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Welcome to today's episode of The Mind, set to our podcast. My name is Rob Dallas. If you have not yet done so, hit that subscribe buttons that you never miss. Another podcast episode. Today, we're going to be talking about how you are the creator of the reality that you currently sit in. Yes, you are the creator. And I had a very interesting question that was asked to be on a live I was doing last week on social media.


So if you don't follow me on social media, Rob, Daljit or RBD, ALJ are. And the question that came in, I had to answer because it was so funny the way it was worded, it was someone that was in another country. So I think they didn't ask it as, I guess properly as possible. But it was beautiful the way it was asked. The question was, have you always been successful or were you once a loser?


And I was like, wow, that's interesting because it's either one or the other, I guess. I guess it's either your successful life or you're a loser, according to this person. But I decided to answer because I think it's a really great question. And, you know, I would say that I was a loser in my past, but I would say that I was definitely not headed in the right direction. You know, if I look back 15 years ago before I get it, a person developed that I was not headed in the right direction.


You know, like I would say, my accomplishments back then were how fast I could get drunk, you know, with being my friends.


It was, let's see who get drunk the quickest. And I partied and usually, like, four days a week, four nights a week. It was it was literally like my life was partying.


And then, you know, if you've been listed to be long enough, you know, the story about my very first coach, I had a coach, a life coach, a sales coach when I was 19 years old. That person changed my life in the the trajectory of my life. And what he did through a conversation was make me realize that if I got to the end of my life and I regretted how my life wit and I looked at it and wish that I would have done more or I wish that I would have been more well, I wish that I would have had more potential that I would have brought out of myself if I were to get out of my life to feel that way and regret it.


It would be my fault. And would we had that conversation.


I don't remember anything else we talked about for two years of talking. Yeah, there was a lot of good stuff in there, but I was the one that really stuck with me the most. But he also made me realize that if I get to edit my life and I'm excited about it and I feel like I've done enough, that's also my fault. And that's the place that I want to be, where I feel like I've done a lot. I've done everything that I kid.


I put all of my eggs in one basket. That's this life and that I just watch that basket grow and put everything that I possibly could into it. And, you know, I would say one day I just woke up from the sleep that I was stuck in. And I fast forwarded my life and thought, you know, if I do the exact same thing that I'm currently doing, I'm not going to be proud of my life. I'm not going to be proud of myself and where I am.


And I think that that's a really valuable thing about having a coach. That's what a coach should do. That's what we should do for ourselves, honestly, is say, OK, if I were to be at the exact same position that I am right now at 10 years, would I be stoked about it? Would I be excited about would I be proud of it or would I feel like I left some, you know, something on the table?


So what you think about that and what you think about ten years from today, if you were in the exact same position, would you be excited about it or would you be like that?


There was more that I could have brought together was more love. There's more happiness. There's more that I could have taught people that what I could have brought out of myself.


Think about that, because it's interesting to know that everything that you have around you right now, you created.


So do you look at your life, everything that's in your life. Good, bad, amazing, terrible. It is all because of you. You have created that reality. Nothing. You have the moment that you really take control of your life is the moment that you realize that you cannot blame anybody for anything except for yourself. Everything that is in your reality, you are to blame it. What do you take? That level of ownership of your life is when you really actually starting to change your life, because now you go, well, that's it, because that means that I can make this whatever I want it to be.


It's I could either continue on the path that I'm currently on or I can make a massive change and make my life what I want it to be, because as we know, to do the same thing over and over again, expected results is the definition of insanity, according to Einstein. So if you're in a comfort zone, been doing the same thing for a year or two years or three years or five years, unless you do something different, you're going to have the exact same results.


If what's cool about this world is that everything that has ever been created was what's in the mind of somebody, you know, a house. Every house you've ever seen was what's in the mind of somebody. Every car you've ever seen was what's in the mind of somebody. Every movie you've ever seen was what's the mind of somebody. Every piece of furniture you've ever seen was what's in the mind of somebody. Every painting you've ever seen was what's in the mind of somebody.


