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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast, the new abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our respective bunkers.


Hi, Rick Wilson. Hello, Molly. Drunk fast.


So that Rudy press conference at noon, he blew the lid off the global conspiracy to allow the Illuminati control big foot lizard people hybrid's to take over the Earth. We all know that our fate now rests only in one man, and that's a man whose hair dye drips down the side of his face during the sweaty, screechy bloviating press conference. If you haven't seen that picture. Dear, dear listeners, I think I'll have Jesse put it in the show notes.


But I think it needs like a constant warning because you will never unsee that shit. It will never leave you Somalia.


I mean, wasn't that you didn't didn't you find that? Are we reaching some kind of peak with Sidney Powell and Rudy blaming it on Hugo Chavez, who's been dead for six?


Somehow Hugo Chavez and Hugo Chavez commie time machine came back somehow. Well, the election CNN used the picture of the hair dye dripping down his face to mean that, you know, I don't know. I mean, maybe Hugo Chavez did come back from the dead d'arc the election. I mean, it really makes a lot of sense.


Well, I mean, look, Hugo Chavez is, of course, the center of their conspiracy theories right now because it's Venezuela as Sidney Powell today, which is like Venezuela, Cuba and perhaps China. I'm going to get the fuck out of here. Crazy lady, that woman readers, if your listeners if you're not familiar with people, she has mounted a stellar defense of Michael Flynn for the last three years, which has led to him being liberated. I mean, oh, wait, he's still a federal felon, for God's sake.


Was she always like that?


I haven't had a close relationship with Sidney Powell, but I have always heard that Sidney Powell was crazier than a bag full of rabid rats. So, I mean, she's just she's not a person that you would you would wake up in the morning and think, who's a topflight white shoe litigator to make my case seem as if it's sane and grounded in reality? No, no. With her it's more. Do I want to let the crazy lady talk about about George Soros?


Because, of course, there was she brought it up, you know. Yeah. The way the building was an office that has a Soros allied group in it, I'm like, yes, OK. So basically that what what's going on now is the goal here is to try is Republicans are trying to get the electors to throw out the popular vote and just go with Trump. I mean, that's the goal, right?


Even they recognize what a massive leap it is to do that. The goal is to sow dissension. The goal is to build chaos. The goal is to ensure that the Trump brand for the next four years still is able to drift off of their email list and suck down RWB dollars Roebuck's, if you will reap Quoin from Trump's followers on the major email list. Because remember, folks, the list that was developed for the Trump campaign is owned not by the Trump campaign and not by the RNC, but by Donald John Trump.


Personally, he is going to survive off of this list and they're going to eat every email to death. They steal the election, but they can't steal our pride.


Right, because that's the conservative craft. Yes, it is the certainly the conservative. It's just pure Trump. I mean, he's just right. But conservative email list. Oh, yeah. Have been for a long time. They're very good money making scam.


Well, especially the ones that warn against the real dangers we face. Molly, you know, gay Shari'ah, transgender marriage. It's coming right. It's coming right. Unless unless unless unless McLeese stops it. Unless Ted Cruz stops it.


It's interesting because it's like clearly Mitch McConnell is just letting Trump do whatever you want. But the Senate map, the Republican Senate map is really bad in twenty, twenty two.


It is a very grim picture. And the interesting part about twenty, twenty two is they recognize that they're going to have to run against Joe Biden and they're going to run against him. Ironically, on covid, this is already McConnell's plan is to slow down any covid relief, not with any additional economic relief for covid pass slowdown staffing. The CDC, he's going to be the doctor no of covid and what's going to happen is they're their plan is to take advantage of what they will then describe as a failure of the Bush administration and the Democrats to do anything about covid.


The irony is, yes, rich and abundant. But I hopefully the Democrats will recognize that, you know, there are ways to have Joe Biden make start making phone calls to guys he knows and has friendly relationships with in the Senate. I think the biggest play for Biden on the inside game right now is to find three or four Republican senators and really work the hell out of them. He has a lot of good relationships with Republican senators, but to really work the hell out of the ones he knows and to start bringing a wedge into this thing.


