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Previously on The Leupen Road show, we can't focus on the word relevant man. OK, kick push was not.


OK, not a relevant record, bro. Never, never was a relevant record.


Oh, man, I'm like that. You making it sound bad? No, no. I'm saying it's great. It's great. I mean, but Kickboard thought it was relevant. Here's the dig. Here's the dig. It was relevant to the crowd that it was made for the Leupen ratio to say what media production. The presenting sponsors. Blue Microphone.


Yeah, what up is Lupe Fiasco the agent provocateur? No, he's not an agent provocateur. This is where to five nine. How come I know you can't be agent provocateur? God damn it. I mean, I'm to five nine.


I'm a Black Panther, God damn it. And so is Lupe.


And this is Tom. Frank, just a regular dude. And you're listening to the Lupa and Roy show. You've got to be some other than just a regular dude. I'm just a regular dude until I become not a regular dude. Hey, I get it. And before we go anywhere on our way.


No, no, no, no, no. Because every time you have that. No, stop, stop. Every time you do that.


Hold on. Wait. Before we get started, this is you come with this whole bunch of shit that we don't want to talk about. No, no, no.


This is good stuff. Let me let me let me explain. Let me explain. All right. How about we got to acknowledge the listeners. We had over 55000 downloads in last week's release.


So sweet. So on behalf of you guys, I want to thank you, you listeners, for subscribing. Listen, I could do my own thing.


I want to thank them for the reviews. I want to thank them for the feedback.


It's greatly appreciated. I also want to acknowledge something to Terrence X out there, illustrator extraordinaire. He sent us an illustration of you guys that is so good that we're going to update the show logo and we're going to roll it out with this episode.


Go ahead and keep it real time. We're going to steal it like that. We're standing, right.


I'm not I'm not paying for that. We're not paying. I let tast let me let me talk directly to Terrence X.


We're not paying for that. Just fly.


Get your lawyers. Get your mama right. If Mama Jr. and whoever it is running your business right now, let them know that I. Lupe Fiasco have no financial interest in paying you for your your talents. I'm not doing it.


Don't go get your lawyer. We don't feel like talking just now. Terrence was a good guy. We've already worked this out.


Yeah, he's a good guy. He let the state take that artwork.


Now, the one thing I want to point out two things about this picture, if I if I can. Number one is you noticed Lupa has got a little gray hair.


That was that was added because I wanted it out. She's going to point out that Royce looks like you, but black. Well, my other question is, where am I?


I think I'm behind you guys.


So you're the white space. If Terrence X is listening, maybe maybe you could get me in there.


Now you're in there.


You're the abstract white space upon which we all sit in between here.


Know the whole paper task. Could you please put a little picture of Tom in between me and Royce or coming out of Royce's pocket, get a picture of Tom's head. Just I just think to take Roy and make him wait.


That's me. Right. A few other comments. If I can continue. If I can continue. We are asking for a lot for Steve's from Shanté The Loop and Roy's podcast. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you what do you reading. Who the fuck is.


I'm I'm reading some of these reviews. Sorry. Like the singer. No, no. Knowshon a as in like I don't know Sean Anderson.


OK, no, no, no.


Shanté I thought you said how to get excited a loop and and realize podcast is something I didn't know I needed.


Was loopier stopping me right. Now what's going on.


Because I'm trying to act white like Tom. Why are you doing that?


I want to feel the privilege and the power to cut off to niggas whenever I feel like, you know, that's going to get you.


That's going to get you off the artwork.


Right. I apologize for cutting you off. You're absolutely right. I apologize.


And I also apologize to you, Tom, for cutting you off when you was reading Sean's situation, because the fans of the podcast do matter and we love them so much. So continue.


Can I read can I read a few more? I would like an apology. I apologize. You first. I'm not talking about from you who I'm talking about from Thomas, what did I do? Oh, yeah, Tom Yeah, I apologize, Chris.


You say Shardey. I said, Sean, hey, you got to do better. Tom, that was underwhelming. I apologize. And I thought Shardey was all with us.


Shahadah is not a hair, but hip hop is with us. And if you're going to start a podcast, definitely do it by telling a story about stealing a door.


My new favorite podcast.


We need to start running with that because I feel like. I'm going get a phone call from DPD and it's probably well deserved. I probably do deserve it. You're right.


I'm at Brand Royce, says Lupe Fiasco, like he's trying to sell him a car.


That was one of my favorite restaurants because he does it all the time. And I love it from organic shadow, and I have to say organic sugar, thanks for agreeing with me as he states which rapper would be a good president? My money is on common. I do think that maybe we should get common and killer Mike on here for our own presidential politics.


Listen, listen, first of all, you you need to do a better job of picking the names because it fills me. I have never picked organic shadow. Oh, look what organic shadow has to say. Let's just break down that name. Organic Shadow was that even means you just pick the shit. I give up on a I like Shanté, give us some real names, I don't need these. You definitely going name hunting in the boys locker room.


Want to choose a couple of girls, man. All right, I will. So I must have you up in here, man. Wait, wait, wait.


Lauren says Lauren says that his name is Damjan Rannoch Damjan Ragnhild. So where did you get organic shotover.


I think that that's his name but that was his handle. What type of name is Damjan Arachne. Shouts Organic Chateau a.k.a.. No, it's Damjan. This is Dom Rannoch Rachna because it got it got the special little letters.


All the things on top of that letters chapter. Damjan Arachne might be Croatian.


He played for the Pistons. Yes, a.k.a. Organic Chateau. Thank you. And this one's from the octal king.


What the fuck didn't we just talk about this then we just this pod came at the right time with everything going on. It's good to hear banter from two of my favorite goats. And this time, guys, not too bad.


Oh, that's why I picked it. You put that in there. That's why I picked that one. Yeah. To sum it up, Rice, there's a lot of people questioning your your movie watching technique.


Mm hmm. And Lou, I got a lot of people willing to give you a door if you'll come over for a massage.


I'll tell you what, I don't envy Lou. I don't envy him either.


Wait, what are we doing right now?


We're doing way too much fan appreciation right now. Like they didn't come here then. This ain't a fucking mirror.


Like, what are we doing? Well, oh, yeah, I know all that time getting fucked up from Chicago and Detroit, I'm the guest advocate. You ruin our street credibility. We can't be fucking with people this deeply, OK? We just gotta give wave them off. My thanks. Thanks. And then you need to go along with it.


The hell with the fans. Not only saying all that, but. And then please man. Tom, when you picking these people to do the reviews, please send your reviews. You got to pick regular names.


Man Weifang of being head Tomball. Optimus at the bottom is 17 when we're not going to do all this shit.


OK, you need to send your real name and we're going to say that real name, just anime rappers take it as authoritative nomine white hulk.