Everything that you see that is in your reality, besides something comes directly from nature was what's in the mind of another human. It everything that's in your reality was what's in your mind. And this is where it really starts to get interesting, because now you realize, oh, bear the same way that someone goes. You know what?


An architect sits down and says, I have an idea for a house, but I draw this house out. You know, if you if you were to sit down and think of your life the exact same way, that house is eventually going to be built. If you were to sit down and say, I'm an architect by life, that life is eventually going to come into your reality. Now, the problem with that is that most people usually don't sit down to try to architect anything, so it's basically like they're just trying to build a house without having any blueprints.


They're just put some stuff together to see what works. So everything that you have in your reality, you created it, the house that you have, the car, every single thing.


And the way that I like to think about it as you be the creator is you big a painter, right? You can't sit down as a painter. ID paint something and then be able to blame everybody else for the pay to get set for yourself. Right. You're the only one that has access to this this canvas. You're the only one who has access to the paintbrush, to the paints and you can't paint something 30 minutes later start to blame somebody else for it.


Right? Why? Because you're the only one that's there. Now, why do I bring this up? Because if you think about it, so many people blame where their current life circumstances, what their life circumstances are on somebody else. Oh, yeah. I'm not where I want to be in my life because the government I'm not where I want to be in my life because by presidents other way, I want to be because of the fact that my parents were poor.


I've always been poor. That's just the way we're going to be. I you know, there's no way you could believe it can't be repaired. You can't blame the government. You can't be the president of society. You can't blame your spouse. You can't blame anybody. Why? Because they do not have access to your quote unquote canvas. You are the only one that could do it. So as crazy as it would be to sit down and paint something and they blame your shitty painting on somebody else that never had access to your painting is the exact same way.


It is crazy as it is to blame your life circumstance. So if that is not you, you are the only one that you could blame. Whether it's good or whether it's bad, you still blame yourself, right? If it's bad, you can blame yourself for where it is. If it's good, you can also blame yourself. And that's the beautiful thing about life, is that you are to blame for everything that's happening around you. That kid either scare the shit out of you or it could be really empowering because you go, wow, if that's the case that I can literally create anything that I want to.


The house that I watched, the car that I want, the spouse that I watched, the family that I watched, the joy, the happiness, the peace that I watched, I am the one that creates it.


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I'm going to step up to this party. I'm a step up to this canvas and I'm going to make as much detail as I possibly kid it to put this together. You are the creator. Is that a beautiful thing and the beautiful thing about it is we've now stepped into a New Year 2021.


It's a new canvas. You could just wipe the slate clean. Does it matter how the rest of your life, how this you know, how your life up until this very moment, listening to this podcast has bid you could take the canvas of the past and throw it inside of the fire, burn it and start a brand new one. And you are completely in control of that. So let's get you a new canvas. OK, let's imagine that you get a new canvas.


You put it up in front of you the same way that the architect would sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen is start to architect the house that they're going to build. What if you were to do that with your life? Just wipe the slate clean. And you know what? It's going to look at every single aspect of my life, the same way an architect will look at everything. They look at the height, they look at the width, they look at the the structure.


If the way it's going to crumble dirt, however it's designed, they're going to put a lot of detail into it to make sure that that house is going to survive. It's going to survive. Hurricane is going to survive storms. It's going to survive possible.


You know, tornadoes depends on where you live, but it's going to survive. What about you? What if you were to sit down an architect your life? What do you what what would it look like, what do you want in your life that you don't currently have? What do you want more of that you currently have? What would you like less of out doubted the same way that they look at height it with its structural changes at a foundation.


And, you know, the slope that the house is going to be built on is the same way that you look at your house and say, OK, relationships, ok, finances, ok, travel. OK, family, OK, personal development. You look at all the categories your life, you say, huh, I want to start to play this thing out and not just played it out to a detail that I've never done before, but I'm also going to take full 100 percent ownership for it because I am the only one that has access.


