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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast, the new abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our respective bunkers.


Hey, Somali, do you feel like it's a better or worse thing for the coming fascist dictatorship? If the Department of Justice had Interior Minister Bill Barr fires more senior intelligence officials from the DOJ and replaces them with political appointees only if you stop the briefings at the same time.


Hey, you know what, John Ratcliffe, the current acting sort of pseudo DNI, has also stopped the briefings. It's almost as if and call me crazy. We're a couple of weeks from a major election where the same people who were fucking with our last election.


Who was that?


I think they packed so that Hillary was in Russia. Yes, it was. Well, no, we're not going to have Congress get briefings from the Justice Department or the intelligence community because they don't want them to reveal what they know was going on, which is Vladimir Putin's little elves are back at their busy work.


But here's the question. Here's my question. Are there is there busy work? Because I've been reading about this today. Is it the stuff that comfortably smug and all the Trump junior? Is it the stuff that those guys amplify is that they're busy work or is there a busy work?


A lot of the stuff that Trump Jr amplifies comes from accounts that are either first or second degree botnet accounts. And some of those are obviously they're all lavishly pro Trump. Some of them are lavishly pro Trump with clear evidence of grammar, indicating that English is not their first language.


I mean, except it's probably not Jersey either, for that matter. I was going to say, if we're going to get into, like, different Trump children, I will say today Tiffany's struck out as also being a Trump sycophant.


So that was nice to say that she did something after the convention. I would like to read this tweet to you if you would please dial of her musical stylings, because, you know, Tiffany, like all of the Trumps has had multiple careers.


Please stop lying down. You may think we are too ignorant to see through the lies, but God knows the please stop lying to you think we can do something like that in her tween pop thing that her father paid for?


But I also think fundamentally, God is probably not the person you want to invoke when defending your father.


If you are a tramp, I would say this, that invoking God, unless you're screaming, dear Lord, have mercy on my soul while you're a Trump family member is probably not something you want to do. You're it's like you're like lightning bait.


Yeah, that's right. I mean, I guess the thing that I found was the crimes together. Right, exactly.


They want they've got to protect the golden goose, which is their father. But it is interesting to me to see that these kids you know, one of the criticisms of this RNC housekeep week was that the kids really did it was just Trump's kids telling everyone how much they liked him, which in itself does not necessarily make a person a good president.


As someone said, all the speeches essentially came down to please tidy up my allowance.


And so it is interesting to see it does feel like the Trump kids are trying desperately to keep Daddy in office. I don't know. It's interesting because I feel like a vacillates between this. There is no one left in the Republican Party who is not a Trump sycophant or a Trump enabler at this point.


Oh, no, they are fundamentally their purge has worked. Their purge is a success. Their purge has pushed out every single person around him who would dare to say anything.


Yeah, it's weird. I mean, so do you think I mean, a lot of people I'm talking to who are living in constant, terrifying fear that Trump will get re-elected. Talk about how the election before Hitler had a very high turnout, too. I mean, are we just on the precipice of fascism and is there nothing we can do to stop it?


Our critics on the right will instantly say, shut up, cook, it's not fascism. When we do, it would have been Obama would have been his executive orders. But all the things we've talked about this before, all the things that are on that sort of checklist of fascist milestones and that great Umberto Eco article from years ago about it, they're playing every single note on that guitar. They're playing every single one of those notes. It's the adoption of all the national symbols as symbols of the leader.


It's the the use of racial. What motivated fear, it's the use of seeing your enemies are both strong and weak at the same time, it's all the showmanship and the spectacle. It's a phenomenal article that one point about strong and weak. On the one hand, you listen to Trump and it's like, unless you vote for me, the world will collapse because the Antifa cannibals will be here tomorrow. They will eat you all. They'll kill everyone.


My God, the horror. And yet he then says we can solve it in one hour. Just let my people go in there. One hour it'll be over and so is Hiroshima, but not the way you're kind of wanting it.


Can we talk for a minute about Joe Biden's speech? Because so I feel like Joe Biden did a really good speech of just hitting back on all that. Right. Because Trump was like, Biden won't condemn violence on the left right. Meanwhile, Trump, of course, Kayleigh McEnany today was like they a reporter asked, does the president condemn the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is accused of shooting two protesters? And Caylee was like, the president is not going to weigh in on that.