And while McConnell's power is vast, it is not unlimited, especially when you've got a tie ball game there. You know, the two most powerful men in Washington are going to be Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin. They're going to be the ones who are the swappable tiebreaking votes. I think that's awfully optimistic. Oh, look, I'm not I'm not I'm not little Miss Sunshine here. But I'm just saying, if you've got to play the inside game, that's one of the few plays you've got.


But it won't matter anyway, because if you're a Democrat, you'll probably have Joe Manchin. Will you, though? Well, you will, because he just got re-elected. I mean, the question is, will you have. I don't know. But you can go and you have Susan Collins or I don't know if you're hearing much about Joe Manchin.


Yeah. I'm not sure you're hearing my skepticism about Joe Manchin.


I think there's a 50 percent chance he flips and changes parties really even at this late date, if it means that Mitch McConnell gets 51 votes. Again, there's nothing Mitch McConnell will not offer Joe Manchin.


Like what? What could he offer him to make a flat no more frequent flyer miles from my boy Joe? Now, look, that is a quote from Tropic Thunder of the America Classic. Yeah. I don't know specifically what Joe Manchin loves more than life itself, but Mitch McConnell will find it. So Democrats need to keep an eye on the ball on that. They also need in the coming months to extract a price. I know that the official line from Team Biden is we don't want to prosecute Rudy or prosecute Trump or go after Rudy or any of these other things.


I think they need to recognize that playing by the Marcus of Queensbury rules and playing nice, the Republicans fully expect them to play nice because they're like, you guys don't have the guts, you don't have the stamina to go and fight with us and really and really punish. I think they need to I think Lindsey Graham needs to be under investigation by the Ethics Committee. The guys involved in outright attempts to to fraudulently manipulate the election is just crazy.


I mean, I think the thinking is that if you get a really good egg who's independent, they'll do what they do. And the president shouldn't have anything to do with that.


No, he shouldn't have anything to do with that. But the Senate and the House also have a role to play. Right.


But I mean, that has nothing to do with the Biden administration.


Well, on paper, I mean.


But you don't want to see I mean, we had Masha Gessen do an interview and we're talking about, like, how to avoid another autocracy, like how do we unravel this? And I think it's important because remember, after Nixon, there were tons of things that the American government did to prevent another Nixon. Right. And we're not going to have that because Mitch McConnell is going to stay in power. So he's not going to let any of those things happen.


So the question is, how do we as citizens and as the media try to prevent an autocracy from coming again? And what she said, and I don't know if it's right, is she said it's really important that the president doesn't look like he's doing that because democratic norms are so important, but that it is really important that we narrowed the experience and the experience of the people who've gone through Trump ism and also all of the elements of that.


I think Marsha is very, very brilliant. But I'm a practical fellow and I know that unless you hurt people in politics, unless the pain is the only teacher, unless you hurt them for what they've done wrong, they will do more wrong things.


Right. But you don't. But it can't be the president doing it. I mean, that's all I'm not arguing that Joe Biden is out there and says I announced the Truth and Reconciliation Commission chaired by Rick Wilson and America. I think we should start one of those White House petitions that I should have the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I promise you that my reign will be cruel and unfair.


We finally found a place for Rick Wilson, a bit of a mystery so that the left won't be mad about.


Look, there's only two jobs. I want the Bush administration. One is chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with unlimited Rehmat two is Witchfinder General.


Right. That sounds good. That makes sense. Amy Carney has a piece just now in The Times that. Says that the president's dumbest child wife is planning to run for the South Carolina Senate in North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, as she can't win North Carolina, that's good.


She it's an open seat. Oh.


Mm hmm. Democrats have to find someone good to get on that.


I will learn Trump running for the Senate in North Carolina. I would be cautious because North Carolina is another one of those states with a blue core and a whole lot of red around it. And I would further be cautious that she'll be financially competitive with any Democrat. Trump ism is going to spread. It is going to be like kudzu and we're going to have to go out and burn it down over and over and over and over and over again, and then get goats to eat it off the hills and then round up the shit out of it after that.


Is there someone has been talked about for that North Carolina Senate?


I have been thinking about it. Believe me, I'm now on the case.


