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Welcome to today's episode of the Mind Set Mentor podcast, if you have not yet done so, hit that. Subscribe on that. You never miss another episode. Say we're going to be talking about something that I absolutely love and something that I absolutely hate.


But if you know me, I love to do it anyways and I force myself to do it anyways. And if you happen to follow me on Instagram, No. One, you've seen that I just moved into a new house and you can probably notice that the backgrounds different a lot of the videos have been taken are a lot different as well. The stories I've been sharing have been way different. But number two, you've also seen me in my pool every single day.


And yes, it is the winter right now in Austin, Texas. And so you might be out there thinking, why in the hell would you be inside of your pool in winter? In Austin, Texas, it's 40 degrees. Why would you stay there for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, up to 20 minutes? For me, mostly it's because of the mind. You've heard me talk about it. My mind and your mind is your biggest enemy.


It can also be your biggest, best friend. And so I'm trying to corral my mind and do whatever it is that I want to do. And so I take cold showers.


I jump into a cold pool and believe me, I love hot tubs. I love hot showers. I take the hot showers in the world.


You know, there's showers that I've been taking before where it looks like a complete steam room when I'm done. But it doesn't hold me back from taking the cold showers and doing what I don't want to do.


But that's not what this episode is about. This episode is not about the mind or we're talking about cold showers. This episode is about how the actual cold showers that you take, if you do, will help your body. So I'm going to give you the seven reasons why you should take a cold shower, even though I know nobody in here listening to me right now is like that sounds like a lot of fun. No. One, it will boost your immune function.


So cold exposure and cold water actually triggers a beneficial antiinflammatory called norepinephrine in a study showed that cold exposure can raise the tolerance of the body. If you don't know what's going on in the world right now, wouldn't it be really, really good to make sure that your immune system is as strong as it could possibly be with all of the things that are happening in the world? So it's kind of like nature's vaccine. I'm not going to say take the vaccine, don't take the vaccine.


I'm not one of those people that's going to push my opinion on you. Do whatever the hell you want to do. But what I do know is that I'm going to try to boost my immune system as much as I possibly can. And a piece of that is taking a cold shower. So that's the first thing is to boost your immune function by taking these cold showers. The second thing that it does as well is it speeds up your metabolism.


They've actually found that people who take daily cold showers show an increase in metabolism for one main reason, increased activation in brown fat, which is used to generate heat and insulate us against cold.


If you don't know, brown fat is the hardest fat for your body to actually get rid of. If you've ever worked out for a really long time and you can get rid of most of your fat, but then you have a little bit of fat that's leftover, usually that's the brown fat in the brown fat is like the insulation of the body. And when you take cold showers in, then you literally stay in the cold in your body starts to shiver after what it's doing is your body is actually generating heat through the brown fat, which is insulating you.


So it boosts up your metabolism and actually gets rid of the brown fat that's inside of your body. So there's a lot of people never noticed that people that take really, really cold showers jump in a cold bath. I guess they're usually pretty shredded.


One of the reasons why is because of the fact that actually the cold shower, the insulation that's in your body is the brown fat, and that's what gets burnt off. And usually you burn a ton of calories whenever you take a cold bath or you jump into a cold shower or you happen to jump into a pool like my crazy ass does.


So, number two, it speeds up your metabolism. That's not a bad thing if you ask me. Number three is it improves your blood circulation. One of the things that I notice that every single time that I get out of a cold shower, or especially when I get out of my pool, as you can see, a clear difference from below my neck and above my neck, because obviously I have to keep above my neck out of water.


I'll dip it under water real quick and I'll keep it out.


But when I'm in it for ten to fifteen minutes below my neck is like a bright, bright red in.


The reason why is because it actually forces the cold, forces your blood to your extremities and out to your skin.


So if you notice someone that gets out of something that's really cold, their skin is really, really red. Well, what's happening is blood is getting flushed out to your skin so it improves your circulation to be able to do these as well. So improves circulation.


