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Today we're going to talk about how to destroy the negative self talk that's going on in your head so that you can start being positive. You start creating the life that you want to, and you can start having a beautiful, beautiful existence. Because if there's one thing that I know after coaching thousands and thousands of people, is that as sad as it is, we don't speak to ourselves the way that we should. We don't speak to ourselves in a way that's loving.


We don't speak to ourselves in a way that builds ourselves up, and we don't speak to ourselves the way that we would want someone else to speak to us. So why do we do it? And today, I'm going to talk about how to stop the negative self talk. I'm going to go through an exercise with you so hopefully you can have some pen and paper near you, if not mentally, make sure that you're checking off boxes and mentally write these things down as we go through them.


But I'm going to go through an exercise with you to talk about how to destroy the negative self talk. And then what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to show you how to start talking to yourself the way that you truly want to talk to yourself. As you know, your mother would talk to you, someone loving would talk to you. And so that's what we're going to dive into because it's kind of sad. But we are just we're way too negative.


We're way too down on ourselves. And that's something that absolutely 100 percent needs to change. And as I said, if you have a pen and paper, please go grab that pen and paper. You could put me on pause. If you're watching me, if you're listening to me, whatever it is, you could put me on pause, go get a pen and paper. Just go through this really quick exercise with me. I think I'll be massively Eye-Opening for you.


And so here's what I want you to do. If you're driving your car, obviously, please don't write anything down.


Take a mental note. I want you to write down some of the negative stuff that you say to yourself. Write it down. And if you need to pause me, pause me. Go ahead. Give yourself two minutes. Five minutes, ten minutes. What's some of the negative stuff that you say to yourself? You're fat, you're ugly, you're stupid. You'll never amount to anything. You're worthless, you're unlovable. No wonder why you're single. No wonder why you keep getting cheated on.


Now, you know, those love handles are disgusting, right? We're going to don't worry. We're not going to be negative this whole time. We're going to turn it all around. But I want to make sure that we go through this and do this right now. Stuff like you'll be alone forever. Nobody wants to be with you. You don't have any friends. Your friends don't love you. Nobody has your back. What are the things that you're saying to yourself?


Write them down. Be open, honest and vulnerable if you need to burn this piece of paper by the time we get done tonight, completely cool. No big deal. But I want you to write down all of the negative things that you say to yourself right now. Now, what I want you to do is after you've done that, I want you to write down the absolute worst thing that you've ever said to yourself. Take yourself back to the moment where you might have just been so hard on yourself and yelling at yourself in your head, maybe yelling to yourself out loud.


What was it that you were saying to yourself, I want you to write that down or think of that moment right now. What was the absolute worst thing that you've ever said to yourself in your entire life? Write it down.


OK, now, here's what I want you to do. I want you to take that sheet of paper, take that sheet of paper, look at it real quick. And what I want you do is I want you to find your youngest child. I want you to find your youngest sibling, your youngest cousin, someone that you love, face time, your mom, whatever it is that you need to do. But the younger they are, the better, because the more innocent they are.


And I want you to walk over to them and I want you to say the things on that sheet of paper to them. Go ahead, do it. I'll be here waiting for you. Go ahead. Tell that child that they're fat, that they're ugly, that they're stupid, that they'll never amount to anything, that they're worthless, that, you know, they're completely unlovable. Nobody would ever want to be with them. You'll be alone forever.


Go ahead. Try it.


No. Why not? Oh, OK.


It's OK to say to yourself, but it's not OK to say to somebody else, is that what you're saying to me? Is that what you're thinking in your head? Because I'm reading your mind telepathy telepathically, I guess. So you're telling me you can say all of these terrible things to yourself, but you can't say them to someone else.


So why? Why, why? Do you see them to yourself, what good is it doing to say all of these negative things to yourself, to talk down to yourself, what good is it doing?


What what positive has ever come from speaking to yourself? That way you would never talk to someone that you love the way that you talk to yourself. And to be honest with you, probably never even talk to your enemies the way that you talk to yourself. You're nicer to your enemies than you are to yourself. Think about that one for a second. Let that one sink into your subconscious. I'll give you a pretty good example, think about this for a second, think about, let's say one of your friend calls you and let's say she's a female.


She's one on her first date is a blind date, right? Maybe. Let's say it's a attender date, not a blind date. And she goes out on a tender date and the guy leaves.


She's super into him. She's like, man, he's cute. He's got a great job. He's nice. He's got a great body. He's sexy, whatever.


She's into him. Right.


And she's like, well, at the end of the day, she could really love to see you again. And he's like, actually, I'll be honest with you, you're just not really my type. So I don't think that's going to happen.


And she's distraught. She's not happy about it. She feels down upon herself and she calls you a boring, boring, boring.


