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You may be wondering what this new podcast is in your new abnormal feed, it's an episode of The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet podcast, which keeps you up to date right out of the gate with quick summaries of the biggest stories dominating the day, all in a five minute podcast.


From the chaos unfolding in the White House to the latest Hollywood scandals, The Daily Beast can help you stay up to date with the latest stories. Every weekday, the Cheat Sheet podcast runs down the top scoops and stories dominating the headlines.


The twice a day update are really key for beating Rick to the punch on hot takes. Look for the cheat sheet on your favorite podcast app and subscribe to the. Good morning. This is Brooke Hayward with The Daily Beast. It's Wednesday, December 16, and these are the top stories that she is watching right now. This is an absolute mess. President Trump is reportedly already considering replacing Attorney General William Barr's replacement, Jeffrey Rosen, before he's even started his new job.


The president wants to appoint a special counsel to investigate the finances of President elect Biden's son, Hunter. The Associated Press reports that he's spoken with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and White House Counsel Pastor Bellone about doing so. If Frozen is not willing to appoint such a special counsel, White House staff members say Trump may get rid of Rosen. Trump was publicly enraged when news broke of BA working to keep an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden out of Delaware from the public in accordance with policy from the Department of Justice.


Earlier this week, Barr announced he would step down before Christmas, after which Rosen will step into the Dodgers top job in an acting role.


She has some nerve. Education Secretary Betsey Davos issued a dramatic plea to staffers at a department wide meeting on Tuesday to, quote, be the resistance after the presidential transition next month. Citing a recording of the virtual meeting, Politico reports that AVOs acknowledged that many staffers in attendance would stick around after the transition before launching into a Trumpy and Tanjore, she predicted that the incoming administration will try to, quote, derail staff from doing what's right for students and that they must resist.


The boss also reportedly pointed to a revamping of Title nine rules a sexual assault as one of her biggest achievements. Her overhaul of the Obama era policy, which regulates how schools must handle sexual assault allegations, was criticized for giving more rights to those accused of sexual assault. President elect Biden has said he intends to put a, quote, quick end to Davos Title nine overhaul. A New York judge ruled Tuesday that the Trump organization must make documents about a certain property and the tax abatements related to it available to the New York attorney general's office.


The Trump organization has claimed attorney client privilege protected the documents. An attorney for the Trump organization argued that the company had, quote, every expectation that those communications would be confidential. But an attorney from the attorney general's office countered that the business had, quote, waived privilege to gain benefit from the IRS in submitting documents to the financial agency for tax purposes. The attorney general's office has been investigating. The Trump organization says the president's former fixer, Michael Cohen, testified the company lied about the values of its properties.


An Ohio man who posed as a missing boy from Illinois was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison and one on probation by Michael. Ranie had claimed in 2019 that he was the 14 year old version of Timothy Pitocin, a boy who had been abducted at age six from Aurora, Illinois. Renee said he had been physically and sexually abused for years and escaped a hotel where two men were holding him captive. After his DNA was tested, though investigators realized he was a felon, Renae admitted that he had seen an episode of 20/20 about the child and attempted to assume his identity in order to escape his own family.


Renee was convicted of aggravated identity theft. He apologized during his sentencing. Human remains discovered in Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park back in twenty seventeen have been determined to be, quote, most likely prehistoric at age park. Officials say the remains were found by a visitor and later handed over to a lab or testing. But the news only became public this week when findings were released. In a notice, authorities said the remains, quote, show characteristics of Native American populations and were found on, quote, lands that are recognized as the Aboriginal land of the tribes.


Officials are now said to be consulting tribal communities on what should be done with the remains. A woman who worked as a live in Nanny for Real Housewives of New York star Jennifer Gilbert and her ex-husband has filed a lawsuit alleging she was secretly filmed in the nude and having sex with her boyfriend while living at the couple's home. A complaint filed Tuesday alleges that Daniela de los Rios only discovered that her bedroom was under constant surveillance in late August, when Gilbert's former husband, Wall Street executive Banega, left his iPad out on a hallway table, giving La Rios a glimpse of the life.


The lawsuit says De los Rios was traumatized when she quickly found that a digital clock that had been aimed at her bed the entire time she lived in the home actually contained a camera. Edith was arrested in September. His defense lawyer denied the allegations.


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