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This is the Meat Eater podcast coming at you, shirtless, severely beaten, in my case, underwear, half a meat eater podcast.


You can't predict anything presented by Onex Hunt. Creators of the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters. Download the Hunt app from the iTunes or Google Play store. Know where you stand with Onex. Cal was trying to show off his cavefish grabbing scar, which may not be showing off because it shows a lack of technique, if you weren't showing it off, you were demonstrating, illustrating I'm part of the club.


But did it did he spying on you? Yes.


Yes. Yeah.


And SP1 hard and fast enough to share the pain that I got was from my elbow smacking into the tub.


Been there, done that. And I was it was it into the tub. Into the tub itself. You're throwing it into. Well these guys they so they mark well they put a little yeah.


They mark natural nesting sites but then they also get super sneaky and hide old cast iron tubs though that they cut a nine by seven say no out of what you call uncle.


Well I think it's illegal in some places. I'm not Kalakala.


I'm just saying there's a better way of doing it. That's the way that we do it. We build wooden boxes. Mm hmm.


Look, kind of like a coffin is what it looks like. Why a cast iron tub inverted? It's heavy. Yep. So. Oh, flipped. Yep.


So the the the bottom's on top pointing towards the sky and in hot water.


You got to cut a little entrance hole in there. They cut a nine by eleven hole and that's all it takes for him to get in. And I said why is nine by eleven. It's like, well it's a standard sheet of paper so everybody knows the measurement.


And a big now eight 1/2 by 11, a big snapping turtle can't get in there.


That's right. OK, I know how it can have done it if he wasn't stupid. Well, from what?


From where I'm sitting the scar. Yet he's just crap out of luck because you actually get past his lip. Yes. He swallowed. You use what he did. You're screwed. Oh, that it is. Hold on. What's the farthest you've ever got in your arm? Down in one? Not me, but one of my cohorts that was with us literally swallowed him up to his shoulder.


He was 97 pound blue.


Hmm. And we we do it a little bit different than some. I say we is actually a gentleman by the name of Mike Willoughby who carries me. He's been on some of the reality.


What, you mean he carries you in his boat? Oh, God, I'm not that old yet. Like, I can still get around, but I come through the door.


All right.


But we have spotters on each side so that literally, if you do get into trouble, someone's always there. And it took this boy under completely under and two people were trying to hold his head up. They're going to let go, let go, let go. And as you say, it will come up. They pull his head up. He goes, I can't I can't move right back down again.


That happened three times. And then when he finally got his arm out, he turned around and looked and says, blocked the whole. And you're seeing blood going down his arm, we're 1097. Ninety seven pound blue blue is a mean sucker, is what he is. No, it's catfish. Yes, it is.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, catfish, you know, I mean, he was going to get along.


I can already see it, but they blocked the whole he went back, got a little bit of breath and said, OK, here I come and we're going, we need to get you to the doctor.


He goes when he said, block the hole that he means so the catfish can't drag him back into the hole or drag and get himself back into the hole. No.


So that the catfish couldn't get out.


You take your feet and you stick in the hole to block the hole, to keep the fish from coming out. Because, see, now you've got him mad. Now he knows something's trying to catch you because he still was intent on catching it.


He did. Took him over to the boat. Oh, cotton scaled white in 97 pounds, released him is now carrying Dr..


Is it kind of just like I feel like grabbing? It's just like exhibitionism, right? It's kind of like no one's doing it to get catfish people is doing it to be like I grabbed catfish.


Look, it's like it's like it's like, oh, wait, wait. Look right here.


Go. Yeah, big old gut, do you think I'm won't throwing a good what I call the caviar of the south, which is a flathead.


I'm going to keep me a massive fish. Oh, you do. And I really and most of the time we keep the males. Oh, I got you released a female in the mail to go up in the hole.


Oh yeah. I'll be up in there sometimes. You have to. You have a male in a female. Oh.


So you guys just keep the males and you don't then you're not you still got all your spawners right with it because that is what they are doing.


They are laying their eggs inside of these wooden boxes.


But it's not like the most productive way to get a fish. Well, depends on who you're going with, you know, and where they're at on a on a good day. If you've got 20 boxes out, seven or eight fish running, they were from 20 to 40 pounds.


An average guy who was the best time of year for that.


There is actually season in the state of Mississippi.


So that coincides with the spawn, right? Correct.


Yeah, about June, June 14th, the 15th. You need to be there if you're not scared. Not scared. OK, I'll tell you, I'm going to talk before I go and find out what he did or didn't do.


It is eye opening and I thought it is amazing. It's just grabs by the boobie. Was it a rascal?


It's crazy. It's wild. I mean, all the things it's like the water is very warm. You can't see in the water at all. I wore a mask, which I think you look around well, just mentally, I think it helps to have your eyes open. Oh, but you can't see at all, you know. But yeah.


So it you know, it's not like shocking, cool, refreshing water for my situation, was it? You know, you're just like wrapped in a warm towel.


It's like primordial, primordial, feel very claustrophobic. And then you get in there and you're feeling around into nothing.


And then all of a sudden something hits you like bites you, you know, not in a friendly sort of testing out sort of way.


You know, it's like not nibbling. No, it is like Chumash.


Now, when they're doing that, they're defending the nest, right? Correct. Correct. That's what they're not they're not trying to feed.


You know what it what it is, it's like smaller fish, bluegill, briem, stuff like that will come into the northeast and try to eat eggs. So what they're doing is, is they are protecting that nest. And when that hand goes in and there's a proper way and I can promise you this, the boys that I would carry you with are extremely good and will coach you and tell you everything you do or don't want to. They got it.


How did a turkey collar get on catfish?


Well, because because the cow showing off his arm now demonstrate his arm. But here here's here's the thing. You don't explain you don't like.


It seems to me that the bathtub thing. You'd be limited about how many tubs you could round up. Well, if I may interject, in the old days, they would use old hot water heaters, they would use bathtubs, which are all that stuff is now illegal. You're not supposed to, at least in the state of Mississippi, use and utilize it because they don't deteriorate. That's the reason why we use wood, because over a period of time, the wood is going to rot and deteriorate.


Now, there is another group of guys that go strictly in natural stuff.


I'm out. I don't do that.


You never know when there could be a beaver, a big loggerhead turtle, you know, so and so and so forth.


They go back into a beaver den like the entrance to Beaver Den. How about this?


A big cypress stop. I believe it was named the lake where one of my buddies went to go into a big surprise. And as he was climbing and here comes a six foot alligator. Mm hmm. I've never seen my move that fast. But check out the.


So you got to scout it out when the waters lower?


Well, with the with the system, I mean, the all natural, the piris, they got to kind of scout like, how do they. Yeah.


How do they become aware of the hidey holes reaching their hands like this feeling of relief really or into a log jam or over a period of years they've learned like were the old trees have fallen and that are hollow or a beaver has dug a hole so that there's kind of just thought through life.


They just kind of find those spots.


Yeah, I know a guy that would grow up with a guy who's the bodies of my dad and they're kind of like VFW buddies.


He would go in and feel undercut banks for turtles. What do you mean he wouldn't? I'm not. Oh, it's like you didn't say would you?


Ain't seen our loggerhead turtles and you can use a stick to stick up in their teeth to fool around, fool around and see the fish will hit the stick.


Yeah, I've seen guys also wait out. Spooky turtle. And then just wait out and feel with your feet to eventually find I like my toes.


INAUDIBLE Yeah, but you know, when I was growing up, people everybody said I don't have any reason to think this is true. But it was accepted as knowledge that a turtle will not bite you underwater. I don't know why that was the thing that everybody said. Well, it's where they eat, right?


Yeah, but it was like a thing. People said, man, they're like, no, he won't like they won't bite you out of aggression underwater.


Oh, yeah. And as a kid who wants to swim, that's all you need, right?


It's like, oh, perfect. I was pulling up one time on a turtle trap and my turtle trap is just shaking. And there's a turtle in the trap fighting. To the death with a turtle out of the trap, fighting through the mesh like he could get his head out of the mesh. There are sure biting each other out of aggression underwater.


The thing people said that, oh, no, they won't bite you underwater. I don't know.


All I'm saying is I have known a lot of people who will lie to you, too. But what about biting up underneath the water that they do bite under the water?


Well, how the heck does he eat? No, I understand that. I don't know. I don't know why. But he said that that it won't hit you won't attack you.


Well, I'll tell you what you can find out. I'm not president of you or known anybody to lose a digit. No, from a turtle or not? No, I have not, but then I got a small group that I go with, I'm not going to find out. I like my fingers and my toes too much.


Yeah, you been. You've been shot twice. Yes, I want to get to that. OK, hang tight, though. OK. I can't less you can hang loose. OK, yeah, what what the hell is that? Where why do we have both those things? I don't know.


So when you like your fingers and your toes too much when you got shot or you kind of in a fetal position protecting those things, they didn't hit your fingers, did they?


I've still got shot in me all over. Oh, we'll talk about that. You tell me when you want to talk about it.


Well, just one that's got to do something real quick. OK, Karen, explain how checked out. You do explain the deal to the one Krenz guy. Tell us about the update about the dude that was eating the dog. Oh, I wasn't I feel like Karl's probably, but we can we can maybe. Well, did you research continue to research? Karen's been on it. Craig refuses to contact. The gentleman who refuses to contact the gentleman.


Feels as though he doesn't feel like talking about it.


So, yeah, because you've got a guy who was eating dogs now, so here's the deal, I don't know. I'll recap this because I know these monkeys.


Listen, there's a guy in New York kicking a dog, cooking a kaiyote. His neighbor that either has a fit, his neighbor has a fit and runs over videoing them and raising holy hell and calling the police, they come over and they don't give him the benefit of the doubt and confiscate his dinner. Send it off to a lab. Listen, that was a big war on barbecue site right there, wasn't it?


Yeah, so that was the southern side, the Yankees.


So as you probably should so.


They send it off to where? Cornell? Yeah, to the lab, the lab comes back and says, what? We're 98 percent sure this gentleman was cooking a coyote. So do they bring him back his thing? I mean, I don't think so. They better bring them something I don't know how much they took. That's my thought. So unfortunately, like the only news source consistently reporting on this thing is like Cornell is 98 percent certain it's a coyote.


But until we really find out for sure like these are the actions that could happen, either the you know, whoever is in charge of livestock in the state of New York and handles animal cruelty is going to get in touch with this guy on the two percent chance that it is domestic or the state of New York. Fish and Game is going to talk to this guy further. Right, like leaves it like that.