What's going on this week? You have to call me Black Hawk.


I want to be another twelve times. You have no idea what the hell are we talking about? You just I mean, this is such a culture clash.


It's just like AOL messenger names. One organic shadow don't mean shit, though, I just want to let you know that. How do you know that, I mean, any organic shadow break that down to that Tomalis organic, organic, OK? There's no chemicals involved in the making of this man.


Are we going there? Not a real person. He's a shadow. You're going there. You going there?


I went there. It's an all natural, very unnatural shadow high school, I like how you broke it down. Thank you. Let me just tell you some not only the jako go platinum with no features, but Muki Fact wrote a song about Larrey without using a lyric. He did shout to make eFax a minus available right now. Let me know what it is. You did good in the world. What I did good in the world top that, I don't know if I can top that.


I know you can't. Oh, fuck that, AlphaBeta. Did you guys watch any of this presidential and vice presidential debate? I didn't, of course, of course. Because I watched it, I was confirming that I watched it. She was bananas. It's the presidential debate that got you in this little snarky mood. You here right now. You triggered about a debate. Not really, you've got to remember, man, you ain't out here with the Cowboys, it's a.


Listen, I'm not talking about the debate. After I found them to be very insightful, I found them to be full of shit. That's that part. What was insightful about that president, the people you get to see, how the people, how they are, I thought stand back and stand down was pretty prolific, if I may say so myself.


It was stand stand back and stand by. At least better, which was insane, it was fucking ridiculous. That's why I say it was full of shit. But but but the people, you know, like the people themselves, like it was like a a interview for America.


The first one was trash. Right. It was just annoying. But I mean, as a piece of fodder for the masses, it was fucking awesome.


It made the vice presidential debate feel less entertaining because they weren't screaming at each other the whole time.


You didn't watch neither one of them. Why would I do that, Lou? I mean, just common interest. Common interests. Yeah, what was interesting about that? I'm just no, you asked why I just said just out of common interest. Oh yeah, I'm not interested.


I mean, I, I, I personally feel like, you know, like I could sit and watch it, but it's just going to remind me of how fucked up everything is. And I usually like to go throughout my day without feeling like that the country is being ran by the adults on South Park. What I dislike thoroughly about the first debate, Thomas, is that it felt like two white people arguing over who did more fucked up shit to black people.


That's like what I felt like.


That's what I felt like sitting in and watching, like it wasn't about politics. It wasn't about, you know, class or anything like that.


It was like two old white dudes like, oh, you meant what you did does to the Central Park. Five men watch it and you do it all down with the people down there. And that's it was like, oh, shit, this is happening right now.


Welcome. Oh, stop it. I saw pay taxes. I paid a whole bunch deal.


The seven hundred and what whatever you pay package in taxes, that's the price you're going to vote no, right?


Yeah. All right. You guys have your voting plans put together.


You vote for these nuts, then you listen to the last episode. I did listen to the said. I didn't know if the debate maybe changed his mind. Oh, you got to hold him to this. You can't just, like, cavalierly mention is he going to vote because, you know, say that you can say these nuts.


Are you going to vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Hell, no. I didn't vote for either one of them motherfuckers. They'll vote for that one lady. I remember her name right now, Joe Jorgensen, vote for Libertarian. That's that's the route you're taking.


But you are going to vote. You're going to get out there.


I mean, you know, I'm a vote. There you go. You know, you better be voting.


Oh, me. Absolutely not. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely not. You got to get out. Vote no, you know. Yes, you do. No, no, no. You're an American citizen.


Are you not about to do other American things? It just doesn't boil down to voting. I pay taxes. I pay more taxes than the fucking president.


My daughter pays more taxes than a president. But tell us why I vote.


Because I don't feel like people like to just target voting as the sole kind of like foundation of proof of American participation in the civic blah, blah, blah.


Right. And I feel like on a local level, yes.


I think if voting affects you directly on a local level, then yes.


And I have friends who are running for office and they talk about the importance of voting at a national level. But it's distant, is distant in the sense where you're not voting for his cat.


For who? Whoever's Cabinet. Right. You're not voting for the bureaucracy that they're going to be installed into. You're not voting for the lawyers that are going to be using the console. You're not voting for any of the back end.


Right. You're just voting for that one person and hope, fingers crossed, that they're going to pick people.


Right. That are in a lot that are in line with their policies throughout. Right. So you just come in and just vote for that name and you got to either believe in a name. And I don't fuck with either one of these dudes. Right. I don't have any ill will towards Joe Biden. Right. But I don't fuck with him like that. If you're not black, you're not black, you don't vote for me.


Shit like him giving the eulogy at Strom Thurmond's funeral, all that shit that people like Norm and you give him votes to Trump.


It's I don't give up like I'm black. I, I don't fuck with that. He's got Kamala Harris is his running mate. I'll look like she was prosecutor top cop shit like that.


Nah, I'm cool. Like she seems like a good person, a solid individual. But no, that's not enough.


Right. I mean, wait a minute. What if everybody did what you just said, but everybody's not going to ask it. See, that's what I see these days where they should. He's not he's not encouraging people to do what he's saying. But we do encourage people to vote. No, I think people should vote.


But I think people should understand we're going to do what we want to do and is that I'm not actively stopping people from voting.


I'm going to go vote for all of my people on the local level. Then I'm going to vote for Joe Jorgensen and then I'm a vote for Kamala Harris. And then I'm a make another ballot that once they got another one, say, Biden.


See how they like that, see, I'm not going deep, but I will say that there is something to if you really look at it like local is very important.


I believe that the cabinet positions are very important.


I believe you're seeing it right now, like you would want Joe Biden to win to pick the the the ninth justice right on the Supreme Court. They are going to fill that shit right now. Right. The Republicans already said, like, are we doing that right now before now? Not going to have the confirmation hearings are happening right now. They want to force that woman into that slot.


Right. And so you think are you going to vote for that was like they're already doing that. So the things that you're trying to vote for and hoping that you don't vote this person anything will change.


You already see years in advance what the what the opposition party is already going to do to either, like, shut that shit down or suppress it or obfuscated or make it. Even if you do, it is going to be obsolete by the time it gets enacted or whatever the situation is.


So I think it's a game, you know, and like 38 years old, black man in America, I don't feel like playing games, you know what I'm saying?


Like, I want to play games with Mitch McConnell till I'm 50, like, I'm off and fucking do that.


I like how Trump leaves it to the imagination. When I asked him about a peaceful transfer of power, it's like, hey, man, you never know what you're going to get.


No, baby, what do you think about him? Just go ahead to pull up to the White House and see. He'll have everybody outside the White House and still hear about him getting sick in coronavirus.


