usually with RORRIS on this, come on here, because you are telling me while Anthony Bruss, he now while I get his stand, he was all alone.


But Sam is my favorite.


Two thousand one is the best album in this category. But Eminem but Eminem's album, you know, it's the most inspiring to me and him is so much alike.


I'm big enough, Marshall, no more, because I'll crack jokes on me stand stand as a record by itself. Right. Beyond that, in volume three is better than better than everything on every single one of them albums, period. You pull all the albums together in one and all and had to do this place then. And it's like you give that man a Grammy still wins.


Oh, no, about. Still, Army is hard to beat his hard hitting no, that song is hard to beat, is hard hitting.


Listen, man, I love Dr. Dre but I'm not flying and I'm not going down this pathway with you. Like, he didn't just went on the air and did. The beat is crazy.


About what? About what about doing.


Still got it like that nowadays. Everybody want to talk. What does that mean. Oh yeah. That was on there. That got about right. What about that. Forgot about jazz though. But who's doing the.


What about do do do do do do do do do do do do.


Guilty conscience Stanka. About explosive staes explosive explosives.


But listen, I'm not I'm not saying that the album's not crazy. The album, the albums were ridiculous.


Westhill Dre came out. It was fine.


Blah blah blah blah. Yeah.


But that was a hell of a rhyme and that was a hell of an all out Besancon next episode at the same camp.




Interscope had a wit back then, man, I'm jealous, but staying sane is masterful though I love.


That's my favorite Eminem record pop masterpiece bro. Undoubtedly. And I love storytelling rap. So that was just right of my.


I can't say it is. It is an important song. I can't say that anything or still Dre. Oh I'm sorry. To Chronixx, to the way I am, the way I am is on to write and whatever you said back with his past six acts.


Sweet and just to cause me to see. I don't care.


I'm checking the think so happy right now. He that's what I'm saying. I'm with you.


You were my favorite and that's what you want to a local girl which I was about to say about a battle about to Dre. I know what you say. You can't think of it.


Nothing on a Dre album is what that's a separate cultural phenomena. Separate great songs. Right pip deposit that wherever you may be. I'm talking in terms like a hip hop classic, like you as a rapper, like, yo, what the fuck. What the fuck. Just have. Yes, right. Yes. I right now Dre has great songs, has like Annemasse H.M.S. Kraddick 2001. Right.


Just to be clear, great songs, amazing records, but nothing that. Like, fuck me up as a rapper, like inspire you lyrically. Like, I want to know. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to every time to be for still Dre comes on. I want to rap as like let's just freestyle and let's go. That beat is ridiculous. Like, it makes you want to rap. But like, Stan is just like let's just sit back and look at the Mona Lisa real quick.


Right. But Eminem made it it was a different kind of art. It's a different canvas. But I'm not knocking it, so trust me, I love Chronic 2001, but Stanbridge like that, it's full versus. You know, some I do four verses. They got some serious business, some happening. I'm going to take you out to a year that made me mad, but I'm just do I got time to.


You got to continue. I got time. OK, so we're going to take you to 1998 Grammy for Best Rap Album.


Nominees are Missy Elliott, Superduper Fly, OK? Wyclef Jean, The Economy. Puff Daddy in the family, no way out. The notorious B.i.g. Life after Death, Robert Wu Tang Clan, Wu Tang for Wu Tang Forever. Those are the nominees. Yeah. Wu Tang for trial.


Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Life, death row, life after death row all their life and before our time or what.


Life after death is the best hip hop album ever. Say it again, life after death, premies gave it to no way out.


I was a great album, but yeah, whatever, bro. Life after death is the best medicine ever. I don't even want to know what it was the third album from him would have been like not.


Zone he was in and the crate was what he passed when the album came out with the big hit on Palaniappan, he passed before it came of going over.


He passed before the Grammys. Great. Yeah, for sure. Before I even came out boogie in the 1970s, Grammys were 98. Oh, all right.