Imagine an election cycle where you have, like, junior running for something and senior running for something and Eric's wife running for something. Imagine.


Well, I can easily imagine. This is the dynastic nature of the grift. And they're going to amplify and amplify and amplify and amplify.


And I wouldn't be surprised if Don Jr. gets a house in Montana, Wyoming or Idaho or a Dakota and Dakota might be the right place for him just to just to start to find a place where he could run because he's obviously not going to run in New York.


Yeah, I think that's fair. Yeah, I'm officially starting the rumor that Donald Trump is going to run for mayor of New York after his presidency. I'm officially starting that rumor right now. I don't think that's happening. You like that rumor you're having. It makes you happy.


We have the worst mayor ever. So, I mean, would Donald be worse? Yeah, he probably would be.


But, you know, I look back and I think I used to I used to always think, like, who could be worse than the dink? Nobody could be worse. Oh, wait. Bill de Blasio. Bill de Blasio is so much worse than diskettes. It's not even like people don't even talk about Dinkins anymore because Bill de Blasio has so obscured that. So when you worked for Rudy Giuliani, did you ever think you would see whatever that insane press conference was?


And can you also explain to us what the hell that was?


OK, so there was always a bad Rudy and a good Rudy, but did he ever have brown stuff dripping down his face or is that so? That is a that is a haircare supplement, I think is the phrase I would use known as a topic.


And apparently it is some sort of fake hair.


Do you see Steven Miller wear that on Meet the Press once?


We did see him wear that on Meet the Press once. Yeah, it's essentially like a Polish with hair in the.


That's amazing. Can you can hear it again and again and again.


So there was always a bad Rudy and there was always a Rudy that could go down like these very dark pathways. And look, there was also a good Rudy in certain moments, rare moments sometimes. But there was also Rudy who, you know, like when I worked for him, he was also the guy who without a lot of fuss, if a cop got shot or a firefighter got hurt at 3:00 in the morning, we'd be at the hospital.


But but but now it's all conspiracy. Rudy and crazy Rudy. And one last one last grasp of the spotlight, Rudy. And it's really ugly and it's really pathetic. And no one no one in that meeting today believed a word they were saying, including coocoo Sidney Powell. But here's the story. What they're trying to accomplish is to shatter the norms of the democratic transfer of power. They're trying to shatter the norms of an America that that that operates in a way that is based on rules and based on traditions and based on norms.


Because they want more crazy. They want more shit, they want more yelling, they want more lawsuits, they want more bullshit. And they're going to do as much as they can to cause those things. So it's an ugly thing. This is one more example of Rudy taking his legacy and running it through the shitter. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop that at this point.


Well, that's well deserved. I mean, you know, he did it to himself. No, I know. I know. Like, it seems like this is bad for democracy, but won't work. But it might work next time.


Yeah. Look, these guys are all now playing a game called Who's More Authoritarian. They're trying to play the Saddam game. You know, he never really loses. They're trying to play a game of of of incredible projection, by the way. Right. The whole thing today. But, oh, this is just like Venezuela. Yeah. And Trump's fucking Chavez or Maduro. Yeah. You know, this is not this is not a man or a team of people around him dedicated, shall we say, to the preservation of the great American democratic tradition.


And so I think there's a degree to which we're not going to see a happy ending to this thing at all.


What do you mean they're. To drag this out, these assholes coming from Michigan tomorrow are part of the performative dragging out of this thing, but it's already signed, right? It's already signed. There is a legal function for the rescind their votes. OK, however, this means another round of lawsuits, another round of bullshit. They're trying to push all of this to the Electoral College Safe Harbor deadline. And if they pass that, then they feel like there's an angle for them to litigate or for them to to contest or for them to complain.


But I thought Michigan was already certified.


The Wayne County situation was still under litigation. That's why these assholes have done this well, because they're assholes for one thing. But that's that's why they're playing this particular game. And and it's sad and it's pathetic and it won't work in the end. But as you said, it might work some time and they're going to keep playing the game because it's important to remember we're not talking about Republicans and Democrats anymore. We're talking about people who believe in the American system and people who believe in a post democratic authoritarian statism.


