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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast, the new abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our sport.


Good evening, America. It's twelve, twenty five a.m. on Friday morning, and I'm joined tonight by Tim Miller and Molly drawing fast. And we have just seen four hours of sweaty Castro esque speech making that will not soon forget. It's a night that has left us all with the conclusion that the only thing the show can be is one long fuck that guy. And somehow I don't think America will object. So welcoming Temodar to the show tonight, about damn time.


Tonight, we'll be posting our questions in the form of a fuck that guy. Let's start off with America's sweetheart, shall we?


What did you guys think of a vodka? First off, I'm just going to make a bitchy fashion remark. Leggings at the White House. Hello? The fuck?


I don't know. You don't know they were leggings. I mean, not that this is like the most important thing to be worrying about, but I was like some kind of black pants.


No, I think they were more leggings. I'm just I know we could have been jagging they could be good if I were a shorts right now.


So you know, I mean I wrote a piece about it today while it was going on, which is up already. Is it on The Daily Beast. Dotcom is on The Daily Beast. Look, I mean the thing with her that I'm always so impressed by is that she uses many words. All of them are words, some of them are sad.


And she has this, like, amazing.


McKensie double speak she to Japan and she went to Penn and she just very good at like corporate work talk in a way that is soporific. You say a lot. Well, you say a lot, but no actual things. Tonight, she was jubilant and excited and she said to judge her father on his results.


I know this is supposed to be all fucked up, guys, but I do want to give her one compliment, and that is that she outshone her dad tonight, which I don't think was expected. I was I was surprised to learn that after three and a half years that she's the co president. Right. Did you notice that that set up the handoff of the baton tonight? I didn't know that we had co presidents here. I thought there was only just one in particular.


There was one time where she was like and the president asked Secretary of Agriculture David Perdue and his daughter, me, to take the lead on.


It's like, what? What are you talking about? There's a lot of lies.


I mean, she was very she was painting a picture of the president that doesn't exist. I thought the lie that really stood out to me was when she talked about how much he loves his grandchildren.


I want to because he had built a model of the white guys are still there. Yeah. I don't put a nice steak dinner on the fact that he can't name all of her kids.


Now, there's no way. There's no way. He has a lot of grandchildren. He's had quite a few families. But Downey Jr. has like fifteen minutes. Is that right? That's what I'm saying. Who would. No, I mean, the hunting one talks about his grandkids a lot. Like certain people, you know, discussing their grandkids is part of the thing. I can't ever recall Donald mentioning a grandchild or we twice have now had Mary Trump on.


And she is pretty much like their I said, well, he really loves Junior, right?


And she said, no, I think he thinks they're all idiots except for Ivanka, who he has this weird thing I learned tonight, somebody that he didn't want to name Junior Donald because he was like her too late.


And the irony.


But you know what's interesting about Junior, I did think tonight Ivanka is an idiot and she is absolutely, unequivocally the smartest of all of the kids.


That is true. But here's the problem is Avantika speech was a direct conflict to junior speech. And I, like Junior is the one that's in touch with people that are voting for Donald, I to be honest.


And so that was very noteworthy that, you know, she was talking about emptying the prisons and just talking about filling them.


Yeah, but Junior speaks fluent Dick. And so he's going to be the one that the Fox audience will gravitate to in twenty four and they'll say Donald was robbed. We've got to have our revenge.


But what's interesting about Junior is like all anyone talked about from junior speech and I mean maybe they're talking about different things and the Gateway Pundit channel but. People I know, Molly, it's the Gateway Pundit Slack Jaw channel saga, but all the people I know are talking about like what drugs did Junior do before his speech?


I just want to throw in there that I saw a lot of people on Twitter who don't I don't think have ever done drugs, making assessments of what kind of drugs was on and leave it at that. But there is some that some armchair drug commentary on Twitter that was maybe a little inaccurate.


As someone who grew up in Florida in the 1970s and early 80s, I saw signs I'll defer to your expertise.


So our next fuck that guy.


The evening is crazy dance Corvino, who in the weirdest most like, please get a restraining order against me before I kill again, that there was just sort like I felt like he was staring at me, like waving my spleen with his eyes.


I'll have that for my supper. Man's Cavenagh.


This is a real quote. I had to write this down for the contents since the only card I wrote down for tonight. You've done more homework than I combined, Donald.


The president is a kind and decent man who shows endless kindness to everyone he meets that might run contrary to what Miles said.


