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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast, the new abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our respective bunkers.


I Rick Wilson, good afternoon. My I hope whatever whatever fucking time, day, week in eternity we're looking at it. Its twisted fuck a doodle timeline of enormous right wing.


What day is it. Quick.


Well while we're recording this, it's the 17th of the month of February. I know it well. I know it. I live it and I love it. Yeah, but I will say this. Today is the day where the Electoral College gathered in there, several states, as they say, and cast their votes, confirming the decision of their citizenry in these various states. And, of course, as you know, Donald Trump has been named to a second term as president, a glorious second term, the second of many.


Oh, wait, I'm sorry.


I can't wait to see if, in fact, it went the other way. In fact, today, America, Joseph Robinette Biden, Kamala Harris were named as president and vice president of the United States of America by the venerable and venerated Electoral College, Donald Trump, despite having promised for what seems now like, I don't know, an epic, did not somehow when the Electoral College, even though has a highly competent team, a strike force, if you will, what about the dumps in the dumps?


Apparently, there were no massive there were no massive drops today to save him. And as much as Donald likes a massive dump and resembles one could not close the deal with the Electoral College. I thought he was the master of dealmaking and the Electoral College said, why? No, thank you, Donald. You may return to your previous role as a seller of gimcrack merchandise on infomercials and reality TV celebrity wine. What do we think?


He thought he could settle the Electoral College like he thought he could settle with Boler.


I think he thought he could bully the Electoral College, Electoral College for not treating me fairly. They're very cruel to me and not fair at all. My favorite event today was Steven Miller. This morning, a favorite morning show we call Steven Miller Santa Monica Garbles. And I would like to say one thing before we talk about this. He is not doing the hair in the can anymore.


He is not even bothering. He's checked out. I saw this morning he looked like a shaved ferret.


Did we not think this is a post, Julie Audy dripping on live TV? Yeah, that's what I was.


Well, I don't know. He did have again on Meet the Press once, and it was so striking that I think he never got over that. You know, you can't go from no hair to a full shellacked head of spraypaint without some people noticing it. But I Steven Miller, senior adviser, tells Fox that an alternate slate of electors, so an alternate slate of electors like alternative facts, but with a.. Yes, exactly. I will cast their ballots to elect Donald Trump.


Well, as our friend George Conway said today, it's only a matter of time before they name Mar a Lago as the actual alternate White House.


And, you know, of course, good Lord, like, it's going to be like tor the real White House or the real real well tomorrow.


Yo, yo, yo. Where you up in?


Donald Trump wants to to go over Steven Miller, I don't know how much it cost to get him to sign your boobs free for free, if you stop at the churro bar, there's going to be an omelet station for sure, or omelet station.


And you'll get to you know, you'll get to say, oh, you mean mean things to Eric, who does pay 10 bucks.


Yeah, I say mean things to Eric all the time. Oh, I don't. He blocked me.


So what do we think today? It's Election Day, part one million and five Groundhog's Day.


It's the part that Trump has now lost. Travis now lost the final part. It's the. It's Dahlonega Maxime's in America, day one for vaccines. Thank you, Pfizer. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody who's got their shit together is busting their asses to make this happen.


A mere month, Noemie, a week after the U.K. got it. But it's better late than never, right?


I'll take it no matter. Listen, I don't care if it's if it's a couple of days behind the U.K., I just care that we get it shot directly into our veins because I don't know about you, but I'm fucking sick of this virus.


I'm still curious to know, does Trump get dragged out of the White House or does he go tomorrow logo and just forget to come back?


Well, I think he goes to morogo and says things like the White House was never very nice, very low quality upper class. He had had to go somewhere else because, well, the fake President Biden is there. I'm not going to stay in a place like that that just doesn't have the the kind of amenities I'm used to running porn stars, velour toilet seat covers, fish machines. I could go on, you know.


I know I know how out of this, you know, I could be like by minute thirty five. I would go myself. But you would I would enjoy it until that. Yeah. So we have the electors. We have three hundred thousand dead today. Yeah we do. Which is like a pretty grim milestone.


We have a whole highway of grim milestones unfortunately at this point, and that that's, that speaks to the degree to which we've kind of become just ground down by this thing. Yeah.


