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Today, we're going to be talking about why you should stop saying the phrase I wish and the phrase I want. I want you to take those completely out of your repertoire of things that you happen to say whenever you're just giving yourself B.S. excuses. Then here's the thing. I wanted to bring this up. And I don't want I hope you don't hear me like preaching from a soapbox or anything like that. I just want to be real with you and talk real to you.


Right now. I have to get something off my chest. I'm tired of excuses. I'm tired of excuses that I've given myself. I'm tired of excuses that people tell me them from creating the life that they truly, truly want to. And they see something that they want and they say, oh, I want this X, Y, Z, or I wish that I could have that life or that body or that bank account or whatever it is the that spouse.


And they say, I want and I wish. But what I want you to replace those phrases with is I will I will get that body. I will get that bank account. I will get that job. I will get that raise. I will build the family. I will get that perfect spouse. Not I wish I had the perfect spouse who I want the perfect spouse, whatever it is, it's not I want and I wish it's I will.


And you have to make the connection your brain of no matter what it is that you want, no matter how far away from it from you, you currently feel like you are seem like you are, that you're going to get it no matter what. You can't say, oh yeah, I want that body or I wish I could have that body.


But, you know, I just don't have the genetics.


What's that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And we have these little excuses. You don't have the genetics. Who cares about your genetics? I know people that have better bodies than me with no legs and they're bodybuilders. What excuse do I have in my less able than someone who has no legs? Know what the difference is, is that they have the full commitment. You have to stop allowing yourself to get off the hook.


How many little excuses do you make throughout the day as to why you don't have the life that you want? Genetics, family, the president, the government? How many excuses do you make throughout your day that are holding you in place that are literally mental barriers that you've built that you might not even be aware of until you actually sit down and start thinking of them?


You've got to stop playing the victim card, stop being a victim, start being a champion and go, you know what? I don't care what my circumstances are. I don't care what my genetics are. I don't care what my passes. I don't care about what my present moment is. I will get what I want to get.


Because you can work your tail off to get it. That's the great equalizer in this world, everybody, hard work. The hard work is a great equalizer in this world. There's no talent needed in this world. It's hard work is all that's really needed. You have to put in the work to get what you want. And this correlates to everything in your life. But, you know, I'm going to use the example of your body just because it's an easy one.


And that tends to be a thing that a lot of people struggle with. Right. So I overhear people saying, oh, yeah, I wish I had this or I want that body, but I can't I don't have the genetics. My my family all has issues with X, Y, Z. So if they have issues, that means I have issues. Right. Maybe you don't have as good a genetics. Who cares. But should that hold you back.


No, just means you have to put in more work.


The question is, do you have the mental fortitude to put in that work? That's what's really important. So the question is not whether you have the genetics or don't have the genetics to create this beautiful body that you want. Is the do you have the mental fortitude or can you build the mental fortitude in the work ethic to get that body stop blaming things that are out of your control and start focusing on things that you can control? Can you control your genetics?


No. Can you control hard work and dedication?


Yes. Yes, you can, so why don't you focus on the things that you can control? Stop blaming the things that are outside of your control. Stop using the victim card of, oh, I won't have this because, you know, the government or because of the president or because of my family or because of my past or because of my broken leg or whatever it is. And you guys have probably heard me say before, I love three legged dogs.


The reason why I love three legged dogs is because a dog will lose a leg and then the next week it doesn't even know the leg is gone. It's still happy. It's still running around. It figures it out. Humans, we can have one bad event happen to us in our life and carry that forever.


Why don't we be more like the three legged dog, the three legged dog that goes up, my legs gone. Who cares? I'll figure it out. I'm still going to be happy. I'm still going to love every human. I'm still going to go into every situation with my tail wagging. Right. We can have one person say one bad thing to us twenty years ago and wear that like a backpack that weighs one hundred pounds. And that's what's slowing us down from carrying the life that we want.


Stop using the victim card. Ask yourself what you need to do to start being more like a champion instead of a victim.


Listen, we all know people who have come from crap circumstances in this world, way worse than you and I in some cases, but they've made incredible stories and incredible successes and happiness and love and peace or whatever it is out of their lives from circumstances that are worse than you and I. No matter where you are, I guarantee for you to search long enough.


We'd find somebody in this world that had worse circumstances than you. We would. They're out there. The stories are out there.


I'm sure if you don't have the body that you want and you have terrible genetics, we could find someone that's had worse genetic makeup and maybe a worse starting point, the new at this current moment. But what they do, they still figured it out.