You know, the endless kindness sharpen the thin spikes. So that goes all the way through their flash gas, the burning gas on the borders where the alligators in the moat.


Yeah, it's Cavenagh was just he was on my foot like I was not not as like one of these plodding, crafty Trump world villains, but just as like this scary cult figure. Remember that movie, Bob Roberts? Now, at the end, there's a character that Jack Black Place is like fanatic kid following this campaign around. And he's just like staring and staring. Stop looking at me.


Dan is awful. Can we just have one more second on Dansk Corvino? No one has ever said this in the history of the world.


But you're a groundbreaker. You're your leader. Yeah, exactly. One more second on dance Corvino. But I feel like this is an important detail and just how like how professional this White House is.


He was originally trying to party and now he's he's the ambassador to Kuhnen and the White House. Twitter katti, the voice of the president and his is fire.


And he's making policy and he's speaking at the RNC, which is probably not something that is all that common for your presence.


Cadie, why do you think Corvino made the cut and not Garbles Miller? No. What is what day of the month is it? It's the twenty eighth. No, even Steven is in his moulting phase. He's in his cocoon right now and he's he's going to shed his skeleton and he will emerge like a beautiful butterfly on Labor Day.


If you got to go like this, Gavina, I need to go back to one of the things that's driving me crazy.


I think I can just everybody has this person in their life that doesn't like the president, doesn't like to tweet, think he's an idiot, that I somehow they get convinced that, you know, he really does these one nice things that they really like Ivanka. And I can just picture this woman with pearls who I know in my life, who lives in North Carolina, who's a swing voter, who is convinced by that bullshit. And I just I have to admit, it just really, really upset me in a very deep way during her remarks.


Like, I do think in a weird way, it was the only thing that might have kind of worked. At least a couple people know.


I don't know. I feel like this is more Rick's wheelhouse. I mean, to me, the granddaughter of the communist with the best chance drawing was like, this is completely insane.


I would never vote for any of these people because the characteristic of the swing voters, they are desperately trying to find a reason to stay with it. Right. They're terrified. They watch Fox, they're still terrified. They don't like him. They don't like the behavior. They don't they don't like the thing with covid and the economy. They don't like the racism, but they're desperately terrified and they're looking for any thing. So that's like last night. And also the D.C. press does the same bullshit.


Well, they like they're like, well, everything else is batshit crazy. But Melania read several remarks which seem completely safe.


Let's write a 5000 word piece on Bologna's influence on the White House. And so these swing voters will do the same bullshit and they will try to convince themselves, well, you know, maybe he'll learn in the second term. Maybe he'll mature and grow into the office, maybe blah, blah, blah. That's what a vodka's, therefore, is to be. That suburban meritocracy smoothed out. Ambassador from Trump, Trump, Landesa, when we all know that most of them are batshit crazy.


That's exactly the voter I was thinking about, Rick. And that's what pisses me off because. No, fuck, fuck that guy. All right, so fuck swing voters, except one to might, I just don't want anybody who's lying. It was a lying, mendacious scumbag like Ivonka trying to fool them into thinking that her father is not exactly. I've been given a fuck that guy from the White House for the Trump campaign. They have a fuck that guy.


They're not that guy. This is the Hatch Act, because tonight it was everything but people wearing like jumpsuits with NASCAR logos, stickers all over them on the White House lawn. The Trump camp signs. I mean, as a guy who worked for George Herbert Walker Bush, if someone had come to him and say, hey, we're going to put giant campaign signs on the White House lawn and do campaign work here, they would have been out on their ass in a hot millisecond.


The dividing line between Trump org and Trump campaign and Trump Brand and Trump Inc and the White House and the and the campaign. It's zero now. I mean, they they are unbelievably shameless. And I know part of the reason they're doing it is just to troll people like us to be pissed about it and also just because they're criminals and they don't give a fuck.


Can we talk for a minute about that, Mark Meadows the next day saying that that voters don't really care about the highjacked such bullshit?


And I was a little mad at Rick in the intro for calling it a Castro esque performance.


It was like it's like a D list Latin American country, like no exact Harrogate's, you know, in the 80s. Like, that's what this was. I mean, it was tacky in the White House lawn and the white chairs and the tacky ass Trump signs everywhere. I mean, like Castro at least had a little bit, you know, ambiance with.