So I I called the District Fish and Game there in whatever county it was.


I can't remember now. And.


Well, you do primary research. Yes.


And I talked to a journalist, talked to a warden and then, you know, he's like all anecdotal, right? He's like, well, yeah.


I mean, it's not illegal. He's like, if you want to do it, go for it is like it is, you know, coyote season.


And in fact, I saw a TV show once where somebody ate a guy and I was like, OK, all right, sounds good.


And then and then I ended up calling back just to double double check and spoke with with the regional communications.


And you got got the the. Got the impression that they had fielded quite a few phone calls at this morning talking about it. Yeah. And they're like, we know what you're getting after. And yes, it is completely legal to eat a coyote in the state of New York as long as it's done during coyote season, which is lengthy.


Well, no, because you can eat a deer out of deer season. There's no you got to like eating your venison when season ends.


That would change the game quite a bit when you won't be a whole lot of time for eating because you're usually gone.


A lot of barbecued barbecue season, huh?


Yeah, I still think I should find this guy, but this guy's got to be real sick of this whole occurrence. Oh, for sure.


And like the whole makeshift grill thing that they were talking about.


So the guy you can see in the picture, the the guy or family gets gets out in the woods. There's a canoe sitting up there. There's some things that you would attribute to folks that are.


Are messing around in the out of doors, and I think he singed the hair off the coyote with the blowtorch, and that was the makeshift grill, probably half. That's just the story that you know what we need. Here's what we need, Ukrain. I want you to get the guy the lady told on him and the person from the lab all here in the studio, we're going to hash it out. I said, I'm not going to we won't quit until those two people hug each other.


I know where they are. I know where they both live. They're going to walk out here holding hands and go to dinner.


I have Google Maps with you live a short street.


Exactly how I get a hold of the gentlemen remains to be seen.


We're going to we have to fly the both of them around to just hash it out.


I have a challenge for you, for the gentlemen who meet the of. Send them a recipe for the next one. Well, it sounds like he is using my strategy. I think that he was using that strategy because I when I cooked the I just cooked Kayode the way I had seen.


Dogs cooked, that's all, so I think that he was cooking Akao in the way that he probably knows that that's a traditional dog prep now. What's the final we're going to talk about this. Go for me. I think let's just talk about it now.


I realize that we had everybody up about GHAVAMI when Brandon Butler's place got burnt down to the ground and people really poured the coals to his go campaign. I don't want to. This isn't like every week. So I go to this.


Go fund me. Not going to be overdoing it on gold farming, but is a guy who's a hunter. His daughter, very ill Bourneville, what is the. She has broncho pulmonary dysplasia, which and severe pulmonary hypertension never even been.


I think she's spent pretty much your whole existence in a two and a half years in hospital. Yeah, but this came to our attention because the father of the child was selling, but he was on an archery chat room or Facebook group selling his hunting equipment.


To raise money, to cover travel back and forth and all the ancillary and primary expenses involved in this, what is the name of that thing?


It's a heartbreaking expression. You got kids. I don't think you need to have kids to find that heartbreaking. Cody Griffiths is the dude's name. Bohner. Right, yeah, Cody Griffiths, we had a listener of the podcast write in and let us know that he, as a member of a hunting group on Facebook, he had seen someone post in his hunting group who is a member of another hunting group on on Facebook that Cody was selling some of his archery gear.


And this led him to look into Cody's Go Fund Me campaign. It's called Help Bobby Griffith. And it tells you all about his daughter. And I guess he was down to selling some of his hunting equipment to continue to try to raise money for her by people to go take a look.


One last quick thing. I'm last night we got the ice fish and it was late.


So me, my wife took our kids to a bar to get them dinner on the way home in the bar to sign on the door as you come in.


A new sign that said no tweakers allowed. I was like, does that mean drugs are covered, tweakers or twerked to workers?


No workers.


But I was like, I couldn't tell him because, like, I've never heard of a covered tweaker. Oh, covid tweakers son is like very dialed on covid precautions.


This is the thing. Oh yeah. covid tweakers. No way. But then no one wanted it.


So you think it made like no drug. People know that those guys drink a lot though. Yeah, but the Akaba tweakers not even go into a bar.


That's what I was thinking. It was like redundant.


Right now, this brandnew and then doolally people wear masks in the bar.


My kids, they're shooting pool of masks.


They got they're so trained up from school, they're comfortable to run around all the time in the mask. So you think that's what it meant, yes. Yeah, I mean, we're no drug people, no drug addicts.


Oh, for I where you don't have to specify exactly where you were. But like, for example, if you were on the high line in northern Montana, that would be like more a more applicable place for a sign like that. You do see those those shirts around. Everyone's like there's like a.. I shouldn't say a. tweaker, everybody should be a. tweaker don't do drugs, kids, if I type in covid tweaker, I get a the second hit I get, as the article called, coronavirus and Illicit Drug Use.


So the CIA combines it.


All right. So you got shot twice. Where was the first time you got shot? Not where like where and where. Meaning where were you and where on your body did you get hit?


And that hurt? Yeah, it hurt the first time.


Again, Kristen Pittman, the first time I got shot was in what we call Camp Shelby or DeSoto National Forest. And tell me, the National Forest again, DeSoto, DeSoto, DeSoto National Forest, south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


How does he get one named after himself? I called it Camp Shelby because there's also an army base that is there and you're liable to be in the woods hunting, here comes tanks when they're doing their little army games. Mm hmm.


But anyway, you're getting shot goggles off those tanks. What is it, Karl, when you go for so many years and you can't be prosecuted, what is that terminology? Oh, statute of limitation.


Yeah, I think the statute limitations are over with. Yes. In fact, I was probably one of the first that would go down in his truck, take his bicycle out of the back of his truck and pedal around the little barriers that they had to get close to the impact.


Right. Just because he got him a job twice. First when the big gun went off in second when there was a shell hit the ground.


Oh, so you're out of this? Oh, yeah. I mean, that was the best way in the world. Hear that?


That was him. That was him just making that noise. You know how it happened.


Now to the time or to do you are you missing teeth up on the top now? I got split and I still have, I thought maybe took them out in order to make good garbles.


No. OK, so you're hunted by the army tanks?


Well, I'm going on that particular day, I was right across from the Caspian Road. People in South Mississippi don't know exactly. Tell me the name of that road again.


Kalpen Kalpen. Yeah, I can't know. I'm with you.


I'll be in Rome and a 16 year old, basically. I'm working a bird, Zaghawa with three hands. And one thing that I found out a long time ago is that in a last resort, I will God bless him. Oh, that's how you got shot.


Yeah. So I can't totally blame. So it's true. Both times I got shot I was goblin. OK, yeah, it's true. You could get shot for Goblin. Yes.


Especially in public ground. And that's where I was at. So I guess he saw movement or whatever it may be and heard me gobble and. A sense came to know that, you know, the guy was there, no, not in the course you would have done it, not in the beginning, no. And basically just get that sense. It came over. Something was not right.


Not that I was looking at the burden he gave me. I just kind of eased my head around and looked. And there is a young man standing by a tree. Well, I was single by a 12 gauge. And as I hollered, I balled up into a ball and the majority of the shot hitting my back and let's just say my rear end did penetrate.


I want to back up a second. How far at the time, how far are you from the turkey you were? About 60 yards. So it seems like this guy was kind of like maybe sneaking in on the goggles. Yes, OK, so he wasn't, like, set up there, coincidentally.


I got you. No, no, no, no. He's here in all this right times. I got shot. He's here in this racket.


And he's kind of like coming in to have a look. Yeah, he's trying to. Sneaky. Sorry. Go ahead. I didn't hear him call, didn't hear anything. So I just balled up into a ball he shot. And it wasn't like a death shot, but it penetrated. Think of about a hundred wasp stinging you at one time. That's about what it felt like. From what range did he hit you?


About 45 yards. That's when we had lad shot only not copper coated lead and not to yes. Yes.


Do you feel like just from your understanding of Turkey shot? At that distance, would that would that have the arm to get through your skull and get your brain? Well, I had to Pilates.


The only two pillars that they were moved with were upside my back of my neck. All it could have got, your spine and the rest of them, they said, will do more damage in taking a mile than. You know, just let them stay and over a period of about five years, I'd get like a pimple on my back and start scratching it. There come a number of six shot popping out. You save some of those not.


Hmm, why not why am I not because I'm not a reluctant warrior house and you see that until I put it to you like this, those type of trophies, I don't want what the shooter did he run off or did you run over to help?


Was he helpful, Daddy, if about 40 years ago your son came home without his shotgun? I still have it to this day. Let's just say we ended up in a confrontation, I don't want to use that strong of a language that we didn't agree with each other.


I'm trying to say this politically correct. I confronted him. Yeah. And he proceeded to tell me that he could hunt anywhere he wanted to, as I'm trying to educate the young man to the point of recognize your target, see the whole animal, don't shoot it sound so and so.


And he was blaming you for having gobbled. Oh, yes.


And I do take part of the I take part of the blame. But when he swung the low single barrel at me and after he shot you. Oh yeah. You told me to go to Hades, that he would hunt any way he wanted to proceed to disarm him, shall we say, man, how about a guy doubling down?


You tell him a redneck getting. I just got to say it pissed off. I got pissed off now.


So he he got you over the edge after he shot. Yeah. He tried to knock the hell out of me with his gun barrel.


Oh, look, you guys, I would feel that if I shot someone, I would run over and sort of be like, oh, boy, am I in the wrong house.


Is there anything I can do to be of assistance? Well, the second time I got shot, that's exactly what happened.


That's OK. I want to focus. I it was about 300 yards from where I got shot at the first time and I was doing the same thing. You know, we're kind of hard to educate.


Is that where you plan on taking Steve Turkey on when he comes down to visit?


I want to go to that tree. You know, I don't even go in that part of the country anymore. The second time I got shot, basically, I'm not a soldier.


No police involvement? No. But yeah, did you go seek medical treatment? I finally went to the hospital, I dug those two shots out.


How many pills did you get in? You got a bunch.


Let's just say later on that night after I got back from the hospital, if you want a picture in your mind, a Funny Cide, imagine someone having a couple of adult beverages and then getting on top of the bathroom counter with a needle, a pocket knife and a pair of tweezers, mom and pop, as many as you can out of your rear end out. That was just me the second time. I didn't get penetrated that much. And you never said to the cops, hey, I got shot.