I mean I think and the other thing that I think is actually really real, but we haven't talked enough about and I think it's got a real misnomer, but I think a lot of us are really suffering from pandemic fatigue and no, not you, obviously. No, no, no, no.


I'm definitely suffering from pandemic fatigue, trust me.


I mean, I just think it's dark. I mean, where I am, it's it's getting cold. And I think that, you know, even though there's hope on the horizon, it's very hard for a lot of people to look down on Christmas that's coming and not feel incredibly shitty.


It's true. It's true. It's I mean, there is there's no doubt that we are a country now desperate to return to some vague kind of normalcy. We're desperate for the whole country is desperate for it.


And we're still a few months out from it.


Right. It's still a good hole between now and then. We're not we're not there yet by a long shot. Rick Wilson. Yes. Molly, you know what happened this weekend? Yes, the insult. The insult.


A Belitung arrived in D.C. work. You got to explain the joke because people I don't even get the joke.


And pre and Nazi Germany, there was an organization that Hitler had called the essay the Belitung.


So Brownshirts, no. Well, they meant storm unit and they were the brownshirts. And there were for a while the steel helmets and the brown shirts. A lot of them were either World War One that's or wannabe World War One. That's what you saw in DC and you've seen it popping up around the country in the last couple of months. The increasing number of of the insult, the Insult Fight Club, all these guys from, you know, the proud boys, the Bogalusa, the various, you know, the various three percent mafia, whatever the fuck these guys are.


Right. You've seen them start to appear more and more. And they were they were in full effect in DC this weekend, tearing off, chirring Black Lives Matter banners off of historically black churches, you know, as the founders intended.


I mean, in case you're wondering if they're racist, they're racist.


I don't think there are many people who are still wondering about that. Right. But yeah. And look, they also deliciously I mean, I was long on popcorn for this one. These guys were also giving speeches like like little Nazi like Fuentes, we s we fascist.


Nick Fuentes, is he very short or is that I don't even know what Heidi is.


I just think of it as a small person, low, low, low, low 20s. He went out and was giving a roaring speech to his to his various audience members saying it's time to burn down the GOP. I wish you all the best and you are fine American. I wish you well. I hope you'll pursue your your dreams and make them real.


I do have to say, though, I do love Republican and Republican crime, it's not even a crime.


It's just pure like hate sex. Yeah, I don't mind that. These guys are just, you know, they're going to it.


You're talking about because this crowd was chanting destroy the GOP this weekend.


Oh yeah. Destroy the GOP. These guys want to because the GOP won't defend Trump and won't go to war. And what sort of civil war over Trump. They think that they haven't been loyal enough to the Dear Leader. And so. They're going into this new phase of their lives, and Trump even sort of hinted at it himself today in that tweet where he said, oh, Brian Kemp is such a loser that at the end he may regret it when two senators aren't elected from George.


Whatever it was, he said, I don't remember the exact tweet, but he clearly was saying, that's a nice house you got. There would be a shame if you didn't have any fire insurance to it, maybe something in the garage about 2:00 in the morning. I mean, it could happen. You could die in a bathtub.


So what do you think is going on? Oh, look, I think the part of this is a hissy fit and part of it's performative horseshit, you know, tweener tweet, tween Nazi drama. I want to go to prom with the Republican Party.


Stupid prom. I'm going to go with my Canadian girlfriend, who's really far right model.


But what do you think happens now, Rick Wilson?


Look, I think that the schism inside the GOP is accelerating. We saw a member of the GOP from the great state of Michigan leave the party today over this stuff.


Can you explain a little more about that? Because I don't even know about that.


And I shout out to Paul Mitchell, former Republican member of Congress, who said, I'm done with all the violence or with the it's the it's it's the claiming the election was fraudulent.


It's the it's the violence. It's the Trump ism that was not what he represented.


So is he still in Congress or is he retired? Because I feel like when retired people do it, it's a little less.


He's still in Congress. He's still in Congress. He is indeed retiring. Shouldn't the Lincoln Party start a place for those people to go?


It's not a party. It's a super PAC. Right. But if there were such a party as the Lincoln Party, there would be no party like the Lincoln Party.


Right. Sell us on it because the Lincoln Bedroom, it's lit. I like how you pivoted from it doesn't exist too well.