And they would love to just declare the dear leader will serve forever or until Ivanka wants to take power and and and move on from there. These are not people committed to America. They're committed to Donald Trump. That's all they care about. Now, it is a kamikaze political cult.


Amy Klobuchar is the senior senator of the great state of Minnesota and a former 20 20 Democratic presidential candidate. It seems to me like this transition is being gummed up. Do you think that Mitch McConnell will ever push Trump to accept it, or do you think we're just going to go through another two months of this?


Well, it may not be Mitch McConnell, but it seems to me if you read the tea leaves, you know, you've got the first you had a group that congratulated Biden and they were small but mighty with me and a few others. Then you had a number of senators who praised Chris Crabb's when he got fired, which included Portman and Sasse and some others. So to me, this is getting clearer and clearer. And once the Georgia recount is done, and that is very clear, you've got Arizona, you've got Georgia and Pennsylvania had the widest margin of the three of them.


All of these lawsuits have been thrown out, found to be frivolous. There's just not any other paths for them to go down. And the states are going to certify their election results by the end of the first week of December, which isn't far away at all. And then they have to get them all in by December. Twenty third. And of course, that is way too long to wait for the GSA to allow access to the Biden transition team to save lives during the pandemic.


So I'm hopeful it could be before. I just think it is getting more and more clear that there's no other past and at some point they're going to have to allow for this transition.


It's so funny because it's like as a woman politician, there's been so much sexist talk about women being too emotional and being too sensitive. And then we have an entire party held hostage by the president's moods. Exactly.


I think it was John Bolton that said that we just don't have time to live through seven stages of the president's brief. That is exactly what's happening.


And you I had seen his individual tweets, of course, like everyone else. But I took a moment yesterday to just look at the feed and it's just one false lie with Twitter having to label them after another about the election. And I have this image of him sitting in his room in his robe.


I made that up before and watching TV, watching Fox News and then tweeting while people are dying in my state at record numbers and the entire Star Tribune obituaries through our whole local coverage on Sunday, they couldn't I saw that at any other news stories. And so he even when presidents have lost elections, this has been true through history. They have led they have had to deal with last minute crises and things that happen. And this guy is not doing it.


I don't think we should be surprised. But the fact that he is not leading and trying to demolish our democracy at the same time and tarnish the reputation of good people like Chris Krebs is just an unbelievable trio of evil. But at the same time, I don't think we have a choice but to say we have won this election by putting together a tremendous team of those 13 experts, including Michael Osterholm from Minnesota. And we are moving ahead. And I will say the one saving grace in Congress right now is there's more and more discussions about a pandemic package.


I just got off the briefing on the operation warp speed, and nearly all the senators were on it. I was the first one with the question and about how we were going to be able to get the facilities out to freeze these vaccines and to make sure that they're effective when they get out there. But there is a bipartisan effort and we're going to have to put a new pandemic package together. There's no doubt about it, with small businesses failing at a rate of eight hundred a day, according to Yelp.


I mean, I have many topics I want to discuss with you that are close to my heart because I'm sober. And I went to Hazelden twenty to twenty three years ago. So I have Minnesota. It's very much a part of my DNA, but I'm also a participant in the vaccine trial.


Oh, I didn't know. Yeah. In the Pfizer trial. And I was at Pfizer two days ago because they're doing a documentary on it. And we were talking about just the mechanics because I had become friendly with some people who work there now of like the distribution. And I'm curious to know, how worried are you about this? Because this is a complicated vaccine. Oh, it is.


And it's good that there's other ones coming out as well. Just because so many people need to be vaccinated like the entire world. And so I think that this has happened so quickly in America and our researchers and our scientists and our companies come together is incredible.


But I think one of the reasons so many people who voted for Donald Trump before didn't vote for him this time was because they knew how much.


He had botched the testing and how much he botched getting out the protective equipment, and so for me, at some point this gets out of the hands of scientists and into the land of distribution and making sure the resources are there and that the airplanes and the trucks can bring this to market, that we make sure we don't leave out hard pressed populations or rural areas that are going to have very small hospitals in the middle of a cornfield.


