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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast's The New Abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our respective bunkers. It's night three of the Democratic National Convention, and we're all punchy here on the new abnormal. We're joined by my very good friend and whose name I know how to pronounce very well, Felipe Wryness online. Rick, what did you think?


Well, look, I mean, the first half of it was the sort of checklist stuff you have to do at a convention. OK, the Democrats have to go through the checklist of climate change, gun control, immigration, things like that. The Republicans go through their checklist of gun control, abortion, low taxes. So this was sort of the pro forma part in the beginning. But nobody gives a shit why they were going to be two gigantic rock star performances tonight that people were thinking about and that we're going to be the things that trigger Donald Trump and sure as hell they did.


You know, I said this earlier on on the live stream, and it was you could disagree with Barack Obama about every policy thing under the sun, but you could always remember that the guy was a spectacular speaker and communicator and he brought that shit to me. I mean, he peeled the paint off the damn walls without raising his voice. Yeah, it's already triggered Donald Trump's itchy Twitter finger.


Well, the all caps are a good sign. Oh, yeah. All caps are always a good sign.


You know, Obama is one cool dude, but he also brings something to the table that really no one else in the world does, which is he can't be called a loser. Donald Trump can't run around using his his standard artillery of juvenile names. He was elected president twice. He got more votes twice.


I think there's an intimidation there, which is why his nonsensical it might be all tweets, but it's still he wiretapped my house or whatever it was and talked by phone to make sure that he's going on Sean Hannity or as we think of him, Michael Cohen's third client tomorrow night during Biden's speech.


You know what? I think that's great for Biden. The idea that Trump campaign is frustrated that Biden is not out there more because they think the more he's out there, the more he's likely to make a mistake or quote a gaffe that works great, assuming the other person isn't a human gaffe factory. I mean, it's like a boxing match. I mean, you can't you can't be. I hope the other guy trips on a shoelace, write your own shoelaces were tied together before you even got in the ring.


And I think every time Trump I don't think the side by side, whether it's a debate, whether it's someone that your dog's got my dog or one of several one dog for every AR 15, you know, there's a different there's there's a different ratio there.


I have a virtual fox hunting pack.


That's the sad thing is, meanwhile, like two out of three greenfield children want to go and live with Uncle Rand.


So that would be I mean, if shit hits the fan, I think that's where I'm going.


OK, I get this ship back on course. Please think about what Donald Trump's day look like today. First off, he steps on his dick, attacking one of the largest and most renowned employers in the, you know, vaguely kind of sort of important swing state of Ohio by trying to cancel culture fucking Goodyear that employs sixty four thousand people in union jobs. Good. Playbox They can see for those stupid like you could imagine, the guy turning like the color of curdled milk when he read that tweet.


And then he spends the other part of the day suddenly like defending CUNA. If they like me, it must be OK. Maybe I am defending the world from cannibal child predators.


I mean, Rick, this is this is one of our favorite topics. But just think about how confused those freaks are going to be the day after Election Day when Donald Trump loses. They are just not going to be able it. It's going to take a lot to trust the plant when the poor and unemployed.


I can see the day on November 4th. If it's a clear victory for Biden, they're going to say this was the plan all along. Biden is secretly JFK Jr. brain in a close body.


They adapt.


Well, I don't know that Kuhnen thing today was just like the beginning of Trump's. I mean, we knew he had it in him, but that was still that was still kind of shocking. And then, in fact, look. To be honest, if it weren't for the pandemic, if he were going out there every day and saying, my strategy, forget about my campaign that thinks that they're going to win. My strategy is to win the same way I won four years ago, the same exact people, not one more, not one less.


And I am going to go out there every day and tell them what they want to hear. It would be ugly and it would be unfortunate and it would be narrow minded and short sighted. But that doesn't mean that it wouldn't work now. Right. It's all context of a much more horrible moment where he's not being assessed that way. He's being assessed in a very different stage that he can't come to grips with, which makes it all the more worse.


But yes, I mean, what I'm surprised by is the fact that Trump refuses to even pretend to make it look like he's doing something about the pandemic, which has us all stuck at home like it didn't even didn't anyone say, like, well, let's make it at least make it look like you're doing something?


Yeah, they did. They also said, let's make it look like you're doing something about race. Let's take a walk over to the church.


But they really have not. I think it's interesting. There's not even like there's no current vice task force.


The subtitle saying is, why isn't this man becoming a different person after seventy four years of being on this earth when you're born, sort of the platonic ideal of an asshole, you're it's difficult to change your form. Yeah. And and once you've been the platonic ideal of an asshole for seven thousand years, it's even harder to change your form.