It's purely a hypothetical idea right now. His letter to to the Ronna McDaniel and his letter to Kevin McCarthy was very clear. Is he did he came at this as a conservative and he said, you know, the conspiracy bullshit, it's going to stop. You're tearing the country apart. The court the Supreme Court is not here to simply rubber stamp whatever comes out of Donald Trump's brain farts du jour. Those were his words. Those were mine.


And he took apart the arguments that Michigan went away from Trump because of cheating. He walked through and basically said, you're losing Oakland County. You can't win, you'll lose. You're bleeding out in Oakland County. You can't bleed out in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County in Michigan and win a statewide race or you're Donald Trump or not. So anyway, he basically said that Trump has become too radical and the things are doing too damaging to the country. And a lot of our listeners, to put it mildly, are not terribly sympathetic to conservatives.


But I would encourage you to think hard. This is a guy who was elected from a very conservative part of a pretty conservative state who has taken a bold moral position. And if you want to go back and relitigate every vote he's ever had. OK, that's your prerogative. Or if you think that people, regardless of of their past, should split off from from a party that is ruled by Donald Trump and that is objectively becoming a authoritarian, fascist, authoritarian party objectively, then you might want to pat the guy on the back a little bit.


You don't agree with his policies. He did the right thing as an American and as an elected representative. And, look, he'll have a hard time winning that seat again. But really. Yeah, even in two years. Well, hopefully not in two years. They'll probably try to recall him. There'll be a whole bunch of other shenanigans. It's still very early in this in this moment. But the other part of this to remember, he voted with Trump.


Ninety five percent of the time he was a party line guy. Yeah.


And I know there is at least one other member who I spoke to today, a member of Congress, just another member of Congress.


How you break some news with us that I cannot predict that next year because this person has not made his final final. But I will tell you, it's a he which is not really solving much of your mystery since I was getting sick of Republican comment.


So it's not Liz Cheney.


And well, listen, I mean, I'm going to piss off our listeners. Liz Cheney was abundantly clear about this shit last week. Yes. She came right out and said it bluntly. Biden won. This is ridiculous. Stop it. Right.


I know that a lot of our listeners will never, ever, ever forgive her for her last name. But she has been one of the few voices in the Republican Party that has said not just this time, but but a few other times. Hey, guys, this is us.


Can I just be devil's advocate here for one second? I think she has. How much of that is because she has a lot of power? She has a last name.


I mean, like if you think about McCain, but here's the here's the here's the thing inside the Republican caucus as it exists today. Right. This was a fatal decision on her part. She will now not be the speaker, even if Kevin McCarthy, what got whacked by a train. They will now the Trump will now say she's not loyal to Trump and there is enough of the Republican caucus that that will under no circumstances support anyone for a leadership position unless they were 100 percent on board for Trump at all times.


So, yeah, once again, if your last name is change and you're not conservative enough for today's GOP, right.


That's something it should tell you, that the GOP is not a conservative party any longer.


It's a Trump party.


Yeah, well, let's pick up on that in the other direction, though. So we're seeing the hardest of the hard right now saying the GOP is bad them. Do we think there's any chance that this Trump party emerges or are they smart enough to know that they need each other?


Yeah, that's a really good question. Yes, you can.


And I think that all comes down to Donald Trump himself. So he needs to behave rationally. Will he behave like a rational person? Sorry, going.


Oh, so many people in D.C. have done that for so long now. I'm almost bored with it.


Dan Drezner is hilarious. That thing he tweeted. I don't know what is like twenty four years, four, five years, like a thousand or whatever it is the many, many thousand times or whatever. It's you know, I'll believe the president is growing into the job when it's a stuff.


But yeah, I have to always you know, I'll believe Trump is going to grow into the job when he starts acting like a god damn psychopath and a bully to everyone all the time.


Is it possible that Trump like that there's a split between the GOP and Trump?


Yes, absolutely.


Listen, I can tell you from knowledge forming a third party that gets on a presidential ballot in this country is really tough.


OK, there are legal there are legal hurdles that either party will bring up if they feel that that a third party will hurt them. OK, but now if Trump decides to go on and start the Trump party, which I will tell you, I could easily see that pathway in their heads easily see how that would happen. If Trump says, I'm going to start the Trump party goes out and goes into the states and they spend the you know, they get they do the petition, which in most states was what you have to do.