Hello. You answer the phone, she tells you the whole situation. Oh, he was so cute. He was great. I don't know what happened. We were getting along so well. I was thinking about how great it would be to start dating him to go on a second date, whatever it is she tells you all about him. And then he said that he's not interested in me. Would you ever go, oh, let's turn into Michelle?


Oh, yeah, of course, Michelle. Because you're fat. Because you're ugly. Because that mole on your face, because you're really not that smart. It's because the fact that you'll probably be alone forever, you're unlovable. I don't know why anybody would date you in the first place. It makes sense that people are cheated on you in the past. Would you just go in on her like that? No, nobody would if you did. You're a terrible friend.


But I would assume that anyone lessness would not do that.


So why would you do it to yourself?


Because at that point in time, your friend Michelle, what does she need from you? She needs love. She needs support. She needs you to be there for her.


How many times have you not been there for yourself? How many times have you not shown up as the best friend to yourself? Because if anything more than anybody else, you should be your number one fan.


You should be your biggest supporter. You should be your best friend. You should be the one that is there that always has your back. You can always have the friends and the family members and all of those people have your back, but you should be your biggest fan.


So if you would never talk to your friend Michelle when she calls you after a terrible Tinder date and she's so distraught, you never speak to her like that, why would you speak to yourself that way after you have somebody who doesn't want to see you again, somebody who breaks up with you, something that happens? Why would you speak to yourself that way?


It does nothing for you.


It does nothing for the world.


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All right, let's get you back to the show right now, because the better that you are, the better the world is. So you're actually being extremely selfish by being so negative yourself, because not only are you not getting the amazing news out of yourself that you could get, the world is not getting the best version of you as well. So how do we fix it? Because this is something that all too common to too to too many people do.


Well, here's what we're going to do. We're going to take out that pen and paper again. What I want you to do, I want you to take that piece of paper. You can burn it. You could throw it away. You could put down the garbage disposal, whatever it is, rip that piece of paper out. That is the last time that you are going to see that piece of paper. I would recommend having a fire ceremony for it.


We used to do this before with our limiting beliefs when I was younger in the first sales company. Then we would write down all of our limiting beliefs and then we would burn them. You know, don't do this inside of your house because they don't need you burn your house down. We would burn them and watch them burn and go.


That's the last time that I'm ever going to say that to myself. Take a picture. Take me on Instagram.


Rob Dale Jr, RBD ALJ are of you burning your limiting beliefs in the negative things that you say to yourself, take a picture and share it. Have a fire ceremony for the negative self talk so you can never have it again. Now we're going to have that blank sheet of paper and what are we going to do with that blank sheet of paper? You guessed it. I want you to write down all of the things that you want to say to yourself, all the things that you would want a great friend or a great spouse or significant other to say to you, you're beautiful.


You look amazing. You know, you're perfect just the way you are, no matter how you are, you're smart, you're funny. You're a great friend. You're a hard worker. You're supportive, you're perfect. Whatever it is. Right. All of those things down. Go ahead. You could pause me. I'll be here literally forever. I will literally be here forever.


That's the way the Internet works. If you pause me and leave me for the next six hours and push play, I'll still be here at the exact same point. So if you want to pause me, pause me, write down all the things that you want to say to yourself that you would want a supportive person to say to you to make you feel better. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny, you're successful. You're you're a hard work.


You're a great friend. You're supportive. All of the things that you want someone to say. And what I want you to do is this. I want you to take a picture of that with your phone so you have it with you at all times. Next time you feel down on yourself, I want you to look at that picture on your phone. You know what else? I want you to I want you to take out your favorite three to five things on that piece of paper.


I want you to write them with a dry erase marker on your mirror. So every time you go into the bathroom, you see them and you make yourself read them. Every time you wash your hands, do it, go for it. Tag me in this as well on Instagram. You know what else you should do? Take some sticky notes, the neon sticky notes, the bright pink, and put those sticky notes with those affirmations.


You're beautiful, you're smart. Whatever it is, put them everywhere. So you see them all of the time.


You open up your drawer inside of your kitchen, you got it there. You're driving your car. It's on your dashboard. You need to literally brainwash yourself to rewire the negative self taught so that you can start talking to yourself the way that you want to talk to yourself. Put reminders everywhere, your car, your mirror, the sticky notes, put them everywhere you possibly can. It's not weird. It's not. People might think that it's weird. It's not weird.


I don't think that it's weird because why would you not do something like this? Why would you not try to build yourself up? Why would you not be obsessed with yourself? Because ultimately, we're taught that if you're obsessed with their self, you're narcissistic and there's something wrong with that. You shouldn't you shouldn't love yourself like we're taught those types of things. Oh, no. You definitely shouldn't love yourself as much you do. Oh, my gosh.


You're so into yourself. You're full of yourself.