And so that's going to be a big part of this. And that's why I think this is so critical that the transition team can get up and running, because literally, as you look at the timelines here and they're talking about getting initial doses out, as you know, in January and February and then expanding at rapid speed after that, we've got to have a distribution system in place.


So that's what I think is the big issue. I think that also remember, these are two vaccines.


You're going to need two vaccines. And so that becomes also collecting the data, making sure people get the same to them at the right period of time. This is a big public health management issue. I think it's all very exciting. And I think that we need a decent person in charge, which is Joe Biden.


We also need plans in place of how we're going to do this and that. People have understanding what's going on instead of stories about swallowing bleach and everything.


So it's about one more thing, I think public education campaign so that people make sure they know that vaccine is safe. And if it looks like it's going to be especially the one you got, I guess I don't know if you've got a placebo. What we have will say that it's supposed to be 90 percent effective in those numbers. And so we still have a number of people that are doubting this vaccine. And that's got to be one of the Republican senators asked about that today in a good way.


We've got to be able to get a public information campaign out there.


Yeah, like it feels like that. Mitch has really gridlocked. I mean, just from the outside. Is it in the media that Mitch has really gridlocked a lot of legislation? How worried are you about being able to pass stuff now?


Well, very worried because I listen to the words of Jerome Powell, the head of Trump's head of the Federal Reserve, who's been really forthright. And he said it would be tragic if we didn't pass something now.


And that's because you want to be when you get to the day after tomorrow, which is like call the time after the pandemic, you want to have not lost 10, 20 percent of your economy and all these startups that have been in a slump and slowed down. And so that's why getting it done now, what do I point to as reasons why I get it done? Well, the fact that we could see an economic collapse in part of the economy, not the whole economy, the fact that we're seeing spiking spiking rates and with no end in sight and a lot of the rural areas and states represented by Republicans, the fact that state and local governments are crying out for help, that we're seeing record numbers of the disease spread with hospital workers and health care workers so they can't come into work.


There's just so many factors.


And just based on discussions with my colleagues, which I won't reveal on your podcast as much, and that would be to to name a Republican, a bunch of them who do want to move forward. So and the public statements of Biden, remember, Manoogian was already negotiating the treasury secretary with Speaker Pelosi, and they she met them halfway and had a compromise bill that was halfway between the Republican Senate and the initial Democratic House bill.


So I just think as long as people are able to come in safely and vote, which is a whole nother story, I am hopeful that we could move forward on something because waiting until Biden comes in and then is able to pass something that he won't be sworn in until January 20th.


And then you'd have to bet that just means the money won't come out until March. Right. At the same time that we want to be getting all these freezer's all over the place because not everything is going to be able to be stored underground in Minnesota.


Sugarbeet bills just going to be a lot of expense in this. Yeah, we have it right on the podcast and he's like one of my favorites and he's now on this transition, this covid transition. And he was saying I heard him speak somewhere else and he was sort of concerned that there is no vaccine. The Trump administration really has no vaccine plan.


Well, one of several of our questions were about the funding for rolling it out. And the plan seems to be a lot based. There are CDC guidelines of who gets it first in the health care workers, but then there will be a lot of discretion given to governors and to me, you need that. But you also need to have a major plan where mass production of not just the vaccine, but how you get the vaccine to market basically, and how you get the data shared between the states.


There's all kinds of things that has to have. But to me is someone that likes government when it works best. This is a puzzle that we can put together, but not if the Biden team does not have access and can hire their people and get them vetted and get the security clearances so they can start working on it. Because there are people within the bowels of the Trump administration and we all know this, that are just trying to do their jobs.


And they are more than willing to work with the incoming Biden people, including clearly Dr. Falchi, on how we can make this work, because it's going to be in the hands of the Biden team to actually administer this vaccination. And if Donald Trump wants to go out with any credibility when it comes to having pushed the vaccine to be developed, he's got to allow for this transition to happen now.


Credibility, huh? All right. So I thought it well, I was trying to use it instead of a stick.


Is that one of the things he wants to focus on and could focus on is the fact that he pushed this vaccine.