He was born sick, but he's more snakeman than he's letting on to be. Sometimes your lungs answer back. You know, I'm scared of them, I'm scared of Trump and I'm scared of Biden. I wouldn't let either one of them drive me in Uber. There you go. Think I'd let Biden drive me? You let Biden drive you? I think I would not while I'm with you. I get a different I take a different route, I take a lift.


How about Saturday Night Live? At least we had some fun with it. Chris Rock was on. Did you got to watch that? I love you have to watch that. First of all, I am talking.


I was talking. He wasn't finished on. I thought he was done, I wasn't finished, I was speaking, thank you very much. Yes, I saw him Saturday Night Live. No, I did not. I seen a clip of it. On Instagram, yes, I was talking to news director. So are you talking to the half a movie Homeboy right here? It's not just movies, it's TV shows, half a show, homeboy. 20 percent.


Royce right. He's only watching the commercials and then he's prognosticating from there.


What you're doing right now is you're using words that I don't have in my lexicon, so I need to stop that. Second of all, what you're doing is you're holding that one fucking one thing with the movie against me, OK?


I don't you know, that's huge. I don't always movie do like that.


Well, you did. OK, I watch Step Brothers all the time. You watch Step Brothers all the time. Yeah, why do you act like that? I'm asking because my two sons love that that movie.


That means you got to Couzens.


I do. Surprise are the cancer. No, you sure? Yeah, they sound like answers. I got to think about that real quick, they got it. I don't watch Saturday Night Live. I'm just trying to figure out my chance of being on it. But I don't watch it. I don't watch I watch pieces. I haven't watched it. I live in, like, a year and a half. I don't fucking know. But they did like it.


You got to watch it. Just for what? They don't have to do anything, Tom. Here you go again. We've got to watch that. Oh, my God. My life, man, let me live.


My life in America is about freedom. I got to watch it.


You just missed your chances of going to Saturday Night Live up, man. What are you going to do now?


I mean, you never do.


This is this show is in the top tenth percentile of a podcast. I mean, we're not just speaking in a box like people here. Well, they might still get you on this.


And if they want to if they want to be cool, they can invite us because we are available. Thank you. And they better watch what they say on this shit. They might ruin their chances of having us. We say what we want to say. Shoot at you. Right.


Did they do a sketch about Trump catching the coronavirus?


Yes, they actually updated their debate just to make sure that that was an underlying theme throughout the whole thing. And you and if you haven't watched it, Alec Baldwin is is tremendous as Donald Trump. And Jim Carey, was Joe Biden buried with honor? That's my boy. Yes, Jim Carrey was Joe Biden. Now watch.


Next time I try to watch it, he ain't gonna be on it. Oh, he's going to be on there, you can you can guarantee. Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey is going to be on there for the next month. Yeah.


What the fuck are they doing? TV shows like what people in the crowd was the people in the crowd did. There were people in the crowd. Yeah. What the fuck is that?


And now say that I still get why we're still a pandemic outside. Like we're making fun of Trump, but like endangering people's lives. Like this is wild.


They were all six feet apart. They probably covid tested people. They probably got kova tested before they came in. I got covid tested before I went to ship. Shit.


You went to the Chappelle shit. Oh shit. The one where he was outside. Mm hmm. Was that like his backyard or something.


No, I was like, it's like a huge cornfield here. He got he set up, he had the whole shit set up, like full production. And it was just like a big ass show like comedians Bilborough. Donnell Rawlings, Kevin Hart, Toby Toby perform well. So was it that which special was it? Was it the special that he did the first one?


How many times you he only did one special or two specials.


I don't know exactly how he's what he's doing with it, with what he's recording. So he called it Chapell Camp. We've been doing it. He did it like the whole summer. I don't know if he's trying. I don't know if he if he did it, he probably sell it to Netflix for like nine gazillion dollars.


I only seen the one where he was, I guess, when there was more Black Lives Matter.


I think it was right around time George Floyd got killed and I was outside.


That was that and was like the brick wall situation, like a fireplace or some shit where he did that. It's a pleasure.


I got to kind of go. But the one you went to was a different one.


The one I went to wasn't wasn't a one time special, would just look like a continuation, a continuation of a weekly thing that would know. Mm hmm. So somebody knew like every week.


Oh, shit. That's why you went to Ohio. Hmm. You could have told us remember that time. Very, very secretive.


Yeah. That why you were going to Ohio and you didn't call me that.


You supposed to call me. He's like, yeah, look, let's call in and talk about the name of the show. You remember that voice?


Well, Tom, I mean, no disrespect or anything, but I didn't know you well enough to tell you that you were going to fire. I thought we were family. I thought that's how we started the show.


I mean, we are family, bro, but that was a long time ago. It was a long time ago. We were still feeling each other out. Baby was right. So that's what that was. Now makes sense. So who's driving down road trip and down Ohio to go see Dave Chappelle? Hmm, fancy ass nigga, boy, that's what I'll be talking about. Look at you, guess what was that? I was at a taco stand.


I took a look over. Just allow me to when I went to see it. I took two. Yeah, two. I think I had three.


Yeah. And them didn't give me my results. So I just assume I was like, how do they do the trick.


What was the test.


Was it up the nose or in the back of the throat of the nose. I mean it's um it's something that's not cool about sticking a cutup up somebody's nose and they're just not telling them the results or nothing, just being like, are you good alcohol?


Delattre Do they wrong way. Tom You have one. I had one.


But it wasn't up the nose. It was down the throat. I got the blood test, too. But he prick your finger.


I got down to I would much rather you've had the whole buffet of tests.


Yeah, no, actually you had the buffet because I've never heard it down the throat. Who's your doctor.


You're married down the throat. Never heard of it. Yeah, I heard it down there. I don't know if that was a covert test like oh come on in here. But to go down the throat, I was definitely a covid test.


I went into this war room look in place with all these white sheets everywhere, and you had to go into your little room and what are you talking about?


That doesn't sound like anything near the cover test I took you. So you go into a place, does white sheets like a MASH unit? Was that plastic on the floor? Was there a film crew there? No, there was no film crew.


There was no plastic. It was it was your typical vinyl.


Did they have white hoods on in the way? It's OK. I'm just make sure you didn't stroll into a gang bang.


And then now, as I appreciate you looking out for me now, I'm just, you know, I'm looking out for you.


Well, the well being of you, like, excuse me, everybody, don't mind me. You just got to go. You got to down the throw once your public reputation especially going to be a part of this show.


Right. We can have you out just haphazardly, naively walking into gangbangs. There's supposed to be likova test. They they were testing me like it was fucking crazy.


Like it. You didn't get to down the throat test like. No, no, they don't do that as a gag test, man.


Listen to me and your family. But if I Google the different Corona test and I don't find it down the throat, you find that one in Google, it better be somewhere.