I'm full of myself. Who the hell should I be full of you? Someone else?


No, I should be full of myself before I'm full of anybody else, because ultimately I can't give away what I don't have. So I need to love myself before I can fully love somebody else. It's not narcissistic. It's not obsessive what it is. It's loving, it's supportive. It's building a great foundation of confidence. That's what it truly is. Think about that for a second. I want to tell you a strategy that one of my friends went through about nine months ago.


He realized that he didn't love himself and he said that if you would have gone up to him and asked him, hey, you know, I would say no, say his name's John. Hey, John, do you love yourself? He'd be like, yeah, of course I love myself.


And then he went through these journeys of work and work and working himself and he realized he didn't fully love himself at all.


And so he had this idea of, I should tell myself that I love myself. And so what I'm going to do and this is what I recommend you do. And this has been a massive journey for him. And it's been huge in his self love process. It's been almost a year now. He's been doing is a completely different person. What he does is he gets this is every single morning, takes a shower, drives off, stays completely naked, takes off his towel.


And I have he's he got this from one of our friends who's a really deep worker in this space, gets completely naked. Look at himself in the mirror, sets his timer for five minutes and completely naked, no clothes, looks himself in the eyes and says, I love you. I love you, John, I love you, and he says it over and over and over again, and some days it's easy and some days it's a struggle.


And he's like, why is this a struggle? Why is this so hard? And things will come up, memories will come up. Things he and process traumas, events that happened in his past will come up. And guess what? He has to work through it. And it's a journey of self-love. And you might say, why would you do it naked, though, because that's you fully showing up to yourself if you can't be naked in front of yourself and say, I love you, you can't be naked in front of someone else.


You can't you can't be fully seen until you allow yourself to fully see yourself.


So it's a journey. I remember when I was younger and I first heard about saying, I love you inside of the mirror, I thought I was kind of crazy. And then I was like, you know what? I'll take this journey. And I didn't have much confidence. I wasn't born with confidence. I was very unconfined up until I got into a sales company where I had to work on myself and do a lot of personal and read and go to conferences and grow, push myself.


And I remember somebody came in and gave a speech to us and said, listen, what you should do every morning is look yourself in the mirror and say, I love you 100 times every single morning. My friend does it. He says, five minutes on his phone. It might be even easier, but I would sit there and I'd say, I love you. I love you, Rob. I love you. I love you. I love you.


And I would say it over and over and over again.


And then one day I just forgot to do it. I did it for months and months and months and months. And one day I just forgot to do it. And the next day I forgot. I forgot and I forgot and forgot. And then years down the road, I went somebody came up to me and said, Why do you have so much confidence where to come from?


And I was like, I don't know where the hell I came from because I haven't always been this way. And then snapped myself back into that moment. I went, Oh, my God, I've told myself, I love you thousands and thousands and thousands of times. My girlfriend makes fun of me because I talk to myself in the mirror and I'm like, damn, you look good today. I say that to myself.


It was just something that I learned to do. I don't even have any I don't even know what negative self talk is anymore because it doesn't even live in my brain. It used to, but I rewired it.


I don't even know I was rewiring it. It just ended up happening. And it's a beautiful thing to live that way. Everybody deserves to live that way. You should be your biggest fan, not your mom, not your spouse, not your brother, sister, anybody else. You should be your biggest fan. As I said earlier, who the hell else should you be obsessed with? Who that hell else should you be full of? You, you, you, you.


Because ultimately, if you don't love yourself, if you're not showing up fully for yourself, you're not showing up fully for the world, you're not showing up the great view that you could be. The world needs you to show up in a powerful way. The world needs more powerful people more than ever. Could you be one of the people that step up? Could you be one of the people that give love to yourself and also give love to others?


Think about it. You're worth it. I promise you that you deserve it. But more than anything else, you actually need it. We need the self-love. We need more people that are confident, that are able to do the things they need to in the world. We need you to love yourself and you need you to love yourself. So that's what I got for you for today's episode.


If you love this episode, please share with someone that you know and someone that you love shared on your Instagram tag minut rob Dale Jr RBD alj. Ah, if you do any of the fun stuff like you know burning your the negative things you say to yourself, once again, I'm not saying to do that, so don't be burning down the house and then blaming the guy in the podcast because that's definitely not what I told you to do.


But if you want to take a picture, send me the picture. If you want to take a picture in your mirror with all of your self love stuff, do it. I would love to see the self-love in heck. I'll repost it for everybody else to see on Instagram as well. But once again, if you want to see motivational text message videos from me every few days, text me right now. One five one two five eight zero nine three zero five.


Once again, one five one two five eight zero nine three zero five. And I'm going to leave the same way I leave you every single episode. Make it your mission is make someone else's day better. Go out there and be the change we need to see in the world. I appreciate you and I'll see you on the next episode.