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Today, we're going to be talking about living this life this year as it's the last year that you're going to be on this planet. And I'm going to dive into my number one goal for twenty twenty one. But more than anything else, we're going to be talking about how to live a life that fully lights you up, that fully makes you alive. And if you know me, as I like to say, that is a full fuck. Yes.


And so as I was planning my girlfriend, I sat down to start planning out her goals and figure out our goals for this next year. And the one thing that really came to me that really lit me up the most was I said, I don't know if this is stereotypical or not, but I want to live this year as if I'm going to die on December 31st.


Like I want to live every single day as if I have some sort of terminal disease. And I know that there's absolutely no way that I'm going to make it to next year. There's no way that 2020 to exist for me now. Hopefully it does. But I'm going to live my life as if I don't have any other days.


And as I started thinking about it, I feel like that sounds kind of cliche. But as I start to actually think deeper about it, it's like, why have I not tried to live my life like that anyways? Like we've always heard live like you're dying. There's songs about it. There's people that create quotes about it. We've heard all of these things before, but have we actually sat down and thought to ourselves, how would my life be different if I was given X amount of days to live my life and there was no other options?


What would I do differently today if I knew that it was one of my last three hundred and sixty five days? And that's what we're going to dive into today and we're just going to pretend like twenty, twenty two doesn't exist. And when you're going to die, you're not going to do anything that you don't want to do. You're not going to do anything that doesn't fully make you alive because why would you what's the point of doing it?


You're not going to do anything that is anything less than a full success for you. And you've heard me say it.


If you listen to me for a while, if something isn't a full fuck, yes, it's a fuck.




And if you can live your life that way, it makes your decision making super easy because you're like, is this thing that I'm about to do a full fuck? Yes. No, no, it's it's kind of a yes.


OK, well, then it's a fuck now and it makes your decision making super easy, OK?


This doesn't make me feel alive and it doesn't excite me. So I'm not going to waste any more of my time because my time is precious. I've only got the rest of this year left to live. And so when you're going to die, you're not going to do anything that's going to waste your time.


And so how do you go through and actually use this in your life? How do you take this idea, which seems so simple but also ends up being so deep and actually start to implement it in your life?


Well, here's what you do. I want you to start tracking what you do every single day, right.


When you get to the morning or you do it at the evening, you can either say, OK, here's what my day looks like and here's all of the things that I have to do.


Eating breakfast, driving to work, getting to work, doing this, having a meeting with these people, doing this, doing this, doing this.


You write all of these things down to what you have to do or not even have to do, but are going to do. And then at the end of the day, you can write down anything that you did. So it's up to you.


You can either write in the morning, you could do in the evening, or you can track every single hour and have a timer that ding goes off every single hour. Then you say, what did I do over the last hour?


And then you look at it and you say, what in my life that I just did today doesn't fully light me up. I had a friend that I still have a friend. He's not dead.


And he ended up getting fired from Facebook before they went public.


He was number thirty employee at Facebook and he lost approximately one hundred and eighty million dollars because of that. And he went into a depression, a little bit of a depression or a lot of a bit of a depression because he realized he literally missed out on one hundred and eighty million dollars.


He was fired a few months before they went public. And as he was diving into it, he talks about it. He says a phrase that I don't think I'll ever forget.


And I was asking him about, like, how how how did you pull yourself out of the Depression? How did you make yourself happy? And he said, What I do is I made a list of every single thing that makes me happy. Big things, small things, songs that make me happy, food that makes me happy, events that make me happy, people that make me happy. And I made this massive list. And then every single morning I would sit down and look at my list of things that made me happy.


And I would try to figure out how to take as many of these things as possible and place them into my day. Now, I can't take the entire list and place it in my day. I don't have time for that. But I can do is try to go, OK, this person really makes me happy. How can I have dinner with them? OK, this playlist really makes me happy. I'm going to play this the entire day. You know, I really love this food.


I'm going to make sure that I order and you do as many things that you possibly can that make you happy, a.k.a. as many things as possible that are full success for you.


So you go through your day is your morning routine of full. Yes, do you even have a morning routine or do you just wake up when your kids wake you up and then you've got to attend to that and you've got to do all these different things that you don't want to do but have to do as a parent or as a spouse or whatever it is?


Or are you just waking up 15 minutes before your alarm, before you have to you know, before you have to leave, you take a shower, you hop into the car, you make a quick Kuria, a cup of coffee, and then you just take it and you look and you go, I mean, is my morning routine a full forecast for me?


Like, is it if if I was dying at the end of this year, is this how I would want to spend my morning if I was dying at the end of this year? What I want to be drinking a watered down cure, a cup of coffee or what? I want to have a really nice cup of coffee.