Yeah, panache. And this is bullshit. The people don't care about this. I remember this little bit like this is the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom scandal on steroids.


And everybody cared about the crime. Everybody talked about it. Rush talked about it for years. I mean, dogged Hillary all the way to the Lazio race in 2008. It was the first year, you know, and it wasn't appropriate, by the way. And it did dog them and they changed it. It's DC conventional wisdom bullshit that voters don't care about this. Well, no, voters will care about it if people will speak out about it and if reporters take it seriously and write about it and they're buying into Meadow's his own B.S. and this is like it was it was despicable what they did.


Like, the picture made me want to retch my first thought on Twitter and then the fireworks on the lawn like this is our lawn.


This is not and it was very enabled by that playbook thing. I mean, that was not I mean, Euler's think playbook, you know, will voters care? Sorry. Am I not supposed.


No, no. I'm just saying it playbook is very much sort of the conventional wisdom. And this Beddows line, as I said, it became the conventional wisdom like who cares? Whatever. Moving on. You know what? Voters don't care about the Arms Export Control Act, which I believe I need to violate now just because voters don't care about it.


There's a lot of things that matter. Voters don't care about pretty much anything. No, they really do. They really do.


I mean, I know this is not in our theme of fact, that guy, but I saw Comilla speech during the middle of the day today. Don't ask why I was watching television in the middle of the day, but I thought, like, she really made the case that Democrats sort of were not able to make last week about how covid is much worse here than anywhere else. And that's because of Donald Trump. And I don't know who saw that speech at two o'clock in the afternoon besides me, but I did think it was a very well litigated case against Donald Trump.


So I saw the tweets about it, and I'm happy that she's out there doing that. We had our Republican voters against Trump and she was hitting on this. We've got this ad running in swing states next week. How, you know, her job was as a deputy assistant secretary for threat prevention. And so they had a pandemic plan. They spent two months doing nothing because Donald Trump didn't want his stock market to dip a couple of points and then people in there that were trying to stop it.


And I do think that this is a critically important case that people need to make. And here's the thing about this week, going back to fuck that guy, fuck these guys for telling a a fake and phony history of what happened during the coronavirus. I, like some of the media outlets, have done an OK job of trying to hold them accountable. But the Democrats and I'm happy that today and this is what we're doing, I know it Rick's doing have got to spend the next three months reminding people just how badly screwed this up, because I'll tell you, in these focus groups, a lot of people are going to give him a pass on this.


And and Elizabeth, Inside Story tells the real truth on this. And I'm happy Comey was saying that. But, you know, this whole convention was like, you know, the China virus and now I'm getting an amazing vaccine, like the yada, yada, yada, over like half the year.




It's amazing the idea that the witness is coming out of the administration now from miles to all these folks that are coming out and saying this, I want them all to speak, but it is going to take a lot of work to get that message out. There are people out there. Who will still say things like, well, you know, he did the best he could. He gets a participation trophy. Yeah, and it's who could have predicted it?


It was bad everywhere. He keeps telling me the case death rate is good, but I don't know if it's death rate is. Oh, it's good because we have the most cases in the world by a million eggs. Got it.


And you hear frequently in the in the focus groups, it's definitely one of those things we got to just keep pounding and pounding and pounding on going forward.


But it is also it's interesting to me that they can't thread the needle on, like, less people dead everywhere else. What is different that they're not putting that together is, is why I don't work in focus groups, because I would be like, I don't understand how you can be. I mean, I know there's just these people are just like all of Trump is like this weird emotional reaction that has nothing to do with actual real stuff.


Well, yeah, I think hopefully, you know, the numbers continue to change. I do think that what I've noticed in our groups, the mindset on this has changed over the last three months. And I think back in May, pretty much everybody in the groups is like, you can't blame and what is he going to do? And now, you know, at least it's mixed. And I think that probably by the time we get to early voting, we're going to have Wirth's that per capita than every country in Europe besides maybe Belgium.


And so hopefully through our groups and other groups with some ads, we can be like, you know, second worst and what you can say to that.


But but there definitely is a lot of self-delusion out there on that second place is first loser Donald, back to school.


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Well, let me say two things. First off, as we all know, I am a former Rudie guy and the arc of the tragic collapse of Rudy Giuliani into from crusading prosecutor to crusading mayor to 9/11 to the guy he is now, there is never been a more perfect exemplar of everything from touches dies because that's speech tonight. It was at one point everything but the N-word when he was going and talking. You know, they're coming for you. They're coming for you, you know, to your suburbs, these black lives matter.


