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We're going to talk about how to manifest the life that you want. And we're also going to talk about how the law of attraction actually works. So I've done past lessons talking about the law of attraction, but now we're going to talk about how to actually use that in your life.


And one of the things that comes down to immediately and I want to start off before we go any further, is to tell you this.


If you want to attract, quote unquote, the life you want, if you want to manifest the life you want, or if you just want to create the life that you truly want, the first thing that you need to start doing is to stop focusing on what you don't want. So I'm going to take a take a pause and I'm going to ask you a question before you go any further.


When you were if you were to take yourself out of your own head and look at everything that you think throughout the course of the day, between your 60 to 80000 thoughts that you have every single day, which is about average for a human, are you focusing and thinking more about what you want or are you focusing about more of what you don't want, what you fear, what you're worried about?


Because what you focus on, you will get more of in the reason why I'm doing this episode, because my girlfriend, Lauren and I, we were driving about three nights ago.


We were driving back from dinner and we were just talking about life and about how I feel like basically all of my dreams have come true. Like I don't really have a whole lot of goals because I'm like, damn, I kind of checked them all off the list, which is awesome.


But I feel like I am the creator of my reality, like I feel like I created this life. Now, obviously, you had people that helped me. I had mentors along the way. No man is an island.


But I feel like I created this as if I was a painter that walked up to a blank canvas and just wrote down exactly what I want. And I drew out this perfect life and I created it. And one joked to my mom and I have had for a real long time since I got started getting into personal development about 15 years ago, since I got into the law of attraction and trying to manifest things, is that I tell my mom and I've told her because she's always like, how do you always she's like, you always get what you want.


And I'm like, most of the time I do get what I want. And the reason why. And here's a secret. This is what I told my girlfriend the other day is the opposite of what I want.


So first off, before I that I know exactly what I want, I'm very clear on exactly what I want and very clear on the life I've wanted to create, the lifestyle I've wanted to create, the traveling that I've wanted to do, the money that I want to make, the person that I want to attract into my life, the people that I want to be surrounded by and very, very clear on all of those.


The reason why I happen to get those things in my life is because the opposite of what I want doesn't even exist in my reality, in my head. I never go to fear that I won't get what I want.


I worry that something could come up in the way I worry about other people's opinions. The opposite of what I want doesn't even exist in my reality.


So why do I get the life that why do I have the life that I've created is because nothing else exists in my reality. I'm walking up to a blank canvas and I'm painting whatever the fuck I want to create. Right.


So when you think about your life, are you thinking of your life the exact same way, or are you thinking about the things that you don't want? Are you focusing on worry and fear and sadness and all of the negative emotions?


Right. So I can give you many examples in my life.


First off, since I'm already talked with my girlfriend, my girlfriend did it want to date me when she first met me?


She didn't want a boyfriend at all. She just got a relationship a couple of months before.


And I was like, hey, that's great and all. But I think I'm pretty good. I think you're pretty good. I think would be a good match. And eventually she was like, Oh, I do like this guy. Right? So she was like, yeah, she tells the story all the time.


I didn't I wasn't I wasn't in the mood. I didn't want to date people. I was just kind of having a great time by myself.


But I was like, I really like this girl really attractive. I think that we fit really well. And now we've been together for years and, you know, because I just feel like that's what I wanted. And in turn, she was like, oh, I'm starting to see who this guy truly is. Right. So the first thing I can think of as is with Lauren, when I was younger, way before that, I used to sell knives.


I worked for a company called Cutco.


And I was I never been in sales before, but all I wanted to do is be the very best sales rep that I possibly could be.


So I was like, you know what? I'm going to be number one in the office. There is no other option I. I will not be anything other than that, right? And so I built up some confidence to build some confidence and eventually became number one in the office that I was in in Tampa.


Then I became a manager at the company. I was like, I will not lose to anybody else because I feel like I am the best that exists out there. And it was just this inward belief. It's never a cockiness or anything like that. Just this this confidence, this inward belief that I know who I am, I know what I deserve, and I know what I can do and my capabilities.


So I'm going to go and I'm going to create it so that I built my office in one office, United States, right. Then I left there because I was like, I feel like I've done everything that I can.


And then I decided to, you know, go into the corporations that I went into. And I was the youngest sales rep in those companies, but still also became the number one sales rep in those companies. I decided to start a podcast, became, you know, the top motivational podcast in all of iTunes are going to do about 50 million downloads in the next year.