But the album was done. Yeah, I came to that album.


Beautiful Man. Oh shit.


In in my in my youth. Eight. I was Mayor Wu Tang didn't take home that great, but I can see that in retrospect as I got older and I sat with the albums a little bit longer and, you know, my ma Wu Tang Fever had pulled out all these bands, you know what I'm saying?


Because I was Wu Tang McGirr back then.


And shout out to Mrs. Album and the crowd played the shit out of the carnival, but no way out surprised the hell out.


I will I will say this. So probably I will say this, though, and probably be somewhat controversial. Triumph. By itself, just as like what it was when it came out and that beat in everything else, it gives every single song on life after death a run for its money.


I will say that Drive is one of the best songs ever made. Square will say that, like the same way stand like versus all those albums in a category like Triumph versus all those songs and all those albums, I could see that.


But it's not is not just triumph is everything else that surrounds will take forever.


And oh yeah, it ain't just just a way better shape and triumph, but triumph is bloated though will triumph.


Good God.


To this day it will take forever was just one disc. It would have been a totally different experience, but it was too much fat. Right.


Rooting for whoever was Reykjanes, we'd be having a different conversation if it was the fucking purple tape.


Come to people have a different conversation. You got anything else, Tony?


I think Inspect the deck is the most slept on Wu member of roughly.


What is what is that. What is that. What does that Trion first about. Go ahead, Ibom atomically. Tell us about these kind of I know I'll be dropping these Markov's lyrically perform armed robbery flyback. A lot of responsibility. Pardon me. Butterscotch shotgun explosion in my opinion, tremendous ultraviolet light. I expect you to see Millennium. Will it be so good to be socially sold? Platinum Jacklin The massive, massive displacement of blacks.


Massac Life Jackets NCES Bring the guns queen bees brings the guns in Ramallah. Petrol patrol gas. That's the function. Heads by the score will take place inside the wall except the floor. Die hard fans demand will behold. The bull soldier slowly proceeds to blossman consoles like Shinobi I Shinobi.


So Tony stopped by to break that down for us.


Solid rock who got it lost by the time itself. It's my bomb atomically Socrates philosophies and hypotheses can't describe Hopea Japanese Brigada.


That's self-explanatory. Is it? Yes, Ibom atomically, which means that's a hell of a hit. That's that is any way you slice it, atomically, that's nuclear bomb anatomically.


You know, it's going to be a massive hit and a bomb. Socrates can't even he can't even wrap his head around his philosophized be driving these road.


That's what makes classic chic classic because you cannot explain classic can't define.


It's just understood how I just understood his mockeries. I lyrically perform.


And that's how we check Lowri. That's how the song starts espectacular excuse me. Oh, and that's one aspect that that whenever there's a shooting group album inspected, Dag's showed his ass damn near every time he was on the track. The song continues of he just didn't have a dope solo project to really. But when they were together as a collective, espec the deck was just like the remember this like Rizza, he said he had that verse.


He had he laid it on something else when Rizza and he was making the beat. He's like, hold on a song. Just kind of go together.


Oh, gee, you think I heard I and that shit down vs.. I said, well, isn't that they verses. I was like, all I got to do is by trying this keep playing that over and over and over.


Well is and Priem did the verses. Yeah. That was amazing.


I don't know what the fuck Preme had in his happy sticks but he decided to fucking put boom up against incarcerator Scarface. How long the fuck off.


Thank you.


Some frien you are deejay première incarcerated Scarface.


This is amazing. I quote that on a regular basis just because it's not appropriate time.


I say Minhad and I always go to that song but you could have got boom out the way early man. You could've got me out of the way early man.


You just had to do with it and you could set a time with classic that they did you consider Prime want a classic.


I can see the problem on a classic. Yes.


Now that it has been out for a while, time has passed. Do you look at that piece as like. Now, this because I consider it a classic, because I constantly go back to that whole album and let it play with thank you.


Was like I feel like I look at it like I hit my target, but I don't know about the classic thing. I don't know.