It's going to be smarter. Why did you pass your test? Because I'm bringing it back to Cleveland. Trump did you know I passed?


OK, what do you think about Trump getting covid? I think he's a stupid motherfucker. I think it's a conspiracy.


I think that he doesn't have covered nor did he ever have it. But he got it so he can show people how easy it was to get through it and how he overcame it. And it's not that big of a deal.


You get you get he's got so much credit. You think I'm giving him too much credit, you give you just gave him a brain just now. We have what else we want them to have a heart, but think about it, if this guy really had it, he said, how old is he? Seventy four.


Yes. He's not age anymore. He's just orange. He's orange. He would be down and out. He would not be standing. And he was in hospital for, what, two days and then jumped in a plane.


In a taxi. I mean, but they did they did lace him with all kinds of experimental, all kinds of shit. He's not an actor, you know. I mean.


And that you don't think he's an actor. No, I think he's the the ultimate actor.


Well, I think if if he was acting when he was having breathing trouble, I think he needs to put. You can follow his calling it meant to be active for you. I mean, the guy is an actor. He had a show before he was the president. A reality show. A reality show. I think he's a show constantly. I think he tells people exactly what they want to hear, what he tells Middle America, exactly what they want to hear.


I think he old crazy as white man. That's what I think Trump is. I don't think he's anything else.


I think he's smarter than we think he knows what he's doing.


Oh, crazy white people don't have to be smart when everybody else that is around you is also old and crazy.


Now, I'm not I'm not being a you know, how they do what they call it when you be an age of phobic or like, I love me some old people.


But if I had to profile Trump like he's one of those old crazy white dudes. Right.


Who's rich opinions have been, I think I should do it because it's just old and crazy. Like you see white people who just confident because they are around a group of people who believe the same shit that they do.


And so they have a higher level of confidence saying wild shit to people in public with no not worrying about like repercussions because they've been reinforced by this whole army of crazy motherfuckers that's just like them.


I think at some point we got to we got to go ahead and attribute that to being rich on some level, too.


I've encountered white people like Trump, just like him that aren't rich, who do the same shit, get inspired by him.


No, no, I don't think so.


I think it's a whole I think it's a category of what all white people like him that do that shit that he does.


I think they're all through like Arizona. I think they're all through the South. I think they're like they kind of start dying off, but they pick back up when you when you start getting into, like Boston and shit like that, like, they just get they find, they click and it's just like they gang just a gang of thugs who say anything.


They believe the conspiracy theories, the whole show, and they push it. You know, he's very classist.


Tom, what type of white people are there? Do you have a taxonomy of white folks? Because we fucking do.


Well, I'd like to hear yours now.


I mean, I want to hear from the source, maybe from the source. Yeah. And shout to the source for the source magazine for giving us a nice little push on the podcast. Appreciate it. Thank you.


I think there are three types of white people. I think there's the old and crazy people we don't know any better and grew up a very certain way.


I think there is the educated how do I say this?


The educated coastal folks, educated coastal, meaning that they lived on the east or the West Coast who probably are very different than the middle of the country, people who probably didn't live with with a certain diversity of population.


And I think I think understanding people is about knowing people and is about living with people and is about being with different types of people every day. And I think in the middle of our country, we don't have that sometimes. And I think people grow up, not necessarily.


How long time are you going all off until you got it? You got a third one sitting. What's the third white person?


My third one was Middle America. Who just doesn't know any better. Gotcha. Gotcha. I have I have old white people.


I got middle America and I have educated coastal people.


Yes, Martin is more than just three. Hit me up with the more you got Eminem stands. That's a whole breed of white person. They're their own, like rape, like race, species, creed, gender. They all went into shady. That's what they got. They go to the bathroom and they do the shady.


Eminem is your best friend. You notice right there, right? Royce is Eminem's best friend. Best what happened, bro? Like what happened with you and Eminem fans? I missed. I mean, if you feel comfortable talking about it, we don't have to talk about it, we can go back to this list of white people that Tom. I don't know what if Tom stopped that three as at least 18 different kinds?


Yeah, let's stay away from that, because that's such a touchy moment in my life. The type of white people or anything? No, no. Eminem's fan base, this fan base. What happened, bro? Just give us a little bit.


The pandemic happened. Oh, the pandemic. The pandemic happened. And, you know, the truth came jumping out at us, you know? I mean, like like it was all good until I start getting angry about things that were getting done to us. I'll start expressing, you know, my my discernment, what was happening in the world and. All of a sudden, it just it was like something clicked and they are just. Hold on ourselves, like they have a way that they feel like I should speak, I should be ashamed of myself standing next to him and I think to anybody standing next to him is a is something some shit that he created who who needs to just be thankful to be here, you know?


So what I do what I do is I'm not mature all the time, so sometimes I tell him to go fuck themselves.


Hmm. You know, I mean and then I challenge them. I force them into a certain narrative that they are not comfortable engaging in because I feel like that's what needs to happen. Everybody needs to like. Stop, stop being willing to answer the tough questions and ask the tough questions, you know, like it's too much, yo, just turn it down a little bit. Black people keep it down a little bit, getting in the way of the white experience right now.


We busy trying to watch football game. Yeah, but we want equality. Yeah, we just want you to turn it down. That's how we're going to fix that. We'll talk a lot about it. Talk also about it and stay over there. Stop complaining so much about race baiting. Stop being so angry with it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It wasn't so violent. That's what that's what I'm good. But we haven't done anything to anybody.


Yeah, but still still statistically, we know it. Look at Farrakhan. He's been he's been talking up. He's been talking to whiplashed on the people all these years. I mean, now, well, what exactly happened here, huh? What was the incident that that set this off? Yeah, it was like a singular was it a singular thing that you said and just fucked it all up for yourself with his fans?


Yeah, everything I said, Narborough had to be one that I can go back. I know my moments where I fucked up and I was like, oh, that'll never be the same.


There's never been this kind of fuck up. I don't care about the fanfare.


No, no, I'm saying, Mike, was it like an Instagram post? Was it like a tweet, a comment being a little too black? Minister and I belong to black.


They don't like anything I do, bro. They don't like when I squashes beefs.


They don't like when I if I can start to speak, they don't like what I like, you know, like they don't like anything the it and then they get mad at me and then you know then they come back later and then everything be back to normal.


It's a very toxic relationship. Everything be back to normal again. Everything is going fine. And then, you know, boom. I took a picture with Nick the other day.


What the fuck you snake you're talking about Nick Cannon.




How could you be in a picture with him after everything that he said about Marshall and then Baza even gotten the comment and put this emoji? Of Bazaar. Yeah, the bazaar. It's like shopping. Where's your fucking brain? I'm like, yo, enemies, my enemies. I see these trigger fans. Why would you exacerbate this narrative? You know, all you have to do is call somebody and find out whatever it is you want to know. They assume they assume the worst with me.


