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What you're about to hear is a teaser for our latest bonus episode that we're doing for subscribers to Beest inside the Daily Beast membership program. We have a very special episode where we're going to discuss all the fakery of the attempted coup yesterday. And Rick and Molly are going to discuss all their feelings about this horrible, horrible day in American history. So I hope you tune in again. This is for Beast Inside Members, only to hear this, along with the rest of our upcoming bonus episodes had to new abnormal that The Daily Beast, Starcom that's new abnormal that The Daily Beast, dotcom.


These people, these people will not pursue the 25th Amendment. Everyone is just fooling themselves that think it's going to happen pense is not going to do jack shit. You know, he's trying to skate up the middle right now. I will say that the insurrection is all Donald Trump's fault. This attempted seizure of our seat of legislative governance is Donald Trump's fault. Yes, but there were people who physically open the gates, the Capitol Police matter. We will discuss at some length, I'm sure, at a later time.


But who metaphorically opened those gates? And those are people like Ted Cruz and Marcia Black and Josh Hawley and John and John Kennedy of Louisiana and Ron Johnson of Mitch of Wisconsin. And on and on and on. One hundred and forty members of the fucking House of Representatives, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz.


I mentioned Fort Wayne earlier in my rant there.


But I also think that we really saw today a lot of you know, the morning started at Electric Island.


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