Wow, well, you're beat. I think generally people do that.


Well, let me give you first of all, like we called the cops. We called the cops last night.


You got to realize how many years ago that was OK. OK, I'm 67. Think. Yeah, 67 years old. I was in my 20s. Early 20s whenever this happened and. I just didn't see any need to do it. Yeah, OK, the second time, the second time and here again, we're going way back, OK, we're going back to one that we're not that many turkey hunters. There was not the information that there is out there now with no quality TV shows like yourself and all the others and Internet.


And having that crap were turkeys to probably. Right. Oh, I can remember trying to find a track.


Yeah, I've been through it all.


I've seen from basically very little all the way to the rise of what we call the good old days to the steady and off to the decline that we're having as well as the good old days, late 90s, early 2000s, about now before the 2000s.


We don't say 90s now. There's going to be in the 90s. But this gentleman I knew, and he was one of the few, what I call good turkey hunters, but he's a creeper, too. That's what I say. A creeper, huh? A sneaker like a bushwhacker. That's not bushwack.


And that's taken him out by God. Because I want to if I can't call him, I'll call him. OK, so which I'll think I want to listen. I'm real interested in getting shot, but I want to understand the nomenclature here or the the the lexicon.


What in your mind is a bushwhacker? Somebody shoots him out the window. Oh, yeah, that's what your vehicle. OK, no doubt. And a creeper is like. What's your opinion? Ground blind. Well, where's I find them?


Damn things confining. Now, hang on. Let's stop right here. So that that that that I can get this out. Right. People that are listening.


As a general set of rules, you don't walk in, Karl, and you don't sneak there are places are tracts of land that you can get away with. We're fixing to get into a whole school.


So I don't even know what I want people to hunt safely.


OK, we're talking about safety. I just want to understand before we do that. I want to get in life lessons about getting shot heard, but I just I'm just I'm just curious about this from from regional variations. A creeper hears a goblin sneaks up on it. Have you ever tried it? Yeah, in the south. No. OK, then you haven't tried it yet. Oh, don't give me that. You're not going to lay on the like these turkeys are.


So like everyone knows that a Missouri, Turkey, no, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana is very hard to state. They are anywhere in the country. If you can kill a bird in Mississippi and Alabama and go anywhere in the United States and kill a bird, I promise you, we have the longest executive hunting seasons of any state. That's fine in the United.


But you're not you won't answer my question. OK, question. What is a creeper? A creeper is someone that if he won't come to you, you go to him by that time you have been in on this bird multiple times and you have figured out what is going on. Either he is homosexual or either he has all the hands that he wants and is not going to come to you. Now, is that the accepted procedure that most turkey hunters do?


Absolutely. But you are open to it. I'll put a hand decoy on my head and crawl out in the middle of a cow pasture and kill him. OK, I'll put a tail chaser on my gun barrel and crawl up and kill him. I'll dig a hole in the ground and bury myself to kill him.


OK, so you're not down on the creeper that shot, you know. OK, I thought was a derogatory term. No, no. All right. So there you are. Hunting. We're hunting. In a creeper, am I going to catch some slack over this? I don't care if my style is my way, not I'm not from this crew, OK?


It's like I say, if I can't call him. I will call him if it's legal in that particular state, Alabama, for example, just passed a law that like the Fanning, that's creeper. You say that? Yeah, that that's a creeper right now.


OK, then it is is illegal now in the state of Georgia.


How do they even if you're stationary or. Yeah. Yeah. How do they spell it out. There's multiple states they can, but how do they describe, you know, I mean like well how is it described.


Basically I am guessing. OK, yeah. I have to tell you about a couple different products made by Mojo.


There is the tail chaser erect, which has an apparatus that goes on to your gun barrel, OK, that you can crawl and keep in front of you. And it has like a little tripod on it, and then there's the scoop and shoot that has a handle on it. And I've had one of those in my Amazon cart.


They're out of stock for a long time. I like those things.


Let me know if you need one. I can get you one. Oh, please. OK, you need one. Yeah, OK. Me too.


Yuck. Oh, Terry, you here in this Theilman. I need three more. How do you think it's erm I think that now known as those in your Amazon cart salon, your wife deletes it because she's like why has it been here for like eight. We just don't know the right. Yeah OK.


But man we some talk about getting shot but go on we're going.


Oh what the heck. I was. Oh but that's a creeper if you don't want them.


And like normal and it's a it's a fan that allows you to move. Yes. Up on birds. Yes. Like partially at least partially obscured. Yes, probably more so because their attention is on the fan.


Someone explain why this is dangerous.


Because what do you what have you got? You've got a gobbler. What are you trying to hunt? A goblin? I'll repeat only do this in places where you know you can do it safely. Yeah, like very private land in the middle of that private land.


Oh, Anthony, are you trying to find out how they articulate. Yeah. Right now. OK. That's a tough one to explain and regulate. Yeah, I can't wait to hear like what exactly? Like how they express it. Like I think that the state of Pennsylvania, you cannot you have to be stationary, period. That's correct. And I believe you had to walk in with Hunter's Orange.


And I've also been told that you need to put like a ban or whatever hanging on the tree.


I'm not sure about that part of it. Yeah, I believe in Pennsylvania, they say many years you can't stalk a turkey. Right. So it's illegal in some places. Huh, that makes sense, like if you're mobile, you have to display that you're mobile by wearing always orange, that would be an easy way to. That feels a little big brother to me personally.


I believe that's the only state where Hunter's orange is required. Interesting. I believe I. Don't know that far, probably because he had a bunch of ninnies reporting themselves to the cops every time they got shot.


That's why it's best to keep quiet someone you just pretty soon you're going to get out your tweezers and let me see. Let me set the scene for you.


Here you are. You're a survivor. You've been shot turkey before. You got shot because you're goblin. Mm hmm.


So you go back out to that spot and commence the goblin and a gentleman creeps up on me.


And basically the same thing steps on a twig as he's getting close to me. Here again, I turn to look and I went, oh, my God.


Balled up into a ball. I thought I was going to have to carry him out. He was that upset.


He was that upset and he quit hunting. Oh, now, wait a second.


Is not the rest of the story. Three years later, finally, I kept calling him and talk to him, tell me everything's OK. Honest mistake. I'm to blame as much as as you are. And I made him go turkey hunting again.


Really? So you kind of, like, stuck with them and mentor them through it? Yeah. Not mentor them, but.


And he was older than I was. I was a kid back then. Was it like I think it was like two years after I got shot the first round.


Well I might have been eighteen or nineteen when I got shot the first time. The second time I was I can't remember somewhere between 18 and 25 somewhere.


Is he still around now? He's passed away. Hmm. But he went back to turkey hunting again. How like at what point did you at what point in the getting shot? Like, when did the tables turn? You know, I mean, like did you immediately, I mean, so you imagine someone accidentally shoots you and they rush over to to comfort you.


It's like. How quickly did it become the that you're like, oh, he's hurt more than I am immediately almost because he's on the ground and he's holding his chest and he's crying, really?


You know what I mean? I mean, he come to me immediately whenever I screamed, and then he comes to me and when he gets right there on me, I stand up, he falls down to his knees. He's got his head buried in his hands.


Was that sobbing? You know, apologizing.


And I'm going I'm fine. You know, it stung a little bit.


You know, I've been here before. Yeah. Yeah. I'll tell you what he did do, though. It made me go find some private land to hunt. Well, if you're dead set, if you decide goblins, you told me a very important lesson about golf in the woods. It took twice, but it finally got through. If you're a turkey hunter, you know, springtime means listening for some gobbler off ripping birds chirp and frogs making noise, taking a big ol nap in the afternoon, out in the woods, waking up, got a tick on another gobbler going off.


I love it. Well, Phil's game calls has been building professional grade Turkey calls for years from seasoned veteran Turkey callers and competitive Turkey callers down to beginners to Dusit struggle to learn how to master calling. Phelps has a call for every Turkey Hunter. Phelps game calls takes great pride in hand building each diaphragm right here in America. Source Monia finest raw materials. All their calls speak for themselves in tone and longevity. Jason Phelps, along with Chris Parrish famous Turkey call God, have designed the calls so they're easy to use and they are the most consistent quality turkey diaphragms that you will find out there.


Their lineup of Turkey calls takes American craftsmanship to a whole other level. You'll be fooling even the most discerning old time turkey season is right around the corner. So grab some calls and start practicing.


Now you like I do, man, you keep one in your vehicle. When you're driving around, you make weird faces that confuse people because in their practice and how to use you call start now. I always spend one. Borio, you. No, I will. I'll do.


I'll start messing my turkey call. I started in the winter mess of my turkey go all through Turkey season. Then I'd switch over and start messing with alcohol or something.


Go to Phelps game called dotcom, end of the cold meat eater and you get free shipping at checkout again. Phelps game calls dotcom. Phelps spelled with help. Game calls dotcom cold meat eater. Get them close with Phelps game calls.


Here's what I got for you. Oh, wait a second, I don't understand how you doing that. Pretty amazing.


It comes and goes at my age. That's halfway decent. That's pretty interesting. When teacher. I don't know, man. Yes, it's OK. Well, we got some other instructing to do, but yeah, OK. But let me.


OK, can we get it? All right. We'll do what we'll do. Lesson number one now.


OK, lesson number one is real simple. Say the word Al. I will now say it.


Inhaling air. Oh, there you go. Oh, it's going to help out, Mark. You will get a sore throat.


Now, I need to get I need to know the foundation for the whole sets. The foundation. Yeah, it hurts. Ow! Oh, ow. So it's out.


And then what in all inhale. All inhale here in your inhale. When do that. Yes.


Oh. Oh, nice place. Yeah, wag that tongue, Yani similar, like when I do an elk bark, I inhale. Oh, you can gobble. Johnny is a gifted he's gifted, Megan. Hey, Johnny, show your show on the way off. You listen to this. This is way off. Yeah. Otherwise known as a whistle.


That's where you like me, I don't know if I want to walk way over there.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh. Oh, oh, somehow there's like a pop in there a little bit what's going on that it's strong and then I'm relaxed.


Your larynx is a rubber band. This is the analogy I'm going to use here.


Have my voice now starting to get a little deeper. I've stretched mine so much I can't do it like what I used to could do it. And it's not dependable, but it's like I'm stretching that rubber band and then I'm letting off of it.