I'm guilty until proven innocent. I'm cool with that, you know. I mean, but you you actually got people's numbers. What you in the comments about. It took me to bizarro land. Do you think that there's this in this age that we live in now, now we're so exposed? Is there still that line? And then we talk about the sacred space. When you want to put Leon's ass in the studio and it's like we considered a studio, or at least I consider this to be a sacred space.




That's a place where you come and people can be, quote unquote, normal. Right.


Do you feel that that that doesn't exist anymore? Like because of social media? Like now all of our what would have been are not necessarily things that we're hiding, but things that weren't necessarily meant for the public to to consume.


And now having an Instagram page is basically the same as like putting your phone number out there.


So I engage you in any space or any platform anywhere where you reside because the lines are so blurred between was personal and was was private or I mean, what's what's personal. What's public. I think it is up to us to kind of manage it and create boundaries, you know what I mean? Like if somebody comes to my page and I'm going to I'm going to go ahead and just put it out there and say white people, not all of them, though, Tom, some of them white people come to my page and get my comments, psychoanalyze me, tell me what I should be doing, what I need to be doing, what I need to stop doing.


And what they're accusing me of doing that I need to stop doing is something that I don't do. It's like it's like clockwork. I mean, that this really triggers me. You get on here every day. You blame white people for everything, for you, for your problems. You blame white people. All you do is always white man's first white man for white man for why you don't have what you need. It's a white man who created you.


So you you should be behaving like this because he does he know and I believe it's true. I had to tell this dude the other day in the comments, I wrote him a nice lengthy paragraph, something that my therapist would tell me not to do. I don't care what they got to say. I told him. I said, listen here, white man, I. I'm not asking you for anything. You don't have anything that you can help me with.


Like you don't you don't. You can't help me. I need you to leave me alone. That's what I'm asking you to do. I'm not asking you for anything. I'm not saying please. White people save us say but no, mind your business. Like you don't even realize how racist it is for you to fucking think that you got to be involved in every fucking thing and you got to be psychoanalyzed and everything. And your opinion always has to be interjected.


You know, you could come in mid conversation and just be like, look at me. I'm in the comments about to take this shit over, you know? I mean, it's just like, yo, can you leave us alone? Just this for a second. Sometimes just being quiet will help us more. And then some people just trying to help and just doing too much, you know, I mean, like some people mean well, some people just want to watch it their way, you know?


I mean, like, they want me to be exactly how they want me to be, but they don't want to follow me. They want to come to my page and change me. That's fucking ring. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. How about we make a deal? I won't come to your page and bother you. You don't come to place. You bother me. I promise you. I promise you. You could do whatever you want to do.


And I won't. Had nothing to say about it.


We want to thank blue microphones for supporting our show for 25 years. Blooey help people to find and amplify their voices. And today they had to make a choice for millions of musicians, podcasters and YouTube. No matter what kind of content you create, Blue has a set up that will make you sound and look great. If you've ever thought about creating your own podcast or stream, check out the Yeti Kastor. It's a complete MC and boom arm system that connects to your laptop.


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You're listening to the Loop and Roy Show with Lupe Fiasco released a five minute time frame. But it goes back to this point in a weird way about voting time where there's a participation at a certain level. Yes, but there can be over participation like you motherfuckers is doing too much like we get it.


But also, you got to look at not just the act, the importance of the act itself, but the act is only as important as the people that the act is pointed towards. Like this voting is great. But if you got me voting between a fucking bag of shit and a little bag of shit. I mean, what the fuck? How important is the voting like there needs to be people that aren't bags of shit that constantly just get recycled and regurgitated up to the top.


I feel like the problems we have can be fixed through legislation. You know, yes, I mean, it's like the kind of white people that I'm talking about, it's like they're dependent on like our energy. It's like they need some to, like, fucking push down, you know, I mean, in order to, like, feel something, you know? I mean, it's like if I say I'm going over there to separate. Oh, you're preaching separatism.


Why would you want to divide? Why would you want to do that, that's evil. That's OK. Well, fuck it, let's rock together and let's all have equal rights. You got to stop complaining about the equal rights stuff and you got and you got to stop resisting, OK, that's got to stop because listen, you got a lot more. You'll be livid. If you just stop, you just stop that you. It is a game.


Tom, to a degree, and I don't feel like when voting became a game, right, and you have really sophisticated people who play really sophisticated games, they play chess and they play golf, they say, I'm not trying to play chess all day, like you're not trying to play chess all motherfucking day like we play.


Can we play game? Boy, can we play like some some Mario can play something else like this.


Slap your hand in a different form of slavery, like the institutionalized kind of slavery has already been figured out.


OK, I'm somewhat seeing what you're saying here, but at the same time.


Right, voting is not the sole thing, but it is a thing. It is part of the process.


Do we need better candidates? Yes. Do we need more conversation? Because politics isn't going to change anything. But we also need somebody who's not a complete moron and who represents our country.


And in such a horrific way, I mean, come on, like we need this guy voted out.


The one thing about Trump, Trump needs to get all the way to fuck about it, because this shit right here, you got to get this right here is fucking ridiculous. So I feel no way about. And he did it to himself and he's killed.


He's responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of his own fucking followers of his own people. Like, you're not you don't need to be a leader. You need to be ostracized, need you do something. He's not going to resign. Right. And he's shown he's no problem cooking the books and doing fucked shit. Right. So at a certain point, him being gone, I get that. And that should be a force. And that's great.


But we also know that it's only like six or seven states that actually really matter that I don't live in.


That I choose not to live in, I'm not living in fucking Pennsylvania, right? I'm not living in Florida.


No, no offense to people who live in Florida in prison. But I'm not living down there. I've seen it. I'm cool. I want none of that fuck around being around town get fucked up. I'm not doing it right. I'm not. I love the South, but I'm not trying to live in it because I already know what that is. My mother picked cotton in all kinds of shit.


I'm not trying to just, you know, relive the past and shit like that.


So I choose to live in places and maybe it's just because of my progressiveness. In a way, I think that I gravitate towards places or places that are open like that. Welcome me.


And I find myself naturally landing in those states which are not swing states and blue states. You might have, of course, blue cities and red portions and red valleys and all that shit, but I'm not living in the culture. Right, that breeds the red shit. I don't like it, I don't like the way it feels. I don't like the way it tastes. I don't like the way people look at me. I'm cool with that shit.


I've experienced that I know why I need to be. And I'm a hold out in those strongholds. And so I eventually leave this country, which is my plan. I'm getting the fuck out of here. Right.


So there's a there's a certain like way to be an American that doesn't have to always funnel down into that.