The weird part about that is that he he had a brief at the very beginning. You like one or two sentences that he was like and George Foy died. Yeah, terrible. And then we had this brief moment where we had a chance for everybody to come together.


And I was like, when was that? Right, right, right, right. The president I was I was tweeting about looters two hours after George.


And then he was like radical leftist. And people wanted to say, yeah, I'm sorry. None of this speech made as big an impression on me as Rudy sitting there with whatever girlfriend or what the girlfriend said, sweating profusely.


Remember, remember right now in D.C., whisky's right now, nobody else is like wringing out, OK, you're sitting there. He's got like Wilbur, Wilbur Ross. That expression of Wilbur Ross, his face was, I see the light now. I will go forward, I will read, I will shuffle off mortal coil.


Can you imagine, though, if you're Wilbur Ross, his wife, OK. Fifty thousand years old, he recently got out of the hospital. He's had everything wrong with him in the world. And you're going to take him to a super spreader event outside with no mass. So basically, she's ready to get the money right to tap to his case.


Fatality rate has got to be pretty high after that event.


The last big event like that killed Herman Cain. There were fifteen hundred people there tonight.


From what I read, they wanted fifteen hundred, but they're like twelve hundred. They to move out some chairs, make quick Rudy feel like that guy is this. He literally said these words, Trump's disciplined work, that work ethic, discipline, work ethic. My God. It's all right folks.


Let's get on to the big fuck that guy of the week, the one who deserves it the most, the apotheosis of shitty presidents, Donald John Trump. Molly, what is your fuck that guy for tonight's speech.


Wait, what what's your quote? The guy part all 70 minutes or infinitely? Actually, I knew because I was at a CPAC speech where he spoke for three and a half hours that he did this one speech is the longest speech he's ever given. And I was there.


It wasn't some of that like riffing, an improv. Well, that's what all of his speech, even on this one, he started talking about the house. It's the people's house. It's gorgeous. I like to think of it as a home. He always does some amount of riffing, which is why that speech was 70 minutes and not twenty five minutes. I don't know the sheer stupidity and then him getting sweatier and sweatier and the orange makeup. I mean, Tim probably has something more insightful to say.


Yeah, well, the fuck that guy is obviously for making me watch for so long. I mean. Yeah. So we don't need to belabor that point I guess.


But, you know, look, I thought it was interesting how he didn't really seem into it. You know, he didn't seem to have his heart in it like usual. You know, he seems to enjoy his abs like he enjoyed his. And when he, like, made fun of Joe Biden for being a pedophile or a kind of I tried to think you in on that of Joe Biden. The pedophile enjoyed it when he was, like, joking about how he liked his own life better and like, he enjoyed it when he, like, got to turn around at the White House that he was despicably standing in front of and being like, I live in there now.


I get to rub it in most of the text of the speech, like the whole illegal immigrant section, which you would think would be this guy's bread and butter by now. I mean, he was stumbling over the lines and slurring. He wasn't landing. The headlines feature was was very much kind of a State of the Union esque, like roads. You know, I'm going to try to touch all these bases, you know, I don't know.


Last week, Joe Biden gave his speech and it was forceful and passionate. And the whole take from all the major guys afterwards was how hard is it to read a teleprompter? Pretty fucking hard for Donald Trump. I don't know.


You know, by the end of it, he was leaning very heavily on podium.


But, you know, your point is by the end of it, we were leaning very heavily. Well, I mean, not to, but your point is right, though.


He there was a low energy speech, if I may use a phrase you and I are familiar with.


That's me. Yeah. That's that's triggering. It was the low it was very low energy speech.


He was not into it. You're correct. You know, the truth with Donald Trump is always in the asides when he's reading a speech on prompter. You know, he always wants to, like, look off and make a dick joke or look off and say something that he thinks is going to, you know, make every. Pay attention, but he stayed on prompter tonight and ground his way through it, but it was so it was the guy was working at it.


It was not a fun speech for him.


It also, by the way, a brief mini fuck that guy from the White House speechwriters. If you're going to have 16 people write a fucking speech, I have one person look at it at the end and conform it. So it sounds like one person wrote the fucking speech. So that sounds like one person's reading will be too complicated to.


