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What you're about to hear is a teaser for the bonus episodes we do for Beast Inside The Daily Beast membership program today we have a very special Inauguration Day Zoome five episode where we had guest Michael Tomasky, who's the editor at The Daily Beast, join us to discuss all sorts of things, including the pardons, what's going on with impeachment and what Biden should be doing to hear this, along with all of our past bonus episodes, with guests like Corey Booker, Billy Eichner and is with Rick and Molly, as well as gaining full access to The Daily Beast, fearless journalism and the new abnormal DOT, The Daily Beast, dotcom.


That's New Abnormal Dot, The Daily Beast dot com. What do we think of Ardern palooza?


Well, I look, I just thinking that the most important thing we've discovered is that healing our nation is that little wave got a part.


So I mean, product work. What was my favorite part about Kodak back was this part was also supported by little yachtie.


What why do you think he pardoned? Like, what do you think the unifying principle there was besides people who gave him money?


Like there were a few people, but he thinks of his being on the same planet with him. Right. And I think those were like that. That's why the rap stars and there's one athlete on there, I had some cat dogs.


So there's a lot excuse me, my cat has decided that she's going to interfere with the established iPad. So I'm going to be bouncing a little bit here. But I think a lot of it also came down to, you know, some of that's clearly the pay for play stuff. Right. But, you know, Callahan had one on there before a Russian guy and the bad and one was just a fuck you to everybody. And it was deliberate trolling.


It was just like, fuck you, America. I got away with it, haha. And I'm going, I'm not going to let the worst human being that was ever in my circle get away with that.


I going to get it right.


I wonder what Repco I wonder if there's a self-interest angle to the ban. And that's what I was wondering.


Might be there might be like Roger Stone. Yeah. It's like Bonanos stuff you know. Right.


He knows stuff but I mean at this point he's been out of the circle for so long, I don't think it's as you know, I don't think there was any, like, pendent risk from Bannon other than that. And just, you know, and I also think that at the end of this. I have a theory of this case, it's a little weird when they said Baner was coming back around with Trump before the pardon, it was right after the insurgency on the 6th.


And I thought maybe Trump saw that and thought if only they were better organized and had a sort of field marshal behind them and had an organizing propaganda effort behind them, maybe they would have been effective. I couldn't help but think that.


So you see, so that's what's coming.


Now, I think that may be what Trump is thinking about is if he's going to form a new party and a new movement, he wants a Leninist organizer like Bannon to do that nationalist populist stuff. And remember, the one person in Trump's world who never fall from grace was Steven Miller.


Yeah. And he's been he's been talking to people about or risen to Grace, but he's been talking to people about, you know, keeping the nationalist movement alive, keeping Trump nationalism going so that maybe he's abandoned, still close to the Miller banner, still in that same circle.


So basically the two worst people in the administration. Well, yeah, for sure, and I mean, look, it amused me today that one of the few people standing there are the Oval as they were leaving are the are the supporters they were leading was Doctor Sebastian Gorka, the BRUDDAH.


But what about the pardons, like the congressman who wrote down the menu of bribes on his congressional stationery?


Yeah, no, that stuff is just obscene. And between the pardons and the final final, final fuck you to America was the executive order that said, oh, yeah. I said my people could never go in the lobby and influence peddling after they're out of office from out of office, but not everybody. It such a douche.


But Tomas swang do you think that they were I mean, do they have any lobbying power?


Yeah, most of them probably don't. But some will. Sure, some will. And I mean, even if they don't have any lobbying power to persuade the Bush administration or the Congress to do anything, they'll still make two and a half million dollars a year failing, you know? Sure.


Sure. Look, Washington is famous for taking the deputies, the deputy assistant undersecretary of toilet seat maintenance, and the guy suddenly goes to a lobbying firm and he's a senior governmental adviser.


Yeah, but who can those people lobby, lobby Republicans in Congress? You know, they'll they'll lobby, lobby the MCG, they can lobby the congressmen.


And and if they do, we'll see what happens with, you know, this whole Patriot Party thing may just be just be just him masturbating. Right. It could just be a shit talking. But if it starts to emerge.