They'll easily have the petitions and they won't get the normal pushback inside of the legislative process or the executive process. And since the Republican governor, because those people will be afraid of pissing Trump off or they will be eager little beavers to try to get into the on the ground floor of the Trump Party.


Right. But, you know, that could be great for Democrats if they split the party.


I mean, they'll never win again. Yeah, well, sorry.


I mean, it would be great for them and it would really prove how strong they are, how strong they are and how how much the the liberal show students deserve to be punished.


Yeah, but it does seem to me like they're the rational Republicans. It seems harder and harder to imagine them ever taking back anything, especially if Trump is going to run again.


Yeah, yeah. No, I don't disagree with you. I think that's exactly what's going to happen. I think that's exactly what Republicans should fear the most. But they can't they can't make themselves process any longer risk factors. They can't they don't understand risk anymore.


And because they can you explain that a little more.


They cannot wake up in the morning and say, if I put my dick in this toaster oven and turn it on, it will hurt.


A very good question, as one does.


But they can't go. They literally cannot process risk. So they say it's a problem. A lot of people do.


I mean, I've made the rattlesnake analogy on the show. I'm not going to make it again.


Everybody understands it'll be tasteful. Some say elegant. Indeed, the difficulty with understanding what it means to destroy your party is they can't do it. There are too opportunistic or too cowardly the ones that understand it intellectually. You know, they have a plan. And one of the people that understands it, by the way, is Mitch. He has a plan. They all have a plan where they're going to publicly proclaim that they had to do this. They had it.


They had to be with Trump. They were with Trump. Trump was great. Trump was all knowing, all seeing wise and benevolent, you know, orange God. And privately, they're already a lot of them are already have their press people out pitching stories quite like you should ask Congressman Smith. At the time, he told Mark Meadows, no way I'll stand against Donald Trump on this issue because I'm so brave. Well, he didn't have to do it.


But, you know, there shit right now, like.


OK, I always says you've got to try to run Trump ism to the car wash, they're going to all try to be the ones who pretend that they were the bull strong leaders who kept the Republican Party together. And, you know, Trump was just an aberration and now they're going to fix it, get back to their true calling.


But I don't understand if Trump's going to run again in four years, which he is, which he is, then he is going to be the head of the Republican Party for the next four years.


He's going to be the Republican Party had until he dies. I do. So those people aren't those people just going to keep sucking up to him?


A lot of them will have. A lot of them were ambitious. A lot of them are hoping that the actuarial tables and a high cholesterol diet will kill Trump before the next four years.


But even still, when Junior be the next one. Absolutely.


Trump could be on his deathbed and he'll lean down and he'll whisper into Stephen Miller's ear.


Torture, right. That I don't see a world where this is like I mean, Junior's next man.


There's no way Marco is not my favorite thing this weekend was Roger Stone on Parler saying, yeah. Or somebody tweeted that that he was going to run against Rick Scott because he knows the focus going to a primary a little Marco.


That was amazing. You know, but by the way, Ivonka primary and Little Marco, like as much as I hate everyone involved, will be amazing.


Yeah, delicious. Delicious, right. Erin, Gloria Ryan is a Daily Beast contributor, as well as the host of Crooked Media's Histeria podcast, recently you wrote a brilliant, brilliant piece that is like so lyrical and brilliant.


And we were hoping you could read all of it or some of it or whatever you like.


Sure, sure. Well, Molly, I'm not a poet by trade. I'm just a smart ass. But this is my my first foray into poetry, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. So I'm going to go ahead and read. Well deserved, I might add. But go ahead and read this poem. Oh, the places Ivonka won't go. Go fuck yourself. Today ain't your day at the White House. You're off and away.


You're deposed in DC. Macy's won't sell your shoes. And if you run for office, you're certain to lose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. Now you've got to figure out where to go. Your return to Manhattan. It's worse than you fear. Each Gaila, they'll whisper, Get the hell out of here with your head full of brains and your shoes full of shit. You'll fear spit in your food when you go out to eat.


And your alma mater, the vaunted you Penn on their campus, they won't want your face there again. Out there, things can happen and frequently do to people who banked as much bad karma as you do. A cruel asshole using her kids for likes while her daddy's locking up little Migrante tykes. There's no making up for these things you helped to do. Oh, where will you go? I'm sorry to say, but sadly, it's true that in state crimes and local daddy can pardon you.