And and then I decided to start a Facebook page and how my video start to go viral. So I put time into figuring all of those things out. You know, we're about one point five billion views on Facebook. And I don't say these things to brag in any sort of way. I just say them because no one I know what I want.


Number two, the opposite of what I want. Failure doesn't exist in my mind. It doesn't exist in my reality. If it doesn't exist in my reality and I am the creator of my reality, then there's absolutely no way that I will fail.


So that's number two. And number three, I just don't give up.


I don't I don't I don't see anything as failure unless you give up. And so I just decide. Slow and steady wins the race. Life is a marathon. Business is a marathon. Everything is a marathon. I'm going to put every ounce of energy that I have into whatever this thing is that I want. And I'm not going to do anything else until I succeed at it. Right. So I don't see any of these things to brag. I just said, because this is my perspective, what the past 15 years have been for me and how I've created what I have.


And it comes down to what I tend to focus on. Right.


And I say this a lot, too. I teach coaches how to impact the world and how to make money and how to grow their coaching businesses. And one thing that I always say to them is don't focus on this not working out. Like if you're trying to build this coaching business, not working out should not exist in your reality. Right. Because if it does and you're focusing on what if this doesn't work out, what if I can't pay my bills?


What if this person says no to me? What if one of my clients cancels? You're probably going to create that in your reality.


But if you step up and you say this will be the business that makes me the dreams, the dream life that I want, I'm going to impact the world. I'm going to do this and this and this. And that's the only other option that exists for them. And that's what they're going to create. Right.


So I want to pause and take a step back. And when you hear me talk about these things, the first thing I want to say is I haven't always been this confident in my capabilities. This is 15 years of working on myself and actually seeing how this works and understanding the law of attraction, understanding, manifestation, understanding, even if the law of attraction manifestation are not things that you focus on or they're not in reality, they sound to woo for you.


I think that I'm a creator and I'm creating my reality to every single moment with every single thought and with every single action without being said.


When you listen to my story and you think back of your story, when you think about the things that you focus on, you think about the thoughts in your head, the 60 to 80000 thoughts every single day.


Are they focusing on everything that you want or everything that you don't want? Think about that for a second, are you concentrating on building the life that you want or you concentrating on? I hope this doesn't. I hope I don't fail. I hope other people don't judge me. I hope this person doesn't cancel their order. I hope this works out for me. Right.


And so you have to have this internal confidence that will be built at will the more that you do it and more if you try this out and it works for you, you gain a little bit of confidence. You try it out and you get works for you gain a little bit more confidence and more and more and more. And over years, it just compiles into I don't lose. And that's what you'll start to get to, is just you won't lose.


Winners win. And when you step into becoming a winner and you have that winner's mentality, losing doesn't exist.


It doesn't because you just won't give up.


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And so, like I told you, my mom says I get everything that I wanted, always, it always she always makes a joke on it. I just feel like I'm kind of dancing with the universe. Like, I don't know the way the universe works. And I don't think I ever will. I don't think I'm ever going to be that intelligent. God, the universe, whatever is out there. I just feel like we're kind of in a dance and we're having a tango and I'm moving and it's moving and we're figuring it out together.


And and I don't even like to you know, it's hard to use the right words because when I say the life that you want, I'm also taking a step back in my head because I don't even necessarily know if the word want is the best word, because once is a word that comes from a place of lack. Right.


A place of I don't have this thing in in order to be a powerful creator, you have to create from a place of absolute certainty and pure fulfillment as to where you currently are. So when I want something, a lot of times I'm wanting something coming from a place of lack. I don't have this thing in this thing that I want will complete me in some sort of way. Right. That's the reason why a lot of relationships don't work out, is because people want to get into the relationship because they are they're quote unquote better half or because they complete them.


No, it's not. You know, this person completes me. It is that you are already a complete person. They are already a complete person. And the two of you together make a really frickin powerful couple. Right. It's not like I'm I'm incomplete without this person. That person's incomplete without me. Where were, you know, two halves? No, it's like your whole. Their whole.


And you're creating something amazing. So I hesitate saying that this is a life that you want because I feel like it comes from a place of lack.


But I'm really running out of words to use here. So we're just going to have to use those words.