Your vote is every four years you got to get you got to play the game again. Right. You got to it's the debates are framed like a game.


It's a time limit. And there's a winning and there's this and then there's going people who spoof and they were going to analyze it.


It's like, do you think they won. Like what the fuck you mean do I think they won?


People are dying in the streets by choking to death on their own blood and shit in hospital beds. Right. And we talk we talk about who to fuck one. Right. That's the problem I have with the system today in the 60s, different 70s maybe.


But when motherfuckers was dying for this, for voting and nobody dying for voting right now, that's it's over the country that America was in the fifties and sixties.


That's not today. Right.


So the impact of voting, even the force of the symbolism of what that means outside of swing states, that's shit don't matter.


And as much as I talk to the most high minded politician, the most intellectual person, the most just just common sense individual shit like that, it always boils down to like a man you need to vote. And I know we need to move to Ohio in mass and flip that state. Then once we flip that state, we need to move to fucking Florida and flip that state. Then we need to move to Texas and flip that state. But moving there, we got to live there.


I don't live in that shit. I'm just keep it. I love listen, I love I love my peoples. But the political systems of those states, I don't fuck with that.


It's complicated.


I still think that when you looked at four years ago, there were a lot of states that we thought were going to go one way and went another way. And all of a sudden we woke up and Donald Trump was our president.


That's Hillary's fault, because she didn't even do the basic work that she was supposed to do as a politician. She didn't even visit the motherfucking states.


True. Those people could have went out and vote. And I feel like a lot of people didn't vote because they assumed their state. It didn't matter.


The person who was running to be president, the we supposed to vote for didn't even go to them. Shit. Genuine campaign in these notes.


And I put that on you. But but I don't want people to think that because my state is already locked in, it's a waste of my time to go. No, no, you can't put that on Trump.


Trump Trump knows that that's not the case. He knows that they are not putting that on Trump because Trump knows a master of it, right. He knows Hillary should have outhustle. I'll politic this motherfucker. She didn't. And she lost. Yeah.


And she lost in those same swing states. She didn't lose in blue states. She won New York. She won California. She won Illinois. And she's going to continuously win them seats. If she ran every time she would win them. She launches on the Democratic ticket. She lost swing states. Not states that were traditionally blue and they flip red overnight, that shouldn't happen. Rice apologized. Do she even got only fanpage? And that's important, but.


If she and a swing state, I want to see if you're going to be on the fence, too. Did you see that commercial get your booty to the pole? Yes, I did. Of course we saw that. Did you see that?


I didn't see that shit like that pisses me off a little bit. Tom, you got to Google that right now.


Get your booty to the Pole. You got to watch that right now on your phone.


Some get your booty to the pole. I need you to watch. The whole thing comes right up.


It's clear black lives don't matter to some of our current elected officials if they matter to you.


They don't let other people decide who's going to run your community, get your booty to the pole, get your booty to the pole, get your body to the polls to vote.


Apparently, we speak fluent buffoon, translate buffoonery to them, get them to vote.


The issues that they talk about and this is this is the problem. Those are very specific issues, very specific. What is it? There's a clear delineation between the candidates on no specific issues and people vote. Those policies look out and you see that.


That's just genius, ain't it, Tom? It is doing with sexual creatures, baby booties and dicks and pussies and titties, man.


Basically what we are, bro, the messages they'll get out and vote equipment is genius.


OK, that's just not race Criminology's. Oh, probably. Probably my most listened to Outkast album for sure is a criminal.


Yeah. I don't think there's any such thing as shit like I don't think it has to be commercial. I wish I could drive my car over to master. But look at that, efficient, relevant, and those are the times, and this is the crazy part, that's all Trump campaign is, he's that flagrant, that foul mouth, right.


That he's he's connected to his audience in a very perverse way.


And I've thought it was genius because they responded with some pervert shit. Get your booty to the bow. Right, bunch of strippers, you know, talking about very specific bills, right, with very specific ramifications, is able to drive this shit home.


And I think they fighting fire with fire. So I believe they're going gonna lose. I must say, right now. I believe Trump's going to lose.


I want to believe that so very badly. But I am worried. I didn't think he'd win in the first place and never in a million years that I think this guy would be our president.


He bought five golf courses since he's been president. So there's that. There's that sure you can lose in golf. I wonder, is Cadillac. I wonder, does he go? Great shot, sir. Well, that's that's Mike that's. I used to be a caddy. Let me just keep it all the way, I used to be a caddy when I was a kid. You are golf caddy? Yes. Not like a Cadillac. I let the man finish tower.


I was the man finish no time.


I was one of the transformers. I used to turn to a Cadillac. I was a caddy and it was this one due who everybody was talking about. He's so good at what he does. He makes so much money because, you know, you work off like a commission. You get like a quarter every time you kiss on the cheek. It was like. One of the issues teed off and all I heard him go, great shots, he was to do it all with always with the commentary and.


And then, you know, when it's time to eat like lunch, like the golfer goes to the concession stand and the caddies go to the other side of the concession stand. So it's like. A prison lineup. All the golfers look alike. Those are caddies on their way over there looking like cattle. And that's that's when they supposed to like. By their academy lunch, if they choose to do so, you may you may not even get lunch, but for you, you may need to bring your own lunch box.


Fantastic. With was this golf course on Babloo Island. Of course not, Mel. Shout, shout to my homie, I got a homie in Detroit named Neil who who runs like a golfing program bringing golf into the inner cities, it's pretty cool.


I used to play golf, but I only only went to the driving range and my man Cannon shot my brother kanon shatkin and Jasper went to the driving range.


Listen, man, let me let me finish. You never played on a real let a black man talk about his sophisticated relationship to golf being introduced golf and yet another sophisticated black man.


OK, you might not you might not understand it, Tom. You just got to sit back. You got to process it now, OK? Check this out. Really good.


OK, so there was and I never knew I kind of knew it but didn't know. No. So anyway, I live in Chicago, so I live in downtown Miami. Kanon from New York, shout out to Bryce shotgunning. He is a real do you got you got me kanon Royce.


I introduce ya like yo yo hit it off. And he's in the mental health space too so.


Oh and congratulations on your joint graduation presents itself. This time yours didn't seem as heartfelt as loose, but go ahead.


I mean, I did comment and you were like I said, about the golf, the riot, Montgomery Foundation, Kushayb brother, the Chibbaro.


Thank you both.


So anyway, there's a kind of on the lakefront of Chicago, right?


They had a driving range in between some of the buildings. Right. They tore it down sense and built like some skyscrapers of shit there.


But at one point it's like this driving rain is like right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Right. Like a whole driving range or on the edge, not the heart. So toward more toward the lake. And kanon came to Chicago almost like, yeah, man, you know, we don't golf.


Like, what the fuck are you talking about?