Except that doesn't answer my question. Like why isn't there anyone there who's like, let's at least make it look like we're doing something about the.


Now he's down to the I mean, he never had anyone higher than the B team, but now he's down to like here.


So I'm going to break a little piece of news. You guys remember Cliff Simms who left with us?


Cliff, Cliff Sims is now going to be a speechwriter and communications executive for the RNC for the convention. What's going to happen when Trump finds out about this and its junior is doing? Apparently he's like a junior and Arthur Schwartz minion now.


And so remind me who he is, because I don't know who he is.


He was like a like a cabinet secretary staff guy. And he wrote a book about the whole administration, and Trump lost his shit about it. This is back this is back in the before time.


Molly, you know, when he does an eight year. Yes, it was 2008.


I'm sorry. I can't remember too. I can only remember the last two weeks. Yeah. If the one anecdote I remember is that Trump asked him to help figure out who was leaking and it came up with the index card list of names and Trump looked at it and dismissed them.


All right. So General had to go against Daddy like that.


I think he just expected that he could call some of the RNC and say, my boy. I also learned today from my source at the at the RNC that apparently the guy used to be a Christian rock band. That is like I'm going to send you pictures of the guy wearing nothing but a leather vest and tight pants singing Christian heavy metal. I'm like, yes, please.


I really like Obama. I thought he was amazing. I thought Hillary was really good at talking about the. You can be honest, I'm not going to get offended.


No, I actually honestly, what I thought was and I wrote about this tonight was that what she needed to talk about was the election and what she talked about was the election. So she talked about how you can win the popular vote, which Democrats have now done twice and lose the presidency.


And she did have a little she did have a little self-referential wink of humor there, which I liked, because in any in any speaker, you know, that they get the joke about themselves mentioning Jim Comey, which is always a positive.


Why is Jim Comey so insufferable?


I don't know. But you see this HBO or Showtime movie that's about Showtime.


Yeah, I've seen I've seen it. And it's going to make Trump lose his shit.


You see, the actual. Yes, looks great. It's it's great. And I will tell you this. A guy named Brendan Gleeson as Trump is brilliant. Holly Hunter Associates. Oh, wow. It's just like it is so letter perfect in the casting. And Holly Hunter is always underappreciated. She's amazing in it. And the story is the story is going to make Trump crazy because it doesn't illustrate the deep state plot against him. You know, it's it's like this confusing procedural.


Who the fuck are all these Russians thing that, of course, has now been validated by the recently.


Let's talk about that. The Rubio report. Yes. Yes. The right. That's what it's called. It's the Rubio report. I wish the Democrats had it made even more of this at the convention because these motherfuckers in the Senate knew about this shit a year and a half ago. They had a criminal referral for Steve Bannon and for Junior a year and a half ago, they knew that Trump was as deep with these fuckers. A year and a half ago, and it's like you to talk about, but we better exonerate them quickly because, you know, he might tweet about us Junior going to jail would be amazing.


No, I mean, I've said this before, and I. I would take a deal where I would allow Trump to stay in office one year for every year. Don Junior served in prison.


The only person who would take that deal, I don't know. I don't think so. And if I if I sweeten the deal and threw in Jared, I think a lot of people would take that deal.


Said, listen, Donald Trump can be president for life. If I can watch Jared torn apart by a pack of wild dogs.


Absolutely. And and the guards taxes is not going to get him out of bed. And I can see Donald Trump thinking to himself, I could pardon him for the wild dog punishment, but then how would I comfort Ivanka?


Yeah, but, yeah, I've got to get that right about the report.


I mean, it's a really big deal in the sense that you mean the Rubio report, the confirmed everything we knew prior to Mueller being unable to put it in his report for a very simple reason, which is that Mueller was approaching as a prosecutor with a higher power. Right. And Rubio and the Intelligence Committee, which we should make clear to everyone, is the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is run by Republicans, by Mitch McConnell's Republican. They came out with a thousand pages and made a few things clear that Mueller could not and did not.


One was that Roger Stone was neck deep into talking to WikiLeaks and that WikiLeaks knew that they were talking to Russia, that Roger Stone was talking to Donald Trump right up until the day that the October seven and that they had spoken, they being Roger Stone and Donald Trump thirty nine times in the previous month. And they stated straight out that they did not believe Donald Trump's recollection, that they did not discuss it. And it's not correct.


They said that the whole lot of them, including Jared and they described Paul Manafort as a grave national security risk.