But, you know, it's not even it's not even that you want it. It's that you are absolutely certain that it will happen, you know. So how can you brainwash yourself in a sense to being like my future that I want is going to happen? And so when people usually hear about the law of attraction, they hear about manifestation.


They think that they're supposed to go into some, you know, Nevada states and meditate and they're going to start floating. And then that they're going to say, oh, money is flowing freely, flowing into my life from all areas of the universe. And the perfect lover that I've always wanted my entire life is going to be knocking at my door soon, like all of us. That's beautiful. That's what you want to do. But I just happen to be a very analytical, logical person.


And I'm like, you know what? Instead of actually sitting there and just meditating on the idea, I'm going to fully embody the idea there's nothing wrong to meditating on. I promise you that I do meditate as well.


But it's like I'm with with every action that I take, I am going to be the person that will create this life and I am going to create this reality from absolute certainty.


So I know that for some of you guys, this probably is a big step because maybe you haven't gotten amazing results in everything that you've been wanting to do in your life and so to think.


OK, if I look in my past, I don't have a whole lot of examples of massive success from me, right. I've been there before.


I understand exactly what you're talking about, if not sitting in the back of your head, but you have to be able to strip away the past and strip away the present, say, hey, none of those things actually matter at all for the future that I'm going to create.


And so I've got to in my head start from a place of absolute certainty. What do I need to do to start from a place of absolute certainty? Well, I need to strip away the past and destroy the present. And you say the future is being written at any moment, every moment. Everything that I do, I've got to No. One be very clear on what is that I want. You guys have heard it said in ancient texts, the Bible, all of them, they say, asking who shall be given.


Right. Well, if you're going to ask for something, if you're going to focus on something, you better be very, very clear on exactly what it is that you want.


So the first part of creating is absolute certainty is to No one. Be very clear on what it is that you want, because when you are very, very clear on what is it you want, it makes it easier to go and hit it. You've heard me say it before. If I were to take you and the number one archer in the entire world and have you to line up and shoot a bow and arrow at something, some target, they're going to beat you every single time.


But if you blindfold them and spin them around so they don't know what direction they're facing and then you are able to, you know, literally see the target, have nothing over your eyes, you have a better chance of hitting it, not because you're better, simply because you can see the target. So the more clear that you can be on what it is that you want to creating a life, the more likely it is that you're going to be able to create it.




We are all conscious creators.


We are creating at every moment of our lives the exact life that we want. Right.


You are creating it. If you focus on what you want, you will create more of those things that you want. You will notice the people, places, opportunities, things in front of you that will create that. If you're focusing on what you don't want, you will notice and create the people, places, opportunities and things that will create the reality of what it is that you don't want. Right. You've heard me talk about this before. There's a part of your brain called the reticular activating system that is basically the brain's filtering system.


At any moment in time, your brain could if it would probably explode, if you were to be able to take all this in, take in about two trillion bits of information, but it only takes in two hundred bits of information per second. So you reticular activating system is the filtering system.


And so if you're going into your day and you know what it is that you want, but you're thinking to yourself, yeah, I'm not I'm not good enough.


I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this, then your reality is going to show you all of the places that you are not good enough. Why? Simply because you're reticular activating system. The filtering system is going to find all of the places that you're not good enough.


Your brain is basically like cosmic Google. Whatever you ask of it, it will find the answer to you. Ever have any friends that have terrible relationship problems and the like? Why do I always find the guys that cheat?


Right. If you ask yourself that question is going to go, it's going to pull up all of the answers as to why you only find the guys that cheat. But if someone were to ask that different question, say, why do I deserve to have somebody who's loyal to your brain is going to pull up all the answers? Which one are you focusing on?


On all of the people who are the cheaters and why you find them or why you deserve to have someone that's loyal, right.


If you focus on what you don't, what you will get what you don't want because you're reticular activating system is focused on those things. If you focus on what you do want, you will get more of what you do want. So if you know exactly what it is that you want and you set your reticular activating system to go and get it once again, the people, places, opportunities, things will pop up in your life and show you where you can possibly move forward in the direction that you're looking for.


So you have to be very clear of what you're looking for. A perfect example of this is I went a few years ago, my friend. It was his birthday and we went on these really fast go, seemed like 50 miles an hour.