And I'm using my tongue to even get that microphone shaken. Ah. How how how did it come to be, how did you wind up on Letterman doing Turkey calling? Well, on November 28th, 1953, I was hatch when I popped out of my mom and a baby doctor grabbed me by my hind legs and hit me on a Harley instead of crying.


That's what I did.


Oh, some say it was Thanksgiving Day.


I'm an old competition caller.


Yeah, I see that you were the champ of Champs.


That's a a I've had all five different world championships, some of them multiple times. St. Regional District, Grand National. National. That's what I did. That was that was my sport.


Can you make any money doing that? But you don't make money. You know, there's like a purse that you win, right?


Well, yes and no. Oh, so there is a little prize money. I didn't mean like all the ancillary industry and all that expertize, but I mean, like, here's some money because you won like the world championship at one point in time, pay five thousand dollars first place.


OK, so when I started you were lucky if you get your entry fees back in, maybe a shotgun.


And some of the guys, ninel. Are like the NWT, used to have a big part, five, four, three, two, one. OK, let me hit you with some of these credentials. So you've won. I can't lose this many things to win. Oh, it's a sport, yeah. I mean, like a rodeo guy, you couldn't generate a list of wins like it used to be in the world. Turkey calling contest.


The World Natural voice. Turkey calling contest. Then here's like tag team Turkey calling the world to man team, Turkey calling contest. But your throat gets so sore, you take your body, now you're doing a scenario, so walk me through that.


The two man team is basically they will give you a scene like you're walking down on a log. And can we do it?


Because I want to do it with you, Anthony. Oh, Lord, this is hard work practices. Oh, you got to practice, OK? Oh, yeah. I want you to play both parts. Oh, good God. And, Steve, I'll give you the scene. No. Yeah. Give me a snare. Give me like an example of a scene.


I know. I'm walking down a logging road in south Alabama. It's late in the season. Birds have been hammered pretty hard. You locate the bird with some type of a locator call and then you commence to call the bird in required calls, clucks and purrs, cutting off the hand turkey scratching in the leaves. I didn't bring my flap and scratch something in.


One of the people, one of the two man is playing the gobbler. Whatever, whatever you work the scenario out between the two collars.


My team member, for example, in a couple of a couple times I won with Chris Parrish. My team member might do a PVA woodpecker in the bird, not gobble.


Oh. So you got to take it from the top. Oh, Lord.


You might have a wood, a wood duck called whistling overhead and then I might blow Kroko in the turkey gobbles to it was the watchdog for said is the pain.


So you're really you're responsible for the whole whatever. I like it, I like it.


So there's like a semi that drives by in the distance fire ants. Oh I even broke one time.


I'm a little crazy though.


OK, all right.


Let me just we don't need to do the whole elaborate deal. I just want to provide a couple of things. So let's, let's it is OK. So wood duck flies by.


Well I told him I would duck whistle cow. Oh so it's not OK. So you're allowed to bring a how do you know what to bring.


You don't know the scenario. Well, you know what, the scenario is ahead of time between the two guys get together, we work out able oh, so you can rehearse. It's not like it's not like improv. No, no, no, no, no, no. It might be the day of the contest. Yeah. Gotcha.


So that way you can kind of round up what you need.


For example, here's a real quick oh oh.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Blow you do your job. You hear this guy got oh do you have heard this go.


Oh I know you do.


You do a better one now and you're into it. I can do a good crow. OK, do crowd.


Now, you've got a great hour, but you're not bringing it. My little my little role at the end is I've forgotten it or lost it or something. I can't I've been that role. He's just not feeling it because he's not out the woods.


He can rip one.


And by the way, you're supposed to pay attention to this on you and you play in New York. So we'll get to that.


We'll get to that. But, Johnny, go ahead. Well, he's being bashful. He gobbles. I tested. What's what you do now? Nothing. Moments later, a truck rolls by. Well. Oh, is my apartment, listen to mine and he goes, oh, I hear that I want to get out like that drome. Now, what I'm trying to paint the picture I'm trying to paint is I have a he and first she could try to get excited like he did not respond.


I came back Wisoff calling, clucking, Pern solfege up, and then I threw a drum in there. So I'm putting the pitcher in the turkey that I'm honey, that there is a hien but she has a nonresponsive gobbler with her.


This is so you you will make a you will mimic. Something happens in nature, you'll mimic a drum to get a gobbler worked up. Oh, yes, that's one of my favorite calls, really.


That one again? Hmm.


I've never. Have you have you, like, encountered people doing that? Very few. No. And I'm surprised that we haven't heard guys UWC. Yeah. Well, who says hello there. Who's that guy?


Zuk. He used to compete against you always call in hello back.


You might have helped him. He might have helped you. I don't know. I don't mind. You've gotten all the way through all your credentials. Let me put it to you like this. Nobody else will ever get the chance to quit.


I'm retired. OK, hung up your spurs. That's right. So to speak. That's right. I don't have to prove it to anybody else anymore of guys out there a lot better than me right now.


Tell people what? That when he's drumming and spit in there, tell people what the birds are actually doing. Human terminology, no, just like explain like what is the noise you made the noise.


Explain like he's doing a variety of things to make that noise displaying are he's in full strut, he's blown up, is basically what he is. He's trying to make an impression on that. He and that I'm the pretty as a male that you've ever seen. And I want to make love to you. Mm hmm. I want to bring you is what I want to do. And by just drumming and not gobbling is the bird that I'm hunting is vocal.


And as you heard when I did cluck and purrs and a drum, he gobbled. So now putting that picture in his mind, there's a dude over there trying to steal his girlfriend.


But I mean, I want to tell people how the bird makes that noise. You know, I don't think anybody has ever truly figured it out, whether it's coming from the body or coming from the mouth. I think it's coming from the actual from the mouth itself. I think because he's also beaten his wings to. You know, on the ground. Well, now that's a whole total different sound. It's like a with a wingtips or dragon.


I think it's coming from inside of the body. And I still think it's coming from the actual mouth itself. He might be sucking in air. I don't know. I'm not done that research.


Mike Chamberlain, what about Mike Chamberlain?


He'll have to call in and tell us what I'm sure he knows.


Well, I'm sucked into the story now.


So where do you go from here? So you you're telling this turkey that's on the approach that there's a male competing for a female and he better get over here?


I'm not going to gamble. I'm going to continue my yelping. If he gobbles, for example, if I'm a. At the end of the film, that's the one that you're hunting, this one of mine. OK, OK, OK.


But in this scenario there's no OK in a two man Turkey Collins scenario, there's no human you're supposed to be doing like birds communicating to birds. You're not replicating a hunter. Well, one is the hunter, OK? Yes, and one is the bird that I'm after I got you. So I thought you're you're creating an entirely natural scenario of how this might play out between two turkeys. No, no, no. I'm with you.


We're trying to harvest the birds. What we're trying to do in the tomb entered into to maintain. And usually one person is primarily the bird that you're hunting and one person is the hunter. But sometimes they get together also. It just depends on what I'm trying to accomplish.


So really, it's a it's a test of how two people can sort of like their vocabulary of natural noises, including turkey sounds and how they might.


Create the cadence and call that response could be a county back in the background that could be an elk bugling, even though that doesn't happen that time of year, but it's still pending in that picture, you know, and they do do these weird little bugles in the spring.




You have your partner get real excited and then make a fly down noise. And then like the next two and a half hour, let's hear a fly down.


With a trickle, no. And you hit the ground. No matter what the best thing to do right here, what kind of laws we're if he is progressively now starting to move towards you and his gobbling that much, you know what the best thing to do with this turkey collar is put in your pocket. Spit it out, shut up. You've done enough, all you can do is educate even a little bit more now. Let me keep painting the scene on your credentials.


So the world man, the world to man, to the world to man team Turkey and call and contest the world gobbling Turkey calling contest the world all call Turkey calling contest.


You're the only man, the only person to hold five different world titles, other wins include seven national champion ships, nine national champ of champs.


The U.S. gobbling champion, the Grand National gobbling champion and grand national champ of champs Blind Hog, finds an acre to every now and again.


What's a champ of champs?


It's like a world. It's like nationals like the world champion of champions. All the Grand National NWT of Grand National Champion Champions is only open to the former national or grand national winners.


So it's like if there's six or seven world champions, there are six or seven grand national champions there. They'll duke it out.


We duke it out. And he won that. Zuby, you went in and but you went in and beat. The whoever had accrued previous wins, correct? Is there and in the turkey call in the world, are you guys all remain chummy or are there like legitimate rivalries where people stop like each other?


I like everybody, so it doesn't get ugly, it doesn't get ugly, like we honestly don't like somebody, another caller, like a professional rivalry. I come from the old days and see if you recognize this name being Roger Lee. No, sir, he is the NY. He's the father. OK? But this is what it breaks down to Turkey, Colin, to publicizing it, so on and so forth. Please do a little research and educate him on that.


OK, great.


Are there are people who don't like other people? Yes, ma'am.


I don't mean like that. Like, I didn't mean it that way.


I meant I don't mean that you don't like them, but is it when you guys get together, are you all sitting at the same table, some of us.


OK, or is there like the vast majority. Yes. OK, it stays where it stays friendly. I'll sit down and have a beer with Chris Parish or whoever it may be, you know, at any point in time. And I have a saying especially now, pass it on, please pass it on, and I encourage any and 99 percent of the competition callers are willing to help someone else. So it's a lot more positive, but very few.


Now, there's some that might not show you their call because it's their, quote, secret cut know like in their diaphragm and they don't want everybody else to get it.


Yes, that goes on. But that's about the extent of it.


Well, you know, so you won one of these and then someone from a producer from David Letterman was like, I need to get this guy on the show, actually kind of like.


Who was it who got Clay, he's the one who called, I believe, called the National Wild Turkey Federation, and they sent a lot of this stuff up, whether it was Letterman, Leno, Regis and Kelly and all the crap would have done. It basically all came through in WTF. And at one point in time, Wild Turkey Bourbon was a sponsor of the adult divisions. Like the first time that I did Letterman. I can't remember the young lady's name, but it was her father was the head brewer of Wild Turkey Bourbon in Canada.


And she basically flew with Alian, you know, and took care of everything. But 90 percent of it has been from being from the MWF that basically people would get in contact with them and ask about people and how they get in Letterman three times, something like that.