Yeah, I mean, it's it's it is amazing that a Republican Senate put their name on this. And again, they'll be people who tweet it. You guys, they go to give him any credit they voted for. Yeah, I know they voted for Barack. I know who they are. But they could have they could have punted for four, three months. They could have toned it down. They seem to have went pretty straight now. Unfortunately, it's going to get lost.


But the Jared stuff is maddening because you just said it a minute ago. But the criminal referral about Bannon and Don Jr. and Jared all I mean, so the Senate Intelligence Committee run by Republicans sent a letter to the Department of Justice saying, please look into these fuckers, because we're pretty sure they lied to us. Yeah, this is a while.


Jared Kushner may find Bannon some whatever he's doing. Don Junior is just out being an asshole. Jared Kushner works in the White House and he is the Republican oversight in Congress. Some of Trump's closest supporters are saying Jared Kushner should be criminally investigated, should not be a reason, 20 aside from being incompetent, that he should not have a security clearance.


No, Jared, Jared should not run a Waffle House. OK, Jared is running the coronavirus taskforce. Well, actually, no, no, no. Let's remember.


Let's remember, though, Jared had a meeting in March in the White House where they decided that they would triage testing to two states, supported the president and and and not to testing in blue states and let them sink or swim on their own.


Someone who's lived who lived in New York during that period, I'm aware. Yes.


And, you know, I like to call it sort of Jarrad's, like McKinsey once a conference, you know, out there doing his doing his damnedest to fulfill Donald Trump's desire to punish anyone who's not Trump's sycophant governor.


I think any rational person, which, by the way, most of America would agree because the only person whose approval ratings are lower than Donald Trump are Jared Kushner. Right. This is the worst combination. I don't know if this quote is true, but I took a combat warfare history of war class in college. And the professor said that Napoleon had a quote that therefore attributed general could have it could be industrious or lazy. They could be smart or stupid, said if you have a industrious, smart general, you've got it made.


If you've got a smart, lazy general, OK, if you've got a lazy, dumb general, you can live with that. The thing you don't want is you don't want industrious, dumb general. And then Kushnir, it's there's just this just Olympic's incompetent. I mean with you to give just so this is not. Your hyperbolic with the exception of criminal prison reform, which, whether you agree with it or not, he did play a central role.


With the exception of that, I honestly believe your next book should be it, because it is remarkable. I mean, he's the one who's saying, sure, dad, go across the street and hold the Bible upside down. He's the one that's saying, hey, my sources are telling me the Democrats will love it if you fire Jim Comey.


I mean, he was the guy in the room who set fire Jim Comey. Democrats will love it.


I mean, nobody thinks Jared Kushner was fired except Jared Kushner. I mean, everyone else knows the man is a fucking idiot. Yeah.


Hard is to not get any better at your job over a period of years.


You got to. Yeah, you do always have to give him like a little bit of props just like this. Pure stubbornness of the stupidity is just kind of epic. Yeah.


I mean, he's the Michael Phelps of being unable to pull off a hundredth of a second or add on one hundredth of a second. I guess it's the difference the gun owner will know demonstrated the accuracy and precision like hitting the bullseye of the same bullet hole over and over again.


Right. But he's actually in the third ring out of Somalia. I know you were very intrigued and interested by the Kamala Harris speech. What were your thoughts on the matter?


I really like the Harris family. And I know you guys are all going to give me a make fun of me for being too sycophantic. But I enjoy them. I think they're smart. And there's I don't know when she had a little introduction about her sister and her niece and as a stepdaughter, as a product of a very blended marriage. If your stepdaughter likes you, that's a high bar.


Well, I think the packet, the introduction package, the video package to introduce her was spectacular. I mean, as a as a ad guy, that was phenomenal. And I think they came across as warm and and fun American style family that represents the sort of weirdness that this world has today. You know, we're all sorts of races. We're all sorts of marital statuses. And I thought it was really well done.


Yeah, I thought it was good. And I really liked her speech. And I thought that her was a very different speech for her. Her whole thing is that she's a prosecutor. And tonight she was sort of trying to be fun and have fun. And it spoke to me. I thought she was great. You know, every time she speaks, I think we have this exciting prosecutor who's real tough, but also kind of fun. And she is going to kill Mike Pence.


And for me as a woman, after living through four years of this kind of misogyny, to watch her destroy Mike Pence would be the greatest joy of my life.


Oh, it is going to be delicious because Mike Pence, she's everything Mike Pence like wakes up in night sweats. Yeah.


And that is if she I'm just thinking of her and him. He calls his wife mother like she is from another century, what he calls Karen pense mother.


What does he call his mother. He's in prison. If it's Thanksgiving, he says, mother, I need another Al.