And maybe what you do is you realize that even your coffee isn't a full fuck. Yes. And if you go and buy a French press, which is 20 bucks and maybe a little bit more expensive, coffee would cost you like eight or twelve dollars, might take you a little bit more time. It might take you a tiny bit more money, but it's much more of a full fuck. Yes. And that coffee tastes better.


It makes you feel better, maybe gives you more energy. Maybe it just gives you that warm feeling of, oh, this is a great cup of coffee in the morning because you know how a great cup of coffee can be free in the morning. Right.


You start to see even a cup of coffee can be a fucking for you, but a good cup of coffee can be a full fuck. Yes. So what's your morning routine look like? What can you add into your morning routine that will light you up and that you would want to have in your morning routine if you knew you're going to be dying at the end of this year? Let's look at your morning routine. Figure out what you would want to pull out of your morning routine that you don't want to do anymore.


Like I said, to carry a cup of coffee. Maybe it's the time that you wake up. Maybe it's the way that you wake up.


Maybe it's the fact that you don't work out, but you want to work because it makes you feel better every single day. Maybe it's the food that you eat. Maybe you're just putting together some some microwavable oatmeal thrown inside, putting in for the microwave for a minute and then hitting the road. And you're like, you know what, I would really like a great breakfast. And it might take me fifteen minutes longer, but I'm a full fuck. Yes.


On a great breakfast and you start planning your life to make you happier. You plan your life to do things that you love doing versus just going off.


This is the circumstance that I'm stuck in. No, if you're going to be dying at the end of this year, you're going to change the things that you do.


It death shifts your perspective on life.


So why don't you do the things you want to do instead of doing the things that you don't want to do? What about the route you take to work, maybe you have a route to work that's a quicker route to work, but you're you know, it's in the middle of downtown and maybe if you want a different way, it's more of a scenic route and it's an extra 10 minutes. Would that extra 10 minutes of listening to a podcast or listening to your favorite music and being surrounded by beauty, even though it would take you 10 minutes longer?


Would it would it make you feel better? Would it be more of a full focus in your life, even your morning routine, in your morning food that you eat and the route that you take to your morning?


Every single one of those things can change to make you feel better throughout your day.


OK, what about your car? Is your car full thought? Yes. I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a brand new car, Lamborghini, but could you transition some stuff and go, you know what?


I've had this car for a really long time. I want to get a new one. One of the things that really woke me up is I had a car for a long time, out of car for 11 years. Even after I started making money and I was saving a lot of money, I was holding on to this car as a piece of pride of like, I'm going to run this Hyundai to the ground. Right. Because I was like, I'm going to I'm going to put so many miles, I'm going to run to the ground.


And then I was having I was having a lunch with one of my friends who's, you know, successful guys with over one hundred million dollars. And he said something to me that, like, shifted my perspective completely.


And he said to me, you know, we were talking about the cars that we have and stuff, and he doesn't drive any super amazing luxury car, doesn't really spend a whole lot of money. And he said, you know, what I realized is that I arrive better if I'm driving a car that I love.


And I was like, holy shit, that's an interesting perspective, and then I went out a few months later and actually bought a truck like the truck I've always wanted.


And I feel better driving that truck every single time I drive. And I feel like he's right. I do arrive better. But I didn't realize how much I resented my 11 year old car until I got rid of that frickin thing. So is your car a full success rate? Is the system inside of your car full of like. Yes, but it's better if you spent a couple hundred bucks and put a better system so that you can pump some better music in there.


Everything around you. How can you craft your life to be this perfect, perfectly crafted life for you versus going, Oh, this is what my life is.


This is what it is. This is how it goes. Right. Next thing. What about your job? Is your job of full? Yes.


If it's not, maybe you should figure out a way to leave.


And here's the thing that is very important. I want to be very clear of this, because I have quite a few videos that I've done talking about how your jobs are actually my number one video I've ever made. That said a hundred million views on Facebook is actually called Why You Should Quit Your Job.


And it talks about how, why, how your jobs a waste your life if you don't love it.


And a lot of people comment on that and like, well, it'd be really nice to have money and just, you know, are you going to pay my bills and all the stuff? That's not the the overall idea that the overall idea is that you're spending the majority of your waking hours doing something that you hate.


If you don't enjoy your job, if you do enjoy your job. Amazing, beautiful. Stay there. Get as much out of as you possibly can. But if you don't love it, I'm not saying quit today and then be homeless and can't take care of your family.


What I'm saying is, can you make a leaving plan? Can you make a transition?