So come on then and then get on as someone who is a feminist and a writer.


I watched the presidential campaigns and I got a lot of information on how our media treats women in politics. None of it made me feel so good. But I'm curious to know what you learned from your presidential run that you'll take with you. That was sort of interesting.


There's a lot that I learned, but I think part of it was just the people running in this particular primary. When history looks back at it, I think we're devoted to our nation and the unity of our party. And that goes from me to Bernie. It was yeah, we had a debate that was important. Some of them got like any debate people get under each other's skin. But in the end, people rose to the occasion. And that was a lot of when Pete and I endorsed Vice President Biden, you know, even though I'd come in third in the New Hampshire primary, not to go over that again and actually beat him there, I decided, as Pete did and as so many how Bernie handled it, how Bernie handled the debates actually with Vice President Biden, that at some point that the country came first and unity came first.


And I think you saw that throughout the campaign, including so many Republicans and the Lincoln Project and people like John Kasich and Cindy McCain, who rose above it all and said John McCain's words, There's nothing more liberating than something larger than yourself. And that's what this fight was. That's what this campaign was.


That is so great. And I'm just so impressed. Oh, one more thing I heard it was two things. Little takeaways from the primary. One, it was very cool. On the first day, we doubled the number of women that had ever been on the primary stage on the first debate in US history. And I think people were able to see women candidates, including my friend Kamala, who's about to become the first woman vice president. They were able to see that we were different.


We look different. We were different clothes. We came from different places and we had different views. You know, we didn't just have one woman on the stage and we debated each other. I thought that was really important. And then I think getting the words out that not everyone in our party embraces one set monolithic view as much as they wanted it to seem that way in the general election. And that was me, you know, having some disputes with my friend Bernie over health care for the future or whether or not we should have free college for everyone.


I didn't agree with that. And I thought those those debates were really important to me.


A lot of us are concerned about how much power Facebook wields right now. You know, this isn't concern the Susan Collins way. They have their hands on so many levels that seems so obvious that they can affect so many different things. I'm curious, since you've been outspoken about this, what you plan to do about their antitrust and a Biden administration, I hope a lot, and not just Facebook.


I kind of look at this in big forest and then further down big forest is our interest laws haven't been updated. I lead the Democratic lead and that subcommittee, there is some Republican support for moving forward. The courts have made it harder and harder and we're seeing more consolidation across the board. We over time, we updated our antitrust laws.


The Founding Fathers, part of the whole Boston Tea Party, was about not being dependent on one company out of a Great Britain own. And John Sherman, the Sherman Act, was a Republican senator from Ohio. So we need to update this. Secondly, go down the next level tech. It's not just Facebook, it's Google. I was very pleased that the suit was brought actually by the Justice Department, even though it was near the end, didn't seem political.


It was the right thing to do. What's been happening is these companies are now several of them. Over a trillion dollars have been buying what Mark Zuckerberg called in one of his emails, Neeson compared. Editors, he says these businesses are nascent, but if they grow to a huge scale, they could be very disruptive to us, to a large scale, they could be very disruptive to us. And then he goes out and buys WhatsApp, he buys Instagram.


And so there are some serious antitrust issues here that the FTC is looking into at this very moment. So my questions of him were about that. We also have the issue, of course, of algorithms. And for anyone that wants civic debate, there are algorithms. They get more money. The more you stay on and the more you stay on as dictated by how they send out content. That is, of course, on the far end horrible hate speech, but very, very disruptive and very extreme.


That gets them more views. And so that is a problem because it's not transparent. And then finally, of course, political ads and some of the misinformation that's been allowed to go out there. And so I took that on early on with John McCain and Mark Warner. I read the bill called the Honest Attack, and I actually got Lindsey to take John's place when we lost John. And that bill just says follow the same rules the TV does.


And that's you've got to have disclaimers and disclosures right now that, again, those bills have been stopped by Mitch and stopped by the White House. But we simply can't have a situation where billions of dollars are spent on political ads on one platform and they have rules and then another one, which is social media companies. And they don't even though Facebook is now trying to enforce it themselves with some errors being made clearly. And they say they support the bill, but nothing has been done to get it to move.