I just feel like, man, damn man. I feel like my my whole swag over like the last 19 years been classic, like rhinestone do rags. You know, I'm saying that that's what I was taking.


I was taking like high and low or high in fashion to another level.


I was taken having a stylist to a new plateau, you know, and not needing one, you know, chronic chronic 2001 has twenty two records on it.


Oh, it reminds me of the Alabama also nominated they to go to great records. What's number twenty two?


The message didn't have a personal record, number 22 when that like when he talking about is they don't you feel like he got personal towards the end, Dr. Drake?


What's number 22 and number 22 is the message, Mary J. Blige and Rachel, if this if this discography is correct, it could be off there anyway.


But the watch is all about the watcha Jesus Christ not going to bang Nazrul.


Yes, I remember the watcher. Yes. Hey, man, you you you disrespect the one he disrespected. It is the watch embeddedness, Dan. You don't compare one, try na na, is it better than stand to develop canvas? I don't stop.


This is to do. It's just like apples and oranges and oranges and apples. Yes. It is just too difficult.


Do you want to eat right? Why would you compare what you can do?


Whatever I want. Are you giving it to. It's written by the same person by the Marshall Mathers LP. Marshall is on their side.


Watch the watch. The Watcher is brilliant. But you know, compared to Stan. You right, I apologize, I'm excited, Royce. I don't know if you know, truly, I feel like Royce has a great poker face. I think he's excited and excited. He could be like, man means poker. Royce could be like, this is the best moment of my life and look like this.


That's what I'm gonna do when I win a Grammy. And so, yeah, I can't wait.


I can't wait until this is passed because I want to be like three hours, because this is this is anybody's ball game.


I think nobody in the bars.


Shop Psychon, I will say this, I'm going to pretend like racism here.


I do believe it is a race, so I don't think it's the song like this is going to be between race, Freddie and Nas that I think it was out to alert these folks out that the smoke NAS and electronica. But I think it's a voice Freddie Gibbs, NAS kind of winner take all type situation. We decipher to see who can go when he's a better rapper, I think I think Nas and Groysman in the lead on this race, although since Jay-Z is so attached to this Jay Electronica I have, I feel like the Grammy vote is going to be like that.


That's that's one that I can say that I can comfortably say I don't see him winning.


I don't see that happening. I don't see smoke might come out of you. I can see that they don't want to know these. No. I think in this home I'm going all in chips and black habits is one of the best songs of 2010 black habits, black habits.


Do, do, do, do. Remind me, Solino, it is a race.


It is a race.


And I think I think that makes a wrestling, not a sweep, but everyone from.


So approximately what time are we going to now we have any idea who p.m. central to PM Central.


Is that what it is? Well, it could be consensual. What would you say to that?


Well, you know, I think that's when it start, right? That's when the program starts at 2:00 p.m. and you just kind of got to sit and wait.


Right. The rap category is the very last category. Yes, well, the rap category on the televised show. It's not let me look at me, look at my with the Grammys. You know what, a lot of times they do like the rap categories off camera. They used it. Oh, no.


They might not even like they might do like best rap song, but best rap album, I think off camera in the bedroom, OK, because they're usually in the show with Album of the Year record, an album of the year, always the last two awards at night.


But it also depends on what comes out more and some less. So I don't know. Are you dressing up?


No, I just milsom leather, OK, leather hooved shorts and the leather.


No, not as dressing down. I gotta dress up.


I put a little pants, leather, jogging pants, diamond cartilage of this thing, set up standup comedy, special outfit.


Yeah. I'm like yeah I've got, I got a custom made leather poncho. I'm thinking about pulling out. Yeah, have you ever been to the Grammys? Yeah. Did you even bother showing up so funny.




You were nominated for Best Rap Album four times. Did you show up to any of those nominees?