Do you recognize, though, I I feel like I've seen some of those segments. I'm sure you have. They're. Not laughing with you, maybe I don't care. Yeah, see, that's the difference between me and a lot of people. Yeah, I don't care if you laugh with me or you laugh at me.


Just laugh and enjoy.


Life is too damn short not to enjoy it because like, you go on there and there kind of a.. Kind of to it. I know exactly what I'm getting into. Yeah.


They they don't they don't care about calling in turkeys. Oh no, no, no, no. It's like but it's like a thing, it's like, it's a thing that's really hard to do. Right. It's like it's exceptionally hard. Do you dedicate your whole life to it. But then it's like oh look at that dumb redneck.


I don't care. Yeah that's good. Well, I mean, you look at it this way. Football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, whatever it may be, turkey count is a legitimate sport ameliorative. Whenever I was actively competing all over the country, I worked out every single solitary day. I was practicing every day, even whenever I was working on the way to work lunch lunchtime after I got off of work, I was practicing, I was working out.


I had it down to where I had calls tuned to a small room like this, to a open room, to a metal covered room.


You say calls tuned to those. Yes. Really? Yes.


Like what's going to sound good in the studio? What's going to sound good.


And there you go, huh? There you go. Do you have a do you have like a pretty finely trained ear, you know? Do you hear do you feel that you hear music different than people hear music or I I'm not going to say music, but I do own Turkey calling because now mostly what I do and I try to get out as much as I can is adjudge. And I'm literally listening for someone who can sound better. Than a wild turkey with absolutely zero mistakes.


Mm hmm. And that is very, very hard to accomplish because in reality and wildlife, sometimes your worst sounding color is a hen herself. Yeah. Michel, mistletoe do notes. What you would say is backwards, whatever it may be, is just kind of like getting your tongue tired and they've been able to talk just like a human being.


The other day we were on a previous episode, we were playing funny like natural sounds of very funny sounding turkeys, or like a hen who yelped 70 some times in a row. Yeah, I don't think I've ever heard that. That just doesn't stop, does it? And where was this?


I do remember that clip on YouTube. I don't remember where it was. Hey, just watch your standing. There wasn't a 70 some yelps in a row. It looked like Eastern Woods.


Yeah. Hm. So the MILF, in other words.


So you were like you're dyslexic. Yes. So how bad like it to a I don't know if crippling is the right word, but. Well I mean are you able to sit down, read a book now. Yes, yeah, but it would probably take me five times as long to read as you were Schoolyard.


Thirteen years to graduate was supposed to take you 12.


Yeah, yeah, nobody knew what it was, but what do they think it was worth trying. Yeah, all you're dumb.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, and and may I interject here, if if you have a child that has that problem, you know, now they recognize it, they know about it and they know how to treat it and know how to help people. Please give them help.


Mm hmm. Oh yeah. Like you had you were like stigmatizes not being bright, correct. I ain't got no book learning, I mean, words will flip and I've learned how to combat it on my own, but letters and words will flip on me, I will still do certain I'm all to see backwards.


But it's only in reading, right? Like it's not in speaking up now speaking.


Does it bother me? Yeah.


So when you're reading your read, it doesn't, it doesn't switch over Cloverdale.


I cannot spell learning to spell always remains difficult when you're dyslexic. I can't spell with me right now.


Today. I mean, I can spell some words, but thank God for that phone, you know, how do you how do you spell sarsaparilla? You know, one of my you know, just.


Do you do you have siblings? I have one child. I have three stepdaughters, all of them girls. You got brothers and sisters. I have one brother was the older.


Younger. He's older. So he was smart. And you weren't. That was like the way they used to think I'm old.


Give cloud and that compliment. You're great. Yes. He was very smart. Oh, I'm trying to remember the guy's name is Claude Cloud.


Yes. He's ten years older than I am. That's a big spread between two kids. Oops, now, I'm not going to tell you that story anyway.


And as you're growing up, your dad had my dad was a pilot, a plumber had three heart attacks. Oh, no. He had four heart attacks, one stroke, and the fifth heart attack killed him. What age were you when that was grown out going on? I would have been in my 20s, late 20s. Was he a turkey hunter? No. Was not was Claude? No, he wouldn't walk across the street for the biggest bulk of the biggest turkey.


But if you give him he was a draftsman is what he was. If you gave him a basket full of parts to put an automobile or a car together, a man or a motorcycle. He's your man, and that was his hobby. Like I said, primarily, he was a draftsman in Texas who got you into it then. Here we go.


Back in the old days, we had families.


I get to preach. I get to stand on my little right now. We had families that did things together. There were no cell phones. There was not the Internet. It was families getting together and doing things together.


And they had a little day in Carthage, Mississippi, the Fourth of July celebration. And at that celebration, they had a turkey calling contest, a duck calling contest, a hatchet throwing contest, archery confiscate contest, greased pig contest, greased pole, old time country day, competitive bunch of.


How are you.


Go figure that one out.


Oh, and my family took me there and I was.


Oh yeah. On a fishing rodeo. I was 12 years old and I wanted to fish and rodeo and I found out I was two years too old and stopped at age 10 and I'm here now.


Don't get this wrong. My dad was a great hunter and he was a Bardhan recoil back when we had quail in the south. Yeah. And Deer Hunter. He was a dog man. What was we had a thing in our Quale since 1962. Down what percent to 83, it's a stunning man.


How about 99, 83 percent? I think it's like a national decline in oil, since there's no doubt. There's no doubt. Yeah, sorry. We're going.


I met a gentleman by the name of Jack Dudley, who was a natural born scholar, and at that point in time was the state champion. And it was like competition. Turkey calling. I love to hunt. We'll meet this guy. And I was kind of like a little leech attached myself to him. Mm hmm. And he mentored me and brought me up to the point to where through telephone. And him doing some very small, you know, instructional like going to Real Sportsman's Club.


Turkey Hunt is just starting to be talked about.


OK, well, years this. I feel I graduated in seventy two, so it would have been in the late 60s, mid to late 60s is where it would have been I. And. Alarm woman after voice And at that point in time, if I heard a sound, give me enough time and I could reproduce it, I can't do it anymore, though. Don't go there with me. I'll be throwing up on your mike.


I came back at age 16. And they didn't have junior contests, so you said the Mississippi State Turkey column championship and when I walked off the state, I was the state champion. Oh, yeah, all the old farts, like I'm an old fart right now, is gone, or did that little shit come from when you were 16, 16 years old? OK, and how old were you when you killed your first turkey?


Nine. Oh, I see. So you did.


That's all his cares about. You didn't you didn't go like Turkey calling. You didn't go turkey calling turkey hunting.


You went turkey hunting, turkey calling like you were already interested in Turkey.


Yes and no. The first bird that ever killed the statue of limitations should be gone, by the way, was illegal. God forgive me, everybody, forgive me, I've done some things that I shouldn't have done in my younger days, but I got injured.


When you're nine years old, every does I get my ass to walk up to you.


At 13, I started trying to turkey hunt.


OK, we'll talk about that when you go when your nine days out of season or.


Yeah, OK. I can tell you everything. I mean, come on, no one's going to know the whole. That's more of a parent.


That's more of a parenting issue than I got my rear end toys because of that. Oh. But at 13 I started trying to turkey hunt.


Fourteen, I was somewhat of a Turkey hunter, 15. I'm beginning to think I'm a turkey hunter 16 win the state championship May and I'm a turkey hunter.


God was are so wrong. I didn't even have the foundation like good listed about the time you think you've got to figure it out.


Udei. God, it is a lifetime, it's ever evolving, I still learn stuff, if not every day, every season.


Give me a.


Give me a turkey hunting tip, whether weather involves calling or not, like if you were going to say, like, you know, looking back on life, I realize the most important thing that I've learned in my career is to pay attention to what is going on around you, not only with your eyes, but more so with your ears. Your ears can tell you more of what is happening. Then your eyes or anybody else are all the tubes and everything else that is out there that is available, for example, I'm calling to a bird.


He's actively gobbling to me. He's actively getting closer to me. He shuts up. Is he coming? Or is he going because he's doing one of the two things, one rabbit. Comes running by me real fast. What's going on with the Turkish state? He's come no, he's not. Why is he not coming?


He's spooked them to, you know, a coyote spooked him. And thank you very much. Hey, you're welcome to say. Yes, he did. He figured it out through my voice over there.


A predator is chasing a predator is there's a good chance, 15 minutes. That's not what I think happens if he doesn't show a predator is chasing is in the area because he's chasing that rabbit.


The opposite. The opposite would apply if two rabbits come by. Then one's a male and one's the female. And you know what's going on. Hold your ground as long as you need to scratch the leaves a little bit, do a little soft. Yep. Because he's right behind that big brush over there. Another in the run.


And rabbits are just a breeding pair. Yeah.


Gosh, you pay attention to that bluejay, that magpie, whatever it may be, crows. Those are talking to you and telling you what's going on and what's happening in life. Just like he's trying to get you better with a kroko.


You're welcome. Oh, he paid for that, huh? He paid you for that now. Now. But he brought no, he wanted to do that. Seriously. You can use his.


All right here in Turkey Hunt.


Here's your real quick example. Why do you guys put it in backwards and flip it? InMotion. It's a diaphragm called. But. I just said Hassanein, that Gobbler's Mind put a lot more realism into it, but now you can know sergel the procol up. Mm hmm.


I am acting as if a crow is aggravating that he and Turkey down here.


It can be done with a quail whistle, it could be done with the squirrel just jumped up on the side of the tree and doing a short bark not alone baat and loto fussin you know, because that means predator.


So is paying attention to everything that's going on around you will only stip you. Ten steps ahead, the colony worried about it. Heck, they can sound like you. So I've proven that, yeah, you have got to know. Yeah, you're welcome.


Like it's like I've got claeys digs in there, so I'm all even alone after that, though, actually with you, because I've even heard really good callers say really good callers say it's cause 10 percent of the game.


Yes. You think it's higher now though, because I've seen like this dude guys out there situations. This dude guys, it's really I've never been in the woods.


I'm sure it'd be the same or better. But this dude guys. I don't know, man.


It makes it seem like Collins a way higher than 10 percent. There are situations, yes, but you give me a good woodsman who has great woodsmen, chip ability, and has the basic knowledge of a wild turkey that can go.


And that's all he can do.