Naturally, Plake murder, it's just murder.


Now, let's not put Kayleigh McEnany in any category where we would expect an honest answer, because the president has weighed in on it because he spent the weekend rage tweeting, including a bunch of things about the fucking caravan leading into Portland. And by the way, hundreds. And by the way, I tweeted a picture this weekend because it reminded me of those ISIS caravans that used to form of all of those, like white Toyota Hilux trucks all over the Middle East, those technicals with ISIS flags in the backseat or in the back bed.


And it just reminded me of the same thing. And we've talked about this a little bit. There is a process of radicalization of particularly of young men, young white men.


It's young men in the around the world. How do you think you end up with teenage suicide bombers from ISIS you end up with? Because there is a psychological aspect to young men when they're told everything you want and care about is about to be destroyed, your families included. You are the only person who can stop this raging dangerous mob from hell. You've got to take a stand. And whether they're telling these kids it's the Jews or the infidels or Antifa or BLM, the end result is too frequently the same.


And not every go through this for the fucking time. Trump supporters, not every Trump supporter is a gun toting maniac who is going to go and shoot up. But the motherfucker that shot up the Wal-Mart in El Paso was and the motherfucker who shot up the of synagogue was an apparently young Mr. Kyle Rittenhouse is a big ol Magga and I'm sorry, who could have seen that coming? And as soon as the gun guy in the group, you know what?


You don't walk around with your fucking tools hanging out.


OK, well, also, you don't go to places.


Also, as a 17 year old, it is not legal for him to carry a long gun in the state of Wisconsin in public. Sorry, Gameover, but look, and I've seen the video of seven or eight different times now, and I've heard all the it was pure self-defense. You know what? A jury will decide that. And they will they'll make that decision. And those people chased him down the street for some reason. And provocation is not an excuse for them trying to attack him or him shooting them.


This is just the cow. Rittenhouse problem distracts you from the fact that under Donald Trump, there are a lot of armed people. There are a lot of incidents. There's been one on the left. The guy that shot up Steve Scalise in the Congress and the congressional softball game was a fanatic, Bernie, coocoo pants progressive. But we've seen a lot more of these people and the FBI themselves say the real risk is not the MS 13 children in the caravan because, you know, the five year old girl with the Hello Kitty backpack.


I mean, I'm I'm scared to death of her, but rather these guys who are the Bogalusa and the alright guys and whatnot, you know, I mean, the idea that they'd go after BI for not condemning violence on the left when there was actual murder on the right is kind of nuts, but it's this thing of hit them before they can hit you.


Here's the thing in politics that Republicans know the secret Republicans have known for a long time. If you attack me on issue X that you perceive as my weak spot, I'm not going to respond to you. I'm going to attack back on your weak spot, Joe Biden. And I think he did a good job today to start reframing some of this stuff. This whole thing about Trump being toxic was very good, was very strong. And you look at Joe Biden and he does.


It's one of those things like when you see the magic trick up close of Trump ism, this whole thing of Joe Biden, the radical left and for communist leader, he's in the pocket of a C when you look at it up close, it's just fucking ludicrous. It's like a movie set with like a really shitty matte paint job. You get up close to it and it doesn't look like, you know, it doesn't look like something fabulous. It looks like a fake what it is.


So Biden did that to me, like peel that off a little bit and pushed back on to trump the division and the hatred and the and the bullshit. Who has the. Bernie, email, do you have that Molly or Jessie? Bernie sent out an email that said writers all week at the RNC is calling Joe Biden Komala Socialist. And he said if only they were.


Why do you think Trump's favor votes didn't go up at all? Because he did.


Because it's a giant bag of suck punches. But just get like they did like four days of, like, people. I mean, they got a lot of this very dishonestly, but they did have people who were African-American and who were women saying he doesn't hate women and he's not a racist now. None of that is true. But I'm surprised that it didn't give him any kind of bump.