You transition from where you currently are if you don't love it into something that you love. Because I guarantee if you were dying at the end of this year and you hate your job, you would not be frickin working there. You would not waste the last year of your life at a job that you hate.


It's just you just wouldn't and here's a crazy thing about it, and I hope that it's not this way, but a few hundred thousand people are going to listen to this podcast.


Sadly, one person might die. That's listening to this podcast. And next year, hopefully it's not us.


Hopefully it's not me. Hopefully it's not you. But statistically, it probably could happen. And that sucks. But what if they don't live their life like it's going to end and they continue to do the things that they hate, they continue to do what they don't want to do, that sucks.


That sucks to live a life that you hate, that sucks to live a life that doesn't fully make you alive.


So if your work, which is the majority of your waking hours, does not make you fully alive, can you make a transition plan to get out of it and do something that makes you happier? It's better to make less money doing something that you love than to make more money doing something that you hate.


Why, because it's not just about money, it's about being the person that you want to be, if you're working a job that you love, you're going to treat people around you better. You're going to be a better husband, better wife, a better spouse, better child, a better brother, sister, a better parent. When you do something that you love, it's not just about providing do you want to pay the bills? And obviously put food on the table, of course.


But you also want to be the right person when you're around them. So does your job lift you up?


If your job is not a full success?


Can you make a transition plan six months, a year, whatever it is for you, how can you start to transition to doing something that you would love more?


What about the people in your life, your co-workers? Are all of these people that you surround yourself with? Are they have full success or are these people that you might want to spend a little bit less time with?


Right. How can you get more people into your life that are full successes, your drive home?


How does that feel? Does it light you up?


Would it be better if you spent an extra 15 minutes on the road, but you want the, you know, the beautiful way instead? What do you think the evening routines that you have when you come home? What does that look like? What is your, you know, your dinner look like? Do you have a dinner that excites you? Do you have a workout routine that excites you? Do you just go home and just throw something in the microwave and watch Netflix?


Well, what would be something that would make you more excited?


What would be something that would light you up inside? Right. The time that you go to bed, does that light you up the evening routines, the time that you wake up, all of these things? Can you go through your entire day and actually look at it and say, I want to make changes in transition into a life that makes me feel fully alive?


And if it does, that's amazing. But if it doesn't at this point. Don't act like you're just a victim of your life and you're a victim of circumstances, you can change at any moment.


So if you're not changing, not changing is a choice, but you have to realize that it's a choice.


But at this moment, you can make a plan to transition into life that you love. So go through your life, go through everything, go through your life, go through your job, go through your relationships, go through your friendships.


What is not a full success for you? What is not? Can you stop doing those things?


Can you transition out of those things? OK, what are you doing right now that you don't want to do? Write them all down. Pause me if you need to write down all the things that you know that are top of mind that you currently do on a daily or weekly basis that you don't want to do anymore, how can you figure out a way to stop doing them or to do less of them?


So what are you doing that you don't want to do and what are you not doing that you do want to do?


Maybe you want to start a podcast for so long, maybe there's a place that you want to travel to. Maybe there's a job that you want.


Maybe there's relationships that you want to develop, or maybe there's relationships that you want to get into, or maybe there's different people that you need to meet, that you can make their life better. They can make your life better. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family. Maybe you want to get off your phone more and have more time to actually be fully 100 percent present with your children. What is it? It's different for everybody. But what does a full Phuket's life look for you?


What does that look like? Think about that, write it down with pen and paper, remove the things that are not fully aligned with who you want to be, bring in the things that are fully aligned with who you want to be, remove everything that does not make you a better person.


Remove everything that does not fully light you up inside. Because here's the deal, you get one life, why do something that you don't want to do? I guarantee that if you were to go into a doctor today and the doctor were to say, hey, you've got until the end of this year, December 31st.


And then you won't be here anymore. You would make massive changes in your life, but because of the fact you don't know, none of us know listening to this podcast the day that we're going to die.


But because the fact that we don't know, we don't make these changes, don't make these changes before it's too late. Why would you do anything that doesn't fully light you up and make you feel like the best version of yourself?


If you're doing anything that doesn't fully light you up, it's a waste your time.


It's a waste of your energy. It's a waste of your life. I understand that that maybe you're starting to wake up to this and you might need time to transition from your current life into your dream life. I get that 100 percent. But do you have the transition plan? Do you know how to go from where you are to where you currently want to, where you currently are to where you actually want to go and what steps are needed in order to make that transition happen?


Because ultimately, whether you live the life of your dreams or you have a life here that you absolutely hate, both of those are your decision. You are fully 100 percent in control of them.


So live your life as if you have no more time left to live after the end of this year. That's how I'm going to live my life this year. Hopefully you can join me doing the same.


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