So New York State's out. They don't like the vulgarity of a family that steals from a kid. Cancer charities. How about old Europe? Could you hang with McCrone? Nope. The leaders there think you're a dummy and con, but I stand up for women. You may insist several Chinese tightly invest. If you look at approval's, I'm sorry to say, less than one third of women feel that way. Despite all your dithering, you are not able to give more women a seat at the table.


In fact, women lost ground under your watch. Your empowerment efforts were nothing but botched and people your age. Sorry, Princess. The truth is that seventy three percent of us find you uncouth. Oh, where will you go? You can try South Dakota, far from your troubles. Legal. Unfortunately, you might have to talk to poor people. And in the Midwest they don't care for whiners unless you like to spend time hanging out in sad diners.


Plus, thanks in part to your husband. The don't in the Dakotas are a lot of sick. OK, skip the Dakotas. There's a better place, the West Coast, where doctors can maintain your face. Unfortunately, the coastlines don't take kindly to fascists, even ones with beautiful long eyelashes. You will sit in the place in America's hearts between papercuts and elevator arts. We'll try to return. You will want to come back, but you're an unqualified political hack who does interviews in a weird, childish voice and has already said that she's anti choice.


We're all fed up. We're tired of you. We want you to go. We can't wait till you do. We'd like you to leave on a bus or a plane or hop in the mail or get on a train or like the snowflake you are fly off into snow. We do not care where. We just want you to go. Oh, the places you won't go. Your career is done. But congrats. First daughter. You had a good run.


Maybe magic awaits you on QVC. Amazing crap they can sell on TV because of loser. A loser who lost. I'm afraid that sometimes bad deeds come with a cost all alone. Whether you like it or not, alone will be something you'll be quite a lot. So the Midwest is out in the West Coast won't take you, but maybe there's one place that will not forsake you. Go to Florida, a place that is surely not thinking. Your neighbor Tom Brady stands next door on blinking an island of rich guys and their tacky wives, an island of only the most in lives.


No more pretending you care about others. Finally, finally, you'll have all your druthers. You don't have to pretend that you're on vacation the next time your dad endorses Aryan Nation. No more booze, no more jeers or electoral defeats. You're finally living among the elites. And back on the mainland, where things are not fine. Your time in the White House will be a punch line. And will you recede? Yes, you will indeed. Ninety eight and three fourths percent guaranteed.


So be your name, Mick, Hogan Gidley or Conway. Take a walk off a short pier, please take the long way. You're out of the White House. Today is your day. We don't care where you go. Just get on your way.


That's great. That is great. Why is that so terrible? Because why do we hate her so much?


Because every single thing you said, I thought, you know, I think that at some point in the near future, like ten years from now, somebody will write a PhD thesis on ivonka cultural legacy. And the reason that she just kind of hit all the wrong notes for so. Many people I think the issue is, if I had to boil it down, it's a combination of the fact that she is oblivious in a way that that presents her as a person that is like good in the same degree that she's actually bad, like she's sort of it's like worse than the emperor has no clothes.


It's like it's like the emperor is not only naked and taking clothes away from other people. They believe that they've, like, started a clothing charity where they're giving clothes away. Get beyond that. It's and it like it really I always even before this, I think that I was always kind of annoyed by, like, conference feminism. Yes. Like conventional feminism, where women wear like pumps the same color as their skin, which is usually white.


And they get on a stage and they have a roundtable about like, you know, become having it all. Yeah. Or like becoming a self-made billionaire. Like that's somehow uplifting to women just because of women. A woman did it. I've always kind of had a blue collar chip on my shoulder about that, and I could just kind of embodies the worst of it. She's sort of like it's like Hallmark feminism, where there's like absolutely no substance behind any of the things that she's saying.


And she just kind of wants credit for it anyway and that it's like worse. I feel like her in action is. It's worse than doing nothing. It's like the opposite of nothing, but she still thinks she's great and it's just it's it's that it's also the sort of kind of naked desire for her to be seen as an American princess. We literally fought a war so we wouldn't have to live in a monarchy. So I don't it's a whole bunch of things.


But I think the main thing is like her kind of thinking that she's helping when really she's hurting.