Well, there are three big reasons why it didn't give him a bump, Molly. The first off is that Donald Trump's bullshit is priced in. OK, people know he's lying. They also understood that every message that was going on during that convention, every single message was about Donald Trump, wasn't about them or their families. It was about Donald Trump. It was about praising the great and powerful Don. And all of it was designed as a praise fest for the Dear Leader.


So when people are in this country looking at two hundred thousand deaths from covered by the middle of this month and 40 percent of the people in this country can't pay their rent or mortgage this month, and unemployment rose again by a million jobs lost last month. All those things add up and at some point, like the bullshit distortion field around, Donald Trump just doesn't have the same effect it used to. Even when you do the big show, even when you do the big, you know, the fabulous turn the White House into a into a NASCAR parking lot and go buck wild with the fireworks and all that stuff, it just doesn't work after a while.


So, I mean that you would think that that would probably bode well for Biden.


Look, the ratings were excellent for Biden. The ratings were very good. And the fact of the matter is, when Donald Trump sees that Joe Biden beat him in TV ratings, he shit a brick.


Yeah. And that's why we had five thousand tweets, a golden brick with an accompaniment of gazillions of tweets.


And you're going to end up with that feeling sometimes that things are out of control or Trump is ahead or he's always manipulated everything. He's winning. But what it really means is that Donald Trump did all the magic tricks and the numbers didn't go in one of the polls. I saw someone that they were touting. It's like a huge thing. So he's up two points in this poll. Well, the margin of error was three points. Oh, OK.


Well well, there you go. That would be called failure. But I thought looping back on this, Biden's performance and the DNC performance was designed to bring people from the middle and even part of the right into the zone. Trump's was designed to keep the 28 percent who are the hard Trumper base, the crazy Trump Hoddy fanatical edge of the base to keep them happy. So why? What did you see? You saw the St. Louis couple. You saw all the communism and all the socialism.


But I have a question for you, if that's true. Like, I think they were trying because they had a lot of African-American people and a lot of women saying he's not a racist. Everyone says he's a racist, but he's not a racist. They're wrong. He's not a misogynist. Like, I feel like Trump's base likes him for the misogyny and the racism. So I do feel like having those people was a way to reach out to the middle.


No, they were after those people, OK? They wanted some of those people from the middle. They wanted to try to recapture some of those suburban Republican women with a college degree. But in this titanic battle of numbers, those people see in their heads, not Kayleigh McEnany saying untruthfully, by the way. Oh, he called me after my surgery.


You know, she wrote a book two years ago and it mentions discusses her surgery in depth, all kinds of in depth. OK, right. Doesn't mention in her book. Oh, and by the way, Donald Trump and Ivanka called me to blah, blah, blah. Weird, because let me tell you what the rest of that book is. It is Star Fucker palooza. And if that had happened, she would have fucking said it in her book.


That's my belief. But these people in the suburbs, they know who this guy is. They know kids in cages. They know the pussy grabbing. They know the insult comedy shit. They in twenty sixteen made a hard decision in their heads. They said, well, fuck Hillary Clinton. I've heard for 30 years she's the devil or Donald Trump. Maybe I can take a chance, you know, maybe it could work out.


Well now with covid and the economy and the incompetence and the proof that Donald Trump is in fact a fuckwit and not a good president has become very clear to them. So you could tote out tomorrow twenty actresses to go on camera and say Harvey Weinstein was such a gentleman to me. He gave me the most courteous and professional treatment and never, ever asked me to give him a rub in a tongue. Anybody could produce that kind of shit any time. And you may have noticed many of the people on that stage were willing to lie, as you may have noticed, a time or two, I don't know, call me crazy again.


Kaili mendacity again, Kellyann again. You know, all of them, except, of course, for the one teller of truth, the one speaker of of the fundamentals that have shaped our world and our. Universe, no, no, no, just consort. Who was it? It was Kimberly Guilfoyle. Don't cry for me, Argentina. The most beautiful thing about that.


I'm not going to I'm not going to let Kimberly go on this one yet. I can't quit unhitch for this one yet. That performance was so bonkers batshit and that was the best take they had.


But also, we need to talk about Swen story that he called Kimberly afterwards, if that was his favorite of the speeches. And you know, Stephanie, Walcoff says that when she was doing the inauguration, Trump said he wanted to have a North Korea kind of thing. So the idea that Trump is modeling himself on Kim Jong un is like a little bit terrifying.


