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What you're about to hear is a teaser for our new bonus episodes we are doing for subscribers to Beest inside the Daily Beast membership program. We have a very special guest with Lev Parnas, a person from inside Trump and Giuliani's inner circle. In this interview, we talk to all the fakery around Giuliani's attempt to get dirt to smear Joe Biden, as well as the horrors of being inside Trump world. Again, this is for a beast inside members only to hear this, along with the rest of our upcoming bonus episodes, had two new abnormal dot, the Daily Beast dot com.


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You said they made fun of him. These guys get the joke right. They understand how strange and how off Trump is. Is that what you're telling me?


Oh, everybody. I mean, except for maybe Don Junior, right? I mean, everybody would be, you know, even broody. I mean, it's not he was not off limits to anybody as long as he wasn't around or Junior wasn't around. I mean, there was really was laughter that, you know, depending on what happened and disagreed a lot most of the time, they all disagreed with them, but nobody heard. It was funny to watch how nobody had the strength to go up against him.


We had the balls to stand up to them. They made fun of him.


For what exactly? I mean, there was a lot of choices.


But just curious, if you give me a time period, I'll tell you what I think for, like, his bad decision making or his is as bad the way he would talk, the way he is bad decision making, the stubbornness that he would go into, like I remember with Charlottesville, for instance, they could when he came out and there were people going on both sides, I thought after the RNC was going to fall off, had the Trump and stuff like that, would you know, he'd make a statement and then it wouldn't be just them.


It was like I said, it was just also donors who you go to a Trump event and at the event, like we're standing laughing at how he what he did at his last. And it wasn't going to listen to our presidents. They go to listen to an act like it was like what's going to be no other agenda? What what? Like a bad comic. Right. Like not to make fun of it, but it was like, what's he going to come up with?


And that's why the rallies were so bad, because he would make like, oh, I'm going to come out and nail this one today. Oh, we're going to come out and nail this one today. And everybody is like, it's hard to explain. I mean, it's I've never been in a cult before. So the group is actually tries to be a stand up comedian, but he doesn't realize that, you know, it's like it's one of those things in this world that a lot of people there are dying to get out of that court and they just don't know how.


Because I tell you things, I had to hit a brick wall and this thing had to happen the way it happened to me to be able to, because if I would have kept going, whatever happened, I would have lost my family on the verge of losing my kids because it was it's it's a terrible world. There is. And thank God I'm out of it. I could tell you that much.