I'm always struck by and I'm curious to know what you think of this idea is that Junior is like a working class hero. And you mentioned this before, and Ivonka is like this ivory tower. And she's not obviously, but like Princess. And they grew up in the same house three years apart, but they have, like, tapped into these totally different socio economic fantasies. And I'm just curious to know what you if you see that and what you think of that and if that's some of why we hate her so much.


Yeah, I guess I think it's both of those, like, fictions are carefully cultivated. And, you know, their dad is a brand more than anything else. Of course, he gave birth to three little brands and then like, you know, a couple of kids who are you mostly feel sorry for.


What's Eric's brand stupid?


DOMS Eric is a little bit more you know, I think that Eric is smarter than Don Jr., honestly.


Yeah, I think that I think we've gotten a little more than Don Junior. I also think that he is a little bit of he's he's a bad person. They're all bad people. Yeah. I think he's a slightly better person than his two older siblings. I think Eric is like a little bit a little bit better. I think his brand is like I'm a businessman. It's something that like Second Junior is like a guy who, you know, goes hunting and doesn't know how to sit on a rock and roll.


And Ivanka is like the type of woman that would look up to a bank. And then I think does look up to a walker is one who is several decades older than her. Right. And who lives in a town that doesn't have, you know, any five star restaurants, but believes herself to be better than everybody else that she's surrounded with. I think Eric is like the guy that like the number one realtor in Ohio's fourth largest county, like, fancies himself like an Eric Trump.


He's like he's like I think it was a David Cross joke that that Donald Trump is like a rich guy or like what hobos think rich guys are, you know, like Eric Trump is sort of like what what nobody who's like really a successful businessman would look at Eric Trump and be like, that's a businessman. And nobody who's really like a successful urban woman would look at a bank and be like, I want to be just like her. It's for people that have no fucking idea of what those worlds are.


And it's it's kind of selling fiction. So I think I think the fiction of it all kind of contributes to it. But, you know, when I was writing this, I was looking into her Q scores because every once in a while they'll be like an approval, like, oh, bankers approval rating, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. And I was looking at like, you know, do people actually like her and actually the people that like I think she has like a thirty eight percent overall approval rating and among women it's something like twenty nine percent or something like that.


The people that like Ivanka are not Ivanka target demo. It's like old Fox News watching type people. Right. So I'm not even sure what her audience is because it's like, you know, the people that she's trying to sell the shit to aren't buying and the people that are buying, she has really nothing to sell to them. I'm not positive like what her move is. I don't I think that she really wants to be like a millennial, like an icon.


And, you know, she's not you know, statistically, millennials don't like her statistically people that she would run into at like a gala in Manhattan. I find her repugnant and women don't like her. So it's just I don't know what she's going for. It's interesting to hear you talk about the kind of the visceral dislike of her, because I also have that like the thing that I always think about is she speaks in this corporate feminist, Barry White feminist way that is like where she uses all these kind of McKensie buzzwords like inclusion.


And, you know, even you see your Twitter, it's like she's tweeting about like SNAP being able to use snap at a farmer's market. And like last week, she spent thirty million dollars on one point six four ACRS like. So it just strikes me as kind of it, it is sort of this amazing world, sort of white feminism in its worst implications. So, you know, I'm glad to hear you say that. You know, I do see that a lot.




I mean, I think like intersectionality has become something that is completely unavoidable and not that it should be avoided, but it's like you cannot be a feminist and. I have some understanding of how that intersects with everything else like and to imagine that you can sort of use tweezers to just kind of take out the pretty pieces that you like and not have to confront anything that makes you uncomfortable and not have to confront anything that points out that you're complicit or that you benefit from a system that has caused a lot of pain.


And suffering is like it's just like it's stupid and like in and, you know, I'm not like an academic. I'm sure like an academic, feminist, feminist would have a lot of valuable stuff to say about this. But I understand that, like, you know, if you're a white woman and you're a feminist, part of that is having an uncomfortable confrontation with yourself and saying, like, OK, the reality is I'm benefiting from this system that is harming people.


How do I help elevate these people? How do I help them dismantle it with the understanding that I might have to step back from some things? And like Ivonka, just I've never seen her. And I think it's like I've never seen her lend her platform or appear to be trying to open doors or reach down the ladder and help anybody up behind her. It's all completely about her. You know, it's not like you know, it's like she's opening doors for women.