So that's what's happened. I just I think you cannot take away the fact that we're in a startup slump and they're basically killing off their competitors by buying them, making it hard to access platforms. And my last thing I'll say, one of my favorite things was Jack Dorsey was on from Twitter and they had bought Vine. And they he said at the hearing, there's just so much news going on, no one noticed that. I make it very difficult to access the platform at Facebook.


So they were basically he was taking it on in his own mellow way. The fact that Facebook has made it hard for many small companies who just want access to their platform to get that access. And that's also another way that they have engaged in what I call exclusionary conduct and the law calls exclusionary conduct. So I'm pretty excited about this. I'm actually writing a book about antitrust.


I know you think, oh, no, we're into it. Yeah, well, we will come back.


That's great. Thank you so much. This was so amazing. We really appreciate you.


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No, now that's new abnormal dot the Daily Beast dot com. Somali drug fast, I'm curious, as you know and as I love to remind our listeners, state, federal, state and federal law and international treaty law requires us on each and every episode to provide America with a segment we call Fuck That Guy. Yes. And while today has provided a rich portfolio of fuck that guy targets, I'm curious, which ones are yours today?


Today, my fuck that guy. It's Democrats and had to happen once. Hello. Dianne Feinstein and Gavin Newsom, who did not follow any covid restrictions, deifies wandering around without a mask. And she's a million years old.


She's living dangerously. Oh, really? Yes. I mean, you know, she's eight thousand years old. She has just recently got re-elected. OK, sure. And she's not wearing a mask when she's not hugging Lindsey Graham. She is not wearing a mask. And then the end complimenting Amy Comey on her family. She's not wearing a mask. And and then also Gavin Newsom, who went and had a dinner with no masks. And then there were lots of photographs.


So they are my folks that guys, if you guys want to be Democrats, you got to walk the walk here to who is your fuck? That guy. My fuck.


That guy consists of Mike Shirkey of the Michigan Senate and Lee Chatfield also of the Michigan Senate. Mike and Lee will be flying to Washington tomorrow and they'll stay in the beautiful Watergate Hotel before they visit Donald John Trump at the White House. They are part of this situation. These knuckleheads are coming to DC at Trump's invitation to do the quiet part loud and talk to him about their conspiracy to try to flip Michigan back to Donald Trump by electoral and legislative thuggery.


How would they even do that?


Mike Shirkey and Leitchfield, I want you to know, Mike, since you're reachable. And should you spit that out, that's his official that's his official phone number, by the way, that's a public record if you were to call the Michigan legislature. Dear, dear listeners in the Senate, you could reach Mike Shirkey and reach Hatfield's offices and express your feelings to them in a clear and one way.


You're not going to have any fucking fun today.


Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, we're the worst. So, yes, there's no way they can do anything.


Right. Let me just let me just say this. Well, readers, what you didn't hear was a long, long series of beeps and objections from Jesse and Molly because they wouldn't let me they wouldn't. Let me give you Mike Shirkey, phone number of the Michigan of the Michigan Senate and leave Chatfield of the Michigan House, both of which are easily global. They wouldn't let me have any fun today and give me their phone numbers for their home addresses or their email addresses or the PIN code to make sure his bank account.


Yes, we didn't let him do that. That was really was terrible. Probably a good move.


And probably the lawyers are breathing a sigh of relief. But fuck these people, OK? Both of them are coming here because they are going to conspire in broad daylight to commit an act of sedition with this president to try to steal the election. How can they do it? No. Are they going to make it happen? No. Is it one more corrosive act? And these people are going to someday run for higher office. They're going to ask the people of Michigan to trust them to be in Congress or the Senate or governor.


And I hope folks remember these are people willing to burn this fucking country down to the ground to please Donald Trump so they can they're on fucked. That guy was for today.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal from The Daily Beast. In future episodes, we'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


We hope you subscribe to us on your favorite podcast app and share the show on social media. We're just getting started and don't want you to miss an episode if you'd like to follow us on Twitter. I'm Molly Chang, Fast and Historic Wealth, and thanks so much for listening. And we'll see you again on the next episode.


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