And the guy who owned this track here in Austin is an ex F1 driver. He used to actually drive an F1 super funny, nice French guy making jokes the whole time as he's explaining everything to us. And then he got really serious at one moment and he said, listen to me, looks everybody straight in the eye. He says if there is a crash, which there will be and my friends are kind of crazy. So there were a lot of them.


He said, do not look at the crash because you will hit them. You've got to look at where you want to go. And I was like. That makes so much sense, that's exactly how life is, because if you look at the crash, what you don't want, you will hit the car in front of you. You ever see a car on the side of the road on the interstate and are not moving, but somehow some cars just end up hitting them, even though they're not moving because the person was looking at it?


So what are you looking at? Are you looking at where you want to go or are you looking at the crash scene where you don't want to go if you've ever been you know, if you've anybody who listens, rides a motorcycle, knows someone who does, they say look through the turn right.


So don't look at where you are when you're in a turn on a motorcycle. You're looking at where you want to go because your body, your brain will position you to get to that spot so you don't look at where you don't want to go.


You only look at where it is that you're trying to go the same way that you go karts. Same with your motorcycles is exactly how it works in life. You look and you focus on only what it is that you want to go and you don't have any other example that pops into your head. If you're a salesperson out there, the thing that I teach the coaches that I teach, you know, a lot of people in sales, people say this is, oh, I hope this person doesn't say no to me versus I'm going to have this this person's going to buy from me.


So instead of thinking I'm going, this person is going to buy from me, people think I hope this person doesn't say no. And if you go into it with the energy of I hope this person doesn't say no, what do you think they're more likely to do? To say no, right? Everything in life is energy, but if you go into it, if I if I just think about the energetic state of my body, of this person's going to buy in what type of state that would put my body in and how that would change my physiology, how they would change my voice to I hope this person doesn't say no.


Right. Like there's a different energetic state that both of them put me into.


This person's definitely going to buy and I'm going to change your life or I hope this person doesn't say no and how that energy is going to translate to the other person. They're probably going to say no, right, you ever you ever walked into a room and started talking to someone and immediately you got yeah, this doesn't feel right. It was bad feelings. We've all been there before. Right. And then something happens down the road that shows you.


Oh, yeah. My original feeling about that person, I was right.


You ever also had feelings of you meet somebody and immediately you're like, I feel like I've known this person forever and become great friends. It's the energy.


Think about how the thoughts of what I just said change the energy of how you go in to it is that you do it changes the emotion into it. Emotion is energy in motion e motion, energy and motion.


So if I think thoughts, it's going to change my energy in the way that I feel it's going to change the way that I act, which is going to change my results in my physical world because everything is energy.


And you can sense when energy is on, you can sense what energy is off, but the key to it is you have to think about the thoughts that are going through your head at any moment in time. Every moment in time are the thoughts that are going through my head, getting me closer to or further from my goals, my focusing on what I want or what I don't want. And you have to literally analyze every single thought that you have and it'll take some time.


It will take time to get used to. I've been doing this now for 15, 16 years now, but I have so much proof of how my thoughts change my energy, change my actions, change my reality.


And so what it takes is ultimate self self awareness. You've got to think about every single thought that's coming through. You've got to think about every energetic state that you get into. You got to think about every action that you have. And it takes time. It takes a lot of mental energy when you first get into this. But then what happens is you start to change your thoughts, you change your thoughts, you change your thoughts. And now, instead of being habitually used to think negative thoughts and think about you don't want, you start being habitual to think positive thoughts.


And what is it you do want? Because at any moment in time, every single thought that you have is creating a reality.


You've got to think about this are the thoughts that you are having creating the reality that you want, if you change your thoughts, you change your reality, you change your future, make sure that you know what it is that you want, and then make sure that every thought that you have lines up with that future that you want and that will then manifest the future in the life that you want.


So that's what I got for you for today's episode. If you love this episode, please share some of that. You know, love also tag me on Instagram, shared on Instagram stories so that more people can find it and tag minute Rob Dale Junior RBD ALJ are the only way that this podcast grows is from you guys sharing it. So I greatly appreciate it. I always see hundreds of people that share this every single episode that comes out, and that's what makes us one of the top 200 podcasts in the entire world.


And I'm going to leave you the same way. I leave you every single episode, make it your mission to make someone else's day better. I appreciate you and I hope that you have an amazing day.