No one has time for that. There's golf and tweeting. But I was going to say the thing that I'm always impressed with with Trump is that he has a lot of trouble reading.


Yes. You don't say.


But I mean, what he gets up there, he's never practiced the speech because that's not his thing. And then he just can't he sort of stumbles. And then he also finds reading very boring. So, I mean, every speech where he's not saying crazy shit is him being totally bored by whenever they're making their favorite misread of tonight was we have pioneered the fatality rate.


Fuck that guy.


I personally am extremely worried about people getting covid from that like it is a pandemic. Like just because you are not interested in it, does it mean that these people won't go home and spread this to their I mean, don't you think there is a chance that this could be part of a much larger public health disaster?


Well, I mean, here's here's the head of the largest public health disaster in history. But certainly there could be some ancillary victims from this tonight because they were all sitting cheek by jowl sweating. Yeah, yeah.


I'm not I'm not saying I'm not worried about that, but I'm more worried about something else. And I'm hoping that Rick can talk me off the ledge here because maybe I just have PTSD. But as much of just a kind of rollicking, ridiculous shit show that all was four days. I do worry about those voters Rick was talking about who are looking for an excuse to to like Trump. And I worry that we see a little bit of a bump from him because this is the only reason, because there is this group of voters who didn't like him, held their nose and voted for him and for like five months now, he's just reminded him, reminded them why they hate him.


The tweets and the press conferences and Lafayette Square and Siko, Morning Joe. And like for four days, it was pretty gross for all of us. But he kind of reminded them why, like why they liked him. Maybe I'm a little worried.


I'm more worried about that than the covid super spreader. Let me talk you off the cliff, OK? Thank you. Donald Trump for four days has had the shock collar on him. They have been keeping him as much in the box as they can. They've convinced him this is the big show that'll turn the numbers. But we all know something about Donald Trump after he's been disciplined and held down by his staff for a couple of days on any on any item.


He has an equal and opposite reaction and goes fucking nuts. And so he's going to tweet out some crazy shit tomorrow about that kid in Kenosha or something because he wants to go have fun now. And he's got no discipline whatsoever. So we'll be back to Crazy Donald in a matter of minutes. And whatever's happening in my role as the Shooty Trump anthropologist, he will he's bored and restless and he will start talking shit because he just he does it every time.


We haven't talked about this yet, but the fact that they're down, they've pulled their ads down for the second time in a month, I suspect we're about to see a whole shit ton of race war ads because whatever wasn't working before, they pulled everything down. I think they're going to reset and go full on race war.


And and on that point, I know I'm not the host of the show, but I've only been invited on once and I've had two bourbons and I'm just ending with my guy.


Yeah. Everybody who is.


Yes, you're very life like that guy is everybody that is defending that seventeen year old asshole with the long gun who showed up as a junior. And everybody is defending the cop that unloaded his clip into the back of Jacob Blake. I just I have been I thought I could not be astonished anymore, but the amount of even like the quasi normal trumpeter's, like on the more normal end of the spectrum, are all in on on this idea that, like Jacob Blake might have had a knife in the floorboard of his car, that makes it OK to unload seven shots into his back with his kids looking on.


I mean, it's fucking insane. And it's like the widespread accepted view in conservative media the last two days. And so, anyway, I think that that's a preamble to what's coming. And I think that you're exactly right about where the ads are going, Rick, and fuck all those guys.


But I do think that that's where it's coming for sure. I mean, I think we see that. I think the police, they didn't think that police ad was terrifying enough with some breaking good news on this front.


I just picked up my Twitter and Jim Acosta's that a senior White House official told him that everybody is going to catch this thing eventually.


Oh, yeah. On that note, we'll wrap up this at. Word of the new abnormal from The Daily Beast, in future episodes, we'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


We hope you'll subscribe to us on your favourite podcast app and share the show on social media. We're just getting started and don't want you to miss an episode if you'd like to follow us on Twitter. I'm Molly John Fast and he is the Rick Wilson. Thanks so much for listening. And we'll see you again on the next episode.


Sometimes you might forget, but every one of us is still at risk from covid-19. But every time we do the right thing, we're protecting ourselves and the people around us. So next time you meet up, just take a step back. Let's all keep cleaning those hands and wear a face covering when you're shopping around on public transport, if you cough or sneeze covers or have a tissue handy and don't know the cover schrecker up to be one in more than a million because covid-19 is still a problem.


And we're all the answer from the hejazi.