It's not like she's started an office at the White House of, like women's economic empowerment. That includes several high visibility women that don't look like that. Right. Or even had visibility women at all. Yes. It's just her. Exactly. Exactly. It's sort of like the you know, the the one the one woman who gets to be in every action movie. And like, she she kind of she kind of understands the world is like a series of like mostly dude clicks with one little girl who gets to be part of it.


And it's just so antithetical to what is necessary for any form of progress.


Eric, you've been covering this horrors of this administration, podcasting just like us. The things that I've been joking with friends about. As you know, we have stages of grief normally, and now we have a stage of relief. I want to see which our stage of life you're at.


I think I cycled through the relief stages pretty quickly. Like as soon as it was clear that fighting was going to win, I was like, how can I glass half empty this? How can I be here? You know, I'm worried about the Senate. I'm worried about progressive goals getting buried in the service of this like invisible made up centrist voter that, like, owns a speedboat dealership in Iowa or whatever. You know, I'm worried about in Iowa, the Mecca of voting.


I know it really has bigger problems. Yeah, well, I mean, he's the forgotten man. Everybody's forgotten about a dealer in Iowa. I think that a lot of times there's like this kind of toxic cycle of like media creates a narrative that it's comfortable with repeating. And Washington sort of caters to the media rather than serving its constituents. And I'm worried that the Biden administration will try to appease centrists as designed by the media, instead of like understanding that Medicare for all is super popular.


And it should be a priority getting everybody health care in a real way, in a way that eventually gets rid of insurance companies, if not right away, should be a priority. Yeah, I like that. To use it, universal child care needs to be a priority. Like take a look at all the women who have left the workforce during covid needs to be a priority as a person from a rural area. We have to have a better rural broadband system.


We have to have better access to the Internet. If we're living in a in a society now where people are going to be expected to work or take school remotely, people in parts of the country, they're not major cities need to have reliable access to the Internet. I also think that, you know, prioritizing women's health is really important. The Trump administration really quietly chipped away at Roe v Wade in such an insidious way that women now have like less access to birth control options.


And I'm in the stage of relief where I'm like worrying about all the ways that they'll be let down. I am still excited about the things that that happened. I'm excited about some of that. You know, I live in Los Angeles. I'm excited about some local stuff that's going on. Like we replaced our dieser with like a like an actual progressive, which is cool. But I'm just worried that on a national scale, the federal government will be like too clunky to respond to the fact that people's values have have been shifting towards something that's more progressive than maybe the media.


And like the Washington establishment wants to admit, this was great. Aaron, thanks for having me, guys.


We don't need to make love or make music or make time. Because the sun still shines, even if we miss the sun's rise, you don't need to drive. You don't need it to live just to feel your life. Feel another way, drive another way, the Cooper, a mentor, is here. Find another way, Akubra official Darry. Growth can sound like this, but when you enroll your business in the CII Energy Academy, it should sound a little something like this.


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No, now that's new abnormal dot the Daily Beast dot com. Rick Wilson, as we were taping this, we found out Phil Barr, the Huckleberry Hound of the AG's office, he will be with us no longer.


He's going to go to a farm upstate where he could run and run and run.


Bill, can we end fired by tweet yet again or not? Fired by tweet. Resigned by a tweet. What do you think happened there? And also, can you just give me a little bit?


I'm a little worried that we're all that Trump is going to now, like, overturn the election and declare martial law.


Well, look, I you know, Bill Barr had resisted in the last couple of weeks some of the more absurd. And so, you know, if fire begins to rain from the sky later tonight as he begins to nuke antifa held cities just to protect Christ, you're not making me feel better.


I wanted a little bit of like Rick Wilson, like, you know, it's going to be OK, Molly.


Yes. It's not going to be OK. Look, look, the fucker level can now be increased dramatically. Now, I will give you a little bit of it's OK. There's no one who's going to go in. Oh, my God. He could put Eric in there tomorrow.


Acting Attorney General Eric Trump, you were the worst.


So you're saying there's a chance you might say he might gum up the works a little? Oh, Aaron Trump.


Dumb jokes are my jurisdiction, but I'll let you have that one. But I'm so sorry. Did we just deal with it? That's all right.