I actually wrote about that my first book about, you know, he wants rocket parades. He loves the trappings of fascism and of authoritarianism because he also loves the actual authoritarian as well.


Oh, yeah. But look, it always starts with the fancy uniform, with the sash. I mean, I predict by the time this is over, he will have a Hugo Boss cut uniform of some kind.


Well, Bologna wore one on Wednesday night or Tuesday night. I noticed that.


Yeah, that was like Derate prison guard, Eastern European military chic, Nazi prison guard.


Yeah, not great. And now we have an unhinged Trump all weekend, so.


Well, the reason you have unhinged Trump is very simple. Donald Trump, whatever, he has to behave for a few days or whatever he's told, hey, the world will fucking if you act like a dick for the next 48 hours. He has to have his revenge on his handlers. He has to come out after he's been a good boy and act out like an asshole, which is, of course, what he was doing this weekend with the tweeting and the fucking golfing.


Because America just a reminder, although there's a pandemic sweeping the country still, it's about to have a worse second wave still. And we'll kill two hundred thousand people by the middle of this month still. And the economy is in the shitter still. Donald Fuckwit spent part of the weekend golfing because, you know, with our cities on fire from these dangerous antifa thugs and the world about to collapse, if you listen to Donald Trump into a morass of socialized whatever, he still has time to take care of himself.


You know, if you don't have your health, what what do you have? So he goes golfing because fucking of course he goes golfing.


IC Barenholtz is an actor, writer, director known for his fantastic roles in Eastbound and Down the Suicide Squad and of course, for the amazing movie he wrote and directed and starred in The Oak's. So we find ourselves in twenty twenty. Where are you? Like, what are you working on? What is happening? What are you doing?


I am in Los Angeles, California. Yes, I've heard of it. We had an amazing event yesterday. Me and my friends went to the valley and we had a great rally for Mr. Trump. And I drove in. I drove in from where I live at one hundred and twenty miles away and just kind of cruised down Ventura Boulevard in my F 150, which somehow has Caterpillar tracks on it. And I just I just kind of laid my horn for about two or three hours.


And I think I swayed some undecided voters.


So it was pretty great that. Did you have any flags?


It was funny because we got there and then my friend reminded me that I left all my flags on my boat.


I was I was hoping we would get to the boat.


Yeah. You know, I'm a beautiful book, you know, I'd heard. Yeah, so we got there. But like I said, look, everyone focuses on Ohio and Arizona, but people don't think about the swing voters on Ventura Boulevard, Geodon, Third and assignable. There are some folks there who are still on the fence. So we did a lot of good and then we did a lot of good.


Can you explain to me what you like about voting for Trump?


Well, look, four years, four years, me and my friends would go on the lake and zoom around in our boat and yell at each other and get blind drunk and corrupt. Other families having a good time. And it was fun, but we didn't have a purpose. And it wasn't until we realized that we could hold up Trump signs that we could really make a difference and sway some other voters who are the same people. Again, talk about swing voters.


No one talks about swing voters. That's right. And so I can't tell you how many times I've my boat has gone. The SS ivonka gone past another boat and I've just blasted my air horn and they're like, what the fuck are you doing? And I'm like, I'm for Trump. And they're like, get the fuck out of here. And then I zoomed away. But maybe they will vote for Trump. Who knows? You never know.


That's the thing. You got to keep trying.


Are you concerned about voter fraud? I voter fraud is a very real thing. That's why you can never buy your boat in the mail. You have to buy your boat in person. And it's tough. It's tough in the age of covid to go to a boat store, but we really do. The boat is for Trump. We do discourage boat by mail. We really think this is something that you should be doing in person.


I was told by international polymath Donald Trump Jr. Yes, my good friend. Yes.


That voting is not a right. Voting is a privilege.


It is. It is. Look, everyone is is is born with a boat. We know that. But only only people who really commit to not just the boating lifestyle, but also the Magga lifestyle have earned the privilege to fuck up all of the wakes in awake. And so it is once again, George is right, and that's why I'm supporting him. In twenty twenty four. The animals have you killed. How many animals have I killed? Well let me see.


