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I'm so excited.


You represent Beddows district, right? I do, yes. That's so cool. It feels like immigration has gone from something we haven't been talking about to like the biggest topic that's happening right now. Talk to me about what you have a pretty bold plan. Can you explain it to us?


Absolutely. To hear some members of the media tell it, we've never had immigration challenges at the border until January 20th of this year. But it's been really frustrating to hear members of the media characterize this as though it is a new challenge when it is not a new phenomenon. And I decided to write a piece for The New York Times. And thankfully, they've they've always given me space dating back to 20 percent, maybe 2011. But in 2014, I wrote a piece called Why the Border Crisis is a Myth.


And what has happened repeatedly from Washington has been this this idea that if we could just get tough enough on the border, all of our immigration challenges will go away. And so, you know, the walls kept getting bigger and taller and thicker and uglier investments in drones and personnel and then enter Donald Trump. And it was cruelty and dehumanization. And what we now know after four years of some of the most draconian immigration policies, is that unless you address the root causes, you're not going to change things much.


And you know, the other thing that I hope we do realize is that migration will happen. You cannot stop migration. People move around. Now, what you can do is, is do your best as a country to pay attention to what's happening around you, to work collaboratively with leaders in your hemisphere, to bring people in and find solutions to to really catastrophic issues that people are facing in other countries because it's in our best interest to have as much stability as possible in migration is is optimum.


It's you can't always have that. But you should.