So that's how it is in that family. But anyway, so I thought Camilla gave a really impressive speech and, you know, is not easy to go after Barack Obama, who is the most gifted orator, and she did a really good job. So I was impressed with that.


The last few months in this whole cycle has proven that a lot of things don't matter or the death of a lot of things, whether it's caucuses or actually getting out and pressing the flesh. But I do think in hindsight, one thing that will be appreciated for as much as they've been derided are conventions. There is a excitement to the moment and it's very you can see how difficult that is. I mean, when do people give speeches in a sensory deprivation tank?


You know, you're looking at a teleprompter and there's no one in the room. I think these folks deserve a lot of credit for being able to emote in that kind of weird setting. I agree with you about the family. I mean, I know my heart a little bit. She I it's fun getting to know someone. You know, it's fun to see. You know, you read the story about things you didn't know about Doug Imhoff.


Yeah, no, they're cute. I find them to be cute. And also the other thing is they're not like these evil kind of I don't know, something about pens for me as a feminist, that strikes me as so creepy. It's just creepy. Like we don't live in nineteen forty two, we live in twenty twenty.


I was just watching some old video, don't ask why of Mike Pence during his radio show days. There's this one moment where he's just gripping. He's like adultery is the worst of sins of these women who are just going off. And I'm thinking, motherfucker, who do you work for?


It's me, can't miss her seventh commandment, yeah, OK.


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This is a cast recommends every week we pick one of our favorite shows and this is one we think you're going to love.


In each episode of the Dublin Storyland podcast, we bring you three personal, true stories that will hopefully make you laugh, because I knew Marad had done it, but the deep sea diver maybe even cry.


The adrenaline hits her system and she cries.


And I've never been so happy to hear her cry, but always make you feel closer. He hadn't been fooled by my clever lie. He was the first person I'd ever told the truth to the Dublin Stories Slam podcast, available now on ACRS.


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Thanks. Let's go we now must go to our only segment ever, which is I know I'm not supposed to say that, but it's late at night.


We're keeping we're keeping Molly up way too late. Well, and this is hard for me. I get a bit like Rick Wilson. Shall we ask our guest?


We shall allow Felipe to lead the fact that guy charge this evening.


I shall commence with the fuck that guy dialogue guy. I had a hard time because there are so many guys that should be fucked in this. But I went old school in part because of the Senate report and in part because of his recent commutation and also because he's just a rotten soul is Roger Stone. And, you know, there are people who work for Trump and around Trump who I don't understand how they do it, but in a different life, maybe I could get along with them or whatever.


Roger Stone has been a rotten human being for decades.


I mean, there's no one knows that that is truly a shittier human being, a bad, bad, weird, unethical liar. And unfortunately, he gets the pass as being colorful. He's got Nixon tattooed on its back is an operator. It's not what he is. He's he's someone who has done real damage to our country. And in this very narrow sense is he was the person in between the Russians and Donald Trump. He's also a racist, as he hates.


You know, he's anti LGBT. I mean, it's like nothing we have. Yeah. There's nothing redeeming about him. And dresses like a Batman villain.


All right. Molly Young, first, who is your fuck that guy for this beautiful, beautiful summer evening?


My favorite guy is secretary of State and international. Mike Pompeo, would you lie? Please tell. Wow. As Jesse, our producer explained, I saw the gif, but I didn't understand the larger implication. When Nancy Pelosi was speaking, she posted a gif of Lisa from The Simpsons tearing up the letter she had written to politicians when she discovered that politicians were corrupt. The irony, of course, is that Mike Pompeo is probably one of the most corrupt figures in the Trump administration.


And he also is just I mean, these people are just so awful.


I have a surprising out of left field, not political. Fuck that guy today. Wait, as you know, I live in the state of Florida. Now, Florida is known more about this garden paradise. Florida is known as the humidity there.


But Jilian, yeah, Florida is known as the home of methedrine faced zombies. Yes. A whole variety of things. We are also the home of a shit ton of mosquitoes.


Oh, really? There's a company in Florida called Oxitec that is about to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida. It's fucking twenty twenty. You motherfuckers are really genetically modified mosquitoes and we're all going to die. It's a one hundred percent chance modified to do one. I don't even know. But whatever they modified to do, it's not going to be what happens. Have they not seen Jurassic Park? Do these people not understand what's going to happen? Is twenty twenty in Florida.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal from The Daily Beast. In future episodes, we'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


We hope you'll subscribe to us on your favorite podcast app and share the show on social media. We're just getting started and don't want you to miss an episode. If you'd like to follow us on Twitter. I'm Molly Chang, fast and Historic Wilson. Thanks so much for listening. And we'll see you again on the next episode.


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