I went with George TGE we went to beautiful Tanzania back in 04. Twenty fourteen and it was amazing. We talk to the locals and they were really great. And then this really nice man, he was a guide and he took us to just the most majestic group of sleeping rhinoceroses and we just blew their fucking heads off. He was beautiful. We just took out, we had TJ has an elephant gun and we took turns just turning this majestic family of endangered species into just just a just a big old publicly.


So I want to shift gears here. You wrote, directed and starred in a movie that I loved in recent years, The Oath, which I encourage our viewers that they would very much enjoy it if they ever want to. Thank you.


It's not available on Hulu. My thing re watching it this weekend and then having my parents do the same as it was absolutely more pressure. And I think one of the worst things, like certain hosts of the show, may have even been putting out things about how dystopias have underplayed their head. But right now, your dystopia that you made seems to have aged perfectly. Have you had any thoughts since you wrote about what you've seen more of and what's come into view in the picture since you made this movie?


Yeah, very angry film.


I made it that time where I definitely saw that fascism was alive and well in America and was really starting to bubble. It's only gotten much, much, much worse, much, much, much worse. The movie came out and just not a lot of people saw it when it came out, but recently, like a young lady. Tick tock, tick tock video about why the movie's true and why it's happening right now. So a lot of younger people and I guess hip hop fans have hip hop.


Yeah, it's very depressing and it's very depressing.


And it's just it just shows you yet still fucked up.


So while it is. Yep. We're still fucked, you do have a very insightful kind of thing about the commentary of like what this does to both fairly, but also what it does when you're not getting out there in the streets. You really will. And I would say before we started taping, like I saw a little too much of myself of the bad character to a degree that disturbs me because I know they were being back. What do you feel like?


There's a lesson to be learned from that, like right now, like you would encourage people to not just be the Walker family warrior. What would you encourage?


Basically, the first time I'm a very lucky man, like I grew up in the best possible time to grow up in the world in America in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I think to yeah, it's the best. We are so lucky. And so in my lifetime there hasn't been like I have not seen mass mobilization movements happen a lot in my lifetime. The first time I really kind of remember it was Occupy Wall Street and I was like, oh, cool.


And then after Ferguson, we started seeing it more and more. But I think the power of the street, it's at an all time high in this country where we saw whether it was Women's March or the march for our lives or the George Floyd protests, people know how to mobilize and they want to mobilize and their fucking set up. So, you know, my character, I think when I was trying to get commentary of, like you said, Jesse, a guy who was a bit of a backseat social justice warrior who's, you know, his you know, his safe place, he's furious and he's got a lot of righteous indignation, is real mad.


But he's kind of his M.O. is to bitch about it, read Twitter and bitch about it to his family. And I think we are seeing now people who are taking the next natural step, which is to hit the streets and, you know, do like a big show of force and remind the people who want to take the power from us that there's a lot more of us than there are of, you know, I think that's right.


Speaking of this idea of like being an enraged liberal. And so I'm curious to know what you think is the smartest thing for them to be doing.


Well, I think right now, like, look, we're in this very, very precarious time where the most important thing right now at this moment is some kind of galvanization between which I think you are kind of saying, look, Rick Wilson. Right. And David Sirota are voting for the same person. OK, so, like, that's like the most important thing is to come together right now, accept the real reality that Joe Biden is our nominee.


Right. Maybe he wasn't your first choice. I'm more of a Bernie Liz Warren type of guy. Right.


But we got Joe Biden and he's fucking decent guy. And our job right now is to get him to win and get rid of the fucking literally like the penguin from Batman is.


What I would say, though, is that the worst thing we could do is push hard to get Joe Biden elected and then go back to sleep. I was thinking about that, too, going. Yeah, I campaigned for Barack Obama in Ohio in 2008 and gave it everything. I got so excited and then he won. And I think myself and a lot of folks on the left, especially like, you know, quote unquote libs, we kind of went to sleep a little bit.


We're like a few the cool black guys in charge. This is going to be fine. We're OK. And Mitt Romney, I'm no Obama killed them, knows that we're good. Let's go to sleep. And I think while we were sleeping, a lot of forces kind of came together and and kind of gave us Trump. And so I would say two things. A, I would say if Joe Biden wins, please, Jesus, please, I'm a Jew and I'm begging to Jesus look like he's got religion.