That sounds like a pretty damn good thing to me, doesn't it? So that's the third thing. Number four is it improves your hair in your skin. It actually tightens the skin and tightens the pores.


So I'm not going to say it's kind of like a facelift for free, but it's kind of like a facelift for free. And at the same time, it keeps the natural oil inside of your hair, unlike when you take a really hot shower, it actually strips all of the oil from here as well. So it improves your hair and it improves your skin. Number five is they've actually. Found that it helps you with better sleep. So what happens is when you take a cold shower actually lowers your core temperature.


So one thing that I notice is when I take a really cold bath or if I happen to jump inside of the pool, is I actually get really cold, as you would think, in lowering your core temperature helps you fall asleep and it calms the mind as well, which is a beautiful thing. When you're really cold, it's really hard to think about all of the problems and all of the B.S. that you make up every single day. It's hard to get anxiety into worry when you're forced into the present moment because your body is literally going, holy crap, this is cold in your body, thinks, oh my God, like your mind and your body are connected, but at the same time they are separate.


Your mind knows I'm not going to die from being inside of this cold. Your body is like, holy crap, sound the alarms, emergency, emergency, emergency. And when that happens, your mind calms down and focuses on your body. So it improves your sleep because core temperature calms you down, lowers your core temperature. It comes to mind and it can be really good to actually do about an hour before bed.


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What's interesting is on the flip side of that, as number six is it actually increases your focus. What happens is your body will get a massive rush, rush of adrenaline. And as I told you earlier, your body releases something called Nierop or NEPHRON and it releases and epinephrine. The cool thing about that is it also increases your energy and your focus. I don't know how it works, but I promise you, this works. The crazy thing about it is that it will help you with your sleep, but it will also give you a ton of energy.


So if you do it in the morning, it gives you a ton of energy. I promise you this. Take a cold shower and see if you take a three to five minute cold shower. If you even need your cup of coffee after that, your body will wake up and it will just frickin wake you up and get you to the extreme. Whatever you get out of the shower, you will feel the best you've ever felt. Two reasons why No.


One, your body is amazing. You're like, holy crap, this is your body's on fire. Your body is like freaking out in a good way. And the second thing is that you're so proud of yourself that you made yourself do it. So it's like this massive rush of energy that you can get. So not only does it increase your focus and give you energy, but it also can improve your sleep, which is a crazy thing about it as well.


The last part and the part why I do it is because it conquers your mind every single time before I'm about to go in. And this is, you know, number seven. Is it Concours, your mind every single time before I'm about to jump into the pool, form a jump about to jump into my cold shower. I notice the little inner bitch pop in. And what does he say? All of the things that he always says, hey, Rob, you don't need to take a cold shower today.


Not really a big deal. You took a cold shower yesterday. So why don't you go ahead and skip you can, you know, do a cold shower tomorrow, man, don't even worry about it. Hey, if you don't do a cold shower, nobody will know that you did or didn't do a cold shower. So what does it even matter? There's nobody there's no cameras in here in your bathroom. Hopefully there's not.


And, you know, there's going to be seeing that you're not taking a cold shower. So why don't you take one of those nice hot long showers? It makes you feel incredible.


And then it gets all the room, all steam. Why don't you why don't you do that today? Man, that voice pops in every single time. And I have to kick in that little voice and say, nope, I'm not going to listen to you because you are the little voice that holds holding back from everything that I want you, the little voice that says, Hey, Rob, you should sleep in your little voice that says, hey, you should hang out on the couch and flip through Instagram instead of getting the work that you need to done.


You're the little voice that says, hey, don't record a podcast episode. You're the little voice that says, hey, you don't look good right now. You probably should have recorded a video. It's that little voice that holds me back from everything that I want. And the reason why I personally take a cold shower. I don't care about any of the other things. I don't care about boosting my immune system. That's not why I do it.