There's no one else in the world that has access to this. I have the person. So I'm going to stop blaming everybody else. And I will look at and say, this is my life to architect this damn thing better than anything I've ever architect not realized that you architect the current life that you're in, but subconsciously you did it.


This is a difference between being intentional versus being reactive.


Most people wake up and they're reactive and they just see life is just a set of circumstances are throw at them every single day. They're just dodging them, hopefully hoping that they could survive and not get hit by this thing and not get hit by this thing. And hopefully they put out enough fires today to be able to sleep well tonight. What if you woke up early before the kids wake up, before everybody else gets up and you have that quiet time to yourself?


You say, what does my perfect life look like? Can I get vision that can I see in my mind's eye what that would look like? They not only see it could I feel what it would feel like to create that life? How proud of yourself would you be if you carry that life evolved, that feeling of pride feel like for you to create that? Man, if you could fill yourself up with that every single morning, that's like crack, you don't need drugs, you don't need alcohol, you literally have your crack every single morning.


You basically wake up and fill yourself up with the gratitude of the life that you are creating for yourself of this life, that you are architected for yourself, knowing that everything in your reality you have created and everything that will covid to your reality, you will create as well. You know, we just moved into a new house for this. You guys have follow me on Instagram. You see me walking around to a new house the past. But that half or so and you know, I got the blueprints of the house and I moved it.


And the level of detail is it said. But you would expect that a big house, right? The level of detail, crazy, all this to the itch, this, you know, quarter of an inch, 10th of an eighth of it. Right. You have everything in perfect detail and it's pages and pages and pages of pages of pages to to to create this custom house that was built for the people who bought it from.


Right. Architect had to know that level of detail.


What if you do that level of detail in your life?


What would that be like where every day you know, your direction that you're going, you know, your 10 year goal, where you're like, this is why I want to be a 10 years is how much money would be worth this?


What I feel is going to look like this is how my spouse is going to feel. This is where we're going to travel to. This is what my body's going to look like, my health is going to look like. And you wake up every single morning and you see that life that you visualize it, that you make little tweaks every single body. So therefore it's not big reactive to everything your life. It's being proactive. I know where I'm going and I'm going to make myself get there.


It nothing, absolutely nothing will hold me back from that I'm going to put every ounce of energy that I have it to make sure that I create the life that I want. Guy's life is not that hard. It's really not we make it way harder to subsidize. You've got to wake up if you have to figure out what it is that you want in life. Right. Make that decision. You're the painter of this canvas that you have in front of you.


What are you going to paint? What is it? You wake up every single day and you paint a little bit more. You paint a little bit more, you paint a little bit more. Because here's the thing you used every single minute of yesterday doing something. I don't know what you did, but if you were, you know, working really hard towards your goals, you did it. If you were on Instagram, you did it. You used every single minute of yesterday.


What if you used every single minute of every single day from today on with attention, knowing exactly what you want, know exactly what you're going, get, exactly what you're working for. If you do this every day, you'll wake up at five years. It'd be like, holy shit, I can't believe how different my life is because I sat down, decided to craft my perfect life and work towards my perfect life. Because you could if you could either live your life unintentionally or intentionally, the choice is fully up to you.


You did a step in the driver's seat, decide what you want and work towards every single day because you are the creator of your reality. Your reality will be there in 10 years. The question is, is it going to be cut or whether it just was pieced together, thrown together, or will it be wood that was intentionally played to every single detail? That is what's up to you. So that's what I got for you for today's episode, if you love this episode, please share it on your Instagram stories of Taghrid It, Rob Algester, RBD, ALJ are the only way that we grow is for you guys.


Qargha so greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate. If you had shared on your script stories, we katydid grow and I believe the same way I leave you every single episode. Make it your mission to make someone else's day better. I appreciate you and hope that you have had a busy day. This may come as a surprise, but my family is ready to get out of the house, so I did a search on the verbal app. They've got vacation homes anywhere your family wants to go.


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