Rudy. Rudy could still be in there. I was finally for a month. It was it was I could be there longer. I could've done better. Oh, my God. That could actually happen. Right? It could actually happen. Unbelievable. In this world. I would believe it. Yeah. When you say the words unbelievable when it comes to this administration after four long years, I believe any Sukkari, any shit is possible. And so but you then Trump will leave.


Look, I think Trump will leave because he's going to go out that day and have a big frickin Trump rally. He's going to announce for twenty twenty four. Yeah. And he's going to demand the demand that Ted Cruz and Marco and Josh and Tom Cotton and all, all the rest.


You better come to my rally or you're going to or I'm going to say I'm going to tweet bad things about you, you know, I mean these guys have sworn basically a vow of abdication and chastity for the longest time.


Yeah. And and it's you know, once you're broken to Trump, OK, once he breaks you, he wants you to stay broken. Right. That is true. Once he breaks you, he wants you to be a permanent part of his afterlife. Servants like he's some sort of Egyptian God is buried by these cats and his and his and his housekeeper and his doorman.


That seems very likely to be going to the afterlife. Shut up and be grateful.


That seems very likely to me that he that it's almost more appealing to hold the entire Republican Party hostage and make money. And also he can keep the money he raises now, right? That's correct.


In a way he couldn't when he was president. He's going to keep all the dollars.


And remember, he controls the Republican Party. Right. He kept Wrona in there because she won't do it damn thing without his permission.


Yeah, she's pretty significant. Change out that carpet on the fourth floor without his permission. It's been Jenky since like the 80s, but nothing.


Nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop Donald Trump from ripping off this this party until the last dog dies. He will steal until there is nothing left to steal. They will have sold off the wall fixtures at the RNC by the timing.


That's kind of fun, Rick Wilson. Yeah, that's what we do best. We have our one segment now, but we are getting a new segment. We are getting to everybody, but nobody knows what it is. New Year, New Year, treat New Year's. You're going to involve Fakhoury.


It's called Stephen Miller After Dark. Now we're telling a long running operative erotic story about Mr. Miller and know that is ripped.


Oh, Jesus Christ. I continue. Who is your fuck? That guy.


Well, my fuck. That guy is, of course, Steven Miller. First off, we're almost done with Steven Miller in the White House.


For now. For now, for now.


Until he runs for president in over 50 congressional seat in Missouri. Is that where are you from? No, but I just I see him as like a VP character. Right.


OK, all right. Oh, I'm sorry. I was I was having a moment where I was like, is this real? This is none of this is California. Yeah. He's from California, Santa Monica and Santa Monica garbles.


Yes. But I will say his entire. Game on FOX today, telling the audience of millions and millions and millions of Trump Republican Party viewers that it was only a matter of time before the alternate slate of electors.


Yeah, we're going to establish the victory. Yes.


Yeah, it was really a goodbye dumb and malicious, if you will. Delicious. Yes. Dum dum dum. Mischa's my fuck that guy. You want to know who my fuck that guy is. Tell me you're fucking a guy. It's the editor of the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page. Fuck him. I being. Yeah. That this weekend they ran a piece. I actually wrote a piece. It's in the piece right now. You can read it about this.


But The Wall Street Journal editorial page, it was a Joe Biden kitto written by a guy who had been an adjunct at Northwestern criticizing the fact that she uses the term doctor. She's, you know, a college teacher. So a lot of college teachers are called doctors criticizing that and then also saying lots of snobbery and a lot of really disgusting classism against community college, which, as we know, I mean, college is one of the great things in America because we have a way to go to college, not a lot of money and a way to get into four year colleges for a lot of people.


And it's very wonderful thing. So fuck you. Wall Street Journal editorial page, just a lot. And by the way, it's not even the worst op ed they did. You know, they had Mike Pence, head of the coronavirus task force.


Oh, yes. So many long nights in the lab. Right.


Musing about how there was no second wave. That was one hundred and seventy five thousand people go dead. So Wall Street Journal, Opinion Page, go fuck yourself.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal for The Daily Beast. In future episodes, we'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


We hope you subscribe to us on your favorite podcast app and share the show on social media. We're just getting started and don't want you to miss an episode if you'd like to follow us on Twitter. I'm Molly Jong fast and he is the Rick Wilson. Thanks so much for listening and we'll see you again on the next episode.


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