Oh, my God.


I honestly, like, believe in hell now, like I'm a Jew, but I believe in hell. And I'm like, anyway, so so I would say two things. One, I do truly think that if you call yourself a centrist, if you're someone who's like, I'm I'm kind of in the center, you need to pull as hard as you can from the left, even if you don't agree with everything the left says. I kind of don't.


But like the big issues I do like nothing is better to be than fucking health care. We need health care. It's it is insane that we do not have a federal health care program in this country. It's so uncivilized. Right. So we live in a very right wing country. Right. So you have to pull as hard as you can from the left because the right is pulling with everything they got. And if you really want to end up in the center, pull hard from the left.


And then the second thing I would say is if Joe does win, that's when the work has to begin. Because if we go back to sleep and Joe just gets the shit kicked out of him, which we know is going to happen. Right. I don't even the election I mean, if he is the president, he's going to try to do stuff and it's going to be levels of resistance we've never seen before. And let's say there's a health care bill and and let's say the resistance is so great that Joe feels pressure just to kind of, you know, put some bandaids on Obamacare.


That's when the work begins. That's when you have to go out into the streets and let them know that this is not going to do any more, it's not going to work. And if we don't do that, if we don't pull hard, if we don't try to, you know, get some. Not what I would call like nonracist populism in the Democratic Party. That position will be taken by people on the right and then I don't see us ever winning another presidential election.


So those are my two things. Pull from the left and don't stop after election. No, I totally agree.


So as well, I guess the sad theme of this podcast for my questions are going to be, as I've been watching your content and I watched all this without a doubt this year, oh, eastbound and Down is so good.


My favorite comedy of all time. And you are the best publicist, Kenny Powers. But one of the things I did really feel, though, is Kenny really brought a lot of Trump thoughts to my head. I wanted to see if you had any thoughts on where you see Kenny Powers of Donald Trump. How big a similarity? Oh, yeah, that's a good question, Jesse.


I want that question. No, I think I think it was the swing. Maybe the chapeau guys kind of really pointed out that, like Danny McBride has really captured like Protestantism and evangelicals in America, like all of the characters are versions of that and especially, my God, the righteous gemstones, which is like it's like to have a crystal ball and can read and see what's going to happen to the choir.


If I think it's the same thing, though. Underplayed the head. Yeah. Yeah. Like if next season he says to his wife, hey, I need you to take the bullet for this and say you were cheating on me. And don't mention that I was whacking off watching like it's it's like it's a movie. But I definitely think Kenny would I would I would have to imagine Kenny would probably be voting for Trump, but I would imagine that she would give some kind of context to it when he's talking to Stevie.


And it's something like, no, I don't fucking like the guy. I think it's a fucking idiot, but I want to be his friend. I want to go to the White House, you know, like, do you and have Kenny is not like an idealist. He's not a lawyer. He's like, I want a border wall. He doesn't give a shit about that. It's whatever gratification or what how it can benefit him. Cui bono, Kenny Powers.


So it's like I definitely feel like he would, but it wouldn't be so black and white, he would definitely have ulterior motive. And for the record, Yvonne de Chanko almost certainly has been named in the Moler report at some point. I agree with that Trump Tower with Rudy at some point and leg, he would definitely be involved, no question.


Now, don't you think Kenny Powers would be a voter for Trump?


He would be a jet skier for Trump, which I think is Trump's next thing is like I want to give a shout out to all my beautiful jet skiers.


I believe that is what we have a good Trump imitation out here. And mine is mine is my Trump imitation. There's it's not good. There's two there's the very, very low energy, like the RNC. His speech was terrible. I thought it was very low energy. He was seven minutes. And my wife pointed out she's like, she's not standing. He's like four on leaning. He's like leaning on sweating. But then the one's my favorite.


Trump is the one where he's like Rally Trump or he's in a good mood and he's like giving shout outs. Like he's like they say Pete Hegseth isn't handsome. And I said he's very like, you know, he didn't say sticky Trump. Sticky Trump Casino Don. His casino, Don. That's right. No Teleprompter Trump is the worst. Oh, so boring. I'm not even sure Trump supporters like Teleprompter Trump.