Hard work, determination. They did what they needed to do. Stop saying, I wish that I had X, Y, Z and start saying I will do whatever the hell I need to do to get X, Y, Z. I don't give a crap on my genetics or I will get it.


I have a friend who literally has no legs, and he I mean, if I'm being honest with the dude is friggin shredded, he's got no legs. His name's Andre and he literally bikes across, biked across the entire United States. And I don't remember what it was like 30 days or something insane.


And he literally I'm looking at myself going, why am I not doing things that are as amazing as him?


Why am I giving myself excuses? He's not giving himself any excuses.


You're going to tell me that he's more capable now? We're equally as capable. He's just got the mentality to go, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and do it. Now, now that you realize that your bodies I don't want to I don't even want to say he's less capable because I don't think he's less capable, because all that really matters is not the body. All that matters is the mentality. So he's more capable than us because the mentality is there.


You have to have the mental fortitude to get the body that you want to get the business that you want to get, the success that you want. You have to put in the work at the gym. You have to follow the diet, you have to meal prep. You have to say no to certain things to get certain things that you want to. You have to say no to sugars. You have to say no to alcohol. You have to say no to things.


So as much as you have to put the work in, you also have to make sure that you put the work in in your mentality to be strong enough to say no, you have to stop letting yourself off the hook, because the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


This is the big secret of the world. You don't just start having one piece of your life fall apart. Do you want to know why? Because the way that you're treating not one thing, you're treating everything as well. So if you're not treating your body and putting as much time into your body as you need to, you're probably not putting all of the time that you need to into other things that are very important. Maybe your body, you're not putting as much time into it, but then you look at your relationship and you could go, am I putting as much time into as I really should or my letting things slip or am I making excuses?


Oh, yeah, I am making excuses. I am letting things slip. Oh my gosh. I'm doing the exact same thing in my relationship that I'm doing at the gym. OK, let me look at my business, OK, and I slipping in certain parts of my business, oh, I am am I making as much money as I could? Am I impacting as many people as I could? No, I'm not. Oh, my God.


That's the exact same thing as the gym. The way you do. One thing is the way you do everything. This is why I'm so adamant about making sure that you wake up, you do what you need to do to get what you want. And if it sucks, do it anyways, because if it's easy, we don't want it. You know, maybe it's not your genetics and the long run. Maybe it's the mind. Maybe you don't go to the gym after you've had a long day at work.


That's the actual issue. Maybe you eat late at night when you shouldn't be, or maybe you didn't go to the gym after work because there's a lot of traffic when in reality you should have gone.


You know what? I don't care about the traffic. I don't care of how long day I'm going to do it anyways. The way that you create the life that you want to is by saying, I will get this one thing, I will get X, Y, Z. I will figure out a way to create whatever it is that I want.


What excuses are you giving yourself? Excuses are like buttholes. Everyone's got one and all of them stink. So stop telling them.


Stop telling yourself these excuses because they're not true and they all are stinky. Nobody wants those. But those excuses are just little, tiny ways that you're just letting yourself off the hook and we get hung up sometimes.


I use the example the other day and I was doing a Zoome call with a group that I coached my business breakthrough group, and I was teaching them and talking about how like my belt loops inside of my pants are like the exact height of a draw, like the handle of a drawer. So whenever I walk by drawers and kitchens, I almost always get caught. It happens all the time. And I say, that's basically how life is. You're walking along, you're walking along and woop up.


You got stuck on the draw. Walking along, walking along, we got stuck in the jaw that getting stuck in the drawer are like all of the little places where you're just getting caught up in these little, teeny, tiny, tiny mental barriers. And if you were to become fully 100 percent self-aware as to all the places where you're holding yourself back, it would be like a mass awakening for for you and for the entire world. If each person could just do this because we create these little things and we don't even notice it and we start saying them to ourselves over and over and over again, like the genetics thing.


Or, for instance, when I was injured, I was injured a few years ago and I kept telling myself and I even realized I got myself caught up in this narrative, which it could have been true, but it could be false. But I actually propagate and continue to keep it going. And the issue was I have four twin LaBron, one in each shoulder, one in each hip. And I was telling myself without even realizing because I was going to doctors, they were telling me I was injured.


They were telling me I was injured. There was something I was injured in, literally, because doctors kept telling me I was injured. I started believing that I was injured. And then I became more in pain because I was creating my own reality. I was basically they told me the thing and I made it worse.