What do I enjoy it? Yes, of course. I don't care about the fact that it speeds up my metabolism. I don't care about the fact that it improves my blood circulation. I don't care about the fact that it improves my hair, my skin. I don't care that I get better sleep. I don't care about focus. I do it for one reason. Because I don't want to do it, that's the reason why I do it.


And if you follow me on Instagram, you see me talking about this every frickin day. I take videos and pictures from my pool freezing my ass off. So you know that I'm actually eat my own dog food because there's too many freaking, quote unquote, gurus out there that are not eating their own dog food. They'll say, hey, take a cold shower on their asses, aren't taking any cold showers. I'm going to make videos. And I have been making videos if you follow me and put them up there so you can see that my ass is inside of a cold pool.


Why? Because I will eat my own dog food. I will never tell you to do something that I'm not going to do. And so I jump in there because I want to conquer my mind. And every single time, right before I jump in, it tries to tell me why I shouldn't. And then what's crazy about it is after I jump in, it tries to tell me, oh, yeah, just get out sooner. Yeah. You're already you did a really good job today, Rob.


You're in it for a minute. Go ahead and get out. No big deal. Just hop on out. And so why do I stay in for 12, 15, 20 minutes?


Sometimes it's not just because the fact that I want it to be great for my body, I stay in it because that little voice in my head is still going while I'm inside of the cold pool.


And once again, the only thing that I need to do is I need to conquer that little voice. I need to conquer it, because, as I said in two episodes ago, is it's never you versus anybody else in this world.


It's never you versus the government of versus President Bush, your parents versus society or areas of your life is you versus you, the the higher version of you that wants this greatness and knows your potential versus the version of you. That's the little version of you, the voice inside of your head that tells you not to do the things that you know you should do.


So for me, conquering in the mind is the reason why I recommend that every single person do it. Now, I know. I know recording this episode, 95 percent of you listen to this will not take a cold fucking shower today or tomorrow, but five percent of you will and you'll go, holy crap, I see what he's talking about.


Holy crap, that sucked. But at the same time, I see the benefits. I see how the mine came in. I see the willpower that it took to continue to push through and to continue to do it. And I'm going to try it again tomorrow. Some of you guys are going to do it tomorrow, the next day, the next the next day, next, the next day. And I guarantee if you continue doing it, see where you are in a year, you're in a completely different place because you're training your mind every single day.


You're going to the mental gym every single day. And so. There are many, many physical benefits for taking a cold shower, but the number one one and the reason why I put it in the Iron Mine 30, the challenge that I have is because the fact that I know that that is the one thing that will help you conquer your mind in the simplest way every single day.


So there's many people that don't sign up for my Iron Man three challenge, because the fact that they're just afraid of cold showers, fine, that's cool if that's what they want to do.


But I know it's there and I will never take it out. And the reason why is because I know what conquering that little voice inside of your head will do. And I know how cold showers helped with that.


So those are the reasons why you want to take a cold shower. No one is to boost your immune system. Number two is to speed up your metabolism. Or three is to improve your blood circulation reforms, to improve your hair in your skin. Number five is to get better sleep. Number six is to get increased focus. And number seven, my favorite one is to conquer that little voice inside of your head.


So that's what I got for you for today's episode. If you love this episode, please share it with someone that you know and someone that you love and so much close to and some of those deep and true to your heart. And go ahead and share it on Instagram stories. Tag MINUT, Rob Dyle, Jarobi ALJ. Ah, and I'm going to leave the same way I leave you every single episode, make it your mission, make someone else's day better.


I appreciate you out there for listening to this from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you and I hope that you have an amazing day.


For all you foodies out there, I'm unwrapping a McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel, look at this steak and the juice running down the side. Get a little bit on the wrapper here. And then a fluffy egg and real cheese floated over the side, looking just so good. Mm hmm. Grilled onions and about a bagel, two thumbs up, a McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. Love it.


Ba ba ba ba. I participate in McDonald's.