Someone made a good point. It's like there are no like late night talk show hosts who are Magga people. Trump is their late night talk show. He's doing crowd work. He's doing crowd work. So they love that.


But when he's just reading off, you know, boring stats about how he saved a VA and shit like that, do you think that Trump TV, right, which is what Trump will do after this is over, will be like, do you think he'll be on it all the time?


Well, I want to say first a full disclosure. I have three different projects in the works at Trump TV. Tell us a little more. Well, one is just like a straight up kind of. It's a sitcom, actually. It's a sitcom. It's called Me and Eric. And it's from the point of view of Eric Trump's stuffed animal and his friend. And it's a little bit like Alf, I would say.


But what about how to marry your daughter? Oh, how to marry your daughter. Yes. Yes, I like that white ish white. Yes. Yes. You know, a lot of people are like, oh, they're freaking out about the election, which I get I'm always wrong, guys.


I do think if people do a lot of work and they reach out to their relatives and their friends and their co-workers who are voting for Trump and give them a please and beg them not to blah, blah, blah, and if Trump doesn't fuck with the election too much, I think Joe Biden will win. And I think there might be a couple of days where Trump is, you know, teasing. I don't think I think we have voter fraud.


I don't think I can leave.


And it's going to be make everyone crazy. But I do think I do think, please, God, don't be wrong. He will leave. I think you're right. Ali, he's going to be open and rebranded as Trump TV and he will be on it constantly and I cannot wait to see the fucking cast of characters that they get to host is going to be like it's going to be like Pete Hegseth, Bingo Bango.


Lou Dobbs is Sack. And like your Maria Bartiromo, it's going to be like the biggest group of reprobates.


Dan Bongino, Dan Bongino, my favorite my favorite man with the square head, Sebastian.


So can you tell us, have you been able to do anything? Are you working on anything during covid?


Yes, luckily I write and we sold a animated show kind of year ago. So, you know, an animated show is kind of the best thing you could be working on here in the last six months just because it's all kind of remote and stuff. So, you know, I got three little kids. So being a teacher and day care home school. Yeah, that's that's been a lot of work. I'm very lucky. There's a lot of people who are in really bad shape right now.


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Yeah, my fuck, that guy is every fucking social media platform right now that are allowing this stupid, dangerous, fake bullshit. Q And on dog crap, lying sack of bullshit, six percent story to trend. And I hate to even say it's the six percent story because a bunch of Russian bots took a CDC website, a line from a CDC website out of context and said only six percent of the people who've died of covid really died of covid.


The rest died of something else. Well, of course, when the death certificate says respiratory failure and you had covered, guess what fucking killed you covid anyway. So all the social media platforms came out with this very high. We're blocking these people. And yet it's still trending on Facebook and on Twitter and all over the goddamn place because our social media platforms are weaponized against us and they're going to kill us all. That would be my fuck that guy.


Thank you very much for coming to my TED talk.


So my fuck that guy is going to be Steve Scalise because Steve Scalise shared and you know, Steve Scalise is a member of Congress who was shot by a leftist and had many, many surgeries and been through a lot, which is why I think a lot of us want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But this weekend, he shared a manipulated media that had this guy, Adi Barkan, who has Alessa and can't talk and used his manipulated voice to narrate a fake video about Phaidon, defunding the police or whatever it was.


And he's very sick and can't talk. And it's just a really heartbreaking way to mistreat someone he defended this morning on Fox News. I don't know how you defend that. It's so indefensible. And there's been a lot of really I think he might have taken it down.


I see a tweet saying that maybe he's taken it down now, but it was up for many hours.


And it was really heartbreaking because that's the kind of that's the kind of brutal fact checking we do here on the new abnormal. Well, look, and I've written a ton about this more than I really care to even admit. The deep fake shit that is coming in the next 60 days is going to blow your goddamn mind.


That's a deep fake. Molly isn't really answering her doorbell and her dogs are actually losing their shit. It's just antifa trying to make her look bad.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal for The Daily Beast. In future episodes, we'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


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