And then one day I woke up and I went, oh, my God, I'm literally making this worse of myself. That's like being caught once again. Belt loop got cut. Yep. I'm telling myself I don't have the body I want because of the fact that I'm injured until my front of the body that I want, because of the fact that I don't have the genetics. I'm telling myself out of the body that I want because of this, this, this, when in reality it's that I'm not working hard enough.


I'm not putting the work in in the gym. I'm not putting the work in inside of the the the kitchen. I'm not prepping. I'm not doing exercise. I'm not taking my my vitamins. I'm not. And there's all of the different places and you start to literally become very self aware of how you have created all of these little hooks for your belt to get stuck on. And then you go, you know what, now that I see this, I'm going to stop making excuses, OK?


Now that I see that I don't have the body I want because of the lack of work, what am I going to do? I'm going to come up with a plan, a foolproof plan over the next week.


What am I going to do? I'm going to work out five times this week, OK, what days am I good workout. I'm going to work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Those are the days. OK, what else do I need to do to make sure that I don't fall back into my victim mindset? OK, what else I'm going to do? I'm going to go ahead. I'm going to take Sunday. I'm going to meal prep.


I'm going to take four hours on Sunday. I'm going to take the entire week's meals Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm gonna make every single day's meals on Sunday so I even have to think about it so I can't give myself that excuse. What else am I going to do? I'm going to stop eating after eight o'clock. I'm going to have a fast from 8:00 until eight o'clock or 8:00 until 10:00 or whatever is that you want to do.


And you have time to let your body do what it needs to do and to heal.


You don't allow yourself to create the excuses because your plan is foolproof and all you need to do is just execute on it.


And so the question that I have for you and I want you to think about whether it's your body, whether it's your relationship, whether it's your business, whether it's your bank account, whether it's your friendships, whether it doesn't matter what it is, all of these things, find out where they are and ask yourself what little excuses am I telling myself?


And because I've been telling myself these excuses for so long, I've actually been believing them right. I could have gone my entire life telling myself that I was injured and that I couldn't create the body that I wanted to because of it. And then one day I woke up and I was like, I'm going to flip this around. I'm going to just tell myself I'm healthy, I'm healthy, I'm healthy. My shoulders are healing. My hips are healing, my shoulders are healing.


My hips are on my shoulder healing. My hips are healing. I hired a trainer to make sure that he came over to my house. He shows up at my house. There's no excuses that I can give the guy because he's physically here.


Then we go into the parking garage and we work out. And what do I notice? I stopped telling myself this false narrative. I start working really hard at it.


My body starts to heal itself, and then I get stronger and stronger and stronger. And then months down the road now I look back and I go, oh, my God, I might be in the best shape I've ever been in. But months ago I was telling myself this false narrative.


It was an excuse that wasn't true, that I was making even worse. I was telling myself I was injured and I tell myself I was injured. I was actually even holding myself back more in creating more hurt, more injuries, more issues. I started switching that around and what I was telling myself and I started changing my body to what I wanted to be. I'm not standing on top of a soapbox saying how amazing I am, I'm just giving you an example of how it has happened for me.


And I even realize it until like eight, nine months ago, probably. Then I started trying to reverse it. So the question I have for you is, what excuses are you giving yourself? What false narratives are you continuing to just say to yourself over and over and over again, consciously, subconsciously, that's holding you back from everything that you want, the life you want, the body you want to make out. You want the relationship. You want the family that you want the friendships that you want.


What are you telling yourself? Because here's the thing. All of it is false. You have to go in, dive in, fear what they are, change the false narratives and create the future that you want by changing your mind, changing your excuses and changing your words from I want and I wish to I will I will get what I want. I will get the body I want. I will get the relationship I want. I will get the bank account of what I will get the business that I want.


I will get the travel that I want. I will get to quit my job when I want whatever it is you have to tell yourself. I will get it. I will not. I wish that I had it not. I want this. It's I will get it. When you make that switch in your head, that's when your life will start to change.


So that's what I got for you for today's episode. If you love this episode, please show someone that you know and someone that you love. And then once again, if you want to go ahead and join in on my motivational text message group sent me a text right now, one five one two five eight zero nine three zero five. Once again, one five one two five eight zero nine three zero five. And I'm going to leave you the same way.


I leave you every single episode, make it your mission, make someone else's day better. I appreciate you and I hope that you have an amazing day.


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