Single golf. Golfing. Right. And I think actually golf golf's like he hits the links. I was just awesome.


Like, he took me he took me to the driving range and we hit him off and I got addicted and I found myself going out like by myself, just like hidden, hidden fucking models.


Wrong that the first time you had done it. Yeah, the first time I've done it, I it's the first time I really done it.


I probably did some ghetto shit in the hood calling it golf to realistically bring golf to the inner city.


You skipping steps all the whole lot worse because I was going to finish that on the Chicago's notorious for being what, UVic something violent. Yeah.


So and one of the one of the violent neighborhoods is south side of Chicago. South Shore. You only hear about Inglewood, west of the South Shore is kind of like far south toward the lake. Like if you followed the lakefront from downtown all the way like to its to its conclusion, you would land south of Chicago's South Shore. And it's still it's still nice aesthetically, but it's super fucking violent.


Right. Has a history of violence.


But in that neighborhood, the South Shore neighborhood is like a humongous golf course that's been there since forever. And people come from all over the city and go to golf and it's like a block away from like some of the most violent neighborhoods and that.


Very brave people go there, and that's first of all, because I'm not. I consider myself pretty tough. I go off in Detroit.


How long did you carry? One summer. You make good money. No, why would you be me that. By the same antidepression, I worked at a golf for 10 years, you made good money? Yeah, I cut the Greens. I was a guy on a mower that would cut the greens. And then my my favorite part was I would change the holes.


You had a favorite every every Saturday morning.


I would go out there and change the hose, but which will change the different places on a green.


Right. You have a green. You can't keep the hole in the same spot all the time. What I would wear out.


Yes, they go out and they change the holes almost every morning.


How you go it it's a little like a tool that is has a handle and then has like a cup that cuts into the grass and you cut into the grass. You go like this, get it down, you pull it out and it pulls out probably the top of the grass and maybe three inches. And that's what you used to do.


Your coverage is well, down you go. You go to the other hole and you put that dirt back in there. It fills it back up. You blend the grass back together, you put the cup in the new hole.


And we always would have a plan so that we brought that we had we had different regions of the green. So you keep it moving so that you keep the green healthy.


And this is not inner city maintenance that's cooled.


I never knew that. That's cool. This how was it a public course of like what was it like a private?


It was a public course called Top Trees in State College, Pennsylvania State House. Shout out State College. Oh, State College, Pennsylvania, home of the Penn State. Nittany Lions running.


How did you feel about, like, those golf course, those private courses or clubs that wouldn't let in like women or like black people or even some? I think there's like some clubs that won't let in, like there's Jewish clubs. They won't let in Christians, Christians, clubs that won't let in Jews. And it's not just golf like tennis, but like golf and stuff like that. Like, that's real shit. That crazy. It is real and it's yeah.


What's happening today? What are they in there doing? It's like the country clubs, you know, it's country club. Yeah.


Segregation, modern segregation is what it is like. We don't, you know, fuck with you kind of fish.


I mean, before I jump to a conclusion, I just need to know, like, the whole story.


But I do think there's a difference between private clubs that you are paying member. Hmm.


That you could be of any race if you're paying this clubs where you could be a pain in black pain, like hundreds of thousands of dollars and like no niggers. No Jews. Inaugural's diam. Yeah, that's, uh. That's kind of sounds like Facebook, you know, Cesar Chavez thought about golf courses. With that, you go shopping and get a Chavez Caesar salad, remember Caesar salad? He lives up the street, hit the golf course and like like why people waste the time.


Shit. And he actually, like, took over a lot of I think they had like 20 golf courses or some shit like that in Venezuela. And he like, took them shits over like nationalized them and like tennis and like real estate for the homeless gangster. And the world hated him for it because it was golf.


The guy he had golf people that this is just oppressing us doesn't you know, we need a hundred acres to play our stupid ass game.


He took away your golf man. So wrong about that is wrong.


I was in the Philippines, too. Saw some crazy Philippines. It was like.


In the middle of, like, you know, slums and like multistorey slums, and when I when I was there, not so much this time, but last time I went time before and it was like a golf course, like a well-kept super well, like ridiculous looking, beautiful fucking golf course in the middle of, like slums, not like even the ghetto, like slums, like houses that they built by hand, stacked on top of each other precariously with trash and poverty everywhere is fucking nuts.


I wonder why that is. Golf courses are crazy. The amount of upkeep that it takes to keep those things up with watering those greens, keeping. I mean, it's crazy. It's crazy that we have this many golf courses.


You ever been to a brothel in Brazil?


In Brazil? Mm hmm. I've never been to Brazil. But now I want to go home for sure. Have you been to a brothel in Brazil? Absolutely. It was meta, it was a random Picardy.


Let me just get that straight, we go any further, do we? Should we go further? I don't want to incriminate. OK, I didn't do anything, it was against the law, so I've got a brothel. Was what city, Sao Paolo, Rio. That was a good guess, that Virgin Blue, Sao Paulo, look at me, Paolo. No, honestly, ma'am. I didn't. I behaved myself pretty much, but, you know.


Let me tell you something. I was drunk as fuck. OK, but I still remember I have never seen this many bad ass women in one place at one time. Literally like. When we used to be going crazy back in the day, the ones that we would be talking to and be trying to like, why are you here? Come home with me, come to Detroit. Come to Detroit. And they were nasty trying to kiss people in the mouth.


It's crazy. You had a sense of like reflection and longing, it was all that talk about golfing. That's what led you that got me going. I still don't know how he jumped from golfing to brothels in Brazil. How do we get to Venezuela and golf courses in Venezuela? Was that all the traveling the Philippines? And he just. OK, got it.


Because Philippines the Philippines has brothels to what I do what I do is ordained by God. Well, I don't know what's going to happen.


Lord, Lord just speaks to the Holy Spirit, speaks through me sometime. You needed to know about them. I have a brothel story to. What's the story, because I'm already getting divorced and what I'm saying, you know, and it's funny that you mentioned brothel in Brazil because I did go to a brothel in the Philippines.


I didn't do anything, but we went because I want to see, like, the red light district. And so they took us and it was like the Random House where the shit I've ever seen.


It was nothing like, hey, baby, we'll have a good time. It was none of that shit. It was like some dansky weird fucking weird shit, like now I'm straight.


And we went back to like a red that, hey baby, want to have a good time. I don't think I would have been into that. I think the approach, hey, maybe want to have a good time is what we missed out on was like the ping pong show, like we went, we was like, well, take us to go get sneakers and fake watches.


And we did all that shit in the Philippines. And then I got stuck a sort of red light just to see what's happening.


But in the Philippines, they have like the ping pong show was that Thailand I've never been to Thailand.


Ping pong, ping pong shows where they ping pong into them and then shoot them out using them know muscles if you got to the brothel.


