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Sharon Stone is a Golden Globe award winning actress known for her roles in Casino Basic Instinct, The Mighty and the Muse, as well as her humanitarian work where she won the Peace Summit Award for her work with HIV AIDS sufferers. Again, this is for Beast Inside Members, only to hear this, along with the rest of our upcoming bonus episodes, head to new abnormal DOT, The Daily Beast dot com. That's New Abnormal Dot The Daily Beast dot com.


Hi. I'm so thrilled to have you. It's really fun. So one of the reasons why I really wanted to have you on the show was besides the fact that we're both friends with wonderful Ed is because I was think of you as like very smart and thoughtful. Well, that's kind of you. Thank you.


I was curious to know we talked a little bit about your early work with congressional races and stuff. Do you want to talk a little bit about what made you a political person?


I grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvania, and the newspaper when I was a kid was called the Tribune Republican. My dad was such a diehard Democrat.


It was really interesting in this little very small town, very Republican, small town in Pennsylvania. And my dad was a very active Democrat. And in that, I mean that he really believed in very specific things. He was a feminist, which was, of course, completely unheard of where I grew up, because when he was little, he came from a very wealthy family, one of the first oil drilling families in Oil City, Pennsylvania, when there was a major explosion at the oil site which killed his dad's brother, who was his dad's partner.


And his dad had walked away to get a sweater because he had pneumonia. And then his dad died four months later. And his grandmother, his mother, my grandmother did not get any of the business because she was a woman. The business all went to the 18 year old son of my great uncle, who, of course, lost it all in record time as any 18 year old kid would. And my dad and his brother, who were four and three at the time, had to be given away to live in people's barns and do their chores.


And my aunt and my grandmother, my grandmother had to go and work as a nurse in an asylum. And my aunt went and lived with her in that asylum. And my dad became a really hardcore feminist because he felt that that was so unjust and so strange because the original financial had vestment in the oil wells had been my grandmother's and the money did not come back to her or to her family. So my dad just felt that I should grow up with the same rights as my sister and I and my brothers should all grow up with the same rights and privileges.


And he was really believed that people of all races, colors, creeds.


Dear Dad, ever since you passed out of Donegal and onto the music scene, I've been your biggest fan.


And when you came to visit, I could have to you when you offered to fix my boner. I could have told you, Daniel, because you're not a registered installer. I'm returning all your albums and my Rolling Stones.


I love Daniel. Jerkish Goodbye Forever from Mary. He has done. You can find your local registered gas installer, R.G. Ikoyi.