Yeah. Yeah. But I've but I have multiple songs to so it's like if if I were lost in, like, best rap album, which would have been in the baby Grammys, I still had to go to the regular Grammys because I would have like a song nominated. So I think like, hmmm, superstar, he would he would have like tons of friends in there too.


So he would just go hang on.


Actually I have no friends in the music business. Why? I got a few. I don't have that many friends. That's why I got the money for you all.


It was all in the Grammys hanging out, making new groups, doing features.


You know, Ambroise, if it was a regular non corporate environment, would you actually go to the Grammys?


I go to the Grammys with the corporate environment. So, OK, who who would be with you? What's your who's going with you?


Oh, God, I'm so fucking silly. I don't know. I don't know who. I never even thought about that, you know. But I have some kind of some weird I have some interesting people call me. I went to the Grammys, we all did OK? Yeah, oh, I hear I'm probably wrong with you. No, the fuck you're not. So you're going to be watching at home, logged in. In your leather poncho, I'll be watching from right here, right there, Log-in, possibly with my leather poncho.


I may just be wearing a wife beater. I don't know. It just depends.


I've been is key and you got to win in the way hardest.


No leather poncho, leather poncho, no leather bottoms and be to tie like I don't wear anything that I referred to with bottoms.


I don't know if I like that. Bottoms bottoms. But thank all my fans, my family. I want to thank Lupe Fiasco for the constant motivation.


Tom Frank for the for the exceptional promotion. Tony Baker for the in-depth interview.


And this reward, I could just see a more hard hitting bars, this reward, this award belongs to them as much as it belongs to me, maybe even more so.


I like to think Hollywood has done more. You know, me. Was like, yeah, what up?


This is Lupe Fiasco and I'm rooting for my brother W5 not win best rap album at the Grammys.


Yo, what up? This is Royce to five nine and whenever Lupe does that, that's our cue to get the fuck out of his house.


We don't know where he lives that so it doesn't matter anyway. Well you know, I'm always elated to have my boy Tony up in here.


It's always a pleasure and an honor to roll up in here and chop it up with your magic spoon out. I live that. I think I have an idea of where Lupe lives.


Show me on Google Maps or any one of his estates are there because he was too familiar with my whereabouts. And I think he in his neighborhood where he might have used he has an important specific set of skills.


I don't. And get shot at. Come on.


Come on, slide up. Shot out. You got too many weapons. And this is Tom Frank. I'm the regular dude. I am honored to be with a Grammy nominated rapper, a Grammy Award winning rapper, and the Mr. Hilarious Tony Baker download subscribe.


Send in your comments and watch the Grammys Sunday night.


Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. Hands down when they listen to music or if you perform in 2013, Ireland is fantastic. You say, I haven't had the honor yet. Tom, you seem like a nice guy. I guess I bought merch and yes, your female fans are doing this. You guys are intelligent and funny, and the podcast is great. I'd like to hear more guests and more of your other passionate topics like personal health or, you know, you get tired of talking about guns.


You do anything then.


Hi, my name is Aaron. Come forward. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Really. I just want to thank you guys for giving all of us your time. Time. As you know, the most important thing that we all have and also I find Rifka five nine. I find you hilarious, so funny, constantly laughing out loud with my headphones on and people around me think of first bowstring and say, I'm a nurse, registered nurse. And I just think too much because it's kind of aside from your podcast.


But thank you for, you know, giving people credible information on the calls of 19 coronaviruses and encouraging people to social distance and everything.


I guys, my name is Antamina. I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that we are like cousins. I think you guys are doing an amazing job on the pie. It's hilarious. I've been here since day one that Dorothy had me on the floor. Final time. You have to be microwaved and be patient with him.


And I can't really. Can we get some people sharp this second round? I have a great guy. My name's Eddie from South Carolina.


This was a real quick I love the show movie. Thank you for what you were doing on the Ivy League with the whole vaccine thing. I'm going to get my first shot today. Thank you for your album. Book of Ryan's Life Changes. I give my boy the hard to appreciate your time.


Again, that's our show for the week.


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