In Sao Paulo. You would not be watching any ping pong. OK, tell him, tell them, Roy Sentier. I don't got no status, no stripes in there. You might have to, Holly, alcoholism and my. Listen, people black. I trying to put the brother on blast, I'm just now. Ask around. You want to namedrop headlines, I have a name drop anyone.


We got Klausener, so, you know, who else is a crazy golfer, the fucking president of the United States, and you spent a majority of his time?


Well, a big part of his time being in office at the fucking golf course and going back to Africa, I think is Freakonomics is a Freakonomics or is it what's that doing now?


Freakonomics, what's the other Jamaican black book with Afro wrote the that one book, The Tipping Point that he didn't write that. Then he writes a tipping point. Who wrote the tipping point?


You mean Marlon James, my Kodak Black. Corak, Blackwells dimpling. You said earlier. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Malcolm. Malcolm. Yeah, Malcolm, Jamal Warner. Malcolm Glazer. No, right.


Malcolm. Jamal. I want to play it on a fresh prince of Bel Air. Did you say no?


His name's Gladwell.


Well, he says that golf, the tipping point, the more golf that you play, the worse CEO that you are.


He made the correlation between I can play a lot of golf and the health of their companies. And it was like the people.


Well, because, you know, they keep track of that. Like they keep track. When you go, of course, shout out my boy, schoolboy Q. Shout my book, you horrible, horrible CEO. Avid golfer. But on his Instagram story right now, he HCO and he often can't think of the gotcha.


Does he made that correlation and not? That's part of why we're in the fucked up spot that we're in right now, because Trump does nothing but golf. This episode is brought to you by Blue Microphone. This episode is brought to you by the South. Palin was named. What was the name of the brothel? I'll remember that great one. Guy Alchemist's. I'll tell you, go get you right. Can I wrap things up with one more question from one of our great listeners?


Oh, we got we got questions from the listeners, all pun intended.


This is a good question. And it might actually last too long. Alan Baker out of England, who says she is greatly enjoying the podcast.


I ask you both that jingle jangle on this episode.


This episode has been highly offensive to a range of people.


How can she hear? I can't even hear. Alan Baker.


What do you think? Alan Baker? What race is Alan Baker a with you playing a race game?


I'm not listening. I'm not trying to play the race card. I know you like digging holes. I'm just we're digging deeper and deeper.


Let me get to the question. If you bothered to make a rap group with yourself as the leader and could pick three other rappers under 40 years old to join, who would they be who wrote this? Quote, I can't pick anyone.


You're really close with. God damn it. This was Alan Baker. I'll let Royce take this one. I don't even know what's the question again. It's not like a substitute teacher, just that why we give money.


Why don't we answer the question that we hoped Alan would have asked him if I could form a rap group out of a I'm a pick one person, if I could form a rap group with that. I'm the leader of a lone. They ain't got to be under 40. Ah, you got to make it all difficult. There was a lot of there was a lot of criteria and it's like a Scantron test. Yeah, and it can't be me.


What? Because you know me. It's someone that you don't know. But I also a stranger that this is weird.


All right. How about just give me this. Spoken like a true creator of rap. You think we just be Paletta wrapping around with people we don't rap.


Just wrap it around. I would pick Twiggs. And she don't rap, but she could be in the group and I will pick. We're picking Malcolm Gladwell. I think that's a fantastic group. Well. There you go, you want. I'm just happy I got to pick. I got to pick two people. Two people. I mean, you got to have a three man rap group, a three man rap group, rap group. Can it be a man?


Will that be a man?


Can be a man or a woman or both? It can be both. Yeah, go. Do they do they got to have health insurance? My sciatica is acting up my fucking back in and hip, though. Speaking of health insurance plans, what the hell are you doing with sciatica?


You weigh 140 pounds, then just fat people manage to lose those little. Lou, the way that people such as myself as well way that's OK, you self diagnose yourself just now. No, I mean, I talk to many people, but you self-proclaimed regular self-proclaimed regular way.


I've talked to many experts. I think my BMI is quite regular. Right. Could you please stop dodging this question so we can get the fuck up out of here? I'm not gonna answer the questions. I'm not Dad and it's not so easy like that, but. It should take time, just throw some names out there. I got a name for you. How about Organic Shadow? Seems like he will want to be a part of your group.


With a name like that, don't give him my number. I was going to go with a big shadow and you go shopping, you catch it, you cut your vocals over there, I'll do mine over here. You don't call me, I'll call you Rizwana.


Cesar Chavez, organic shadow. Now, man, you know, with a side Caesar salad.


I love so many rappers with so many different reasons. And plus, man, I pretend like I love some rappers too that I don't like. Just be trying to be nice. I don't I'm trying to think if I could be honest, I could lie.


I don't know. Thank you, Alan Baker, for this fantastic question. Yeah, it got to be somebody who talked with a West Coast accent. Probably Nipsy, hmm. It's cool that would call Nipsy a super super West Coast, and then I would have to go like. Um. Super eastcoast. Now, like super eastcoast. They got to get it together out there on. Oh, the triple oh, well, that's what I pick probably Takashi.


Just to add a little bit of color. You know, I'm here because you got Nipsy, you got me. Did you have a. So, you know, found like a pops, the loop ratio is brought to you by Blue Mike. For 25 years, Blue Microphone has been given new microphones to say Malcolm Gladwell may imagine it was stupid.


I just want to I want it out of the question so we could get out of this episode so I could go make some spaghetti. And I finally shot a linebacker. Eric Twiggs, swagman Gladwell time, Frank. You know, I don't know.


That's our show for the yo yo, this guy. I know how you've been behaving throughout this whole pandemic because it's really starting to bother me a little bit. Like something with your attitude, you really need an adjustment. Yo, I got told that I need an adjustment.


You kind of listen, I'm not you know what I thought I got? I said, bro, if you can find somebody that can address me, you do that. In the meantime, adjust your mother fucking telling me what I need to adjust. You on my page again, I didn't have the comments, are you going back to the comment section? You know, we got to wrap it up and say, you know, cut the comments off is in your it's in your control to just cut to cut comments off people and got BP.


People won't hear sound.


If I cut them off, then I won't be able to read them. Lupe Fiasco. How is that going to work out today? That is a bad idea.


And Tom Frank, we know who you are. I'm Royce. I'm Joyce, and I'm the one who's always getting disrespected by my co-host all the time, so this is what I'm going to be for now. I'm Royce Dangerfield.


Lupe Fiasco. And it's described the show leave us a review. Tell us what you think and subscribe to the show described to me at the right. But that's our show for the week. If you like what you heard. Be sure to subscribe or follow. Leave us a review and tell your friends. The listeners and Roy's shows a production of Say What Media.


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