As far as a call, I'll take him 10 times over. I will be a world champion scholar who is strictly into the sport. And there's not any that I know of strictly to win a contest and not hurt that. I'll take that woodsmen 10 times over someone who can call the best in the world.


You know, he might take even over that who is a person that lives on a property and has a shitload of trailer cams out. Because they're like they hear gobble, like if I'm out with my friend Doug on his place, they've got his tromped around same patch ground his entire life. I hear gobble and I'm like, oh, it's over yonder.


Dog's like, oh, you know where that is? He's standing by that one tree that usually goes narrow. The other tree. Yes.


Yeah. Let's run over there right now. I'm like that. Is that good turkey hunting? Is that a surveillance?


That's the new young fart's. Mm. I'm not saying it's by yet, I'm not saying that I don't think it's bad. It's different. There you go. It's different. But but wait a second.


Now, you have impressed me as an outdoorsman. You've impressed me as someone who understands the ship. What is that person who is strictly relying on their cameras? What have they learned? Well, I think that they have the joy, I think that they feel the joy of discovery the same way that I would feel the joy of discovery. I think that they like that they're they're finding things out that the process pleases them.


That makes you want to call out not just won't shut up. That's fine. That's not my way, yeah, I don't want to steal their humanity, that's fine. I'm being nice.


No, I'm not saying I wouldn't use it, you know, but you bit your tongue metaphorically to the point where you almost put your turkey call in. You're like the only way to not replies with my turkey.


Call my mouth.


Get get Samantha. I want you to get her, you can get me to make a call, a sound now. OK, we don't we don't do something, sweetheart, don't you do me a favor. I want you to lean your head backwards and open up your mouth and let me look inside your mouth. Oh, OK, now you know what I'm doing, checking. She's got tonsils. Now they're gone.


I am seeing the size of the roof of her mouth. Got it. The one major problem that adults have is that a frame or a turkey cow is too large. OK, there are frames that are small frame cows that will sit up into the roof of your mouth that you want to try. The hardest thing the there is, which is a diaphragm, though. That's what we're here for.


OK, well, I want to understand first what the diaphragm calls for specifically on the diaphragm, because what you see me right here with these things.


Yes, it is an put that sucker down. It is an apparatus.


You want to give you one out of that Mutiny's he's got there. No, those are the Holy Grail.


The object is is for that cow to become part of the roof of your mouth. Do not swallow. It hurts when it goes down. It hurts worse when it comes out. Yes. Oh, yes. Well, you've got them stuck in your throat. Oh, yes. Huh. And there you complain that I think I must be not trying hard.


I'll say it hurts worse when it comes out you when it goes down. So be very careful.


Have you ever played with a diaphragm before? A little bit. Don't you throw all that away?


The one that taught me. OK, I'm all stars. What do you say? Throw it all away. Like all this prior knowledge. All the bad habits, I got to grab some No. He's going to grab a pallet extender. He just produced a bottle of water, and now that's that's worth something a little bit later on. OK, that's you that you choose beer bottle. Yep. How many more of those got there? Can I have one?


I get blini, let me see one as well. Follow along. He's rummaging through a bag o dig and diaphragm calls out. It's like Mary Poppins, we don't know how how far the bag goes.


It's never had a full crystal lampshade. He's got a tooth. He's got a toothbrush in that bag. He's got a giant sack of calls on.


All right. So Sam gets a bright, new, shiny package called. The first thing I want you to do is say the word Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, say again, Chuck the third time, Chuck.


So now when you say the fourth time, I want you to tell me where the tip of your tongue is that. Check the what I would say, or is it show that the roof of my mouth was not just put down.


Take the tip of your tongue and put up in the roof your mouth and try to say Chuck Hagel is like behind my teeth, right at the bottom, behind your teeth.


Can you feel how your tongue has a curvature to it?


Well, you're right. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Chuck, it's hard to tell where your tongue is stuck. It's very it's hard to describe where your tongue sits.


And it's not like an anatomy piece of an Amede focus.


Now, what I want you to do is I want to go to church, not say in the word, but go chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, push somewhere out.


There you go. There you go. Now.


Oh, this is too big for me. I can solve that.


That might be a little bit large, but just the way out this way that I want to go in the roof of your mouth.


Now what you do. Keep going, push it up a little bit tighter in my mouth and with my mouth. Yes, Wolf, I have to go in between the tongue and the collar.


You see how your mouth is kind of open, like I said.


Well, your mouth is a little bit open. Try to narrow it a little bit more.


Oh, I have I had my tongue in the wrong place. OK, but you're well on your way right there. You do this for me better on this.


Oh, you're going to be liable to choke and you're allowed to do everything else just for the phone. OK, there you go.


Yeah. How are you getting on? You're making a noise now. You're making a higher note.


Think of a kid that has gotten a piece of balloon, y'all. And I'm holding this. I can hold you horizontally on each hand and stretching it. The more that he or she will stretch it, the higher the note. Now, let's take an imagine if I move that vertically. That's what you're doing with your tongue. You're stretching that piece of rubber.


The basic hand note is a two note, a high and a low jump.


Yup, yup, yup.


So that's the reason why I used the analogy of the word Chuck, because it starts out with your the mid part of your tongue on the collar and then comes off of it. You might even drop your jaw slightly dropped.


If you are losing air and you are losing air on the side, press and throw that in and do an exaggerated version.


What you're talking about, you're. It's slowed down. Just for the fun of it. This is not a real good beginner's call, not a good beginner call what I got in my hand. See it that feels more comfortable. It might be easier.


It might be harder if it's a lot smaller. Correct. Where is it supposed to sit?


In my mouth up in the roof of your mouth. I think that is going to be. So let's go back to the other. OK, give me the floor.


Once you say good, I reflect this one family.


Like, I'll go after people, use them. I usually like to give them a couple minutes and then I feel like everything died when it's not warm anymore.


It's like what could survive that?


And on my tongue up on the roof of my mouth. Correct. Oh, yes.


Yeah, you got a pump that dropped that, Joe. Am I still saying, Chuck? Basically it will evolve.


It'll evolve once I understand.


Once you understand it, once you get the feel of it.


I never I've never I want to point out I've never taught anyone in my life to even try. But I remember that I think someone is just playing the Chuck thing because, like, you have to move your mouth, moves your mouth and or either drop your jaw.


Yeah. And that's like a hard right because you're so focused, like holding that thing there before you got like your jaws moving around.


And I thought, but you weren't supposed to move your mouth. No, but not at that level, but, boy, that was hard, it was hard. That was like a thing for me when I was first kid, as I understand, because I can't like I can't move my mouth. I'm holding the damn thing. You know, people can happen.


It's a confusing. OK, if you need to drop your jaw. This is why I'm saying drop your jaw. That helps you get that second note.


There's no doubt I think it's hard because, yeah, I feel like you have to hold everything together, but then you're also how do you drop your jaw and keep your time doing it every time you watch me?


I'm talking to you right now, Ana. Look at my job. It's not my jaw dropping right now. Definitely is.


Yes. But you're not holding this in your mouth.


Who do I get another one? Try the coy little stack of Christmas. Now, before you ask, you just play the piano, I just handed you a trumpet bollocking I handed you a trombone or set of drums or whatever, when I'm telling you are different calls were made by all manufacturers, different ways to produce a particular sound.


And I compare it to music because that is a musical instrument that you have in your mouth. Try the yellow car.


Well, real quick. So they have different shapes.


Know the type on the exterior part is the same. I do a basic double redid nicked Karl, OK, and now handed you my favorite cowl.


That is a three way lead Batwing with a point zero zero three thousandth rubber on it. And I won't tell you the stretch. That's my secret.


But call your mouth. Hmm. Driskell.


Now, is that concealed in the roof of your mouth? It looks to me like he's floating all over the place that we still feel to push it up to the roof of your mouth.


Now, you probably need to cut that call down a little bit.


Oh. Oh, yeah. Like no air.


No air is going over. Oh, there goes like I say, the air goes in between the top.


There you go, gotta go, you don't want precent, you don't want any air to ride over the top of the call.


I no, it has to be funneled between the tongue in the call.


Somehow I was told that I shouldn't be in the roof of my mouth.


No, it goes Celtel. Yeah, yeah.


There's tension. I mean, I have seen people clapping in their teeth.


I don't like that way. And they're limited to noise. And actually, even though he's out of it, I mean, think about the Indians team.


They used to be police, you know.


You know, they're awesome.


But no, God, don't drop it quite as much.


They go and I do that quickly, not quite. There you go. Go, go, go, go, go.


Give me 15 of those in a row. Yeah.


Oh yeah. Give me seventy seven. OK, good.


You're all alone. Well on your way. OK, think about this.


If I told you talk this right here or if I open my mouth up a little bit more, I try to talk about how wide open I'm not funneling the air over the collar.


You can create a sound chamber with your mouth so you are constantly opening your mouth up completely. You're letting the air escape around the collar.


Now that you've learned to seal it, learn to use your mouth. Don't do anything else but a Yelp period until you can put that call in your mouth or either one of those calls in your mail and do exactly what you want to do.


Don't start trying to learn how to cook, how to purr, how to fly on Kakul, how to keep a bull crap. Build your base foundation just like a human being, can use one word and say three totally different things.


I can go I or I can go, hey, I can go.


Hey, you can do that all with one sound. Just like a human can do it all with one word. Hmm.


So just get comfortable, learn how to get the sound right each time you can go to the internet. Don't think you got to copy somebody, but they'll give you that rhythm.


A person can do me a favor. Yes, sir. The hey, hey, hey. Things interesting to me. Yeah.


Can you give me the Yelp equivalent of each.


Hey, no, I'll do the. Hey, hey.


Then there's a map and then there's how you don't go, it's like a seductive it's like a seductive hey, like, hey, hey.


That's seductive.


Yeah, that's kind of gets him neck to his neck and put your body into that's a string bikini walking down the beaches of Florida.


Yeah, let me hit that one again. I hope my God look at her, huh, or him other more.


That's you three, that's three, basically.


So if you if you were to learn one thing, like if if Sam was gonna learn one thing, she should learn to learn the whole foundation of everything like I told her and tell until you can put pick up a collar, put a collar in your mouth, whatever it may be good to you, learn control over that collar.


That that collar is doing exactly what you want it to do. You do not need to move on and try to learn either a different collar and or either a different sound you build upon. That is what you do, because in reality, that basic handicap is the most heard note I said heard by human beings.


