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So my first question for you is we were just when we started to talk a minute ago, you said there was something that happened today and this is not going to air till Sunday, but I think we'll still be talking about it on Sunday. They got you a little bit upset and it got me a little bit upset, too. Do you want to talk about it?


So one of the people who I have had disdain for for a very long time is Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House.


And we went from him basically making excuses for Marjorie Taylor Green, who, you know, it's unfortunate that got elected to Congress, but who should be expelled for behavior that is just beyond any pale that we might consider, but that we saw McCarthy go down tomorrow to go meet with Trump and issue a statement about how they had this wonderful conversation. And we're going to work hand in glove to elect a Republican majority to the House in twenty, twenty two.


Stepping back from it. Stepping back from it. We have a president who this is not an allegation. It's a reality. Openly incited a violent attack on the US Capitol, trying to overturn the results of a fair election that resulted in at least six people dying. One hundred and forty Capitol Police and other law enforcement people injured, some severely, one who might lose an eye, others with brain injuries battered and stabbed with polls and other devices, people who were intent on killing the vice president, lynching the vice president because his president urged them on and could have killed a number of members of Congress, a woman who stole the laptop of the speaker of the House to sell it to Russian intelligence.


That's what this president did. We've never seen anything like it. And the Republican leader of the House goes down to embrace him and talk about how he's going to be popular again. And they can work together to say disgusting, detestable. I can think of a lot of adjectives that start with these and others that start with other letters. It's just hard to describe how vile all of that is. And that did not make my day when it happened.


Yeah, it seems as if McCarthy is going to just add this moment to be free of Trump and he just went back for more.


It's McCarthy deciding that he is going to tie himself to this terrible president, try not to have any consequences or get any distance from the behavior of this president, the traitorous behavior of this president. But let's also consider that he has criticized only one member of his own conference.


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