Note that is because you don't hear all the crazy noises they're make when they walk through the woods. You don't hear the soft stuff.


Yeah, my favorite type of calling is what I call very relaxed. Well. That little we want is one of the weirdest noises. But I'm totally relaxed, there's no aggression, there's no predators here, I'm not excited, you're just a turkey.


I'm a turkey completely. I'm whispering sweet nothings into his ear. I might even occasionally. OFF-MIKE mix a little something in there with it, just to pump it up to say.


You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. Come on over here. I want to date you. Mm hmm. I just had a quick question. So if you weren't able to do the diaphragm calls like this is my second season turkey hunting. OK, very new. What else would I do then?


You could use a box call. You could use a pot call. Oh. Most people would tell you to go with a hot car because of its versatility, but for the ease of use.


I still like a boxcar, really? Well, I mean, if it's a decent boxcar, I know I had to paint this picture, I'd almost gladly it over. The long I will do is take one finger. If it's pretty easy, it's a if it's a decent botched call, the botched call is going to do the work for you. OK, most people take a botched call and they grab it way too hard. OK, well, that's it.


Yeah, I never thought about that. A hole in the box and is simply taking a finger and moving the lid.


That's correct. And you got to complete your.


Now you hear a difference in the sound. So you learn how to play the piano.


Now, listen, I just got more excited and all I do is I put a little bit more pressure on it and I completed it all the way over from the right side to the left side.


Yeah, play the left to play the left side no matter what.


You don't really add up what to do. The your one finger, you don't pick it up. Don't don't pick it up. Always little ways to watch how far I'm going. You know, I grow on it right now.


I'm coming all the way over here. Perfect. OK, perfect. But that'll do. That will do. I said that's perfect with that.


No go beyond that. Yeah. If I was scouting for a turkey what would that be like. The noise I would make to try and find them.


I would always start off with a locator call first. Oh, what's what that means is that I'd use it all. Hooter Crow call pileated woodpecker are.


You could actually dip out now everybody knows I've going my limit, but I can still do anything I need to help each other.


That's a bit little one to my face mask.


There's a hole cut in it right here. So you split. Yep. Keeps sanitized around the edge.


Well now whenever he gets in real close my case, Bill, I have been down. Let it run down.


So let me ask you a tricky question. Well, I want to know, can you run a diaphragm with the Dippin? That's that's incredible. That's incredible. I should have you had a talk show?


It may. It might it might even sound better if I open it up a little bit.


But I do not want any you kids out there to put this crap in your mind. No, we tell them all the time.


Maybe you might make the cover of that magazine someday. Dip afficionado. Probably. I'd like to cover that.


That'd be probably more than the lip. I want.


I want to ask your Turkey question. Has to do a turkey call. Do the do an alarm, but. What like what is it about the watch? What is it about that, you know, I'm saying like, what is it about that sound that's so like, oh, you know, when they have other sounds that are like it is just. Is it like it's isolated? Sort of like the intensity and isolation of it?


Basically, yes. They're not saying because it's not that different from a normal sound.


But but you can turn that, that if I had a gobbler 60 yards in front of me and a hand came in from the left and all of a sudden she puts. Nor Armondo. Like, turn it back into something.


Turning into cutting because cutting in a or so close together, you can hardly tell the difference. Yeah, that's well, that's what that's what I was getting at.


It's like it's phony, but it rings your ear after you hear it a couple of times. You're like like that's you know what it is here. Yeah. But then someone sitting there wouldn't know how disappointed you were unless you told them.


Well, I always have something. If the situation happens. If it's again, because it's like. Yeah, because you're you're the gobbler. At ease.


Well I'll do it to Galba if he came in and. Oh you'll. Oh yeah.


I'll start cutting on top of him. Liable lobola even gobble at it like you.


You're on top of his alarm. Oh yeah.


OK, it works about one out of every twenty five times.


OK, but in the other scenario you're talking about, you were basically she's going to she comes in and bust you. It's like that's over with but you got a gobbler off in some other direction and you're trying to put his mind at ease. Yes. Yeah.


That off turned into a very aggressive alien. Yeah. So he's like oh, I thought she putted probably spooky and sometimes purposely.


To get her out of there so she won't go to him. I got to. I mean, if if you've already got your arm around or past, that was a you made. Dahlia, before you married, well, a good looking girl, and there's another one over yonder. Are you going to leave her and go to her? I got everything I want right here. Yeah.


You're married, Beth. How long you been married? About 22 years. 22. We don't keep up with it. 22, 23, something like that now. You see, you ring. My dad's right. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, jeweled always gets a little bit of diamonds in mean very small diamonds. Yeah, but I just feel honored to where I do want to say this.


And we started just a while ago a little bit in the old days, families did things together. We went to we went fishing. We went hunting. We had an old camp that had no running water that you pumped like that, that you used a five gallon bucket to go to the bathroom. Went out into the woods, you know, and those were great times. My dad was a big hunter, big fisherman set and trout lines for four flatheads.


He's one of the few people that I know that I'll cover your eyes. I know of him killing three he and quail in his life. He would pick out the cocks and shoot two males only. We were big deer dog hunters back then when I was a kid, my mom went with us.


It was a family outing. My Thanksgivings, my Christmases were spent in the woods with a pack of dogs and Uncle Lewis and the Uncle Dutch. You know, Donna, my cousin, it was it was it was a family thing. We did things together. And it wasn't only blankety blank cell phones.


Yeah. You feel that's going away. I feel like you almost all gone away. I don't see the. Yeah, I feel like I see a version of it, the best thing that a young person I don't think you're going to well, I don't think you're going to. The best you're going to shoot for is a version of it, you're not you're not going to, like, wage a successful war against technology.


Well, but the best thing in the world to do this from time to time, these kids need to put these cell phones down in their iPods and all that crap and go for a walk in the woods, if nothing else, and see God's greatest creation. And that is the outdoors. I agree wholeheartedly. And Mommy and daddy needs to go with them are people, which is what I am. I mean, my my greatest challenge this year is one for my 13 year old granddaughter, Caitlin, to be able to harvest her first bird with me.


That's you going to go do right now.


As soon as I get back, I'll start hunting with her. I want her to get a bird and I won't come. Tom Kelly to be able to harvest Bird.


Do you have any restrictions on what your granddaughter will harvest?


Are you like you got to get a big Tom or is Jake OK?


Or how do you feel there's. Are you against Jake shooting or.


I will not purposely shoot a Jake in the state of Mississippi and Jake is illegal except for the teeth. Oh, that's cool.


And Kaitlyn's that's like an extra burden on kids. That seems like a little unreasonable, man.


If he's got a cut, as we say, if he's got a kookaburra on his chest, I'll kill it.


But we are hunting Whodini. We have a particular bird who she named him that we went in on because of Kovik 17 times last year.


Now you've got to realize I own 48.


Oh, you mean because you were stuck on the same spot close to home? Yes. So you just had to keep working the same bird who's like not having it in.


Sometimes he's O'Malia. Sometimes he's on somebody else's land.


No, here's a very good tip for adults trying to get the teeth into it, make sure that they are very comfortable and have maneuverability with that gun. I had her in a 20 gauge. And it was a used 20 gauge, and even though I was totally in and out of Woodforde to carry a gun, it was too heavy for. She's small and petite and like I had the Birdwing gun range, I think three different times. One time we had 21 steps.


I'm looking at a true trophy bird with over an inch and a half spurs.


Because I'm looking at these spiders going, oh, my God, you know, killing Suadi, kill, you know, give me that gun, kid.


She's armed. She's earned this bird and she couldn't move the gun. I tried to make her move the gun. Of course, you know what happens, you say, yeah.


Yeah. So we had three opportunities.


She did have a shot on Grandaddy's land and it was a little far and I wasn't with her.


And here again, trying to hold the gun on the side of the tree she missed. But that's OK. You know what I mean? Everybody, this is from time to time. It happens. But we had a good time and she's earned this bird. But whoever comes up, that is illegal bird. Kill him, shoot him. She's earned him, she deserves a turkey. Do you feel that that bird still alive, Houdini is still alive?


You saw him over the winter. I've got pictures of him. Yes. Oh, you're one of those guys.


I have two cameras, you know.


Listen, sweetheart, he's by that tree, too. He always goes over to that tree. Look at me.


Comes through here every day. Every day at ten, fifty seven.


Looking out in front of my cameras are down right now. And he's not he's not there. He wasn't there whenever I left.


Steve, you had a situation last year I think, right.


Where you were like, well were we hunting turkeys or were we hunting. What follows this fence. Yeah, that's what we did was sit next to a fence.


Yeah, well, here my rules in turkey hunting aren't legally. Morally. In ethically correct, I just can't help with my morals get a little bit low during Turkey season. I'm with you. That little devil gets on my shoulder. Yeah, and whenever he kicks my rear end, I do not have time to tell you all the stories that eventually I will put in a book. But I am the I call myself the new breed. I've got a lot of the old school in me and I've got a lot of the new schooling me cut and run our sit in one spot.


I can do whatever needs to be done. Physically, I can't do everything.


When you say like the adapt that when you're trying to get the best, you mean there's. There's a desire to to to do it and get the thing. How about three years on one bird? Years you spent three years on one book, one part one, but you know what's funny is I don't look at them that way. I don't like deer and stuff like that for sure. But I yeah, I just don't see turkeys that way.


You're the cut run person. Oh, yeah. That's why I want you to Mississippi. You might get that. But you might not meaning if let's say to some bird, I'm like, oh, you know, I'll try to get him a bunch times and I see some other one over there. I. But just very easily turn to that one, you know, I mean, I don't get like I said, I'm not saying I won't. Yeah, but I'll come back to him because that is the teacher.


Sure. That is where you get your education from.


Not from me, not from the Internet, but from the bird himself. He will teach you how to hunt. Those are the kind that whenever you harvest them. You want to reach down, grab a hold of his head, open up his mouth and go and give him mouth to mouth resuscitation to him, come back to life and let's do it again. Teach me some more. Those are the words that I have, more I respect for all wildlife.


But those are the birds, you know, the Houdinis, the Statue of Liberty, bird, historical bird, Yoni's bird, sneaky Pete, you know.


Yeah. He got obsessed with the bird. Yes, yes, yes. To the point where he went back trying to look for it.


They go and do something else.


But God, did you get a lesson? Would you kill him or not? Did you get a lesson? You learn some stuff.


Oh, great. Yeah, it's wonderful.


You know, let's bring him back to life. You couldn't do it all over again to teach me something.


I never killed him. Yeah. And he got so desperate he'd go he'd go get by, he'd go get by the tree and not do anything done that he just wants to get them.


He's like, I don't care if I call him. It wasn't like he wanted to call him. He just wanted to get them without God. He's like the one thing that isn't going to work is calling them. So I said, go sit quiet without going through the whole story.


I'll give you the finale. I cut off a piece of rechange. Go to Breese up underneath the water and get in a creek bed. First thing I did is I sucked the little stuff inside a piece freaking, and I had to stick my head up underneath the water and call Kalifa wouldn't make too much noise. Then I snorkel down because during squirreled season, I remembered there was a little point on the creek and he was on the sandbar. A snorkel down to that little point, my head up and look, and he's way too far, I knew if I called to him what he would do, he would haul but the other way because he'd been hunted.


So I don't hit so hard, so hit other people.


So what I did is I took my fingers and I started thinking, Liese up in the air and clicking and Pern and scratching in a rhythm that a hand does. So then visually, whenever he looked toward the sound, he saw those leads and thought there was a real hand just on the other side bluff. He walked out my Gunma enhanced bird bird and I killed him. A lot more to that story. Do you all carry decoys into the woods?


Yes and yes. You're not afraid of decoys?


No. No, I'm afraid, you know, you don't disapprove of them. Not now if Preston goes by himself, which is a rarity now.


I normally have my tail chaser in my backpack, and that's about it. I like one on one, just me and him when it's me by myself. But since I hunt with so many different people to accomplish different things. Yes. I'm going to carry you got to carry one decoy and one decoy only take your hand when you are you know how you want to get your granddaughter a bird. Yes. What do you think she'll get out of it?


Like, why do you want to get your granddaughter Bird?


Well, once she has worked so hard to she is studying Mother Nature itself in appreciating everything that happens. Like I pointed out to her, one more look at the spider with the D still on it, going back and repairing his spider web. And then the sun comes through and all those little droplets of water turns into prisms. She pointed out to her, you know, it's not all about the kill. In part, it's about seeing study, enjoying and appreciating Mother Nature, the possum that comes by.


Watch the possum, watch what he does, the skunk. Listen, sweetheart, to that Bluejay that's over there, he's about 70 yards away from us right now. Whispering Why people how do you know that he's not goblin right now? I said that Bluejay is telling me he's right. There is where he's at are the crew are in this part of the country, Magpie. You know, letting you know she's studying, whether she realizes it or not, she's studying Mother Nature and appreciating everything that God Almighty might for us, because that's the heart is the.


My compliments to you on your show, you don't show us a hunt and show you take us on a adventure is what you do with your show, which is why I really enjoy it, because I'm going on an adventure. I'm a part of that. Not only are we hunting, but we're learning about historical things that are their habits of different people. And I feel like I'm there with you and then I get a bonus at the end. I get to see you do what we should all do, which is enjoy or at least try our harvest and eat it.


By the way, I want one of your books. I hear you got some cookbooks. I won't. I want one for I leave from here. I'll mail your whole stack of them. OK, I'll give you my address.


And I think given that over there not to do that, can we.


What's your your go to turkey recipe.


Fried turkey breast. Take your breast out. Cut it cross-grained.


Batter it a little buttermilk if you like a thicker batter on it. You can dip it in buttermilk if you like. It doesn't matter. You can dip it in egg milk in a little bit of water.


I do spice that also. Tony Sashes guy. I'm like a Krio type flavor to it and to waste the fraud and just eat it like fried chicken or what I found out a lot of people like, yes, I'm like a Southern gravy.


I was saying flour because it's already got spices in it that I spiced the turkey up with turkey up, make a gravy benteke and put the turkey breast back in and just covered in mushrooms and onions, kind of like a liver.


And I don't eat liver or heart, kind of like a liver recipe and then have some biscuits and pour it over biscuits and then whatever else you want to go with it or take it and cut it in strips the same way it's a soy sauce base. Bellisle you saw soe sauce all when you think you got enough pepper put some more pepper into it when you fill with that and a little bit more pepper with oil, dry mustard, a little bit of red red wine vinegar, beat all that up, set it in it soak for didn't take long because that's like me about 30, 45 minutes, throw it on the grill and eat it when it's coming out to grill.


Standing around the grill. Those are my favorite.


That's important part of the recipe. Yeah. Well you don't need to cool down. It needs to be hot.


Yeah. That's my two favorite white screw all this bacon, I'm south fried fry to grill. All right, Preston Pittman, how do people find videos of you call them and whatnot, YouTube? Just Google me, you'll find out you'll find me in a diaper for the drum and gobble contest, you'll see me not shaking David Letterman's hand, which I already shook it before I put out there.


Now, if I type in if I start typing your name in, you know what the autofill puts in, but gobbling, that's what I don't already.


You have to finish your name and nobody wants to autofill.


Preston Pittman gobbling noises.


Trumpet situation. Trumpet different dude. No, not your trumpet call. OK, trumpet call. It also wants to autofill Preston Pitmen Trumpet.


Trumpet call is likewise to a wing. OK, I'm looking at it right now. OK, I got one somewhere. But anyway, it's the call that is not used that much anymore.


And sometimes in Turkey call and especially when you're hunting public land, it's that different sound that he has not heard. Yeah. All beings in life. I'm not saying they're intelligent and and reason things out, but all beings in life have the ability to pass traits down. And here's my analogy. I heard you say you were in isolation yesterday. Should call me.


You were. And it was not a manyways. OK, have you trying to get my kids to stop putting their gloves and mittens down the ice hole?


I've got four grand kids within walking distance of me. I'm used to. They are.


Have you ever been to a pond? Are like it's never been fished.


Yeah I have. OK, you probably saw a bear hook. Yeah. I can take this like some guy like Phil's a little fake pond up.


OK, yeah.


I could probably take that right there and put a hook on it. Catch fish. You agree. Yes. OK, now two years later it's been fish more. I could take the same thing because now I've been fishing it for a couple of years and then throw it up. Nothing to do with it. That's great. Yeah. Now I need to paint some red down there, maybe put a spinner in the beginning of it. You agree with that?


Yes, sir. You just said that a dumb fish with a brain the size of a pea has the ability to learn, be educated and past traits down. My second analogy. Yes, the Deep South. Whenever I first started hunting with my nineteen dollars and ninety five cent bought from Auto, Litt is no longer in business recurve bought from what?


Ottilia that was the name of the store. There never looked up. Back then, back then, yeah, sure, we had old timey we bear hugged a tree or what I used to call the death trap, though biker stands, it's no longer in business. And then we copied them and made them and there never looked up.


Now what happens, Mama, when she comes walking by more like a bird looking up. That baby is learning from her that now there is danger from above. So animals have the ability to pass traits down. Which is why I told you I can carry you to an easy place. But I would love and I will carry you to an easier place in Mississippi. But you'll take me to a hard spot, too, I like for you to experience that at least one day, even an easy place is a little bit tougher.


But those birds had been hunted for so long.


For so many years, they have gotten educated is what they have in the Deep South. It's a heritage. Now to Turkey Hunt. And I like what it used to be. Nothing even close. The beauty of my career is I've got to see this from basically the ground floor and turn into what it's turned into now. You know, used to you made a turkey cow, you used an aluminum can.


When diaphragms first started coming out and you put tape on them, they might last the whole hunt.


It might not be. You know what I mean? Yeah. The book that I gave you, Ron Jolley's book, you'll learn like what his daddy used to carry parts with him to repair his cowl during a hunt that's real. Couldn't get through the hunt. Yeah, that's real presence.


Talk about a Book of Memories of Spring by Ron Jolli, which he gifted to me.


What, Ron sent that to you? Oh, sorry. That Ron gives them. All right, man. Thank you. Thank you very much for what you do, and as the saying says down here, keep doing what you're doing. You're doing good for me. You're doing good for everyone in this sport, in the in this industry. You are passing it on and you are bringing people into it who never hunted. And that's a beautiful thing today.


Well, I appreciate you saying that. And I appreciate the game call gift. You're very welcome. I still want to hear you say, oh, I want to go done, I want to be like but carried.


I don't want you to hear my name side by side. No, I'll go. I'll I'll come next spring.


OK, done. And then next June for the handgrip. Yeah. That's going to be the fun part. I'll do it done, I'll put my calendar now. Thank you very much. Yes, you can come to me.


I don't know how he does. All right. He's got his guard Zahoor hurt.


That's all right. I'm the wimp. Anyway, I go out with a long sleeve shirt and I can't use the word they use on me or what they call me. I'll tell you when we're off air, but I'll have I'll have gloves on. You didn't have any gloves on them? No, dummy. They broke you in the right.


Yeah. Get some gloves, you know, leather gloves up to your elbows. Well, we will take care of both of ya. You can come to. I don't care. Even you, honey. Thank you.


Seriously, you know who will be the best? One of those two female Wariner, Sam, females will listen to you. They don't have the ego, but males will. They will they will take instruction. I'd much rather teach a female than I would a male as a fishing guide for a decade.


And you're very true.


They're they listen to you. Oh, may I tell a quick story, please? I hope none of the adult mind this, but this is this is my mission statement besides passing it out, you know, number one, please, kids, stay in school, get the best education that you can possibly get.


If you have problems, find someone that can help you fix those problems. Like, I did not give him respect, everybody that is out there, no matter what they do. I know I will use a doctor as an analogy. Everybody wants to be that doctor. But you know what, he or she, that doctor cannot really do their job this day in time without a nurse practitioner. You know what? That nurse practitioner cannot do his or her job without probably an hour in.


None of those people can do their job if there is not a secretary there keeping them straight. And guess what? There's also a janitor that's got to clean the commode, sterilize the equipment, empty the garbage, whatever it may be. Respect the mall. Who has the most important job? Even that lonely little janitor that nobody looks at is is making it possible for everyone to be able to do their job. They carry as much importance as they can.


If my daddy used to tell me, he says, son, I don't care if you're a ditch digger, but by God, you better be the best ditch digger that there is out there. Everybody serves a function. Everybody serves a purpose. Everybody who does a good job deserves respect.


And I'll end it with if there's a God in heaven and Jesus Christ is my Lord Savior.


Amen. Precipitant, thank you very much. Thank you. Thanks, Preston.